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Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. I speculate and generalize too much. I'm only human. My heart is in the right place though. Something is wrong and I want to help make it right. Truth and Knowledge are empowering. J.R.R. Tolkien said it best: "And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth." Want to know the truth? Meditate. If you don't meditate, start meditating and keep at it. Eventually you will understand. Don't worry about the whole 'exploding brain syndrome' and paralysis thing. Don't be afraid, just relax and hear out your primitive side... Your 'guardian angel'... Become one and be 'enlightened.' and then you will understand the truth.

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  • Changes to the Mondoweiss comment policy
    • For those who wish to focus only on current events, the alien set of ideas and hijacking aspect is in the past anyways. Anti-Zionists need to realize that the majority of Jewish people identify with Zionism and the majority (if not all) of non-Jewish people who identify with Zionism do not live in Israel.

      In addition, I suggest everybody re-assess their position and direction. The two-state solution is essentially dead and one state is unofficially already here, especially when most Israelis admit they are willing to accept Apartheid. Israel is the self-proclaimed Jewish state. Many if not most of the world would not deny this, even among some critical of Israeli policies. Most Jews believe Israel is the Jewish state. Those who do not believe this, what do you believe? Do they want to destroy the modern UN nation state of Israel? Because that will certainly scare people away. Distance themselves from the state and its people or from its state policies?

      If the anti-Zionists among the diaspora want to dissociate with the state of Israel, they should realize that nearly half the world's Jewish people live in Israel and mostly aren't going anywhere. They should realize that most Jewish people are always going to be partial to Israel for one reason or another, especially since many have family living there. So again I suggest everybody re-assess their position and direction because right now I really don't see the point.

      The reason I moved along earlier was because of far-left group-think witnessed in some comments. Liberalism is not the same as the far-left. True liberalism is a centric approach aka left-center, center, and right-center. Many among the left and far-left are the Marxist socialist subverter types and I think it's obvious that they along with Zionist agent provocateurs have subverted the anti-Zionist movement. I wouldn't be surprised if real anti-Semites tried to do the same thing but there is an awful lot more socialist types trying to make Zionism into some ideology separate from Jewishness when the two are inseparable even if you choose to keep your head in the sand and refuse to believe it. For those that do, please take off your blinders and see past your confirmation bias to the whole picture.

      It's one thing to lay ground rules and outline a direction. When the rules are subject to case-by-case interpretation, the direction is not clear and the movement is polarized, I know which 'side' I do not want to be on. In the West, the 'left' is more fashionable than the 'right' leading the 'right' to be picked on more than the 'left' and the far-right completely demonized for good reason. Yet the far-left should be equally demonized because they are just as bad. The difference is they are differently bad and the left-biased West accepts it when they should not. Address critics, don't silence them unless they are obviously trolls. That's my opinion anyways.

      In my opinion little of this is helping the I/P problem. Ignoring history when there are loose ends is a recipe for disaster. Ignoring the reality of the situation is not going to change it. Demographically there might now be more Palestinians than Jews from the river to the sea but not by much. Flooding Israel with refugees might seem just but a lot of things have changed since '48. It's not realistic nor desirable. Most were born in refugee camps and many who were in Jordan have been given Jordan citizenship. Some sort of compensation is of course due, but you have to take everything into account. Including the fact that some refugees might not be waiting to 'return' but are just taking advantage of welfare resources. IMO you need to take a centric POV and realize these things no matter how un-politically correct they are. They still are facts and truth. Ignoring them, censoring them, suppressing them… Not going to change the status quo. Smearing people and others they associate with as anti-semites when they are not along with dissociation is not going to make friends nor will it solve any problems.

      I haven't been an activist for very long, just a few years, and in this time I have lost a few friends for irrational reasons. They refuse to speak to me and at this point even though I care, it doesn't matter. Raising perceptions and awareness to the real greater good for this planet and doing things about it… that's what I think is important. Acknowledge facts and truth no matter how uncomfortable it is because the truth does hurt sometimes. Doesn't mean it should be suppressed. In my honest opinion, I see several here who are unwilling to confront relevant historical truths and even resorting to the tactics of the opposition and labeling it antisemitic when it isn't. And if it does manifest as that, maybe that's a response and an irrational one because of reactive (defensive) thinking. We're only human after all. Nobody is perfect. Maybe these people don't think it helps and it scares people away. Maybe they're right in that regard. Can't please everybody though. Keep moving the goal posts and everybody gets scared away. The unwarranted attack on Finkelstein a few months ago already did that to me

  • Finkelstein on 'cults and flunkies'
    • The infighting is a direct result of establishing a group identity to any sort of movement. Natural human social characteristics try to steer the group and eventually standards are set. Disagree with any of the standards and the group starts to hate you. This is when groups become cults and group think is bad. Group think is always bad IMO.

      Individual expression of ideas is healthy and can be debated in a healthy manner. Group of expression of ideas can lead to the odd person out being smeared by the group. I'm seeing that in some of these posts, perceptions have been created and perceptions can have a blinding effect if you aren't aware of the whole picture.

      What if an agent provocateur among the group steers it the wrong way and the group follows? Then anybody who no longer agrees in the direction is smeared. What if something like that happened to BDS? Or has already happened? Doesn't have to be an agent provocateur. Even if a differing of opinions regarding direction. I agree with BDS in principle, but the group has cemented goals that go beyond ending the occupation and one of those goals might be self-defeating.

      Absolute defined language as opposed to neutral language is good for being specific, good when you don't want somebody to manipulate the intent. "return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194" sounds good in principle. It ignores the other half of article 11: "and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible."

      This is relevant because the latter is more realistic considering the resolution is 64 years old and was not written from a modern perspective. Make no doubt about it, they should be compensated by the guilty. They should be resettled (or a Palestinian state if that ever happened) and some should be resettled in Israel, but Israel/Palestine cannot hold all of them, not that all of them would come back. It would destroy it demographically for sure, but it would just flat out destroy it.

      Some of us are okay with that, but most people aren't. I don't think you can sell this thing with such a specific absolute point here. I disagreed with Finkelstein before but he's just being honest and I think not only do I understand, I agree with him.

  • Norman Finkelstein's disinformation about BDS
    • I think devolved is the wrong way to look at it. This is a case of one person not seeing eye to eye with a group consensus. He's been spot on with I/P and so much else. I think I sense confirmation bias for others and a lack of thinking objectively. The problem with a group think consensus is not everybody is going to agree with the group all the time because of us being individuals. The very fact that can divide a group. I have no idea how to solve such problems, I just live here dude.

    • I'll always like Finkelstein, even when I disagree with him. Just remember that confirmation bias is a negative thing.

  • The therapist blurts
    • Psychotherapy might help people, but it is another form of mind conditioning or brainwashing. Just like self-help stuff, it's stuff to condition your brain to think/feel a certain way. Again, it might help people overcome problems. When you deconstruct it though, it's treatment through brainwashing. Is that a good thing?

      The "Why not Syria or Saudi Arabia or Iran?" is no different than hasbara. Because hasbara is like psychotherapy. Think about it.

  • Islamophobia, Shmislamophobia! 97% of Homeland Security security grants go to Jewish orgs
    • How many of these organizations have ties to Israel? I'm sure that's where all the money is going. Homeland security is Israel-style security. KGB stood for Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti or Committee for State Security but also basically Homeland Security. Putting things in perspective here

    • Not trying to be nitpicky, but it's $2.3 trillion. Adjusted for inflation it's nearly $3 trillion. When it comes to taxpayer money in terms of trillions lost... that's huge.

  • Ben-Ami says divestment will alienate Christians from 'American Jewish community'
    • That's a great point. Preemptive war is their language, definitely hasbara. They start with the 'defensive war' line first unless they are engaged with somebody who knows better, then they say preemptive. Either way, thanks Sumud.

    • The land was taken in a preemptive war though. It wasn't defensive. And there are laws in place since the mid 20th century to prevent such things from happening.

      Ben Ami might as well be Dennis Ross. Just another mouthpiece that parrots "Back to the table, KAW, 2 state solution, KAW, Back to the table, KAW"

      I used to work for a person who continued to tell us "This is what you have to do" and we did it and it never worked and he kept saying "This is what you have to do" repeating the same thing. Thankfully they let him go because it wasn't working. Nobody has let the US go (I think that's part of what you said) even though it is painfully obvious by now they need to be let go. As far as J Street is concerned, Ben Ami has shown his true cards as far as I'm concerned.

      So many voices trying to re-define and lead this movement. So much new lipstick on the same old pigs.

  • Coalition partners don't associate with astroturfing 'Iran 180'
    • If you're ever in the neighborhood, I suggest stopping in Dearborn. Dearborn is a college town satellite for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor which is an hour drive away. Yes it does have a large Arabic-speaking population and many of them are Chaldean aka Christian. Not that there is anything wrong with the Muslims, some of them related to their Chaldean cousins and hence the reason why they live there. Dearborn is more modern and civilized than the vast majority of the USA and all of Israel and that's a fact. To disagree is not an opinion. Seriously, Bazzi has absolutely no clue

  • US opposes 'world heritage status' for Jesus's birthplace. Guess why
    • Herod was half Edomite and half Arab

      Palestinians are the indiginous peoples of that particular region. Contrary to popular myth, it was not common for 'invaders' as you deceptively refer to them (because you're using that label to demonize Arabs when in reality the same applies to the Sea Peoples, biblical Hebrews, Romans, etc), to displace entire native populations. Travel was limited in those days and in cases such as Egypt the conquerors were in much smaller numbers compared to the natives they now ruled over. They assimilated and in time you can even say they can even be bred out. Exceptions would be invading hoards looking for a new home land (like the Sea Peoples) because they lost their own or grossly exaggerated myths that are not actual history. Travel was very limited in those days. Palestinians are very much descended from Sea Peoples, Phoenicians, Romans, Hebrews/Jews, Edomites, Arabs, Persians, etc.

      They have more of a right to claim anything done in ancient times than European colonists do. They've got the blood of ancient Jews, Romans, and Arabs running through them so they can lay claim to Jerusalem, Aelia Capitolina, Al Quds, etc. Zionist colonists from Europe cannot.

    • The hasbara gang appears to have consolidated their 'forces' to the likes of yahoo, facebook, msn, cnn, etc. lately. They haven't abandoned their activity commenting in blogs, I'm seeing a lot less of them in the past few months. Maybe it's just me.

  • 'Economist' says Palestinians, denied statehood, increasingly 'question the point of the P.A.'
    • Israel is only capable of addressing non-violent protest violently. The 'non-violent protest will inevitably turn violent, therefore we use violence' excuse. The American media will then spin it in Israel's favor without mentioning such protests starting out non-violently. Unless somehow the Palestinians resisted without defending themselves. That would be hard to spin, yet they would still make an attempt. I don't expect anybody to allow themselves to be slaughtered instead of defending themselves. The media will spin either outcome in Israel's favor and that's a problem, especially in the US. One of these days something will go viral in the US and the media won't be able to stop it.

  • '$1 million prize intended to fight assimilation'
    • Determining the meaning of words..... lawyer's rhetoric. A closed system based on loose alternate interpretations of words. Politicians and junk scientists use it too.

  • Where is Foxman?
    • Ford was referring to Jews in a context that was mostly specific to what he saw as Jewish financers representing international financial interests and the rising threat of communism. He also used the word 'financer' interchangeably at times, not sure he used the word Zionist. He would write on to say that it wasn't the Jews in general as a people and mentioned his Jewish business partners and employees which were treated respectfully. He also condemned pogroms against Jewish people. This was long before political correctness, not trying to sound like an apologist or anything. It was a poor choice of words for sure. I doubt his critics actually read any of the material. I don't think I'm wrong here, but I can see why others are offended. Again, poor choice of words but the criticism is blown out of proportion.

  • Medal of Freedom for Shimon Peres maintains White House blind spot on Israel
    • Medal of freedom? Did they change the definition of freedom? I know these folks like to play off the alternate definition of words in order to truthfully tell a lie, but this is pretty low. Handing out medals? He has a Nobel prize too. So does Obama even though he didn't do anything to get it. Doesn't say much for the Nobel Prize. They gave one of those to Menachem Begin despite his terrorism

  • What was Sheldon Adelson's one question to Romney before giving him $10 million?
    • Keeping big money out of politics is an impossible task, but is it easier to sell to the masses than the fact they've been mislead about Israel and the lobby buys their congressmen?

      It's easy to show how corrupt the financial system is and it's easier to turn the masses against the ruling class. The money of the ruling class is used to influence the minds of the masses on things like I/P. Exposing the unaccountable ruling class and their influence on things like politics, foreign policy, and media, even without bringing up I/P would be much easier than changing established perceptions about I/P. IMO at least. At least that's where my brain has wandered recently. I haven't been following I/P as long as others but in the short time that I have I've met incredible resistance and lost a few friends. Expose where the money goes and where it comes from, get that out of the way, and then tackle I/P and perceptions will change? I don't know where to go anymore to be honest...

  • Finkelstein stands by 'BDS cult' accusation, says it's 'historically criminal' to not support the two state solution
    • I also agree, in pure theory, with Finkelstein. In theory, when it comes to international law, the ball is in Palestine's court as long as they adhere to the two-state solution.

      When it comes to fact, Israel, the West, and even the UN do not seem to care about the Palestinians. No matter how many resolutions are passed or how much time is wasted on debating about it. Nothing ever changes. Nobody seems to care. They could wind up sitting on an international stage or courtroom for all eternity arguing over the cards they've been dealt and what those cards are valued at under international law. The simple fact is that those who have power in that case do not care and side with Israel. Finkelstein needs to stop trying to play their game. For years he seemed to be alone in his message, but that's no longer the case, many are aware of the truth of what has gone on. He is alone in thinking the Palestinians have a chance if they stick to the two-state script. The game is rigged in Israel's favor. Always was

  • 'Do you feel more Arab or more American?': Two women's story of being detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion
  • Because of all my father and mother did to liberate Europe (I go to the West Bank)
    • OlegR, it sure is different all right. It defies all logic and rationality, and I'm talking about the Israelis by the way. When it comes to the Internet variety of Zionist, we see similar reactions to your initial response to this article. It is as if you lack a conscious and empathy, often resorting to deceptive half-truths and rhetorical tricks. Basically the type that pass Dr. Hare's checklist with flying colors (google it).

      There is no sense in being neutral or PC about it any longer either which many have done in order to get others to listen to reason. The fact is that Zionists are in the wrong. Period. And there is no sense in being civil or 'nice' in our interactions. Not for credibility or any reason. You're in the wrong as are all of Israel's cheerleaders. That message is viral now

  • Passive-aggressive George Bush namechecks neocons for getting us into that mess
    • That's their most infamous 'scandal' followed by the espionage scandal from a few years ago. Goes along with their history of being suspected or investigated for spying. They've been politely asked to register as a foreign agent and never have. AIPAC was actually created with their predecessor was no-so-political asked by RFK (who ironically was later assassinated by a Palestinian...). Then there are all these neocon pigs like Perle who have history of spying for Israel but somehow wind up in government positions.

    • But there was passion in his seventy-four-year-old eyes when he compared Saddam Hussein's brutality to the Nazi genocide. "Mr. President," he said, "you have a moral obligation to act against evil." The force of his conviction affected me deeply. Here was a man who had devoted his life to peace urging me to intervene in Iraq...

      Saddam was a foolishly evil and arrogant dictator. No doubts there. The war crimes he was executed for centered around massacres under his command that led to the deaths of around 200,000 people. Some people dispute this, I'm not sure we will ever know. There was violent dissent and rebellious movements, and I'm sure that regime dealt with it harshly. I wouldn't be surprised if he funded terrorists, I'm sure he did. I'm a little skeptical about funding suicide bombers in Israel. Sounds like wishful thinking by the same folks who tried to link him to 9/11. But who knows, Israel did bomb their nuclear reactor and kill some of their people. Israel had it out for Iraq ever since their involvement with their early "wars" and the scuds in Tel Aviv are IMO what probably sealed his fate.

      Anyways, what I'm trying to say here is that this alone was no reason for war. Neither were all those lies obviously. War happened, Saddam was hanged, and a lot of people died. Mostly Iraqis. The official war casualty list is flawed and unofficially 1.5 million Iraqi civilians have been killed as a result of this war. Now, compare that to what Saddam was held accountable for. Who is the one emulating Nazis here? Who is the bad guy? A war based on lies that is officially considered a success mostly because of the regime change of a murdering Hitler-esque tyrant. So they say. A war that could have very well killed 8x the number of people attributed to said tyrant in 1/3 the amount of time.

      I hope I live to see these crooks put on trial for war crimes. Wolfowitz. Feith. Bush. all of them.

  • 'Foreign Policy' peddles productive Iranian war theory
    • Considering the lobby's recent behavior regarding warmongering foolishness to push more sanctions via the Senate despite the coming talks, I think they are clearly deranged and a leash is not enough. Time to put the old dog to sleep instead (abolish it as a foreign agent for Israel requiring them to pay taxes and making their influence on Congress an act of treason)

  • Israeli judge to issue verdict in Rachel Corrie case
    • In Israel, defense=offense. They are the aggressors in a 64+year-old conflict of their own creation. They are over-militarized considering the 'threat' which they claim to face on a daily basis (which in reality does not even exist unless it's invisible to our senses). Because defense=offense in Israel speak, it just adds to the bulldozer being weaponized. Israeli double standards applied to words meaning the opposite in Israelese. Peace=Perpetual and Preemptive warfare. Any accident or crime committed by Palestinians = terror attack. Moral = immoral. Criticism is mistranslated and misinterpreted to mean provocation and incitement. Arab or Palestinian = terrorist. Critic or 2SS supporter = leftist liberal progressive self-hating Jew. etc.

    • Fredblogs, considering his history of body part harvesting and also considering the fact that everybody lies, I fail to see what point you are trying to prove.

  • Oren's defensive piece on 'sinister' delegitimization movement shows boycott is working
    • So many rhetorical questions.....

      I wish there was an exception to free speech which made rhetorical questions illegal. It would give the manipulators one less trick and also make commission sales a teeny tiny bit more difficult.

  • AIPAC's Iran resolution (What if Congress had told JFK he couldn't 'rely on containment' with Soviets?)
    • All joking aside about Congressional corruption and being bought/paid by the Israeli lobby, with every passing day they are becoming my primary concern. It's not a joke, whatever their job is supposed to be they aren't doing it. Lobbying money put them in front of the masses to vote for out of foolishness. They don't represent the majority of Americans, they represent corporations and Israel. They are no longer needed now that you can fly from LA to DC in the time it used to take in the 18th century to get there from Baltimore. The people need to know they need to go. It's closer to home than the I/P conflict or the influence of the Zionist lobbies. All relative though. The military is the world police and the Congress and the world's law makers. So it seems. They don't care about Americans. How can they sleep at night? To be fair, there is about four or five good guys. The rest are treasonous pigs

  • US military officers taught to target civilians and wage 'total war' on Islam
    • They are complete idiots. Ironically, the Western 'face' of Islam is Salafist Wahhabism. It was a minor extremist cult until the Western powers put the Sauds in control over the Arabian Peninsula and forcing it upon everybody against their will in relatively modern history. Remove the Western puppets and it's completely reversible.

      If they really want to make Islam into a cult, what are they going to do to the other Abrahamic religions? I'm not religious, but I know they are all more similar than different, despite what people thing. They all come from the same source. It would be one thing to influencing the abandonment of dogma, but we have plenty of fundies back home who use dogma to support their warmongering. They need help badly.

      They should solve the I/P issue. Stay out of the affairs of the ME and discontinue their meddling (which means removal of their puppets too). Stop using agent provocateurs to promote sectarian violence and extremism. Everything would be fine.

    • No kidding. I guess I should've figured that out nearly a decade ago when gitmo was caught using "Palestinian Hanging"

      Our military, our police (as Daniel Rich mentions above), our security policy, our security technology, our phone technology and mobile transaction technology. And I don't trust their tech one bit. It's full of back doors, this is a fact. Last year I read about some Pennsylvania county using Israeli 'security' alerts and discontinued it because it said an upcoming gay pride event was a 'terrorism and security risk'

  • Right of Return key goes on tour
    • They might not be binding but they are general guidelines agreed upon by world powers that civilized modern nations are expected to honor, not treat them like a dirty lawyer would arguing over the fine print of a business contract. These are human lives. Why does Israel treat everything from the perspective of a lawyer? Like that article last week or so where somebody made it sound like if a deal is rejected by the Palestinians, the next deal will be worse. This isn't a corporation, although many corporations profit off of the occupation so I would imagine this is reflected in their politics.

      If I convert to Judaism and get a Certificate of Conversion, the Jewish law of return says that despite having no family or friends and not speaking a word of Hebrew, I can 'return' to my 'adopted homeland' and be a citizen. Yet people who were born there, had generations of ancestors living there, still have the deed and key to their long-demolished home after they were forcibly expelled by Israeli brutes, are not allowed to come back? Despite the UN resolutions that Israel ignores because they're corporate psychopaths? What planet does this make sense on? I mean, if that makes sense to everybody, I guess I'm not from this planet.

      The right of return is not going to be easy because of the amount of time that has passed, but it just cannot be ignored. It will never go away. Those who bury their head in the sand and think "those Arab countries they live in should give them citizenship" are going to regret it in the end.

  • ICG: The peace process is a 'collective addiction that serves all manner of needs, reaching an agreement no longer being the main one'
    • I couldn't agree more with the title (quoted from the next-to-last sentence in the third quoted paragraph).

      The Peace Process© has its roots in the Camp David Accords and subsequent agreements. This was supposed to set the ground work for peace in general but the only thing that came out of it was the unpopular Egypt-Israel peace treaty (the latter is where Israel gets its annual $3 billion in US aid) which likely led to Sadat's assassination.

      A decade later, Israel made the revocation of UNGA resolution 3379 (Zionism is racism) a pre-requisite to attending the Madrid Conference that set the framework for the Oslo Accords. As a result of the conference, India, China, Morocco, Tunisia, and a few other nations recognized and established diplomatic relations with Israel (their support nearly doubled). It's worth nothing that both this and the early Camp David Accords occurred under the cooperation of Likudite former terrorist leaders Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. Then of course after Oslo, Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, then Bibi had his first term and took advantage of the fine print and made the Jordan Valley a 'security zone' which in his own words stopped the Oslo Accords. His refusal to pullout of the Jordan Valley is proof that he likely still believes this.

      So the Peace Process© and 2SS has been dead for quite some time now you see.

  • Secrecy pact over Israel's nukes, reached by Nixon and Meir, serves policy of 'nuclear coercion' to avoid peace deal
    • Israel almost used those nukes during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. Moshe Dayan was Israel's defense minister at that time. He's been quoted to have said “this is the end of the third temple” which was veiled code for the imminent destruction of Israel. Allegedly the 'temple' aspect was also code for their nukes. In other words, the statement meant 'prepare the nukes' and prepare them they did.

      What disturbs me most of all is that the nukes were not intended for defense. They were intended for a suicide strike. Golda Meir was given a bottle of 'suicide pills' even. These nutters were convinced of their imminent destruction and were ready to die rather than be alive to witness it. This insanity still infects many of the Israelis and their leaders. The first Israel nuclear warhead allegedly has a plaque on it stating "Never Again!" Seriously.

      The story goes that they prepared the warheads on "Jericho" missiles 'in a way that caught the American's attention' whatever that means. Golda Meir pleaded with Kissinger for support. Kissinger told Nixon (in the middle of the night or something like that). It was literal blackmail for traditional weapons so Israel wouldn't use their nukes against Egypt and Syria. Gave them the upper hand.

      Not the first time they had help. In the 40s it was Slovakia (I think) who armed Israel to help 'win' their 'war of independence'. All of their wars were instigated or started preemptively by Israel. 1967 was planned by Ben Gurion in 1948, he said so himself that in 20 years time they would come after that land. Israel gets too much credit and boasts too much of their own intelligence network's effectiveness when the truth is they make shit up and they're lousy. That's why they didn't see the 1973 war coming. Because they didn't start it. And they almost lost, blackmailed the US to 'win'. Pathetic.

    • That's the truth, atime forpeace. He pissed off many people and interest groups. The one common element to all those 'crosshairs' though is the CIA. Even if Israel's intelligence was involved to any degree, it would have been through the CIA. After the Bay of Pigs disaster JFK considered dissolving the CIA. All the fingerprints and puzzle pieces point that way including a relatively recent death bed confession.

    • That Amazon review..... those are the kind of people who scare me. Mentally ill or something. Wonder why he gave it five stars?

    • I wouldn't doubt the rooftop scenario, pabelmont. There is an Israeli company called Magna BSP who manufactures extremely odd stereoscopic security cameras. They're odd because of their unusual size. What's unusual about their size is that they were the exact same shape as a gun-type nuclear fission weapon. When they can put a camera on a phone smaller than a pinky fingernail that's better than consumer digicams from 5 years ago (even stereoscopic ones, like on the nintendo 3ds for example), it seems awfully suspicious that these Magna BSP are so big and have such a hefty footprint.

      link to

      What's even more strange is that their website seems fake and has a bunch of dead links. The reason I emphasized were earlier is because the renderings of their 'current product offerings' are much smaller than they were a couple months ago. Specifically, they used to showcase a product called "owl" which looked identical to a gun-type nuclear fission weapon. Here is an overview on the owl:

      link to

      Gun-type nuclear fission weapon:

      link to

      Apparently this company was founded by a bunch of security 'experts' whose 'expertise' was serving in IDF. Magna BSP's 'about' page is full of lingo that will confuse the average person. It's interesting that their product renderings were altered to be smaller recently. As their about page says, they sold their tech to Japan for their nuclear facilities. Some people began to question this Magna BSP in light of what happened last year, so I wonder if that's one of the reasons for changing the renderings. Seems all sorts of odds. Could be nothing, but it could be something. And that's a scary something that would explain quite a bit regarding unconditional US support for Israel.

  • Operation Glass Houses: IDF agent provocateurs admit to throwing stones at the IDF in Bilin
    • Ironically, this is the sort of thing that hasbarists deny and laugh off, as if the idea of Israel resorting to dangerous tricks like using agent provocateurs or committing false flag attacks is a fantasy. Israel has a history of doing this, they have a history of getting caught doing this. Because they do not officially admit to it (like their nuclear program) apparently for some people that means it didn't happen.

  • Bin Laden docs show that alleged Iran-Al Qaeda alliance is neocon hype
    • What convenient timing for these documents to surface. Just a year after Osama was 'killed' and right after Obama gives a speech about 'Al Qaeda' being pretty much a non-issue. The neocons need their faceless boogeyman in order to continue the 'war on terror' perpetually (and take it to Iran).

      This reveal just insults our intelligence. I have no idea what went on in that raid last year, but the Pakistanis say that the American helicopter exploded on take off and there were corpses on the lawn. And the chopper did explode. Also, sveral of the involved SEAL team six died in a chopper crash a few months afterwards. And that one video they showed of 'Osama' from behind watching 'himself' on TV was all sorts of laughable. I feel sorry for the kool aid drinkers. This is just one story where the fringe media are definitely right.

  • It took decades for South Africa boycott resolutions to gain traction
    • Hmmm.. Good point. I just wonder though how much of the Israeli checkpoint system is psychological determent? A mass crowd could gather and overtake a few of them. Nablus is pretty contained by surrounding checkpoints, but the Ramallah, Hebron, and Bethlehem areas have less. Those ones are more strict. Hebron and Bethlehem have a good shot at it. If Bethlehem was involved in such a thing, it would definitely resonate around the world for obvious reasons. The third Intifada is inevitable at this point, IMHO.

      Of course, such protests, even if non-violent, would be spun by the MSM to make it look like they were taking it out on the innocent Israelis just doing their jobs, maybe quote the old Hamas charter. But even in South Africa the resistance sang "Kill the Boer" and they still sing it.

  • Beinart warns Jews that not talking to Palestinians and anti-Zionists 'makes us stupid'
    • The 'peace process' as a business deal is worth highlighting. That's what the Western powers interpret it as and that's always how the Israeli leaders have treated it. Something is wrong about that and few seem to care. Even the peace agreements, international law, and UN resolutions are interpreted by Israeli leaders as if they were a business contact. Who does that? Maybe it's because Israel is a corporation with so many corporate hands in the Zionist cookie jar. That's all they know

  • Obama working to postpone UN investigation into settlements until after 2012 elections
  • Obama nutmegs Romney with Netanyahu condolence call referencing 'the Jewish people'
    • "remarkable legacy of service to the Jewish people"

      Isn't that lumping Zionists and Israelis together with the rest of the Jews in the world? Obviously Israel wants Israeli and Jewish to be synonymous, but the growing divide is going to continue to grow. Israelis are Israelis. Zionists. Most of them anyways. Benzion didn't have any Jewish service legacy, he was a racist Zionist.

  • Fighting Jews-- then and now
    • Khamenei did not approve of Ahmadinejad's remarks. Khamenei's primary foreign policy provider Velayati even said "the Holocaust was a genocide and a historical reality"

      So no it's not an official Iranian position and comparing it to nukes is an odd choice of analogy. Ahmadinejad is the president of Iran, but he holds no power. He cannot even make military decisions.

    • Same here, marc b. Not just because of the candidates, but because it really is meaningless. 2000 made me realize that the popular vote is a worthless statistic. That people vote for voters and not actual candidates. Since then I'm fairly certain the voting is rigged and there are obvious cases of fraud that nobody ever does anything about. Besides that, the actual candidates presented in front of the voting masses have been pre-selected by the financial class. They make it expensive to run so nobody has a chance, then donate money to the people they approve of. Their media would never give any unapproved (by the financial class) candidates exposure.

      It's a financial oligarchy. A plutocracy. There is no point wasting time. The "You have to vote" folks just don't understand it. I even bought a sheet of "I didn't vote" stickers so I can be a jerk come November.

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • American Christians are the biggest supporters of Israel. I'm sure that the Copts and the Chaldeans in diaspora care about what goes on in Egypt and Iraq. How much of that is third party and how much of it is real though? Ilan Grapel, third party agent arrested for promoting sectarian violence in Egypt. How many Ilan Grapels are there? Because they were allegedly also in Lebanon doing the same thing with the Maronite community.

      Christians support Israel for different reasons. Losing their support would be a big deal. Trying to divert the attention to other nations with problems does not make your problem go away. Nor does it justify the problem. The whole 'what about these countries with problems: (list)' excuse is just a diversion. Israel has traditionally done some of it's most brutal work while the world's attention was focused elsewhere in addition to extending the status quo.

      64 years of ethnic cleansing and worse while the Western media covered up the crimes and the public mostly had no idea because dissent was silenced. Nearly a century of exclusively Western support including financial, military, and peace 'mediator' (compliments mainly from the USA). Corporate and military strategic interest in the region for a variety of reasons. Israel is a primary reason for instability in the ME. Good luck diverting the masses from hear on out from uncovering the horrible truth.

  • On Iran, Obama's fmr national security adviser uses the new C-word (Contain)
    • "it’s particularly problematic because they traditionally export terror"

      Traditionally? Why do people say such things? Why is Israel and their media friends always saying that Hezbollah and Hamas are "Iranian terror proxies?"

      It's the media and hopelessly biased 'scholars' who have exaggerated their relations. Training, funding, and support does not add up to 'exporting terror'. Most of the world doesn't consider either to be a terrorist organization anyways. Hezbollah is respected in countries that consider them terrorists. They're probably only considered terrorists because Israel cried and told the US/UK/Canada/etc. to and sometime in the future that might change. I also can't find any evidence saying that Iran created Hezbollah, just biased scholars and the typical media crackpots.

  • Dana on Beinart: 'undeterred by unavoidable realities'
    • I'll have to check out the book, sounds interesting from a brief synopsis I read. The WB's economy is Israel's economy and relies on imports from Israel. It has no economy of its own because Israel prevents Palestinians from being economically viable. That's among the many reasons why the status quo is unquestionably Apartheid and Israel is not a democracy at all. And another reason why the 2SS is impossible.

      They ignore international law and UN resolutions. They illegally annexed East Jerusalem and Golan Heights. Their settlements spider web throughout the WB. A lot of them get mad when you say 'occupation'. The only 2SS their leaders desire is a legalized status quo. The Palestinian population areas as Bantustans. When Netanyahu (and Ronald Reagan even) complain about being 10 miles wide, he doesn't intend on giving up much, if any at all. This has been dragged out for decades. So what I'm saying here is regardless of what is internationally designated as the green line, Israel ignores international law anyways so they can't hide under what internationals consider to be Israel proper (and say the lame democracy thing) when their border already extends to the Jordan River. That's the problem

  • In 'Time,' Cantor joins himself at the hip with Netanyahu in defiance of Obama
    • Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

      Eric Cantor = Treasonist

  • Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi
  • Jeffrey Goldberg's claim that Iran's Supreme Leader wants to kill Israeli Jews is based on shoddy sources
    • Israeli sociopathic paranoia and manipulative racist leaders (who are also war criminals and terrorists) wants to attack Iran for invented reasons. Shoddy evidence from shoddy sources. The same neocon media hawks who brought us aluminum tubes. US military intelligence along with Israel's own intelligence already agrees there is no evidence Iran's nuclear program will be weaponized. And even if it is, it wouldn't happen for years.

      The information to the contrary is coming from public opinion manipulators. Ben Stein saying that Iran intends to cause another holocaust. Ben Stein himself being best friends with banksters and foreign policy think tanks.

      Let's say that Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facility. Retaliation is plausible. I believe that Israel's hand will be 'forced' into using one of their nukes, probably on Tehran. There is a very good scenario that upwards of 10,000,000 casualties would result from such an attack.

      So Israel, out of paranoia, poorly interprets 'erased from the pages of history' as 'wiped off the map' and takes offense to the little jabs from their powerless president. They poorly assume Iran's nuclear program is for weapons despite evidence to the contrary. They believe that Iran wants to cause a holocaust. So, the build-up to attacking Iran is completely unfounded, not based on reality, and is totally delusional. If carried out, it's plausible that they would murder 10 million people. They would cause a nuclear holocaust to prevent a holocaust threat that only exists in their imagination.

      Now, how would the world respond if taken this far? There is, IMHO, a good chance that millions of people will die for absolutely no reason. That the world just say there and allow it to happen. How are the Iranians going to feel about that? Israel will be the ultimate bad guy. Attacking Iran is a suicide mission. At the very least, $40/gallon gas. And at the very worst, nuclear world war. Why even risk that? Why risk putting Americans in harm's way and causing our economy to plummet further by dragging us into another war? Israel is obviously the only nuclear problem in this world. They are who we should be dealing with, not Iran's imaginary nukes. Israel's real ones they made in secret. That they hid in inspections. That they do not admit to existing.

  • American Jews won't vote on Israel in 2012 election
    • Do Jews consider Kabbalists Jewish? I always thought Kabbalah (the non-Madonna variety) was like Alchemy. The Zohar even says that Manasseh killed Moses. Freud must have read it because he said the same thing.

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