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  • Wolf Blitzer will host surging Paul, but Republican Jewish Coalition won't
  • Israeli PR firm scrubs Bronner from website as investigative report appears
    • If you google the site and check the cache the old page shows up exactly as it appears in Mr. Blumenthal's screen capture and is dated Sept 1, so it was definitely changed between then and now.

  • Ron Paul says our unfairness to Palestinians led to 9/11 attacks
    • Please consider sending a message by voting for RP in your state's primary. That means registering as an R for a day if your primary is closed. I won't tell anyone. Promise.

  • 'Addicted to empire... potential quagmire' -- Walt
    • "Who cares?" is the right answer. It's none of America's business what goes on in Libya. Most Americans couldn't even find it on a map, Americans only care because those that want a military base in Libya have conditioned them to care. Nobody cares.

  • Can the U.S. really find no 'niche' for Al Jazeera?!
    • Which also - imo - seems to beg the question, what exactly was Assange complaining about? While not being his characteristic articulate self he ended up saying "forget the Jewish thing."

      What it sounds like Assange's essential point was, which was lost in the "Jew Hater" hubbub, is that Pro-Israel forces at the Guardian put the interests of Israel over the interests of the US. And this is supposed to be a "conspiracy theory"? So by extension is the influence of the "Jewish Lobby" in the US a vicious "conspiracy theory" too? Along the same lines as faking the moon landing? And Jews aren't in powerful positions in Hollywood and the US media either, right? Another vicious antisemitic conspiracy theory. Uh huh. Like there is anything wrong with that in the first place.

    • Breaking "News": Julian "America Hater, Hand Bloodier, 9/11 Mossad Double Agent, Swedish Semi-Rapist" Assange earns a new title to add to his collection: Jew Hater.

  • America is about to begin a love affair with the Arab world
  • Joy to the world, David Broder says Obama can rejuvenate the economy by going to war with Iran
    • Another Military Keynesianism Cultist that doesn't understand the broken window fallacy.

      "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed."
      -Dwight D. Eisenhower

      Broder really seems to grasp what Eisenhower was saying, doesn't he?

  • 'I do not support U.S. gov't war guarantees or military aid to any country' -- John Dennis
  • Annie's awakenings
    • yes. I became curious after 9/11 and started to wake up after listening to Alex Jones on NPR and going to infowars, which introduced me to people like Lew Rockwell and Paul Craig Roberts which led to, etc. I had never even heard of Zionism until some time in 2004 when Infowars created a myspace page and some people flooded the comments with a bunch of weird stuff about numerology and Zionism, accusing him of being a Zionist shill and whatnot. It was quite... strange.

      There are/were folks on Glenn Greenwald's blog who helped immensely when it came to providing me with educational materials wrt I/P, e.g. Mooser, plus the constant swatting down of Reich Wing Israel-first trolls by other regular posters.

    • Mostly from doing google news searches on information about Ron Paul, who woke up millions of Americans by hammering foreign policy and backs it up by voting nay in 400+ to less then 5 cheerleader resolutions in the house . Go figure.

    • / / Counterpunch / AmCon leads to Glenn Greenwald / Uri Avery / Philip Giraldi / Pat Buchanan / etc. leads to Mondoweiss.

  • Meeting 3 U.S. officers who are angered by the special relationship
    • I asked him what generals think of the Israeli presence in our institutional life. All the generals know the story, he said, but they won’t say anything. To get to be a general, you have to be political; and once you’ve become a general, you know that it’s easy to make $1 million in corporate contracts upon retirement. You don’t want to screw that up.

      That Smedley Butler, look at what he screwed up for himself.... instead of becoming an invisible million dollar whore he became a part of American history. What a maroon!

  • Mezvinsky's choice (and the existential threat!)
    • Awww, how cute, a plutocratic wedding. It's like Harry Potter with Jews. Chelsea is Hermoine the mudblood and Mezvinsky is a rich Ron Weasley. The Zionists are Death Eaters.

  • Congressman threatens cut-off in aid to Lebanon after border attack
    • Those Zionists and their damn tree fetish. The Zionists are always only one sapling away from peace and understanding. I would hate trees if I were a Zionist too. Trees are antisemitic, they went and naturally arranged themselves into neat rows and columns, making it look like people actually lived in "the land without a people" before Zionist Jews breathed life into the desert.

      Antisemitic trees contradict the Zionist Version of history so it's no wonder Israelis have such a tree fetish and take such pleasure in uprooting them and planting their own trees.

  • Many Afghan demos in '09 were about... Israel
    • Assange seems to be optimistic about an eventual tomorrow being a good day for many:

      Horton: Is it true that – I guess there was a CNN report that said that WikiLeaks has received, I guess especially since the “Collateral Murder” video was published, a deluge of new high-level leaks from people inside the U.S. government?

      Assange: Yes, that is true. And we are, as an organization, suffering, if you like, under this enormous backlog of material we’re trying to get through. It will cause substantial reform when that material is released. Bar a catastrophe, that’s going to go ahead, not just from the U.S. – we have a six months’ backlog to go through because we were busy fundraising and reengineering for this period of intense public interest. So it’ll be interesting days ahead.


  • It is only Palestine
    • Did you find this on The Onion? I lol'd at the Turkish demonizing, I wonder if it is enough to sour the Turk-Israeli nuclear espionage racket. It seems like only last year Philip Giraldi did that interview in AmCon with Sibel Edmonds, and now the Turks are a**holes. Don't ever turn your back on Israel.

  • Hearts and minds, and tumors
  • Politico's Mike Allen lends legitimacy to neocon smear org
    • So the rapture isn't impending if Sestak wins? Good to know. You're sure, right? Kristol is too smart for Bauer anyway. Kristol knows the Messiah won't be coming anytime soon because Kristol isn't in Israel, so he can lead Bauer around by those nose. Kristol is so clever.

    • American's are not pro-peace, if we were then we wouldn't be at war all over the world.

  • Petraeus emails show general scheming with journalist to get out pro-Israel storyline
    • I remember when I first read The Petraeus Briefing. I was like, cool, good for Petraeus, but isn't he a rabid neocon and hero to neocons? Perhaps I should take with a little salt. After all, I read Petraeus was going to get the 2010 Irving Kristol Award from neocon central, the AEI. It didn't make any sense. WTF was going on here I asked myself? And then I read this.

      President Petraeus?
      by Kelley B. Vlahos, May 18, 2010

      Spotting Gen. David Petraeus in a photo chatting up a little old lady shouldn’t make one recoil with odd feelings of discomfort.

      Except that the little old lady is none other than the indomitable 87-year-old Gertrude Himmelfarb, mother of Bill Kristol (who is at Petraeus’ elbow) and wife of the late Irving Kristol, godfather of neoconservatism. The photo was taken on May 6, the night Petraeus spoke at the Washington neoconservative confab – the annual American Enterprise Institute gala – as a recipient of the 2010 Irving Kristol Award.

      The general’s in Washington, and we’re not sure he wants to leave.

      If “The Washington Scene” photo gallery of attendees doesn’t give you a case of acid reflux, his speech will. Especially the part where he gives AEI luminaries Kimberly and Frederick Kagan – or “Team Kagan” – primary credit for the Iraq Surge (which is kind of sad for retired Gen. Jack Keane, a former fellow Army officer often referred to as Petraeus’ mentor, who was much more involved in the original AEI “surge” blueprint than Fred’s wife Kimberly was).

      The photo. Petraeus is one ambitious neocon.

    • Jeff Huber at Pen and Sword blog has been saying that Petraeus is going to be running for Pres for years now.

  • Israel's 'periphery doctrine' of non-Arab friends is in tatters
    • You may be scratching your head because I've never seen Greenwald describe himself as a leftist or a rightest or anything, although he seems to associate largely with "lefties". He seems to revel in his ambiguity in that regard. I don't blame him. He has a Libertarian streak, or at least he seems to have a soft spot for nonintervention. He agrees with Ron Paul on a lot of things he considers important, e.g. PATRIOT Act, MCA, Iraq and Afghan War, FISA, Federalism, Israel, etc., Greenwald engages his comment section and has said as much (about Ron Paul anyway).

      He is def not PEP.

  • Why is this happening in a church basement?
    • no no no. It's only okay to joke about rounding up Jews and putting them on trains for deportation to concentration camps or any other aspect of the holocaust, mentioning the gas part somehow crosses the line. You're only allowed to make holocaust if you're an "anti-Zionist" Jew, otherwise you need a stern lecture on sympathy and "socially acceptable" behavior. Folks like Bill Kristol can tell you what's socially acceptable and what isn't.

    • I beg to differ sir I am actually quite hilarious sometimes, and since I am not a "lefty" I actually derive very little of my political "humor" from race baiting. "Socially acceptable" conversation in America allows for casual discussion of never-ending war, military intervention, indefinite detention, slavish devotion to Israel, the use of torture, etc. so I really could care less what others refer to as "socially acceptable", because I don't accept it. Socially acceptable has degraded to primal tribalism, pre-magna carta caveman levels, in the US. And as far as sympathetic friend, WTF is that even supposed to mean? Let me ask you something, what goy on the street do you care about the truth re: Israel and Palestine anyway? Are they all paying attention? Flocking to Mondoweiss? No, they aren't. But hey, maybe I am really the one who is unsympathetic and hateful or something, and not the millions of Americans that think others are subhumans...

      You know what? I'm kind of miffed right now, I should have just trolled Annie instead of making a bad joke.

    • come to think of it i realize i’m so altogether unfamiliar w/holocaust jokes i missed out on the humor first time around.

      That sucks for you, you should pull that stick out of your ass next time. Or watch Family Guy. They have a few, they also subversively shill for Israel on occasion as well. That must be because they have a sense of humor. Humor is a good thing, but I guess I can try your way too. Is there any room on the other end of your stick?

    • Only if I can borrow your "Scared because the Goy are coming to load the Jews on trains" metaphor to go along with it. It was always funny to me when you used that one. Walking the line on holocaust jokes is tough for ignorant American goy like myself.

    • who thinks of these things?

      "And just how does he do it?" You may ask.

      Simple, by either channeling the millions of Zio-Zombies I've done battle with over the years, or the Ziostomping mooser, because mooser is funny!

    • What part of my post made you think I wasn't joking? Two of the first three words of the post being "self-hating Jews" wasn't enough of a hint that the post was a joke?

      200 people crammed in a dark room to talk about "Jewish Perspectives" and you don't expect anyone to "go there"? Come on! The "inappropriate" jokes write themselves!

    • Oh wait, nevermind. Thankfully Goldberg and Peratus were there to talk some sense into all you haters and save yourselves from yourselves.

  • Lobby stomped journalist over Armenian genocide
    • Hi Phil,

      Life is full of strange coincidences, isn't it? Here is another one. Isn't it funny how Israel-first Dershowitz is throwing Israel-first Rep. Jen Schakowsky (D) - Pro-Israel Jew - under the bus for "not sufficiently supporting Israel" right after all this flotilla hubbub that has soured relations between Israel and Turkey?

      Alan Dershowitz endorses a Republican

      Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz will host a fundraiser for a Republican congressional candidate in Illinois. The candidate, Joel Pollak, studied under Dershowitz at Harvard. He is running against Democrat Jan Schakowsky.

      Pollak is running because Schakowsky -- who is Jewish -- does not love Israel enough. She does love Israel, of course -- "I thought about my childhood again and the number of times I had saved my nickels and dimes to buy a tree certificate that we used for birthdays and anniversaries to plant trees in Israel and make that desert bloom," she said on the floor of the House earlier this year -- but she also might support the existence of a Palestinian state.

      The line is supposed to be that "she supports J Street and therefore isn't 'sufficiently devoted to Israel'" (you know the line), but for some reason, I keep thinking back to Philip Giraldi's interview with Sibel Edmonds in AmCon from Nov 2009.

      AmCon Interview:

      EDMONDS: Yes, and in 2000, another representative was added to the list, Jan Schakowsky, the Democratic congresswoman from Illinois. Turkish agents started gathering information on her, and they found out that she was bisexual. So a Turkish agent struck up a relationship with her. When Jan Schakowsky’s mother died, the Turkish woman went to the funeral, hoping to exploit her vulnerability. They later were intimate in Schakowsky’s townhouse, which had been set up with recording devices and hidden cameras. They needed Schakowsky and her husband Robert Creamer to perform certain illegal operational facilitations for them in Illinois. They already had Hastert, the mayor, and several other Illinois state senators involved. I don’t know if Congresswoman Schakowsky ever was actually blackmailed or did anything for the Turkish woman.

      So, Sibel Edmonds mentions Schakowsky by name and mentions that Schakowsky may have been compromised by Turkish agents using hot lesbian love, while also making it clear she is unsure whether or not she was actually blackmailed/compromised. Down the road, Isreali pirates kill Turks, relations between Israel and Turkey sour, and Dershowitz throws Schakowsky, a woman whom Sibel Edmonds called out as possibly being compromised by Turkish agents, under the bus for not being "sufficiently pro-Israel".

      What a funny coincidence, probably nothing to see there...

  • Obama's refusal to jettison the special relationship is an abrogation of his responsibility
  • Pro-IDF, Anti-Turkish Rally in Tel Aviv (or a Glimpse Into Collective Israeli Derangement)
  • Diana Buttu: Anger, angst and shock among Palestinians over Israeli attack on flotilla
    • I heard the real reason the flotilla was attacked was because it carried cargo that threatened Israel's very existence. Hundreds of handsome unmarried goy come to marry the Jewish broads away from the Zionism. Part of the Master Plan!

  • With sea confrontation looming, New Yorkers say 'break the blockade'
    • Israel could sink the flotilla and kill everyone on those boats and the house would pass a resolution 400+ to 4 supporting Israel's right to do whatever.

  • Dershowitz falsely suggests that Chomsky is against the existence of Israel
    • Anyone in the mood for some EPIC Israel felching from a would be US Senator, Ron Paul's son of all people?

      link to

      The United States Special Relationship with Israel

      By Dr. Rand Paul
      Candidate, United States Senate

      [Israel rules, we should do more for it. Rich Arabs suck, we should stop giving them our monies. Kill Iran.]

      TLDR Version: Holy Hasbara!

  • House votes 410-4 to award another $205 million to--
    • Hey look, Progressive Hero Alan Grayson wants missiles for Israel... This is surprising!

      Remember when Ben Yahoo laughed in Obama's face over the land stealing issue? Apparently congress doesn't either.

  • Left roots need to make common cause with libertarian right on the issue
    • Who is this we? Are you friends with the Unabomber?

      Doesn't Turdy getting your pocket dirty? Because you don't speak for Christians, you only speak for yourself.

    • Who is this "our" you speak of? You got a turd in your pocket?

    • What happens after Israel or the US bomb Iran? Why, the US loses the 5th fleet, then it's nuke time, then it's all out war.

      I know what you’re thinking, one combat speedboat should be no problem for the “unbeatable” U.S. Navy, supercavitating torpedo or not…and you’d be right, unless, of course, the Iranians plan on reverse-engineering the Bladerunner 51 / Bradstone Challenger and producing copies of it in large numbers and swarming our carrier fleets, which, of course, the Iranians, no doubt, intend to do. I mean, let’s face it, the Iranian government couldn’t come up with an original thought or idea if Islam depended on it, so purchasing and reverse-engineering other countries’ tactical military hardware/technology is the closest thing to actual innovation they’re capable of achieving. It’s the obvious move. They might need Russian and/or Chinese help to do even that (reverse-engineer the Bradstone Challenger), but they’ll probably get it. If they can get Shkval technology, they can certainly get help reverse-engineering speed boats.

      Oh, but, David, even if they’re successful in producing hundreds of Bladerunner 51 / Bradstone Challenger rip-offs, small boat swarming tactics will never work against the great and powerful U.S. Navy. Really? Try telling that to Opposing Force (OPFOR) Commander, Gen. Paul Van Riper, who ripped through the U.S. fleet like a ravenous hyena feverishly devouring a giraffe carcas during an infamous training exercise called “Millenium Challenge 02“. Basically, he sank two thirds of it with “nothing more than a few small boats (fishing boats, patrol boats, etc.) and aircraft.” Gary Brecher a.k.a. “War Nerd” described Gen. Van Riper’s naval combat tactics and the ramifications (i.e. big-picture significance) of the resulting (simulated) carnage to our warships, as follows:

      He kept them circling around the edges of the Persian Gulf aimlessly, driving the Navy crazy trying to keep track of them. When the Admirals finally lost patience and ordered all planes and ships to leave, Van Riper had them all attack at once. And they sank two-thirds of the US fleet.

      That should scare the hell out of everybody who cares about how well the US is prepared to fight its next war. It means that a bunch of Cessnas, fishing boats and assorted private craft, crewed by good soldiers and armed with anti-ship missiles, can destroy a US aircraft carrier. That means that the hundreds of trillions (yeah, trillions) of dollars we’ve invested in shipbuilding is wasted, worthless.


      I don't really care what happens seeing as how We the People kind of deserve what's coming to us. All I care about is being able to escape from it, you know? Like when the family member of someone we slaughtered in Iraq kills a bunch of Americans or the Evangelical God Peasants of the Palinstein Horde go on the march. These things will happen when the lights start to flicker out. You can't stop it all you can do is prepare for it.

    • Deja vu

      "But I would also like to challenge the statement that this does not change policy, because on section 3, it says it should be the policy of the United States to seek to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.

      That sounds pretty clear to me. As a matter of fact, I think it sounds so clear that it contradicts U.S. law. How do you remove somebody without killing them? Is it just because we do not use our own CIA to bump them off that we are not morally and legally responsible? We will be.

      So we are talking about killing Saddam Hussein, a ruthless dictator. But how many ruthless dictators do we have? We have plenty. So how many more should we go after?

      So the real question is, why at this particular time, why would we give our President more authority to wage war? He has way too much authority already if the President can drop bombs when he pleases. This of course has occurred not only in this administration but in the administrations of the 1980s as well where bombs were dropped to make some points. But generally speaking, the points are not well made. They usually come back to haunt us.

      This is more or less what has happened. This is part of a policy that we have been following for quite a few decades. Yet, the problems continue to emerge.

      We can hardly be sympathetic to the Kurds who are being punished by the Iraqis at the same time we are paying the Turks to do the same thing to the Kurds. So there is something awful inconsistent about this.

      There is nothing wrong with a policy of trying to maintain friendship with people, trying to trade with people and influence them that way rather than saying, if you do not do exactly as we tell you, we are going to bomb you.

      This is a policy we have been following for way too long. It costs a lot of money. It costs a lot of respect for law because, technically, it is not legal. Waging war should only occur when the Congress and the people decide this. But to casually give more and more authority to the President to do this and encourage him to bump off dictators is a dangerous precedent to set.

      I think there is no doubt in my mind what is best for the United States. We should not pass this resolution. If there need to be more efforts made, do it some other way. But, obviously, this is not a good way to do it. It is sacrificing the principle of law. It is sacrificing the Constitution. It is sacrificing the practicalities of even the people who are supporting it are not quite sure it is going to work.

      So I would say give serious consideration to not supporting this bill. We need a 'no' vote on this."

      -Ron Paul, 1998, in opposition to the IRAQ LIBERATION ACT OF 1998


    • I agree. The Left Roots is too busy chasing crumb trophy victories (e.g. passing Romneycare), complaining about how powerless it is, and whining about how it is so scared of Sarah Palin that nothing Obama does really matters enough to not vote for him again in 2012 because the Other Tribe is So Much Worse. They don't need Ron Paul and friends to whine, act like cowards, and cave to the Democrats when the time comes, so they'd might as well call Ron Paul a racist and scaremonger about how he wants to steal abortions and hates national parks. Just look at "won't vote in favor without a public option" Kucinich for an example of typical American progressive caving behavior without the two-minutes of Ron Paul hate.

      The netroots and the American Left might be experiencing Obama buyer's remorse now, and come to sites like Salon every day to vent about how "disappointed" they are, but Rahm has them read like a book and plays them like a fiddle. Nobody wants to be the next "you voted for Nader instead of Gore and so the Iraq war is your fault" pariah, so the American Left will fall in line and vote Obama in for four more years.

      Obama can go ahead and nuke Iran. He can literally do anything he wants. The American Left puts no limits on Obama's power, not even Glenn Greenwald, they can't even come up with a reasonable absolute (i.e. not relative to Sarah Palinstein) limit on his behavior that would cause them to not support him in 2012 no matter what. No such limit exists to the American Left, and that includes the use of nuclear weapons on Iran. The American Left will rationalize and apologize for any Persian nuking and vote for Hope and Change again in 2012. After all, Sarah Palin would have and will nuke Iran worse.

    • Philip Weiss states the obvious, but why hasn't such an alignment taken place?

      Good luck with your left/right alliance. Try not to get in the way of the spears and arrow the tribal warriors on both sides will be hurling at each other and at you. The best part is that the establishment won't have to do a damn thing either, the left and the right will divide and conquer itself and do the dirty work all by itself, without prompting and for free. Lazy tribal progressives typically prefer an endless bombardment of "Ron Paul newsletter" and "Ayn Rand".

      Oh, and don't forget to purge any form of "truther" from your "inclusive", left/right alliance that will never happen. Wouldn't want anyone who questions 9/11 tainting the seriousness of your quickly marginalized movement that will never exist in the first place.

  • Clemons suggests that Schumer is representing Israel, not U.S.
  • Times' Filkins declares Ahmadinejad our 'archenemy'
    • I have a funny sounding name and a beard too.

      You do? That sounds awfully scary. Can I torture you and your family a bit so that I feel safer? Make sure to smile while I do it so I fell more like a patriot and less like a sadistic asshole.

    • I don't know about this dude. He has a funny sounding name and a beard. After we, or our good friend Israel or both, mass murder bomb the Iranian's IAEA safeguarded nuclear facilities (and probably a bunch of other stuff, to be sure, and for fun) can we torture them too? We can make a game out of it. It will be fun. You'll see when the photos come out. Maybe. Probably not though because we'll cover them up for your own good... what can we say, our patriotic torturer heroes get bored sometimes and "bend the rules".

  • Judt's Algeria story suggests that years of civil war may lie before us
    • At first I thought this post was about another civil war in the US. Silly me, although it's coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  • Barghouthi: 'the day of student engagement against Jim Crow is coming'
    • I remember when Mr. Barghouti was a guest on the Daily Show with Anna Baltzer, here is a link to the interview. Unfortunately a Ziocane Addict in the audience had overdosed before the interview and couldn't help giving into to it's Zio-roid-rage and heckled Mr. Barghouti from the audience, telling him to "get his facts straight".

      Unfortunately it was Batshit Crazy Zionist Day in the Daily Show audience (i.e. every day. Who else can afford the time and money to go see that show in person besides irreverent do-nothing trustafarian hipsters with nothing but time on their hands?), if it were Irrational Muslim Socialist Day there would have been a raging irrational Muslim in the audience threatening to cut off the pretty young girl Jewish girl's head right there in the studio, her punishment for being so freedom sexy.

  • Shocking Baghdad video echoes Goldstone's Gaza mantra: deliberate attacks on civilians
    • Or like a wink and nod relationship. The soldiers in the helicopter knew what to say to get permission to fire, and their superiors gladly obliged them. They know what they are doing and they know they can get away with because American's are too afraid and beholden to militarism to do anything but drop to their knees and worship the gun.

      They are all guilty, as are the apologists who make excuses for the soldier's behavior. They have effectively destroyed what American once was and replaced it with New America, based on slavish devotion to military intervention and rejection of the rule of law in favor of authoritarianism. The militants are glad this has happened and love the new arrangement because it excuses them from accountability. That's what it means to be a New American Tough Guy and the New Americans wouldn't have it any other way.

    • Yup. They know what to tell their superiors in order to murder civilians in broad daylight. They dig the bullets out of dead pregnant women and mutilate their bodies in front of family members, in order to blame their atrocities on "Taliban Honor Killings".

      And their coming home to a police force near you.

    • Interesting that the view count on the videos are being suppressed on youtube. There are over 7000 ratings for one and it has said only 359 views. Looks like they don't want peasants like me thinking this is something to look at.

      link to

      You have to hand it to the MIC they have done a great job brainwashing my fellow Americans and making them feel beholden to militarism. It's amazing the lengths some have gone to keep Americans asleep wrt everything, to the point where they will apologizing for the actions of the those that steal from them and endanger theirs lives. Happy slaves in love with their servitude.

      9/11 really kicked the slavish devotion into overdrive, now our great leaders can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They've worked so hard for decades destroying the country, they deserve a nation of idiots that apologize for their bad behavior.

      Millions of people will parse every second of that video and claim that the attack was "justified" while ignoring the glee that went into it and the whitewash/stonewall that followed. The reason is because that shit isn't a bid deal in the New America, that's just how we roll now dog. American culture has been poisoned and is rotting, fear and militarism rule the day. Support the troops, they fight for our freedom, and apparently make a good time of it. Can you blame them? Just look to the Israelis or Abu Ghraib to see what happens when occupiers and torturers get bored. Poor devils.

      "One sometimes forgets that torturers become easily bored. They need a bit of a laugh to keep their spirits up. "
      -Harold Pinter

  • Bombshell: Gen'l Petraeus has single loyalty
    • So will the bus be aimed at Petraeus after it gets done grinding up Kucinich?

      The wheels on the bus go round and round...

  • Sullivan, still unbound
  • Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren's Speech Disrupted at University of California, Irvine

      G**D***** M*****F***!

    • Oy Very Como Va.

      Screwing up a good pun is so embarrassing...

    • Oy Vey Coma Va!

      Did you see that Carlos Santana canceled his performance in Israel, supposedly due to anti-Israel pressure?

      link to

      Way to go Carlos!

      "There is more value in placing a flower in a rifle barrel than making war, as Jimi Hendrix used to say, musical notes have more importance than bullets."
      -Carlos Santana

    • I love subscribing to comments on mondoweiss, every time I open my email it's like finding a new basket full of ziostomping easter eggs.

    • This is yet another sign of what Glenn Greenwald blogged about today, the death of the reflexive antisemitism smear. The taboo is disappearing.

      Way to go Cast Lead...

      Isreal: killing the reflexive "antisemite" smear one atrocity at a time.

  • Jews are rich elitists, 'Commentary' says
    • Mr. Weiss,

      You don't happen to watch Seth MacFarlane's animated sitcom American Dad do you? In the episode Rough Trade he conflates white supremacy with anti-zionism.

      "Yeah, I'm a member of the Anti-Zionist Aryan Brotherhood."

      Thought you might find it interesting. I think it was pretty disgusting of them to do myself.

  • Student confronts Obama at Tampa town hall over human rights hypocrisy
    • Ah, the old Lesser of Two Evils Vote Against the Bad Guys Shtick. i.e. primitive appeal to fear.

      That's nice. It's always good to give the reptile brain a workout.

    • Good to see you've come around a bit on Ron Paul, Mooser.

      I always knew your conscious would allow you to properly resolve your cognitive dissonance. Good for you.

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