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Colin Murray

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  • With 'last ink,' Gunter Grass breaks silence on Israeli nuclear program threatening world peace
    • Annie, most German soldiers were not members of the Nazi Party. More than 20 million German men served in the Werhmacht during WW2. Nazi Party membership rolls didn't exceed 6-8 million by the end of the war and a huge percentage of them were civilians. Many millions of Germans were communists. There is even evidence that several German soldiers (former members of the German Communist Party) deserted to the Soviets on the eve of Barbarossa to try to warn them that Hitler was about to attack. I'd provide detailed citations but alas I got rid of that portion of my book collection to focus on other areas.

      That said, most Germans, including German soldiers, supported Hitler and the Nazi Party as the rulers of Germany once they were at war. (rally-round-the-flag) Most bought into racial supremacism to varying degrees, although we should keep in perspective the ugly reality that the VAST majority of Europeans (and those of European descent in the US, Australia, etc) in the early 1940's were racists. What was different about Germans was that they tended to obsess most over Jews while others from nations with greater colonial interests obsessed most over darker-skinned Africans and Asians.

      The take-home message is that most German soldiers were NOT members of the Nazi Party, but most were racist. Likely Grass was too, at 17 years of age. Is he now? I don't know what's in the man's heart, but I don't see the least bit of antisemitism in the English-translation of his poem. Is that not the question that we should be focusing on? And if the answer is negative, we should move the discussion on to the validity or lack thereof of its message.

  • Howard Fineman seeks to redline Ron Paul's populist Iran ideas as extremist
    • "When Ron Paul says his message has appeal to Democrats and Independents, he is right."

      I think both establishment parties will be jaw-dropping shocked at how quickly Pres. Obama's independent support migrates to the Republican side if Ron Paul becomes their candidate.

  • Bachmann has secured funds from private donor to move US embassy to Jerusalem
    • "I already have secured from a donor who said they will personally pay for the ambassador's home to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem."

      She is openly promising that she will pursue a privately-funded foreign policy for those foreign interests who can pay for it.

  • UNESCO votes to admit Palestine as a full member
    • "I would hope that the Israeli aircraft would be shot down by us in Iraq before they got there."

      This is not going to happen. Central Command officially ceded legal responsibility for Iraqi airspace to its government several weeks ago. Given that the Obama administration has shown itself desperate to find reasons to leave force structure in Iraq and that the Iraqi government currently cannot defend its own airspace, it is not unlikely that the hastiness of our withdrawal was motivated by Pres. Obama's desire not to face having to make a lose-lose shoot-down decision.

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