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  • The Ron Paul moment-- bad and good
    • Borger is great. She proves how corrupt the media is. She seems to hate herself and her cynicism. I would, being a shill like her.

    • I always get a laugh reading your trite analysis. It's sad that no one ever
      taught you about b/s meter. But you keep on believing you're smarter than everyone.

    • We already have a false leader. I mean why change the status quo, right?

    • I disagree with his support on the the amendment. That would be a
      field day for AIPAC if we had no 17th amendment.

    • I agree. If he is able to surpass the Republican establishment, he may be a better choice than our current leader that promised changed and delivered relatively nothing. This man offers a change against corrupt Washington that is appealing to a cynical public.

    • Good article and he makes a good point at the end:
      "As bad as the Paul newsletters are -- let me emphasize again that they are awful -- I can't persuade myself that they should carry more weight than war, or civil liberties..."

    • He may rise up in the public for his counter perspective to his party, but the establishment aims to destroy him. I think his debate performances are great and it may make the difference in bringing him to the top of the dung heap. He offers another route for their party that creates an alternative vision for the badly damaged & corrupted system.

    • Shit Dan, I'm no follower of Paul, but it doesn't mean I would not vote for him over the other clowns, and that includes the incumbent spineless leader.

      Many gave Obama a couple of years to get his bearings, but he is isn't what I'd say the majority of voters expected. It's ubiquitous among people I speak to, how many are so disenchanted with the false change we hoped for.

      But Dan, I think you're onto something brilliant. Maybe Paul is secretly working to restore the confederacy, with his ally Alex Jones. Could be... That's why he wants the Fed abolished.

    • It's a real shame that the Donald Trump moderated Debate was cancelled on Dec. 27th. I'm sure he could have gotten to the bottom of Dr. Paul's secret hatred of all other races. After all, he resolved Obama's birth certificate...

      Perhaps Bachman will have a new angle to hammer away at Paul.
      She is a real tactician when it comes to hammering out a message,
      like obamacare.

    • Here comes the media attack : Paul walks out of interview on CNN/Gloria Borger

      It seems like the strategy is to tar him an not only an anti-semite, but also someone who hates all others races that are not white. Whoever said the media was left wing? They are salesman for those with deep pockets. Borger has got it rammed so deep in her mouth, it's often difficult to understand what her message is because she is chocking on it.

    • They've already pulled KirkChick back out of the closet to do the sniping:
      The New Teflon Candidate

  • Swiss museum cancels competition after prize-sponsor Lacoste rejects Palestinian artist
    • Here's a take on Hurt Locker's success

      To earn its gold, "Hurt Locker" had to break what producer Greg Shapiro called "The Iraq War Curse," referring to all the movies touching on that conflict that had failed to find an audience. It had to weather attacks in the media and from some in the military who questioned the realism of how it portrayed the bomb-removal unit...

      ...Summit turned the Oscar strategy over to PR firm 42 West, where veteran campaigner Cynthia Swartz called the shots. Swartz was criticized for waiting until early December to send out the DVDs, even though the whole strategy revolved around getting the movie seen by as many voters as possible.

      She also had to get attention from Academy voters and guild members for a movie without any marquee names and a subject that put off many people already weary of a war that never seemed to end. What Swartz did right was to center the campaign around Bigelow, a woman who directed with as much glory and guts as any man, and to feature writer/producer Mark Boal for his screenplay and real-life story as a journalist who was embedded with a bomb disposal unit in Iraq.

      She had bound copies of the "Hurt Locker" script sent to every member of the Writers Guild of America, earning guild honors for the original screenplay and the same award at the Oscars.

      Meanwhile, Fox seemed to downplay awards campaigning, letting Cameron take the lead. And what Cameron wanted to talk about was how frustrated he was that his actors, whose performances were captured by computer-generated technology, were not taken as seriously as live-action actors.

      While his righteousness was sincere, that didn't go over well with many real-life actors who feel threatened by the possibility that they might be replaced by synthetic performers. That backlash might have mattered, because actors are by far the largest bloc of voters in the Academy.

    • This l'Elysée example can provide US institutions a clear precedent
      to stop the poisoning of US art institutions with the back room
      negotiating & propaganda from corrupt Israel and it's American
      Zionist establishment. Where's is the freedom of expression?
      Hollywood would never, at this time, sell a movie about the Palestinian

  • Israel's image tanks as it slowly loses support of US media and Europe
    • Josephus Flavius characterized Jews in the first century as a theocracy, because they didn't fit into the traditional aristocracy model.
      Is it their destiny to repeat a this historic model? Because restoring an ethnic group to a place they may have dwelt 2000 years ago is probably not a great idea, unless you have enough troops to crush the opposition. And not having these colonial reinforcements to defend the encampment while taking more land, may prove the stupidest move of their government and military.
      But they hope for the assistance of the American mercenary army to rescue them from the outlying dangers. That doesn't show much sovereignty for all the independence these Zionist brag about.

    • These supporters may foresee a tidal wave of world opinion coming against Israel in the next years. The US is the only supposed friend of Israel, and now that many in this country are seeing what kind of ally Israel is, the party's ending for the Zionist enterprise, their manufactured lies and treachery.
      And they've burned so many bridges; Turkey and Egypt are recent examples.

  • Howard Fineman seeks to redline Ron Paul's populist Iran ideas as extremist
    • He mentioned Iraq in a previous debate (Iowa?), when all the candidate were trying to out-man each other on the hard-line Iran stance.
      It felt as if the audience got the message when he drew the parallel of going to war for Iran was eerily similar to the Iraq invasion.
      It seemed to jog the collective memory of the audience (and the other candidates if only for a few seconds) about the last 8 years of a failed war, based on a pack of lies.

  • Busted by Goldberg, Klein now says commas caused war in Iraq, not neocons
    • Now that Klein's original statement was said, it can't be denied of what he thinks and what many of us agree with; the Operation Iraqi Freedom was encouraged by neoconservatives to help defend the state of Israel, because Saddam was paying suicide bombers, etc.
      With Iran now in the cross-hairs, is it any more obvious that the Iraq War was just the first domino to fall in the Clean Break Strategy?

  • Israeli university bids (w/ Cornell and $350 million) to set up on Roosevelt Island in NY
    • Yes, I am sticking to my assertion that Billionaire Bloomberg with the Help of Skorton at Cornell could & would help to steer the project for themselves, Cornell and Technicon. Zionists work to achieve their network of power by greasing there own pockets and their friends. This is another win for Bloomberg and friends.

      If you can re-engineer a 3rd term as mayor, by saying others suggested I run again and squeaking by after you outspend your opponent 10 to 1, why could you not choose and heavily influence who wins this competition? Competitions are often rigged in the US, with the look of being fair. It's always political. Look at the Twin Tower redesign.

      But the dreaded conspiracy you cite. Get real...

    • Homphi,
      It's lost on you. Do you defend the illegal settlements?

      It's not Jews. Israeli apartheid is what is being boycotted.
      If apartheid is too strong for you, let's call it illegal land
      theft in the name of religion.

    • Well, I'm surprised it wasn't an uber-Zionist giving the donation with Israel looming in the background. But don't you worry brother, I'm sure we'll see many more Zionist New Yorkers donating to the cause throughout the construction period.

    • Indeed, follow the money. When a 350 million dollar anonymous donation is given, there is a political machine at work. Bloomberg and Skorton know who the donor is, but when will the public know?

  • 'Joker' now says he will play Tel Aviv
  • Is portrait of Mark Zuckerberg in 'The Social Network' anti-Semitic?
  • Ron Paul's stunning antiwar performance: Iran threat recalls Iraq, 'a useless war that killed 1 million Iraqis' and 8000 Americans
    • He definitely deserves credit for voicing these issues. During the debates, the other candidates didn't argue his points, because he was clear in his message. Bachman, a one-note candidate (obamacare), attempted to and her point was weak.

    • I'm surprised how Paul has been able to openly discuss Israel and it's policies.
      I can't recall a candidate in recent history who was so candid with the special relationship. (He has a tactful way of discussing Israel in these debates.)
      With hope, his candidness begins to get the gears turning for the media lap-doggies.

  • Settlers torch West Bank mosque, second attack in two days
    • If the state of Israel cannot control the scum population of their state, how do they expect to be hailed a democracy and beacon of light in the Middle East? That was a joke - the beacon of light part...

      Fact is, the the state apparatus wants what the settlers want. So of course no settler will be brought in on serious charges.

  • Israel's war on Christmas --Updated
    • seriously. Any propaganda machine can only bring people to a certain level of comprehension. But when the reality is as ugly as Israel, it's hard to buy the hasbara -and likely even harder to sell this snake oil to Joe Six Pack.

    • Whatever Christian Zionists believe in Israel are like lemming jumping off a cliff.
      This guy is the king of schlock.

    • Aw Witty, you're soo annoying, your comments are just the punchline of a joke.
      You had your chance to be straight with the crowd too many
      times and always blow it.
      You're incapable.

    • The only democracy in the middle east? I'm shocked. :D

  • 'Ha’aretz': Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists storm 'Jewish supermarket'!
    • Part of the strategy of keeping the tribe unified is by employing a fear based scheme that enables those on the fringe to stay close to the core. Sure it's b/s, but it works psychologically.
      Recall that car being spray painted with swastikas in a heavy Jewish Brooklyn neighborhood last month. Are they ever going to find those culprits? seems a bit too close to home for that occurance. Reminds me of the film, The Village.
      The fear of Antisemitism is what's kept many Jews unified throughout the centuries. Now it's often used to reinforce the tribal numbers. Or this writer has nothing better to write about than lame associations.

  • Ads calling for end to aid to Israel return to Bay Area subways, buses
  • The lobby blinks! Democratic insiders throw Josh Block under the bus
  • Mustafa Tamimi has died
    • Point is that the IDF should not use a tear gas canister like a projectile weapon. it should be aimed up into the crowd for dispersal, not in a protestor's face. There are ways of dispersing crowds, and the IDF soldier will ultimately go unpunished. This sets a sloppy precedent for military behavior. But hey, what do I know. It's Israel - a special and mystical place (that's what the tv commercial just boasted).

    • IDF is a bullshit organization, period. Tear gas canisters are designed to be fired up high to disperse crowds. The pathetic IDF uses them as direct projectiles and aims for the heads of protesters. I thought Israelis know how to read directions.

      But seriously, Israel is finished in the next half century unless they make some serious changes. The hostility is ripe for their destruction, and all they do is whine about being hated. They cant figure that shit out? suckers...
      You cannot become a successful society with such an ugly record that the world sees everyday and expect to be treated with kid-gloves. They are becoming a laughing stock.

    • and someone in Hollywood should produce it.
      Spielberg, whaddya say man?

    • Dan,

      If you actually live in NJ, you have loads of access to media and reading material on the occupation of Palestinians. Your comments are child-like and if you really are 41 years old and I'm not sure there's any hope for you to see what this blog uncovers.
      Check out Altas Shrugged, there will be plenty more ditto
      heads for you to agree with.

    • There is enough video of Israel's criminal enterprise to make a complete film.
      Why doesn't someone make this film?

      There is a film Life in a Day
      that is based on submitted video
      clips from people around the world.

      Some filmmaker needs to show the USA what the
      scales of the monster looks like in graphic detail.
      Because Isreal's strategy of a slow simmering occupation
      allows their criminal enterprise to go unnoticed in the US media.

    • I wonder how the IDF soldiers, esp. the one who killed Mustafa, feel after a tragedy like this? Do they have any remorse for taking the life of an unarmed man?

  • Gingrich says Palestinians are an 'invented people'
    • Silverstein has a great rebuttal to Newt
      " In the same sense that Americans were an invented people in 1776, and Israelis were an invented people in 1948, and Germany was an invented people before Bismarck came along circa 1870 and united a bunch of disparate city states and principalities into a German nation (not to mention Italy which underwent the same transformation during roughly the same period through the inspiration of Garibaldi)."

    • Gingrich was paid by Freddie Mac 1.6 million to be their historian.
      He'll say anything to gain political favor with those in power; for a
      healthy fee no doubt.

  • Why the tight security at J Street president's Syracuse talk?
  • Appeals judge upholds sentencing for Holy Land Foundation Five
    • I remember when the story came out in 2007.
      I fear this story will get flushed into the memory hole
      by the msm and it's collaborators.

    • USA is on a slippery slope downhill steering toward hell. Cutting the ropes from this awful ally would help to bring a new course, but if you heard the republican ass-kissing session to the AJC this week, it's clear that the US is now a traded commodity. Israel gets to bid on the biggest ass kisser (Newt) but will the public buy into it?
      I feel like the US is going to be broken down into sections and sold to the highest bidder. It's already been happening. See how Chicago's Mayor Daley sold the city parking vehicle traffic meters to a foreign company in Abu Dahbi. And there are plenty more examples out there.

  • Lawsuit fights hotel's decision to bar Muslim employee from serving Israeli officials (UPDATED)
    • Funny how the 'delegation' doesn't want to see the Muslims,
      but they can starch their shirts on the lower floors. I mean, that's not racist.
      It's all part of the special relationship and being the chosen people,
      and eventually the USA will begin to understand how special they are.

      But, the Israel delegation could always say: 'you don't want
      to serve us anyway.We're complete a**holes.", and the plaintiff could not deny this.

  • Lobbyist privately calls on journalists to hector Schumer & Pelosi about 'anti-Semites' at Democratic thinktank
    • Sloppy work from Block. He endangers exposing
      his secretive media cabal and yet exposes himself
      for dirty politicking. That's what I call doubling down.

      This the fine caliber of an Aipac Man? No wonder they
      prefer Gingrich and Romney.

  • Karen Greenberg's evasion
  • GOP presidential candidates offer red meat on Israel (UPDATED)
    • Politics in the US has really hit the gutter. These pseudo candidates
      should say 'I support Israel when it is in line with helping US objectives'.

      But all we hear is fawning over the precious state and how if they 'get elected'
      they are going to love Israel with all of their heart and stand up to the bully
      Iran. It's not even interesting anymore.

      These people are just puppets for campaign cash. They don't care
      about Israel, they care about getting a leg up above the others. Can
      it be any more obvious that the Israel issue is about getting big money?

    • "Neither one corrected or objected."
      That is the core problem that we witness to often. When someone makes a claim like 'wipe Israel off the map' and Corn or whomever sits there and says nothing (in the msm pseudo debate format), it's practically accepted as truth to the audience. In TV political land, no one disputes the lie.

      Bachman had just said the same thing (wipe off Israel...) in a recent republican debate, and No one disputed it. Not one.
      So these falsehoods aims to educate the viewers that it's the truth, which it isn't.

      sidenote: Jon Stewart was the roomate of Mega-Ziocane Abuser Anthony Weiner. I wouldn't trust Stewart (Liebovitz) to even mock the real news. He's just a clown politician that knows who writes his checks. While he supports many good political ideas, he's a greasy coward when it comes to Israel, and uses his corny jokes format as his foil to evade. But now he is pushing the agenda. Great news...

    • I agree with Dan. Israel may get more airtime, while these candidates try to outgun each other on their love of the Jewish homeland, but in general it will not factor in to the national issues and serious foreign policy debate. Discussing Israel in a democrat/republican debate might only talk about how much more supplies they should receive from the motherland USA; with all its extra military extras and loan guarantees.
      It will never address Israel's simmering theft of East Jerusalem's home's from Palestinian families. Even if Paul was the candidate, I don't think we would see a real discussion. Sadly, it's all too soon for the political machine to honestly address these questions.

    • No wonder Paul was excluded. He has too much class to be in this room.
      I can see Gingrich and his camp imploding, because he is so undisciplined.
      Israel is one great example of his sloppiness.

  • Is Ethan Bronner whitewashing rape by a former Israeli President?
    • Blagojevich has a better cut than Donald Trump. Yesterday some described Trump's hair to a sunken apricot souffle. Ouch...
      And I cannot wait for the Republican debate on the 27th with The Donald as moderator.

    • Hey, come on. It wasn't rape, rape.
      Whoopi Goldberg could help out Bronner here.

  • Washington Post gives respectful treatment to Palestinian fears of Israeli drones
    • 825 civilian deaths is an unreal number. I think Homphi would say this is the price we have to pay for the residents of Sderot to live without worry. It's awful that these generations have had to endure the Nakba, and now their children have to suffer from technological torture methods by way of their colonial oppressor.
      And since he's such a He's a sensitive filmmaker, perhaps Spielberg could produce a film about the Nakba and the current moral dilemma that Israel faces.

  • Paul O'Neill, adversary of neocons, to speak in NY tonight
    • Dan,
      Never heard of FU Buddy. They should come out with an iphone app for it, and call it So Long Sucker, the Wall Street Gold edition.

    • Regardless, this guy should be given credit for confirming the neocon's plan to invade Iraq was hatched at the first Bush cabinet meeting right after his inauguration, 8 months prior to the 9-11 attack.
      His book dispelled the myth that the cause and effect of 9-11 attack made way for the WMD claim against Saddam and the bogus curveball claims - eventually leading to Operation Iraqi Freedom War. The neocon plan was forever exposed before any domestic terrorism occurred.
      At that moment of O'Neil's book, the entire house of WMD cards the media-circus was selling collapsed, and yet at that time, still no one reported it to any significant effect.

  • Israel continues wave of West Bank housing demolitions in East Jerusalem
    • how exciting, 18 month old article on how Jerusalem is for the European Jews coming to reclaim their city. Even your dopey brethren, like Homphi, would find this article quite unsatisfactory.
      I esp like this:
      Even body language, often said to tell volumes about a person, reflects the importance of Jerusalem to Jews as a people and, arguably, the lower priority the city holds for Muslims:
      • When Jews pray they face Jerusalem; in Jerusalem Israelis pray facing the Temple Mount.
      • When Muslims pray, they face Mecca; in Jerusalem Muslims pray with their backs to the city.

      That was some laughable material for your colonial occupation. But I would consider taking your factoids about Jerusalem and selling it to the American Government and it's congressional Sodomites. All you need to do is grease them some campaign cash and you've got yourself a stooge for hire.

  • Welcome Annie Robbins as Writer at Large
    • Thanks for staying committed to this issue of Palestinian oppression, Annie.
      I think your enthusiasm to this cause is admirable. I really do see a change
      in the Israeli narrative in the past 5 years. Slowly but surely, this quasi-religious apartheid scheming will bubble to the front pages of major news
      organizations in the corporate american news. This racket has went on for too
      long in the US, and once most Americans learn the truth they cannot pretend it doesn't exist. To do so would be un-American. Keep it going!

  • Kristol accuses Obama of wanting the Jewish state to disappear
    • yeah, well you're right. I didn't mean to include all in the 2 percent.
      But my point was about 1% to the 100% argument, as you restated.

    • "the world would be a safer, simpler, and more peaceful place if not for the troublesome Jewish state."

      If Obama only said this in public he could say what many of us feel; as it may resonate with the greater public. But, it's election season and Zionist pockets in America run deep, and I'm certain Newt can use this against the incumbent.

      Hasn't the US government done enough of the heavy lifting for the 2% minority of America in building a religious apartheid state on the backs of the Palestinians misery? When is it enough for the Jewish population to stop using this government for it's own selfish agenda?

  • Roll over Ben-Gurion and tell Jabotinsky the news (even Tablet's had enough)
    • MRW,
      What you say makes clear sense. Please STFU already and stop acting like lemmings when it comes to Israel. This is like children blaming the parents
      for their problems.

    • Reading their article gave me a sickening feeling in my stomach.
      These seniors seem to be complaining about their entitlement benefits
      with respect to the state of Israel.
      I'm still waiting for that big fissure that was supposed to take place inside
      the Jewish community, but all I often hear is some light farting sounds
      from people like them. Please...

    • Although senior citizens, the upper west-siders only complain about how they are feeling left out of Israel's colonial project.
      Yeah, where we they during Cast Lead's atrocities?

  • A Warsaw Ghetto with guns (my recent trip to Israel/Palestine)
    • Israel is going to need to suffer a hard & damaging defeat if
      they ever integrate into the middle east. They need to experience
      a damaging war that will make them reassess their entire
      'greater Israel' plan. Because the Arabs that surround them will remain and continue to grow, while Israel doesn't have the colonial recruitment to perpetuate it's continued growth. It's really going to evolve into a Jonestown scenario in the next decade.

      great insight. I'm sure eee will like this piece.

  • Why is Charlie Rose hugging Seth Klarman?
    • I agree with Mooser and Avi about this we have to stick together bit.
      It undermines the respect you could have if you just take
      the tribal yolk off. Stuff like this drives people away.
      Come on, man...

    • Are the occupied territories really for Israel’s safety? Let’s not act ignorant. They are for the expansionary policies that have existed since the founding of the state.
      Israel’s problem is that their safe haven for the diaspora doesn’t hold true in today’s world and their expansionary policies are hurting the legitimacy of the state.
      So, it seems due time to make peace with the neighbors with some serious concessions for the Palestinians, or get the hell out of the hood.

      In the next decade most Americans will realize that Israel’s colonial project is busted, as a clear minority on the web will continue to drill this message to those who are unaware. Most of the world realizes this anyway, and the US is a waning force of military supremacy.

    • Notice now that the charges from the 2nd intifada, as Palestinians being terrorists (or all Muslims) doesn't really work in today's news. Now, Israel's hasbara is that it requires the occupied land to protect itself from the potential rocket fire of enemies all around. It's just b-s and the world knows it. But the media here is, well... the servant of Israel's colonial thieving project.

    • yeah, woof, woof. I don't think there is a boot out there, that
      Charlie wouldn't lick, and he indeed seems to crave Israeli boot.

      Bill Moyers gave him his start in the media world. I wonder
      what Moyers thinks of Charlie now?

  • A documentary guide to 'Brand Israel' and the art of pinkwashing
    • the packaging...

      If I were gay, I would definitely be relaxing in Ibiza, and not Tel-Aviv.

      Israel can promote the gay scene, but it will not translate to IDF soldiers.
      They should focus on gun-enthusiast Christian Zionists. Sell the West Bank
      as kind of a Wild West. ~yeah, I don't think it would work either. Israel couldn't
      accept another racial group in their midst.

    • So let's hear it, are you are in favor of pinkwashing or not?

    • I read the article, and if you substitute German for Jewish, it reads like a nazi movement on the rise. (i.e. And right now, in this overwhelmingly Democratic city, which has never had a Jewish mayor, the four leading Democrats for the post are all Jews or closely Jewish connected.) The writer of the article, Rex Weiner, needs to learn about tact.

  • Could Ron Paul's Iowa surge finally open up political debate on Israel and Iran attack?
    • If Shieffer needs to attack Paul in such a shameless manner,
      they media must be getting word from their producers to
      do their best job to defame his character.

      The problem is for Shieffer, that his hit-piece on Paul completely backfires.

    • I watched this when it came out. Ben Stein is the only one who should be embarrassed. Throwing out the antisemitism charge was not only unwarranted, it was ludicrous.

  • The problem with 'occupation' in the occupy movement
    • good material...

    • "From Lenape land to Dakota to Ohlone - and places in between - the “Occupy” movements of Wall Street, Minnesota and Oakland (respectively) have effectively shut out the engagement of indigenous activists who would otherwise be involved. "

      How they have been shut out? If it's due to the social segregation of the culture that is a valid point, but are you implying something else? It's a bit vague on an important part...

  • DNC chairwoman seeks to outflank Perry and Romney on the right-- on aid to Israel
    • What an inbred traitor. This is sickening.
      It's either her, or Wiener or Barney Frank.
      This list goes on and on with poseur leftists.
      What a corrupt bunch of liars.

  • Critics of Palestine solidarity within Occupy Wall Street rely on distortion
    • I'd say Witty is more of a couch-potato liberal Zionist.
      He talks about the OWS protests as if he's been there.
      Yeah, sure you have.

  • AIPAC Hollywood junket to Israel meets protest
    • Hi Avi,

      I can't say that I've ever noticed that of any Italian living in New York.
      Italians have a lot of pride, and support of Israel is NOT on that list.

      But people who read the NY Post on a daily basis, have a shortsighted
      outlook about the world around them and I am sure they could buy in the
      Israeli propaganda that it churns out on a weekly basis. Italians and any other ethnic group that is.

  • ESPN and NYT should be ashamed for tiptoeing around rape at heart of Penn State outrage
    • It was kind of a screed. Before Phil posts, he should cool off, take a walk and come back to the table and reread.

  • Pro-Israel blogger's call for killing Palestinians earns rebuke from Wash Post ombudsman, clap on back from editorial editor
    • These pack hunters are promoting subversion while gaining control to the levers of power. They love the US and will seek to extract as much out of it as possible. In the US there is a lot of food still on the table, and they are hungry for more.

    • good point Avi...

    • The malicious rant from Abrams and other fellows show us how perverse Likud power is, as it lurks beneath the surface of journalism.
      The internet will drag these trolls out into the sunlight one day. We all know they need the light to disinfect their spirits.

  • Israelis respond to Obama snub on Facebook
  • Warmongering Jeffrey Goldberg calls on Obama to use missile strikes against Iran
    • keep your distance. Cults can suck you in when you least expect it.
      just saw a movie about a girl leaving a cult. very entertaining...

    • This is a blog, and cult members usually squat together.

      Like Israel, a massive state-sponsored cult with rotating
      leaders who promise more war for safety. Although the cult
      members haven't figured out they have been played for decades.
      Some leave disenchanted, but the believers are there to fight.

      (comment intended for DBG, aka Yoni, must've been
      deleted for general stupidity)

    • why when I look at your comments it says you're a muslim?

      I'm an Arab Muslim. The reason that you don't hear us as much is simply because we WANT to talk, but who is there to LISTEN without thinking, "Take everything they say with a grain of salt. The fact that..."

    • It may be floweth, or using pork analogies when talking about the Jewish state.

    • That sun rising on his morning trip to Masada will forever be ingrained in the memory of an IDF soldier, Jeffrey is no exception.

      We've witnessed the endless supply of pork that floweth to Israel for decades, and the traffickers like Jeffrey will always be gunning for more pork for their Israel project. Their loyalty should be called into question, for they don't understand the problems that they cause. Let Israel fight their wars, or make peace with their neighbors. America is not the mercenary army on call for Netanyahu and his American comrade journalists.

  • Uncle Shmuel wants you (to fight and breed)
    • Note to IDF recruits: Please stay in Israel after you finish your military service. They need you more than America, and you've shown that you would be willing to help a lawless military occupation. No one needs you in the US anymore. The Jewish wild west is calling you. Best of luck future Rahmbos.

  • Behind closed doors Sarkozy and Obama spill the beans
  • Reporters again turn State Dep't briefing into moshpit, scorning US 'impotence' in the conflict

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