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  • Virulent, violent verbal tactics reveal Dershowitz as a bully, says fellow Israel advocate
    • I just noticed that in the acknowledgments to The Case for Israel (2003), the Dersh thanks his 'friends' Jeffrey Epstein and others for their 'perceptive comments' on the manuscript.

      Virginia Roberts was under Epstein's control from 1999 to 2002.

  • Obama cites donor pressure re Iran, but 'NYT' won't tell you what he means
    • It is about big money, and faction. Madison in Federalist 10:

      Among the numerous advantages promised by a well-constructed Union, none deserves to be more accurately developed than its tendency to break and control the violence of faction...By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community...But the most common and durable source of factions has been the various and unequal distribution of property. Those who hold, and those who are without property, have ever formed distinct interests in society.

      Clearly our well-constructed Union is broken by these donations.

    • Isn’t it time Americans got to discuss this central question of the national interest versus a political faction?

      On Capitol Hill they're playing Roll over Madison and tell Hamilton the news.

  • Israel campaigns to block UN human rights findings on Gaza onslaught
    • StandWithUs to take cash, messaging from Israeli govt

      I cannot image that StandWithUs will comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act by registering as a foreign agent for these payments. But pro-Palestinian campus activists should use this lack of compliance as a discussion point in their confrontations with these paid foreign lobbyists.

  • Settler opens fire at Palestinian market in East Jerusalem; Israeli soldiers arrive to protect settler, arrest Palestinian
    • I don,t expect to read about this in the MSM.

      Indeed. A search of Google News for the phrase "Anwar Mona" yields only the single IMEMC article that Kate provides. (Kate's MW article has not yet appeared in the search results. It should soon.)

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
  • Jo Roberts on Jewish trauma, the Nakba, and the olive tree
    • Jo just refuses to call it what it is.

      That word hurts some people's feelings. They say it's not, ahem, civil.

    • Although the history of the Nakba may be something of a wild card in Israeli public discourse, acknowledging it is a precondition to any genuine reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians.

      Considering the eulogies this week in the Israeli press to Joan Peters, "Palestinian-Myth Smasher", any genuine reconciliation could take forever.

  • Academic freedom org supports Chris Hedges after Penn keynote cancelled over Israel criticism
    • I just read Glenn Greenwald's latest Intercept piece where he makes the same points about Brooks' column, but of course much more eloquently and clearly than I ever could.

    • In David Brooks' NYT column today, he discussed campus intolerance of many voices and speakers, including those of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and an unnamed University of Illinois professor who was fired because he "taught the Roman Catholic view on homosexuality." Okay. But no one who understands Brooks would really have expected him to mention his former NYT colleague Chris Hedges or a University of Illinois professor who was fired because he holds an enlightened but unorthodox view on Israel/Palestine.

  • The Israel lobby rallies inside the Republican Party
    • @Scott--I think Pauline Kael, former film critic for the New Yorker, gets the credit.

    • After Rand Paul introduced S.34, Glenn Greenwald tweeted Rand Paul is a panderer and a fraud. link to

    • “What does Stone Mountain Georgia have to do with Israel?”

      Stone Mountain is a monument to the defenders of a deeply religious ethnocratic state where freedom and democracy didn't apply to those with brown skins.

    • contested territories.

      Have Netanyahu tell it to the ICC judge.

    • In 2014, 61% of American Jews identified as Democrats or leaned Democratic, down from 71% in 2008, a 10-point drop (=0.71-0.61). For all Americans, the respective numbers are 52% and 45%, a 7-point drop. The former represents a 14.1% (=0.10/0.71) relative drop, while the latter a 13.6% relative drop. These similar drop percentages suggest that the changes in party identification among Jews merely reflects changes in the broader population.

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
    • CloakAndDagger: I can’t help but wonder what kind of tongue-lashing Hillary must be giving Bill these days!

      Evidently Hillary is furious:

      Hillary Clinton is “furious” at husband Bill Clinton, according to Washington insiders, after his name came up in the latest sex scandal involving his disgraced former pal ­Jeffrey Epstein.

      Sources at the funeral of Mario Cuomo also said they saw a peevish-looking Hillary angrily “storm” past the former president after he dutifully waited for her by the door of St. Ignatius Loyola Church.

      link to
      But we never know how much is theater.

    • I suspect the damning evidence is the flight logs that would place them both together at the locations mentioned in the recently filed court petition. She was able to produce a damning photo of Prince Andrew and her together because she had asked to have one taken to give to her mother. But apparently that photo isn't sufficiently damning to preclude Andrew from denying illicit activity. And I would be shocked if she ever requested a photo of the Dersh and her together.

    • I would think Mukasey had less influence than Gonzales.

      I can imagine that both Gonzales and Mukasey would be favorable to helping Dershowitz since Dersh was one of the most outspoken advocates of, ahem, enhanced interrogation.

    • In 2010 the Daily Beast's Conchita Sarnoff reported the political reasons why Epstein received preferential treatment:

      ...Epstein has been a serious and respected player in the highest reaches of politics and philanthropy. He has made substantial contributions to political candidates, served on the Council on Foreign Relations, and donated $30 million to Harvard University.

      Moreover, many of his high-powered acquaintances availed themselves of Epstein’s private jets, for which the pilot logs, obtained by discovery in the civil suits, sometimes showed that bold-face names were on the same flights as underage girls. A high-profile trial threatened to splash mud over all sorts of big players, just as both Gov. Richardson and Bill Clinton’s wife were running for president. Also, a hedge fund prosecution in which Epstein offered to give evidence was heating up. Alberto Gonzales, who was U.S. attorney general throughout most of the Epstein investigation and resigned just before the non-prosecution agreement was signed, told The Daily Beast that he “would have instructed the Justice Department to pursue justice without making a political mess.” But that may have been an impossible mandate, given the players involved.

      The silence of most victims was ensured by their Epstein-paid lawyers. The Palm Beach Post reported that Epstein agreed as part of the plea deal to pay attorneys to represent women in settlement talks if they didn't formally file lawsuits. Apparently the Justice Department was working hard to make sure this ended quietly.

    • At least BBC mentions Finkelstein in regards to Dershowitz. I've been unable to find a single mention of Finkelstein in the press today in regards to Joan Peters (Joan Caro), whose obituary is running in a few media outlets including the Chicago Tribune, Arutz Sheva, Jerusalem Post, Jewish Press, and Arab Daily News. The headline in Arutz Sheva is Palestinian-Myth Smasher Joan Peters Passes Away. Chomsky, however, gets a mention in the Arab Daily News.

    • A 9/2006 NYT article titled Questions of Preferential Treatment Are Raised in Sex Case Against Money Manager also discusses Krischer's granting preferential treatment to wealthy, connected Epstein.

      But instead of proceeding with such charges on his own, the Palm Beach County state attorney took the rare step of presenting a broad range of possible charges to a grand jury, which indicted Mr. Epstein in July on the lesser count. In Florida, prosecutors usually refer only capital cases to grand juries.

      Even before the indictment, the Palm Beach police chief, Michael Reiter, had accused prosecutors of giving Mr. Epstein special treatment and asked the state attorney, Barry E. Krischer, to remove himself from the case.
      But Mr. Epstein fought back, assembling a team of star lawyers, including Gerald B. Lefcourt and Alan M. Dershowitz, a friend of his, to look into the backgrounds of his young accusers.
      Around that time, the police report said, Mr. Dershowitz met with prosecutors to share information about the accusers, including statements they had posted on, the social networking site, concerning use of drugs and alcohol. According to the report, Mr. Krischer’s office then decided to delay the grand jury session for several months.

      The interesting thing about this is that it confirms Dershowitz was a friend of Epstein before Epstein hired him as a lawyer.

    • lysias--I don't know.

      BTW, perhaps Coulter is referring to Florida State Attorney Barry Krischer, who was involved in both cases, rather than US attorney Acosta. It's hard to tell. Both Krischer and Acosta buckled to Epstein's defense team, which included Dershowitz, Ken Starr, and Roy Black. Black, incidently, was Limbaugh's lawyer too.

    • The Breitbart article was penned by editor Joel Pollak. In the preface of his new book, Pollak writes,

      At Harvard Law, I worked as a research assistant for the delightfully pugilistic civil libertarian and defender of Israel, Alan Dershowitz.

      I think he may be a little biased.

    • It seems the Palm Beach PD sought felony charges against Epstein but Florida State Attorney Barry Krischer agreed to charge him only with one count of aggravated assault with no intent to commit a felony. The Palm Beach PD, was not happy about this and referred the case to the FBI who sent the matter to federal prosecutor R. Alexander Acosta, the US Attorney for South Florida. Acosta's office agreed that the state charge was insufficient and conducted their own investigation. I believe, but may be wrong, that the NPA was negotiated by Acosta's office. The US agreed to the NPA.

    • Coulter then laid out how the case against Epstein transpired, stating that despite “quite strong” evidence against Epstein “the same prosecutor that was going after Rush Limbaugh for back pain medication for two years, wants to give him [Jeffrey Epstein] a little ticket.”

      The prosecutor she refers to is R. Alexander Acosta, who was U.S. Attorney for the South Florida District. In 2011 the Daily Beast published a three-page letter written by Acosta that explains in detail why the Epstein investigation ended as it did with no prosecution in Federal courts. He fails to explain the NPA, however, which is central to the current legal case. He also doesn't mention, if I recall correctly, whether or not he received advice or instruction from the AG's office in Washington. The AG was Mukasey, I believe.

    • “I’m not going to be bullied back into silence,” she said in the statement.

    • "What are these people doing by circling the wagons around a potential pedophile?"

      This isn't the first time in the last few years.

  • Couldn't there be just one 'NYT' columnist who was critical of Israel? (No)
    • Most just don't understand. NYT columnists must certainly be among the highest-salary journalists. As Upton Sinclair said, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

  • Israeli settlers attack US consulate convoy in the West Bank (Updated)
    • Annie, the Jerusalem Post (dated 01/03/2015 03:33) reports that the U.S. security staff did indeed point weapons at the settlers:

      The resident said several settlers went out to confront the group. He declined to confirm or deny that the settlers threw stones, but said two armed diplomatic guards briefly emerged from the cars.

      "One had a pistol, the other an M-16, and they pointed them at the settlers," the resident said.

      Asked about this account, the Israeli police spokeswoman said: "We have no indication that anyone in the US delegation brandished weapons."

      link to

      The comments to the JPost article are eyebrow raising.

  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • Three prime ministers have been mentioned as guests, or at least contacts, of Epstein: Blair, Olmert, and Barak.

    • And we know that Barak was present at times:

      Virginia said that yet another American liberal icon, President Obama’s Middle East peace envoy Senator George Mitchell, frequently visited Epstein’s New York residence. Mr Mitchell, aged 77 – who previously led America’s Northern Ireland peace initiative – ‘was very close to Jeffrey,’ Virginia recalled. ‘He is very clean-cut. You wouldn’t think of him being part of Jeffrey’s crew.’

      Epstein’s contacts book contains a work and a home telephone number for the senator. Another acquaintance was Israel defence secretary Ehud Barak, whose spokesman told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Mr Barak did attend several small functions in Mr Epstein’s home in New York that were usually attended by leading businessman, university presidents, Nobel Prize Laureates and prominent public figures.’

      link to

    • The Dersh's attempt at humor is cringe-worthy:

    • True. I realize that. But Dersh was on the same legal team.

    • I just watched a report of this on BBC World Service television. It was covered more from the Prince Harry angle, but Alan "if the glove doesn't fit" Dershowitz was shown attacking the woman's credibility. Ooh. I hope he doesn't try to use that defense again.

  • David Brooks says 'people from around the world' can serve in Israeli military
    • I hate it when columnists name drop the authors of classical literature. David Brooks does this as much as anyone except George Will, who incomprehensibly claims to be a Dickens fan. Brooks writes about the Netanyahu clan:

      Political analysts have spent decades psychoanalyzing the family dynamic, with mixed results, but a novelist who studied Sophocles or Tolstoy might be able to make some sense of it.

      Leo Tolstoy's writings include not only his two canonical novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina, which both deal with family relations, but also The Kingdom of God Is Within You. His ideas on nonviolent resistance expressed in this work had a profound impact on Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Netanyahu clan is the antithesis.

  • Fireworks in Ramallah, as Abbas signs treaty to join International Criminal Court
    • Earlier this year on Democracy Now, Ken Roth of HRW stated that if US officials supplied weapons to Israel while Israel engaged in war crimes then the American officials were subject to prosecution too. Now wouldn't that be nice?

  • 'Desperate' Senator Graham promises 'violent backlash' by Congress if Palestinians go to UN
    • Mondonut-- on June 5, you commented "The true, unlisted goal of BDS is to eliminate the Jewish state." I think you forgot to preface your conspiracy theory with "one wonders".

  • 'TNR' pivots to racial diversity, away from 'privileged demographic of political elites'
    • "the views of one privileged class, nor appeal solely to a small demographic elites"

      I admire them for their subtlety. But now I wonder if they are frank enough to take on the elephant in the foreign policy room.

  • 'Israel is becoming an isolated ghetto,' says Amos Oz
    • One regular commenter on NYT I/P columns, Mark Thomason of Clawson MI, can be counted on to provide more insight than the op-ed itself. He has the #2 readers pick on Cohen's piece. On Tom Friedman's op-ed last week he had the #1 pick. If only the Times would hire Thomason as a columnist.

  • Why is a retired neurosurgeon 'awed' on his first trip to Israel?
    • Carson supports a home for Palestinians -- in the Sinai desert. From a JPost interview:

      Asked about the Obama administration’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the bids at the United Nations to move a resolution through the Security Council, Carson – who keeps his answers short – said, “I know that Egypt in the past has made some overtures in terms of providing a place for the Palestinians. That seems to me something worth exploring.”

      As to whether he views an Egyptian option as a substitute for a Palestinian state on the West Bank, Carson said that “when you are looking at Judea and Samaria and look at their proximity to the population centers of Israel, and you recognize the hostility that existed before, I’m not sure that makes a lot of sense.”

      He clarified that he was not opposed to a two-state solution, “but would not be in favor of a two-state solution that would put Israel’s population at risk.”

      Carson also said that the settlement issue has been “blown out of proportion.”

      “Having been here, and having seen the housing going up, it certainly seems much more benign than what you hear about in the international press,” he said.

      Ben Carson supports ethnic cleansing.

  • Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies
    • BB is a leader of few peers.

      Yes, Robert Mason. That is plain to see. Every day BB seems to be leading fewer and fewer of his peers from the now-dissolved Knesset. The bloom on his agenda has wilted alliances with Knesset Jews and many as should be. Maybe BB was out supporting his own re-election. WOW, what a concept. He's given his all to his re-election, and even with his leadership you will be led by an absolute Idiot and Ayn Randian. As for the Dogs, you feel kinship with Dobermans. That is plain to see.

  • Memo to Sen. Warren: More young Dems want US to side with Palestine than Israel
    • Being a habitual reader of comments on news web sites, I read many during the 2014 slaughter of Gaza that began (paraphrasing), "As a Christian I know I'm supposed to support Israel, but..." It makes me wonder what is being preached by the preachers.

    • Elizabeth Warren battles the fat cats on Wall Street who buy homes in the Hamptons. But she never says anything about the fat cats, Adelson and Saban, who buy the presidency and congress. She champions the consumer rights of America's economically downtrodden. But she says nothing about the human rights of the world's downtrodden. She knows Dodd-Frank defends America's stability. But somehow she thinks pulverizing Gaza defends Israel's stability.

    • Yes indeed, hophmi. No more aid to Israel than we give the Palestinian people. No more diplomatic cover to Israel than we give the Palestinian people. Let's care equally about the human, civil and political rights of the Palestinians and Israelis. If America did that, I'd be spending my time reading the sports pages instead of Mondoweiss.

    • Thomas Kuhn quoting Max Planck:

      A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

      It's probably as true of social revolutions as scientific revolutions.

  • As Kerry and UN press on occupation, Netanyahu sees a 'diplomatic assault'
    • In other diplomatic news today:

      UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Addressing members of the International Criminal Court for the first time, the Palestinians said Monday they have consensus to join the tribunal in the hopes of seeking justice for Israel's alleged crimes.

      "We view the ICC as the international legal and peaceful mechanism to combat impunity and seek accountability and justice," Palestinian U.N. Ambassador Riyad Mansour said in his speech to the 122 members of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute, which established the ICC.

      "It is the court where the Palestinian people desire to seek justice for the war crimes and crimes against humanity being perpetrated against them by Israel, the occupying power," Mansour said.

      Netanyahu had better find a good lawyer.

    • There is an odd article written by Steven Erlanger in the NYT today: Palestinians Seek U.N. Vote on Israeli Withdrawal From Occupied West Bank. Nowhere in the article does Erlanger mention that East Jerusalem and Gaza are included or that they are also legally occupied.

  • We're all anti-American now
  • Are pro-Israel groups afraid of the US public?
  • Promoting regime change in Iraq paved the way to regime change at the New Republic
    • There is an interesting development today at Bloomberg News. Matthew Winkler, the editor in chief and longtime disciple of Michael Bloomberg, the company’s founder, is being replaced by the top editor of The Economist John Micklethwait. Micklethwait's views of Israel are critical enough that Richard Cohen once devoted an op-ed to castigating him for such.

      Cohen's op-ed is here: link to

  • Saban confronts Bennett: 'Are you willing to cut commercial ties with Europe?'
    • Just, methinks their pride will remain intact. But they will fall.

    • There is only one word to describe Israel's leaders and supporters when they talk about its high-tech economy: hubris. Unfortunately for them, markets don't understand hubris.

    • *sights Sigh.

    • Instead of setting his sites on buying the NY Times or Washington Post, Saban should think about buying the Jerusalem Post and Arutz Sheva.

    • He said that if Europe cuts Israel off, Israeli products might stop working..

      I read his remarks differently. He may be saying instead that if Europeans quit buying Israeli products, then the products they do buy elsewhere may not work because of inferior design or quality. It's not that Israeli-made chips will stop working, but that chips made anywhere else are inadequate for Europe's needs. But he deludes himself as economics minister. Israel's products and technology will never be indispensible because markets and manufacturers already understand the political risks of doing business with Israeli firms and take measures to mitigate those risks by diversifying supplies of critical components and parts. And if he thinks I can't find my way to my office in the morning without Waze, he is nuts.

  • A point by point response to Alan Dershowitz’s 'Ten Reasons Why The BDS Movement Is Immoral'
    • Dershowitz: "The major leader of the BDS movement, Marwan Barghouti, ..."

      Funny. At least we can rest assured that he didn't plagiarise this sentence.

  • Mamdani's 'holistic' challenge: Anti-Zionists must persuade Jews they can only be safe by dismantling the Jewish state
    • Thanks Kay. I'll have to watch the Morning Joe video podcasts (available at . I wish Mika would bring her father in for these interviews with Israeli politicians. Real News (video at had a lengthy interview on Friday with Max Blumenthal about the elections.

    • I see both Max Blumenthal and Diana Buttu have op-ed pieces published by NYT today. The comments should be very interesting.

  • Islamophobia reigns in Newsweek comment section-- 'Towel head camel humpers'
    • And Edward Said, of course, was a Christian.

    • Walker, true. Palestinian Christians often are used by Israel's supporters as pawns. They are represented as victims of Muslims in the West Bank, for example, by Michael Oren on 60 Minutes. The U.S. media can't seem to bother themselves to interview actual Palestinian Christians like Hanan Ashrawi.

    • Before 911, I think, it was more anti-Arab and anti-Iran xenophobia. Then 911 saw a shift to Islam being the target of the haters. The days between the OKC Murrah incident and the time Timothy McVeigh was arrested I recall as stressful for Arab-Americans . I remember commenters on Compuserve and AOL were calling for an Arab country to be nuked--it didn't matter which one.

    • Newsweek's sister site, the Daily Beast, published Dean Obeidallah's piece Arabs Are the Michael Browns of Israel this week. The comments there were almost all hostile to either Palestinians, Muslims, or African-Americans. For example,

      Israel is an island of sanity in a region of bloodthirsty and ignorant countries. Islam has not contributed anything but discord and savagery to the world and NOTHING else.

      Unfortunately, the comment sections of all major U.S. news sites, with the exeption of the Guardian and heavily moderated NYT, are rife with this stuff. It proves Mencken was right about Americans.

  • AIPAC seeks to blow up negotiations between Iran and US
    • WIN/Gallup International’s annual global 2013 End of Year survey of 65 countries reported

      The US was the overwhelming choice (24% of respondents) for the country that represents the greatest threat to peace in the world today. This was followed by Pakistan (8%), China (6%), North Korea, Israel and Iran (5%).

      The 2014 poll is scheduled to be released this month.

  • Israel's proposed Jewish nationality law is a flop on Broadway
    • By the way, Barghouti pointed out that Pakistan is just a bit more unpopular in the world than Israel, which is battling it out with North Korea to see which will be 3rd and 4th least popular.

      He is referring to the annual BBC/Globescan poll which, for the past few years, has had this ranking: (1) Iran, (2) Pakistan, (3) North Korea, (4) Israel, and (5) Russia.

  • A defensive Netanyahu announces elections hours after firing opposition members Lapid and Livni
    • In Israel, some folks get to have two citizenships, while others have none.

    • YF wrote on Nov 26, "i was fortunate enough to be born in the us. my citizenship cannot be revoked."

    • Today Netanyahu torched a couple of political bridges to the relatively less extreme factions. If he survives re-election as PM as he is expected to do, watch out.

  • What if the USA was the state of Anglo-Saxon Protestants round the world?
    • Thanks. What I find interesting about Peter Beinart's piece that he is framing the discussion as one about rights of the Palestinians beyond the Green Line. Typically, two-staters avoid that framing, prefering instead to speak of a peace process and borders between two nations.

      But if American Jewish groups oppose the nation-state bill because it undermines the “rights of Arabs” inside the Green Line, surely they should be even more upset by Israeli policy in the West Bank, where millions of Palestinians lack any citizenship at all. The nation-state bill may threaten a “possible erosion of democratic freedoms” in Israel proper. But for Palestinians in the West Bank – who cannot vote for the government that controls their lives – there are barely any democratic freedoms to erode.
      In criticizing the nation-state law, Foxman warned against tinkering with “the foundational principle of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, a principle that has been so clear and natural since the country’s founding.” But in the 47 years that Israel has controlled the West Bank, that principle has been neither clear nor natural. By confining their criticisms to what happens inside Israel proper, American Jewish leaders avoid confronting that reality. They maintain the pretense that Israel is a Middle Eastern version of the United States: a democracy that makes some mistakes. When you peer across the Green Line, that pretense collapses. Which is why the American Jewish establishment – even as it talks about defending Israeli democracy – refuses to take a hard and honest look.

    • So, will Netanyahu bring the nation-state bill up for a vote as he had promised? Or will he wait until a new government is formed?

    • The Israeli government might fall over the issue.

      Might? Today, Netanyahu fired ministers Livni & Lapid.

  • UN commemorates Palestine's long journey
    • I believe all of the photos on exhibit are from the UNRWA archives. I spent a while earlier today on line trying to discern a name for the photographer and eventually gave up. He or she deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

    • Certainly the Jan 31 UNRA photograph of Palestinians in Yarmouk is among the most iconic images of recent years. Unfortunately as one expects to see whenever images or videos of Palestinian suffering are published, charges of fakery arose. These absurd charges were the subject of a NYT article:

      The Yarmouk photo was published by nearly 1,000 newspapers, including The New York Times. Britain’s Daily Mail called it a “biblical picture of suffering.” On Twitter, the photo provoked expressions of incredulity and outrage that such conditions existed, as well as questions about the authenticity. Some viewers speculated that the image of desperate and hungry people had been manipulated with techniques that are increasingly easy.
      Mr. Gunness called such speculation “completely baseless and utter nonsense.” Asked who might have been responsible for spreading such criticism, he said, “I’ve got no idea.”

      Read more at link to

  • Pssst! Is Israel going crazy?
    • While disliking and distrusting many of the proponents of BDS...

      Our prodigal friend is talking about us, of course, and our kin at EI.

    • Sometimes it pays tactically not to appear too normal/sane.

      Indeed. That seems to be the legal counsel given to the adult who murdered Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

    • All aboard! ha ha ha! They're going off the rails.

    • @seafoid. I always guessed MJR would come around before NGF.

    • And speaking of BDS, here is MJ Rosenberg tweeting on Nov 30:

      While disliking and distrusting many of the proponents of BDS, I have concluded that the tactic is the only one that might succeed.#BDS

    • Speaking of Finkelstein, his just released book “METHOD AND MADNESS: The hidden story of Israel’s assaults on Gaza” is selling for $1 in ebook form. Details on his web site. In its conclusion he writes he has lost hope in either a negotiated settlement or international courts as a possible path to justice and says the Palestinian people's best hope is massive non-violent resistence. He says not a word, however, about BDS .

  • Lieberman unveils racist peace plan: Pay Palestinians to leave Israel
    • OyVey00, Thanks for being as forthright as Lieberman. It's true that Israel allows Palestinians to live only lives of shit, and the Palestinians can make good cases for asylum in the West. I think most prefer to stay in Palestine, however. After all, a life of shit can be more of a state of mind, an existence that seers one's conscience, assuming one has one. The life of shit can be lived anywhere, including the clean streets of Tel Aviv and West Jerusalem.

  • When Hagee vilifies Obama as 'anti-Semitic,' Cruz and Dershowitz don't walk out
    • @Horizontal Getting left behind will mean seven full years of respected LGBT rights. But then it will all come to an cataclysmic end--sigh. At least that's what the rapture-ready say.

    • Foxman says the accusation is false because Obama is in fact a "staunch ally and friend of Israel". For both Hagee and Foxman, that is the litmus test. They merely disagree on the test results.

    • But avoid Lowe's too, which pulled its advertising from the 2011 TV show All-American Muslim amid Islamophobic complaints.

    • Haaretz is confused about Hagee:

      “The most anti-Semitic president ever” as the founder of Christian United For Israel (CUFI) founder Pastor John Hagee asserted, bringing the audience close to rapture.

      See, Hagee doesn't actually think his audience here will get raptured. Hagee thinks they will getleft behind.

  • Like an unrequited lover, 'NYT' confesses itself heartbroken over Israel's (latest) betrayal of democracy
    • a controversial bill

      As'ad AbuKhalil:

      The fact that US media refer to this bill as "controversial" is quite stunning from a propaganda point of view. This is like referring to Nuremberg Nazi laws as "controversial".

    • As many have pointed out, Israel is indeed both Jewish and democratic. It's a democratic state for the Jews, and a Jewish state for the Arabs.

    • Samantha (give me )Power

      Samantha morphed into the Bloody Red Power Ranger. Now she listens only to Saban's annoited superhero, America's Rabbi.

    • I can hear the duet now.
      NYT to Israel:
      If I listened long enough to you
      I'd find a way to believe that it's all true...

      Israel to NYT:
      Why don't you mind your own business
      'Cause if you mind your business, then you won't be mindin' mine...

  • A handful of Wellesley students are trying to shut down discussion of Israel/Palestine
    • Excellent:

      Just as Wellesley SJP condemns the racism and discrimination underlying many of the policies of the state of Israel, Wellesley SJP also categorically opposes all forms of prejudice or discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality.

      Thank you. Wellesley SJP women may want to consider amending or making explicit "gender, or sexuality" to include "gender identity". No one understands discrimination and societal animosity as those who don't conform to this standard.

  • 'What is your religion?' question surprises two American visitors to the occupation
    • I am reminded of the Daoud sisters of Ramallah, known as the Speed Sisters - the first all-female racing team in the Middle East. Often people from the West meeting them seemed surprised when they learn that Palestinian women are allowed to drive. Of course they are allowed to drive, just not on settler roads.

    • Move over, trolls. Jackdaw wins the award for the most ignorant comment ever posted on Mondoweiss.

  • Defend Palestine supporters from NY college president's anti-Semitism slander
    • I am not sure what kind of justice one would learn at a school named after John Jay, who famously told the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia, “Those who own the country ought to govern it.”

  • For Obama officials, synagogue attack is 'pure terror' -- and not a word about attacks on Palestinians
    • How can an autopsy of a hanging rule out foul play? This question has been bothering me all day. I understand how an autopsy can prove foul play, but I don't see how it can rule it out. And given the bruising, I wouldn't rule it out.

      I only bring this up because Netanyahu calls this charge "blood libel."

  • For CNN and NYT, Jewish lives matter more than Palestinian ones
    • With regard to rights, all you need to know is that the attackers were born in Jerusalem but have no citizenship anywhere, while the victims were born in the U.S. and U.K. and have been given dual Israel citizenships because it's their birthright.

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