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Honours degree in history thesis on modern middle-eastern history

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  • Jewish space plays host to spirited debate over whether Israel is a democracy
    • Wow, how good is it , that a group of Jews sat down in New York and talked about whether Isreal is a democracy. I'm sure it was a real 'feel good' discussion. BUT does it really change the Palestinian's peoples situation. I think history shows that in the last 10 years, despite the efforts of these 'pro-Palestinian' jewish groups, the Palestinians have gone backwards. These 'feel good' experiences in front of 200 people are not going to change things. Mass rallies outside AIPAC and Congress might.
      Its important for American Jews to realies that the behaviour of Isreali Jews does reflect on them. You have to realise, even though it may be too late, that the abuse, humiliation and degredation of the Palestinian people will be reciprocated. And when history comes 'knocking on your door' may God bless your whingeing, moaning souls.

  • My 72 depressing hours on Obama's trail
    • I believe that all American schools, whether kindergarden, secondary or college, should fly the Isreali flag next to the American flag. I'm sure that the Congress will agree. The indoctrination should begin at a young age. After all, its Americans who will not only pay for the wars, but you'll fight them as well. Surely it is plainly obvious that the United States of America is little more than a jewish colony.

  • Anthony Lewis's death unleashes an 'outpouring of vitriol' about his views critical of Israel
    • Anthony Lewis's biggest problem was that he spoke the truth. You can't speak the truth in a country that relies on lies to survive.

  • Liberal Zionist students battled Phila Jewish community to stage event critical of occupation-- but 'rooted in love' of Israel
    • It is absolutely critical for the so-called 'pro-Palestinian' jewish population of the United States to become more vocal. Dare one say, perhaps a little aggressive.
      I must say that from the 'outside America' perspective, the situation does appear to be hopless. You are little more than a zionist opperative. Its extremely important, for world-wide jewry, that you make a stand. Because, for the jewish state, history is pointing in one direction. The histoty of the world tell us that the 'freedom fighters' always win.
      And when the 'freedom fighters' win, the level of humiliation and degredation will be returned. Please don't whinge and moan when history comes 'knocking on your door'.

  • Row breaks out in chambers as Aussie Parliamentarians criticizes 'study tour' of Israel
    • Unfortunately, what David Shoebridge will find is that you can't tell the truth about Isreal. On a wider issue, what people have to realise, is that both the major political parties in Australia, Labor (Democrats) and Liberals (Republicans) are both heavily pro-Isreal. The current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, went on a 'study tour' to Isreal and her boyfriend ended up with a job with a Isreal lobbyist who runs a property development company in Melbourne. Australia is very much like the United States, - just a jewish colony.

  • No peace plan and lots of photo-ops: White House sets low expectations for Obama visit to Middle East
    • One of the things that encourages me when I read this blog is the number of American posts that are waking up to the State of Isreal. Unfortunately, I think its a bit too late and too muted. You can't just voice your frustrations on a blog, you have to get out there and protest outside the Isreali Embassy and the media organisations that support the State of Isreal. Of course, you will be branded 'anti-sematic', which is in fact a perfect example of how well the American public has been indoctrinated.
      How can American diplomats travel around the world and preach about freedom , democracy and human rights when it is the major supporter of the State of Isreal. Your a JOKE!!! Your no longer the 'shinning light on the hill'. Isreal has dragged the United States into a moral and financial abyss which you can't get out of. You've been masssively sucked in!!!
      I'd like to take this opportunitey to inform the American public, that not only will you pay for the war with Iran, more Americans will die directly/indirectly than Isreali's in the course of this conflict. Its a sad story, can you do anything to change the final chapter?

  • Hagel obeyed Senate taboo against criticism of Israel-- 'our most important ally in the entire world'
    • I think its time for Americans to realise that the United States of America is little more than, a jewish colony. Your no longer 'the shining light on the hill'. You can't go around the world and talk about human-rights, freedom and justice if your 'Isreal's best friend'. You really are little more than a pathetic joke. The best thing that the United States can do is cut the umbilical cord to Isreal. BUT, its impossible. The tenticles of Zionism have worked there way deep into the control of every area of 'executive' power in the United States. Isreal has dragged the United States into a financial and morale abyiss.
      And I don't think you can get yourselves out of it.
      Can I ask one favour from the citizens of the World who don't live in the United States. When you get to the bottom of the abyiss, could you refrain from whinging and moaning about it. After all, the rest of the world is saying, 'you asked for it'.

  • 'State of Palestine' it is
    • Many historians will argue that the United Nations was destroyed by its first 'major' decision, that being the creation of the State of Isreal in 1947. The credibility and authority of the United Nations has been destroyed by the fact that Isreal has totally ignored the rulings of the General Assembly on more than 250 occassions. Of course, this happens with the complete support of people like Susan Rice.
      What Isreal has done since 1948 is basically, 'cut the balls off the UN'. The United Sates of America has participated in this procedure. The UN can't go to the President of Sudan and complain about what's happening in Darfur. He's just going to say, 'why are you picking on us, have you seen what's been happening in Palestine for the last 70 years'. And he's got a point.
      The UN gave birth to the State of Isreal and the State of Isreal has gone out of its way to destroy its 'mother' since birth. The USA also suffers. When US diplomates travel around the world talking about freedom, equality and justice, everyone laughs. How can you talk about freedom, equality and justice when you support the State of Isreal. Its all heading in one direction and soon or later the US has a major decision confronting it. " When do we cut the umbilical cord ?" If they don't, then Isreal will drag the US into a financial and moral abyiss.

  • Don't believe the (liberal Zionist) hype: Israel's elections ratified the apartheid status quo
    • I can't believe the attention and scutiny given to the latest Isreali election. Surely you realise that its irrelevant. Over the last 40-50 years, the so-called 'liberal zionist' have made gains and even held government. Its not going to change the momentum for 'greater Isreal'. The last person to try and make a change ended up with a bullet in his head.
      Isreal has 2 basic desires, (1) Land and (2) War .
      This election hasn't changed that equation.

  • Bennett says Israel takes half its water from West Bank, as argument for annexation
    • I like Bennett, because I think he represents what 70 years of appeasement has produced. He knows that he can 'do' and 'say' what ever he likes and, the western media and western governments will let it pass.
      He's sort of a 1920's Hitler. The 'fact' that this guy will have some sort of say in a future Isreali government is a warning signal to Jews around the world. Your either going to make a stand - or let history run its course.And history says that country's like Isreal do not last long. Its good that some sections of the western media are starting to print the facts but its not 'main-stream'. Its time for Jews around the world to make a stand. You need to 'hit-the-streets'. You can talk about it as much as you like on 'blogs' but that is not going to change the situation.
      Otherwise, don't winged and complain when 'history comes knocking on your door' because what happens in Isreal will have effects on world-wide jewry.

  • Hasbara fail: the ambassadors mutiny
    • I have a university friend who has worked in international diplomacy for 22 years. He is still involved on a casual basis. I think I can confidently inform you that the international diplomatic community has had enough of Isreal. These are educated people who know that Isreal, with the support of the United States, have gradually destroyed the credibility and authority of the UN.
      But its the United States that suffers because of Isreal's behaviour. Hilary Clinton can't troupe around the world lecturing countries about human rights, freedom and justice. After-all, the US supports the State of Isreal, which has abused the human rights of the Palestinians for the last 70 years! I think you'll find that whilst international diplomate's will show respect towards US diplomate's - behind their backs - their laughing at them!!!

  • 'Atlantic' writer provides no evidence for allegation that Harvard professor is anti-Semitic
    • I think that jews, world-wide, have to realise very quickly why Isreal is 'internationally' unpopular. Isreal is 'unpopular' because of the activities of the State of Isreal and world-wide jewry. That UN vote say's it all !!!
      This arrogant, discriminatory, war loving State is getting out of control!!! Jews, around the world, have to become more vocal. Otherwise, when 'history comes knocking on your door' , don't complain!!!

  • A Palestinian village under apartheid -- see for yourself
    • How much does Tony Blair get paid for being the UN middle-east ambassador ? And what has he actually achieved in his time as the ambassador?

  • Jolly Christmas: BBC celebrates 'return' of a 'lost tribe of Israel' -- and not a word about Palestinians' right
    • The western media has appeased the State of Isreal for a very long time. This appeasement, from organisations like the BBC has allowed Isreal to kill/rape/ evict/ humiliate/denergrate, the Palestinian people for 50 years.
      Th BBC should be charged with collaborating in war crimes and human rights abuses.

  • Israel responds to UN vote by approving 3,000 new settlement units and plans to build in strategic West Bank corridor
    • The Isreali's complain that there is a world-wide campaign to 'deligitimise' the State of Isreal. There right!!! and the campaign is being lead by Isreal. The new settlements announcement is basically spiting in the face of the UN. I think we all need to realize that Isreal is not a member of the international community. Isreal is beyond internatinal law. They do what they want and if you don't like it, talk to the jewish colony known as the United States of America. They are a law unto themselves. Afterall, they are 'Gods Childeren'. But the UN vote proves that the 'world' has had enough of Isreal.
      The 'theme' of a lot of the entries on this web-site are about Isreal's future. I think that its important to know that we already basically know what Isreal's future is. Some historians talk about , 'being on the right side of history'. Let me assure you, as a historian, that all the historical 'pointers' , are seriously against Isreal. Some people will be shocked, as a result of Isreals properganda machine, but most people will just sit back and say ' they asked for it'.
      I can't change history, I can only tell you wants coming. The decision to expand the settlements is just another step in the road to Isreal's ultimate future.
      May God bless their souls.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Jewish warrior culture and Israel’s unraveling
    • dbroncos is right. Isreal is basically a military state. The President is 'army' and a war criminal from his days in Lebanon, the Prime Minister is 'army', and most levels of executive power in Isreal are filled with 'army' people.
      All these guys suffer from what could be termed as 'scs ', ie. small cock syndrom. They have too prove how masculine they are. Because Obama got elected, they can't attack Iran so what's the next best option. Let's start a 'turkey shoot' in Gaza too prove how big and courageous we are. We're real warriors. Its really quite pathetic, but it is the jewish narrative, with the complete support of the jewish colony, sometimes referred to as the United States of America, where 'scs' is also prvelant.

  • 'Washington Post' prints false narrative of how Gaza escalation started
    • When they write up the history of the Palestine/Isreal conflict, the role of the Western main stream media will receive a whole chapter. I know that a lot of people jump on the 'blame the media' bandwagon, but there can be no doubt that the Western media has appeased the State of Isreal for a very long time. You have to realise that, the Muslim world ( Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, etc. etc.) is very well informed by 'their' media about the situation in the West Bank and Gaza. For the last 20-25 years the Muslim world has been informed about the daily humiliation, degredation and abuse of the Palestinian people.
      Its easy to see why the Muslim world hates the West. Its also very easiy to see why there has been an increase in islamic extremist in the last 20 -25 years. If people in the West knew about what was happening in the West Bank and Gaza they would be horrified and disgusted. The Western media has hidden the truth from the people. The Western media has, prolonged the atrocities. Atrocities that continue today with the latest version of 'election wars'.
      The world-wide 'pro- Palestinian' movement must 'attack' the Western media and its coverage of the conflict.

  • Nous accusons: Mainstream media fails to report context and severity of Israeli atrocities against Gaza
    • The Western media has appeased the State of Isreal for decades and are hughly responsible for the on-going situation. If people in the West were properly informed about what is really going on in the West Bank and Gaza they would be horrified.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Obama’s (and our) Jewish politics
    • Citizen,
      I agree with your general 'take' on Carter's legacy, but your blog points to a major problem in the Palestine/Isreal issue. The media coverage !!! More specifically, the Western media coverge. When they write up the history of the Palestinian/Isreal conflict, the role of the Western media will receive a whole chapter. For the last 40 -50 years, the Western media has appeased the State of Isreal. I'm sure that if most people in the West knew what was happening in the West Bank and Gaza they would be horrified. I emphasise the Western media because ,what a lot of people don't realalise is that in the Muslim world, Indonisea, Malaysia, Pakistan etc. etc. , they know exactly what's been going on in the West Bank and Gaza. The main stream media in the muslim world informs them of the situation. And they've known it for the last 40 -50 years .
      Citizen, you have to ask yourself 2 questions, knowing that , for the last 40-50 years, the Muslim world has known about the daily abuse, humiliation, degredation of the Palestinian people.
      Q 1; What are the reasons for the increase in Islamic extremism, in the last 40 -50 years?
      Q 2; Why does the Muslim world hate the West?
      The answer to both questions is Isreal, but the part played by the Wetern media has effectively changed the course of history.
      Its a disgrace to humanity.

  • Goldberg ignores decades of consistent Iranian statements on nuclear weapons for the sake of propaganda
    • I am against nuclear weapons of any kind, but could someone please explain why Isreal is allowed to have nuclear weapons but Iran can't.? Isn't this all about Isreal maintaining military dominance in the Middle-East?

  • Free Gaza Movement Twitter controversy leads Jewish Voice for Peace to distance itself from group
    • I can only state what I have stated previously on this web-site.
      One of the biggest lies perpertrated by the State of Isreal is that jews are the only sematic people on this earth. There are people in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and even in Iraq who identify themselves as semites.
      The term, 'anti-sematic' is non-descriptive. Zionist and the western media have hijacked the term 'anti-sematic' to ridicule and supress any criticsm of the State of Isreal. The term 'anti-Isreal' or 'anti-jewish' is more appropriate.

  • Meet the donors who likely attended Romney's Florida fundraiser
  • Breaking the Silence report details soldiers humiliating and torturing Palestinian children and using them as human shields
    • Dear Mondoweiss,
      I'm writing from Sydney Australia. Do you know of any other Australians that are members of mondoweiss ? I'd like to get in touch with them. Thanks.

  • Mearsheimer: 7 reasons Netanyahu & Barak might like war with Iran
  • Why Israel is 'singled out'
  • Gaza, Get an Airport or Get a Life
    • Fibaa Abuassi story is both inspirational and depressing in the one story.
      I've been following the mondowiess web-site for a few months now and I find this web-site both inspiratioal and depressing as well.
      One of the over-riding themes on the web-site seems to be Isreal's future. I think its important to realise that we basically already know what Isreal's future will be.
      If you look back through the history of the world you'll find that certain country's/states/empires that rely on oppression and lies to maintain their existance normally end up the same way. Some of the more recent examples might include Nazi-Germany, the Soviet Union, aparthied South Africa, Pol Pot's Cambodia. Even the most recent historical event, the 'Arab Spring', has revealled what happens to country's/states/empires that rely on oppression and lies to maintain their existance.
      Unfortunately, for the Jews, Isreal definitely falls into the category of 'country/state/empire' that relies on oppression and lies to maintain its existance. One of Isreal's other great strenght's, has been its ability to antagonise its neighbours. There are already, some historians saying that the 'Arab Spring' will end with the destruction of the state of Isreal. I think its important for the contributors to this web-site to know that history has told us what Isreal's future is. Of course it would be preferable if the obvious did not happen but, one of the depressing things about modoweiss is that there are clearly a lot of contributors who are clearly, what I would call, 'victims of properganda'.
      Historians will also talk to you about history's 'turning points'. These 'turning points' are often innocuous, insignificant events. Like the street vendor in Tunisa who self-immobilised. I personnally believe that Isreal's 'turning point' came with the assisination of Rabin. From that point onwards it was obvious that Isreal was not interested in peace. But, many historians disagree, they believe that Isreals 'turning point' is fast approaching. And that 'turning point' is called - Iran.

  • Sam Harris, uncovered
    • The incredible thing about Sam Harris is that he has become such a 'prominent' figure. Surely he must have been assisted by Jews in the publishing/media industry to get where he is.

  • Why is Obama winking at the military coup in Egypt?
    • Totally agree with Colin. US military aid to Egypt is just 'be nice to Isreal' money. If the Muslin Botherhood has power, one of the first things they'll do is open the border to Gaza and Isreal definitely doesn't won't this to happen.

  • Story of forced searches of travelers' emails goes viral
    • I think the important thing about this situation is that it seems to have received some coverage in the main-stream media. Isreal's behaviour is not going to change until the wider American public is made aware of the atrocities carried out by Isreali's. I'm not surprised that they have started to abuse Americans, afterall, they've persecuted the Palestinians for 50 years and got away with it - so why not pick on someone else.
      I think 'pro-Palestinian' Americans need to start to focus on the media outlets and journalist who continue to lie and protect Isreal. Some might say that's 'attacking the messanger' but, what does Isreal do to people who tell the truth about Isreal.
      I'm absolutely convinced that the Western media's appeasement of the State of Isreal over a very long period of time, is one of the driving forces behind Islamic extremism.

  • Alterman says BDS shares Ahmadinejad's agenda, and Hezbollah's too
    • Alterman's arguments are irrelevant because his argument is based on the prefix that Isreal is interested in peace. Isreal hasn't been interested in peace since Rabbin !!!

  • Michael Scheuer says Israeli lobby has tied American gov't down like Gulliver
    • Scheuer is right when he talks about Osama bin Laden's declaration of war against the US. I remember reading it many years ago and it may still be available on some site. Its only about 7 or 8 pages long but he mentions the Palestinian situation about 10 times.
      Its not just Al Queda that is inspired by the Palestinian situation. I think you'll find that all the so-called 'Islamic extremist groups' use the treatment of the Palestinians to inspire and recruit membership.

  • Biden gives Israel the green light on Iran in speech to rabbinical convention
    • Isreal is over-due for a war! What's it been, 3 years, they need to satisfy their blood lust and keep the generals happy. Even if they don't attack Iran they'll be looking for a reason to attack Gaza or Lebanon.
      Can anyone explain why Isreal can have nuclear weapons but Iran can't?

  • Joe Lieberman, and liberal hero Elizabeth Warren, peddle propaganda on Iran
    • I'm opposed to all nuclear weapons but could someone explain why Isreal CAN have a nuclear bomb but Iran can't. This whole situation is just about Isreal maintaining military dominance in the Middle -East.

  • Nationalist public radio
    • I am totally opposed to nuclear weapons but nobody has explained to me why Isreal CAN have nuclear weapons but Iran CAN"T. This whole situation has been brought about so that Isreal can maintain its military domination of the Middle-East.
      The end result is that the whole world will have to pay more for petrol !!!

  • Iran didn't threaten to 'wipe' Israel out -- Israel's deputy prime minister
    • I'm against all nuclear weapons but can someone explain why Isreal can have nuclear weapons and Iran can't? Isn't this whole situation about Isreal maintaining military dominance in the Middle-East. What do you think would happen to Iran if it did attack Isreal ? and more importantly, don't you think they know what would happen? Isreal's looking for a 'war' and the result is that petrol prices will go up all over the world.

  • The rifle-butting video is following a different narrative
    • Sooner or later, the IDF will get sick and tired of humiliating and degrading the Palestinian people and turn their attention to other races/religions. Like this blue eyed blond haired Ayran boy. What's even worse is the tremendous support given to the lieutenant colonel by jewish people around the world. He'll be promoted within 6 months. This whole situation has been going on for way too long and its starting to head in one indisputable direction. Unfortunately for the Isreali's they don't seem to realise this !!!

  • Sfard on Israeli Supreme Court ruling on Migron outpost: ‘It’s Our Brown v. Board’
    • The settlements are proof that Isreal is not interested in peace. Isreal uses the settlements to make peace impossible and to aggrivate and inflame the Palestinians.

  • The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism
    • Isreal is a country that rely's on lies to maintain its exsistance. One of the biggest lies perpertrated by the state of Isreal is that jews are the only semites on this planet. Unfortunately, there are semites in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, there are even semites in Iraq. The term 'anti-sematic' is non-descriptive. You should use the term 'anti-jewish' or 'anti-Isreal' .

  • Hundreds of soccer fans crowd Jerusalem mall: 'Death to Arabs!'
    • The reason why the Isreal/Palestine conflict has world-wide significance is that all the so-called Islamic extremist groups use the treatment of the Palestinians to inspire and recruit members. When bin-Laden declared war on the USA he mentioned the Palestinian situation about 10 times. Isreal's treatment of the Palestinians is one of the main driving forces of Islamic extremism.

    • Isreal is a country that rely's on lies to maintain its exsistance. One of the biggest lies perpertrated by the state of Isreal is that jews are the only semites on this planet. Unfortunately, there are semites in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, there are even semites in Iraq. The term 'anti-sematic' is non-descriptive. You should use 'anti-Isreal' or anti-jewish'.

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