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  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • Rats leaving a sinking ship!

      David Cameron has refused publicly to support the Duke of York in the wake of allegations that he “sexually abused” a teenager.
      Asked about the controversy for the first time since the claims were made last week, the Prime Minister would only say in a radio interview: “I'm not going to make any comment on it. Obviously, the Prince has made his own views very, very clear, and I think I'll leave it at that.”
      Mr Cameron’s comments are a marked contrast from his reaction when the Duke’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, first got him into trouble in 2011.
      On that occasion the Prime Minister made it clear the Duke retained his full confidence in his role as UK trade envoy. Mr Cameron’s spokesman said at the time that the Duke was “doing an important job” and that “we support him in his role as trade envoy”.

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    • In case we forget, there are currently 4 Jane Does in this case - only Jane Doe #3 has revealed herself and her claims. We don't know what damage the other 3 Jane Does can do.

    • Looking at the coverage in the worldwide press, the US papers have only passing coverage of Randy Andy, and more coverage of the Dershbag, while the papers outside have it reversed, still giving the Dersh some coverage. The papers in Israel have more coverage of the Dersh than of the prince.

      At least thats how it seems without any scientific measurements.

    • Slim to none.

    • @ lysias

      My guess would be that it has taken this much time to get the evidence together for the two lawyers to be confident about victory. The filing in December was to add the 2 other Jane Does to the filing and not a new filing. During this time, they may have gotten the evidence they need against the Dersh and his royal pal, and that is why they added those names to their filing. Given how powerful these two probable perps are, it may have taken a while to amass the necessary documentation into a credible case.

    • The case has been pending since 2008 where the government is mentioned:

      July 2008 – Two lawyers, Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell, filed a Jane Doe lawsuit against the US government, alleging Epstein committed crimes against their clients, including sex trafficking of children by fraud.

      July 2008 – The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules the prosecutors in the case against Epstein failed to ensure that his victims were informed of the plea deal before it was agreed, a violation of the Crime Victims Rights Act.

      But, it is true, most articles are glossing over the fact that there is government complicity in the unusual NPA for a child molester.

    • @ annie

      Wow! This guy has so much bad karma hanging over his head that when the final blow comes, there may be nothing left of him!

      Despite clear evidence that Sam Kellner should never have been charged and that much of the evidence against him was fabricated, current Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson has failed to bring charges against those who allegedly fabricated it.

      This man deserves everything that he has coming to him!

    • This is a concise historical timeline for this case:


      1998 – Virginia Roberts meets Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of a disgraced British newspaper tycoon and close associate of Jeffrey Epstein.

      1999-2002 – The time period during which Virginia Roberts [Jane Doe #3] claims to have spent as a "sex slave" for Jeffrey Epstein, servicing him and numerous powerful men associated with him.

      2000 – Jeffrey Epstein is a guest at a party at Windsor Castle celebrating the birthday of the Queen.

      2002 – Virginia Roberts leaves Epstein and marries a man in Thailand.

      March 2005 – Florida police investigate Jeffrey Epstein for "sexual battery" following accusations that he paid female minors for sex during 2004 and 2005.

      May 2006 – A probable cause affidavit is filed against Epstein by Palm Beach police, accusing him of four counts of unlawful sex with minors and one count of molestation. A grand jury returns with a single charge of solicitation of prostitution.

      August 2006 – Epstein pleads not guilty to the charge of solicitation of prostitution.

      September 2007 – Famed criminal defence lawyer Alan Dershowitz helped Epstein negotiate a then-secret non-prosecution agreement with the US Attorney's Office, which deferred to the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office for criminal charges.

      February 2008 – A $US50 million civil lawsuit is filed against Epstein by an anonymous Virginia woman, stating that in 2004-2005 as a 16-year-old minor she was "recruited to give Epstein a massage" and forced to have sex with him.

      March 2008 – A second similar civil action is filed against Epstein, though this and other accusations against Epstein will eventually be settled out of court.

      June 2008 – Epstein pleads guilty to solicitation of prostitution, avoiding a trial involving more serious charges. Epstein begins an 18-month sentence in prison, of which he will serve 13 months.

      July 2008 – Two lawyers, Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell, filed a Jane Doe lawsuit against the US government, alleging Epstein committed crimes against their clients, including sex trafficking of children by fraud.

      July 2008 – The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules the prosecutors in the case against Epstein failed to ensure that his victims were informed of the plea deal before it was agreed, a violation of the Crime Victims Rights Act.

      22 July 22, 2009 – Epstein is released from prison.

      February 2011 – Prince Andrew is photographed walking in Central Park in New York with Epstein. Media reports indicate Andrew spent four days at Epstein's home in New York.

      March 2011 – Virginia Roberts, an American woman, speaking to UK newspaper the Daily Mail, claims to have been forced to serve as Epstein's "sex slave" and accuses him of forcing her to have sex with some of his famous and powerful friends. Though former US President Bill Clinton associated with Epstein, Ms Roberts claims she never had sex with him, nor did she think he had sex with anyone associated with Epstein.

      March 2011 – It is revealed that Epstein gave Prince Andrew's ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, £15,000 to reduce her debts.

      July 2011 – Prince Andrew resigns as UK trade envoy amid ferocious criticism over his friendship with Epstein.

      December 30, 2014 – A court filing in the United States District Court in the Southern District of Florida, filed as part of the civil case against Epstein pending since July 2008, alleges Epstein forced Virginia Roberts to have sex with several men, including Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz. Epstein made Roberts available to powerful men to ingratiate himself with them and to obtain potential blackmail information, according to the filing.

      January 2015 – Speaking to the Daily Mail, Virginia Roberts says Epstein paid her £10,000 to have sex with Prince Andrew while she was still a minor.

      January 2015 – Buckingham Palace releases this statement: "It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. The allegations made are false and without any foundation."

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    • Dershowitz said in Monday's filing the allegation against him was a "deliberate lie." He said that while he had flown on Epstein's plane several times, Jane Doe #3 was not on any of those trips. He also said he had been to Epstein's island once, for a day, and was with his wife and daughter the whole time.

      Oh, so now he has been on the plane several times! The circumference of exposure continues to expand!

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    • I guess his reason for suing is that his name was included in the suit against the government to provide 'tabloid fodder" and draw media attention, since he is not party to the suit.

      It will be interesting to see if he can make that stick.

      Dershowitz accuses the lawyers of naming him and Andrew “as quotable tabloid fodder” to get attention that has led to “a media firestorm” to his detriment.

      “Specifically naming Prof. Dershowitz, and identifying him as Mr. Epstein’s counsel, Plaintiffs’ counsel allege that Jane Doe #3 was ‘required’ to have sexual relations with Prof. Dershowitz ‘on numerous occasions while she was a minor,’ and, in addition, that Prof. Dershowitz was ‘an eyewitness to the sexual abuse of many other minors,” the Dershowitz motion says.

      Dershowitz noted that he is “married and has three children and two grandchildren.”

      He told Lauer he was with his family at the time he allegedly had sex with the teen on a Caribbean island and at a New Mexico ranch.

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    • Prince Andrew plans no legal action over underage sex claims

      At least the royal pedo is not as stupid as the Dersh!

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    • Harvard law professor embroiled in 'sex slave' scandal alongside Prince Andrew files defamation lawsuits over the claims - and urges the duke to do the same

      A very stupid move on his part to open up another battle front. This will allow more dirty laundry to be aired.

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      'I'm not trying to silence her,' he said. 'I challenged her to repeat the statement to the press so I can sue for her defamation... She has studiously refused to.'

      So what's his grounds for suing now?

    • The Dersh's threat to have the lawyers disbarred is just smoke.

      Several law professors specializing in legal ethics said that even if Dershowitz could prove the allegations were false, that was unlikely to get the two attorneys disbarred.

      The heart of the issue: attorneys are advocates for their clients, not arbiters of fact, they said, and they are generally entitled to believe their clients.

      "The statement by the victim that it happened, without a strong reason to question it, would be sufficient," said Amy Mashburn, a professor at the University of Florida's Levin College of Law.

      "Being false alone is not enough," said Stephen Gillers, a professor at NYU School of Law. "What a disciplinary committee would have to show is that they either knew the allegations were false, or they were reckless in making the charge."

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    • USA Today, dumbs down the whole thing in its color-coded news for the stupid public.

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    • @ Pixel

      I read it. It's frightening, to say the least.

    • Even if the ranch was not complete, I bet it had a bedroom or two - or else where did he stay? It would be hard to prove if any girls were there - unless they came forward.

      If he stayed at a hotel, there should be records of that.

    • Bill Clinton And The Pedophile: The Sex Scandal That Could Destroy Hillary’s Presidential Ambitions

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    • Spouses and ex-wives all rally to support their wayward husbands and ex-husbands:

      Sarah Ferguson appeared in public for the first time since the Duke of York was accused of having sex with an underage girl ‘procured’ for him by his billionaire friend Jeffrey Epstein.
      The duchess has kept a low profile at the luxury £22,000-a-week Swiss ski chalet where she has been holidaying with Andrew and their younger daughter Eugenie.
      But yesterday she went for a mountain walk dressed in black sportswear and clutching hiking poles. Choosing her words carefully, she declined to comment directly on the scandal engulfing her former husband.
      Asked by the Daily Mail if she was sticking by the duke, she replied: ‘The York family is a tight unit. We’ve always been a tight unit.
      ‘He is the greatest man there is. It was the finest moment of my life in 1986 when I married him. He is a great man, the best man in the world.’

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    • My guess is that even though he got a reprieve and a light sentence the last time around, he is probably still doing what he is good at doing - pimping to the powerful. The NPA won't save him from subsequent crimes. I am waiting for him to be tossed back in the slammer again - this time for keeps, and not the VIP prison either.

      What a scuzzball!

    • Meanwhile, the Dersh's royal buddy is also in deep doodoo. There is a list of questions he is being asked, such as:

      Ten questions the Palace MUST answer
      By Guy Adams for the Daily Mail

      Soon the murky affair of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts will face scrutiny via a series of sensational cases due to come before the U.S. courts. But as the scandal escalates, here are ten questions the Royal Household must address…

      1. You have denied that Prince Andrew had ‘any kind of sexual relationship or contact with Virginia Roberts’. He certainly did meet her, however: a photograph was taken late one night in early 2001 of the pair together at a London apartment owned by Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the shamed late newspaper boss Robert Maxwell.
      The picture shows the Duke of York’s left hand cradling Ms Roberts’s bare midriff. At the time, she was 17; he, on the other hand, was a 40-year-old father of two. So how did this image come to be taken?

      2 Ms Roberts claims to have first met Prince Andrew at Ms Maxwell’s property the previous afternoon. During this initial encounter (over tea and biscuits), Roberts says the Prince was asked to guess her age. Andrew correctly estimated that she was 17, prompting Ms Maxwell to reportedly joke that Jeffrey Epstein ‘would soon have to trade her in’. Did the Prince indeed meet her that day?

      10. Finally, in 2011, after Jeffrey Epstein had been freed from prison, the News of the World published a photograph of him strolling with Prince Andrew in New York’s Central Park.
      The image caused widespread outrage, and led to the Prince’s resignation as Britain’s roving Trade Ambassador.
      Why did the Prince choose to continue his personal relationship with Epstein — by then a convicted paedophile — at this time? How many meetings did he have with Epstein following his conviction? And when did he last speak or meet with him?

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    • Follow up on the above video:
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    • Video of Epstein's ranch in Santa Fe:

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      Jane Doe #3 alleges Epstein abused her frequently at a West Palm Beach compound, as well as what is assumed to be the ranch – where he forced her to have sex with Dershowitz.
      "I was at the ranch once with friends, my wife and my daughter for about an hour," Dershowitz told the Today Show Monday. "The house wasn't complete; Epstein wasn't even in it…there were no girls around."


    • Behind Epstein Suit, a Tussle Over Due Process and Victims’ Rights

      The salacious allegations against Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz that surfaced in a federal lawsuit involving convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein have generated international attention. Drawing less coverage is the lawsuit itself — a case with the potential to expand the rights of crime victims during federal investigations.
      The law in question is the Crime Victims’ Rights Act, a statutory bill of rights for victims of federal crimes. Among other things, the law grants victims a “reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the Government in the case.”

      The case exposes tensions between the due-process rights of the accused and the rights of victims.

      Attorneys representing the plaintiffs, former federal judge Paul Cassell and Florida lawyer Bradley Edwards, say at stake “is whether a federal statute protecting crime victims rights can be ignored with impunity or, as we argue, whether instead real remedies exist for its violation.”

      U.S. prosecutors say the government had no obligation to confer with the alleged victims. Since they never charged Mr. Epstein with a crime, they argue, the plaintiffs don’t qualify as victims under that 2004 law.

      And even that right existed, the government argues, the Constitution’s due-process guarantees bar prosecutors from reneging on their agreement with Mr. Epstein.

      In making their argument, prosecutors have cited a Dec. 2010 opinion issued by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which provides legal advice to the president and executive-branch agencies. The opinion states that the “rights provided by the CVRA are guaranteed” only after “criminal proceedings are initiated through a complaint, information, or indictment.”

      In a 2011 ruling, the federal judge presiding over the case, Kenneth A. Marra, sided with the plaintiffs’ interpretation of the law, writing that the CVRA “clearly contemplates pre-charge proceedings.”

      And in a 2013 order, rejecting a motion by the government to dismiss the case, the judge wrote that a non-prosecution arrangement may be “re-opened” if it were reached in “violation of a prosecutor’s conferral obligations under the statute.”

      The plaintiffs’ lawyers allege that the government failed to meet those obligations. In court documents, they accuses the U.S. attorney’s office of concealing the agreement “to avoid a firestorm of public controversy that would have erupted if the sweetheart plea deal with a politically-connected billionaire had been revealed.”

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      There is much more to this case besides the scandal. This is not going to go away easily.

    • How Seriously Should We Take The Accusations?

      So, how cynical should we be about the allegations against Dershowitz? Should commentators start riffing on the idea that this is yet another instance of a woman emerging years after the fact with an inflammatory accusation motivated by greed or bitterness? Not necessarily. There are a few reasons to think that this is not the sort of sex crime claim conservative pundits (myself included) warned you about.

      1. The people who made the allegations public appear credible.

      Dershowitz told the Wall Street Journal that he intends to initiate disbarment proceedings against the attorneys representing the alleged victims for failing to diligently investigate the women’s claims. Even if the allegations against Dershowitz are false, though, it’s not clear that the lawyers representing the women are either incompetent or malicious.

      Paul Cassell and Bradley Edwards represent the plaintiffs in the CVRA suit. Edwards is a Florida attorney representing Epstein’s victims pro bono. Cassell is a University of Utah law professor focusing on crime victims’ rights. He argued before SCOTUS on behalf of child pornography victim Amy Unknown in last term’s Paroline v. United States, for example. He is a former D.C. Circuit and Supreme Court clerk, and a former Assistant U.S. Attorney. Most notably, Cassell is a former U.S. District Judge. Neither he nor Edwards are amateurs.

      In a statement on Friday, Cassell stood behind his work in the case and looked forward to reading any affidavits Dershowitz might file.

      2. Many of Epstein’s victims, including Jane Doe #3, have been forthcoming with details of their abuse for many years.

      Jane Doe #3 is Virginia Roberts, a young woman who has since 2007 spoken publicly about her supposed years of sex slavery. While the formal allegations in court last week are terse, Roberts has given vivid accounts of how Epstein allegedly forced her into sexual encounters with himself and other men, including the UK’s Prince Andrew.

      3. The allegations against Dershowitz are direct and specific.

      The CVRA suit claims that Epstein “trafficked Jane Doe #3 for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister, and other world leaders,” but few are identified in last week’s motion. Dershowitz is. Only Prince Andrew, heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, and modeling agent Jean Luc Bunel are also called out by name. Roberts claims that Epstein used Maxwell and Bunel to recruit his young victims. If counsel for the CVRA plaintiffs chose to single out only those individuals against whom they had the strongest evidence, Dershowitz may be in trouble.

      4. Dershowitz defended Epstein.

      As a member of Epstein’s defense team, Dershowitz arranged the deal that kept the victims from telling their tales in court, but sent Epstein to prison on only a relatively minor charge. According to the CVRA plaintiffs, “Dershowitz helped negotiate an agreement that provided immunity from federal prosecution in the Southern District of Florida not only to Epstein, but also to ‘any potential co-conspirators of Epstein.” If the allegations against Dershowitz are true, he engineered an agreement that insulated himself from prosecution as a co-conspirator.

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      The show is just beginning!

    • From Utah:

      "Totally false and made up," he said emphatically. "I've never seen her. I've never met her. I don't know who she is. And her lawyers have to know this. Her lawyers, Paul Cassell, a former federal judge, and Brad Edwards, deliberately and willfully filed this inter-pleading which they knew I had no opportunity to respond to in court without doing any investigation.

      "If they simply investigated the manifests of the airplanes, if they had checked my travel records, if they had asked me and I could have given them the names of these people who were witnesses, they would know the story is totally, completely false."
      The woman has said she wants a full investigation, I welcome a full investigation. I'm not trying to silence her. I've challenged her to repeat the statement to the press so that I can sue for defamation. She has repeated the statements about the prince. She has studiously refused to produce the statements about me. I have challenged her to file rape criminal charges against me because if she does she exposes herself to criminal prosecution," he said.

      "I have challenged the lawyers to repeat these statements in public so there can be a defamation hearing. They want to just throw the stink bomb and then avoid any responsibility. They will not get away with this. … The truth will come out and it will show these two unethical lawyers should be disbarred. I am completely, absolutely innocent of any and all charges," Dershowitz said.

      Because Dershowitz was not named directly as a party in any criminal or civil suit, he said he was not given a chance to defend himself.

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    • The Dersh has been flapping his jaw all day. It is only a matter of time before he swallows his feet:

      During a media tour Monday, Dershowitz dared the woman to speak about the allegations publicly so he could file a defamation against her and offered to waive the criminal statute of limitations.

      "Remember that this woman—who I haven't identified, you have—is a prostitute. She is a liar. She has charged Bill Clinton with having sex with her on the island, when Secret Service records will obviously show he was never on the island. She claimed to meet the Queen. Buckingham records will show that isn't true," Dershowitz said. "How does a lawyer rely on the statement of a woman who is a serial perjurer, serial liar, serial prostitute, and bring charges against somebody with an unscathed reputation like me without even checking?"

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    • He is throwing everything and the kitchen sink, and playing the anti-semitic card too for good measure (or by force of habit):

      The pro-Israel Dershowitz said the allegations have also led to anti-Semitic backlash. He received an email saying, "See Jews have always been in charge of the sex trade," the Jerusalem Post reported.

      "The anti-Semites are crawling out from under their rocks, they are loving this," he told the newspaper. "And the anti-Israel zealots are loving this. I'm not only defending myself here but I am defending other values as well. I am defending the values that I have represented and stood for, for so many years."

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      I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was loving it, although I am neither anti-semitic, nor anti-Israel.

    • Let's see if Dersh demands a discovery of their evidence. Some videos may be forthcoming.

      Something similar, we say "deer in the headlights".

    • Nope - I am waiting for the videos and photos to be revealed as well - as I am sure we all are.

    • No hacking evident. There are currently 610 comments to this article and this is a very popular topic - far more than normal for obvious reasons. Use the "Previous Comments" link at the bottom left of this page to find your previous postings.

    • The lawyers are calling Dersh's bluff. The following was sent out on January 3, 2015 to Dersh on behalf of the two lawyers:

      Dear Mr. Dershowitz:

      Statements attributed to you in the public media express a willingness, indeed a strong desire, to submit to questioning under oath regarding your alleged knowledge of Jeffrey Epstein's extensive abuse of underage females as well as your alleged personal participation in those activities. As I am sure you will recall, our efforts to arrange such a deposition previously were unsuccessful, so we welcome your change of heart. Perhaps a convenient time would be in connection with your scheduled appearance in Miami on January 19. I assume a subpoena will not be necessary since the deposition will be taken pursuant to your request, but please let us know promptly if that assumption is inaccurate. Also, note that the deposition will be video recorded.

      Kindly bring with you all documentary and electronic evidence which you believe tends to refute the factual allegations made concerning you in the recent CVRA proceeding as well as passport pages reflecting your travels during the past ten years and copies of all photographs taken while you were a traveling companion or house guest of Jeffrey Epstein's.

      Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


      Jack Scarola

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    • There are no reputable American news sources, their own claims notwithstanding.

    • So far the Dersh has threatened, promised, bluffed, and blustered, peppered with denials and expressions of outrage. I will believe it when I see action.

    • They both look like teenagers.

    • Denial by spouse is hardly surprising.

      "Hillary always denied Bill’s affairs in public, Smith wrote, and the couple even paid $100,000 to a private detective to dig up dirt on women Clinton got involved with that were likely to be trouble."

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    • "It's the legal equivalent of scribbling something on a toilet stall and then running away."

      Firsthand experience?

    • "weapon of Minor destruction"


      People on this site are so funny!

    • Sounds of rolling emanate from Shelley's grave...

    • Hillary Clinton is toast.

    • @ Mooser


    • @ lysias

      Don't you get the feeling that the dam is cracking in multiple places and that we are about to be deluged by countless such stories? I think this is what is meant by "The Apocalypse" - the unveiling.

    • I wonder how many such perversion cases in the US were covered up by the FBI to protect those in power. There was a lot of rumor around Gannon during the Bush years. The scale of the pedo rings in the UK elite would indicate that something similar exists here as well. It would be great to see this exposed.

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    • Me too. This is the most number of comments that I have posted to MW on any one article - ever. It should be obvious that I am not a fan of the Dersh. In fact, it would be an understatement to say that I loathe and abhor the guy and hold him in utmost disdain. I hope that this is the day that he gets what has been coming to him for a long while.

      Karma is a b*tch.

    • Correction, that should have been spent $127,000 of US taxpayers’ money, 'cause that's where it came from.

    • Last year, Israel replaced its ambassador to Australia, Naftali Tamir, after he said Israel and Australia are “like sisters” because both are located in Asia and their peoples don’t have the Asian characteristics of “yellow skin and slanted eyes.”

      They exude racism in every possible way.

    • Note that Assange had nary a bad word to say about Israel.

    • Click on the "Older Coments" link at bottom left of page

    • Here is the Dershbag supporting Israel's war crimes and also saying that collective punishment of Palestine is okay. How dare Russia, UK, and France criticize Israel's Human Rights violations when they were guilty themselves in the past!

    • 'Evolve' may not be the right choice of verb. I am a huge proponent of free speech, but the fact NAMBLA can even be allowed to exist is disgusting. There has to be a line somewhere.

    • Yep, he was also supportive of the ACLU on the NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) stance back in 2000.

      link to

      While debating this topic on CNBC’s “Rivera Live” earlier this week,
      renowned civil libertarian Alan Dershowitz, who supports the ACLU’s
      action on this issue, suggested that, in the future, America will
      understand why the ACLU took on this controversial case. He claimed
      that this case was similar to the ACLU taking on other contentious
      cases, such as the Nazis marching in Skokie, Ill.

      While I don't disagree that controversial cases like this one need defense, but the propensity for being associated with cases of this nature is pause for thought, in my opinion.

      and here is another:

      link to

    • Birds of a feather...

    • He is also one of the leading voices against Jimmy Carter.

      “I can’t imagine a worse person to honor for conflict resolution. Here’s a man who has engendered conflict wherever he goes. He has encouraged terrorism by Hamas and Hezbollah. He was partly responsible for Yasser Arafat turning down the Clinton-Barak peace offer,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told The Algemeiner in an interview. Dershowitz wrote about Carter in his book “The Case Against Israel’s Enemeies: Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others Who Stand in the Way of Peace.”

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    • Seems this is not the only association with cases related to child molestation. He was defending Paterno in the Sandusky Child molestation case.

      link to

    • The list would be very long. He was also the chief accuser against the Goldstone Report.

      link to

      He said the jurist "allowed himself to be used to give a hechsher, a certification of purity, to defamation," and that Goldstone is a "man who uses his language and words against the Jewish people."

      Elaborating, the professor said that it would be as if the writers of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion "had asked a prominent Jew to read the report and sign it" to give it approval.

    • You are not alone with that thought:

      And of course, the Dersh proposes that torture should be legalized.
      Dersh apparently admitted in public that he is a member of the Mossad committee that approves whom to assassinate!

    • And lest we forget, just a few weeks ago the Dersh stepped forward to protect his fellow pedo:

      link to

      The New York Times is reporting that lawyer Alan Dershowitz, famous for his work with Patty Hearst, Julian Assange, and O.J. Simpson, has filed a motion with the L.A. County Superior Court to bring closure to director Roman Polanski’s 36-year-old statutory-rape conviction. This motion comes on the heels of the U.S.’s unsuccessful extradition bid this October during Polanski’s visit to Poland. The director, who pleaded guilty to statutory rape in 1978 but fled the country before sentencing, hasn’t returned to the United States since. Dershowitz says it’s time to stop the chase.

    • For those who don't remember this clip of Norm calling the Dersh out on plagiarism:

    • I was reading this article this article about the Dersh's comments on the Amanda Knox case, and learned that he has a son! He has probably groomed him with his own value system, so even after he vanishes from the scene, his progeny will spring onto the stage to take his place.

      I am afraid that we will be subjected to another generation of Dershism!

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    • Do tell! :-)

    • @ Boomer

      I can understand the get-out-of-jail-free-card for Epstein in the form of an NPA, but I am surprised that it would contain a blanket NPA for any co-conspirators, names or unnamed. Seems Epstein could sell that immunity to a whole bunch of friends and business partners with impunity.

    • There is reason to suspect that videos and photos may emerge:

      Lawyers representing Roberts, originally referred to as Jane Doe 102, mentioned the hidden cameras in a 27-page filing at the Palm Beach Federal Courthouse in Florida.

      The six-year-old papers, seen by the Sunday People, state: “Some of the photographs in the defendant’s possession were taken with hidden cameras set up in [Epstein’s] home in Palm Beach.

      “On the Day of his arrest, police found two hidden cameras and photographs of ­underage girls on a computer in the defendant’s home.

      The US State Attorney’s office in Florida still has the vile haul of images from Epstein’s Palm Beach home, which were captured on devices hidden in walls inside guest bedrooms.

      This could be one of the reasons that the legal team is asking for discovery from the Epstein case as some of those confiscated videos may have clips of the Dersh in action. And, oh yeah, the prince guy too.

      link to

      The suspense is killing me!

    • @ annie

      link to

      According to Roberts’s court filing, Dershowitz is also accused of having sexual relations with her “on numerous occasions while she was a minor, not only in Florida, but on private planes, in New York, Florida, New Mexico and the US Virgin Islands”.

      Let's see him prove he wasn't in New York, Florida, New Mexico, or in private planes with Epstein, even if he has an alibi for the Virgin Islands. If more than one of the girls can make the same claim, and they cannot be proved to have conspired, then his goose is cooked.

    • From the Guardian article:

      The Guardian understands the plea deal states: “If Epstein successfully fulfils all the terms of this agreement, the United States also agrees that it will not institute any criminal charges against any potential co-conspirators of Epstein including but not limited to [four named individuals not including Prince Andrew or Dershowitz].”

      The "including but not limited to" part is tricky. That's one hell of a get-out-of-jail-free-card! Is this usual?

    • He seems to be getting desperate making public statements like that. If later on, he rescinds this waiver of immunity, it is not going to look pretty.

      I wonder how long it will take to go to trial...

    • Well, I am not surprised. This is going to be the hottest story of 2015 - and it is only January 4th!

    • Frightening imagery!

    • LOL!

    • I very much hope (and believe) that the two lawyers did their homework and had their ducks lined up before filing in court. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are not naive, and are in fact, fully cognizant of the fact that they have taken on some titans in the elite class. I am hoping that the 4 Jane Does are the tip of the iceberg, and they have either more witnesses, or ideally, a video clip or two. Now that would be amazing! Imagine watching Dersh on YouTube - Ugh! What am I saying!

      If they can hold on and not accept some out-of-court settlement, this could be huge. Otherwise, the waves will crash harmlessly on the cliffs.

    • Clinton was mentioned several times in the previous case where Epstein was convicted. I found a nice writeup on this blog: link to

    • No, I don't believe so. The government is named, however.
      Many of the articles have mentioned Clinton, Gore, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, along with the Dersh and Prince Andy, but only those last two names seem to have caught fire.

    • Check this out:

      WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The first full account of the masseuse at the center of the explosive Prince Andrew 'sex slave' drama... but is she telling the truth?

      link to

    • I believe the Crime Victim's Rights Act (CVRA) trumps a number of privileges, including keeping the NPA details a secret.

    • Wow! I haven't seen a post on MW get over 320 comments in a long while. This topic is so captivating [rubs hands in glee]!

      What makes me scratch my head a bit is that the Dersh and Prince Andy seem to be getting most of the attention. Bill Clinton - not so much. Maybe we are jaded from the Monica Lewinsky affair and just shrug when we hear of Bill's peccadilloes - he has lost his shock value. Or, could it be that people are deferential to Hillary and her expected presidential run to gloss over him for fear that it could impact her, even though 2 years is a long time?

      Even Al Gore gets a pass - maybe he is not that interesting anymore.

      I am just waiting for some really juicy names like Lindsey Graham or Menendez or Rubio to pop up. Now those would be fireworks!

    • @ annie

      This story is shaping up to be the mother lode - the mother of all scandals! Besides its soap-opera appeal with all its titillating content, I am agog with excitement about the potential for it to rip the cover off the dark underbelly of what Israel has been doing to control our government! I know that it will all get hushed up soon, but a boy can hope, can't he?

    • @ annie

      LOL! Good point.

    • As I posted above, I am waiting with bated breath for this to explode and expose the congressmen who were caught in the snare and are being blackmailed to support Israel.

    • This seems to be the talking-point-du-jour for the Hasbara brigade:

      Alan Dershowitz says 'anti-Israeli zealots are loving' accusations against him

      link to

      “The anti-Semites are crawling out from under their rocks, they are loving this. And the anti-Israel zealots are loving this” as well, he said. “I'm not only defending myself here but I am defending other values as well. I am defending the values that I have represented and stood for, for so many years.”

    • @ CigarGod

      Btw, what news/discussion sources do you like?

      I sometimes listen to Russia Today for a non-US perspective:

      link to

      If your ISP blocks certain sources, get yourself a VPN service to get to almost anywhere in the world by tunneling through them. It will also keep the NSA off your tail.

    • May I recommend that you tune in to Internet radio? Most of the stations in the world are available from your computer or smart phone these days, mostly free of charge or ad-driven (like Pandora or TuneIn).

    • Who listens to NPR anymore? It has ceased to be relevant.

    • Even consensual sex with a minor is illegal, regardless of the character or loose morals of the minor. It is surprising that the court admitted the provided evidence of drug abuse or lewd comments. I assume it had to do with establishing the credibility of the claims by the minor.

    • Very creative, Taxi! LOL!

    • Yes, he would. It wouldn't do to have this all aired in open court.

    • @ David Doppler

      Wow! Indeed I feel one-upped. If they were able pre-plan the false UVA allegations, then that is a level of application of game theory that mere mortals are not going to be able to defeat. Not only are they in positions of power that allow them to pull strings in their own defense, they appear able to play the long game in chess, and win.

      Perhaps hubris will make them slip up and make a wrong move to their undoing.

      Oh, I wouldn't call this a conspiracy, though.

    • Wow! I didn't know about Al Gore's attempt at rape of a young woman in a hotel in Oregon!

      Bill Clinton, Woody Allen, etc., what a collection of pedos!!

    • @ lysias

      Thanks for all these links and for digging deeper into what could be the story of 2015.
      Very much appreciated.

      I am particularly intrigued by the fact that keeping the NPA secret is in violation of the CVRA.

      Waiting with bated breath to see how this unfolds!

    • Speculation alert.

      I have long been convinced that our congress and even the presidency has been blackmailed to do the things they do and support the causes they do - usually contradicting the constituencies they represent. The support for Israel is a case in point.

      I have wondered abut what kinds of blackmail would be applicable to such a large body of people (with some exceptions like Ron Paul) and how such damning information would be available to the blackmailer.

      Well, now I think I know. The elite succumb to sexual perversions. In some cases, they are careless and their perversions are discovered by the blackmailers, but more oft than not, they are sucked into traps crafted by the blackmailers. I wonder if Epstein is alone or if there are cadres of his ilk deployed across DC to catch as many politicians as possible, rendering them slaves to the blackmailers. This would be a goldmine for any lobbyist to have.

      The women politicians would be less likely to fall into such traps (though not impossible), so in their case, bribery (either as campaign donations or in other forms) would probably be the tool of choice. The men, however, far outnumber the women in politics, so the Honey Trap would probably be the most effective means of control (not ruling out pedophilia and gay traps where applicable).

      If this is true, then the exposure of one such group would blow the lid off of a large number of politicians, and I would imagine every effort to hush this up would ensue. I would speculate that this is why Epstein was able to get such a sweetheart deal on his conviction including the immunity for his co-conspirators.

      We need just one such case to explode in the public consciousness. The public loves scandals and it captures their imagination more than battles waged in distant desserts. We are a soap-opera culture, and if the support for Israel is exposed as the result of blackmail of our perverted politicians, that support would vanish in an instant. What Christian Fundie would be able to justify support to their flock for such depravity?

      So here's hoping that this case does explode. We have heard of the pedophilia rings in the British parliament and there were rumors of the same in the Bush Whitehouse. None of these were ever proven and may never be.

      But if this one...

  • The 'bait & switch' politics of liberal Zionism
    • Sean, the people surrounding the Epic of Gilgamesh are dead and long gone, while the civilizations surrounding the Abrahamic religions are very much alive and growing. Much of the fables surrounding Gilgamesh did find its way into the bible albeit in modified form.

      However, the stories and events themselves provide a backdrop against which to paint edicts of social norms and morality and subsequent laws. The 10 commandments would be dry reading without the events preceding it and following it.

    • Sorry Sean, I am a computer Scientist and not a psychologist. I couldn't even begin to hazard a guess as to why such myths have become the basis of so many societies, but here is one: perhaps the lack of historical records contributed to mass amnesia about such myths having existed prior to the prophet-du-jour producing them with flourish as original work of literature, probably dazzling the natives with their brilliance, bestowing on them acclaims of divinity.

      I don't know.

    • @ seanmcbride

      Why do you think there would be psychological factors at play here rather than social ones, or even ones that simply enabled the assumption of power by claiming authority from purportedly holy text?

    • @ annie

      The bible is a work of fiction - or at the very least, it is plagiarism. Most of the events depicted in the bible have their origins in Sumerian and earlier myths, be it the deluge or be it the exodus. You are right - these events did not happen - or at the very most, they happened to someone else.

      There are countless articles and books on this subject that a simple google search will unveil (here is an example: link to I used to be fascinated with this stuff years ago, including the work of Sitchkin (minus the Nibiru nonsense), but now I am jaded by it.

      And yet, all the Abrahamic religions are derived from this and fight over this!

  • 'Spiral,' 'threat,' 'polarization,' or 'full-scale popular campaign for Palestinian freedom' -- reactions to the ICC move
    • * blush *

    • @ Walid

      Yes, it is US-centric at the moment. But, I believe that what is inherently good for the US (and by that I mean the nation and not the elite who run it) is also good for the rest of the world - including Palestine. I think it is human nature, but charity begins at home.

    • @ Walid

      And to put it in perspective, the war cost us between $4 and $6 TRILLION!

      link to

    • @ Mayhem

      The rapist-victim metaphor again and again. How about some constructive thought instead of using deliberately emotive language.

      Under the circumstances, emotive language is perhaps the most constructive thing we can employ. In the face of hasbara, where the facts are clouded by obfuscation, omission, and deliberate lies, it is imperative for America and the world to view the situation in the ME in terms that it can relate to and identify with. Israel and its supporters have used this to great advantage in the past by painting Israel as being "just like us" - the light of western civilization among the Arab savages.

      In fact, let me add a few more extensions to the analogy (I am sure others can think of more):

      - If the victim fights back against the rapist, rape her some more, and complain about how the victim loves violence more than she loves peace.
      - When taking a break from raping, move your friends into some of the rooms in her house and steal what you can from the other rooms. When the victim protests, offer to give back a portion of some room. If the victim rejects that as an equitable settlement, point out how unreasonable the victim is.

      I could go on...

    • @ Walid

      In general, non-Jewish Americans don’t care what’s hapening in the ME.

      I am not so sure if that is true anymore - perhaps before the recent wars which have seen a massive drain of our finances leading to hardships at home.

      At least among my friends (myself included), we do care what is happening in the M.E., perhaps not so much out of identifying with the Palestinians, but with the idea of a foreign nation controlling our politics, foreign policy, and indirectly, our finances. More of us have come to realize that our misadventures in the M.E. (and Afghanistan) have been caused by our one-sided involvement in the M.E. with little or no benefit to us, and at a great cost in blood and treasure. We are clearly seeing the unanimous expressions of fealty from our representatives to Israel and its excesses, a congress whose popularity continues to plummet, and one that cannot be united on any other issue, and we are confronted with a cognitive dissonance with respect to the realities around us - thanks greatly to the Internet. Most of us are convinced that this corruption is caused by bribes from Israel and its supporters while many of us also believe that our venal politicians may have been blackmailed.

      It is also telling that mass media has lost most of its credibility (and readership) and is fighting a losing battle against alternative media (including MW).

      I think that great change is upon us, and perhaps even the second American revolution.

    • @ Taxi

      a very cogent analysis and enjoyable read!

    • So tired of continuously hearing the same refrain:

      - The rapist and the victim must work together for a comprehensive solution through negotiations.
      - The victim should not go to the courts to seek justice as that is provocative to the rapist
      - We are opposed to the rapist continuing to rape the victim and have made our viewpoint known to the rapist as being 'unhelpful'.
      - We will continue to oppose unilateral actions by either the rapist or the victim as we view that as detrimental to peace, whether they be continued rape by the rapist or an attempt to seek justice by the victim.
      - If the victim is not cooperative in this, we may greatly reduce the food and material support to the victim while we keep her locked up without recourse. We will, of course, continue to provide material support to the rapist.
      - We will work with the victim's neighbors in order keep her confined to her quarters, however, it is not our role to prevent the rapist from having complete access to her quarters and her person.

      Stick a fork in it already!

  • Fireworks in Ramallah, as Abbas signs treaty to join International Criminal Court
    • @ abierno

      I do not disagree with your understanding. I believe that all the right tools are there and the right members in the Security Council are there as well to execute on the right actions.

      What remains to be seen is if the those right actions are actually initiated given that the stars are finally in alignment. If someone other than Abbas were in charge, I may have been more confident.

      Moreover, I predict that Israel will once again use these latest developments as more excuse to perpetrate violence (cornered rats, etc.), and our venal congress will all but assist it in doing that.

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