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Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. I speculate and generalize too much. I'm only human. My heart is in the right place though. Something is wrong and I want to help make it right. Truth and Knowledge are empowering. J.R.R. Tolkien said it best: "And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth." Want to know the truth? Meditate. If you don't meditate, start meditating and keep at it. Eventually you will understand. Don't worry about the whole 'exploding brain syndrome' and paralysis thing. Don't be afraid, just relax and hear out your primitive side... Your 'guardian angel'... Become one and be 'enlightened.' and then you will understand the truth.

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  • When is someone going to lose his job for calling someone an anti-Semite?
    • The look on the students faces while they were in Poland, and the interview with the one girl about what she was feeling... maybe it's just me but I sensed a conflict of sorts. Disbelief. Confusion. If it exists, it seems to disappear in adulthood.

  • Israel mobilizes special forces to deport 'flytilla' activists
    • Sounds like the JDL is making threats. The JDL are a terrorist organization in the USA. Not in Canada though, they're very active in Toronto. I've read that a disproportionate amount of pro-Israel Hasbara comments originate from Toronto-based IP addresses.

      Here is hoping the activists will be safe, even if they are taken into custody. I wouldn't put anything past the JDL thugs.

  • Wallace interview with Ahmadinejad was little more than deliberate demonization
    • Interesting... Thanks for the link Antidote. I'm not entirely sure I would take his word considering the fact that he was given power by the CIA in 1953 (Operation AJAX). One of the primary reasons for the revolution.

      The world quickly forgets, but prior to 1979, Iran was an ally of the US and Israel. Post-revolution Iran has turned into another dictatorship and many Iranians realize this and resent it. Israel even convinced a post-revolution Iran to initially strike Iraq's nuclear reactor despite them being called the little Satan. And they've always had some behind-the-scenes trading going on, mainly weapons. The truth is stranger than fiction.

      It is interesting that Pahlavi would say that though. He looked nervous. And he cut himself off. Makes me wonder.

  • If you deduct the Israelites, Pharaoh's Egypt was actually a marvelous country
    • The Hyskos theory is one plausible example. Egyptian chronology is all messed up though and the Hyskos may not have been completely expelled. Hyskos were foreign rulers with fair skin and red hair, features associated with the worship of Set/Seth. Ramesses II was not from the same era as the Hyskos, but his mummy shows he was Caucasian and had red hair. In fact, Set/Seth was associated with red hair. After the demonization of Set/Seth, there is evidence that red-haired people were sacrificed in Egypt (there were red-haired sacrificial victims found in mummy for all over the world, including in the Mammoth Caves in the US). The Tocharian mummies of the Tarim Basin near India in China have also been connected with the Egyptian red-headed kings.

      Hyskos were called Shepard kings and brought horses, chariots, and bows. Shepard kings, red-haired, horses/chariots, and bows sounds Indo-Scythian. Which would make sense. Some folks have tried to link Hyskos to the Shasu of YHW. Don't know about that, but the Shasu of YHW have definitely been linked to the Habirus. Religious scholars reject a Hebrew/Habiru connection, but if you take off your blinders you will find more similarities than differences. The Habirus were also known as Sakas. So where the Scythians. Scythian was used by Greeks to refer to anybody in Northern Asia though, so it is a kind of a confusing term since archaeologists often mistake Hun artifacts with Scythian. The Saxons, the Scots, the Scandinavians, etc. are all derived from the word Sakas, and probably all related to them.

      Many Scythians/Sakas areas are named Ibiri/Iberia which isn't much different phonetically than the word Hebrew (Ireland, Georgia, Siberia, Span).

      So I think there is a historical basis for a lot of this mythology, but not all of it is in Egypt. Pharaoh is a foreign word for Egyptian kings and its biblical name was Mizraim. The history of the world is stranger and lesser known than we are led to believe. And I haven't even got into the whole Dan sea-faring people thing. Dan, Daan, Danu, Anu, Tanu, etc. are all related to this too.

  • Finkelstein 'not going to be an Israel-basher anymore' but remains 'appalled and disgusted'
    • Strong majority? There were only a couple of polls that showed a majority percentage supporting the war and they were spins (ex - 67% who watched Bush's speech when only a small percentage of Americans watch these speeches, or pending UN SC authority which technically was never given). The only time a majority of people supported the war was after it first started. The whole patriotism BS when it was all over the news. It went sour after that when they realized it was based on lies and false pretenses.

      Public opinion is easily molded by the media apparatus, and ever then they only fooled half the country and it didn't take long to sober up, aside from warmongers.

      Support for the Iraq war was spearheaded by Neoconservatives and Zionists along with corporations. AIPAC has been saying for years that their hands are clean from the war, but they are not. They already own congress. They can do their dirty work behind the scenes.

      Rosen, Weissman, and Larry Franklin come to mind, and it's Iran related too:

      link to

      Jack Abramoff was linked to many neocon congressmen as well as AIPAC. The Plame Affair with Perle and Feith, Perle who had spied decades earlier for Israel. Feith had Israeli generals meet him in secret at the DoD and would also write laughable bullet points to build a case for Iraq. Both were part of PNAC and both contributed to "A Clean Break." Perle resigned 'coincidentally' after the FBI raided AIPAC's headquarters. There is also the Jane Harman and her NYT/AIPAC scandal. I know I read some sort of media-preparation outline for an AIPAC event which talked about making Saddam Hussein a household word.

      We can blame Neocons and we can even blame Israel, there is plenty of evidence. Between these above goons, foreign policy think tanks and lobby, politicians, and the media itself, they pushed the US into an illegal war with Iraq against the interests of Americans. The minority of Americans who supported the war did so out of ignorance, because they don't think for themselves. The citizens have no say when it comes to these decisions. If the leaders want war, they shall have war. The Bush administration was crawling with Neocons, especially in key defense positions.

    • Wow. Just googled for some more info on this. Almost everything quotes that Murphy guy saying something about lack of civility. Whatever, like this is the first time there has ever been name-calling in a debate. Whore might be 'inappropriate' to the pre-conditioned masses, but this is a woman calling a man a whore... for AIPAC... and he is. She probably shouldn't have said it though. I'm guessing somebody spun what she said earlier about neocons. Politicians should re-consider smearing somebody as racist/antisemitic/etc. when neocons, globalization, or capitalist democracy are criticized.

      Neocons are Zionist warmongers who have a history of lying and using manipulative and hawkish tactics to influence agenda. They are anti-American, they deserve criticism. Those folks who say that anti-globalization and the occupy protests are antisemitic, what exactly are they trying to say?

    • "International law says people fighting for self-determination can use force in order to achieve their independence....They do not have the right to target the civilian population."

      Targeting civilians is obviously the wrong way to resist. Israel, on the other hand, is not fighting for self-determination and they target civilians as policy. If you look at their 'war' history or 'counter-terrorism' attacks, you see a disproportionate number of civilian casualties. They might publicly say how they went out of their way to avoid them, the old 'collateral damage' excuse. Elsewhere they say they are 'teaching a lesson' by using excessive force. Collective punishment. That's their policy. They don't go out of their way to avoid civilian casualties. They attack civilian areas that are often unrelated to the alleged perpetrators they retaliate against.

      I was reading some of the things that went on during the occupation of south Lebanon and there were several details I wasn't aware of. Israel not only defied the UN SC (and the USA even) and failed to unconditionally withdraw from Lebanon, they are responsible for killing thousands of civilians. Destroying ancient sites. Targeting suburban areas (they did this again in 2006). And in many cases every time there was an attack against their army, they responded by bombing unrelated civilian areas.

  • With 'last ink,' Gunter Grass breaks silence on Israeli nuclear program threatening world peace
    • As they should. I read an article a little while back written by an Israeli expressing outrage because of a German op-ed advocating ending reparations. The author even said something about Germany's national consciousness must always carry the guilt. Modern Germany has nothing in common with WWII-era Germany. Why should Germans be eternally guilty? Why should a 13-year-old German, for example, be made to feel guilt for something that happened half a century before they were born? Learning about it is one thing, but national guilty consciousness for eternity? If reincarnation was real and somebody turned out to be a reincarnated totalitarian and murderous dictator, would people demand they be punished for their crimes in another life?

      I'm just trying to understand the thought process. I think it has everything to do with collective punishment. Germany was once a revival of the Western Roman Empire, then a constitutional empire as a result of warfare, then it became a smaller republic due to more warfare. This one fell on hard times and bred the environment that led to the Nazi take over. The end result 12 years later was a destroyed Germany with one side controlled by the Soviets for over 40 years. The whole territory was firebombed and in ruin. Displaced people were encamped and starved to death. Soviets confiscated homes and property in Eastern Germany. Their economy was notoriously destroyed for years while the allies occupied it. I'm not talking about Nazi war criminals being punished here, but all of 'hey, I just live here' Germany.

      Since that time period, Germany agreed to pay Israel reparations for the Holocaust. War criminals were punished. Anything eluding to the Nazi era is a punishable offense. And both sides of Germany reunified in 1990. The two sides are still very different from each other. The point I'm trying to make is that modern Germany is not only three Generations away from Hitler, it's a completely different nation. The guilt is still there, so it takes guts to talk about that elephant in the room, Zionism and Israel. Israel's behavior would not be tolerated were it any other nation. It's the sensitive nature of it's history and founding that make it a difficult topic to discuss, but if it isn't discussed they will continue to get away with it.

    • Zionist indoctrination creates mental illness. So if you are already mentally ill yourself, normal probably seems mentally ill.

    • Those Israeli submarines in the Mediterranean whose location is secret and always moving aren't to deter Iran. They're to collectively punish the world if Israel is ever incapacitated. A second strike option which is intended to bring the world down with it for not helping. The Samson option. The subs exist. Israel prepared to nuke Egypt and Syria in 1973 unless the US helped them (blackmail by the way). They called it losing the third temple. I believe the Samson option is an actual policy.

      I also don't trust Israel. I trust a nuclear armed Iran. And there is no nuclear armed Iran. Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons. No matter how many times a lie is repeated, that doesn't make it true. Iran never threatened to wipe Israel from the map, that was an interpretation of an exaggerated mistranslation. And Iran is already contained, it's surrounded (literally) by US military bases:

      link to

      Iran also has the largest Jewish population in the ME outside of Israel. The Iranian people, despite the older religious leaders wishes, have become 'Westernized' and the Faravahar has been popularized as a national symbol despite being associated with another religion and also the Shah's regime. The youth today are the leaders tomorrow. Iran doesn't need regime change and it won't need a revolution, the dictators will just be phased out by the people. This whole fear mongering over Iran being some sort of big bad evil fascist danger is beyond ridiculous, a media falsification of fact compared to the actual reality. Most people don't know because they can't see it.

  • Leading sociologist says 'the enemy' includes 'disloyal' individualistic young Jews who push human rights
    • Yeah, and this: "We are oriented toward collectivity... you are oriented toward individuality"

      I thought Judaism was about free will too. It's even been discussed as a paradox. Maybe individualism and free will aren't the same thing in his mind, but they are to me. You can be an individual without the selfish aspect. This collectivism is something be promoted all around the world. Like anonymous comes to mind. Sounds too borgish for me. Group think is not where I want to be. We're not bees.

  • From sea to spying sea: FBI used 'outreach' program to collect and store data on Muslims
    • Not to sound like a kook (but I sorta am anyways, so I will inevitably come off sounding like a kook) but perhaps the FBI is looking for people like Ilan Grapel.

      Not that in anyways that legitimized illegal spying (and it goes both ways, the "Ilan Grapels" could be in the FBI for all I know). It still might be taboo around these parts, but I believe their is enough examples and evidence (as circumstantial as it may be) to prove that in some cases Zionists were responsible for 'radicalizing' gullible youths into carrying out their agendas and willing or unwilling Sayanim.

  • 'The Crisis of Zionism' and the contradictions of Israel as a liberal democratic fantasy
    • Agreed, seafoid. Today I went to best buy on my lunch break and saw a guy (maybe in his 20s) buy the extended warranty for a $50 router. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people easily persuaded out there and they would submit. At least it no longer works on the internet for the most part.

      The Hasbara folks never submit though. They either exit the discussion in disgust (with a final message calling everybody a racist, anti-semite, Islamist, etc.) which is just their version of submitting. Or they annoyingly continue to ensure they have the last word in. Even when they've been outed and nobody cares. At least that's been my experience

    • Yep, Barak is just as bad as the rest. I didn't know much about I/P back then, so I find it very strange to hear that even many Palestinians and their leaders partially trusted the guy at first. His 'generous offer' is the closest any Israeli leader has ever come to a compromise, but it was anything but generous.

      Another thing that I find strange is that after the Oslo Accords we not only see heavy settlement building activity, but also heavy terrorist activity for given reasons that had nothing to do with Oslo (Cave of the Patriarchs murders by settlers, the 90s suicide bombings, etc.). And Rabin was assassinated, but that was allegedly because of Oslo. They wanted to make sure there was no peace. In an alternative universe where there was no Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, no suicide bombing, and Rabin lives, I just wonder if that would have made a difference. Public opinion certainly thought these things killed any attempt to peace.

      The manufactured history, the lies, and the horrifying facts that led to this whole mess are still relevant because the mess is still a mess. If Oslo played out as it was supposed to and in 1998 a peace treaty was made between Palestine and Israel with international borders based upon the pre-1967 green line, I wonder what kind of world we would live in today? Maybe it wouldn't be a mess.

    • Krauss, I wouldn't be surprised either. I would expect it. That's probably why Bibi keeps demanding that Israel be recognized as the Jewish state. Although they've claimed this is not to be interpreted as ethnic cleansing from Israel proper, Bibi is a trickster. I wouldn't be surprised if they re-defined Israel's borders to exclude majority Arab areas. Wouldn't be easy to do, but I can see that happening. The remaining Arabs would probably be treated like the EJ Arabs who've had their citizenship revoked.

      IMO, A Palestinian state based on modern collective Zionist expectation would lead to an indefinite status quo. They would secretly be moving those borders just as they have been doing since 1948, come up with an excuse to militarily cut them off or even occupy them again. That way they could continue the land grab is 'peace times' while maintaining a Jewish demographic in "Israel"

    • I didn't know that it had a name, American. Good link.

      Such persuasive tricks might not fool people here, but unfortunately they do work on the collective masses to a degree. As long as it is believable. Hasbara trolls are experts in the art. Psychopaths employ this as well. I have always said not to mistake psychopathy for genius (since psychopaths are lacking in cerebrum activity, especially in the frontal lobes).

      Here is a quote from an actual genius on Palestine (hint, his first name is Albert):

      "I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. …the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power….I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain – especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks…"

    • When you look at the facts, that is certainly the truth. Israel has been in a nearly constant state of warfare since before its inception. The major conflicts all came while Labor and it's predecessor Mapai were in charge.

      Bibi is a pathological liar, a radical right-winger who notoriously admitting to interpreting the Oslo Accords in a way which halted them. Probably a psychopath too. He also isn't exactly helping the international public opinion view Israel in a favorable manner. But from a warfare stand point, Bibi has been relatively 'harmless' compared to his predecessors. I say relatively because disproportionate brutal force has been used to counter rockets. And there was the Flotilla event, among others. But Cast Lead was when Kadima was in power. Ariel Sharon destroyed an entire Palestinian refugee camp as a defense minister, and he also ignited the second intifada. But even though it was a likely ploy, he did disengage Gaza and some illegal WB settlements. The Lebanon thing came after he had his stroke.

      Speaking of settlements and also Lebanon, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir were both former terrorist leaders associated with revisionist Zionism and Likud (which itself is a political successor to those terrorist groups). It is from them that the only real warfare associated with Likud ever occurred, the terrible and unnecessary conflict/occupation of south Lebanon. The settlements accelerated under them too, but it was as you mentioned post-Oslo under Labor where they rapidly accelerated. So on paper, Likud is the former terrorist big-talking tough guys. And Labor is considered liberal yet most of the problems with I/P are Labor's fault. I think the extremists in Israel are like Africanized bees. Remove the leadership, let them be frenzied for a little bit, then replace them with 'normal' ones and everything will be fine.

  • Showdown in Hebron: Netanyahu steps in to protect illegal settlers facing military eviction orders
    • Hebron's in Area A but it has a special agreement because of the settlers, so it's split in to two. H1 and H2. H1 is under PA control like Area A. H2 is where the settlers live along with some Palestinians. They are subject to restrictions on movement due to potential 'terror' attacks.

      And yet the majority of terrorism has come from the Jewish settlers. There are only 80 or so families living there and they are all of the insanity variety of extremist. If Israel decided to disengage Hebron, the settlers would attack the IDF troops and declared independence. They are nuts.

      Netanyahu must not be very intelligent for stepping in. On one hand, Benny Begin and other revisionist Zionists would criticize him if he didn't. On the other hand, this is viewed as a bad move by everybody else and the international community. Evicting them would be the right thing to do. Protecting them was a bad move. It's almost like they are deliberately sinking their own ship.

  • Flabby Zionism
    • I agree with Dan. That goes for everybody IMO. I remember watching an interview years ago with some entertainer who happened to be black (I don't recall who it was), and the interviewer offended him by calling him African-American. He said "I am an American, I am not an African citizen, I have never been to Africa" or something like that. I used to work with a guy with Haitian ancestry who said the same thing pertaining to Haiti. Might have been for a different reason, because Haiti is in the Americas. He also said that Hispaniola always had black natives among the Taíno natives, doubting the post-Colombian imported African slaves in favor of native Haitian slaves. Claims it is historical revisionism to support the whole European 'discovery' narrative.

      I also agree that people should take this more seriously. Putting a label on 'American' is PC, but some people might question one's loyalty. Questioning loyalty is not PC, it's taboo. Why? People don't go around saying "Italian-American" or "American Italian" for the most part. They are American with Italian ancestry. American is a nation/citizenship level. Ethnic/religious identity should come underneath, not along side it. Along side it technically should imply dual-loyalty. Not that I'm questioning loyalties here.

  • The Israel/Palestine conflict will be resolved when Arab countries kick the U.S. out of the region
    • @Fredblogs,

      Yes, he met Hitler personally. And that makes Palestinians responsible for the Holocaust how? Again, exaggerated to comical proportions. This photo has been exaggerated. His 'power' has been exaggerated (he had none). Go read the talk section on his Wikipedia article for some laughs.

      This one guy has been used to make the Palestinians proxy accomplices to the Holocaust. Based on your response, you actually believe that. How sad

    • Fredblogs, that rhetoric doesn't work here.

      Start at the beginning. Like around 1882 or so. That was when the first -pre-Zionist 'aliyah' of European colonists came to not only colonize Palestine, but they came with delusions of grandeur to create the Genesis 15 'land of Israel'

      These colonists were funded by Edmond de Rothschild who set up the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association to buy land in Ottoman Palestine.

      The PJCA was later willed to the JNF and the Rothschilds family has maintained influence since. Another Rothschild, Walter Rothschild who was Edmond's cousin, is who the Balfour Declaration was addressed to. Balfour admit that the declaration would allow the British to carry out 'useful propaganda' toward the USA and Russia. That one dynasty is primarily responsible for creating "Israel"

      Edmond de Rothschild's $50 million contribution to Zionist 'aliyah' would be well over $1 billion today, adjusted for inflation. Ironically, Edmond once stated "the struggle to put an end to the Wandering Jew, could not have as its result, the creation of the Wandering Arab." Herzl said something similar.

      Anyways, the colonists were not good neighbors. It was well known that the early and pre-Zionists aspired to gain control of a lot of terrirory. It was for that reason Sultan Abdul Hamid II reneged on selling them land in what's now the West Bank. Emphasis on bad neighbors. Some of this was the Ottoman's fault because of their absentee land owner property. People were told to leave property they thought they owned so European colonists could live there. But the other part is just that this movement has been insane from the outset. And never once did they distinguish a Jewish Arab from a non-Jewish Arab. They oppressed all of them including the 'Old Yishuv' Arab Jews of Palestine. They clashed with the colonists along side their fellow Palestinians.

      This has become mostly lost due to the propaganda and historical revision coming from your side. Palestinian Jews were even unfairly included in the Partition plan to boost the Jewish population statistics. And as others have said, Israel directly and indirectly had Arab Jews moved to Israel. Indirectly because they have clandestine methods of carrying out these sort of things. Even today, like that guy arrested last year in Egypt promoting sectarian violence.

      Arabs didn't become "Amalekites" until Israel PR turned them into them. And that story about the Grand Mufti has been exaggerated and used to oppress Palestinians as collectively responsible for the holocaust. There are Jewish populations in "Arab States" contrary to popular belief. Just not in Saudi Arabia. Not a whole lot, but not ALL of them like you said. I also don't doubt that historical revisionism has exploited Arabian history to make it look like, for example, all the Jews of Medina were slaughtered. Muhammad was of the Quraysh tribe that took care of the Kaaba. An allegedly massacred Jewish tribe in Medina called Qurayza were tax collectors. I doubt the similarity is a coincidence. Both names mean Cyrus.

      BTW, wtf with the civil rights thing? Only a minority 'left' you say? I'm not aware of them going anywhere. In fact, since the civil rights era their population statistics have grown.

  • Those who criticize Israel join campaign to 'slaughter the Jews en masse'
    • Israel hijacked it and tried to make the term synonomous with anti-Israel. Which because of their double standards expectation means criticism of Israel. Israel and supporters of Israel are criticized because they are in the wrong.

      The irrationality of analyzing it on a macro level and drawing the same conclusion by 'proxy' is just insanity.

  • Zionism totalled
    • Ironically, there has been a historical revisionist look back on McCarthy. It turns out that a lot of the folks suspected of communism, even though we were told it was based on unfounded non-evidence and paranoia, was based on actual evidence and in several cases they turned out to be communists years later.

      Considering the Republican party began to shift not long afterwards and considering all the Neocons who infest our government, I think he was on to something. So did the late former Congressman Larry McDonald. I don't personally agree with all of McDonald's personal views, but he was repeating this even in the 80s until his dead (ironically was in a commercial airliner shot down by Soviets)

  • NYPD: Snoops, spies and ... agent provocateurs?
    • It's very sick. Entrapment. Agent Provocateurs with criminal records. Clandestine terrorism sponsored by the state. False intelligence. Joke 'intelligence' sources like SITE. What are they trying to accomplish? These sort of things create terrorism. That's the whole point.

      Declare a war against terrorism and then any dissent can be considered terrorism. Meanwhile, instigate and promote terrorism. Sick.

  • 'Safe European home'?
    • Breivik was also a world traveler with ties to the far right. With MK Ultra, the CIA used drugs, hypnosis, trauma, and other forms of debilitation in an attempt to 'break' into a persons mind at a subconscious level and 'implant' a 'program' which has allegedly resulted in a few people going Postal. Sounds science fiction (or the original Naked Gun comes to mind), but the truth is stranger than fiction.

      There was also some British Muslims detained at Gitmoo, tortured and then brainwashed using edited video into believing they were Al Qaeda terrorists who visited a Bin Laden rally.

      Regardless, someone's got some splainin to do for sure. The CIA and FBI have thrown hundreds of thousands in taxpayer money at Rita Katz's SITE Institute. I question the sanity of our security/intelligence to rely on propaganda not unlike DEBKAfile, often made up out of thin air. Katz's ties to the Israeli secret service are not a secret. I mention SITE because it was SITE who have been 'poisoning the well' with this guy and saying he was Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc. Stuff that today is apparently not true.

    • Yeah that takes the cake. A foreigner on the US no-fly list suspected of terrorism was able to visit Israel? Doesn't Israel interview you before you even board the plane? And grill you again when it lands?

      So he get's arrested with a knife in Jerusalem. At this point, the authorities would do a background check and know that he is supposedly the same sort of person that they defend themselves against on a daily basis. Then he is released shortly thereafter? A Muslim arrested being released in short time? In Israel? With this guy's record?

  • Mustafa Bargouti: Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian cause
    • Agree with Shingo. All of Jerusalem's Arabs are considered the remaining Arab inhabitants. Israel has been forcing out Jerusalem Arabs and stripping them of citizenship in some cases. Doesn't matter if the ones who aren't forced out are having babies at a faster pace then the Jews of Jerusalem.

  • Peter King hypes Hezbollah threat to US
    • I've been hearing this "Hezbollah in the US" thing for years.

      This is absolutely nonsense. Why would a Lebanese resistance group opposed to the occupation in Israel be in the Americas? I realize my country considers them terrorists, but the majority of the world considers them a legitimate resistance group.

      I had a conversation with a family member who is a border patrol agent. He has never heard anything about Hezbollah in the Americas. There will be the occasional report that Hezbollah is aiding the drug cartels in Mexico and are plotting terrorist attacks against Americans. He knew who they are, but he had never heard about them being involved in border instability, or even present in the Americas. And I think he would probably have known.

      The only reason they can get away with this claim is due to the huge Lebanese diaspora in the Americas, especially in South Americas due to civil and regional wars (and in recent history Israel's occupation and wars). Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, and Shakira are Lebanese for example. And often people consider that a South American look. Like over 90% are Christians.

      Every now and then you'll hear somebody of Lebanese ethnicity defending something like a Hezbollah flag on their house or the logo on their shirt. That doesn't mean they're terrorists. According to history, Hezbollah blew up the Israeli embassy in Israel. The facts don't point to that. Somebody put two and two together and noticed that one of Israel's enemies has a significant population in the Americas. A scapegoat was born. I don't buy any of this nonsense.

  • One crazed murderer sparks Zionist calls for European migration to Israel
    • The Zionist movement was heavily supported in the US by Anglo-Saxon Protestant fundamentalists. Still is.

      Their end game is to be pulled up into the clouds along with their dead relatives and live happily ever after with the Lord. All Jews must return to Israel/Palestine for this to happen. We can all thank John Nelson Darby for inventing this elaborate myth.

  • Rockets are collective punishment
    • Agreed. Collective punishment is an unfortunate human characteristic that the media is chiefly responsible in promoting. Human beings as a whole have traditionally and unfortunately blamed the actions of a group for the actions of a few within that group. I believe this is why the PTB use the divide and conquer strategy. They know that if country x isn't going the way they like, they can create tension with country y and justify war to 'resolve' the issue. That's truly what I believe and I've been called a kook, but if you gave me three hours with two 20-minute breaks and a cappuccino machine, I could build a good case for my POV. Hot chocolate and bottled water if you don't like cappuccino. And normal coffee (dunkin donuts brand)

      And another unfortunate aspect of retaliation is to attack civilians. It would make far more sense that in using resistance techniques to go after strategic targets. Mainly military. There is also the fact that element within Israel (probably state sponsored IMHO) have either staged or provoked/promoted/baited counter attacks as a means to attack themselves. The Sinai attacks which resulted in shelling the unrelated Gaza strip come to mind. This is a strange world we live in. I might be crazy, but I mean well. I see flaws and anomalies in what we are told. I speculate based on what we know and what has happened traditionally in history. I could be very wrong, but I'm probably closer to the truth here that what they tell us

  • Responses to Toulouse murders from Palestinian orgs and Jerusalem mourners
    • Only a psychopath would murder children by shooting them at point-blank range in the head.

      I won't entertain what you were trying to go for, dimadok. But I will say this: Anytime an event like this happens, I really wish people would question everything and see if it all added up. To me, it does not. I know many of you don't believe it, but Al Qaeda is an ambiguous entity which has been proven on several occasions to not exist as we have been told. The BBC did a report on this. It is a Western-invented blanket term for 'terrorist.' In this guy's case he has a questionable back story, was under surveillance for a months, was supposedly dirt-poor yet had two flats, a motorcycle, and a weapons cache.

      He is Algerian and killed soldiers (who were also Muslim) and he hunted down the victims at the Jewish school including the children. Pre-meditated murder. The MSM claims he did it because of Palestinian children, yet any monster who murders like this doesn't care about anybody. Not Palestinians. Obviously not children. And Palestinians want nothing to do with this.

      The timing of the election in France, the Syria thing and France's connection to Syria, the Iran rhetoric, and the fact that all of this distracts the public from the I/P situation. IMHO, this guy was a trained psychopathic assassin. He took care of military and civilian targets. Pre-meditated. Hunted down. Point blank range. All on a motorcycle. Originally they said Neo-Nazis, now it's an Al Qaeda asset. IMHO, there is more to this story than we will ever be told the same with 'lone wolf' Breivik.

      Human beings are not capable of committing such acts of violence. I know it's frowned on here, but I blame the corrupted intelligence network. I have reason to believe it is corrupted. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I've seen enough strange anomalies and MSM lies to believe that things are not as they seem. The real terrorists of the world are in the shadows.

  • Pentagon fears Israeli strike on Iran would drag US in
    • I'll never understand why you folks even mention Pakistan. The majority of the Taliban-Pakistan history is based on propaganda. Calling Pakistan right-wing is a bit of a stretch. The majority of Pakistan have been opposed to Wahhabi-Salafism (aka, what everybody thinks Islam is even though it never really was until recent history) for decades. India has nukes too. Pakistan, is a divided and conquered India compliments of the British. They're not exactly friends. Israel has nukes. Israel is the least trustworthy nation on the planet with nukes and they have a whole arsenal. Unofficial doesn't mean it isn't there. What's is Kashmir anyways? The British and then the Zionist have long been very interested in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

      The Libya/Tunisia thing was an unnecessary disaster btw. That's why it hasn't been used on Syria. Globalization and colonialism are the problems with the world. The US doesn't dominate the world btw. Only their military. We are ranked near the bottom in a lot of things Americans think we are number one at. Nor would I want the US to dominate the world.

      It's strange that people get called antisemitic for being anti-globalization. It's also strange how the USA went from being Republic to Democratic right under our noses. Democracy, especially this corporate financial central banking variety, is terrible. The USA is a Constitutional Republic. All those laws that usurp the constitution we've been seeing these past few decades (especially the draconian ones from the past few years) are unlawful. The public just doesn't know it. We've been duped and taken over by neoconservative globalizationist hawks. That's a bad thing by the way.

  • Israeli academics call for massive attack on Gaza to 'mow the lawn' -- before November election ends the 'opportunity'
    • Israel has started or instigated all of it's wars preemptively. Declaring independence in a land that's not yours is an act of war by the way. Only the 1973 war was not preemptive. The reason why it was not expected was because Israel are terrible mind readers. They always assume and they're usually wrong. They don't respond to any credible intelligence, they just terrorize their neighbors so that they never have a chance to surprise them.

      If Israel truly only defended itself, even if it was still a fortress, they wouldn't have this problem. They're uncivilized, there is just not other way to describe this rouge behavior. Such barbarians have no right to have sovereignty or their own state.

    • These 'academics' are what opened up my mind in general about academics. Not all of them obviously, but many of them. Folks who put years and thousands into receiving a piece of paper and making the right friends to give them an aura of credibility. We're conditioned to believe they're experts yet I've noticed that a lot of experts are just like the Israeli experts. They're fools. They get their 'respected academic' friends to smear their critics or new ideas that jeopardize their credibility. I know it sounds crazy, but I could build a good case for it.

      These folks are expert professional liars and have mastered the art of sophistry and rhetorical. That doesn't make them smarter than anybody, just makes people bigger fools for following fools. I saw a round table with Finkelstein up against a couple of these guys and they refuse to accept truth. I guess in Israel, even the highly educated believe the lies.

      There is definitely no hope for Israel. None what-so-ever. I am against military intervention, but Israel is the exception. There is no other way. The US has blood on their hands and has supported Israel since inception. The UN gave birth to it. The British had no right to make it into a Jewish homeland. When the Zionists say to stay out of their business, they have no business. It's the Wests business. If the west stayed out of its affairs, this would've ended 60 years ago.

  • The Norwegians, the settlers, the zealot, the olive seedlings-- and the Palestinian's suit against 'Nobody'
    • I watched Defamation based on your suggestions. That part with the Israeli teens visiting Poland shows some of the ways they brainwash these kids at such a young age. An IDF guy doesn't let them leave their hotel and tells him they aren't safe and people hate Jews. There is a part where two older Polish guys are trying to harmlessly converse with a couple girls until one of the leaders takes them away and says they were saying bad things about Jews. Projecting their hatred on others is an excellent way to put it.

      They're creating soldiers. Literally. Brainwashed into a nation of sociopaths. Those perceptions are impossible to change.

  • Mr. President, Palestine has heard you
    • I agree. When Obama said that peace cannot be imposed is true for most nations. Not Israel. Israel was created by the West and the UN especially. The British made it, the UN have birth to it, the American fundies spear-headed it, and the US government has unconditionally supported it ever since. The US has been behind this whole two state thing for 30+ years. The West blames the Palestinians irrationally when the whole thing is the fault of the West. The Palestinians are stripped of their humanity and wrongly demonized. Nobody should ask the Palestinians anything. It's asking for a lot considering little has changed in 64 years.

      The US of all people cannot say peace can't be imposed. There is no other way. They created a monster. They have to impose it. The Israelis are nuts. Most of them anyways. Conditioned into violent sociopaths from childhood brainwashing. Israel will never, NEVER, end this all by their lonesome. Those perceptions are not going to change. Not in decades. And we allowed these nutters to obtain nukes! And people always preface this with "although never officially acknowledged"

      What difference does that make? It's like saying "now I haven't been out of the house today, but the sun is probably up because it is daytime"

    • Peaceful protests often also mean law-abiding (or at the most, stretching the law). The thing is you can break laws peacefully to. That message gets lost in translation when third parties encourage protesting peacefully. Nobody ever got anything by playing by the rules. Easier to convince everybody to break them then play by them and make a difference. Not that their are any rules under occupation. Nevermind...

  • Rendell (of MSNBC and Friends of IDF) is under investigation for ties to Iranian terror group
    • “is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service”

      Israel sure supports a lot of terrorist groups. MEK, PKK, PFLP, etc. And Hasbarists seem to think that it is some kind of a joke to implicate Mossad whenever a suspicious 'terror' event takes place.

      This is the same Israel whose leaders have called both Hezbollah and Hamas "extensions" and "proxies" of Iran. I'm pretty sure Bibi has said "Iranian terror proxies" more than a couple times.

      By Israel's own logic, MEK, PKK, and PFLP are "Israeli terror proxies" except I have a feeling that Mossad is far more involved in these activities than they claim Iran is for Hezbollah (and Hamas to a lesser extent).

      Israel baits their own people to do their dirty work for the "good" of Israel. That involves lending foreign passports to be used in spying activity, unknowingly (and illegally from an immigration stand point) staffing a front for a spying/intelligence operation while running scams to fund the op. "Freelance" order taking. Sayninam they call them. And if they aren't 'legitimately' training/supporting terror groups, they're doing it under the guise of radical nutters taking advantage of gullible youths (most of the time). Or stirring up sectarian violence. It's sickening. CIA and MI5 get name dropped sometimes in these things too, probably because they both have their share of double agents.

      Sounds like a movie, except it's real. Don't know why people laugh about it and call it conspiracy.

  • The myth of Israel's favorable treatment of Palestinian Christians
    • Mayhem, what's your definition of a hard fact? You know, it's strange. Usually when folks tell the truth about I/P, they call it the truth. More often than not, those who add emphasis and adjectives to the word 'fact' as in your example of hard facts are referring to deceptive statistics. Half-truths, exaggeration, and even lies spun in the same fashion that corporations spin their annual numbers. It seems the whole world has been reduced to statistics like this, spun in whatever direction the status quo is heading.

      Israel has treated their Christians worse than anybody in the Middle East. Prior to 1948, a significant portion of Palestine was Christian. Some say 40% of the non-Zionists may have been Christian. Today that number is down to 10%. There is plenty of evidence that Israel deliberately targeted Christians for expulsion over Muslims. The vast majority of Christians were expelled or murdered during Nakba by the Israelis. People don't know this because they were never told. In Palestine, there was no sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims. What Christians and Muslims did in the privacy of their own homes regarding their faiths is the only way to tell them apart.

      Christians and Muslims would attend mass at the same places and practice the same customs, traditions, and holidays. It was only after the Zionists ruined everything that this all changed. Christian symbols are defaced, like a Virgin Mary statue in Bethlehem was hit with shrapnel and had it's arm taken off. The Zionists have burned bibles. They compensated the spring of the Highlands a few years back and now it's dead. They compensate a great many things that weren't theirs. Built a wall around one artifact and then bulldozed it. They dynamited a Byzantine-era church from Christianity's earliest days (St Barbara in Aboud). That's scratching the surface.

      This is hardly a surprise considering that's what Israel does everywhere. They've removed artifacts and relics all over Palestine. Historic buildings bulldozed. Destroyed olive trees that were hundreds of years old. Destroyed ancient cemeteries including Jewish cemeteries. All to make room for horrible taste and boring architecture. It all has a military look. Most of it doesn't even look modern. It looks old, boring, and dirty. No respect for the land or it's history. Seriously, the Zionists don't care about the history. The leaders know that with help from the British, a lot of that history was invented just to support a political and colonial agenda.

  • Palestinian and Palestine-solidarity activists issue critique and condemnation of Gilad Atzmon
    • You're definitely right about historical memory, Mooser. Goes for anything really. Although the books are still around, we've 'lost' important historical knowledge that was common in even the mid-20th century due to kool-aid drinking and short-term historical memory.

      For example, all those radical Islamophobs can blame the West for what they perceive superficially as a threat. The whole "Islam is stuck in the dark ages" is in fact a modern creation, compliments of the USA, the UK, and France. See there was this 17th century kook named Mohammed Al Wahab who went around destroying historical relics and preaching a version of Islam that wasn't Islam. Nobody paid attention to him. For whatever reason, the royal family House of Saud did. The British gave them control over most of the Arabian Peninsula in return for oil and they forced this archaic 'theology' on the masses.

      Similar thing happened in Iran. Iran was always cozy to the West, even before the CIA had the Shah turned into a dictator. What changed? After WWI, the Ottoman Empire fell and was confined to an independent and Sultan-free democratic Turkey in Anatolia. The rest was cut up over oil. We all know about Palestine, and Arabia was given to the Sauds. The Cold War and Israel kept the region in the dark. Mossad has even been caught 'radicalizing' people and promoting sectarian violence (like that guy in Egypt last year).

      Just like with Zionists, all those things that Islamophobs make excuses over are the fault of Western powers in recent history (which is why things are changing).

      Sorry to veer off topic. I see both sides, but I like Atzmon. I think folks are being too PC. What NorthOfFortyNine said above about exclusivism is something Atzmon has pointed out.

  • Obama could only take Netanyahu on when Dennis Ross, Bibi's backchannel, was incommunicado
    • If you took an unofficial/anonymous survey among all the world's leaders on who was the most likely to hit the button, I would bet money that Israel would top the list by a landslide.

      They prepared nuclear warheads to fire at targets in Egypt and Syria back in '73. Few people are aware of it. It's one of the only times in history that the world came close to nuclear war. Well that we know of at least. Cuban Missile Crisis and the 'fall of the third temple'

      IMHO, Israel is NEVER going to settle for anything with the Palestinians. Since the US is responsible for dragging its feet (and allowing sensitive areas of our government to be 'infiltrated' by Zionists) they should finish the job. Forget about the propaganda implicating Syria. Forget about Iran. Those are diversions keeping wandering eyes away from the core problem on planet Earth: The I/P conflict. Send the US military and US troops on a 'humanitarian' mission that really needs it. Force the Israelis to withdraw to their recognized territories and stick around on the borders trying not to wear out your welcome (to keep the peace).

      Most importantly, contain Dimona. Disarm Dimona. Remove their entire nuclear arsenal and decommission every warhead. They deny their existence and refuse to sign the NPT. I don't trust them. I'm honestly afraid of their nukes. They don't keep me up at night, but I fear they will use them... preemptively. Or otherwise in bad faith. That's the Zionist way.

    • They really can't. The whole West kinda operates that way it seems. Observable reality and straight answers based on it are taboo and alien things it seems. Their perceptions must be off

    • The parallel universe crashing is wishful fckin thinking I'm afraid. Been reading a lot of history and mythology lately. Ancient stuff mostly. Not really all that reliable considering the sources, but we don't have much of a choice.

      Anyways, my point is we've been living in this fcked up parallel universe for at least 2,000 years. History repeats even in our lifetimes. An example of this is the whole Iran things. Same folks from a decade ago saying the same thing, spinning the same shit. I'm a little ignorant when it comes to nuclear reactors and I would think normal people are the same way (right?). The way these talking heads bring up centrifuges and enrichment and speculate over spy photos regarding underground installations... reminds me of aluminum tubes.

      I would hope the public would only trust these liars to tell lies, but if these polls are true (and I don't trust polls) over half the USA is banging the drums of war. I'm seriously wondering if I'm from a different planet than these kooks (I have RH negative blood... maybe there is some truth to that)

  • Gaza scoreboard
  • Remnick ignores the Nakba's role in Israeli 'democracy'
    • They will never escape it, and it will always be a reminder to those affected. Not that they need one, it just makes it worse.

      I'm seeing less Nakba denial from the Zionists and more "The Nakba that history forgot" concerning the expulsion of Jews from Arab lands. And some fall for the trap and say "If Zionists didn't bully their neighbors..." and even that's unnecessary. It is a poor Zionist "justification" that is easily explainable by saying it is not relevant to I/P. Palestinians had nothing to do with that. "But they're Arabs!" They say. Levantine Arabs, mostly linguistic. Somewhat cultural. Palestine was Turkish for 400 years before Zionism. The Arab thing is a straw man.

  • Israel strikes Gaza, killing 11, injuring 16
    • The holocaust analogies are absurd as is the notion of preemptive war, assassination, and torture. Fortress Israel is one of the world's top military powers. Amazing considering it's tiny size, but you can thank us taxpaying suckers in the USA for that.

      Israel's number one 'threat' is apparently homemade rockets made in basements along with imaginary and invisible Iranian nuclear weapons. Next in line are molotov cocktails followed by old-fashioned stones. Let's not forget the 'existensial threat' of the non-violent West Bank protesters.

      Reading Zionist newspapers speculating about the potential of a "ground deployment" in Gaza is also absurd. Gaza is grossly exaggerated into being this giant haven for terrorists constantly plotting the next holocaust. In reality, the Gaza Strip is 25 miles long and 4 miles wide for the most part. It's a teeny tiny place which Israel has turned into an open air prison. Judging from all the illegal Israelis in the US accused of being spies, considering Gaza is right next to Israel and over half the population is women and children, I find it hard to believe that anything goes on in Gaza without Israel knowing about it. No point in speculating about secret terrorists in secret tunnels building secret sea-pushing devices for Jews. Nothing is happening accept Israel is denying that entire population the right to be humanely treated.

      Given the treatment, one would expect it would piss of some captive people anyways who might want to take their anger out on their captors. The situation breeds resistance. A preemptive attack is stupid. The reason given is never correct. Minority report pre-cogs are not real. Zionists are terrible mind readers. Assassination is stupid because it's murder. Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin never laid a finger on anybody. He was in a wheelchair. Who cares if he radicalized people with words? Mossad pretends to be 'Islamists' all the time trying to bait radical behavior and sectarian violence.

      And torture has never been effective because it produces false confessions. Israel loves torture. Ironically, the reason why Jews were blamed for the plague was because Jews were tortured into false confessions.

      Israel is not unique and should not be treated uniquely with applied double standards. The majority of the world's Jews do not live in Israel. They live in the USA or elsewhere in diaspora. Self-preservation my arse. This is about ethnically cleansing the 'hostile' indigenous peoples who are only 'hostile' because of the brutal treatment by Zionist colonists. You folks might want the world to think that Muslims and Arabs want to holocaust Jews, but that's a lie. Israel's Middle Eastern 'enemies' don't like Israel or Zionism because of what Zionists have done to them over the years, mostly due to Zionist terrorism, unnecessary warfare to steal territory, and occupation.

      Self-preservation.... What a joke. If you folks truly believe that's the case, put down your weapons and open up your borders. Embrace your neighbors and offer unilateral peace with no conditions or anything. Of course, the typical Zionist response would be "Then they would push us into the sea" which again is terrible mind reading. In Israel, the holocaust is used to make Zionists insane. They didn't learn anything from it and are now responsible for causing an on-going one whether they want to admit it or not.

  • Advice to Zionists from a fellow loser
    • Pretty good list of facts. Could keep going even. Zionism also means different things to different Zionists.

      Some folks believe that Zionism is self-determination and nationalism so they get offended when you're anti-Zionist. What they don't get is that Zionism is a bad word. If that was the extent of the definition, there wouldn't be an issue. It's like if you have an 'ism' movement of your own with self-determination and nationalism in the definition along with 'killing whites'. You can't get offended if somebody is against your 'ism' because of the other bad stuff and believe that it is an attack on your self determination like Witty always did. Similarly, you can't cherry pick good stuff and call it the same thing. You don't see anybody calling themselves Liberal Nazis.

      The goal of Zionism was a Jewish state. More Jews are leaving Israel than immigrating. There are more Jews in diaspora than an Israel too, almost twice as much. They are not waiting for the 'tension' to die down and make 'aliyah'

      The irony regarding Zionism is that the "Jewish state" was intended as the only way to combat antisemitism and be a safe place to live in. It's the least safest place for Jews to live. Even Iranian Jews are safer in Iran than in Israel. The only major threat they face is from their Israeli cousins who want to bomb Iran.

      Zionism evolved into all those listed things, among others. It's a bad word. At it's core, it's main purpose and philosophy has served it's purpose to make a Jewish state. It no longer serves a purpose. I would even argue that it was a failure because it isn't safe and because most Jews don't live there or intend to live there.

  • ‏A letter from under attack
    • This is terrible. The Israeli policy of disproportionate use of excessive force in retaliation for any perceived third party attack is a policy of an immoral monster. A terrorist. An enemy of humanity. It always kills civilians. Always. On purpose. Their policy is intended to cause extra punishment so that their 'enemy' thinks twice about attacking them again. The family of the innocents killed in the crossfire and considered 'collateral damage' do not see things that way. They see the truth - a monstrous terrorist bully. And if they want to push Israelis into the sea or whatever (the classic propaganda line) how can you blame them?

  • Warning to Obama: 'The Jewish community will remember in November'
    • History is a lot more complex then we are told. Pre-15th century stuff originating in Europe calls Muslims Saracens. Muslim Turks are called Turks or Tatars or even Mongols. Jews are referred to as Yehudim, Koman, Medians/Kurds, and in some cases even the above names attributed to Muslims.

      Christians are even more complex. The Arian Christians and Gnostics were persecuted. Some material Arianism and Gnosis was Jewish even. Other material says it was the 'real' Christianity. It's difficult stuff to make sense of.

      That means that history blurs the line. The Abrahamic faiths all spring forward from the same well, that's why. Zoroastrianism isn't pagan either. It's like a combination of Vedic and Abrahamic beliefs. Probably because Vedic teachings spread West and that's exactly what happened. It is important to point out that Muslims and Arabs have never been 'mortal enemies' of Jews. Not until Zionism and Israel and the propaganda which made it so.

    • "Yair is prepared to respect *anyone who is ready to live in peace with Israel, whatever his identity. His parents, the prime minister and his wife believe in moderation and tolerance [!] and they respect every individual without respect to their religion [!], ethnicity or national affiliation and so they raised their son."

      * - Anyone except for Arabs of course who have shown since time immortal that they are of the seed of Esau, our eternal enemy the Amalekites. The Arabs do not want peace. Since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, the Arabs sought to destroy it and push Jews into the sea. These attitudes among Arabs have not changed. Need I remind you of the militant Islamic terror attacks that Israel faces on a daily basis? Need I remind you what these same militant Islamists did to your World Trade towers? The consistent incitement and rejection of peace by the PLO just proves that the Arabs are not ever ready to live in peace with the Jewish state.

      ^They left that part out. Okay I made it up, but I'm sure that's pretty much what their thought process consists of.

    • Carter, IMO, has been the best post-President in the history of former American Presidents. There was definitely a campaign of sorts out to derail his re-election, it involved the hostage situation, and Zionists at some level were likely involved given the fact that Carter spearheaded this peace thing and caused Israel to give up a significant chunk of stolen real estate (Sinai).

    • Yep, I would bet on that. American Jewish voters vote democratically for the most part.

      The thing is that the "Jewish vote" is not referring to Jewish voters. It's a veiled code word for people who are mostly not even Jewish. I am thinking that the "Jewish community" is the same thing here given the context. It is not referring to individual voters. This "Jewish community" does not include Iran's Jewish community either. Iranian Jews are, contrary to popular belief, not persecuted. They don't want war. Just like the Persian Jews in Israel in elsewhere are saying for the most part. Another reason why the holocaust analogies are totally unacceptable. The population statistics for Iranian Jews are significantly deflated. On purpose. For obvious reasons. Outside of Israel, it is the largest Jewish community in the Middle East. Ironically located in a country that Israel wants to wipe off the face of the Earth.

      When you got Michelle Bachmann calling herself Jewish because the Hebrew Bible is the Christian Old Testament, when Joe Biden calls himself a Zionist, and when Sarah Palin wears a Star of David pendant, it raises questions. At least it does for me. What kind of questions?

      Who is this "Jewish Community" anyways? American Jews? It can't be. Some might want a war, but I bet the majority do not. Just as the majority will vote for Obama in November.

      Even Netanyahu admits that the early Zionist movement was carried out by American Protestant Fundamentalists. The Zionist lobby is full of American Protestant Fundamentalists. The CIA report on the risks of partitioning Palestine mention the powerful Zionist lobbies and make a note that they are not run by Jews.

      Methinks that Christian Zionist fundies are taking credit for being the "Jewish Community" too. That's my point. And there is a lot of them including several powerful and rich moguls active politically and donating to Israel-firster causes.

  • Fact checker fact checker find me a fact
    • Well, to be fair both are just examples why people should not trust the media. Especially pretaining to a volitale and sensitive topic like I/P. Or anything that's going on in Syria. When the media reported the 'celebrating' Libyans, BBC ran this:

      link to

      Strange... what do all those Indians waving the flag of India have to do with Libya? Reminds me of the footage they showed of Palestinians 'celebrating' after 9/11 which turned out to be file footage taped years prior after they were given food. Who is the insane media whore who thought it would be funny to run that?

  • Israel's lobby (updated)
    • LOL! I didn't notice the chandelier, I wonder if that was intentionally photographed? Those two guys look like twins

  • 'New Republic' says Obama 'detests' Netanyahu and treats him shabbily
    • "I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved"

      link to

      At the 4:07 mark. To be fair, I don't speak Hebrew. I don't know how to spell what he is saying and throw it in to Google translate and make sense of it. Some Hebrew speakers claim that is not what he is saying at all. Just like they claim Menachem Begin did not make the infamous master race comment. Hebrew is pretty much Aramaic and not easy to translate into an Indo-European languages spoken by the majority of the West. Therefore, Israeli politicians can say horrible things in Hebrew and Israelis can claim that the English translation is not what they said. They are technically correct yet wrong at the same time. The intent is what is important. This is the same guy who said he stopped the Oslo accords and that 9/11 was good for Israel.

      To get to know him a little more, if you haven't already done so I suggest watching the Ben Netay debate video from some old show called 'the advocate'

      link to

      Watch his facial movements and body language. He is a professional liar. A master of deception and rhetoric. A likely psychopath. IMHO, the younger version is much wittier than his modern self. Perhaps he rehearsed. Either that or when he speaks in English he dumbs himself down to the American audience which needs to hear things at an elementary level to understand it. No offense to my fellow Americans. You know what I mean :)

    • Netanyahu isn't even popular in Israel. It's difficult to gauge because I can't find any recent approval ratings. Even the 'right-wing' news gives him crap these days and several haaretz journalists at least speak their mind on the guy. A nation's leader is supposed to represent the nation. That doesn't always mean the nation likes the leader. Bush's approval ratings were average until 9/11 when they soared. Then they dropped to average again until the Iraq war when strangely the soared. Then they tanked to below average right after his first term all the way to historic lows where they remained. Obama's have been pretty darn stable at average. I voted for the guy but I don't care for the job he has done nor will I vote for him again. For the most part Americans are not unhappy with the job he claims to have been doing. He hasn't had a 9/11 or an Iraq war thankfully, that's a good thing.

      My point here is that Bush was detested by the American public for his entire second term and it would have happened earlier were it not for those events.

      I used to teach training classes for my company's product and we had our international subsidiaries learning it for a month. Over some drinks, somebody brought up Bush and pretty much all of them said Bush was a laughing stock in all of Europe. I believed it.

      Netanyahu is the same thing. A laughing stock for rational Americans, most Europeans, and in Israel itself. Of course Obama hates him. The thing with Sarkozy comes to mind. Sarkozy is Jewish even. Netanyahu is more hated than Ariel Sharon. Menachem Begin. Any labor party leader actually. He's irrational. He's a pathological liar. He lies on an international stage. He's a manipulative con-man. Anybody can see through this. No nation can ever take themselves seriously by electing such a con-man to such a position of leadership. In a way, I'm glad he is the Israel PM because as long as he remains in that position, the closer this whole thing comes to finally being resolved. In his attempt to extend the status quo, he is killing it. I am okay with this.

  • Video: Newt snoozes waiting on AIPAC, but hardly misses a beat
  • Friedman warns war could hurt American Jews
    • In a perfect world maybe. Instead we're stuck with Jennifer Rubin's "Jerusalem is not a Settlement" bumper stickers. And (LOL!) Obama 2012.

    • Yep

      "Every Israeli and friend of Israel should be thankful to the president for framing the Iran issue this way. It is important strategically for Israel, because it makes clear that dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat was not Israel’s problem alone"

      Obama can frame it any way he likes. Put those same 25 people Friedman mentioned and exile them to a desert and there will never be a war with Iran either.

  • Cantor says Obama must not 'speak contrary to what our ally thinks is in its best interest'!
    • There is enough concrete evidence floating out there to convict Cantor of treason if anybody wants to pursue it.

      Australia is an ally of the USA. If Australia somehow it was in their best interest to deport aborigines to Malaysia or something, the administration of the POTUS is allowed to speak contrary to it. Australia is not part of the USA. Israel is not the 51st state of the USA.

      IMO, Cantor is just using persuasive and manipulative language to convince his audience that what he says is in fact rational. It is hardly rational. Israel is a foreign nation. Foreign nation. They are not the USA. What is good or bad for Israel is not necessarily good or bad for the USA. Saudi Arabia is a valued ally of the USA for obvious reasons. Saudi Arabia has no diplomatic relations with Israel.

      Israel /= (does not equal) the USA and vice versa. Religious opinions are irrelevant and biased.

  • Netanyahu gives genocidal bible story to Obama
    • I have a hard time believing anything that happened before I was alive if there is complete lack of evidence. Historical and biblical. History is written by the victor and not the loser. I've been reading a lot about gnosis lately, so I'll use an example involving that. Because so little material survived (and much of it was destroyed) we hardly knew anything about gnosis until the treasure trove of Nag Hammadi codices were dug up in 1945.

      What we mostly knew about it came from what was written about Manichaeism. Manichaeism was suppressed but still had some devotees (the Bosnian Church was influenced by it). The majority of the history written about Manichaeism was from it's critics. Religious scholars who spoke harshly about it and demonized Mani. This being the primary known history we had on gnosis until the Nag Hammadi discoveries. And we still will never know exactly what the Manichaeism take was because we cannot accept their critique as history at face value. Maybe that's not the best example, but it's what came to mind since I'm interested in it presently. If we cannot got modern events correct, then we have no clue how accurate our actual history is.

      One of the things I read about the Babylonian exile and Cyrus freeing Jews was the emphasis on Jewish leaders. When a providence, country, nation, empire, etc. was conquered it wasn't always customary to slaughter the people. It was more important to have the people surrender to the new rulers (with exceptions obviously.. I believe it was the Mongols they say who had a 'population reduction' quota which involved killing the leaders and 10 people per solider or something like that).

      The old leaders were either executed, imprisoned, or exiled. Or all of the above. My research into this subject shows that the Jews in exile were wealthy, elite, and powerful leaders. It seems that people are under the impression that all or most of the Jews were exiled from their country, but that is not what the actual history says. What happened was akin to exiling modern day Neocon/Zionist politicians and millionaires after being conquered by Mexico or something. The reason why there were Rabbis and religious leaders is because they were the leaders and the government in those times. So when some ultra-Orthdox settler says that the war in Iraq was revenge for Babylonian captivity, it just makes them sound even more insane.

  • At last a leader, Obama fingers 'Israeli interest' in war
    • It's sort of like when two people get married and one finds out that the other is not the person they thought they knew at all. But every now and then they say the right thing followed by "I love you" and whatever. The partner then relaxes in reassurance that they should not have second guessed them in the first place. Until they disappoint them a day later.

      Obama has done absolutely nothing for anybody trust him. He has said some nice things that were never backed up by actions and made some promises and threats that were never kept or followed up on. On one hand he is at the mercy of Congress who truly hold all the real power in our government. On the other hand his actually policy has made no change at all other than continue our status quo. The status quo being the problem. The rich claim they hate him, yet he has done nothing but protect the rich. The middle class and poor complain every now and then but relax when he says something nice.

      The problem is not Obama, the problem is those Eastern folks that everybody spent the 50s and 60s fear mongering about. They really did infiltrate us and have been dictating out politics for at least the past three decades. Or ever since Nixon took office and Kissinger became the SoS.

    • @ahhiyawa


      Confused here... If Obama backed up his words with actions, I wouldn't have much of a problem with him. On one hand I don't trust his administration given established facts that goes against the ideology he claimed to support. On the other hand, the Iran thing, I can tell the administration had been stalling. But I do not trust that this does not mean there won't be war.

    • As others here have said, people will see what they want to see. Whoever wrote that speech for Obama is a keeper. And Obama himself is an excellent speaker. His actions are often not backed up by words though.

      Not disagreeing with you either, hophmi. Even some of the Zionist right will see what is not there and perhaps even call it incitement. Like the 1967 borders statement last year. To be fair, I am not reading anything of the sort so far. Even Caroline Glick is amazingly okay with Obama's statements. Quite odd indeed.

    • Which is also a reason why warfare is not out of the question in an election year. It will not derail his campaign. Obama has no competition in the eyes of public opinion. He will be the POTUS until 2017.

      That means he can afford these statements. He can also afford a war in Iran or Syria. He can also afford to play hardball with Netanyahu and I hope that he really does.

    • "I will veto that bill" (signs bill anyways)

      Obama fails to back up his words with actions. I'll give him a teeny tiny bit of credit though for pissing off Netanyahu and Israel. Because this will piss them off not unlike the "1967 borders" remark last year.

      At this point Obama need not worry about being an election year either. The GOP is a mess. Low turnout, no standout candidate, and the guy in the (narrow) lead has extremely low approval ratings among Republican voters. He's also a Mormon meaning the significant chunk of red states has to vote for that other guy. Adelson's Newt can't buy success. Ron Paul hasn't won a state but he won delegates and has shook the thing up (his voters won't be voting for anybody else). It's a mess. Meaning Obama is a sure-thing as far as re-election is concerned so he can say things like this and get away with it even if the lobby and Bibi don't like it.

      Again, they're just words. The administrations actions indicate nothing has changed. The status quo. If his words did jeopardize his political position, he could always free Pollard and win brownie points. Probably would do that too....

  • What’s queer about the anti-occupation movement?
    • Well it is quite strange to waste so much money and resources just so 500 or so violent religious fanatics can live there.

      Much has been written about the massacre you mention, but few Zionist sources are even interested in examining the cause. The cause was not irrational hatred for Jews. Zionists - not indigenous Jews - were the target. To put it quite simply, not that they deserved it but they were asking for it. Just like any slaughtered colonial Americans by the indigenous natives. You reap what you sow. Always the effect without ever mentioning the cause. Contrary to popular belief, Muslim Arabs and Jews are not mortal enemies. Islam doesn't encourage people to kill Jews. People are not born with irrational hatred. There is always a reason. Not saying there is a good reason, but there is a reason why the Hebron settlers are not exactly well-liked. They are terrible neighbors who commit terror and get away with it and have a special security agreement to protect them.

      Hebron has always been an obstacle to the 'peace process' and the settlers have no right to live there. No right at all. Not even on religious grounds because too much stuff in Palestine has wrongly been attributed to biblical places as a means for Zionists to claim the land. I've read claims that the Cave of the Patriarchs was either a Hindu (Lotus flower entrance) temple or more likely and Edomite temple.

  • Netanyahu says, You also refused to bomb Auschwitz
    • Collective national consciousness and guilt. Essentially blaming us for tragic events which happened before many of us were born. I can't help but feel like Bibi is pointing a finger saying "you did this... you owe us"

      A few Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis were saying the war in Iraq was payback for Babylonian captivity. What's the statute of limitations on national collective consciousness? Babylon hasn't existed for thousands of years.

      The US is not the world's police. The US doesn't owe anybody anything. I take that back, it owes Iraq (along with many others) an apology. Israel constantly calling for the US to do their dirty work really is the tale wagging the dog.

    • Poor analogy. There is a fairly large population of Persian Jews living safely in Iran. Their population figures are consistently deflated to make it look as if their numbers are even lower than there are. There are more Jews in Iran than Zoroastrianists.

  • Blasting Obama as 'blurred,' McConnell assures Israel lobby that bipartisan Congress will authorize 'overwhelming force' against Iran
    • What exactly is that same interest? The Netanyahu government is a coalition with a Neo-Soviet political party made up of former Soviets who share Neo-Soviet ideology (Yisrael Beiteinu).

      I was under the impression that since the fall of the USSR, the West has been trying to Westernize the East and the former Soviet states. The ideology that Debra "I hate all Iranians" Cagan subscribes to along with all the Neocons. East vs. West. The nuclear thing is just an excuse.

    • Apparently they even sign an agreement to do their bidding. Don't know if that's true or not, but I wouldn't doubt it. Congress is antiquated. You can fly from NJ to CA, the length of i-80, in about four hours.

      Back when there was an actual need for a state representation in Washington, four hours is about how long it took to get to DC from Baltimore. As long as Congress is Congress, and as long as Congress is corrupt by AIPAC and other big corporations and lobbies, the POTUS is virtually powerless.

  • 'We are you and you are us,' Netanyahu says-- but Obama thumbs him with talk of Palestinians and diplomacy
    • Well said, seafoid. Almost 20 years since the Oslo Accords. Arafat is dead, possibly assassinated. Rabin was assassinated. The settlement population had doubled, construction has escalated. There are still Palestinian refugee camps. International law and UN regulations are being ignored. Every day the situation is worse. I guess it's a bonus that the Sinai Peninsula is part of Egypt again, the Lebanon occupation and wars are in the past (but the consequences remain every day), and there are no longer any settlements in Gaza.. but the core of the issue has always been EJ, the WB, and the refugees. The closest this ever was to anything resembling a resolution was June 4th, 1967. All downhill from there.

      Master of their fate? It is too late. Israel's fate is written in stone. More non-Jews live West of the Jordan River than Jews. More Jews are leaving than coming. More Arabs are born than Jews. Israel's will fail demographically at some point in the future. That is a fact.

    • I don't feel anything, Dan. I'm numb. I'm sorry I argued with you regarding Ron Paul a while back too. Now I understand what you were trying to say.

      IMO, Americans have no government. An unelected layer of powerful wealthy people, corporations, lobbies, etc. are the real 'government' so to speak. They present puppets to the American public. Mouth pieces who bow to the highest bidder. Only interested in continuing the status quo. Americans vote for these folks believing their vote really counts.

      If all 50 states were to secede from DC, DC would declare us all an enemy.

      If Obama admit the truth, that a military option could lead to instability and global warfare, and that a military solution was off the table, well I wouldn't believe him. But it would be the right thing to say.

  • Three harsh critiques of the lobby
    • The huge corporations and lobbies will never go away as long as Western financial democracy exists. After years of being told otherwise, I personally no longer believe in democracy (dumbocracy). The whole 'for the people, by the people' sounds nice superficially. But most people have absolutely no clue how to run a country so why should they be allowed to vote for somebody who they think does? Especially when their vote is often determined by partisan (non) issues which have absolutely nothing to do with running a country. These issues might seem important to many people, but essentially they are voting for candidates based on silly things that are not unlike what brand of coffee they drink. "Hmmmm.... He drinks Dunkin Donuts coffee too? He's got my vote!"

      Democracy in nearly all of it's iterations is open to corruption from unaccountable forces and lobbies. We've been conditioned to believe our entire lives that the 'Leviathan' dictatorship of monarchy is worse, but is it? If you have one strong, powerful, and intelligent leader then you sever all the power of any powerful corporations and lobbies. Of course you have to be darn sure the one leader is intelligent and powerful and not corrupt which is pretty much impossible.

  • VIDEO: UCLA students walk out on IDF campus event
    • If only the masses would stop and think about that very question and all the other Israel-related anomalies. Why does the IDF, a foreign country's military, hold campus events at US universities? Why do politicians embarrassingly obsess about this one foreign country? If all these Israeli activist organizations were replaced with Brazilian activist organizations, and if all the political references to Israel were replaced with references to Brazil (just as an example), everybody would be saying "WTF?!"

      Not that Brazil is the best replacement example, but the principle remains the same. Israel is a foreign country, it is not the 51st state of the USA. One of my in-laws is vocally against illegal immigrants yet when I pointed out to him an Israeli selling cell phone covers at the mall in one of those scamming kiosks, he was okay with it. I said they were were illegel immigrants and he said "but they're Israelis." WTF is wrong with Americans?!

  • This could be World War 3-- and we're talking less than the parties to a friendly divorce
    • There is no danger. The perceived danger, were Iran to possess nuclear weapons, is that Israel would no longer have bully status in the ME. The nukes would be a deterrent.

      The facts all point to a much different reality though. Iran's nuclear sites may have already potentially been sabotaged by Israel (according to the filtered info of wikileaks, if anybody believes that). Not only that, but Iran has actually complied with inspections despite Zionist (dis)info to the contrary. Even Israel's own assessment of the situation is proof enough that Iran is incapable of producing nukes anytime soon. But if they want them, some say that Russia will provide them with 'em.

      So what exactly is the truth here and why are all eyes on Iran? And you mention smuggling and detonating nukes in Tel Aviv. What about Israel doing them same in NYC or Chicago? There was that whole shady Minot thing from a few years back involving missing nukes and all the people involved subsequently dead. Conspiracy theory? No, conspiracy fact. What is really going on and why is Iran the target? Serious question. JPost comments are full of irrational "Persia must be destroyed before the prophecy bla bla bla" BS. Is that the real reason? I've even read Ultra Orthodox comments regarding the Iraq war being revenge for Babylonian Captivity. Seriously!

      This is what I believe is the truth: The truth is that insane people with obvious signs of mental illness have far too much control on this planet. That's the truth.

    • Even if the Vegas odds that attacking Iran would lead to WWIII were low, the fact is that it is a possibility. I believe it is a probability. Why even take that risk?

      Like if the odds were even 1%, why would anybody risk such a thing? "The odds of a global world war - which could turn nuclear and destroy most life on the planet - are very low... less than 1%"

      And such a possibility exists yet these nutjob warmongers are willing to take that chance.

  • Ahmed Moor in WaPo: Harvard One State conference 'informed by the uncontroversial view that all people are created equal'
    • What is the point is a great question. Unfortunately, most people are not asking it. They view I/P as if it is a matter of opinion like any other partisan issue. People view I/P and the ME instability in general through a veil of propaganda and lies. History is molded to take advantage of people's religious beliefs. The 30% or so of Americans who perceive the modern militarist state of Israel as the same Israel in scripture are never going to change their perceptions no matter what truth spills over into the media.

      The world is a much different place than it was prior to WWII. The idea of a state for Jewish people has made no sense at any point in modern Israel's history. The Jewish diaspora has never been the only diaspora. Chaldeans don't have a homeland for example.

      I think that 'the point' was a once-held belief that Palestine was a strategic asset during the Cold War era. The Zionist lobby was controlled by fundamentalist Christians (and I would say it still is) in the beginning. They were the ones who pressured Truman to support partition. The US withdrew their support after Folke Bernadotte was assassinated. One of the primary (if not the primary) reasons for the US being first to recognize Israel was because they saw a strategic advantage over the USSR in doing so. Of course the UN and the Vatican were/are interested in the Old City and corporations were interested in the Dead Sea and natural gas fields. Only on the surface was this ever about Jewish people and the Jewish Zionists probably figured this out from the start. Hence Revisionist Zionism.

      Jordan's independence probably through a wrench into the Dead Sea thing. Lebanon and Cyprus are also arguing for the natural gas fields. Then there is the natural gas off of Gaza's waters (probably one of the true reasons for the status quo in Gaza). The Vatican unofficially has some sort of a say over the Old City but the UN gave up. The USSR is gone. Israel makes no sense, no sense at all. The flawed Zionist view that Israel is unique and therefore must be treated by double standards is only believed by the Israelis. They see criticism otherwise as antisemitism. Examining the status quo from a rational and non-biased POV is enough to convince you that the world is run by insane people.

  • Amnesty International: Anti-wall protest organizer Bassem Tamimi is a prisoner of conscience and should be released immediately and unconditionally
    • It's 2012 and Gaza is still subject to an illegal blockade from both land and sea. Last year's Rafah border opening was a joke. None of the Israeli attacks in response to 'rockets' have been justified based on any reliable facts. And a good portion of the strip is made up of children and youths, nearly half in fact. Although my Zionist 'friends' like to remind me that 12 years old is 'combat age' or something like that.

      It breaks my heart to read these news items regarding Gaza. The world seems to have forgotten that Gaza even exists. Unlike the WB, which dominates the majority of discussion regarding I/P, Gaza has no more settlements. Israel claims they are no longer interested in the strip. Hasbarists act as if Israel is no longer an occupying power over Gaza (internationally Israel is still the occupying power which is why they must provide aid among other things).

      The tiny Gaza strip is home to 1.6+ million human beings who are being subjected to prisoner status. Humiliated and de-humanized worse than what goes on in the WB (which is saying a lot). Why must Gaza's status wait until a final 'peace' outcome between Israel and the Palestinians takes place? If Israel hates Gaza so much, what's keeping them from declaring themselves independent? The independent Palestinian state of Gaza. Or something of the sort. They have beach front real estate and a treasure trove in resources (natural gas that Israel wants for themselves) in their coastal waters which is plenty enough to support them economically.

  • In 45 minutes with Obama, Goldberg asks repeatedly about Iran, nothing about Palestinians
    • Sad but true, Citizen. People will discover the truth when they go looking for the truth. Either that or they will know in the end. Whatever that means. Not even sure what the truth is to be quite honest. Although it is obviously not what Obama claims to support regarding I/P.

      Even when you do feel like you've educated somebody about this sort of thing, that may not always be the case. I thought I convinced my dad pretty good but now he's conflictingly arguing about Iran and saying "they threatened to wipe out Israel" like I guess he didn't learn anything. And I've lost a friend over my position (and pissed off some others). Everybody else doesn't care because they have more important things to do or think about. "Look, can't you see I'm busy? I'm busy doing nothing important and that's important. Don't you understand how important it is?"

      I wish those Israel opinion polls had a "I don't really care" option. Probably 90%+ would checkmark it.

  • J Street's call for Iran diplomacy earns ire of Jewish establishment
    • If the US government truly had the guts and brainpower, they would have been using all this time to find a way at neutralizing the perceived (and possibly fictitious) 'second-strike' Mediterranean secret submarine threat (Samson Option) along with containing Dimona. Use the military to force a regime-change to dispose of the revisionist Zionist terrorists like Likud. Ignore the religious right for the time being for it has nothing to do with the reality of the situation (mostly). Build kill-switches into the stuff we sell those guys. Get the UN and other international entities involved and use propaganda (because as much as it sucks, it works) to change perceptions rather than carry about a potential suicide agenda. My two cents.

    • Next time he reads Torah he should stop moaning about the Pharoah. Major Jewish Organisations are the empire now

      Awesome. I'm still trying to figure out who exactly that Pharaoh was anyways. The Hyksos have turned out to be mostly (if not exclusively) fictitious. Ramesses II and co turned out to be Caucasoid and likely related to the Tocharian mummies of Tibet. Bedouins (called Shasu) worshipped a burning bush called Yaweh. It gets pretty weird when you try to put it al together. But none of it has to do with what the elite desire the masses to support as Israel. Strange world. Stranger than fiction.

  • The last time a Democratic president took on Benjamin Netanyahu...
    • And it works, they're going to keep coming. There was already a movement in the West to equate Islam with terrorism. 9/11 provided such significant momentum to this that even some non-bigots turned into bigots. Temporarily at least. Bibi himself ignorantly said that 9/11 was good for and would generate sympathy for Israel. His entire comment is disgusting when you think about it. He selfishly said it was 'good' before calling it a tragedy. What kind of person does that? Him of course. The two wars the ensued further distracted public opinion from I/P. The Sharon government even tried to exploit this by claiming that Al Qaeda was working with Hamas and was in Gaza. Nevermind Gaza's tiny size or the fact that Israel probably knows whenever the citizens there use the bathroom. Western news reported this, but they failed to report the Mossad sayinam arrested in Gaza pretending to be Al Qaeda within weeks of Sharon's claims. This is well-sourced btw, even BBC picked it up:

      link to

      I would also add the Second Intifada along with Arafat's isolated compound and subsequent death to that list.

      I do believe in part the Iran thing intends to sabotage Obama in an election year, but it also comes at a time when Palestine has given international attention to statehood, the death of the peace process and 2SS, the unity government, the criticism of Likud/Bibi/Zionism, etc. Just another thing to distract our minds.

      Israel has existed for 64 years. They have occupied territory that does not belong to them from day one. They have committed ethnic cleansing and genocide, and have used terrorism since before they even existed. For the past 45 years they have occupied ever more territory and irrationally so in defiance to international law.

      For 22 years they occupied Southern Lebanon. For 15 years they occupied the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. That particular peace agreement was what led to the basis of peace with the Palestinians culminating with the Oslo Accords over a decade later. But that was nearly 20 years ago. During this time we have seen not only the above distractions, but consistently failing negotiations with mediators such as the Zionist Dennis Ross involved taking the Israeli side neverminding that this is a conflict of interest. We have seen more settlement activity than the prior 25 years had seen. We have seen endless military conflicts, terrorism, and warfare. Mostly from the Israeli side. Even when it is allegedly the Palestinians. I would like to think we are nearing the end of the road, but I'm sure others thought the same thing 20 years ago...

    • Netanyahu can barely pass a law raising taxes on vegetables

      I guarantee you he could pass a law on raising taxes on vegetables here in the US. Funny how you go from laughing off the notion of Zionist power over US foreign policy to Bibi's own power in Israel itself. The two are not even related.

      You places lobbies in quotes, also as if it is laughable to joke about control by lobbies. It is no joking matter that mega corporations and lobbies have the most say politically. It would be laughable to deny this fact. In terms of the Zionist lobby's control over our foreign policy, please google "Iran" and set the search range to the past month. Notice the same infamous neocon pundits calling for war from less than a decade ago regarding Iraq. Notice that top Obama officials including Obama himself continue to address what is an reality a non-issue.

      Need I remind you of the 29 standing ovations that Congress gave to Bibi? This was during the same week as an AIPAC Congress with AIPAC members present.

      link to

      Notice they applaud his lies and tired rhetoric. He may has well told him the signet ring story (leaving out the fact that his family changed their name). Would have gotten 30 standing ovations if he did. Congressional aids claimed that AIPAC told congressman they would watch video for body language. USSR-style.

      Congress has power over the POTUS. That's an inconvenient fact. And the lobby has control over congress. This is not a laughing matter as you seem to think that it is.

      Lastly, I know you're fairly new around here. Just an FYI, that whole "Zionist is a euphemism for Jews" and "criticism of Israel/Zionism is antisemitism" is junior-level stuff. Even the hasbara folks here know that.

    • Ahem,

      According to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the President had a lengthy conversation that day. He told her that he suspected that a foreign embassy (he did not specify which one) was tapping his telephones

      This if from the actual Starr report:

      link to

      The Bibi connection to Monicagate is not fringe. What foreign embassy do you think he was talking about?

      Whether Lewinsky was a plant or not ('honey trap') is irrelevant. A British investigative journalist named Kevin Dowling claimed that he had sources in Tel Aviv tell him that Mossad obtained over 30 conversations between Lewinsky and Clinton by bugging her apartment phone. The sources also claimed that Pollard's 'inside man' was still inside at the time and partially responsible. Theodore Olson, one of Pollard's attorneys, was a close friend and colleague of Kenneth Starr even. Pollard just a couple years prior had received Israeli citizenship and not long after Monicagate Israel finally admit responsibility for his spying and Bibi himself began to lobby for his release.

      During a WH press conference, a reporter even asked Mike McCurry "Is it true that the White House is bugged by a foreign country?" because rumor had it there was not only a mole in the WH itself (and it was well known Clinton had an investigation for such a mole) but the security company in charge of billing services for the phones in not only the Watergate, but also secure locations in the WH, was an Israeli security company that also had the ability to tap into the phones there. The phone system was replaced not long afterwards after suspicious that a backdoor had been exploited.

      If this is a conspiracy, file it under conspiracy fact. Not theory. There is far too much evidence, circumstantial and otherwise, not to point a finger at the lobby, Israel, Netenyahu, or all of the above. Too many dots are connected. Oslo was huge, a PM of Israel was assassinated over it. Bibi claimed to have stopped the Oslo accords by making the Jordan valley a security zone. Sharon had to create a new party to disband Gaza settlements (ironically considering it was Sharon) because Likud doesn't recognize peace. And Bibi is the master of lies and deception (if you're a sucker for it of course). We all know it. Him and Clinton did not get along at all, and Clinton's comments from just a few months ago saying that he was the obstacle is just further proof of bad blood.

  • Responding to commenters on recent bannings
    • Best way to slay the beast is to cut off it's head. The problem with I/P and Zionism in general is the beast has a lot of heads. Kind of like the alcoholic friend having issues that are unrelated to the alcohol of equal and even greater importance.

      It's like the third Indiana Jones movie when he has to pick out the grail from all those cups. Choose wisely.

      Above all, it's important to tell the truth. Now speculation, that's not the truth. It could be but it could not be. I'm very guilty of it myself. The good thing about I/P is the truth is well-documented and is 180 degrees different than the narrative promoted in the West.

    • I see where you're coming from, Tod. I/P is a sensitive topic though. Well-meaning comments can be taken out of context or misinterpreted. Then they can be used as smears by critics. If somebody says ten things arguing an opinion/point and just one of those things are wrong, critics can use that one thing to dismiss everything and most people have been conditioned to be persuaded by this tactic.

      Censorship is bad, but the line has to be drawn somewhere to prevent a free-for-all. If my comment doesn't get posted, it would be nice to know if it was a rule violation or time out, but I personally don't let it get to me. We all have differing opinions, but for the most part are on the same page.

  • War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on the Poor
    • I gullibly used to buy it, but the war against invisible ambiguous (insert blanket term for boogeyman of the week) is a war against freedom. And a meaningless war at that. It is probably not a coincidence that such "wars" are often directly responsible for creating enemies. Iran-Contra, for example, is directly responsible for creating the infamous Los Zetas. Arming Saddam likely played an important role in his "rise to power" and the two wars we had that followed. Bin Laden and Noriega are also infamous for being former CIA assets. No conspiracy there at all, although certain folks get mad when you mention Bin Laden being one. An inconvienant fact, and one that is ridiculously denied or ignored.

      I wonder what the agenda behind keeping tabs on Muslims and mosques is? Because as much as the Zionists demonize Islam, they have to know that the vast majority are innocent. IMO somebody is probably monitoring them for intelligence purposes. As in clandestine shadowy ops using Islam as a disguise. The truth is stranger than fiction

  • US officials sharpen Iran rhetoric as AIPAC comes to town
    • Wow. Passing a law making a diplomatic solution illegal was bad enough. But saying a nation cannot use energy for peaceful means just because it could also be used to make weapons (and despite the recent propaganda of lies, it is well-known that if it was weapons Iran pursued they are years away and not months like the media shills are paid to say... Think aluminum tubes)... Well that is not any different than "non-violet protests will escalate to violence so we will respond violently" so I'm not surprised. That's a terrible red-line. You can continue to draw the line any way you like for any nation you don't like. Iranians aren't allowed to go to the bathroom because it can be used to make jenkem. I mean that's a ridiculous non-example but so is everything else. People need to realize we are being (mis)lead by fools in ALL important areas. They are self-proclaimed experts and in reality non-experts. They talk the talk and fool the masses with their manipulative speech, the similar friends they have who provide them with 'credentials' and respect, and of course all the useful idiots who fall victim to their game. But they are fools. Even if they paid top dollar on prestigious degrees. The Israel bias is profit in itself. An anomaly of a partisan issue. Since when do partisan issues involve supporting ethnic cleansing and state- sponsored terror? Undermining human rights? This is not normal. Once you realize it, it is embarrassing to hear them speak of it

  • Ten reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous
    • There are several groups of people in diaspora (like Chaldeans) without their historical homeland. Why is Israel an exception? G-d is not a real estate agent.

      And please, where is your proof this is even your 'historic' homeland anyways? Judea, Lydia (Anatolia), and India are spelled all the same in Greek and in ancient maps. Have we been played the fool?

    • Sounds about right

    • AIPAC is public enemy #1. AIPAC has evaded registering with the Justice Department as a foreign agent since it's inception. If memory recalls, AIPAC only exists because its former self (American Zionist Committee something or other) was heavily pressured to. I think the Kennedys were the last people who really pressured them to register. Since then, it has come up but they obviously handle it with kid gloves.

      Aside from paying taxes, this would also theoretically (which I doubt) limit their power in Congress. That's the problem. The power they hold over Congress and the power Congress holds over the POTUS should concern every American citizen. War affects us all.

  • Iran's Oscar win reveals Israeli movie-goers to be brainwashed bumpkins
    • Oh geez...That's not surprising though.

      What is surprising is that the academy awarded an oscar to an Iranian movie over an Israeli one given present conditions. That is... odd. I can't even keep track of how many times that Israel is mentioned in a show or a movie. Even going back years. Like it's everything. I was watching a re-run of NCIS and they mentioned somebody with an Israeli 'accent' which I'm really not sure exists in real life. Just some producer's will or something. An anomaly compared to all the other places on the planet and the disproportion of population. My wife thinks I'm nuts. Maybe I am...

    • I think you're both right. Here's the thing, polls are polls. Perceptions are difficult to change, but the media is responsible for molding a lot of them.

      In both instances, think about it. If the Israeli media were to tell the truth (and haaretz has journalists who often do just that), would majority perceptions change? Same thing in the US. Would majority perceptions change? In the US, yes. There are a lot of fundies, but they are a minority. There are the Americans who believe Israel is the biblical Israel and the Americans who drank the "most moral army and only democracy in the Middle East, an oasis of peace" kool aid. The latter are the majority. The media could change their opinion in a day.

  • Harvard's 'one-state' conference spurs 'National Review Online' to suggest expelling Palestinians from Jewish state
    • No doubt, Dershowitz is definitely a radical nut case too.

      If there was a contest between the two determining who is nuttier, Glick would win hands down. A while ago, I wrote her a personal email based on something ridiculous that she wrote. I had no idea who she was at the time. She is probably the only journalist to ever reply to an email I sent, and it was at that point I knew she was batshit insane. Not because she replied, but because she replied with further insanity

  • NJ Star-Ledger runs 'dual loyalty' charge against Rep. Rothman supporters
    • I'm reading a lot of push back elsewhere on these dual loyalty and Israel-Firster claims. Seems that it is being spun around to smear the critic and invoke sympathy by mentioning dual-loyalty being an offensive and centuries-old canard which heavily influenced perceptions in Germany giving rise to you-know-what.

      It's important to keep this separate and applied to Israel, a foreign nation. It is also important to show that it is Christian fundies being accused as well. These folks will resort to anything they have in their manipulative bag of tricks. They go for the emotions and try to smear you as a Nazi in the process. Don't let them!

  • 2013 US budget: 'difficult cuts' for Americans, jackpot for Israel
    • link to

      I've put faces in photoshop to swap left and right sides before just for fun. But Bibi has perhaps the most odd results I have ever seen. Take a look! They look like two completely different people. Maybe it's the hair. I dunno. I wouldn't trust neither to be quite honest. I know Bibi's father is Polish. The left side of his face (on the right) looks like somebody from that part of the world. Slavic, Russian, etc. But it's the right side of his face that creeps me out (on the left).

      It looks like Max Keiser (whose left/right sides are also very crooked and he does that tongue thing where he doesn't lick his lips but he sticks out his tongue to lick the center really quick). It's also a dead ringer for the right side of Jacob Rothschild's face. I'm going to have nightmares now.

    • Off topic, but look at both Bibi and Obama's faces in the the above photo. The right and left sides of their faces are off. Bibi's is off by a lot! The left and right sides are totally crooked and that's probably nature's warning sign. Seriously. Obama's is less crooked and a lot of people have slightly crooked faces. Generally the more crooked the face, the less trustworthy of the person.

      The brain is split into two lobes. The left controls the right side of the body and the right controls the left side of the body. Google 'split brain operation' for some pretty interesting experiments that have been performed by cutting the membrane that connects the lobes. Basically it creates two selves in the same body. And you probably all know the left-brain vs right-brain thing.

      Anyways, you can tell Bibi is predominantly left-brained. Psychopaths and sociopaths are predominantly and quite possibly even exclusively left-brained. Bibi's smile is also crooked. The right side of his face it more pronounced and his right eye ("stage" right) is using more muscles which you can see in his more closed eye. Obama also appears to be predominantly left-brained. His right eye is also more closed but it's hard to say by his smile. It's obvious with Bibi.

      Don't be upset if your face is slightly crooked. Mine is slightly off on the left side. I'm okay with that side being more pronounced.

  • Half the story: What @IDFSpokesperson leaves out about Gaza
  • Israeli government sending 100 Israelis abroad to 'defend the state' during Israel Apartheid Week
    • Freedom of speech does not protect crimes of race hatred. Unless you are inciting hatred against Arabs. That's the way it seems anymore.

      In my old age of 31 years, I've had a change of heart on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech should be freedom of speech, no matter what kind of speech it is. Because speech is just words. As long as words don't translate into actions. And even if they do, you deal with that.

      People who spout hate speech do themselves no favors. They might win over some bigoted fans. But for the most part they just de-legitimize themselves. Furthermore, if you are on private property like a restaurant or even an amusement park and you kicked out for cussing up or storm, that's not violating freedom of speech. That's the owners choice.

      I guess what I'm saying is it's weird to have laws governing certain types of speech (cussing in public in some states, hate speech, etc.). Once you put a restriction at the government level on the words that come out of your mouth, freedom of speech goes out the window. Because there are good lawyers who would try to spin criticism of Israel as hate speech if they think they can do it. Similar to how people abuse discrimination laws or the Patriot Act. SOPA got defeating because people saw through it. But the truth is they always pass these things as a way to put limits on freedom under the guise of doing what's right.

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