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  • Trump and the ever expanding Israeli occupation of Palestine
    • "I’m actually very optimistic. " AddictionMyth
      I am too - we have a great economy, tax cuts are on the way, and the Democrats are unable to win either the House or the Senate in the foreseeable future. The US is doing great and we have the strongest army, by far. I am not so optimistic about the Palestinians, or people in the Middle East in general - overpopulation, low oil prices, non-utilizing women, and no scientific/technological innovation guarantee that this region will continue to be one of the worst places to live in the world (with the exception of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Emirates).

  • Why I'm keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day
    • "Also, converts are not regarded as “Jewish” by a majority of the so-called Jews, because belonging to the tribe does not require religion but only blood bonds. " - echinococcus
      I have to agree with you here. I know an Anglo lady who converted and it is a subject of quite a few jokes in my family. We feel that you don't just "become" Jewish by reciting some stuff, or observing and all that. It's not about genes either, it's more about the shared heritage, the weird humor. There is a great episode of Curb your enthusiasm, where Larry so wants to not be Jewish, and he wears sweaters, and goes fishing and does gentile things and it so funny and rings true...It's about some weird self deprecating, clownish thing that makes us different.
      Unlike you though, I don't see this is a "bad" thing. First, I don't believe in "progress", so if people want to be in a tribe, fine by me. Second, living in New Mexico, there are a lot of native tribes here, some with their own language and only a few hundred people. Nothing wrong with that. Ultimately, this is the influence of Hegel - of history as progress towards an all powerful state, and all that stands in the way, weird tribes, strange customs, in short, subjectivity, needs to go. I don't agree.

  • When it comes to Syria, our press is full of moralizing and propaganda, and short on analysis
    • "to phone Saban, Soros, Spielberg, and Adelson and say that turning Syria into a rubble field is not worth a third world war and a second holocaust. -" Sally
      I just called Spielberg, we had a very pleasant conversation - I told him that the bike scene at the end of ET was fantastic, asked him about the grandchildren. We shared thoughts about Syria too, he agrees, nuclear Holocaust is the furthest thing he wants. He will now begin to support Assad and possibly make a movie about him and his wife. You are welcome.

  • 'Why do I not cry out for the right of return?' -- an exchange between Uri Avnery and Salman Abu Sitta
    • "What do you and your Zionist co-collectivists say are the true borders of Israel? "- eljay
      Myself, I defer to smarter people on the subject of borders, I am not an international law expert. However, I am still confused eljay, why does Sibiriak say 1967 and you say parition borders?

    • "There are no moves contemplated, either unilateral or induced, toward ’48 lines." - Sibiriak
      I am now utterly confused as to what the true borders of Israel are. Talknic, eljay, and mooser have strong arguments that the partition borders are the ones. Sibiriak says it is 1967 or the Green Line. Then Echinococcus and YoniFalic say that all of Israel is occupied territory. Pabelmont and Fincham says it is something less than partition but more than nothing. What is an honest soul like me to make of this? It's like we are all still at square one after all that ink.

  • The bulldozers of Shavuot, 1967
    • "Maybe not, but “catalan” is very good at revealing his character and attitudes" - mooser
      You have to understand that your works of charity - working with the homeless of Calcutta, donating thousands after Katrina, building homes in Gaza - these types of things mere mortals like me rarely do. You will be pleased to know however that recently I decided to switch to the Kirkland brand of hummus, I used to buy the packs from Sabra. This is a win win because Kirkland is both better AND cheaper. Also, I figure, with each Kirkland hummus, I am "pushing" (to use Kaisa's word) a settler out of his home in Maale so that he can buy a home in Israel proper (Beersheba, Tel Aviv, or Byalistok, depending on which mondoweiss commenter is speaking.) So I feel better now, I feel like I am an honorary member of the liberation movement, even though my motivation was price more than anything. But surely I am helping - less Israeli hummus eaten in New Mexico literally helps solve this problem. Once we fix that one I think we need to look into the Kosovo situation. Corsica too.

    • "hmm, would yoni relinquish his online anonymity for your curiosity catalan? my hunch is no." -
      My hunch is no as well. That means that Yoni could also be a Vietnamese college student or a Russian girl. I would not be entirely surprised if he is a right wing Israeli too because all this stuff about Slavo Turks and hanging of Zionists borders a caricature. Either way, that means that his calling himself a historian and a lawyer is meaningless.

    • "As an historian of E European Jewish heritage,"
      Yoni, you say are a Historian (with a ph d and JD ). Are you in academia and if so, where do you teach? Or do you publish books/articles and if so, what are their headlines? I am just curious because I want to see if your views have been subjected to appropriate peer review. Otherwise, you can say anything, like talknic, etc, there is no control what you say in a blog.

  • Love of Israel + Defense of Trump = Meshuggeneh
    • I agree that blacks overall are better dancers than whites. I am a Sephardic (Spanish) Jew though so I have some of that Latino rhythm thing in me.
      I wonder if talknic can provide us with an international law angle on this topic...

  • Why prominent Israeli journalist Larry Derfner rejected liberal Zionism in October 2008
    • Alternatives: “BDS as Kosher Enlightenment: the third rail”, -
      My title: "BDS: the amazing story of how buying store brand hummus instead of Sabra led to Universal Peace and the Perfect Man"

  • 'This miracle, this gift, this jewel' -- Obama's ambassador to Israel declares he's a Zionist
    • "who didn’t bother to show up for the Holocaust or any other disaster that befell us" -talknic
      Well the Gazans keep praying and how is that working out for them?

  • Israel’s ‘right to exist’ and the Palestinian right to resist
    • "Quote me . Thx I’ll wait" talknic

      Here you go:
      "Turning the other cheek shows folk who the aggressor really is. "-
      "It shows who is actually generous, a trait that’s lacking in the so called Jewish state - "
      "It also shows compassion for Jewish folk"
      These are all direct quotes from your comment above. Nothing more needs to be said - I guess the Palestinians are giving what is rightfully theirs because they are just compassionate by nature. Mooser, do you agree with this assessment of the Palestinians?

    • "I don’t think that Palestinians are generous at all. - " Talkback
      I think we have a misunderstanding. I was just responding to talknic (one of your guys) who said that the Palestinians are "generous", have "compassion" and "turn the other cheek" (I love it that Gazans, who don't have electricity most of the day would have such good feelings towards the wealthy Israelis!). I love having an enemy like that. I can't stop laughing about it - turns out that the tough guys from Hamas are a bunch of Catholic school girls, and that's according to your own spokesperson, Talknic. Any disagreement you have with this point of view, you've got to take it up with him, not me. Also, I am actually very greedy, that's how I became a millionaire...I am also probably very hypocritical too, I am sure my Gap clothes are made in Bangladesh in pretty bad conditions. C'est la vie.

    • "It shows who is actually generous... It also shows compassion for Jewish folk...Turning the other cheek..." Talknic
      So according to talknic (who seems to represent the dominant view here), the Palestinians are generous and compassionate and turn the other cheek. This sounds very odd to me as it has resulted in Israel having a great economy, free healthcare, people who travel all over the world, a great standard of living, and on the other hand an awful economy, terrible conditions, and incredible suffering for the Palestinians. And in spite of that the Palestinians continue to be "generous"? Well, who can ask for anything for anything more? I hope they continue to be generous and turn the other cheek, this is fantastic, may it last many more centuries.
      Also, if they are so generous, perhaps they can agree to give up the Jordan valley and the four major settlements. What is so special about the Green Line? You have said that the Palestinians are entitled to everything beyond 1947, so why not give up a little more, you know, in the name of generosity and turning the other cheek?

    • "In fact the Palestinians ask for LESS than their legal rights for peace with Israel. - " talknic
      That's not a very smart strategy, it would make sense for your opening offer to be more than what you can settle with, rather than less. Also, they are not getting either their legal rights or peace so I don't get the point of asking for less. Finally, who are they asking? Israel does not care to give anything.

  • The liberal double standard on boycotting North Carolina and boycotting Israel
    • "Do you send money to settlements, “catalan”?" mooser
      Why in the world would I send money to a wealthy country like Israel? Once all the billionaires in Israel give away all their wealth, maybe I would consider. It always cracks me up how people here spend their time writing on behalf of billionaires like Assad or Putin - autocrats who live in castles, sleep with models and have armies of lawyers. If I ever do give, it is to the homeless.
      Nonetheless, Yoni said that any "Zionist" (however he as JD chooses to define it) will have their property confiscated. He also has mentioned the death penalty for "Zionists". I do not view myself as a Zionist to the extent that I am not a Jewish nationalist. However, many here do view me as a "Zionist", perhaps because I have expressed doubt in the ability of boycotts to "force" change, or my refusal to accept that Jews "rule" the United States.
      Regardless, I hope Yoni keeps up the good work of making friends and influencing people. I hope the enemies of the Jews are all as charming as him.

    • "Rehabilitation of the native population might take somewhat longer, but it could easily be covered by seizing Zionist assets throughout the world". - yoni
      Just to clarify, are you proposing seizing my assets in the United States?

  • Boycott is Kosher
    • Boycotts are part of the struggle for survival; the French boycott of England led by Napoleon stimulated British industry and made it leaner and more efficient. Boycotts also generate publicity and there is no such a thing as bad publicity. So if boycotts of Israeli tomatoes are in the news, there is one guy who won't buy them, and another guy who first heard of them and buy them over the ten other types of tomatoes. With boycotts, we can expect Israeli industry to become more competitive until the positive and negative effects offset each other.
      I think that overall, Israel is so vocally against the boycotts precisely because they ultimately benefit it. Looking at Israeli exports, a very tiny portion is aimed at the individual consumer. Most of it is energy and high tech stuff that governments and corporations buy.

  • Read the full translated text of the leaked Hamas charter
    • "IMO, there’s too much “Arab” and WAY too much “Islamic” in this new charter". -eljay
      You and I do not get to define what the Palestinian state will eventually look like. I like the honesty of Hamas - they clearly state their goals, including an Islamic state in the whole of historic Palestine (the former British mandate). This clarity will eventually make some type of negotiations easier. There seems to be a fair amount of clarity on the Israeli side - they want a state within the 67 borders including the four large settlements with some type of territorial exchanges, preferably of the Arab towns. It seems that at this point these opposing goals are just not compatible. Until there is some major change in context, statusquo prevails.

  • The Jewish revolution
    • "It’s nice to know you don’t begrudge Hamas its arsenal of weapons " Eljay
      Of course not, I would expect nothing less. The next war will be within three years if the past is any guide. That's what enemies do - they arm so they can fight.
      We all agree that divine intervention is unreliable. What else to depend upon - the kindness of strangers? Public opinion? Yup, that's working out great for the Palestinians.

    • "That the same God who is AWOL for every disaster including the Holocaust?" - talknic
      I agree with you that prayers are not always fulfilled. On the other hand, having a nuclear arsenal, a huge airforce, and the willingness to use them does wonders. Look at Cast Lead. So on that topic at least, you agree with Israel. Waiting for divine interventions gives you, well, Hamas.

  • 'Jerusalem' on Gaza TV set is as close as many Palestinians will get to real thing
    • "Catalan, minds do change. Things fall apart. Systems have finite lives". - mag
      Minds change when interests change. When I was a young, with nothing, from a poor place, I believed in equality and free travel (cause I kept getting visa rejections). Now that I became rich, I voted for Trump because I want to keep my capitalist gains. It's not what we tell each other, it's what we do. And that is always self interest. That's why "movements" based on solidarity like BDS always fail.
      Plus, the only thing that falls apart is the individual being. The universe keeps going indifferent, and according to modern physics with no end (I know, beginning but no end... Weird)

    • Peppering your posts with abundant Arabic and Hebrew is nice for couleur locale but a lot gets lost in the reading. - Echino
      Surely you don't think that the purpose of posts is to convince anyone. Minds do not change. I think people post for vanity, we like to see our words out there. And what is vanity? It is the fear of the great emptiness. When you put something out there you are unconsciously "fooling" fate, as if there is something permanent about you. That's probably the source of all art and artifice.

  • The rabbi's daughter isn't buying AIPAC's defense of Israel on apartheid charge
    • "I have no idea how I-P will turn out, but my hope is..." Eljay
      I guess we are the only two that way then. Pretty much everyone else here knows how it will turn out, and it is terrible for the Israelis and supremely awesome for the Palestinians.

    • "Indeed, it was revealed last week that one-third of Israel’s Jews are seriously thinking of leaving." - Misterioso
      It sounds like the prospects for the Palestinians are great indeed. Like Trump says, things are gonna be so great, that they are going to ask "enough, we don't want so much greatness". This is wonderful news as we are all on the same page, in seeking an end to the conflict. I sometimes get a little down, but then I read the comment section, and then I am like, Palestine is going to be the new Denmark and Switzerland in one, and soon!

  • Will assassination lead to war?
    • Oldgeezer,
      You have convinced me: the path to a better world is paved with anonymous insults of strangers. If so, I need to find me a forum where the majority agrees with me and I can share in the fun. Sounds awesome and I didn't think that this is so beneficial.

    • Shouldn’t take much, but I wanted to give you plenty of choice. Mooser
      Thanks mooser, always appreciate a free psych evaluation. Here is one for you:

    • "Your compassion and moral outrage are palpable" Sibiriak.
      And your moral superiority over me is obvious. So think of it that way. You are just a better human being than I am. Because you post things in an anti Israel blog that are anti Israel (how original!) What other basis do we have to judge others and ourselves? Everyone knows that the most moral people are those that are most outraged. After all, when we go to the dentist, or the car mechanic, or the tax preparer, or an attorney, we judge them by the amount of outrage they display. Outrage comes really handy when you need help. Such trifles as being a good parent, or doing quality work, or giving donations, are nothing compared to the immense benefit to humanity of sheer outrage. Stay outraged, my friend, you might just help ecraser l'infame du jour.

    • "So why are you here whining?" Talknic
      I am sorry if I have come across as whining. I am extremely grateful for all I have as a wealthy American Jew. From my view of the situation, it is the Palestinians who are in a horrific predicament and this will remain so throughout my lifetime.

    • "The Zionist Movement is Israel’s and Jewish folk’s curse. Go whine to to them -" talknic
      Why would I "whine" to the Zionist movement? What is its address and phone? At any rate, of all people I have nothing to "whine" about. I have a job, money, American citizenship and decent health.
      I feel very blessed and if anything, I try to constantly feel gratitude rather than whine.

    • "The Yakhont missile has a range of 300 kilometers, the capacity to carry a 200-kilogram warhead and the unique ability of being able to cruise several metres above the water surface, making it difficult to detect and intercept. " - HarryLaw
      I could not agree more! The next war between Israel and Lebanon (Hizbollah) will be an utter disaster, a shameful defeat for Israel, with its nuclear plant, airport and military destroyed. It would also be another glorious win for Hizbollah.
      So I am not sure what the Lebanese are waiting for. Why not just do it, finish the job, liberate Palestine?. After all they are officially at war. Either way, given that they have wars every 7 or 8 years, it's only a matter of time. I guess it's game over for Israel.

  • 'Negation of the diaspora' as Zionist antisemitism: The JCC bomb threats came from an Israeli Jew
    • So I see from your profile that you are especially interested in history. Is that the history of Goyim heart disease by any chance. - Ossinev

      I see that you like to use tired cliches, old jokes, and ancient stereotypes. This is good - I would be worried if your "movement" had some stimulating or original ideas. May the next sixty years be as successful in your fight against Israel as the last sixty years. And by all means, don't change a thing, please. Keep boycotting that hummus and insulting on blogs. It's gonna do miracles!

    • "can we not conclude with confidence that there has not been a rash of anti-semitic incidents in America recently? -"
      We can conclude that modern day anti-semites are cowards content to spout ugliness about Anne Frank's pen, the gas residues in Auschwitz, and the Jewish control of world finance on some internet blogs. Beyond that, Israel is thriving, a Palestinian state is as distant a prospect as the settlement of Mars, the United States Jewish community is flourishing, and our enemies are ruining their cardiovascular systems in constant anger. May it always be so.

  • History will make us pay for this
    • "The “decades ahead promise abundant trouble for Israel and especially for the Palestinians,” he said." -Mearsheimer
      So in the "best case" scenario - when BDS "works", whatever that means - there is more trouble for the Palestinians than for Israel.

  • Actor Richard Gere in Hebron: 'it's exactly like what the what the Old South was in America'
    • "Nuremberg International Military Tribunal put mere propagandization for ideologies like German Nazism or Zionism in the category of international capital crime - " yoni
      So basically it is the death penalty for those who propagate Zionism. Two questions which you as a JD can answer. What will be the method of execution? And are there any commenters here who can look forward to being executed? I am hoping for some extenuating circumstances for me...

  • BDS co-founder: Israel’s arrest and interrogation of Omar Barghouti next step in ‘war against BDS movement’
    • He can take market share from his Israeli competitors. Their pain is his gain. Who said that human rights heros can't make a buck? The man deserves a reward for his services in fighting injustice.

    • It's nice how the leader of the boycott movement has an ATM business which incidentally benefits from the boycott. A great example of alignment of private interest with the public good.

  • Trump's 'America First' budget puts Israel right up there, too
    • "Nobody could ever accuse you of being a hypocrite eh "
      People change. One grows and learns. Consistency is not a virtue, it shows no ability to learn. So I have said and done stupid things...I guess I am the only one.

    • Universal single payer health care is a different debate so you merely evaded the point. As such it still stands. - Oldgeezer
      What is the point? I am against aid to Israel but nobody is asking me. I also want every person to have good healthcare, education and achieve their dreams. Again, I don't have a solution how to achieve that. Do you?

    • "Not that you give a darn about them. Screw em, let’s subsidize a racist war mongering state instead. - " oldgeezer
      I am actually against aid to Israel as it is a wealthy country. However, the healthcare debate is of a totally different caliber. It is incredibly controversial with passions on both sides. It also involves trillions of dollars annually rather than the three billion dollars aid to Israel. As you know, the US is already 20 trillion dollars in debt but that amount is expected to double in the next few years.
      Note that I come from a country that had free and universal healthcare. The quality of health care was awful (unless you were a Communist leader before 1990 and rich afterwards) and corruption in the state hospitals was rampant. Once I had a broken foot in a different city. We had to pay the doctor to treat me and he did such a poor job that my left leg now is shaped different. A sweet reminder of how "free and universal" works in practice. That and having a tooth pulled out without anesthesia when I was 12 or so which made me scream and faint to the great amusement of the dentist (and my mother). We had to be tough, you know, ready to fight the imperialists and rotting capitalists.

    • "They are very also resentful of the $10 million Israel receives each day from American taxpayers. -"
      So much resentment and outrage is expressed on the internet. From my vantage point, coming from a poor country and a different age, I just feel immense gratitude for everything I undeservedly have as an American - proper dental care, a passport I can travel with, living in a multicultural society of so many kind people. It is all in the eyes of the beholder.

    • Remember “catalan” being “tough” (even “extremely tough”) isn’t enough. You have to be smart too. - Mooser
      Wise words mooser. But I just don't think that our actions should be driven by fear. I actually kind of resent the implication that Jews have anything to fear if something or other happens. Each of us is going to die, many of us will suffer to the point of agony in the process; that's natural. So why not base our ideas and beliefs on something more positive than fear?
      I understand fear very well and I know it's there for every one of us. But why give in to the language of threats?

    • "Their grand plan is to scare the Jews out of the US into Israel with a series of JCC bomb threats. - "
      That is a strange and prejudiced comment. American Jews are for the most part an extremely tough group of people - well educated, strong, with many serving in the military and engaged in sports at the highest level. They are most certainly not easily scared and I doubt whether anyone would even remotely entertain the idea of giving up their American homes because of a bomb threat. All this has a smell of old cliches about diaspora Jews that just wait scared in their houses while the local thugs throw stones.
      Nothing could be farther from the truth nowadays. I would say that for us, the United States is the promised land.

  • UN agency labels Israel 'apartheid regime'-- and Israel likens organization to Nazis
    • Strange, only about half the world’s Jewish population are in Israel, .where have they gone to? - talknic
      Roughly half is in Israel, the other half in the United States. About 5 percent everywhere else. I suspect Western Europe is slightly more tolerable than the eastern part but overall the trend is clear. I do love the United States while at the same time believing that patritotism is a refuge of the scoundrel.
      As for me defending Israel, why in the world would I do that? They have their billionaires and army, how stupid would be for me to defend a powerful country? Perhaps Gal Gadot's rich husband should defend it, he has got a lot more vested. What I do defend is myself and the few people I love.
      As for legality, I leave this matter to experts like you. I took International law back in the day but was very distracted because of a girl in my class. So I don't know what is legal and what is illegal.

    • "Why do they not have a right to immigrate to the land of Israel too.. ?? They are still without a land of their own. - "
      You must mistake me someone. I have always advocated for an open border world. Alexander, Ceaser and Napoleon all dreamed of that. The leap that humanity will make after the abolition of borders is beyond our imagination. I am also not a huge fan of Israel - I feel that North America and to an extent South America is the place for the remaining Jews.

    • I guess I mean that on paper Jews have rights (although most of these places have an "official religion". ) In practice, both governments and individuals discriminate against minorities. In all honesty, after Babiy Yar, it is not clear to me how any Jew can even live in the Ukraine.
      Language itself is slanted against Jews. Like in Bulgaria, Jews are supposed to be "grateful" that we weren't killed during the war but rather sent to labor camps. Really? That's like Blacks here being grateful for not being slaves. I don't feel like I need to be grateful to anyone except the person who is good to me. I don't owe a debt for being treated like every other human being.
      The whole discussion is moot because for all practical purposes Jews are gone or disappearing from Eastern Europe. Probably from Western too.

    • "are full of discriminatory measures which, if employed against Jews anywhere else in the world, would be regarded as anti-Semitic” Harry

      Do you include Iran, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world in this generalization? Can a Jewish person become the foreign minister of Iran? Can a Saudi become Jewish?

      As for the West, who cares? Jews were exterminated from most of Europe, so the few Jews left there have some supposed rights (plenty of unwritten discrimination in Eastern Europe). If that's "good", then if Israel simply exterminated all Palestinians and then gave the remaining 3 thousand "rights" everything will be OK?

  • Banksy's hotel isn't gentrification, it is an invitation for people to come see the occupation for what it is
    • "I’m at a loss how to prepare my friend for her visit so that she will actually SEE what’s there. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open. "-
      Everyone knows that the occupation is awful and that life in the PA areas is tough. What people don't know is how to change the situation. BDS assumes that it can hit Israeli GDP enough to cause the citizens of Israel to be very upset (lose their jobs, can't find a medicine, travel restrictions, etc.), so they would vote for a left wing party like Meretz, or the Arab parties, or the communists, and they in turn would sign a deal that's acceptable to the Palestinians. There is a lot of ifs in this scenario - that boycotts would have a strong effect, that Israelis would become more left wing, and that a government then elected would negotiate more compliantly.
      Maybe that will happen, someone said in five years. Five years is not terrible.

  • Some Jews support BDS 'from a place of love' for Israel, says AJC official
    • On the oldest form of hatred - Homo Sapiens killed off at least six but probably more species of Homo, i.e. types of man, the most famous of which is the Neardenthal.

  • David Friedman faces Senate vote, as leading rabbi calls him a 'bomb' (and not in a good way)
    • None will address the structural issues crippling the US. Infrastructure is third rate. - Mag
      Mag, I am reading about the French revolution. When the idealists that wanted equality and no religion took power, it got really scary. First they killed off enemies - i.e. the aristocrats, merchants, the sceptics, the remaining "philosophes", etc. Then they started killing off each other, and Danton and Desmolins lost their heads. Then finally the populace cheered and laughed when Robespierre also lost his head.
      The point is, we have seen time and again what happens when the guys that shout equality take power - in France, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, and heck, everywhere else you look. Things are not so terrible here.

  • If Israel is unwilling to differentiate itself from the settlements, then boycotters shouldn't either
    • "Why do you think Israel protests so shrilly against the very idea" Eva,
      Not sure I understand why my safety depends on the health of the Israeli economy...I am an American citizen living in New Mexico. I have no substantial investments in Israeli companies...I am a bit confused.
      As to why Israeli politicians protest the boycotts, well that's their job, kind of, isn't it? If someone boycotts the state of New Mexico, I would hope that the governer would be saying something about it. The Israeli stock market says that investors are not worried for their money.

    • "The lovely thing about Israel is that it is so easy to hate" - Mag
      ever since we learned about evolution and that man is not made in the image of the supreme being, we know that people are basically survival mechanisms. Boycotting is generally a private affair - nobody looks if you buy French or Israeli Feta. And evolution says that we do in private selfish things but when someone is watching we do the "right" thing. Only few of us are saints and do the right thing in private - and saints are not great procreators. Selfishness, cheating, violence is great at procreating. They say that the person with most descendants is a Moroccan sultan that had 1200 wives. Him and Ghengiz Khan and others like that. So good luck depending on the morality of strangers making private decisions.

    • "Btw , Dutch cheese is far better , but don,t tell anyone I said so" - amigo
      They used to have an amazing Irish cheese at Costco, extra sharp Cheddar, very strong, and with consistency almost of Parmesan. Very unique.
      If I could choose one European country to live in, it would be Ireland. As an EU citizen I can move there actually but I just can't see my wife agreeing to it. And now I am getting a little old for that stuff. I think I would be unrecognizable as Jewish because my features are North European (dark hair, blue eyes, extremely light skin). It is interesting how I am a Sephardic Jew, maybe I have the blood of the Vandals and the Visigoths in me.

    • I think that boycotting - as long as no physical pressure is applied - is great. When I go shopping, I can look at the country of origin and include that in my decision making process, along with price, need, future benefits. So if I don't like what Ireland is doing I can choose not to buy Irish cheese. Every country is subject to the same scrutiny. Nothing wrong with choosing products that align with one's values.
      Obviously, in the case of Soda Stream, people are putting emphasis on taste, need, utility and not on politics. That is why they are doing spectacularly.

  • Wave of bomb threats renews charge that anti-Semitism is fueled by BDS
    • Mag,
      of the five sins you list for Trump-, Extravagance • Sexual perversion • Construction fetish • Ran a corrupt system • Cruelty - I am kind of guilty of at least three, maybe four. I never ran a corrupt system, and am not cruel (although I was quite cruel as a kid and when I was younger).
      I don't see what's the problem with extravagance (if you can afford it), sexual perversion (provided it is between consenting adults), construction (if you like houses and all that stuff). As for the corrupt system, I didn't run one, but boy oh boy is Bulgaria corrupt?!?

  • Palestinians in Hebron plead for international intervention to stop settler violence
    • "You just keep making my point for me. Thanks"
      I think we agree on some things but differ on others. Living in the US is a blessing for all and especially for Jews. I am obviously grateful that for all my worries as a parent, I don't have to add my son being drafted in Israel as one of them.
      That said, we have to compare Israel with other parts of the Middle East, Africa and Europe. I believe that in that context things don't look as bad. Not all Jews can come to the United States for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that the US won't allow that. You live here but you say to Jews who don't well tough luck you didn't make it. That's not fair.

    • "Why is that, “catalan”? Why not Israel? Why you feel the need to cloak your rejection of Israel" mooser
      I overstayed my visa because I did like America a lot and felt like home here. I depended on the kindness of strangers and still felt like I belong.
      Israel was way more nationalistic and militaristic and "manly" for my chicken nature. I saw there much of what I didn't like in Bulgaria, only in Bulgaria I was on the receiving side of prejudice. Plus, my Israeli relatives are very different from me and with a few exceptions I am not close to them at all.
      That said, our American peace and prosperity is purchased with the largest armed forces in the world.

    • "admit that the end is nigh for their nasty little cult colony. "- ossinev
      It must be nice to be able to predict the future. Annie tried that last year with Soda stream, which she said was a horrible investment, and it is now up 5 times, worth over a billion from 200M.
      Then again, if you truly could predict the future, you would be a millionaire in the Carribean rather than a sad blogger.

  • Israel's dependence on lobby's pressure will cause hostility to U.S. Jews, Nathan Glazer warned in 1976
    • "Jews should denounce Zionist crimes, while Blacks (to take a recent case) should not try to excuse Blacks who torture a mentally retarded white youngster." - Stephen
      First, I don't think that anyone "should" do anything. The US was founded on the principle that each person can have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom of thought is an essential right as well, and freedom of expression too. It means that people can have very strange thoughts - there are communists and Nazis and KKK parades and even roads with KKK dedications. There are black panthers and La Raza and gay conversion therapy. You can purchase Mein Kampf in a local Barnes and Noble, and the Quran, and the Talmud.
      I am not afraid of any "blowback" that people here speak about, because actually dividing Jews into Zionist and anti-Zionist is non-sense. It's like dividing Jews into those that like horses and those who don't. I don't have to have an opinion on Chinese Communism, the genocide of the Assyrians in 1915, or Hitler, or Israel. Being Jewish does not make me anymore responsible for the actions of Israel, than any other human, or a pig for that matter. I feel comfortable that virtually all New Mexicans see it that way.
      I have lived in New Mexico for the last 11 years and have heard Israel mentioned only a few times (a few positive, a few negative). My being Jewish has been overall not an issue at all, also many of the Hispanic Catholics here are Jewish Conversos who fled Spain during the Inquisition. It's a great place to be Jewish, to be human, and I will take my chances.The irony is, most people who don't like Jews don't like Arabs either. Warren Buffet said yesterday that kids born in America now are the luckiest crop in history. I agree with him.

    • "American Jews will inevitably be exposed to hostility from non-Jews.” -
      So, unless Jews think and act in specific ways they will be exposed to hostility. What other minorities should also be exposed to hostility unless they do and think certain things?Should Blacks be required to think in certain ways about crime and drugs to avoid hostility? Should Hispanics be required to be against illegal immigration?
      This is such an incorrect premise: people who look for a reason to hate will always find one. You can't please haters.

  • Trump is putting the crunch on liberal Zionism
    • responding to several people -
      Mooser is not the only person responsible for the US defense budget and without him the budget would continue. Nonetheless, he bears partial responsibility to the extent that his taxes contribute to it. Of course, he doesn't have a choice how his taxes will be spent exactly.
      However, by choosing to live and pay taxes in America (which he can leave) and also by obeying the tax laws (which he can break if he believes they are immoral), he still expresses an implied consent with the actions of the US government. There is no need for a checkbox. He can purchase a ticket to New Zealand if he so hates war.
      Personally, I don't think that the US defense budget is unreasonable. Where I work, more than 20% of expenditures are for policing and related activities. It stands to reason that an extremely wealthy country with massive interests abroad would spend about 20% of its budget on defense. But I do take responsibility for my role in the whole enterprise.

    • "BTW You’re a once illegal US citizen ….right?"
      Yes, I was once illegal, now I work for the US government. Just goes to show what a great country I live in. Illegal residents contribute about half a trillion to the US economy and are indispensable in agriculture and hospitality (where I was, for many years).
      Mooser does not have to announce his support for the US defense budget. His taxes pay for it and the material support he provides is far more important than some words he may share on a niche blog about Israel. His money pays for US wars, literally. He does have a choice - he can move to Sweden or Switzerland, for instance.
      I guess I was trying to say that we Americans, who finance the largest army in the world and are always involved in five conflicts, cannot really lecture anyone on the benefits of peace. But of course, one can think otherwise as well.

    • "As the number of (cough, cough) people willing to live under the Zionist eternal war regime goes down," Mooser
      Says the citizen of a country whose budget for defense in 2018 will be 650 billion dollars (compare to NIH budget of 30B) - eternal peace surely pays off.

  • Banned from Jerusalem (for trying to pay respects to my grandmother)
    • So the smartest thing for us Jews to do is stoke those “more important hatreds” to keep the heat off of us! - mooser
      I think that it is beneficial for minority groups to have heterogeneity and balancing tensions in the society. Jews fared well in the empires - Ottoman, Austria Hungary, Prussia, Russia, the United States. We don't have to stoke anything, these tensions exist.
      Also, if there is any danger to Jews it is probably from nationalists. These people are not fans of Palestinians or Arabs. It something bad happened to Jews it will have nothing to do with the Middle East, just like it has been for millennia.
      But I hear so much optimism about the inevitable one state solution why even worry. Everyone here says that the conflict is over, Israel lost. I figure I will just enjoy the upcoming period of global peace and prosperity.

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