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  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • "...babbling fool..."
      Word. I am aware of my utter ignorance and insignificance. However, I can tell you, that being a fool with money is not the worst thing.

    • "only pressure on israel will end the occupation, "
      No amount of pressure would end it. Because the military occupation is the only card that Israel holds in this. That is why the right wing there keeps winning. It's just common sense - if the occupation ended without resolution to all the other issues, then Israel would have to negotiate the rest without having the ability to inflict more pain. Right now, should there be some bad sanctions, all Israel has to do is transfer the pain to the Palestinians. Without the occupation, Israel loses all leverage in negotiations over right of return, Jerusalem and everything else. It's an unfortunate situation for everyone but more so for the Palestinians.
      The problem is that we are in the nuclear arms era with mutually assured destruction. This just changes the game completely. But if I am wrong, and the BDS thing does work, then tough luck for the Israelis; I am very skeptical of all predictions of the future. Nonetheless, my bet is that first, there won't be any meaningful sanctions and second, if there were such, they would produce a different result from the intended one.

    • "You would have made a superb embarassodor" Mooser
      Funny and possibly true. I did study and briefly work for the foreign service but then left to pursue my not-so-impressive career in America. Remember though, Eastern Europe has a more conservative politics than yours. I kind of think now that being a diplomat would have been fun, but hey, what could have been doesn't matter.
      The solution to the Israeli Palestinian mess is in talking, engaging and working together. You think it is in BDS. Only time will tell what works. Let's hope we are both here to see the result.

    • Sawah,
      My goal is not to get into a who is the greatest competition. Please note that I was speaking specifically of math and theoretical physics. With all due respect, Jane Goodall and Dawkins have an entirely different set of skills. Moreover, influential is a misleading word. For example, Neil de grass Tyson and Stephen hawking are influential because of spreading to the public important ideas. They are not necessarily held in such high regard in the scientific community. Thus, few have heard of John Milnor and Shlomo Sternberg because their contributions are completely incomprehensible for the vast majority. The Israeli Yuval Ne'eman is one of the greatest living minds. Also note Erdos, the most versatile mathematician of recent years is not on your list.

    • may be wrong but I think you once claimed you could be a cabinet level advisor. -
      Hi oldgeezer,
      Actually I have never claimed that, I don't even work for the federal government. Perhaps in Bulgaria, I could have been an embassador or something of that nature. But as to the lower level job, sure, career is not the only thing that matters for me.
      I do have a job that requires intelligence and my advice and thoughts are valued. I am not seeking to grow at all costs, in fact just a few months I rejected an offer for a position with considerably more authority. I know he girl who took it, and she has that drive and the interest in the whole thing. I actually don't like to tell people what to do.
      As to the smart Israelis, do not misunderstand. I just point out that for a small country, Israel has a solid number of scientists and some impressive accomplishments. Then again, so does Iran. I like to play around in Math and Physics theory as a hobby, and honestly, it seems to me that the US is very far ahead of everyone else; the good schools here attract the best talent from all over the world and that includes Israel, but also many others (incidentally, Bulgaria also has an unusual percentage of high level mathematicians).

    • Smart people can have disagreeable politics. Heidegger comes to mind and many others. Intelligence has nothing to do with political or any other views. The European countries which were full of smart people went to war so many times, including recently. Thus, both Israelis and Palestinians may be smart, talanted, and good, and still fight to the bitter end.

    • Mooser, here is a list of Israeli physicists of note:
      Regardless, I am not building any arguments that Jews are smarter than others. Just responding to Mag that Israelis do some remarkable work.

    • Israel is proof that Jews are as dumb as everyone else. Brainwashed Jews don’t write symphonies - Mag.
      Israelis do some pretty outstanding work in the high level fields. The list of brilliant Israeli mathematicians and physicists is breathtaking.

  • The Palestinian state never had a chance: a review of Toufic Haddad's 'Palestine Ltd: Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory'
    • It might be a war that goes on beyond 3 months where the Americans refuse to resupply. - Mag
      If this war of annihiliation comes up as you suggest, I feel deeply sorry for what will happen to the Palestinians. If history is any guide, it will be unimaginable. Surprised to see you advocating it.

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • "Attacking such a relatively semantic qualification with such obscenity" - Jon.
      It sounds like this hurt your feelings. It really shouldn't. One of the most common phrases here is "ziopoop" - for any view that presents the Israeli side. Just yesterday someone proposed that Obama should be "hanged" for his "crimes", without anyone objecting. It's all par for the course, as they say.

  • Memo to Kerry: Support for one state is growing among Palestinians and Israelis
    • At some point all this will blow up in Israel and Americas face and a single state with equal rights for all will replace the Jewish State - Inbound
      So then there is no problem, why bother writing about it? If the outcome you mention is as certain as the laws of nature, then it seems that all that is left is sit back and enjoy the show. A single state, better than Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, or Canada, is coming in the Middle East, sounds great to me. What is the problem then and why not start the fireworks? Why make predictions of something inevitable, which happens to be a good thing? It's like saying, tomorrow the Sun will set.

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • "This urge to self rule could go viral". Ossinev
      I think that it was more of an urge to live away from people like yourself. Relatable, even for me, though I just made it to New Mexico (much better than any European country for Jews).

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • please keep in mind that Catalan doesn’t support Zionism. (“I don’t support any exclusive nationalistic rights”) -
      It is true that I find all nationalism to do more harm than good. In a perfect world, all human beings would be welcome as citizens anywhere. However, it is this world and I was simply trying to explain why the pressure on Israel will not bear the intended fruit - as the end game is viewed to be, rightly or wrongly, the end of Israel.
      I don't think universal brotherhood and sisterhood is coming any time soon. And by the way, Israel is not "my" state, and I don't seek sympathy or camaraderie. I am an American citizen and very proud of it. Let's say I contribute mightily to its Treasury.

    • Many of the settlements, if not all, are actually illegal under Israeli law. Not to mention international law and the UN. Is that good enough for you? - Mooser
      The language game of international law (to use Wittgenstein) is not the language game Israelis see. They think of simple survival. From their point of view, the evacuation of settlements will be followed by a prohibition to visit the Western Wall. Next, a resolution will pass to accept all 8 million refugees. After that, the return to 1947. Finally, a war for elimination in which Israel has lost its strategic value to the US and is left to disappear.
      They believe that Mondoweiss won't disappear when they leave the settlements and the security council will continue with the resolutions.
      If your enemy is left with nothing to hope for, no ability to keep anything, they will view any compromise as a step to extinction. That's how I would view it if I were Israeli. Why give anything when they want everything? BDS is better than complete defeat. Maybe the defeat will come either way, but why not choose the slow one, while inflicting maximum damage in the process. Morality is a luxury of the strong.

    • Eljay,
      I don't agree with hophmi that anyone here is "complicit" with what happened in Syria. I think he is using hyperbole but not really sure what he means by that. Obviously commenting here does not cause any harm to anyone.

    • You do know about “complicity” as it applies to funding and materially supporting illegal actions? - mooser
      According to you, Beersheba is also an illegal settlement. Much of the aid that the US sends goes to military bases in and around Beersheba, or other territories gained in the 1948 war. Therefore, the US is complicit in this illegal enterprise.
      Now who is responsible? Maybe the president, maybe some high ranking officials, I really don't know. I do know that you and I and my neighbors the Garcias are not responsible.
      But of course, which part of Israel is illegal is the subject of much of the discussion here. 1947, 1967, all of it, something in between?

    • I have donated money to Palestinian causes, but I don’t know how much a “meaningful amount” is. Please do tell. -
      Annual aid to the Palestinians is about 2 billion. So the impact of your money as a percentage of the total is probably very small, not meaningful. That's my point - an individual person, unless very powerful politically, or very wealthy, has no impact on global affairs.
      Thus, individual Israelis need not suffer from things that their government does, just like I, as an American, am not held accountable for the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam or the fact that America is taking an unfair share of the world's resources.

    • Says the Zionist who – like all Zionists – is complicit in the seemingly endless campaign of (war) crimes - eljay
      From the little I know about Hophmi, he is not "complicit" in anything Israel does. He just writes on this blog telling his thoughts. Likewise, you are not "complicit" in any help for the Palestinians, you are just writing thoughts. If you sent a meaningful amount of money to Gaza, or went to work there as a volunteer, that would be helping. Social media as a whole maybe has some impact, how big who knows, but each of us has close to zero (concept of limit in mathematics).

  • Netanyahu ignored US warnings and brought Israel's 'international isolation' on itself -- Ben Rhodes
    • “In 20-25 years there will be about three billion Muslims worldwide; 600 million Arabs, including ten to twelve million Palestinians between the River and the Sea; 150 million Turks and 150 million Iranians.” -
      Just imagine what that means for the fragile ecosystems these people inhabit, many in extremely arid regions. One truly shudders to think about the future of all remaining wild species. What would that mean for the world's climate; how will these people be provided proper education and sanitation.
      Bleak times ahead.

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • In a huge coincidence, next year Obama will receive a few hundred million for his leadership center from Qatar, the Saudis, etc. Still more surprisingly, his wife and daughters will also work there, of course all in the interest of the next generation of leaders.
      It's a wonderful thing when international law, justice for the oppressed (some of them) and one's own business interests all align.
      There is a budding hedge fund manager in one of DC's private school, well two of them, who in a few short years will marry some president's daughters.
      It's all so mysterious, how things work out. But of course, I forgot. I can't understand such big moral things.

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • "Such strawmannery!!"
      Why, you mean they can only agree on stopping mighty Israel? Big and tough Obama can stand up to the scary Israeli lobby, but not the Chinese or the Saudies? That's all? What a bummer for the two billion people without clean water, and those who need cures for deadly diseases. Ah well, I suppose this is still ok for millionaires in New Mexico though.

    • I am thrilled to see all these large and important countries agreening unanimously on such a contentious topic. Now that peace in the ME is more likely, one can surely expect the same type of consent on some other big issues - notably pollution, overpopulation, disease, global inequality, and the various tyrannies and dictatorships that still plague us.
      No doubt an era of global peace is coming, just think if the two trillion dollars per year currently spent on armaments worldwide get instead spent on promoting reason and fighting disease. It's a hopeful time to be alive. Finally, a world of harmony. Such agreement, such unanimity!

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • Let us suppose that a true claim has been made with anti-Semitic intent. Let us further suppose that we have judged it correctly, and condemn it as morally wrong. Should that claim be forbidden, or allowed under principles of freedom of speech? - @Roha
      These are very deep waters, but let me give it a try. I initially tried separating meaning and intent but now I am not so sure we can do that. Meaning, or truth, exist only in our models of reality, not in actual reality. Actual reality just is. All models of reality are simplifications used to provide us with predictive and analytical methods. Even math, with its universal logic, i.e. x+y=y+x, is just a model, because in nature there are no x and y; no two atoms are the same, no two stars, no two electrons. Therefore, the designation of x is just an abstraction.
      Now, if we go into the social affairs, we are facing the same issue - the word Jew is an X; modern philosophy and neuroscience both struggle to explain what consciousness is, in fact, we are at a dead end - is it real? Is me from yesterday the same as me from today? If so, why? Nobody knows.
      Now, when you try to make statements about all Jews, or all Maoris, you are just multiplying that uncertainty. You are making a statement about me and some guy living in Iran, and another one living in Paris. So then you can say, you are making probabilistic statements, i.e. a certain percentage of Jews have certain quality, which you happen to dislike. Fair enough. Let's say 90% of Jews say things that imply the sense of being a victim. Is this antisemitic?
      I don't know if it is, but I would say that the benefits of freedom of speech outweigh the negatives of the hurt feelings of Jews. There is no reason, looking at history, to worry too much about freedom of speech. Overall a free marketplace of ideas is the best defense against fanaticism. Jews like to bring up the slippery slope, the Holocaust - but my answer is, Germany allowed only one type of hate speech, or several types, but not all types. You could depict Jews with big noses eating up the world, but could you depict ugly blond Germans invading Poland? Well, you couldn't.
      Free speech is always the best antidote to fanaticism of any kind, political, religious, etc. The thing about all these things, antisemitism, racism, etc., is that you simply choose the portion of reality that suits your model of thinking. You notice the things that make sense to you. Like I just don't like Bernie Sanders - so I notice all the negative things about him. When I talk about him, I tend to emphasize those things. Since reality is unlimited, we can always choose those aspects of it that conform to our thinking. So the point is that none of us needs to be a saint, but it makes one more successful if you analyze your own biases. At least more successful when the free exchange of ideas is allowed, and we make the assumption, however unreliable, that the ideas that bring the most happiness to the most people will generally tend to win.

    • Perhaps you could also tell us whether or not a claim can be both anti-Semitic and true. - Roha
      You are confusing meaning and intent. You can denote something correctly and have antisemitic intent.
      For example, one can bring up the fact that Blacks commit more crimes, per capita, than whites in the US. However, your intent is probably racist if you don't provide the context - a history of slavery, economic issues, etc
      Likewise, you can say, Jews don't always get along with non Jews. However, you might have antisemitic intent if you don't add the context - the history of the Jewish people.
      Generally, truth has something to do with the relationship of a statement to reality. What is true today may not be tomorrow l - for example, science advances all the time. Racism, antisemitism, etc has more to do with emotions I think, since most of us can't and don't know all members of a race.

    • Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about your terminal condition. I’m sorry. - mooser
      I am in my early forties, in what at least appears to be great health. No alcohol or cigarettes, and lots of movement. The terminal condition I have is called life though, and I have lately started to think about the fact that it has an end. I am very blessed but at times I think I was not always a very caring person. Now I see that I had horrible role models. Growing up in a socialist paradise didn't help.

    • By “great for people like me” you mean people who steal from the Government, and break conflict-of-interest laws? And don’t pay taxes? - mooser
      No, people who have some investments and the skill and knowledge to multiply them. Low corporate and personal taxes, less regulation, reduction on capital gain taxes, etc.
      The next several years will concentrate wealth further.

    • Thank you for clarifying that you support the Palestinian’s right to return. - talkback
      I don't support any exclusive nationalistic rights. That is a road to nowhere. We can argue here all we want, nothing will change. Israel is a nuclear armed state and I suspect willing to use them. You are supposedly on the cusp of victory with all these sanctions and conferences. Why are you so insecure?

    • "But you don’t have a problem with Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Nonjews to become a “Jewish” state and maintain being one, don’t you? - " talkback
      Actually I do have problem with any nationalism and support only kindness towards all my fellow men (and other primates and all living things). That said I do not see much in common between morality and politics. Morality is about being good to your fellow men. Politics is about power. There is nothing moral about nationalism. What is moral that Qatar has so much oil, or that the major financial institutions are in the UK and the US? What is moral about Obama making half a million a year where the cashier at Walmart who is probably a better person makes 7 dollars an hour?
      The IP conflict is a clash of two ugly nationalisms. All the Westerners love to side with the Palestinians so that they don't have to look inward, at their own flawed countries, and their own wicked and materialistic self. Israel is the modern witch.

    • Why this precipitous descent from successful self-reliance to puerile self-pity? - Mooser
      Money is not everything mooser. Take it from someone that knows. You can't buy life, health, meaning or happiness with money. And the fact that Trump will be great for people like me at least financially doesn't make me like him.

    • My oh my, “catalan” you are quite the rationalizer! - mooser
      Can you please explain? Do you not "rationalize"? Don't we all? You think you are like Voltaire, fighting for justice? But Voltaire was rich, living in Switzerland, friend of kings.
      I wish I could do more for the issues I care about, in ways that are consistent with my character. But mostly, like yourself, I watch helplessly. I don't think your satire has helped change the mind of a single person. It's enjoyable, I like your humor, but so what?

    • You should be ashamed you support a racist state. You should be ashamed you support racism. -
      I am ashamed (although I don't like that word) of a lot of things I have done personally. As the years go by and the end approaches, things have caught up with me.
      However, I am not ashamed of having hurt strangers. I am not in the military and never learned to shoot. I have friends from every color and religion. I was illegal and strangers helped me. I am a foreigner and a minority - different religion, different accent, so I am not in a position to bully and yell how great I am.
      I just differ with you on how to deal with the evils of this world. My temperament is one of engaging with others. I understand your passion too, the helplessness. I wish there was something to be done about certain issues. Yelling and boycotts don't help.

    • Because you’re a Zionist, so you are fundamentally theo/ethno-centric - kev
      Yes! Nothing comes between mooser and me. Our theo/ethno link is unbreakable. The members of the tribe help each other always.

    • Jewish Israelis do not need to leave the new State. - Rossross

      Jews leaving the new state was the idea of YoniFalic, not mine. I just pointed out that the range of solutions currently offered includes various extreme options including the complete expelling of one group or the other. That makes me rather pessimistic about that particular conflict.
      It is curious that Jon gets so much hatred here even though he is in the Israeli left. One would think that supporters of peace would want to build bridges with people like him but one would be wrong.

    • The solution is obvious. Criminal white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders (like my family) and their lackeys board airplanes and leave as I did. - Yoni
      Dear Yoni,
      You don't like your family very much. I can relate - I feel the same way about mine. A few years ago, I am ashamed to admit, I even went through a phase of some sort of anti Judaism, self hatred, call it what you will. I am past that now, seeing that most Jews and very many Israelis are not evil or at least not better or worse than the rest of humanity.
      Your solution - the expelling of all Jews from Palestine - is one in a range that includes expelling all Palestinians at the other end and everything in between. I am betting on things basically staying the same for the quite a long time. But I also thought that there is no chance that Trump would get elected so I leave the prediction business to the smart people (mooser [...], etc.).

    • Ashkenazi ladies have a very high incidence of breast cancer. Mizrahi women dont. Neither do Palestinian women. The Ashkenazi are not related to Shangri-la - Mag.
      I didn't know DNA is related to land. My Sephardic DNA feels great among the Indian Pueblos here. Seriously though, Israel is not going away. Why not accept that and start visualizing what peace would like? Try as I may, I can't quite picture an end to this conflict. A bunch of pragmatic compromises would in theory work but on practice I just don't see it happening. And that we are still talking about some ethereal "connection" to soil doesn't help.

    • No doubt Alberquerque is making plans to meet the needs of those formerly receiving ACA, Medicare, Medicaid/i> and SS benefits. - Mooser
      I am hoping that Trump does not plan to deliver on any of his more outlandish promises. I also want to live in a more humane, kind and caring society. I am actually a liberal person. But the democrats ideas toward big banks and stocks and taxes were just a bit too much for me to swallow on a personal, selfish level.
      Trump is a confidence man with ADHD; Bernie wants to be cutting the heads of the rich. An overall unpleasant situation but they say voting is a duty plus I grew up in a dictatorship so I bit the bullet. Next time I will probably not even vote.

    • A horrific racist and supremacist nationalism that they themselves detest, but have come to realize not only mirrors Zionism, but has openly embraced the ideology of modern Zionism. -
      I voted for Trump. I haven't seen any of this racist nationalism you speak of and I am even in the government. Many hispanics here voted for Trump. Jews, to the extent that they are well educated and prosperous willl very much benefit from Trump's pro business regime. I also support his friendly stance towards Russia. The sky won't fall, everything will be fine and if not, there are elections in 2 years. I think this potential American Russian alliance is fantastic.

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • Oh, really? You do? And I bet you know what “anthropomorphisms” means, too. - Mooser
      The attribution of human characteristics to countries, societies and cultures is anthropomorphism. For example, when you say that a country is upset. Or smart. Or friendly. It's a metaphor, I get it. But ultimately a group of people, even though composed of people, is not a person. Just like a group of atoms composing a human being is not just atoms.
      I happen to think that societies function very differently from individual human beings. Thus, saying that the US "raped" Iraq or Vietnam is just, well, unhelpful.
      Enough about that though. I agree that keeping dissenting voices around makes a society stronger. Ironic though to hear this passionate defense of free speech in regard to Lowennstein on a website that neither promotes nor believes on free speech.

    • I insist that anthropomorphisms in politics are intellectually lazy. Countries are not people. Russia is not a mother. France is not a virgin. These things are designed to appeal to emotions. That is not a question of degree but simply of accuracy.
      As to Sibiriak and his unresolved anger issues. To my mind, trolling is repeating the same intellectually lazy metaphor every single day.

    • Ritzl,
      If someone in Palestine is waiting at a checkpoint, that stinks. Nonetheless, it does not compare with being forcefully penetrated against your will. Now, I get it, you are a guy, but surely you can imagine how it would feel.
      Why don't we call things what they are? Lack of certain rights does not equal being chained and tortured.
      And I don't know who we people are.

    • Does anyone else find eljay's incessant allusions to women, chains, and rape to be disrespectul and not belonging to this discussion? Whatever one may think about the occupation, surely the individual crime of rape should not be trivialized in this fashion. After all, there are Palestinian women who get raped, Israeli women who get raped and it often has to do with hormones and culture and other things.
      If it is true that people talk about that most close to their heart, I believe that this locutions of eljay are possibly indicative of something sinister.

  • Theresa May adopts a definition of anti-Semitism that demonizes Israel's critics
    • RoHa,
      There are reasons besides Israel for which people don't like Jews. Not that it bothers me, I am not part of the everyone must like everyone movement. Israel is definitely a cause among a certain segment of the left. However, another cause is the supposed wealth, nepotism, favoritism. Still others, predominantly on the right, see Jews as agents of a global world order, antitraditionalists, communists.
      Among Eastern Europeans, antisemitism is certainly not caused by any sympathy for Muslims or dislike of Israel. On the contrary, they are not fans of the Muslims either and applaud Israel in that regard.
      The point being that this condemnation you demand won't do a thing about antisemitism. It would be seen as halfhearted and self serving, insincere. Not to mention that these Jewish organizations don't have the authority to speak for anyone. I have never voted, nor participate in any of them.

  • 'NYT' bias amazes: long article about online incitement in Israel/Palestine only blames Palestinians
    • Echi,
      So nationalism in Europe can be explained by Israeli sports teams. Nothing to do with the history of western civiliation. Okay-dokey.

    • European League? What the devil are Oriental hill-dwellers, complete with Bedouins, doing in a European League?...Echi
      I completely agree. And to think that the head of Real Madrid is a Turk. And so many African players...Europe has lost it. Myself, I am a purebred European. Old school.

  • Santa Cruz church becomes first US congregation to boycott HP for role in Israeli occupation
    • I lived and worked most of my life among jews and must state that they have an addiction to complaining. - Theo
      You must not have met any Bulgarians. Well if it's a relief for you, this Jew doesn't complain much. With the new president it will be even better for me. Life is not fair. I am sort of like a German, tough and mathematical, not a whiner like the Jews.

  • US Senate quickly passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
    • "Why is Israel the only country that whines 24/7 about the right to exist? I never hear Bulgaria moaning about it."

      My native land is your mind? So exciting! Let me know if you would like to learn something "from the inside".
      But my two cents - there is a lot of "whining" going on everywhere, by the same types of people too. Bulgarians tend to whine about the same thing Americans too - minorities, being "poor", and everybody is against us. Meanwhile the smart people study math.

  • Sanders says fight among Democrats is to go 'beyond identity politics' and stand for all working people
    • I just want to thank you guys for agitating against Hillary. I am confident that Trump will be a fabulous president for rich people (like me for instance). Heck, he already has been, just look at the stock market the last few weeks. You rock!

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
    • "The US economy is going to collapse. Trump will betray the bluecollar. - "
      Heyya Mag. Everything will collapse, including you and me most assuredly. The trick is, what happens between now and then. With Trump, it's tax cuts and less regulation, I.e party time for the moneyed ones. But yes, that too shall pass, but I plan to enjoy it during my allotment.

  • 'NYT' editorial on US military aid leaves out Palestinians because it knows it would lose the argument
  • Huma Abedin dumps Anthony Weiner, occupation denier
    • Marnie,
      I never took Phil for a Puritan. There is a video of him on some site about geniuses praising the French attitude towards having a few things going at the same time. I am with him too, the US is crazy about all this kind of sexual stuff. Like I said, most men have a weakness or too, I for sure have no say in the morality front as I have done many things I regret.
      And what is the word Zionist having to do with any of this? I am not a Zionist in the sense of some ideology. I care about individual liberty, the environment, and freedom of movement.
      Just because I like Israel where I know many nice people does not make me a Zionist. I also like Russia, France and pretty much everyone else with the exceptions of some sadistic places.

    • This whole business of linking Weiners personal indiscretions to his political views re Israel is classless. So the guy was looking for some action outside of what is proper in this country. Big deal. It is not like he had a dungeon where he kept women for flailing. He sent some photos to some cuties online.
      Of course his views on Israel can and should be subject to criticism but would expect this from the likes of Mooser or talknic but Phil?!?
      Didn't Jesus teach about the first stone and about the splinter in the eye? So next time a supporter of Palestine turns out to be a pedophile that would invalidate the whole BDS movement?!?

  • Israel bans entry for two more US activists
    • Hi mooser,
      Thank you for your response. As far as national affiliation, it was just a phrase. As an immigrant, my loyalties or affiliations are fluid and uncertain. Like, sometimes I like to feel American. But then a man 18 year old Bernie bro recently told me I am Bulgarian, even though I have lived in this country longer than he has been alive.
      I like living in New Mexico because people here do not think like that. Like many are Mexican or other immigrants and it is accepted that we just all try to get along. On this site, there is a strong current of we are American, we are the best, us vs them. I was just saying in the real world, thankfully it is not like that. I have never encountered people who care about what country I like etc. generally the more "patriotic" people are, the more you find it is a sham that fills the void of their insecurities.

    • must be a think-tank tasked with devising ways to make people dislike them even more. - Qualthrough
      It is fascinating how shallow minds always think in terms of like and dislike. Life is one big competition about who will get more likes on Facebook. My thinking is, who cares? I live a decent life,l in the United States, and I am well aware that many people outside hate the US. Why should that affect me? Interestingly, Israel is one of the most hated countries, and yet its citizens score very high on personal happiness.
      This goes back to the Olympic handshake. Treat people based on individual merit and not what government runs their country.
      I was doing some interviews recently at my government office and I was thinking how far from our minds was the national or religious affiliation of the potential employees. The person selected simply had the right attitude and skills. Because when you have the same skills the person with the correct attitude wins. I could not tell what religion these people were and names are so diverse, plus women take their husbands names and the husband might be Muslim let's say.
      But the point is that is the greatness of America, the diversity. Other countries are not like that.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • It makes me feel good that as an American Jew (who works for the government no less and influences it in all sorts of pernicious and anti American ways) I am stronger than Putin. He does have a gorgeous girlfriend though so he must bring something to the table.

  • A French, a Palestinian, and a black woman all wade into a pool
    • Live and let live. Let Muslim women or men wear anything. See froggy, we disagree on handshakes with athletes but we agree on this. I am a big believer in building bridges, finding the common ground, and building peace one brick at a time. Handshake?

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • out of hell and into the real world of equality, fraternity and liberty to exist with harm to none. - Xanadou
      Wow I must live in an alternate reality. This stuff you describe is nothing like the world you inhabit. Good for you, I am honestly jealous. Fraternity...

    • Echo,
      Regarding whiteness, people always ask me whether I am German or Israeli; which is interesting because I am neither. Great discussion although I continue to believe that the Olympics should not be spoiled by political expression. It seems that intolerance already has a sufficient number of venues for its expression (social media, political rallies, etc).
      Treat people well because they rarely have any meaningful impact on the actions of government officials. Kindness.

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