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  • Obama administration buys time on Iran--but what will happen after the elections?
    • Bibi knows what he's doing--he and AIPAC are in constant communication re anything going on in WH or Congress that may in any way impact Israel. Israel already offered two squadrons of precious F-35 jets if only he'd suspend settlement expansion very briefly so Obama could cash in on resumption of a month (or so) of the "peace process."
      Bibi knows he can get a lot more if he doesn't interfere during US campaign for next POTUS, especially regarding a giant spike in gas price at the pump. Any GOP winner except Ron Paul will be even better for Bibi's agenda, no matter, in either case, the then sorry or sorrier state of the US economy. A more perfected Iron Dome will be great to handle Iran's reaction when Israel does attack--may even be over Xmas holidays, but that may be a bit too early due to the joint "training" exercise now rescheduled for no earlier than this Fall--including the new free missile defense systems, which will come complete with US Army handling & operating technical soldiers, plus at least those promised 9,000 deployed US Army grunts, boots on the ground. By then Obama will have also have sent all the needed air refueling products, supplies, equipment Israel at this point does not have for a successful bombing of Iran and exit. Israel polls show much higher support for Bibi attack on Iran if he attacks with clear US green light, although those polls show a majority want the attack in any case.

  • Sullivan unmasks Goldberg as a propagandist for Netanyahu's 'lies, bluffs and deceptions' aimed at getting us into war
  • Palestinian and Israeli organizations visit South Africa to study, brainstorm 'practicalities of the implementation of the right of return'
  • Ethnocentrism and journalism (Beinart's double standard for Israel and Iraq)
    • Yeah, let them eat yellow cake.

    • Cogent, smart, and honest article, Phil. Here's the other side of your coin: Non-Jewish Americans who have studied both domestic and foreign policy of America, and deeply desire that their government do all it can to advance the importance of the individual human here and abroad, also struggle, for example when they are confronted with identity politics and influence. For example, my son is well aware of the killing of the black young man in Florida by a "white" guy named Zimmerman, who later became a "white Hispanic." But when I asked him about the Mississippi State U white student recently killed on campus & the three "suspects," who only now are being described as "black," he had never heard of that recent killing case--should I just ignore media's manipulation of what they feel we should know? How about when a regular here on Mondweiss listens to Obama and the GOP POTUS contenders (bar Ron Paul) parrot there's no sky between Israel and USA, and Bibi says we are the same? It's really annoying when nearly everyone you know and meet has no clue at all about the factual reality regarding those directly impacted by our post 2001 wars--whether Gentile or Jew. Nor do they know the facts of US "special relationship with Israel," nor its impact to real human beings. And now it seems very much to me only a question of at most a year before we will be at war with Iran.

  • CCR: Israeli excavations continue in Jerusalem's Mamilla cemetery despite Wiesenthal Center claims
    • Thanks, Annie--your comment ties right in with Phil's latest on Beinhart, including his observation he's much more ethnocentric than Adam, but learning. In this matter, I think there's more hope for Jews than for Christian fundies.

    • Yes, weindeb, Wiesenthal Center is engaged in this aspect of officially defined genocide.

  • 'Peter Beinart's offense against liberalism' and the spiritual crisis Zionism has wrought
    • They just keep piling on Beinart merely for saying limited BDS is the way to go to save Israel from itself: link to

      Here's another one: link to

      And they never incorporate what US support for the occupation has done to America's good standing in the world, and how it makes us vulnerable. Beiden & Petraeus & Freeman & Mitchell all said so, for example. Ron Paul points out the financial cost to our broke nation. None of that is even part of the conversation by all those Jewish Americans piling on Beinart merely because he was concerned about the long-term negative impact on Israel of following AIPAC's status quo. We, non-Jewish Americans are just proverbial 98% chopped liver even though Israel can only do what it does with our support in blood and treasure and it's been so for decades.

  • Bloomberg warns BDS will lead to 'massacres' as Park Slope Co-op holds initial vote on boycott tonight
    • Chu, sorry, I don't find Mayor Bloomberg's statement odd at all--yes, totally illogical and biased, given the facts re the I-P situation, but very much catering to those many Jews in NYC who live in a fantasy world about the state of Israel as a comix book Hero & savior. I'm afraid you would not make a good politician, Chu, because you are way too much interested in facts. A few politicians who have geared their message to us Americans on facts are Nader, Ron Paul, & Kucinch--only Ron Paul is still there in the public eye (sort of, mostly as a MSM-described kook).

    • It's simple, the flagship US press ship, NYT, chose to give Dick & Jane a totally biased account of BDS, parroting local NYC politician leaders and wannabees. What's more a suggestion of poison in our MSM press is that the NYT was not really speaking to Dick & Jane (who want jobs, a home, designer shoes, & NASCAR tickets, but speaking 2 its cosmopolitan audience across the USA. It shows what the smart NYT elite really think of "cosmopolitan goys.' They are actually hicks, re politics. Sex & The City? LOL. Buy some more shoes, Carrie, & leave politics to wise Israel Firsters. Mr Big is a dufus goy, don't U get it?

    • I'm aghast at how non-Jewish Americans have let this happen. The Christian fundies I understand since they believe they have to 2 support Jews no matter what to go to heaven & they conflate the state of Israel & AIPAC preaching as doing that, but secular Americans, the most progressive of all Americans, continue to support a racist state--I attributed it to them buying into the Shoah Religion, plus if they are ambitious career-wise, in the USA, they know what to back, what code words work in their favor--like all POTUS candidates including Obama & all GOP contenders (except Ron Paul).

    • marc b, don't bother responding to hophmi the ziocainbot. He doesn't realize that a major US newspaper should at least stick to minimal journalistic standards and objectively report the pro & con stances of foreign policy issues, especially when arising locally in a contest between local politicians & wannabees posturing for local office on an issue reserved to the federal executive office.

  • Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Coop to take the first step towards a boycott of Israeli goods on March 27
  • Zionism totalled
    • His father was originally a Christian Palestinian, I think, and he was expelled from Rakah in 1987.

    • Lemkin invented the term "genocide," as I'm sure you know, PS. And his definition of it seems clearly applicable to Israel's actions against the Palestinians despite so many who've said over the years that calling the aggregate of Israel's actions "genocide"
      is anti-semitic hyperbole.

      The US did not ratify the Genocide Convention of 1951 until 1988 as it was afraid of "frivolous" international law suits that might be filed against it, if memory serves.

      Anyway, US does not ever use that international law against genocide even when it appears to fit; here it's agued US won't do so as it's afraid such official recognition may render US under legal obligation to enforce said law around the world: link to

    • Without Walls, I wrote a historical caveat response to your comment, which was registered, but never appeared here thereafter to my knowledge. I don't know why.

    • So, Mooser, you're suggesting the double standard justicewillprevail refers to is institutionalized in USA, where you have, as far as I know, lived all your life? Or are you suggesting it's at least American and Jewish Israeli nature to live and think via double standards "as soon as either "gets a little money, is doing all right?" Or both? Or are you being tongue-in-cheek and reminding us all that most humans are hypocrites, or at least most Americans and Jewish Israelis, or all Israelis? Why do you think justicewillprevail is riding on a high horse when merely pointing out the obvious as it pertains to the subject matter of this MW post? How does your ridicule aid the enlightenment of people who may alight on this blog for the first time, for example? Just asking.

    • Yes, PS, and racism itself is a social construct? Or are there races, scientifically speaking? And what distinguishes them? Some black pundits say "white" is a social construct in America, but so apparently is "black." For example, re Obama or re Zimmerman who's morphed in the news from "white" to "white Hispanic." And then, there's the accusation in the black community that somebody is "acting white."

    • Atzmon's says The Holocaust Religion is the only thing that holds together the Jews around the contemporary world.

    • American, it's not a mystery to me. Bibi explained it well a few weeks ago while he was here in USA, talking to Obama in back room and speaking in public at the Aipac conference. What happens in Israel is what jews like Bibi feel they need to survive as Jews who R chosen by God, which coincidentally means Jews empowered to live as they wish, in the material style they desire, on the backs of the Gentiles, all the while claiming anybody who resents this is out to kill the jews simply because they were born from Jewish parents, or for sure, a biological jewish mother. Whar's not to love about this POV?

  • 'Tribefest' excommunicates group of young Jews who dared to speak about ethnic discrimination
    • Yeah, Mooser, on second thought, I agree; Atzmon's music is much better than "pretty good," same as his book, The Wandering Who," and that recent interview he did on March 15th last, which is on YouTube.

    • Atzmon no more considers Jews to be "an abnormal people" than those who praise the awards attained and other accomplishments of the Jewish people to the high heavens--lists of Jewish contributors are made up constantly and bells are rung for all the world to hear and admire such a special people. Atzmon would rather just be treated and described as a fellow human being who's pretty good at playing music, sharing his humanity through his talent, which is how he has been received and acclaimed by the music world.

    • David Duke supports separation between the races. Atzmon supports anyone who's highest/first self-identity is as a human to which the other aspects of one's self -identity are lesser identities. In short, Atzmon is a humanist (who happened to be born and raised as a Jewish Israeli).

    • Especially tribal pride and identity over humanistic universal value as first priority of identity, Atzmon would say.

    • Bibi recently told all Americans "We are you, you are we." (Or visa-versa)
      He added that Israel will never depend on any non-Jewish state and will do whatever it feels it needs to do to anyone because there's always some people in every generation who want to kill all the Jews. USA is Israel, Israel is USA. I guess, for the time being, he means?

  • 'I didn't say I liked Beinart's book' -- J Street head sells his star guest out to his antagonist, Goldberg
    • This guy tells everybody interested about Peter Beinart's False Prophecy--if "mostly" actually = 88% & so "only" ignores 12%, U deduce he's "loose with facts" link to via @tabletmag

      This re a poll of Jews that initially screened potential participants by asking a question about their religion. He aims to dismiss the claim that Jewish Americans no longer accept exclusive guidance by AIPAC, the parrot of Israel. See if he convinces you Beinart's take on increasing rebellion within the American Jewish ranks is way overblown, especially regarding young Jews.

    • Steve Walt has a few questions for Beinart: link to

      Among them, he'd like to know if Beinart has a personal red line regarding how far Israel can go along its present trajectory before America should start thinking seriously about withdrawing support for Israel's conduct on either side of the green line, and also--a similar approach re Iran? Walt says it appears to him from what Beinart said that he recognizes the truth in Walt & Mearsheimer's book--the truth that American publishers would not publish when it first came out, the truth that was met with a wall of smears against the uppity non-Jewish academics.

    • American, I read somewhere that Obama offered Bibi the latest bunker bombs and refueling planes and apparatus while the AIPAC Conference was in town--if only Bibi would refrain from attacking Iran before the November elections. And recall Obama offered Bibi two squadrons of F-35s if he would only suspend settlements for a short political while important to Obama at the time? A month or two, if memory serves.

    • Yeah, Burns, Bill, that your comments mirror my first thoughts on this matter. And every AIPACer is all for the most severe economic sanctions on Iran imaginable--look at the net aggregate now in effect and going into effect in July against Iran. But I guess "U can't do that to your own." I don't see Iranian Americans putting pressure on US WH or Congress against those sanctions, do you? I guess it depends on which group of foreigners we want to save from themselves either through regime change via US-forced economic implosion or direct bombing, or both?

      Don't recall Dutch Americans getting upset about the BDS on apartheid S Africa either, do you?

  • Settlers announce plans to take more houses in Beit Hanina and Sheikh Jarrah; Gush Shalom says the government is complicit
    • Meanwhile, back here in the good ol' US of A, state legislatures are getting desperate finding ways to get funds to keep basic state functions running, e.g., in Utah, a proposal to drop the 12th grade for its public school children: link to

      So far, none of the state legislatures have turned to their buddies in the federal congress to see if America could divert some of that $3B per year we put in Israel's fungible hands so it can keep robbing more native land and squeezing them everyway but loose.

  • Wikileaks: Google caught in spy games on execs and 'regime change'
  • Pentagon fears Israeli strike on Iran would drag US in
    • Kathleen, your memory is better than mine--perhaps I was hoping so much to get some objectivity from Rachel since she actually said Israel had the bomb. What she actually said when adding Iran to the map speaks for itself in light of the fact the Map and she declared it reflected only states that had the nuke bomb & that map stayed big behind her during the whole show, yet her reason for putting Iran on that map was not repeated.

      3-19-2012: Rachel Maddow pointing at a big world map with countries that have nuke bomb circled & named in bold letters:

      "So, this right now, what you`re looking at here -- this is who in the 
world has nuclear weapons. Let`s also add an outline around Iran, because 
even though Iran says they neither have them nor want them, there are 
international concerns that Iran is not only working on having nuclear 
weapons but they may be close to that." link to

      If she were not a deceptive biased B&*%$ she would have added to her comment about Iran that there's no actual evidence from official inspections Iran has a nuke bomb or is even preparing for one.

    • Maybe Bibi is baiting Obama to give him the bunker buster bombs & air-refueling products he needs; I read something recently saying when the two met last time during the AIPAC conference Obama promised him that stuff if Bibi will wait until after November elections to bomb Iran. Recall Obama offered Bibi two squadrons of F-35s merely to suspend settlement expansion briefly?

    • W.Jones, The total population in Pakistan was reported at 175.0 million people in 2010.

    • Kathleen, if memory serves, Madow mumbled something very fast & in a markedly low tone for her-- about no evidence Iran has the bomb, and nearly simultaneously--behind her on the map, Iran appeared, and she then verbally (in her normal loud tone) reeled off all the countries shown as having the bomb--including Iran. Anyone watching the show without paying close attention would take away Iran had the bomb. OTOH, I think that show was the first time I heard anybody on TV be unequivocal in a statement re Israel having the bomb. I don't recall her saying Iran was a signatory to the NNPT while Israel was not? Did she?

  • J Street and Peace Now organize opposition to BDS
  • Israeli academics call for massive attack on Gaza to 'mow the lawn' -- before November election ends the 'opportunity'
    • There's a recent judicial ruling on a white militia group that the feds have been hounding at Obama's AG direction; the judge decided before trial by jury that the accused were not guilty as charged because the prosecution had not presented, as it said it would, a single instance of action to go along with defendants' loud proclamations that they would kill various lawmen and politicians to put a stop to what the defendants did not like about government policies. The piece I read made it appear that no summary judgement motion was even presented; at least no mention it, if it was. The judge said all the defendants did was blow of frustrated steam.

    • Woody, slight supplement to what you say: Legal analysis meets legal advocacy in American courts at least, when advocates on one side do sometimes try to shoehorn legal principles from cases precedent into a particular case when they don't really fit under the present facts of the present case. It's up to the other side to show those legal principles claimed to be applicable by the opponent side are not applicable because the facts are too different. A motion for summary judgment early on, if won, declares that the facts alleged have not been put at issue by either side, and, based on those facts, either one side or the other prevails without further judicial process. if the facts are significantly ambiguous to the Judge , then the trial will proceed further.

      Nearly total contrast to judicial process is provided by claims and counterclaims by media employees & opinion pundits, and by government spokespeople & their detractors. A local tiny example: the Martin v Zimmerman media case. The media is filled now with voices generalizing for their political agenda. The facts are only slowly coming out, e.g., Zimmerman is Latino as much as he is black; Martin at death was not the little kid shown by media photos; Zimmerman suffered physical harm; the FLA "stand your ground" law is not a defense if Zimmerman pursued Martin, did not merely refuse to run away from an imminent fear of gross bodily harm or death, etc. Facts are cheap, often ignored in the media. Nothing illustrates this more than US media's shallow and biased coverage of I-P conflict for decades.

    • Winnica, so you're arguing that no murderous intent was shown when Israelis directed their highly-guided projectiles at any clump of Palestinians that included children on the assumption the adults were using their children as shields?

  • When good intentions aren't good enough: Liberal Zionists and BDS
    • This exchange is worth a second glance:

      “The [BDS} movement’s real goal is to elevate the self-determination rights of Palestinians above those of Jews”

      Woody T:
      “Well, since the Jews in Palestine and their co-conspirators in the US have elevated the self-determination rights of Jews over those of the Palestinians for the last 65 years in Israel and for the last 45 in the remainder of Palestine, then turnabout is fair play. Maybe the Jews there should get a taste of their treatment of the Palestinians. ”

      hophmi's response:
      OK, so you are not interested in justice or international law, but simply the political aim of elevating the rights of one group above another based on perceived historical injustice. Again, I appreciate the honesty.



      If you attempt to publicize the 65 year oppression of an entire native people by the last colonial settler power--with the huge aid of the world's only super-power, and you also try to economically cox that settler power to get its boot off the neck of the natives, you are not being fair to the settler power because you are trying to inhibit that settler power from exercising its right to self-determination by throwing up a BDS smokescreen you call the natives' right to self-determination.

    • Could say same about USA; spends too much on Military, not enough on Education--but in USA case, is also a matter of mispending the huge amount that does go to Education (More than any country proportionately, with crappier results--some of that, in turn, may be due to fact US is more diverse than other countries).

    • Austin B, I agree with Annie and others here--your article was most astute and well-written! Lucky you, you got to give Annie a hug! OK, now I got put U on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

    • Winnica, of the water available from West Bank aquifers, Israel uses 73%, West Bank Palestinians use 17%, and illegal Jewish settlers use 10%.

    • Dan Crowther, I think what you say should be taken a step further, giving permission to ask, what is being "Jewish?" What does it mean, "Jewishness?": link to

      This question can no longer be left "in-house" because "pro-Israel" folks constantly conflate being Jewish and the powerful state of Israel; and in fact, Israel defines itself by such conflation. As the only state in the tinder-box ME, the region where the life blood of all modern states comes from in the form of oil, the only state that is nuclear-armed & supported with a blank check by the only superpower, whatever being "Jewish" is taken to mean affects us, humanity as a whole, and most especially all Americans, including America's 98% Gentiles. Naturally, Palestinians need to get a grasp on why this issue is important.

  • How important is it to the Times (and us) that Greg Smith is Jewish?
    • Rothschild was first to take full advantage of anti-usury culture; now the elite all do--the bottom line is noted in the observation that a big lie is never found out in time to prevent great mass suffering because the average person cannot imagine the big lie, as he or she even struggles with little white lies at times. Wall Street is trained by our ivy league top schools to make profit off of big lies; they've even automate it.
      And remember, securities need some thin connection to actual labor products--well actually, to verbal connection in some way to actual labor products.

    • Yeah, Mooser, and all those starving blacks looking at his fruit treat while he was knocking the ball back and forth.

    • Mooser, RE: "You know, I think “Jewish Power” impresses gullible, frightened, or unbalanced Jews way more than it impresses anybody else."

      Really, Mooser? I think rather that Likud Zionist moneybags impress nearly all the US elected leaders who are supposed to represent the bulk of those who elected them. Hence the applause when Bibi comes to town and speaks, and the US government severe enmeshment with Israel at the expense of the bulk of Americans with only loss and no return. Get your antlers out of your rear.

    • Mooser, you might try educating yourself somewhere beyond the "nobody suffers like me because AIPAC/J-St do not speak for me & I'm so unique I call myself a Jewish moose" and I suggest also you watch the recent contrasting video clips made by Pelosi's daughter regarding " I want my Obama bucks" v "I don't have teeth but I don't want a handout & Obama's a half-breed." Also be sure to watch the interaction and dialogue betwen Alexandria P & Bill Maher--most recent episode of his show. And don't worry, I don't hold it against you that you are really not that funny most of the time, nor that you have no clue what's it like to have served in the US military as a combat unit grunt along with the rest of the very diverse US cannonfodder.

    • RE sydnestel: "First the very phrase “Jewish power” implies that Jews act and think monolithicly. Second, it assumes that Jews have significantly different interests and/or ideals than other people."

      Does "American power," or "White power" or "Black power" or "Money power" or "German Power" or "Corporate power" or "Union power" or "Woman power" or "Wall Street power" etc also imply that members of those groups act and think monolithically? These phrases are used all the time, and similar phrases, and always have been. They all are subject to your critique, which is that every class of especially vested interest abuses the fact that each class includes members who don't agree, even if that conflict does not get out in the open. Greg Smith is a case where it got out in the open. Mondoweiss itself is another case. So what are you suggesting other than that political people often say they speak for the whole class or membership they say they represent? You know, like a Union leader, or any politician claiming to speak in behalf "the American people?" Everybody here knows that. So what's your point? Mooser is always banging his antlers against the fence because he feels the Jewish Establishment here in USA does not speak for him. Many of us here on Mondoweiss are always complaining no US political leader or media pundit speaks for us, not just here, but on many other blogs, web sites, etc; and on a variety of issues not generally touched upon here. So what's your major malfunction revealed by addressing us so here? You should read some of the Mondoweiss archives to get a clue as to who frequents this web site before you blare off.

      And RE "Would you ask if “Christian power” is good for us?"
      Sure, why not? I would especially ask, is Christian fundamentalism good for America? That includes Christian Zionism. My answer is sometimes generally and NO as to Christian fundies & Christian zionists. Not a net gain for the USA as to the latter two versions.

    • Winnica, of course not. I guess from your comment you've never been in the Army as a grunt, let alone a grunt in anything like Hitler's army. Your comment shows not the slightest insight into military administration or the reality of being a grunt in any army, ever.

    • Good one, Pixel.

    • Look at "stump" both in all the ways literally and all the way poetically, sydnestel.

    • Aw, U against the Special Olympics too? Remember Rocket J Squirrel & his buddy!

    • RE: "Yahoo’s periodic visits to the US to collect his dues are absolutely ripe for comedy."

      Yuk. Watch the news when Obama gives Bibi our best bunker bombs, air-refueling equipment aircraft, and much more, all really costly stuff to Dick and Jane when they are hurting badly. Obama has already promised this soon, on condition that Bib wait until Obama is reelected before he bombs Iran. Recall when Obama promised Bibi a bunch of the most expensive jet fighter-bombers ever, the F-35s, if only Bibi would suspend settlement expansion for a few months? Watch too when US troops (at least 9,000 initially) are deployed en masse to Israel, along with US latest missile defense systems, along with operating personnel, to Israel--the "common training exercise" originally set for Spring this year. Anyway I look at it, Bibi has Obama by the balls thanks to AIPAC & company, & GOP probables for POTUS actually just want to suck Bibi's c..., so anxious are they to be POTUS. Those who say discussing "Jewish Power" is ipso facto anti-semitic? What are they smoking or drinking? That X once used a cowboy hat to screw over a bunch of Ys means nobody should ever rationally use a cowboy hat? Nothing at all functional about a cowboy hat, ever?

    • At an unusual congressional hearing in Brooklyn on March 12, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) was interrupted by protesters who claimed he had favored banks over people. Greg Smith IMHO may be just beginning to see the full light.

    • Mooser, Re: "apart from the victims of Zionism and Israel."
      Geez, antlered one, that might be not only the Palestinians people, but also every US taxpayer and, even more so, every US soldier family since 1967. Even more, it may be all Americans when you ad in the loss of US prestige in the world as a positive role model for other states. (I'm not saying all that US prestige has always been deserved; it's a comparative thing relating to powerful states since 1945.)

      I empathize with your concern for the used little Jews, but it's bigger that that; it's all the used little American, folks, and their counterparts everywhere US government impacts.

    • Pixel, I think you put your finger on reality quite well. Nevertheless, I admire Greg Smith (where did he get that name?) for what he did in resigning from G-S & making his reasons known. The little Jewish boy from S Africa has grown up--too bad he will be just a blip on the MSM map, & too bad the lives of so many human beings are in the hands of privileged and naive children

    • Sharp comment, stevelaudig.

    • Greg Smith is only one of 122 reasonably high level investment bankers who have resigned recently. Should I try to find out how many of them were Jewish? Might be kinda hard--I mean, does "Greg Smith" sound Jewish?

    • Talkback, isn't that where you pick up a copy of, e.g., Atzmon's The Wandering Who? & maybe Lindemann's Esau's Tears and Solzinitzen's 200 Years Together? Do you think it's made any difference at all when or another any birth group had the most significant power over America at any time, over its nature domestically, and what it did abroad? Maybe I don't understand your question. Difference in comfort food among ethnic groups is not what significantly distinguishes any ethnic group in terms of morals, ethics, ideology, etc.

    • Marcus, I think such disproportionate Jewish influence on the whole of the 97 % non-Jewish USA results from the base of a "horse-trading" society, exemplified by our Congress most especially, where (1) money buys out everything, combined with (2) the fact that enhancing, maintaining Israel state power is the customary decisive Jewish insurance priority "if push comes to shove" with legislation trading priorities mundane or not, combined with (3) Gentile guilt over the Shoah, whether deserved or not (distantly akin to historical slavery in America; all whites must pay a price for what their ancestors did or did not do since they've used the (now mostly former) privilege "to get ahead." (Bibi went for the Gentile American jugular with #3 & for the Jewish American jugular with # 2. AIPAC et al did not need to be stated to make his point since it's now an organic part of the Hill.

    • I'd say, Justice Please, Phil is more courageous than the other Jews with sites who are part of the Establishment. The post-modern pattern seems to be that some very brave Gentiles with the most to lose took all the big initial risk career-wise & then a few Jews catched on, and now take on the risk too, mostly by publicly backing the brave few Gentiles, and still doing that. Mearsheimer, Walt, Allison, Baird, Carter, etc? Of course, maybe the courage is equal ultimately since Gentiles must get over anti-semitic guilt and Jews must get over conflict in their own family, but truth is, due to over a century of mass media/ entertainment imbibed hasbara, both have to do that.

    • Oh come on, dahoit, that former German soldier Maus was morally and ethically corrupt, he had no soul, unlike us real human being in America and EU & UK & Israel. And we all know his off spring now dwell in Iran.

    • Rutherford, you are talking to a Jewish stump. The Jewish stump is: In no way has "Is it good for the Jew?"" been replaced anywhere in Western European countries' Establishment, including UK's, USA's, Canada's, Australia's, by "Is it good for my country, the one I was born, bred in, and protected by my whole life?" And I won't even mention the pure humanist POV, which the USA once had a considerable claim too, comparatively speaking in context of the rest of the world.

  • 'No amount of reading and word of mouth could have prepared me for the reality' -- Remembering Rachel Corrie
    • giladg, obviously you did not grow up in USA as Rachel did or you would realize the culture she grew up in praised the Jews (Israelis) to the sky and barely mentioned the natives except to say or infer they were sub-human terrorists. That she was not prepared enough for what happened to her is that she was not there long enough in Gaza to not believe the Jewish Israelis were basically like the Anne Frank she was taught growing up in the USA. She was 23, from the USA midwest.

    • giladg, stretch your mind about the US as apparently you don't live here--Rachel came from here, where she grew up like all of us hearing nothing from our culture or government but good about Israel and nothing but evil about Palestinians. She did not take a one-sided position, rather, she was in process of learning how one-sided her country's position had been since she was born (and before). That's why she was murdered by an American-made dozer paid for by Americans, while it was demolishing a native family's home simply becaue they were born non-Jewish.

  • Mr. President, Palestine has heard you
    • I find it hard to believe Rahm I & Axlerod & Penny Pritzker did not know full well the power of AIPAC, so....methinks, Obama's ambition always supersedes any moral/ethical principles he otherwise has. But that does not explain why he actually made the Cairo Speech, does it?

    • AH, check this out, discussing the guy who apparently had a big hand in Obama's Cairo Speech: link to
      Don't have time right now to pursue this--can anybody help?

    • tear-stained uzi, I tend to agree with you. Sure would be interesting to read data on that Cairo Speech-in-the-making.

    • JFK would not have allowed Israel to obtain nuke weapons; when he was murdered he had been hell bent on Israel not getting such weapons. Johnson did not pursue where JFK left off due to be killed, same as he did not pursue Bobby K's quest to make AIPAC's predecessor register as agent for a foreign government. Yes, the same Johnson who buried the murder of the USS Liberty crew by Israel in an ultimately vain attempt to save his highest office by default for himself when his Vietnam war was running against him. Johnson screwed America big time in foreign policy matters, purely for his own selfish reasons--sort of same as why Obama revved up War in Afghanistan when he should have got out.

    • Practical Zionism has never believed in leashes.

  • Israel will attack Iran-- and Obama gave tacit approval (Haaretz)
    • Turkey does not feel it has the power of bucking both Israel and USA. It will allow them to act in unison, and try to build its own support with China, India, Russia. Look at what has happened since the flotilla episodes.

    • Won't matter as both Obama and Romney will back Israel to the hilt when it attacks Iran, and they will ignore simultaneously Israeli strategy of deeper erasing of "our misfortune, "also tagged as "the Palestinian Problem."

    • Yep, Dan, the same way OP CAst Lead was done during POTUUS elections. It's so blatant. No wonder they despise us, those who bilk us for aid to Israel.

    • RudyM, you omit that the American masses have been taught for ages that there's no sky between them and Israel and their News shows have told them nothing different, have instead, parroted that big lie. Gas prices might rise to $10.00 per gallon at pump and US News will still be blaming that on the Iranians and Palestinians, of whom the American masses know nothing. Obama will join Israel's latest war on Iran so long as it comes before Nov elections. He will stump speech on rise of gas pump price as what has to be paid to save Israel & US from Iran--to beat his GOP contender, Romney, who will be saying same and more to get Zionist $ & mainstream media backing.

    • Related: Why Hate Gilad Atzmon? link to via @AddThis

  • The evolution of Peter Beinart
    • At AIPAC 2012, Bibi said Jews alone, the Jewish state, must be master of its fate, because Jews cannot rely on any other state/nation to save Jews, because: "In every generation, there are those who wish to destroy the Jewish people." And that's the conclusion he drew from his story of Esther.

      My question is, what conclusion should a Gentile draw from this particular take away from world history and the story of Esther? And is my own long life experience at all relevant?

  • Taking Israel at its word, Florida legislature passes one-state resolution
    • ZOA tells you here why it really loves the Florida resolution: link to

    • Information I read a few days ago led me to conclude the Florida legislature had rubber-stamped the vision of a Greater Israel for Jews. I was astounded at the verbiage they had voted for. At the time, I thought, "WTF are those rednecks doing ever bothering to waste time with foreign policy?" This state is a real mess, and many people here are really desperate.

      On the upside, it seems Hillary told Iran it has very little time, basically one last chance, before it will get attacked: link to

  • Liberal American Jews are giving themselves permission to say goodbye
    • Gazit said Israel today is not capable of removing 70-80,000 settlers at least because it would result in a civil war.
      Gazit proposed a three point plan, which he says assumes Palestinian rockets will continue to some extent, though he envisions a Cold War type scenario, he'd divide the land in a two state solution, leaving Israel populated by 80% Jews, and a viable Palestinian state. Not one Jewish settlement home or school will be added to the OT. Settler who move back to Israel will be compensated, as those who left Gaza were. He says Jews did such a negotiated agreement after '48 & they can do it again. Yes, it does seem he ignores the present settlements as a problem for an actually viable Palestinians state. Too bad he was not called on this illogic unless he thinks lots of settlers can be bribed to leave--this may be true since it seems all the perks and subsidies appear to be a major motivating factor, say to move from Brooklyn to a settlement. Opportunistic greed then gets distilled into ethnoreligious zeal. (akin to why so much of the lower middle class in Germany joined the Nazi party?)

    • Kathleen, here's an example of one of those young Israeli jews, a female, who has faced the facts and refused to join the IDF: link to

      Wonder if she knows of PFC Manning?

  • Exclusive Excerpt: Miko Peled's 'The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine'
    • Re: "I needed to understand what brought those two young Palestinians to blow themselves up, taking her life just as it was beginning to blossom."

      I guess, by analogy if nothing else, Dick and Jane will not really question their own government's assignment of motive to the 9/11 terrorists, until Dick and Jane suffer the death by terrorists of their own off-spring, nieces, nephews, or 1st cousins. Until somebody, as it were, is murdered in one's own close family, nobody cares. Our 1% are well aware of this, which is why they love the "all-volunteer" military. But, if Israel attacks Iran, the evolving result will bring up, eventually a military draft--there is no way that anyone can stop in a lasting way Iran's pursuit of WMD defensive nukes without boots on the ground in Iran. It should be fun to watch as Dick & Jane's kids compete for the first time NOT to be drafted.

  • MSM jailbreak: Chris Hayes devotes 2 hours to conflict with panel of 2 Zionists and 2 Palestinians
    • Gilad has no clue that considering, since '47, who's land has been taken, and homes, and so many of their kids whisked away into prisons, and their innocents killed and maimed by Israel, that he needs to do more than focus on a comparative loss of a finger nail clipping to the loss of one's whole life? In the big picture, he's a hypochondriac who whines over the whimpers of a terminal cancer patient. That's the Jewish Israeli/American Israel Firster way. Time to boot them out as insane.

    • I agree Donald, not to mention some big time Israeli leaders of the time said later that the '67 War was a preemptive war of choice on the part of Israel.

    • giladg, prior to Barghouti speaking there was a long discussion concerning the history of Palestinian non-violent protesting, how it has been handled by Israel, and how said non-violent strategy in action has never been reported by the American mainstream media (while conversely, I would have loved to have comparatively injected, Americans have been constantly reminded--as Mizrahi said-of Israelis huddling in their bomb shelters from Palestinian rockets).

      Barghouti spoke about how Palestinians had by and large, including HAMAS refrained from violence over last two years. And he reminded audience that it would really help curbing the cycle of violence if the World, especially the US media, would not remain silent about what Israel does to the Palestinians even when they are non-violent and/or totally innocent--he said the World is starting to act more responsible supporting non-violence, as an example, the boat flotillas. He said that what is needed is real compromise based on the fact that the Palestinians are accepting a state with only 22% of their original land when it should be a state comprising at least 45% of that land; in short, the ball has been in Israel's court to take a step of real compromise, but instead it grabs more land via settlements, hence eating up the piece of cheese that is the very subject of compromise. If settlements are "disputed land," then it follows that so are Israel's borders disputed land on both sides of the green line going back to '48.

      Misrahi responded to Barghouti by saying, while he's to be thanked for saving both Israeli and Palestinian lives, he forgot to mention an active terrorist recently killing 8 Israelis. She maintained HAMAS could have stopped those killings. Barghouti replied that Israel invades and does what it wants to the Gaza dwellers when ever it feels like it, implying (already discussed earlier) how hard it is to totally eliminate all violent reaction considering Israel's conduct, and Israel does not support his efforts, e.g., Israel recently went into Gaza and closed down two Palestinians radio stations devoted to preaching non-violence by Gaza folks.

    • Taxi, I just watched the whole thing and that's my take too, which I ASAP tweeted to all my followers (along with the "jailbreak" aspect). I expect lots of RTs. Mizrahi was notable for injecting lots of lying hasbara talking points. Hayes called her on some of them. It was funny when Hayes asked what should Americans know, and Mizrahi responded that all they need to do is go to the Israel Project web site.

  • Israel is sucking up all the oxygen in the White House
    • Maybe Keith could start getting the bigger picture you suggest, Rutherford, by digging up the PBS documentary information from that ex-AIPACer who has sued AIPAC in the context of the buried '04 spy case? There it's made clear the inside AIPAC scoop is that Big Oil learned back in the '90s apropos a new pipeline weakening Iran's oil power--that Big Oil learned it could never get its way in Congress if the Israel Lobby objected to any aspect of the Big Oil agenda, and so, Big Oil learned to cooperate with Israel Firsters to attain at least some of its selfish agenda. And so it has been ever since. Big Oil agenda is secondary to Israel First agenda in Congress--even if it harms the USA, so dependent on oil, it's Achilles Heel.

    • atime forpeace, imagine if the people you know had access to information only thru a totally controlled press and the single channel on a radio given to them by the state. They would be just like the Germans we all grew up taught were a special evil people.

      Evil really is banal & that did not stop in 1945.

    • We have been giving up our trade leverage to benefit Israel for a long time. Our first international trade agreement was with--guess who? Israel. Said agreement is a monument to agreeing to get screwed by Israel; the net gain for Israel's trade at the expense of our own is Gigantic! That's been the secret model condition for all our subsequent trade agreements. If only Dick & Jane had a slight clue. I'd love to lock the lovely couple in a room and go over the fine details of all our MOUs with Israel, in addition to all our trade agreements' fine conditions, beginning with the first, with Israel. And then show a graph of trade net loss and gain to US v to Israel.

  • #USWeaponBombGaza trends globally
    • Free US small arms and their bullets account for most of the innocent Palestinian deaths and maiming, not the free US Apaches, F-16s, white phosphorus, etc., or the Merkavha tanks--Not long ago Obama gave the IDF enough bullets to kill every single Palestinian 10X over.
      Of course, the Israelis also get their free tear gas canisters from US taxpayers. God knows they got lots of those too.

      By doing this, US regimes violates its own laws, e.g., Arms Export Act & Foreign Assistance Act--both of these statutes specifically forbid any use of our free arms to support violations of human rights. They are too be used solely in self defense. Of course, with Israel, everything it does is purely in self-defense--so there you go. No US POTUS has ever really dared to question Israel's own determination of what's in its own self-defense. Indeed, we will be going to war with Iran this year for this very reason, and our MOUs with Israel specifically allow Israel to determine what it needs for self-defense, which triggers automatically US jumping in the fray in behalf Israel. I swear, AIPAC lawyers must have written all arms, military support, and trade agreements we have with Israel. Irony is, Israel rejected an overt offer to sign a mutual defense treaty with USA--Israel did not want USA to have any treaty power over whatever Israel ever decides to do. We cannot form coalitions to support us militarily in the ME if Israel is allowed to be part of them--Jeez, what a sadsack America is. Talk about a dumbkopf, how about a goyischekopf? Over 300 million of them!

  • US attack on Iran would alienate Muslims worldwide -- NPR
    • Cogent article details why an attack on Iran would be the worst possible strategy/tactic for the US, Israel, and the World: link to

      I would change it slightly by saying, "If the shoe fits, wear it" re being characterized as an Israel First kinda human--most obvious example: Sheldon Adelson. And, of course the ZOA.

    • McCain is all over the TV now telling us to attack Syria, which is a step toward his personal goal: war on Iran. I think he should attack his fellow congress critters with a resolution to give free air to the USS Liberty incident. He's a menace to society.

      I've yet to see a TV news show in MSM that details the possible/probable consequences if we or Israel attack Iran. Strange, our MSM press does not care enough to do this, even though it admits now it should have looked more closely at Bush Jr's build up for war on Iraq.

  • Democratic chair Wasserman Schultz said to cancel speech to Muslim voting-rights group under rightwing pressure
    • hophmi, you need reading glasses or a functioning brain. But I guess you don't want one since that would make you vulnerable to reason.

    • Florida legislature just issued its official stamp of approval to Expansionist Israel goals. ZOA was bragging about it on its web site. The state really sucks big time in every way possible except lack of bad winter weather. Just my opinion.

    • LOL, Zionists raising the alarm about a "stealth jihad." I thought that was David Duke's job re the Zionists?

    • So, American, the Jewish Establishment had to break up any possible future US Nazi state by pushing fathead Teddy Kennedy to change our immigration law in 1965 (all the while poo-pooing any projected anchor baby or chain migration impact whines), only to now find itself faced with the fact that blacks, browns, and yellows harbor no white guilt at all, and hence will not be easy converts to AIPAC's continued agenda? Not to mention, some of the non-whites actually think that Jews are part of the 1%...

    • CFNS, was that in one of Seinfeld skits?

    • Krauss, if you've been here awhile you must know that LeaNder is both logical and analytical but she never questions her arch premises & unravels from there: she's a competent modern German born into her particular German time. She is not even confused by Atzmon's predilection to be a total humanist and stir up what this really means, especially for his own tribe--he always needs to be read in his context or he's easy pickings for shallow knew jerk reactions. Don't forget his first language is Hebrew, not English.

    • The Wondering Jew myth/story is not peculiar to Germany, LeaNder, but you must know that? link to
      Anyway, I don't think you've read The Wandering Who; if you did I have no clue why you think it's a mere "rehash" of said simple myth. Care to clarify?

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