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  • In full page NYT ad, liberal Zionist group calls for ethnic segregation to retain Jewish majority within Israel
    • Zionists think that only a Jewish majority democratic state will insure the future of all Jews will remain in Jewish hands. They say world history shows that whenever the Jewish community anywhere, ever, was dependent on non-Jewish leadership, in a crunch of mass denizen revolt, the Jews were kicked to the curb. The pogroms that have arose in the West were actually part of more primary peasant revolts, something not often acknowledged in Jewish History classes, in my experience, where socio-economic context is too often ignored, the explanation being ancient Jew Hatred arising from, I guess, Gentile DNA, and/or White leadership employing scape goat manipulation to divert attention from their own exploitation of the commoners, using Jews as their agents. That rational needs to be addressed. Merely pointing out that Palestinians are innocent, and the Shoah does not therefore justify what Israel does today as two wrongs don't make a right--is not denting that Zionist rational, justification of what Israel is doing today.

      I may have missed it, but is anyone tackling said justification, and in any depth? If so, where?

  • The two-stroke solution
    • Certainly not going over the heads of Israel to speak to the Israeli public--because he never went over the similar heads of US government to speak to the US public about Israel/Palestine and best interests of all.

    • Obama also needs favorably disposed and influential Jewish folks for his next career, pushing his books, making lucrative speeches. Maybe even being a guest pundit on infotainment news shows.

  • In response to new aid deal, Israeli military firms to bid directly for defense contracts through US subsidiaries
  • In Brookings poll, most Dems say $38 billion aid package to Israel is 'way too much' while the GOP is split
    • We can't even get the US government to stop indirect aid to illegal or at least "problematic" settlement expansion via US charitable NGOs though which American Jews fund said settlements at general US taxpayers additional expense via income tax deductions. Not to mention, it's technically against US law to fund any state violating US law constricting all funding of gross civil rights violators and state's using US supplied weapons to abuse the locals.

    • Yes, basically the US bribed Egypt and Israel to stay peaceful with each other, which allowed Israel not to have to worry about their shared border. The formula was Israel got X$ amount of aid each year, and Egypt got a much smaller % of that number, so together, they drained about 20%+ of TOTAL US aid to the world. Now That Israel is getting $38 billion for the next decade package, I don't know if that formula respecting Egypt still holds--I have not heard anything about it, have you?

      And btw, other countries getting big sums of such foreign aid are countries we attacked, devastated, occupied for a long duration, e.g., Iraq.

  • US aid deal gives green light to Israel's erasure of Palestine
    • This film character, Master Blaster, works quite well too re US-Israel special relationship in this world: Master is the brains and Blaster is the brawn when it comes to running the massive methane power plant, Underworld, located underneath Bartertown, Master exercises his will while Blaster uses his imposing size to keep the workers in line.

  • Commemorating the Shatila massacre, 34 years ago today
  • More insultingly stupid propaganda for Israel in the 'New York Times'
    • Interesting how the 1948 Israeli stance points to the noble European Enlightenment language usage of the 18th Century white founding fathers who limited voting to white propertied males and evolves into the ethnic cleansing of the native Americans, totally ignoring what happened in the very years the Zionists were creating their state via terrorism: the Nuremberg Trials, Tokyo Trials, and Geneva IV--all the only thing universally good that came out of so many deaths in World War Two. Further, the current Zionist stance continues to ignore the demolition of Jim Crow in the US South, and the anti-white supremacist 1965 US Immigration Act. It's really frustrating that my government, the US government, continues to fund heavily a foreign state that has resurrected all "exceptionalist" values American US kids are taught to reject from infancy. US taxpayers actually fund the IDF more than Israeli taxpayers do. Jewish Israelis get more funding from the US government per capita than US citizens without dual US-Israeli citizenship.

  • 'Shame on you,' Israel, for turning Obama 'into some Jew hater,' Tom Friedman says
    • Public servant Kerry was paid the token $186,000 as Secretary of State to spend a whole year running back and fourth with his negotiation team (likely paid much more than he was as appointees), trying to get Netanyahu to be reasonable, but he was, of course, denied any chance of using the huge billions we give Israel as leverage. Somewhere in that year, Kerry had to squeeze in minimal time to serve as chief diplomatic representative of the U.S., which included overseeing all State Department operations, including the operations of the U.S. embassies and representation in the UN, and being responsible for the foreign operations of the CIA, the Defense Department, and the Department of Homeland Security. What a giant waste of US taxpayer dollars. Watching Kerry go back and forth, and give us his hopeful blurbs, was very painful--surely he was really not that naive? I recall Rumsfeld saying we have to work with what we have in Iraq, and that applies triple to what we have in Israel, Netanyahu, and what we have here, single focus AIPAC matrix megadonors. Friedman, as Phil says, totally ignored the overwhelming influence of these same donors, and their complicit Israel First embeds in all relevant rungs of the US government and main mass media. I'm gonna puke. Friedman's playing the Chomsky card. Unlike Finkelstein, Chomsky is a closet Zionist, same as Friedman.

  • Hillary Clinton should lean on her friend Pfizer to drop high cost of pneumonia vaccine
    • My email is stuffed daily with pleas for donations from both democrat and gop candidates across the country. What did I do to deserve that? Also, a wide range of petitions, both sides of the aisle organizations.

  • 'There's no occupation'
  • Trump could be bumpy for Jews
    • Hillary promised in public to take US special relationship with Israel "up to another level." I guess Obama's recent $38 billion gift to selllement-crazy Israel isn't enough for our very own welfare queen, nuclear-armed foreign state. Further, Trump wants another $90 billion to save our deteriorated US military. But he won't diss more huge charity for the Israeli military, ask to divert it to help our troops, our own nation's defense.

    • Page: 288
    • "Historical maltreatment of Jews in America has been more than country club exclusions or university quotas."

      Really? More than which other groups other than WASPs?

  • Amos Oz would never stand in the street in Tel Aviv shouting 'Kill all the Arabs'
    • There's 200,000 American Jews living in Israel as dual citizens, 60,000 of them are WB & Golan Heights illegal settlers--they are funded by both US & Israeli taxpayers, their homes subsidized, and a slew of other freebies. There's more American Jews in the IDF than in US military service. Trump has set up 3 US election bases--with a 4th planned, in Israel, including OT. He will get their votes. Native Jewish Israelis feel a bond with Trump. They agree with him, not so most Jews born & raised in USA--to them, his "America First" echoes Lindbergh. Megadonors like Sheldon Adelson have been in the fence, but now, unlike Sheldon, most, including neocons notables, are going with Haim Saban's Hillary.

    • Gives new meaning to The Wizard of Oz

    • "Israel has a right to exist. Israel has a right defend itself."

  • Why I single out Israel
    • A 3 second breaking news strip ran across the MSNBC News/Info channel screen yesterday evening, broadcasting US "$38 billion deal with Israel to be spent on US-made military arms." No commentary. You don't have to be an ethnic Jew or Palestinian to find this of news of great interest, if you have even a modest awareness of the history of the I-P conflict, and US government involvement in it, and, as Anne Coulter pointed out, in this election season, all candidates trumpet constantly their intense loyalty to Israel even though the Jewish community is 2% of US demography, and that the give-away is the biggest in US history, to a state the size of NJ, and that Israel has been biggest recipient of US foreign aid for decades now, and you have modest awareness of the roll of AIPAC and the neocons in our foreign policy with the geo-strategic Middle East. Similarly, given the origin of the 9/11 hijackers, and the fact all the Mossad arrested then, were quickly released back to Israel, the breaking news 9/11 survivors have been given the judicial green light to sue Saudi Clan....etc is also of great interest to any American interested in informed consent and justice.

  • Netanyahu's ghost on 'ethnic cleansing' video is rightwing pollster Luntz
    • Zionists want to live alone, not with goys--pretty obvious, isn't it?

    • Luntz is on record saying the masses vote via emotions, not intellect, so you have to cater to the code word triggers of the given audience. He also instructed Netanyahu and hasbara bots to but their conclusion sentence last, not first, i.e., to build their conclusion, not start with it. His methodology is right out of Bernays, who was studied in depth by Goebbels.

      Julius Stretcher was hung at Nuremberg for his propaganda efforts in behalf the Nazi regime.

  • Settler driver kills six-year-old Palestinian, and her family says there will be no accountability
    • The settler may have been born and raised in, say, Brooklyn, and he moved to get government subsidized housing and other perks, paid for by US taxpayers under Israel's fungible approach to such gifts, and to loose his full bigotry.

  • 'Peace Now' chief slams AIPAC for misrepresenting Jews -- but Peace Now is on AIPAC exec committee
  • Palestinian youth, 18, is shot and killed for breaching 'buffer zone' inside Gaza fence
    • Actually the partition resolution never was never validated by the UN security council. Further, it violated the UN charter. And, moving forward in time, all of the land taken by force is not Israel's land as that violates Geneva. Israel truly is, legally speaking, an illegitimate state. One that continues to act illegal to boot. What rules is what Goering said always rules, at Nuremberg: might makes right, and democracies are easy to manipulate via peddling Fear & keeping masses ignorant otherwise. So much for what was learned by the victors of WW1, WW2, and now, the "war on terror." The brave patriots on all sides are truly "cannon fodder" for the PTB at any time, and their victims are nothing more than victims. I see Hillary all continue this saga sans change, while Trump may just throw a wrench in it for the heck of it, but not probable he would. Everyone can erect their own monument to whom they deem "The Righteous Other."

    • Israel's fence itself is on Palestinian land.

  • Israeli government projects 'ethnic cleansing' on Palestinians
    • Luntz is the current guru of primetime cable tv news/infotainment shows--his speciality is putting his hand-selected bleacher of average GOP voters on to ask them questions loaded with the answer via code words. He also wrote the Hasbara manual 101 for Bibi's speeches to American Audiences, and for hasbarabots, as well. He is a real powerhouse in dismantling any hope of informed consent for the mass US public. A true traitor to America's best values.

    • Bibi's continuing Meine Kampf is fun, eh?

  • Netanyahu's 'ethnic cleansing' video earns strong rebuke from State Department
  • NYC city council anti-BDS bill meets resistance from protesters
    • Somebody should file a lawsuit against NY Governor for punishing free speech and depriving the city of bids by contractors who support criticism of a foreign state. Ditto for the city councilman; he's suppose to act for all constitutes, not just those uncritical of a single foreign state.

  • Dozens of Spanish cities declare themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’
  • Bidding for access to Clinton, Goldberg says Bill can cut peace deal and win Nobel
    • Nothing like having these arrogant traitors so fully enmeshed in US foreign policy decisions. And they remain untouchable because Dick and Jane remain clueless--it's just over their heads, and our main media does all it can to keep it that way. Disgusting. I see no end in sight, no matter whether Hillary or Trump sit in the POTUS seat.

  • 'Their sorry will not bring back Mustafa': Israeli govt tells grieving Palestinian family son was 'killed by mistake'
    • Just a mistake. That's what Israel told the USS Liberty survivors and the families of the crew dead. Wonder how Rachel Corrie's parents are doing these days....on Twitter, the hasbara bots call Rachel "pancake girl." They laugh, take our money. Disgusting.

  • Why segregation is the single most important issue in Israel, and practical ways to confront it
    • When the first Zionist waves came to Palestine from Europe, they demonstrated repeatedly that they intended to physically live apart from the locals in their own enclaves. They weren't neighborly like the small "backward" native Jewish community was with the native Arab community of Palestine. The Zionists came with a bipolar world vision, and they erected socio-economic & policing institutions, beginning with the physical space they took over. They have perfected ethno-religious segregation, haven't they? Looks like Netanyahu is trying for even more perfection (purification) and most Jewish Israelis are in his corner.

  • New call for US investigation into killing of Palestinian-American teen in West Bank
  • The United States of Innocence -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (retired), Part 2
    • Thanks for that additional information, Annie. Jeez, the cancer has been growing inside for a long, long time. Simple things, who to vote for this coming November? Jill Stein, just to register a clear protest? Take a chance on Trump, to vote against Hillary's proven track record and allegiances?

    • Pierce does it again. Again, I'd like to nail this interview on every American door, and inside every American soldier's helmet.

  • There's no room on campus to be progressive and pro-Israel
    • Doubting the official version of JFK's murder and 9/11 is the majority position in USA today. Further, a prestigious group of Europe's best scientists fairly recently announced that the 9/11 was a controlled demolition. Of course the main media hasn't covered the fact most informed folks now view the official version of these events as the conspiracy--by governmental operatives, not crazy loons. Another similar item in the making is the Truck Massacre in Nice France. Just as the US government has never released its hoard of video captures of 9/11 as it happened, the French government has never released its videos of the truck terrorism--in fact, I think it's in process of destroying them.

    • Yep, thanks, Annie. Good whole article!

  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
  • Even liberal Zionists wanted to send Palestinians to the moon
    • If you boil it all down, a right-winger copies Goering at Nuremberg: Might makes right. Manipulation of domestic mass consent is done via Fear-mongering. A left-winger, while deploring what was done to the native Americans in the 19th Century, thinks that's OK to be done to the native non-Jewish Palestinians, ignoring the finale to WW1-WW2, the ex post facto law laid down at Nuremberg in 1945-6, & its Geneva progeny. It took about a century before the famous painting of Custer's last Stand was turned into a bad joke, rather than a romantic, heroic inspiration, and was turned to the wall to avoid embarrassment. Information is speedier in the internet age, harder to suppress--everybody's a rider for the electronic Pony Express. How long before the US Congress is bombarded with phone calls against US superpower support of de facto Israel, as was done when Obama was set to enforce his public red line against Assad, so that he could acquiesce in Putin's quick diplomacy?

  • Liberal Zionists see 'window of opportunity' for two states in last three months of Obama administration
    • I agree, Annie, it certainly impacts all of US, not merely the 2% comprising the USA's Jewish community. I don't see how the traditional adage not to air one's dirty laundry in public should apply if you want it clean and dry, suitable for wear--not when the context is the sole nuclear-armed state in the geo-strategic Middle East, heavily funded and diplomatically immunized constantly by the sole superpower in the world against the best interests of both states in the longer run, not to mention an entire people, the Palestinians.

    • Obama has already agreed to the higher annual aid for the next decade package--the issue has been that Obama threw a curve ball,which was that he wanted to end allowing 26% of the annual aid figure to directly fund Israel's military industrial complex, which competes with US MIC. Perhaps US MIC doesn't like being #2 behind tiny Israel, in the sale of drone?

  • Marc Lynch warns against the U.S. escalation in Syria
    • Hillary has repeatedly said in public when she becomes POTUS she will set up safe zones in Syria. Use our air force, special forces, agreeable locals to topple Assad because it's the humanitarian thing to do. I'm waiting for some pundit in main cable news to ask her how she will set up, maintain her safe zones with Putin's air force there. I won't even hold my breath for said pundit to tell the US public about all the players now in Syria, and why they say they are there.

  • New York Times is on the scent of another Russian agent... Julian Assange
  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
  • We, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, have been suffering from a slow death sentence for a long time
    • I am extremely angry and frustrated that my American tax dollars fund this great injustice, and immunize it from accountability to the world community bia US UN SC vetos--how many? At least 41 by now. Both candidates for the next POTUS will do nothing to help. Hillary even promised to kill BDS, and her party hack leaders made sure the word "occupation" was not even in the Democratic Platform for 2016 US elections. Trump? His Jewish Orthodox son-in-law wrote his first tele- prompt speech before AIPAC.

  • Trump team campaigns hard for votes one place it stands to do well -- Israeli settlements
    • Who knows what Trump would actually do once he is POTUS? Nobody. With Hilliary, her record speaks for itself. That's why Haim Saban and Soros et al are funding Hillary, while Sheldon Adelson's cash is still on the fence. Noteworthy, many GOP Zionist neocons have decided to back Hillary. Israel's "special relationship" with America is actually the most important long term issue in the 2016 November elections, yet it goes right over the heads of Dick and Jane Voter. Thank You, mainstream media!

  • Israel's plan to retool occupation includes color-coding 'good' and 'bad' Palestinians
    • So Israel will color code by location, the native's residential location will be his/her badge, color indicating degree of threat to the state. But we aren't supposed to draw any analogies to Nazi procedure for prioritizing how to handle enemies of the state.

      Carrot and stick, & as Ossinev relates: kapo versus non-capo.

      "It sounds like the musings of a 19th century colonial official on how best to prevent the natives turning restless." Indeed it does; also reminds me of how things were handle by the White Man before influx of lots of white settlers into the wild, like in 17th Century Western North America. All those different native tribes--a Frenchie had to figure out which he could trade with, ally with, like the Utes, and which would be the designated evil ones--everybody was scared of the Comanches, so couldn't mess with them--the tribe picked as most evil were the Apaches.

  • Tim Canova calls Debbie Wasserman Shultz 'corporate stooge' after primary loss. But they still agree on Israel.
  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • I ditto thanks to Donald for revealing main media's intentionally inconsistent use of death toll numbers.

  • Church of Sweden explores BDS as 'only chance to liberate Palestinians and Israeli Jews'
  • Huma Abedin dumps Anthony Weiner, occupation denier
    • All the Arab oil rich hereditary monarchies suck up to US regimes to retain wealth and power for themselves, hence they suck up to Israel on the sly as they know who domestically rules US foreign power in the Middle East, but they still have to pretend to hate Israel because their masses are very aware of both (1) the gross wealth gap within their own state, and (2) how nasty Israel treats the Palestinians on the very land they've lived on for centuries.

    • Hillary is the cherished mentor of her Indian/Pakistani gate keeper/turnkey, Abedin; Abedin worked for big donations to Clinton Foundation, she worked four jobs while Hillary was at State Dept, straddling, cashing in on State Dept-private company agendas, synchronizing them. As mentor, I'm sure Hillary told Abedin all about the pros and cons of "standing by your man," no matter how disgusting and disloyal your man is...Now, we see, thanks to Abedin's man's continuing nastiness, Abedin has finally separated from him. I guess Abedin isn't as politically ambitious as Hillary. Or she doesn't want her child to grow up and be like Chelsea Clinton.

    • @ Rusty Pipes
      Yes, Abedin was the key gate-keeper in Clinton Foundation's pay to play program that's hot in the news these days on cable TV. She was the conduit to get quick, sure access to Hillary, either before or after the big donor donated to said Foundation. Main media doesn't care to point out the public creep Abedin's been married to, nor about his rabid, lying Zionism.

  • 'Everything that we have done since 9/11 is wrong' -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (Retired)
    • @ Annie Robbins
      Yes; US/Israeli Plan A is always to support Arab puppet regimes, like the Saud Clan, and Plan B is to break up non-compliant regimes by creating chaos, e.g., Iraq, Libya, Syria. Stealth Coups work sometimes too, at least for awhile, as in Iran, and (not so well, so far) Ukraine, and various South American countries.

    • Actually the US did not ratify all provisions of all four conventions and, if memory serves, the same approach applies to the three protocols. Its justification, essentially, is, the US is a sovereign state and can pick and choose which international laws, treaties, etc it wishes to submit too. Bush Jr & his neocon consultants purposely decided to ignore some Geneva law, e.g., regarding the Taliban; Obama is still working on the Geneva status of Al-Quaida prisoners we hold.
      The US has chosen to give up its world leadership in supporting Geneva; instead has dragged its heels.

      Re Israel & 4th Geneva--this from the Jewish Virtual Library:

      Israel rejects the interpretation of the convention applying it to Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, stating that those territories were captured in 1967 as a result of a defensive war against countries which had illegally occupied them since 1948. However, a 1999 resolution was unanimously passed stating that the Fourth Geneva Convention does apply to Israeli settlements in the "occupied territories."
      At a December 17 2014 meeting of the Geneva Convention signatories the international community chastised and criticised Israel's settlements as illegal and said that they violated Israel's duties as an occupying power. Out of the 196 parties to the Geneva Convention, 126 voiced their support for a resolution calling on Israel to follow international humanitarian law in the areas of conflict. The Israeli officials claim that these restrictions set by the Geneva Convention do not apply to their situation because the sovereignity of Palestine is not clear. Since the Fourth Geneva Convention signing in 1949, there have been four emergency meetings of Convention signatories called, and each one of these emergency meetings has pertained to Israel.

    • @ Jackdaw

      Atta boy! Get that first comment under subject article, in customary Zionist attempt to frame the discussion on your terms. There's an old adage: "If the shoe fits, wear it." Philip Zelikow, a member of the president's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (2001-03), executive director of the 9/I 1 Commission, and counselor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (2005-06), told a University of Virginia audience on September 10, 2002, that Saddam was not a direct threat to the United States. "The real threat," he argued, is "the threat against Israel." He went on to say, "And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don't care deeply about that threat ... And the American government doesn't want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell.

    • Extremely interesting, who he mentioned was thinking we need more of Carl Schmitt. Actually, I'm not surprised at all. Nor am I surprised that our architect of the Iraq War, Wolfowitz, student of Leo Strauss, recently announced he's likely to endorse, vote for Hillary. My view of Strauss is that, ultimately, beneath his wordy veils, he agreed with Schmitt.

    • He was pointing out that ignoring Geneva ultimately leads to "taking out of action" a boy caught writing graffiti on a wall, or somebody merely expressing dissent in the street, or writing about it as a journalist.

    • I think Phil's interview was extremely well handled, and Major Pierce's honest and thoughtful presentation to Phil of how and why he arrived at his present grasp of the big picture was riveting. I can't wait until part two of the interview arrives on this web site. I didn't find any evidence of unwarranted cynicism at all. The adultery mentioned in the officer corps was the most minor example/symptom Pierce mentioned of what's wrong; the point there being a country has a problem if it's leaders are not guided by the best interests of those they lead, whether in the military or in civilian politics. In Afghanistan, our soldier boys-from-next-door, living in little camps in the hills with their local tribal partners, had to daily overlook the young boys chained to the said locals bed posts, no matter how disgusting that was.

  • Gaza 2 years on: These children are now gone forever and an empty space remains
    • @ talknic

      You forgot French settlers withdrew from Algeria.
      And, an extra note: immediately after WW II, Thousands of ethnic Germans were forced to withdraw from the Eastern Europe, expelled from where they had lived for centuries., many died on the way.

      Also, Mayhem ignores that the 1945-6 Nuremberg & Tokyo Trials established more nuanced and new laws & their Geneva progeny enhanced those laws for the entire international community. One of the defenses at Nuremberg was that the victor states were applying ex post facto law.

  • Critiques not fit to print: Students and allies respond to 'NYT' coverage of Palestine activism on campus
    • University of Chicago leader came out with a statement that all views should be heard even if it makes some students uncomfortable, and that the university would not have any mandatory "triggers" cutting off any view due to potential discomfort of some students, nor any "safe spaces" where the free flow of ideas could be suspended so students can always be comfortable, etc.

  • Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart
  • Many Clinton Foundation donors oppose BDS-- and so does Clinton
    • There's a big US military base in tiny, filthy rich Qatar. There's no US military base in parasite Israel.

  • Video intifada
    • I read a month or two ago that Israel has mounted a major program to get those Palestinian videos off of the internet, especially off of YouTube. Maybe the IDF soldiers should start wearing body cameras like the cops in many US municipalities, but who in the Israeli government could do anything with the videos that might actually help the Palestinians?

  • Progressive foreign policy missing from revised Sanders revolution
    • Actually, too, it took a couple of BlackLivesMatter girls to take his microphone away before he really cared about their concerns. In the end, he did prove to be Hillary's sheep dog--he's no outsider, no Trump. Neither leopard will really change their spots. That's why the neocons are jumping ship to Hillary, and why Sheldon Adelson's cash is still sitting on the sidelines.

    • @ yonah freeman
      Yes wealth distribution is Bernie's primary cause. He wants much more wealth redistribution. He wants to heavily reduce the income gap trending. The war in Afghanistan has drained over one trillion dollars so far, yet it's a war from which most Americans have gained nothing. The Taliban offered to give the US Osama Bin Laden, but the US ignored this offer and attacked anyway--dove right into that civil war, and we are still there, so many years later. Further, the 9/11 hijackers didn't come from Afghanistan, they originally came from Saudi Arabia. We were fraudulently seduced into the war in Iraq by a handful of neocons, a few think tanks, most of them Zionist in POV--with the complicity of the corporate media. We had no good reason to wreck Libya either. How many trillions has this cost America?
      Bernie knows this; it's very disappointing to see him not to continue to tie all this war spending in, by arguing we should forget this regime change crap and divert the war spending to greatly help funding of all the domestic programs we wants. That would be wealth (re) distribution, yes?

  • After Israeli military clears soldiers of killing families in Gaza, Palestinians call on Hague to investigate
    • Since the occupied Palestinian Territories are now automatically within the jurisdiction of the court, how long will it be before the court makes up its mind to move forward with investigation on those charges Israel has finished its own investigation on? And what about the Israeli charges against Palestinian entities for indiscriminate bombing and using fellow Palestinians as shields?

    • I guess Israel demonstrates to Western Civilization how one "negotiates" acceptable ethnic cleansing post 1945 Nuremberg & its Geneva progeny. Remember when Trump was slammed as anti-semitic for praising a room full of Jewish people for "knowing how to negotiate"?

  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
    • @ silamcuz

      If U have cancer, there's some problems.
      If U have aids, there's some problems.
      If you have both.....I imagine it's the worst condition.

      Nobody here has implied the US police force didn't have problems before they started getting indoctrinated by Israelis in Israel and/or, even worse, it's occupied territories.

  • 'Democracy' and 'terrorism' and the parameters of thinkable thought
    • That Luntz character is a real piece of work, eh? He looks the mendacious craftsman part he actually is too.

    • Thomas S. Harrington, you get an A+ on this piece. Thank you!

    • @ Yakov Hirsch

      And this time, Mr. Goldberg (a suspiciously Germanic-sounding name, though I'm told he's Jewish-American) lists those Germans he considers "righteous," meaning that they seek the destruction of the German state.

  • France's burkini ban is a dangerous, Islamophobic assault on feminist values
  • Israel bans entry for two more US activists
    • That link to Haaretz has been broken.

    • Did Obama give Netanyahu that promised $45 or $50 billion package yet? Our dear Uncle "Bibi," is really pissed because, while Obama is upping the annual lavish dole, he wants to end giving 26% of it to directly subsidize Israel's weapons industry, which has been competing directly with our very own militia industrial complex. Doing well too, e.g., Israel is #1 in drone sales, USA is #2.

      Meanwhile, taxpaying non-Jewish American citizens are being treated like crap at Israel's airport?

      The Alt-Right is being dismissed on mainstream US news media as a fringe group in America, as a throwback to the days before the civil rights movement came to fruition, as a handful of leftover "white supremacists." Yet in Israel it seems to be thriving, enabled by the US government. Rachel Maddow, as I type this, doesn't seem to notice--she's spearing Trump with great relish and gusto for characterizing Hillary as our very own Angela Merkel.

  • Pro-Israel groups close in on anti-BDS victory in California legislature
    • @ ckg It does appear to me that all these anti-BDS statutes are unconstitutional on their face and so SCOTUS would quickly hold, also seems to me SCOTUS is getting increasingly more political, or at least, more obviously so than, usually, in the past. It also seems to me that whether Hillary or Trump is POTUS, no matter who appoints whom to SCOTUS, if the antiBDS legislation gets up to the supreme bench, suddenly we will find further dilution of our free speech rights.

  • Clinton Foundation's 'good friend' Bahrain quashed Arab spring without protest from Sec'y Clinton
  • A look at Breitbart's 'Alt-Right Lite' plan for Israel/Palestine
    • Nigel Farage says he would not vote for Hillary. Brit press said the numbers dictated Brexit would fail, US voters should not believe Trump cannot win.

    • Redford has more lumps on his face, looks older.

    • Nigel Varney may have something to say about it? He's on Fox News now, as Trump called himself "Brexit."

    • "And what does this melding of Bannon’s site and Trump mean for the future? "

      It's already happening, boils down to a competition re Who Loves Israel More? Hillary vs Trump.
      Seems, the only zionist billionaire still trying to make up his mind, is Sheldon Adelson.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • @ hophmi
      Re your: "There have been dozens of investigations of it, and none have found Israel culpable."

      This is a bold-face lie and has long been shown to be bullshit. Read all about hophmi's "dozens of investigations," folks, right here:

      Four Decades of Twisting Facts About Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty link to
      (Add 9 more years-when will Congress do its job and investigate?)

      Last June the Liberty survivors had a memorial after nearly half a century; here's a write up by an Israeli: The day Israel attacked America - The Unites States Navy most decorated ship (in a single action) link to

    • Ross is working on a good job with Hillary right now. They all take him in, give him unelected power--very frustrating to concerned Americans of whatever political stripe (except Zionist).

    • I've been on this site as a commenter since 2008. The last decade has brought more awareness in the American intellectual-political community; unfortunately, nobody I actually know personally, including my own family, has ever read Mondoweiss, or has ever displayed the slightest interest in doing so. I've lived nearly 75 years in the USA & so I know, except for the military draft card burning during Vietnam Era, few Americans prioritize foreign affairs in politics.
      Even though our politicians constantly conflate Israel and the USA, this issue flies right over their heads, pretty much. When Hillary or Trump mention their devotion to Israel, to "Bibi,", that message is directed at mostly only 2% of the US population, the Jewish community. It flies right over everyone else's head, pretty much--except for Hagee drones. This might change, slowly, thanks to anti-BDS laws making the news, and BlackLivesMatter's solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Some day, maybe even the main media will discuss Israel factually, and US aid to Israel, actually, and the demise of USA's reputation thanks to the Israel Lobby legally taking full single focus advantage of the bribery known as the US "campaign finance system." See You at the mall.

    • @ Annie Robbins
      Yes, Phil does rock! His enemies say he's a "self-hating Jew" and this web site is constantly dismissed on Twitter by Zionist accounts as an:"anti-Semitic site," whenever somebody tries to bring actual facts onto Twitter about Israel's policies and conduct and links to Mondoweiss as supportive of what they tweet. (Usually, after a dose of actual facts by a tweeter, the tweeter gets blocked).

      Truth is Phil is in the best tradition of Judaism, the branch boasting of Hillel The Elder, keeping that version of Jewish ethics and morality alive. This jibes with the best tradition of Christianity, Islam, Humanism. Also the best tradition, it just so happens, of America's founding fathers. Jewish Americans need Phil, and so the other 98% of Americans, and so does the world, most of all Israel if it want to avoid the dustbin of both world and Jewish history. Not to mention the daily life of Palestinians would be much better off if Americans read Mondoweiss. Yeah, Phil should write a book like he did this article--top notch writing!

    • @ hophmi
      Your comment is ridiculous in light of actual facts: Note To US Voters: Millions Of Untimely American Deaths And $40 Trillion Cost Of Israel To Americans By Dr Gideon Polya link to

      If U don't agree with this assessment of why all American voters and taxpayers should give the US-Israeli "special relationship" strict scrutiny, hophm, tell us why--be specific. We wait with the proverbial baited breath.

    • @ Krauss. Yes. BTW, Israel, the size of NJ, has the 4th most powerful conventional military in the world, thanks to US tax dollars. And Israel's nuclear weapons are as state of the art as the USA's. Israel remains the sole nuclear armed state in the entire Middle East, always THE geostrategic arena. Unlike Iran, it is not a member of NPPT, so nobody monitors, inspects its nuke stockpile and activity.

    • There's speculation of the notices of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty. The most convincing one to me is Israel knew it was an advanced US spy ship & wanted to take the Golan Heights before the US could stop it from doing so. Johnson called back the US rescue planes and covered the incident up because he needed Jewish help to remain POTUS. He got it too. Press protest against the Nam war went much quieter after the cover-up. The incident is an aberration in the annuals of the US military due to the very short Navy investigation, only one week, and that much less damaging attacks on US armed forces had always received full congressional investigation. The funeral and awards events for valor also deviated from the norms before and since practiced by the US government.

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