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  • Pro-Israel handbook explains how to attack professors and ‘co-opt’ students of color
    • Puke. a college protocols handbook at the ready to coerce and infect potential lifelong collegiate friendships. The David Project aims to
      use others to achieve their selfish ends. It's really no wonder why
      people are tired of Israel and it's blatant propaganda. This sly game of deception must give so many zionists such a hard-on, but its effect is slime to the core; using others to clean their laundry.

  • 'A level of racist violence I have never seen': UCLA professor Robin D. G. Kelley on Palestine and the BDS movement
    • "One of the pillars of faith in Judaism is its connection with Eretz-Israel and Jerusalem. "

      Do you have to occupy it, to connect with it?
      Seemed ok the last 2400 years.

    • Should I go on?

      Please do, so I can really start cracking up at what a clown you are. Do compile a list of neighborhoods that black people inhabit in the US and blame this black PhD for all the problems of black neighborhoods across the USA.

      Funny how you blame him for all those neighborhoods and then say 'go and fix your own home before you give us advice'. It takes a lot for a bumpkin like you to realize you're doing just the same! But an eye for an eye, as they say.

  • New book explores the history of 'New Jewish Agenda'
    • Arthur Wascow makes little sense with his BDS positions. It’s difficult to tell what NJA would stand for, but if Wascow was a part of it, I have serious doubts. Only a few years ago, he was on Democracy Now and was did a bad job of conveying any point; more of a guard against BDS. Actually it reminded me of Jerome Slater and his fizzle-out on this site, seeming razzled when pushed about his positions.

  • Khader Adnan on his 59th day, when Francis Hughes died
  • University president promotes hasbara event with Israeli soldier in campus-wide email
    • There so desperate for attendees they need to post FREE Lunch in bold red underlined words? Cool... wish I could attend. I'd have some questions for Anthony and his motivations. Shouldn't this be balanced by a Palestinian narrative? They could talk about the effects of white phosphorus launched from Israeli helicopters and such.
      Where is the equality on this campus? A mouth full of enthusiastic propaganda, with a free lunch needs to have some balance you'd think. I wonder if they are handing out Israel T-shirts as well?

  • 'Commentary' covers its eyes and makes Palestinians disappear
    • Well put. They are missing a vital component to society. It's the integration into their surroundings, and their self adoration that
      perpetuates their isolation. Is this progress? But we're a vibrant technocratic democracy they say...

      The plan of the US supporting the state is flawed, because it allows those inside to stay a perpetual provincial state -a giant hamster wheel inside a mirrored glass box to reflect their vanity. The only progress they make to break out of their bubble is through violence and conquest (which is probably most appealing to the derelict settler). It's not the time of the Spartans or Maccabees. And they're not a growing empire, but a slow-growth tribe.

      And how can a nation grow, if they are stuck inside their tiny borders?
      I feel sorry for the citizens, as it must often feel like a cult state; utterly depressing when the naked truth is revealed to the cognizant ones. At the core, something is amiss.

  • A lull on this site
    • Walid, I wouldn't ever expect you to be censored. That's odd, but so was the banning of Potsherd with no explanation. See this alternate channel. See link: [see anonymous comments thread]
      link to

    • Hostage,

      Jeff made an astute comment that going forward there will be no deep probing of the conflict (it's roots). The idea is to stay on current events, which is laughable in comparison to what has already transpired here over the years. It's a stretch expect a group that has wrestled exhaustively with each aspect of this conflict to be neutered about the long reaching history, its causes and effects.

    • If we are consistent, and we agree that someone being able to move to israel based on who they were born to (no matter where they are from in the world) is bullsht, well, in my view, elevating the speech of someone based on the same criteria is also bullsht. And we shouldn’t be afraid to say it – being jewish does not give you anymore legitimacy to protest Israel or advocate for palestine than anyone else.

      Well said Dan. I’m leery of Jewish activists, and past authors on this site, who say they are forming an organization to stop Israel apartheid, etc. But it always begins with ‘Jews against’, etc. Avoiding inviting the ‘supposed others’ to stand in solidarity comes across as separatist and potentially impotent for the growth of an organization. This author Ezra Nepon, posting the other day, hopes to enticing us with ‘the New Jewish Agenda’ that carries the same exclusionary tone. I realize that anyone can be a member of JVP, but enough with the religious branding on peace organizations. Call it Citizens against the Apartheid already. I think part of the reason is that when the non-Jew starts an organization, they are branded Anti-semites. Just look at the flak Alison Weir gets from her website 'If Americans Knew'.

    • Not only was Jeff an great source in the comment section, he had also written articles here as well. I agree with Chaos that Adam & Phil should address this, preferable through a post. I asssume this was based on new outside pressure that they have received, or outside forces leaning hard on CERSC. Who knows?

  • Leading Zionist historian was first to say 'Israel Firster'-- in 1960
    • Is this what it's come to?
      Losing the argument is one thing... but...

      [homphmi] Not at all. Mine is accurate. Yours isn’t.

      The word is going to exist. Deal with it. Change some of your
      Likidist brethren's habits inside this country and the word will be less used.
      Is it the fault of US citizens that there are those among them who are solely concerned with building another nation 9000Km away?
      Read the George Washington piece below and deeply reflect on its meaning. It's jarringly accurate when you think about the current alliance of the favorite state.

    • If a congressional representative on the Senate floor gave that 216 year-old speech from George Washington they would be the next target of AIPAC and the establishment media.

    • Here's a clear example of Israel Firster. Atlanta Jewish Times publisher,
      Andrew Adler calling for the assassination of the US President by Mossad
      agents, not but a month ago.

      That is a clear case for you, in case you think that the term is too harsh and conspiratorial.

  • Penn boycott conference is target in viral scare game
    • Good news. Keep the amen crowd whining and you know they are on their heels.
      As you said, BDS is a non-violent tactic , aimed at curbing the real criminal state behavior of Israel and it's occupation and colonial conquests.

      But they've missed the intent of BDS. To them it's another pogram
      gaining steam, which any shrink would see as bizarre. The Ruben Gur
      piece is awfully strange for a professor:
      The “explanation” itself presents a fuzzy “anti-Israel” cloak that barely conceals the Hamas and Hizballah daggers. It will deceive only those who, knowing nothing of the history, cannot tell lies from truth, or who, so blinded by animus against Israel and Jews, are willing to be deceived.

  • Is Israel a failed state? asks 'American Conservative'
    • The further Israel looks back on this history, the more ugly
      it becomes. The mystical dream of unifying Jews in their 'holy
      land' is another like another colonial effort to secure a land
      that was someone elses. There were established towns in Palestine,
      with deeds. No biblical archeology about the borders of King David's
      Kingdom can dispute that.

  • 2012: The year of the Bibi
    • Through greed and power, the Zionists are showing the world
      that their needs for a political border is not based on security, but on
      greed and bravado. But, it's their time to celebrate after their 2000 year old
      epic wandering struggle to celebrate their neo-colonial real estate victories,
      and what better way to do that by putting down your patron ally.

      Smart move Bibi, deliver us more of your political s&m. Show the world
      how neutered the US is, when challenged by the cabal of Zionism and neocons.
      Set the world tone for the next century of what Israel has become. No more sugar coating please.

  • Why we should be furious the Haditha massacre Marines got no jail time
    • When cases like this go unchecked in the nation, it's a reminder that we are sliding into an immoral mass that is hard to escape from once we've went over the edge.

      To demote Wuterich is completely sickening for the Iraqi families. For a war that was going to be a 'cakewalk', the United States (from the neocons to the military planners and troops) has caused so much damage in Iraq and and only reinforced a sour image of a rotten military. It's no wonder that there are so many suicides in the military. Guilt is not easy to wash away.

      This case of turning away from Justice, while Marines kill without punishment serves as an example to all the other service men in Iraq and Afganistan and wherever the next operation is. This is appalling.

  • 'Former thug who found Judaism hopes to be first African-American in the Knesset'
    • from your article:“I definitely try not to get into the whole gang affiliation thing,” Levi says. If on some days he wears a striped suit (orthodox dress), other times flat black, it’s because he admires the traditions. He also jets up to Paris for Fashion Week."

      He sounds like a lost soul, more interested in his fashion and music. I don't think Judaism is for him, and he'll realize this in the years to come. But one day he could be remarketed to the US as an Israeli rapper. Have you ever watched any tv programs on the Israel Maccabees Basketball team? Same idea in principle, to counter the notion that the lot of them aren't Ashkenazi racists. We celebrate our black folk, indeed.

  • Josh Block is not an Israel firster! No way, man
  • Robert Reich pretends he's stupid
    • Title should read, "Robert Reich Thinks We're Stupid".

      I agree with what Krauss (above)is saying, but it's apparent
      that there is the erosion of faith in the media, because of the
      inevitability of the internet, to interpret the great political landscape.
      Newspapers were great at establishing the dichotomy
      of right and left over the decades, now it's more about one big establishment.

      The Paul movement is something that sprung up from
      the right, and one could argue as a result of the internet and it's
      free flow of information. The Federal Reserve questions were key
      to Paul having a platform. And since that he has made a big dent in
      the republican establishment, it's difficult for the the republican
      pundits to counter these concepts, And the democrats as well.

  • New additions to the Mondoweiss comments policy
    • I agree with Alec here. I'm not sure if an effort to appease to appease a larger group of readers, you may be shooting oneself in the foot for censorship that mirrors DKOS efforts.

      Are you concerned that in two years when you guys are reaching a new plateau, someone is going to write an article like they did to Steve Walt which got Shingo banned a few years back? Mainstreaming Hate, by Lee Smith (link to ). I think your attempt to put the blinders on this project is troubling. But it's your project; although I wonder if the crowd you may receive will be wholy too generic for interesting discussion. This could turn into a neutered crowd with bland observations, curbed by the tone that was set forth.

  • 'NYT' gives big platform to Israeli journalist to espouse Israeli attack on Iran with OK from Uncle Sam
    • Why should anyone in the US military shed any blood for an ally that
      would not do the same? If the tables were turned they would never
      have our back.

      Although the US military is immense in comparison, it doesn't make
      it the mercenary force of a weak ally, that you simply lobby them
      to fight for your cause.

  • Video: Atlanta Jewish Times publisher's tearful anti-apology
    • That’s a false assertion. I’ve been inside conservative Jewish schools in the Upper West Side and there was no flag of the US inside the lobby. The only notable items were the Israeli flag, and a picture of Shalit.

    • We're supposed to accept an apology from this slimy weakling, with crodidile tears aimed at keeping keep his shoddy career afloat? Israel Firsters need to recognize they are a traitorous lot, choosing another state to that which they dwell within. This bad actor is one fine example of how morally repulsive they are. And the national media will ignore this story, when he should be shamed as an example of treasonous behavior.

  • Assassination has been a trusty tool in Zionism's rightwing movement
  • 'NYT' and 'Haaretz' and world opinion are now greatest threat to Israel, Netanyahu reportedly said
    • I'm dumbfounded as well that he is calling NYTimes the greatest threat to Israel.
      What he likely intended to say was, 'greatest threat to our never-ending
      neo-colonial occupation".

  • A message of anti-Islamic hatred on the streets of Jerusalem
    • If an Arab wore a shirt like that about Yad Vashem, he be accosted by the mob and likely arrested. You're kidding yourself that there is freedom.
      There is freedom of speech to Jews in Israel.

      It’s mob rule there, as they rule in most scenarios, but you’re inside the mob. It’s hard to see things objectively.

    • One shot, two kills...
      That was an even more soulless Israeli T-shirt.

      Israel society gives the outside world the impression
      that they are collective of weirdos when they casually
      walk around any town square with this racist messaging.

      I recall kids wearing shirts in NY that said Hitler World
      Tour, and the media trounced on this story in a flash.
      The media helped to shun this sick behavior.

      But there isn't much discussion coming from Israel
      about this type of overt and public hatred donned
      through bad fashion statements?
      It's not only racist, it's uncouth.

    • you reap what you sow.

  • UK's deputy PM says Israel is 'vandal'-izing the two-state solution. Israel accuses him of 'gratuitous bashing'
    • Have one's cake and eat it. This is the core problem for the state.
      They want to be a state that claim's to be a democratic ally, while their
      appetite for more land theft shows they are the worst cynical players,
      who continue to show great contempt for unity among western nations.
      It's this 'more for us' selfishness that is the defining character of the state.

      To claim that more land will offer more security is a false argument, as
      the continued theft of land is creating greater tension. Israel shows the
      world that the alliance of western democratic principles are a complete
      sham. and why the big backer of the state is losing credibility as a world
      leader of power & values. In search of global power, values get trampled

  • A regular commenter on this site seeks a more temperate comment board
    • Bruce, that could be the de-facto rule as you suggest. All the charges of anti-Semitism, both here and on other sites, undermines the term.

      Anti-Semitism can often be sidestepped by saying bigoted in many cases. It’s overused in these these discussions, which is like why those that make the charge are hammered after they make it.

    • Bruce,

      You have many ad-hominem attacks aimed at Richard Witty.
      I know it's difficult to resist with Witty, but you are preaching that
      others should refrain from something you have done.

    • So it's a club of fellow travelers that eats their own?
      In the big world outside this blog, it's called politics.
      It's why Israel has no left wing. Everyone is for the
      strongest argument and political pressure.

    • Donald is a good example of even-keeled commentator, and I listen to
      what he says. I think the problem the article has is there is a lot of
      innuendo aimed at the commentators, and the site has provided a perch
      for him to make his grievances known, and it seems clear the site endorses his views. Whether or not Donald knew he was going to be the foil is unknown.

      But, I'm not sure about the list he proposes, because I think that when people
      breeze through the comments they are taken by the interesting comments
      that provide references and established evidence, mixed with a real stories of first hand experience in Israel, or American politics. There's lots of good debate, and I think that tactics like ad-hominem show that that person is losing the debate at hand. Some of these long threads that can go on for days is where this site is the most interesting, and many other sites can't compete.

    • An given example would be commentator Homphi, as he has repeatedly said that
      1/3 of my People have died as a result of the Holocaust.

      This translates to "We in the diaspora and Israel, must do whatever it takes to restore these missing tribe members."

    • "Any suggestion that some sort of Jewish writing or behavior created the Nazis."

      Are you saying that the tensions between German Jews and the Nazi party cannot be discussed in the comments section? Would one be allowed to post something from Willhelm II when discussing events leading up to WWII for discussion purposes? Or would that be verboten?

    • I can see from Slater's blog comments you'er feeling guilty about
      Slater quiting this site, but you should be reminded that he was the one losing his temper in the comments section, with charges of Antisemitism, etc. It's possible he may be too old of a liberal Zionist to have any meaningful effect in changing the state of Israel and US Zionists. When Slater remarked last week that people on the site were critical of Finkelstein, he seemed to be laying down in this fight because his place is lost in current discussion.

      btw: if your going to make up rules for one side, you should lay out rules for false charges of antisemtism, or blatant smearing of people who are critical of Israel are somehow haters of the state.

  • Oh, the outrage! 'Haaretz' runs 'Pinkwashing' piece from NYT!
    • "best gay city for 2011"
      Regev, you need to get serious if your going to post this garbage.
      This type of crap is what makes Israel propaganda laughable.
      It can be debunked in one quick search (American Airlines :D) and
      you look desperate to continue the pinkwashing efforts.

      Read the post by MLE. Read it slowly and repeat if required.

  • 'NYT' Travel section features visit to another planet
    • No doubt he is being a shill for Israeli tourism. But he writes for the NYTimes,
      who undoubtedly is the largest paper in the US to repeatedly shill for the Israel.

    • I enjoyed how he slips in that Israeli guards are much better at patting down and getting into your business, than any American TSA operation.

      This reads like an annoying Jewish American has come to survey Jerusalem on his own, because he is a big boy now and he can show his parents what a world traveler he (Matt Gross) has become. Funny that Matt, as he's called 'the real mensch' by his new street friend Joseph finds such delight at the end of his stay. The majority of favored NYTimes comments on the article take offense at his secular pov.

      Matt acts as an outsider to to whole scene of Jerusalem. He is the skeptic secular, who is just shilling for Jerusalem tourism. Jewish mothers, the ones who will pass this regurgitated garbage on to other family members, can say "look at this guys enlightening experience. You should go and see for yourself."

  • Video surfaces of American forces urinating on dead corpses in Afghanistan (and Pamela Geller loves it)
    • andre breviek is in a block for high-risk inmates in "Ela" prison not far from Oslo.

      check this link as well:
      link to
      'Anti-Islamic' band nominated for Norway's top music prize

    • Geller is like a dog infected with rabies, who has the potential to spread her polluted core to a great majority of other fringe loonies Like Andre Brevik. She needs to be put in a kennel and treated.

    • I would assume Andre Brevik used to leave comments on Pam's site.

      link to

      "It is not just a matter of a black-and-white world view, he says, though that is part of it. "It's a very warm embrace. You felt a sense of self-esteem, a sense of real embrace. Then it gives you a sense of purpose, which is also something you've never had so much. The purpose is a huge one. Part of a cosmic struggle when you're on the right side: you're another generation in the huge fight that goes back to the crusades."

    • From Pam's Blog comments section:
      "Are we supposed to believe our soldiers are meant to kill these goat fuckers as fast as they can, but not hurt their feelings? Come on! Grow up!

      Taliban prisoners and all Muslim terrorists should be thrown into cages full of hungry lions on pay-per-view and the proceeds forwarded to the widows and orphans of the soldiers who died trying to rinse this human filth from our planet.

      We should be able to visit the local recruiting station and pay a nickel to piss on these bastards ourselves. Bring the kids, hell, make it a family event!"

  • Dore Gold loses NY debate (but his cheering section wants you to read 'Muslim mafia' before they restore the caliphate!)
    • If Zionists can't win this debate in NYC, where can they win it?
      It's well past the time that Zionists reflect on how corrupt their
      conceptual Jewish state has become to each and every one of them.
      A poison pill that has been swallowed by the west.

      Pre-Debate Poll Results
      37% For | 30% Against | 33% Undecided
      Post Debate Poll Results
      55% For | 37% Against | 8% Undecided

  • Ron Paul gets respect
    • It's no surprise they are all squeaking about a candidate who threatens
      the current political establishment with its complacent media punditry.
      Think of them as the Bolsheviks in power whose agitprop is going into fear-mode.

      Even Bob Shaeffer, who puts on a good performance for the most part, looked panicked when Paul was interviewed on his Sunday morning show. They are only guilty of conspiring together to maintain the status quo. They are there to keep Obama protected, and Paul's antiwar and anti-interventionist message undermines the false change that the incumbent promised only 4 years ago.

  • Adelson is giving Gingrich $5 million because of fear of Ron Paul -- Chris Matthews
    • yeah. here's the exit polling:link to
      32% of independents went with Paul and 24% of democrats as well.
      Republicans stuck with Romney.

    • And five million is chump change for this Dorchester oligarch.
      That's 1/4,300 of his total net worth. I think I that is a small price
      to elevate the rhetoric for the Israel project. And this is just
      one of the many Zionist guardians within our country. They are
      the gatekeepers of political office for the US political office.

      But, Gingrich's problem (and most of Congress) is that he behaves
      as a henchman, who serves the interests of a questionable ally by
      way of the new-blue blooded oligarch, who makes it clear that
      Israel is the ultimate priority.

  • Trying to save two-state consensus, 'Washington Post' invokes 'demographic' threat
    • Thanks Avi, I wish that you were the head of
      a think tank in DC, to oppose the current dishonest
      hum-drum coming from the halls and think tanks
      of Washington. The stuff Santorum gets away with
      on and off stage is ridiculous!

  • Loury says Iran attack talk is 'anti-Islamic hyper-pro-Israeli genuflection'
    • Chris Clarke reminds me of StopAipac. Some of these people must believe that Obama is their man to keep the empire going. Civil liberties, not so important to progressives it seems.
      If you're not frustrated with the incumbent at this point in history, then go campaign for him. The whining syndrome about Ron Paul is annoying to say the least. What about you man in the white house?

  • Just wars-- and civilian casualties
    • As we clutch at straws and become more desperate...
      Coming from an Israeli that is laughable, brother.
      You worry about re-electing Netanyahu, and we
      can focus on choosing what's best for us, like cutting aid
      and ties to a false democratic ally that offers little return
      for the alliance. We may as well support Pakistani
      expansionary land growth while we're supporting Israel.

      You and your your tin foil hat defenders of Israel
      (Homphi, Witty, Werdine, LLI) are the biggest jokers
      around. How about some rational analysis for a change.
      But, I forgot that's what the liberal zionists like Slater
      are here for.

  • Char the pepper! Diane Shammas shares her secret maftoul and muhammara recipes
  • NPR political expert calls Joe Lieberman a 'moderate' -- unlike Republican extremists
    • yeah- it's no conspiracy, it just suck-ups climbing the corporate ladder. Capitol cronyism with their kowtowing media servants.

  • Ron Paul's antiwar position is simpleminded
    • I am surprised to see this meltdown in progress, but it revealed a lot when Slater said in the post above how he basically waited with 'perverse glee' for people to make comments against him. I could see this coming as well, when he referenced Finkelstein being criticized on Mondoweiss recently.

      Because I’ve finally had it, and knew that this would be my last appearance, in this instance I decided to go out with a bang, not only knowing full well what the response would be, but actually anticipating with some perverse glee watching the wolf pack go into a frenzy.

    • Paul has risen to gain support from the left, because the
      incumbent has not lived up to the expectation of change.

      It crystallizes the idea that a two-party system will never
      offer real change.

      *Bosnia and Kosovo? that was a good one.

  • Captain Israel is back, and better than ever!
  • Poof, Dome of the Rock, gone: IDF rabbinate edits Dome of the Rock out of picture of the Temple Mount
  • In humble apology to neighbor he harassed, rabbi acknowledges that 'many Jews' have opposed Zionism
    • The anti-zionists didn't harass a man and his family by yelling obscenities from his car.

      Siegel’s car has two bumper stickers: "Free Palestine and the Occupation," and "Stop U.S. Aid to Israel."

      Siegel, who is a well-known local activist for Palestinian causes, said that Schwartz had been stalking his home for some time and had frightened his 6-year-old daughter.

  • Ron Paul prose on Israel allegedly makes woman cry
    • the underlying message read:
      Ron Paul. He will even make your goyish-daughter cry on Christmas morning!

    • What's unique in the Ron Paul phenomenon, is how he is uniting Republicans, Independents and Democrats to join and support his cause. Something that Scott McConnell mentioned here years ago. And so many Democrats, as seen from Lizzy's post yesterday, are very freaked out about it.
      I have friends in NY who were Democrats and are enthusiastically supporting him. Strange times. Washington should be worried that their days of corruption are coming to an end.

  • Ron Paul and the left
    • this site came about for me because of outrage at the iraq war.

      -Thanks for reminding me how I got here. The outrage of what
      was happening during that period and the decade that followed.

    • I thought you disappeared Danaa. I missed reading your insightful points!

    • Citizen,
      Jeremiah Wright is a good example, because he was tarred as someone who hates America, and that was big political news at the time of American nationalism. People didn't buy that Obama secretly shared the same views, as they must be a secret cabal sent to deliver socialism en masse.
      But, we'll see how this plays out. The status quo certainly isn't working for most Americans, which is why some like Paul has made such a mark. The big question is for the public, are you satisfied with the progress and direction of the current president?

    • Tristan, Charon says it well, below:
      " I mean, the message here is no different than a biased MSM smear complete with stormfront founder photo"

    • I believe half of Ron Paul's supporters in Iowa are Democrats and Independents.

      I didn't vote for Obama but he has turned out to be all
      hat and no cattle. Obama may be better serving as a judge in government, weighing both sides of a political argument with keen insight.
      The image that was sold by his campaign and the media, that
      he will be a transformative president never manifested itself.
      And why would it during a second term? Yes, I've lost the hope...

      I would rather see a showdown with Paul and Obama,
      than Gingrich (or fill in blank) and Obama.
      Why doesn't Lizzy see this?

    • As an relevant association, let's not forget about Pastor Wright
      during the Obama campaign. I agreed with many of the controversial
      things he said, but the public perception is what counts.
      And he was tarred by the NY papers as the Minister of Hate.

      But Obama still won the election, because he offered change from
      the continued wars and broken politics. Offering significant change
      is powerful in a failing system. Obama offered it and couldn't deliver it, and now Paul offers an alternative.

    • This doesn't look good for his campaign. No it doesn't. But some of his theories about government are what lead people to support him, as Washington marinates inside its own corrupt bubble. All that we are left with is the ugly reality of the establishment people like Gingrich.

      If it came down to Romney, Gingrich or Paul in charge of foreign policy,
      I would still have to choose Ron Paul. I don't trust the Republican
      establishment party with Iran. We just went through a decade of war,
      and they portray this threat of Iran as requiring immediate action.
      Thanks, but no thanks.

      And then there's Obama. Mr. Candidate elusive. Talks a good game and does nothing about it. As Matt Damon just said, "You know, a one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better."

  • Riots over gender segregation. And silence over Palestinian segregation
    • “When Danaa, a commenter here, posted that she once shot at a male soldier during her time in the army, I wasn’t surprised. ”

      Neither was I, but for different reasons. LOL.

      Nice one Homphi. You really are a psycho...

  • The Ron Paul moment-- bad and good
    • Borger is great. She proves how corrupt the media is. She seems to hate herself and her cynicism. I would, being a shill like her.

    • I always get a laugh reading your trite analysis. It's sad that no one ever
      taught you about b/s meter. But you keep on believing you're smarter than everyone.

    • We already have a false leader. I mean why change the status quo, right?

    • I disagree with his support on the the amendment. That would be a
      field day for AIPAC if we had no 17th amendment.

    • I agree. If he is able to surpass the Republican establishment, he may be a better choice than our current leader that promised changed and delivered relatively nothing. This man offers a change against corrupt Washington that is appealing to a cynical public.

    • Good article and he makes a good point at the end:
      "As bad as the Paul newsletters are -- let me emphasize again that they are awful -- I can't persuade myself that they should carry more weight than war, or civil liberties..."

    • He may rise up in the public for his counter perspective to his party, but the establishment aims to destroy him. I think his debate performances are great and it may make the difference in bringing him to the top of the dung heap. He offers another route for their party that creates an alternative vision for the badly damaged & corrupted system.

    • Shit Dan, I'm no follower of Paul, but it doesn't mean I would not vote for him over the other clowns, and that includes the incumbent spineless leader.

      Many gave Obama a couple of years to get his bearings, but he is isn't what I'd say the majority of voters expected. It's ubiquitous among people I speak to, how many are so disenchanted with the false change we hoped for.

      But Dan, I think you're onto something brilliant. Maybe Paul is secretly working to restore the confederacy, with his ally Alex Jones. Could be... That's why he wants the Fed abolished.

    • It's a real shame that the Donald Trump moderated Debate was cancelled on Dec. 27th. I'm sure he could have gotten to the bottom of Dr. Paul's secret hatred of all other races. After all, he resolved Obama's birth certificate...

      Perhaps Bachman will have a new angle to hammer away at Paul.
      She is a real tactician when it comes to hammering out a message,
      like obamacare.

    • Here comes the media attack : Paul walks out of interview on CNN/Gloria Borger
      link to

      It seems like the strategy is to tar him an not only an anti-semite, but also someone who hates all others races that are not white. Whoever said the media was left wing? They are salesman for those with deep pockets. Borger has got it rammed so deep in her mouth, it's often difficult to understand what her message is because she is chocking on it.

    • They've already pulled KirkChick back out of the closet to do the sniping:
      The New Teflon Candidate
      link to

  • Swiss museum cancels competition after prize-sponsor Lacoste rejects Palestinian artist
    • Here's a take on Hurt Locker's success

      To earn its gold, "Hurt Locker" had to break what producer Greg Shapiro called "The Iraq War Curse," referring to all the movies touching on that conflict that had failed to find an audience. It had to weather attacks in the media and from some in the military who questioned the realism of how it portrayed the bomb-removal unit...

      ...Summit turned the Oscar strategy over to PR firm 42 West, where veteran campaigner Cynthia Swartz called the shots. Swartz was criticized for waiting until early December to send out the DVDs, even though the whole strategy revolved around getting the movie seen by as many voters as possible.

      She also had to get attention from Academy voters and guild members for a movie without any marquee names and a subject that put off many people already weary of a war that never seemed to end. What Swartz did right was to center the campaign around Bigelow, a woman who directed with as much glory and guts as any man, and to feature writer/producer Mark Boal for his screenplay and real-life story as a journalist who was embedded with a bomb disposal unit in Iraq.

      She had bound copies of the "Hurt Locker" script sent to every member of the Writers Guild of America, earning guild honors for the original screenplay and the same award at the Oscars.

      Meanwhile, Fox seemed to downplay awards campaigning, letting Cameron take the lead. And what Cameron wanted to talk about was how frustrated he was that his actors, whose performances were captured by computer-generated technology, were not taken as seriously as live-action actors.

      While his righteousness was sincere, that didn't go over well with many real-life actors who feel threatened by the possibility that they might be replaced by synthetic performers. That backlash might have mattered, because actors are by far the largest bloc of voters in the Academy.

      link to

    • This l'Elysée example can provide US institutions a clear precedent
      to stop the poisoning of US art institutions with the back room
      negotiating & propaganda from corrupt Israel and it's American
      Zionist establishment. Where's is the freedom of expression?
      Hollywood would never, at this time, sell a movie about the Palestinian

  • Israel's image tanks as it slowly loses support of US media and Europe
    • Josephus Flavius characterized Jews in the first century as a theocracy, because they didn't fit into the traditional aristocracy model.
      Is it their destiny to repeat a this historic model? Because restoring an ethnic group to a place they may have dwelt 2000 years ago is probably not a great idea, unless you have enough troops to crush the opposition. And not having these colonial reinforcements to defend the encampment while taking more land, may prove the stupidest move of their government and military.
      But they hope for the assistance of the American mercenary army to rescue them from the outlying dangers. That doesn't show much sovereignty for all the independence these Zionist brag about.

    • These supporters may foresee a tidal wave of world opinion coming against Israel in the next years. The US is the only supposed friend of Israel, and now that many in this country are seeing what kind of ally Israel is, the party's ending for the Zionist enterprise, their manufactured lies and treachery.
      And they've burned so many bridges; Turkey and Egypt are recent examples.

  • Howard Fineman seeks to redline Ron Paul's populist Iran ideas as extremist
    • He mentioned Iraq in a previous debate (Iowa?), when all the candidate were trying to out-man each other on the hard-line Iran stance.
      It felt as if the audience got the message when he drew the parallel of going to war for Iran was eerily similar to the Iraq invasion.
      It seemed to jog the collective memory of the audience (and the other candidates if only for a few seconds) about the last 8 years of a failed war, based on a pack of lies.

  • Busted by Goldberg, Klein now says commas caused war in Iraq, not neocons
    • Now that Klein's original statement was said, it can't be denied of what he thinks and what many of us agree with; the Operation Iraqi Freedom was encouraged by neoconservatives to help defend the state of Israel, because Saddam was paying suicide bombers, etc.
      With Iran now in the cross-hairs, is it any more obvious that the Iraq War was just the first domino to fall in the Clean Break Strategy?

  • Israeli university bids (w/ Cornell and $350 million) to set up on Roosevelt Island in NY
    • Yes, I am sticking to my assertion that Billionaire Bloomberg with the Help of Skorton at Cornell could & would help to steer the project for themselves, Cornell and Technicon. Zionists work to achieve their network of power by greasing there own pockets and their friends. This is another win for Bloomberg and friends.

      If you can re-engineer a 3rd term as mayor, by saying others suggested I run again and squeaking by after you outspend your opponent 10 to 1, why could you not choose and heavily influence who wins this competition? Competitions are often rigged in the US, with the look of being fair. It's always political. Look at the Twin Tower redesign.

      But the dreaded conspiracy you cite. Get real...

    • Homphi,
      It's lost on you. Do you defend the illegal settlements?

      It's not Jews. Israeli apartheid is what is being boycotted.
      If apartheid is too strong for you, let's call it illegal land
      theft in the name of religion.

    • Well, I'm surprised it wasn't an uber-Zionist giving the donation with Israel looming in the background. But don't you worry brother, I'm sure we'll see many more Zionist New Yorkers donating to the cause throughout the construction period.

    • Indeed, follow the money. When a 350 million dollar anonymous donation is given, there is a political machine at work. Bloomberg and Skorton know who the donor is, but when will the public know?

  • 'Joker' now says he will play Tel Aviv
  • Is portrait of Mark Zuckerberg in 'The Social Network' anti-Semitic?
  • Ron Paul's stunning antiwar performance: Iran threat recalls Iraq, 'a useless war that killed 1 million Iraqis' and 8000 Americans
    • He definitely deserves credit for voicing these issues. During the debates, the other candidates didn't argue his points, because he was clear in his message. Bachman, a one-note candidate (obamacare), attempted to and her point was weak.

    • I'm surprised how Paul has been able to openly discuss Israel and it's policies.
      I can't recall a candidate in recent history who was so candid with the special relationship. (He has a tactful way of discussing Israel in these debates.)
      With hope, his candidness begins to get the gears turning for the media lap-doggies.

  • Settlers torch West Bank mosque, second attack in two days
    • If the state of Israel cannot control the scum population of their state, how do they expect to be hailed a democracy and beacon of light in the Middle East? That was a joke - the beacon of light part...

      Fact is, the the state apparatus wants what the settlers want. So of course no settler will be brought in on serious charges.

  • Israel's war on Christmas --Updated
    • seriously. Any propaganda machine can only bring people to a certain level of comprehension. But when the reality is as ugly as Israel, it's hard to buy the hasbara -and likely even harder to sell this snake oil to Joe Six Pack.

    • Whatever Christian Zionists believe in Israel are like lemming jumping off a cliff.
      This guy is the king of schlock.

    • Aw Witty, you're soo annoying, your comments are just the punchline of a joke.
      You had your chance to be straight with the crowd too many
      times and always blow it.
      You're incapable.

    • The only democracy in the middle east? I'm shocked. :D

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