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  • Goldstone sequel to be co-authored by Amal Alamuddin, Clooney's fiancee
    • And we've seen this for years. It's like a psychological issue that needs to be addressed; or in the least exposed for complete lack of integrity. McBride makes this point often about LZ's jumping into the Likud camp when things get rough for Israel and their verbal defenses get shoddy. He's correct. It's an all too common pattern that happens with so many pro Israelites.

    • Jon, linked below are better informative graphics that are 'cited'.
      Not military window dressing info-graphics.
      link to

      Please provide your evidence of HAMAS in Hospitals. I really would like to make an informed decision, but need you data to understand the entire equation.

    • one hand? I can't imagine what their not letting you post.

      Here's the info-graphics for your reference again. Juan Cole: The Israeli army has tried to justify striking civilian areas
      link to

      Jon, would you please show me more evidence of Hamas central command station below a hospital? Surely the Israel Army must have taken one photo of the underground network below the operating tables of Gazan
      Hospitals? I have been looking over the past weeks, but my searches have come up with no imagery that supports this. Maybe you have some better sources though.

    • Wow, Jon. JWP and Shingo are correct- No one has seen any evidence yet of Hamas command station in the basement of the hospitals, merely a series of crude info-graphics that any college graphic student could produce in Israel and peddle to the Zionists masses. Surely this proof surface over the next months, even after the investigations into war crimes.

      But this seems to be one of those justifiable excuses to bomb civilians, similar to the bogus claim that 'Iraqi soldiers had taken scores of babies out of incubators in Kuwait City and left them to die'. It's a talking point that gets people upset, and an excuse to kill more civilians (who are already in the hospital -really abhorrent).

      I recall you used to have a moderate viewpoint years ago, but you seem to fit into the camp that offers LZ happy-talk, but when things get tough you get Likud. Why is this such a problem, with so many Pro-Israel people? Can't you have one standard and stick to it?

    • "As far as I know, this time everything has been documented meticulously: recorded, photographed, videotaped. The IDF forces even had real-time legal advice on targeting decisions."

      Weasel words - you don't know shit JonS.

      Pretend for one second that those people in Gaza are Jews, and the Israelis are the the Europeans. You would be crying like a little girl and begging for world support. The achilles heel of Zionism is the lack of sympathy for anyone except themselves. It's the tell-tale sign.

    • bombing Gazan hospitals, but Hamas is the aggressor?
      please Jon... get real...Israel is terrorizing a ghetto with defenseless
      people, all because of 3 Israeli youth, and/or some ineffective rockets.
      This narrative that It's all Hamas doesn't hold water anymore. The entire
      world sees it's false, except Zionists and their politicians.

      "According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, as of July 29th, there have been 34 attacks against Gazan medical facilities since this latest Israeli military assault began 25 days ago."
      link to

  • Rania Masri gives Barack Obama a lesson on the meaning of 'barbaric'
    • "Barbaric is that hospitals are targeted. Six out of nine hospitals in Gaza are closed and Israel is threatening to attack the rest."

      incredible that they continue to get away with this. They are an army of sadists. Such a bankrupt culture, which claims to be part of the civilized world.

  • How many Israeli civilians have been attacked from the Gaza tunnels? Any?
  • Steven Salaita case recalls blacklisting of Pete Seeger and Paul Robeson
    • "“Zionists: transforming ‘anti-Semitism’ from something horrible into something honorable since 1948″ might be run of the mill here in comment sections but its not the kind of comment a professor can make without administrators worrying."

      When people see an injustice and killing of so many civilians, they often act erratic and angry. If we witnessed 1600 civilians of Israel (many Jewish women & children) killed in this last pummeling onslaught, I am sure that many American professors would have said many harsher things against Palestinians (or whatever they'll say i.e. Hamas, Arabs, Islam), and it probably would have gone without reprimand. But he criticized the ascending powers of the establishment, and they don't take kindly to that.

    • Did he want to censor Israel?

    • Another case of killing the chickens to scare the monkeys.

      Zionism is great at intimidation. Every professor with a
      family & children, got the message loud & clear.

  • Even Wieseltier is upset by 'indifference in Jewish world' to Gaza slaughter and wholehearted Israeli support for it
    • Ken Roth does a great job of explaining the situation (min. 14-23).

      I feel like this bombardment, compared to Caste Lead 2009, has be much worse, but the media criticism of Israel has been appallingly
      meek. It's like were going in reverse - but time will tell...

  • My friends say I'm being too nice to Hamas
    • The US needs a center for Ziocane detox. Probably a few - on both coasts. I'd suggest 'cold turkey' but that is gonna be a tough challenge for some. I'd say they'll need a padded room with a view of the ocean at least.

    • These converstions almost feel violent, like a threat. They know how to play the strings of guilt.

    • Don: "Speaking as one of the Jewish people, the threat of annihilation is not as remote as some people believe. It was just six years before I was born that the Nazi death camps were liberated by the Allies. I lived in a community with a high percentage of survivors.
 When a political movement in an adjacent region continually states that their belief is your destruction, when their supporters, in Europe especially, attack Jewish institutions and businesses while chanting anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli slogans, one is hard pressed not to be moved to self-defense."

      Seems like what Judge Goldstone would have endured only for longer, in order for him to recant his Caste Lead report in 2009.

  • 'NYT' is furiously rewriting history of Gaza conflict
    • "I am confident that some people are furiously taking notes on the lies and names for the history books" - same here.

      This whole big Enchilada, while been successfully kept as a 'taboo' subject in the USA, has so many people that are carefully watching the deception, and saying -wait a sec. Most of us are aware of the truth, and I get the sense (from recent polling) that older generations inside the US seem to accept the old stories, as it easier for them to digest. Zionism has to be worried about the future generations, who see this (recent polls link to

      The pro zionist narrative has been a brick wall for decades, reinforced by hollywood narratives, but it's clearly eroding (by Israel's awful choices). It seems the core of Israel is turning into a cult (the media reports now that Netanyahu is now the moderate :[ ), and the diaspora are too afraid to reveal that darkness to the world, or lack the words to say what a dystopia its become.

      But in a decade perhaps half a century, all of this strange reality will be thoroughly documented. And another chapter of a failed messianic dream will be added to the dustbin of history.

    • Secretary of State John Kerry - "'That is a hell of a pinpoint operation, a hell of a pinpoint operation”

  • Former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren dropped as CNN 'analyst'
  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
    • "Would it be fair to say that a large majority of Jewish Temples in the United States are Zionist? "
      ~of course they are. It's where they organize birth-right trips to Israel.

      I think the question that would bring back a quicker and shorter results:

      'What synagogues within the US are non-Zionist?'

  • Thousands of displaced Palestinians take shelter on the fringes of Gaza City
    • Heres' Chomsky on Gaza. He sounds quite depressed about the situation.

      link to

      "A Hideous Atrocity": Noam Chomsky on Israel’s Assault on Gaza & U.S. Support for the Occupation

    • It's odd how we the onlookers and those outside of Gaza & Palestine watch from afar, a slow genocide that happens when Israel is in need of a military victory. And if you call killing civilians a victory, then Israel is the victor and will continue to do so, until they are brought before the ICC. Are we going to see pictures of Hamas central command station under the hospitals? -not as if it's any excuse for collateral damage on a civilian prison camp.

      *Chomsky on Twitter. This is all he had to say about Israel/Gaza on his twitter feed the last 3 weeks: "(Israel's crimes) will continue as long as it is supported by Washington and tolerated by Europe – to our everlasting shame." ~Usually Chomsky is good at singling out dictators like Suharto, Saddam,etc. I wonder why he doesn't touch Netanyahu? - who seems increasingly fascist with a stocked cabinet who supports his six decade colonial enterprise.

  • Conflict Resolution 101: Talk to Hamas
    • lol. Hamas is the one pushed into the sea (4milesx25miles and shrinking).
      No need to psychologically 'project'.

      Can't you clown's come up with better material? Stop buzzing around the hive. Go out and learn something on your own for once in your life.

  • Bob Schieffer in a 'world gone mad'
    • Shieffer is a clown that gave up. I watched his CBS show a few weeks ago. All the hasbara apparatchiks invaded it by storm and he stood out of the way. That takes guts! He didn't even try to be objective. (panel members Jane Harman, Gerald Seib, Danielle Pletka, and Nia-Malika Henderson.)
      link to

      Then also he had on Amb Ron Dermer. They staged this text siren that warns Israelis when a missle will strike. It was so fake, because any seriou sspeaker wouldn't have their phone on during and interview. I would feel the need to scrub down and shower after such a pathetic half hour program. For a luagh, here's the scene: link to

  • What I said to the couple holding a banner with a swastika on it
    • Annie, I was being sardonic. I'll try to add a '*' to make a note. I try not to use the (sarcasm) in quotes- a little overdone i'd say.

    • "Kevin Drum writes that it’s “time to repeal Godwin’s Law” — at least the distorted version which purports to prohibit all comparisons to German crimes — labeling it an “an endlessly tiresome way of feigning moral indignation.” Kevin adds: ”WWII analogies are extremely useful because they’re familiar to almost everyone.”

      [Greenwald] I agree: the very notion that a major 20th Century event like German aggression is off-limits in political discussions is both arbitrary and anti-intellectual in the extreme."

    • I couldn't agree more. Here's a fine example of an Upper West side case. link to

    • " ...(this movement must have complete unity of message), and rest on a universal demand for human rights to be upheld, in order to end the war, end the occupation, and allow Palestinians their international right to self-determination."

      Tell that to the Israeli gov't. The swastika is also symbol of fascism. I understood the message. Look around at the world protests - many are all using swatiskas, which are probably used to shame the Jewish State to stop their atrocities against an imprisoned population - and perhaps it will wake up fellow Jews.

  • The selected writings of Samantha Power
    • These people are like Powers are soo tiring. You wonder is it bribery or just taboo that keeps them from being so pathetic.

      CNN did the same routine these last weeks when Israel was shelling Gazan buildings. The CNN reporters in Gaza were saying they just witnessed (or heard) a loud explosion- as if some generator in Gaza blew up on account that it wasn't properly serviced.

      They cant seem to say the IDF just dropped a massive bomb into a civilian neighborhood. That doesn't work for TV land zombies in the US. We should be made aware of the children which are dying while the media aims to sweep it under the rug. Andrew Sullivan has a link to a picture of a young girl who did not make it in Gaza. link to

  • British gov't minister resigns over 'morally indefensible' Gaza policy, urging Palestinians to go to international criminal court
  • "There's nothing exceptional or heroic about a Jew standing against Zionism'
  • I'm waiting for Roger Cohen to say that Zionism is 'often' racism
    • "Next Year in Jerusalem" ~what a blunder. Herzl was no general or strategist -that's for sure.

    • Actually Germans have had to pay for decades to Jewish and Israel interests regarding the Nazis. Germany provides Israel with the nuclear submarines, etc.

      Do you think Israel will one day repay Palestinians and Arabs? It's possible, but the world (esp. USA) needs to back the abused Palestinians.

  • Portrait of a Zionist
  • Will 'Protective Edge' galvanize the US mainstream, as 'Cast Lead' galvanized the left?
    • same old strategy citizen, and people think they have free choice in elections.

    • Israel could act surgically, but it wants to punish Gazans, because the extremist government and political body, prefer no real peaceful solution. They want to eradicate the problem militarily - It's all they know how to do really. All I have is a hammer...

    • They've been there for half a century, and there only ally is Egypt who is bought and paid for by US dollars. The ideology is bankrupt, everyone knows it world-wide, except for the US government.

    • speak the truth brother! thank you...

  • 'Children killed in their sleep': Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20
  • More voices describe Gaza slaughter as a 'genocide'
    • I think Israel and its gov't have no real solution to the Gaza Prison camp they've created. So they've used more trumped up accusations to kill Gazans. 1300 may have died so for, but it's going to be a tough future for all the misery and destruction that Israel is currently inflicting on their infrastructure.

      And where the Hell is Judge Goldstone? Israelis have already exceeded the death toll of Caste Lead.

      Step one, seems that the US congress has to be broken and reset. They are a worthless lot of money grubbing campaign whores.

    • Good point. where's liberal Bernie Sanders? No where to be heard.

      The silence of the entire congress this time around is creepy.
      No dissent - absolutely. What is this Stalinist Russia?

  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
    • When Naftali becomes prime minister, I wonder how many standing ovations the US Congress will give him when he comes to Washington D.C.?

    • yeah, marc - that and the ziocane before he got on stage - a wee bit of the old ziocane right before a rally can get even the softest rabbis on top of their game. apparently he took too many doses...

    • "Zionism needs a Pope of explanations, its becoming a say-anything comedy" indeed...

    • That Chuck, such a statesman. Not one at this pro-rally evens mentions that Israel has overreacted with zealous aggression. But #shooting-fish-in-a-barrel is about to escalate, says Netanyahu in his speech yesterday. I think we're going to see triple the civilian deaths from Caste Lead. These 2 to 4 year bombing campaigns against Gazans have become quite the Olympics in Israel.

      Gaza War (2008–09), also known as Operation Cast Lead
      2012 conflict, also known as Operation Pillar of Defense
      2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, also known as Operation Protective Edge

    • sick, indeed. But they all think like this. this hive mind. They seem to get pumped up on defending each other, but they are the aggressor (history proves this). And what's more infuriating, is they are not in the Jewish state, they are in a 'supposed' liberal city spouting fascist talking points. What an embarrassing reality these people reveal.

    • whenever I watch these rallies, I'm in awe of the patent dishonesty that they use to demonize the dispossessed Palestinians that have been put in the Gazan prison camps. Since Israel has no solution to this dilemma they are destroying the Gaza refugee camp from land, air and sea.

      But 'Hamas' is using civilians as shields is the weakest lie that they all seem to yell at the highest pitch. Israel is bombing UN schools and blaming Hamas for accidental rocket fire. Where's the proof? Zionist don't need proof - they need slogans and the hive mind.

    • The Rabbi says at min 6:20 'Israel is the most moral army in the history of civilization' to roaring applause. Gee, I never heard that one.

  • Israel advocates are in a battle with US media
    • "The poll echoes a Gallup survey from last week. Gallup asked Americans whether they thought Israel's recent actions were justified. While older Americans clearly sided with Israel, 18 to 29-year olds said by a two-to-one margin (51-25) that its actions were unjustified."

    • "The United States is a politically polarized country. But when it comes to views of what's happening in Israel, partisanship has nothing on age. A new Pew Research Center poll is the second in the past week to show a huge generational split on the current conflict in Gaza. While all age groups north of 30 years old clearly blame Hamas more than Israel for the current violence, young adults buck the trend in a big way. Among 18 to 29-year olds, 29 percent blame Israel more for the current wave of violence, while 21 percent blame Hamas."
      link to

    • Neocon David Frum (Canadian) is one sick puppy.

  • To my Jewish friend (you know who you are)
  • ‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes
    • Hophmi,

      There are many examples where you 'could' say what Israel is doing is wrong, but I've never heard it. It's kind of why you're irrelevant. Your narrow scope only allows you to act as defender of Israel. You're not a serious person in that sense. At least TokyoBK can often distance himself from Israel's more heinous laws and practices~ not that you two are much alike.

      You seem scared to criticize anything that Israel does. Even if you're scared it will provide those with ammunition against your cause, it undermines whatever credibility you may/may not have. You wind up looking like a silly partisan that excuses the actions of one side while condemning the same actions that the other side does.

    • like Jonathan Pollard the hero. I see.

    • "Another ridiculous comment meant to dehumanize the Israelis"

      and what about what they are chanting? Just the Israelis letting off steam chanting '“There’s no school tomorrow,there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!”'

      Hophmi, I am concerned you don't have sound judgement across the divide. You only find criticism of Israel's critics, but you ignore ugly realities like the video and their chanting messages. This should be condemned if you pretend to care about peace for Israelis.

  • Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab -- 'Israel now, Paris next'
    • " One side are pampered cowards with big guns, the others are besieged patriots who have nothing to lose." -that about sums it up. well said.

    • Israel wants to be seen as an advanced military with precision strikes, so the constant bombing of hospitals makes me think this is targeted to terrorize the Gazan prison camp.

    • The bullshit graphics are ever more pathetic. 1200 dead Gazans and rising and
      we get some half-baked graphics from Team Y'Israel? Propaganda and obfuscation
      is a full time job with these nutjobs.

      The wheels of the bus of this evermore fascist and racist cult are becoming too obvious for mainstream reporters to ignore. Sad that this start-up nation is ruining their chance of legitimacy. Do they aim to have everyone in the world despise them? If so, there plan is working, as they are almost there. Zionism is a short hill to climb.

  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • True Citizen. More of the Batchelorette and Game of Thrones gets the mind squishy and numb. What ISIS anyway they ask? Pass the low-fat pitas please.

    • It's terrific to see that the world understands the situation and protests accordingly. Israeli and pro Zionists must realize that something is wrong with their utopia when they see so many of 'the nations' protesting them. But surely the (agit-prop) pro-Israel Network will be able to spin this and the believers will be lulled into a false sense that Israel is the victim.

    • and Shieffer's interview of Israel ambassador (Ron Dermer) is completely staged as he gets an audio terror alert [minute 3:00]. No one has their cell phone on during a television interview. But again Shieffer is happy to roll-over and perform for the camera. link to

    • Quite appalling how Schieffer rolled over for everyone on his panel. Shieffer doesn't asks any tough questions, he only gets a paycheck for being a good doggy. Plus his panel was loaded with neocons (Jane Harman, Gerald Seib, Danielle Pletka) and WaPost yes-person Nia-Malika Henderson. link to

  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • And note that the US polls are coming to about 50/50 more often when they ask, 'does Israel have the right to defend itself (loaded question!)', et al. -shifting ground and it's about time. A few more of these vicious killing sprees, and Israel will be perceived by us citizens (and canada) as the Jewish state that terrorized the Palestinians into submission for 6 decades.

    • With all the criticism he closes with, he should remember the standard critique of Zionism inside the US is hardly having an impact with respect to Israel's decades of criminal behavior and oppression. I think Weiss should know that he is impacting more people and becoming a sounding board for the voices of frustration, quelled by mainstream news organizations.
      That's why people are here - they need to be heard and dialogue without frustration and bottled emotions. Since many of us have family, friends and colleagues completely unaware of the situation that has manifest. It's somewhat therapeutic to know that - yes there are others who are appalled by what they see, and since so many U.S. people are clueless to the reality of the Jewish State's occupation and criminal actions, which only seem to be getting more extreme, there is some place to get an array of perspectives on it even if it tilts toward Anti Zionism.

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
  • On ‘Death to Arabs’ in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv
    • Sayed Kashua. Smart guy. Get out while you still can. The Israelis burning that Arab Israeli a few weeks ago was worse than any lynching in the old american south. All the political leaders later denounced it, but prior to the incident they all wanted retribution.

      Antoher interesting story you may want to read:
      Israeli Professor Suggests Rape as 'Terror Deterrent'
      Mordechai Kedar: Sex Assault on Relatives Will Stop Attacks
      link to

    • the death toll today is 30 to 700+. Enough with your talking points.

      Occupiers of Palestine ( largely from Europe) took all the Palestinians towns away from them since 1948. Now those displaced are left in a concentration camp (1.8 million on 100 sq miles[4milesx 25miles]). Israeli squatters (aka settlers) moved in to the abandoned homes continually occurring in since 1948. ~ 'the slow simmer of occupation' (see max ajl)

      There's no excuse for killing people and taking their homes. That is the first issue,
      launching ineffective rockets came later. If Connecticut residents were crammed into a the tiny state of Rhode Island, should those people give up the fight? (Even if their continued dispossession occurred for more that SIX decades.)

    • Cool club. I wish I could join. When do they break out the strychnine and dance with snakes, or am I confusing this practice with some other custom?

  • It's time for liberal Jewish bodies to take a stand
    • I think he's saying stop talking amongst yourselves and take the fight to you zionist henchmen. but what do I know...

    • ” If Israel is to survive as a liberal, democratic nation” I reread this
      section also. What a farce...

      Their problem is the world sees their continued encampment for
      six decades and has rotted the concept of a Jewish homeland.
      We're looking a a giant melon covered in blight, everyone sees
      the rot on the outside, but those on the inside see it as still sweet

  • 'Heartbreaking' is U.S. government's talking point for Gaza massacre
    • "He was as intense as ever, even more so, and I wondered if in part because of the rapid death toll and horrific scope of the current attacks but also because he is aware of a growing audience reception to what he has been saying and writing for years."

      Both his parents lived in Palestine (now Israel). His father was from the village of Battir (the West Bank) and his mother was from Lifta whose population was driven out in 1948. Him probably seeing so many terrorized men, women and children without real means to defend themselves probably brought out his intensity.

  • Burning children
    • This group wants everyone to have empathy for them, but they have no empathy for their victims. A little give and take please...

  • Israeli police ransack Tariq Abu Khdeir family home and arrest relatives in apparent revenge raid
  • Israel's iron fist
  • And now a word from our Democratic Party standard bearer
    • "And now a word from our Democratic Party standard bearer"
      and brought to you in part by 'Soda Stream'!

  • The human rights community's consensus: Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza
  • Tel Avivians brave sirens for clothes in NYT story about 'Fashion during wartime'
    • Those plucky fashionistas stayed for the entire show, what perseverance in the face of danger... Funny how she ties war and fashion, with danger. A sales pitch like that will certainly get the diaspora shoppers hungry for new racy dresses.

      Cultural appropriation - I like this concept. Should be 'Arab' cultural appropriation.

  • 'I am a Jew. Israel is NOT My State'
    • DaBakr, it's called operation 'free ride'

      and it's much larger than the American military arms manufacturers. Someday I hope your nation will be able to stand on its own two feet and repay us for all the money we've provided your regime.

      Surely the repayment will never happen, but I hope that we can stop being bilked for all we have in this one-way money funnel relationship. It's really sad how Israel pretends it's so independent but is always asking the US gov't for another handout or loan guarantees.

      Zionists need America, but America doesn't need Zionism.

    • lol, you can't manage jack without the US conveyor belt delivering the weapons and loan guarantees. Israel has been running Operation 'free ride' from the pockets of US taxpayers for decades. You guys can't seem to quit the free lunches but yet you all think your so independent. ya right...

    • It seems like Israel and their diaspora helpers are going for broke. What's troubling is there is nobody in all of their ranks are seeing this from the outsider perspective. Clearly Gaza is an overreaction, designed to punish and destroy the broken infrastructure of every Gazan, while at the same time stirring up Israel's passion to hate the enemy, eating popcorn on the hillside while the air force drops bombs on civilian housing.

      Everyone is watching what Israel does now and are slowly questioning continuing support for an aggressive power that goes unchecked because of Washington's beltway political support. Palestinians are the underdogs, the victims of Zionist hostility for 60 plus years.

  • What would you do?
    • Jimmy, What your saying is "you did it, too". If my father or my grandfather, great grandfather was involved (like say S.A. apartheid) with eradicating the native indian population (note that there were no towns and infrastructure) that would be relevant. The actions of early settlers was almost 200 years ago, and you are trying to compare me to Israel's settlers today? no thanks..
      Hasbara trolls attempt to silence critics with this "you did it too" defense.
      Dont even bother trying to call me a former settle, cause I'm a cool liberal man, all my tobacco comes from the reservation bro. Just chill with the settler accusations. no need to dig yourself deeper.

    • ok. Jimmy. Thanks for the lesson bro. And you're in Detroit. American settlers didn't take over Indian townships. You are using a stale comparative of equivalence relation.

      So will Gazans one day get to live on 'reservations' and get to sell tobacco to Israelis one day?

    • I use the New Jersey analogy since it closet in sq miles to Israel. Imagine if someone came knocking at your door and said 'get off your property this is our ancient homeland.' It's really shameful how this occupation functions with a green light from American politicians and the media. All about who has the power.

  • NBC reportedly orders Mohyeldin to leave Gaza -- after he criticized State Dep't
  • The trojan horse of liberal Zionism
  • Sullivan and Leveretts throw in the towel on two-state solution
  • Congresswoman who visited Israel on AIPAC's dime has no time for relative of boy beaten by Israeli police
    • What a wimp. Is she afraid the AIPAC capos are going to rough her up? This entire structure operates like a mafioso crime ring.

  • Understanding Hamas
    • 'This does not justify attacks on civilians by Israel'

      Only one tiny note about Israel's wrongdoing coupled with 10 'Hamas sucks'? Are you worried that your online allies will think you going soft on the Israel so you mask it with chants that Hamas sucks?

      Overall what you write is confusing. Let me help you. Israel is killing Gazans with staggering death tolls, while one rocket hasn't killed any Israeli. You can blame them for being in a prison camp but you know the truth is against your beliefs this time (as it was during 2008 Cast Lead).

    • "They are another symptom of the political backwardness of the Arab peoples."

      Seems that fredman has a tendency when he's feeling desperate to lash out and put down others. I've seen it before and even Donald called him on out the other day [“I was born Jewish, so I root Jewish. It is my side against your side. I value my side; you value your side. That’s how war works.” It’s not really come to that, Yonah].

      His LZ veneer is pretty effective most of the time though.

  • Joining Graham, Schumer calls for end of Palestinian unification for sake of Israel's 'survival'
  • Israeli leaders incite hatred against Palestinians and are shocked when people listen (and act)
  • Boston transit authority pulls 'apartheid' ads-- for 'demeaning' Israel
  • Terrifying tweets of pre-Army Israeli teens
    • 'chime in and blame this entirely on the US, arguing that the plan is all part of US empirialism.' - That BD (deduct the 'S') was a sham. Chomsky's soft-core zionism doesn't want BDS to manifest, but he is the one becoming more irrelevant than BDS.

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