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Digital artist and anti-war/anti-occupation activist in the Midwest. "There is no greater power in the universe, than the need for freedom."

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  • Miko Peled's viral video
    • OK, THIS comment is worth coming back for, if maybe briefly.

      A) Finding a Muslim liberal who criticizes Islamists is neither hard, nor rare. They're taking a stand that is actually mainstream among Muslims. So, yeah, he or she wouldn't be so extraordinarily contextually.

      B) You just made a direct moral equivalence between Zionists and Islamists. I'll happily give you credit for unintentional brilliance, hophmi.

  • Zionism, anti-blackness, and the struggle for Palestine
    • Anyone else noticed how the Zionists who are haunting this topic DO NOT CARE about Habtom Zerhom? Like, at all?

      I'm not going to engage in discussion, it's a bit of a promise I've made myself but seeing that, over and over... I really can't let that pass without some daylight shining on it.

      I feel like it proves the author's point.

  • Video: Israel's celebrated Labour Party 'is the mother and father of racism', says member of Knesset
    • Regarding jon s. and hophmi's comments...

      So. I guess Jamal Zahalka has been empirically proven correct. He and the rest of his people, and their plight, are quite literally COMPLETELY transparent to the Israeli "left." They don't see it, they don't care.

      Yeah, *that* I couldn't let pass without comment. Okay, back to my self-imposed hiatus from commenting here.

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