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  • Jimmy Carter's proposal to recognize Palestine is dissed by all the usual suspects
    • Jimmy Carter is much more highly regarded today than when he lost his bid for reelection in 1980. He has produced an exemplary post-presidency, and today there is an increased appreciation for the enormity of the task he took on in 1977. The general public, including grass roots Democrats, has little awareness that he has been blackballed from said party by its leadership for writing Peace, Not Apartheid. (He just wrote a piece in the NYT telling Obama to stick up for the Palestinians before he goes.)

    • After Abbas: Who does Israel want to lead Palestinians?

    • After Abbas: Who does Israel want to lead Palestinians?

    • Maybe the Palestinians should just declare their own state, just as the Zionist intruders did? What do they have to lose? The UN charter offers support for their self-determination, does it not? Surely, by now, any hope Palestinians have for US help is just a bad joke. But who would speak for them? They once elected HAMAS leaders...

  • Video: Israelis look forward to the Trump presidency
  • The lynching of Dwight Bullard
  • Finally, a US tribunal on the Iraq War!
    • Yeah, reminds me of that far left agitprop group, The White Rose! So clueless, so dangerous, weren't they! Damn Right! Eh, DaHalfBakr?

  • FL State Sen. Dwight Bullard opposed an anti-BDS measure -- and lost his job
    • Obama's Cairo Speech was banished to the dustbin, and looks like Ellison's version is headed to the same dumpster. I see there is no Palestinian version of Adelson, Soros, Saban, not to mention AIPAC. Hence, I think Laila's strategy is missing some key components; by the time it could possible work, there won't be any land for Palestinians except apartheid land, where they are the banished ones.

    • Some, like myself, ultimately voted for Trump, viewing him as (albeit poisonous) chemotherapy against a massive Hillary cancer on the body of the USA. Trump's original gut instinct was correct on Cuba ("50 years enough"), as was his original gut instinct on I-P negations: "Neutral" broker. As I type he is being massively pressured to backtrack on both gut instincts.

  • 'Tis the season, to boycott!
    • "BDS has an image problem (in the wider world, outside of this Mondoweiss bubble."

      Compare Israel's image problem--obviously Israel thinks it has one, which is correct; what the AIPAC matrix and Israel still don't realize is that the rest of the world (excluding most Americans as they remain ignorant thanks to dereliction of duty by constitutionally protected US fourth estate) is looking at Israel's deeds, not it's hasbara creed.

      The USA has an image problem too, no small part due to its rubber-stamping, funding of Israeli policy and conduct. The only country with a worse image problem currently than the USA/Israel is N Korea.

      BTW, I want to agree with those who keep telling you here that Israel's war in 1967 was an aggressive war, the very kind named as the umbrella evil motive at Nuremberg. It was not "defensive," and many top Israeli leaders at the time subsequently wrote so. That Israel will do anything to gain Greater Israel is shown by the USS Liberty incident. I am still waiting for my country, USA, to confront this issue. Instead, my government just takes more out of my pay check to support Israel's rogue conduct.

    • My (unrealistic) vision for peace starts with the notion that Lameduck Obama does not veto the next attempt at the UN SC to make Israel a tad accountable for its conduct. It picks up with the same hope offered by President Trump. In accord then, POTUS must actually tweet to the US public (over the head of mass main media (a la FDR's radio chats) that he will use US aid to Israel (spelling how much of total US foreign military aid that is, as well as the size & world economic position of Israel) as leverage to coerce Israel to take peace negotiations seriously. Hence, POTUS will also demand Israel end its illegal settlements.

  • Here's the gossip: Beinart is about to replace Goldberg as most important Jewish journalist
    • Good article. I'd bet Obama knows quite well the subject friction within the Jewish leadership, and time is not on the side of rubber-stamping Israel right or wrong. Hillary's eyes have always been closed, and it's questionable whether Trump's will open in any signifiant way, although, before he got slammed for describing his stance as a "neutral" broker, he seemed willing to hear both sides for peace negotiation purposes.

  • A conversation with Miko Peled
    • What is the Palestinian version of the story of Joshua and how G-D gave him a blank check to commit genocide for his, the chosen people?

      Also, please consider in the same logical vein re the "invention of the Palestinian people,", if Palestinians are simply "Arabs.", then, to be logically consistent, aren't Jewish Israelis, simply "Jews"?

      All depends on how you frame the picture, eh? And goose, gander?

      No state has the "right to exist, " as where would that right come from? But, OTOH, all peoples have a right to self-determination--so long as that does not beat down another peoples' right to self-determination?

      Further, the Nuremberg & Tokyo Trials hung state leaders, and the ex post facto law applied at those trials was incorporated as universal law in Geneva IV. This makes Israel a rogue state, the actual reverse of what was won at the cost of the total dead from WW1 thru WW2. "Never Again."

      Israel is guilty of waging aggressive wars, the number one root evil for which German leadership was hung at Nuremberg.

    • The USA's reputation in the world has greatly fallen, and the target on USA's back has swelled; and two main reasons are interrelated: The neocon/neoliberal wars & de facto rubber stamping of Israel's rogue agenda. And these things have cost US taxpayers trillions in combination, even while the average American has benefited not at all from them, but in fact has lost much, as signaled by Bernie & Trump fans in the recent elections. Grifters work writ large: That latest $38 Billion Obama gave to Israel, with Trump promising Jewish influence groups he will give more--and all the while the media assures there will be no informed consent. Pretty sleazy, eh?

    • Farrakhan preaches whites the world over are oriented toward conquest of others.

    • $38 Billion

  • Tulsi Gabbard's screw-the-neocons meeting with Trump sparks anger, derision, encouragement
    • "Good for Gabbard.
      Ditto, she gives me hope.

      "Speaking, as we all should do, truth to power. I wonder why Trump listened."
      He may actually agree with her a la his campaign stance, so it's good she went there so he didn't have to deflect the malignant interventionist neocons & neoliberals, or at least questioned them by himself.

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
  • Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise
    • It's no surprise that Nazism and Zionism, national socialistic movements both came out of 19th Century Germany/Austria. They have always both early borrowed, relied on mystical myths too. It's a symbiotic relationship.

  • Jewish Americans must take sides on Trump
  • General under consideration by Trump for Defense has slammed Israel for impending 'apartheid'
    • Petraeus and Mattis both have said our special relationship with Israel has painted a target on US troops and US best interest for years. Both men are being considered for a Trump appointment. It would be nice if the main US media would even mention this, but not even Fox News does as far as I have seen. Of course, I am just speaking as a former grunt in the US Army.

  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • Nobody even knows that the tiny handful of swastika-Trump graffiti was painted by pro-Trump fans, or anti-Trump fans.

    • More significant, he kicked to the curb one of his most loyal heavy guys, Chris Christie!

    • Yeah, start with Bernie & Jill (Stein!); they gotta go, Hillary & Donald's camp say so! We're on a roll, already got at least a dozen state legislatures Hitting those nasty BDS folks hard, more to come! Archie Bunker rose from his cement star sidewalk to help us!

    • One answer is that about 97% of all Homeland Security community protection funding has gone to USA's 2% Jewish community? Gotta earn their keep.

    • My biggest concern with my vote was also that Hillary would keep on stumbling towards war with Iran, Putin, Assad, and it could easily slip into nuclear war, starting out with just little nukes, the upgrades Obama is working on. I prioritize my fear of global financial systems & the working poor divided by careful manipulation by the world's very wealthy--over global warming. Not because it's not happening, but because the former has been happening heavily over the last years most especially, the key instrument being the fiat dollar and how it's leveraged to make bad things happen to the workers, while the top 1% & their 10% professional troopers get to play like they care about anybody but their own families.

      I saw some guy on MSNBC screaming about "thousands of swastikas appearing across the land!" I only know of maybe three, and it's not clear if that graffiti was done by Trump fans or anti-Trump fans.

      I do like that notion of "gilded victimhood." I'd like a few examples; I am sure there are many.

      I also think that the entire discussion on this thread is handicapped by the old-fashioned words and phrase being written, including my own. There's a new mix of mixed interests lurching towards Jerusalem, so to say, and nobody's identity is yet clear as crystal, that's for sure.

    • Well, we all know what happened when Billy clinton & the GOP dominated congress tore down Glass-Steagal wall between your local commercial bank and investment banking--aka casino banking.

    • To avoid conscription by a tyrant? From the start of 2012 to the middle of this year, 1 in 50 Eritreans sought asylum in Europe, nearly twice the ratio of Syrians, based on data from the European Union statistical service Eurostat.

    • From Wikipedia re Paul Auster's POV:

      Literary critic James Wood, however, offers Auster little praise in his piece "Shallow Graves" in the November 30, 2009, issue of The New Yorker:

      What Auster often gets instead is the worst of both worlds: fake realism and shallow skepticism. The two weaknesses are related. Auster is a compelling storyteller, but his stories are assertions rather than persuasions. They declare themselves; they hound the next revelation. Because nothing is persuasively assembled, the inevitable postmodern disassembly leaves one largely untouched. (The disassembly is also grindingly explicit, spelled out in billboard-size type.) Presence fails to turn into significant absence, because presence was not present enough

    • The evangelicals I have met personally wouldn't know a Jew from Mike Huckabee or Gomer Pile

    • 'War on Memes': ADL's Pepe Condemnation Sparks Online Backlash - Breitbart
      Article says Pepe was around for ten years and never was called "white supremacist" kind of frog until Hillary did it during her campaign.

      Try googling Pepe the frog and ZOA. What do you get?

    • WSJ: Steve Bannon on Politics as War: via @BreitbartNews
      "Breitbart is the most pro-Israel site on the internet"

    • Trump's rhetoric indicated he'd be less of a war-monger and banker's boy than Hillary's career record indicates she was. This was a peasant's rebellion composed of two camps, Bernie's & Trump's. We live in neofeudal times with usury dominant and everything tangible and intangible is monetized, securitized with computers playing the casino with fiat currency leveraged into the proverbial house of cards, always about to fall. Whether Pepe, the frog is nastier than Lena Dunham, we know the former is a cartoon character that never showed up on Girls.

  • Donald Trump picks anti-Muslim intel officer to be national security adviser
    • No mention of "neocons" either. Did roll some film of a recent white nationalist group meeting in a NYC Italian restaurant, which had disguised itself as a private "generic name" family gathering. Rachel pointed out one of the speakers used the term "our struggle," mirrored Hitler's Mein Kampf title, and she also pointed out some in at the meeting were raising their hands in the Hitler salute, and were applauding with, she said, not the English "hail," but the German "heil." She concluded that segment by chatting with the ADL guy how the restaurant was open to all Americans and had been duped, and now was going to offer that night's proceeds of $10,000.00 to the ADL. She then went on to ridiculing Sarah Palin and Herr Trump--him for doing three tweets on the latest SNL skit on him.

    • Rachel Maddow has been one-upping the comments here, with the help of an ADL spokesperson. For them, Hitler has indeed taken our highest office, and is surrounding himself with appropriate white supremacist henchmen/women. Except, oddly, neither has mentioned anything else about any other Jewish organizations involved, merely repeating America's Jews, Muslims, blacks and brown people are targeted victim groups, along with LGBT folks. No mention of ZOA or Israel, for example.

  • When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.
    • @ DaBakr
      I would say that the already implemented, still striving PNAC agenda, coupled with the US taxpayers endless billions to Israel, no strings attached, make US citizens also legitimate complainants on the issue; it was not only Petraeus who told congress US foreign policy and aid re Israel "paints a target on our backs."
      The USA's reputation in the world has gone from highest to lowest, right there with Israel and North Korea.

    • Yes, that's Bernie, and that's what would happen. I hope he enjoys his third house at age 75 or 76.

  • Palestinian farmers are the first line of resistance to Israeli occupation
  • Saving the daughters of Israel from the annihilation of intermarriage
    • You used to laugh about
      Everybody that was hangin' out
      Now you don't walk so proud
      Now you don't talk so loud
      About having to be scrounging for your
      Next meal
      How does it feel
      How does it feel
      To be on your own
      With no direction home
      A complete unknown
      Just like a rolling stone?

    • When my wife-to-be's mother met me, she yelled, "I am going to pour hot boiling chicken soup on your goyischekopf!" I was the last person she wanted to see, before she died. I did see her.

    • Where does the ZOA stand on Sessions appointment?

    • I remember the commotion I unwittingly caused when I started dating the young lady who became my wife....

    • Anybody got one of those old army belt buckles embossed with "Gott Mit Uns"?

  • We are in an era of conservative counter-revolution
    • The market not only sees though bullshit, it fans it, and then capitalizes on it, speculates on it, redirects it, for the truth is there is no free market at all; that's the essence of the current system; the stock market always dupes most investors. It is doing it faster, faster. Very few have the capital to play the market in the first place in any significant way. And income gap/asset gap keep growing like Topsy. Not just here, everywhere. A Rothschild told us all in the 19th Century, that U can have your standing army, who controls the money supply, controls all.

    • Same goes for the GOP. What we have now? We will see. It's not even January yet.

    • You forgot JFK's tending trajectory, before he was killed.

    • Y speak B4 Trump has taken office; start looking at his appointments, and who was on the list.

    • U forgot how Victoria Neuland and her loving hubby fit into this picture re the fallout, Ukraine now.

    • So, the liberals, or progressives thought they were the deep state? But Hillary & Trump both proved them wrong? And now Trump will fuck his fans, just like Hillary would have? Follow the money, as usual.

    • Remember when Truman wrote in his diary how disappointed he was that the Zionists had become the uberhunds, the Palestinians, the unterhunds? Everyone likes custard.

  • A most mournful gathering
  • Epic battle looms over accused anti-Semite entering White House, and 'NYT' graywashes the moment
    • According to his former wife, Bannon also told her he didn't want his girls to attend a school with lots of Jewish kids in it because he didn't want his kids to become "whiney brats." Bannon has denied all of his former's wife's court paper claims on this subject. She said, he said. I wouldn't trust any alleged facts in any divorce or family court case.

    • He says: To add an ‘echo’ to your name in solidarity, go to your profile page, click ‘Edit Profile’ and simply type the brackets in around your name.

    • Yeah, Sabras!

    • @ Mooser
      U mean like...Trump's fans? Of course, that took awhile, wasn't "virtually overnight," was it?

    • Why would he select John Bolton for anything?

    • @ Mooser
      It's actually in the GOP platform

    • Yes, very unlikely, even more so since both of his adult sons have Jewish wives, and his other daughter is dating a Jew.

  • Where do we go from here? Our thoughts & yours on the US election
  • Challenging anti-Semitism and the Trump presidency
    • There is no historically aware person who rationally believes Trump is Hitler and the USA is fertile ground for a Nazi take-over.

    • Actually, 3 of Trump's adult kids have Jewish spouses, and the 4th is dating a Jewish person. His last kid is only 13. Trump also has many Jewish people in top spots in his organization, two of them forming as special liaison with the Jewish community regarding anything involving Israel. If anyone has rational fear due to Trump's ascendance, it's (1) the entire Muslim-American community, and to a lesser extent both in quality and quantity, (2) the American-born, mostly Mexican, children who have undocumented parents. It's not accurate to suggest the Jewish community has rational fear equivalent to those two groups--but it is accurate to suggest that Jewish Americans most in fear of Trump reign are worried his negotiation skills might ultimately result in Israel being put in the full spot light to settle for peace with less offered to Israel then in time past. With Hillary there was no such fear.

    • "The global financial system is devouring the planet. The final elite objective seems to be a reversion to a net-feudal rentier economy."

      Yes, this is the macro of it all. When the Alt-Right tweeted the pic 3 of the biggest players involved in this global financial system, the tweet was criticized as anti-semitic because all 3 were Jewish, although the tweet said 0 about their ethnicity or religion.

  • How Muslim Americans are responding to Trump's victory
    • In view of the trend of the white folks and their western culture to diminish around the world, which has been going on a long time now, and the fact they never were really large in term of the whole world,'s population and cultures, perhaps one day they will strive to have a single "safe haven state," copying the Zionists? Just a thought. There's a movement afloat, signaled by the hashtag #whitegenocide, which the main media ignores, and one of its main social media spoke persons is a teenage white girl named Evalion. I smell an analogy, weak or not, which is subject to dispute, between such a state & contemporary Israel.

  • DNC chair tweets from Islamophobic gathering in Florida
    • I doubt Trump has given a thought to what would actually happen to the Assad Security sub-regime once US Embassy, followed by others, is located in Israel's de facto-authorized new capital of Jerusalem. Not a clue this would mean Israel would have to begin actually paying for the occupation itself, and this would mean US would have to jump in with much more funding than the mere new daily 10 million per day Obama just promised Israel.

  • Trump will have 'minimal interest in foreign affairs' -- Israeli gov't forecast
    • Ivanka"s orthodox Jewish husband will handle Trump's policy in this area; he wrote Trump's first non-spontaneous speech, the one to AIPAC. Further, his likely ambassador to Israel will be one of his executive Jewish employees from the Trump Corporate Empite.

  • Analyst: If Trump gives Netanyahu a green light 'Palestinians will detonate in the face of Israel'
  • 'A revolt against the future': Quick reflections on the November 2016 Election
    • From the GOP 2016 Platform:
      "Reaffirm support for Israel and slam sanctions movement: "We reaffirm America's commitment to Israel's security and will ensure that Israel maintains a qualitative military edge over any and all adversaries… We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier and specifically recognize that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS) is anti-Semitic in nature and seeks to destroy Israel. Therefore, we call for effective legislation to thwart actions that are intended to limit commercial relations with Israel, or persons or entities doing business in Israel or in Israeli-controlled territories, in a discriminatory manner."

    • In the rare times I've seen aid to israel discussed (always very briefly) on cable TV news/infotainment shows, for example when a congressman was arguing we should cut all foreign aid across the board--I think it was Rand Paul, briefly, the response was foreign aid was a "drop in the bucket", so look for something else larger to cut. Comparison of aid to Israel to what sums we give other countries was never a subtopic, nor was what Israel actually does with those billions of US tax dollars. Israel is #1 top beneficiary of US aid in all US history, and Obama's recent $38 billion package barely made the TV cable news although it was the largest package in US history. I think this silence would change in a heartbeat if, e.g., Ms. Weir was given ten minutes on, say, Fox News, or even Bill Maher's show.

    • Yes, she was; he was not, is not. I hope Trump works with Putin in such ways, and hope Trump changes his mind on the Iran deal, but I'm concerned by the Zionists in his camp, beginning with Ivanka's hubby, the guy who wrote Trump's AIPAC speech and convinced him to stick to a script for the first time, instead of winging it sans teleprompter.

    • Yeah, like Sheldon Adelson is quite content at the moment. When Trump moves the US embassy to Jerusalem, will he also end funding of the Abbas security forces? And, when the EU copy cats, will Israel actually start paying for its occupation, or will the US congress double Obama's latest $38 billion aid package to our great ally, right up there, with England?

    • Yes, what gives?

  • Day One in Trump's America
  • 'The era of the Palestinian state is over' -- Israeli right celebrates Trump win
    • It will definitely be interesting to see what Trump does with his public pledge to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. I doubt he even knew when he said it why no official foreign embassy is located in Jerusalem now.

    • Whoever did that spray painting might have done it in protest against Trump's election, as well as in support of it?

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