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  • US military officers taught to target civilians and wage 'total war' on Islam
    • seafoid, in addition to the full range of cutting edge killing machines, the US Army employs bags of high denomination cash. That's the mentality. America is, after all, not known for cultural nuance talent.

    • gingershot, such Jews have willing executioners in the form of the Hagee type Christian fundies, and there's a lot of them hell-bent on their own rapturous salvation, the sooner the end times come, the better they think.

    • thetumta, reminds me that WW1 continued until the German and Turkish troops in key strategic areas finally just decided they weren't going to fight anymore. They no longer believed in the mission their political and military leaders gave them.

    • Interesting to compare coverage of the rabbis' abuse and government reaction and when Catholic priests do it. BTW, notice how coverage of Penn State abuse of boys has vanished?

  • 'NYT' exposes pattern of Ultra Orthodox community covering up sexual abuse, punishing accusers
    • I retract my guess of 50% as to currently, although it likely was a good guess for around 1945:
      "Jewish medical school candidates reportedly made up 60 percent of the applicant pool in 1934.... Michael Nevins, a New Jersey cardiologist who also studies the history of Jews in medicine, estimates that at the tail end of the 20th century there were between 80,000 and 100,000 Jewish physicians in the United States, comprising between 12 percent and 15 percent of the nation's 684,414 medical doctors. Jews make up 2 percent of the total U.S. population. If Jewish doctors seemed more ubiquitous than these statistics imply, it is because they are clustered in major urban environments, especially in California and the Northeast. link to

    • Rather, Fredblogs, US history on male circumcision reveals the contrary; the American Medical Establishment has long pushed such practice (at first, to cure masturbation & any actual physical ailment you can think of) despite any medical reason; this became the majority view beginning during WW2 (coincidentally, the time Jews in Europe were being forced to drop their pants by the Germans to identify Jewish males, which was well known to the rapidly growing number of Jewish American doctors). It was only in the late 1970s that the US medical establishment began to look at what the medical establishment in Europe had long known, and why the latter ended routine circumcision. It was painful to the baby and useless as a health recipe, and it deprived males of a wonderful part of their body much more useful than an appendix). For another score of years the American medical establishment became neutral on the issue, and only very belatedly did it decide to come out officially and say there's no medical reason to circumcise routinely. And even later, American doctors began to advise prospective parents that the choice was theirs to make, and circumcision was cosmetic; in the most recent years the circumcision rate has been dropping off steadily in USA. Circumcision of males reduces transmission from women to men of HIV transmissions, but it only provides MINIMAL protection and by no means can and will NOT replace other prevention methods. There is insufficient evidence to show protection of male to female transmission and men who engage in anal sex with a female partner. CDC estimates that only 4 percent of men in the United States engage in MSM (Male to male sex); the rate of new HIV diagnoses among
      MSM in the United States is more than 44 times that of other men (range: 522 – 989 per 100,000 MSM vs. 12 per
      100,000 other men). link to

    • Abu, it's an old European Jewish tradition to spit on churches when one passes by; these days, Israeli Jews have resurrected this custom from pre-Enlightenment days, in Israel, where they spit directly on Christian clergy & nuns, etc--it's been in the news lately.

    • US lawmakers are clueless about routine #circumcision of baby boys, which is a form of tax-payer funded child abuse: link to

      Colorado is the current bellweather state on the issue of routine baby boy #circumcision; it was cut from Medicaid, now a Jewish legislator wants it back in: link to

      Anyone who cares to do research on the subject with an objective mind will conclude this practice as a form of government-sponsored child abuse--actually infant abuse. The Europeans ditched the practice decades ago and have had no negative health results (just a lot of good sex).

      It sure has been profitable for doctors, hospitals, and the cosmetic industry. Thanks to the long irresponsibility of the US medical profession, i's an issue that's been hard to face for many new expectant daddy's because Sonny won't look like him. To the extent the issue has been dealt with in our pop culture, check out for example the Seinfeld issues that deal with circumcision. In one, if memory serves, Kramer sees it as a barbaric act; in another, the notion is the girls prefer circumcised penises because the uncut look queer, odd, Martian, etc; less aesthetic. European girls would find this vision absurd and counter to their own experience.

    • Your welcome, Matthew Taylor. To supplement what we've already said here about this stupid barbaric practice of routine male baby circumcision in America, which is definitely a case of boys not getting equal protection as girls on this literally painful issue, money saved by defunding circumcision can go to necessary, life-saving healthcare, improving healthcare to the poor. Circumcision proponents say that defunding Medicaid paid circumcisions reduce healthcare for the poor; this is not only false, but also unethical. Infant circumcision is not healthcare; defunding circumcision means more money is available for healthcare. This claim is substantiated by the Federal Government; the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has defined elective circumcision (ICD-9-CM V50.2) as medically unnecessary. And, Congress appropriates funds only for medically necessary services (42 U.S.C. 1396(1)). Infant circumcision is not recommended by any national medical health organization in the world, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Cancer Society.

      Routine, non-therapeutic infant circumcision costs taxpayers up to $70 million annually, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Costs are more when payments for complications and extended hospital stays are included. Eighteen states reallocate millions of dollars each year by not funding infant circumcision (Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington). It's really interesting that neither Obama nor any GOP POTUS candidate nor either party's leaders in Congress has brought this issue up considering its Constitutional gravitas and the see-saw back and forth about what should be cut to help our horrible economy. One might ask, why?

    • dbroncos, very succinctly put. Thanks.

    • anonymousecomments, & yourstruly, I agree with your comments. Another case in point a few years ago was that leader of that Mormon Fundamentalist break-away sect that continued with polygamy, FLDS.
      He had tons of wives, many teen-agers and some as young as age 12. There was a documentary last week on cable TV showing how some have, and some have not come to grips with the fact they supported such abuse of young girls. Your comments are all illustrated in that documentary.

    • radii, and have you noticed, with equal opportunity, the growing number of cases of child abuse, of sex with underage boy students, involving female teachers, other professionals and service providers?

    • Matthew Taylor, you are correct and that's why Europe quit routine circumcision of baby boys decades ago; the US is the only Western country that still supports the practice, although that support has been falling off in the medical community here and hence in the general public for at least 30 years. It's only recently that across the land parents are even being instructed that there is no medical need for circumcision. It's been done way too long now without even asking the expectant parents. Doctors, hospitals get paid and each circumcision adds up to a lot of money (paid for by Medicaid in many states), plus, the foreskins are sold to the cosmetics industry for another tidy aggregate profit--off the painful abuse of baby boys for new medical reason, when they are totally helpless.

    • Fredblogs, the evidence in Africa now indicates that circumcised males are more prone to all the ailments, including STDs and AIDS, than the uncut African males.

    • Matthew Taylor, I share you outrage that in America (not Europe) routine baby boy circumcision is still more common than not (although it's falling slowly) despite the fact even the doctors' organizations have finally admitted there is no medical reason to justify it. It's a fact that what is cut off is the most erotic nerve cells in the human male body, and that the foreskin also functions to increase sexual stimulation by its sliding action, and as well, babies cannot be numbed from the pain as their systems are too young to absorb pain medicine without harming their health immediately. Some states allow medicaid funds for such painful, barbaric and medically useless routine cutting. Talk about some spending we could cut without remorse! There's a battle going on in some states about this practice and its governmental funding. Jewish groups say the protesters against the practice are violating their religious practice by trying to end routine circumcision in the state. I say it should at least be ended in all publicly funded hospitals and Christian hospitals. Jews can still have the mohel do it elsewhere; then it's a case more similar in issue to the Ultra Orthodox subject here; who's really thinking about the best interest of the Jewish child, or rather tiny baby boy?
      Female circumcision of any type and at any age, even a mere nick at the clitoris, is outlawed in the USA, and this despite fact some Muslims have the custom.

    • Shingo, OlegR does not want to hear your facts about US aid to Israel. Also, he seems to think we Americans here are happy about how the aid to Israel feeds into the Military-Industrial Complex Ike warned us all about (as well as to enmeshment with foreign country, as Washington warned us about). Some of us here would like to see the Pentagon not only audited, but its budget cut by half. God knows we could use the money, as MarkF points out. Israel has a higher bond rating than the USA, and yet we continue to underwrite Israel's debt.

    • Fredblogs, the Jews this blog is often concerned about are those Jews and their Establishment that are short-sighted, both about what is good for the Jews here and in Israel, and also good for the USA, and the world--in the long er run. This blog is not about "turning against Israel and fellow Jews" but about being a friend to both--and a good friend will criticize you to your face if that friend sees how you are ruining your own life, and those you say you care about.

    • The news on this subject also details how the Brooklyn district attorney is criticized for his handling of ultra-Orthodox Jewish child sex-abuse cases. And he's been following custom, a custom that robs the secular law of any teeth to protect abused children when they belong to this particular Jewish community. A lighter analog is separation of the sexes on public buses running though the neighborhood, if memory serves.

      I think the subject ties in with Phil's stance that the Jewish community, including the Orthodox sub-community, should end the absurd notion that they are special victims these days, either in USA or elsewhere--because the favoritism they are shown will be their long-term undoing, whether he's talking Israel or a local community that is so blind it cannot see what it's doing to its own children.

    • My parents were life-long Roman Catholics; they sent us kids to Catholic grade school, only a couple of years when they could afford it. I'm glad the priest scandal erupted after my mother died because she had a lot of faith to be taken down, the kind who said a rosary every night. Alone, my father drifted, but the priest scandal finished off any religious belief his wife had welded to his natural skepticism while she was alive. He died despising the church. OTOH, my son received a good education in Catholic HS; my Jewish wife insisted, and I figured she knew what she was talking about since she was a lifer teacher in the Chicago Public School System.

  • The media Israel complex
    • What other entities, especially in fields like hi-tek, security, defense, dual use innovations, with operating budget paid by the Israeli government are so closely associated with an American University?

  • New Pew Center poll highlights growing Egyptian revulsion at peace treaty with Israel
  • Biden gives Israel the green light on Iran in speech to rabbinical convention
    • Shingo, it's worse, Beiden is not clueless as Dan Quail was regarding foreign policy.

    • Truman got pissed when the big Zionist rabbi he let in the door (thanks to his old Jewish small business partner) pounded his ham fist on the Oval Office desk. He had already burned, unopened, a big pile of Zionist-orchestrated letters. But the bottom line for Truman was he wanted to stay in office and the rabbi was ready to dump all key NY Jewish state voter support and media and Zionist dollars into Dewey's campaign coffers--if Truman did not sign that recognition letter. And so the die was cast for our current state of campaign finance respecting Israel. His last gasp of independence was to scratch out the adjective "Jewish" to the state of Israel he was recognizing. No US politician ever brings any of this stuff up, of course.

    • He reminds me of the political version of Joan Rivers.

    • Joe "Chicklets-Plugs" Beiden, the icon of Irish bluster, who plagiarized that Brit Labor Party leaders speech back in the day. The "Beiden Seat", in Delaware, the home of predatory capitalism's incorporation.

    • seafoid, the US government does not really care about winning over the hearts and minds of the Arab St in the ME, and ditto re American Muslims. Put simply, they don't have an AIPAC nor Sheldon Adelson Special Forces. And Dick and Jane have been led to believe in Ali Baba & The 1.3 Billion Terrorists.

  • 'Death of a Salesman' came out of an intermarriage
    • But your comment "So what?" was directed at my comment to you date-stamped May 14, 2012 at 9:58 pm.

    • RE: "So what?"
      Nothing, RoHa, only that the subject article here above the line is Death Of A Salesman, and the various layers to it, such as the three Phil discusses, and this comment thread relates to those, including the aspects universal, American, and Jewish.

      So, you live in Australia?

    • Odd, you don't mention, e.g., Saul Bellow, Bernard Malamud, or Philip Roth.

      Haven't you read Roth's "The Plot Against America"? (Gee, I bet you think Dirty Dancing merely reflected class conflict.) Try it: link to
      See if you see anything like Ron Paul in Roth's characterization of Charles Lindbergh--or have you a less biased view of either Paul or Lindbergh?

      (And, what does this mean: "I don’t usually think about that. I think about who did the murder." So you think Who-Dunnits R first class literature? How is this relevant to my question? Crime? How About Crime and Punishment, not Mickey Spillane? )

      Post WW2, "The American literary landscape was suddenly and audaciously alive with Jewish characters of every sort. Writers shed their coyness and let their Jewishness speak in loud, even stentorian, tones." link to

    • RoHa, you mean you think of him as an American writer like John Updike, or Phillip Roth? Is there any difference in your mind between a writer who universalizes his/her personal experiences and one who more emphasizes them in the particular?

    • Betsy, thanks; I don't disagree with anything you say, as far as it goes--certainly there's a big difference between the daily practical intra-activity within a small, remote African tribe of the sort National Geographic is famous for illustrating, and what this blog addresses, at least at the literal level; I will just say at this point, that, say, the Civil War or WW2 re-enactor mentality/emotional make-up-- is not sitting in key influential seats in the US government, which currently wields the most power in this world. Or is it? At least we can be sure when the re-enactors you mean go home at the end of the day, there's no dead, maimed, or starving human bodies left on the ground as testament to the real ultimate effect of any supremacist ideology or religion, often partnering with greed, career.

    • OK. Betsy, how about State A is founded on universalists principles which state is used by an international tribe to enable a racist ideology in State B at the expense of the natives there?

    • Yes. Maybe you were thinking of Henry Miller, RoHa?

    • Who can forget the images he created of his family's adults clustered around him as a youngster in his crib? Where The Wild Things Are, if memory serves, was the name of that book.

      Compare it to Good-Night Moon.

    • Notes From Underground?

    • What more? The Hunger Games?

    • pabelmont, you are correct; if only OWS merely occupied K-St and Americans learned how core our current system of campaign finance is to all are other problems--it's the structural base turning democracy into plutocracy.

      Lobbyists think of themselves as paid helpers devoted to more efficiently allowing their clients to present their case to congress. In their own eyes too, they would never bribe a government official as that would be illegal.

  • 'Liberal and enlightened'-- and all white
    • I agree apart sports too. Part of this clarity compared to art or commerce, other than the very physicality of sports talent, the meritocracy of engagement as players, must be the relative simplicity of sports games themselves, of their rules, and the fact the audience knows both, and the games are transparent and open to all--the masses are willing to pay just to watch? What's more political at base than the art/non-sports entertainment world?

    • All four of the main girls in the show are from homes of very successful people in the entertainment arts world.

    • Well, I just watched the first episode of Girls; it's sort of like watching a very tedious and dull, boring, and ugly version of Clueless, the movie. Well, maybe not so much. Ditto, Sex & The City. Sort of a movie of 1%er naval gazing, girls edition? It doesn't speak for the 99% of 20-something girls, yet claims to speak for the millennials. Anyway, if you have time, here's the whole first episode, which starts with the main character telling her parents all her friends live off their parents at two years out of college, and all she needs from them is another two years to become what they want her to be: link to
      I have nieces 24 & 25 and they are not like the creepy young ladies depicted here.

    • So was it a giant leap for the nation and mankind when we jumped from Mayberry, USA to Friends? Or no?

      PS, you could watch sitcoms aimed at the African-American community on BET: link to

    • smd341, so you imply a window into our culture and who makes it is not relevant at all to our foreign policy?

    • PeaceThroughJustice, looks like you are also describing MSNBC & FOX news shows.

    • Mooser: “I’m very well liked in Hartford. You know, the trouble is, people don’t seem to take to me.”

    • Danna, in my own experience there's a lot of truth in what you say.

    • Krauss, Elliot, compared to the USA, proportionate the the whole population, aren't there higher percentage of blacks in USA than in places like France or Germany? And isn't the percentage of Islamic people in Germany and France nearing the percentage of blacks in USA's population? And in England? If so, maybe the numbers in relation to the whole population of a country is as reasonable an explanation as focus on race v focus on class? Also, I always hear, e.g., US discriminates by race while England discriminates by class, but I wonder how true that actually is; maybe it's just bad form in America to socially pronounce one's class bias, coupled with consumer product aggregate method, which is good form?

    • She looks somewhat like Stanley Ann Dunham, yes?

    • So, her HBO show will have the four chief characters saying "you know" even more than she does in her planned interview excerpted here? Such an elite, we have these day, the cream of the WASP-Jewish crop? Whatever.
      Yeah, we know.

      Meanwhile, here's some semi-related news from the foreign state that is just like us, just as we are all told, you know:

      Keep your daughters away from Arabs: link to
      Public invited to inform on those renting to Arabs:
      link to

  • Haaretz's 'Palestinian and Arab Affairs correspondent' will speak at event for US Friends of the Israeli army
    • "Friends of the American Defense Forces
      Their job is to look after America
      Ours is to look after them"--Jewish Community of Greater Israel

  • It's Good to be the King: Netanyahu scraps elections, buys off opposition and cements power with new unity gov't
    • Yikes, BillM, I think your are right! You should have cross-linked to the article here very recent on how Israel stole US uranium (with help of Israel Firsters here) and used the bomb it made with said uranium to blackmail US presidents by threatening to use it.

    • Mr Mutter, thank you for your most excellent analysis on this sudden, new turns of events--it's much more penetrating than the other articles I've read this morning in the Israeli press in English.

      I read an article yesterday in the Israeli press that said an Israeli official with regular access to the WH recently said that Obama was cool and always rational on every subject that comes to his desk, so to speak--except one, and that was that he has an emotional attachment to the Palestinians people's plight. And Bibi knows it. Care to guess who that Israeli official is? And, how many foreign state officials have regular access to be around Obama and/or his immediate inside appointees?

  • Are Obama and Netanyahu now joined at the hip for election season?
    • So, now Bibi is king of Israeli politics?
      link to

    • RE: "not really. the elections are called off, the PM is forming a government with another coalition."
      link to

    • OlegR, looks to me like the Israeli public and Bibi himself are most concerned about an issue you did not mention to Annie here: the unfairness of current Israeli conscription law (and the underlying philosophical premise which is a secular versus religious state):

      Bibi calls 4 military-national service for religious Jews, Arabs:
      link to

      Bibi's rationale for advancing the elections concerns a bill advocating mandatory military or national service for Jewish religious students, which is being pushed for a parliamentary vote.
      link to

    • Correction, Winnica, the Americans vote according to what they are allowed to see and understand via the mainstream media when it comes to anything involving Israel. This needs to change.

  • Palestinian students at Israeli college say they were forced to stand to honor war dead
    • Not to worry, elijay, I already replied to the smelly rabbit OlegR pulled out from his old Russian Jewish hat. He has no clue America is not, never has been Russia, or Israel.

    • Annie, I guess OlegR is projecting from his proud days as an IDF participant in OP Cast Lead's turkey shoot of Palestinian children.

    • RE: "My grandfather’s entire family was murdered in the Holocaust"

      This is a great loss. Shmuel, you are a living example of this loss. The world I desire would have lots of Shmuels like you in it.

  • It is shocking to see a farmer having to go thru a military checkpoint to get to his land
  • Who's the anti-Semite?
    • playforpalestine, from 1989-Spring 91, the move toward unification of Germany did not spring from the grass roots, but rather said masses were led by their respective leaders, and the number one reason was prospects for economic gain by the merger; this was, of course, especially so on the part of the Eastern regime. Other motives were common language, split families, and simple fact it was not that long ago when the country had been united. link to

      Were they wrong? Wouldn't you say united Germany today exhibits the most robust economy in Europe?

    • Hedges premised his chat on the theory that the Enlightenment was to blame because it ditched the theory of original sin. He doesn't address to my knowledge and/or satisfaction how the Jewish idea of "calling and duty to repair the world" fits into his premise making The Holocaust "an Enlightenment Project."

    • Also, playforpalestine, re your pretend naivety: " I’ve never heard that accusation leveled before. Do you honestly think that Israel was behind 9/11?"

      Trying this summary, Straight Talk On Jews And 9/11: link to

      You should also know about what Sibel Edmonds turned up: link to

      Hard to believe you don't know about Scooter Libbey...

    • German citizenship differs from Israeli citizenship considerably; for example, nobody born in US to parents who are American citizens born and bred has a "right of return" to Germany. Nor does he or she, or any German citizen for that matter, have a right honored/enforced by the German government to displace anybody born and bred anywhere under German control or administration simply because the latter is not of German ethnicity. link to
      Germany frowns on multiple citizenship, and will require you to renounce your previous citizenship unless you can prove it will cause you or your family undue hardship. link to

    • playforpalestine, I guess you didn't hear Bibi's recent speech here in the USA where he referenced his historical notion that Israel is the sole insurance against the anti-semites who have always existed and are revealed in every generation of Gentiles, including every generation to come. Google it. Bibi believes as his father did, that is, that anti-semitism is eternal here on earth among the Gentiles: link to

    • Re: " People are free to make their own associations and form their own common ethnic/religious identities as they see fit. Just because Judaism is older doesn’t make it more legitimate than any other nation of people that defines itself by an association with one another."

      Has any person, including Josephus, ever found a single mention of Jews or Judeans by anyone in any record prior to Roman times?

      Is there any mention of Judeans in any other literature but their own Septuagint? Appears no one at the time took the Septuagint as a factual collection.

    • playforpalestine, so you never heard about the 5 dancing Israeli's? Where do you live? Do I "honestly think that Israel was behind 9/11?"

      I do know that Bibi thought 9/11 was a good event for Israel and that the Israeli government, like Rahm Immanual, never fails to take advantage of any opportunity that offers itself to further its own agenda, and that in fact Israel immediately after 9/11 launched a campaign basically shouting to all Americans, in effect "See? We have the same common enemy! Let's fight together against terrorist Islamofascism!"

      Did some Israelis and/or American Jews know about 9/11 ahead of time and simply not tell US? If so, did they gain personal advantage from that? Was 9/11 an Israeli set-up? Israel does have a track record on that. The FBI report on Israeli/Jewish involvement is over 500 pages and most of it is highly classified, and in fact the time expiration has been extended. Here's some related questions I don't believe have been answered to a reasonable person's satisfaction, including some raised by parts of the FBI files that have been made available under FOI:
      link to
      link to

      link to

    • seanmcbride, Yes, I agree, The Enlightenment and America's highest values, which themselves grew out of The Enlightenment, are good examples of good energy channeling benefitting the most people regardless of their more insular identification. I don't see how the concept of choseness has much to do with Enlightenment values per se. Yes Socrates is my archetypal universalist free thinker--but he ate the hemlock. Plato did not.

    • "Israel supplied bulldozers, paid for by my American taxpayers, to their allies, the right wing Christian militia that committed the slaughter with Israeli facilitation." link to
      The Israelis "had trained them, given them uniforms, handed them US army rations and Israeli medical equipment. Then they had watched the murderers in the camps, they had given them military assistance - the Israeli airforce had dropped all those flares to help the men who were murdering the inhabitants of Sabra and Chatila - and they had established military liason with the murderers in the camps."
      link to

    • playforpalestine, so you like doing the guilt-by-association trip, eh? The article you hotlink lists ten Americans linked to fringe organizations kicked to the curb of credibility by mass America, and rightfully so, ages ago, because they evidenced they do, or may support Ron Paul. 10 is a small number when anyone considers how many Ron Paul supporters there are and how Ron Paul has been a respected member of Congress for decades, and always consistent in his POV, so much so, even the MSM constantly says he's the only consistent content contender for POTUS.

      You live in Brooklyn and tell us, "I’ve never met an openly racist white person here nor any Ron Paul supporters. But I did google his name once."

      And you concluded from such slight effort that there's a "large contingent of proudly racist Ron Paul supporters."

    • Yes, Israel has just kept the same laws that existed in the Jewish community before 1948, and that religion and culture traditionally promoted, most treasured endogamy. Still does: google "Silent Holocaust"--
      What other religion promotes, most treasures ethnic purity?

    • Not after, but before and during 9/11, 5 Israelis parked their white van in a perfect spot to watch that event; they had equipment to film it, and pranced and hopped atop the white van in utter glee. They were arrested after being spotted by an American doing this. A whole bunch of Israelis were rounded up by the local authorities, investigation began; soon that was stopped and the Israelis were whisked off to Israel and the event was hushed up.

      The proof of what average Americans would feel and do if they had more objective information than what the US MSM doles out about the I-P situation, which is parroting hasbara--is that the MSM has a decades old pattern of not presenting the Palestinian side of the conflict and glibly enhancing the hasbara OK'd by media heads complicit with AIPAC & Israel (& most of Congress is complicit).

      Go ahead, now tell Americans on this blog that there had been, and is, no steep and relentless bias on the part of the US MSM favoring Israel. Tell them accordingly, this official propaganda reality is not a major reason why this blog was established.

    • Actually, Klaus, in the years immediate following WW2 didn't many ethnic Germans who had lived in the East for generations get ethnically cleansed from there? I mean you make it sound like its been a volunteer thing all along. If memory serves, some 2 million died during this transfer, and another 15 million were displaced, nicht wahr?

    • Klaus, in America marketing circles, "Make a good product and let the image take care of itself’" is known as "the German idea," which here holds no stronger position than many other marketing strategies, many with aspects quite the contrary.

    • Does Germany allow, say a German American born and bred, age 18, to move to Germany, and settle in the home and on the land of any non-ethnic German, no matter how many generations the latter has lived there?

    • Anyone can check out what the Commission concluded re the main or key motivation, and how they made it generic in the public release, even you, playforpalestine. Google is a useful tool. I urge readers here to use it and you will find playforpalestine is flying by the seat of his pants. Even it it was only one of the reasons, why should Americans pay the cost for how Israel abuses the natives? You raise a question I did not address, i.e., whether or not average Americans would adopt the motivation inspiring the 9/11 attackers--to do what? Attack their own country and fellow citizens literally? If you question is how would Americans adopt the POV of the 9/11 attackers regarding the I-P situation and US enablement of it with US blood and treasure--the answer is, by the US mainstream media giving a balanced view of the history and current daily facts on said situation. Americans would quickly see they've been ignorantly supporting the wrong side of said issue; Americans favor underdogs, and don't like bullying the innocent.

    • RE: "One MORE? There was a first one?"
      The original 9-11 Commission re motivation of the attackers concluded that the key reason for the terrorist attack in NYC was frustration at the USA's blank check to Israel for what it does to the Palestinians. The Commission's finalized report for public consumption changed that conclusion by making it generic, that is by making it a general statement that American foreign policy always produces blowback. Even there, if you look into the body of even the public version of the Commission's report, you will see singled out the same motivation, with a few others as additional samples of motivation.

    • playforpalestine, what is your source and experience for your blanket statement "the large contingent of proudly racist Ron Paul supporters"?

      I never met one and I've been a Ron Paul supporter as the best option available for POTUS a long time. Perhaps you live somewhere and have regular contact with such a large contingent of folks? Where's that?
      I'm asking because the Ron Paul supporters I know have never exhibited any element of racism, nor bigotry of any sort, let alone pride in same, at least in my presence, nor in their writing, so I don't know where you came up with such a statement.

    • seanmcbride asked Mayhem: "Which ethnic nationalist movements around the world do you support other than your own?
      Do you support or oppose white nationalists and Christian nationalists in the United States and Europe — and on what grounds?"

      I guess Mayhem does not like specific questions as response to his original vague abstract comment here to seanmcbride.

    • pabelmont, re your "(Fiddlesticks)": How does the concept of "the Silent Holocaust" fit in, in terms of the concept of the individual, the self versus the concept of "a people" and/or "nation" sans borders? Does the tradition of "worshiping" one's ancestors, as aspect of some oriental groups, also fit in? And then apply also the worship of future generations of one's group? Is the end game, an implied notion of a collective people, past, present, and future--as eternal God On earth (maybe "as it is in heaven")? How about the Nazi notion of the Jews having "earth-based souls"? (The Earth-Centered Jew Lacks A Soul, by Alfred Rosenberg, citing inter alia Otto Weiniger, and derived from Dietrich Eckart's Ein Vermachtnis, edited by Rosenberg (1928). The article concludes that Zionism would take away an alleged Jewish role of staying the non-Jewish urge towards heaven or compulsion not to be of this world, in contrast to Judaism. (If I understand the translated text)

    • seanmcbride, can you give us all an historical example or two of the successful energy channeling you say is doable sans "the racism and brutality that often accompanies a conviction of choseness"? And, tie in the story of Plato and Socrates? Thanks!

    • MHughes, I have a 1939 "unabridged and fully annotated" edition of Mein Kampf which attributes in a footnote the phrase "I decide who is a Jew" to Lueger when he was Mayor of Vienna. There is no source for that comment though (other than the eight names of the ten "editorial sponsers" listed at the beginning of the book.

    • Mahr was a man of his times; he coined the term "anti-semite" because Jews were included in the psuedo-scientific racial theories of the times and the only Semites he was concerned about were the ones in his country, which were Jewish. You'd think, since it's a given that said racial-science is a myth, that ergo, the use of the term, especially since it applies to only one sub-group of Semites, would be given the boot when discussing important practical issues of our times. Some argue that it's still appropriate to use the term, anti-semite" because the Jewish self-identification is not limited to race, ethic group, religion, culture, etc. It does not make sense. "Jew hatred" is much more precise. That of course brings up the question nobody seems to be able to pin down: "Who is a Jew?" In Mein Kampf, Hitler mentions that the local Vienna mayor (I think, if memory serves) declared that a Jew was who he said was a Jew. These days, we have various Jewish organizational speakers doing the same thing, or, a crippled offspring of such rhetoric, usage of the term "Self-hating Jew." Seems to me ambitious careers use whatever version of "anti-semite" they think will benefit them and their agenda--You know, like Marr did?

      That's why I think Atzmon's book The Wandering Who? is important; and isn't it interesting that those on all sides of the Jewish politically prominent (more or less) community spectrum seem to join to muzzle him--and, by scribbling boldly on their muzzle they have not even read his book!

    • RoHa, I agree. Groups tend to tout by their involved numbers when and where they can clearly brag, and ignore and/or discount said numbers when they clearly cannot. Generalizations and probabilities and exceptions to general rules get slippery, yes?

    • Dickerson, yes, I accept your observation. I did not mean to imply only Jews dislike displaying their dirty laundry in public. I also agree with your embellishment a la translation/extension of the concept and practice. And I recall when I F Stone was a sane voice in the wilderness.

    • I've been wondering, is there such a person as an anti-Gentile? As a practical matter this question may seem immaterial or irrelevant, but, still, is it not a question worth asking, given the demographics of wealth in all Western countries (and tunnel visioned humans like Sheldon Adelson), which have a lot of influence on what's current reality? May I take "judicial notice," as it were, regarding the make up of the world's biggest military countries, with only China being being among the top list? May I take notice of the important central banks around the world? May I take notice of the members of each? May I take notice of the IMF and World Bank? May I take notice of its power as, of Bretton Woods? May I take notice of Bibi N's applause in the US Congress? Of the disproportionate number of Jews in the US Congress, and most especially in Congressional committees devoted to US security and foreign policy? And in England's government too? Am I to just ignore this type of accounting while influential Jews can so engage amongst themselves? Have coffee, discuss amongst yourselves.

    • yeah, you got that right, seanmcbride; it's really disappointing after all these years.

    • Dickerson, thanks for sharing; your comment is very astute, although I am not sure it directly or even indirectly addresses adequately the "don't air dirty laundry in public" practical principle, long cherished by many Jewish folk. A shade fur de goyim, or something like that.

    • So, Sumud, do you near an anti-jew-pro-Aryan outpost in the Colorado Hills? If not, where have you personally met folks who hate jews simply for being jews? And, what do you mean "for being jews?" And what do they mean? What conduct in either case is so despised? Be specific. Thanks!

    • American, if the history of the neocons and PEPs and there current rampage across the mainstream media as experts for mass consumption, and the bad reputation of the Federal Reserve-Treasury-Wall St wheel, not to mention the likes of Madoff, have not resulted in an anti-jewish backlash, what will? War with Iran? With a spread to the whole ME region? With a spread to WW3?

    • dahoit, I empathize with you. My very smart and educated sister recognizes all the good things about Ron Paul, especially his monetary, fiscal, and foreign policy, and as well, his concern for basic rights violated by the Patriot Act and HMS, and she sure is no fan of Big Brother or of the Nanny State, but she won't vote for him because she thinks his policy would turn back female rights from control of their own bodies, hence future. She voted for Nader last time, and says she will do it again.

    • RoHa, Sartre took a swing at your interesting question, but this analysis says he missed the ball by miles: link to

      I agree with you it seems absurd to believe everyone decided "Let's hate the Jews for no particular reason". Yet Bibi thinks so, it seems.

    • It's not the original recording by that group, or even a copy of it.

  • Watching propaganda in a Missouri synagogue
    • Why would anybody choose to have his children brought up to think they have a contract with God, or, for that matter--baby Jesus sitting on their shoulder and whispering in their ear? And, true, we don't know how much George identifies with his own biological family, and whatever they believe or not, nor do we know how and to what extent his wife and children identify with their Non-Jewish In-Laws.

      We can arguably assume he allowed both his baby boys to me maimed for life, a painful operation with no health justification. But maybe not?

    • Those who tout Israel's economic miracle never compare it with any other state that has received so much outside (Goy) aid scot free. What could the Palestinians do with German aid and US aid on par with what is, and has been given Israel? There's historical justification for such aid since the Palestinian people have paid the price for what Nazi Europe did to the Jews and America has supported this attack on the Palestinian people simply because they live in the land controlled by Israel, and US government is a de facto plutocracy.

    • I will never understand any adult who believes in any religion, including the one they were reared in, and if they ditched the religion they were brought up in, why on earth would they convert, and/or allow their own children to be brought up in, indoctrinated in, a religion merely because their spouse desired it? And, how is that giving equal respect and sensitivity to both sides of one's family?

  • Olmert says 'superior powers' -- U.S. Israel lobby-- took him out in 2009
    • aiman, Atzmon agrees with you, as do I.

    • Adelson is on public record as to how much $ he has given US political leaders and contenders solely to support his version of Israel, which is his self-proclaimed sole agenda for his donations. He is also on record as having wished he had served in the IDF rather than in the US military.

    • US congress critters are capable of judging what is in their own best interest, career-wise, and that defines them. We don't grow leaders in USA.

    • Not quite, the US has not really proposed anything either.

    • AllenBee, yes anyone who wants 2 end Zionist takeover of US foreign policy needs 2 support drastic change in current US campaign finance system & needs 2 show US public just how much foreign aid Israel gets. Seems nobody with tons of money like Adelson is willing to do this.

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