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Former America-firster who now questions the drift towards continual war.

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  • Record! I am an Arab.
    • Like your poetry!

    • Watching CNN, who to their credit has done the best on-the-ground reporting along with al Jezeera. At the anchor desks, the talk is veering toward fear of the Muslim Brotherhood and possibility of "an Islamic regime" coming to power. At it's core, these concerns push the agenda of those who have no problem with Christian ethics or Jewish ethics, but question the possibility there are ethics in Islam. It's laughable to hear Christian fundamentalists and Jewish partisans (who caused the killing of hundreds of thousands in Iraq and the Siege of Gaza among other outrages) casting racist aspersions on Islamic culture.

  • Goldstone Report Weekender: Weiss profile; Ratner on Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish; and Siegman discusses 'delegitimizing Israel'
  • 'Wikileaks' cable drop is a giant power move for the left
    • 09TELAVIV1098
      ¶1. (SBU) Organized crime (OC) has longstanding roots in Israel, but
      in recent years there has been a sharp increase in the reach and
      impact of OC networks. In seeking a competitive advantage in such
      lucrative trades as narcotics and prostitution, Israeli crime groups
      have demonstrated their ability and willingness to engage in violent
      attacks on each other with little regard for innocent bystanders.
      The Israeli National Police (INP) and the courts have engaged in a
      vigorous campaign against organized crime leaders, including the
      creation of a new specialized anti-OC unit, but they remain unable
      to cope with the full scope of the problem. Organized crime in
      Israel now has global reach, with direct impact inside the United
      States. Post is currently utilizing all available tools to deny
      Israeli OC figures access to the United States in order to prevent
      them from furthering their criminal activities on U.S. soil. End

      Crime War Hits the Streets of Israel

      ¶2. (SBU) In November 2008, Israeli crime boss Yaakov Alperon was
      assassinated in broad daylight in a gruesome attack on the streets
      of Tel Aviv, only about a mile away from the Embassy. According to
      several media accounts, a motor scooter pulled up alongside
      Alperon's car and the rider attached a sophisticated explosive
      device with a remote detonator to the car door. The bomb killed
      Alperon and his driver, and injured two innocent pedestrians. The
      hit was the latest in a series of violent attacks and reprisals, and
      indicated a widening crime war in Israel.

      "a motor scooter pulled up alongside car and the rider attached a sophisticated explosive device with a remote detonator to the car door."

      keep moving, nothing to see here

    • from 09TELAVIV936:
      "Netanyahu said that learning to live with a nuclear
      Iran would be a big mistake which would lead to a different,
      more dangerous world. While he noted that he could not say
      for certain that Iran would use a nuclear weapon against
      Israel, if Iran had a bomb Israelis would have to ask that
      question every day. This is a historic moment, and leaders
      have a responsibility to make decisions."

      If Israelis had to ask that question every day, it would make them think twice about playing God with the untermenschen like they do every day. If Israelis had to ask that question every day, it would lead to a balance of force and MAD otherwise known as "peace". And it will be a good thing for world peace for Iran and Israel to get rid of both Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu, and elect responsible leaders who can skillfully make peace, instead of cave-man yahoos shaking shin-bones and hurling insults at one another across the Jordan river.

  • We don't make this up. We wish we did, but we don't
    • To everyone who voted for the tea party, and who wants "a smaller government, less deficit spending, and more jobs": First of all, I hope ya'll become America Firsters (not Israel, not Iraq, Afghanistan, and not Pakistan). Second, there's a large building in Washington eating up half the budget each year: the Pentagon with it's 700 useless overseas military bases and it's useless wars leaving nothing left for America. Cut the military budget like the UK did so we can borrow less from China (that is if you really support America First). Third, get over the words "liberal" and "conservative" because it's been a long time since either word applies to what people are doing today: if someone is an America Firster, that's good enough for me and let the devil take the hind-most. We don't need to be calling one another names when there's work to do, and if you're out of work you know exactly what I'm sayin'. There's millions of Americans going to bed hungry, including kids, so let's stop sending billions of our dollars down overseas rabbit-holes when there is crying need right here in America. Now Tea-baggers, let's go to Washington and really shake things up! 

  • How much money is needed to stop the BDS movement?
    • Alex Harrison
      Survivor of the flotilla massacre speaks candidly of her experience:

      "[Deportation at the airport] We saw the injured [Turkish] men going through.. a lot had a leg cut out of their trousers or an arm cut out of their top. It had been cut out to treat their wounds.. they were covered in blood, blood that had been there for three days, and some of them had wounds that were still bleeding.. What upset me most was seeing the dozen men, one after another, hobbling across the terminal, with a bandaged foot. I couldn't ask them why so many of them had a bandaged foot, I couldn't ask them what had happened, because if they spoke or if any of us spoke to them the Israelis beat the injured person.. We later found out that they had these injuries on the tops of their feet from when the troops came down from the helicopter on the Mavi Marmara, and they came down firing - they had been shot from above. Some of the men that were killed were shot at close range - head and chest, but a dozen of the men who were shot, among 59 people who were shot, they were shot at the tops of their feet - the bullets were coming down.. They weren't given a wheelchair or a pair of crutches, and if any of the other passengers stood up and tried to offer [help].. that person was dragged away and smacked by these Israelis. The Israeli soldiers sat on the floor, laughed and sniggered and made every one of these Turkish men hobble and hop all the way across, some 200 metres, everyone of them, one by one, made to do that purely for the sick amusement of the Israeli soldiers."

      link to

  • And Tom Friedman says the Arab world is rife with conspiracy theory...
    • Mr. Block, not only is it a dangerous world
      for those who steal someone's car
      and offer the owner a door-handle
      if only they'd throw their mother
      under the zionist bus

      Of course,
      Jews could never do this to a mother,
      but the unter-menschen? check
      behind barbed wire? check
      congress purchased? check
      media owned? check
      out of work? check
      sexy, photogenic, air-brain? check

      it's also dangerous
      if you've purchased and bribed
      a politician to love you,
      because this kind of love
      is a real 'interim agreement'

  • There are two transformative Jewish communities in the world
    • WJ: Thank you for confirming the truth of what people like Jeff Halper, Gideon Levy, Uri Avnery, and Amira Hass have been telling us about an Israeli society which has turned it's back on the "Jewish tradition" of basic human decency towards 'the other'.

      Israel is killing people left and right with no legal restraint whatsoever, while people like you like to think and argue that this is "transformative". I'll say: transforming to a barbaric jack-boot nationalism of 'blood, soil, and iron' which is glossed over with words like "demographic war" and "existential threat".

      There are many folks sitting in mental hospitals facing similar paranoiac fantasy threats. Thank goodness they don't possess atomic weaponry as they bang their heads against the walls and bewail their forlorn state.

      Lastly, the purpose of this blog is obviously beyond your ken.

  • Smear campaign targets pro-Palestinian Brooklyn College professor; alum suspends 'significant bequest'
    • "Critics are accusing Bayoumi’s book of seeking to “inculcate students with a political viewpoint,” claiming the decision lacks “balance.” "

      ahh, the familiar aroma of another stinking Stalinist sh!tp!le wafting over academia. The good professor would have avoided censure by assigning "Dick and Jane Visit Israel" instead of his factual account of another Israeli atrocity.

  • Goldberg's war drums
    • Phil, you have a gift for keeping it simple; your title "Goldberg's war drums" says it all in just 3 words. Your next phrase: "Goldberg's piece that seeks to rationalize an attack on Iran" is also a succinct gem of a summary.
      If and when the United States of Israel attacks Iran, it may provide Ahmadinejad with the provocation he's been looking for to launch an all-out area-wide war , one purpose of which will be to severely damage the Jewish State. However, his first targets will not be the US of I, but every major oil refinery, pipeline, and every oil-tanker within the 1200 mile range of Iran's missiles. The Iranians have already programmed these missiles, hidden them all over Iran and Lebanon, and provided an automatic 'command to launch' in the event of a US of I attack.

      People seem to have forgotten that it only took one small missile to knock out an Israeli warship off of Lebanon in 2006, and that Hezbollah now has tens of thousands of missiles. It might take some time to destroy the Western World's oil supply lines, but there is no way to defend these tenuous lines, whether on land or sea.

      Atomic bombs on Iranian nuclear sites? Ahmadinejad has stated quite clearly that he doesn't need atomic weaponry. He may also have borrowed a page from bin Laden's strategy: suck the idiot westerners into wars in Arabia that can't be won and bleed them to death with a thousand cuts while you strangle their economies that depend on cheap oil. After all, it's worked like a charm in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, where idiot Zionists (and their tools) don't even realize the damage that America has suffered on behalf of Israel. Europeans get the picture, and so they've mostly withdrawn their token "coalition troops".

      Atomic bombs on Iran? Every Muslim in the Middle East/South Asia may rise up as one, destroy all the convoys and supply-lines, hunt down every occupier and infidel, cut every pipeline, and blow-up everything foreign they can find. The Egyptian street is waiting for a reason to explode and sweep the quisling ruling class off it's back. Saudi Arabia anyone? Pakistan? anyone like to predict what they will do with their "nukular" weapons once Israel looses the dogs of war and attacks Iran?

  • Walt, Karon and Leveretts say 'alarmist' Goldberg Iran piece promotes Israeli objectives
    • Goldberg: "“The real threat to Zionism is the dilution of quality,” he said. “Jews know that they can land on their feet in any corner of the world. The real test for us is to make Israel such an attractive place, such a cutting-edge place in human society, education, culture, science, quality of life, that even American Jewish young people want to come here.” This vision is threatened by Iran and its proxies, Barak said. “Our young people can consciously decide to go other places,” if they dislike living under the threat of nuclear attack. “Our best youngsters could stay out of here by choice.”

      And how does Ehud Barack intend to do this (to make Israel such an attractive place, such a cutting-edge place)? Why, by bombing Iran, igniting the whole middle east, and welcoming hundreds of incoming rockets on Israeli cities every day. EB might not remember those weaker rockets of the summer of 2006 that brought Israel to a standstill, so much so that Israel uncharacteristically had to withdraw from Lebanon and accept a negotiated truce.

      The astounding stupidity of inviting thousands of rockets on Israeli cities in order to better attract young Jews!
      . . . ranks up there with "they'll welcome invaders with flowers", "mission accomplished", "op infinite justice", and "bring it on".

  • Levy: 'Defining Israel as a Jewish state condemns us to living in a racist state'
    • August 8th 2010:

      One of our heroes has passed away: Tony Judt, 1948-2010 RIP.

      While in the LATimes: Lessons of the Gaza withdrawal, by Edmund Sanders, spreads more ignorance and disinformation from the get-go by using the phrase "Israeli-Palestinian conflict". Mr. Sanders (and Ms Gladstone) apparently will never rise to the truthfulness and bravery of a Tony Judt. But one of him is worth a ton of them anyaway!

  • New battleline: 'Tablet' calls 'anti-Israel' blogs 'agents of influence'
    • from Robert Fisk:
      "That is why Gaza exists: because the Palestinians who lived in Ashkelon and the fields around it – Askalaan in Arabic – were dispossessed from their lands in 1948 when Israel was created and ended up on the beaches of Gaza. They – or their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren – are among the one and a half million Palestinian refugees crammed into the cesspool of Gaza, 80 per cent of whose families once lived in what is now Israel. This, historically, is the real story: most of the people of Gaza don’t come from Gaza.

      But watching the news shows, you’d think that history began yesterday, that a bunch of bearded anti-Semitic Islamist lunatics suddenly popped up in the slums of Gaza – a rubbish dump of destitute people of no origin – and began firing missiles into peace-loving, democratic Israel, only to meet with the righteous vengeance of the Israeli air force. The fact that the five sisters killed in Jabalya camp* had grandparents who came from the very land whose more recent owners have now bombed them to death simply does not appear in the story.

      Both Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres said back in the 1990s that they wished Gaza would just go away, drop into the sea, and you can see why. The existence of Gaza is a permanent reminder of those hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who lost their homes to Israel, who fled or were driven out through fear or Israeli ethnic cleansing 60 years ago, when tidal waves of refugees had washed over Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War and when a bunch of Arabs kicked out of their property didn’t worry the world."

      *from cogit8:
      The Palestinian sisters have names: their mother is Samira Ba'lousha:
      Jawaher, 4
      Dina, 8
      Samar, 12
      Ikram, 15
      Tahrir, 17

      and lastly, for anyone with a spare WMD handy:
      coordinates of the Dimona Nuclear Facility:
      31.001330 Lat.
      35.144546 Long.

  • Palestinian journalist left 'NYT' because of 'taint' of Jerusalem correspondent's son joining IDF
    • Stop the Presses! Eleven Russians arrested and their families destroyed, not for espionage, but for being "undeclared agents of a foreign power", otherwise known as having "dual loyalty".

      Way to go, FBI! ignore that elephant in our living room, but please protect us against those 11 Russians who are doing us no harm, as opposed to what AIPAC and a lot of other neo-con dual-loyalists are doing out in the open.

      Way to go, Supreme Court! side with the New Communists who relentlessly look for ways to demonize muslims and criminalize muslim charity organizations.

      Al-Qaeda in California sends it's best wishes: link to

  • 'LA Times' runs two incisive pieces on the conflict
    • hey, what's the big deal - can't you take a joke? Your Jew comedians dish out a lot worse than Helen's humorous crack!
      Helen's 'over the top' comment was purposely outrageous; she was not referring to all the Jews in Palestine, only the settler wing-nuts, and she forgot to include Brooklyn along with Poland and Germany.
      Lighten up Witty!

  • Flotilla was successful: NBC Nightly News airs searing report on Gaza 'prison'
    • and apropo of the Israeling of America, tune in to today's PRI The World with Marco Werhman closing the Jewish Home Companion show with some mediocre Jewish band from Brooklyn. go figure. . . . a lot of people already have figured it out

    • let's also make note of the 'weasel' words they think of to deflect the truth and obfuscate the issue. The most popular such word recently is "unsustainable", used by Hillary and Co. when they were desparate to find words which wouldn't implicate Israel of any wrong-doing, wouldn't convey any disgust with attacking humanitarian aid boats, and might delude the world into thinking the US opposes the siege of Gaza.

      Silly geese! The United States is really saying "we'd keep the siege going until all their ribs were sticking out behind barbed-wire, but the siege is UNSUSTAINABLE because soft-headed people (who don't realize we are at war with Islamofacists) are making it impossible for USrael to starve these people into submission".

      no wrong-doing in Gaza, move along (and keep your head down)

    • Sorry this is off topic, but topical:

      I am watching Sen. Bob Casey and some type of foreign relations sub-committee on C-Span, discussing the "State of Hezbollah". The good Senator has swallowed the Israeli AIPAC Party Line, and (along with a couple of state department neo-cons named Jeffrey Feltman and Daniel Benjamin and the lovely racist Danielle Pletka) is making the case for Israeli interests and "it's right to defend itself".

      Without getting into the specific points (such as "Hezbollah is a de-stabilizing force in Lebanon" and "Hezbollah has too many rockets") which were made during this sub-committee's deliberations, it is clear that the United States is pursuing wrong-headed policies in the region at the same time as pumping billions of dollars to Israel's military, which will probably lead to another attack by Israeli "cowards with guns" on Lebanon.

      The one point I would make to ignorant Americans concerning Hezbollah: Hezbollah (like Hamas in Gaza) lives IN and is OF Lebanon. It is not some out side band of Hollywood type terrorists that can be demonized out of existence by Israel. Hezbollah arose and became popular BECAUSE of the actions of Israel (just like Hamas has). While the United States was letting people die during Katrina, Hezbollah was handing out hundred dollar bills to their people who were hurt by Israel during it's 2006 assault on Lebanon. They rebuilt the blocks of buildings Israel knocked down in a matter of months, and they learned how to stop Israeli bombing in the future.

      The last point I would make to Americans is: don't let Israeli partisan hacks lead you by the nose! Read for yourself what Hassan Nasrallah said in his last speach to hundreds of thousands of his supporters: "if WE don't have security, YOU will not have security, if you kill US, we will kill YOU, if you target OUR infra-structure, we will target YOUR infra-structure, if you attack Lebanon again, we will attack Israel". Throughout the speech, Nasrallah stood for DEFENDING Lebanon against Israeli agression, and not for pre-emptive agression AGAINST Israel. He is a Lebanese patriot (remember that word from about 1776?).

  • Finkelstein: Did Netanyahu OK nighttime commando raid to restore Israel's Entebbe glory?
  • Questions Ethan Bronner could have asked
    • Exactly Trains!
      And who are these New Communists? Same as the old communists.

      It is eff'g outrageous that only Israel (with the help of it's diaspora) can get away with murder on the high seas, hide the bodies for a week, not divulge their identities, steal all the 680 passenger's personal property, mistreat all the survivors, and lie through their teeth about the whole matter from A to Z. And when the truth finally comes out, Israel will probably have killed twice as many people.

      The Middle East's only democracy again demonstrates it's "light to the world".

  • Updates on the MV Rachel Corrie
    • I only wish the FreeGaza Flotilla movement had given more thought to timing the arrival of their boats: Don't arrive at night, because Israel loves Night Moves. Arrive in the morning daylight and then have the Israeli navy in full view of camera-phones and the like.
      Also, have on board some ancient morse-code 'sparking' transmitters, the type that throw out so many random frequencies that jamming them is impossible with modern gear.

      I am so happy that people from around the world have found a way to break the siege of Gaza, and continue the legacy of brave Rachel Corrie.

    • Shmuel - we agree!

    • son of former Malaysian PM Mahithir on Al Jezeera:
      "we have no problem with Israel coming onboard and inspecting our goods shipment, but then please let us continue on to Gaza"

    • 20 miles out at 9:13 (@15 mph)

      not taken by Israel yet

  • Reports - 19 people killed, 30-60 injured in Israeli attack on freedom flotilla
    • Mark Regev can't wait until the complicit American media wakes up to give him a hand shovelling his shit. And so far CNN has buried the story real well while they cook up tomorrow's crap coverage.

    • What are the boundaries of the territorial waters of Gaza? What right does Israel have to claim all the waters of the Mediterranean around Gaza?

    • Press Release from Gush Shalom 05/31/2010

      Uri Avnery: this night a crime was perpetrated in the middle of the sea, by order of the government of Israel and the IDF Command
      A warlike attack against aid ships and deadly shooting at peace and humanitarian aid activists
      It is a crazy thing that only a government that crossed all red lines can do

      "Only a crazy government that has lost all restraint and all connection to reality could something like that - consider ships carrying humanitarian aid and peace activists from around the world as an enemy and send massive military force to international waters to attack them, shoot and kill.

      "Noone in the world will believe the lies and excuses which the government and army spokesmen come up with," said former Knesset member Uri Avnery of the Gush Shalom movement. Gush Shalom activists together with activists of other organizations are to depart at 11:00 from Tel Aviv to protest in front of the prepared detention facility where the international peace activists will be brought.

    • Danny (why do Jews so like their baby names?) Ayalon: "there were weapons on board the boats"

      Mr Ayalon: Anyone travelling on the high seas has the right to carry weapons for self-defense, and I do hope that some of the moneys I contributed to the Gaza Flotilla were used for that purpose.

    • Is there any doubt that the mounting backlash in the Muslim world, against Israel's attack on the Gaza boats, will include attacks on American interests and personnel? General Petraeus was exactly correct, from a purely American security point of view.

    • "there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza" [Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Blond IDF spokes-liar]

    • is anyone monitoring Ma'ariv, Yediot Aharon, JP, or Ha'aretz?

    • "A guy rapelling down from a helo is very vulnerable, and requires covering fire"

      why didn't the IDF Navy just attach a rope to the boat and tow it away? why was it necessary to jump from helicopters firing onto peaceful people?

    • injured to Tel Hashomer in Tel Aviv, Belinson according to Israeli source. They are also posting 16 dead

    • she said the IDF came down from helicopters firing before they hit the deck. she calls it an act of murder.

    • Greta Beilin, organizer of the flotilla, blasts the IDF action:

      link to

    • Press TV reporting that Israeli subs will enter Persian Gulf in future:

      link to

    • tweets deny that activists fired on IDF pigs:

      link to

    • the best news is coming from al Jezeera Live Station:

      link to

  • Double fault
    • Susie, I was also amazed and disgusted that the Tennis Channel became part of the NPR Jewish Home Companion Network.

      As I watched the TC holocaust show I imagined how this Orwellian publicity stunt helped the Jew's objectives: to get people to adopt and accept and not question their narrative. Get ready for more killing, more torturing, more imprisoning, more war-drums, more sanctions, and more threats on the table, all in the name of "Never Again".

  • Mearsheimer's realistic/crystal ball: incipient apartheid, apartheid, then binational state
    • Don't look now Rachel, but there is already a "binational state".

      [Incidentally, about that term "bi-national"? it's just another piece of Israeli pr crap designed to mislead and smother one's thinking (the smart Jews who design these cottonwool words are expert at taking things off the table, ie, restricting one's freedom to think and express clearly what they want to).]

      So I won't use your term. I'll just call it what it is: a single apartheid state without borders (they don't want any borders because they're on the march for lebensraum) that is abusing it's ragdoll Palestinian minority from the sea to the river. a paranoid military-dominated little country with a moustache that is working out it's internal psychosis by doing unto the Palestinians what was done to them in WW2. a fascist state that is getting away with murdering peace activists, un-armed international observers, old women washing clothes, children playing in the street, clearly marked UN observers, American citizens, and, well you get the point, anyone else who is in range of brave IDF stormtroopers with big guns and little dicks.

      As for "Nato bombing the shit out of Tel Aviv", good luck on Planet Rachel!

    • The two-state solution is dead. Israel will never go back in time, although it will continue to dream up worthless euphemisms such as "temporary palestinian state", in the hope that some quislings will buy the crap.
      Israel hints at one-state solution

      link to

      Israeli Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin has expressed reluctance to share occupied territories with Palestinians.

      He said he doubted Tel Aviv would ever sign a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority, adding that he did not believe acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas could deliver any "good."

      Tel Aviv would rather accept Palestinians into Israel than dividing the occupied lands in a future two-state solution, Rivlin said during a Thursday meeting with Greece's ambassador to Israel, Kyriakos Loukakis, when asked about a possible peace agreement with the Palestinians.

      Meanwhile he admitted that that many Arabs have been encountering racism and arrogance from Israelis.

  • Why isn't Obama outraged over yet another slap to the face?
    • As one from the suppereastside, thank you.

    • "Why isn’t Obama outraged over yet another slap to the face?"

      Obama has finally revealed some back-bone, shown by his treatment of Netanyahoo these past few days. To refuse to pose for official photographs, to not release an a-s kissing press release, to refuse to knuckle under to the Yahoo is extraordinary news to those of us wandering in the desert. This may be the first time in Israel's history that a U.S. President has done similarly. This is big.

      So what caused this? General Petraeus had the balls to state publicly that Israel's actions towards the Palestinians were having a bad smell-effect on U.S. support for The Jewish State. Halleluya! the gates were thrown open for Biden to express his anger publicly "Hey, this is serious sh-t, what you are doing in Jerusalem affects US and our soldier security"! Then Clinton expresses the same sentiment in a soft way to the 7,800 AIPAC war-mongers in Washington! Will wonders ever cease?

      But what is really at stake here, what can Israel do? Well, the Jews have maneuvered themselves into a position where all they have to do is give up something very small in return for Something very Big. [you Jews know who you are, you other Jews are the good guys]

      It is a slap on their little democratic wrists to have to stop issuing building permits in East Jerusalem and in return for this latest "Magnanimous Offer of Peace", they will demand a whole list of "Conditions For Peace in Palestine".

      The last item on this list, as usual, will be that Israel can add whatever conditions it wants, whenever it wants, such as: "No telephones will be allowed in the new Palestinian State because they can be used by vermin we are attempting to exterminate", or words to the same effect.

  • 'Clean and tidy' campaign targets non-Jewish foreigners in Israel
    • Mya G. hit a home run in her above article.

      Earth to Mooser: your sarcasm is, like, so far out man that no one gets it.

      but it's obvious you're 'exercised' about something having to do with Israel being or not being The Jewish State? why not just state for the record with no equivocal humor what your position is on the question

  • Breaking the Silence publishes shocking testimonies from women who served Occupation
    • Andrea Dworkin, noted anti-zionist Jewish feminist, saw this sexualized violence in Israel way before anyone else.

  • Port-au-Hasbara
    • To my knowledge, only Amy Goodman went down to Haiti and told the unvarnished truth.
      link to
      She mentions that Cuban doctors and Venezuelans had gotten to Haiti first, had set up their hospital outside the destroyed Presidential Palace and were providing assistance, all while the American military machine was still bogged down at the airport worrying about so-called "security". Typical bumbling gov'ment regulations; we're probably spending 1000x what the Cubans are spending to help the same number of people all because individual freedom has been stamped out of the American military/corporate approach: we've become the Communists we fought to defeat.

      Amy is a Jewish woman driving around in neighborhoods that our military is afraid to enter: she's an example of the old traditional Jewish social activism (an ideal which today's war-monger Jews and Israel-apologists sadly lack).

  • From Hebron to Yad Vashem: Jewish Sorrow Justifying the Sorrow of Others
    • DS: You really knocked that straw-man down: I never said anything about "ruling the world", however it's obvious that Jews are runnin' game on the United States.

      Apparently you're reading too much into my words and not careful with your insults. Most historical personages (including Jews) have had something to say about the Jews, and hundreds of them have left memorable quotes. It shouldn't have to be pointed out to defenders of the faith like you that “comments on the Jews” can be negative as well as positive, but it has to be pointed out to defenders of the faith like you that “comments on the Jews” can be negative as well as positive.

      Similarly, we all know that “all for one and one for all” is a trite way of putting it, but time was short, if you want to call it anti-semitic, go ahead (but get a grip DS because no one is denying the holocaust or accusing you personally of the crimes of Israel).

      Can't abide the general truths in the Protocols? every media-Jew in creation was telling us how "Sadam killed his own people" and how he was comin' to git us. It was immoral to assault Iraq, and the immoral Jews that got us into this mess are now braying that "all options are on the table" in regard to Iran. Gotta give those Protocols credit . . .

    • DS: do a search for a letter that Einstein signed in regards to his opposition to the zionists, it was published in the NYTimes (and also signed by Hannah Arendt). This is what I meant by "commenting on the Jews".

    • DS: Calm down! would you mind addressing the specific points I raised ?

    • wrong thread, sorry

    • BenjaminGere: a forgery is a copy of something else. You would be better advised to claim the Protocols is a work of fiction, since the very purpose of all fiction is to make the reader believe in a forged reality. (You can see this talent at work in Hollywood, and we all know who the best story-tellers are.) By your definition, Shakespeare was the greatest forger of all time!

      Jews like it when wee gentiles waste our time on bullshit like the above discussion. It side-tracks the whole subject into useless activity, like arguing over when life actually begins while your tax moneys are spilling gallons of blood of the children of a lesser god in Gaza.

      The major question (never raised in public) is: How much truth is there in the Protocols about the Jews and their modus operandi. Every intelligent thinker since Chaucer has commented on the Jews, and the Protocols is an historical summary of the subject. Anyone with real-world experience can see that the Protocols contain a lot of truth, beginning with the obvious one: Jews are a formidable “one for all, all for one” tribe that has a Nietzsche-like “will to power”.

  • Somehow I doubt it's a hatchet job
    • BenjaminGere: a forgery is a copy of something else. You would be better advised to claim the Protocols is a work of fiction, since the very purpose of all fiction is to make the reader believe in a forged reality. (You can see this talent at work in Hollywood, and we all know who the best story-tellers are.) By your definition, Shakespeare was the greatest forger of all time!

      Jews like it when wee gentiles waste our time on bullshit like the above discussion. It side-tracks the whole subject into useless activity, like arguing over when life actually begins while your tax moneys are spilling gallons of blood of the children of a lesser god in Gaza.

      The major question (never raised in public) is: How much truth is there in the Protocols about the Jews and their modus operandi. Every intelligent thinker since Chaucer has commented on the Jews, and the Protocols is an historical summary of the subject. Anyone with real-world experience can see that the Protocols contain a lot of truth, beginning with the obvious one: Jews are a formidable “one for all, all for one” tribe that has a Nietzsche-like “will to power”.

  • NYT says Jordanian bomber was triggered by Gaza
    • Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi grew up in a "refugee camp", ie, a hell-hole where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians thrown off their land still live today and are totally forgotten by the MSM.

      Are Jews the only human-beings who live, breath, and think about the tragedies of the past?

      Apparently not.

    • A good post Phil, regarding the Palestinian roots of Humam (not Human), but very much human. The Times storyline "Jordanian Bomber’s Path Remains a Mystery to His Family" is a prime example of the intentional lack of intelligence so prevelant in MSM. As if the "bomber" (not the warrior who took out his enemy because they were killing people in his ummah) can be explained by Islamic Terrorist Websites that radicalize even reasonable people using electronic brainwashing techniques that the CIA would dearly love to replicate. HEY NYTIMES: LOOK AT GAZA, ABU GRAIB, AND GUANTANAMO: THAT'S WHAT RADICALIZES PEOPLE! (oh, I forgot about those NY cops that brutally beat and imprisoned people for exercising their right to protest the dumb f'king war during the War Party convention)

  • The Jewish community is going to have to grapple seriously with BDS and the issues it raises
  • EU's foreign minister says E. Jerusalem is occupied territory
  • US has no problem with Israel pumping money into... hands of West Bank extremists
    • more from Uri:
      "WHEN I first brought up the similarity between Prussia and Israel (in a chapter dedicated to this theme in the Hebrew and German editions of my 1967 book, “Israel Without Zionists”) it might have looked like a baseless comparison. Today, the picture is clearer. Not only does the senior officers corps occupy a central place in all the spheres of our life, and not only is the huge military budget beyond any discussion, but our daily news is full of typically “Prussian” items. For example: it transpires that the salary of the Army Chief of Staff is double that of the Prime Minister. The Minister of Education has announced that henceforth schools will be assessed by the number of their pupils who volunteer for army combat units. That sounds familiar – in German."

      I hope that everyone unemployed in the USA takes a close look at the Federal Budget and realizes how much money is being wasted on Militarism. Uri is right-on when he refers to Israel as "an army that has a state". I never understood why, after 9/11, there were no military or intelligence heads rolling. Instead it was "Good Job, Tennet" and "Good Job, General Shinypants", maybe the reason is because "the Pentagon has a state".

      And who are the ones that push this Militarism 24/7? Well, I've exhausted my Jewhating rhetoric for now so I'll let others contribute.

    • Uri Avnery has an very interesting article up:

      A SHORT historical quiz: Which state:

      (1) Arose after a holocaust in which a third of its people were destroyed?

      (2) Drew from that holocaust the conclusion that only superior military forces could ensure its survival?

      (3) Accorded the army a central role in its life, making it “an army that had a state, rather than a state that had an army”?

      (4) Began by buying the land it took, and continued to expand by conquest and annexation?

      (5) Endeavored by all possible means to attract new immigrants?

      (6) Conducted a systematic policy of settlement in the occupied territories?

      (7) Strove to push out the national minority by creeping ethnic cleansing?

      link to

  • House chairman Brad Sherman calls on UC Irvine to throw out Muslim Student Union for raising money for Gaza
    • Shml: I do believe that Gandhi could be paraphrased as saying 'Arabia (including Palestine) is for the Arabs in the same sense that England is for the English or France for the French'. Your comment several posts ago puts [me] in the same boat as the “Arabs are indigenous to Arabia” crowd. No issue here if one accepts standard interpretation as opposed to convoluted Jewish thought on people who speak Arabic.

      As to "Jewish character traits" I fully realize the hornets nest this phrase evokes. A more enlightened conversation would acknowledge, yes, nasty traits, and yes, the best traits of what humanity is capable of.

    • Shml: I don't have a problem with most of what you say, but please save the preaching about understanding rabbinical this or that for someone more naive.
      As far as Gandhi, au contraire mon ami, here are his words (and hopefully you won't need to read ancient Hindu texts in order to put them in context and understand them):
      "Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and in-human to impose the Jews on the Arabs. What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. The mandates have no sanction but that of the last war. Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home."

    • Lets get something straight here WJ: I hate the Jews who have taken over US foreign policy and who have pushed their culture into dominant positions in America. It is the same hatred that Israelis would have if a 'Christian Lobby' tried to eff with their Knesset, the same hatred Jews would have if Christians continually tried to dominate and change Jewish culture.

    • "he was condemning specific types of behaviour exhibited by adherents of specific philosophies (Pharisees/Sadducees) – not the Jews as a people, a religion or a culture."

      Your comment is an understandable attempt to minimize a damning historical event (and even if allegorical in nature, it nailed certain Jewish character traits for all time). Obviously, rich people do not like being told "woe unto you that are rich", people in high places don't like "woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you", those living off the fat of the land don't like "woe unto you that are full, for ye shall hunger", obnoxious pharagons don't like to hear "blessed are the meek and the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven", and the self-righteous don't like it that they are particularly singled out for opprobrium. Someone was being truthful and prescient.

      "There’s lots of Jewish hypocrisy going around these days, but to draw a thread to millennia-old anti-rabbinic rhetoric,"

      This comment is revealing in that it belittles (or even totally misses the point of?) one of the largest philosophical earthquakes in human progress. To "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" was a revolutionary idea and is still ridiculed and mocked today. The Jewing of America has perverted traditional concepts of Christianity upon which this country was founded.

      Lastly, "in the same boat as the “Arabs are indigenous to Arabia” crowd" is where I want to be, along with M Gandhi and Rev. Tutu (and anyone else in the USA who is not afraid to suffer a severe 'career disenhancement' by telling the simple truth).

    • The Jews are such hypocrites (didn't someone say this some 2,000 yrs ago?)

      Today on PRI's The World: a perfect example of jewish media in action. Big Jew supporter Marco Wherman interviews various other jews masquerading as experts of one sort or another. One of them has a big problem with the supposed illegal monetary support that europe is giving orgs like B'tsalem. Yeah, like how did The Jews ascend to power in the US without a lot of illegal under the table activity (we're Jews, it's legal for us to plot and scheme and pull other Jews into positions of power - If you do the same thing you're illegal and anti-semitic for using the term The Jews). It's getting more obvious by the day that 'the fix' is in.

  • 'Responsible' Jewish human rights org says: 'It's 1938'
    • link to

      "A series of controversial Israeli films are provoking outrage and plaudits in equal measure at the London Film Festival.

      The best documentary award has gone to one of the year's most controversial films.

      Defamation is a polemic by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir. In his expose of America's Anti-Defamation League (ADL), he claims anti-Semitism is being exaggerated for political purposes. He argues that American Jewish leaders travel around the world exploiting the memory of the Holocaust to silence criticism of Israel.

      He gets inside the ADL, which claims to be the most powerful lobby group of its type anywhere in the world. With unprecedented access, he travels with them as they meet foreign leaders, and use the memory of the Holocaust to further their pro-Israeli agenda.

      At one point, an ADL leader admits to Shamir that "we need to play on that guilt".

      Shamir says his film, Defamation, started out as a study of "the political games being played behind the term anti-Semitism".

      "It became more a film about perceptions and the way Jews and Israelis choose to see themselves and define themselves - a lot of the time unfortunately choosing the role of eternal victims as a way of life."

  • You can't get British Israel lobby doc'y on Youtube
  • Protesters to baseball commish: "Don't rent to racists, it's an error, Just say no to settler terror."
    • The above link (a 48.45min clip on YouTube) is perhaps the British equivalent of the groundbreaking Walt and Mearsheimer study of the American Israel Lobby. It names the key players and discusses how wealthy Anglo-Jews accomplish the same goals as their American compatriots: the subversion of foreign policy decisions by powerful Jewish interests.

    • Nov 16, 2009

      Channel 4 UK:

      Dispatches investigates one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain, which is working in support of the interests of the State of Israel. This film contains scenes of the aftermath of war conflicts which some may find upsetting

    • How The Israel Lobby works in Britain:

  • There is an old American proverb: Put your money where your mouth is
    • Put your money where your mouth is: America is pissing away it's money in the middle east and south asia on wars straight out of Orwell's 1984. From surges and "awakening councils" in Iraq, to funding the Pakistani assaults on Swat and Whateverstan: all the desires and ephemera of neocon wet dreams are being funded with billions of dollars that should've stayed in America.

      The long article below details how General Dayton is wasting millions creating "New Men" in the West Bank [mercenaries from Jordan or wherever paid to kill Hamas]. Then, after we've fractured Palestinian society with these paid thugs, the Jewish Estate can turn around and claim "oy gevalt there's no one to negotiate with who can represent all the fractured Palestinians - you know those arabs just can't get along with one another!". Abbas is jumping ship because he's had enough of being the designated quisling that he is.

      link to

  • Suddenly, Israel lobby is fair game for good government types
    • and this is a good'n too:

      It’s sad that in America politicians have to be near death to speak truth to the Zionist power structure… George McGovern and Jimmy Carter are 2 perfect examples… Their political careers are over and they are close to meeting Jesus so there is very little the Zionists can do to intiminate them… Jimmy Carter can’t get a cab anymore in D.C. because he had the courage to speak objectively about the mid east and Israel… He is now openly called an anti-semite…. So all this talk and writing about Afghanistan and Iraq is a huge waste of time… It matters not if 99 percent of Americans want out of Afghanistan and Iraq… What matters is what Israel wants… We ain’t EVER getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq because that isn’t part of the plan boys and girls… Greater Israel is the plan!! And the Goyem better get used to blood and death and waste Forever!!!

    • I'm putting the following interesting post up from the truthdig site:
      link to

      By DieDaily, November 5 at 6:31 am #

      JDmydticDJ, the source you seek was probably Vanity
      Fair. It is referred to in many other articles
      (hundreds) like this one in the Jerusalem Post

      link to

      The media, on the other hand, is more like 95%
      controlled by “Jews”.

      But lets be extremely clear about this. Anyone who
      thinks this reflects upon the ordinary working person
      who is Jewish, or virtually any Sephardic or
      practicing Jew, is crazy or ignorant. This is the
      great danger facing Jews right now. A very few atheist/occultist Zionists masquerading as the voice
      of Jews is at work here. Jews in general are the
      victims of, and not the perpetrators, of these
      crimes. These people are the prime racists of the
      planet. To assume that Jews in general are evil would
      be to fall for one of their oldest tricks.

      It’s an incredibly complex and disturbing topic, but
      one we all need to talk about now. I am deeply
      gratified by the increasing number of Jews who are
      spearheading the effort to expose this tiny but
      extraordinarily powerful subset of their “race”, such
      as it is. In their shoes I too would be terrified of
      guilt by association with these monsters, and of the
      coming pogrom against “their own” that seems to be in
      their agenda. I beg that everyone interested in this
      topic exercise great care in their studies. It is
      simply not true that a single race or culture of Jews
      exists, and even if one did, it would still be the
      case that racism is simply evil and unscientific.

      It’s time that there were no more taboo subjects. I
      was raised as a liberal humanist and I still am one.
      But I’ve expanded my world view steadily and
      carefully over the decades. It’s time we admit to
      some basic facts: AIPAC runs the U.S. and Jews run
      the media, Israel is a racist state that kills and
      subverts virtually indiscriminately and hordes
      nuclear weapons with impunity. They have attacked the
      U.S. on two occasions now also with impunity.

      What does this say about “the average Jew on the
      street”? Practically nothing. Except that they have
      been fooled as much as we have, and are beginning to
      wake up just as we are. Let’s put it into a crystal
      clear perspective with this analogy:

      You and your spouse are overseas. Suddenly you are
      surrounded and nooses are placed around your necks.
      “Why are you doing this?” you plead. “Because you are
      Americans”, they answer, “and Americans have killed
      more than a million of our civilian population”. “But
      we had nothing to do with that! We were against the
      war! We HATE Bush and Cheney, we are liberals, we
      were fooled about 9-11 and lied to about WMD’s!” you
      persist. But you are hanged dead anyway. Because you
      were American. “All Americans are the same. They are
      of Satan.”, is the last thing you hear, “but at least
      we are avenged.”

      That’s racism. That’s primitive. That’s EASY to
      believe when you are angry and seek revenge. So let’s
      go after these Jews that are controlling us. But
      let’s make VERY sure that NOT ONE innocent person
      (that is to say 99% of Jews) is caught up in this
      hunt for the criminals. And lets be clear about
      something else too: just as most Jews are not
      directly involved in this, likewise a large fraction
      of the people who are involved in it are not Jewish.

  • The view from the ground - 'The only choices [in Israel/Palestine] are genocide, ethnocide or a one state solution'
    • yonira: you say "where do you think the Jews of Israel should go after this one state solution is enacted?"

      Reply: Open Your Eyes: The existing condition today is One State from the sea to shining river period stop. Repeat, the Jews control all of Palestine, including the Correction Facility of Gaza. All of the talk about "final status", "reviving the peace talks", "road map", "peace process" is a load of horse-shit that BYahoo keeps beating out of a dead horse. The One State was "enacted" by the same "might is right" mindset that enacted the Israel of May 1948. You marched into the West Bank and said "this is mine", ie, this is part of my State, ie, One State.
      Now you Jews need to calm down, accept your one state fate, and think seriously about living in peace and co-existence with your captive war booty, and if you can't, vacate the premises of Israel.

    • Phil: TROLL ALERT!

    • I am sad to see that my assessment (a one state solution) is the only alternative. The Zionist Jews got what they wanted: "all the land from the river to the sea" (and almost part of Lebanon and Gaza were it not for Hezbolah and Hamas). Now they need to be dragged kicking and screaming away from their ancient Torahs into the modern 1950's, where the struggle for black civil rights began in the US. It's such a bummer when you realize that as God's chosen racists you need to accept your "spoils of victory" (millions of Palestinians possessed of God-given human rights) as human beings and not cattle or chattel. It is a battle for Civil Rights between people with pop-guns and bottle rockets against alien druids, druzes and drones with space-based full-spectrum forward-based computer-controlled chain-gun hell-fire missiles. The latter commit war-crimes, the former are guilty of wanting to survive a genocide.
      [Permission granted to DAM and others to use in rap tunes.]

      Richard Witty: Hypocrit! the only State you'll grant the Palestinians (out of your high magnificence or munificence) is a 54th State of Poverty dependent on the Jews.

  • Goldstone report has no right to exist
    • Justice Goldstone's daughter had an interview published in Haaretz yesterday. She said that had her father not taken on the U.N. Report, it would have been much more critical of Israel than if he had not. Sorry I don't have the link.

  • Killing the message
    • listening to the House Resolution against Goldstone on C-SPAN.

      Effing unbelievable demonstration of American ignorance and Jew power over the US.
      Dennis Kucinich was the most powerful speaker there, most of the others were cowering to the Lobby with their '51 for 49 against' type comments.

      The House disgraces basic American (but not Jewish) values, and invites the next 911 from the forgotten and demonized people of the Islamic ummah who are being destroyed on a daily basis.

      America and Israel are marching down the wrong path and are on the wrong side of history.

  • Sullivan: US needs Israel like a fish needs a bicycle
    • If there was ever a "Mylai Massacre" moment for American Jewry, the assault on Gaza and Goldstone's Report are it. The only thing missing (and it's a big miss) is a LIFE Magazine spread like the one which blew the lid off the Vietnam War. And you know what? we are never going to get that dramatic revelation of war-crimes in high-def photos on the kitchen table. The Goldstone Report itself (below) is a 'dry as dust' 452 page slog with no photos, which no one will read. The news cycle has already left the story of Gaza in it's wake, and is so happy to show Arab on Arab violence, violence which the cycle itself caused (I watched how it did it), and which it uses to gin up the next front in the War on Terror.

      link to

  • Goldstone member: Israel's toxic munitions could leave Gaza uninhabitable
    • As for the Goldstone Report, the United States has once again shamed itself and everything it stands for, for Israel. And the reason for this is?: MONEY.
      The whole world (especially the world without money) looks at America as having sold her soul for money. A bought and paid prostitute is a moral creature compared to our Congress passing motions which say "black is white - don't pay attention to what you see with your own eyes".
      I did not think in my lifetime I would ever see this country lieing and covering up the lies of others because it was bought and paid to do so.

    • Many have come before and came to the same conclusions. Here is Tony Cliff writing in 1947:

      What is the Character of the Kibbutzim?
      In order to prove the progressive character of the Haganah, L.L. finds it necessary to emphasize that the kibbutz (Jewish Collective farms) are the backbone of this organisation. For one who looks at Palestine not from the standpoint of the national and social emancipation of the Arab masses of the east (40-50 millions in number) but from the standpoint of the member of the kibbutz, who is in a closed economy, the kibbutz is really a most progressive element. In the propaganda of the Zionists, the kibbutz appears to be really a communist cell in the backward east – a torch lighting up the darkness.

      But this is only a myth. The first question to be asked about these kibbutzim is: who finances them? The answer – the Zionist funds whose main source of income are the rich Jewish capitalists of USA, England and South Africa. What interest have capitalists in building communism? The fact that the Zionists built these kibbutzim is a result of the necessity to establish Jewish agriculture on the basis of 100 per cent Jewish labour. The collective form assured this much better than individual colonisation could. Jewish agricultural workers would not enthusiastically have supported the struggle for the conquest of land and the eviction of other tenants from it. Nor would Jewish agricultural wage earners have taken an active part in organising the struggle against Arab agricultural products. Besides this, a closed Jewish economy must undertake agriculture, but privately owned agricultural units based on Jewish labour would not yield satisfactory profits – hence the intervention of the national funds, and the construction of “labour settlements” (mainly kibbutzim).

      link to

  • J Street: Do we really need another Jewish-only road?
  • Watch 'The Daily Show' tonight!
    • "asked by Jon Stewart whether Palestinian agitation should seek to humanize Israel and Israelis" is typical American ignorance, encouraged by the Jews. They've been de-humanizing Arabs since their decision in 1897 to return to a land that most of them never came from.

      Did anyone ever ask the Jews behind barbed-wire whether they should humanize the Nazis? The stupid question ignores reality and Stewart's nose should've been rubbed in it. "Mr. Stewart, if you were aware of history, and if you could put yourself in the shoes of other people, you'd be asking the exact opposite: why Jewish agitation is incapable of humanizing their Arab neighbors. I suppose you think throwing 700,000 Arabs off the land is humane?" denying them the right to return and compensation? bottling them up like "drugged roaches" is treating them humanely? killing them with white phosphorous? with naval-gun fire directed at squalid camps of refugees? with F16's against police armed with hand-guns? by starving 1.5 million people of food and every other basic commodity needed to survive? and finally accusing the dead and starving of "not treating Jews as humans? What planet you living on Stewart?"

    • J Street statement on Iran looks like AIPAC-lite:

      "J Street supports the thoughtful and nuanced approach to Iran sanctions legislation articulated yesterday by Chairman Howard Berman. [Note: Berman is another war-monger pushing an Act of War against Iran in the US Congress] We agree that it is a vital interest of the United States, Israel and the entire Middle East to ensure that Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons. Further, we agree with the Chairman’s stated policy preferences for achieving that objective. J Street’s first choice — as it is for President Obama and Chairman Berman — is to resolve the nuclear issue through diplomatic means. We, too, strongly support the Obama Administration’s efforts to engage Iran and hope for promising follow-through to the first round of talks held in Geneva on October 1. However, should engagement not produce the desired results, we too believe that the United States should seek hard-hitting multilateral sanctions through the United Nations Security Council. If that course of action proves impossible, then the U.S. should work to build the broadest possible international coalition to back such steps. The imposition of unilateral sanctions, without UN approval or the support of allies, should be, as the Chairman himself says, a last resort. J Street supports the Chairman’s intention to mark up the bill on October 28th and to give the President further time to pursue our preferred options. As we have said before, J Street does not oppose the imposition of sanctions per se. We prefer, as do Chairman Berman and President Obama, attempting to achieve the desired result through diplomatic engagement and multilateral action."

      link to


      Palestine: Peace War and Destruction
      Lebanon: Peace War and Destruction
      Iraq: Peace War and Destruction
      Georgia Peace War and Destruction
      Afghanistan: Peace, no Drugs War and Destruction, Drugs
      Pakistan: Peace War and Destruction
      Iran: Peace ?????
      9/11: Peace War and Destruction
      JINSA: War and Destruction, War and Destruction
      AEI: War and Destruction, War and Destruction

  • Israel, we have a democracy problem
  • 'This is a balanced report on an imbalanced conflict'
    • Tonight on PBS, Bill Moyers featured Justice Richard Goldstone for nearly the whole one hour show: link to
      This was an intellectual sumo-wrestling at its best.
      It was unlike any other Moyers interview I've ever seen: not once did he reveal any personal opinions or express any moral judgements; if anything, it seemed like Moyers had finally bought into some of the neo-cons favorite ancient ideas like How to Teach your Enemies a Lesson they will Never Forget! [Belushi, foaming at the mouth falls over behind his desk]

      Moyers carried heavy water for Israel, reading out every one of the glib objections that Jews have raised in their PR campaign to vilify The Report and crucify the messenger. Moyers was careful indeed to leave his own conscience at the door, quoting AIPAC talking points verbatim while probing for weak joints in the Goldstone armor. But there were none and the judge didn't move one inch backward while throwing Moyers out of the sumo ring on virtually every point he raised. It was one of the most erudite and well-expressed extemporaneous defences I've ever seen.
      Sadly, America has no public figure today that can match Goldstone's bravery at telling the truth in public. [Moyers slinks off stage left clutching his little bag of silver pieces]

  • Repellent attacks on J Street (Peretz: 'circle jerk,' Goldberg: 'grubby')
    • Phil and Adam: Please broaden your coverage because the case against Israeli propaganda is breaking open as never before; it's now or never to stop this State of Zionist Junkers before it commits suicide pursuing it's lebensraum and Israel uber Alles program.

      Item: Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! featured the great Amira Hass this morning Wed 10/21. Although a weasel worded intro by Christiane Amanpour avoided stepping in any Israeli do-do, Ms. Hass spoke directly to the point about Israeli brutality and occupation. Even she has trouble encapsulating and summarizing the I/P issue, and stated that "I have been a failure" in trying to wake people up to the truth. What a Wensche! (i don't know the term for a female Mensche)

      Item: The Goldstone Report continues to gather momentum, lighting fires under the rear of B Yahoo and Company. Another eminent mediocre black named Rice comes forth with inanities trying to protect Israel from the truths so self-evident in TGR. Judge Goldstone in person defends his report here and he knocks the hasbara out of the stadium:
      link to

      Item: My comment on the above: Where in the effing hell has the Christian religion placed it's sense of morals and courage on this issue? Don't we have any authoritative voices of traditional Christianity left who are brave enough and powerful enough to enunciate the things which Phil, Adam, Glen, Tony, Uri, Amos, Avraham, Amy, and Amira are discussing?

      John Marker, Los Angeles

  • Nobel prize was an effort to box Obama in on Iran
    • "America is beginning to look more and more like Israel primarily because of the influence of neoconservatives and other Zionists in the foreign policy establishment, with the relentless backing for militarism exerted by the Israel Lobby."

      This process (judaization or talmudization) is one of those great unrevealed stories of our time. I would not expect the lizards to reveal how their lizard thinking has co-opted many of what used to be called 'American Ideals'.

      It has proven to be one of the most succcessful assaults on a host culture in history, where a minority of 20:1 inside another minority of 20:1 have successfully ginned up another World War against their latest hated enemy: Muslims and Arabs.

      Turn on any main-stream news source: the Jews are full of hatred for the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, nuclear-armed Pakistan, nuclear Iran, 'anti-semitic' Russia, China who 'trades with everyone' in peace: and dumb Americanski eats this hatred without realizing he's next on this list of billions of people.

      John Marker
      Los Angeles

  • Rebranding the Jews
    • wondering jew: I'm surprised at your paltry little list of ahmadinejad evils - hasn't this guy killed any americans by rolling over them in tanks or shooting them in the head? hasn't he killed any U.N. personnel at point-blank range and lied thru his teeth about it? hasn't he fucked any secretaries in the Ministry of (Insert name here)? has he dropped bombs on any jewish wedding parties and called them insurgents? or killed five sisters of the same family and claimed they were Hamas?

      denial of history - now there's a crime against humanity for ya - stalin must have overlooked that particular thought-crime. ahmadinejad gets up in the U.N. last month and asks "why are the palestinians suffering for your holocaust": does that sound like a man denying history or accepting history to you jews with h-bombs burning holes in your back pockets?

    • Dershowitz is an example of a great Jewish defence lawyer: a hired gun whose sole purpose is to win at any cost to the real truth of the matter (ie, making black look white). The big problem with making a living as a sophist, is that no one believes it when the sophist says "ok, I'm not telling lies anymore for money, now I'm telling the truth, really."

      Continuing my Grand Theory of Everything Israel: Dershowitz is worshipping the golden calf, trying to sell the world that ancient torture has a legal place in today's world, that ripping people's meat off their legs with DIME weapons is a good thing, and that surrounding 1 million people with barbed wire starving them out is a good thing. Now cometh Ahmadinejad and he speaketh before the U.N. saying "if you continue these atrocities, G-d will visit his wrath on your illegitimate enterprise". And when he had spoken, all the people worshipping the calf led by those such as Dershowitz, Peres, and B Yahoo cried out for his head, and demanded that the USA crucify this apostate for speaking blasphemy against The Jews. And all these things of which I speak came to pass in the year 2009.

  • 'LA Times' runs piece by investor in Occupation without disclosing his interest
    • as for unpublished letters to the LA Times, here's one for ya about the article that 2 vengeful Rabbis wrote against the Rev. Tutu and M. Ghandi:

      link to

      Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper express in their article one of the most shocking intellectual developments of modern times: the gradual shift of the Jewish community away from a classical liberal-humanist basis towards a more fundamental religious fervor which embraces militarism. If the "lesson of the Holocaust" is "that never again will the destiny of our [Jewish] people be placed in the hands of others", we have arrived at the point where Jews are free to do anything in the name of their destiny(witness Gaza atrocity). The two authors confirm it is the horrendous events of the Holocaust which created this monumental shift in attitude.

      In a curious twist on history we've already been through, we now have Rabbis in effect calling for Blood and Iron. And to continue this simile, while no one should object to any country maintaining WMD for defensive purposes only, we now have the Jewish community openly calling for Israel Uber Alles in the Middle East! How else can you say "Israel will not allow an Iran with nuclear weapons" except as proof of this? How else to interpret the pressure inside the Jewish community to not marry outside the religion except as unspoken race-law?

      Jewish intellects who reject the tremendous achievement of a Desmond Tutu, a
      Mohandas Gandhi, (and a Jesus Christ of course), essentially jetison 2000 years of human progress in favor of Old Testament values. There is a straight line connecting this shift to fundamentalism and the ongoing assault on ground-breaking documents of human progress such as the Magna Carta, U.N. Charter, Geneva Conventions, the Nuremburg Trials, and the U.S. Constitution. Add to these the trampling of universal human-rights and the codified legal acceptance of barbaric torture. All of the above intellectual dead-enders will be swept away by history as human progress once again resumes it's course, but a lot of people will remain occupied by militarism and be ripped apart by explosives in the meantime.

      John Marker
      Los Angeles

    • Phil and Nancy, calm down and take a deep breath. Stanley Gold had 250 words or so and he used them to bash the wing-nut, knit-hats, curls down to there, ultra-Orthodox, ie the so-called 'settlers'. This can't be a bad thing in the overall story of Israel, because they deserve to be marginalized like religious luddites which they are. He's accomplished more for the 'reveal the truth about Israel' crowd (of which I am a proud member) in the LA Times than Phil or I (who has had no articles published in LA Times that I know of).

      My point is, don't knock someone who hasn't attained your (our) level of enlightenment on the Israel Question. Everyone has to make their own way, and the best way to encourage more people to get onboard the train 'a comin, is to give'm a hand and say "welcome aboard the freedom train". How do you know that SGold is not married to a refusenik or even a Palestinian (like Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Araf).

      Let's not be too quick to pass judgement on another self-hating Jew who reveals the truth about Israel!

  • Celebrate 'Times' photographer Rina Castelnuovo
    • I look forward to the day when we take back control of our language.
      These are not "settlers". They are land thieves,vandals, thugs, and punk-ass bullies with AK's.
      And I refuse to call these a-h's "Israelis" because they are Jews of the Jews, for the Jews, and by the Jews. Every synagogue in America by it's silence is complicit with this crime in Palestine.

    • I look forward to the day when we take back control of our language.
      These are not "settlers". They are land thieves,vandals, thugs, and punk-ass bullies with AK's.
      And I refuse to call these a-h's "Israelis" because they are Jews of the Jews, for the Jews, and by the Jews. Every synagogue in America by it's silence is complicit with this crime in Palestine.

  • Abunimah: Obama just proved it, partition is over
    • See if you can find any anti-semitism in Ahnadinejad's 2009 speech to the UN:

      link to

      The man tells it like it is, but the Jews don't like the truth. To listen to Peres and Netanyahu at the UN rail against Ahmadinejad is to understand how Christ (another guy who told the truth) was railroaded.

  • Israeli filmmaker to Jerry Seinfeld: 'Don't cooperate with the occupation'
    • Jerusalem/Barcelona sept,20th. - The `University Center of Ariel in Samaria` (AUCS) has been excluded from a prestigious university competition about sustainable architecture in Spain. With this move, Spain joins the growing number of European governments taking effective, even though preliminary, steps to uphold international law by boycotting or divesting from institutions and corporations involved in or profiting from Israel`s illegal Wall and colonial settlementsbuilt on occupied Palestinian land.

      `Ariel University Centre of Samaria` was one out of 21 teams selected last April to compete for the Solar Decathlon-Madrid 2010, the most prestigious competition for sustainable architecture in the world, organized by the Spanish Ministry of Housing together with the Universidad Politיcnica de Madrid .[1]

      Selected teams, formed by architects and engineering students are asked to design and build a real house entirely driven by solar energy. Every house should be built in one of the 20 sites in the `Solar Villa` planned in Madrid to host them. To facilitate participation of the various teams, the Spanish Ministry of Housing allocated a sum of 100,000 Euros to every project.

      Last Wednesday, September 16th, Sergio Vega, General Director of Solar Decathlon Europe addressed all participant teams to inform them of the exclusion of AUCS: `The decision has been taken by the Government of Spain based upon the fact that the University is located in the [occupied] West Bank. The Government of Spain is obliged to respect the international agreements under the framework of the European Union and the United Nations regarding this geographical area.` It represents the first case of sanctions against an Israeli academic institution in Spain and one of the very first such actions in the West.

      The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) in Palestine has taken up the campaign against official Spanish support of the illegal Israeli university in occupied Palestinian territory following an initiative of the UK based professional association, Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine (APJP). The support of many individuals and organizations in Spain for the cancellation of AUCS’s participation in the Solar Decathlon had culminated in a parliamentary question in the Spanish Parliament [2] and the eventual exclusion of the illegal settlement academic institution from the competition.

      This move of the government of Spain follows the decisionof the UK government not to rent offices from Israeli settlement builder Lev Leviev and the divestment of the Norwegian Pension Fund from Elbit Systems, an Israeli company providing surveillance equipment to the Wall.

      link to

  • Desperation: Canadian newspaper likens Naomi Klein to.... Goebbels
    • Philip and Adam,
      I'd really like to see more coverage of The Push for War with Iran. While you are discussing worthwhile topics, The Lobby and all the fish in the school are swimming and slanting the news in one direction. You should be covering your people's Party Line: "If the sanctions are not tough enough, Israel will be forced to attack Iran". This crock of war-monger shit is being spread all over the MSM, as you guys discuss smaller issues.

      I'd also like to see more emphasis on how the Jew-inspired War on Islamic Terror has sucked up major amounts of the US budget that could have been used to improve the health-care system and pull the country out of recession. A lot of your people calling for the crucifixion of Iran are sitting in the Promised Land of Palm Springs (or wherever) just trying to stay afloat in their pools filled with milk and honey, as the rest of the country sucks wind.

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