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Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. I speculate and generalize too much. I'm only human. My heart is in the right place though. Something is wrong and I want to help make it right. Truth and Knowledge are empowering. J.R.R. Tolkien said it best: "And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth." Want to know the truth? Meditate. If you don't meditate, start meditating and keep at it. Eventually you will understand. Don't worry about the whole 'exploding brain syndrome' and paralysis thing. Don't be afraid, just relax and hear out your primitive side... Your 'guardian angel'... Become one and be 'enlightened.' and then you will understand the truth.

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  • 'One of the most disturbing days I have ever experienced': An eyewitness account of the Israeli attack on Mustafa Tamimi's funeral
    • proudzionist777, It's the same god as in any other Abrahamic religion (Christianity, Judsaim, Islam, and all the various sects). I don't know why you said 'human beliefs' when the vast majority of humanity does not practice any form of Abrahamism. I guess the makes those who practice Hindu, Shinto, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, etc. sub-human, eh? Especially because Buddhists for example don't even have a god in their faith.

      Allah comes from the Hebrew word for god, El or Eli (also Elohim). Eli in Aramaic is Ĕlāhā and Allah is derived from that. El originates from the Sumerian wind god Enlil. En being the word for 'lord' and lil referring to 'storm.' Enlil's consort Ninlil and their granddaughter (and sometimes daughter) is Inanna/Ishtar. Both Inanna and Ninlil are the inspiration behind the Lilith character of some Apocrypha. The 'strange woman' of Proverbs is also Inanna and Proverbs 2:18–19 specifically are referring to Inanna's descent to the underworld (DSS 4Q184 makes this quite clear). Inanna's consort Tammuz (aka Dumuzi) is also specifically mentioned in Ezekiel 8:14-15.

      Elsewhere, Inanna is referred to as Asherah in versions of the Hebrew Bible and also Apocrypha. She is said at times to be the consort of Yahweh (seriously I am not making this up) and later on worship of her is forbidden.

      Why is this relevant? Because there are several gods in the Bible. Elohim is used in the context of gods, later changed to Angels or occasionally B'nai Elohim (sons of god). The sons of the sons are called Nephilim.

      Allah might be considered the name of god to many Muslims, just as capitalized God is the name of god for many Christians (instead of using Jehovah/Yahweh). In all of monotheistic Abrahamism, it refers to the exact same deity. Period. The other 'gods' have become Angels over the year and Islam uses the exact same Angels.

    • Haaretz has articles today about how even Lieberman is saying they need to do something about the Jewish 'price tag' attacks with Barak admitting they are terrorists. This could all be empty words, but they did attack a IOF security facility and the soldiers didn't do anything in retaliation. If they were Palestinian.... yeah you know what would have happened.

      I don't know what I would do if I was Palestinian. Part of me would not give into provocation because it would be used against the Palestinians. Part of me knows that Israel is doing a fine job de-legitimizing themselves by allowing the ultra orthodox to go rouge. I don't think the ultra orthodox will ever get the upperhand and control Israel, but Bibi is letting them run wild. If they did gain any sort of power over what they already have, a civil war would break out. Then another big part of me just thinks they should take up arms and go after strategic sites (military, illegal outposts) on their own territory because they are within their right IMO.

    • There has got to be a breaking point when these peaceful protests can no longer take being silenced or having 'laws' limiting the way they can criticize. These Zionist interest groups use every trick in the book, time to use their tricks against them. Don't need to drop to their level. But why not find a way to blackmail and threat the universities right back? Even get violent as long as it is directed toward the right people and for the right purpose.

      I used to think it was brave watching non-violent protesters just allow the police to show how thuggish they are without putting up a fight. And it is. But then the police just get away with it. There are more protesters than police. Mob them. Take them down. Disarm them. Handcuff them with their own cuffs.

      People need to realize that the oppressors are few in numbers and we outnumber them severely. There is no barrier between even the 1% and the 99% other than a psychological one. Non-violence and peaceful protesting is not going to change the world. I am no longer convinced. It didn't do anything. Look at Egypt, nothing has changed, the military is just in charge now. If they're going to silence us and intimidate us and limit our free speech, what other choice do we have? It will get to a point where you will be arrested for peacefully protesting and speaking freely. I just wish everybody would wake up and realize that.

      The Zionists and the lobbies and the elite, they need to have the shit scared out of them. Otherwise nothing will change. Like if 100,000 people broke into AIPAC headquarters and just tore the place up but didn't hurt anybody, that would be amazing IMO.

      Good and evil and morals are subject to opinion. For example, a pro-lifer believes a pro-choicer is 'evil' in many cases. The only thing separating us from them is they aren't afraid of us. Some of us aren't afraid of them, but most of the masses are. Balance your brain, the good and the bad. What's just may not always be good. Not talking about harming innocent people. Only guilty ones.

  • 'WaPo' says Block could be casualty of 'anti-Semites' accusation
    • There was also somebody in Hollywood, like a director or cinematographer or something. I can't find his name. He not only won his case, but was compensated because the judge said even a false accusation of antisemitism was a career-killer in Hollywood.

  • Lowe's faces boycott after pulling ads from 'TLC' show on Muslims
    • Florida... Why are they the ones usually behind these hateful fundie agendas?

      I drove to Florida last year on the way to Disney World and right across the state line until you almost get to Orlando, almost every billboard (especially right across state line) on I-75 had some sort of fundamentalist message on it. I have some distant relatives in Florida who are also extremely fundamentalist (only met them a few times, but they are odd).

      Anyways, Lowes and Home Depot are probably stereotyping their biggest customers (contractors) as fundamentalists. That's my guess.

  • Let's say you got to ask Israel's president 8 questions-- what would they be?
    • I would've asked about Bibi's signet ring. Does Peres have one too? Does it say Peres or Perski and did this have any bearing on changing your name? Do you think that Bibi calling the UN liars and saying his signet ring proves he belongs to Israel even though his father changed their name to Netanyahu was wise to do to the UN?

  • Obama ad attacks Romney, Gingrich and Perry for wanting to cut aid to Israel
    • Strange that Ron Paul was left out. He wasn't part of the 'pledge' yet has advocating cutting foreign aid forever. Anybody who still thinks Paul isn't a contender has been reading too much MSM. If anything, the Obummer campaign is just using the same tactics those guys used on him. Either way, still evidence of bowing to the lobby's will

  • Gingrich has opened an important door
    • Perhaps (this is only a guess) Arab Jews were included among the Arab total? There would have been no Yemen immigrants at that time, the indigenous Jews (from what I have read) did not go along with the Zionist movement until later (and were even opposed to the colonists)

    • tokyobk, I've done a ton of research on this over the past year or so (and the history of the world in general). The world tells a story that you will not find in any history book. I no longer believe that Khazars are the primary ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews or the '13th tribe' thing. There is certainly some truth in there, but far more to the story. For example, although not 100% accurate, phonetic similarities in different languages often refer to similar things.

      J and Y and I are often interchangable as are P and B along with L and R, and T and D. The Jotun of Norse mythology were giants who lived in the mountains. Khazars were said to have broad stature and are a few inches taller than man similar to biblical Nephilim and Amorites who were also mountain folks and desert wanderers, and also called giants. There was a Germanic tribe called Jutes who lived in the Jutland penninsula who were described in a similar way. The Scythians and Mongols are also described in similar ways.

      In China, there were the Jurchen people (pronounced jušen) who founding the Jin dynasty (called 'Altan Ulus' by Mongols... Atlantis?). Genghis Khan of the Mongols was said to have been possibly taught by Jewish teachers. There is no doubt that there were Jews in China. A 500-year-old map from a cartographer named Von Fries lists an area near China/America (they are conjoined on the map) as Judea Fuperioz which is latin for something I do not know (I think it means 'superior' as possibly 'greater Judea'). Also, the founding fathers considered the US to be New Jerusalem.

      Even biblical Jerusalem doesn't necessarily mean the one in Palestine. The latter could be named after the former. Either way, the temple was destroyed and the kingdom conquered. The homeland was no more. It might be tied to faith, but for the most part it was Martin Luther and his followers using the "Jews are Semites" line to be mean. So who really were the Jews? There is evidence all over Asia and Europe. The Danish believe they are descended from the tribe of Dan. The British royal family believe they are Israelites too. Perhaps there is truth to the lost tribes and they aren't lost. They conquered Europe and Asia. Start by reading the Vedas... there is evidence that Vedic civilization was global.

      So much of our history was destroyed in the dark ages, we may never know.

  • Remnick says Gingrich has been reading 1984 'propaganda tract' Wiesel, Peretz and Bellow fell for
    • We're all an invented people, all labels have origins. Statements like Gingrich are deliberately hurtful and misleading. Taking advantage of half-truths and playing on words.

      If they aren't Palestinian, then what else do you call them? The Zionists and Neocons love to lump all Arabized people into a single category, completely ignoring their history (and pre-Islamic history too). That's stupid. They want you to think that Palestine was empty except for a few Bedouins who are wanderers. That's completely BS.

      The name Palestine has been used for thousands of years to identify the region. For 1,400 years, prior to British mandate it was a providence of the Ottoman Empire and connected to Syria (Syria Palestina). It had a regional government. It had currency that said Palestine. Under British mandate it was called Palestine. The British had Palestinian currency. The Jerusalem Post was the Palestinian Post. There is no modern UN state. Big deal. That and Palestinian nationalism are all that hateful argument are based on, nationalism coming after the Zionists began to colonize Palestine. The people were always there and it was always called Palestine.

    • DanMazella, that's not even relevant to the discussion or the topic. "why are you blaming X when you could be reporting Y" is an excuse. Egypt is not Israel or Palestine. The world is not a perfect place. The Arab world especially has been held back by Western greed for so long. The West doesn't want the Arab world to catch up. They like sectarian violence and even covertly promote it, part of the divide and conquer strategy. The West wants Muslims to stick to more dogma than the other two Abrahamic religions (there is still dogma in Orthodox Judaism and Fundamentalist Christianity). The reason there is more dogmatic elements is because of the poorer conditions the people are brought up in. Nobody is doing anything to educate. Instead they support dictatorships. The West is doing nothing about spreading awareness toward female circumcision outside of shock value aimed at Hollywood audiences stateside.

      In India, for example, the British deliberately labeled Hindu artifacts as Muslim. To stir up trouble. There is plenty of evidence (and I mean plenty, not even circumstantial) that the Taj Mahal was formerly a Hindu shrine restored as a Muslim tomb. Yet Western (and Indian) critics go out of their way to smear anybody who writes about it. It's a career killer. Why would the normally anti-Islam West want to cover this up? Why is it so important? Anyways, thank the British for partition in India and Palestine too. Not that Palestine ever got implemented.

  • The never-ending double standard
    • No Witty, normal people do not think such things. Innocent civilians are not collateral damage. I question the moral character of anybody who has been conditioned to believe such things. If Canada and the US went to war and a playground happened to be near a battle field and several children running away in horror became victims to bullets, sorry but that's just murder IMO.

      Israel takes no steps to minimize civilian deaths when they go after 'terror' targets. They use white phosphorous and DU munitions as does the US in Iraq. There are probably over a million civilian casualties in Iraq as a result of war, many of them children. A death toll that even Saddam couldn't come up with. DU has caused deformities in birth. Ruins have been destroyed. In 1982, the MSM was 'harder' on Israel in the West and questioned the moral tactics of former terrorist Menachem Begin due to to unnecessary civilian deaths in Lebanon. Also, over 40% of Gaza is children.

      Warfare is murder. It would be very difficult to justify the deaths of the innocents given the ridiculous motive. In Iraq, trying to instill Fail-proven Western Dumbocracy using war is worse than Saddam's dictatorship. In Gaza, the motive is Israeli dominance. They want to make Gaza into a prison hell and take the off shore natural gas.

      Firing rockets at civilians is dumb, but firing back at civilians to stop rockets is dumber. The former is an act of immoral desperation, the latter an act of immorality period. Stick to military targets. But don't be surprised when the Palestinians take up arms again with these sort of attitudes.

    • Not true eee, there would always be some extremist nutter from Israel putting on a face mask and firing rockets at Israel to provoke a counter attack. There is hardly a case in history when war has not been ignited by deceit.

      The Israelis are the ones who hold their destiny in their own hands. The current course Israel is on will end in disaster. The world is critical of Israel because they see what it going on, not because they hate Jews. I don't agree with any rocket attacks on civilian targets, but there is a reason they are firing rockets at Israel and it isn't because they hate Jews. It's because of the past and the present, all the excuses and double standards. It's statements like yours that breed further hate on both sides of the conflict. One of these days, Gaza isn't going to take it anymore. Military threats are a deterrence. When they figure out how strong they are together, the flood gates of hell will open and continue down the coast taking out everything in it's path. You should know this because that's what happened in history every time a people were holed up (like the Scythians). Superior technology cannot defend from an invading hoard.

  • One day in the State of the Jewish People, a 'light unto the Nations'
    • Never really understood this whole statehood thing. Never occurred to me until knee-deep in I/P that there are still empires and non-imperial states. Russia, China, the USA, British Empire, Turkey, Iran, etc. They are all modern empires. Norway is technically a state. Sápmi is a recognized area with the state with it's own national flavor (and assimilation). Not that the Sápmi weren't oppressed in the past (and they still are) but that's unfortunately expected. This is a sort of bi-national ideology which will eventually be seen in Israel. Except the Palestinians, being the majority, will run the show. I don't understand this Zionist obsession with "state" like for example the Ultra Orthodox want to declare independence in "Samaria" as their own "state." Well I understand it kinda... it's a diverse cultural landscape with nobody agreeing on leadership. The settlers can defy Israeli leaders and do whatever they please.

      Rome still kinda exists. NATO and the EU. And the House of Hanover monarchies anchored the British and now American empires. It's capital is Wall Street and Caesar is Goldman Sachs.

    • Israel/Palestine is so small that it would not survive a nuclear attack. It wouldn't be able to prevent one either. Several nuclear-nations are within firing distance. None who are hostile, but a couple are critical of Israel and not exactly allies. To deter this threat, Israel has 'Samson Option' policy which is not exactly a mutually assured destruction policy. If Israel proper is gone, they have a bunch of subs always on the move in secret locations ready to allegedly strike and all major city centers around Europe. Some say even as far as NYC. There is enough military presence in the ME to prevent some, but not all. And in the aftermath, who would the world blame? I'm not sure how they conned so many Jews into believing that a teeny tiny piece of land surrounded by hostile neighbors could ever protect them over immigration and assimilation.

    • I wish it would mean the world would be doing everything in their power to stop it. They're so glued to their TVs and reality shows and sporting events, when not working, commuting, eating, or sleeping, they have no time to think for themselves. It's like this materialistic world is hell and the masses came to love hell and not only allow the elite to walk all over them, but they support the elite's agenda and criticize the rational alternatives.

      It means this will end badly. For the world. Russia and China should condone any Western attack on Iran with a threat on Israel and Western sights. They've eluded to this but haven't come out and said it. If they say it and people believe it, there will be more of a balance of power.

  • Don't take this wrong-- 'WSJ' says Republicans are trying to raid Obama's Jewish donors
    • Abe Foxman's antisemitism meter is off the charts, probably has a light like an NHL goal post and a siren. The Jewish Vote /= Jewish Voters. It's all about the money. Why are there a lot of wealthy Jews? Because in antiquity they were usually the bankers. Sometimes they were restricted to being bankers. Bankers, above any other career, are the closest to the money supply. This is a good thing if you want to become wealthy. Once you amass wealth and live a long life, you pass it on to your kin and create a hereditary dynasty. This is why Jewish people dominate the banking industry and make up a sizable chunk of the elite. Hereditary dynasty is also the reason the rich stay rich generation after generation. If you aren't born into the elite, you don't stand much of a chance joining their ranks. A modern day caste system.

      When you have all the money, you can call a lot of shots. You can call all the shots in a lot of cases. There are a lot of wealthy Jews partial to Israel and they carry a lot of power in their pocketbooks. There are also a lot of wealthy non-Jews partial to Israel who the lobby goes after. It's not just AIPAC, but all the various neocon think tanks and the MSM which bows to the well of wall street too.

      That's why we don't live in a real democracy. A financial democracy is a plutocracy. Americans are conditioned by banksters money into believing they have free will when in fact they are voting for the candidates pre-selected by the banksters. The banksters are not elected by the people. Therefore it is the illusion of democracy.

      What makes it even more dangerous is the career-ending smear of antisemitism and the ADL rubbing it in. That and the rest of the Jews and Christians duped into supporting Israel.

  • Mustafa Tamimi has died
    • The root of all evil is what defines humanity. Opposing forces, good and evil, yin and yang, left and right. We're all literally two people (the split brain thing, one side is logical and one is creative) with one side dominant over the other. It's only when you can balance the good and the bad that you begin to harness your true potential (on the individual level). Learning to communicate with yourself, just as in life. Think of it like Liberty and Justice, and Justice is blind and holds a scale.

      This is why Israel doesn't want a nuclear Iran. It will balance their power. This pissing match goes on all over the world and is the cause of all wars. We should all get along and accept our differences and trade with each outer but we won't. Israel needs to be dominated and never allowed to get the upper hand. Non-violence only goes so far and it's unfortunate but a fact.

      Violence can be just if used to 'defend' and even though Israel's definition of defense is offense, the Palestinians are being oppressed and should defend themselves as best as possible. Going after innocents is bad, going after the oppressor holding the leash is not so bad.

  • Israeli soldier shoots protester in face at close range with teargas canister
    • Definite precision and intent. And the aftermath video is very disturbing... not sure how one can survive something like that, not without loss of vision and brain damage. I hope he makes it.

      They say that video games and Hollywood have desensitized us to violence. It might be true for some people. I don't know how anybody with a conscious can watch that aftermath video and not feel ill. The hasbarists will make an excuse to divert the topic. Like "That's nothing... you should google the Fogel murder photos" for example. Or they'll make an excuse that you can't prove it was intentional. Well I'm not a mind reader and I'm pretty sure the solider will lie. The photo is proof, that and the soldiers have a history of deliberately firing these canisters at people. And if you're going to make excuses about it, you have no heart or soul.

  • Appeals judge upholds sentencing for Holy Land Foundation Five
    • Agreed. Powerful lobby yes, immortal no. If you want to slay the beast, you gotta cut of its head. Unfortunately this beast has several heads and not all of them are even visible. Taking on AIPAC is a good start though since they are the primary Zionist lobby. Spreading awareness on their stranglehold over the US Congress and Congress' treasonous behavior can take down two birds with one stone. The Zionists here don't all dispute AIPAC's power over Congress (since it is now more than obvious). Instead they act like it's not a big deal and AIPAC knows what's best. Tell that to the rest of the US. I don't think they would agree if they knew about it.

      AIPAC and Congress have enough dirt to take them down. Yet even when they are convicted of espionage, it doesn't make headlines like it should.

      There are campaigns aimed at forcing AIPAC (and all the Zionist lobbies and groups) to register with the justice department as a foreign agent as they should and as the US has asked them to in the past. I wish they were as prominent as the 'end foreign aid to Israel' ones are.

      And it shouldn't stop with AIPAC. The soul of the Zionist lobby is B'nai B'rith. B'nai B'rith and their ADL use 'antisemitism' and ironically claim to advocate human rights when their primary agenda is advocating Israel and Zionism. They can pretend to hide all they want. B'nai B'rith is an organized criminal terrorist group. They recruited mafia goons out of NY for Irgun terror. There is a reason why people go nuts when B'nai B'rith and their ADL are singled out for their involvement in Zionist crimes. Because they are the perpetrators.

  • Lawsuit fights hotel's decision to bar Muslim employee from serving Israeli officials (UPDATED)
    • You wouldn't hear about it. The Saudis discriminate heavily against Jews and Christians and even when the MSM brings it up, it gets buried. Because of the oil. Israel is more of a parasitic leech than valued trade partner. I don't think it's right in either case.

      Do the Saudis really have such a 'requirement?' Because despite their border policy pertaining to Jews, that doesn't seem to stop them from doing business with companies run by Jews. That and the house of Saud has a crypto-Jewish family tree and origin story.

  • Iran airs footage of US drone intact
    • It won't happen. Because such things only originate from the Archons of Western 'Civilization'

    • The imaginative part of my brain says that the good PTB gave this as-is to Iran in order to deter an attack. I'm probably wrong, but even if I'm wrong it proves that Iran is not at all 'primitive' as Israel would have the West believe. They possess the tech to hijack not only the drone's signal but 'land' it relatively in tact for the most part. That is quite impressive. I think Iran is very safe regarding a third party attack on their nuclear sites. Unless Israel unilaterally decides to take action... which will be selfish and suicidal for all Israelis (and Palestinians).

    • I don't understand the purpose of your comment, dimadok. Doesn't 'your people' love to not only mention but boast of their 'accomplishments?'


    • No kidding. Only bigots boast of having superior intelligence. For example:

      link to

      Anybody who can compromise controls over an advanced US drone is obviously quite intelligent. I wouldn't mess with Iran, they aren't messing around. Especially considering their silence on the explosions which they claim were accidents. I don't personally agree with their cultural ideologies, but they aren't effing around.

  • AIPAC posterizes Obama in Senate, 100-0
    • The American people slave on average of 50+ hours a week at work. When they aren't eating or sleeping, they are getting ready for work and commuting to work. Whatever time they have left is usually in an exhausted vegetative state where they smoke or drink and watch three hour award shows or football games. Dancing with the Stars and Jersey Shore. That is if they don't watch Hollywood films and shows.

      When they do read, it's advertisements to spend money shopping for garbage they don't need like on black Friday where they give up a night's sleep to spend hours in the cold (usually) waiting in line to buy an off-brand TV with a $200 discount next to a lady who prepared herself with pepper spray to get there first since the store only has five of them. Many of them also spend Sunday morning attending mass.

      In other words, they have no time to think. Other people think for them and they read it in the rare time they have. They have absolutely no clue what goes on or any reason to suspect that things aren't right. Well except for the whole economy thing. When the MSM said the recession was over, it didn't take very long for the middle class to figure out they lied.

      I have faith in my fellow Americans. Eventually the majority will figure out there is something fishy going on over at Capitol Hill and this AIPAC thing is responsible. When that happens, heads will roll. I bet money on it. eee can laugh it off, but eee won't be laughing when it's his turn in the guillotine.

    • These senators are the kind of people who only use one side of their brain. They bow to the will of the lobby and their careers depend upon it. Their free will is damaged.

      If you are implying that if AIPAC's influence on foreign policy via Capitol Hill is the opposite of "stupid idiots" because "stupidity" cannot run a country you are partially correct. I don't believe AIPAC is stupid. They are cunning trixsters with a lot of money at their disposable via "The Jewish Vote" and the international criminal bankster buddies. Unlimited money can buy the power and the ability to influence the careers of our Legislative Branch. They are anything but stupid.

      This does not mean their foreign policy decisions are in the interest of America Citizens. Evil can be intelligent and intelligence can be evil.

      Israel is harming the US. The average American knows nothing about what goes on. I am not religious, but there is a line in the Bible when Jesus storms the temple and flips the tables of the 'moneychangers' among other things. One of the priests mentions how the children are still praying loudly. Most Christians do not understand what this means.. it means despite Jesus' efforts, the masses aka 'the children' don't agree with him. He goes on to quote a line from the OT which basically says 'they' will have the children praise him loudly (something like that, I'm not religious and I don't have it memorized). Basically it's a metaphor for conditioning. As in the masses are like children, they don't know any better. That and he was mocking that part of the OT for condition children to bow down to evil.

      Higher gas prices are not something you want to risk. If American gas prices go up because the Senate defied the President, that's not going to look good for the Senate. Also, any attack on Iran's nuclear sites will make gas rise to astronomical prices. Heads will roll. AIPAC and the Senate are not thinking about domestic consequences (or more like they don't care) of their actions. Only Israel's. Israel is not the US. It is a foreign country. It is not our responsibility to protect Israel, especially when their current leaders are insane.

    • Agreed. Perhaps he didn't want to be singled out and have it used against dad?

  • Bachmann has secured funds from private donor to move US embassy to Jerusalem
    • Judging by her body language and choice of words, yeah she believes it. Bachmann is a useful idiot. If AIPAC called her up thanking her for 'kind words' and offered her a personal one-on-one meeting with "Jesus" prior to the "coming apocalypse" she would believe it too.

  • Accusing Obama of 'appeasement,' Romney says he'd travel to Israel on first trip as president
    • When will American politicians stop hinging their platform on Israel? Romney and Gingrich are announcing to the world that they bow to an overseas master above the will of the American people. Not surprising, but for Americans it should start sending warning signs. Dispensationalism is on its last legs and Christian fundaMENTALism might as well live on Mars.

      Americans care about themselves first and foremost. These politicians putting their faith in Apartheid Soviet Israel (USSI) are killing their own campaigns. Israel is finished. Zionism is dead. Americans are still asleep but they are out for the blood of those who have ruined our economy. A step in the right direction. Nobody cares about Israel except Zionist Israelis. They are on their own, all aboard a sinking ship.

  • Israel's myth of invincibility drives a dangerous idea-- attacking Iran
    • Israel's invincibility myth only works if they continue to produce these cliches. If you read about every military conflict Israel has had with their neighbors, the odds are always stacked in their favor for various reasons: They attack pre-emptively, usually destroying military targets. They get help from a third party (Czechoslovakia arms shipments in the 40s... US aid most other times). Especially in the beginning they weren't facing a real trained military with modern equipment (something like only Jordan had a real army in '47). Speaking of equipment, theirs is superior to most of their neighbors. Mostly compliments of the US and also because they have methods of keeping certain weapons out of the hands of their neighbors (most importantly nukes).

      The Israeli "David vs Goliath" narrative is a fabricated myth purposely used to connect Zionism to the biblical story. The south Lebanon example is a dose of reality. A resistance group whupped their 'invincible army' with inferior technology. Israel's army is not a real army. Just a bunch of kids playing dress up army shooting Palestinians for target practice while in the back of their head believing they are invincible. If Israel ever faces a legitimate and real war like they did in '73, they will wind up on the losing end just as they were about to in '73 until they threatened nukes and the US 'saved the day'.

      Israel boasts of their superiority while bullying their neighbors. And if one of their neighbors catches them off guard, they just might hit the self-destruct button. Not sure how any Israeli can be proud of such cowardliness.

    • Witty, WTF? Seriously, everybody has nukes except the 'enemies' of 'Israel' (LOL!!! ... "Israel".... HAHAHA... What is an "Israel" anyways? Non-existent, that's what! Zionism is a lie, if you are Zionist you may as well worship the devil)

      I welcome a nuclear Iran. I prey to you G-d that Iran obtains nukes just to LOL and play chess with *"Israel"

      * Israel in reality does not exist, it is called Palestine in rational reality

    • "proxies" = lies

      Iran may support and fund Hezbollah and Hamas and ultimately this is meaningless

      A nuclear Iran would only be a deterrent to Israel. Period. Arms race my arse. Check mate

  • New York liberal Democrat implies Gutman is anti-Semitic
    • One other thing, hophmi. Islamophobia is not a blanket category. The root cause of Islamophobia is not ignorance, it is mental illness and bigotry. The people running around fear-mongering Sharia Law (without even know what it is) are not doing it because of Islamic terror. They are doing it out of their own extreme religious ideologies, often Christian FundaMENTALism.

      There are a lot of Chaldeans where i live (and Chaldeans aren't Muslim). There are also bigots who make racist comments using Arab stereotypes. Not because of Islamic terrorism, but because they are Arabs. Racist bigot yes, Islamophobic nope.

      There are Atheists and Agnostics who hate all religion. They are not Islamophobic. There are racists and bigots who use 'terror' to promote their own bigotry just as there are anti-Zionists who use that excuse because they don't like Jews. You might consider that Islamopohic, but I don't.

      There might actually be the rare 'useful-idiot' who hates Islam out of ignorance, drinking the MSM kool aid. They are may be Islamophobic by proxy. The difference is they can be persuaded by say the vocal Muslim majority who denounces terror and extremism. The mental Islamophobs can't. How can you tell? Knowledge and experience raises your rationality ceiling and you can see right through these people with intuition. Islamophobs have no reason other than extremist beliefs and mental illness.

      Now if you tried to convince a Palestinian that not all Jews support Zionism, you're going to have a hard time convincing them since most Jews live in Israel and most Jews are Zionist. The only reason you would call them antisemitic is if you don't want their voices to be heard. That way you can feel all warm and fuzzy making Nazi analogies to demonize them.

    • hophmi, you can't even compare the two. If the majority of Muslim were participating and encouraging acts of terror and extremism, you would have a point and there would be a lot more Islamophobs and very little condemning. In reality, militant Islam is a tiny sect and all religions have extremists.

      Zionism was and still is supported by the majority of Jews. Palestinians really are directing their hatred at Zionists. Since there is little distinction between Zionists and non-Zionists, they may take it out on all Jews. It's unfortunate but understandable. If the root cause of Islamophobia really was militant Islam and again the majority of Muslims supported it (which they don't), it would also be unfortunate but understandable. Islamophobia is really just the flip side of Militant Islam, an extremist ideology stemming from a religious belief and intolerance of other religions. They've persuaded a few useful idiots along the way.

      Hatred is hatred and doesn't require a reason, you're right about that. But there is a difference in the way hate manifests itself. Could be words, could be violence. Words is obviously less evil than violence. It would be nice if we could magically remove hate from the world. But anti-semitic is still a powerful career-killing and public opinion-influencing smear. Where I live you can become a registered sex offender for peeing in public.. share a same list as a real child sexual predator and have your life pretty much ruined because of it. It's kinda the same thing, and it's pretty stupid IMO. Are you one of the types who think it would be just?

    • Ackerman's method of explaining 'antisemitism' is precisely why Zionists want Pollard to be released. Anybody opposed to releasing Pollard would be an antisemite by way of Ackerman's definition.

      The colonists who oppressed and continue to oppress the Palestinians all have something in common, their Jewishness. If they happened to have been Persians, they would hate Persians. If you were Russian and hated Persians out of bigotry because they were Persians, that is a totally different reason.

      Two different reasons... The first one is the result of cause and effect. The people who caused this oppression were Jews. The effect is Palestinians might not think favorly of Jews. It's understandable. I don't think Jews cared much for Germans after WWII. I'm pretty sure some of them still don't care. The second reason is not a reason at all, just a bigoted belief.

      You cannot and should not be expected to lump both reasons under a single blanket category such as 'anitsemitism' ... especially considering the attitudes and consequences in the West that go along with being labeled an antisemite.

  • Beinart says Israel must give citizenship to Palestinians under occupation
    • What is an "Israel?"

      What is this "Jewish State?"

      Because outside Tel-Aviv metro you find a peppering of Jewish colonists living in majority non-Jewish areas. There is no such thing as an Israel. Israel is a paper state much like a paper street. It's on the map but in reality there is no such thing. Israel is Palestine. Period. The "state" of "Israel" is imaginary and is very much Palestine. There is no Jewish state. In this area of the world, there never will be a Jewish State.

      This is not colonization as seen in the Americas or Australia. This happened in recent history. While our parents were alive. While video and television existed. In many of our lifetimes. This happened right under our noses and was spun by sympathizers to make us feel sorry. Now we are hungover with the reality of the truth. It is all a lie. A lie that can be proven. A lie that users here try to pretend is the truth taking advantage of our conditioning. It's all lies, spend a few hours researching on even encyclopedic sources to know the truth. Don't bother talking -at first- with your friends and family as they probably don't have a clue. Especially if they are even partially Zionist.

      Something is wrong... If you are not convinced in a few minutes of research, the Hasbarists will convince you with their hateful responses to your rational questions. There is not 'plugging back in' to this matrix once you have awaken to the reality. It is sickening. It makes no sense. It will change you forever. Israel does not exist. At all. There is no Jewish state, the reality is a fantasy and the dream is just a dream that will never manifest as reality. All the Hebrew and culture starting at Ben-Gurion airport will never change this fact. Israel is an imaginary place which is built on the blood of an existing indigenous civilized people who want their lives back. For as long as the Zionists dwell within their fantasy existence, the Palestinians cannot live a normal life. That will only end badly for the Zionists.

    • Of course hophmi is a plural

      hophmi is an avatar for a paid-Hasbara think tank just as many other 'usual suspects'

      hophmi uses the typical tricks. Rhetorical questions, taking advantage of any opening, double standards, usual game theory BS

      Noticed recently they use a 'trilogy' of tactics which take advantage of the human brain. Start with a statement to tie up the left brain, followed by a statement to take advantage of the right brain while vulnerable, followed by a statement to take advantage of our primitive triune brain, basically the non-brain fight-or-flight brain stem. To those not-in-the-know the message just may stick. hophmi is a professional(s). But we know the tricks and can play the game. With I/P, it works to our advantages with every letter they type

    • As you process the sincerity of hophmi's statements (which are insincere and false) in the first paragraph, your 'mammalian' brain processes the second paragraph.

      hophmi's first paragraph is designed to first render neutral your neocortex, your thinking brain, via the left lobe of your brain. This is where your emotions fire up in the right lobe of your brain while your left side and neocortex are numb from the first paragraph. A trojan horse to instill an idea to play on your emotions.

      So a part of you, the logical part, would be processed hopmi's position and opinion. The more creative and emotional part is reading the 2nd paragraph's "Jewish communal organization" and perhaps envisioning sympathy for Jews because of the Holocaust or because of Israel's rhetoric about their 'enemies' firing rockets and pushing them to the sea. The weak minded then read "Israel-related programming knows you cannot ram Israel right-or-wrong down the throats of kids on college campuses" and perhaps it sinks in. They believe it.

      The final paragraph, especially the final sentence which includes the word 'lunatics' then takes advantage via a Trojan Horse to that primitive fight-or-flight 'triune brain' or reptilian brain, the very primitive portion of your brain and spinal column that is very much black and white, 0 and 1, digital. And depending on your 'self' the message just might stick.

      hophmi is a professional, folks. Don't expect 'them' to admit it. This is a professionally trained group of people whose presence here is only to disrupt. Luckily among the comments they are not successful. Can't say the same for the casual non-commenting readers. That is who hophmi is trying to convince as there is a higher reader-to-comment ratio.

  • Students stage dramatic walkout on Avigdor Lieberman mouthpiece in Michigan
  • Game changer: Hillary says Israeli restrictions on women remind her of Rosa Parks and Iran
    • Happens every time they do such things. Makes me vomit a little and swallow it every single time. Ashamed to be an 'American' most of the time...

    • The relations are 5.9999 feet deep, eee. Just waiting for that extra percentage to cut all ties with *"Israel"

      *What is an "Israel?" There is no such thing as Israel. There never was an Israel. Israel is a paper 'state' just as a street which does not physically exist on a map is a paper street. Israel claims to be a nation yet has no real borders or sovereignty, nor do their majority "Jewish" citizens extend much beyond a single metropolitan area. "Israel" is the biggest hoax of the past century, the only time it ever existed in the history of man.

  • Kristol accuses Obama of wanting the Jewish state to disappear
    • Kristol should be in a prison cell. He is irrelevant. I have a hard time understanding why my fellow Americans shelter their pathological lying criminals and continue to believe them after they lie. What is such mental illness?

  • Panetta's last words to Israel: 'Get to the damn table... Get to the damn table'
    • There is no table. If Israel was as great as the lobby makes everybody think it is, they would have unilaterally ended the occupation decades ago. Instead they've made it worse under the guise of the the so-called negotiations. At this point, what is the point of coming to 'the table' anyways?

      In all fairness, part of me wishes that Abbas or somebody would take Bibi up on his offer so the Zionists stop saying "they don't want to negotiate, see? they don't want peace!" Abbas is frustrated from the bs 'peace process' and endless failed negotiations and insane Israeli preconditions. He knows it's no use and there is nothing to negotiate. ESPECIALLY with Bibi and his Soviet bear coalition government.

  • 'Commentary' suggests Ron Paul's heresy on Israel support is anti-Semitic
    • Ben Stein calling Ron Paul antisemitic for saying the US occupies Iraq:

      link to

      Ridiculous, right? And here is Ben Stein's explanation:

      link to

      " my long experience, those who talk about the U.S. 'occupying' Moslem lands soon go to criticism of the U.S. for helping Israel -- a line long associated with Rep. Paul, as I understand, and again, maybe I am misinformed -- and then to biting criticism of Israel and then to bitter comments about Jews generally."

      Weak. Stein's 'long experience' does not give him precognitive abilities or otherwise make him a mind reader. He called Paul antisemitic to deliberately smear him on live TV. Either that or saying 'antisemtic' is a knee-jerk response to hearing the word occupy. "What do you do to occupy your time, Ben?" "Antisemtic!"

      Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      FTA: "Anti-Semitism. The first issue is whether a person can advocate that the United States have a policy of minding its own business and staying out of foreign quarrels, as President George Washington advised in his farewell address, and not be an anti-Semite."

      If you are American and believe that it is, you are insane. Tobin is insane. Antisemitism has lost all meaning, it's used mainly to make people look bad. Ironically it's a term created by an 'antisemite' named William Marr who went on to form the Anti-Semitic League in Germany. It was based on a bigoted and racist concept "Aryan vs. Semites" which discriminated Jews saying they are a Middle Eastern race. Also Ironic how Zionists have openly embraced this idea. Anime-loving "Otaku" get teased for obsessing over Japanese pop-culture. Some of them even move there to 'fit in.' This doesn't make them Japanese. Even if they were to expel and oppress the indigenous population. It's kinda the same thing when you think about it.

    • Tobin shot himself in the foot by smearing "American Firsters"

      I'm an American citizen. America should come first. It doesn't and that's a problem. Foreign policy comes first over domestic policy and foreign policy is built around Israel. Israel made their bed and they have to lie in it. It is not our duty nor should it be in our interest to protect Israel. They created the mess they're in and they choose not to fix it in favor of living in a dream land supported parasitically by a US host.

      Certainly Israelis wouldn't argue about Israel coming first. It's not selfish. Selfish is when you rely and even order another country to war for your own peace-of-mind and don't even participate.

      If not a threat to the US, sanctions, boycotts, and attempting diplomatic approaches should be the extent of our involvement. Give encouragement to anybody fighting the good fight and even allowing temporary refuge in asylum. The UN should be calling the shots, they aren't a den of lies as Bibi said. Capitol Hill and the Knesset are the dens of liars.

      If thousands of innocent people are really dying in Syria, that's not an American issue. Unofficial (and likely) estimates have 1.5 million Iraqi civilians dead since 2003, compliments of our military. Americans and the world are feeling the economic effects. This is the price of intervention. Neocons are insulting Americans by supporting a NATO military campaign in Syria and most Americans. Could you imagine if the Syrian casualties were Jewish? Not only would they have intervened, Damascus would probably be nuked, and the US public would support our involvement. Especially if Golan Heights was invaded and the settlers were singled out. That would be spun as an attack on Israel and we'd still get involved even though Israel had the ability to destroy cities in retaliation. We'd never hear the end of it either, their deaths would be exploited and add another couple decades to the status quo.

    • “The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern.” — Henry Kissinger

      Thought that was worthy of being quoted twice. Kissinger is Jewish, definitely a Neoconservative, and maybe a Zionist. I personally do not like Kissinger and think he is a war criminal. He's been pretty influential to US foreign policy for decades, lots of friends in high places. Lots of ties into this whole mess. As grim as his quote may sound to some, Americans should not be expected to get involved in the business of that which is of no threat to our national security. They should openly condemn it for sure, something that to my understanding never really happened in WWII. I'm tired for the cliche about the US not getting involved in WWII until the end. That was because the might British Empire couldn't get the job done so the PTB went to plan C and forced the US.

      I don't trust Kissinger, but I'm sure he meant it. The only reason the US aided Israel in 1973 was because Israel was losing and threatened to nuke Egypt and Syria. Unless he was secretly in on that in favor of Israel. I doubt it.

      He also said this (which I agree with) regarding Iran:

      "Any direct talks between the U.S. and Iran on issues such as the nuclear dispute would be most likely to succeed if they first involved only diplomatic staff and progressed to the level of secretary of state before the heads of state meet."

      Too bad Congress is making sure that never happens.

  • Israel's true fear re Iran is... balance of power
    • Unreliable delivery systems? How so? Because they aren't made by Americans? Bibi got standing ovations from Congress by saying they could fit nukes in suitcases. Same BS story they used to say about Iraq and the USSR before that. But still, suitcase is pretty reliable. Hide one of those bad boys on a ship and you could blow up Tel Aviv before the Geiger counters ever went off. Seems pretty reliable to me. Good thing Bibi was just telling a fairy tale, eh? Israeli leaders are the only ones crazy enough to 'nukecase' anybody. Rumor has it that fissionable material has shrunk down pretty small these days. Possible even used.. If there's a blinding sun-like flash followed by explosion, heat, radiation, mushroom cloud, and a crater.. It's probably a nuke. Like the Bali explosion. Not saying Israel did that, but it wouldn't be surprising.

    • DBG, that's an odd statement to make. Israel is an Arab country located in an Arab region. Palestine is a member of the Arab league. The majority Israeli consensus is that their 'sovereignty' extends well in to the WB via imaginary borders. Doesn't need to be official. Israel has no official borders to begin with and therefore no official sovereignty. If the WB wasn't part of Israel, we wouldn't have this current problem.

      Genetically even many, if not the majority of Israelis are at least partially Arab. And Israeli Arabs make up nearly a quarter of the population and they have far more history than Zionist European Jews.

      There are over 3 million Jews in Metropolitan Tel Aviv. That's 55% of Israel's Jewish population. That's a relatively small area in a relatively small 'state' with the remaining major Jewish population areas not encompassing much more than the UN partition plan allotted for Jews. That's another reason why this whole thing is foolish and Israel is not the Jewish state.

      Most of the 'biblical' stuff attributed to Judeo-Christianity lies on occupied territory. Israel has no sovereignty in EJ either. Nearly 2,000 years have passed since the ancient kingdom was conquered. 1,400 years of Arabization cannot be erased in less than a century.

      The point to my tl;dr is that you are wrong. Israel is an Arab country located in an Arab region. Iranians may not be Arabs, but they have Arabized neighbors too and journalists often call for the Arab spring to reach Iran. Although to be fair, many people erroneously think Persians and Arabs are the same.

  • Israeli gov't cancels oafish ad campaign targeting Christmas, US marriage
    • Still up, still works four hours after you posted the link.

    • Most of the Jewish people I've been friends with or have known celebrate Christmas to some degree. Most but not all. There was one coworker who was offended by a Secret Santa gift... Why she participated in a Christmas-related exchange I'll never know. I think she just didn't like the "Christ" name on the gift. Christ may technically refer to Jesus but it isn't his 'last name' as some people believe. It means Messiah or King. She was the only one who was picky and another Jewish co-worker thought she was a little nuts to fuss over it.

      I wasn't exposed to religion growing up although I respected it. Became an atheist as a teen which evolved into an agnostic theist. Maybe a little bit gnostic, but not religious. I celebrate Christmas. Although when I was an atheist teen, nativity displays used to bug me for some reason.

    • To be fair, propaganda has trapped them inside their minds. A psychological prison. If I was a Zionist Jew born and raised in Israel, drinking the kool-aid right from my baby bottle about Israel's David vs. Goliath historical narrative and all those "Arab Countries" who want to push me to the sea... I would've seen Saddam's scuds, suicide bombings, and various other terror attacks. The Oslo process and all the times it failed. Military blending in with scenery, mandatory conscription. Education would be full of lies about lots of things. Boasting about all the great things Israel does better than everybody. And of course... that even though I am surrounded by my enemies who have tried to kill me since biblical times, this is the only place in the world where I'm safe and if we give them an inch, it will lead to a holocaust.

      Can you imagine what that would do to your mind? I'm not sure I would be normal after all that. I drank the kool aid served stateside and supported Israel for years because I didn't know better. I went through a skeptical period too until I exchanged words with the Hasbarists. Their extremism and insulting remarks convinced me once and for all that something was seriously wrong.

      Israel is kinda like 'The Matrix' in a sense that it is a fantasy world. Most of the citizens living there are 'sleeping' by living a lie. It's a mental illness. A nation full of sociopaths. And even though they are at fault for continuing to propagate the lie, part of me feels bad for them. Their minds really are a form of a prison. A prison they can escape from, just not sure that's possible.

  • A Warsaw Ghetto with guns (my recent trip to Israel/Palestine)
    • Dimadok, You are easy to figure out. You have a mental illness. There is just no explanation other than mental illness. Knowledge alone does not make one sick, so it has to be something else. The Zionist and Neoconservatist brain suffers from mental illness. Period. There is no other explanation for such irrationalness. You and others like you fail to see things the way they really are. The excuses, rhetorical questions, fantasies, sarcasm that is hateful, etc. Mental illness. Caroline Glick and Jennifer Rubin make sense now. They are mentally ill.

  • Wolf Blitzer will host surging Paul, but Republican Jewish Coalition won't
    • Pixel, doesn't matter

      "be allowed" could mean a lot of things.. Voter fraud to John Wilkes Booth. The righteous person who doesn't fear such things will prevail in the end regardless. Obummer is a disappointment. The only thing that changed was 'color' of the White House so-to-speak. Which doesn't fool the blacks.

    • pabelmont, I didn't used to believe it. But I believe it. I think Paul can win. Four years ago to support him was fringe. The MSM wants the masses to think the same and they were foolish to ignore him because people are on to them. Paul has some sincere support from a lot of people (especially troops and the younger generation) and it went viral. The MSM ignored it. This has had a slight 'waking up' feeling for some (but not as much as I would like).

      Paul is an ideologue for sure. Without him there wouldn't be a tea party. Without him there wouldn't be a sabotaged tea party. Without him these candidates wouldn't be flip-flopping over real issues and looking stupid. His son wouldn't be a senator bringing knowledge toward that National Defense Authorization Act which could make me, you, and MW a 'terrorist' for being a NS concern... detained by military without trial. People laugh at the notion but it is is true. They laugh because people have made it fashionable to laugh. Only the fools are laughing. It's not a laughing matter.

    • Interesting.... Interesting thing about Blitzer was his refusal to admit Gaddafi was done for in Libya when other MSM said the opposite. Even the alternative media had opposing opinions on Libya. It's difficult to trust people. Go with your intuition but don't be easily charmed. Your intuition is your lost sixth sense which needs a little exercise.

      Anyways, link to

      Unless he was infused with a soul since then, any change in POV is lipstick on a pig. Ron Paul on the other hand has almost never changed his POV. Rare among politicians. Look at Gingrich flip-flopping, for example. Is the man really a man? Or is he a 'robot'? Gingrich is following a green carrot on a stick. The PTB know they can't win with Romney or Perry and are now backing Gingrich. Not surprising considering they 'created' him back-in-the-day to begin with. This is all a joke. I don't even care anymore. Just going to put my arms behind my head, sit back and laugh. Because this has to be a dream, right?

  • Why is Charlie Rose hugging Seth Klarman?
    • DHS is a function of the lobby. It's the Department of Moledet Security. In English, homeland is a word. The Hebrew Moledet and related German Heimat are a concept that translates into an English word without the full meaning. Modern Hebrew Moledet roughly translates to 'birthplace' or loosely 'motherland' which is what classic biblical Eretz Moledet also means. Moledet by itself meant something like 'common era' or 'birth group'

      Could it also refer to a bloodline? Whatever the "Homeland" is, it is not the US. This is just a theory obviously, but the definition of homeland does not describe the US nor will you find the US being referred to as the 'homeland' until some neocon suggested making a security department with 'homeland' in the name back in the 90s. It is a foreign term. Since DHS we've adopted Israel's Orwellian security policies including assassination.

      Logic+Common Sense+ Circumstantial Evidence=Truth. Truth is self-evident.

  • A documentary guide to 'Brand Israel' and the art of pinkwashing
    • I started to wonder if encouraging Jews in diaspora to make 'aliyah' to Israel by any means (including the exploitation of gay people) has little to do with the demographic thing and everything to do with... well something sinister. As much as I loath the revisionist Zionist terrorists, perhaps they noticed the real agenda back in the day and is why they were willing to ally with Nazis and also working to emigrate Jews to Palestine where other countries shuttered their borders. Perhaps this is also why the UN never got their Jerusalem sovereignty. What I'm saying is it's obvious Zionism has destroyed Judaism. But what if Jewish people are being setup? What if the end game really is another holocaust? I'm serious. As are the Christian Zionists who are encouraging it for that same purpose more or less.

    • take part in exactly what you condemn by ignoring much more serious homophobia in the Arab world to promote the Palestinian cause

      If a cop pulls you over for speeding, not having made up their mind on whether to write you a ticket or not, and you use the excuse that the person in front of you was speeding faster.... You're going to get a ticket. Just as you delegitimized whatever point you were trying to make when you pulled it out of your bag of tricks. "But... but why are you blaming us when Arabs are worse at it!" Excuses are childishness. You must not have read the article. You certainly didn't learn anything. Maybe our senses don't work the same way.

      Israel isn't promoting themselves as gay-friendly, they are exploiting gays for propaganda. Just like they do with 'terror' victims to generate sympathy. Weak. Totally weak. Be more like Socrates in Plato's Apology and don't use tricks that play on emotions, don't bring sons into the court for sympathy. Don't shed crocodile tears. Grow up. Oh and I like how you threw in a suicide bomber reference. To be fair, it isn't a hophmi thing. It's an Israel thing. It's a Zionist thing. Their PR policy is generate sympathy through the shedding of crocodile tears.

      PS, your last sentence: Be a human rights activist that respect the human rights of all people.... all is asking for too much because some people don't deserve it. Some people don't deserve mercy. The slaver doesn't respect the rights of his slave. Why should the slaver's 'rights' be respected?

  • Now they care
    • I was initially upset (similar to others here) on his choice of words, then I realized he treads dangerous waters. He's written some controversial stuff, I have no doubt he knows the truth about I/P. If such a stink was made about his true statement on neocons and Iraq, Klein has his career on the line along with being smeared as a self-hater to consider. If this is how journalism needs to spin it to the masses, so be it. They are more likely to accept "Our friend Israel has gone rouge" than 63 years of lies. They'll discover those lies in the end anyways

    • Some pretty cruel comments in john h's links (in the comment sections). I'm going to try not wasting any negative energy wishing any sort of cruel fate on such immoral people. Karma's a bitch and they'll get theirs in the end.

    • To be fair, Joe Klein knows very well the truth about I/P. He was also attacked and smeared for saying that 'Jewish Neoconservatives" championed for the war against Iraq even though that is a true statement. For the most part, Neoconservatives are Zionist Jews. To admit that is apparently 'antisemitic' though along with any truths about the Ziocon agenda.

      He spun it like that because he is treading dangerous waters. A journalist must choose their words very carefully no matter how respected they are... Their career is on the line.

      This is the way to spin I/P to the sheeple... Israel has become a mad dog and if you care about Israel, you will support ending the occupation and advocating regime change. Unlike Iraq and Iran, it would actually make sense. Israel's biggest enemy is Israel.

  • Could Ron Paul's Iowa surge finally open up political debate on Israel and Iran attack?
    • Agreed, MRW. Those rhetorical tricks backfire when used on people who aren't of a weak mind. This frustrates the ones using the tricks and they childishly change the subject and try to have the final word. Just like the hasbara trolls here do. It's a common psychopath tactic, their brains are wired differently

    • HAHA! Ahmadinejad can't even make that call, that's up to Khamenei

    • DBG, the only thing interesting is the timing. The timing outs the real perpetrator. Somebody needs a diversion, has a history of diversions and critical times, and is a pathological lying untrustworthy psychopath. If Israel was Pinocchio, you could travel to the moon and back on it's nose. No there is no buried antisemitism in that last sentence either, don't go pulling the A card because I would use the same analogy for any other guilty party.

    • Thing is his foreign policy will affect the 1% negatively. He is a constitutionalist and had urged the auditing of the FED and suggested alternative currency printing by the US (the FED is foreign and private, the government has no control over it other than a ceremonial appointment position that the FED tells them who to pick). He wants to abolish the federal income tax (which was never ratified, yet enforced anyways.. plus it doesn't pay for the things we think that it does with much going the debt created by the FED).

      I don't know why they are trying to spin it in that direction. Classic example of torturing the results so they will tell you anything

    • No candidate is perfect. Our foreign policy is what made us broke, what put our national security at risk, what caused 9/11, what causes instability in the ME, what drives this neoconservative and Zionist agenda. It is directly related to our economy and domestic issues.

      Paul is the best overall candidate for the middle class and below. Not for the 1% elite who have dominated the political landscape for decades. For the average American citizen

      People confused because of non-important issues due to their morals, culture, and religious ideology are not seeing the whole picture. Presidents should not be elected based on their views on abortion. These are meaningless partisan issues placed in the spotlight to confuse the masses with something they believe to be meaningful when ultimately they are meaningless and have absolutely nothing to do with running a country. No president is ever going to dictate abortion at a federal level, not unless their was a majority nation-wide consensus and even then the odds are slim.

      Partisan issues are just for the sheeple to 'baaahhh!' over

  • Wait, did the South Carolina legislature pass a one-state resolution?!
    • Google Leviticus 24:22 and select the first link that pops up. Look at how many translations this one line has. Think about all the ways to interpret it.

      Not that it holds any grounds in the first place. The majority of the world prays to different gods if you know what I mean. And speaking of gods, pick any edition of the Bible and read the OT front to back. Yahweh or God is often used describing multiple gods, usually a pair of gods. These are leftovers prior to transitioning over to monotheism and combining them. Usually one is a good god and one is the opposite. Then there are the 'sons of God' fallen angels, watchers, Nephilim, who are also occasionally referred to as god or in the same context as 'normal' angels. Because of monotheism, the OT god has multiple personalities and some of them are evil. Maybe the evil one(s) is referred to in Leviticus 24:22

  • Migron settlement ordered removed by 3/12. Will it happen?
    • It's no use, VR. When somebody believes in something so religiously, it will take a miracle to persuade them otherwise. All religion and mythology have common elements. Even on islands isolated from each other for thousands of years.

      In the beginning there was nothing, two deities (heaven and earth) came from nothing and created the physical world and life including man. Man becomes sinful and the planet is destroyed with fire and a flood. One of the creator beings intervened and saved some of original man. The other deity creates a new and different man. The old and new mate and their hybrid offspring creates a third hybrid deity and cuts off heaven from the earth. This forms a trinity. It's in every single religion and mythology and it is a recurring element where these people go by new names. Sometimes the names are flipped to demonize the other. Neither of the original two deities is bad, they are just opposite. The third deity has both good and bad in them granting humans free will but the power to be both good and evil. That deity goes by several names but originally is Inanna/Ishtar (Lillith).

      That trinity goes be so many different names. Cain, Abel, Seth. Issac, Abraham, Ismael. Osiris, Horus, Set. David, Solomon, Adonijah. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Same story told several different ways. The problem is the people taking it literally at face value. If there is a message buried in the story, they definitely don't understand it

    • maximalistNarrative, what is your definition of a fairy tale? What is your definition of the "Land of Israel" for that matter? What do you consider Jewish history?

      The "Land of Israel" is a biblical metaphor which can be interpreted as all of planet Earth. The modern militarized state of Israel is just a place named after a mythological one. Just like the Mt. Olympuses of the world. If the world ended and people thought the state of Georgia was Greece because of Athens, GA it would be the same method of thinking. Modern archaeology has proven that the 'great kingdom' and 12 tribes of Israel were very tiny in reality. Not great fortified kingdoms. They named the land off of their mythology and that doesn't give any modern day people (other than the indigenous Palestinians) any right to live there. By that logic, the unorganized tribe of Manasseh (lit "Good Man") belongs to all good men so the claim to the land is invalid.

      The modern definition of Jewish is far removed from the biblical one. Early Christians considered themselves Jews. Metaphorically, it can even be extended to mean humans. We all sort of have a history with it then, eh? Don't believe everything you read or are told. Especially if it's in the newspapers.. then it is probably a fairy tale.

  • A Zionist appeal to western Jews contains racist overtones
    • All by design. Zionism has deliberately deluded and mis-led Judaism, turning it into atheism superficially wrapped as Judaism. All religions could benefit from removing their dogmatic and immoral aspects, but in the case of Zionism the morality stuff is thrown out the window. Zionism comes from the same soulless psychopaths, the 'Archon' powers-that-be who ultimately desire global communism and an atheist hive-mind. Religion no longer suits their purposes since its being interpreted in ways that are dangerous to the agenda. Capitalism has been transitioning to communism for years for the same reason.

      There are more people out there quick to smear conspiracy theorists as kooks than there are conspiracy theorists. There are more saboteur conspiracy theorists than those who mean well. Those who truly think for themselves see this as common sense.

      If somebody claims a crazy theory is fact being suppressed and great deal of effort is put into criticism, well that person probably isn't crazy. Like free energy for example. Tesla was a genius, he brought us AC. Late in his life he created theories about free energy which were classified by the US (because they could be weaponized or something like that) and 'lost'. Free energy isn't a crazy idea, it makes perfect sense. And every time somebody proposes say a permanent magnet generator they get smeared from trolls who come out of nowhere just to smear 'em. If the PTB have the ability to shut us out from the grid and milk our money for energy, of course they will suppress alternatives.

      The world takes their marching orders from predators. I don't know why only a few can see this.

  • Israeli newspaper owner says Obama can't stop settlers' 'apartheid regime' because of 'Jewish lobby'
    • Understanding only comes at the end, when it is too late. Too late to turn back to the ways things were. Zionism needs to die in order to put Judaism back on the right track. Powerful people are trying to keep Zionism alive... it's on life support. It's Ariel Sharon. Someone will either pull the plug or eventually it will fizzle out. It's finite, mortal, and on it's last legs.

      The problem with modern day "Israel" located in modern day Palestine is it really represents the core issue of human understanding. Taking things too literally. Taking orders without question. When I read religious or mythology text, I notice common and recurring elements shared by all.

      Palestine is a small piece of land that for 2,000 years has had biblical names and biblical history applied where it never existed. This continues today. That is the problem, taking things literally without question. When If you read the bible metaphorically, Jerusalem can be pseudonym for the entire planet Earth. The historical city in Palestine is just a historical city that took it's name from religion. They are not the same place. That is the problem

  • Pamela Geller's Islamophobia hits new low with Thanksgiving Day smear of dietary laws
    • Reader ignorance is their number one tactic, especially in Israeli PR. To paraphrase a Mitch Hedberg joke, why do they advertise Casinos with people winning money when winning is what happens the least?

    • Geller is hypocritically singling out Islam when the same kind of fraud happens in Kosher slaughter and any kind of special food preparation.

  • Santorum says West Bank is Israel's Texas, and all who live there are 'Israelis'
    • I'm in favor. Sorry Texas

      With all the problems the US has, the indigenous people of Texas would stay here given the choice. Just as Arab Israelis want there to be peace, but most are not crazy about living in a Palestinian state. At least not right now given the state of things. There are a lot of Texas who are not indigenous and want to declare independence. Just as there are a lot of settlers who want to declare an independent "Samaria" state in the WB. In other words, there are a lot of crazy people.

  • The problem with 'occupation' in the occupy movement
    • Thanks Dan, that's a great way of saying it

      I was born here and had nothing to do with the actions of our colonial forefathers. I acknowledge their genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas. It's sickening and shameful. I also think any modern attitudes keeping Native Americans as second class citizens is sickening and shameful.

      America's colonial past is used to justify Israel's modern-day colonization of Palestine which came about in a time when laws were in place to prevent it. It has the effect of silencing the masses. This isn't even an apples to oranges. It's apples to iphones. They sound similar but are not at all comparable.

      Also, the occupy protests are not the same as Israelis arguing over the price of cottage cheese while ethnic cleansing is going on just a few miles East either.

      If Israel treated the Palestinian territories the way Native American reservations are treated, they would have a bi-national one-state solution instead of Apartheid. In such a hypothetical scenario, if there was an 'occupy Tel-Aviv' and the Palestinians were saying it was ironic considering they were occupied by Zionists for decades, it would be kind of the same thing in perspective. Yeah they were occupied, but that has nothing to do with it. Well it does because they are still occupied and there is no solution, but that's another story

    • I wish we could do more. Native Americans are still second class citizens on their own land. Somebody will always find a way to say something to the contrary, but this is still relevant today. Pretend today that there was a one-state solution in Israel with reparations and a right of return. Now pretend that Israel had a soccer team called the 'suicide bombers'

      That's how the majority of Americans still treat the indigenous people, holding on to mythology over history. When Zionists say 'we won the war' remember that Americans say the same. America's revolutionary war was to be independent from British taxation only to turn around and tax Americans. It's a big joke, a huge like. Christopher Columbus is a Catholic hero except in reality he would cut native's arms off if they didn't bring back gold, leaving them to bleed till they died.

      This is used by Zionists to justify colonial actions in Palestine, but it's not the same thing at all. Israel happened in modern history under laws intended to prevent such a thing as land annexation in conquest of war. When Israelis say "1967 borders? How about the US give back Texas" it's a dumb thing to say because the Texans of Mexican origin would want to stay in the US. The Arab Israelis don't want to be in a Palestinian state, but that's not the same thing at all. Israel happened recently and uses our mistakes as an excuse. That's BS

  • Free graphic novel explores CIA overthrow of Iranian gov't in 1953
    • To follow up my above comment, many of the Jewish Iranians also fled to Israel after the revolution. The Zionists are quick to accuse Iran of be antisemitism for various reasons. Calling Israel the Zionist regime and saying it should be erased from history being interpreted as a threat, supporting resistance groups, Ahmadinejad's remarks, etc. Every now and then I read something about Iranian Jews being treated as second class citizens yet there is hardly ever a source which verifies this. Just more Zionist propaganda like "Arab countries kicked out Jews"

      Now that I think about it, why don't the Zionists use the predominantly-Jewish Iranian exiles as a modern day example of persecution? I don't believe that it is, I just think the Westernized wealthy Iranians fled and a lot of them happened to be Jewish. But it seems like such a good example for the Zionists to exploit for suiting Israel's needs. Their other above excuses are drops in the bucket in comparison. Could racism be the reason why? Another case of Ashkenazi vs Mizrahim? Read this for example:

      link to

    • Graphic novel is a perfect medium. Helps spread awareness on the root cause

      We speculate the various reasons for this neocon and Zionist desire to wage war with Iran. Like the PTB wanting to dip their hands in the cookie jar like they recently did in Libya and Iraq. Oil pipeline and control of the gulf is up there on Big Oil's wish list along with the criminal international banking syndicate instilling Western-style democracy to connect Iran's economy to the globalized one dominated by their influence. And of course the religious extremist endtimes prophecy nutters.

      But what about revenge? In the 70s, Iranian cities were Westernized and controlled by wealthy Persian elite. The majority of Iran's population, however, was poor and saw this Westernization as a sin incompatible with Islamic values. This is why post-revolutionary Iran is ruled by spiritual and religious leaders. IMO, their public has become conflicted after decades of their rule, especially the younger generation who see this as just another dictatorship. That's another story though.

      Anyways, Khomeini had thousands of political prisoners executed. Many more fled the country including the Persian elite. There are pockets in the US of rich Iranian communities, mostly New York and Los Angeles, but also in Miami and Indianapolis to name a few. Some of these families are extremely wealthy and many of them are Jewish.

      "Following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, tens of thousands of Persian Jews migrated from Iran, forming one of the wealthiest waves of immigrants to ever come to the United States"
      link to

      Israel has various reasons of their own to hate Iran. On another hand you have an elite exiled Persian community in the USA, many working or connected with Big Oil and International Central Banking, and many of them happen to be Jewish (and possibly Zionist). So perhaps revenge is a motive too

  • U.S. teargas in Tahrir-- headline. U.S. teargas in Palestine--circular file
    • annie, I saw that.. And if indeed CSI (not to be confused with the show of the same name) is an Israeli company, then Israel is getting the maximum bang for their buck from US taxpayers...

      link to

      The tear gas is part of the aid package to Israel (and presumable Egypt since their aid package is related to Israel's). So the government invests in an Israeli company and then provides that physical aid to Israel. Israel figured out a way to double dip?

    • Have to wait another year.... After thanksgiving in December ;)

    • LOL! Less lethal is still lethal. Just like somebody bleeding less is still bleeding. Less frivolous spending still means there is frivolous spending.

      PS - their website design makes it look like a big Israel flag

    • Their company colors are blue and white and that can screams Israeli flag with those blue stripes.

      An Israeli company located in the US who provides riot control gear to police and the military (who in some cases are trained in Israel or by Israelis). The US government buys the riot aid and sends it to Egypt and Israel as part of their 1.3 bil and 3 bil Camp David aid packages:

      link to

      " in 2007 and 2008, the US State Department provided $1.85 million worth of “tear gasses and riot control agents” to Israel as part of the US’s $3 billion in annual military aid to Israel" Egypt isn't mentioned, but I'm sure they did the same thing.

      Superficially, it appears that the US is investing in its own economy and then giving it as part of their foreign aid. But Israel, the master scam artist, figured out how to get the most bang for their buck and make sure that money still flows their way

  • Bill to investigate flotilla is a 'tool of intimidation'
    • Our lawmakers have been appointed by a foreign country who wish to destroy whatever is left of our democracy right under the noses of the masses. This is absolutely ridiculous... The US government is occupied by terrorists. Their congressional leader is Eric Cantor... Eric Cantor should be tried for treason but he won't because they control the court system. Everytime I see that man's face I..... shouldn't finish this sentence

  • 'In Hebron I felt that God had abandoned earth'
    • The few hundred settlers in Hebron aren't doing Israel any favors. Israel might desire a permanent status quo, but they don't need Hebron. These particular settlers are absolutely batshit insane and they aren't probably don't consider even themselves Zionist. If there was a hypothetical 2SS with no mention of Hebron's fate, they would declare independence and be violent toward Israelis. Israel wastes money on their security. It just doesn't make any sense.

  • Settlers and supporters descend on Hebron to assert Jewish sovereignty
    • Like those people who started a lawsuit against the second flotilla and used dual citizens who had been victims of 'terror' to do it. Or that lawsuit (I think there were two even) where some Zionists sued Iran for being 'responsible' for 9/11. Yet a lawsuit against Israel for killing Americans can't even make it to court.

    • The Hebron thing makes absolutely no sense. They waste so much money on security just to give piece of mind to a few hundred uber-religious nutjobs. In a hypothetical two-state solution, the Hebron settlers would declare independence and fight-to-the-death before anybody removed them. Insanity

  • Barak says he would want nukes if he was Iran
  • NPR story on Dead Sea Scrolls makes listener feel like a goose being force-fed Israel propaganda
    • Zionist genetic science has only proved the opposite of what what the results say. Classic example of spinning numbers to suit a purpose. Here is the thing... 2,000 years ago the world's population was 150 million. Today it is 6.8 billion.

      That means that during the time of the 'second temple era' the population of the entire planet was 2.19% of what it is today. Why is this important? Because it means that no matter who you are or where you live, what your nationality or race is, we are all related to those 150 million people. Israel is as much as my homeland as it is to the Zionists. And I'm Irish.

      Even if you have a ton of 'Cohen genes' in your genome test, that still does not entitle you to any part of Palestine after being removed for millennia. Unless you never left like the Samaritans. Or for that matter the Palestinians, those same genetic tests prove they're the descendants of the Levantine people who have always lived there.

    • It's one thing to ask for proof or a source on something you are generally curious about validating. It's another when the Hasbarists ask.. They're not asking for peace of mind, they ask because they know the odds of a reply are less than a sure thing and they can use it as a way to discredit what is being said. "No source? No response? This person cannot be taken seriously!"

      Right, and proudzionist777 can? They live by double standards and rarely back up the nonsense reiterated from propagandists with sources. And when they do it is usually a biased Zionist op-ed. The Hasbarists are banking on a higher reader-to-comments ratio, hoping they will persuade the casual lurkers. It doesn't work, it's 2011. People are not that dumb

      And getting to my point here, proudzionist777, GOOGLE IT! It's the Dead Sea Scrolls... full of controversy... Tons of valid stuff. Read the Wikipedia article, it goes all over the place. Says somebody bought the scrolls and put them into a Jerusalem museum and then says Jordan always retained control and they put it in the museum. Then there are the hoax claims, the claims that it messes up Abrahamic scripture and is half apocrypha. Oh and they were kept away from the public for decades. Probably to remove all that stuff which proved there never was an Israel. I love the Zio-propaganda on it.. Like how they were written on a stone from the Western Wall. HAHA! Hollywood has some good writers.. Again, google it when you want a source most of the stuff you ask about is well sourced.

  • Phoenix Jewish columnist says Obama's complaint about Netanyahu made American Jews feel unsafe
    • MarkF, I'm starting to wonder about all these interest groups which claim to represent Jewish Americans. It's no secret that the coveted 'Jewish Vote' has nothing to do with actual voters and everything to do with Zionist political donations. The lobby operates under the guise of being Jewish yet is supported and run primarily by non-Jews, mainly of the fundamentalist Christian variety. It has been this way since the early 20th century too, and if it wasn't for rapturous fundies pressuring Truman (a Zionist Chritian himself) against the advice of his own administration, there may not even be an Israel today.

      Some Jewish Americans may be Zionist and/or partial to Israel, but the majority (70%) vote Democratically in every election. I can see them getting mad at Obama if he were to call Bibi a liar even though they would agree among other Jews, but I don't see them changing their traditional voting habits.

      Now in the case of the non-Jewish Israel firsters, they would never call Bibi a liar amongst themselves. They take the Congressional standing ovation route. Bibi is their president. Even though in Israel he gets criticized in public and in the Knesset by Israelis. Jewish Neoconservative/Zionist politicians, journalists, and elites are leading these attitudes, yet we're talking about not much more than a handful of people. Those blindingly following them are predominantly not Jewish. Darby and Scofield did a heck of a lot of damage, no doubt with a Zionist helping-hand. Since success was not guaranteed, makes me wonder who many other dispensationalist attempts at vandalizing the Bible were out there

  • Kissinger: 'Is there a more self-serving group of people than the Jewish community?'
    • eee, what are your thoughts on Yisrael Beiteinu? Lieberman's party is very much that same Soviet bear, working to undermine democracy in Israel. I actually have a feeling you would agree with me on this

    • Kissinger: “If they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern”

      Kissinger is a war criminal. He claims to be Jewish and is neither Zionist or Jewish. Or a Soviet Communist. What a strange guy. He has been interested in Israel in the past, only depending on their leaders. And was initially named to lead the 9/11 commission until the backlash caused him to 'step down' or whatever. Whoever the neocons really represent, he is/was one of them

    • eee, just use Google. There has been plenty written about Pollard. Use the selective date range to limit the date to he 90s, filters out most of the white washing 'free Pollard' crap that otherwise muddies the results. Don't know about Americans, but estimates place as many as 1,000 people (spies, intelligence assets, moles) abroad killed as a result of his actions.

      He also compromised our nuclear strategy which put all of the US at risk. Decades of man hours and trillions (adjusted for inflation) wasted for his selfish interests.. This information isn't a secret. Anybody in the tribe calling for his release is nuts.

  • DNC chairwoman seeks to outflank Perry and Romney on the right-- on aid to Israel
    • Sociopaths and especially psychopaths are extremely common among politics, leaders, and the ruling class. There has been a ton written about it, but usually they conclude too low of a percentage that's in the single digits. I'd wager it's more like 80%. Among neoconservatives, 100%

      You can tell this women is nuts by looking at the eyes. Her right eye (stage right.. heh) goes off in a weird direction.

  • Student leader who tweeted about Obama assassination spent last weekend w/ pro-Israel group StandWithUs
    • LOL! Must be one of those things she learned and couldn't wait to take back home.... That Jewish immigrants introduced to us the bagel. So she tweeted it for Zionist brownie points. Or maybe it's just a coincidence cause they served bagels.... seems kinda odd that Zionists would bring up something Jewish that was pre-Zionist

    • She must have learned that at the conference. Typical Zionist PR.. at least it's a step up from Bibi telling his signet ring story at the UN

      Tel Aviv's history begins with Jaffa. I doubt she knows anything about Jaffa which has been occupied since 1799 more or less since Napoleon came, executed Ottomans after they surrendered, and introduce plague to that region. Then tried to establish a Jewish homeland there... and this was before Herzl was born. Makes you wonder.

  • Condi Rice was 'shocked' by 'ethnic purity' claims for Jewish state
    • "Both the Zionist and the Palestinian historical proposals support preferences for their own ethnicity"

      True to an extent, but at least in Palestine's case Arafat believed that Palestinian Jews were Palestinians. I'm sure the notion of "Palestinian Jew" really eats you up in the inside and therefore you reject it, but that's a fact dude

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