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  • Democratic chair Wasserman Schultz said to cancel speech to Muslim voting-rights group under rightwing pressure
  • Advice to Zionists from a fellow loser
    • Originally, pegged pants had a function: to better ride a horse, or slave, or walk in combat boots, more quickly, etc. And bell-bottom pants had one too--so sailors finding themselves overboard could more easily escape a watery death. Then fashion types made it a matter of wearing the "in" style, a form of the old Jones Race where material matters more than anything. Bibi's a pegged pants kinda guy who thinks he's wearing bell-bottoms, and Phil's wearing bell-bottoms, but Bibi says they are so wide they will bring the Jew-hater water deluge in, rather than keep it out? Hey, Heidi & hubby, Seal R on the Ropes--word is he was fine until Heidi started making way more $ than he, and gaining way more public interest....

    • Danaa, the dance of the seven veils is never over. And neither is a hat's.

    • Yeah, Annie, but now Phil needs to do a follow-up regarding the principle that some humanistic ideas are never out of date--the idea that I love U, but that does not mean I support what you are doing. It's a tough road to ride on--I see even the Evangelicals are having a hard time with it, especially when it comes to their own families and the gay agenda. Why should it be easy for Jewish Zionists?

    • Well yeah, kalithea, what we need is to see that Shoah fashion is out of date and Nakba is real. All you need is willing eyes.

    • Dickerson, you mean like some of the fashion designers on Heidi's show? So, the latest twist to Andy Warhol's wisdom is everybody is a diva? Mmmm, that's actually just an example, the folks on Project Runway--luckily there, what they do is limited to clothing. Phil needs next to paint out the difference between fashion and lasting values; yet even in the world of apparel there are classics...

    • Yeah, teta mother me, it's hard to believe all the US defense systems failed at once as an accident.

    • Yes, joemowrey, Holder thinks of ancient Jim Crow lynchings, and acts accordingly even when his old borrowed wounds have no realistic application. He's like a typical jewish Israel Firster in that respect. It took a long time to get rid of white arrogance, feelings of entitlement, and it will take as long to get rid of minority arrogance, feelings of entitlement--ditto for all colors of now powerful minorities, whether colored or Jewish.

    • NYC is misleading in the same way Podunk Junction is misleading. In each case, it really does not cost much to be "in the swim."

    • Krauss, I think what you say about Sweden is true in America too. Everybody starts out despising "bourgeois" values, usually in college (where they don't pay for such beliefs), or by being a "rebel without a cause," yet they all support those values as they get older by and large. Very few people anywhere ever learn to distinguish mental or physical fashion from a tough analysis of of the ever-changing status quo and what it means in Kant's terms, as in, "What if (most) everybody did that?"

    • It may be significant that Phil with his wide eyes, did not see a single woman in a burqua parading around NYC? I assume he also did not see any kids in boy scout uniforms.

  • Warning to Obama: 'The Jewish community will remember in November'
    • Yep, yourstruly, I sure do feel the same as kalithea; but I agree if you were born a Jew in America it's really agonizing, perhaps more than us goy Americans can imagine with sufficient empathy--on the other hand, put yourself in our shoes--we are 98% of America and have less input than your 2% into our own present and future regarding the negative blowback on us from our AIPAC bribed government.

    • The Israel First crowd operates on the idea that all American political candidates need to know that, even if they come from an area with few Jews, anything critical of Israel will cost candidates their election. So, if those candidates want to help their local goy constituency, they must back Aipac-screened folks and agenda. AIPAC piggy backs off everything by financially denying it--even if "it" is only a concern to local goys.

    • Yes, it's all about Jewish moneybags and votes, the votes in key swing locals, the moneybags raining down everywhere against any political American who might get some power and is slightly critical of Israel conduct and policy.

    • I thought I was a cynic, but I constantly am amazed to see American political leaders supporting Israel's claims to land beyond what it held before its military land conquest in '67. What the f... is wrong with American values, the kind so many Americans died for during WW2? Honestly, I think almost our entire government has been taken over by people who have no clue their thinking is exactly like Goering's & those Germans who were hanged at Nuremberg. Obama is as bad; he waived any lawsuits against Bush Jr regime key actors as soon as he gained power. And he has extended POTUS power to make a joke of US "democracy.

      And the GOP contenders are even more "might is right" except for Ron Paul, who has no chance.

  • Al Jazeera asks, 'What role does the pro-Israel lobby play?'
    • The Gun Lobby solely involves the right of Americans to own & bear guns solely in their own country, as expressed in US Constitution.

      AIPAC is a lobby devoted to using all American resources to carry out the Zionist agenda of a foreign country as top priority, an agenda based on the assumption that Israel and its diaspora tribal helpers have an ethnocentric duty never to trust any other state, or group of people, and so to act independently of all gentiles at ALL costs.

    • NPR, radio devoted to public enlightenment & objectivity: "All POTUS contenders spoke at Israel Lobby agenda celebration except Ron Paul."

      What's the biggest difference between all other contenders and Ron Paul? The NPR audience knows it's his foreign policy, which policy is directly related to curbing the wars that eat up so much of US tax income, give us a bad reputation, negatively impact so many millions of life around the world, kill and maim our young soldiers.

      And NPR, dedicated to us citizens as a public service, paid for by our taxes, champion of Enlightenment, the Arts, Humanities--decides it won't tell us the largest single influence on our foreign policy in the key geo-strategical tinderbox of the world--did not invite to speak the sole contender championing a rational and educated approach to our foreign policy.

      I wanna puke (and end tax dollars for NPR).

    • The Christian fundies prefer to think AIPAC assures their rapture, or at least assures they will go to heaven for genuflecting to the Jews, which they confuse with AIPAC and the state of Israel, "Israel," a word they can point to in the bible while simultaneously ignoring all of history between biblical times and 1948. Nothing like taking really bad figurative language for prose, poetry for reality--Xtrian fundies excell so. They will pray for your salvation.

    • No, AIPAC did not invite Ron Paul to its conference--and, naturally, not one mainstream pundit or news show commented on that glaring fact.

    • seafoid, our mainstream media, which is suppose to keep us informed, so our democracy base of informed consent stays strong, has not once even stated the crystal clear fact that under our own law, and under international law first established at Nuremberg, any attack on Iran by Israel or US will be a gross war crime, the crime of aggression--German leaders were hung for that crime. Israel has long totally disregarded the required element justifying attack: danger of imminent threat. We even castigated Israel for attacking Iraq's nuclear site--remember? And Israel attacked Syria on the same apparent basis. And now Obama and the US GOP leaders (except Ron Paul) have copied Israel's new ethics--all that's required to attack a state is to point at its apparent capacity for making WMD--and not a word from our own "Fourth Branch of Government" telling us our own leaders are tearing down what our "Greatest Generation" fought and died for, a monument to them--and to the innocents who also died in WW2, most especially Jews.

  • NIAC's Jamal Abdi: AIPAC-backed resolutions are 'blank check for war'
    • Why is it that our mainstream media has not once pointed out that an attack on Iran, which is not an imminent threat to anyone, would be a major war crime under our own law and international law commencing with Nuremberg--we hung German leaders for committing aggressive war after WW2.

    • Obama offered Bibi our newest, most effective bunker buster bombs and eveything he needs to refuel his air strike force if Bibi will delay his attack on Iran until after our November elections: link to
      link to

      Since the plan to send 9,000 US troops to Israel, along with new missile systems and the men to operate them, has been rescheduled from 1st qtr to 3rd Qtr of 2012, and we will have even more ships bottled up in the Gulf bathtub, they should all be sitting ducks for Iran's latest missiles after Bibi attacks--Obama plans to jumpstart his second term with a full-blown war for America? That sounds like a GOP plan.

    • Never before in history has a tiny country dictated to a superpower: link to

    • Why Iran will be hit--to preemptively take out Iran's sophisticated conventional missile system which can but big hurt on Israel even though the Iranians would never initiate a first strike itself as they know they would be blown to smithereens ASAP: link to

      Israel wants to always move as it pleases in the ME, without answering to anyone--like it does now.

  • Friedman warns war could hurt American Jews
    • Obama's "broadening the context into global non-profliferation" is very cheap since he only talked of the ME in this context, and never mentioned Israel's 300 nukes (& constant threats of war at no-nuke weaponized Iran) and rejection of the NNPT. Obama just kicked the ball down the campaign road, mindful some of his gentile base are actually anti-war, anti saber-rattling, as means to peace anywhere. I don't really think Obama ever thinks of his sleeping kids as lie Israeli kids or Palestinian kids;he just looks to which side his bread is most buttered on, and he's still angling for that during this GOP campaign against him--Bibi knows it, and will force the fish Obama catches as he will deem his personal salvation for personal material and lucrative networking gain.

  • 'Putz' -- AIPAC delegates expressed rage at demonstrators
    • The Krauss returns to downplay the huge war-mongering influence of the "Pro-Israel" lobby network on US policy in the ME. Why not just give Israel ALL our foreign aid, instead of the single biggest chunk of it, a chunk so big Israel is the single biggest recipient of US foreign aid in all US history? And let's not forget, the next biggest chunk of it goes to Egypt--but only on condition it play nice with Israel. Let's continue our custom of allowing only Israel to make interest off the very cash we give them early each year too, and let's keep underwriting Israel's debt even thought Israel has a higher credit rating than the USA. And let's keep giving our own Jewish community over 80% of HMS funds devoted to protecting American communities from terrorists. God knows, we don't need the money at home since we can just, as Obama is now doing, take some more benefits from our soldiers and their families. I mean, it's not like the ME is very important ge0-strategically, and it's not like any terrorists ever said they were motivated by our rubber-stamping of Israel's illegal conduct, and our invasion of Iraq, next, hopefully, Iran 2 maintain said conduct? Why the lebensraum movement was not cancelled at Nuremberg--heck, hasn't the US cast about 45 vetos against making Israel minimally responsible under international standards? And don't we have a "Don't ask, don't Tell" policy against lots of countries that have the bomb? And, what's wrong with forcing Iran, a signatory to the NNPT, to never reach nuclear bomb capability, so there's no arms race in the ME? Why would a state want the bomb? Merely to protect itself from invasion and bombing by America or Israel? The Shadow Government may be skinny, not fat, but its feet run wider than the biggest lobby in the US, the Gun Lobby. Besides, the Gun Lobby affects and pertains only to citizens of US.

    • Here's some more information on the dissident demonstrators at the AIPAC conference, including why the mobile ad truck owner reneged on his contract to furnish the truck--a real shocker: link to

  • Netanyahu gives genocidal bible story to Obama
    • "Shake n bake, n Ah heped!" Tasty food for thought
      "chickens coming home to roost" Words as chickens?
      Danna, loved your dissection.

    • marc b, you are not suppose to notice. If you trace any group or state's own version of their or its history, how often do you meet an objective account, and how often, a piece of pure self-congratulatory and/or self-pitying propaganda designed as comfort pillow? The notion seems to be don't give your enemies any evidence at all that they may have some truth on their side. This, of course, is the recipe for why we've had so many wars through the ages. Each side, of course, always thinks it is totally innocent, hence deservedly righteous.

    • I think the story of Esther speaks for itself--loud and clear. See Gilad's comment, first above. You say?

  • At last a leader, Obama fingers 'Israeli interest' in war
    • It's fun to think of what Chris Matthews would say if he felt he didn't need to keep his job.

    • ahhiyawa, that seems like wishful thinking if you know anything at all about how the Israel Lobby & complicit MSM keep all objective information about Israel and Iran, and about the Palestinians plight, out of the American public eye. Dick and Jane are totally ignorant --recently Senate and DOJ findings Documents have been released, showing how Dick & Jane have been kept blind for decades about Israel and its conduct, both at home and abroad. You think even this data will trickle down to Dick and Jane? Not in USA; I know, I've lived here a very long time.

    • Yeah, you're astute, Dan. Holder has already justified the overseas lynching (murder) of an Arab American "collaborator," and his innocent son. Don't look to Obama for justice or protection; and of course, even more, don't look to Newt, Santorum, or Romney.

    • Exiled At Home, yeah I ditto your response. Our American leader, who is on record as equating his vulnerable sleeping children with Israeli kids, with no mention of sleeping Palestinian kids, and who cannot possibly be uniformed of the I-P history, including the Nakba, and who sat for a score of years listening to sermons on white devils, including jews, and being half Black, is clearly a man who controls his own imagination in the service of his own personal career and the material benefits of it to him and his immediate family--both the Democratic and the GOP top folks are busy trying to read how much the internet has given Dick & Jane information always muzzled in the past. Stay tuned.

    • OlgegR, I sure get your point. But the thing has been so one-sided for so long, anything Obama does to make it more balanced would help everybody. We are dealing with a serial killer, Bibi, who feels justified, same as all of them always do. See DSM.

    • BIG OIL has been a non-player in the push for war on Iran. Big Oil would feel itself better off if US foreign policy was more classical, that is, more for pushing the balance of Power in the ME. Big Oil actually has more to gain by direct negotiations with Iran, than it's current policy of isolating Iran. Balance of power strategy applies to ME too--that it has not influenced US is a flag US is on wrong path if it wants what's best for its own citizens (not to mention, the World, and, long-term, Israel as well).

  • 'Commentary' says amount of US political money coming from Jews is 'staggering'
    • The weakest link is the ungodly sums of money going to US politicians by people like Sheldon Adelson. He has even mentioned on Fox News as a current example of severely disproportionate special interest cash influence on elections, in a more general discussion of "independent" SuperPac cash. Of course, Current TV channel does a much more thorough job of this subject, and there, the hosts give air to proponents of total transparency at the very least, when it comes to where donor money comes from. The idea that a guy with a fat wallet can ignore the waiting line, and cut in front of it, is hated by Dick & Jane. The term "Israel First" is a great trigger as to what the guy with the fat wallet has in mind--it may cause Dick & Jane to reflect a bit on whether Israel really is the same as the US, as Bibi, our de facto POTUS when it comes to the middle east and foreign aid, has just told them, in that comfortable way he learned to talk to average Americans while he lived here--something, ironically, Mitt Romney never learned although he never lived anywhere else.

    • HRK, how do you think America's cannon fodder and their families think about it as they slowly begin to use the internet to do more than go on Facebook? Already, Ron Paul is their favorite POTUS candidate, and even though Ron Paul won't win, his rational view on foreign policy has entered the heartland and it will grow, especially if Israel and/or US attack Iran.

    • Our current campaign finance system makes a mockery of America as a democracy. In practice, it is a plutocracy, and so our foreign policy regarding the most geo-strategic area of the world, the Middle East, has been hijacked by a rogue nuclear armed foreign government with one of the world's strongest military force interested only in its own wishes for itself without regard to any other country's or people's slightest welfare; in fact Israel views the rest of the entire world as an eternal potential or real predatory oppressor at all times, including its only real supporter, the USA.

  • Gas prices have shot up 13% since AIPAC's victory in Senate
    • Yeah, Mayhe, if Gore had won, he'd have been murdered by an unemployed lumber worker and Lieberman would've been POTUS & we'd have been engaged in three major wars in the ME for years now & the Persian Gulf waters would be running red with GI Joe blood.

  • 'New Yorker' defends Rosenberg (and use of term 'Israel firster')
    • Declassified Senate & DOJ records shows long history of pro-Israel faction's manipulation of our mass media & pro-Israel's lobby bribery of/threats to American politicians who tow the hasbara line to get large campaign donations or don't and watch all that massive money go to their opponent link to

      Try this: link to
      Maybe this will work: link to

    • hophmi, considering how little factual information the American masses get from the mainstream media regarding Iran (or the I-P conflict), and how the little discussion they do get via that media is so anti-Iran (and pro-Israel, anti-Palestine) I'm surprised those polls don't indicate 98% of Americans want Iran bombed yesterday.

    • Pixel, more true than not, so I agree. Their knee-jerk reaction to being hit with evidence shines through as they sputter out hasbara points of "light."

  • Netanyahu says, You also refused to bomb Auschwitz
    • Krauss, I know what you mean, being deeply moved and all by Bibi's speech. I'm deeply moved by that old painting, "Custer's Last Stand" we use to see on every public school wall here in America. A US cavalry charge moves my heart to the sound of that movie bugle. And who can't be moved by Stonewall Jackson and his valiant Johnny Rebs?

    • So far, Iran's jews don't show any indication they'd like to leave Iran to live in Israel. They have assigned seats in Iran's governing body. They are protected by law, in contrast to the Bahi (sic) religious people of Iran who are officially discriminated against.

    • Many Jewish American and Zionist leaders nixed bombing places like Auschwitz as they feared if the Germans were held to account, they'd blame the mass Jewish deaths on Allied bombs.

    • I'm a US Army vet and I've never met a single veteran who'd not quickly experience feelings of deep repulsion rising up in himself with direct exposure to Dershie.

    • Bibi had a lot of chutzpah to stand, basically before the whole Western World when he stood there at AIPAC's podium waving the 1944 letters, and said in effect, "You owe us, pay up! Bomb Iran!"

      Anybody can go on the internet and find out the context for Bibi's historical justification for his stance. It would help, for example, if Bibi read Wikipedia just to get the flavor of the guilt he sought to establish to provoke war on Iran: link to

      Instead, to keep focused on his agenda, he takes out his two brief 1944 letter copies and dwells on how the goys have shown conclusively they don't care about Jews, and never will, as his bible shows him too. He's looking for an American Esther to kill the murderous Persians of antiquity and allow him to keep handling the restless natives of Palestine as he feels he needs to do (a la Joshua) so the Jews always have a safe haven--with a non-extradition policy. He thinks it's immoral and unethical for Uncle Sam, his sugar Daddy, to not release Pollard to come home to be properly celebrated. He's like a fat demented, vicious rat in control atop a red, white & blue attack elephant looking for peanuts. The red is not on his own flag.

    • Why don't you spell out why you despise Ahmadinejad, Woody? How does he compare to Bibi, or Obama, or any of the POTUS candidates?

    • Shmuel, I cannot imagine an American politician or mainstream media employee standing up, grabbing a public mike, and stating the obvious, as you just did. Well, maybe Ralph Nader would, and Ron Paul has come more than a tad close. We need a wider lemon law.

    • lysias, Bolshevism and race/ethnic pollution.

    • Bill, Ron Paul has stood up--have you not noticed?

    • In his AIPAC speech Bibi introduced a man who had been saved by the heroic and altruistic action of Gentiles while they themselves were under Nazi pressure, then he went on to conclude that there will be Jew-haters in every generation, as there always has been, so Israel must always be treated by the world to a blank check to do what it wants to provide a safe haven for Jews forever more. Maybe the Palestinians should begin their own celebration and monuments to "Righteous Jews." The test of virtue is power. Thus, the oppressed Palestinian people could celebrate the few Jewish exceptions to the rule of Jewish anti-goyism. A Palestinians version of Schindler's List could be created.

  • Blasting Obama as 'blurred,' McConnell assures Israel lobby that bipartisan Congress will authorize 'overwhelming force' against Iran
  • 'We are you and you are us,' Netanyahu says-- but Obama thumbs him with talk of Palestinians and diplomacy
    • Obama has boxed himself in further in the trek toward Bibi's war with Iran; he's now on record telling the world containment will never do. The legs of US diplomacy are now stumps.

    • Israel has no legal right under international law to attack Iran, yet this is not even mentioned in the US coverage furnished by our mainstream media, and it's not even mentioned by any of our political leaders--I'm not even certain Ron Paul has specifically said so although he has delineated how stupid and against US interests an attack on Iran would be.

      Look how thin Bush Jr's legality was, if any, for the war on Ira
      q--even solely in terms of a veneer of American law, let alone international law.
      Obama quickly put an end to any thoughts of legal action against the Bush Jr regime heads; and now he himself has stretched presidential power in the war business.
      China and Russia would net gain much from a war with Iran by USIsrael; already China has taken advantage of US sanctions to get Iran to significantly lower the price of sales to China.

    • Our troops are just throw-aways. The old term is "cannon-fodder." This is acutely true now that we have no active Military Draft, although the buys are still legally suppose to register for the Draft; in fact, it's a requirement on boys seeking various government help, such as Pell Grants. If there was one thing imaginable that might eventually result in reviving the Draft, it's an attack on Iran--there's an awful lot of possible ways that could go given the current constellation of things. Even a suggestion of such revival would really show show the cleavage in Uncle Sam's saggy baggy man tits.

    • Yeah Annie, it made me puke on my keyboard.

    • Ira, I think you are right. All Bibi needs to do is make sure when he attacks Iran there is some ostensible evidence Iran reacted by attacking US assets or personnel. This evidence can be trumped up before the attack, during it, or right after the Israeli bombs start falling.

    • Daniel Rich, I signed that petition for the truck; why do you think the truck owner backed out? Did you vet the owner before you contracted? To see if he or she could stand the heat? Seems not. If, so, bad planning.

    • Is a spoiled child ever really the master of its fate?

    • No, American, Obama is just trying to get re elected. Full stop.

    • Mooser, maybe you should refresh your memory on the Pentagon Papers? Our American cannonfodder these days does not come from families with easy decent job prospects. Pentagon stats show the bulk come from gentile white rural and lower middle class suburbanite families. Perhaps you are aware that these young troopers, and their families, are supporting Ron Paul by and large? (And so are an a lot Military and IT brass, but only the retired ones can say anything.) Yeah it's all obvious. Between Obama and Romney, the likely finalists, wonder who they will go for? Romney, with 5 sons who have never served in the Military? Or, Mr affirmative action icon? I do think that if Israel bombs Iran, Obama or whoever is POTUS will follow suit, and it's likely to happen this year, before the next POTUS is elected. Or ASAP afterward.

    • Full page ad in Washington Post by top US military/IT guys--against war on Iran: link to

  • Three harsh critiques of the lobby
    • Yes, seafoid, Kraus, further, ignores that congress is a bartering hall; they trade; make swap deals, and Israel Firsters have that top priority and they will trade and swap anything (any other interest) to attend it.

    • The key is to convince the American people that campaign financing should be paid for by a small tax on all voters and nothing else as there's no other way to tame the special interest bribery beast.

    • mmmm, can you say "ZOG" & not have a swastika immediately burned into your forehead & a sock stuffed in your mouth? Bibi will be on Fox this evening--on Greta's show; he's on a chat romp with the media branch of his government here, may visit Hannity too, or even The Factor.

  • Watch live video from OccupyAIPAC
    • Full speech of Obama today at AIPAC Conference: link to
      He did not miss a single hasbara code word, term, or phrase. Funny thing, GOP opponents will still tell Dick and Jane he does not love Israel as they do (except Ron Paul of course, the only candidate for POTUS not invited to speak).

    • FreddyV, that won't be helpful if Obama decides to green light Israel at some point during his campaign for a second term, will it? The damage will be done, things will spiral out of control and Obama won't be able to pull back what he let loose just to regain his seat as POTUS.

      BTW, Mondoweissers, looks like Phil won't be going to the AIPAC conference this year: link to

      Also noticed Ron Paul was the only 1 of 4 candidates not asked to speak at the cusp of AIPAC2012,

  • Scott Brown tries to score points on Elizabeth Warren by calling on Harvard to cancel One State conference this weekend
    • casaananda, that's the direct result of the American campaign finance system.

    • mikeo, some people have good logic skills but no sense of disproportionate power relations.

    • seafoid, if Warren knew as much about the I-P conflict as she knows about sub prime mortgages I'd be very happy. I bet she'd learn on her own and despite her handlers if she actually wins the election--her track record shows a deep morality, great courage, stamina, honesty, and a sense of the public good--she will learn about it, same as she learned Obama wouldn't appoint her to the new slot for consumer protection that was the result of her hard work more than anyone's.

    • Yeah, Chespirito, it may be "an easy argument to make," but very difficult to get in front of the ears and eyes of Dick and Jane.

    • Yeah, yourstruly, thanks to the internet, it's definitely getting harder for the mainstream media to keep a lid on information showing how the Israel First Lobby has worked for so long. Who knows, maybe the MSM some day will be forced to actually employ real journalists with a first duty to inform the American public towards informed consent of the governed?

  • In 45 minutes with Obama, Goldberg asks repeatedly about Iran, nothing about Palestinians
    • Most of the public does not want to be educated to those questions, yourstruly. They have more important things to think about.

    • As an American I was deeply disappointed in Obama's responses. It's clear that he's worried the GOP might take Jewish votes and big Zionist cash and MSM spinning away from him, and that his operating assumption is that most Americans sympathize with Israel and the most influential political factions totally support Israel. Surely he knows most Americans are not fed an objective view of the I-P situation daily, yet Palestinians are not even in his consideration. He's OK with that, as if that's American values and we have a free press. He's not thought out well his theories that it's in US interest to push Iran to the brink, and that Iran must not have nuclear weapon capacity because that will lead to a nuclear arms race in the ME. Clearly, he does not put himself in Iran's place to understand Iran--as Ron Paul has done. He's already made up his mind he's going with the prevailing domestic political forces regarding Israel. Obviously, its not Zbig or Dempsey, for example, that have his ear. It's Dennis Ross in the closet. And Penny Pritzker. I bet he does not even realize his mother would have sided with Rachel Corrie. Or he does, and he does not care as he views his mother as a well-meaning idealist always sympathizing with the victims of the white man. He does not have mental integrity. He's just another political opportunist. Palestinians are not blacks anyway.

    • Clif Brown, I also get that "why do you care so much about the Palestinians?" Email fundies always eventually assume I have a Palestinian girlfriend. It's like something is seriously wrong with me for even wanting them to discuss the US-Israel situation. I get the same from family and extended family.

  • If you name your group 'Emergency Committee for Israel,' do you get to call people bigots when they say you're an 'Israel Firster'?
    • I signed it.

    • American, likely both. I noticed in that 45 minute recent interview with Obama that he believes the American masses have special sympathy for Israel. The only other two things Obama states as his conviction are that political supporters of Israel are very influential, and that Iran should not be allowed to get the bomb because it would start an arms race in the fragile ME. Actually Obama has never lived or worked daily amid "middle America."

    • The real windfall benefit for everyone would be no war with Iran. Wonder what S Adelson thinks about it? Perhaps he will have Newt say something as things heat up--Newt is desperate and will say anything Adelson wants if the casino king will toss him more change.

    • Wait 'till R Crumb does a comic book about it.

    • Haha, Bill, where would you put Ben Stein? Dick Morris? With Bill Kristol?

    • Effectively, essentially, apparently, ostensibly--the general TV public does not even notice these types of qualifiers; that why, in other areas, they should always have a lawyer read over any contract before they sign it.

    • Look like Pat Boone?

    • pabelmount, re: Ackerman's clarification: I thought I was reading a parody by Atzmon.
      I'm sure he will have a field day with this little storm, which perfectly illustrates his take on Jewish Zionists, Anti-Zionists, Liberal Zionists.

  • The NDAA -- we are all Josef K now
    • Keith, yes, you describe the big picture.

    • Yeah, PLV, the parallels between 9/11 & the Reichstag fire, and the resulting respective enabling acts really leaps out--one would think every college campus, and especially law school, would be buzzing with concern.

    • Pixel, look at the Senate's vote. They had no problem at all signing on to initiation of our new STASI state. Talk about 1oo Americans who are so damn powerful and unaccountable, living in a bubble... I think the only thought that came to any of them was, "We need to protect ourselves from Arab terrorists, so let's not play around--besides, what's to worry about as long as you aren't doing anything wrong?" I think Dick and Jane think the same way. Slippery slope arguments do not register--for them to do so, one actually has to know a bit about history, and have the modest amount of imagination to see the past in the present in terms of human conduct. Politicians play with a deck of cheap history cards with simple iconic designs on them--they pull out out the one they calculate best helps their agenda at any moment.

  • The last time a Democratic president took on Benjamin Netanyahu...
    • Whatever, Monica is not talking these days: link to

    • Eva, exactly correct.

    • American, I agree.

    • It does not matter. Who with any sense of history doubts Israel Firsters here would use anything to pressure POTUS to rubber-stamp any Israeli regime's desires? I don't think Obama is vulnerable as Clinton was to adultery.

    • It's hard not to believe the likes of Hagee types and Bill Krystol types did not seek to put pressure on Clinton to go Bibi's way by flinging around his sexual escapade with Monica, whether or not she was a set-up to do this.

    • Donald, I sort of feel the same way. Clinton had a history of being the power abuser with females before he met Monica. She was one among many. Was she a plant? Clinton will likely never publish his real thoughts about how he felt and thought about Israel's handling of him during the "peace process," nor of whether or not he may have concluded later Monica was a plant to take advantage of his rooster side show. His only kid is married to a former white collar criminal's son, who happen to be Jewish.

    • Izik, no need for anyone to try to disguise how Zionists always conflate their ideology with Judaism and All Jews and "the Jewish State." It's totally transparent. Indeed, AIPAC and Likud Israel depend on this conflation to milk America of its treasure and soldiers. They've been very successful, but the times--they are a-changin'. Dershowitz has his last arrogant finger in the damn against the waters of truth.

  • The Israeli case for war in 'The New York Times'
    • Daniel Rich, yes, while, as an American humanist, I respect MJ Rosenberg's stances generally, you are correct--he does pull his punches, as you exemplify by noting he has never addressed the USS Liberty incident and its long cover-up to this day by successive US regimes post 1967. Another punch he pulls concerns BDS--he recently posted an article arguing a general BDS against Israel is misguided because innocent Israelis would be negatively impacted. He never mentions why that was OK as to apartheid S Africa, but not as to Israel.

    • Some nasty surprises await our war mongers--or rather, the parents and nuclear families of our US Navy kids:
      link to

      (You really got to read this! And spread it around! The tone alone might crack a bit of all that MSM & political Israel First wax in Dick and Jane's ears)

  • Netanyahu seeks Iran conflict, extremist reaction to knock out Obama
    • More like the US will stay stupid longer than Israel, and become even more insolvent keeping Israel solvent. Nothing will stop this war on Iran Bibi wants, not even gas at the American pump at $10.00. Too many Americans, with access to the alternate view from what the MSM feeds us, will not use it to get a grasp on what's happening and why--they will continue to use the internet mainly for fun, gossip, entertainment of the plebian sort. Only a military draft would force Dick and Jane to think about foreign policy seriously--no different that during the Vietnam War Era. Anybody who thinks something other than the military draft evoked the Anti-War movement in the later 1960s is seriously deluded. And the Boomer Generation passed on this utterly selfish world view to their offspring. We will war forever so long as the socio-economically deprived dopes volunteer--we've been doing it for years now.

    • petersz, Obama wants another term; that's his 1st priority. If he thinks war on Iran if Israel attacks Iran, is how 2 cement a 2nd term in face of GOP telling us he's weak, an apologist 4 US foreign policy, he will green light Bibi's obsession (use 98% goy USA 2 do Israel's dirty work, which Israel does not have the power to do alone). The American masses ALWAYS support their current POTUS once war is on. (Something many neocons and PEPS irrationally think does not apply also to Iran).

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