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  • Netanyahu seeks Iran conflict, extremist reaction to knock out Obama
    • There's a reason why AIPAC has invited Mitt, Newt, & Sanatorum to the pending AIPAC convention--but not Ron Paul. Bibi would even take Obama over Ron Paul. I think Paul's foreign policy trumps anything else anyone does not like about his POV. But that's just me. One of my sisters won't vote for Paul, even though she agrees with his foreign policy--because she sees him as against exclusive female right of abortion.

    • OlegR, we see you have not been listening to Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich as they each campaign for POTUS. So, what country do you live in? It cannot be America.

  • Ten reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous
    • giladg, since all humans came from a region in Africa, do all humans have A right to this historic homeland? Do we all get to go there and boot out the happenstance locals, take their homes, rob the area's natural resources?

      Also, don't the Palestinians have the historic (biblical) homeland rights in what once was called Canaan?

    • Yeah, good for CodePink--I tweeted all 10 reasons earlier today when I got an email from the always courageous Ms Benjamin. Hope I get a lot of retweets.

  • Gorenberg on why one state is a non-starter: Jews would have to pay higher taxes or receive fewer services
    • pjdude:
      Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4.5%, Kannada 3.7%, Malayalam 3.2%, Oriya 3.2%, Punjabi 2.8%, Assamese 1.3%, Maithili 1.2%, other 5.9%
      note: English enjoys the status of subsidiary official language but is the most important language for national, political, and commercial communication; Hindi is the most widely spoken language and primary tongue of 41% of the people; there are 14 other official languages: Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Kashmiri, Sindhi, and Sanskrit; Hindustani is a popular variant of Hindi/Urdu spoken widely throughout northern India but is not an official language (2001 census)

    • Israel: Ethnic groups

      Jewish 76.4% (of which Israel-born 67.1%, Europe/America-born 22.6%, Africa-born 5.9%, Asia-born 4.2%), non-Jewish 23.6% (mostly Arab) (2004)

    • India:

      Ethnic groups

      Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid and other 3% (2000)


      Hindu 80.5%, Muslim 13.4%, Christian 2.3%, Sikh 1.9%, other 1.8%, unspecified 0.1% (2001 census)


      Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4.5%, Kannada 3.7%, Malayalam 3.2%, Oriya 3.2%, Punjabi 2.8%, Assamese 1.3%, Maithili 1.2%, other 5.9%
      note: English enjoys the status of subsidiary official language but is the most important language for national, political, and commercial communication; Hindi is the most widely spoken language and primary tongue of 41% of the people; there are 14 other official languages: Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Kashmiri, Sindhi, and Sanskrit; Hindustani is a popular variant of Hindi/Urdu spoken widely throughout northern India but is not an official language (2001 census)

    • Demographics of Belgium: Fleming 58%, Walloon 31%, mixed or other 11%

    • Demographics of Switzerland: German 65%, French 18%, Italian 10%, Romansch 1%, other 6%

    • The Wikipedia entry on multiculturalism reflects a mixed bag of results to date as to the pros and cons of this approach to state governance. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, followed quickly by the assault on Jim Crow in America, appear to have been the main (and IMO justified) impetus for the growth of multiculturalism, coupled with the advocation of "diversity" as public policy.

      Interestingly (conversely?), the end (bar Israel) of colonialism was supported by local ethnic. indigenous nationalism.

      The key to the question of the good or bad about multiculturalism seems to me to be a fight about power within the state in question, that is good or best for whom? The SCOTUS Loving case (1967), which ended statutory prohibition against interracial marriage in the USA--the remainder 16 states lost this built-in white privilege/right. (Alabama did not strike its statute, at least in full, until the year 2000), illustrates an example where legal discrimination ends and multiculturalism takes over more fully on a very personal level.

      It's also interesting that food metaphors have been used to suggest the "taste of the times." Melting pot: state encouraged assimilation (anti-multiculturalism/diversity). Salad bowl (different ingredients, not or less melted), [also Mosaic: Different, clearly recognizable pieces, but all fitted into a whole frame]. Now it's "Chunky soup."

      There's something to say about one's "comfort foods," as well as about a taste for exotic foods. The key on the individual level is choice, which it was in the Loving case; when Mr Loving was asked by his lawyer if there was anything he wanted relayed to the judges, Mr Loving replied, " Tell those judges I love my wife and I want to live with her. It's not fair that I cannot do so."

      Who remembers the German origin of hot dogs and hamburgers? I'm so old, when I was a little kid I never heard of, or saw a pizza pie. And so it goes (Vonnegut).

      The culture wars are far from over, whether they be intrastate or interstate. State (tax) funding and police power may be seen by an individual as helping or hurting him/her--and not without reason.

      I suspect few individuals get upset if the state taxing and police power help him/her simply by virtue of birth/formative years' cultural attributes. They may get upset if they are hurt by same, again, for the same reason(s). Lots of folks like to pick and choose when to stand as an individual, and when to lump themselves into an ethnic group. The Census form indicates the state is very concerned about what cannot be melted in you due to your birth. It wants to count up its citizens for purposes that have nothing to do with any individual citizen as such.

    • Yeah, that mask of the "liberal Zionist" has been ripped off--why, it's David "separate but equal" Duke!

    • Ever wonder why America's top politicians of either main party never raise this difference, Annie? Why, they rather, incessantly conflate those distinct opposing values when it comes to Israel? Why does a state based on civic nationalism like the USA support more than any other, a state based on ethnic nationalism like Israel? Is this why GI Joe died 1941-45? Where is the Black Caucus on this issue? Did GI Joe, black or white stoke the chimneys of Auschwitz? Why did America prioritize targeting the ball bearing factories at Schweinfurt? Because they didn't give a crap about foreign Jews (or gypsies)?

  • Dershowitz wants MJ Rosenberg fired for daring to stop Iran war push
    • Keith, I don't see how Chas Freeman has whitewashed US imperial conduct at all. I think he is referring to the contrast between the principles, operating rules--Rule of international Law as laid down at Nuremberg (& their Geneva progeny) and how the US has veered from those principles by mirroring Israel's contrary principle of expediency. The US fought with Stalin especially, and with the Brits too--to make the Nuremberg something more than "victor's justice." He is lamenting the fact how the US now operates and rhetorically justifies its conduct (abroad, & increasingly, at home via HMS) is not far from Goering's "might makes right." While Israel has actually stated on the record that current international law is made via acceptance of violations, the US leaders have yet to be so honest. There is no question, in 1945, the world looked to the US to model their own international values. Monkey see, Monkey do. That Israel flaunts its rogue conduct is no biggie as it has never been a model for the world as the US still is significantly (now for the worse, not the better).

    • mjrosenberg, I just love your comment. It is so humane, so American in the best way--it brings hope; I just wish you the best--keep on truckin'!

    • Meh. "... inside the White community (during all those years that I among others was intermarrying and assimilating with blacks, browns, yellows)." Perish the thought!

    • What's not "Israel first" about anybody who has is moved politically only by a "single-issue Israel"?

  • Judge strikes down lawsuit against Olympia Co-op boycott of Israeli goods
  • BDS Victory in Japan: Distributor drops Ahava because of the company’s illegal practices
  • Surprise-- courageous Elizabeth Warren is craven on Israel lobby
    • They all the same because of our political campaign system, which is nothing short of somewhat veiled bribery by those with the means to do so.

    • I agree RoHa; many of the rank and file cannon fodder of Zionism actually believed at the time they went to Israel from Europe that where they were going was literally a "a land without people for a people without land." YouTube has a video of one of these guys stating exactly that, a guy who felt guilty about how he murdered the innocent natives once he got to Palestine. When asked why so few early Zionist cannon fodder have spoken of this in public over the years, he says he doesn't know, but his best guess is that they believed they were the heros the Zionist community immediately made them at the time, and they have clung to that fictional reality ever since. I would add, Americans, led by Jewish Americans, have allowed the fiction to continue. Gentiles, because it's been politically convenient, or because they are Christian fundies, and Jewish Americans because, in their thinking, why should I upset the apple cart that can only favor me and mine in Goyland?

    • Yes, Warren has her hands more than full simply staying on message regarding Wall St and what it has done, is doing to us all--with the aid of government.

    • Yes, Cohen is a goyimophobe, specializing in belittling Eastern European goys and arab goys. Imagine if somebody did his stupid skits, say taking place in an Israeli settlement, in Brooklyn orthodox community, or in Larry David's environs.

    • Anar Green, I think your comment reflects the likely reality--She knows more about what's wrong with our banking system in detail than most people, and that itself takes up her time, and is the basis of her congressional run now--she should be supported for that alone, especially since her competitor parrots hasbara too--she does not strike me as a person who does not have the character to fight against the Israel Firsters, in the future. We need her. She will get up to speed--I don't think she's running for office not to help us all.

    • Justice Please, yes, that's an excellent suggestion: her staff at least needs to talk to the Corries.

    • Warren does not get specific about why she thinks Iran is a "significant" threat to the US. She should talk to Zbig--at least send a lackey to get Zbig's opinion, although he gives it freely if her staff is awake. She needs to stand for Americans as against the banking powers, but also against the Israel Lobby--I guess she would, if she knew more?

    • Shingo, yes, dms seems to not take note of the fact the 98% Gentile US is keeping Israel immune from its land grabbing and oppression of the natives, whether treated as second class citizens in Israel, or as people without rights in the OT. Dms, if you are an American taxpayer, do you think this is a good way to spend American tax dollars?

    • Thanks for sharing, Dickerson. Why does Rocky Anderson have a double standard when it comes to Israel's oppression, slow erasure of the Palestinians?

    • Yeah, Chaos, Warren made the consumer protection agency viable, and she did not get that job. Obama. He has a history of initially supporting real game-changers, and then backing off, and ignoring them. Cairo Speech? Chas Freeman? Mitchell? Dempsey-next to be cold-shouldered by the Candyman, Obama? Boils down to he's like Santorum, who blamed his inconsistent voting habits on having "to take a hit for the team," the team, in Obama's case, meaning the ultimate pricy value, AIPAC backing.

    • NO, Les, Warren is just one smart, educated, professionally aware Gentile who is incensed at what Wall St has done to the USA, and continues to do--that's a lot all by itself. What she offers is the means to actually curb Wall St power in a root way, something neither Obama nor the GOP is willing to do--right now, she's absorbed in that giant task, and has not had time to look into our special relationship with Israel , and the Israel Firsters have taken advantage of that, eying her strength in the field of banking policy--at present, I surmise, because she has her hands so full, she has not had any time to look into US foreign policy in the ME, so has, for now, bought the AIPAC package, which comes with benefits she needs just to survive as a real opponent of the banking cartel.

    • dms, you say you just started coming to MW, but, assuming you've watched the US mainstream media and politicians discussing American foreign policy in the ME, say, since 9/11, would you characterize those much more prevailing opinions accessible daily to the American masses in the MSM--displayed a "single minded hostility" to Iraq? And, lately, the same "single-minded hostility" to Iran? Have you been watching the GOP POTUS campaign debates? Just asking. You write as if MW is the NYT, WaPO, or the WSJ, or CNN, MSNBC, or Fox cable channels--rather, I suggest to you, MW is the tiny voice contrary to that avalanche of propaganga regarding Israel, and the real impact of the US "special relationship" with Israel, both on America, and on the world, especially Palestinians.

    • dms, thanks for sharing your initial impression. If you can find the time, you might choose a few search words and take advantage of the MW archives regarding anything you think you've seen as a Newbie here, and as indicative of half-baked or bias comments regarding the subject MW is dedicated to--you're right, "it is not just about justice for Palestinians or about Israel or American Jews." It's also about justice per se, about humanitarian, Enlightenment principles, about Post-Nuremberg principles, and about the US-Israel "special relationship" and who it benefits, so in short, the subjects discussed here, by their nature, as case examples, reflect the macros of past and current history in the making. The 98% of Americans who are not Jewish, but are citizens of the only super-power, have a stake here too. As do all those foreigners who feel the impact of US foreign policy in the ME.

    • Yes, dms, that is likely very true. Her knowledge about Wall St is vast, and she renders her conclusions honestly; so I still support her, even though it is clear that she was seen as a viable candidate and so the Israel Firsters moved in to "help" her. Besides, her opponent is more status quo re Wall St AND is also supported by Israel Firsters, hedging all bets, so that, regardless if Wall St takes a hit, Israel retain its license to do whatever it want, and at US taxpayer expense. Interesting, wouldn't you like to have a cup of coffee with her and discuss Ron Paul's take on foreign policy?

  • Look over there! All eyes on Iran as Israel quietly devours Area C
    • You gave a good nutshell account of the GPS show today, Kathleen--it was great! Zbig's the man! I wonder if Obama will actually reflect on what he said... Zbig also said, as an American, he felt humiliated by the GOP candidates childish answers to foreign policy questions. Ditto for me--it's embarrassing to know how foreigners must see those GOP dopes (excluding Ron Paul).

      How do you get UP?
      It's amazing no American political leader ever asks why we are so intent on Iran not reaching the capacity to make nuke warheads when Israel, India, Pakistan have them and its not an issue; they never signed the NPT either.

      BTY, when Charlie Rose interviewed the Leveretts, he repeated the BS about Iranian threat "to wipe Israel off the map." Mr Leverett set him straight. I'd bet my life Rose knew what he said was a mistranslation when he said it--seems everyone big in MSM repeats the lie, no matter how many times its been shown to be a mistranslation--and taken out of context.

    • BTW, Schacht (finance minister under Hitler) would have understood the mafia-like international banking community's manipulation of both credit and debt (so that the bankers walk away with the prize under mask of "shake n bake n I helped")--which is the subject of the 1st half of the video clip posted with this MW article. Iceland, home of the Vikings, did not buy it, but America and a bunch of EU countries did--Greece being the icon case of the result at the moment.

    • Goering was really smart, wasn't he? The herd can be stampeded anywhere by inducing Fear, no matter what form of government it has, and might really does make right (as a practical matter). It helps a lot if your mainstream media is essentially an arm of the ruling elite. Goebbels was obvious, the single German radio with its array of propaganda stations--given to all by the government--a big help. But, just look at the snow job being done on America's theoretical consenting citizens. Help the Palestinians? Dick and Jane cannot even help themselves. You don't have to be Morris Berman to see the writing on the wall.

  • 'Center for American Progress' doubles down with lobby
    • Why sure, Krauss, it's like when Obama equated his sleeping children with Israeli children asleep in their beds--not Palestinians children abused since birth by Israel. Truman felt boxed in by Zionist moneybags and Jewish votes in key states and the mainstream Jewish orientated media, so what's new? Yes, after him, we did have Ike, his creds embellished by the fact he was of German American extraction, the key US general in WW2--and he caused the death of millions of German POWS, authorized ethnic cleansing of German ethnics from the East, but who else? JFK? He was inconveniently killed while trying to stop Israel from getting the bomb. His brother Bobby? Ditto, while trying to make AIPAC's predecessor register as the agent of a foreign government. Who else? Johnson muzzled the crew of the USS Liberty, hoping for Jewish help against critics of his Vietnam War. Nixon, a jew-hater, saved Israel in '73 to retain his power under deep domestic criticism. Carter? Ha, he's an anti-semite for writing Peace Not Apartheid, and so on--Clintons had their daughter marry into the elite, Jewish Wall St. And so on. Bush Jr learned from his Daddy's mistake, remember, threatening to stop some aid to Israel? Obama, Mr Cairo speech, who then axed Mitchell and Freeman. Dempsey better watch his head!

  • Hoenlein says irresponsible 'J Street' threatens Jewish unity (and survival)
    • Shmuel, I don't think I will be getting to Rome in the time left to me on this earth. Lots of times I don't even like to go out a few miles on errands. My parents were Catholic; I was an altar boy (purely because my father dared me to see if I could master Latin--it was that long ago). My mother said a rosary every day to her dying day. She wanted me to be a priest. I personally rejected Catholicism as I knew it when I was an altar boy, at least partially because of its artifice--in the 7th grade. (It seems all institutions need artifice). I never felt any urge to rejoin that faith when I better understood its dogma--or to join any other. None have ever worked for me on a literal or poetic level. Nor have I ever felt the urge to hedge the bet a la Voltaire or Pascal. I think we can agree as a practical matter that religion has been a mixed blessing for humanity on earth. But I digress. Yes, the Zoroastrians, they did create opera, didn't they? I submit that the "transvaluation" of the supernatural to (ideological?) utopianism here on earth has had mixed results same as religion. "Transvaluation of all values." Individual self-overcoming a la Nietzsche (or Budda?) versus collective "self" determination a la Bismarck, Hitler, Joshua, Netanyahu? (Not to mention a lot of those POTUSs too)

    • Shmuel, I was born and raised in the Christian religion. I've never figured out why all Christians are not humanist. Many I know think they are, even though they never heard the term "humanist" or "humanism." Part of the problem, I think, is that many Christians I've known grew up within a culture that thinks it's impolite to discuss politics at the dinner table. I think that prohibition has really harmed the lower middl (to middle-middle?) class, and still does. I have such good-hearted people in my own family. "Let's have a good time--we're all together! Let's not discuss religion or politics!"

      I think, because Christianity is a universal religion big time, as opposed to small time (Judaism since biblical times), and Christian religious holidays celebrate ideas, parables, etc rather than ideas as extracted from (biased or bias) actual political history ("They tried to kill us, we won, let's eat."), it's harder for Christians generally to see political implications that impact them. I'm struggling here to make my point. Bottom line is, because of the way Judaism is taught, Jews learn the importance of political engagement in childhood, generally, whereas, typical average Christians do not; many never do--another aspect is Christianity stresses the afterlife, not one's time on earth and its nature, whereas, Judaism does the contrary; indeed to the extent one can be a full-fledge Jew as an atheist or persistent agnostic. The other obvious distinction is that Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with blood line. Your thoughts?

    • Schmuel, I sort of know what you mean regarding your approach to Jewish collective identity, I think. It's a humanist approach by an individual who happens to have been born and raised in a (mostly?) local Jewish community? Or, rather, an individual born Jew's humanist approach to his religion and family, extended family, co-religionists, and other friends, neighbors in fact or mentality/imagination, and in awareness of both Jewish and World history?

      Perhaps, you could give a few examples of how you actually live your daily life illustrating your vision of Jewish collective identity, showing how you fit therein? (Rather than somewhere else)

    • "When I hear the word 'kulture' I reach for my Mauser."

    • RE: "Zionist actions and opinions are guided by the logic of the Zionist ideology and are rarely swayed by rational discourse."
      You mean like this: link to

      (Debate is fast, sometimes muffled--pay attention to the on-going speech balloons that appear, which are accurate)

    • The rabbi I had as teacher in Jewish Culture Studies defined Judaism as "a portable culture." He was big on the relationship between Hegel and Maimonides re dialetics. He was a strikingly handsome man, very hawk like in appearance and demeanor. (For some reason, when I think of him these days I think of Kaufmann's Portable Nietzsche.)

    • Yeah, like you can butt in line, and when somebody dares to objects you can just call the rude flake an "anti-semite," thus expanding your natural vest like a car crash airbag with every Jew who ever lived or ever will live until the whole bigoted dummy line crumbles aside and the girl at the desk rushes to give you a rebate (at least).

    • LeaNder, I agree with your take here. And your distinction.

    • Ron Paul has often stated publicly that Iran should be treated like any other nation; he says accordingly we should start, for the first time, putting some of our thousands of diplomats to work negotiating with Iran. Personally, I don't think that's in the cards because I don't think our military-industrial-big banker-1%er elite socio-economic-internationally-orientated predatory corporate class, partnering with Israel Firsters, have ever supported an independent Iran. They all find it most beneficial for their selfish interests that Iran become a despotic useful tool regime as the Arab regimes have been, and will likely remain after the Arab Spring dies.

    • American, that's my take-away too. I guess it's easier for us non-Jewish Americans to see the forest than it is for those rooted in tribalism since birth.

  • Sunlight on the lobby: AIPAC's push for war exposed in 'Atlantic' magazine blog
    • I often tweet to CSPAN WJ's live guest; every once in awhile the host takes my tweet and asks my question or comment to the guest. Usually not, although my tweet still goes out into Tweetland. Sometimes my tweets register on WJ's site, sometimes not--there seems no rhyme nor reason to that.

    • American, I've read AIPAC support information that listed a bunch of examples of how they've had local election successes in parts of the country where few Jews live and Israel is never a campaign issue; details went toward funding their pick, giving free staff, doing leg work, etc. All this the pick gets for free if he or she gets on board with AIPAC on issues AIPAC cares about. The locals never get a clue of the outside help.

    • Feingold on CSPAN WJ just glibly stated Iran was major threat to US (as well as to Israel). He was allowed to get away with it. He never answered Mary's question's specifics. The host could have followed up, but did not. Meanwhile, Bibi went on record to insult Dempsey, saying his remarks helped Iran: link to

      I'm sure Obama won't defend Dempsey. Question is only, how long will Dempsey last in his current top position? Should I ask Chas Freeman? Maybe Mitchell?

    • Wonder how Dick and Jane will feel once Obama concedes to help Israel's attack on Iran this year and gas spikes up to $10.00 per gal, and Iran manages to knock out one of our floating city aircraft carriers?

  • Jewish social justice groups add a day in Palestine to Israel tour
  • Video: Protesters are attacked at an 'Israel Alliance' event at U of New Mexico
    • Yes, my mistake, Annie. Thanks. I meant, "... would you fight for David Duke to speak at UNM as you have for Ms Darwish?"

    • David Green, let us know when we MW commenters attack anyone physically anywhere.

    • Whatever, Annie, I want to know what is the litmus test for somebody to be allowed to speak on any US college campus?

    • dahoit, but it's only a small part of the American elders that have it right, same as it's only a small part of the younger American folks who have it right. Palestinians, for example, need to know this.

    • Cliff, do you mean it's really cynical to think this is about honest debate, or naive? I think it's intentionally mendacious on the part of the Israel Firsters everywhere. They will use American notion of fair play, and search for the truth, against that very purpose--honest debate, by weighing the scales in advance, their thumb on the scale. We should recall the obvious, MW is samizadat, the official Amerian bought version is the contrary.

    • Oh, it's pretty simple, Green is naive, though well-intended; he simply ignores that, for example, that every candidate for the next POTUS (except Ron Paul), including Obama, is on the record as an Israel Firster. It's a wonder why those old jewish geezers on the clip bother with violent confrontation at all. It's in the bag. Ask Jerry Seineld or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    • I comment here just to register my total agreement with Danaa. There is no question in my mind that the USA' s leadership has been copying Israel, totally ignoring its own historic best values, and especially ignoring the values taught by the Nuremberg Trials (and won with the blood and treasure of how many Americans?), and enhanced by international law since and by those trials. The current situation is worthy of Kafka entangled with Kant and Gogol, not to mention Nietzsche and Dostoievski. I fear that out of this entanglement will come only Goering, given press by Goebbels-Bernays, and rubber-stamped by "let's have a beer" Americans who never heard of any of those guys.

    • David Green: So, you would have the supporters of the Palestinian (and, dare I say the classic American values compared to any others demonstrated thru world history, given the test of virtue is power) cause be understood by Dick and Jane by--by what? By expecting Dick and Jane to sort through the I-P conflict when their mainstream media, and nearly all their political leaders, do not give them the facts on the I-P conflict, and instead, give them only Bibi N's radical Zionist POV? The result of what's been happening for decades now is that Dick and Jane, when they take a pause from sports stats or to eye expensive shoes, and this itself when they are not looking for a job, and/or a way to hang onto their home, look for what's happening, what's all this about Iran and Israel? The dignity to model after is that we should do anything short of outright physical violence that gives Dick and Jane a clue how they are being used to the detriment of humanity and most specifically, the Palestinian people--not to mention, harm to yes, Dick and Jane.

    • Mayhaps it shows how Israel Firsters barely contain themselves within a thin veneer of civilization, then they arupt into the fascist they are?

    • Mr Green, anyway you cut it, it was the rabid Zionists who engaged physically to send free speech. And, it was the anti-Zionist audience members who represented the powerless (the Palestinians)--once upon a time, there were anti-slavery advocates in America who disrupted the status quo (with its police power), and this was repeated in the long fight against Jim Crow. Don't you think it's a bit much to ask us here on MW to play purely by college debate rules, the Queen of Marxsbury rules on boxing, when Palestinians are forced to live as no jew wants to live, or any American? And, now ask yourself, who at the meeting subject here became physically violent? It was not those representing those who are not even considered in forceful US foreign policy except rhetorically--why do you liberal views of free speech rights to harp at those representing a view hardly heard at all in the American mainstream media? And again, who are the brownshirts in this video clip subject here? Old jewish geezers who have no clue that the Nuremberg Trials were done for the whole world, not just Jews.

    • When is the last time David Duke, or any of his acronym front organizations, were allowed to hold a forum at any American college or university? Duke claims to speak for whites (Christian or otherwide) in a world where whites are fast becoming an even more distinct minority as a factual matter--just look at the latest US Census stats. David Green, would you fight for David Duke to speak at UNM as you have for Ms Mustafa? That is to say, would you allow those audience attendees who agree with Duke, to push and shove another part of the audience who broke into his speech with a mouth mic-chant? Just asking.

      PS: Where were the local campus cops in this fray?

    • What if , arriving early, the mic-check folks had just stood along the sidewalk and along the way into the room politely holding signs with an arrow pointing the way, the signs saying "RACIST HATE SPEAKERS--GET YOUR FILL"?

    • Wonder how many noticed it was the geezers versus the youngsters? And it was the geezers who were violent. What does maturity mean these days? Were all those hot-headed geezers students?

  • Israeli generals who oppose gungho Iran plans are afraid to speak out
    • Yes, Annie, I noticed this too--I found nothing on Iran warning of any preemptive action on its own. It's not even in the Iran historical profile. US, yes. Israel, yes. Iran, no.

    • Dan, re: "They’ll protest for cheaper cottage cheese, but won’t say anything about a potentially catastrophic war. Maybe israel and the states have more in common then I thought."

      Bingo. Just more government contraceptives than cottage cheese.

  • Fear and apartheid in the West Bank
  • Vets for Peace to Obama: Talk sense to Netanyahu to avoid war with Iran
    • I think the numbers of those who are brought up to think that military service is a noble calling are dwindling, and have been for a long time. Many of our soldiers joining since 9/11 were motivated by a sense of duty to country--often combined with a lack of a decent job in the rural and relatively rural areas most come from. I have not seen a necessary war since WW2, and, perhaps, Korea--at least up to the point we had pushed the North Korean army back across their border with South Korea.

    • Sorry, I watch this very closely, like only a former US military grunt might. I see no evidence at all from the mouth of Obama, or from mouth of the GOP candidates for POTUS (except Ron Paul), that a war on Iran would be really stupid, and would be very detrimental to US best interests, to say the least. Active US Army troopers are marching on the WH now to protest our current wars and any war on Iran--but who knows it? It's not even being mentioned in the mainstream media, even though this is the first time in US history that active military troopers have waged such a public protest.

  • Sanity check on Iran
    • Phil meant PEP.

    • ToivoS, in the end, it all comes down to Zionist moneybags. It could be different, for example, if Obama goes over the top of our MSM & political in-fighting, and speaks directly to the American people, telling them no rational person thinks Iran is a direct threat to America, or Israel, either in terms of what Iran says, which is always reactive, or in terms of what they threaten, which is, basically nothing when one considers the war capacity of the USA and/or Israel. Like Dempsey said, Iran is a rational regime. It really is. But hey, what are historical facts to American politicians secured by AIPAC, or to Israel, which always needs a Hitler to justify it's continued existence "as Israel." Zionism is the key, combined with the American campaign finance system, which is basically, bribery.

    • altime forpeace, I agree. But it's not only the neocons, it's also the PEPs.

    • I think that if a war with Iran is started by Israel or USIsrael, it will come down to boots on the ground, followed eventually by talk of a US Military Draft implementation--this will be catastrophic for domestic US affairs; and, combined with the impact on our economy, will be a total disaster for USA. But that's something Americans should think about, especially the 98% that are not Jewish. Yet, they won't.

    • Fox Hannity show panel was really beating the drums for war on Iran last night; every word in the lead up, by the panel, host were weighted by glibly painting Iran as a monster determined to attack Israel. They had a short clip of General Dempsey, immediately followed by an interview with some former General who's every word sounded like it was coming from Bibi N's mouth. In short, though the show spent about ten minutes on Iran there was no debate at all, just hasbara within which the short Dempsey clip was stuck--nobody ever addressed what Dempsey actually said in the clip.

    • Get ready, Israel will attack Iran, and, the US will rush to support Israel with whatever it takes in treasure and grunts. The issue is solely in Bibi N's hands. Can you imagine, during a campaign for POTUS, that any American POTUS (or congress), will stand up against going to the aid of Israel, once the Persians react with force to the attack on them? In my thinking, it's already a done deal, the way the power politics will play out, no matter the price of gas at them pump. There is nothing in the current campaign for next POTUS that suggests otherwise.

      What will happen will be, additionally, a result of the US and Israel each retaining hole cards. I suggest you look at the Yom Kippur War, and how it came about via semi-ignorant complicity of the players: link to

  • Weir criticizes lack of diversity in NYT's Jerusalem appointments
    • anonymousecomments, you are right; it's hard to distinguish ZOG as portrayed on white racist web sites from what one gets by factually putting evidence together as is done here on MW--thanks for putting up clips of Chas Freeman discussing this state of affairs on YouTube--here's a longer one of yours, and it's of better quality too:
      link to

    • I read Ms Weir in Counterpunch a day or so ago, and referenced her article in a comment here at the time--I think she is really great, one of the great courageous voices who's been on top of nearly everything regarding the I-P conflict and its relation to our domestic politics for years. Her web site, If Americans Knew, is a font of needed information always. I've never been able to get the Christian fundies I have email contact with to actually read it--they either simply are not interested because Jews, and therefore, Israel are the chosen we must support always, or, in the case of one Jews For Jesus (who's not a Jew) member; she turned to her own hasbara sources and they told her Weir's site is anti-semitic. That was enough not to skim it at least once. Otherwise, nobody I know is interested in what Weir has to say, nor re MW either. They are interested in saving dogs, or the sports news.

  • Why young Palestinians chant the word 'thawra'
    • Me too, Annie. I don't know what "sweetness" means as it was used. Maybe a way to try to say, the interviewee is so young, yet he's not revealing any juvenile hate, but, e.g., simply answering he has never been able to walk the beach so near? And that's precisely, he knows, because he was born a Palestinian.

    • I agree, Norr and ToivoS, but maybe Phil felt like he would only be able to detain the young man briefly, so he kept prompting him to move to next question by assuring him, each time the young man answered, his answer was understood, so indirectly setting up the next question, all towards getting as big a picture as possible on video (with the young man as representative of his people)--after all, it was a street interview, and apparently spontaneously arranged....

    • Walid, and American Jewish and Christian Zionists are accomplices to Israel, the murderer, and most of the rest of us Americans are complicit. Perhaps, the analogy is to statutory felony murder, wherein 3 guys, A,B & C plan to rob a store (the felony), and only A has a gun, and it's agreed he will merely brandish it, it won't even be loaded--but when the crime takes place the guy with the gun shoots the counter girl. B, who only stood by the store door as lookout, and to create a support presence, and C, who sat in the car with the engine running, are found equally guilty of murder as A, who pulled the trigger.

    • Yes, kalithea, we kids all want a peaceful playground, so god forbid any of us entertain a plan to end the violence by somehow attacking the big playground bully and his thug gang who've terrorized us so long now we really feel like we have nothing now to lose except the fear we awake with each day.

    • Re: "... its going to be bloody, it is already, its just that no one fully human or important has yet been inconvenienced, i once wrote that America is suffering from “the necrosis of always winning” the cure is on its way. bon sante."

      gamal, yes. I can assure you, nobody influential here in America, will see it coming. The combination of indifference, half-baked ideologies, short-term thinking masked as strategy, or even tactics, and political opportunism, plus a giant dose of narrowly-focused narcissism, will find its reward big time.

  • 2013 US budget: 'difficult cuts' for Americans, jackpot for Israel
    • Yep, it died with Obama's Cairo Speech.

    • Obama's spinelessness does not seem to cause the Black Caucas much concern.

    • Actually, Israel Firsters account for 65% of all political donations in the US

    • Joe Lieberman, USA's # 1 Israel Firster, is in the running to be VP with Mitt Romney. Same as he was with Democrat Gore. And he's still the same top Israel Firster politician the USA has.

    • Dan, when the US does not have national health care system, and Israel does, doesn't that alone justify cutting back on aid to Israel; I mean, sans the moral and ethical value of paying for endless Israeli settlement land grabs?

    • I've never received anything from my congressmen except boilerplate hasbara of the most trite sort; they never address the specific comments and questions I give them. The following, written six years ago by a former congressman, shows our non-Jewish congress critters live in total fear of the Israel Lobby even as they secretly despise it: link to

    • frankier, I totally agree with your comment, both as to how the US politicians treat any confrontation (Aw, foreign aid is a drop in the bucket of the US spending, nothing to see on that issue--the confronter never gets to point out just how big Israel's part is of that drop in the bucket, which would raise the question why), and how to solve the core problem, which is our current campaign finance system. How about this, assuming we have about 100 M voters, tax them each $10.00 annually, and erect an exclusively public finance system for all political campaigning? That would curb special interest lobbying and donations a lot, present a more diverse group of candidates, and free up considerable time for congress critters to actually do their work, instead of campaigning most of the time.

    • Dan, as you know I am sure, the US has given more foreign aid to Israel than to any other country in US history, although it is the size of a postage stamp and contains a handful of people compared to so many countries that need aid more. To answer your question: the article here on MW that you are addressing is only talking about pure military aid to Israel. Economically, Israel has a better credit than the USA. Surely, you know that? And this is so even though the USA continues to underwrite Israeli debt, making it easy for Israsel to borrow. I don't get your question.

  • Greenwald: Indefinite detention policies have become normalized legally, politically and culturally in Israel and the US
    • If you go to this link, and scroll down to the bottom video clip from, you will find a most excellent old lecture by Judge Napolitano taking you step-by-step through how our government has, through its sequential congressional legislation, and presidential abuse of authority, has systematically deprived us of our 4th Amendment protection. It's really scary because there does not seem to be anything anyone is doing about it. For example the Feds can now open your mail before you, can go to your place of employment, or to places like where you shop, say for food, and go to your bank, and use all or any of what they find against you without you even knowing they have such information; further, the Feds can can even burglarize your home, take away your bank records or simply bug your home with listening devices, etc--while, say, you are out a ball game with your kid, or having dinner with your wife or girl friend. The Patriot Act (which is worse now than when the Judge gave his lecture) allows all of this; the House was given 15 minutes to read the nearly 400 page Patriot Act, which pages refer to minute deletions, additions etc in our entire federal criminal code, and the vote to pass said legislation was by oral vote only; only a couple of congressmen voted against it, the ones who had taken the time to read the entire act ahead of time--one is dead now. I think another was Feingold.
      link to

      BTW, I don't know "the fascist lobby" is such a useful replacement as it it so nonspecific in a way. Maybe "the Israel=USA" lobby?

    • Whatever, tossing about the word "fascism" is soft stuff, easy to puncture. What I do know is, imagine if the Israelis and Palestinians were each in the other's shoes. Wouldn't our US mainstream press be raising holy hell about the destruction of the protection of constitutional due process and our bar to unreasonable search and seizure? Would that same MSM be rampant with rhetoric telling us how Homeland Security is a pernicious legal and cultural clone of Heimat-Gestapo Germany?

  • Israeli government sending 100 Israelis abroad to 'defend the state' during Israel Apartheid Week
    • Here is a first hand account by a jew who participated in the Nakba; he describes what he and his buddies did, and tell us why--he says he was a young unquestioning product of Zionist ideology at the time, pure and simple: link to

  • Bassem Tamimi to Israeli military judge: I do not recognize the authority of the Israeli occupation
    • Charon, you are right, I personally don't really know a single fellow American that knows what you say. And I've been around a long time in America.

  • In Jerusalem, the Nakba is a fresh memory
    • Amnon Neumann told us why he murdered innocent people and expelled them to Gaza and elsewhere: Basically, he says he was young, and filled with the ideology of Zionism. When asked why he was one of the few who have felt guilt enough to speak up in his old age, Neumann said he didn't know, except when they murdered innocents at the time, they were treated as heros for it, and they got drunk on the notion they were heros.

    • MHughes, yet I'd add, unfortunately, often "patriotism" is defined ultimately by politicians as "You're either with me, or against me."
      Bush Jr is a comparatively recent example of such a user.

      This phenomena is ridiculed by the phrase "wrapped in the flag."

      In personal relations, the analogy is to the difference between a parent who always says, "I love you just the way you are, unconditionally," and one who says, "I love you unconditionally, but I don't like what you are doing (in some
      named respect[s]), and I won't stand for it."

      The latter is the reason the American First Amendment to its Constitution exists.

      The measure of a real democracy is a fully-informed citizenry. In the USA today, another Pentagon Papers is not possible, or at least not reasonably probable. The measure of Mondoweiss is its contribution to more fully informing Americans than the mainstream media does in regards to its subject matter.

    • The guy who wrote it wrote the Bell Curve, Annie. If you noticed, he was mostly discussing the great divide between the majority working class of the 1950s, which was, yes, the white majority of Americans back then--and what we have now in America, what's left of that ethos. The larger context is his book in toto, Coming Apart, and what's coming apart, as he sees it, is America's "founding virtues," that is, thrift, industriousness, fidelity, and parental responsibility, piety, and civic engagement--within America's working class, and the personal and communal wreckage of all that now.

    • According to Wiki: The National Holocaust Museum has an operating budget of just under $78.7 million ($47.3 million from Federal sources and $31.4 million from private donations). It has a on-going educational reach-out arm that is very busy.

    • The US National Holocaust Museum in DC was established in 1993. The US National Museum of Native Americans, also in DC, was established in 2004.

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