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  • Ultrazionists have met the enemy and he is... Tom Friedman!
  • Goldstone needs a reality check
    • Aw, jeez, too funny!

    • Witty is use to "creative accounting." It shows. Unlike law practice, accounting practice is not inherently an adversarial process. He just puts his own accounting labels where he wants to. No internal integrity lies in his processing.

    • Richard Witty, I suggest you read Bishop Tutu's recent detailed analysis of the similarities of Israel's system with old S African apartheid; they include ways Israel is worse. Check out the Russell Tribunal data. Then come back here and apply it to your comment. Don't worry, we know you won't.

    • I'm agnostic by default, but if there is a God in heaven, and that God stands for Justice, there must be an especially hot place in Hell for this Goldstone character. He should be writing up new Wall St lobby proposals to push on Congress to circumvent every attempt to make Wall St accountable for its greed & selfish survival to maintain its luxurious life style at the expense of the masses. This man is template for why I quit the practice of law after working so hard in the steel mills of South Chicago to get my law degree. I was born the same year as Auschwitz, and ever since I've tried like Hanna Arndt to find the reasons why. This Goldstone is a tombstone for humanity.

  • Sadly, Americans need permission from Israeli heroes to stick a fork in Zionism
    • That's not a fair comment, tod, at least to my mind after reading what she said. Please go read the piece in Daily Beast. If you have, then maybe your reading between the lines is true? I don't know. I never read anything about her before.

    • I dunno, but Dayan's widow says Jewish Israelis are voting with their feet out of Israel in a brain drain. Also, she remembers she split from her hubby after he put Arab women in jail & she went to the jail to get them out to make rugs.

  • 'You lost' -- reporters at State say UNESCO vote isolates U.S. from world opinion (and possibly from intellectual property enforcement)
    • PS: Another UN-affiliated agency I guess US will defund is the one monitoring nuclear WMD.

    • Ha, nothing changes on the ground--except increased illegal Jewish settlements she said was still against past-declared US policy. Nothing's moving towards peace but Jewish land grabbing, changing facts on the ground so that Israel has more chips at any sit-down in future. So we cut off funds to Abbas, we cut off funds to UNESCO, although the Pals have done nothing but try to get attention at UN & affiliated agencies, while Israel is actively violating both international law & US policy--yet not a sign US will even threaten to cut off funds to Israel, which are by far the biggest chunk of our total foreign aid. And stupid Dick & Jane don't even give this absurdity a thought, even when foreclosed and/or homeless on the street.

  • Goldstone sugarcoats persecution to try to save Israel
    • I agree, he's trying to save Israel as Israel at any cost to the rest of humanity--like Samson tried.

    • Forget Witty, pabelmont; he's trying so hard to make sense I can hear his gears grinding in his vacuum from here--he picks NYC, NY, which is on the list of top 20 US cities with the most disparity in wealth. Hard not to see Witty back in the day arguing easily that "disparate impact" was the litmus test for discrimination, favoring Affirmative Action of every sort. Get the honkies, back then, said AFro Witty. Now, like Goldstone, when Jews have the power in their own state, he applies a different standard. The test of virtue is power.

    • Seafoid, I hope your prediction is right, but I wouldn't count on it.

    • I agree, American. He's an old man and doesn't want to spend his last days not surrounded by those he loves most because he stood up for actual justice & truth in behalf of all mankind. He never had to worry about tribal shunning when he stood up against apartheid S Africa because he had important white backup dissenters. It was comparatively easy to stick up for the underdog, the traditional Jewish tradition in the diaspora where a Jew always finds it best for the Jews to so stick up as institutional thinking. But the game changed when he was asked to be objective about state action when the state was, for the 1st time since nation states began in modern sense of the term, a self-proclaimed Jewish state with Jews as majority. He couldn't handle it. His time to be really principled, and not merely conveniently principled, came--and he at first rose to the occasion on the strength of his international cred--but that proved too weak when he faced
      the reality of tribal wrath in his personal life. Obama did the same thing with his Cairo Speech, followed by his putting that in the closet and eating crow in the face of Dennis Ross & his own lust for 8 years in top power, max time to really feather his own nest & live well after office.

      Well, Goldstone would at least make a pimple on a Shakespeare tragedy, while Obama wouldn't even raise that.

    • And you will get to keep that job so long as you maintain that same discretion.

    • Yes, this is a great article by Phil & Adam, the Dynamic Duo. Well written, and covers all the most basic things needed to be addressed by the issue. I'd Twitter it all over the place now, but Twitter limits my tweets as its discretion--I don't know what their formula is for too many tweets in some block of time per day.

      Now I just need Phil or Adam to resend me my t-shirts in Male not Female size.

  • Caption contest
    • What happened, Saleema? Why and how did you lose your job? And what was your job, if that's not too personal.

    • All we needed to know is Killion served Lantos. That's like the Obama-Dennis Ross connection.

    • LOL, Obama's gonna stay in UNESCO, like a freeloader in the living room everybody hates because he says he can't chip in for pizza & all know he just gave a prostitute all his spare change. They won't lose their jobs, just a lot of good will they've enjoyed from there peers in UNESCO. They must be aware that this defunding move hurts US jobs, security, PR, opportunities for international cooperation, and that other UN-affiliated agencies will be next to get dumped, including those helping our hi tek patent folks, and nuclear WMD monitoring, etc. US funded 22% of UNESCO's total funding.

    • I read it was 159 vs 12

    • Yeah, she thought it funny.

  • South Africans think Israel is practicing apartheid
    • Witty's grasping at the cheapest straws available--he's ready to fall with so little to stand on.

    • eee, last I heard US was not giving China 20% of our total foreign aid, nor was US underwriting China's debt, even now still, after US credit rating dropped below Israel's. Now did we get involved in Iraq to enhance China's hegemony in its local. Nor do I hear any war drums to bomb Iran to support Israel's continued hegemony in ME. I also don't think we've cheapened our UNSC veto power in aid of China. All this despite fact China is where we get credit to survive, not Israel.

  • Tahrir tells Oakland-- 'Don't afraid, go ahead'
    • I wonder if any Palestinian-Americans are thinking of joining the OWS crowd with a sign or two from their own oppressed plight in OT? How quickly would Homeland Security be on them? I bet there is not a single American member of that agency with an Arab background, and for sure not in higher slots. No contracts with it either, I bet. I know there are many with US-Israeli background with contracts, or even just Israeli.

      Seems around the world more and more everyday folks are joining spirit against rigged systems of government.

      It may reach a time when grass roots Tea party (not astro turf) folks finally see that intrepid, boot-strap individualism with its personal accountability has been getting less and less opportunity under the rigged system, as clearly and graphically shown by CBO charts covering recent 30 year trend in income gap--1% slogan is backed up by that CBO report--somebody should tell Fox News & Fox Business News, eh? Redistribution of income from rich to poor is net nonexistent in context of redistribution of income from working stiffs to the wealthy (who also pay more proportionately for the poor's safety net.

  • Oktoberfest in Palestine
  • Why Palestinian rights are not front and center for OWS meta-brand
    • iamuglow, I hope you are right, but I think most Americans have no clue as to what you say.

    • Looks like some otherwise progressive Jews are just trying to head off at the pass the OWS targeting of the banking industry, which just happens to be heavily Jewish. Nobody is suppose to notice that except fringe David Duke type groups who have no influence.

  • Americans who support Palestinian cause must be willing to lose friends
    • Morgan Bach (German American?) Ah, the irony, eh?): Facebook Friend tells her to quit posting anti-israel content. In response to same girl who proudly proclaimed she was dating IDF guys, Morgan said she was dating a Jordinian. Response from the IDF groupie: Why study in Jordan, and not Israel? Morgen's told indirectly her blog is rubbish by a Facebook guy. Weiss: Where's the friendship? He's very active in LA Jewish community (she admires him for that) & he says its all the fault of the PLO. Her (apolitical?) facebook friends say,"Why do you regard this guy as your friend?" Morgan to Phil: Yes, I have jewish friends who support the Palestinians--the only Jewish ones who wanted to be on my email list re political issues.

      Morgan: "I don't know if its my place (as an American goy) to initiate talk about " (I-P conflict). Phil: What R you inhibited about discussing (on Facebook )? Morgen: " I am afraid to be blunt, intense. Phil: "well but..."

      Morgan's name is legion in current young American generation. They are 98% Gentile. Watch it all develop as OWS is charged with being anti-semitic by the PTB, carried by the MSM.

    • Yeah, Custer was not really a hero for humanity to honor, and neither is (substitute early Jewish hero in Palestine). US Dorian Gray pic slowly comes into the light, dragging Israel with it, as Israel drags the USA around the globe via AIPAC orchestrated donations to US political whores.

    • Yes, Avi_G, and let's not forget the Jewish American artist who lost her eye and the American guy conked on the noggin by a gas canister shot.

    • radii, I know what you mean, but it occurs to me your comment would have been welcomed by the early Nazis. I fear for the next shoe to fall.

    • Anyway I look at it, the Irish were where they were, the Brits where they were; the Brit settlers came across the pond to settle in Ireland, same as the Jewish settlers came across the pond to settle Palestine, already a land with native people. Am I missing something? Did the Brits claim their right to move over the pond and settle in Ireland was established 2,000 years ago in the bible? And the Jews suffered the German-manipulated Shoah, and the Irish suffered the Brit-manipulated potato famine, and so, where are we?

    • You mean like all the families who ended up bickering back in the day while watching Archie Bunker? It's about time. Dick Witty, would you prefer Phil eject the long Jewish tradition summed up by the adage "Where's there's two Jews, there's an argument?" Or is it just that you'd prefer no airing of Jewish laundry in public (98% of the US public)? Too late for that, given the way US foreign policy has been hijacked by AIPAC et al. And, given (more macro) Israel has now been a state for a few generations, and a nuclear one at that. Jewish huddles became subject to public light with Truman's recognition letter. It's just taken a long time, a long train of Israel abuses, for that to start to sink in.

    • A lot of more independent, modest-to-a bit-above-ordinary income & education, swing-voter Americans voted for Obama as a vote against 8 years of Bush Jr. His regime was that bad in so many ways. We all know what they got. The Tea Party started up before Bush Jr left office; grew real grass until it was astroturfed, and now, OWS has grown green grass from Egyptians seedlings. This Right-wing entry of the slur of "anti-semitism" into the MSM element attack on OWS, follows on the fading heels of the still viral attack on the Tea Party is steeped in white racism, and stems from the Left-wing entry mirrored by Obama's comment about those folks "with bibles and guns."

      Everybody who for whatever reason desperately wants to extinguish allowing more truth to reach the masses picks up on the two most strikingly diversionary hole cards available--(white) racism & "anti-semitism." Obviously, this can only work on domestic politics in the West. Interesting, yes?

    • Not sure what you mean here, Newclench. The Christian fundies I know well are glued to Israel as the land God ordained for the Jews, his chosen folks, and nobody should go beyond that--their religious duty is to support the state of Israel right or wrong, as that is the same as following God and his son, Jesus. If you don't go along, you are going to Hell.

    • Would even a few of us be as courageous as the White Rose. They did not have the advantage of being true believers like the Jehovah Witnesses. I've looked for humans with the courage & moral intensity of Sophie Scholl & her handful of friends--I came up with Rachel Corrie. So how's the aftermath of the Corrie trial going in Israel, and what is the US doing about it?

    • Yes, indeed, Chaos; gives new meaning to "anti-semitism" since Palestinians are semitic too.

    • American, the Jewish nightmare you reference and how it has made passive Jews, especially American, Candadian, UK ones (where Israel Lobby is most influential thanks to campaign finance laws amounting to bribery), complicit in Israel's bad conduct, is the problem because those very Jews have not yet internalized the adage that the test of virtue is power. This is exactly Phil's beat. He actually realizes Jews have not only power, but they are a key component of the current US establishment--something OWS is just beginning to run up against in terms of US politics with the accusations OWS IS anti-semitic, something Ron Paul followers have been dealing with for a long time, and the Tea Party has already chosen to be Israel Firsters. The key point is that no matter how much Jews like to think being "Jewish" is, it's no longer a debate limited to them due to the power of the state of Israel and its enormous influence on the only superpower in the world, a world chock full of goys.

  • Struggling for water in Gaza
    • Re: " I wonder how much you have actually read about the origins of Zionism, (the real ones, written by the people themselves, not revisionist propaganda that seeks to condemn the movement using various dishonest arguments.) "

      Shaktimaan, I suggest you play around with the search engine for awhile in the MW archives. You won't have to wonder anymore. The origins of Zionism from the horses' mouths are shown in detail.

      Zionism is not a "big tent movement" to be equated with Socialism or Nationalism. Zionism is limited to Jews. The other movements have been universal. It's absurd your equating the size of their respective tents.

    • DBG, anyone can look up "lebensraum" and find significant similarity with Israel's settlement expansion. Ditto for another Nazi policy: Blut und boden: (of which lebensraum was a part). The romanticism of the kibutz, the "New Jew," the "New German" etc. And pre-Nazi, the Volk movement, origin in Aryan, Nordic myths, etc. The Old Testament. It's hard not to conclude that Zionism itself originated as a knock-off of the Romantic German Volk movement.

      Lebensraum was part of the matrix of Nazi policies that fed each other into National Socialism of a people. Hitler gave things up to get other things. Israel gained a lot from giving up Gaza and the Sinai. The peace treaty with Egypt gave Israel great security, part of which was 30 years of Muburak giving Israel great freedom to do what it wanted to, not to mention decades now of the biggest chunk of US foreign aid, and cheap energy from Egyptian pipelines.

    • I agree with your comment, American. But nobody wants to give up their "get out of jail" card, including the merely complicit by inaction or passivity. Given our current campaign finance system, and the current handful of folks who control the MSM, I don't see anything that will break the current impasse. Unless it is a war on Iran, and then only after severe and wide damage is done. A small glimmer of hope lies in the Arab Spring from Egypt to OWS, coupled with focus on the economic condition worldwide (jobless & debt everywhere up the gazoo), on the money masters & their banking system, and a few blogs similar to Mondoweiss--the internet, so long as the West doesn't take some form of China's approach to that, which would happen if a war on Iran ensued, spread in (somewhat, even by objective projectors) unpredictable ways.

    • It's not humanity who has divested itself from faith in itself, but Zionism which has divested itself from faith in humanity--that is the core assumption of Zionism, and so too, the often proclaimed basis of the Jewish state of Israel.

    • If U look at Bibi's "peace process" map (not the Palestinian one), U can see Bibi wants 2 keep control of water resources by keeping key settlements--this angle should be mentioned more.

  • The Real ‘Theater of the Absurd’: Netanyahu, Givat HaMatos and his endgame in Palestine
    • Antidote, in the most key ways, Atzmon's new book mirrors Marx. And he too is being labeled as anti-semitic & a self-hating Jew.

    • Yeah, put both of them in there with Pollard. Madoff can run the cell.

    • Keith, I agree with what you say 100%. OWS, so far, does not seem to realize this sufficiently, it also seems that only the early Ron Paul supporters realized it when the Tea Party started up; since then, the Tea Party blending with the GOP has given up this insight, to whatever extent it had it in its early days. Ron Paul was on Meet the Press today and he laid it all out very clearly in what I think was the first time he's been given any real MSM show time.

    • A great American Prez said those who control the money, are more powerful than a standing army. A great early Rothschild said not too long later, that those who control the money, have control of the government. Seems both historical figures were right. Meh.

  • As the two-state solution dies, what comes next?
    • All the big bankers agree with a one world solution; sovereign nations interrupt their greed from time to time.

    • Just part of Bibi's plan 2 bomb Iran & take care of some other things on the side while the US is pulled into the fray & attention drawn to Iran.

    • Their ideal is to force all the Palestinians into Jordan.

    • LOL. The Israeli's are known for the same thing in NY & PA. Nobody likes to deal with them--I know lawyers there who charge a lot more when Israelis (dual citizens) are on the other end, or they refuse to take the potential client's case.

  • Dying of schmaltz
    • If Hostage is an advocate, so of course is Witty (and proudly wearing a liberal Zionist badge on his breast). Hostage supports his claims with outside authorities, evidence, and we can all go and check them. Witty does not. Witty simply counters by saying nobody here is privy to what the Israeli government may know that may legitimize its conduct at issue at the time and place in question.

      Witty wants Hostage to pin some identifying badge on his chest too. Hostage says, in effect, I don't have a badge--I am just passing you the facts as I see them, and here, btw, are my authorities, Just the facts, Mame.

      We are all the jurists. Jurists argue together on what the dueling advocates have presented, and they come to a conclusion, their comments. We've seen the outcome time and time again here on MW.

      Witty concludes most regulars here are biased. Like a biased judge in a bench trial or a biased jury. He recommends an alternate transfer jurisdiction, his own blog. Nobody finds it worthy except himself. They come running back to Phil & Adam's domain.

      Bush Jr & Rummy have been out selling books, books in which they maintain that they made the decision to attack Iran based on the best evidence available at the time by official intelligence agencies regarding the character of the threat posed by Saddam H & his regime.

      This in the face of much directly contrary evidence that has come out.
      All governments classify, keep state secrets. When and if it finally comes out, it's always way after the fatal events in question.

      All law is ultimately political. In the West there is a tradition to keep Justice blind as much as possible; this grows harder as the political implications grow larger (as the little case "gets bigger."). The latest AIPAC spy case was arrested and buried due to alleged state security issues. SCOTUS too declines to accept cases under the Political Question doctrine.

      There is no good reason to respond to Richard Witty at all except to demolish his vague and nearly always unsupported abstractions for the benefit of newer lurkers and newbies to Mondoweiss who might be confused by his deflection technique.

    • Atzmon focuses on the tension between "Jewish values" and humanistic values (tribal v universal) in his latest book, the one it seems Jews on all sides of the aisle criticize harshly as a book from a self-describe "self-hating Jew" and/or "anti-semite." So far, they come out right away by stating they have not actually read his book.

    • At any rate, Witty has less moral & intellectual integrity. He's more like a Xtian fundy. In the end, he's a true believer, which he tries to mask with abstract humanist verbiage.

    • Yes, DBG, it's the same reason that explains move to get Pollard released, and to Israel.

    • From what the #GOP POTUS contenders and current congress say, you will get anything you get from government cut off before one cent is cut from the Israel package. Ron Paul is the exception, but there's been no follow up when this question was raised during the CNN debate.

    • If the Palestinians gain statehood, will they be helped by the Wester World to track, capture, and harass geezer IDF guards until they die? How much of Israel's stance & conduct based on psychiatric projection?

    • Witty says above the Palestinian & Solidarity cry for Justice is the main problem. That's the difference between a traditional liberal Jew like Phil and a liberal Jewish Zionist like Dick.

    • Keith, yes a bill has been proposed by Israel First congress critters to transfer the Israel aid package to DOD to avoid blanket cuts proposed to Foreign Aid; this happened months ago; some resisted a bit later at the time, arguing that would put aid to Israel under undesirable kleig lights, and now, we have not heard much about it in MSM. Anybody got an update?

    • Heh. Nietzsche in fact went nuts in the end. Probably as he watched his form of western Buddhism being turned into social Darwinism, into premature Hitler worship--sorta like the Buddhists who now worship Buddha virtually as a God?

    • Maybe young Bibi learned his psychopathology when he was rubbing shoulders with the then also young Americans in their ivy league halls?

    • Witty, so, back in the day, you would not have defended the right of any occupied person to snatch any hapless member of a Wehrmacht tank crew & hold him as a bargaining chip against the local German officer who has rounded up 1,000 locals?

    • Witty, you write as if Justice is not a very key self-declared motivator in Jewish biblical and Shoah literature, in Jewish humanist verbiage too. People who argue that Jewish tradition & bible primarily push Revenge or "retribution" are customarily attacked as "anti-semitic." So, are we to glean from your comment ("The invocation of “justice” for example strikes me as primarily retributive.) that you are a Jew-hater?

    • The French resistance, e.g., snipers etc--mostly appeared only when Allied troops were coming, and not far away. This suggests (although it doesn't justify) killing of Jewish civilians is much less personally risky than killing IDF troops. Since the settlers are armed, and protected by Jewish cops & IDF, the risk their to Palestinian resistance fighters falls in between.

      I don't think there's any Allied troops coming soon to rescue the Palestinians from nuclear-armed & US-fed IDF troops. Maybe that's why the Palestinian leadership doesn't model the Palestinian sniper?

    • Mearsheimer would except the ultimate propaganda- his book with Walt clearly shows how Jews do fall for propaganda designed to target their worst fear of the next pogrom right around the corner unless they rubber-stamp Israel, or at least, don't air their criticism of Israel on the Goy laundry line.

  • Egyptian revolutionary cartoons (part 1)
    • I'm pretty sure Charlie Rose sleeps well at night. I wish he didn't. He never follows up when he should when he interviews some expert on the Middle East & US foreign policy. Never gets to the inside goodies. Gives you the jar.

  • 'Neocon' is suddenly a bad career move (and Rachel Abrams ain't helping the Elliott Abrams brand)
    • Wolfie didn't say WMD was a lie, or not a lie. He said it was the only reason he and his cohorts could agree on to sell their agenda, which was attacking Iraq. Nobody would ever directly say the reason they gave for doing something with huge consequences was a lie. Every good salesman sells himself or herself first before the pitch. The ends justify the means.

      The actual intelligence findings & sources the neocons chose to believe in was disputed at the time, and has since been found to be unreliable and comparatively paltry. Anyone here can google it. The neocons had their "concerns" as Wolfie said. They sought to rid themselves of them.

    • Keep her words except directly exchange the actors and victims named or implied & what do you get, hophmi? Res ispa loquitor (sic), "the thing speaks for itself."

    • Kaiser Wilhelm II, who had been fairly close with Ferdinand (making his actions appear all the more legitimate), gave Austria a blank check—pledging Berlin’s unconditional support for whatever Austria-Hungary’s actions against Serbia would be—even if Russia intervened. By doing so, Germany was essentially spoiling for a fight with Russia. The analogy today is obvious. The US is spoiling for its next fight--with Iran, beating the drums loudly--this in behalf Israel & our war machine business. Every POTUS & wannabe (except Ron Paul) & US Congress person (again, except Ron Paul) & wannabe pledge his or her's "unconditional support" for Israel--gives Israel a blank check (both figuratively in not restraining Israel & via the biggest chunk of foreign aid--even now when US is bankrupt, though still also underwriting Israel's debt so much its credit rating is superior to the USA's). And it's not in the greater world's long term interest to have US-Israel exploiting and enslaving so many lands.

    • That committee keeps her on their board because she says what they think and is more willing to take heat for it. Bill Kristol for example is more circumspect. He totally speaks in languid necon code with a touch of humanistic veneer.

    • Obama is the guy wearing the stupid uniform with a flashlight, ushering you down the 1950s movie theatre aisle in your little hick town, climbing the marquee sign to change the Now Playing letters, uncomfortable if forced to shine his flash light on snuggling or giggling couples--afraid they would recognize him in the near dark.

    • piotr, how normal is it to believe you were chosen by God, the real estate agent?

    • POA. Brilliant. Maybe Atzmon will do it?

    • American, relate what you said to Wilson's involvement in WW1. Thanks!

    • I notice on Twitter many around the world and in USA are asking why does Rachel Abrams gets to say the racist stuff she does in US MSM?

    • EVA, what search engine do you use? Or do you use a number of them?

    • And the US Right is convinced tomorrow we may have Sharia Law in the USA. They have bought the Big Lie of Clash of Civilizations created by Israel & partners in USA. Frum's cheap analogy remains God in America, as it does in Israel.

    • Yes, indeed, Keith, that is the macro. Both the early Tea Party & now, the early OWS fingered the Fed Reserve System. Tea Party seems to have forgotten this, and more has not connected the dots to War Business--time will tell if OWS succumbs to Democrats as Tea Party did to GOP. Both parties are part of the single party system, switching hats every 4 to 8 years, the one given to each by the oligarchy

    • You're right annie. One of the must disgusting is Bill Kristol. He's like a smug pedophile running wild in the sandlot.

    • yourstruly, I don't doubt what you say at all; you must have really grown up in a cultural bubble. My own experiences made me take what liberal Jews pontificated about with a huge bag of salt.

    • Jesuz, Mooser, what the fu%* are you drinking? Get your antlers out of your tukas and reread Pohl's comment, please.

  • Props for the amazing political space OWS created (but who is talking about Palestine?)
    • James, yes, all roads lead to the banking system, and yes, Rothshchild showed the way. And everyone faintly interested in getting to a really big root of our problem should read that fat Creature From Jekyll Island. I'm surprised it's not on the best seller list here, and overseas.

      OWS should make signs telling people to read that book. And other signs should say kill our current campaign finance system.

  • 'Washington Post' headline: US must reevaluate aid to Israel
    • Israel is the only country the US allows to treat its aid as fungible, sans strings, and with upfront interest commencing early each year. Uncle Sam borrows the cash from China at interest, gives it to Israel, and pays Israel interest on it.

    • POA, on the lower end of carpentry, try talking to any Chrisian fundy with a personal relationship with Jesus, especially the women. If they had their wish, ALL our foreign aid would go to Israel, and they would send everybody's kids and their kids with boots on to defend Israel at any time. Like Bachmann, says, "God told me so."
      And there's plenty of Dicks and Janes in the heartland who would too, to curb onslaught of Sharia law in US.

    • I saw a figure of minimum 5 -6 billion total annual aid to Israel.

    • How much does our annual underwritng of Israel's debt add to the welfare mix? Our credit rating went down, and Israel's went up.

      On CNN last night, the question of aid to Israel was directly asked. All GOP candidates said they wouldn't cut it, Bachmann being the most explicit. Single exception was Ron Paul, who said foreign aid should be cut across the board. No exceptions.

  • Those crazy Syrians
    • Part of the Israeli big plan is to get Arab Christians out of the ME (to US, EU) so the region is pure Muslim Arab, a clear picture of the enemey for Western nations with mostly Christian demographies.

  • Americans believe red herring-- Iran is Enemy #1. Why?
    • Israel's lawyer, Dennis Ross tells Obama to do both if he wants to assure his reelection and beat the GOP contest for who loves Israel more.

    • Charon, Hitler explained it: Most people only have the imagination to spot a little lie, because they tell little white lies but would never tell big ones, if for no other reason than fear of being caught. Little white lies are as far as they go in believing sometimes lies are justified. Hence the power of the repetitive BIG LIE. Of course little people also do not have the power to prevent gossip or information from spreading about their little lies. They don't own or control the local grapevine or small press.

    • Freudian Projection?

    • Witty: "That Israel’s healthy and security is one of America’s foreign policy interests is also a given."

      Israel started the nuclear arms race in the ME in the early 1960s--against JFK's dire resistance; since then 6 states there have tried 2 get nuclear bomb capability to offset Israel's monopoly in the region, but the US has prevented this. Traditional US foreign policy is balance-of-power, which has served US interests best. Iran has not engaged in predatory wars or "preemptive or preventive" wars; Israel had done this repeatedly. US unbalanced foreign policy in the ME is against US interests and nobody benefits from it except Israel. Truman made the first mistake, going against US State & Diplomatic Corps in recognizing Israel (not a "Jewish State of Israel). During the cold war it was somewhat reasonable to view Israel as "our aircraft carrier" or "front line of defense" but Israel has nothing to offer US interests for decades now. Israel is a burden, a parasite in terms of US best interests.

  • A mixture of feelings as prisoners near freedom
  • Only 7 Republican congresspeople to visit Israel this month
  • The social fabric

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