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  • A private tour of the Hebron Heights winery
    • JosephA,

      See my comment to Rob Roy above concerning Jaffa dry fruits, without a labelled country of origin, but «Prepared by Reinhart Foods, Ontario, Canada»...

      Yes, you can count on Bnai Brith and company to defend and promote Israeli business in Canada, thanks to Stephen Harper, previous Canada's Prime Minister.

    • Rob Roy,

      In Canada, we have Pitted Jaffa Dates, Seedless Jaffa Raisins, «Prepared by Reinhart Foods, Ontario, Canada ».

      That's it for the country of origin. The produce labelling law was changed under the previous Prime Minister, and the country of origin was not required on the label anymore, so Israeli products could be sold in Canada without questions asked about their real origin, illegal or not...

      Probably as a gift of gratitude for «Israel's best friend», as Netanyahu called him, his name is forever known at the Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Visitor Education Centre.

      That says it all...

  • Israel prevents Omar Barghouti from accompanying his mother to Jordan for critical surgery
    • Joseph A,

      I totally agree in both cases.

      When justice will hit Israel as it should, thanks to the likes of Omar Barghouti, I wonder if zionist shame will be felt as much as Palestinian joy throughout the world.

      Long live Palestine!!!

    • echinococcus,

      «The only language they know is force, something we don’t have. Yet. Boycott and sanctions may help gather some.»

      Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) represents a fair amount of force. Cut the sources of money from commerce, trade, etc., and the very rich zionist financiers will be forced to make a choice between keeping the monstrous zionist Israeli governments in place at all cost, or keeping one's wealth out of risk of loss. Money talks very loud for and against greedy people!

  • Gaza’s airport, once a symbol of statehood, is now a wasteland
    • Rob Roy,

      So does my heart.

      Israel's zionism was what Albert Einstein feared and condemned the most as Nazi and fascist in his December 4, 1948 co-signed letter (with 26 NY known Jews, intellectuals, doctors ...) to the New York Times.

      His letter begins like this:

      Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the "Freedom Party" (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.»

      He didn't want Menachem Begin to meet the US President so the world wouldn't think that the US was backing the creation of Israel.

      You'll find the rest of the letter at this address :

    • Talkback,

      «Always perveting the truth, aren’t you Zionists?»

      The Nutàyahu's government pays his Hasbara liars good money for their handy bull... writings. I'm sure they have already access to documents showing all the possible verbal and written counter-attacks against Israel and its fascist, apartheid, genocidal governments.

    • I could hear the dramatic complaint throughout the world if it had been the opposite that did happen: the sole Israeli airport bombed to ruins by Palestine.

      One day, Israel will have to face the whole world, when the US of A and other NATO friends won't anymore support zionist policies of land stealing, murder, lifetime imprisonment, war, bombing, use of chemical weapons, manipulation and control of world leaders and their countries, etc.

  • Israel's prosecution of Ahed Tamimi is blaming the victim
    • Elizabeth,

      It will be interesting and also scary to see how far zionist Israel and diaspora will manoeuver and build a wall of lies so the world will see Israelis as victims of oppression, murder, bombing, illegal white phosphorous bombs, land stealing, illegal imprisonment, torture, wounding to disable for life, genocide and apartheid.

      Please, Elizabeth, and anyone, tell me if I forgot anything else...

      If I could, I would go to Palestine and try to help, but I wouldn't be allowed by Israel, the little boss of the Middle East progrom of invasion and destruction, supported by the big boss seeing Planet Earth as his totally own, namely the USGA, United States of Global Aggression.

    • Mister Gold,

      Thank you very much for your very informative article and demonstration of who is really guilty in the Palestinian and zionist land owning and land stealing case, and who is victim and murderer in this land stealing at all cost case, from a political organization, the zionist, Einstein himself called FASCIST in writing in a December 4, 1948 letter to the New York Times, cosigned by 26 New Yorker Jews, intellectuals, doctors, prominent and just...

  • Shmuley Boteach's unhinged attack on Lorde will only help the movement to boycott Israel
    • Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Steven Bannon should go try Israel's special food limitation genocide treatment against the prisoners in its biggest open-air prison of the world, Palestine's Gaza. They would slim down pretty fast, besides living without electricity and water for long periods often every day, being exposed to the sewage the Gaza sewage treatment plant used to treat before the Israelis bombed it into ruins. Or would Shmuley and Bannon have prefered trying to defend some 3500 Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatila camps from the monstruous genocidal Massacre launched by the Phalange, a predominantly Christian Lebanese right-wing party, allowed entry inside both camps by Israel's then Defense Minister and later on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. It is claimed that Sharon went as far as allowing flares to be launched above both refugee camps so the Phalange could carry on with their genocide massacre at night. A Crime against Humanity at various levels. It's to wonder if the stroke and the consequently long and terminal incapacity of Sharon was not a deserved bad luck...

  • Why Ahed Tamimi's slap is so thrilling to Palestinians
    • We watch the British show «Grand Designs», with Kevin McCloud, here in Canada, and yes, the regional UK landscape, its impressive dark green, and stone construction of houses, fences, walls, etc. are exquisite. Of course your temperate weather might help maintaining those stone constructions stable and very durable, compared to our extreme cold weather, which mixed with occasional wet snow or even icy rain can and will contribute to early crumbling of such walls and constructions...

    • Excellent article, Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh!

      The historical facts are quite interesting, and particularly funny in one case:

      “You see the wadi, young man? When Adam and Eve were frolicking there below, we were already here.”

      Thank you very much, merci beaucoup, for your revealing contribution!

  • A most unlikely martyr: matriarch Hamda Zubeidat, killed in the night by stun grenades
    • Citizen,

      I'll be hitting 70 in a few months. I'm not concerned about myself as I lived fully and this far already, and as you most likely know, time flies so fast if you keep busy after retirement. My only and main concern is for my two children, in their early 30s, as they'll be the ones facing what zionist AIPAC could and would prepare for us all via its control of the United States of Aggression's Presidents, political parties, Senate and Congress members. After all, the yearly US of A gift of 4 billion ($$$$) to Israel could also very well go back partially to the US of A and precisely serve its additional purpose of control of the US of A's officials of all political and military kinds...

  • Mohammad Saba'aneh sends Christmas greetings from Palestine
    • Trump has been showing so much ignorance, verbal violent threats, and physical ones as well, to be imposed on whatever country that is not bending over backwards to please that Exceptional Empire named the United $tates of Aggre$$$ion, exceptional especially in the sense that historians recently named IT the most murderous empire in all humankind.

      What an idiot! To the point that he doesn't care at all about the stupidities in his writings, speeches, threats, verbal, physical and military, besides his pride as a groping expert..., who's getting away with it as an untouchable US president.

      I'm pretty sure his promise for his US Jerusalem Ambassy is going to bring him lots of $$$$$$! Deposited in some secret special account in some special country practicing that kind of special banking secrecy. Strange though that the Panama Papers didn't list any US oligarchs and politicians, famous or not. Only Putin was the crooked one!!! That game is so obvious now. Public Ignorance won't be bliss forever in the US of A.

  • Trump threatens to cut aid to countries voting against Jerusalem decision at UN
    • Marnie,

      «prized bitch pit bull»...

      Touché, although I disagree with the naming of the pit bull, as they're not ferocious enough as a whole animal breed. I'm trying to find an animal specie that would really fit the temper of that ex-waitress (from what I heard...), but I can't find one mean enough. Even the sharks are more HUMANE.

      I think there's a better chance of finding a real comparable evil among the human specie.

      TO Anyone reading this comment, please submit your suggestions!

  • Neoconservatives may finally get their war with Iran, from Donald Trump
    • Elizabeth,

      «Why Canada?»

      Because we, Canadians, are NATO members, neighbours of that EXCEPTIONAL EMPIRE, probably if not certainly trying to have the NAFTA DEAL put back into force so both USA and Canada companies can make more profits.

      Now, why does Canada back the USA in Ukraine's US geopolitical anti-Russia 5 billion$ investment and «F...k the EU» PROJECT. The parents of Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, are Ukrainians, and have a NAZI past not so well hidden in the closet:

      Since it's been proven that Nazi Ukrainians were backing the US in the removal of the democratically-elected Ukrainian president, friend with Russia, Canada's role of assistance to the USA in Ukraine is a total mistake, as it puts Canada's geopolitical and possibly military operations in Ukraine right at the border of Russia. Canadian governments should remember that Russian super fast missiles would take little time to cross the Arctic ocean and fall on Canada's major cities as well on their way to the USA.

      Putin declared that the 27 000 000 civilians and soldiers killed by the NAZI armies during WWII had been too much of a loss, and it would never happen again. Nuclear weapons would be used right away against the next country bombing Russia.

    • RoHa,

      The Russian decision to leave Syria to its own trouble with the illegal occupation of an important part of Syria's territory by the US of A and its proxy terrorists is hard to figure out.

      If I were about to decide to really launch a war against Iran, I would try first to remember the Russian S-400 missiles ready to be launched from Iran against US bombers, ships, aircraft carriers. And I were Israel, maybe I would think twice before going ahead with those attacks against Iran. Israel has nukes, but the Iranian missiles could also destroy major parts of Israeli main cities, military installation, even Dimona and other nuclear installations...,7340,L-5010187,00.html

    • US Citizen,

      «Or is it the one doing the bombing? Since logic and common sense tell us that it must be the one doing the bombing (the U.S.), we need to ask another question:why does the U.S. want to convince the world that Iran is exporting terrorism»

      I totally agree with you, and I would also add Israel for the bombing of neighbours, and also for the constant use of a wrong translation by the inexperienced Iranian translation services back in 1979, a translation blunder corrected by the Iranians the day after its publication, but the BBC published only the flawed document, and Israel has made miles and miles on that text.



  • 'We don't want to pick a side,’ Nikki Haley says. But you just did
    • CigarGod,

      I'm sincerely hoping that your nightmare, the one I think you fear the most, will never happen.

    • ritzl,

      I totally agree with you, and I'll add that we need many, many more Mr. Ofir and the likes to inform people throughout the world, to come out with rational critiques that can't be lied about, laughed at, destroyed.

    • US Citizen,

      «Haley seems to truly think of herself as the new sheriff in town, who will “kick ’em every single time,” before ridding the bullies with bullets and riding into the sunset, along with Netanyahu.»

      I wonder if she'll go as far and stupidly as Madeleine Aldumb and declare that all those lives (babies in the case of Aldumb's comment) destroyed «were worth the price»...

      It's unbelievable what the USA, my Southern neighbour, can come out with in order to maintain its economy, power, global control, etc. to the highest level, and to the detriment of the majority of countries, especially those rich in oil reserves, rare earth, valuable metals, etc., and always with the same tactics: to get rid of a despot, a dictator, to free populations, to reinstate human rights, to reestablish peace...

    • amigo,

      These people know that a majority of Americans are too busy, too careless, or something else to try to search and find out the US global policies' real facts and their consequences on themselves. I suppose that if they knew them we would have a different geopolitical story to read and write about, possibly one of lesser consequences. Right now the USA looks like the Nazi régime trying to convince the whole of Germany to free itself by declaring war on all its neighbours and Europe

    • Emory Riddle,

      «A Zionist puppet being interviewed by a “former” propagandist for AIPAC. Only in America.»

      It really makes you wonder about America, doesn't it?

      It would be very interresting to know what is the percentage of Americans who read, listen to and believe strictly the mainstream media «special» daily stories, called manipulations, lies, and more lies

      The problem is that those «special» stories are gradually driving the USA and therefore especially the countries (and their neighbours) not obedient to the USA into a major war, a war with no such precedent, a global nuclear war, the last one, the World War Three. Of course, the consequences are being ignored voluntarily or not by those same media, owned by the psychopath oligarchs whose wealth and power, and goal of being new world order leaders, are never satisfying enough. And I'm refering to rich sick people too dumb to realize that they will also die like the rest of us if they get their global nuclear war, whose destroying consequences will last for thousands of years on this sole previously living and inhabitable planet... Those new bosses will die in their super underground bunkers just like everybody else, mind you a few months or possibly years later.

  • Photos: 'Day of Rage' rocks Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza after Trump's Jerusalem announcement
    • Right on, Kaisa of Findland!

      If you ask me, I really doubt catalan is really Catalan. Catalans are definitely more open-minded, humane and protectors of nations' rights, culture, and future well being.

    • Keith,

      My words exactly. Thanks. I might add another Zionist ultra ugly/genocide weapon: hiding behing Gazan and other Palestinian children when starting zionist wars against Palestinians, particularly before Israeli elections. The nutàyahoo is particularly found of that technique, trick, genocidal continuum..., besides his major improvement of his apartheid technique and program, until he's totally trapped and decides to consult his god his god and tells the world his god ordered him to finish the job for good. If the world reacts too much against his majesty the nut à yahoo, he'll use his Samson Option as per his god's request.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers harass Palestinian elementary school teachers and students in Hebron
    • eljay,

      I would love to live the end of this situation, but with a slight modification of your comment:

      «The rapist is the one doing the raping which, in the case of Hebron, is the “Jewish State”.»

      The rapist is the one doing the raping which, in the case of the State of Palestine, is the “Jewish State Thief”.

      Trump and his Jewish son-in-law might go ahead and purposely start the process that will start a third intifada, and we'll count, once more, Palestinian deaths by the thousands, while the Isreali will claim receiving THOUSANDS of man-made uncontrolled rockets on the head, again causing very few Israeli victims. The lie must go on...

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  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
  • Top Israeli official admits that boycotting just the settlements is meaningless
    • pabelmont,

      Venezuela in on the side of the Palestinians, but that could also explain why the US is trying to take full control of the Venezuelan population by funding and arming opposition groups to the Maduro government, groups that attack the Venezuelans in the streets to create an horror situation which they could accuse Maduro of.

      Of course, if Venezuela didn't OWN one of the biggest oil reserves in the world, it wouldn't have had the US government against it for so many decades, the Chavez government having been a clear example of the usual US' attempts to steal/control other countries' important reserves of oil, rare earth, valuable metals, etc. just like it does in North Africa, Afghanistan, etc. There are Gazan off-shore gas reserves, and you can be sure Israel is eyeing them and has already signed exploitation contracts for them with a US company, and the same goes for the off-shore reserves of Lebanon.

    • eljay,

      «Acceding to Zionist demands for a “Jewish State” in geographic Palestine was a severe error, both morally and politically.»

      ...and especially militarily, adding also all that Palestinian suffering from résistance attempts, plus the Zionist obvious walls and roads apartheid structures, plus barely hidden genocide tactics, in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and also the Bedouins' previously left alone territories...

  • 'Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag' -- Israeli official warns Europe
    • Kay24,

      I believe Arabs are also Semites, from the same origin as the Hebrews in the Bible: descendants of Sem. If it's really the case, the last thing the Isralis want the world to know is that antiSemitism also applies to Arabs.

      Therefore the only victims of antisemitism are Jews, not Arabs, according to the official and only origin of the word as per Israel's propaganda.

      One day the whole truth about Zionist manipulations might be known, but there will most likely be another contradiction to present by the Zionists as being then again the only victims.

      In the meantime, pacifist Jews are pointed at as Zionist thieves, murderers, genocidal, apartheid promoters...

    • Mooser,

      The «mot jewste»... Not bad as a French expression innovation for mot juste, a kind of right word, hem, not so kind, but deserved, considering all the geobattle from Israel and the diaspora zionists against the BDS supporters.

  • First ever bill on Palestinian human rights introduced to U.S. Congress
    • You're most likely right about not going past the Lobby, senor.

    • Hopefully she'll also survive travelling in a big plane, being very careful while driving her car, never going out at night without a decent escort, and the same I suppose on daytime...

      I really don't know how that type of lobby (AIPAC) can't realize how much harm it is doing to the pacifist, humanist Jews, in the USA and elsewhere, as they risk to be the targets of all kinds of false accusations like land theft, genocide, apartheid... The list might get longer still.

      If the USA stopped being so generous to Israel to the tune of 4 billion $ yearly, maybe, just maybe, AIPAC would not feel/be so generous in buying the support of most politicians in the USA, so the Israeli antisemitic charade could go on and on, and on... It's important to know that the Arabs are also said to be Semites.

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • US Citizen,

      «It’s not anti-semitism for criticizing Israel or their policies telling people the apartheid Occupation is immoral and inhumane.»

      It's not anti-semitism indeed, as it would target the Palestinians and other Arab cultures, descendants of Sem, in the Bible.

      Anti-Zionism would probably more to the point, along with Zionist Apartheid and Genocide of Palestinians. Zionists call the Palestinians and probably most Arabs «animals». I don't know of any animal that invented mathematics (that useful tool to count one's wealth, among other things), algebra, along with an early knowledge of astronomy, and a superior level of poetry in their language, a distinct musical style, and singing. There's probably more excellence that could be described about the Arabs, but this ignorant doesn't know them, yet... As for their religion, it won't be the only one that could be interpreted as a form of control of populations. In my country, the priest defended his flock from going out dancing on Saturday nights. It was a kind of a sin, said he... If you ask me, the most probable reason would have been that the Sunday morning mass would collect too little a dime when the evening before was too exciting not to fully enjoy it...

      Getting back to Israel's wars, murders and other wrongdoings against the Palestinians, one day the world will say: «ENOUGH!». The problem is, thanks to France's nuclear help: Israel has hundreds of nuclear bombs (some say as many as 400), and Bibi Nutayahoo has threatened Europeans to go to the Samson Option if Israel were ever on the verge of being destroyed by the Arabs during one more of its many wars against them, overt and covert, and if European armies were not sent to help Israel.

  • Israeli musicians to Nick Cave: Send a strong message -- refuse to play in Israel
    • I enjoy Roger Waters' artistry, but I dare say he won't give a show in Israel, not a musical one that is. And I have no doubt that Israeli officials would not let him come to Israel for fear of his words instead of his music...

    • Thank you for the additional and very interesting information.

      The video document «Occupation 101» shows an Orthodox Palestinian Jew claiming that his parents, grand parents and so on lived in peace with the Palestinians before the arrival of the European Zionists in 1945, exchanging services between the two communities, going even as far as baby sitting each other's children when some emergency, medical or of another kind, happened.

      Some Moroccan Jews who moved to Israel at the request of various Israeli governments soon found out that their life was by far more peaceful in Morocco. Many left Israel to go back to Morocco. Statistics have been showing that more Jews are leaving Israel than moving to Israel. I don't know if it's still the case, considering the high level of occupation of Palestinian land via settlements.

    • Mooser,

      Well taken point. I have the feeling Mr. Einstein was participating to that co-signed letter in no relative terms. His attempt and actions were right to the point and at the highest level, asking the US President, Harry S. Truman, not to receive Menachem Begin so the US and the rest of the world would not think that the US was supporting the creation of Israel...

      I've used Einstein's démarche against Israel's creation a few times, and I've found no zionist troll to attack Einstein, so far...

    • “Young U.S. Jews want to know why no one told them about the Israeli occupation”
      By Debra Nussbaum Cohen

      That's a terrible statement, but then again, keep them in the dark if your motives, actions and results are definitely of the darkest type.

      No wonder Einstein called Israel's zionist government and its project a fascist terrorist organization, on December 4, 1948:

      Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the "Freedom Party" (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.»

    • Maybe he'll change his mind... He has the type of rough face features that would be appropriate if he were obliged to meet nutàyahoo, n'est-ce pas?

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
    • Right on, Ronald!

      To the killing of Palestinians, we could add the killing of Lebanese, Syrians. And eventually Iranians, besides the Iraqis (via the USA, following requests from Israel based on its IDF lying intelligence report).

      Some Israelis also performed in South Africa and other African countries.

  • The Balfour Declaration set in motion the ethnic cleansing of Palestine
    • Superb message, Rana.

      A touching recount that I really felt as if it were happening to my family. Your grandmother was heroic, and her story got this old man's eyes flood with tears.

      Unfortunately I doubt very much that Mrs May will read it in its entirety. She seems quite stubborn, judging by her doings from across the Atlantic, in Canada.

      If I were to suggest a text for Mrs May, it would be Albert Einstein's letter to the New York Times, cosigned by 26 New York City notorious intellectual Jews, on December 4, 1948.

      Maybe curiosity would take hold of her and bing her to realize that Palestinians are not and were never the problem in Palestine, as, per Albert Einstein, it originated from «the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the "Freedom Party" (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.»

      The purpose of the letter was to try to convince the then US President, Harry S. Truman, not to receive Israel's Menachem Begin so Israel and the world would not get the distinct impression that the USA was supporting the creation of Israel.

      Hopefully Europe will wake up to its many imperial wrongdoings and apologize for them all to the millions who have suffered, lost their land, their peace of mind, their dignity, their lives, and who, consequently, have raised their only possible résistance to a level barely comparable to the level of terror those empires are still imposing on those weaker, once peaceful countries.

      All this so the ultra rich of the capitalist system, an England's Creation, could control more wealth sources and on, and on, and on...

  • Occupation, in the details (Part II)
    • Katie,

      Your illustrations' simplicity is most eloquent. Please keep creating them. The world has to see them and understand that BDS can definitely work against that stealing zionist system that Einstein himself called fascist...

  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
  • US quits UNESCO over 'anti-Israel bias' and Israel follows suit
    • As I recall, the US did the same non-payment trick at the UN, claiming back then that there were too many Communists nominated in the UN management, and therefore too much opposition to the US' constant hegemony policies. The arrears neared the $2,000,000,000. Yes, two billion dollars... The US, the most generous country on this lone planet, to itself..., also named lately by historians as the most murderous empire in the history of humankind.

  • Palestinian-American denied entry to West Bank for summer skateboard program
    • Thank you for not posting my earlier comment about the fact that some old Hollywood movie, The Robe, was referring to Palestine as the region where Jerusalem is located. And I thought you were open minded about the Palestine location, people and history... You're doing a great job, but I'm still trying to figure out what was wrong about my comment. I didn't write anything false about that movie. Maybe it's my use of the French word bonze, which means an important person... I guess this will be my last comment on your site.

  • Trump portrait appears on separation wall, credited to Australian street artist
    • You're absolutely right. Clinton's and Trump's egoes have become huge. Surprising then to be able to notice the kippa on Trump's head...

  • The children of Nabi Saleh in Israeli prisons: a conversation with Bassem Tamimi
    • Superbly thought of and hopefully promoted to circle the planet so we can put an end to that murderous, genocidal, apartheid little country that is endangering the lives of many humanitarian, pacifist Jews in Israel and throughout the Diaspora, besides its use of all it$ connection$$ to keep starting war$$$ on the people who have been suffering the most on their own land since the end of 1948, since the official creation of the vilain zionist Israel, the PALESTINIANS.

      Thank you immensely!

      Merci infiniment !

  • Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes
    • More information about Canada's very conservative choice imposed by law by the last conservative prime minister, crime sinister as well, Stephen Harper. The worst prime minister in Canada's foreign relations history. Be patient. I must get to work now.

  • Palestinian Authority blocks access to news sites linked to Abbas rivals
  • Orientalism, intersectionality, and the 'New York Times'
    • Since the end of WWII in fact (starting with 5,000,000 Korean deaths, followed by 4,000,000 and counting Vietnamese deaths...), but you could go as far as the 1790s for the US' need to war against countries and/or populations not at war with the US, as an example, the genocide attempt on the Natives.

  • To my mother and her beloved Jerusalem
    • It is so sad...

      It is so sad to read the facts, the real ones, and then enter into the life, what was total privacy, of once a young child, a three year old boy, remembering facts he couldn't quite understand concerning the unexpected actions and reactions of his mother, put in a very beautiful poem, showing such great humanity, but unfortunately such a great loss.


  • Leonard Cohen song is anthem of Jewish exclusivists
    • The tune on video, by Nana Mouskouri:

      The lyrics, although they differ from the version sung:

      Un Canadien Errant (A wandering Canadian, )
      Banni de ses foyers, (banned from his hearths, )
      Parcourait en pleurant (travelled while crying)
      Des pays etrangers. (in foreign lands.)
      Parcourait en pleurant (travelled while crying)
      Des pays etrangers. (in foreign lands.)

      Un jour, triste et pensif, (One day, sad and pensive, )
      Assis au bord des flots, (sitting by the flowing waters, )
      Au courant fugitif (to the fleeing current)
      Il adressa ces mots: (he addressed these words:)
      Au courant fugitif (to the fleeing current)
      Il adressa ces mots: (he addressed these words:)

      "Si tu vois mon pays, (If you see my country, )
      Mon pays malheureux, (my unhappy country, )
      Va dire a mes amis (go tell my friends)
      Que je me souviens d'eux. (that I remember them.)
      Va dire a mes amis (go tell my friends)
      Que je me souviens d'eux. (that I remember them.)

      O jours si pleins d'appas, (O days so full of charms, )
      Vous etes disparus... (you have vanished...)
      Et ma patrie, helas! (And my native land, alas!)
      Je ne la verrai plus. (I will see it no more.)
      Et ma patrie, helas! (And my native land, alas!)
      Je ne la verrai plus. (I will see it no more.)

      Paroliers : Leonard Cohen / M.A. Gerlin Lajole
      Paroles de The Lost Canadian © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

    • Not bad at all, your comment that is, not the Agent Orange Prez.

    • eljay,

      «He was Canadian and a big deal in Canada. That might explain why you never heard of him.»

      He was a Montrealer and very found of the city, and he also was very estimed in that open-minded city, Québec province metropolis, and so is his son Adam, singer-songwriter.

  • Justin Trudeau's choice
    • The Israel supporting world should realize that they endanger all Jews, including and especially the ones for total justice towards the Palestinians, the rights of the Palestinians, the freedom of the Palestinians, the surrender of Palestinian land to the Palestinians, the right of the Palestinians to come and go in and out of their country, the «Palestine» the League of Nations and then the UN had wrongly partitioned in three intercommunicating territories: 47% for about 2 million Palestinians and 53% for some 2 hundred thousand Zionist Jews whose goal was to occcupy all of the Palestine. Unfortunately, the humanist, just Jews are being pointed at just as if they were Zionists.

  • Only international protest will save Bedouin villagers from being evicted
    • No. You're not asking an antisemitic question, but an antizionist one, since the Palestinians are Arabs and therefore Semites, but don't spread it, coz the Zionists do not want the world to know. That way they can force the world countries like Canada to enforce laws against antisemitism.

      I know for a fact that there is a growing number of Jews worldwide who are more and more very uncomfortable with the terrible murderous and genocide/apartheid plans and actions of Zionist Israel.

      Quite frankly, it's regrettable that they are, in a way, trapped by Zionist Israel's constant wrongdoings, against international laws, against the UN charter and mandate, as those wrongdoings are war crimes, crimes against humanity.

      BDS is the peaceful solution. At least I hope it is. Therefore we have to make sure it will force Zionist Israel to start behaving and respect what it says to save face internationally: a two-state solution, a remittal to the Palestinians of the land stolen by Israel, and as a payment for all the suffering and killings of Palestinians since 1948, give the settler houses to the Palestinians when the settlers will be forced to leave. That being said, I doubt the inside of the said houses will be presentable, healthy, useable..., as it happened in Gaza when Israelis were forced to leave that stolen territory.

      As a reminder, there were THREE (3) League of Nations/United Nations-partitioned territories in Palestine, for the 2,000,000 or so Palestinians (living all over their territory by the way), amounting to 47% of their original 100% territory, and the 150,000 Palestinian Jews living in peace with the Palestinians were awarded the remaining 53%, with the real help of the British and the French, supported by the USA, as a result of the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Once again, empires divided to try to rule. The French went as far as secretly helping the Zionist Israelis progress in their nuclear research and build nuclear bombs. The first test were secretly made offshore, South of South Africa, as seen by a US satellite. Of course South Africa and Israel denied the fact...

  • The day the two greatest salesmen in the world met at the White House
    • Mooser,

      J'accuse, without the final s, but tu accuses (and the rest of the conjugation at the present tense : il accuse, nous accusons, vous accusez, ils accusent). French is not simple, and it's therefore very precise. «And you» translates as «et toi», not et tu, in this phrasing meaning: and you, are you accusing, or «et toi, accuses-tu ?»

      Moi aussi, j'accuse ! (I accuse also!) À la prochaine... (See you...)

  • Land Grab: Israeli Knesset passes law legalizing expropriation of privately-owned Palestinian land
    • Nutayahu might be preparing his next election by trying to upset the Palestinians into reacting and launching another Intifada. Then Gaza's population will be bombed, and also Palestinian cities and villages in the West Bank and East Jerusalem... Nutayahoo will manage to use some fake news or invented victimhood story like the last election «Arabs voting surge» to claim that Israeli Jews are victims of another shoah's attempt... Watch « Occupation 101 » again to see what it was like before the arrival of the European Zionists and their secret terror organizations like the Irgun, back in 1945:

      While at it, watch « The Zionist Story » and its also claims of peace between Jews and Arabs in Palestine before the beginning of the Exodus:

  • Under Trump we cannot expect 'the system' to protect us, but we can protect ourselves
    • « “First they came for the Muslims” are erasing the fact that first they had come for the Algonquin. Indeed, even before issuing the Muslim Ban, Trump had signed an order allowing the continuation of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which directly violates indigenous rights. »

      If it's about at the same time the British were colonizing the Kanada territory, the Natives, our First Nations as they're called in Canada, were also losing their territory by force to a certain extent. Today, centuries later, they're still in reserves in Canada. Only one government so far has made deals with one of its First Nations in what is called « La Paix des Braves » (The Peace of the Braves), and was under Québec's Parti québécois sovereignty government, with the Cree Nation:

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • TOUCHÉ!!! Thanks for the reminder of the little boys, imprisoned, threatened, hurt, tortured, if need be, without any form of assistance/protection from adults, lawyers, the Israeli law...

    • New Zealand is the fith country of the Five Eyes: USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Does that mean that Nutayahu is going to launch a war against NZ and expect no reply, diplomatic or otherwise, from the four other friend countries? Is Nutayahu's Israel ready to upset the US and friends enough to bring the challenge sufficiently high to loose those yearly 4 billion, and/or loose some of that friendly support from those Five Eyes for a while, if not for good. Nutayahu has already threatened Europe of the Sampson Option if Israel were to be attacked and risked of being destroyed while Europe would not be going to help Israel. I think Nutayahu has to go and rest in a special room, under surveillance...

    • And I would bet that from the taxpayers' free US $$$$$$$$$$$$$ aid to Israel at the tune of 3 billion a year increased to 4 billion a year millions come back to the USA to buy US politicians to support the everlasting genocidal, apartheid cause of Zionist Israelis, no matter what harm it does and/or will do to the peaceful, humanist Jews in Israel and in the diaspora.

  • Israel Arrests Tycoon for Alleged Huge Corruption in Africa
    • I can only hope that justice will prevail, and if it's proven that the corruption has indeed happened, that justice will also carry its mandate fully, and that punishment will be imposed to its full extent against the accused Steinmetz.

  • Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying 'commitment' to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
  • American Express disowns Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters because of pro-Palestinian views (Updated)
    • Totally agreed for the thanks.

      But for the false flags, take your highest number and multiply it by 100, and you'll be closer to the reality of the US empire's boring, repetitious false flag use. That boring, repetitious technique is illegal, criminal, and will one day be judged by the whole world, once the empire will have at last fallen and crumbled, to the contentment of the great majority of the world's other countries.

  • A game of cat and mouse in the Jordan Valley
    • I didn't think that the BDS strictly limited to the West Bank was a good idea as there would be some way to go around it. The proof is evident. Money talks, and can also kick zionist butts out of the Palestinians' land.

  • Palestinians across the political spectrum express outrage over cancelled elections
    • Israeli governments must have been laughing out loud for some time about the split, almost warring, political situation the Palestinians are living in thanks to Hamas and the Fatah.

      For Palestinians, not being able to unite themselves, at last, is the best way to insure that Israel can do pretty much what it needs and requires from, and imposes to the Palestinians.

      Of course, Hamas is always blamed for Israel's lawn mowing itches before Israeli elections. On the other side, Abbas is accused of being paid by Israel for conducting his Fatah party in such a way that it will never unite with Hamas. The typical «Divide to Rule» plan that all «empires» have used to conquer, and rule, and maintain their power intact.

      I wonder how much Israel is paying the right pawns to keep having Palestinians divided, totally weak and victims of illegal land theft, besides all the other resources that Israel is stealing from them.

      Israeli zionism is such a bad image and danger for all Jews, and Israeli zionists don't hesitate to have prominent Jews on the side of the Palestinians pay the price. I'm thinking of Norman Finkelstein, Miko Peled, and a few more.

      Long live Palestine and its resilience.

  • Two women's boats set sail for Gaza in effort to break blockade
  • After building a protest movement, West Bank village of Nabi Saleh steps back from weekly Friday protests
  • Israeli military clears Israeli military of war crimes in Gaza
    • One day, the imperial support from the US will end, and either the so-called only democracy (democrassy is more fittingf) in the Middle East, Israel, will have to make amends, for wich I have huge doubts, or it will choose its own thought of Samson Option, destroying major parts of the world after having tested its destruction techniques on the Palestinians non-stop since 1948.

  • Israel bans entry for two more US activists
    • Kay24, democrassy is a more fitting status for zionist, fascist, apartheid Israel, don't you think? Obviously, BDS is the scariest tactict against Israel, and we must keep working on it and pushing it through the whole world. Zionists have become Afrikaners, and that probably explains the connections with South Africa and the sharing of experiments on nuclear research, and POSSIBLY testing a nuclear bomb off South Africa, over the Indian ocean and the South Atlantic in 1979, in what is called The Vela Incident. Even today that matter is still argued about without definite proof. Or is it with paid for denying and/or silence?

      As described above, in 1991 Seymour Hersh in The Samson Option quoted a number of source Israeli sources as saying that the test was a joint Israeli and South African operation [Hersh 1991]. If it was an Israeli test, one must speculate exactly how it was done. Hersh claims Israeli navy ships were sent - but Israeli has a small blue water Navy most of which is based in the Mediterranean. It would require a very unusual extended deployment out of the area to reach the Indian Ocean for a test - and the whereabouts of Israel's navy ships around the time of the test would provide a means for evaluating its plausibility. I do not know whether anyone has publicly documented information about this - although I have been told by someone convincingly representing himself as a former South African naval intelligence officer that in fact Israel's ships were not unaccountably absent around this time. Even if so, the possibilities exist of staging the test using commercial ships - operated by Israeli crews possibly under a front company, as an all-airborne operation using air-to-air refueled transports, or by using South African platforms.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • Sorry, Phil. I'll read you in a little while. It's still too early to get upset at the nutayahu and his fascist country... But I have a feeling your brave article will be worth every letter and punctuation symbol as usual.

    • What is he looking at, Bibi nutayahu? Has he been separated from his wife by the Israeli justice department already? I guess he doesn't care very much about his international reputation for total ridiculous excess in well informed milieux.

  • Scottish football fans raise over 100,000 pounds for Palestine following flag controversy
    • Thank you very much for these videos, another proof that some people care, and the most famous they are, the more influence they have on ordinary badly informed people, but also the more risk they, the most famous, take and could get into trouble for it from the people who pull the $tring$ for Israel.

    • You have all the reasons for being proud. Well intentioned Scots showed the EUFA the way to human care for victims of apartheid and genocide. Israel couldn't control that one in the international press. That's also a great achievement for its rarity from the Celtics' fans.

  • Jill Stein defends BDS in CNN town hall
    • Touché... Just like the USS LIBERTY was, and the zionist friends really tried to sink it (to hide the REAL source of the FRIENDLY attack) as their shooting of all the US personnel in the Liberty rescue boat didn't quite satisfy them. The USS Liberty's personnel faced a REAL existential threat. With friends like these...

    • As long as she doesn't make the same hugly questionable facial twists as Killary, the shoe issue won't have much importance, will it?

    • If she goes too heavy, she'll be called anti-semite and be ostracized, as a start...

    • He's hasbara. He's paid for it by the US taxpayers' uncontrolled generosity to the little land thief of the Middle East, the apartheid advocate, the genocide state in disguise, the self-called victim of existantialist threat, the only Middle East country crookedly armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. Hasbara reps' work endanger humanist, pacifist Jews who totally disagree with the hasbara bull and zionism.

    • Right on!

  • The endangered white cucumbers of Battir
    • Uplifting article. Thank you very much. A story of life, of nature... Simplicity and truth remain in the mind far longer than fake and lying stories.

  • New San Francisco bus ads say: 'Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights'
    • Actually, some of the US government officially published blames against the Israeli occupation and apatheid are expressed as «concerns». Simple hypocrisy, but then, aren't we used to hearing hypocrisy, and lies, and falcity, and whatever is required for the good and permanent conduct of the US hegemonic New American Century from the EXCEPTIONAL Empire? If you add to the Exceptional the connivent collaboration, full help and hypocrisy of the other 4 of the Five Eyes, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the world is about to live its most dire, dangerous and murderous situation ever, in extenso its total destruction.

      Who in its right mind would go and try to get Russia into a total war on its territory, a war that will risk to become globally nuclear in a matter of a few hours, just some ultra-rich idiots, banksters and company can keep dreaming of controlling the world, planet Earth?

      That brings to mind the fact that Bibi nutayahu threatened the main European capitals of bombing them with nuclear missiles if Israel were caught into another of its crooked wars against Arab populations, Arab countries, and was about to lose the fight because Europe refused to come to its help.

      I fear that all the excuses used by the zionists as victims of the Holocaust to keep stealing land from the Palestinians, emprisoning Palestinians by the thousands, killing them by the thousands, including hundreds of children, expecially before national elections to get re-elected, is going to become a real threat against all Jews, as more and more of them disagree with the Israeli zionist project, a project definitely showing fascism, genocide and apartheid as the end result of the Greater Israel dream... It's a real nightmare for all Israel's Arab citizens and neighbour countries.

  • Former AIPAC official says Israel should get no US aid without ending 'oppressive' settlements
    • «and a dismantling of all settlements.»

      We should not dismantle all the settlements! Instead, we should give them to all returning Palestinians, and Gazans, as a payback for the theft, hardship they've been victims of for so long while in their overcrowded refugee camps, their open-air prison... And make sure both left Palestinian territories (out of the original UN partitioned three) are interlinked and not divided as apartheid ghettos zionist style anymore. That fascist zionist Israeli project should not be allowed to be above the law, the international law, the human rights...

  • Israel has demolished more Palestinian homes in first half of 2016 than all of 2015
    • For those who never heard of it, and I strongly doubt they would be readers of Mondoweiss; just in case...:

      OCCUPATION 101 gives an eye/mind opening on occupation throughout the world, but concentrates on the Palestinians' Occupation of their Land by European zionists (1 hr 28 min):

    • «The U.S. government is on the record as saying Israeli settlements in the occupied territory hinder the possibility of an independent Palestinian state, and the U.S. State Department recently issued a special statement addressing concern over Israeli settlement building and the “risk [of] entrenching a one-state reality of perpetual occupation and conflict.”

      «State Department Spokesperson John Kirby said the latest announcement of 770 settlement units in Gilo, a neighborhood of East Jerusalem, is “part of an ongoing process of land seizures, settlement expansion, legalizations of outposts, and denial of Palestinian development that risk entrenching a one-state reality of perpetual occupation and conflict.”

      «“We remain troubled that Israel continues this pattern of provocative and counterproductive action, which raises serious questions about Israel’s ultimate commitment to a peaceful, negotiated settlement with the Palestinians,” Kirby added»

      The usual US complaint/excuse duo, just to show the world the Exceptional feels baaaaad...

      There are international laws that haven't been respected by zionists since they landed in Palestine from 1945 on... Then on the official day of the creation of Israel or the day after, all hell started breaking loose for Palestinians, who were murdered by the thousands, forcing about another 800,000 to flee for their lives, leaving their homes, villages, cities, farming lands, orchards, water sources behind. Where was the US back then to show its international displeasure of the zionists' murderous and land stealing actions. Now that Israel zionists are obviously an apartheid, genocide promoters, besides being fascists, all we'll hear from the US is faint concern... If it were the Russians doing the same as zionists to their neighbours, the whole world would be warned by the US, and the UN General Assembly and Security Council would be meeting and addressing the Russian actions in the toughest accusatory attitude possible.

      Since Israeli zionists are well supported by US zionists, zionist and/or pro-zionist media owners, banksters, politicians, AIPAC, all we'll ever hear from the US will be faint concern. If the US were a real democracy with a fair, uncontrolled electoral system with more than only two electoral parties copying each other, we would at least have the «impression» that the US are a real democracy for the people by the people, and not a free-for-all oligark system whose main goal is to control the whole world, starting by dividing the North African countries to better rule them for the specific goal of controlling the oil reserves under their feet. If the US really wants to show concern of importance, it could save from 3 to 4 billion every year from now to kingdom come.

      Here's what Albert Einstein had to say, write in fact, about the Zionist project that was controlling the new state of Israel, a fascist one (his own words), in a letter to the New York Times on December 4, 1948, co-signed by 26 other NYC Jewish intellectuals, doctors, celebrities... He was asking the US president not to meed Menachem Begin and not to support the creation of Israel, the fascist Israel...

      THE LETTER INTRO and a little more:

      Albert Einstein Letter to The New York Times. December 4, 1948 New Palestine Party. Visit of Menachen Begin and Aims of Political Movement Discussed
      by Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Sidney Hook,

      Usage Public Domain
      Topics Einstein, Arendt, anti-fascism, Zionism, Palestine, Irgun, Israel

      New Palestine Party. Visit of Menachen Begin and Aims of Political Movement Discussed. A letter to The New York Times. Saturday December 4, 1948 by Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Sidney Hook,

      New Palestine Party. Visit of Menachen Begin and Aims of Political Movement Discussed. A letter to The New York Times, published in the "Books" section (Page 12) of Saturday December 4, 1948

      by Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Sidney Hook,

      Source: Text from original microfilm

      Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the "Freedom Party" (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.

      The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States. Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin's political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents.

      Before irreparable damage is done by way of financial contributions, public manifestations in Begin's behalf, and the creation in Palestine of the impression that a large segment of America supports Fascist elements in Israel, the American public must be informed as to the record and objectives of Mr. Begin and his movement.

      The public avowals of Begin's party are no guide whatever to its actual character. Today they speak of freedom, democracy and anti-imperialism, whereas until recently they openly preached the doctrine of the Fascist state. It is in its actions that the terrorist party betrays its real character; from its past actions we can judge what it may be expected to do in the future.

  • Video: Israeli soldier throws 8-year old Palestinian girl's bike into bushes
    • Ben Gurion, the airport guy?

      Some of his flights of words:

      "We must expel Arabs and take their places."
      -- David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

      "Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country."
      -- David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp 91-2 of Chomsky's Fateful Triangle, which appears in Simha Flapan's "Zionism and the Palestinians pp 141-2 citing a 1938 speech.

      "If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the Land of Israel, I would choose the latter, for before us lies not only the numbers of these children but the historical reckoning of the people of Israel."
      -- David Ben-Gurion (Quoted on pp 855-56 in Shabtai Teveth's Ben-Gurion in a slightly different translation).

      "Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories."
      -- Benyamin Netanyahu, then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, from the Israeli journal Hotam, November 24, 1989.

      "I would have joined a terrorist organization."
      -- Ehud Barak's response to Gideon Levy, a columnist for the Ha'aretz newspaper, when Barak was asked what he would have done if he had been born a Palestinian.

      "It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands."
      -- Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of militants from the extreme right-wing Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, November 15, 1998.

      "Everybody has to move, run and grab as many (Palestinian) hilltops as they can to enlarge the (Jewish) settlements because everything we take now will stay ours...Everything we don't grab will go to them."
      -- Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of the Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, Nov. 15, 1998.

      "Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial."
      -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March, 2001 quoted in BBC News Online

  • Netanyahu distorts a Palestinian's helpless reaction to occupying soldiers to dehumanize Palestinian parents
    • It's called genocide attempt, xanadou.

      Here is a declaration from Ben-Gurion about Jewish children:

      “If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the Land of Israel, I would choose the latter, for before us lies not only the numbers of these children but the historical reckoning of the people of Israel.”
      — David Ben-Gurion (Quoted on pp 855-56 in Shabtai Teveth’s Ben-Gurion in a slightly different translation).

  • Dear Hillary, From Gaza
    • She tried the target trick in Sarajevo, on the airport tarmac, claiming being targeted by snipers. Shaky snipers I'd say...

  • Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry to World: Stop issuing useless condemnations
    • Those two governments could back BDS...

      Thatcher and the US president didn't want to sanction the South African Apartheid as suggested by then Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Mulroney persisted and managed to convince both of them, and we know the results.

  • NLRB upholds union's right to support Israel boycott
    • You sound like a white supremacist South African of old, klm90046. Zionist Israel will have its turn at facing the world, and the US won't be able to control the UN against that forever. Its Exceptionalism is not seen as such by the rest of the planet, and when the Dream will have become the Nightmare we see coming, the US will have more important and pressing matters to deal with than backing the little fascist country of the Middle East, built on stolen land belonging to the Palestinians. Without the help of the British and US with the League of Nations and then the UN, the European Zionist Jews would have remained in Europe. Some British and US officials must have been paid dearly back then to allow such a coup be perpetrated against the Palestinians. A partition of 53% against 47% in favour of a couple hundred thousand European Zionists against about 2 million Palestinians living on their own territory, fully developped and inhabited...

  • Harvard scholar calls for US-Israel treaty to 'lock in' special relationship before young Democrats end the romance
    • You planted the real McCoy question the right way, amigo. It's bound to produce many US vegetable youth to be conscripted to Middle Earth wars on behalf of the never-selfish-never-fascist-and-land-stealing zionist state of Israel.

      I'm going to repeat myself again: I fear for the pacifist and just Jews caught in the zionist project in Israel, the US, Canada, Britain, France, etc., as they might suffer dire situations as history has seen their parents, grandparents... suffer, whether by automatic association to the zionist project or simply by ignorance of the fact that not all Jews support the State of Israel and its obvious genocidal and apartheid project of stealing all of Palestine from all the Palestinians, using all the tricks in the military, judiciary, and administration to achieve its goal, no matter how much and how long the Palestinians will have suffered and how many thousands, tens of thousands even, will have died or been permanently injured SINCE 1948.

      I can only imagine the huge cry if the situation were reversed and zionists were victims of fascism in Palestine and had their natural resources stolen, their population attacked and killed in cold blood by a very powerful army, their buildings destroyed by the thousands at almost every national election of the Palestinian government, their land taken from them by army-protected settlers from all over the world, their homes destroyed with bulldozers, their water stolen, their agricultural land destroyed or separated from them by huge apartheid walls... Fortunately for the zionists, they have plenty of Jewish friends in the media, in the movie business, in governments, in banking institutions, in finance, in big enterprise that can play all the right cards on behalf of Israel's and its real project, where Palestinians won't have their territory given back to them, even if its only 20% or less of what it was back before the European zionist Jews' Exodus of 1945, a territory where Jews and Palestinians lived mostly in peace and even friendship before 1945.

  • Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead
    • Forgot BDS?

    • Well said.

    • You'll remain lonely much longer if you can't contemplate women like Killary. As for the quartered, some don't seem to mind the position before it.

    • Hillary is the «We came, We saw, he died» monster under whose guidance Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was captured. Would she know ahead of the fact that he would be sodomized with a bayonet before being finished off?... SHE IS ALSO the Lady of Sarajevo, shot at by a sniper on the airport tarmac after she gracefully grossfully walked down the stairs. I was under the impression that snipers were very, very precise... Isn't there an American journalist, a NBC anchor Brian Williams, who nearly sank to the bottom after his most famous lie was contradicted by military personnel after declaring more than once over many years that he had been in an attack by Iraqis in a US military helicopter. Well, by comparison, she's very well protected at all level$ as she could illegally perpetrate an act called treason by transferring official secret State documents into her personal computer, and could get away with nearly anything reproachable. Democracy and elections in the US have become the example of a real fall down the cliff. The American Dream is a Nightmare.

    • If I were Jewish I would disconnect myself from anything and everything zionist and leave Israel. When it will hit the fan, as it might, there will be a lot of pacifist and just Jews who will be stuck in a dire situation that they never agreed to and therefore did not cause.

  • Kuwait's government pension divests from G4S following BDS pressure
  • Despite Turkish posturing, detente with Israel won't change the Gaza blockade
    • What's most upsetting after all those Mavi Marmara deaths and injuries is the fact that it was DEFINITELY A PIRACY ACT IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS. When will zionists be facing the music like all other countries when they laugh at the whole world, starting at the UN's Charter and Resolutions? Of course... I forgot they're the well paid, supported, defended EXCEPTIONAL INFANT, for now still, of the EXCEPTIONAL EMPIRE South of my country's border, and the nukes will be hitting us just as they'll hit the EMPIRE, THAT IS DOING ITS BEST TO TRIGGER THE FINAL HUMAN SOLUTION FROM RUSSIA. And the US still thinks it's the very best country in the world, the defender of democracy, of capitalism, of free...dom..., or should I say LIBERTY, while it has its nose into the business of all the countries that can't reply with a NO! militarily to the US' constant attempts at ruling them. Strangely enough, Russia is the country that has the military to say NO, NO, AND NO! To be polite... But the US is not satisfied with the final answer to the final solution.

    • Indeed, but Israel is making lots of shekels selling Palestinian water to Palestinians, why not sell Palestinian and possibly Lebanese gas to other countries, like Turkey for instance? A morale country like Israel is never short of money making ventures and commerce, especially field-tested-proven weapons, all over Gaza, with thousands of dead and many more injured at nearly every Israeli national election... There's no better wake-up call for zionist Israelis to elect and re-elect the official who organized the weaponry show each time. And it's for Israel's existence and the usual only means to lure the whole world. Is it still working? BDS will be the final proof of the pudding.

    • «In reality, Turkey is a racist, fascist country that was founded by a set of treasonous, genocidal right wing radicals who worshipped only themselves.»

      Could that be an heritage of the Ottomans?

      Thanks for the description of similarities.

  • BDS campaign hopes to take Israeli goods off Palestinian dinner tables during Ramadan
  • Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen by 'mistake'
    • You're dead on! Thanks for the reminiscing of historical facts that hasbara and their boss, nutayahu, will keep trying to hide by attempting continuously to rewrite history. After all, it's the Palestinians' fault if the European zionist Jews started landing in Palestine in 1945 by boat loads and started attacking the British when the zionist planning was going too slow as the British Mandate in PALESTINE interfered with the European zionists in PALESTINE. And it's also the fault of the Palestinians if the zionists started killing them and scaring them by the hundreds of thousands (around 800,000), forcing them therefore to leave home, land, villages, cities to get refuge in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt... That was not enough for the zionists, who, under the direction of the atrocious Ariel Sharon, let a Lebanese Christian militia enter the two refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and massacre some 3,500 Palestinian refugees, even providing flare lighting at night so the militia could keep on with the job, using hatchets and other weapons of the kind. The Belgians tried to bring Sharon to the international court for war crime over this, but the case was dropped. There must have been a LOT OF PRESSURE ON THE BELGIAN GOVERNMENT, IF NOT THREATS... Of course, we all know how the last years of living of Sharon were spent. Is there some justice on Earth? It would be too nice if there were, as it might scare the Nutayahu into retiring, and for good, and the good of the PALESTINIANS in PALESTINE and in neighbouring countries' refugee camps. The END OF THE NAKBA AT LAST!

    • Could it be that the self-glorifying most moral army in the whole wide world is now starting to bring to itself an impetus to show at last some openess in its reports of «accidents to the Palestinians»? I tried to hole my breath on that thought and wish, and I got blue in the face, while I think many, many more Palestinians will get bloody red...

  • Question for the Israeli left: Why do you discount the possibility of a second Nakba?
    • «(while knowing full well they are dead) to soften public for assault Protective Edge on Gaza»...

      ...AND the re-election of the nutàyahu. Those scams have become so obvious from election to election, AND the zionist and pro-zionist owner$ of the MSMs, the US' and the other Western media that publish the US' MSMs' articles, keep publishing strictly the zionist versions. I don't know how most non-zionist Jews feel about all this, but I have a feeling they'd rather move out of Israel and not be associated to zionism for their own good and sake, and peace of mind.

    • «She’s saving it for when it actually starts.» Quite a statement. Judging by the past zionist actions since 1948, I can't IMAGINE of how BAD A START IT WILL BE.

    • Go live in Gaza and try to FOCUS ON ORDINARY LIFE, and you may die tomorrow.

    • Killed by mistake? How about a target bombing precision practice... I know, I'm evil to suggest that, but not enough to kill anyone, and CERTAINLY NOT children, the INNOCENT ones... How low can a country go to make itself look great at achieving its goals of stealing a people's country at all co$t, killing about 2,000 of them, including a high proportion of children (the future of Palestine..., genocidewise?) and injuring many times that number each time a zionist Israeli election needs military action and fear inducing to back up a right wing warmonger politician looking for his re-election at all co$t for the survival of the second most dangerous country on the planet after the USA.

    • If your prediction becomes reality, we'll have no more Nakba problem to ponder on, as we'll have no more inhabitable planet to live on. Let's not push any nuclear country, or associated nuclear countries like Russia and China into a corner, thinking that it/they will give everything it/they own, its/their freedom of action on his/their land, its/their peace of mind... to the most dangerous and murderous bully country in history of mankind. If it ever becomes a total nuke launch pushbutton frenzy, the whole planet will be dying within days. Blak rain, black clouds, massive and total huge areas leveling... The Armagedon! The solution: jailing for the rest of their lives the masters of the politicians who are faithfully willing to nuke parts of the planet so the masters can control and PROFIT FROM the whole planet, their backyard, sort of, in their psychopathic brains.

    • Scary point of view for the future of Palestinians, and the physical and morale comfort of humanist Jews, Rida Abu Rass, but especially an excellent article, and so true when you think about the whole thing and list all the Zionist officials in charge of all aspects of life of the Israelis, and of organized death of an awful part of the Palestinians. Of course, the Palestinians are the only ones to be blamed, right? Wrong! Again, and again, and again! The diaspora Jews will have to wake up and make drastic changes among their so-called Israeli representatives, and I'm not refering only to AIPAC. You'll find some of the same organization in Canada, France, England and most, if not all, Western countries and other foreign countries where Israel has commercial and political ties, and investments..., and power therefore.

  • American basketball coach devotes his time to disabled in Gaza
    • «The disabled of Gaza have warmly welcomed the long-awaited visit of American basketball coach Jess Markt.»

      If you ever happen to read this, you have my greatest respect Mister Markt. It takes a lot of dedication and courage (to face the US MSM «torchons», French for dirt rags...) to make such a decision happen, physically act on your wish and help and give courage to the Palestinians, the injured ones and the spared ones, the most resilient people I've known and the whole world has known since 1948. I was just a few months old back in December 1948, but the news about the Nakba finally traversed the major world media, thanks to Mondoweiss and a few dedicated others, and hit me very hard.

      To all who never searched for information about Palestine, I suggest:

      «Occupation 101» (on youtube), and also a 6-hour, 4-part TV series: «The Promise» (some times available on youtube...), researched and directed by Peter Kosminsky, a BBC collaborator, filmed in Israel and Palestine and published in 2010, a recent account of Palestine-Israel facts, whose source starts back around 1945, during the British Mandate, and the period of the irgun and other secret zionist armed groups, the type that organized the bombing of the Jerusalem King David Hotel and killed some 96 people, including 15 jews. Kosminsky was targeted by the zionist media and representatives, including hasbara's, but his 8-year research on the subject through military and historical records and through the interviews he had with British soldiers who were in Palestine back in 1945-1948 make his film a major achievement in telling the truth and rectifying the history zionists have tried to rewrite since that terrible year of 1948, three years after the beginning of the arrival of the zionist European Jews, charmingly named The Exodus. More like the Invasion if you ask me. Before 1945, most Palestinians Jews and their Palestinian cousins, the Palestinians, lived in peace and friendship, according to Orthodox Jews whose parents were living in Palestine back then and had Palestinians for neighbours, exchanging services and helping each others in cases of emergency, even baby sitting one another's children...

  • Two Palestinians were executed on Hebron street in March, not just one -- B'Tselem
    • I sent that image to a lot of netanyau-paid hasbara representatives trying to convince us that IDF was the most morale army in the world..., along with the one showing only a little boy instead of a pregnant woman. Of course the 2 for 1 has a better knock-for-good effect and consequence...

      With the new yearly 4 billion USD gift to Israel, US politicians and judges will be gladly rewarded for their «justified» collaboration with morale zionist Israel. Money is power in the Land of Capitalism, and who better knows that than anyone else, the US zionists.

  • Palestinians forced to delay the start of Ramadan as Israel celebrates 49 years of ruling Jerusalem
    • Jerusalem was not part of the League of Nations/UN Partition Plan, elaborated and put in force without consulting the Palestinians. Some 200,000 Palestinian Jews received 53% of the whole of Palestine territory, while the nearly 2,000,000 Palestinians were awarded the remaining 47%, a 47% divided in three interlinked territories, and the third one, the one bordering Lebanon, was taken from the Palestinians in the first year after the official creation of Israel. As for the status of Jerusalem it was to be an international city.

    • There are Palestinians with Isreaeli citizenship, and we all know the double standard, especially legal, applied to Israeli Palestinians by the successive zionist governments in Israel, from 1948 on.

    • Why should zionists care about their Palestinian neighbours? From 1948 on, the zionist history in Palestine has given us plenty of occasions and facts to show the world that there's only one consideration for zionists, theirs, and the means to push their agenda are plenty, and their military, diplomatic and economical support are even more numerous...

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