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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • 'Lack of hope' drives Palestinians to carry out terrorist attacks, State Department says
    • @am

      You must be joshing. the past. 8 yrs of Obama were constant release of reports blaming Israeli policy for 'inciting' violence. when Netanyahu unilaterally froze settlements for a year where was Abbas except to show up at the end and demand more freezes and more time. Israel has better things to do with ours time then go after two bit reports on what the traditionally long-time arabist and not particularly supportive of Israeli policy.

      If 8 yrs of Obama, Rhodes and state dept combined couldn't make much of a dent in American relationship and support for/to Israel this new report isn't very likely to either.

  • Sorry American Jews, you don't have a birthright
    • 1. The three vows were written post Judea when rabbis were still trying to come to grips with a non-biblical diaspora. If Jews got a reputation for being compliant, or weak, or dhimmis it was not from Jews that lived in Judea and Samaria. And anyway, of the Ashkenazi are really khazzers, a warrior tribe from the steppes, how did they become so compliant in so grew generations?
      2. Jews have always been a large assortment of orthodox, semi observant and secular. From Moses to Meir. There are Catholic nations where 1000s of Catholics have affairs, get abortions, have homosexual relations and yet you don't see the pope excommunicating them.
      . 2a- just saying, your theories about Zionism and Judaism wouldn't hold up to an argument with even second tier experts but naturally, MW is a captive audience. Pat yourself on the back.

      3. Listening to liberals spouting off about Russia, especially American Democratic liberals is one of the richest and most hypocritical complaints that liberals have been whining about for over 75yrs.

      4. There are not too many people's" the earth who have survived as a nation, culture, race, ethnicity like Jews have. And Jews in imperial Russia, Poland, white Russia, Germany France England, the entire Muslim block of nations and more were never considered citizens with national identities matching the Christian and Muslim citizens. They were always Jews subject to distinct laws. Their identity papers all said 'jew' . So while you may not see an individual identity as a people it really doesn't matter much to fold outside of the elektik intafda and mw crowd. There is a club with members that insist the world is only 10,000 years old and have an incredibly down part explanation that millions believe in entirety. So, peddle what you like here but please take a reality pill first.
      And btw, Americans not descended from the first nations people's, it can be argued, have as little right to a speck of land I the US anymore then your argument that Jews have no right to Judea

  • Crossing AIPAC leaves writers smeared, politicians' careers 'suddenly stalled' -- Sullivan
    • Oh right. Like KSA doesn't have enough clout in the US legislature to make sure there is no press that would spur any investigation. Obama just made the Iranian mullahs and the irg filthy stinking rich and they have squads of morality police and basij to beat women with clubs of they have slightly uncovered hair. So why would Americans give a real shit about KSA women not being able to drive? considered legally 'minors' with no rights except what their male relations deem . Americans may complain but I the end they just consider it irritating news from a nation that, because of political correctness to blame religion, is just portrayed as a quaint nation with old fashioned standards that's creeping into the present. Of course there wouldn't be an investigation as there are no obsessive/compulsive ksa-haters and especially not the kind that israel has to deal with.

  • 'Netanyahu doesn't have a vision for peace,' Gillibrand says at town hall aroused by boycott bill
    • @e

      Well, while I agree that there are some people and some groups that can reasonably accused of using the shoah to raise funds, scare, etc but I find it impossible to believe that folks from the residents of skokee to the few remaining survivors that go around and give talks to students from every walk of life, religion and nationality, some in partnership with rwandan, Armenian, native American speakers who educate the students what an actual and true genocide is. Not one made up in ultra liberal bleeding heart offices funded by millions that claim a genocide can be committed with 10 fold population growth, exponential growth of international attention and the focus of 90% of UN resolutions condemning individual nations

      Also, it doesn't sound like you understand the definition of objective except from the most closed minded pov possible.

      One thing my Zionist grandfather drummed into my childish Jewish head was the not particularly unique to judaism motto: always put yourself into your enemies shoes, then try and walk a kilometer in them, see what you think, feel.

      I don't get a lot of that cruising this site. Sometimes a flash but mostly believers who have set themselves hard.

    • Netanyahu just made a lot of his supporters on the right and far right pretty fkn angry by rescinding the metal detectors. They want his head. I can't tell if this means he'll hold onto his seat or lose it.

    • @cz

      what,? he's using a very distant dead relative to lend credibility to his outrage at the congressional bill amongst other complaints about Israeli policy. as if he should have more right to be angry and justified just because his great aunts nephews niece was gassed. That, my friend, is exploiting the holocaust.
      Anyway, it's finklesteins raison d'etre not mine.

      I just read the very first of group of. Yazidi girls(now young women) who were captured, stolen , kidnapped and sold for a few dollars to be sexual slaves and passed around from one disgusting filthy isis fighter to the next are testifying at the UN. They are using the lessons of the Jewish people in Europe during ww2 as an example and inspiration. Guess there will be a lot of frustration and anger with that.

    • You really think there is a difference if you could tee remove yourself from your emotions for just a minute and judge objectively?*

      * Something tells me I should never have 'asked' that.

    • ho-hum again. there it goes, another aggrieved jew milking the holocaust ( a "distant relative" no less who who knows how little or how much it effected his life?) for cheap points and fake credibility. but that's JVPs whole deal. that's pretty much their core tactical position.
      tsk tsk , what would prof. finklestein think....

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
    • @mo

      Ok. I'll start packing

    • @gz

      Oh sure, there are literally dozens of articles on all of the BDS movements against all these other countries. And I'm also sure all of the supposed activists organizing these phantom bds are locked up tight in somebody's jail.

    • @mis

      Look, if your comfortable believing skewed presentations on the efficacy of bds from an extremely anti-israel anti-zionist blog (along with regular posting on the other premier Zionist-hating site mw then that is your sphere of information and and opinion formation.

      . But, if you really believe that bds is successfully harming our economy I think you should broaden your horizons with at least some reading on international affairs, Jane's, etc.
      If bds idea of great 'success' is soda stream, well that's kind of a joke, especially since they have reopened and are trying to arrange busing for the former Arab employees still hoping to get their old jobs back.

      Bds has mostly been successful as a big PR stunt which is pretty much the ONLY way groups like BDS, JVP, SJP , codepink and others can claim success. They have bought themselves msm attention. And even if Israel had to spend many millions more to counter bds it is not to stop its economic effectiveness but to counter the Palestinian hasbara and make sure Americans know what bds is from the Israeli pov.- or more hasbara if you like. I understand you have dozens of serious arguments for the legitimacy of bds but really, the conflict Is fought in the realm of expensive Madison ave. PR which, despite bds cries of 'grassroots!" Is funded by billions in Euro and American ngo money. Money that surely didn't go towards bettering the lives of Palestinian Arabs in either Gaza or Samaria and Judea. The other billions go into the Abbas syndicate which makes tony soprano look like a teenage shoplifter.

    • @ms

      well, i bet you read every single word on the edge of your seat. maybe you even fell off.

      i bet a few others did too. and coming from the mw honorary and dedicated court jester i'm not sure how to take your compliment.

      btw: i also wouldn't be surprised if in one day you post enough substance free quips that they would dwarf a month of my posts here

    • @ec

      By the way, why do you write about this without even the most basic Latin and history....................................could recruit for a low stipend? "

      This has got to be one of the funniest one paragraph snarly replies you ever posted.
      You really do have it all worked out, man. Anyway, the paragraph was surprisingly entertaining and even bracing.

      not to worry.....not trying to compliment whatever mediocre intellect you possess. but you managed to break through the mediocrity today to something close to astounding, which is rare.

    • @ml

      Spare yourself the waiting for some "interesting" report that you seem to have a hunch about anyway. I'll tell you:

      Of course there is a correlation. Obviously, there will prove to be a correlation if a neutral pole was taken. Take from me, I should know.

    • I mean, could you just imagine what would be written here at mw if it was Israel that hatched 18 fanatical Israeli settlers to train and crash the wtc. Oh, right. I forgot there are so many folks here who believe it really was Israel who took down the towers. Ok, so what anybody but the totally crazy conspiracy nuts would be saying about our friend an ally. Why has KSA been given an absolutely pain free pass on starting the ridiculous 'war on terror' more properly known as 'how to grow dozens more al-quadas in under 5 years. Seems like ksa has enough pull to silence any real effort to punish kingdom. Israel can't even put the small by comparison USS liberty bombing behind it even with a serious apology, compensation paid and another strong apology. What kind of influence is that that Israel can't silence bad press on the 50yr old calamity when KSA can silence the msm on 9-11 almost in totality.

    • read those b4. Ho-hum.* They were debunked almost immediately on assorted grounds and the first is not actually disputing dna credibility. Look for the DNA markers that many levant Arabs, Berbers and other me people share with eastern euro Jews. it's not magic. if you care, there is a tribe in south africa who has an oral history so similar to biblical Judaism that this tribe claimed for decades it was descended from Jews in the levant. Along comes dna and surprise, they share similar dna markers prove a strong similarity with ashkinasi Jews as well as other me people's. But this is strictly sidebar information for dedicated Israel haters.

      So, I guess as a serious 'historian' you missed class on the day they explained that the biggest number of judeans fled West across North africa and then on to spain, then up through western Europe into Poland,russia, ukraine etc. Like dude....duh.

      Is it possible some Jews from the Babylonian exile migrated northeast through Persia into the caucases? Possible. But jews that stayed in the now Iraq/iranian area never migrated out en masse until modern Israel was created and they were kicked out, threatened out, checked out, stolen from and made refugees. And now you can cue to the Palestinian hasbara about Zionist operatives planting fear in Jews forcing them to flee Muslim lands without just cause.(the iraqis just figured, 'hey, if these jews are leaving anyway lets steal every cent and centimeter from them just for fun' .). hence, the wealthiest concentration of Jews in the world outside europe, some there over 2000 years were cleansed in a flash. But let's not get into Zionist vs. Palestinian hasbara for now. Suffice to say I am aware of your views on this and many other topics related to the creation of Israel.*

      * I would add that the theory of khazzer Jews is certainly romantic even if impossible to prove. There are some obscure but interesting ancient accounts of. massive battles fought by khazzers against usurping Arab and Muslim colonialist hordes. eventually defeated and supposedly the king given the choice to convert to either jew or muslim (a HIGHLY suspect and seriously contentious story). to claim that center of Jewish life in eastern and western Europe , the intensive study of torah interpretation by the educated class was born out of the warrior khazer kings is not only fanciful but farcical as well.
      . But then, it helps Israel and jew haters to mentally define askinazi as something entirely different from the compliant jewish dhimmis that were conquered and colonized by the Arab plan to islamasize the entire ME. So, make them khazzers who morphed into zionist which is much easier to portray as an evil, suspect and worthless people who simply have an obsession to steal, NOT their own former homeland in the steppes , but Judea and Samaria from the simple Palestinian folk who have been there forevR.

    • @js

      . Wether you understand it or not the real world runs on diversion, level of importance to the majority, truth versus propaganda, who owns the so-called truth and what is it?
      . My point has always been that there are vastly more powerful and more influential lobbies in the US that's completely dwarf aipac. MW insists on presenting aipac as one of the largest, most influential, most insidious, most corrupt, etc. lobbies in existence and it's simply NOT true. Just because somebody yells 'whatabout-ism' , diversion or sticks their fingers I their ears and sings la la la la lah doesn't change the facts. It's like discussing the power dynamics of Russia and the US and someone mentions China and everybody yells, "diversion!"

      In this case and in yours the complaint about diversion is pathetic.

      And BTW: Palestinians and Palestinian activists are trained in and utilize their own version* of hasbara as much as Israel and possibly more successfully in the past few years then the "zio-nazis"

      * In Israel there is no specific word for 'propaganda' . Look up the hebrew translation for 'version' because that's all it is and all its about.

    • You can "confirm" as an "historian" that the stereotypes about Jews are correct. That is really rich coming from somebody who just admitted they were indoctrinated and brainwashed into despising the religion of his people from an early age. It sounds like he despises his own people as well if he even considers himself to have 'people' in the first place as he evidently thinks both to be "repugnant" based on obviously extensive 'historical' research. In fact, I think I can remember some posts where the totally (and historically) debunked theory about the origins of Ashkenazi being wrapped up in the history of a Turkic people of ancient times called khazzers. Not that anything in particular is wrong with khazzers or other turkic tribes but the Jew/khazzer theory is ridiculous, unproven by genetic testing and primarily an argument used specifically by those who are interested in delegitimizing any connection between Judea, Samaria and European Jewry.

      . But as for banning any comments by YF? It would be ridiculous as people like yf are the bread and butter of. MW. Owner pw had devoted considerable energy to building up this very specific blog which is devoted to a very specific viewpoint of Jewish history, European history and the history of the ME. This is what mw is all about. It can be entertaining to call out hypocrisy when one finds it here but I wouldn't expect the moderators to ban comments generally favorable to their core.

      The moderators tolerate quite a bit of harsh criticism from pro Israelis so it's kind of pointless to complain about a privately owned site with no obligation to print anything critical of their articles and commentary except for the owners own view of what constitutes credibility.

    • You should have taken a different tack. Your going to be dismissed outright as a toxic Zionist conspiracy spouting anti Jew. The love for Israel among the population of US Christian and Catholics is stronger then the progressive+some libertarian fringe.

      On the other hand, the bill, without my reading it and based on greenwalds often hysterical analysis sounds to be competent overreaching and normally I would assume it was some bizarre rider placed inside a trade bill. Seriously doubt all the Zionist hating lefties will feel anything from any branch of govt law enforcement even if this bill were to pass.

      There is a better chance of Roger Waters being banned from long island

    • Oh, what what aboutRE . What difference does it make to the US Congress?

    • Is there a BDS movement focusing on:
      North Korea
      Saudi Arabia

    • @q

      No offense to your personal views but you might want to take a gander at some news outlets that are just a tiny bit to the right of the hard left(like MW) before you state that "so many" people support bds. I think the actual numbers, especially in the US are pretty miniscule compared to what the vast majority of left-, leaning, liberal, center sitting democrats and republicans(the biggest % of pro israel voters in my personal opinion and the right leaning republicans. Even the hard right has its share of Israel supporters for whatever screwy reasons some of them have about racial purity(which is something you'll never hear discussed in Israel while it's often alluded to here on MW in reference to Jewish Zionist and Israel supporters)

      I just don't think the numbers are very big unless your just counting Ireland separately. Or the second tier mediocre British universities as a bloc. Or Pakistan as a whole. Or just Roger waters fans.

    • " working in putting pressure on israel..." . That might be true but is bds working as in working? Not at all, even the reverse might be true.

      The comment on democratic hypocrisy on russia is right on

      If the bill about bds is true, itz a bad bill not unlike so many of obamas bills

      Phil is an eternal optimist so the buzz words about 'older' jews and aipac aipac aipac are expected. But it still cracks me up that pw believes aipac hold more power then:
      Big oil
      Big pharma
      Big agro
      Big insurance. ..

      Aipac just grabs headlines because it's 'jewish' news which holds an amazing amount of power in causing obsession amongst a certain set. Its a second tier lobby if that and were it not for the putting out names of individual doners would get as much coverage as the above mentioned lobbies. Monsanto surely causes more death, suffering and destruction by 10 to most of the world then the relatively small i/p conflict.

      With the comment from the royal farce of saudi Arabia(talk about influence. Hah. Easier for hard left to focus on Israel.) With the positive acknowledgement of metal detectors at holy sites it appears progressive plans for wiping out Zionism are going in the wrong direction, again. Israel has never been in a better position as middleman/broker between russia, us, gulf states and iran staking out the new boundaries of the same old cold war going on since the early 20th century.

  • The Palestinian Authority is on the verge of collapse, and collapse it should
    • Except that only a tiny percentage of the developing and developed world consider Israel a "pariah rogue state" . This is what some Arab states think, some Muslim states, definitely the Muslim republic of Iran thinks and the miniscule number of left wing fringe Israel haters like Phil, his crew and most of his commenters.

      Russia, USA, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, much of Europe, Japan, Philippines and dozens of other nations who trade in the millions and billions and receive very little I value from most of Israel's enemies. Iran is an exception but Persia has always been a force. But whatever your cockamamie interpretation on yet to be argued law, the vast majority of the world rolls its eyes when the left fanatic fringe start yelling pariah rogue state.

    • Thanks for your generous attempt to think and interpret for ABC because you no doubt feel she can't explain her/himself but I didn't mean it as a slight. She was writing about the PA which last I checked is not in control of Gaza wether you consider Gaza occupied or not. ( If you personally don't consider Israel removing every single Jewish Israeli a de-occupation of Gaza that is your opinion and personal interpretation of in international law)

      Other then correcting her slip I think she is correct and we will not want to re-occupy any area that is currently under PA, Fatah, or tribal (yup, tribal) control. And Gaza is stuck with Hamas, wether anyone there likes it or not. in fact, they voted them into power.

    • @abc

      . I think you are confused. How can we reoccupy a place we already occupy? Gaza could theoretically be 'reoccupied' however I don't see that happening even if Hamas were to fall. If the PA is taken down there are billions it receives from the zzz UN and European nations as well as the USA. It should be sufficient to not only govern but improve the lives of 1000s of average Palestinians who want nothing to do with violence or fighting Israel and have been cut off from the billions that go to support PLO cronies. So, in effect, yes, there is much agreement that the PA should go but little consensus that Hamas will be embraced by the majority populace. Not that they will have a choice. Hamas doesn't roll that way. Yet.

  • 'We need to cut their heads off,' Bush said of anti-western demonstrators in Syria in '06 -- Tzipi Livni
    • Those European nations are less civilized then the spotted double horned wart hogs they've been killing for centuries. European conferences will continue to become less important on the world stage while the world's growing powers are continuing to become closer to Israel culturally, politically and industrially. In fact, it would be a blessing of a country like Belgium would effectively ban any Israeli soldier/politician from entering on suspicion of war crimes as it would be hysterical to watch it become a world laughing stock.

      It's very likely that the apex of former European powers taking universal action against Leadership in nations they themselves ransacked and colonized was Spain's judge-activist Campaign against pinochet. It worked in the political climate then but that world is gone.

      Of course the Hague can still try and pick on African folks because, well, it's so easy for liberal Europeans to go after African nations as long as they aren't in the Muslim dominated north.

      I am starting to appreciate how incredibly devoted and deluded the majority commenters here are in their zeal against Jewish sovereignty in Israel. While most of the fellow Israelis I know are well aware of our faults as a nation and people I think the single minded self-righteousness of anti zionists is impressive while the Palestinians have been duped into believing their maximalist goals will be realized, eventually, even if it takes 1000yrs.

  • 'You are thieves of history!' Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them
    • "Like all zionists".... Really into the whole us and them scenario. Very advanced

    • @cg

      I know. The more I search the more ink I see from the lunatic left fringe like MW, Phil and his peanut gallery along with similar electronic intifada loons. 972 loons, ma'an liars, the absolute nincompoops whose public hate speeches are translated accurately by memri. And yes, I see the increasing amount of out and out lunatic Jewish Zionist who spew nothing but hate for Muslims, they generalize Muslims and it's disgusting but it doesn't change how Israel is soso differently perceived by non Muslim majority nations or nations like India taking stock of their own ancient religions. And China coming to realize that get very little tangible inn return from Arab nations most fanatical about destroying Israel. And all Russia EVER wanted was it's unimpeded naval base at tarkus, which between trump, Bibi and pute have preserved that while Assad while likely on my gain back a small feifdom to oppress and no longer hours Sunni majority.

  • Israeli paper investigates 50-year-ago attack on 'USS Liberty,' while US papers leave it in the letters column
    • @pk

      If you want to explore the "real" intention behind mondoweiss and phill you might want to start with the knights templar, the rosicructions and then the illuminati. That's a good start. Take the rest of your cues from there. Good luck. Your one of the most perceptive commenters that's come along MW inn a long time. Get to know the guy moos . He'll fill you in on the rest.

    • @balkback,

      Lol. "Conspiracy theorist" is now an "ad hominem" attack on MW yet everybody that hates zionists/israelis and Jews are writing over and over that there is some kind of conspiracy that took place between the US and Israelis but maybe, their not entirely positive exactly what conspiracy took place so some won't 'commit' . But.'conspiracy nuts'?. Not us.

    • Well, I can can't return to see this post eviscerated by the top cult members here. The edumacated ones. But I'll return in a while to check, (sorry moo, I know how bad you wanted me to give up scrounging around on anti Israel hate sites because I am not allowed on pro zionist sites, or so you imagine). I may not even disagree with as much as you assume here. I just think I understand where the Palestinians and their Arab allies are coming from since the 1920s, then '48 and so on. But feel free to tell me how little I know. After all, most here think Im some type of paid hasbarist (like Roger Waters is a professional Palestinian hasbarist who is paid plenty from the PA and bds orgs. and their Madison ave PR firms)

    • Since my other comment was censored ( I don't think for any grounds other then I must have used some terms the mods felt out of context)
      . But my simpler opinion is simply: if the liberty incident is finally proven to land on the side of not being as accidental as claimed ,(which is highly unlikely considering how much intelligence is out from both nations which are both conflicting, in agreement and ambiguous to every reach a solid conclusion) but if that were possible, what would it change except the metal scoreboard for dedicated Zionist/Israel/Jew haters? There have been many other accidents due to the fog of war as well add other incidents that may have been more reckless but we're not fully exposed for military strategic reasons. The USS liberty is just one of a very tightly packed list of a dozen or so incidents committed by Israel that were exposed as operations. They hardly ever vary and consist of:
      King David hotel/ begin
      The Lavon affair
      The highly disputed deir Hardin incident
      The USS liberty
      And, along with a few other notable failures there are the totally concocted incidents like

      The Dura shooting
      Israel poisoning Arafat
      And then incidents that the world condemned in public but secretly(or not so secretly) rejoiced at like:

      Saddam nuclear reactor
      Assads Korean/iranian built reactor and the world will never know had the Israelis been given US support to take out Iran's program in the mountains rather then appease them since they are now working with North Korea, and the Khan network to build up capability for instant warheads I 9yrs. But MW commenters seem to prefer this scenario I the basis that anything that's bad for Israel is great for them. Whether Iran mullah and his IRG are as rational as Obama believed remains to be seen. They obviously(and from their pov, naturally want an arch from tehran to Lebanon) But if the purpose is to investigate a war between its proxy and Israel the outcome would be at the least, incredibly bleak, probably worse then Syria and completely unpredictable as Israel has quiet military allies all over the globe and is not just dependent on their US to fight the Persian/shi'ia forces.

  • Canada order stores to deshelve settler wines with 'made in Israel' label
  • At NY premiere, David Grossman will join Netanyahu minister who boycotts Darwish
    • @yf
      The last paragraph is refreshing coming from a commenter who had always seemed to have a very accommodating view of blatent intolerance.

      I understand that Zionist viewpoints are as diverse as Muslim viewpoints but sometimes the commenters like the funny man and otters need to be reminded that they like to play I their own sandbox and have a very low tolerance for any but the few zionists that post here and that give them rocket fuel for their own rhetoric

  • NBC plays up gruesome crashes in Tour de France-- then blames the riders
    • @js

      But then Joe, the world will soon see how the branches , like tentacles, reach out to every corner of the earth so that Zionism can insidiously insert itself into innocent(even virginal) communities all over the earth and infecting everything from popular culture to out right manipulation of innocents to swearing allegiance to this branch, though he know not from what stuff it be made nor not from what embryonic kernel of idea it may have been built upon.

      Branching out is a dangerous concept to consider embracing in MW but then maybe his followers will find out what the "war of ideas" facing the middle East truly is. If they be olive branches may a white dove alight with every single one and, well, the one who has to fly with the olive branch and the ak-47 , May he be strong and courageous.

    • @cp

      "Silly bicycle race". Hopefully you have nothing like the undiagnosed case of Zionist ocd.. But still, no need to panic. There is EI, the Storm, for a laugh, JAZeera,. SJP or JVP.which all should fill your needs. I guess Phil has had the good sense and made time for himself to stop and smell the daisies, take in a game, go to the 92Y . Silly raHO, all work and no play........

    • @c

      What's the whimsical confession? That PW finds the coverage of tour crashing exploitative and he forgot to mention in the same sentence that zionists, in his opinion, do similar things? Boy, the rules you far left totalitarian types like to promote are strict.

    • Phil owns MW and can write about whatever he feels is important. What's your problem? If it's not about Zionism it isn't valid?

  • Join Roger Waters on Facebook Live as he discusses his support for BDS
    • Confused, do you all hate Putin now or love him? Can't keep track of left wing infatuations.

      I wonder how quickly Vlad would shut down mw. Or, any other web site he didn't like.

    • @c

      Maybe it is but waters is one of the top Palestinian hasbara specialists arounD so maybe the film maker has met his match.

    • Curious about a double feature. There is a soon to be made documentary about waters obsession with Israel and Jews and evidently calls for a boycott of waters himself. The director is not an unknown and has done some good work.

  • Nadia Hijab on Palestinian options, Jewish allies, and the Zionist crisis
    • The story of Solomon's judgement is a powerful parable for both parties to the conflict sharing administration of sites considered sacred. But that isn't what the majority of commenters here want when they hiss with fork tongues about what a just solution would be.

      I would add that while bringing up the Solomon story as analogy it might have to be changed to suggest that Solomon took such a long time to announce his decision that the said baby grew up into an adult and decided on it's own.

  • 'Dissidents like me depend on Mondoweiss': an Israeli describes challenging apartheid from within
    • The author doesn't consider the 20000-30000 European ngo's workers (many of them extremely hostile to the its current government and some free top work as openly hostile to the idea of Zionism or Jews having sovereignty over their own historical and sacred sites) as well as 100s, maybe 1000s of reporters living very securely in Israel while taking air conditioned day trips to visit certain people in Gaza or Hebron to report on the so-called miserable lives that certain Palestinian people live, the author doesn't consider that toleration of dissent. One sentence into this rant the agenda is obvious.

      Neiman is so ridiculous that he thanks mondoweiss and not the open system of our government to be the only way he can express dissent. Let's see how good a job mw can do.'allowing' dissenting voices out of North Korea, Iran and the other totalitarian regimes that claim to have freedom, especially of the press. Prove how brutal and intolerant Israel is compared to its enemies.

      At least admit that the anti-zionist movement has become (or learned from if that's more acceptable to those here) better at professional hasbara, anti-israel hasbara, but hasbara nonetheless.

  • Israel slams UNESCO World Heritage decision on Hebron as Palestinians celebrate 12-3 vote in favor
    • @jc

      You had me at "most Americans are completely ignorant."

      You personally may not be (an American either) but seem to be ignorant of the 'virtually insane Muslim conquering colonizing presence in the old city and ancient tombs of Hebron that the indigenous Jews there endured for centuries until finally, we regained sovereignty of our forefathers land. You obviously have a big problem with that simple concept. I'm sure there are just millions of 'serious' articles proving the whole Abraham thing is just bs fairy tale.*

      * And billions of 'serious' articles proving that even if the whole Abraham thingy isn't total bs, that it's all completely irrelevant to the existence of a Jewish Nation and anything even resembling Jewish sovereignty. I'm sure there are plenty of fairy tales I can read about that.

    • Forget it. You'll get nobody here to acknowledge the point your trying to make (which is in no way pro-israeli). They have a line they will never cross because their own little cult is more intolerant of dissent then any right wing Israeli govt has ever been.

  • Anti-Islamist chic
  • Marching on, beyond pinkwashing
    • The so-called progressive and hard left in the US is quickly embodying fascist and Nazi-like tactics to distinguish themselves, promote their hackneyed bullsht idea of 'intersectionality' (right up there with whataboutism as ludicrous rhetorical inventions) and then just as quickly demonstrate their hypocrisy how they are no more intersectional and engage in whataboutism As much as anybody else struggling to justify their position. The difference is: carting out JVP for a counter opinion is like carting out the few black employees of David duke to oppose the NAACP. JVP is strictly in the same league as neturei karta.

      It will be entertaining to watch the evolution of the hard anti Zionist left fend off the same accusations of Nazism and fascism that pro Zionist, pro Israeli have been dealing with for a while.

      So entertaining to watch the so-called progressive hard left try and punch its way out of the bag of fascism and nazi-like tactics that they themselves love to throw around at the vast %-85-90%- of Jews who identify as Zionist and pro israel along with the probably 1000s of millions but at least millions of Christians both Catholic and Prot., Hindu, Buddhist, Bahia etc. who also support Israel.

  • Israeli musicians to Thom Yorke: Canceling Radiohead show will disrupt Israel's 'business as usual' facade
    • That is like saying the rolling stones (another act that plays Israel) are on par with Englebert Humperdink. But if it makes you feel better....

      Also, Perlman is undoubtedly one of the best violinists alive and gene Simmons may be a weird guy but he also made a shtload of money and still does with young kids getting into the weird world of KISS. Kiss was on par with p. Floyd during the late 70s

    • @ms

      Ok funny man. Because you spout it, it must be true. You really don't enjoy coming up with your pithy quips when zip-supremacist comment. While it seems to me to be what you live for I'll just take your word that it is a painful and soul-sucking experience for you to answer anyone who posts pro israel commentary

      The only issue I can see with you in particular is evidently, you post so many 1000s of comments that there aren't enough zionists to satisfy your compulsion and continue to equip along regardless of content or relevance. But, supposedly, on MW, you are entertaining and fairly well liked. You found your comfort zone. Congratulations. Your going to deny how much fun you have typing from whatever podunk place you live in order to put us in our proper place.


      . Jordan is a completely made up state as are many other Arab nations carved up by colonial powers. If the British, who made a bloody mess of things had stuck to their original parameters for the Jewish Nation almost all off Jordan would be part of israel and a partition deal could have been worked out decades ago. But obviously, the totalitarian monarchy, house of Hussein has more legitimacy in your view then the majority of Arabs that did not identify as hussein and considered themselves South Syrian or or other Arab groups that populated some of current Israel and Jordan

      Also, to whomever thought I got the idea of'winner take all' backwards, I assure you, I know exactly from whence I write. There is no other example of a nation-victorious in 5 wars that has given up the strategic advantage it gained through blood and guts in order to sign a peace deal wether nobody knows who will be in power or wether any deal would be honored AFTER the land was returned. It's not only absurd and not realistic, it's not going to happen for a very long time of it happens at all.

      There are other concocted states that consider themselves Muslim but it's obvious your focus is on the Jews and nobody else.

    • @pk

      "the Jewish Nation does not exist"

      I could start there and continue but I just realized that you could be right. Maybe there is a parallel universe where Jew-hating, Zionist and Israel hating beings perceive their own world has no Jewish Nation and any suggestion of such brings about such vociferous debate complete with reems of supposed documentation and skewed references to international law.

      But in the world I live in, just about 99% of people I deal with understand the reality of the existence of this Jewish Nation called Israel. There are millions of Arabs that live here that have absolutely no desire to be subsumed by anything that even comes close to Palestinian authority. In fact, there is a long waiting list for Palestinian in Israel to obtain Israeli citizenship. They vote, they swim in the ocean and many of then want Israel to expand the civil rights it extends to Arabs until it is completely equal with Jews and that is a righteous and admirable cause which will come to be one day.
      . But as for ceding territory, especially in the current climate ( Oh yes, we know many of you believe the Arab spring and wars between Arabs and Arabs and Arabs and Persians are all a devious plot we hatched and sometimes it makes us chuckle,) is part of the same fantasy that there is no Jewish Nation, that Israel has no right to exist, that it's not a legitimate nation and so on. I would like to say your cracked in the head but I know there are many who believe as you do. It would be funny to say that it's a conspiracy but sadly, it's just mediocre mindset and true believer group think.


      The quickest way I could think of for MW to shrink readership would be to ban comments contrary to the group thinking of the core of regular (i understand, it's sort of like .... Your family)
      Commenters here. What on earth would get the likes of an ej, kth or gml to get their hackles up of everybody agreed? But it is true, PW took down the whole'war of ideas' lie. But you don't expect him to cut off the main source of entertainment value his site holds? ( or, I'm sorry, did you think that was you?)

    • @jj
      . Finally, a commenter with a brain who doesn't rely on emotions and envy.

      To those who oppose any form of normalization it just helps to point out the'victor takes all' fantasy Palestinian supporters have been engaging in for over 50yrs.

    • @pk

      We seem to be doing moderately well in terms of international relations and dealings for a nation you claim has no legitimacy. But I guess Germany also lacks legitimacy for the billion dollar sub deal. China lacks legitimacy for the billions bought from Israeli techno firms. I'd take your definition of lacking legitimacy any day over the legitimacy of Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya and more.


      . Hush you idiot. I mentioned nothing about "hate". Your fantasizing again. Your heroic role of chief comedian of mw is getting thin

    • @p

      Of course you believe there could only be "1 explanation" for any artist performing in Israel which, naturally to your mind, has to do with the avaricious accumulation of wealth.

      It wouldn't occur to you that some, (actually many) famous musical acts are just not going to be bullied around by the self-righteous scorn and hearts bleeding for- not really even one of the world's most violent or vicious conflicts going on in the past 10 years- for what? Their favourite pet liberal cause: trying to help achieve the goal of destroying the Zionist entity which is the Jewish Nation of israel. (the sound of the words,'jewish nation" must burn to some on the tongue like some anomaly too repulsive to even contemplate.) So dedicated to this cause are the BDS people. Insignificant in numbers of actual famous acts that draw anything but niche audiences (ok, waters can draw a crowd by virtue of pink Floyd and not from the 'Extremely wealthy has been former glory who is dedicated his life-not earnings-to bringing down Zionism' worshipping crowd.
      . In view of all that one might think that very popular huge drawing acts might just not agree with your rationale , your own bias and maybe they just don't give a damn like bds people do. Maybe they are still dedicated to liberating Tibet, last decades cause celeb. Anyway, one might think that people like Phil who use superflous language and saccharin sweet elbowing to people with'true progressive values' which if nothing else is one of the snottier statements from mw.

      Presumably york is wealthy enough to put your average millionaire out in the sand box and we can assume that waters equally wealthy goes on tour in all the other nations besides Israel for money. Doubtful he is living in any situation involving hardship. Maybe some musicians just resent the sht out of the idea that he can get off telling them wtf any one of them can do in fact, maybe some acts don't give a sht about Israel or the Palestinian governments and just like to play.

      But some, some could only imagine the motivation to play in Israel is strictly money. So typical
      of the average mw commenters.

  • 'A camera and not a gun': photojournalism as my weapon for justice
    • The photo of the sledgehammer guy looks like he's doing home renovation. There are no sections of the security barrier that utilize 4" block construction, which as the picture demonstrates, would not hold up to even a regular framing hammer let alone the obvious overkill of using a 15-20lb sledge. Of course, it's impossible that this shot was staged as publicity.

  • Why I'm keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day
    • @kof
      Glad to hear your confused about what a jew is. but here is a news flash:

      we don't give a sht if your still confused. just like we imagine american black peoples don't give a sht wether white people are sometimes confused about what a black person is. we know what we are and don't care what your mediocre mind is confused about. most peoples in this world-from Alaska to zimbabwe know what a jew is so maybe your over thinking and straining your head.

    • Ok dumkoph mr funny. There are at least a dozen separate first nations people's from apache to cherokee to may other native tribes moved 100s to sometimes 1000s of miles from their ancient homelands along many different 'trails of tears' . Some from high plains desert to swamps in deep Florida. Sometimes from forrest hills lakes and rivers to dry chaparral. and that's just a few examples. Look to. russia pakastan, tibet, china and then there are examples in the arab and berber africa to south and north america. have fun googling all the names of people's displaced from their ancient homelands. that you focus compulsively on israel is your problem.

    • Well @kof, I was specifically responding to @mg mock question about what is a nation (meaning a peoples ) point in existing and to a question like that I obviously have nothing but contempt, embarrassing and some sympathy for a mind anchored in rage and to whom the idea of how much they hate jews (despite a 1000 protestations about the difference between hating zionism and jews-in this case absolutely none) and how warped and mediocre their reasoning is. how diseased and polluted their heart is with blackness. and if, by chance the responder is from a displaced palestinian family then I would say, the question is rhetorical and again, obvious. that they know exactly what "the point" is as it is no different then the point to his own existence, if there is one.
      . But to your question do I personally not see anything "shady" happening in the "area of Palestine"?.
      a) there is no area of Palestine because there has never been a negotiated peace with a complete cessation of claims and an end to conflict.
      B) and as for "shady"? Maybe it's a language issue but shady implies underhanded and scheming so no, I do not think anything shady is going on. we are and always have been upfront with are reasoning (and we do not take idiotic theories about how early zionists, our founding fathers and mothers all had secret alternative plans ,a,b,c or d to expand Israel from before our founding.) Our upfront attitude has always been,'quiet will be met with quiet'. That is crystal clear.
      C) is something "unfair" going on in both israel and the territories Judea, samaria and Gaza I would say yes. Of course there is unfairness. in the 40s and 50s the displacements of both Arabs living in pre state Palestine and post 48 Israel as well as the approximately equal number of Jewish Arabs kicked out of nations from Egypt to Iraq with all their money and land confiscated . it was all very unfair. I fact, lots of things are unfair but Israel has offered over 96% of Judea and Samaria as well as 100% of Gaza to the Palestinians was thrown back in our faces. Not once or twice but 3 times. This is not a fiction as rabid Israel haters like to twist every fact upside down to make those 3 offers as bad shady deals. That too is unfair. It's unfair that Palestinians value hatred of israel above cleaning up their leader ship from crooks and terrorists. It's unfair that the post Oslo Palestinians have been raised on a steady diet of how the heroes of their cause are the ones who kill the most me Jews. They are not prepared for anything resembling peace or an end to the conflict. They have been completely honest and upfront that any deal with zionists for whatever amount of territory would simply be a step towards liberating the entire'palestine' which would be 100% of israel as well as Gaza, and West bank. They think that is fair. I think it's delusional. Is it just a misreading of what peace means or is it a challenge that means one form of war or another, until death or submission. And that, unfair as it may be, is how the world works wether it is Christian, Arabic or simply Israel against the Arab/muslim bloc.
      D) do I have a heart? as big a heart as the famous welcoming in Israel and the fewer Arabs I know from West bank. People who haven't lived or spent much time existing (not referring to US or EU ngo activists) with people who have some legitimate and some illegitimate claims to your nation is, not fraught with the hatred and violence Hamas, Fatah and other terror dedicated groups is. we both show kindness to each other in many forms. our hospitals and clinics are filled with a mixture of jew muslim and Christian doctors and nurses that all dedicate to treat everybody equal. I could go on but prior here have a complete set of down pat answers that counter any single minor or major thing that is fair and highlight the aspects of the conflict. this is their job. they either volunteer or are professional propagandists who want the entire western worlds to hate Israel and force it to capitulate to the most maximal of Palestinian demands. Demands which have grown from workable to so unreasonable the idea of negotiations is ridiculous. The goal is to destroy Zionism which they have been brainwashed into thinking is some form off evil ideology akin to Nazism. It's so absurd that many can't process and simply understand the conflict as jew vs. Arab till death. and maybe it will come down to that. But yes,i have a heart for all who's lives will be destroyed by all out war. the idea that israel would give up all of East Jerusalem, all settlements, provide for physical ror not for those displaced but for generations into eternity, and, to boot provide a corridor between. Gaza splitting Israel in 2. And in return Israel gets what? a promise of peace? Worthless. We have been told 100s of times that whatever we give up is only a step towards the unification of ALL israel with jordan as a unified Palestinian state. Right. As if that will happen( though Obama, meshall and others would be satisfied with that. But now you get into an area where 'fairness' is too difficult to interpret. It becomes another meaningless phrase. The world has always been unfair. It will obviously continue to be unfair and many will continue to choose violence to try to achieve an unachievable goal. they can believe as much as their 'big heart's' desire but it didn't work in 48-9, 50s, 67, 73, 06, intafada 1 & 2 and now the 'knife/car ram ' campaign and it's not likely to work in the future which to me is unfair in my case but even more unfair to the majority of Palestinian who are afraid to confront leadership but might like a final settlement that is less then the 'maximal' demand strategy which if even remotely possible is not happening for many decades or much more wasted time.
      . And p's. : while there is suffering in the West bank camps and the cowed people of gaza there is also huge pockets of wealth. Bustling cities, large pallazzo and big new housing. Gaza is worse because Hamas is almost heartless except for members. But there is plenty luxury there too. Not exactly the big open air prison bullsht being pushed by anti-israel activists. And West bank is nearly autonomous. Yes, Palestinian,bds are rightly bitter they have to be subject to Israel checkpoints but while irritating (not always humiliating) they have normal lives and normal functions. The neighboring Syrians are just the most egregious example of rank suffering of humans. Other spots around the globe are as bad. So is it fair that the Palestinians claim to be the original and most legitimate suffering refugees in the world, the u.n.? I hardly think so.
      . And another fyi: it's hard to live I the midst of this conflict and not develop a tough heart. Equally true of Arabs and Jews. Some say that nations like Finland, Sweden, Norway etc. are living in a bubble with the seething problems just boiling under the surface while you and your govt. Leaders look to blame Israel for almost all the problems they imagine are somehow linked to Jews or zionists. Think about that instead of posting idiotic hypothetic questions like @mg who asks'what the point of israel is'. What is the point of his brain continuing to function? Any or none whatsoever?

    • Think about it dumbass. Pretend for 10 seconds it's another people fighting to return to their ancient homeland. It makes perfect sense. Don't understand your difficulty on this topic except it's an outlet forv your unhinged rage.

    • Please don't tell us hophmi that you just discovered that mondoweiss commentary section is comprised of about a dozen ( ok, maybe a few dozen) hardcore zionist haters, jew haters and possibly just Israel haters who are here M Jħltech savvy nation which had laws which protect citizens of all religions and race from discrimination as well as Including all in the democratic process of voting.? Some of the=v(chgc fgravity=g regulars here try an act of outward "moderation,' you know, givin)a sg=upposedly unbiased historical account which naturally comes to conclude that zionists must have logically plotted the whole thing. The others are more or less honest with outright contempt or no recognition of Israeli'legitimacy in the first place. So, acting surprised at ANYTHING shocking said about Israel and the holocaust is just so redundant. After all, how many put downs of israel can anybody stand but these few mw devotees.J
      Hop: learn to pick your battles here and allow the dingy dozen to let their tended cicc

    • Please don't tell us hophmi that you just discovered that mondoweiss commentary section is comprised of about a dozen ( ok, maybe a few dozen) hardcore zionist haters, jew haters and possibly just Israel haters who are here M Jħltech savvy nation which had laws which protect citizens of all religions and race from discrimination as well as Including all in the democratic process of voting.? Some of the=v(chgc fgravity=g regulars here try an act of outward "moderation,' you know, givin)a sg=upposedly unbiased historical account which naturally comes to conclude that zionists must have logically plotted the whole thing. The others are more or less honest with outright contempt or no recognition of Israeli'legitimacy in the first place. So, acting surprised at ANYTHING shocking said about Israel and the holocaust is just so redundant. After all, how many put downs of israel can anybody stand but these few mw devotees.J
      Hop: learn to pick your battles here and allow the dingy dozen to let their tended cicc

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