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I'm 54, married, have a variety of often not-very-progressive interests and attitudes -- but keep stumbling over the fact that Israel seems to match everything I hate. I'm more concerned with actual activity as opposed to the no-doubt laudable but questionably effective endless round of debate that goes on at Mondoweiss. If you feel similarly, please contact me. I can be e-mailed at [email protected]

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  • J Street sells its soul, completes evolution to AIPAC lite
    • It's all about feeling good about the outcome...without actually altering the outcome.

      There's to be an Israel -- but we have to say how she's to be good, and she has to agree she's to be good. Come on -- please, please agree. Stop showing us what's in the sausage. We don't want to know. A nice little Indian reservation, and we'll all agree to call it a country, and we'll pay some Palestinians enough so that they'll agree too, and everyone will be happy...

      Come on,'s all we're asking.

  • As seen on the campaign trail
    • Hammering Romney on getting Americans into another war is a good one. Americans don't want to have another war at the moment. We've been put off our feed on that one.

      ...But keep it simple. Just pound on how Romney wants another war. Make it 'vote Romney if you want to repeat Iraq.' Americans may not know much -- but they know they didn't enjoy Iraq.

    • Citizen says: "Actually, there’s no difference between Mitt and Obama on Israel."

      I only wish that were so. I think very little of Obama -- and I would be happy not to vote for him.

      Sadly, I do think it makes a difference, and so I don't want Romney to win, and so I am going to vote for Obama.

    • ...and you guys keep wanting to play nice.

      Nice guys finish last.

  • Did 'Foreign Policy' plant false Israeli embassy story -- leading to diplomat's reassignment to Copenhagen?
    • Well, this is just a despairing screech on the part of the 'bomb bomb bomb Iran' brigade. No genocidal war for Christmas. Maybe you'll get the pony next year. Sorry.

      Otherwise, if this guy really was reasonable and all that, good thing he got sent to Siberia. Reasonable Zionists are the most dangerous kind. Give us the lunatics. The more people see what's really in the sausage, the better.

  • Republican leader apologizes to Israeli ambassador for ad
    • Another 'where to put it?' From Haaretz:

      Israeli leaders hold the record for the most official visits to the United States since 1874. Benjamin Netanyahu alone stopped by more than all of China's leaders in the past 138 years..."

      Just in case anyone doubts how utterly dependent Israel is on the United States -- and by implication, the degree of responsibility we bear for her behavior.

  • Green Party pres'l candidate misses crucial political opportunity by not talking up democracy in Israel/Palestine
  • 'Ecumenical deal' crumbles as Christian denominations press on US aid to Israel
    • RudyM says: "Yes, this is a problem. I sent my liberal evangelical brother a link to an earlier post regarding the letter from the Evangelical Lutheran church, and he responded by basically saying he wondered why I was so obsessed with Israel..."

      Yeah. That seems to be the latest fallback position. We're 'obsessed' about Israel for the same reason that others were 'obsessed' about civil rights, and 'obsessed' about Naziism, and 'obsessed' about slavery, and so on back to the prophets.

      Evil is wrong, and we shouldn't support it. That's not a subtle position.

    • To Sin Nombre:


  • No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom
    • Annie Robbins says: "and who is responsible for our commotion mariene? do you imagine we all act in lockstep to defend a leader, whose actions require a suspension of logic… to send out a link she allegedly never viewed, was unaware regardless of the inflammatory nature of the title, because she was late for a train or plane?"

      First, it's very questionable if she's the one who arranged for it to be 'sent out.'

      Second, it's only inflammatory if you're a Zionist. The accusation is a bit improbable -- but I can't say I'm too concerned about the feelings of Zionists.

    • Annie says: "...this is like herding cats. no one owns the memories of those victims. they do not belong to a political position, neither to zionist or freedom riders. they are relatives of our cherished comrades in this fight for freedom and justice. so of course by not removing herself from a position of leadership the onus falls on each and everyone of us to be true to ourselves and make a choice on which side we stand on here. whose fault is that? the side where it is ok to promote or excuse outrageous untrue claims, or the side to say “our movement cannot tolerate racism”. but we would never be in this position if this gross error was not made. instead it is us on the chopping block for not defending her? we cannot afford to be traveling in lies, that is for the other side..."

      Or in other words, you're confused and unsure.

    • Annie Robinson says: "...but one thing i find really interesting is you’ve got almost 50 comments on this thread. for a person who allegedly doesn’t want a commotion you’re certainly feeding the fire. good bye."

      So now I started it? Wouldn't want to ask yourself who actually took part in this, would you?

      And what would you have had me do? Watch in silence as someone who said something bad about Zionists is immediately vilified as an 'anti-semite'?

      As I've said over and over -- and will keep saying over and over -- if we're going to accept that equation, we might as well throw in the towel.

      It is clear that to oppose Israel is to oppose Zionism. If attacks on Zionism are anti-semitism, then only anti-semites can oppose Israel.

      If you buy into that, why this board? Why post? Just give a thousand dollars to Israel every year and forget it. Hell, go help. Become a settler. At least join J-Street. Show your support for Israel. Wouldn't want to be an anti-semite.

    • kalithea: "...Let’s have a thread on: “Why every Jew should come out of the closet and shun and condemn Zionism for GOOD!” and then get back to me on this “Greta problem”."

      There is something to be said for that. Biting my tongue here, but...

      I think that Jews do tend to veer away at the last minute from accepting the whole truth about Israel. At any rate, as we've seen, they can certainly be called off by barking 'anti-semitism!' Rover stops, sinks to the ground, whines appeasingly...

      They do need to make up their minds. Do they share a tribal identity with Israel, or are they prepared to fight evil things? If I hear 'I'm not a Zionist but...' one more time, I think I'm going to spew.

    • "...This has been so successful it’s going to be of clinical interest to see how soon they try it on again."

      And what will also be of clinical interest is to see if we're dumb enough to fall for it a second time.

      ...or it would be of clinical interest if I didn't actually care about the outcome.

      But still...whaddaya think, guys? Think we'd be dumb enough to fall for it again next week -- or should the Zionists give it a few months before running the same play again?

      And God forbid the Zionists had nothing to do with it at all. If we just did this all to ourselves without even a helpful shove, that would be even more pathetic.

    • Annie Robbins says: '...this is horribly sad but do not mistake who made this commotion here...'

      Indeed. The commotion was made by those who mounted a witch hunt aimed at Greta Berlin. It certainly wasn't mounted by Greta.

      And if you scan the posts, you will see that the commotion continues because the vast majority of posters find this witch hunt utterly repulsive.

      As it is.

    • W. Jones says: "...In any case, you did a good job."

      What Ali Abunimah did a good job of is another matter. The Zionists didn't even have to spend money for this.

    • Biorabbi says: '...He claims the actual word NAZI stands for National Socialist and the Z stands for Zionist...'

      ...which, to me, suggests that Greta's story is true. She was just linking to this as something of clinical interest.

      Now, how did that post come to be public? Just 'somehow' crosslinked...

    • Red says: "... The only difference is that they clearly don’t have the time to sit on the internet for hours to make repeated comments defending the indefensible..."

      Ah. 'The silent majority.' I'm trying to remember who's lips I first heard that phrase from...

      You and you little Stalinist impulses do not excite either my admiration or my respect. I cannot express how much contempt this whole episode has filled me with.

    • ToivoS says: "...It takes a certain political sophistication to understand why she must go..."

      I do not see the noticeable tendency of the left to conduct witchhunts and attempt to practice censorship as 'political sophistication.'

      I see it as repulsive and -- as we have seen -- self-destructive.

      Trust me. The Zionists are not in awe of our 'political sophistication.' They're giving each other high fives. Discreetly, I am sure. God forbid we stop.

      This has been so successful it's going to be of clinical interest to see how soon they try it on again.

    • librs says: "...Sadly some think that the best way to stop this abuse is to undermine the Holocaust itself. But not only is this morally wrong, it is a huge strategic mistake..."

      No doubt it would be both wrong and foolish to 'undermine the holocaust.'

      However, it's debatable if that has happened. How has the 'holocaust been undermined'? I see Zionism having been undermined -- but that's a different matter.

      The Zionists use the Holocaust as a club. It would clarify the debate if they weren't able to screech 'Holocaust' every fifteen minutes -- and one way to do that is to make their association with it questionable.

      In any case, Greta wasn't trying to do this -- or anything else. She was trying to mind her own business.

      Then all the little busybodies at the church ladies auxiliary/Cheka got wind of what she'd been seen talking to that nasty Mr Smith who once said 'God is a crock.' It is they who made this an issue, not Greta.

    • Bruce says: "[email protected] Colin

      So let us get this straight, Ali Abunimah is now part of the Israel-love brigade?"

      No...but that's who I think everyone has their eye on.

      People are not desperately concerned about why Greta Berlin inadvertently tweeted 'Zionists helped carry out the Holocaust' or whatever it was for its own sake; they're terrified of what Zionists might make of the remark...and of course Zionists are going to find it very convenient to claim the remark was antisemitic.

      Aside from everything else, I think people need to shake off the delusion that Zionists have any intellectual integrity or can somehow be placated or reasoned with.

      They can't. It's pointless to try to prevent them from defaming you. This sort of appeasement will just encourage them.

      Let them publicize the tweet on their own.

    • 'Holocaust'. Rover comes to attention, tail quivering.

      'Anti-semitism!' He starts growing menacingly.

      [Hold up hoop] 'Get the anti-semitism, boy!' Rover jumps through the hoop.

      It's really like that. It's okay -- I forgive you -- but could you see how you're being played?

    • libra says: "Nevertheless Alex Kane also made the the same accusation in the final paragraph of his original Greta Berlin post . An odd coincidence or were some “talking points” circulated?"

      Either your link is no good or that post is now gone.

    • The timing of all this seems significant as well. The Estelle is at sea.

      Wouldn't it be nice if the critics of Zionism are fractured and unsure about 'Free Gaza' when Israel does whatever it's going to do about the Estelle?

      I should start a circus with some of Greta's critics. It's certainly easy enough to get them to jump through hoops on command.

      ...and people call Zionists stupid. Oh no. We're the ones that are stupid. They play us. Face it.

    • Alex Kane says: "For those attacking Mondoweiss for being principled and honest here..."

      Oh no fear. I'm not attacking you for being principled and honest here.

    • I think everyone can agree that this argument serves no good purpose unless you're a Zionist.

      That said, I started counting heads. There is an element of hypocrisy in proposing this solution, since I only found the idea of going to a vote attractive once I was sure what the outcome was going to be, but here it is. I got bored about a third of the way through the thread -- but it's pretty clear.

      The attacks on Greta are unjustified: fourteen posters.

      Greta should be condemned: four posters.

      So let's do it the democratic way. Greta should not have been condemned. That's the consensus.

    • I'm inclined to say well there you are.

      I went to your link, Atzmon does cross the line into at least the kiddie pool version of Holocaust denial, and his assertions are indeed both insulting and easily discredited. I agree.

      However, that's Atzmon. Not Berlin.

    • Annie Robbins says: "when you reference the memory of those who lost their lives in the holocaust, these are not ‘palestine’s oppressors’. the tragic death of those people touched millions of lives including lives of virtually every jewish person in our movement too. their deaths are not a weapon owned by a side in this fight."

      You should talk to the Zionists about that. They certainly use the Holocaust as a weapon in this fight. Given that they're clubbing us over the head with it, I think it's at least understandable if we try to turn the cudgel aside -- which, incidentally, is I think the worst that Greta can legitimately be accused of.

      "...because it is not zionists you are hurting, it is the memory of those who died and those victims and their survivors cannot be divided politically. .."

      If so, then you should be berating those who publicized the reference. Greta certainly wasn't trying to bring this to everyone's attention.

      Moreover, I question whether accusing Zionists -- rightly or wrongly -- is impugning Jews in general in the first place. To accept that is to accept the equation between Zionism and Judaism, and if we're going to do that -- as I keep saying -- then we might as well throw in the towel entirely. After all, to attack Zionism is to attack Judaism. Any opposition to Israel is anti-semitic. So stop being an anti-semite if you feel this way.

      As I just said elsewhere, suppose I said the Nazis ran the camps. Does that make me a Germanophobe?

    • Donald says: "...But it doesn’t help at all to tolerate real anti-semitism. "

      This argument you and others put forward always rests on tagging Berlin's remark/reference as 'anti-semitic.'

      Leaving aside the question of whether she was actually asserting it to be fact that 'the Zionists ran the camps,' you never explain one thing.

      How is the remark anti-semitic in the first place? If I say 'the Nazis ran the camps', is that evidence that I am a Germanophobe?

      The Nazis ran the camps. There: I'm a Germanophobe.

    • I'll also point out the astonishing absence of our resident Zionists from this thread. It's testimony to either remarkable discipline or a surprising degree of intelligence.

      I just scrolled down the thread. Of the usual suspects, 'yrn' seems to have been the only one unable to just keep quiet and enjoy.

      So please -- no more remarks about 'stupid Zionists.' They're obviously a lot smarter than we are.

    • Well. It's all been an astonishing display, hasn't it?

      ...and I don't mean Greta.

    • W. Jones: 'I know Colin. Wouldn’t it be better if they devoted their time, intense emotion, and effort devoted to attacking a repentant Free Gaza to instead participating in the kinds of projects Free Gaza does publicly?'

      If we did that, Israel would be about where apartheid South Africa is now.

    • ParkSlope says: "Please look within yourself and admit it. You hate Jews."

      Sorry. I have. I jes' don't.

      I hate Israel because it is based on lies, has been built solely through violence, oppression, and more lies, and can promise only more of the same for so long as it exists.

      You look within yourself and you admit it. You support this. You may want Israel to be nice -- but in the end, you support her.

    • Alex Kane says: "She has not released the Facebook page she claims would have exonerated her."

      Why should she justify herself to you? Sniff, sniff...prove to us you aren't guilty.

      If it was me, I wouldn't release it either. Why should she kow-tow to a lot of KGB wannabes? None of it should have been public and she said nothing she is required to defend to all and sundry -- the solution is to make all of it public and defend it to all and sundry?

      The Zionists are getting a whole lot of work done for them for free here, that's for sure. It would seem that all they need to do is make a few cross-links and provide a few judicious shoves and we'll willingly rend each other to pieces on their behalf.

      It's absurd, it's degrading, and it all serves the cause of evil. It's also cruel to Greta. Get off it.

    • andrew r says: "It’s not acceptable to libel Zionists because throwing historical accuracy to the wind only makes it harder to establish their culpability for the nakba. Don’t accuse them of something they didn’t do; prove they did what they actually did."

      I disagree. People utter historical inaccuracies here all the time -- the columns are rife with them.

      So why should we be concerned to police inaccuracies about Zionists -- of all people -- that weren't even uttered here?

      Here's the conversation that should have happened:

      Greta: 'The Zionists were running the camps.'

      Somebody who's talking to her in the first place: 'Uh Greta...that's not actually true/is a distortion.'

      Greta: 'I was referring to a link.'

      Somebody who's talking to her in the first place: 'Oh.'

    • andrew r says: " On the other hand, to lazily assert ‘Zionists operated the concentration camps’ is a total horseshit remark on the face of it and suggests Jews as such brought the Holocaust on themselves."

      That's a stretch -- and where it's a stretch is precisely where it matters. I don't see any suggestion that the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves in the remark at all. Obviously, the Jews have to be put in the camps first -- and there's no suggestion that the Zionists did that. It's quite secondary who operated the camps -- if it weren't, the Germans could self-righteously demand that the Ukraine help pay the reparations and shoulder her share of the odium.

      The attack quite clearly is on Zionists rather than Jews.

      The sad bit of all this is I can guess where it all comes from. To survive the camps one had to be working for the Germans -- they weren't interested in supporting charitable cases. To work for the Germans, one almost necessarily wound up being open to an accusation of 'helping to run the camps.'

      I'm sure the Zionists were vigorously organizing among those Jews who weren't simply headed straight for the gas chambers. Ergo, there would be a Zionist organization, and ergo, it would be 'helping to run the camps.'

      The accusation is obviously overblown and quite unfair. However, it is a libel on Zionists, not on Jews. Is the purpose of this site to defend Zionism?

      Let them fret about it.

    • Donald says: "Yeah, but there is such a thing as real anti-semitism If you want to fight back, just be morally consistent and point out the hypocrisy on the other side."

      A fine point, to be sure.

      How it relates to what Greta said, though, escapes me.

    • American says: "...I don’t object to going for the jugular when it comes to zionist but you do have to stick to the truth and facts..."

      Perhaps...although bear in mind the Zionists themselves have been lying pretty freely for well over a century now. The tactic seems to work.

      More to the point though, the accusation against Greta was not that what she said falsely impugned Zionists, but that it was anti-Semitic.

      She is clearly only guilty of the latter offense if one equates Zionism with Judaism -- which apparently many posters do.

    • To Eva:

      Hear hear.

    • ToivoS: "Sorry Colin if you can’t see it. To be nice, I think she is too stupid to realize what she has created..."

      Greta has not created this. Those who have rather mysteriously felt compelled to howl for her head have created this.

    • Binyamin says: "I find this explanation unconvincing. All six of your points address the circumstances of the posting, not the content. That you intended the tweet for a private group only raises the suspicion: why do you wish to hide this group and its activities?..."

      Why would she wish to 'hide' it?

      Umm...maybe she would feel it advisable to hide it because so many 'progressives' are so incredibly intolerant of anything smacking of dissent and eager to ferret out heresy? is demonstrated right here. Let me quote some gems:

      "...No need to apologize for waiting to see if Greta had a good explanation. Her action does appear to be indefensible. Hopefully the Free Gaza Movement will remove her from any leadership role..."

      "...My feeling is that the legitimate movement for Palestinian justice were probably starting to detect that something was wrong for some time. That tweet came at the right time to expose the whole mess and, if needed, to take out FGM..."

      "...So in one version of the story you were on a train to Toronto, and in another version, the next day, you were getting on a plane to Canada..."

      "...Greta Berlin should be shown the door. The I/P struggle for equity has no place for her or her nonsense..."

      All this over a post that slandered Zionism. I've gotta wonder: is it April 1st or something? What am I missing here?

    • So much for intellectual freedom.

    • Klaus Bloemker says: "The whole Greta Berlin nonsense (“the Nazi concentration camps were operated by the Zionists”) stems from the overuse of the analogy of Zionism to Nazism.

      Take Zionism and Israel for their unique brand of religious-ethnic superiority – and its consequences – that it is. No need to permanently overkill them with Nazi analogies."

      I don't see the connection. Ample use is certainly made of the analogy between Zionism and Naziism -- but that's not what happened here.

      'The Nazi concentration camps were operated by the Zionists' is not an analogy. It is a direct accusation. Fairly obviously, a silly one -- but an accusation, not an analogy.

      Speaking as someone who is very fond of the analogy myself, I've never been particularly interested in the more direct ties between the Zionists and Nazis. That pragmatic common interests were perceived at various times is congenial to my feelings about Zionism -- but not especially damning. The ideological and moral congruence is far more significant -- and lay elsewhere entirely. The Zionists could have scrupulously avoided all contact with Nazis and struggled to bring out crippled children -- I'd still revile them.

      Really, the two subjects are entirely distinct. The Zionists did cooperate with the Nazis to some extent -- but purely out of pragmatic self-interest. It's not really central to my conclusions about Zionist ideology -- and that's where I see the analogy to Naziism. The Zionists are not Nazis because they worked with the Nazis -- they are Nazis because they have similar motives, rely on similar ideas, and employ similar methods.

    • Dan Crowther says: "Alex Cockburn said it best: The left likes to take up arms, form in a circle, point their weapons inboard and fire."

      Lol. My opinion of Alex Cockburn just jumped by an order of magnitude.

      Never been better illustrated than here.

    • Ellen says: "Chinese box, the US enables it because our dimwited policy makers (the ones influencing everything) think the U S gets something out of it. As Alexander Haig said about Israel: it is “our own aircraft carrier” or something like that..."

      It's worse than that. As was demonstrated in 1991, we can't even launch planes from it.

      Israel is not 'our own aircraft carrier.' It's just a frigging ball and chain -- in every possible sense.

      ...come to that, while we've never been able to launch planes from it, planes launched from it have attacked us. So how in the hell is it 'our own aircraft carrier'?

    • ToivoS says: 'No need to apologize for waiting to see if Greta had a good explanation. Her action does appear to be indefensible.'

      Words fail me. Why should she be removed? Because she quoted an egregiously anti-Zionist remark?

      Nobody ever answers this. I can assert that all Zionists practice bestiality and have IQ's of 43 if I want. It's obviously not not true, but it's not anti-semitic.

    • Donald says: "I think it’s more likely they are convinced she is an anti-semite. "

      Quite likely. At the same time, people are past masters at believing what is convenient for them to believe.

      Take ol' Greta (if she was praying for fame, this'll teach her).

      Okay. For the Israel-love brigade, there are two choices.

      1. Her remarks were not anti-semitic. This raises all sorts of awkward questions about the moral complexion of Zionism, its congruences of interest with Naziism, etc. The post itself could be rather easily refuted -- but some mud would stick.

      2. Her remarks were antisemitic. This (1) offers all kinds of opportunities for self-righteous posturing, (2) impugns 'Free Gaza,' (3) absolves Zionism of all culpability, and (4) requires absolutely no thought whatsoever.

      So which would you pick? Door number 1, or door number 2? Given that you've already been told what the prizes are and all.

    • Donald says: "there’s a simple principle that maybe we should all follow–STFU. The mass murder of 5-6 million people is not something to be discussed lightly, and the last thing Palestinians need is for non-experts to link their cause to dubious and inflammatory claims."

      Screw that. Why should it be a sacred cow? Particularly as there is a rather direct and necessary link between the Holocaust and the fate that subsequently overtook the Palestinians. They're to be careful of the sensibilities of their oppressors? That's absurd.

      Ten-twenty million Chinese were killed in World War Two. Are we forbidden to refer to that?

      Thirty-forty million Russians...a fine, handsome proportion of the population of Serbia. Moving on, there's half the Armenians...ninety to ninety five percent of the American some estimates, half the population of Iran under the Mongols.

      Etc. Apologies to anyone who feels left out. However, I've never noticed anyone feeling desperately obliged to go on tippy-toe about any of these. I'll talk about them if I damned well feel like it, and if anyone wants to argue about it, I will expect them to be rational, polite, and not seek to hunt me down in the streets.

      'Anti-semitism' has come to be used as a club, and it is used by all the worst people, and people let the club intimidate them.

    • Woody says: Bigotry based on Jewish ancestry is vile and should not be excused or protected in any way.

      And 'bigotry based on Jewish ancestry' hardly is excused or protected. I could post an anti-Muslim remark here -- and incur some polite dissent. I certainly couldn't post an anti-semitic remark; it's kinda risky to even suggest I could think of doing such a thing. And let me hasten to reiterate that, before...

      But anti-Muslim? Hey; I can definitely go tippy-toeing around there if I want to. It's cool. There'll be a few growls, but I'll be okay.

      Take Greta's remark which only very problematically is Greta's remark in the first place -- but just take it.

      “Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews"

      That, supposedly, is 'anti-semitic.'

      Really? Well, lets try recasting it with some other groups.

      “al Qaeda carried out massive terrorist attacks and helped defame millions of innocent Muslims." Islamophobic?

      “The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and helped incite an outbreak of persecution of Japanese in the United States." Anti-Japanese?

      “The Nazis started an aggressive and genocidal war which led to disastrous results for the Germans themselves." Anti-German?

      The accusation of 'anti-semitism' is absurd to start with. It only works if you buy into an equation between 'Zionist' and 'Jewish' in the first place.

    • So she was in a hurry to go see her canine lover, and it was via submarine. Or she actually did it quite leisurely after two bottles of Chardonnay, and she doesn't want to admit the Chardonnay was the problem.

      So what? You are playing the Zionists' game for them. Not Greta: you.

      And I'll point out something else. Somebody, somewhere rearranged the links -- but people seem to be frightened of dwelling on that.

      The game here is hardball. Don't worry about how someone didn't show up with matching socks. Greta was somehow associated with what is obviously an over-the-top libel against Zionists -- not Jews, Zionists.

      So what? Let the Zionists work on making something of it. Why should you do their work for them?

    • I think the issue of what Greta intended, and what she was referring to, and everything else is quite secondary to the one primary consideration.

      She said, ' “Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews." '

      That is not an anti-semitic remark. It is an anti-Zionist remark. It only becomes an anti-semitic remark if you accept that the terms 'Zionist' and 'Jew' are identical in the first place.

      ...and as I say, if you accept that, it's time to throw in the towel. You have to love Israel or you're an anti-semite.

    • Colin Wright says: "I disagree. Others are subject to human failings. Israel is a proposition that is evil to the core.

      That’s what’s wrong with it."

      This is, by the way, not something I'm simply saying for effect. I'm quite prepared to justify it at length. It's just that it's all old ground to me.

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