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  • The last colony
    • Wow. Sounds like an amazing subject. I, for one, would sure be interested in reading about how a binational state is going to present a solution to Zionism, when Zionism is defined as a political framework which doubly separates Palestinians from resources , and separates “Jews” from Palestinians. As far as I can see, the binational state is a way of conceding the first while maintaining the second (some access to resources is conceded, but physical and ‘cultural’ separation is ensured.) The idea just doesn’t make sense. Formal “democracy” aside, how would knowledge production take place when the very institutions of learning and culture are separated? What kind of knowledge production would you have, when the very borders of knowledge are defined? When its movement is minimized?

    • @ diaspura
      In the first place, my point really was that in the arc of the options presented, Levin omitted a democratic republic. That’s telling in itself. What it tells me, and what I keep seeing on all sides, is fear of desegregation. And because there’s fear of desegregation among liberals and radicals I keep hounding it, I smell that that is where the system is weak.

      In the second place, how often have we heard of initial intermediary “steps” that are supposed to pave the way to something better later, only it somehow never arrives. On the contrary. You have to start off with utmost precision.

      @ “…could lead to tensions and one side lording over the other.” Have no mistake, tensions will remain in place, inflicting their harm, long after the apartheid apparatuses themselves have ceased to exist. Obviously there can be no 1SS w/o economic redistribution, compensation for the victims, financial benefits facilitating the return of refugees, transitions in the educational system and cultural institutions, and affirmative action. We can't repeat the mistakes of South Africa--USA.

    • @ "1. A unitary, binational state in Israel/Palestine"
      Binational? Why do you presume Palestinians should prefer a binational state over a national democratic republic – you know, with liberty, justice, deghettoization, compensation, and miscegenation for all?

  • NYT's Rudoren says Mondoweiss critique of her recent article is 'nuts'
    • True. So perhaps this would be a fitting place to recall how another apartheid state, South Africa, tried to influence international opinion about apartheid, by buying newspapers that would distort and 'omit' reality and extol the virtues of the apartheid state to the world.

      “Moving well beyond the standard....activities like gauzy, sympathetic films about the country’s cultural heritage and breezy, colourful magazines and cheerful press releases [it was] agreed the time was right to finance a no-holds-barred...campaign of psychological warfare against foreign opinion – and foreign opinion makers. The ends – protecting the Apartheid state - would justify the means…”

      “The ['Muldergate'] plan entailed bribes of international news agencies and the purchase of the Washington Star newspaper and the secret establishment of a government controlled newspaper.....”

      This is what apartheid does : apartheid ultimately needs to market itself to the world through the MSM at any cost, and be cheap and trashy...

  • On #GivingTuesday, meet our new Development Director
    • You are right MDM, its is awesome --- so eloquent and so logical.

      I guess Jewish counter-Zionists are always asked why they became activists. I can imagine there could always be different answers, narratives, different routes taken, different motivations, but all rivers eventually flow into the 1SS sea. Some seem motivated by the force of logic. Or responsibility. Others are more “motivated by the sheer rage”.

      Rage is very easy to feel against a regime that is on a daily basis killing, humiliating, torturing, exploiting etc, etc. etc. There is another worthy starting point: an undying love for the people. What it means to have an undying love for the people is worth rehearsing at least in my own thought.

      @ “my hope for Palestine is that the Zionist lobby will lose enough of its grip &c”… That is a small hope for Palestinians. Palestinian will be the agents of their own change, we are not passive victims waiting to be rescued by Jewish anti-Zionists or Arabs or Americans or any other outsiders no matter how good and excellent their help -- we will not be rescued by BDS alone. BDS of its own did not bring down formal apartheid—BDS was accompanied by a mass movement at the African grassroots, there were people doing work on the ground. Palestinians, many in the 48 Occupation, are struggling to build a mass movement against all odds. The first and most difficult hurdle to cross is the colonization of the mind, this is where a lot of energy has to be vested, political re-education and the throwing off of the shackles of colonized thought.

  • 'New York Times' uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda
    • The Times. Johannesburg, 1976 --- A new brand of crisp, bright mineral gold was put on the market last month, the first mined from indigenous gold. It was discovered in a groundbreaking project in a township near Johannesburg, to recreate the ancient gold worn by the likes of Adam, the rosy-cheeked ancestor of the white people.

  • David Grossman's love letter to Israel, warts and all
    • Apartheid literature is “a literature in bondage. It is a less than fully human literature" – because apartheid creates "deformed and stunted relations between human beings" and "a deformed and stunted inner life" --jmc/1987

  • International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People: An indigenous rights perspective
  • In the 'NYT,' fear of Trump's police state
    • [email protected] “but seriously, I miss the Jewish philanthropists of old. The people who built thousands of black schools, helped fund the NAACP and were the backbone of the U.S. labor movement.”

      Are these the same 'philanthropists' who helped the pro-Zionist NAACP and SCLC but quickly boycotted and tried to bring down CORE, SNCC, LRBW, the Panthers and any other organization that began to publicly support Palestinians?

  • Video: 'I killed for you, with these hands!' cries Israeli veteran with PTSD
    • @ Palikari “You’re cherry-picking the excerpts you want in order to create a narrative that fits with your prejudices… ‘How is that a terrorist receives treatment and I don’t?’ , &c.”

      I actually agree with you Palikari. All the talk of the 40 men murdered reveals itself as some cynical manipulation of the audience when juxtaposed to the constant references to “terrorists” that are supposedly being given better treatment.

      The sheer banality of it all.

    • Just to be clear (Clear as Wine!), all this rage is really against a bureaucratic system which kept him going from one authority to the next for years. It’s not that he didn’t get psychiatric treatment – in fact, both he and his mom got psychiatric care on a private basis – and are now asking for financial recompense and welfare rights.

      This matters because of the cynicism that has to be deployed in talking about the 40 men he killed and “murdered” [!]. Clothed as a stirring of his conscience, it’s a clever manipulation of the commissioners, some of whom he addresses directly and personally. He’s a charismatic speaker and if you watch closely he’s in fine form (what a waste.)

      That’s why it matters that he’s the Salt of the Earth. First, otherwise he wouldn’t have a voice. And, second, he is at home with authority. And he begins by presenting himself as an ambitious soldier from an elite military family that contributed to the whole wonderful zionist enterprise.

      As far as empathy for the sufferers of PTSD, he might have referred to Gaza back in 2007 in the very leadup to ‘operation cheap as wine’. This was already the state of trauma in Gaza back then—
      "99.4 per cent of the children we studied suffer trauma. Once you look at the rates of exposure to trauma you see why: 99.2 per cent of their homes were bombarded; 97.5 per cent were exposed to tear gas; 96.6 per cent witnessed shootings; 95.8 per cent witnessed bombardment and funerals; almost a quarter saw family members injured or killed."
      (from: "The Genocide Continues: John Pilger on Terror and Starvation in Gaza" January 22 2007)

      btw, ‘Clear as Wine’ was staged with particular sadism on Eid al-Adha, just like the ‘Protective Shield’ massacre was planned with sadism and zest to be in Ramadhan and Eid.

    • Jackdaw: @ “I never heard of Operation Clear as Wine. Exactly where and when did Operation Clear as Wine take place?” -

      According to our records, “Operation Clear as Wine” took place right after Operation White as Milk and Operation Brown as Natives, but right before Operation Cheap as Blood and Operation Easy as Pie.

    • Ja, part of the tension I’m gathering here is that these here ain’t just soldiers-- they’re fashioned over and over again as “The Salt of the Earth”, “the best sons of the State of Israel”, the future’s political leaders, tomorrow’s Prime Ministers, alpha males, representatives for all mankind. It makes you wonder a little what treatment the lesser Israelis get, though: the ones who aren’t quite as manly white, prime males, salt of earth Ashkenazis in elite units having military families (what was that he says about his family?)

      Now, this particular Salt of the Earth, he’s also a fine public talker, with a seasoned command of the audience -- say what you will-- he’s fierce, knows what he wants, and he knows what are his just deserts.

      Now considering all that, one would be forgiven to think that the Bureaucrats would rush to give him the reparations, at least so as to make him stop screaming about the 40 men he “murdered” for them, not exactly knowing “why”.

      Why, why why? Because. It didn’t matter who was killed. It’s just the why of it that’s a little irksome. God, “Certainly normalcy is what every human feels is their just deserts!” (per yonah fredman).

      It’s probably not a matter of money, he’s only asking for tens of thousands and Israel has a neverending supply. Rather, it’s a contest of power. Israel has this continual problem of giving in or not giving in to its spoiled brats. Give in to one and soon you have a whole bunch of em whining for more.

      On the contrary, be it known that israel has a thriving, lucrative, PTSD industrial complex, it has sent Trauma delegations to “France, Japan, Haiti, the Philippines and several other countries.” They have “Resilience Centers” that “provide psycho-social care to the 60,000 residents living in the Gaza region” and “PTSD immunization” programs. Salt-of-the-Earth professionals from up in Tel Aviv get called in to the development towns to give them their pre-emptive psychiatric care. It helps prevent complaints by those human shields living in those Jewish-only towns of being “abandoned” by the Jewish State, “without protection”. Every 2 years the govt also stages huge spectacles for them, they say.

      The members of the panel sigh. But to think, he could have had a place in the Knesset.

    • @ Jackdaw: “This ex soldier has been severely traumatized and now has emotional problems.”

      His emotional problems are the silver platter on which your racial hypersegregation is served you.

      He says he has “killed more than 40 people" “for you” and “murdered” “for you”. You might, in turn, help him with the tens of thousands that he and his mom spent on psychiatric care.

  • Trump's claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 'laughing' Israelis
    • @ “Sivan Kurzberg told the officers, ‘We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.’”

      “We all agree tonight that America has a very serious problem. Not only does America have a very serious problem, but our people have a very serious problem. America’s problem is us. We’re her problem. The only reason she has a problem is she doesn’t want us here. And every time you look at yourself, be you black, brown, red, or yellow — a so-called Negro — you represent a person who poses such a serious problem for America because you’re not wanted. Once you face this as a fact, then you can start plotting a course that will make you appear intelligent, instead of unintelligent.” – Malcom X

    • @ “I’ve…never been very interested in it, it’s being in a gray zone of unproveable assertions”

      Oh, don’t worry and be happy: whatever you assumed happened on that day was already founded on a sealike ‘gray zone of unproveable assertions’.

      Nothing like gray zones of unproveable assertions and muddy black zones of censorships, redactions, silences, and unfalsifiable claims, where the imperial subject can suddenly lose memory, fall into a momentary irresolution, and cross on to the other boat!

      As for my own part I don’t find that the 'gray zone' of the Dancing Israelis is particularly gray, or particularly uninteresting.

  • Siegman says Palestinians are turning to violence 'to achieve freedom and self-determination'
    • A tactic in the Zionist playbook is called, “hoisting postcolonialism with its own petard”!

      It’s a twist on “Whataboutery”. You start with: “What-about-America?” (where the hasbrat lists all the crimes against humanity committed by the United States, not in order to enlist care and activism against those U.S. crimes, but in order to cull complicity in crimes against Palestinians.)

      To use the “hoisting postcolonialism with its own petard” by the book, you troll as someone who cares about the problems of “minorities,’ “blacks,’ “POC’s”, “immigrants”, only in order to show that Palestinian resistance to Zionism (israel's regime of militarized and racialized spatial control) is part of the total collapse of civil society in Euro-America. You can also throw in long rants against white supremacism, not in order to enlist activism, but in order to -- again -- cull complicity in crimes against Palestinians.

    • In the first post, A4tech unambiguously said that white oppressors will face their comeuppance by the force of marginalized groups, leading to a total collapse of civil society.

      A4tech apparently believes s/he is 'hoisting postcolonialism with its own petard', but it in reality this comes off as anxious and mal-intended grotesquerie.

      This grotesque comedy is kicked off in the first place as a defense of the following statement of purported concern: ‘The US is every bit as bad as Israel’ (Zio handbook: Whatabout the US?)

      In the reply post, A4tech explains that the “comeuppance” of “POC” (acronym! 'people of color'!) is a gradual social change leading inevitably to “violence” and the upsetting of the whole social order.

      So you have this scenario of the “total collapse of civil society” and a “breakdown of race relations” (whatever they may be), as well as a “permanent restructuring of the nations demographics” (why is any demographic shift supposed to be frightening?)

      Sounds like a Zionist with a past of posing as a “Muslim” alternately posing as a “White Supremacist” who poses as an “Undergraduate Student of Postcolonial Studies” who is really an anxious and confused hack.

    • @ "The comeuppance wont be any different from what the Zionists are experiencing in the Middle East right now "

      Hate to ask, but exactly *what* comeuppance are "Zionists experiencing in the Middle East right now"? (take it easy on my poor Anthro vocabulary)

    • @ “leading to a breakdown of race relations and social cohesion and permanent restructuring of the nations demographics.”

      Woe... That sounds like quite a breakdown of demographics -- I’m still struggling with the Jewish Demographic State.

      I have to admit all this goes a bit over my head A4tech. Truth is, I wasn't good at school. I’d spend my time trying to crouch down behind whoever was in front of me in history class so as not to be seen by the teacher who would be sure to pick on me, calling me a rabbit. We had to take one whole year of ‘World History’ class, which history started in “Prehistory” and ended at WW2, mind you. As you can see, it was part of the “dumbing down” curriculum but at least I didn’t have to go to no racially segregated school, that’s for sure. Better to be bred dumb than be one of those there “Ivris”, groomed to be a racist-nationalist ignoramus in a segregated Jewish Demographic State school system. Better a rabbit than a pig, I say. But that’s why I can’t understand all that stuff anyway...
      @"the future is theirs". So be it.

    • A4tech

      Can you pls. elaborate on what you meant by marginalized groups manifesting the “ever present risk of total collapse of civil society”? Thnx.

      And while you’re at it, can you please elaborate on your following breathtaking thought:
      “soon the oppressors…will face their comeuppance, be that in the USA, Israel or anywhere else.” What “comeuppance” do you envision? Minorities serving at the helm of the state -- does that figure as a “comeuppance”? Or do you expect retribution enacted by “the blacks and POC”? If so, what kind of retribution? Can you pls. clarify the specific forms that you foresee that this “comeuppance”, or retribution, of minorities will assume in Palestine/Israel, the USA , “or anywhere else,” respectively?

    • @ “ivri”.

      There is a difference between colonizer and colonized.

      For the colonizer -- the Zionist -- the “relish” of destruction is indeed sadistic and banal, for the colonist derives (as you say) an “immediate 'pleasure'”, an “imminent,” unrestrained “relish” in destroying the potentials of the colonized.

      However, for the colonized, violent struggle is a political action. And “at the individual level, violence is a cleansing force, because it rids the colonized from an inferiority complex, from passivity and despair”—Fanon.

      Dig it, Ivri? Don’t project your own ”imminent relish of problems” as a Zionist colonizer.


  • The pledge of allegiance
    • Well Marnie, I am not one to know what her “limited" "rhetorical options” were (as MHughes puts it), but I am sure there were more than just two. It has absolutely nothing to do with any individual. It was the enthusiastic reception that had me on edge, and I said so. True, anything that vaguely looks like a “good Muslims”/bad Muslims” rhetoric is a worthy target afaic, but I truly bit my tongue and didn’t utter a word until I saw that comment on oh, how “wonderful” it all was.

    • MHughes –

      If you’ve noticed, the USA has these periodic bouts of mass-persecution of its own internal others. I don’t know what good it can do depoliticizing and de-racializing these periodical paranoid US attacks on its own.

      @ “[her] concerns are entirely for her homeland”.
      Well there. You see! “For her homeland”! There. It’s all part of the same paranoia. If there’s a “homeland” at the forefront then you can be sure there some foreignness lurking at the shadows. There’s sure to be some Un-American Activities, somewhere. I mean if the US is someone’s “homeland,” then whose homeland is it not (among citizens, residents or immigrants or whatnot)? Do you go around pointing out the “contributions” you collectively make? Do you don a peace sign to work, even as a joke MHughes?

      @ “I think that this is a perfectly acceptable and dignified position”.
      Dignified, my segregated behind. To me it sounds like a job for either young liberals-in-the-making, victims, or allrightniks.

    • Marnie... I may exaggerate. If some things she said gives one the shivers -- (“you can see that I am not any less good than you are,” said the raven to the dove)--- it only reflects the larger brutal shallowness of the whole discourse, and the apparent inability to escape from this brutal shallowness. It is mindboggling, the legalization of racial discrimination against Muslims in the US can be discussed at the highest levels and in response people are praised when they speak naively of coexistence and wear peace signs to show their enlightened, liberal, Values.

    • She obviously ‘means well’ and there wouldn’t have been a need to say anything about it if it weren’t for the comment that it was just so “wonderful”. Why are liberals so pleased that she “chose the peace sign because it represents” her group?

    • @“That’s wonderful...thanks for sharing”
      It’s not wonderful, snap out of it. Of course she’s getting hundreds of thousands of support letters, she basically differentiated “Good Muslims” from “Bad Muslims”. She drew the line b/w civilized and domesticated American Muslims from the “Islamicist” “swart gevaar” in the “backward regions” of the world. And she did not forget to provide a self photo against the backdrop-image of a mythical American middle class apple pie home with green lawn, donning a peace sign and invoking the grotesque! Fight with peace and appeal to the authority of middle class 'American' morality. You gotta be kidding.

  • Obama can tie Israel's hands? 'Shtuyot!' says Aryeh King
    • "Sugarcoating" is probably part and parcel of Jerusalem’s special fun, the carnivalesque, the clear camouflage, the transparent costumes, the undercover hoodies, and the transparent renaming of streets.

      It is about purposely alternating scheming racism and honest racism. being double-headed, being invisible and visible -- even blowback becomes absurdist, a magic realism.

    • “scheming”, and “devious” (as per Kay)? Or “honest about what [they want],” and not “sugarcoating it,” (as per diasp0ra)?

      Even the official Jerusalem Master Plan of 2000 itself is bluntly racist and speaks very explicitly of:

      -- manufacturing a race “ratio of 70% Jews to 30% Arabs”.
      -- “a densification of the [Palestinian] rural villages” and a “densification and thickening of the existing [Palestinian] neighborhoods” (euphemisms for ghettoization)
      -- “Support of the system of spatial segregation of residences in Jerusalem”, calling segregation “a real advantage”.

      The Master Plan has been updated for 2030 which addresses firstly the “demographic problem” (reinforcing the ratio policy.)

      Among other racist policies it speaks of “restriction of development in East Jerusalem”, through the promotion of “green tourism areas”.

      Such racist policy resents the irksome duties of “sugarcoating” and will obviously crave legitimation, and why should it be surprising that Zio-racism encourages “northern European countries” to develop their racism until they too “open fire on Muslims inside their borders.”

  • Protesters stage citizen's arrest of Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely at West Coast Ha'aretz conference
    • @ "surreal"

      It is “surreal”, these Zios petrified in their own bareness of vision, with an uninvited gazer watching and calling out. With the one democratic state remaining an impossible concept to them because it implies loss on so many levels and yet is always emergent, coalescing into reality.

      It is surreal when people sit there and go about their every day affairs, and yet their own spokespeople are starting to beg for “normalcy” as their “just deserts”.

  • Israeli police shoot two scissors-wielding Palestinian teenage girls, killing one
    • @ “certainly normalcy is what every human feels is their just desert”

      A Zionist asks for nothing more than normalcy, a sense of quiet and ease, and even more, a place to relieve himself and be relieved, where “he can just wallow and rut and let himself go in a softness, a receptive darkness” (aye, “as woolly as the hair on his own forbidden genitals”) -- because – “out and down in the colonies, life can be indulged, life and sensuality in all its forms, with no harm done to the Metropolis, nothing to soil those [temples and] noble thoughts" since "the silences down here are vast enough to absorb all behavior, no matter how dirty, how animal it gets” -- Pynchon.

  • Hillary Clinton equates ISIS and Hamas
    • @ “There’s certainly a set of people….”

      You got it wrong, MHughes976.
      There is no such set. See, the “Israel debate” is a shorthand program designed for use only in specific ways. Clicking on “Judeo-Christianity” will automatically open a window generating a set of tasks; for example, by pressing “Judeo-Christianity” a user can choose to “Imply that Zionists and Americans have a mutual culture/morality”, “Imply that Muslims (aka Palestinians) cannot be trusted at the helm of state”, “Imply that Americans should support Zionism”, or “Imply that certain groups, like African Americans and Zionists, have mutual interests”, that certain regimes can be changed, etc. It’s a cheap program that has undergone updating and debugging over the course of years. Even editors of otherwise alert websites sometimes use it, e.g., to make the point that Islam needs to be “reformed”, or to claim that attacks on U.S. landmarks were perpetrated by Judeo-Christianity's "opposite".

    • “the ability to create a successful economy out of nothing”
      Out of nothing = Nakba denial.

      “Israel IS highly appreciated in the US for its frontier spirit”

      Ahhh… “frontier spirit,” if you know what I mean. Al Quds, we got 84% of the native kids that’s living below the poverty line, shouldn’t be too hard to create a better solution for em. Camps, ghettos, etc, “drugged cockroaches in a bottle”. Manifest Destiny in the corral of Shuafat. Got checkpoints all across the frontiers to scare the little children to death with. The Naqab, demolitions -- easy a as a piece of cake. Galilee -- the natives’ political parties and charities are now “illegal”, all we have to do is just call in the Local Sheriff. Gaza, we got the largest concentration camp in the world. Bantustans everywhere else. Oh yea we got ISIS. If anyone starts in with the “One State Solution” kindly explain to the media there’s a Clash of Cultures. No chance Pioneering with a “frontier spirit,” if anyone is willing to tolerate a Native at the helm of state.

      “Isn’t that also the American Spirit?” Well, you tell me “Ivri”, you just tell me.

  • How rightwing settlers and a wealthy Aussie Zionist used Facebook to control Netanyahu gov't
    • Never underestimate the value of Jewish Zionist ideologues. In the nick of time they kept Jabal Mukaber from being closed off with barriers. Just like they helped finish off the 2SS discourse, which is all it was or could have been.

      At the same time there is nothing more sinister than Israel's preparations to place concrete walls around more Palestinian Jerusalem ghettos.

      There was an urgent warning about it here:

      Ghettos with walls and a permit system represent an extreme form of segregation, like 9+ on the Richter scale.

  • Posters linking Muslim students and BDS activists to terrorism appear on college campuses in California and Washington, DC
    • @ "Hey, folks"!
      How did ya figure out that "we" "need to see"?
      What made you think the point would be to "embarrass" anyone?

      Are Zionists even capable of being "embarrassed"?

      Are Gandhi’s images somehow supposed to "embarrass" Zionists who have no shame in depicting Palestinian rights supporters as being programmed from childhood to "shed blood "?

      And, by deploying "Ghandi" are you tryin to reinforce some idea?

    • Just to make sure. If you're calling 4 year old children essential "Haters," and essentially depicting "Who [Palestine-supporters] Really Are" as babies toting automatic weapons, then what you are really doing is the exact same thing as what Ayelet Shaked did in calling for the annihilation of the children, pregnant women, and the unborn, as a preemptive act, right?

    • @ "the war against wrong ideas"

      From the start Zionists realized they had to build an "Iron Wall" against their own wrong ideas.

      "Every indigenous people will resist alien settlers ..." so "we must either suspend our settlement efforts or continue them without paying attention to the mood of the natives...[and thus establish] in Palestine ...a force that will in no way be influenced by Arab pressure." Jabotinsky.

      This is part of what happens when the Iron Wall of the military can't protect the wrong ideas of Zionism.

      They ran out of ammunition of ideas. And they never had intellectual armor. Now they're down to (genocide-calling?) posters. They're down to the fascistic banning of Muslim civil oganizations, parties and charities inside the 1948-occupation...

    • @ "Work smarter , not harder." Well, that would depend on what your aim is.

      Since Palestinian culture is "a culture that Teaches Children to Slaughter &c.", it seems the aim is not BDS, but just to kill Palestinians, including the mothers, before they breed those little 'terrorists'/'vipers' that you see in the picture.

  • 'I endorse the cultural boycott of Israel': Prominent artists support New York-based campaign for cultural boycott of Israel
    • Perhaps they are afffraiiid because boycotting material and cultural products is only part of what ordinary people legally can and will do in the name of human rights and dignity.

      Boycott is an act of "abstention" – and thus it is a "negative" action.
      In the end people will also engage in positive voluntary action, in forming creative methods of "cooperative buying". Palestinians villages which were demolished (and which are now Jewish-only resorts and gated communities that are protected by "committees" which function as restrictive covenants, racially confining real estate's sale or use) will be liberated/desegregated. Much success has been achieved through abstention and one would suppose much can be achieved cooperatively through positive action as well.

  • Theocratic Israel
    • Elliot, +1.

      “Israel is the mirror image of the United States”; a mise-en-abyme where Israel is financed and armed to be an incubator of a desire for an impossible race-class cleanness and purity.

      A la Pynchon, Israel is the “outhouse of the … soul, where a fellow can let his pants down and relax, enjoy the smell of his own shit.”

      Redemption is had through horrific adventures of discovery in a mission to take the Promised Land by force; and at the center is the shocked fascination with their own murderous successes, moaning about ‘the horror, the horror!’

      Off-center on the map is the bantustan, which has become an inseparable part of the design’s success.

      And in the 1948-occupied heart of the terrain, the cannibal is pictured as coming to the voter’s booth in “droves”.

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • gamal, +1.

      "the reform of Islam..." --- that's a shocker alright.

      Some readers wrote they loved it, maybe they consider it 'bold' to draw a connection between neocons and Zio-cons. Well, one can be much 'bolder', in fact. Let me try.

      This piece alludes to the story of 911, and presents what is purported to be “a simple truth,” (culled secretly from testimony given after torture?), while the rest of us are expected to just sit here in silence with complicity because it’s one of the ground rules (rule 7) not to discuss this. I just find it incredible. If you don't want us to discuss it, at least don't lecture us about it.

      But when Islam is represented as needing of "reform" then you understand that what you are being presented with is just a softer Clash of Civilizations theory. Well if any theory is going to be banned, it should be "Clash of Civilizations" -- the denial of the histories of the victims of racial liberalism.

      It is really humbling to think of how ordinary amateurs, out of a sheer desire to solve a puzzle and to oppose the tidal wave of institutionalized anti-Muslim racism, could undertake as much research as they did against the will of the majority, the will of the state, the will of the universities, and the will of sites that try to silence them. I wish we could give tribute to the incredible work done collectively by those derided “theorists” without which far fewer of us would be half-familiar today with words used in the article, like “neocons”, “PNAC”, “Wolfowitz”, “Zelikow”, “Perle”, “Commission Report”, etc. etc. etc.

    • It’s soothing to always bring the material into focus.

      The non-separation between Religion and State is the structural issue here, for it is incompatible with democracy.

      The way race and class interests shape discourse is more the issue here than the talk of national “miracles”, "revelations", and “redemptions” per se.

      What is a problem is that in order to be modern/secular ( "Western") someone else has to be made ‘primitive,” “savage,” “barbaric” and “religious” and Eastern. Let’s not go there!

      @ “the biggest impediment to…the reform of Islam”: I don’t understand why should Islam be “reformed”? I may have missed something, I’m tired, apologies if so.

      @ “…a simple truth: that Osama bin Laden and his radical little army were motivated (&c.).” Yallah, we started. Well there are no simple truths anymore, not once the internet came and busted us, and this is not a site to discuss 9/11 theories -- fair is fair.

      Yes it’s quite soothing to wade one’s toes into the material. Who should control a country’s energy resources, vs. who does control these. What will happen to the US dollar if the case were reversed. By what means a ‘Jewish State’ in that case will be maintained in Palestine. The luxurious balm to the soul.

  • Dan Rabinowitz's response to Nadia Abu El-Haj on BDS
    • "untenable, uncomfortable"

      He's sleeping on 20 mattresses and 20 feather-beds

    • I'm glad this came up. Now I hate poaching upon the language of Anthro scholarship, Mr. Rabinowitz, but it seems your conjunctures about the people who form the One State Solution Movement are empirically unsubstantiated. Therefore I am interested to know by what methodologies or techniques you arrived at facts. What are your findings regarding what the One State Solution Movement *is*? What is its social make-up? Who are its adherents? What is the movement’s relationship to constructions such as Jewishness, Israeliness, whiteness? Is the global movement dominated by upper-middle-class income brackets, or lower income brackets? How did you arrive at an understanding of the 1ss movement’s sudden, rapid spread? Was it by interviews, participant observation, or a survey?

      a wired up 1ss Frankenstein… ( to "terminate" and "demonize" as U say )

    • Isn’t he doing the very thing that anthropology is kinda supposed NOT to do "unreflexively"—Represent The Other?

      This is what DR represents as what the people in the One State Solution movement want:

      -- to bring about “Israel’s demise”;
      --a “cataclysmic disruption of the political, economic, social, cultural and personal realities”;
      --“destruction of Israel”;
      ---an attempt “to undo Israel”
      ---“a future with no Israel”
      --- “A vision of a future with no Israel”
      ---“a more sinister vision that has no place for Israel”
      ---“expedit[ing] its ultimate demise.”

      Keeping in mind that those pushing for the One State Solution are by definition going to be favorable to BDS, while not all BDSers are in fact 1SSers, it is good to examine what it is that the people in the One State Solution themselves SAY they WANT.

      Here is a list of demands ( taken from :

      1. A secular democratic state that guarantees parity on constitutional matters regardless of numbers.

      2. Freedom of movement, no evictions, “transfers” or land swaps, no internal borders, equal right to benefits of citizenship and nationality, land and property, social, health and education services.

      3. Freedom from discrimination, and equal esteem in civil, political, social and cultural matters, and on permits, papers and passports.

      4. This union will be entered into with full consent and a process of reconciliation, recognising the human value of each future citizen. It is neither a defeat nor a victory for either side but a victory for good sense.

      5. A milestone in reconciliation will be acknowledgement of the Nakba and the right of, and orderly provision for, exiles to return with honour and comfort; recognition of the pain and loss suffered by victims of violence on both sides is also essential for reconciliation.

      6. The state guarantees religious freedom and does not discriminate against or in favour of any faith.

      7. The state will recognise the special ties that both Jews and Palestinians have with their broader communities worldwide, and will welcome especially members of those communities who wish to immigrate to the country and help to build it, or who request asylum from persecution.

      8. Institutions of justice, law enforcement and army will integrate at all ranks.

      9. The state will maintain free and equal access and protection for holy sites.

      10. The state will establish fair, transparent and accountable mechanisms to compensate victims of the conflict.

      11. Violence and coercion will not win consent nor aid reconciliation. Common struggle, however, forges bonds, as do common cultural and social projects. People who share political, commercial, professional, educational and cultural interests can start now on liaison that could lead to shared endeavours in a Single State.

      12. Meanwhile we demand an immediate end to the siege of Gaza and withdrawal of all occupation troops, the release of all prisoners of the conflict including the Refuseniks, and the rescinding of all military orders that govern the subjected Palestinian people.

      All I can say is it’s incredible what a wide gap separates Israeli Anthropology's' theory from practice.

  • US and Israel rewrite history of UN resolution that declared Zionism is racism
    • The question I was raising is a practical one for all 1SS people.

      (1) axiom: Zionism, by definition, is segregation.

      (2) corollary [A]: No Zionism without segregation.

      (3) corollary [B]: In order to effect segregation over time, on land taken by force, a state has to deploy extreme means
      (e.g., periodical ethnic cleansing, separate laws, institutionalized racism, & separate education fit for separate “peoples”.)

      1SS Hypotheses:

      The Zero-Hypothesis [H0]: The One State Solution is going to be a ‘natural’ operative against segregation (and therefore against Zionism).

      Hypothesis 1 [H1]: The One State Solution will maintain the structures of segregation, and thus the legacies of Zionist inequality will be maintained long after it has ceased to exist as the official state ideology.

      Hypothesis 2 [H2]: The path of least resistance in opposition to Zionism is the structure of segregation itself. 1ssers need to be amplifying talk of desegregation NOW, as a way of speeding the One State Solution.

      To me, [H2] proceeds from the first axiom and its two corollaries.

    • Not to mention the obvious -- that the ideology of segregation ultimately depends on an ongoing Judaization or ethnic cleansing of spaces (it's a cycle).

      And not to mention that if 3379 had empirically shown that "Zionism is segregation", it would be that much harder for Kerry and those other liberals to pontificate today that it was either “anti-Semitic”or “absurd.”

      Bottom line is Palestinians whether in 1948 or 1967 occupied Palestine don’t have any protection, anywhere, whatsoever, precisely because of so many decades of segregation and exclusion.

      The PA is put there to prevent one democratic state:

    • I’ve been rethinking this, and I’ve come to a contrary conclusion: that “Zionism is racism” was a totally under-theorized formula.

      In fact, “the issue” that should have been recognized from the first was that Zionism is a facet of an enduring racism that permeates globally – it is the effect of European expansion. Therefore, if you say that Zionism is racism, well you know, you’d also have to say that so are all the ‘liberal’ systems most of us live under. If it comes to that, Liberalism itself is Racism.

      “Zionism is segregation” is what the UNGA should have voted for that day in 1975. Once you declare that Zionism is segregation, then the inevitable logical step is to see that without segregation there can be no Zionism in Palesine/Israel, period.

      Please understand. The (racist and silly) doctrine of Jewish Nationalism utterly, absolutely, unconditionally depends on the maintenance of separate systems, separate schools, separate "nations", separate laws, and, most of all, conspicuously separate living areas.

  • Video: Undercover Israeli soldiers kill one, arrest one inside Hebron hospital
    • @”Arab looks”—
      The colonizer always has fantasies and desires about the colonized: it comes out in various ways such as putting on costumes and clothes based on stereotypes of what they believe the colonized is supposed to look like. Something about disavowed colonial desires. And that’s where the two score Israelis wearing costumes of male and female so-called “Aravim” come in! They didn’t *need* to, but they couldn’t resist wearing those old knit shirts, hoodies, transparent "beards", long dresses and so on. That’s why there were so many of them, a thing I couldn’t figure out until just now. They invited some novices to join in for the kicks. It was fun, 25 odd colonizers squashing a few more colonized ants with their shoes, while dressed in their own fantasy images of them. Oh yes, there were very many of them.

    • 1.) They obviously didn’t need 2 dozen armed men with false beards to arrest one injured man, in an unprotected hospital -- leaving the only conclusion, that the show was designed to anger the Palestinian population. And just open your mouth about it, so they’ll have a reason to get at you, too.

      2.) And yes. of course it works. It shows you that a Palestinian has absolutely no protection anywhere.

      Is the hospital without armed security? A place of worship? A school? Since it's clear nobody will be protecting the people, seems like the people do need to be defending their own weak and their own sick and patrolling public places.

  • In wake of January attacks, French Muslims have been demonized in manufactured 'clash of civilizations'
    • @ "no one is hunting me down because of my ...[&c]".

      Elsewhere I remember MB has been razor-sharp wrt the connection b/w whiteness and Zionism:
      where Zionism is "proscribed as part of the hegemonic narrative...used to advance the culture of whiteness.”

      It's just that here, one of his main explanations for progressives in France joining the mass march, was that they didn't know what it's like to be in a hunted minority, and that explanation was weak. And so I'm trying to figure out why, as you have it, "it didn't meet my standards". Even 'hunted minorities' had joined the masses, as MB himself points out. And the Q here was specifically about progressives joining the mass march, i.e., those who are presumably already aligned with 'hunted minorities' -- so there the question still stands.

      It is precisely a Q about ''obliviousness" -- and if not obliviousness, what then?!

      Overall I have to say that looking back, my own argument was exactly the opposite of what i said ---false consciousness (control from above)--- as I was pushing the bottom-up case of people's own self-split desires.

      On the other hand I was surely exaggerating. Probably right.

    • @Annie, i saw it, i got it, and I wasn't too convinced there existed any population who “never experienced speech being wielded against" them. I don't know, " “obliviousness" are those in the middle" was kinda weak by itself, & largely it was the initial rambling about Muslims not defending the attacks that I guess bristled my fur. It was a good Q.

    • The Q is the same as in the “duped” article: people aren’t hermetically sealed against alternate information. No one is deluded only b/c of the MSM: alternate resources are not only out there, but free. So what do people themselves desire, since evidently there’s a gap between that, and what they think they desire. You have to wonder, when they themselves tell you that what they desire is “Parisians coming out in solidarity” as a horde, issues aside. Or when a particular issue does surface it’s about a “violent attack” on our freedoms – perverse.

      And then, what got me was that MB sort of went talking on about how Muslims didn’t defend the attacks. That’s all we do, disclaim endorsement of attacks, until even we believe maybe we did it.

      Lastly if you chance upon a golden crisis of rich uncertainty, a huge shining epistemic crisis, why throw it into the sea.

    • But the other real problem with the MB reply to the Q about "people who are kind of progressive…but who were out marching", is that the question is really about false consciousness.

      To this MB does not respond in points (1), (2) or (3).

    • I wasn’t satisfied with MB’s response here:

      Q: “I have a friend who was in Paris…[who] fully understands the role of Israel…she understands ‘islamophobia,” too, but she went out there and marched… I challenged her on it when I saw her, why… and she said one, it’s the first time we Parisians who are usually so on our own came out in solidarity…and two, it was this violent attack ,we thought, on our rights…What do you make of that?...People who are kind of progressive…but who were out marching?"

      (1) I couldn’t find any [Muslims/immigrants] who defended the attacks.
      (2) ‘their’ ‘identification with Al Qaeda’ comes from alienation…and your friend might not understand that.
      (3) there is obliviousness to minority experience.

      My problem is that there is an implicit question which MB ignores, and one could almost say MB is here an example of, which is, why people who are otherwise informed about global events, and who “should know better,” get sucked into government propaganda and French government narratives that are full of internal inconsistencies in the first place.

  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
    • @ CofW, you have not made your case. What “practical” thing(s) are you talking about. What “immense power” on the “inside” do you “spy”. I assume you know civil protest is suppressed. brutally. Please be specific, thx.

      @ DS: “I just think that it really is something to leave your country and then go around agitating for it to be dissolved. It’s disgraceful to do that if you live there, but when you have indemnified yourself against the consequences…that’s just plain cowardly.” You are right. I just think that it is really something to live in another country [U.S.] and go around agitating for Israel. It’s disgraceful to do that if you don’t live there, and when you have indemnified yourself against the consequences…that’s just plain cowardly.

      @ DS: “there are so many people who think you have no right to exist.”

      -- We call it “recycling”. We’ll take the good things and throw out the bad. We’ll take the investments and industries (built on Palestinian backs) and we’ll destroy the ideological institutions.

      @jwp: “if you opened what she is saying.”
      Yes--Open big. we're just going to drill at all those Zio-cavities, and then you can smile.

      [email protected] CofW, pls pick up your things and go home right now, thanx

    • @diasp0ra,
      "the annexation of the West Bank almost seems like a prerequisite to any real talk about the one state solution."

      I feel near you diasp0ra.

      However, discussion of the 1ss is purely a matter of intelligent organization and (as I am just beginning to see) of making our own people conscious of our unconscious behavior. It's not dependent on what the Israelis do. On the contrary. The 1ss is a conversation to be injected into the Israeli veins while they are sleeping. I spy immense untapped power on the inside. There is I think at least one organization for a one state solution,on its advisory board are people like Ali Abunimah, Ilan Pappe, Omar Barghouti etc etc etc. I'm just being task oriented. I guess i don't really have use for psychological explanations for Euro-racism.

    • MDM - ja -- Just imagine a duped lover who never ever senses the partner's lies that are ongoing. Or someone who is told that the lover is lying but doesn't dig in all the pockets and drawers to discover the truth. Or someone seeing skyscrapers evaporating into their own footprints in seconds. I don't care how much the state spends on repressing dissent, that's not someone who is duped. That's someone who is trying to dupe me.

    • @Avigail. I don't disagree with what you've said. Israel is settler colonialism? in our conversation we have gotten way past that already. Let's go to the next step. BDS? Most of us here already see BDS as a practical force in motion. The occupation is not legitimate, Israel is a terror state. Zionists are self-deluded. In a way these have already become hegemonic notions; all of us here, even yonah, agree Israel needs 'outside pressure' to end the occupation. There's nothing to disagree.

      What about the next level. For example, I want you to tell me how I'm deluded, how I'm duping myself. And I will tell you. That would help. And another thing that would help me personally, I want you to tell me what you think of desegregating Palestine-Israel. How it can be done. I'd die very well if I knew I managed to transmit this yearning and vision to a bloody soul.

    • @ "“Duped” is such a great word!"

      "the schools haven’t been desegregated...this is a victory with no victory. It’s a victory that you can talk about, but it’s a victory that you can’t show me. So if you represent the NAACP and you’re telling me about this great victory you’ve won for me, when I look at you, I have to conclude that either you have been duped yourself, or else you are trying to dupe me.”
      — Malcolm X

    • Glad. Though, I don't know if I agree with me exactly -- it doesn't matter. I want to start afresh. There is much enthusiasm here, and it has me on high alert. (Truthfully, I've been on alert ever since the 'trauma' explanation for Zionist racism, which always seemed to me a piece of Israeli self-duping on its own.) Maybe this article has it too easy. As you say it's very "validating" to be told that Israel is losing the support of American Jews, or a to be told that Zionists can't be forever blind to the horrors of Palestine-Israel. Maybe it's true--

      but as far as I'm concerned, a colonial 'psychology' is determined by specific material and spatial structures that are given to analysis, and that can be changed. And the time is really urgent.

      When you get down to the real nitty gritty, what are you suggesting to be done to enact change? What's the vision? Are you in favor of waiting until Hophmi or Yonah (who is quite the liberal) 'wake up' to do a new accounting. Most important, how far will you be willing to go to change the status quo? Would you support a bloody revolution in Israel if it came to that? Would you implement desegregation? what?

    • I am less enthusiastic: It's time for American Jews to see they've been duped. It's been "time" to see that for decades -- people have either been "duped", or they were cynically pursuing their interests despite not being "duped"... or, what I think, they are actually "duped" not by hasbara per se, as much as their own desires.

      People are "duped" by their own desires, not primarily by their lack of information (although to be sure the internet puts some stop on being "duped" by lack of information.) Some are "duped" by their desire to protect material investments in Israel, mainly in the form of businesses or links to family who are economically vested. But I've come to the conclusion that what many American Jewish Zionists --people who would never, ever move to Israel--- are "duped" by is the desire, the fantasy, wherein some abstraction of themselves (ancestral "Judaism"?) can be preserved for them in a jar... And that's because Israel is the only place where 'Jews' exist without culturally/racially mixing.
      It's yet another feedback loop: since Israel gives people economic advantages to ensure that there is no mixing, American Zios support Israel financially. They are "duped" by their own race/class desires.

      This is being "duped" in every sense of the word, because i don't even think they see it as such. I suspect American Zios who would hate to move to Israel -- (from yonah fredman to Peter Beinart) -- desire a racially unmixed bubble. And so institutionalized crime is -- simply-- worth it.

      RE: Israelis "feel in the depth of their bones" that israel's existence is illegitimate. So what? I feel I know liberal Jewish Israelis like the back of my hand, and, when pushed, they'd choose a Jewish State over a democratic state, and be upfront about not caring if the means to a Jewish State are "illegitimate".
      Again, it's more than being "duped" by hasbara, it's being "duped" by your own desires, in the case of well-informed liberal israelis it's just as banal as real estate.

      As Annie points out, the jppi study, and the Times of Israel article that references it, are strategies of Israeli damage control-- but the damagehas been to ignorance only. The underlying racial and class desires seem to be intact and undamaged.

      Lastly, reading Ilan Pappe is well&good, but Israelis should come over to Palestinian thinkers.

  • Christian Zionists expose their anti-Semitism at conservative summit in Iowa
    • @ Worms – there you go, in the same breath – that nasty little meme “conspiracy theory”. For shame. And for shame, too, on everybody that’s standing there and didn’t catch you out on it!

      Never more – just promise me can of worms – not even in laughter, never use those two words in my hearing ever again. All those outspoken skeptics of government narratives deserve a hell lot of respect from mice the likes of you. And in the same breath!

    • edit: "islamophobia" I should say, thinking of the orientalism in every syllable of it.

    • @Brewer "taken root in [our] consciousness" -- Thanks---

      And I sure can tell you one thing: we’ve been using “homophobia” for say fifteen years now, meanwhile racism against Muslims has only been getting worse and worse and worse and worse. So becoming fully conscious won't do no harm. I can tell you that.

    • @“anyway, just don’t use it if you don’t like it. bigotry sucks.”

      Somehow it just seems we keep on using the very things we don’t specially like, and that aren’t in our better interests to use. The struggle for justice and power in Palestine begins with black consciousness - surely .

      @ “bigotry sucks”. And Zionism kills. And so we struggle against it. Rejecting “homophobia” or, say, “anti-Semitism” and choosing “racism”, sometimes, is a part of becoming *conscious*. That’s what we are tryin to do.

    • I can’t even go as far as using ‘anti-Semitism’ itself without misuse.

      I sometimes get an uncanny conspiracy theory where The Elites got racism embedded in the very language I need to use to talk about racism. The language I use to talk about segregation has been segregated. I have schizophrenic episodes, where the Masses are all segregated…but I myself am in two or more segregated spaces overlapping each other.

      And I calm myself: come now Can of Worms, simply say, “racism against Jews” from now on - and just be done with it. But in fact, the word “racism” just doesn’t have the same ring to it! No, it sure doesn’t.

      And, then I followed you Annie from afar when you said that “jews choose to define racism against themselves with their own word [anti-Semitism;] people are free to use that term or not” ( But how can I be “free to use that term or not,” when it just pops out at you unawares ?

      In the end, I came to the point where I figured there are two ultimate good and rational reasons to keep on using ‘anti-Semitism’: one, it distinguishes it from racism - which is against blacks. That’s an obvious plus. And, two, it latches you to the Holocaust and the Jewish State idea like a forgotten dogleash.

      But when I safely settled that, some of Them came and concocted another type of racism, and called it “Islamophobia”. It not coincidentally rhymed with homophobia and claustrophobia. I’m sure They did that to spite me. Sometimes it even sounds natural in a sentence, when I try it on for size.

      In my darker moments I secretly ask myself whenever I choose that word “freely”, why in the name of earth I need it, substituting for “racism against Muslims”.

  • Views of Palestine from an American poolside
    • My life as a dog. One just gets brushed the wrong way.

      With all due respect, ‘what the LA pool ladies, and Israel, do not seem to acknowledge is that they risk drowning so long as they think of ways to lock themselves inside” ?

      Trying to put aside the article’s metaphor ( ‘locking themselves inside’? ‘risking drowning’? ugh...); disparagement of women (“pool ladies” who can only “converse about grandchildren, vacation plans, and hair salons”?); entire erasure of race; and, most important, elision (once you brought it up) of an analysis of the precise legal problems posed by iron dome, not in isolation, but as a combination of factors at work eliminating an unwanted minority placed in a concentration camp-- the main frustration is that which you “do not seem to acknowledge.”

      So let’s be a little tough on ourselves? If you’re talking about not “protecting the comfortable status of those inside,” are you speaking as one of those "inside", and what will you risk to change Jewish dominance in the Zionist state? Cause, uh, ultimately would you be willing to risk a nasty, bloody revolution in Israel, if removing “the comfortable status of those inside” had to come to just that? How far? Would you be willing to risk your personal property, and the value of your capital, if removing “the comfortable status of those inside” had to risk just that? What do you think will happen if, in order to cease “protecting the comfortable status of those inside,” we implement the only possible thing -- a unitary single state including compensation, reparation, affirmative action and desegregation?

      I got your desire to contest "the ladies’ affinity to Israel [as] a sacred place to be protected " but if you want to talk seriously about the divisions and the ignorance caused by these divisions, carry your argument to its own logical conclusions. Otherwise it's indeed "asking if another lane could be opened, more classes added to the schedule, or an additional lifeguard added to the deck."

      @“Instead of asking if another lane could be opened...the ladies adopt the line of thinking that their lives are at risk when the class exceeds 25 people.” Ha, if I had to bark every time I heard a distracting metaphor or seen a thrown bone I'd go mad.

  • How long will I have to convince liberals that Palestinians matter?
    • Scott. Just to be clear as day.

      @ [1] "For whatever reason" -- [2] "crime" rates -- [3 ] "in the black community" -- [4] "are quite high”
      That's racism, 4x, in just one sentence.

      Consider it on your own.

      @ Self defense "marginalizes" ?

      Ok. That's a little spoonful to start with.

    • We being so downscale, our cause was overshadowed by the upscale causes of Zionists. Through the 1960’s and 70’s, right up till recently, the only Americans who took our cause to their heart as their own, were downscalers, Arab Americans and African Americans who had a shared history of colonial oppression, who were living in tenement hovels, who had to fight for self-determination in America. That was who had always cultivated solidarity with us: it was the Black Panthers (the ones Scott denigrates as “marginalizing the Left”), it was the auto workers of Detroit in '73, that was who, when no one else would even touch us. Cause even those who understood it very well decided to keep silent, because upscale causes made our cause so "divisive”. Malcolm visited us downscalers in the refugee camps in Gaza. And it would be a crying shame if it turned out that we didn’t take up the global black consciousness and anti-segregationist cause on our own shoulders now, or that we didn’t do so historically!

    • @ “know it will make me unpopular here, but I agree with Scott. The Palestinian cause can stand on its own and doesn’t need nor benefit from being linked to other causes”

      Qualtrough, although you make the hairs on the back of my own neck stand on end, you'll never be unpopular, do tell, that was quite a shocker. Why do you (with ‘Scott’) take issue with the Palestinian resistance being linked to African American resistance and black consciousness. If I remember, you’ve said that Israel “is a clear and present danger to the security of the USA”, so you don’t really mind the Palestinian cause being linked to the so-called “American security cause”. So is it just select causes that the Palestinian cause shouldn't be linked to?

      Listening to you it sounds like there’s a difference in being linked to African American resistance, vs. to a so-called ‘American resistance’.

      Righto. The Palestinian resistance cannot “stand on its own”. It’s a part, in fact a key part, of a much larger struggle against a capitalist empire built on racial exclusion. That’s the first thing: it’s a struggle against a system. And what that means is that it’s about constant organization, and it’s a struggle that will never end. Even when there’s a 1ss, the struggle continues on.

      Let’s go back to that dangling cliff where you agreed with Scott, a commenter who comes here and says, “for whatever reason, crime rates in the black community are quite high.”

      Cause, uh, the only “reason” I can see is the failure of civil rights movement to effect economic redistribution through a just compensation policy for legacies of slavery, segregation and poverty. No other reason.

      Funny, that. After your own post I’m beginning to see just how the two struggles are so deeply intertwined.

  • ICC rules prosecutor to reconsider 'Mavi Marmara' investigation
    • “What about the US?” Well, at least that’s better than the whataboutery of, “What about Syria?” Yessirree, you’re doing better now.

      “What about the US?” Truly. That consumer lifestyle can’t last a blasted day without an empty dollar being sold around the world at gunpoint. Americans have to keep fighting those currency wars.

      Of course their own government won’t tell them all what big hypocrites they are! So, eh, you keep telling them yourself jack! Then people might just become less and less negative about buying Zion-junk.

      As for me, I don’t need Zio-junk. All I want is justice and power. But others... keep trying, jack… Ignite your sales drive! there’s plenty others and if they only knew they might be less averse to signing on the dotted line and closing the deal. And then you’d be ready to move forward to the next selection, segregation, deportation and grass mowing.

      Sell ‘em the Zio-junk on the moral authority of Dr. King and Mandela-- but if that fails, let ‘em see their own hypocrisy in the mirror.

  • 'One cannot understand conflict without knowing its victims'
    • “one cannot understand conflict without knowing its victims”

      We can carry that further, and say that injustice in Isra-Palestine exists *because* Jewish Israeli people are prevented from ever, ever knowing, or seeing, the victim. The apartheid state has created a complex web of physical and symbolic controls to ensure that.

      We had Mark Braverman the other day ( saying how the problem is not the occupation or the rightist settlers, but Zionist ideology. Well, that was only half-right, because what we’re seeing is a feedback loop.

      Zionism is a system that feeds back into itself through Israeli institutional segregation. It’s like a regenerative circuit.
      If you want to eliminate Zionism and its injustices you need to eliminate segregation in the feedback loop.

      I’ve noticed in reporting and in questions that people are asked—when we’re talking about a 1ss or 2ss, separation is a default setting. Transparent, invisible. Remember the debate between Munayyer and Beinart. Remember all our protests and all the organized struggles that we ever had --since the 1950s. Land Day. It was always about the expropriation of our land and rights but the one thing it was never about was the default setting of separation. At the very least people in the struggle have to be made conscious of their unconscious choices, even if these choices come out of legitimate worries.

  • Why the Charleston massacre isn't terrorism, and Palestinian resistance always will be
    • Another Israeli cointelpro internet drone has just crashed in the waters off Mondoweiss, releasing debris. The body of the drone landed largely intact with a clearly visible Star of David and Hebrew writing on it.

    • @ "What does 'Dit laat my koud' mean?"

      It means you're a zio troll.

      I'm just reminding you of the extra-judicial killing of anti-apartheidist Steve Biko in 1977 by South African police forces. Jimmy Kruger, the Minister for Justice, commented on Biko's death, “Dit laat my koud” (It leaves me cold).

      @"If Hamas used civil disobedience to protest...Gaza, certainly many of them would be killed. But....this is a more just use of one’s life. " Ha.

    • Are you? (just between you and me: The killing of Palestinians leaves one quite cold. “Dit laat my koud” . Eh? )

    • Thanks Annie.

    • Dear Princess, I am a Zionist and I truly applaud what you preach. You support a position where discourse is a violence that we do to things. You also support a position where sheer stupidity is a weapon of offense. The important thing is to try to create a dichotomy between violence and nonviolence, and also to repeat “violence” in order to forestall, as much as possible, the heroic Palestinian struggle from continuing to capture the world’s imagination.

  • Carter says Israeli rejection of 2-states forced US to withdraw as mediator 'for first time in modern history'
    • The Palestinian struggle is part of a people’s struggle against things like neoliberalism and racial capitalism. That’s the first thing.

      As SQ Debris says @Steve Biko: we need to make the unconscious conscious -- and we need to see that “what seems to us to be a ‘normal’ condition of life is uniquely oppressive.” I want to move the discourse to the “normal” condition of Israel’s segregated cities.

      I’m trying to focus for a moment on the lies you and I (not to speak of Zionist Israelis) have been unconsciously telling ourselves about Israel’s internal segregation. It’s the default set of assumptions. We just all have to be huddled up right next to each other like sardines, because that’s the way it is. You know, we sardines help each other out.

      Well that’s fine. But no one, collectively, has the right to tell you where to live and where you can’t live, and I’m sure not going to be a sardine just because someone else, a Zionist, wants me to live like a sardine or I represent for him or her a “clash of nations.”

      While we are educated enough to know “there’s no such a thing as separate but equal,” we are unconsciously afraid. In a hypothetical future, how can our kids be in public schools where they will be laughed at by indoctrinated anti-Arab kids, or where they will be humiliated because they are poor? How can Jewish kids with their green grassy lawns and swimming pools look at our kids? Our kids have suffered way too much as it is!

      We have to become conscious of the consequences of our unconscious actions. Once we realize what we are afraid of, we can implement solutions: reparations, economic compensation and affirmative action. We weren't always living in ghettos; and we didn't come to the ghetto on an Aliya Boat. But -- oh, a Palestinian Minister of Education, how unthinkable!

      Now, if you looked at Zionists on MW, some of them don’t even acknowledge the existence of segregation in Israel, imagine. Segregation is such a given that it is invisible.

      Remember Beinart: “clash of nations”. A 1ss would be horrible because of a natural and inherent Clash of Civilizations. Again, look how segregation is the default set of assumptions. He doesn’t know how many intermarriages will be going on. Of course, the mere thought of all that miscegenation must make some racist hairs stand on end.

      Just wait until kids start going to the same schools and adults are working in the same level jobs. Just wait until Palestinian families buy the houses next door. I tell you segregation is the Occupation’s baby finger.

      It’s the finger that doesn’t have any muscle, or grip on itself. Cause it’s been taken for granted. You can twist that finger backwards. Segregation is the basis of the Jewish State, and they’ve never had to even so much as see it.

      So that’s one thing. We have to focus on our own consciousness. And yes, they’ll hit back. But imagine a Western democracy shooting down its own citizens because they’re demanding racial desegregation.

    • Carter: “If we did have peace and justice for the Palestinians, there would be no need for apartheid or depriving the Palestinians of a full citizenship rights within their own government.” That’s the words of a gatekeeper for the left, promoting a 2ss.

      With a 2ss, he’s saying, there is going to be “no need for depriving Palestinians" of their equality.

      Well here’s a message to the Palestinian citizen’ grassroots, following Malcolm X. Every time you look at yourself, be you black, brown, red, or yellow — a so-called “Arab” — you represent a person who poses a serious problem for Israel because you’re not wanted. As long as you’re not wanted, “there is going to be a need” for depriving you of your equality.

      You aren’t deprived of equality ’cause there is or isn’t an occupation. You aren’t deprived of equality ’cause Hamas rules Gaza. You aren’t deprived of equality ’cause you’re Muslim or Christian or Druze or Bedouin. You don’t get barred from heading the JNF or the Israel Lands Authority or the National Insurance Institute because you happen to vote for the Zionist List or for Balad. And you sure don’t catch hell when you rise to protest ’cause you’re an Israeli; ’cause if you was an Israeli, you wouldn’t catch no hell. You catch hell ’cause you’re an “Arab”.

      So we are all “Arabs”, the living failures of Zionism. You don’t like to be told that. But what else are you? You are nothing but an ethnically cleansed failure of Zionism, whom they tucked away inside a ghetto so you’ll always have inequality. Whether in a section of a “mixed city” or in a segregated town, whether in Haifa or in ar-Rama, you didn’t come to the ghetto on the Aliya Boat. You were brought to the ghetto by Europeans who came here on the Aliya Boat. You were herded to the ghetto by the so-called Halutzim, the “Pioneers”. They were the ones who put you here.

      We have one thing in common: We have a common oppressor, a common exploiter, and a common discriminator, the Zionist. It was the grass roots in the street that always scared the Israeli Zionist to death, just like it was the grassroots that scared the white power structure in Washington, D. C. to death. They say, “These Palestinian Arabs are doing things on their own. They’re running ahead of us.”

      The Zionist knows that the internet revolution is world-wide in scope and in nature. The anti-Zionist revolution is sweeping the grassroots everywhere, because for ordinary working people injustice against Palestinians symbolizes what is wrong with their own government, and their own power structure.

      So some old shrewd foxes say, “Well we’ll put us at the head of it. We’ll join BDS, we’ll spread the 2ss message.” It’s just like when you’ve got some coffee that’s too black, which means it’s too strong. What you do? You integrate it with cream. It used to be hot, it becomes cool. It It used to wake you up, now it’ll put you to sleep.

      If you really don’t want to be “deprived of your equality”, what you need is to get out of the ghetto. That means you need a revolution in your mind.

      Whoever heard of a revolution where the leader of a so-called “Arab Party” goes to the Zionist government, and begs to sit on “committees” to “discuss” “reforms”? Just tell me. Whoever heard of a revolution where a so-called “Arab Party” gives up human rights? Whoever heard of a leader who gives up the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes?

      It’s just like the colonizers of old who took a few of the Natives and gave them a little education — a little education; that made all the others look up to them. Then they used them to control the others. The same strategy is used today, by the Zionists. They take a so-called “Arab”, and make him prominent, build him up, publicize him, make him a celebrity. And then he becomes a spokesman for “Arabs” — and an “Arab” leader.

      Carter is right. “There is going to be no need for depriving Palestinians of equality.” You’ll do it yourselves. Some of you like being in the ghetto. You like being “deprived of equality”, it makes you feel safe and familiar. A few of you even pay three times as much to get ahead, and then brag about “I’m the only Arab out here.” “I’m the only one on my job.” “I’m the only one who’s a doctor for Jewish patients.” “I’m the only one in this school.”

      Some of you have begun to believe you’re Zionists. Imagine a Palestinian: “Our Zionist government”! I even heard one say, “our Israeli technology.” They won’t even let you near the Rafael plant — and “our scientists”! “Our army” — that’s an “Arab” that’s out of his mind.


  • Report from Ramallah: How Palestine is today
    • @WH, +1.

      However, the article’s claim is absurd that, as per Hannah Arendt, the neoliberal turn of the Israeli occupation “doesn’t need guns anymore,” as if Ramallah represents an “opposite of violence”.

      Not to be forgotten is that in Ramallah the glass baubles and beads of neoliberalism are never enough by themselves; alongside them is the brutal US-trained, CIA-funded clampdown on any resistance to PA collaboration.

      Palestinians in the WB and Al Quds are in the US-Israeli grip. Therefore Palestinian activism has got at some point to work on the segregated status quo inside. If I know liberal Israelis, the call for desegregation is a finger twisting that will antagonize liberal israelis.

      It’s the aggressor’s baby finger.

  • I believe I can make a difference in my lifetime
    • It's a story of power and entitlement. And, more to the point, it is the story of *race and class* entitlement. There was another thread (some few days old and now long buried), where, as I saw it, the writer completely erased race/class issues, as well as erasing the relations of the reproduction of class and race entitlement in Israel (which is mainly thru confinement or segregation or, as Pappe said, “deeply rooting into small spaces" those who cannot be “uprooted”). After this erasure the Israel-Palestine relation was reduced to the story of ‘trauma’. Acc. to Anabanel, “the story of Israel and the Palestinian people is the story of trauma being transmitted from one generation to the next”.

      The story that the race and class entitlement of folks like Double Standard is due to trauma makes one’s bones turn to jelly.

  • A racist country with too much influence over US -- Israel's new image among Democrats
    • Yussef Munayyer said that in the final run you have to ask yourself “what sort of state faces an existential threat by merely respecting the human rights of those whose lives it governs? How did it come to find itself in such a predicament, and is that really the kind of state that you want to support?” ( You now have to additionally ask yourself, "what kind of a state ideology is it, whose hope is that Americans are ignorant" (and racist against Muslims)? Thanks for the reminder, DS.

  • 'A traumatized society is dangerous'
    • @ “What Abigail Abarbanel has provided us those last few days has been a cornucopia of clear and comprehensive scientific and humanist information to make it very clear that certain elements of behaviour are incontrovertible and need special knowledge and tools to be positively dealt with.”

      Well, I daresay it sounds like you’ve got yourself quite a big fruit of the loom.

    • @Bornajoo, @bintbiba, thanks....

      Ja. I guess another way to put it is that AA is arguing against avowed liberals, while I am more arguing against potential radical thinkers who fall into liberalism.

      Liberal-left Israelis loooove the trauma and psychosis discourse!

      You'll find a mound of liberal-left articles going on about the 'sickness', the 'trauma', the 'psychosis' or the 'addiction' from which Israelis are suffering and have to be saved.

      It keeps the discussion away from some of the structures of society that would have to be revolutionized completely.

      I like tree's responses.

      There's an all-important relationship b/w enforced ethnic separation (social engineering) and every single crime and abuse perpetrated by the 'Jewish State'. Once that is properly seen, the next step is indeed radical and, for many, alarming.

    • @AA, I am trying to see why it is that I find the psychosis theory not only useless, but offensive to me.

      You say:

      “The purpose of the explanation is, apart from the fact that it is true, is to make it clear that none of this would happen. If the world was capable of doing what is necessary to stop Israel based on what Israel does, that would be great. I agree with you. But sadly this isn’t what’s happening”

      This is difficult to parse.

      (1) “The purpose of the explanation is, apart from the fact that it is true…”
      [non sequitur]

      (2) “to make it clear that none of this would happen. If…”
      [If what? Are you actually saying that none of Israel’s brutality would happen if Jews weren’t historically traumatized? Couldn’t they have just been eurocentric racists colonizing a land of ‘savages’, with the outcome in terms of brutality being pretty much the same?]

      (3) Doesn’t the psychology theory in effect regurgitate the same notions of exceptionalism it claims to disavow?

      (4) “If the world was capable of doing what is necessary to stop Israel, that would be great”

      [This is really the part I get the least well, so forgive me. If the world had the hypothetical ‘capability’ {interpretable as political will and clout} to ‘do what’s necessary to stop Israel’ – then what? Would advancing a theory of Israel’s psychosis then be rendered as somewhat superfluous? Or, would one then at last be able to turn the conversation around to the structural causes of Israel’s racism/militarization? The world evidently can’t stop the ''traumatized' so-called Jewish State; but again, the psychosis-of-Israel theory is offered in order that the ‘world’ will do just that.

      (5) We still haven’t agreed on what it is that “Israel does” that has to be stopped, much less on who are the ones to stop it. You’ve said it was the occupation that “Israel does” and that the ‘world’ has to stop it; and you’ve not responded when I’ve repeated many times that it is the internal segregation (& how it creates a ‘Jewish State’) that ultimately produces what “Israel does”, and I think that Palestinians, when organized and conscious, have power.

    • @AA, I have a deeply materialist approach.

      I am keeping the material in focus because I'm looking at what can be done, what structures can be moved right now. Israel's internal segregation is what I've been hacking away at, since Israel's segregation is what I think ultimately determines who wins and who loses; it determines what weapons are available to struggle with.

      AFAIC, the complete segregation (& the way it came about) is what is keeping Israelis from caring about the harm they do. To talk of historical 'psychology', w/o analyzing the ongoing material structures of it, has no value for me--

    • @AA: "an explanation is not an excuse! My wish and call is for immediate action to stop Israel’s colonial project and the occupation."

      Just to be clear. You think that Israel has PTSD, and therefore "Israel will not stop [the occupation] of its own accord." Why do we need this diagnosis, this 'PTSD' 'explanation', when we can just say that Israel has no interest in stopping, as long as it benefits materially ? Or, for that matter, we could just as easily say that Israel is totally segregated, and therefore Israelis naturally dehumanize the other and see no reason to stop. Wouldn't those sorts of explanations do just as well, if all one's aim really were (as you purport) ONLY "to call for immediate outside action, because Israel won't stop of its own accord"?

      But your aim in having us define Israel as suffering from some trauma is something more than you let on. That's the problem here.

      Btw, would you correspondingly say that Israel has PTSD and therefore will not stop its total segregation of its own accord?

      Or are you one of those who think that Israel's internal segregation is ok? If it's also a case of PTSD, then does your call for action extend to the desegregation of all the cities, neighborhoods, schools, military institutions and social institutions that were created by Zionism through ongoing ethnic cleansings, exclusions and the denials of return?

    • Do go on psychoanalyzing and medicalising Israel. Perhaps if Zios were certifiably suffering from PTSD we would be able to relax a little and wriggle our mental toes in the balming mire of it all.

      Does the latest version of the DSM have an entry yet on disorders such as Racism Disorder, and Segregationism Disorder [SD]? I heard that SD causes enormous mental health suffering, because when people go to segregated schools and live in segregated cities they lose their sense of the other’s humanity.

      Viz., I'm with tree and the others.

  • Irish activists hit hard against 1st Irish dance competition in Israel
  • Israeli President Reuven Rivlin calls for removal of Israeli flag
    • Aye, RoHa you are lucky. To me, when I stare at it, it develops a kind of sub-pattern. Lately, it morphs into the uncanny forms of barbs on barbed wire fences. As I squint my eyes at it, it only becomes worse. And people appear on the other side, as if wanting to get out. I don't know why, it makes me so nervous.

    • "It’s not the symbol, it’s the concept of a Jewish state that bugs Phil and Adam. "

      jon s, you're getting warmer, so get off your segregated behind and keep on looking until you find where it's at.

      - - - - - -
      Hint: Think, 'OneState flag'. Raising it, at least we could say that it's not the symbols of the flag, but the concept of equality, that bugs you.

  • 'Six Jews sitting in the White House discussing the Palestinian state'
    • Deeply profoundly endlessly grateful. Zionists came to Palestine with euro-centric views. I am deeply grateful. Western-looking European and American Jews took the best positions, then came the Ostjuden, then the Holocaust ‘Sabonim’, below that the Iraqi Jews and Egyptians and Moroccans and Yemenites until the dark non-human animals the ‘Arabs’ (i.e., Palestinians), whose black lives didn’t matter. I am endlessly grateful. On the strength of that racism, and the racism of Europe at the time, they were able to afford their segregationism. I am deeply profoundly grateful. Nowadays open racism isn’t all that marketable. I am profoundly endlessly grateful. Now that they are having to pay out higher and higher dividends in terms of overt racism to keep Israeli segregation afloat, I am endlessly and profoundly, deeply grateful. And Israelis won’t have to deal with the truth in their own backyard, if we are only can be deeply and endlessly and profoundly grateful. Grateful.

  • 'NYT' article on UN's Gaza report strains to demonstrate equivalence in suffering
    • Ha. "Posting misleading and poorly conceived videos on YouTube is inappropriate."

      No more posting poorly conceived videos for you! From now on, you can't post another youtube video in which you peddle Zio-junky stereotypes about Palestinians (Violent), homosexuals (Fruit) and pre-modern primitives (Subway-Transportation-Deprived)!

  • 'Obama coffee' is black and weak -- racist tweet from wife of Israel's vice premier
    • To be accurate: Israelis ("sabras") used to call Shoa survivors "Sabonim".

      Sabonim -- Look it up, it's been well recorded in Israeli memoirs, or if you prefer, ask an Israeli, you do know some Israelis don't you?

      But I got it now: "weak black coffee" resonates with "weak white soap".

    • In the 1950’s, Israelis called Holocaust survivors 'weak, white' ‘Jewish Soap’.
      ‘Weak black coffee’, with its plantation-slave overtones, is probably an unconscious repetition of that.

    • @RoHa: "At best, Malcolm is using vague metaphors an attempt to express an inchoate idea. More likely, though, it is just empty rhetoric."

      Empty rhetoric? RoHa, did you read the speech? You can cut corners, but--why? Why would you want to do yourself that violence?

      In the line that you take such objection to he was actually reading out loud from a prepared document ("Basic Aims and Objectives of the Organization of Afro-American Unity.")

      In what you call the "empty rhetoric", he was struggling with the question of why “our African brothers have ...gained recognition and respect as human beings much faster than you and I [in the United States].” And the answer he was articulating was, “A man doesn't know how to act until he realizes what he's acting against. And you don't realize what you're acting against until you realize what they did to you. Too many of you don't know what they did to you.” --Because you internalized their definitions.

      That must be where "empty rhetoric" comes in?

      Malcolm X is one of the best teachers we have.

    • @Fredman: “But it is the most famous quote dealing with blackness and coffee and any learned discussion of a quote involving blackness and coffee should include the quote.”

      You play your Zionist perversity to a beat. Living in your segregationist country and citing as your moral authorities Dr. King and now Malcolm X. Go on telling us about “blackness and coffee,” Yonah. You make jokes you never got, and next thing you’re “including a quote/dealing with blackness and coffee” from the Message to the Grassroots, which you never got either, because you’ve never seen it as worthy of your time to get it.

      We must beware and reject those elements who sweeten, dilute, and cool our unity, who disrupt our coalition of interests that is formed around anti-imperialism. Those who give us the Novocain so we can suffer peacefully. Those who create Uncle Toms. The speech is available on you tube, and it’s brimming with rhetorical purity and economic vision.

  • Ending memoricide-- the Nakba Museum project
    • @justicewillprevail: "The archive was the target of the first bomb when Israel attacked Lebanon"

      Speaking of which, there was an apparently interesting museum exhibition just now in Barcelona- (Link:, ending last month, about the International Art Exhibition for Palestine in Beirut, 1978. From the museum website: the original exhibition "was intended as the seed collection for a museum in exile... the museum took the form of an itinerant exhibition that was meant to tour until it could repatriate to Palestine. Organized by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), comprising almost 200 works, donated by 200 artists from nearly 30 countries, the exhibition remains one of the most ambitious, in scale and scope, to have ever been showcased in the Arab world until this day. Tragically, during the Israeli siege of Beirut in 1982...shelling destroyed ...the exhibition’s archival and documentary traces."

      Don't know if the Barcelona exhibition is traveling on.

  • Israel's race to economic (and moral) bankruptcy
    • @benedict

      You have proven my point. Israel's total segregation within IS what upholds the occupation, and one of the most important ways it does this is by structuring Jewish Israeli ignorance, to the point where Jewish Israelis can easily dehumanize Palestinians. Here you yourself are manufacturing a story that segregation doesn't even exist (it's around 100%). And what's more, you speak of a "blood feud" , the very lingo that enables you, and millions like you, to dehumanize the victim. To go back to my point, Israel's occupation, and its profit from the occupation, is riding on its total segregation within, and its profit from the total segregation within.

      If the occupation is riding on Israel's segregation and desegregation, let's talk about that, for a change.


      Other than that, I'm calling out “benedict” as a troll. Evidence enough is that he continues to put Israel’s segregation in scare quotes. While ignoring replies he lies. Only one example: "there are thousands of arab families that rent or own apartments in the “jewish” parts of Jlm". At most there are *dozens*, certainly not thousands, of Palestinian families in Jewish parts of Jlm, and of those dozens the majority are (1) leasers, not owners; and (2) citizens from the north migrating to Jerusalem because jobs are scarcer in the north.

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