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  • 'Teach for America' founder Wendy Kopp reinforces racial inequality through Israeli education program
  • Video: Stunning performance by young Palestinian violinist at Royal Albert Hall
    • This is a really wonderful performance -- Nigel Kennedy and his friends all make beautiful music, the whole 1+ hrs, merging classical, new jazz, and Arab. This music the existential threat to apartheid Israel.

  • A solution to the conflict won't come from the Israeli Jewish public
    • take another step; let the Palestinians take control of the the mess; the 2ss isn't going to happen (obviously).

      so the Palestinians simply do the annexing of citizenship (thus, using the tried and true dual citizenship which Israel has used for foreign Jews) by granting Palestinian citizenship to all the so-called Jewish settlers and likewise for the Israeli Palestinians; then hope that local interests eventually prevail to merge into a single secular state.

  • Kerry's 'Pax Israeliana' has failed. What next?
    • do recall the public Israeli disappointment that there wasn't a much higher (credible) kill in the last Gaza 'invasion'. it was tough for Netanyahu; Israelis wanted dead Palestinians but after the previous carnage the world opinion was a jam.

      The difference between Palestine and Egypt is of course the Egyptian army doesn't seem to be doing the 'mowing close to the ground' as the idf so specializes in.

  • Why so shy, Lieutenant T?
    • got to also say that what can be seen of these very covered faces (some religious thing?) look exactly alike -- don't suppose it's a model?

    • Richard Silverstein had a had excellent article(s) on the colonel charged w/ war crimes, promptly cleared by an idf investigation and then promptly promoted to general -- check out

      "The IDF likes to reverse the old saying: “Let no good deed go unpunished.” It likes to ensure that no war crime goes unrewarded. Col. Ilan Malka, who was named by the Goldstone Report as possibly responsible for two sets of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead (one of them was the murder of the al-Samouni family, resulting in the deaths of 20 civilians including women and children), just received a promotion from the IDF chief of staff. He will be the new chief of staff of the Central Command, assigned to protect settlements and provide the security necessary for expanding the settler enterprise in the West Bank. He will rise in rank from Colonel to Brigadier General.

      Malka was one of only two officers who were ever investigated for their murder of civilians during the war. The worst punishment he received was to have further promotions put on hold since 2010. Now, Brig. Gen. Gantz has freed him from this military Purgatory and he can continue to work his way up the ranks to his own level of incompetence. Or should I say “competence,” since the IDF appears to view soldiers who kill civilians as being supremely competent. How else to explain this promotion?"

  • 'J Street' says Jewish state 'hangs in balance' of failed negotiations
    • a negotiated 'settlement' is unimaginable.

      the Palestinians must take the lead in establishing the single state by unilaterally declaring the Israeli Palestinians AND the Israeli Jews who are in the colonies in the Occupied Territories to be citizens of Palestine.

  • 'Where Should the Birds Fly' is showing twice in NY today
    • I believe the idf scumbag ID'ed as the responsible person for this massacre was supposedly investigated for war crimes by Israel, cleared and then promoted to general,

      "The IDF likes to reverse the old saying: “Let no good deed go unpunished.” It likes to ensure that no war crime goes unrewarded. Col. Ilan Malka, who was named by the Goldstone Report as possibly responsible for two sets of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead (one of them was the murder of the al-Samouni family, resulting in the deaths of 20 civilians including women and children), just received a promotion from the IDF chief of staff. He will be the new chief of staff of the Central Command, assigned to protect settlements and provide the security necessary for expanding the settler enterprise in the West Bank. He will rise in rank from Colonel to Brigadier General.

      Malka was one of only two officers who were ever investigated for their murder of civilians during the war. The worst punishment he received was to have further promotions put on hold since 2010. Now, Brig. Gen. Gantz has freed him from this military Purgatory and he can continue to work his way up the ranks to his own level of incompetence. Or should I say “competence,” since the IDF appears to view soldiers who kill civilians as being supremely competent. How else to explain this promotion?"

    • check out the clip of Where Should the Birds Fly,

  • Gideon Levy: It's time for a 'one person, one vote' movement to end Israeli oppression
    • Israel, like the South African apartheid state, is not going to act on its/their own. The commitment of the US to Israel, diplomatically, financially, and militarily, no matter what Israel does to the Palestinians, will always maintain the balance of power in Israel's favor.

      Palestine must be proactive to seek the single secular state of 1p1v. The way for this is to GRANT dual citizenship to Israeli Palestinians and even to the Israeli colonists of the so-called 'settlements' -- thus, making the 1s1v scenario happen.

  • Reality check-- John Kerry prepares to stick fork in two-state solution
    • to say the 1ss is the only option because the 2ss is no longer an option leaves a gaping blank for the dynamic of from 'here' to 'there'. in other words, to suggest an endpoint, like the single secular state vs the single Jewish state vs a 2ss, requires some proposition of a processes, a dynamic, that can realistically get to that endpoint. It is entirely a waste of time to argue endpoints w/o filling in the blank. indeed, this is how the 2ss has failed -- there has been no realistic process engaged that can actually reach that solution because it is not in Israel's interest.

      it is up to the Palestinians to impose the process that can reach a single secular state; clearly, Israel won't. from what I have read the best process is to use unilateral declarations of dual citizenship by the Palestinian Authority for dual citizenship for Israeli Palestinians and for the so-called 'settlers'. the use of dual citizenship follows Israel's use of the same to create 'dual loyalties' of Jewish citizens of other countries with Israel; therefore, dual citizenship with Israeli Palestinians and the Israeli colonists would create dual loyalties.

  • Kerry suggests that Palestinians change Arab Peace Initiative to suit Israelis
    • I don't understand. Here we have the goddamn SoS of the US suggesting a position that recognizes the '67 borders as borders and no one seems to be a bit excited. I have a hard time believing Israel vetted this; no, for sure, impossible that Israel vetted anything like this. Clearly, there is no way, no way at all, that Israel would even begin to accept anything like this. Everyone in the universe know this, but Kerry went ahead and made the suggestion. And, such a suggestion has to be seen as an endorsement of the position.

      So, since there is no way, no way at all, that Israel would accept anything like this, even as a beginning for negotiations, why did Kerry offer it?

      Maybe to shake-up some and, for the diplomatic poop world, make a confrontation to expose Israel's fraudulent use of the 2ss bogosity.

  • Hat's off to Anthony Lewis, who in '99 understood that Israel wanted a Palestinian Bantustan
  • Iran is not imminent threat, says head of Israeli military intelligence
    • just a god damn minute -- what about that red-line drawn on the bomb that his-holiness Netanyahu showed the world at the UN? the world has been waiting for the US to do Israel's defensive attack (and it would have happened if Obama hadn't been such a foot-dragger).

  • Palestinians demand international inquiry following suspicious death of detainee in Israeli prison
    • oh, right, dim. Annie is just one of those 'hysterical' women. right. I guess that is the way one (woman or man) gets in the face of horrific torture.

      and you shame all that is beautiful with Judaism and Jewish tradition; certainly dim fits right in with the look-the-other-way tradition of tolerating Israel's atrocities against those Palestinians, who are guilty of being Palestinian (which of course violates zionism).

    • gee whiz, dim, let's not forget your friend and Israeli patriot, ol' Capt. George,

      "Doron Zahavi, who still can be called only “Captain George” in the Israeli media, has gone public with his grievance against the IDF, which employed him to torture kidnapped Arabs who were thought to have intelligence about affairs in Lebanon or Syria, specifically Israeli prisoners of war. Among those he worked his wonders on was Mustafa Dirani, who was thought to have specific knowledge of the whereabouts of Ron Arad. Yossi Gurvitz reports ( in Hebrew) that Zahavi ordered one of his subordinates to undress and rape Dirani. Another Zahavi subordinate, who blew the whistle on the whole military torture complex he ran, says his commander sodomized Dirani with a nightstick.

      The brave torturer has the effrontery to claim that the anal lacerations Dirani suffered were due to “constipation,” for which they gave him a laxative that caused him to soil himself. The victim says he was forced to wear a diaper constantly even when it contained excrement. And such treatment, as Gurvitz confirms and as I’ve reported here previously is SOP for the Israeli torture apparatus."

      brave, brave Israel.

  • 'This is an act of refusal, a democratic rebellion': 2,000 Israelis offer their vote to Palestinians living under occupation
    • extending suffrage by exchanging votes to the disenfranchised -- what a wonderful idea of true democracy.

      take it further; award dual citizenship to at least the Israeli Palestinian citizens and maybe also to the so-called 'settlers' -- thus, each are Israeli and Palestinian and can respond to their democratic interests.

  • Hagel looms -- will AIPAC dare to take him on?
    • of course, with all the 'my way or the highway' of the Israeli lobby, if AIPAC doesn't oppose Hagel, it will rightly be viewed as a back-down retreat. So, the real decision should be framed as the possibility of doing their dirty deed and defeating Hagel vs showing a retreat vs. being defeated.

  • Israel to take over 100 acres of land from West Bank village Beit Iksa as construction of the wall continues
    • Some have supposed that The Wall is what Israel will ultimately accept as a border in a 2ss. This, of course, is wrong, and always has been wrong.

      The Wall is another method for Israel to tear apart the fabric of the Palestinian livelihood, land and resources, and social structure.

  • Video: Palestinian teen slain in Hebron only saw his older brother behind bars
  • What did the Sheldon and Miriam Adelson get for their money? (Not much)
  • Netanyahu goes after Obama: 'Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel'
    • Indeed, it would so seem that Netanyahu has shot himself in the face to spite his foot in his mouth.

      In the entire set of morons in the world, Netanyahu certainly would rank as the most moronic -- unfortunately, this particular moron is in a position to do great harm. Maybe if the world is lucky nothing will happen because everyone is too busy laughing at Bibi.

  • 'After Zionism' at the Frontline Club
    • so, clearly, the dynamic to the final status of a 1ss is the ruling question. another proposal could follow the example of Israel's use of dual citizenship to attract Jewish loyalty from outside of Israel. In particular, it might be reasonable to consider the framework of dual citizenship (Israeli and 'Palestinian') for all the 'settlers' and all Palestinian citizens of Israel. Such an arrangement would bring in the natural self-interests of these two groups to pursue day-to-day dialogue and solutions within a conjoining of interests. From such an arrangement it might then be reasonable to move towards an actual one state based on a true democracy.

  • Israel has fabricated claims against Iran -- senior U.S. official
    • I post all the time on the WaPo; I very frequently cite mondo and sometimes the pro-Israel posters are a devoted bunch of knuckleheads; there are about ten really extremely persistent types who are Arab/Muslim hating and militant Israel firsters or actual Israelis. The repeat the same trash talk over and over and over.

  • What Americans must do to support the Palestinian commitment to nonviolent resistance
    • The comparison of the Palestinian struggle to that of the South African BDS is short of the critical factor of a loyal and energized interest and interest-group in the US. The anti-apartheid in the US was supported by the basic notion of rejecting racism and particularly by the experience of Americans of African heritage. Most unfortunately, Palestinians are faced with the completely overwhelming control of US political thinking by the Israeli interests -- even to the point of Israel drawing the US into participating in another ME war of choice for Israel's convenience.

      The only hope for the Palestinians is that the American blinders are slowly ripped off by the flow of information about the gross and ugly injustice that Israel engages, so the infection of zionism is eventually seen as the crippling disease on Judaism that it is. This will probably only happen if American Jews become disenchanted with zionism and, most sadly, this is not likely since zionism has infected their religious being.

      Palestinians can have little hope if they hold to their peaceful resistance; if Palestinians resort to violence, Israel will take full advantage and there will be no hope. The only force that can defeat zionism is the weapon of information exposing the truth. This is why mondoweiss, richardsilverstein, 972mag, among others, are so hated by the zionist crowd and so important for Palestinians.

  • Richard Cohen and the Jewish man's burden
  • Trapped
    • Removing the unreality of rose colored hope, the future for the Palestinians looks to be bleak and Israel is going to keep it that way until the 'Palestinian problem' is swept under the rug.

  • Susan Abulhawa demolishes Itamar Marcus
    • a good show; it is pleasing that a segment of the msm would actually get into (1) how the 2ss is now for all intents and purposes a fantasy process being used by Israel to continue making a 2ss even more impossible and (2) how the Israel's rhetoric, aka their justification, is total bs.

  • NY ads depicting Palestinian dispossession are termed anti-Semitic by 'Jewish community'
  • It's one state now, unequal and unsustainable-- former peace processor at Open Zion
    • two related points: First, the single state will happen and it is a matter of evolution, of sorts, whether this state will be a Jewish state or a secular state; so the all-of- it is informal and formal process; informal process would be the emergence of getting along between Palestinians and Jewish Israelis, particularly in and around the settlements and formal processes could be institutional arrangements, like dual citizenship over time.

      Second, it is astounding how ruthless the single Jewish state crowd is and how much this interest group controls Israel and US policy. This unfortunately makes one consider the prospect of a prolonged ethnic cleansing policy, under various benign and not so benign guises as the most likely outcome.

  • NYT dares to answer a vital question: 'What does Adelson want?'
    • piotr, of course there are precious few 'progressive compulsive gambler(s)'. On the other hand, there are conventions that regularly occur at such resorts.

    • I disagree. BDS has nothing to do w/ prosecution. a BDS attack on Adelson would be as simple as boycotting his assets -- casinos and related gambling, prostitution, etc. also, in a like manner continue supporting such a BDS by the sunshine of exposing Adelson's statements to interested groups, sort of like what is now happening w/ Catapillar.

    • Adelson makes his money off of gambling / casino interests. has his ownership in actual casinos been published; it should be available.

      If so, such would be a good topic for BDS.

  • The 'honest broker' comes clean: Obama admits the US is 'more attentive' to Israel than Palestinians
    • been looking for someone to state to obvious; Oklahoma farmer is right that it is, and has long been, a matter of a final solution for the Palestinians.

      it is actually rather promising that Obama would blurt out that not only has the US not been an honest broker (well, duh); but, much more importantly I believe, it is quite important that Obama is saying that the so-called 'peace process' is dead. It is of course the fools errand to try and claim there could be any kind of 2ss.

      what is important is that now all concentration must be given to trying to direct how the final solution will actually emerge -- will it be as Oklahoma farmer says, a purging of the Palestinian people; or likewise a Gaza solution, where there is reservation allowed for the 'good' Palestinians; or might there be some way to maneuver towards a bi-national, true democracy.

      the bogosity about working for a peace process with a 2ss goal is just a game for Israel to continue towards the 1ss Jewish state, ultimately purging the Palestinians. what Obama admitted, that the 2ss is dead, should be a wake-up call to look towards how to truly try and shape a true democracy for the 1ss -- if possible.

    • i've also thought the thumb up or down would be nice -- but, admit it; the posts on this cite are pretty much from one side; no pro-'settler' types, or even enthusiastic 2 staters, show up here. so all the thumbs would be upward. maybe instead there should be an intensity scale.

  • Stopped by apartheid on the way to Madonna's 'peace concert'
  • US official -- we went to Israel first
  • Report: Palestinian prisoners reach deal to end historic hunger strike
  • How Zionists implanted their dream in Einstein
    • radii is incorrect. there are two points to the post:

      1) that the early zionist were interested in Einstein as a PR ploy (Einstein knew such and allowed to a limited degree, but still deeply distained zionism) and

      2) these zionists were loony enough to contemplate weird psycho-suggestion stupidity with an intellect like Einstein.

      radii confuses gets caught up in analyzing the movie analyzing.

  • 'Washington Post' cartoon mocking future Palestinian state signals crumbling of two-state paradigm
    • It is weird to imagine how it will all grind out. could it be that in a fit of panic a residual 2ss is put on the table by Israel and the PA accept w/some bogus borders at the Wall + an added natural Israel population growth region and some limited Israeli citizenship for residents of EJ. if not, why wouldn't the zionist expansion continue to squeeze the Palestinians, really making their lives more and more miserable, until there is some (sequence) of frustration strike backs by Palestinians. This would be all that Israel (Netanyahu and his gang) would need as a Gulf of Tonkin incident and do a Gaza War on the Wests Bank, but more. The idea is that Israel may well do to the Palestinians what the European descendants did to the natives of the 'New World' -- one form or another of extermination and expulsion and annihilation of the Palestinians' way of life.

  • Knesset members celebrate latest E. Jerusalem settlement by posing on evicted Palestinian family's sofa
    • this

      ' "We are at the start of the establishment of a new Jewish neighborhood in the area, which will create a continuous sequence of Jewish neighborhoods in northern Jerusalem," said Eldad to the settler online mouthpiece, Israel National News.'

      is why the Palestinians can't sell property to Jews; because it isn't selling, it's stealing.

  • Mads Gilbert, eyewitness to 'Cast Lead', says Gaza remains besieged and 'shattered'
  • One state solution featured on NPR and in Carter 'IHT' Op-Ed
  • Sullivan forces American attention on the settlements
  • Mustafa Bargouti: Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian cause
    • how true; I posted above about Teach for Palestine (; a project for TFP was to bring Palestinian kids to see for themselves -- once in a lifetime:

      Field trip to Al-Aqsa
      Tuesday November 1st was a very special day for twenty one of our girls. TFP took students from the Askar and Balata Refugee Camps, and Salem Village to visit Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Al Aqsa is the place where the Prophet Muhammed ascended to heaven. It is the third holiest place in Islam after Mecca and Medina. It is also a place that most Palestinians don’t get to see.

      The girls gathered in the Nablus city center and met up with their counterparts from Pioneers school. With Ms. Sepi, Ms. Helen, Ms. Sara and Ms. Kelly in tow, we all set off. Spirits were high and each class sung the songs they learned this semester. Everyone was a little nervous and that anxiety was validated when it took us two hours to cross the Qalandiya checkpoint. We finally reached the sanctuary just after one o’clock. The girls toured the grounds, prayed in the Mosque and then enjoyed a picnic with Ms. Sara. Gifts for family members were purchased and we took a quick tour of the Old City before heading back to Nablus, finally arriving around 6 p.m. It was an amazing trip, the memory of which I know we will treasure. This trip would not have been possible without our partners at PBS and Lana Khalaf especially.

      for a wonderful report (with pictures!) on this big adventure for Palestinian kids take a view of

    • How about a fantastic way to celebrate Land Day?

      To celebrate Land Day I am going to make another contribution to my favorite Palestinian cause, Teach for Palestine,

      I am proud that my incredibly talented daughter will also celebrate Land Day by sending some of her baby-sitting money to

      So, if the faithful followers of are looking for a way to celebrate Land Day, check out (or another deserving Palestinian non-governmental organization) and contribute to help Palestine!!!!

      Teach for Palestine information:

      "Each year TFP works with hundreds of refugees and at-risk Palestinian youngsters. We instruct our students in English, social responsibility, and physical fitness. ...
      "For Palestinian children, English language unlocks the door to higher education. It lets them take a role in rebuilding their suffocated economy. It gives them a chance to tell their stories to the outside world. TFP works with youth who would otherwise be denied that chance."

      Maybe mondweiss can consider listing worthy organizations like Teach for Palestine that are desperate for donations so mondoweiss followers can adopt a Palestinian cause (while of course continuing with the all important support of mondoweiss).

  • Two cheers for Beinart
    • a BDS tailored for the so-called settlements? this doesn't make sense since the so-called settlements are a continual creation of Israel and are pretty much wholly subsidized by Israel; so arresting a whore doesn't mean much as long as the pimp smugly stands at the corner and directs the business.

  • Latest expulsion from the occupied territories: 55 Harvard students
    • So, while 55 Harvard students are off on a field trip seeing the ugliness of occupied Palestine, "American University Washington College of Law chapter of Students for Justice for Palestine held a fundraiser to benefit Teach for Palestine and our scholarship programs. Led by President, and TFP alumni, Kaitlin Brush, SJP raised almost $500 to benefit refugee children in Palestine."

      which is going to help a lot of smart Palestinian kids get even smarter!!!!

  • Obama victory over Netanyahu gained support, time
    • it seems that Obama out-smarted and out-flanked self-delusional Netanyahu by a classic rope-a-dope.

  • At the heart of the Palestinian struggle, a spirit she won’t surrender
    • the above are some of the women of Teach-for-Palestine ( who struggle every day in Palestine to bring the best possible education for Palestinian children; an operation that does its best to thrive on shoe-strings tied together.

    • If I may,

      “Today on International Women’s Day we want to take a second to thank the many women who work for and with us. Working in Nablus has brought us into contact with so many amazing Palestinian women and girls. We are honored to be associated with the women’s centers in Deir al Hatab and Salem and the El Lid Center in Askar, which hosts our classes for policewomen and young mothers, as well as doing so much for women in Askar Camp. We are proud to be associated with Pioneers Baccalaureate School, the only coed school in Nablus, and its principal Lana Amad, who doubles as a TFP board member.
      We also want to thank the strong women past and present who work for us. Women like Assistant Director Helen Brooks, Casey Alt in Balata, Frieda Becker in Kiryat Luza, Ella Shtaya in Salem, Violet in Deir al Hatab, and our newest additions Rita and Sarah J.
      In a country like Palestine, where women are still second class citizens in so many ways, it is heartening to see these women making a difference in their communities and to think we can be a little part of making those changes.”

  • At last a leader, Obama fingers 'Israeli interest' in war
    • seems like Obama has played a 'rope-a-dope' policy with Netanyahu and all the aipac types to perfection. Now Israel realizes it is really all along and is backing off; Obama has leashed the aggressive Israel. so now Netanyahu will have to put off his fantasy of bombing Iran, maybe he'll never get to, poor Netanyahu

  • Ahmed Moor in WaPo: Harvard One State conference 'informed by the uncontroversial view that all people are created equal'
  • Palestinian developer: settlers are welcome to buy in his West Bank city
    • someone has to have the nerve to go first and imagine that Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in the same community; this is the only way the single state, with community and citizenship for all Israelis and Palestinians, will happen. Certainly there will have to be care taken, but this is the way to integrate the I/P.

  • 2012: The year of the Bibi
    • ok; how about BOBO?

      So BOBO appears to be secure to continue in his mission. What will the end be -- a small reservation for the 'good' non-citizen Palestinians; those who will be happy grunts, those who pledge their servitude, who will have no culture, no hope, to pass on to their children?

      Of course, there will be a conflagration, maybe in five years or ten years or maybe fifteen years hence. This great war will be the final solution for the ME problem. How utterly depressing for the Palestinians; how utterly depressing for the Israelis and everyone else.

      All because of the insane twist of history that has produced the megalomaniac BOBO and his Jewish state. Maybe there is a g-d, an evil g-d, who like the devil in The Master and Margarita, takes perverse joy in watching humanity devour itself.

    • The big question is when Israel will attack Iran. since it is unlikely that the US will make the initial move and carry out the war for Israel while Obama is president, my money is on Israel attacking before the November election if Netanyahu thinks Obama will win (the October surprise in this case) or wait till right after the election if he thinks the stupid republican will win.

      Maybe Israel will arrange a Gulf of Tonkin fraud to get the US to do the attack.

  • 'NYT' carries water on 'Israeli offer' (but there's a hole in the bucket dear Ethan dear Ethan)
    • The Quartet sponsored I/P negotiation of course won’t produce anything like a path towards a settlement for a 2ss; anyone who isn’t a complete idiot knows that the 2ss is long gone. But the Palestinians must be willing to go through with this to expose the Israeli charade. The supposed talks take away Netanyahu’s masquerade that it is he who really wants to negotiate and the Palestinians are intransigent. Much more important, this forces the Israel to say something about borders. Obviously, any offer that Netanyahu/Israel will make will not be in the ballpark for any kind of 2ss settlement, and the world (including the US) will know this. Thus, once Israel actually express their boundary position, it will be obvious that their claim to be serious, wanting a 2ss, is a complete charade. At this point, the Israeli position becomes indefensible; thus, the Palestinians will have much more leverage with the UN; the US’s support (domestically and internationally) will be left ‘without clothes’; and the BDS movement will become an accepted the standard of morality.

  • Israelis arrest Dweik in latest effort to put Palestinian spring on ice
    • Israel is trying to scuttle the peace talks BEFORE Jan 26th, the day the Quartent mandated for their border proposal. Israel/Netanyahu will do anything to avoid making an actual border statement. It is therefore a good idea for Abbas to continue the charade talks even in the face of Israel's intransigence and dishonesty. This will not only put Palestine in a very comfortable position for their UN initiative; but, more importantly, will expose in the most explicit way the truth about Israel's intentions. This would be a major international 'coup' for the Palestinians and will certainly notch-up BDS in a big way.

  • US Congress stomps on Palestinian 'Sesame Street' but funds Israeli version
  • Bombshell: Israeli intelligence posed as CIA to recruit terror group for covert war on Iran
  • The headline you aren't seeing: Iran wants talks, Israel pushing for war
  • Israel is trying to hook us into a war with Iran-- Matthews and Baer speculate
  • Israeli Supreme Court upholds discriminatory citizenship law: 'Human rights shouldn’t be a recipe for national suicide'
  • 'Where ya from?': On-the-street interviews with Jewish Israelis
  • National park land-grabs from two East Jerusalem neighborhoods
    • I totally agree with Annie. Israel is inventing new and improved ways of screwing the Palestinian people -- preferably all under the radar. This zoning method seems particularly insidious; pure, unadulterated slime.

      I find myself wondering what the ultimate thinking may be about what will be done with those 'pesky' Palestinians. is the plan to put them on small patch reservations on particularly useless land and then expect a 'thank you'; this will only be for the 'good' Palestinians, but only as resident aliens. The ungrateful, 'bad' Palestinians will have to go somewhere else, who cares where; but their land stays with Israel.

      eee, your full of ..... .

  • F. W. de Klerk on why apartheid will fail in Israel/Palestine
    • read what I said; Israel takes the resources (land, water, natural resources) of Palestine. You are confusing to realize that resources are also a necessary component of 'economic activity'. Thus, Israel takes the resources and leaves nothing (including land) for the Palestinians to live on (land, water, and resources).

      understand now?

    • read what I said; Israel takes the resources (land, water, natural resources) of Palestine. You are confusing to realize that resources are also a necessary component of 'economic activity'. Thus, Israel takes the resources and leaves nothing (including land) for the Palestinians to live on (land, water, and resources).

      understand now?

    • unlike what eee said below about the economic integration, the real question is whether there will be a sufficient international outrage to inspire action against the Israeli corruption against the Palestinian people. The problem in this regard is obviously the seeming unquestioning support from the US legislators and the sophistication of the Israeli PR's branding for public opinion. Can the ugly and outrageous behavior by the so-called settlers actually turn US public opinion? How about in Israel?

    • eee + hophmi forget the recent news of the Israel Supreme Court giving the green light for the continued extraction of the resources of Palestine; also noted above the Israeli/so-called settlers use of water from Palestine; also, how about the Palestinian land the Israelis can't seem to stop themselves from thieving -- so,

      Quiet, eee + hophmi. Don't confuse yourselves with facts. Your heads may explode if you realize that the South Africa analogy is intellectually on-point.

      Wait -- also can't forget that 20% of Israel population is Palestinian origin.

  • Happy New Year
  • Real News Video: JNF 'Judaizes' expropriated land
    • Annie, I have been told over and over and over again how it is myth that the so-called settlers steal Palestinian lands; rather, I am told, the land has been abandoned and bought.

      What a racket; cleanse and remove evidence of the Palestinian owners and their villages, declare the land as abandoned (even for a day), appropriate the land, and sell (or give it) for Jewish development; it's like some kind of mafiosa dream.

  • 'Haaretz' columnist says 2-state solution is dead--and global community must help us toward equal rights
    • It may be that what are thought to be irreconcilable differences are really only such from a particular point of view; can it be that a rearranging an ordering, by a different perspective, what was irreconcilable can be found to be non-irreconcilable?

      Strenger (St) proclaims that the 2ss is dead, too much water has gushed over the dam of what were the quasi-borders so that the demarcation has now been washed away and the flood gates are wide open. Others simply point out the obvious; there has not been a slow death of the 2ss, rather the 2ss was pretty much DOA, a corpse even before Israel was born.

      St also laments that the alternative 1ss may be best thought of as being terminally stuck between a rock and a hard place; in particular, the 1ss doesn’t fit either with the Jewish psyche of needing to control security or with how a binational governance could co-exist. So, according to St’s figuring, a 1ss solution is still-born.

      St is correct that any hope of a 2ss is dead; St is also correct that a 1ss is not possible, but only so from the perspective of his scenario that imagines the need for Jewish security and a binational governance from today’s perspective. St is incorrect outside of today’s perspective; a 1ss is possible if the 1ss is considered an endpoint of a progression. The issue is that Palestinian and Israel societies are segregated and the only interaction is the ground between the so-called settlers and their neighboring Palestinians. This is generally known as a highly contentious intersection. But, in some cases, the relationship is not any more contentious than that of Israeli Palestinians and Israeli Jews. It could be possible to build trust relationships, beginning with commerce and proceeding to projects with education and social interaction, between some of the so-called settlers and their Palestinian neighbors.

      The I/P conflict stems from a conflict over land. This conflict can only be resolved if and when there develops a trust relationship. If this ‘laying the ground work’ is possible, then a 1ss would not be hard to imagine; begin with dual citizenship (representation) with cooperative governance and iterate towards a 1ss.

  • Israeli army policy of calling West Bank 'Judea and Samaria' ups the likelihood of religious conflict
    • it is all a matter of using language to falsely frame an issue; it's like using the terms "Settlers" and "Settlements", as if the Palestinian lands are an unoccupied prairie and moving onto the land is a matter of a manifest destiny, rather than an illegal occupation and stealing of someone else's land.

  • Swiss museum cancels competition after prize-sponsor Lacoste rejects Palestinian artist
  • Israeli university bids (w/ Cornell and $350 million) to set up on Roosevelt Island in NY
    • populations of countries have absolutely nothing to do with considering the research capabilities of universities; mit, harvard, etc. would still be the same institutions if the US population was different. the measure of research output has to do with the academic institution and this is not a per capita measure.

  • A single-state vision must go beyond Israel vs Palestine, and be inclusive
    • anonymouscomments' question is pretty much 'how can a 2 or 1 state solution happen'?

      there is the realistic dynamic that the current situation w/ continuing Israeli land grabbing w/ total US support (and therefore no incentive to compromise) will likely continue towards mostly single Jewish state w/ no state, rather reservations for the Palestinians. But the conflict will continue at an increasing intensity. Who know what goes from this point.

      On the other hand, a possible process towards a single state would be to offer dual citizenship to the so-called settlers and the Palestinian Israelis. Then, over time, allow freedom of travel, commerce, land ownership leading to bi-national political structures, leading to full citizenship for all.

    • Boy do I wish a single secular state could happen --because it is the only outcome that won't ultimately be a complete disaster for everyone. But, it won't. It is the same dynamic that most assuredly drives Israel away from a sustainable two state solution that will also make a single, secular state an impossiblity and the single Jewish state the desired endpoint. We all know why; just like T Friedman lemented

      the dynamic of Israel is towards more the fear mongering and the rule of the religious nut-cases, the so-called settlers (procreating like bunnies). So, with the blind support from the US, what incentive is there to limit the ongoing land grabbing towards a single Jewish state? none.

      What stopped S. Africa was the international pressure and the knowledge that ultimately be black population could sustain a painful revolution. This is not the case for Israel and the Palestinians.

      I wonder what Israel will do about the 'Palestinian Question'? Or will the final ME confligration solve the problem.

  • Mustafa Tamimi has died
    • Israel has moved beyond being an apartheid state; Israel is a pariah which offends Jewish people with its daily existence. Isrel preys upon defenseless people to steal their land, destroy their culture. Israel survives by sucking out the life of the Palestinian people; Israel has no soul.

  • A Warsaw Ghetto with guns (my recent trip to Israel/Palestine)
    • ton of bricks?

      think not. jst goes to show that breaking the grip of the pro-Israel sentiment will within 'normal' circumstances be impossible; it will be Israel's behavior, particularly following an invasion of Iran, which will turn the tide on popular foolishness.

      wish annie's confidence was possible, but the masses are indeed asses, entirely dumb. That is why the Zionist assumption prospers.

    • also, from above, Teach for Palestine,, received a donation of a few inexpensive digital cameras (TFP is run on miniscule funding and contributions) and some of the kids took pictures as a class project; these pictures show their daily lives and have been posted on the web site; hopefully more are on the way.

      These are the people that the Israelis fear so much?

    • Teach for Palestine,, shows the extraordinary challenges of providing basic education in a place where day-t0-day life is all about survival and the hope factor runs on fumes.

      The students and teachers at are flowers in a desert.

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