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I live in France.

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  • Israeli forces shoot unarmed protesters from across Gaza security fence, killing at least 15
    • In what other enlightened democracy is alleged "malevolent intent" on the part of unarmed demonstrators punished by the death penalty?

  • All Israeli politics is local -- it's American
    • No Mooser, I don't despise Israel as such. Most of its original Jewish immigrants were innocent enough, if misguided. And many survivors of the Nazi death camps had nowhere else to go. What I despise is the militarized ghetto that the country has become.

      It not only oppresses local Palestinians and purloins their land but abroad has co-operated militarily with the vilest regimes, supplying helicopters to the genocidal General Rios Montt in Guatamala and nuclear technology to apartheid South Africa, to give but two examples.

      Yet perhaps it didn't need to turn out that way. Early on in the process, philosophers like Martin Buber advocated co-operation with the local population and respect for their language, culture and so on. But who listens to philosophers? Certainly not arrogant and obsessive nationalists.

    • In response to the key question posed by Annie and Chu, Israel is a major military player in the area and the only state with nukes - a handy ally to say the least. It's also useful for intelligence gathering, weapons research and testing, and as a military staging and storing post. The lobby however makes sure that the annual military 'aid' handout exceeds that provided to neighbouring states, and the US military- industrial complex is well satisfied.

    • Thanks for the US citizenship Annie but I'm not American and don't live in your country.

      The "turbulent Middle East" may be a cliché but the region is not exactly Sleepy Hollow - despite your yawn. Right now, if you haven't noticed, it's a conflict zone involving several major powers.

      To suggest that the US supports Israel for military or geopolitical reasons as well as for reasons of internal politics is not to justify the policies of either country. But perhaps you prefer to keep your analyses simple and uncomplicated.

    • It's always amusing to see Americans like Kay seek a candidate who "vows to put our own country above alien nations", and who "will not be allowed to interfere in our politics and policies."

      She's perfectly right to seek such a candidate but by mounting her high patriotic horse it's as though she has forgotten that the USA has been "interfering in the politics and policies of other countries" since its inception - one thinks of Mexico, Hawaii, Cuba, the Philippines etc. - and continues to do so.

      I'm no fan of the fat-cat Zionists she mentions but they're simply playing US politics by it's own rules which means that it's not so much the quality of a candidate that counts but the quantity of dollars in his campaign chest.

      The US supports Israel not just to please Zionist manipulators but because as a reliable garrison state its presence in the turbulent Middle East serves US military and geopolitical interests.

  • 'Large group' of indigenous Indians are cleared to immigrate to Israel and convert to Judaism
    • Kate - Some Indians may (apparently) immigrate into Israel but surely from their country of origin, India, they emigrate.

  • Another New York Times' reporter's son is in the Israeli army
  • Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients
  • Israelis assured Egyptian military there'd be no cutoff in US aid, NYT says (and Israel denies)
  • Nazareth Illit mayor says, 'If you think I’m a racist, then Israel is a racist state'
    • "I’ve never heard of any other religion where . . ." Well, I don't know how many religions you've studied, Hostage, but I suggest you explore a few. The Jewish religion has no monopoly on irrationality or antisocial behaviour.
      The nature of religious belief is faith, not rationality, and throughout the world in the name of their faith the so-called pious have done, and are doing, far worse things than to deprive people of their religious status or nationality (which is not to condone the practice).
      While individuals should be free to believe whatever they like and to worship (or reject) a deity, no clerics of whatever stripe should have administrative power over others. A fundamental condition for a free society is the separation of religion and the state.

    • It is inexact to say that "Judaism is racism", and a sloppy use of words. Judaism is simply a religion like any other. Zionism, on the other hand, is a political movement and as it has played out in Israel, it has created a state that favors one ethnic/religious group but discriminates against others. The practices of that state may therefore accurately be described as racist.

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