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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community
    • @f

      are you really that dumb? You don't understand that PW is praying for, working for and dedicated to causing massive dissension and splits between assorted groups of US Jews?

  • UN head says Gazans 'caged in a toxic slum from birth to death' as human rights council votes to investigate Israel
  • Debunking 18 claims justifying this week's Gaza massacre
    • @cig

      He posts here for the same reasons most zionist post here. a) because we can (MW hasn't banned this yet) and b) because somebody has to remind you that the world goes on wether you devote some,most or all of your time to fighting zionists or not. It also gives the few dozen commenters here a much easier target with which to spew invective or just argue how righteous their case is and how evil and perverse the Jewish nation is. Plus,. It's much more entertaining then just reading the articles.

    • At the palestinians expense? What about the 'poor' Syrians. They argued all along that the palestinian mandate was just a part of southern Syria which they claimed along with the Lebanon as part of their rightful greater Syria. It is well known that before the creation of modern israel many Arabs living in the mandate commonly referred to themselves 'south Syrians' . Of course there were just as many recent Arab immigrants from Egypt, Lebanon Ann's other places in the former ottoman empire.

  • After the Gaza massacre, how can Jews sleep well at night?
    • @mssr

      I can read all the intolerance I need to right here on MW and it's not coming from yonah.

      But all in all, it's good that Zionist haters have a few safe places to go on the web. I could care less if you frequent Zionist web sites. Maybe you find it entertaining. It's just the internet

    • @

      you just confirmed what I wrote. You can believe whatever you want to believe until the cows come home but it doesn't made it true. when you've talked to more then half of the stories zionists you can report back

    • @m
      because nobody likes know-it-all's. you should know a lot about this yourself.

    • Pretty arrogant to believe you know what's 'deep in every zionists heart'. I sure as hell don't know what's really inside yours. It cited easily be hatred

  • For we are God's special victims (an ode to the state of Israel)
    • This isn't the WWE or some sporting event. There is no such concept of'fair' when each side is laying claim to the same land. The more powerful side prevails with absolutely zero obligation to sustain casualties in order to preserve some sense of false proportionality

  • Nikki Haley blames Iran, Hamas for deaths of Palestinian protesters, as UN officials call to investigate Israel
    • @m
      Haley is going to beat Biden in the next presidential election. Lol.

    • @m

      The Hague will have lost almost all credibility in the next decade. Wether on purpose or not they area seem by most prisoners as racist hypocrites. Africa will take its own cases. Your fantasies about The Hague are nothing but wet dreams that make you feel better

  • Israeli government minister justifies Gaza massacre by calling Palestinians 'Nazis'
    • Get over yourselves. There are 1000s of references to zionists being nazis on MW. nazis are the current equal opportunity insult. Left zionists are even calling right zionists nazis.
      Technically, the gypsies Jews and other assorted targeted racial victims of the Nazis should be the ones allowed to determine the usage but the world doesn't work that way. MW commenters are as free to use the nazi epithet as anybody else. And anybody else is free to call you out on it.

      Calling nazi has become a worthless joke. You want to see nazi shit.... Go visit the newly curated photos of the just liberated bergen belson death camp. check out the ss guards forced to sling starved, emaciated and naked dead bodies over their shoulders and dump them into trash pits. That's nazi shit

  • 'Gaza, Gaza' is chant from Palestinians demonstrating near new US embassy
    • We all wonder why, if the mossad and the 'lobby' were SO insidious, PW is able to freely travel to Jerusalem. But thanks for your fretting and your concern. We still live with a large population of Arabs and Druze. They are our doctors, lawyers, judges, police, bureaucrats, lifeguards etc. For this reason alone, PW is aputz

    • That's lower then the actual amount of Americans who don't support Israel or Israeli policy. Closer to 10% probably

    • Usually, the definition of a "polarized" nation is not one where 75%-80% are in the majority and 25-20% (representing the Israeli far left and probably another 75-80% Israeli Arabs)are opposed to or are very opposed. Israel may have stark divisions but it's vast majority is not polarized, especially on Jerusalem as the capital of the nation which it's always been.

  • Israel repurposes Nakba myths to justify massacre in Gaza
    • You can't believe any "mainstream" type of guy who's been to the region and understands more then your average armchair activist could make up their minds and see israelis pov without some trickery. so you attribute it all to clever manipulation of the facts (, or, in your case, what you think are manipulation of lies) . what if you can't convince anybody but the fringe left or fringe libertarian that Israel is such an evil place? what's the strategy? wait and hope for the best? Pray that the evil zionists are punished or destroyed by some force? So, Iran is going to get their own bomb someday. are they going to use it? and if so, are they going to use it to help Palestinian Arabs?

  • Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria
    • @kthln

      You do realize that most Americans do not believe the palestinian hasbara? That most Americans accept the story of Israel's birth as it unfolded from 48-present. Other then a small percentage, North Americans, South Americans, Africans and Indians do not accept the most radical of the palestinian/israeli revisionist history that paints Israel as an evil aggressor from day one. You are likely living in a bubble that isolates you from masses of ordinary, not right wing, folks who just don't see things the way the so-called progressive left does. It's the progressive and far left that can't bare to be around anybody to the right of Hillary. I see it all the time in my NYC friends. They rant and rave about trump but the only conservatives they ever encounter are their 'crazy doctor brother in law from Connecticut. They are cut off and feel elite and disgruntled

    • Don't blame Israel for ABC's idiotic and wrong reporting. We knew an attack was imminent after we attacked the t4 IRG controlled base well before trumps pullout. If your looking for insight, the US msm is not the place to watch. Iran was itching for revenge and IRG was itching to test the Zionist response as their flush with cash from Obama's 'best bad deal'. Muir will also not be reporting that Iran is restocking its missile supply as quickly as possible. It's just a set back as far as the mullahs grand plan is concerned.

    • There exist these things called incremental treaties. Anything is possible

    • @h

      Oh. You "think" that's the difference? Jews, zionists are built differently I guess. Naturally, Israeli supporters can't identify a newspaper as having an anti Israel bias. It's not like they are comparing the nyt to al Jazeera. I shouldn't have to point out how many anti-zionist extremists there are. But they are so much more rational.

    • @j

      Use your imagination. I'm sure the times has printed many articles you consider outrageously anti Palestinian.

    • So, Israel brought all that down on Syria when for years before the Arab spring the northern Syrian border was quiet and nobody was dying or being displaced or gassed. Iran's proxy in southern Lebanon started some trouble but had strict limitations on not involving Syria. Now, Iran has Assad up their rectums for protection and he can't dictate to the IRG to not fuck with the Zionist entity and his former nation.
      . Btw: your theories on what Israel "wants" for Syria are so ridiculous. You have no clue what Israel wants except the optimal: peaceful border, peaceful neighbor then negotiate a treaty on the Golan. Otherwise Israelis don't agree on anything about Syria except that am Iranian military presence on the border with Syria is not acceptable. If you choose to believe that is warmongering then have at it.

    • @L

      You do realize that a substantial amount of zionists believe the msm is decidedly biased against Israel. I've seen countless examples posted by both the pro and anti Zionist as supposed'proof'.
      The NYT is a perfect example. they usually manage to piss off both camps equally. I used to think this was a positive reflection of the paper and still do appreciate the duality. I have turned against the times for other reasons but there is one thing I do know about the perceived bias of msm. You can't both be correct without admitting to a locked down mediocre mindset. I read the outrageous op-ed on why Israel has no right to exist. But I can imagine to others printing Arabs have no legal ror (and I'm only assuming they did at some point) might come off as very similar.

      And then there is the Fox-MSNBC polarity. Imho, were they military, I'd have them both shot for idiocy. CNN just came unhinged after the buffoon won the presidency. Maybe they'll recover some modicum of dignity.

    • Of course north can't accept the obvious. Even if his timeline is true it just makes the irg that much more stupid.

  • Jews Say No! publishes 'Moving Forward’ to highlight Jewish National Fund role in the Nakba
    • @k
      Check the time line. The blockade was not applied after disengagement. Whn the Hamas started firing it's so-called firecrackers Israel responded. . I don't know where you live but imagine that if a hostile entity started shooting rockets into rural enclaves your govt might respond. But I guess you think Sharon pulled out of Gaza completely as a measure of bad faith.

      Electing Hamas (once. As if anybody was surprised) was only partly a call by Palestinian Arabs to show their disgust with the PLO and PA. Your reference to what the Hamas would 'agree' to tells only half the story. The palestinian hasbara story. There was never ANY intention of ending the conflict until The Zionist entity is destroyed.

    • @k

      The Palestinian Arabs of Gaza lost the chance to decide their future when t hey elected Hamas who refuses to hold elections and clamps down on political dissidents with an iron fist.
      While probably too late, if their ever might be a political organization in Gaza devoted to rebuilding infrastructure, homes and commerce instead of rockets, tunnels, arms, and paying the multi million dollar salaries of the top tyrants their collective mental states would improve markedly. Instead they've been convinced by Hamas that threatening to or actually trying to storm the border fence between Gaza and Israel is the best use of their resources and time. Providing then with non military jobs would be too hard. Anybody who can't engineer explosives or design tunnels, fly kites need not apply. Keeping in mind, no matter what bs many here believe there are millions of tons of product, from food, medicine and yes, concrete flowing into Gaza every day from Israel, despite the current'great return' protest and the constant harping on the so-called total siege of the land.

  • By wrecking Iran deal, Trump politicized Israel
    • @e
      Conflation with the vast majority of jews would be accurate. (Though I know some here take issue with the definition of'vast'. But keep trying to separate Israel from Jews and see how it works out. I understand that JVP has got a very full bank account and more members then ever.
      (I am aware you believe being jewish is a choice or a form of brainwashing, not an ethnic or national identity )

    • Are there supposedly a lot of trump voters on this board? But I do agree, trump will get no credit for fulfilling a campaign promise. The liberal leaning msm won't give trump credit for anything he might accomplish as long as there are pissing hookers and contract breaking money grubbers around. The US liberal scene has turned into the most uptight, prim, sexually repressed scolds since the Victorian era.

    • @mg

      You may want to recheck your statement that Israel has no friends. You may not like Israel's friends but it doesn't mean there are none.

    • Obama did not sign a "treaty" . He made a non-binding agreement by bypassing Congress. No future US president would have been bound either by law or credibility to stay in what Obama himself called the 'best bad deal' .
      Israel has controlled territory around the mosque since 67. The most opportune time to have "taken" the temple mount from Muslims would have been then. We didn't. And, we've made no moves since to take any religious rights away from the waqf. Security restrictions are applied when and if needed and the only issue has been muslims objecting to any Jewish presence on the mount and the denial that there is an ancient connection between the Jews and the sight of the Temple

    • Whatever Iran has or doesn't have it won't be realized or optimized until the tyrannical mullah regime loses its absolute grip on power. The biggest international news about Iran is they allowed one of their filmmakers to attend the Cannes festival to receive his honour for great film making. The mullahs are scared to death.

    • Netanyahu had never been stronger, wether you hate him or not.

    • @m
      More wishful guessing. It's been repeated ad nauseam for over 100yrs.

  • Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!
    • Don't worry friend. Really, chill out a little bit. Putin doesn't give a damn and neither does great Britain. Iran loves to accuse the'zionist entity' of causing there's problems but add to how they have an excuse for counting on a shaky foundation of a deal to continue to deliver them millions I in military shipments to Syria and Hezbollah which could be used against Israel by any

    • Repeat. There was NO BINDING DEAL. It's a figment of your and Obama and Rhoads scheme to bypass Congress(who surely would have mounted a different tactic. The mullahs were fully aware this deal was no binding treaty and only signed by executive privilege with no binding weight, and hence, this may re-look.
      . I understands our appeasment minded euro partners wanting toThe deal if not just for pure profit motive. Noting wrong with that. But did they every consider the the mullah tyrants had absolutely no intention of using the influx of funding and cash to hep bull the long stretch Iranian middle class. Instead, I'm sure most informed Iranians now know the Iranian leaders pumped all pic threes billions 📢

    • @mj

      There was never a "treaty" signed by the US. It was a non-binding agreement that Obama made on his own without the approval of Congress which he would have needed to negotiate an actual treaty. This was basically Obama's word and the Iranians knew this full well going in. They fully expected the next pres would keep status quo. They just didn't expect a trump would win at the time. But, no president, wether Bernie, Hillary or anybody else was bound by Obama's'best bad deal' . That is why it faced a decision by May. Regardless of how great a deal commenters believe Obama made wth the militaristic and expansionist mullahs there was never an obligation, in law or credibility to continue this one sided farce. Europe was happy with it, naturally. But afaict the US got absolutely zero from it.

      Sure, Obama fantasized that the mullahs could be seduced to rejoin the world as rational players, not extreme religious fanatics. The hundreds of billions given to them was supposed to go to helping their economy. It went right into Syria, Yemen, Hezbollah, Iraq,, etc. Ben Rhoads is a lying genius I guess

  • The 'fake news' story is fake news
  • Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors
    • @m
      You don't know what your writing about. Tel Aviv is a sister city with Philadelphia as a matter of decree and public monuments. Just because you don't understand the love between Philadelphia's Jewish community and israel doesn't mean anything. They are much better then you automatically imagine in your biased mind. That you are "sad"? Grab a Kleenex.

  • Subscribers and donors withdraw support from the Philadelphia Orchestra over Israel tour
  • Netanyahu's cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one -- Trump
    • @[email protected]@m

      Your standard argument is to immediately claim anything mossad does is a lie, false flag, or some other failure. Unless of course the story is one that is supportive of your anti-israel agenda.
      Meanwhile The only people not saying much at all, have denied irg were killed in Syria, and generally is not commenting are the mullahs. Iran already tried to retaliate with an armed drone that was forced down. And they weren't prepared for IDF/US ability to penetrate air defence around t4 arms depot. I'm sure you think this is some fantasy as well. Suit yourself.

    • Your fooling yourself if you think the only Intel in the 1.5 tonnes was all old Intel about nukes. As has been repeated, this info is not new. New standard of proof, possibly but no agency would risk that much if it was only to gain old info and try and convince trump to void the 'best bad deal' Obama could make. I don't like Jeffery Goldberg all that much but I agree with him that Netanyahu is weird. The whole presentation was weird and a lot of israelis think so too.

      You can believe the totalitarian mullah regime is the only "iranian" state but they believe with all their power that they are an Islamic Republic. not unlike a Jewish democracy except the Islamic Republic citizens can't vote the regime out of power. But I can see, on MW where there is a zero tolerance of anything but anti-israeli zionist hatred nothing mossad did could ever be conceded without risk of excommunication from the cult. y'all have to remain amazed in utter silence or better yet, remind yourselves of every mossad fail you can think of to soothe the pain

    • It succeeded in humiliating the tyrannical unelected mullah regime beyond what seemed possible. In fact, most journalists are ignoring Netanyahu's theatrics about nukes and focusing on the big story about the audacity of hauling over a ton of intelligence out of central Tehran without incident.

  • Israeli radio host fantasizes about rape and murder of leftist 'filth' who called soldiers 'terrorists'
    • Hardly a shocking exchange between two disc jockeys. I would agree that the comment about the protester being raped were she captured by Palestinians is xenophobic and crude. the regular gazan people would likely treat her kindly and humane at the least . But they would be compelled by the totalitarian regime Hamas to turn her over. Other then that the exchange was not very controversial or shocking. It's not just in Israel were most folks right of the progressive far left would react with anger at the idea of harassing the young soldiers. They had a point in saying she should go protest the policy making general or leaders. But then, if her goal were simply to get a photo snapped of her by a friendly press photog. it makes sense.

  • Gaza and the limits of American sympathy
    • That is a very strange photo of Ronald Reagan's face. What's up with that?

      As to Iran: regardless of the age of the evidence (and is very likely that neither US nor Israel would disclose any current intelligence on any area of Iranian clandestine ops.) the mullahs were humiliated by the success of the Israeli intelligence. Not just that they gained access but such a huge amount. Couple that with the several attacks on Iranian backed bases in Syria and you have one highly humiliated and super pissed off terrorist regime. I imagine mullahs and IRG is chomping at bit to counter attack. But their presently stuck. Using Hezbollah, firing directly into Israel or an overseas attack on a third party Jewish target. Each presents either a political or tactical problem. There may well be an attack and surely the IDF most know the tyrant mullahs will be forced to respond

  • Roger Cohen scares his readers: 'the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state'
    • What an asinine point to make with 1. Mentioning Jews in Syria living ' prosperous lives' is absurd. Saying that everything had been 'quiet' with the Assad's is like saying there has been no rebellion against Kim Jong il inn North Korea. Why not write how many Palestinians Hafez killed in the 70s both in a massive massacre of many thousands and hundreds of other government approved deaths. Nation's don't simply erupt into violent rebellion with no motive. Anyone denying the Assad clans specialty are massacres by bomb, gas or worse is fooling themselves.

  • The 'Jewish nation' is the central myth of Zionism. It needs to be dismantled.
    • Nobody is trying to wipe out Palestinian Arabs. We are in a protracted violent conflict with many and we hold the military edge, obviously. That basic situation is happening in many other places in the world. If conditions were reversed one can wonder as much as one likes. But for now, until a bold leader magically or otherwise appears the protraction will continue

    • Your a devout Zionist hater with a large dose of , you said it, self-hate. I don't know if you hyper far left progressives believe there is an identity as Jewish outside of religious choice so maybe you do or don't consider yourself Jewish. Wether you do or you don't you definitely want to tear down the Jewish State of Israel. Pretty sure you can't argue with that.

    • Oh, by all means, we should all have complete and total respect and reverence for what the colonial puppet montagu had to espouse on. Obviously a genius. And great high jew of jews. And British too.
      Ofir suffers from what used to be thought of as a myth. He has obsessive combative disorder. He can't really help himself so, since we are to assume he possesses some level of above average intelligence he has fit his intellect into his compulsion. He would likely laugh and chortle along with the others but he truly does not like his people. He may like some Jews who conform to his own twisted definition but he definitely detests the vast majority who define as zionists. Who consider themselves a nation. (Like every one of Israel's enemies do) Or perhaps he feels great sorrow at how he was bright enough to escape brainwashing yet so many others were not. Sounds so familiar......

      P'S. LOVE the shot giving the finger. Prefect.

  • Jewish leader refuses to debate BDS with young Jew, at J Street conference
  • Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to 'Breaking the Silence'
    • @e

      Thank g-d MW exists for you so you can keep repeating the statements hardwired in your brain from an obvious ocd condition (repetitively calling something what it isn't over and over and over believing it will make it true) But then it's just as likely you believe the vast majority of Jews (or is it only the people that 'chose' judaism? lol.) who identify as zionist are the people with a collective disorder. we totally understand where you're coming from, don't worry.

  • 'NY Times' coverage of Gaza turns biased again, partly in response to pressure from Hasbara Central
    • "our side....". Lol. Obviously the side of 'The Truth' is your opinion. And "bias"? Your progressive (not liberal) side is so frikkin far out it makes bias look like equilibrium.

  • Thousands demonstrate at Gaza border in 'Burn Israeli Flags' Friday
    • Incredibly Cloying. And, like any normal child from the immediate region, blonde or brunette, rosy cheeked or otherwise, she is preparing to sacrifice for what she believes or has been taught. The editors here at MW have decided to glorify this trait in pretty young girls.
      Deema is entitled to her dreams but deserves to be prepared for reality as Israel girls are prepared for the the inevitable and harsh reality while only dreaming of the unlucky prospects for a peace treaty.

  • Israel's genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further
    • @mgw

      What an asinine assumption. Beyond racist, bigoted and ignorant. Pretty much nothing short of unhinged. 80% or more Israelis can read the garbage so-called progressive, certainly not liberal except in the most perverted sense of the word, but progressive outlets like MW and EI. Why it wouldn't occur to you they assume like most sane humans that's is absolute pigslop?

    • @j

      we're sure you stay up nights fretting about what's happening to us. Snake.

  • Sen. Warren and 5 congresspeople finally criticize Israel's killings; pressure mounts on Feinstein
    • If you really think there is no extremely well funded palestinian lobby, in Europe, the U.S., Russia and Asia then you ought not be calling others names. "fools" among the most ironic.

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