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  • Eric Alterman continues to justify lack of Palestinian voices at 'The Nation'
    • Hophmi, your breathtaking hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. "[I]n the real world, pointing to a person’s religion or ethnic origin in this way, this bean-counting way, is bald racism." Really? It is precisely been-counting religious and ethnic origins upon which the Israeli state is based. Or do the words "demographic threat" not ring a bell? The endless mi hu yehudi wrangles? The non-recognition of the Israeli nationality on that state's passports? Give us a small break!

    • Alterman finds facts irritatingly uncooperative in supporting his point of view: "Blumenthal’s accounts [in Goliath] are mostly technically accurate, but often deliberately deceptive." On his own interview in Salon, he observes: "I found it narrowly accurate but generally misleading ...". I think Eric feels reality is some kind of anti-Israel plot, and he's getting increasing pissed off about it.

  • Rehavam Ze'evi and the discourse of expelling Palestinians
    • It should be borne in mind that Ze'evi was "murdered" [sic] in retaliation for the outrageously provocative assassination of Abu Ali Mustafa, then leader of the Popular Front.

  • Do's and don'ts for progressives discussing Syria
    • As a progressive, my plans for Syria do not include bombing the hell out of them. It's a pity this thread hasn't included a more closely-read critique of the author's extremely UNprogressive analysis. This includes her ludicrous estimation of rebel force composition, and somewhat slippery implication that if you object to heart-eating Jihadis you are playing into Assad's hands (my anti-islamist credentials are impeccable, by the way, and honestly acquired, going to back to my support for the Soviet Union's defence of the Afghan revolution - an admirable endeavour, long ago drowned in blood by the CIA and their Jihadi mercenaries, for which the author would have had, I suspect, scant relish). Her bizarre insistence that the slogan "Hands Off Syria" somehow mischaracterizes the nature of the struggle, and her blasé attitude to the immeasurable suffering an American attack would engender, indicate both a sneaking regard for U.S. imperialism and make her professed concern for the Syrian people somewhat suspect. What particularly sets my teeth on edge, however, is the insufferably prescriptive tone of the piece, and her insistence (expressed on twitter) that people who disagree with her should keep silent, and thus do obeisance to her self-declared monopoly on discourse: having been raised in Chicago and educated in Georgetown may have something to do with this arrogance.

  • In which Iceland's first lady played the self-hating card
    • Not that it's relevant, but if one were to have a look in an atlas, one might get the impression that Iceland is "European" in only the broadest sense of the term - only slightly more European than Greenland and Newfoundland, one might argue.

  • 'England out of Ireland' -- Ed Koch's hypocrisy
    • Ireland enjoys a grim history, both distant and recent, of occupation, imprisonment without trial, torture, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing: hence the hypocrisy and the irony pointed out by Max. The difference between the Irish and Palestinian situations most relevant to Koch, it would seem, was that in one case the victims were Irish, and in the other, Palestinian. Some may characterize this difference as being of sufficient weight so as to prompt them to adopt contrasting positions on questions touching upon fundamental human justice. These people are known as racists.

  • Vice PM Moshe Ya’alon: Regime change in Ramallah will ultimately be necessary for peace talks to progress
    • Longliveisrael, thanks for proving my point. you anti-semite. Your ancestors were vigorous opponents of tyranny, who spilled their blood on the battlefields of Jarama and Kursk to defend the principles of humanism that were not only part of their heritage, but an endowment to which they had contributed to all mankind. That you gleefully spit on their memory, and the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto, should come as no surprise. Your idea of the "new Jew," with whom you pathetically identify, is that of the tyrant, the torturer, the ethnic cleanser, and the murderer. Plus, he's very buff and tanned, of course. Yum!

    • We should thank "longliveisrael" for a such a succinct illustration of why zionism is such an anti-semitic ideology, feeding off of Jewish self-hatred. Clearly, by his lights, the "old Jew" was one who "took crap," and was insufficiently enamored of The State and the militarism associated therewith. He was a puny, effeminate intellectual, not to be trusted by the real nation-builders, right loveliveisrael? What did the "old Jew" ever produce of value - besides, of course, monuments of world literature through the medium of the Yiddish language that the zionists helped to kill, earth-changing theories such as those of Marx and Freud, and antifascist fighters from Madrid to Stalingrad. Not to mention the Marx Brothers. Whereas the "New Jew," the macho, muscled, bronzed übermentsch has brought us - Zohan! It's kind of sad, actually.

  • Knesset to vote on full Israeli annexation of the West Bank
    • A Sheafóide: I agree it's almost always a turd, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Maybe you should be proud to be the exception that makes the rule!

    • Annie, I have made similar points to Seafóid in the past. I'm afraid we are wasting our breath; his mind appears to be made up that Jews are enemy. This kind of rhetoric gives anti-zionists a bad name, and we know what that fucking name is.

  • Ismail Khalidi: A tragic lecture, justifiying a vicious occupation, with no awareness that we killed the two-state solution
    • I don't think it's being coy to point out that "the Jews" is an obnoxiously inaccurate characterization of the zionist enemy - I was merely being scrupulous - zionism being, sadly, merely one particularly pernicious variety of racism among many. After all, there are far more Christian zionists than Jewish ones, and the integration of the US and Israeli military-industrial complexes has little to do with blood kinship. I suspect Phil and Mooser, for instance, would be surprised to learn that they are on the wrong side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by dint of their heritage. Reducing the struggle to religio-ethnic terms is a trick of the zionists.
      As far as the poor old PA is concerned, it is precisely my empathy for the Palestinian people and the nobility of their struggle in the face of devastating odds that prompts me to bemoan the quisling leadership that has been imposed upon them, and continues to be propped up, by their very enemies - the Israeli and American governments (notice I didn't say "Jews and Americans.")
      I am, however, thoroughly abashed about having mixed up my Abus. Palestine abú!

    • A Sheafóide, I wish I were as sanguine as you about the integrity of Abu Ammar. Surely his tacit approval of Operation Cast Lead should give one pause, to say the least: as should his total reliance on U.S. and Israeli support for his kleptocratic hold on power; the joint security arrangements the PA observes with the Israelis - i.e., administering the Occupation for them; the near-universal contempt with which he is held by the people of the West Bank, whom he rules by oppression and torture; and his cringing and craven performance this week, wherein he seems determined to avoid embarrassing his American and Israeli sponsors, possibly by agreeing to have the vote stayed in the SC. Perhaps "Judenrat" would have been a more historically apt metaphor for the PA. Incidentally, I'd suggest you avoid characterizing the struggle as one between Palestinians and Jews, lest you give people what is, I hope, the wrong impression.

    • I think people should take heart. In the longer term, yesterday's nauseating display will prove to be a turning point in the struggle, and a very pyrrhic victory indeed for the zionists. All but the hopelessly deluded and the pathologically mendacious now realize that when the Israelis call for "negotiations," it's time to say goodbye to your olive trees at best, and hit the bomb shelters at worst. They have put the final nail in the coffin of the two-state solution, and this is something that should be applauded; it should add immense impetus internationally to BDS and to the anti-apartheid struggle. Let's hope it's also a nail in the coffin of the traitorous kapos of the PA, whose witless fumblings made this all possible.

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