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  • it's happened: all the energy in journalism has now moved to the internet
    • Great point. I would think this success has many newspapers trying to get a piece of the action. I hope the ComCast merger does not destroy the accessibility of the internet, A packaged internet pass to newpaper sites will be tragic. It'll be modeled after cable TV with all the ads and fillers.

  • A question for Bronner
    • Where's the film review for 'Defamation"?
      The film has loads of material to discuss.
      -There's a great part where the Israeli students
      go to Poland and are indoctrinated to believe they
      are hated by the whole world. The trip to Poland
      happens in the first 20 minutes.

  • Mitchell overcame serious doubts before
  • White phosphorus reprimands are highly selective
    • Yeah, who loaded them on the helicopter and so on and so forth?! Israel has about another 100 steps to take with Gaza before they can be taken seriously. It's a start, and let's see what happens.
      I think they are coming to terms with their occupation. They see it isn't going to bring dividends at this point. Might as well come clean, return the illegal land and give up the colonial occupation. It's half-baked at this point.

  • the bodacity of hope
  • Student confronts Obama at Tampa town hall over human rights hypocrisy
    • Thanks for the link. It was blocked for the last two weeks. What an indoctrination the students experience.
      The one statement of the student is great, "That's what makes us special, that no one can stand us, but we are proud of it".

    • it's one of the biggest scams of the last 100 years.

      But you got factor in Holocaust sympathy, that's part & parcel to Zionism's global enterprise. To question the game is often anti-semitic. Finkelstein knows it all to well.

      We suffered > we deserve

    • He overwhelms the threads with stale propaganda. The arguments are not to convince anyone, but only interrupt dialogue.

    • ...more like a half a six-pack of stale hasbara. Notice how he did the Obama classic. Bring up both sides of the issue and try to walk down the middle of them. That's why people loved him on the campaign trail - something for everyone to believe in.
      He gonna follow the Clinton model of triangulation, he's just a better speaker.
      But the Obama shine is fading away with answers like that.

    • Yeah, sounded like Eddie Murphy doing a Bill Cosby impression. He almost choked there. He was probably thinking of Rahm and Eric Cantor and how upset they would be if he stepped out of line from the usual, "Israel is our ally making the dessert grow bs". Obama really went to town with that answer. That is what we'll hear for the next 8 years of his 'historic presidency'.
      If he ain't got the balls to say something at this point, we can't really expect him to say anything to Netanyahu. That answer was just awful and he wobbled all over with goofy knee-jerk pro-Israeli talk. How sad...

  • 'Times' serves up Israeli lies about nonviolent movement
    • The NYTimes is the de-facto publishing agent for Israel. I remember looking for big headlines during the Lebanon invasion a few years back and they did little to fairly cover the situation. Friedman was making his usual strange commentary.
      If there op-ed can hire Brooks, Friedman and Safire, with no opposing voice for alternate views, what can we expect.
      I read it for movie reviews at this point.

      Tom Friedman Strikes Again
      link to

  • At Yale, Judge Goldstone faces down his accusers
  • Testimony to Goldstone: 'What happened at the mill is total destruction'
  • the architecture of apartheid fosters the architecture of a movement
    • Thanks for your pity, Julian. You sound like a jealous girl.
      Most of the Zionist conventions are co-religionists only.
      I couldn't get into those, so I figured I'd chickety-check
      this one out.

    • What are you talking about? You weren't even there.

  • Jewish student mag publishes one-state argument, signaling generational battle ahead
    • This decision is bad news, but good news for the Washington whores. Did you review the book Shadow Elite? I am not sure if it is fluff, but might check it out, as I want to learn about 'flexians'.
      The US is also an oligarchy now in addition to a plutocracy. A line is being drawn by the wealthy. Manhattan will be a gated city in 50 years.

    • Your link sounds like what Schlomo Sand has said. Ashkenazi were Turkish carpetbaggers who invented their ties to Israel, since Jewish intellectuals wanted something similar to German Nationalism. 80 years later, you've got your prize. Written by the blood of Palestinians. Just shut it and stop playing the game on this site. No one is that daft. Admit you're lousy country is a fantasy as you continue to propagate the lie as most ardent Zionists hacks do so well.
      Germany knows it was wrong and has paid to for wrongdoing for the last 80 years. when will Israel admit it's wrong and return the illegally occupied lands to Palestine?

  • Abunimah and Ratner to speak on Gaza tonight in NY
    • Yeah, they don't see their media net is like swiss cheese at this point. They can't control the news any longer since that damn internet thing started. The newspapers 'nuclear' option, seems to be proposing a pay package, like the cable companies, for access to their newscasts.
      I wonder if suckers out there will pay for it? I mean Chris Matthew is such an informative truth teller, and his pal O'Reilly also.

    • Thanks for the link. They are collectively a sick society in denial, as Avigail Abarbanel has said it so well [], pretending to care about humanity as long as it's not impeding on the plan for greater Israel.

      Yuck! When Juan Cole is an Op-Ed columnist for the NYTimes, I will start to buy their faux newspaper again. The US corporate media is rotting from the inside and the net is casts become more worthless as they continue to cover up Palestine.
      The corporate media, are losing their footing, given people have vast access to media resources today. They might want to save face and hope for a future without another government bailout.

    • Thanks for the headz-up!

  • my wife might be falling out of love
    • Don't forget Hillary - My Mom's favorite. He's gotta grow up and stop playing cool. Let hope this year is like a new football season and he'll come-out hard hitting. Joe (the zionist) Biden can hold his jacket, when he make his first decision to fire Emanuel. Then they can debug his office.
      If I were him I would just go for three years and start acting tough. 8 is completely overrated and you lose your wind, being around so many evil-doers in Washington.

  • Port-au-Hasbara
    • If their government were not such a corrupt band of liars with regard to Palestine, their Haitian efforts might not be perceived as cynical. Change your behavior and the world will see you different. They're such idiots. figure it out.

    • I think you fail to see the entire political calculation of Israeli objectives here, which many would perceive as cynical. This is a golden opportunity for most dumb americans to say,' geez, Israel is the nice guy'.

    • Thanks BDSNOW, but I think it is always worthwhile to capture another cynical moment in Jewish history. I keep tabs on this and I can still focus on BDS!

    • Rasta bands used to associate themselves with Israel, since they identified with the 'struggle'. I don't think you'll find a Jamaican group branding themselves with the name 'Israelites' today.
      And Phil, Andrea Mitchell is carrying water for Israel, just like her Fed husband Greenspan did for 3 decades. You should've stayed on board with the team, man! The grass is Green on that side, bra...

  • David Brooks seeks to reframe Zionism
    • ...voodoo and being resistant to change! He forgot to mention the creole pig slaughter in the 80's. Brooks has achieved his positions from his Jewishness and he is a sad example of a conservative. But he's the new conservative!

      Another piece from the Haiti article: (he links those blacks all together in 2 paragraphs)
      [re. Haiti]"Fourth, it’s time to promote locally led paternalism. In this country, we first tried to tackle poverty by throwing money at it, just as we did abroad. Then we tried microcommunity efforts, just as we did abroad. But the programs that really work involve intrusive paternalism.
      These programs, like the Harlem Children’s Zone and the No Excuses schools, are led by people who figure they don’t understand all the factors that have contributed to poverty, but they don’t care. They are going to replace parts of the local culture with a highly demanding, highly intensive culture of achievement — involving everything from new child-rearing practices to stricter schools to better job performance.
      It’s time to take that approach abroad, too. It’s time to find self-confident local leaders who will create No Excuses countercultures in places like Haiti, surrounding people — maybe just in a neighborhood or a school — with middle-class assumptions, an achievement ethos and tough, measurable demands.
      The late political scientist Samuel P. Huntington used to acknowledge that cultural change is hard, but cultures do change after major traumas. This earthquake is certainly a trauma. The only question is whether the outside world continues with the same old, same old.
      It’s time to take that approach abroad, too. It’s time to find self-confident local leaders who will create No Excuses countercultures in places like Haiti, surrounding people — maybe just in a neighborhood or a school — with middle-class assumptions, an achievement ethos and tough, measurable demands."
      ---Sounds like he is saying a new strand of colonialism would be great from Haiti and reinforces it with the profound insight of Samuel Huntington.

      Matt Taibbi picked up on his racist insights also.
      link to

    • Brooks is such a nice Jewish boy. I sometimes believe he wants to be loyal to the country and not the corporate engine. If you watch the News Hour, it's really fun to watch him portray anger and seriousness. He puts on the serious face :|! He's why media is so successful, he's just the message boy understanding and relaying the complexities of Washington to the interested public.
      I thought his review of Avatar was funny. He tries to become movie critic (another hat) since he was so distraught about the message that Avatar sends to the kiddies.

  • A year later, life has yet to return to normal in Gaza
    • it reinforces the concept of an open air prison.

    • It's a corrupted system of control. Corporate media fascism is the cornerstone of any withering society. And think if the Comcast/NBC Merger goes through. We'll have to pay for internet access by the same television cable model.
      Jeff Chester lays it out in this video.
      link to

  • Palestine Vivra! The French Heroes of the Gaza Freedom March
  • Sderot 'peace march' promotes war
  • Apparently, Bono's never heard of Jamal Juma'
    • If he doesn’t have the guts to call it apartheid, I would hope that he might begin to speak about the suffering and humiliation of Palestinians. I realize it’s not easy to oppose the Israeli concept of a homeland, but all that’s changing, He should take a stand or step down. On the other side, he’s been made a hero by corporate media, so he’ll probably fall hard, if he makes the wrong step.
      But the Israel government should realize that the writing is on the wall to return the land to 1967 and repay the damages to the Palestinians. The concept of a returning to a homeland where cultures have already existed for thousands of years was a huge mistake and a great myth pushed by Zionism, as Schlomo Sand has indicated in his book. The world has changed and if they want to be accepted, they need to play by international rules and laws. For them to desire all of Jerusalem now is just unreal. Completely unreal. And embarrassing that the US supports it.

    • I agree that he is a letdown, since he rarely mentions Palestine, and his silence is to blame for more Palestinian suffering. He's got the attention of a tremendous fan base, so why doesn't he act as a global Gandhi, since all the potential Palestinian (Gandhi) leaders are in Israeli prisons, and he supposes to speak for the oppressed?

      If he doesn't make Palestine an issue, how will his fans know that this is atrocity is taking place? His silence is typical of the entertainment elite, a few loud barks when the master allows it.

    • The problems of success...he knows that he's a kept man. His image has gotten much weaker in the past year with respect to Gaza. Isn't he supposed to be the champion of social injustice? It's hard to bark at Israel, when you know your Hollywood invitations will no longer arrive.

  • This has to be seen to be believed: Bil'in leader charged with arms possession
  • Meet another Israeli settler being supported by the IRS, for now
    • This guy desregards Palestinians at the start, they don't exist to him. They could be Canadians, he wouldn't care. They're on his Land ( since God told him so).
      Can't the international court of law take the US to trial for supporting the crimes of apartheid? I suppose that would be as successful as the Goldstone report, but what will it take for the Congress to change their pro-Israel votes? That is the big Kahuna right there; changing their votes.
      They need to be targeted one by one, with a force that will stand up to the Goliath, AIPAC.

    • link to

      video link after serving his 8yr. prison sentence. He stands as a reminder to congress, as a former congressman, why they should not oppose AIPAC.

    • Who decides that it's the land of the Jews, Rabbi? He says Bibi lowers his head one inch further, every time he comes to Washington. Really?

      The US is far from the oppressor of Israeli expansion. We are the enablers of illegal settlements, and Israel wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the hard-working Zionists in America doing everything they can to build the state of Israel by appropriating billions in aid packages and weapons supplies to help people like this rabbi continue to break the international law.
      When will these people be content with their border? Is there a projected map that someone has a link to, which will make these the settlers satisfied?
      The occupation is supposed to be temporary, and this rabbi's reveals the desire for more conquest. What a surprise...

      Shouldn't border matters be left to the military and state to decide the boundaries , or do settlers have power to create civil tensions on a larger state level? Are the settlers working as the agents of government policy, since the government condones it?

  • Israel continues its assault on Palestinian nonviolent leaders
    • More Fascism from our democratic ally in the mid-east. This is how they celebrate the new year and the 1 year anniversary of Gaza. Their negativity is a vacuum vortex, and I hope our government leaders stay out of the Israeli cesspool of politics.
      Maybe Alan Grayson can answer how this is Israeli-styled Justice when he sits down for a c-span interview oneday?

      I wonder what Christian Zionists think about the idea of banning Christmas in Jerusalem? Does that fit in with their convenient political fascist alliance?

  • Palestinians must stop dwelling on
    • I can see why you didn't even post the title. ~How embarrassing.
      Did Japan ask the US for money 60 years after Hiroshima/Nagasaki?
      This smells or desparation, or possibly it's just another day for the
      Zionist welfare machine.

  • Gaza ranks near the top of Twitter topics in 2009
    • Perhaps the ADL can find a definition that makes twitter anti-Semitic. Or Avigdor Lieberman can add it to his anti-BDS crusade. That's the real problem with the internet. It allows for too much open communication! If only newspapers existed, Israel could finish the job at hand. Now they're caught on record with their filthy racism and abuse of their subjugated second-class citizens.
      Why don't they just quit it? They're only damaging themselves. Once they stop believing they're the victim, and the media turns away from them dull & overplayed narrative, we can focus on other things and stop funneling money to fuel hatred and greed.

  • Huffpo writer blasts 'crypto-racism' against non-Jews inside Israel
    • Good idea. Her point about crying wolf is the best analogy for this case.

      The more I read about Sand's new book the more sense it makes that Zionism's roots, influenced by the folk character of German nationalism, imitated & desired an ancient history of greatness, thus inventing a retrospective history of people that are somehow tied-to & deserving of an ancient land on the Mediterranean, where a civilization already exists, is a rich tale.
      Even if they wanted this history to be true, what gives them the right to claim this land? I think it's why Israel will always be illegitimate in the eyes of many who know the story. Other civilizations have used this logic before, but we're the ones who have to hear it again and again, this all powerful & gripping narrative about democracy and a Jewish state!

  • Insolence and hasbara are the soundtrack to these images in my head
    • well put... that was some cold & collected shit to lay on the hasbara.

    • I remember reading about this. I can see why Israel's neighbors will never have respect for them. It's their complete disregard for mutual respect, fed from their corrupt nationalism. And congress is whistlin' dixie anytime that AIPAC train rolls by their offices. Buried issues like this in the media are what make people turn their support away from Israel.

    • Well said. They needed a 'win' last election and Gaza was the nearest fish bucket to shoot.
      They all cheered together, and now the world hates them for it. They can't see their problem lies within their society . Since they're so unique and special, the global rules need not apply to them.

    • Chaos, If it's fantasy you desire, go and read a few dungeons & dragons novels.
      In the least, you'll probably walkaway with a satisfied ending, without the hasbara twists.

  • New York-based foundation supports settler rabbi who justified the killing of non-Jews
    • Justice the USA style. When will this change? They've proven that they are an unstable society with a warped (& invented) reality.
      What this rabbi said is nothing short of what Goebbels might say.
      "This is the same yeshiva whose rabbi said it is permissible to kill gentile babies because of "the future danger that will arise if they are allowed to grow into evil people like their parents."

  • Does Lieberman have an Israel angle on healthcare roadblock?
  • Why I Am Going To Gaza for New Year's
  • House chairman Brad Sherman calls on UC Irvine to throw out Muslim Student Union for raising money for Gaza
    • Perhaps Rachel Maddow can do a story on this liberal democrat? Isn't there something on the separation of State and Campus? She could invite both sides on her show and we could decide for ourselves.

    • That not terrorism. It's God's Will. Those assailant are the returning lost 10 tribes coming back to claim what was never theirs in the first place. Don't you see...

    • ...Yeah. fear, Potsherd! ZOG Style. He is trying to blow out another match on the bonfire that's to come. Good Job Brad. You get the Congressional prize today.

    • yeah, for real.
      Joe Lieberman a compassionate-liberal independent, who has a right-wing tinge toward fascism when it comes the the Israel Project. I think that should be on his website. I know he'd have my vote.

    • Why is a congressman picking on university students? And he's a liberal democrat? What does liberal democrat mean these days?
      It's pathetic that this Congressmen is even stepping his foot inside campus territory. It will backfire on him.
      The Zionist's are frightened of Galloway after he exposed the Congress for the frauds they were. That congressional appearance from Gallaway was one of the first moments of truth confronting power during the time when the media was scared of their own shadow. Norm Coleman looked pathetic questioning Galloway. That one one of the first nails in his coffin for his senate reelection.

  • Billboards criticizing US aid to Israel return to Albuquerque
  • A fan is born
    • What a mess for all parties, fans and non fans. The hero becomes the villain. No wonder she's interested. Before he was just a golf-wonk, now he's so much more.

  • BDS can succeed (says Islamophobe in synagogue)
    • Does the diaspora feed off this sense of destruction? Fear is a great motivator.
      Someone said it well in Stephen Walt's blog the other day 'POLARIZE TO MOBILIZE'. (danielet ) made some strong to

      Gordis key points are AIPAC key points (i.e. were the victim, how will we ever survive?). And this persecution complex has existed with the Jewish narrative for so long, it's a part of their identity. It's as much a part of their identity as is Israel.

      If they're in great danger, what is their back up plan? Their foreign policy strategy is ludicrous. It will never, never last. Gordi's point is to funnel American money indefinitely to Israel. Well, that's an original thought. I could've said that.

  • What is to blame for the stalled peace talks?
    • At one point, Mr. Hatch unbuttons his white dress shirt to expose the golden mezuzah necklace he wears every day. Mezuzahs also adorn the doorways of his homes in Washington and Utah. Mr. Hatch keeps a Torah in his Senate office.
      “Not a real Torah, but sort of a mock Torah,” he said. “I feel sorry I’m not Jewish sometimes.”
      He said his ultimate goal would be for his idol, Ms. Streisand, to perform one of his songs. “It would be good for her and good for me,” Mr. Hatch said, while acknowledging that given her outspoken liberalism, that union might require another miracle.

      -is this guy for real? Stick to law making and voting for the Iraq war, you wannabee. Stand up comedy is for the pros. He doesn't even need to lap-up the AIPAC doggie water at his ripe old age of 75. He's going in for a second plate. What a douche-bag, straight-up douche-wad!

    • Phil,
      Here's another senator bringing good singing cheer to these holiday times. brought to you by your favorite paper, the nytimes.

      The canon of Hanukkah songs written by Mormon senators from Utah just got a little bigger.
      “Anything I can do for the Jewish people, I will do,” Mr. Oren Hatch said in an interview before heading to the Senate floor to debate an abortion amendment. “Mormons believe the Jewish people are the chosen people, just like the Old Testament says.”
      link to

  • Obama seems to throw in the towel on the 'peace process'
  • Oren instructs American Jews to have 'no differences of opinion' on survival of the Jewish state
    • "You are fooling around with the lives of 7 million people. This is no joke.”

      It would help him to remember that the Palestinians are the one who's survival is question. Abbas should hire him for PR.

  • I'm accused of anti-semitism
    • "The real point is that Kershner/Bronner’s work should be evaluated solely on its merits, and not on their ethnicity or nationality."
      -I agree with this, but the Times should have American/Palestinian journalists that also write articles, and share an equal measure of reporting on the conflict.

    • Phil, you could be Glen Greenwald. He takes a beating on this link:
      Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism in Progressive U.S. Blogs/News Websites:

      link to

  • Rupert's neocon rag blasts Obama for 'meddling' with Israeli expansion
    • Isn't the Post continuing to lose money with its racist newpaper? I think it costs 50 cents now. Or I could always buy the alternative, Zuckerman's Daily News. At least at the low cost end of the reading spectrum, I know I can always have it pro-Israel either way.
      The Daily News did publish the rabbi sexual abuse this year, the one where he sodomized his daughter. Really sad that he could act as lawyer for himself and cross examine his children in Brooklyn. How that missed the major newspaper headlines is baffling.

  • When Walt and Mearsheimer said this, leading U.S. papers claimed they had updated the anti-Semitic 'Protocols'
    • Just like the mafia, they are using RICO laws, which means others will follow.
      link to
      RICO, an acronym for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is a federal law enacted in 1970. Violating the statute is one of five federal crimes Rothstein is now charged with.
      Its intended use was to prosecute the Mafia and organized crime. Now it is more broadly applied to corporations, politicians, unions, terrorist organizations and even professional baseball and some dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church. RICO is a double-barreled charge because anyone found guilty of it is liable not only to enhanced jail time but must forfeit all ill-gotten gains.

  • Netanyahu tells colonists, In 9 months we start building afresh!
  • Grayson's hypocrisy (and Nadler and Weiner's too)
    • Re: Bob Filner
      "In fact, he added in a telephone interview on Friday, many of the Jewish Congress members who voted in favor of the resolution privately congratulated him for “having the guts” to stand up for his beliefs. He said there is so much misinformation about what the Goldstone report actually says that other Jewish members of Congress feared to vote against the condemnation resolution."
      link to

    • It sad that J Street is not going to change anything. If it's possible to get a few of these reps to not always vote pro-Israel, it might change the greater vote tally in the house. If Bob Filner can make a stand, there have to be others that could use a little pressure to vote against resolutions like this.

    • Rosenberg's point is spot on with these Democrats. Jewish Democrats in Congress, turn away from a cohesive moral stand with Israel.
      There's enough Jewish Democrats [14] in the Senate, without mentioning the other lackeys, to block any bills that the president wishes to push forward. But if he doesn't vote on Israel accordingly, I am sure his can see his domestic agenda go nowhere. Senator's like Boxer, Feinstein and most favorite Chuck Schumer. But, it's good to see and I would like to thank Joe Lieberman for showing the country how far he is willing to go to betray everything and anyone. Give that man a beer for all his hard work.

      The Congressional Jewish vote on the Goldstone Report.
      November 3, 2009
      link: link to
      31 members (1 republican,30 democrat)
      -29 democrats voted to condemn report
      -1 democrat voted against (Bob Filner, CA)
      -1 democrat not voting (Gary Ackerman, NY)

  • Gutsy progressive congressman Alan Grayson leads a double life
    • I saw his vote on the Goldstone Report and wondered why he would oppose it, given his well positioned stand on many issues. Now I see why he opposed it; the tribe comes first. Perhaps his vote will change the more he gets established in Congress. In the least, his efforts on making the Fed accountable is great work.

      But, why is the protection of Israel's crimes so important for Congress? Is it solely based on the tremendous sums of cash that come from Jewish donors in the American political spheres?
      Since Israel was based on illegal occupation and terrorism from its conception, their governments don't see any problem with continuing the the status quo. Their current problem is that the NY Times and other American news agencies will no longer be able to cover for their crimes, given the accessibility to the global internet news that is ever expanding.
      When Israel stops the occupation and complies with international law, then they should be defended by Congress. Until then, we'll get more Greyson types, which look good on the surface, but are tarnished when you look at their moral integrity.

  • Omar Barghouti and George Fletcher debate BDS
    • Good point regarding canned propaganda. It's completely easy and avoids having any discussion based on how stupid the tone is when spurting, 'Palestinian rocket attacks, etc...'. ~It's almost knee-jerk. If someone says something completely ignorant, like we're defending freedom, you know they'll be a tough nut to crack.

    • George Fletcher is showing how demented Zionism is. They cannot see the reality. When the university students scoff and laugh at the lies of a the 'leading scholar' of the University, it speaks volumes. Why invalidate yourself like Fletcher does?

  • Ali Abunimah's speech at Hampshire
    • Great Video. ~Well done Ali.
      He's correct that Israel is spending it's political
      capitol much faster than it can preserve it.
      He says J-Street is the enemy, as the falsely claim
      they are an alternative to AIPAC. Israel needs to
      look at itself as a corrupt system. They don't
      comprehend that the world is transforming
      and they are trapped in a pre-colonial era.

  • 'Times' leaves relevant facts out of prisoner story
    • "the Times left out relevant facts" Again? When will they learn that bias doesn't sell papers. No wonder they need to sell the all the building floors of a new building. Nice work Sulzberger.

  • Joe Lieberman doesn't answer the only question
    • Will Connecticut re-elect this man? I don't understand how he intends to become reelected. It's possible this shit-stirrer is planning for Aliyah.

  • Hebron Fund begins charm offensive by calling Obama policy racist
    • Yeah I heard Shlomo Sand ia appearing for a lecture at Citi Field while they eat their kosher chickens in the outfield, to tell them their concept of a orphaned homeland is a national myth. If only that were true...

      Are there going to be protests organized if they go through with this at Citi Field?
      If they go though with it, I'm wearing my one shot,two kills t-shirt. I hope I will get a free lunch that way.
      "Let my people Grow" - ridiculous terrorist propaganda.

  • The Obama admin is selling the peace process, but the press is not buying it.
  • Precedented
    • Well at least the Palestinians got to experience a morsel of Hope in his Cairo speech. Just like the US population had Hope on the campaign trail, little remains when you need and expect it. I don't completely fault him. He thought he could change things, but that isn't how it works in Washington. You need to pry the power out of their hands. Once Obama realizes he can skip the diplomacy and go for the gusto and tear their throats out, we'll see change.

  • A journalist notions a U.S. attack on Israel
    • Potsherd,
      If the military and political leadership aids the Israelis with combat assistance against Iran, then we are the useful idiot. The Zionist fantasy of America as their right arm, is hopefully being resolved by more intelligent leadership in Washington.

    • Chaos,
      They're likely bluffing about the threat and their intent to attack. They've almost painted themselves into a corner in the Middle East. It's up to Israel to make peace, but it seems likely there is no future Israeli leader that has the capacity or capability to handle peace negotiations, given the mechanics of their government system and their support of the dirty settler movement.

    • Chaos, If Israel strikes and their plan goes sour with respect to Iran, they are in some serious shit. If Iran has a back-up plan and can defend their nation without destroying Israeli (occupied or not) territories, that will be another failure that strikes at the heart of the Israeli defensive strategy. Will the US send our troops there in a moments notice, if Iran doesn't harm the Israeli territory? Sure they'll be propaganda efforts, but it's doubtful if Iran is seen as only defending it's borders.
      The IDF could not even handle the Lebanon invasion in 2006 (what was that war for again?) and they looked like total Pansies with their civilian killing spree in Gaza in 2008. Cast Lead was a laughing festival by any serious general. Would Hannibal Barca have thought Operation Cast Lead was a fight worthy of warriors? The more defiant Israel is to the US the more illegitimate they become, and the less likely we will be willing to aid them.

  • Attempt to ban dissent in the Bay Area Jewish community will likely have the opposite effect
    • "Institutional Jewry’s so-called leaders brazenly against the entire human rights world"
      -Well said.
      Do they care about Israel, or do they care about the tarnished image of their tribe that has been so successful in San Fransisco? They're likely fear losing power, fortune and their ability to conduct business. It's like the mafia, that pays heavy dues for media messages. Their actions shows how they will cover-up the crimes of the tribe for their own business interests.
      I'm not sure what's worse, Israeli settler scum or their whitewash American patrons?

  • What if they gave a massacre and 'the Forward' couldn't even mention it?
    • Cliff, Welcome to reality in America. It's disappointing to see how rotten it all is when you look at the details. It really changes a person's perspective.
      There can be no doubt that things need to, and will change. The amount of information one can learn about this issue today is terrific. This information was unavailable years ago.

  • The Nation: 'for all practical purposes, one nation between river and sea...'
    • Maybe the two state solution/one state can be realized through an urban design/ architectural competition.

      There could be proposals for two-tiered cities, or parallel neighborhoods for both groups, that will eventually combine together in the future. It would be a chance to have the design community seriously think about the challenges of integrating Palestinians and Israelis.
      Because, there will never be true justice if the Palestinians get the leftover land of what was once shared land.
      I think the AIA should be contacted and pitched this one. Is this too controversial for them? Probably not. I dunno. What do ya think?

  • Obama's capitulation, the whodunnit
    • There was a female Palestinian Lawyer Phil linked to a video. Smart and levelheaded. Can't remember her name.

    • Potsherd>
      They definitely have the score on every congressional rookie and senior in the house. But the information will be more useful to the US population than the AIPAC henchmen.
      Just go to a website and you can measure who's doing what, with regard to solving the Middle East peace process. A big visual network graph for all to see. Sounds simple enough. Mondo should take it on.

      It might work for the AIPAC network also. Just like the mafia and the RICO act, an AIPAC network website can expose the tremendous web of Jewish Dons and Capos.

    • Danaa,
      Would a website devoted to the voting records of all congress on I/P be a useful tool for the future?

    • [great part]
      " Orly's better in bed than 99% of the much younger girls I've ever met. You name it: hotter, hornier, wetter, tighter more of a nypho than I've ever met in fact. Her only limitation is on kinkiness, she won't let me bite her."
      She sound like a complete legal hack. If you read on, she was a disaster for the Birthers. She's a dentist who crossed the bar, but never practices.

    • Robin, I understand your points. The problem is when there is no Palestinian activists to represent themselves in msm television programs, but sometimes there's a Jewish activist speaking for them. That seem wrong to viewers because
      it implies that Palestinians seem incompetent and need a Jewish activist to speak for them. That diminishes the real perspectives of Palestinians. Although Jewish activists can identify with the Palestinian plight, they will never be a Palestinian. Also people in this country need to see a Palestinian speaker taking the reins. It's important to have a figure that represents the struggle. Jewish activists, although noble and courageous, seem like their translator in an odd way.

    • Although his point on the issue, was there's always a Jewish spokesperson for the Palestinians. Why is that? I believe the Jewish activists, like Balzer, completely care for the Palestinians and justice, but why can the Palestinians not tell their own story?

      The Daily Show is one recent example with Anna Balzer.

    • Danaa,
      He needs to choose his battles wisely. He can't take on Bernake and vote for the Goldstone Report. That Orlando house seat will be pretty damn expensive the next time he runs for Congress. Imagine the Fed on your tail and the Lobby at your flank. That's a Dan Brown novel. And it's nice to know Silicon Valley is on board.

    • Don't attack him for being frustrated with progress. No need to equate him with a settler. You'll never win that battle.
      Are you offended by the word Jew? Come on...

      His point is correct about equating the two sides of the experience. A Palestinian always needs a spokesperson of the Jewish left to represent their viewpoint. Why is that? As a person of dual identities, do you not see this issue repeating itself again and again and again?

    • It true that equating Palestinian and Israeli is a worthless endeavour, that makes one want to puke. I agree that people just need to see the how the narrative is a farce, which is that Israel the victim of terrorism, while the acts of terror are retaliation for the stolen land, ruined towns, and the destruction of Palestinian history. Israel is the oppressor & occupier, and the news media and Congress do not have the courage to take a stand. Talk about turd-blossoms.
      I think the media realize when this fiction is revealed they are going to suffer greatly for this. But the Jewish goon mafia, will do everything to protect the myth of Israel.
      It's a good scam. One that people will look back on hundreds of year later and think, what a bunch of conniving religious bastards.

      Added, I was surprised Grayson voted against the Goldstone report. I thought he might be a demi-Hero of the Congress. In the least, he's helping to take down the Fed.

  • I-don't-hate-Israel looks on as colonists chop down 97 more Palestinian olive trees
    • And this is who God chose for his elite troops? The settlers could've at least harvested the olives. Those trees live for hundreds (often thousands) of years. Just another example of Settler disrespect.

      The video game company (Rockstar Ent?) should produce a new game: Grand Theft Auto 5, Palestine. Here, the protagonist can be an unruly settler, trying to destroy all of Palestine. You can carry out all the violence you wish in the game, make your settler gang, hurting anyone in your path and creating misery all around. The object is to occupy as much territory as possible, while completing the imperfect map of Israel. That would be a seamless transition from there previous four games.

  • appeal to readers
  • Obama aide is not post-racial
    • 'Israel is an ally, not problem of US' (yeah right) from JPost
      link to

      "Senior Israel officials on Wednesday adamantly rejected the latest media speculation over bad blood between Jerusalem and Washington, backed by one US official expressing anger at the Israeli leader's conduct in the past weeks, which might have brought on the possibly punitive blackout imposed on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's 100-minute talk with US President Barack Obama.
      "The reception [of Netanyahu in the White House] was cordial and friendly in many aspects, and even included rolling-up sleeves and cracking open beer bottles when necessary, in line with the tradition of coordination between senior Israeli and US officials," National Security Adviser Uzi Arad told Israel Radio from Paris, where the prime minister and his entourage have landed for talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and other officials.

      This line was probably the best one:
      "The reception [of Netanyahu in the White House] was cordial and friendly in many aspects, and even included rolling-up sleeves and cracking open beer bottles when necessary"

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