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  • Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect
    • @ American

      MJ seems to have come off completely unhinged. Those tweets of his hint of someone who is no longer rational (if he ever was). That pot shot at Alex and annie does him no service at all. Sad to see someone go off the deep end like that.

    • Protective of Israel’s image and worried that Blumenthal’s book could contribute to the changing debate over the country in the U.S., they’re throwing the kitchen sink at unflinching critics of Zionism.

      If that is indeed why they are doing it, then this will backfire in a huge way. All this attention will cause more people to look into Max's work. I predict that there will be an exponential increase in his book sales after this.

    • Yellow journalism at its worst! The VNN forum itself is beneath me to even go and check out - but wasn't for Haaretz (if indeed they checked it out)!

  • Friedman prepares American Jews for a divorce from zealot Israel
    • @ ToivoS

      My guess was that they saw it as an opportunity to distract Israel from trying to sabotage the Iranian peace talks

      If that was it, it didn't work too well, since neither the lobby, nor Netanyahu ever lost their laser-like focus on it. The fact that they failed to completely derail the talks with Iran has more to do with an increasingly awake citizenry that pilloried their congress-critters and struck fear in their hearts. If that was by design, then that is far more diabolical than unleashing Europe.

      Presidents only have two points in their term when they can take on the lobby - the first year of their first term, and the last two years of their second term. Obama made an attempt in the first year, with his naive Cairo speech, but was beaten bloody. It is no secret that there is no love lost between he and Netanyahu. Some vestige of pride has to remain in him to want his legacy to reflect some difference that his two terms in the WH made, and even a human need to get back at Netanyahu for his public humiliation.

      So, in order to have something happen in 2015, he needs to finish setting the stage in 2014, and pull the trigger post-November. Until then, he would be wise to keep mouthing the same platitudes so as not to alert the dark side.

      The only thing holding back European sanctions is the US. If it could be clear to them that the US would not thwart their attempts to bring Israel to heel, the sanctions would be enacted tomorrow morning. The common citizenry in Europe appear to be in favor of it, so their governments need the courage (and maybe a slight nudge from Obama/Kerry) with secret assurances that we would not block their attempts, for them to go forth and enact BDS in full fury.

      to think that Kerry and Obama could operate at that level of Machiavellian intrigue is hard to believe

      Perhaps. But who would have thought that Nixon would go to China?

    • @ annie

      i predict the boycott is about to takeoff in very big ways

      From your lips to God's ears. I think you are right.

    • paradigm shift that is upon us with the smashup of the Kerry effort

      There is still a part of me that wants to believe that Kerry/Obama expected this smashup, and perhaps, were counting on it to launch the next step of getting Europe unchained on Israel, having "done all we could do" to protect Israel from International pressures and sanctions.

  • On Easter week, Shaath says millions of Palestinians are denied access to Jerusalem
    • Ooops! I missed your sarcasm!!

    • Why are 2 million Jews incarcerated in the US prison system ? Why always them ?
      Why are Jews shot in Arizona by Minutemen ? Why always them ?

      Really? This is news to me. I thought the prisons were filled with mostly blacks and hispanics (some of them could be jewish), and I thought minutemen mostly went after Mexican illegal immigrants. But, maybe I haven't been paying attention...

  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
    • Why can’t we be like the Jews?

      How ironic that the man who goes on a killing rampage on jews does so because he can't be like the jews (sic)! This is one sick puppy!

  • It's time to reveal the Israeli role in the US surveillance machine
    • It may not be news to many that most of our systems and infrastructures are infiltrated by Israeli intelligence - including those of people in power in the US.

      Verint soon had contracts with a wide range of US government agencies including the NSA and law enforcement as well as major telecommunications companies like Verizon to handle ‘electronic interception’ or wiretaps (Narus handled interceptions at AT&T), while the Israeli company Amdocs Ltd collected the metadata from all US call and billing records, including the White House and FBI — information that might have been funneled to Israeli intelligence.

      It may seem innocuous to some, but all our telephone billing is outsourced to Amdocs in Israel. This means, at the very least, all the metadata associated with our phone calls, including whom we call and when, are available to Amdocs, and from them on to whomever they provide the data.

      Imagine how information like that could be used to coerce/blackmail those in power. It is not only for financial support that US politicians bend at the knee before Israel, it has been speculated that a lot of it is due to the use of blackmail. Our politicians are not exactly the models of morality, and many have hidden skeletons in their closets, from extramarital affairs, to more gruesome actions to consolidate their positions of power.

      A Herculean task indeed, akin to cleaning the Augean stables, clearing our government of all the rot and corruption that has accumulated over the years. If we are to survive as a nation, we have to undertake this task. Let's start with the I-firsters and examine their backgrounds with intense scrutiny to determine what makes them vulnerable to blackmail. At the very least, it is a risk to their security clearances. More grave, it constitutes treason against us.

  • 'Secret' London conference seeks to link BDS to... terrorism
    • Ronald Lauder told the 140 guests that countering the boycott movement might be the most important work they ever do.

      For all those who pooh-pooh how effective BDS is, this should be proof of exactly the opposite. This is what has them scared above all else.

      Time to shovel more coal into the locomotive...

  • Amid 'climate of fear' at Vassar, president comes out against 'action and protest' re Israel
  • The Jewish community must not embrace Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • Interesting - I did a little googling and in Ms Darwish we have another Islamophobe who has claims to credibility and is invited to voice her opinions on important matters by people in power:

      link to

      It is also notable, that being an Islamophobe, immediately means being pro-Israel, as in her case. It is also interesting that none of these Islamophobes can argue their case based on a clear statement of facts, and instead rely on twisted restatements of selected "facts" or blatant lies, as called out in the above post.

      This quote is particularly educational to me:

      Islam has no hierarchy, and no Pope. Islam has 8 mathabs or schools of thought, according to the Amman Conference Statement to which I subscribe. There are many understandings of Islam - not one monolithic understanding. Therefore to object to the fact that Muslims hold different opinions about any particular issue and see this is some sort of purposeful deception is deeply dishonest.

    • @ Sumud

      I agree with others that this is an impressive post indeed and hard to refute.

    • @ MDM

      Incidentally, there was quite a trend for ‘native informants’ in the years after 9/11. By which I mean telegenic Muslims turned ‘critics of Islam’ nearly all of them women, and coincidentally or not, fans of Israel. I’m talking about the likes of Magan, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan and Irshad Manji.

      Hmmm, I seem to have missed hearing about those names. Of course, with 9/11, we were all preoccupied with other thoughts. I will google them to see what I can find.

      The only "muslim" I remember from those days was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador who told us on TV, in perfect, unaccented American English (valley girl), that Iraqis were killing incubator babies, so we needed to attack them. Even she, while purportedly muslim, was not denouncing muslims en masse - just Iraqis. I believe her claims were debunked later and there is speculation that it was the typical demonization of the enemy tactics that are precursors to attacks perpetrated by the attacking forces.

    • What does this show that we have in place of a brain?

      Ignoring your ad hominem, I don't really know what it says about your brain or your reading comprehension.

      Of the two people I mentioned above, and in one case I even used parenthetic "purported", Ms Ali has stated that she was born Muslim and then became an atheist, and Mr. Atzmon has stated he was born a Jew, but isn't one anymore. I think that counts as "having confided in us their religious or irreligious thoughts".

      I fail to see the point of your rant. Good luck with whatever inner demons you are fighting with.

    • @ Rachel Roberts

      Folks on the right are just more superficial in my estimation and can’t see past identity.

      I find the use of the term "Right" a tad disturbing. I find this Left/Right dichotomy to be something that we have been fed as justified polar positions in this country, and it is just not true. I have been called a member of the "Right" because I supported Ron Paul - even though I don't agree with All of his views, and I don't completely fit the label of libertarian although I come close on many of their positions. There are people in this country who are described as "Left" or "Progressive", who are monstrous in their support of wars and intervention in the affairs of other countries to the detriment of our own. Outside the US, someone described as "Leftist" in Israel, would probably fit somewhere to the right of most conservatives in the US.

      I am quite okay with the term "neocon", and lest we forget, they were originally part of the "left" before finding shelter in the "right".

    • @ Rachel Roberts

      A very cogent article and very well-argued (not surprising since you are an attorney!)

      It is interesting that Ms. Ali's being a (purported) muslim, gives her more credibility when she denounces Islam, regardless of the fact that she is among only a few of the 1.5 billion+ muslims in this world. I am trying to think of adherents of other religions, who may command such credibility and renown when they castigate their birth faith.

      We all know about people like Gilad Atzmon to name one, who doesn't come anywhere near the vitriol of this lady, but his credibility is very limited, and I am not seeing him getting any honorary degrees from anywhere. I am sure there must be some christian, jew, hindu, buddhist, taoist, or follower of some other faith that we can equate to Ms Ali, but I am having a hard time coming up with a name. Perhaps others here can help?

    • @ American


      I like that - very catchy! Mind if I co-opt it?

  • Israel's brand rides high on NPR
    • Thanks dbroncos - I should have guessed your region from your nom de plume.

    • @ dbroncos

      That is really good to hear from your perspective, and quite encouraging. Like Phil, I too, sometimes wonder if there is enough of a change for all the efforts of so many people , here and in Europe.

      Could you please elaborate on who comprised the panel and the audience, and your region? I am interested to know where in the US there is impact and where we are not making progress yet.

  • Land seizures-- near Bethlehem, Hebron, Jenin and in Jordan Valley
    • Looks like we are about to see massive sizures of Palestinian lands as Israel spins (with US complicity) to absolve themselves of blame:

      link to

      But an unnamed senior Israeli official, quoted by Channel 2 on Friday night, asserted that it was Kerry who was to blame for the breakdown. “He’s responsible for the crisis,” the official reportedly said. This was because Kerry inaccurately told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that Israel would be willing to release Israeli Arabs in the fourth group of prisoners, when Israel had not agreed to do so. There was also a difference between the sides about how many prisoners would go free. The secretary had months to try to resolve the discrepancies but failed to do so, the report said.

      Eventually, Kerry acknowledged to Israel that he’d “made a mistake here” on the issue of Israeli-Arab terror convicts, the TV report said, and discussion began on a complex deal under which the US would free Pollard, Israel would release the Israeli Arab and other prisoners in the final group, as well as hundreds more prisoners, and would also partially freeze settlement construction, and the Palestinians would halt all unilateral moves toward statehood and agree to continue the talks. But that deal was derailed when Abbas applied to join 15 UN and other international treaties last week, and days of frenzied contacts this week have failed to achieve a new agreement.

      and of course, we already had this from Reuters:

      (Reuters) - A senior Israeli minister has urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to annex a swathe of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, saying peace talks with the Palestinians were dead.

  • 'No decision has been made on Jonathan Pollard,' says State Dep't
    • @ just

      Pollard needs to stay put. Period. All I know for sure is that more Americans need to know what he did to hurt them and benefit himself.

      The for that to happen is to set him free. Then, watch TSHTF.

  • 'In every generation they rise up against us' -- Passover and the Jewish imagination
    • @talknic

      link to

      Holy crap, talknic! That is just brilliant! Here is a prime example of someone reusing the same tired old unfounded accusations despite having been debunked just in the last couple of years! I really believe that MW should make it a rule for posters to provide citations whenever they make maligning assertions like these.

  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
    • The trolls are out in force these days. Really hard to read the threads or comment on the original topic without it all getting derailed into total pollution. This is reducing the usefulness of MW, and I am surprised that the moderators are allowing this to happen. It is obvious that many of these posters are here full time to do only that, like JeffB, Hophme, and DaBakr. It must pay well, since it is a crap job.

      I am impressed that people like Hostage and talknic can continue to respond civilly and keep debunking their BS assertions over and over. They have far more patience than I could ever hope to have.

      If the moderators won't ban them, perhaps the rest of us should - by BDS'ing their derrieres. Let's stop responding to them and their comments and take the fuel out of their fire. They will continue to post, however, but without engaging them in pointless debates, it should greatly reduce the thread pollutions, and hence their effectiveness.

  • 'Poof' -- Kerry blames Israel for breakdown of talks (Updated)
    • From Haaretz:

      The focus Kerry places on the settlements as one of the reasons for the meltdown of the talks will be clearly understood in the European Union’s institutions in Brussels and in the various foreign ministries on the Continent. That is precisely what Jerusalem is afraid of. The Europeans have warned Israel a number of times over the past few months that if the talks broke down over construction in the settlements there would be consequences in the form of additional European sanctions. The marking of products from the settlements in European supermarkets is a step waiting on the shelf for implementation.

      There is a part of me that wonders whether we are not watching a scripted play. Surely, Obama/Kerry were expecting something like this to happen. They have repeatedly made statements about how the US would not be able to shield Israel from International pressure if the talks failed. This could well be the next act in that play where Obama/Kerry get to say that they tried everything to protect Israel, but Israel still chose to shoot off its own toes. The Kerry 'poof' speech may well have been the signal to Europe to step in. I don't think Kerry made that speech without Obama's blessings.

      Interesting times...

  • Because Rep. Jones voted 'present' on Israel aid, lobby group runs attack ad with burning flag
    • @ American

      If I was in your state, I would not only vote for him, I would let it be known far and wide that I was voting for him because he was demonstrably not an Israel-firster.

  • Oren says Pollard 'sacrificed himself for the Jewish people'
    • @ biorabbi

      There is an awesome huge added gain for releasing Pollard: imagine all the anti-semites faces redden and their blood pressure’s go up. Free Mr. Pollard now and watch the internet explode!

      Be careful what you ask for, you may get it. Disregarding your painting Americans as anti semites, if American faces do, in fact, radden and our blood pressures go up en masse and the Internet explodes, the consequence to Israel will not be pretty. You, for one, will be out of a job at Hasbara Central and will have to earn an honest living without being a parasite on American pockets, and your beloved Israel will be a distant memory.

    • From the NYT article:

      If Mr. Pollard, once freed, is given a hero’s welcome in Israel — a likely outcome, given the Israeli government’s long campaign on his behalf — there is worry that it will cause a backlash in the United States, where Mr. Pollard is still viewed by many, especially in the national security establishment, as a traitor who sold his country’s secrets for cash.

      This is exactly the reason that I want him freed. The potential benefit to us from his release far outweighs that of leaving him incarcerated for a few more days. Time for us to play chess instead of checkers.

    • @ pablemont

      [2] did not help Israel’s security and ...

      Frankly, even if it had helped Israel's security, it hurt ours. In a tradeoff between Israel's security and ours, Phil is right - our interests prevail.

    • Kerry: This is not an open-ended effort. It's reality check time.

      Awesome! This may be the excuse that the administration has been waiting for to withdraw as Israel's lawyer and hand over the IP issue for resolution by something akin to the P5+1 for Iran. This could be the signal for BDS to pick up more steam.

  • It's the borders, stupid
    • @ Kathleen

      Not that I would vote for Rand Paul (his domestic stances are horrifying)

      By now you should know that our domestic policy is completely subservient to our foreign policy. Not voting for Rand Paul because you disagree with some of his domestic policies means that you will vote for someone who will continue to screw us because of our foreign policy, and you won't get your desired domestic policy either. Why not get someone elected who can fix our foreign policy to a non-interventionist one, not to mention cutting aid to Israel and others, allowing for a huge amount of dollars being saved, which can then be used to improve our domestic policy by that same president or a subsequent one.

      As it now stands, people didn't vote for Ron Paul because they didn't like one thing or another about his domestic policy - even things that were more in congress' purview rather than the president's. We need to wise up to this left/right dichotomy that we have been fed. Let's just elect someone who can get us out of these wars and cut off aid to Israel. If they can clean house and get rid of all the neocons in government, we will be well on our way to prosperity again. Taking the stance that you and others have in the last election is why we continue to have more of the same.

      How is that hopey-changey thing working so far? Would a Hillary Clinton be better (No!), or would you like to see Christy/Jeb/Cruz instead of Rand? Those are your choices, so don't fool yourself into thinking you will get some miracle candidate.

      Foreign policy should be the only priority in the next election. Once that yoke is removed, the rest can be fixed. Until that yoke is removed, nothing can be fixed.

    • And lest we forget, this reluctance to declare borders is the principal reason that there cannot be a treaty or alliance between the US and Israel - both of which require such a declaration. We keep referring to Israel as our bestest friend and "ally". The fact that it is not our friend or our "ally" is argued by Phil Ghiraldi:

      link to

      Israel is the anchor around our neck that is sucking us to the bottom of the ocean.

  • Former Israeli general: failed peace talks won't lead to doom
    • According to the CIA, Israel will be gone in 15 years (the report said 20 years back in 2009).

      link to

    • If the Palestinians go to the ICC it will be a profound threat to Israel

      This is like saying "[the victim] going to the court to seek justice would be a threat to [the criminal]"?

      So, we should protect a criminal by preventing their victim from reaching out to the courts for justice? What does that make us?

  • The crisis that Israel adroitly manufactured
    • Thanks for the itinerary, Henry. I live in San Rafael, so I am going to try to make that one on Thursday unless my 5:00pm meeting runs late. Would love to meet others from this site there.

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • @ American

      I agree. There is no way that Israel is going to give us anything - certainly not admit that their actions caused any harm to the US or got any agents killed. The list of damage to the US is long - not just Pollard. Everything from USS Liberty, the theft of Nuclear material (and apparent environmental damage in the process), corruption of our political system, espionage, industrial theft, ..., the list goes on.

      I argued yesterday that we should release Pollard as a chess move, but on "humanitarian grounds"?? I don't quite see Pollard as the poor, taken-advantage-of, innocent that Phil makes him out to be.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • @Ellen

      Israelis leaving are the ones you might want as your neighbor

      You may be right about that - I don't know if the "good ones" are self-selecting for exit. I do know that when the axe finally falls on Israel, there will be mass exodus, and we won't get the chance to be selective about which ones come here. From the outside, it looks like the majority fall in the monster category, so I believe that the majority of them won't be ones that will make good neighbors - at least not here in the San Francisco Bay area.

      Now those folks leaving Brooklyn or Moldova for Israel to carry out the Zionist colonial enterprise

      Well those are the ones that already have a second passport and will be the first to return - much to our chagrin.

    • 2014 may well shape up to be a turning point in world affairs. The dyke is starting to creak and the I-firsters are running out of fingers to plug all the holes. Unfortunately, when the levy breaks, it is going to flood a few innocents as well. Prepare for a mass emigration of zionists to the US (Europe may be more reluctant to accept them) when the dam finally bursts.

  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • At one point, I would have been outraged at the prospect of Pollard being released, but I have reason to change my opinion on that as it would be a good chess move.

      To start with, he is nearing his release anyway, and he is not really adding any value being in prison. The damage he did is already done and cannot be undone. However, there is strategic value in releasing him, as in a game of chess.

      The release would raise a huge outcry across the nation, not the least from the intelligence and military communities. It would make headlines in every paper, because the I-firsters would want it to - sort of their way of saying "we leave no man behind", as an encouragement to other would-be spies for Israel. In their hubris, they would end up educating the masses about what Israel has been up to in our country, something that very few Americans know (although the numbers are increasing).

      So, his release would get a lot more mileage for our side than his continued incarceration. If I had my druthers, I would have had him shot all those years ago, but now, we may benefit more from his premature release rather than letting him serve out the few remaining days of his term.

      Let the I-firsters gloat about having engineered his release. Their pride will hasten their fall.

      On a similar note, Kerry's facilitating a terrible deal between Israel and Palestine is also a good thing in the same vein. I think we are past the point of trying to get justice through negotiations. Justice will have to come from a revolt from the grassroots, so the faster the flames are fanned, the quicker the uprising.

      More, more, I say.

  • Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!
  • Liberal Zionists are the new front line against BDS
  • UN Human Rights Council resolution warning companies to 'terminate business interests in the settlements' or face possible criminal liability gets watered down
    • Awwww! :-(

    • I second that!

    • Thanks Hostage - ever the fount of knowledge, par excellence!

    • Glad and surprised to see that Canada didn't cave!

    • @ annie

      From your link:

      Palestine and Syria spoke as concerned countries. Israel was not present in the room.

      I guess Israel could not come up with a response to the allegations and depends on Abe Foxman to be its mouthpiece.

      Syria, speaking as a concerned country, said that 47 years had gone by since Israel had occupied the Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan Heights and the situation was getting worse. The occupation continued and was taking great strides and the Judaisation campaigns in Jerusalem were taking feverish pace. The settlers harassed the Palestinians and the holy sites on a daily basis. Israel continued to deprive prisoners of their right to receive visits from their relatives. The international community was a witness of the blatant human rights violations by Israel and by its discriminatory and racist policies. Despite the current situation, Israel, continuing to strengthen its occupation, was blatantly violating the principle of sovereignty of peoples, and called into question their right to control their resources which was an inalienable right. Occupation would not bring peace to Israel. Israel had to realize that the only path for peace was the respect for international legitimacy. Syria challenged the Human Rights Council and reminded it that simply condemning Israel, and the indifference of so many States that supported Israel, would only encourage Israel to continue implementing these practices and believe it was above the law and above accountability.

      Wow! I am so glad to read that this is what was voiced. About time!

      Pakistan, speaking on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, expressed its incomprehension at the European Union’s decision to speak about the occupied Palestinian territories under agenda items 2 and 4, which was perceived as a concession to Israel for its return to the Council and would only further encourage Israel’s violations of international law.

      Amen brother!

      Then a long list of countries including Ireland, Russia, China, Brazil, and many others denouncing the settlements. Bravo!

      And then from our rep:

      United States expressed grave concern that legislation in many States restricted the fundamental freedoms and human rights of people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Laws criminalizing homosexuality were on the books in at least 79 countries; of particular concern was the proliferation of new and more restrictive legislation in countries such as Russia, Nigeria and Uganda. Those laws unduly limited the right to freedom of expression and created a climate that encouraged violence, targeting persons based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

      Yeah, great way to stack the priorities! How about violence based on ethnicity??

      I wasn't able to determine what the final vote counts were and who objected/abstained. I must have missed it in my excitement.

    • Yes!!! Is it Champagne uncorking time yet?
      Screw ADL and the horse they rode into town on!

      And of course, the MSM doesn't cover it.

  • JJ Goldberg says Adelson's influence fulfills anti-Semitic belief
    • @ German Lefty
      From the article you linked:

      Bennett says "the Jewish heartland, Judea and Samaria," can never be ceded to "the enemies, the Arabs". He says the land has belonged to the Jews for more than 3,000 years and that those who speak of an Israeli occupying force do not understand history. "You can't occupy your own land," Bennett says, with audible contempt for anyone who doesn't share his view.

      It never ceases to amaze me that in today's day and age someone can make such an audacious claim as if it were some legally-binding fact. Even the concept that "... has belonged to the Jews for more than 3,000 years" could at best be restated as "some parts of Palestine have belonged to some jews for some unknown number of years - but not exclusively, as Palestine has been inhabited by others during the same time".

  • BDS' big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down
    • @American

      I lost all respect for MJ when on the occasions he commented here, he started to cast aspersions about how some posters were antisemites. When challenged to produce links to antisemitic posts, he quietly slunk away without a response.

      He is an opportunist.

  • Some liberal Zionists will blame Netanyahu for failure of talks
    • I am #69.

    • How? Play it out. The USA decides to sit it out but will not take action against Israel.

      Who said anything about not taking actions against Israel? By letting the UN lead the charge and impose sanctions without a US veto, we immediately cease sending our tax dollars to Israel. The only reason that nobody has been willing to enforce UN resolutions is that we would veto any attempts at sanctioning Israel. If we stop doing that, then the sanctions have teeth. The loss of our aid dollars and support alone would bring Israel to its knees.

    • If (when) the talks fail, it seems there would be a perfect opportunity for Obama to say:

      We tried really hard to make the two sides come together, but for so many reasons, we were unable to resolve this intractable problem. It is now time for others to come to the aid of the party. I invite the UN to be directly involved in brokering a lasting peace between these two peoples, and the US will be an equal party in arriving at such a solution, but will no longer be the main agent of change as our efforts have not improved the situation as we had hoped. We will continue to provide assistance as required by the UN to help bring about peace in that region, including providing a peace-keeping force if asked to do so by the UN, along with other countries who would like to see peace in this region. We will be much more restrained in our use of the veto in the UNSC, and empower the nations of the world to end a crisis that has gone on for far too long.

      If the US were not Israel's lawyer, this matter would have been resolved a long time ago. With the UN leading the charge with the enforcement of all UN resolutions that Israel has ignored with the help of US vetoes, I assert that the conflict would be resolved within 6 months and Israel would be forced back to 1948 territories.

  • Bloodbath in Jenin
    • What a horrible news to wake up to on this beautiful Spring morning in the bay area! Karma does not forget. That axe will fall.

  • Obama's foreign policy has just one potential legacy-- Iran
    • Yet, nine months into the Bush presidency Al Qaeda attacked New York and other American targets.

      If not for the policy of MW against doing so, I would argue with you on the assertion of who attacked us.

    • And from the perspective of the Americans movement on Iran has always required Russian cooperation. Whether that help will be forthcoming in the wake of Crimea is an open question.

      I have a different perspective on that. Movement on Iran today is not so much of utilizing Russian cooperation, but more likely the result of the threat of a Chinese/Russian block veto of US actions/sanctions. Europe is economically in pain because of their dependence on oil, and with the Crimean debacle, their economy is going to be affected far more than that of the US - giving them cause to rebel against US dictates. With diminishing global influence, the specter of such a threat is not to be sniffed at. The sanctions themselves have pretty much fallen apart and quixotic attempts by our congress-critters to increase sanctions will not only be impotent, but will further diminish US stature abroad, and the mighty dollar is quickly approaching the point where it is no longer the instrument of international transactions - putting our economy into a tailspin.

      All the banker wars have reached their peak, and the chicken are flocking home to roost. Of the 70 or so wars that we have engaged in since WW2, not counting Granada (Ha!), there is not a single one that we can point to as having been victorious or having benefitted the US in any significant way (and I don't consider Haliburton to be the US).

      Obama still has the chance to redeem himself - in fact he still has the chance to become revered historically if he can normalize relations with Iran. I will go even farther and say that he could become the stuff of legends and seize the mantle of becoming one of our greatest and most cherished presidents, if he can normalize relations with Israel. The latter, unfortunately, depends more on the Herculean task of cleansing the Augean stables that is the US congress. This is not a task that any president can do, but it is one that he could inspire the general public to do by going to the people.

      Will either of these happen? I still have hopes for a positive outcome to the Iran negotiations, although its detractors will throw everything and the kitchen sink at it to make it fail. On the latter issue, which is the root of almost all the current issues, I am less optimistic.

      It is darkest before dawn.

  • Obama doesn't talk to Jimmy Carter -- because of Israel
    • @ American

      How the Middle East policies of a global superpower the size of America can be held hostage by a tiny militaristic, supremacist regime thousands of kilometres away is beyond comprehension.

      It is no more beyond comprehension than the thought of a tiny parasite or cancer that destroys its host from within, despite the difference in size. The machinery of zionism has infected every institution of influence and power in the US and we are like a large lumbering robot that has ceded control of its motor functions to the entity that is tearing at our innards with such ferocity.

      At some point, the host becomes more aware of the parasite as its body is besieged by the pain, and the immune system kicks in or medical help is sought. But, like cancer, the later the treatment, the more certain the mortality.

      Please wake up, America.

  • Kerry isn't satisfied by Israeli minister's non-apology for calling Obama a wimp
    • @ American

      Couldn't agree more. I hope the insults come fast and furious - enough so that the general public can't avoid taking note. Impatiently awaiting the awakening of the masses...

  • Kerry tries to get out of Jewish-state trap set by Netanyahu and the lobby
    • We are continuing to delude ourselves that Obama's administration, or any future administration, for that matter, is going to resolve the IP issue. It is not just the Ron Paul libertarian in me that scoffs at the idea of the government solving anything, but the fact that we have been spiraling in this state of increasing impotence, that has not only failed to solve the crisis, but exacerbated it to the point that we ourselves have been in crises after crises, with endless wars, deteriorating economy with increased poverty and homelessness, and the rape of the constitution by corporate puppeteers.

      No, if change is to be brought about, it has to be from the grassroots, and even the Diebold-fixed elections can be influenced by a united citizenry against the tyranny of those that rule us.

      I submit that the way to make a difference is to turn every political office up for (re)election into a stage for a choice between US prosperity versus Zionist control. We need to make the electability issue one of a choice between a US-firster or an Israel-firster. We need to show up at every town hall meeting by political candidates, from the lowest village positions to the highest senate and gubernatorial posts, and demand whether the candidate owes allegiance to the US and its constitution or to paymasters in the Lobby. We need to broadcast their campaign contributors with relevant context to Lobby funds and challenge them on where their loyalty lies.

      Additionally, we need to get controversial issues onto ballots, at the very least to educate the voting public, if not to rouse their emotions to throw their bodies against the machine. These should range from ceasing to be the policemen of the world, to prohibiting the occupation of government offices by non-US citizens (who even get security clearance!) and dual-nationals.

      This, and only this, can restore the republic and save the world in the process. Depending on the venal and cancerous politicians who have ensconced themselves in the belly of our nation, to extract us from the quicksand of our destruction, is only wishful thinking and hastens our demise.

      Mondoweiss is a great weapon in that endeavor and a good platform to catalyze such action. BDS is starting to make a difference too, but it still does not grab the hearts of most Americans who are engulfed in their domestic problems and the daily struggle for survival. We are still a long way from the day when Americans see the plight of the Palestinians as interconnected with their own plight. But, therein lies the strategy that we should pursue: make this a battle for America, rather than a war for the world.

      We need to attack the politicians and demonstrate their complicity with the Lobby for the current plight of the US. We need to show how wars are fought, how US lives are lost, how families are rendered homeless, how our treasure is funneled to foreign nations that do not benefit the US, how politicians are funded by foreign governments to remain in permanent power while serving alien needs to the detriment of US needs, by a vicious and insidious corruption of our system of governance, that has brought this great nation to its knees.

      We need a strategy to mobilize activists across this nation to educate, unite, and refocus the populace. They are few, and we are many. If we unite, they will crumble.

      So, let us help put together those small, energetic, groups of activists, to blanket the nation and turn this ship around. I am not a leader and lack the skills to make this happen, but I will gladly contribute my hard-earned cash to help fund such a movement. There must be many an Annie Robinson and many an Allison Weir in this nation to carry that flag, and I, and hopefully many others, will happily support them in other ways to make this happen.

  • Want to boycott Israel? There will soon be an app for that.
    • Indeed - I wondered why nobody thought of this before. Hopefully they will be able to hype this to a wide enough an audience. I would be interested to see their download counts.

    • While it is possible that the app could be prevented from the Apple store for people using iPhones and iPads, It will be much easier to put this on Android phones, as Google Play is not the only source for Android apps (assuming Google bans it) - they can be directly downloaded from any web page.

  • State Dept to 'check out' vicious attack on Palestinian athletes
    • @annie

      Inspiring as always. Thank you.

    • @annie

      thank you C&D, that means a lot to me.

      You know that I have always been your biggest fan and I draw inspiration from your courage, clear-thinking, and passionate devotion to what has become your defining role in this ongoing tragedy.

    • @annie

      i know following the events can really get to me sometimes too. sometimes a close read of kate’s list seems completely overwhelming.


      I thought reading the accounts of Israeli brutality would desensitize me too after a while but it hasn’t, its only made me more angry…I have to deliberately avoid reading about them sometimes for that reason.

      I think it is partly the torrential onslaught of this kind of despicable events that further exacerbates this feeling because the cowering MSM refuses to cover it. But I also think that it is the roller-coaster of emotions when we read a few promising items in the news with the ever-optimistic hope that things are about to change and dawn is about to break, as with the recent defeats of AIPAC in the Syrian saga and the progress of BDS with ASA. It seems the fall from these towers of hope are even more painful when a few days later we are presented with events such as this one, and the world chooses to paper over it, rather than turn it into a rallying cry for freedom and justice.

      I don't want to put a damper on your spirits, and activism sorely needs us to stay positive even in the darkest of nights, and we certainly don't need the Israeli hasbrats to take courage from our despondency and redouble their efforts to break our will. Sometimes I wish I was a better man who could keep from becoming depressed by the reality of what surrounds me. But I am not Gunga Din, though annie is clearly well above the latter.

      Then I remind myself that Rome was not built (or burnt) in a day, and I am ready to face the next morn.

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