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Former America-firster who now questions the drift towards continual war.

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  • Hatred of Israel was reported motive for CA attack, but US press politely ignores the story
    • Hello Phil,
      As usual you've written another insightful post on Palestine: how it continues to be a festering wound to the Arab people's heart, and how the MSM continues to mislead, obfuscate, and dissemble the whole issue.
      In fact, the MSM and the usual government apparatchiks are subtly moving the goal-posts at night, and towards the position that people who support the Palestinians have become "self-radicalized by reading hateful literature on the internet". Oh! there's a knock on my door and a swat-team outside with a battering ram so I need to go now . . .

  • Netanyahu's speech and the American Jewish condition
  • Palestinian minister dies after Israeli army assault during olive tree planting ceremony in West Bank village
    • The headline on this article should read:

      Maybe then, a google search of the same words might bring up something. Maybe not.

      At least NPR had the decency to tell the truth about this murder in broad daylight.

      Now the NYPD and LAPD have another 'tool' in their box for use against street protestors.

  • Israeli refuseniks expose Occupation’s dark underbelly
    • Mooser, I'm a little late in getting back to you (I've been off writing a biography). Surprised to hear you know about this lady.
      Regarding Ms. Yamaguchi, you can find an interesting website full of her fabulous pictures and music at:

    • Off-topic item: Palestinian rights supporter Yoshiko Yamaguchi, aged 94 has passed away in Tokyo. But you will not find any reference to her passion for Palestine in any MSM obituary (NYT, LAT, FT, the Guardian may have mentioned it).
      This woman of the world, inveterate campaigner for understanding between cultures rather than bombing, had an amazing life indeed. She was one of the greatest divas in 1940's Shanghai, with a fabulous voice, and acted in movies under her Chinese name of Li Xiang Lan 李香蘭 . RIP, beautiful lady Yoshiko.

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
    • IS = JS

      The Jewish State couldn't stand it when Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq and there were no bombings in Baghdad and no Islamic radicals in the streets. So JS got rid of Saddam ostensibly "to promote peace in the Middle East", but in actuality it was to promote sectarian hatred and Arab on Arab violence in the region.

      The Jewish State couldn't stand it when Assad ruled Syria and etc, etc. So JS is getting rid of Assad etc, etc.

      Now comes IS (or Da'esh) in the wake of JS cunning! and it was only natural that IS would fill the vacuum of destroyed Iraq, destroyed Syria, and destroyed Libya (to name just a few JS triumphs).

      Stay tuned as JS caused chaos grows more IS (adding up to WW3 in the words of Pope Francis).

  • Serving Israel's aim of lowering civilian deaths, 'New York Times' Gaza tally says 15- to 17-year-old's aren't children
    • Boy, have we come a long way from Hannah Arendt's (Banality of Evil) to the current bunch of hypocrites slouching their way to Bethlehem. But wait a second, here's Emily Harris reporting from Buchenwald: "well it's pretty much a normal sunny day here, the workers at this facility are queueing up for their work details, and as you might imagine they are also looking for their friends and relatives . . . "

  • Thousands of displaced Palestinians take shelter on the fringes of Gaza City
    • listening to the BritishBullsh!tCorporation here: the announcer in his clipped blitish accent informs the world "that Israel and Palestine are observing the second day of the ceasefire, with thousands of Palestinians returning to their homes to survey the damage". As if, hundreds of thousands of people don't even have homes to return to or a pot to p!ss in - no, according to the BBC pastoral idiot, everyone is just going home to see if there are any broken dishes on the floor or water damage from a passing thunderstorm, and everything is just forked clarinets here, and move along, there's nothing more to see . . .

  • Bob Schieffer in a 'world gone mad'
    • "it is a battle of civilization versus barbarism"
      Absolutely correct statement! keep assaulting those barbaric Palestinian families from the air, land, and sea, (like the picture of the family in other post "Thousands on fringe of Gaza") so the outside world can see the barbaric families with their own eyes, being assaulted by pinpoint accurate weaponry fired from ships on rolling seas and tanks indiscriminately firing high explosives into populated areas, all by those highly 'civilized' Israelis.

  • Israel, your brand is tanking
    • "most Americans actually have a bigger view of the region "
      Actually, most Americans have the same slanted views of the region as the Wolfs Blitzers and flatline idiots of FOX news. Maybe Americans will start to connect dots when they remember all the Israeli partisans (like Thomas Friedman and Judith Miller) who pushed for the War on Iraq, and who now complain about "a group worse than Al-Qaeda taking over Iraq".
      Massive carnage in Syria? it's our puppet Secretaries of (the Jewish) State running around the middle east shilling for war between the Brutal sunni dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain vs. the shiite axis of Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah. Netanyahu would like to see Iran broken in the same way as Syria has been, Iraq has been, and Gaza has been. Americans are starting to connect dots, and they are not hypocrites who think some people are less than human.

  • US suspended aid to Egypt after it slaughtered civilians -- why not Israel?
    • - - - - - - -ISRAEL- - -HAMAS
      Civilians - - 1250 - - - - -4
      Soldiers - - - 250 - - -- -60

      Based on the above score:
      Which army is the most "moral army in the world"?
      Which army exhibits more bravery?

  • Slaughter is not self-defense: The assault on Gaza and the corruption of language
  • Israel advocates are in a battle with US media
    • Listening to Madeline Brand say pleasently on KCRW: "the Gazans are now without power, water, and sewage treatment". This is the definition of a death camp, a concentration camp, a killing field if there ever was one! The Gazans have truly become vermin in the eyes of Israel! I can only wonder when it dawns on dumb America what is happening here: Amira Hass refers to it as the end of Jewish ethics. It is also the end of Christian Zionist ethics. Israel is lobbing naval artillery shells and tank shells indiscriminately into highly infested areas of Gaza. There is no better way to summarize the present historic situation we are a party to.

  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
    • Simplify. Don't use Israeli hasbara words like "controversial" because this clouds the atrocity being committed which is on par with Guernica (and the perps don't want to see that piece of artwork). "Controversial" barely scratches the surface of this crime.

      Call it what it is: Immoral, anti-Christian, anti-Islamic, the Rape of Gaza, and a shame to Jews everywhere.

      As for their "no truce until Hamas stops it's rocket fire": there were no rockets and no tunnels when the siege of Gaza began - these were responses to Israeli ingrained racism and congenital immorality in dealing with their captive minority population.

      So keep it up Israel, you'll end up standing in front of the whole world in your butcher's uniforms drenched in blood up to your elbows, wondering why no one accepts your gangsterism or your immoral medieval ethics.

  • Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
    • I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Halper several years ago, but perhaps he could give further thought to this question of "recognizing Israel as a Jewish State". My sense is that the Palestinian leadership is so fragmented that no one entity can speak for the whole Palestinian people, despite the best public relations efforts of Israel to designate a quisling and have him crawl on bended knee to the Knesset to accept Israel as a Jewish State.
      So here is my suggestion to the Palestinians (nay, to anyone) who has a problem with "Jewish State": acceptance of same does not mean negation of anyone's civil rights or acceptance of any religious claptrap regarding ownership of the land of Israel, or anything else, it simply means that Jews are responsible for everything that Israel has done in the past, is doing now, and will do in future.
      That being the case, it allows the usage of the term "the Jews" when referring to the Jewish State; which is not allowed at present in the media.
      So, it would become correct to say "grab a lawn-chair; watch how the Jews enjoy defending their country by slaughtering the defenseless people of Gaza, whom they regard as vermin". Or, "what is it about the Jewish religion of the Jewish State that teaches them that it is moral to hate people who had nothing to do with the holocaust, and what have these Jewish fanatics of the Jewish State in store for the rest of humanity who also had nothing to do with the holocaust?"
      In ju-jitsu, you use an opponents aggressive actions to your own advantage, in ways that lead to unintended consequences. I only hope the NYTimes tells me more about what the Jews are up to in Gaza, because I already accept that "Israel is a Jewish State".

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