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Computer Scientist, fiercely patriotic American (non-jingoistic) and America-firster, Ron Paul supporter, Capricorn. Believes that if we do what is best for the US, it will result in doing what is best for the rest of the world (including Palestine).

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  • Peggy Noonan blasts Republicans for Iran warmongering
    • Justin Raimondo at had a comment about this. This is the response I posted there:

      Justin said: "I note, with a sigh of resignation, the "news" that Rep. Ron Paul has supposedly come out for moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in recognition of the Israeli claim to that city as its capital."

      I think this is creative (and deliberate) re-interpretation by Doug Wead for the benefit of the Evangelicals. I am willing to bet that what RP said is more along the lines of: "Look, I don't really care what Israel or any other country does about their capital. They can move it where they want and don't need the permission of the US to do so. Now, the UN may have other ideas about the legality of such a move, but it is not our job to police Israel or any other country. I am not going to waste my time worrying about this - I have a country to save."

      Or words to that effect.

  • Help! Howard Berman gets endorsement from 'very senior Israeli officials' thru former Rep Mel Levine
    • I am sick and tired of people seeking public office in the US based on how far they have inserted their tongue up Israel's ass! What is it going to take for these vipers to pander to us, the US citizenry, rather than to a foreign entity, for the privilege of spending our hard-earned dollars for same?

  • 'We have cancelled your booking' -- the criminalization of travel to the West Bank is laid bare to the world
  • The Grass just keeps on growing
    • @Sin Nombre

      Your point about the over-reach of Gunter is well taken. Consider, however, that the goal of communication is more the result of the act, rather than the essence of the words spoken.

      I believe that Gunter's goal was to be controversial, and "poetic license" is precisely the vehicle he desired. There is no way that he could stand and debate on his own (or so I presume). He chose to be the catalyst for emotions that would fling open the doors for others to do so. His flame is nearly spent, and he chose this as his swan song.

      Could he have been more effective choosing an alternate route? Perhaps - I am not prescient enough to comment on that. An 84-year 0ld man struck out in the best way he knew how. Only time will tell if his efforts were in vain.

    • Thanks for the link - it was hilarious! Wish we had a few politicians like him over here.

  • Strip searches, and the security state
  • American Jews won't vote on Israel in 2012 election
  • Romney has friends in all the right places
    • Romney may get the Republican nomination. They have cheated enough at the polls with the help of a complicit MSM - but he wil never be the president of the US.

      I am voting for Ron Paul, even if I have to write him in, as are most Ron Paul supporters. There is not a snow ball's chance in hell that he will get any of our votes. There are only 3 options before us:

      1. They nominate Dr. Paul - in which case he will defeat Obama
      2. Dr. Paul runs as a 3rd party candidate - he may or may not win, but Romney won't
      3. Dr. Paul sits it out but we write him in. He won't win, but neither will Romney

      If the Republican party gets its collective head out of its ass, it should realize that the only shot that they have at the presidency is #1 in the list above. They either allow Dr. Paul to run, or they can kiss the presidency goodbye.

  • Hasbara in 1988: 'despite difficulties, South Africa is a vital, progressive state with much to admire '
    • I would love to see a table with two columns: the left column containing the facts that Phan has provided, and will provide in the future, and the right column with the Israeli mirror.

      Now that would be a very powerful tool!

    • Holy cow! I had no idea that the parallels that exist between then and now! No wonder Israel was such an ally of South Africa.

      Well done, sir!

  • Israel bars Gunter Grass from entry under law barring former Nazis
  • If you deduct the Israelites, Pharaoh's Egypt was actually a marvelous country
    • Fascinating! Thank you!

    • Cliff may find the following comment in the above article quite interesting as it connects historical Egypt to ancient India:

      Farang permalink
      Merenptah means “Beloved of Ptah”…aka Buddha. Ptah imagery at Saqqara (Sha karra) in the Hall of Kings, the Hall of Sokar ( has an alternate pronuciation of Choiek/Shokar) shows Thutmose III (a “David” typecasting) making an offering to a seated Ptah, with Sokar and Amun standing behind him.

      Can we all say it together? S(h)okar Amun Ptah. Shakamuni Buddha.

      The entire story of the “Fall of Troy” actually relates to the succession battle of the many sons of Ramses II. (Ra Moses, “son of Ra/Rama”) Google : Is the Fall of Troy actually the invasion of the sea peoples” and be amazed. Ramses II is the biblical “Solomon” king…but far from the greatest or the first. He usurped the temples and stables of the Great “Solomon” king: Amenhotep III. And he wasn’t the first either…a Kassite king was…aka Kas-kas…aka Hyksos.

      Priam? An Egyptian pharaoh. “Achilles”: the pharaoh Siptah….born with a deformed foot, easily found photos on internet. The “Teresh” mentioned are the Trojans….aka the Etruscans.

      The Pelest you correctly identified as “Philistines” although Palestinians is better translation.

      of course, the Stele is talking about Jezreel, not “Israel”…how do we know this? Because Jezreel is where what was stored???? SEEDS. What does it say? “The SEED of Jezreel is no more!”

      Look, someone above mentioned Andis Kaulins. Go to Go to index. Click on “Ark of the Covenant”….guess where is was found? In Amenhotep III’s grandson’s tomb: Tut.

      Solomon’s Treasure is the treasure found in Tut’s tomb. Hidden there by 5 Amun priests. Priests that were called “Cohen Gadols.” The Mishnayot tells the tale of it being hidden…..go read Andis Kaulins amazing deciphering of the truth behind the “Hebrew” history. Go to Wikipedia, look up Kassite Stele. See the “Houses”? See the Harp of “David” on one? Beneath an image of Venus? THAT is the image of Istar, who played a Harp.

      Venus: Istar Devatta. Venus: the Star of David.

      “David” had a sex change. And in the “House” next to “David’s”? Is a camel in a House. Under an image of the Sun (Sol) and Moon (Mon/Mun). In the OT, a certain “Zalumeneh and Zeba are murdered while riding a camel. That would be Solomon and Sheba.
      Sol a moon. Solomon. Istar’s husband was the Storm god of the Hittites. His name? Tae Sheba.

      She was literally the Queen of (Tae) Sheba. A king is recorded on stone tablet (Amarna letters) of sending a Statue of Istar to Amenhotep III to “heal him”…she was the goddess of fertilty.

      In the OT…Solomon gets Sheba pregnant: SUCCESS! EGYPTIAN/BABYLONIAN/INDIAN ASTROLOGICAL MYTHS. The “Hebrews” are western Bramha worshipers from the Sarai River valley, known as the Puru kingdom. Hence, the “father of the Jews/Hebrews” was called Abram, then Abraham. A BRAHMA. Amenhotep III’s “vizier: Yuya was the OT’s Yoseph(Joseph)…and his brother was the great Puru Indian king named Dhritastera….Ashtera being another name of Istar.

      The fools in mainstream archaeology call him “Tushratta.” HE was the GREAT KING…a PURU king…The pharaohs of the 18th dynasty had a “Golden Horus” name…”HePeru”…Hebrews. Purus.

      The Book of Ester is the story of Istar worship supplanting the older goddess of eastern Hindu mythology. Check the name of the queen she replaced against the name of the Hindiu goddess: same name.

      The image of the Mother Cow of Hindu is the image of the goddess Egyptian called Hathor….the Eye of Ra being the right eye of the Hindu mother cow: Rama.

    • The biblical story appears to have been "lifted" from the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt.

      link to

  • 'Israel's policy endangers world peace' -- Jakob Augstein and Gideon Levy have Gunter Grass's back
    • Thanks!

    • I guess it is not accessible from the US...

    • I agree. (Too bad there isn't an "I agree" counter).

    • It is a discussion about Israel and whether Israel is preparing a war against Iran, a country whose leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened Israel, referring to it as a "cancer" that must be "wiped off the map." Israel, a country that has been surrounded by enemies for decades, many of whom believe that Israel has no right to exist -- even independent of its policies.

      Surely, by now, everyone knows that translation of "wiped off map" was deliberately wrong and deceitful?

  • NY high school students visit Western Wall, Israel Museum, and AJC, but Foxman blasts them for daring to meet Palestinians
    • The saving grace of this planet is that old men eventually die and are replaced by young minds with fresh thoughts and perspectives. Sadly, while these men are alive, many tend to succeed in tainting enough of these young minds who replace them, as evidenced by the recent drama in that Jerusalem Mall.

      And I use the term "men" loosely.

  • Grass smears in 'Times', plus new translation of his 'I've had it with the West's hypocrisy' poem
  • Pentagon fears Israeli strike on Iran would drag US in
    • If a single note, no matter how melodious, is played incessantly, ultimately it will drive the listener insane.

      The piano is arrayed with keys. Play a different tune.

  • 2013 US budget: 'difficult cuts' for Americans, jackpot for Israel
    • American,

      Seems they have succeeded in making this go viral. I caught the story from Allison Weir on Veterans Today: link to

      The level of treason in this country makes my head spin - and they are able to cover it up in the media. Thank God for the Internet!

    • American,

      I agree with your comment in another thread where you asserted that in order for us to prevail, our fight needs to be against our Israel-firster politicians. This is actually a very sound observation, and perhaps the most practical one for us to pursue.

      There are only 535 of those critters. Some of them are not Israel-firsters (e.g. Paul, Kucinich, ...). I don't know what the ratio is.

      If we can organize concerted efforts to trail the most egregious of these offenders and hound them publicly, making it our goal to not allow their re-election, some of the others will discover a spine and back off all by themselves.

      Joe Lieberman is already not running (although he will end up on K street or some Israeli think tank), but the field is still pretty target-rich (Cantor, Issa, Pelosi, Reid, ... ).

      If we can win the war against our politicians, everything else will fall in place.
      Without doing this, we will never be able to stop the flow of cash to Israel or the wars they initiate with our money and lives.

      Oh, as for the politicians, is it okay to mention the guillotine, or does that violate MW guidelines?

    • Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Netanyahu calls top US general a servant of Iran

      link to

  • Israeli government sending 100 Israelis abroad to 'defend the state' during Israel Apartheid Week
    • I agree with Steve Macklevore that this is a good thing, not just for the reasons he states, but the best thing that these hasbarists can do for us is become even more annoying on the Internet than they already are.

      They clearly haven't understood the increased revulsion to their tactics by the silent majority of Americans. I don't have facts or figures for this, but I perceive that their attacks in the comment sections of blogs and newsletters across the Internet is backfiring. You can only cut-and-paste the same links a few thousand times before even the most tolerant start to roll their eyes in disgust. We need them to get even more disgusting so more people wake up and start to dig deeper.

      Perhaps, the addition of another 100 Israeli hasbarists will break the camel's back.

  • 'A level of racist violence I have never seen': UCLA professor Robin D. G. Kelley on Palestine and the BDS movement
  • Two new videos take on The Dersh and introduce his toughest client yet - Claus Von Bibi!
  • AIPAC member identified as Abileah assailant during Netanyahu speech to Congress
    • Heh! My family and friends are sick of me talking about this all the time! This, and Ron Paul! :o)
      I live in Marin County, so I am sure there are local groups around.

    • You are right, of course (as usual), however, it is my weakness that I suffer from "once burnt, twice shy" syndrome. The last time I tried to do what you suggest, I was told in no uncertain terms that since I wasn't a jew, I couldn't possibly understand what they have been through and did not have enough of a perspective on the ME to have an opinion without that historical basis.

      I could have stood my ground and fought back on the grounds that my perspectives were that of an American and not those of a jew/non-jew - but I didn't. I am not that good at confrontation and backed away. Perhaps, that is why I am on MW where I can posit my views without being attacked for not being of the tribe.

      But you are right.

    • @pablemont

      I was neither defending (nor criticizing) jews.

      What disturbed me is that after years of false charges of anti-semitism to silence Israel's detractors, I perceive the rise of real anti-semitism, and I predict that it will get worse unless we are able to neuter AIPAC and its supporters. At the moment, the signs of this are only evident in print and on blogs, just as the anti-muslim stuff in Europe with the accompanying anti multi-culti stuff was, until it erupted into the massacre in Norway (although no muslims were killed in that).

      Perhaps I should not be as surprised since many (including those on MW) have been predicting that this is exactly how events would unfold if our leaders continued to allow the lobby to cow them into submission against the best interest of the US.

      The surprise comes from the fact that with the writings so clearly emblazoned on the wall, so many in Israel and in this country would forget history (even recent history) and not see what is coming around the bend. The situation is "unstable", at best, and doesn't look like it will stabilize anytime soon. Historically, it is during these times of instability that we must most fear, jews and gentiles alike. There is growing resentment in this country as soldiers return in body bags and the homeless and unemployed crowd the streets while our politicians blatantly pander to Israel and send our money there. Something has to give, and will.

      There may yet be time to step back from the precipice, but I don't see any indications that we are about to do so.

      Perhaps the solution is for every American jew to become increasingly vocal in proclaiming "not in my name" as you suggest. At the very least, that would emphasize that Israel and Jews are not interchangeable labels. MW is the exception rather than the norm.

      iamuglow raised a good point above that, to add salt to the wound, this very eventuality created by AIPAC et. al. will be used as justification for why jews need Israel.

    • I was a disturbed by the comments posted beneath that video - they are just as racist as the man being depicted, but they are targeted at jews.

      I am not blaming the video for this, but it fills me with a premonition of what jews all over the world may be subjected to through no fault of their own, but because of the actions of AIPAC and their supporters - such as this bigoted man in your video.

      I have been filled with premonitions about what 2012 holds for the past month, and it is not a good feeling, and one that I can't seem to shake off.

      Something wicked this way comes...

  • Adelson dumps Gingrich and Santorum's star is rising
    • I know its juvenile, but it had me in stitches!

      As for RP in Maine, seems the GOP used some shenanigans to prevent certain caucuses from counting, delivering the beauty contest to Romney by 194 votes.

      It is telling how small the turnouts have been for these caucuses - less than 6000 votes from the entire state of Maine!

      But, the word on the street is that most of the delegates went to Ron Paul. This is particularly significant in Maine, where all the delegates are unbounded, and so are "super delegates". The other state that has such a setup is Pennsylvania - where Frothy once reigned. Not sure how they feel about him, though.

    • Comedians are going to have a field day with this, that's one thing we can look forward to.

      Oh, it will be hard to beat what is already on the web, such as this image:

      link to

      Of course, you still have time to support Ron Paul and save our nation.

  • MSNBC: Israel trains Iranian terror group to kill nuclear scientists
    • An interesting twist on the story:

      Mossad training terrorists to kill Iran's nuclear scientists, U.S. officials claim... but is Israel's real target Obama?

      link to

    • My understanding is that Walt doesn't own the site and is merely a paid blogger there. I have voiced my complaints to the site's administrators on several occasions, and had one or two posts removed, but for the most part, "Marine Diaper" and his ilk continue to post their filth unhindered.

    • Still don't want to vote for Ron Paul?

    • Interesting article on Prof. Stephen Walt's FP site about a martian's view of the Iran debate.

      link to

      Unfortunately, the comments section on the site has become completely overrun by Hasbara denizens, whose rude and offensive comments make it impossible to have a sane discussion there. Maybe winning hearts and minds isn't the goal - preferring to just shut down any discussions not favorable to Israel.

      I see one or two valiant posters there trying to inject facts and perspectives, but they are vastly outnumbered.

      That FP site could learn a bit about moderating from MW. I am surprised Prof. Walt hasn't raised the issue.

    • Thanks for that link, where I also watched the video of Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan's Foreign Minister (presumably the youngest FM in the world) talk about her opposition to military intervention against any regime, including Iran and Syria.

      I could not help but be impressed by this statesperson - head and shoulders above the clowns like John Bolton and their ilk. If you haven't watched this video, I strongly recommend it:

      link to

    • if we get bomb iran, i think i have to leave the country.

      ...and go where? What part of this planet will be safe from the nuclear fallout in the resulting WW3, that includes China and Russia?

    • The cynic in me doesn't consider the Obama administration, infested as it is with Israel-firsters (sue me!) ever coming up with a credible challenge to AIPAC.

      The optimist in me hopes that if Ron Paul is prevented from ascending to the presidency, Obama, in his second term, finds the testicular fortitude to actually do what many Israel-firsters fear that he might - defy Israel and govern in with US interest in mind - and kennel the dogs of war.

      2012 - smirk away, ye Mayan gods! We may not live long enough to see 2013.

    • I was startled by that as well. What would you have to do in order to do that? Get the plans from the Housing Dept. ? Walk around the house with a video camera? Obviously couldn't be a foreigner to do that, so local assistance would be a prerequisite.

    • Israel is not under the jurisdiction of US laws even if they control what laws are made in the US.

    • You are probably right. I had the sense that this was deliberately leaked - but to what end?

  • BDS: Rock musician Cat Power cancels Tel Aviv gig
    • I respect the fact that she was forced not to play by the BDS movement.


      Gosh, the BDS movement must be more powerful than I thought!

    • Israeli fans beg Bibi not to bomb Iran until after Madonna launches her world tour in Israel

      Yeah, wouldn't want them to have to choose between which entertainment to watch if they were both on at the same time.

      I saw this smart-mouth comment somewhere on the interweb:

      Like a 50-something virgin, jewish for the very first time...

  • So the U.S. military doesn't want to attack Iran and neither does Israel. Who does?
    • Yeah, "disturbing" is right. Love "peace train".
      Such beautiful people!

      Also says something about the world we live in when someone like Cat Stevens gets refused entry and has to return home without deplaning.
      What a terrorist he must be!

    • After you watch the video below, I am sure that you will all agree that we need to bomb Iran as soon as possible and exterminate all these people post-haste:

      link to

  • Josh Block is not an Israel firster! No way, man
  • Video: Atlanta Jewish Times publisher's tearful anti-apology
  • Report: Israel to give US only 12-hour warning before attacking Iran because Netanyahu doesn't trust Obama
    • "If Paul wins the presidency, I doubt very much he’d be any different from any other pro-Israel president."

      1. He would stop all aid to Israel
      2. He would withdraw US troops from all bases - particularly the ME

      That alone would completely change the dynamics in the area and pull the rug out from under Israel and dampen their war-mongering, with the knowledge that any action on their part, they would have to go it alone.

      I would say that would be a huge change from past presidencies.

  • The Mondo crew hosts WBAI’s 'Beyond the Pale' to discuss Ron Paul, Dennis Ross and the myth of Obama's 'Jewish problem'
    • In an earlier post, I accused a poster for being a "one-issue commenter". I fancy that I am not what I accuse him/her of being. However, there is one issue that I become very tunnel-visioned on: the end to our militarism around the world.

      As far as I am concerned, no progress on any front is possible without the end to our military adventures. Until we bring this greatest of issues to a close, no other issues can see the light of day - or only superficially so.

      Regardless of the disagreements I have with some of Ron Paul's positions, the fact that he would bring our troops home from all our 900+ bases across the world and end our special relationship with Israel, thus saving thousands, perhaps millions of lives, so trumps all other issues, that I, frankly, get quite disgusted with "progressives" who, from the comfort of their arm-chairs, have the luxury to pontificate on why they won't vote for or support Ron Paul.

      It is your Obama who lamented the sacrifice of the good for the perfect. I would have some sympathy for your position if you were able to muster a single candidate (and Obama's fake campaign promises don't count) who could rally the masses under the anti-war/anti-special-relationship banner and be counted on to not be bought off by corporate donors if they were to ever take office.

      Here is a man before you, who represents our only hope for salvation from ourselves, who has managed to wage a campaign that is not funded by corporate interests but by $20 - $50 contributions from common Americans, who never listens to a single lobby - Israeli or otherwise, who never takes zio-pandering trips to Israel funded by AIPAC, who has no compunctions about laying out the bare truth to the consternation of the corporate-owned media, and the excuses that I hear for not supporting him are for his views on issues, that frankly, the president does not have the power to affect, while ignoring the very real power he does have as commander-in-chief to affect our military adventures, with control over the Department of State to affect our relationship with all countries of the world, including Israel and Iran.

      So, what will you tell your grandchildren when they ask you what you did to stem the encroaching darkness that threatens to annihilate this country? Will you tell them that you did not help thwart the dark forces by electing the only viable candidate for real hope and real change because of your ideological purity - even though your adherence to this purity would never realize itself in change because the root cause of most of our problems are based in our militarism and our special-relationship fostered by Israel's complete control of our Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary?

      Perhaps your grandchildren will forgive you - I won't.

  • 'NYT' and 'Haaretz' and world opinion are now greatest threat to Israel, Netanyahu reportedly said
  • Cyber-attacks strike Israeli stock exchange, airline, banks
    • My understanding is that this was a fairly simple (and primitive) DOS (Denial of Service) attack (SYN flood). These are trivial to block.

      Which begs the question, why?

  • Breaking report: US/Israel military drill cancelled, after US tells Israel to back off
    • You are probably right on this.

    • Although the rumors indicate that we are the ones who cancelled this, you do raise an interesting speculation. What if the US forces were really a subterfuge for a peace-keeping force?

      Nah - Obama is not that smart.

    • The scuttlebutt is that the military brass is openly revolting. Seems they have been pushed as far as even they will go...

  • Bibi throws in with GOP, Democratic base turns critical, and Israel finally becomes partisan wedge issue like abortion -- Blumenthal
  • Iran accuses CIA & Israel, US warns Israel to back off
  • Bombshell: Israeli intelligence posed as CIA to recruit terror group for covert war on Iran
    • @ Kathleen,

      Take a look at the timestamps on those messages - they are all during Israel hours. If you look at the current ones (during US hours) they are much more sane.

      I don't read HuffPo anymore since it is now virulently infested by hasbarist commenters, whose only purpose is to stifle any sane discussion on any ME issues using the vilest of positions and ad hominem attacks.

      Moreover, since the AOL purchase, the quality of journalism at HuffPo has definitely tanked. My litmus test these days for the MSM/MSM-lite is to see how they portray Ron Paul. HuffPo has definitely been on the same page as CNN/Fox/...

      So, save your blood pressure - stay off HuffPo. Our numbers are growing, but we still need to pick our battles and preserve our morale as we stand defiant of the encroaching darkness.

  • A personal appeal-- PennBDS needs your help
    • Here is an idea from the anti-SOPA BDS that you may wish to steal:

      link to

      Basically it is an Android app for your cell phone or tablet that scans the barcode of any product you are about to purchase, and it shows a red cross or a green arrow based on whether the product provider supports SOPA.

      Should be easy to write/modify a similar one for the I/P BDS.

  • Just wars-- and civilian casualties
    • @ Jerome Slater

      there are few if any cases in which international law and just war morality have been in conflict with each other

      If you concede the above, then there is no philosophical conflict and we merely need to refer to the relevant International laws to satisfy the dispute of whether a war is just or not. This takes the debate out of the realm of emotional disputes and into the realm of jurisprudence.

      Most, but not all of the International laws regarding wars were codified post-Nuremberg. By those laws, neither the war in Afghanistan nor the one in Iraq were legal, and hence not just. The one in Libya is also not legal by the same token. Going back, it is hard to find a single war since WW2 that we have engaged in that could be defined as legal. Vietnam was contrived using the Gulf of Tonkin, so legality can be circumvented by mendacity. These days, we don't even attempt to lie - we just ignore the law and charge right in - much like NDAA ignores the supreme law of our land, the constitution.

      Most importantly, the war being contemplated on Iran is neither just nor legal. But that probably won't stop us.

    • @ Jerome Slater

      Is it your position then, that International Law is orthogonal to the determination of the justness of war and is therefore trumped by it?

      The question remains as to who becomes the arbiter of justness.

      International Law serves as a dictate for doing exactly that and is the embodiment by the nations of the world of the consensus of when a war is just.

      It is like autonomously stating that I don't like how a certain law constrains me, so I am going to ignore it. That only works if you are the world's only super power, but you can't assert that it is right.

  • Ron Paul's foreign policy should be embraced

    • Is anyone who is afraid to say no to our Israel Lobby, qualified to represent the US to the world?

      And which mouse will place the bell on the cat?

  • The trespassing Jew
  • Ron Paul's antiwar position is simpleminded
    • Now, that was actually quite funny! :)

    • One Annie is basically worth about 1000 Witties (understatement day) to the site.

      A gross understatement. Worth her weight in gold, and more. Mr. Witty, not so much.

    • Perhaps that didn't help frame the debate...

    • If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. But, I suggest an alternative.

      You came here with an article with a title containing "simple minded" in it while describing someone with growing popularity across both liberals and conservatives, and who is anti-war. Not only is that an insult to him, but it is an insult to all of us who are very excited with his being the only politician with that position. It is condescending to dismiss us because you don't agree with us. Then you dismissed others as being "brain-free". To be quite honest, I had the urge to call you "a fool", and much worse (I actually did in one post, which Phil, thankfully, censored). I am human, with human passions, and weaknesses, and the topic of killing hundreds of thousands as being justified cannot be discussed without some emotion. I tried to compensate by limiting my posts on this topic and taking long walks away from this blog to cool off - but kept coming back as a moth drawn to a flame.

      I apologize for my tone, although not for my views.

      I am a strong advocate of freedom of speech, and will defend your right to voice your opinions no matter how much I disagree with them, and how much they inflame my most basic disdain.

      In a sense, you embody the prevalent thought in FP circles, that American citizens have no understanding of FP, and their opinions should be rejected. It is, thus, no surprise that the majority of FP decisions (like going to war) are made counter to the opinions of the majority of Americans. Sometimes, consensus is obtained by manipulating the American public with lies (as with Iraq 1 & 2), or by fanning irrational nationalistic passions (also with lies and exaggerations, as with Afghanistan).

      In the age on the Internet, it is naive of you to assume that we would not be better informed than in the past. With being informed, comes the resentment against the FP elite who are so convinced of the rightness of their convictions.

      You come on this site and validate our view and justify our resentment as you strut around with your arrogance and pride, while dismissing the rest of us as ignorant and brain-free, and even anti-semitic.

      Despite all that, I do hope that you stay here and engage in civilized debate with us. My advice would be to change the tone of your discourse into one that provokes serious discussion rather than flame wars and ad hominem attacks. There are some very knowledgeable commenters on this site - unequaled, in fact. It might be instructive for you to give them the respect they deserve, if you are to receive the same back from them. Surely, with all your experience, you are conversant with techniques for constructive debate that don't disintegrate into a food fight.

      I am not naive enough to believe that you will change our views, nor that we will change yours. However, in the course of such a debate, some bystanders who may not have such strongly formed views as ours will be afforded both perspectives, allowing them to make better choices for themselves. For this reason, your participation here is valuable.

      It is ironic that Ron Paul is generating exactly this kind of a debate on the national stage. Whether he ends up as president or not, removing the taboo from such a discourse is of immense value to the nation, and for that reason alone, requires every patriotic American to rally to continue to make that debate possible.

      Ultimately, what is more American than that?

    • @Keith

      You are exactly right! I have been fuming about this since yesterday - and keep having to walk away to cool off so that I don't spam this blog with invectives. A war on Afghanistan was never justified - a limited action to go get Osama Bin Laden would have been justified given the belief that he perpetrated a criminal act. Afghanistan did not attack the US, so no war could be justified there under any circumstances.

      Ditto for Iraq.

      To Prof. Slater:

      Cautious be of hubris thine,
      As I must be of contempt mine,
      Lest on crow we both must dine.

    • Very well put.

    • Very well put, Dan! This article has so incensed me that I can't even think clearly!

    • So, Professor Slater, did you ever serve at the front lines of the wars you advocate as Dr. Paul has? How about your children? Has any of your family ever been "collateral damage" in a war that gives you the moral authority to proclaim that killing millions is somehow justified?

      I am sure that you also agreed with Madeleine Albright when she said killing half a million Iraqi children was well worth it. Would you be so cavalier if they were your children?

      Must be nice to sit behind the shield of academia and make pronouncements on the lives of others.

      There is only one kind of war that is justified - and that is a war of defense. All other wars are rackets for profit, as General Smedley Butler famously said - or maybe he was a fool too?

      People like you are the most despicable arm-chair warriors on this planet. You want to attack Iran? Here's a gun and a parachute. We'll let them know you are coming.

  • Several thousand US troops headed to Israel for 'unprecedented' joint missile defense exercise
    • Very disturbing images from Iran

      link to

      Let's go bomb them!

    • I am happy to see you are over your temporary bout of post-caucus depression and back to your passionate and positive, activist self! Welcome back!

    • NH State Senator talks about Ron Paul and overseas military spending

      link to

    • Its the projection screen. The man on the right front has the clicker.

    • I hope that you are right. Write-ins may be too little too late.

    • And look at this pathetic "recalibration" of the military budget:

      link to

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States will unveil a "more realistic" vision for its military on Thursday, with plans to cut ground forces and invest more in air and maritime power at a time of fiscal restraint, officials familiar with the plans said on Wednesday.

      The strategic review of U.S. security interests will also emphasize an American presence in Asia, with less attention overall to Europe, Africa and Latin America alongside slower growth in the Pentagon's budget, the officials said.

      And, of course:

      President Barack Obama will help launch the review at the Pentagon on Thursday, and is expected to emphasize that the size of the military budget has been growing and will continue to grow in spite of the recalibration, albeit at a smaller pace.

    • If this is not a big step towards war with Iran, then I don't know what is. Having US troops based in close proximity is the next ratchet in this frenzy.

      And you want me to believe that the commander in chief can do nothing about it?
      Yeah Phil, let's vote another 4 years for Obama - we get the president we deserve.

  • Uniformed corporal's criticism of Iran attack breaks off on CNN mid-sentence
  • Trivializing the anti-Semitism charge
    • Yes you did - and with good substance.

    • A great article. I hope that this is the beginning of the erosion of the ADL ilk:

      …[A]nti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are two distinct ideologies that over time (especially since 1948) have tended to converge, generally without undergoing a full merger. There have always been Bundists, Jewish communists, Reform Jews, and ultra-Orthodox Jews who strongly opposed Zionism without being Judeophobes. So, too, there are conservatives, liberals, and leftists in the West today who are pro-Palestinian, antagonistic toward Israel, and deeply distrustful of Zionism without crossing the line into anti- Semitism. There are also Israeli "post-Zionists" who object to the definition of Israel as an exclusively or even a predominantly "Jewish" state without feeling hostile toward Jews as such. There are others, too, who question whether Jews are really a nation; or who reject Zionism because they believe its accomplishment inevitably resulted in uprooting many Palestinians. None of these positions is intrinsically anti-Semitic in the sense of expressing opposition or hatred toward Jews as Jews.

  • Goldstone described attack on mosque as 'crime'
  • Anti-Paulism
  • Santorum is a one-stater-- he says all of West Bank is Israel
    • From the counterpoint article:

      “Every society in the history of man has upheld the institution of marriage as a bond between a man and a woman. Why? Because society is based on one thing: that society is based on the future of the society. And that’s what? Children. Monogamous relationships. In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be. It is one thing. And when you destroy that you have a dramatic impact on the quality

      At this point, even the unnerved reporter tried to rein in Santorum. “I’m sorry,” Jordan interjected. “I didn’t think I was going to talk about ‘man on dog’ with a United States senator, it’s sort of freaking
      me out.”

      link to

    • He may not go further, but his baton will get picked up by Romney now that Santorum has shown a following.

      And if its not Romney, then it is Obama.

    • Don't forget that Iowa has a big fundie population and Santorum knows how to appeal to them.

      On a related note, check out this article:

      Did Ron Paul win Iowa?

      link to

      Technically, tonight's vote was a straw poll, determining no delegates, but setting the tone. The only actions that actually could make a difference in electing delegates to the National Convention heavily favored Paul. Nobody will be watching in June, unless this election gets much more exciting, but Ron Paul might send more Iowa delegates to Tampa than any other candidate.

      Could we make elections more complicated in this country?

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