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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • Netanyahu uses Iranian earthquake to praise Israeli 'humanity' and denounce Iranian 'hatred'
    • Just pw making excuses for the small minded nature of Israel's arch enemy: the mullah regime and its irg, who keep an iron grip on any meaningful freedom's on the nation's citizens who don't want to live under strict sharia law. Besides, if the mullahs wanted to cut off any positive propaganda bibi may have scored all he had to do was say, "thank you, we will take the aid through the Red cross, not directly through Israel". Either the Iranians and pw are inane fools or really are small minded and hard hearted tyrants.

  • Video: Brisbane musicians rework Nick Cave classic to demand he cancel Israel show
  • Target Hezbollah
    • As usual, the commentators on MW act no differently then Iranian puppets, spewing out gushing support for the arch enemy of the USA as well as Israel. Typical hypocrisy from the far left fringe. Calling supporters of Israel traitors while supporting the terrorist militia controlling Lebanon and its puppet master dictator, ayatollah Khameini. Who is the traitor... Let's see the immigration figures of ANY westerners let alone other refugees trying to get into Iran or Hezbollah controlled Lebanon.

  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
  • The U.S. media dwells on corrupt African leaders -- but whitewashes the Western billionaires and oil giants that pay them
    • I didn't even read this yet but I am betting there is little to no mention of the double, maybe triple billions unscrupulous Chinese conglomerates are pouring into African countries primarily to rape them of their natural resources. China is not known for its sensitivity toward their darker skinned brethren in Africa. But of course north focuses on the US Israel and all that's evil about the west. He's never going to climb out of the biased obsessive anti Zionist hack category if he doesn't branch out from bigoted blogs.

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • Yes, I noticed there was no mention of weitzmans 'gift' to the British war effort. Like to know how Weitzman s invention was a direct result of Zionist power.

      And yes, Alfred Barnes also didn't discover silver nitrate, he just discovered how to prevent all US infants from getting syphilis through the birth canal. That's how inventing things works. Take a raw material and do something useful with it and help all man/women kind.

  • UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians 'back to the dark ages'
    • AC
      the Nuremberg trials left many legal questions unanswered and while they made a seminal mark on the legal view of warfare post 1945, it's unknown how different the world would be had they taken Churchill and Stalin's (naturally stalin) view to round up every senior nazi and shoot them all dead. and how can the left wingers complain about that approach when they knew(back then) all along that Stalin was murdering millions of 'anti soviet commies' quietly and efficiently.

    • @m

      pretty much, yes. though, some don't always know it. it isn't in them. at least in this realm. otherwise, why are any of us here, as in here, "right"?

    • @er

      "we" you(as in the collective bubble of anti-israel, anti-zionist commenters) already do. Is your referring to the world as a whole (minus the Muslim/arab block and far left European fringe, good luck and fat chance

  • Nick Cave urged to cancel Tel Aviv shows by Roger Waters, Angela Davis, Thurston Moore
    • @bb

      Were it the IDF special forces that had snuck into Gaza to accomplish an operation and who were caught by v Hamas and the operation was liquidated before any harm could be done, why, you would most surely be jumping for joy along with many peers here on MW. Unless you really do not comprehend what Israelis actually go through and think it's some kind of baby's game.

    • Israel was made aware (through ground sensors or Intel-take your pick) that a new tunnel was approaching from Gaza under the border fence. Israel opted to wait until more was known and a more opportune time to destroy the tunnel. Wether the high command could determine how many Palestinian soldiers were in the tunnel it was determined that the tunnel made it under the border and into Israeli territory.
      . Waiting to cause maximum damage is a reasonable military strategy that makes perfect military sense considering. The militants were said to be led by Islamic Jihad. We hold the Hamas responsible but understand that neither Hamas nor the pa are eager for something to flare up out of their absolute control

  • Anti-BDS crusader Kenneth Marcus named to top civil rights post in Trump administration
    • There is a limitation on free speech,(one of the most over relied on phrase of the far left) when that speech is aimed to shut down the free speech of others. There is no such thing as unfettered free speech in the USA. Perhaps Marcus is using the JVP et al. That shut down pro israel groups as an example which is well within his right and prospect to accomplish. Instead of whining find a way to beat him.

  • R.I.P., Shiksa
    • If pw future wife was talking about tribalism on the first date it certainly explains a lot as to the origins of MW.

    • @m

      "Most of them were not Jewish" is a gross exaggeration. Most of them were Jewish. A lot of them had fathers that were Jewish which was overlooked. Some came with very little connection (if any) to Jewish relatives.

      I agree with your line in your previous post. pw, always preoccupied with counting jews missed that there were a lot more,'jewesses' then just the one he mentioned. It doesn't seem like hw cared much about types except for young and beautiful. such a jewish trait as is ejaculating in potted plants. that's been taught by generations of jewish men to the young as an excellent fertilizer and a mitzvah so as not to waste the chosen seed

  • Leon Wieseltier on the Jewish people sounds a lot like Richard Spencer on white people
    • @e

      I was referring to wether the neo nazis in the US would consider white Muslims as part of their people. My point being that to a Nazi a Muslim can say they are a Christian and be assorted but a jew is a Jew no matter what they say. I believe this is the logic the neo nazis adhere to

    • Other then thinking up a dozen reasons why authors acceptance that Spencer's analogy to white Europeans as a nation "sounds" exactly like Jews as a nation is specious I kept thinking of an image. What about all the white European Muslims that live in the US? are they in or out? Seems to me, since they all obviously converted at some past point retain their so-called 'peoplehood' and therefore are 'in'. Jews are still non humanoid mud people

  • Jewish news agency edits out editor's role as settler advocate
    • @m

      No. American German Jews are a thing. Not going anywhere. It's like Harvey: everybody knows

    • It isn't just "settlers" that believe jews have a right to pray at the site of the temple. As far as international law is concerned Israel is the legal occupier of the land. There is widespread agreement between pro Palestinian supporters that settlements are + illegal' (their point being aided by former US President Obama)
      PW continues to assume the right to define what American Jews are or are not as well as assume how a jew living in Israel should define themselves. If he did this using black or brown people as an example he would be hounded off this blog into an even tinier corner of the internets . pw always struck me in his writing as the most like the selected judenrat in the ghettos.
      . And not to be too politically correct but let's face it, German Jews in America either pre 1880s or from German middle classes have always had a superiority complex within American Jewry. An intrinsic paternalism towards other Jews who they feel distaste for. They know better. But did they ever? It's no different today then it was back in the 19th century

  • Texas city drops Israel boycott ban for individuals but says businesses must still reject BDS to get hurricane aid
    • There never was a 'requirement' for individuals that they had to agree to not bds in order to obtain aid. It was an oversite. This was clearly stated at both local and state levels. But MW and EI never miss a chance to exploit a molehill while missing the mountain.

  • American Jewry and Israel, unbound
    • @h

      Whatever you think of MW- I do not believe they intentionally censor pro Zionist commentary. Sometimes a moderator defines something incorrectly or more narrowly then a commenter might think but in the broader picture, they do not moderate heavily. Just my opinion.

  • Balfour and Britain's broken promise
    • @jc

      Considering the normal discourse on MW and the extreme parsing of the legitimacy of the Jewish Nation of israel I just think the original question is so outrageously rhetorical that it bags for a sarcastic answer.

      However, that said, some could extrapolate from the simple question that had the war never occurred that:

      A) Hitler might have been able to proceed with a 'peaceful' but secret plan to exterminate the entire population of euro jews (and& gypsies) It could also be easily assumed that avoiding war would have taken precedence for the 'allies' over stopping an industrial strength genocide.

      B) there would be any less legitimacy or success to the jewish /zionists quest to establish a new homeland in israel. It may have taken longer. It may have happened sooner were there no war. we just. dont. know.

      It is easy to put together an already known narrative: ww1 + Inter war years+ ww2/shoah= Israel. Of course it's logical, because that is what happened. I think one of the biggest mistakes the Arabs have made in avoiding negotiations thru the years is their constant harping on what should have been, what might have been and what could have been had only a, b, or c happened instead. I did not mean the sarcasm as a personal attack but on the postulation itself

    • Well, we'll never know now will we?

    • @eb

      So by following,, you should regard the US, Canada and 75% of the Arab /muslim middle east as having no legal legitimacy? what's the cut off point? Lots here conveniently like to start history at the end of ww2. Your standards for pre 21stC colonialist capitulation start and stop with the Jews and Israel. It is as obvious as the nose on ones face.

    • @jc

      Oh wow. that is SUCH a clever and legitimate topic worth examining in depth here on the old mondo weisser. original too.

      another good topic is, if Moses didn't stutter would the Scottish still wear kilts.

    • @m

      Fantastic alternate history of southern Syria and the trans Jordan vis a vis palestine. The motto that comes to mind is if you can't be installed by an imperial dynasty as king and you don't want to lose territory then you'd best not lose your wars.

    • Page: 20
    • The Arabs of mandate Palestine received over 70% of the land when the Jordan was spilt off from the West Bank. That the brits handed this majority'palestinian' land over to the little hashemite monarchy should be a bigger issue for mandate arabs were the arabs not hell bent and tenaciously driven to claim every inch of the former British, Ottoman, Arab Greek Roman colonies despite the indigenous Jewish presence existing for millennia

  • A party for Jewry's phantom limb
    • @k

      prooving what? That it takes the annihilation of half your people for some to grasp reality.

    • @m

      are you grumbling about big noses?

    • "A model of secular Jewish identity"
      Only a true asshat (tnx 2 rb) true believing, Zionist hating, mediocre minded drivel would celebrate the debacle of inter-war european jewry. Of course PW would be expected to pine and slaver over the biggest failure Jews ever undertook to improve themselves and their place in society. Trusting in 'like minded' Lithuanian, Russian
      , polish, Ukrainian, Latvian and other assorted europeans to see comradery. Nazis and communists. The best friends the Jews who migrated from Judea across northern africa and up through western Europe ever had.

  • Subscribe to 'Haaretz,' the Israeli paper that is more courageous and more accurate than the 'New York Times'
    • The anti-bds frenzy in the US is a curious thing. I can't discern wether it's a general statement of support and love for Israel from average everyday American communities or if it's a reaction to the inroads the extreme far left has made into sectors of American society. Sort of the: if we give them an inch they'll take a mile defense. Whatever the reasons are it does not seem to be occupying a big place in the American conscience. Its only controversial and outrageous to those already in the hate-israel, hate-zionist camp.

      . And I assume by "aid" the quote is referring to the Texas county that supposedly has an anti bds clause. That residents are being deprived of any aid, local, state or federal has been completely discredited as having no truth to it at all.
      As for "self declared nazis" and aid,? I really haven't a clue. I noticed the US press has been fixated on Richard Spencer and neo nazis since Charlottesville and they are still pathetically trying to connect the msm's new P.T. Barnum..... one Steve Bannon to neo nazis in some way other then his editing breitbart and not censoring the smooth nazi scums controversial views.,*

      * I'll bet a dollar that in the next few years spencer will undergo some public spectacle of repentance and changing his ways. He loves the cameras too much and reeks of fraudster. Just what the Nazis need, another false prophet that turns out to be queer, Jewish and to have a heart in the first place. Lol

    • It's still making money for a Zionist, albeit a very left wing zionist company. And it really needs all the foreign support it can get as it's been struggling for readership a long time and is tanking not ascending in popularity in the general population. I guess nobody here thinks it's funny that this "brave" little newspaper prints only the most anti Zionist often anti israel views of any newspaper not an outright jew hating blog or official hate site like MW. I read it too but only with the pay wall. They give me 90% of their content free so I have to suffer for not reading levy or hass hate screeds until a few days after pub.

  • Steven Salaita keynotes conference on academic freedom in Ireland
    • The poor guys got to make a living some way. I'll bet he curses the Israelis who made sms messaging/tweeting possible. It's hard to not like this man personally but it's possible.

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • I have to admit, I've never been more disappointed to read that Israel is continuing to recruit young jews from the uk, eu or the us to make aliyah. How dare us do such a thing. It's an outrage.

  • In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott
    • @er

      And you would definitely know what the apex of making absolutely no sense means based on so many of your past comments. Maybe most Texans think you and mondoweiss are quite "obnoxious" . It certainly would seem so.

    • Ooh boo hoo. Here on mondoweis commenters swoon with every report of some third tier european pension fund or landscape company exercising their right to "blacklist" an israeli firm doing business in israel. Yet, when it's Texas that that exercises it's own right to stipulate what rules businesses and property owners must comply with to access state funds suddenly the word "blacklist" is slung around as if the citizens of Dickenson county aren't getting any disaster relief and the damn jewish lobby is preventing texans (who approve of the rule anyway) from receiving disaster relief. it's not only not true but is the worst kind of hyperbole and low rent cause that the current aclu is taking on and destroying whatever is left of its former credibility. the aclu has been reduced to the same left wing obsession with israel the far left fringe engages in. so patriotic.

      Second- nobody is depriving anybody of standing on their roof and yelling how much they disagree with the rule and how much they support bds which they are free to do until the cows come back.

      Third- paragraph 15 needs something like a comma after "hit" or the sentence reads like the hurricane personally attacked the texas state senator. *

      * Which reminds me of the other storm harvey w. and how there is no mw hit piece on him. just thinking of the irony of him trying to plan potential 'friendly asylum' routes (of course he thinks he's that important) and how, on fairly good authority, it was made very clear to him to him he has 'no friends' in goi because bibi will never ever forgive him for releasing Miral in '10. lol.

  • Contest! Design a logo to celebrate the IDF's 70th birthday
  • ‘Balfour’s Legacy: Confronting the Consequences’ to be held in Harvard Square
    • @e

      you forgot. JUDEN!!. with few exceptions jews were not considered citizens of european countries. not russia . not poland and not the other regions where you also mistakenly believe jews descended from khazzer converts(forget the lack of DNA, the while h bbb ooo ok uh py convert theory is highly debatable and serious historians will say there is no reliable source for wether a king converted symbolically or a single'family', a tribe, or if it happened at all. It also conflicts with your other theories of eastern european jews so you haven't even gotten to the level where you can be taken seriously by anybody but the true believers here.

      my people went from Judea across northern africa up through spain then up into germany poland etc. when your ready to dispute the oral or written histories of other indigenous people the way you enjoy to discredit the major jewish migrations and subsequent populations. N(there are other routes taken from judea to the north east) the main point being that there is enough history that is known by many sources such that the flunkiest and absurdistI can maybe have a discussion. but people with views denying the origin of my people engage in ethnic and racist denial. the same8 denial that causes you to overload with caustic indignation when ever somebody else mentions the oil

    • @m

      skip the sanity cause and go right to the any denial of the nazi = zionist will not be tolerated.

    • @m

      what I was really hoping for was a hit piece on hurricane harvy w. and his deep hollywood pocket.

    • Just another mw piece boiling everything down to: Israeli is the reason for all the Arab Muslim problems since the beginning of 20th century. Who but the left wingers living in a bubble is going to believe this. Even everyday middle class Christian Europeans are starting to see what bs this meme is. The far left in the US will probably take longer but it will follow.

      If the US Gov. Ever came out against balfour it would have to prepare for it's indigenous population to pursue invalidating ALL the federal treaties that were broken(all were eexcept afew). The destruction of American natives was accomplished only a few years before balfour. And, the Europeans have NO indigenous connection to the land like Jews have to Israel.

      And oh yes, I know somebody will tell me the two are completely different issues. Only mondoweiss gets to engage in their self created whataboutism.

  • Eli Valley lost work at Jewish paper for savage cartoons of Foxman and Dershowitz (but only the Israeli press cares)
    • This piece only goes to prove what a bubble PW lives in? if he really thinks this is the kind of bullshit "american jews" would be interested in ( subs let's be clear, only some american jews have anything like "antipathy" growing for Israel. In your bubble there may be antipathy but in the world, other then the usual suspects for the past 50 yrs brand Israel is more popular then ever) it's just kind of shocking that pw thinks anybody but the most obsessive Zionist hating Israel hating American jews would give a crap about valley . Even I don't give a sht about this and I'm just as obsessive as amondiweisser ny

  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
    • 3 Jews and a vandalized synagogue does not make for a very big place in the history of the 'troubles'. Other then wild crazy theories about the Irish being one of the lost 12 tribes (red hair connection, I think?)this was a conflict that had no place for jewish issues.

    • IRA kinship with PLO was mostly situational and stylish. Black sunglasses, berets and revolution we're all exciting and new for many people's who felt oppressed. The problem 27th the IRAs affair with Arafat had mostly to do with guns, buying selling and smuggling. The Irish didn't bother to lecture the palestinians that their true oppressors were their surrounding Arab so-called leaders: Nasser imprisoned them in Gaza and did nothing. A little king was installed in the Palestinian Jordan to tamp down any Palestinian unrest.( Eventually resorting to mass murder on a very large scale by little hashemite occupying king) nobody else I the Arab world treated Palestinian Arabs with respect or kindness but they took all their anger out on Israel. Had the IRA not been occupied with gb and turned to helping oust the tyrannical Arab dictators in Syria Jordan, ksa, qtr, etc...we might be living in a different world. Arafat was a scumbag who stole billions from his people without giving a sht about them yet he remains defied in the PA/plo system. I suspect every Arab child knows by 10 what a fuck up Arafat was which can only be spoken in private not public. So, the Republican army allied with one of the biggest crooks in the Arab world. How much is that wife holding onto for herself?

      Anyway, at least as far as I know the IRA were not totalitarian kleptocrats. They took care of their own and probably, if it was found that a high up in the organization was hoarding billions in Irish peoples money, a hit would surely have been set up.

      Though, I've been told here I know nothing about Ireland so I wouldn't want to presume too much.

    • @a

      Yeah, I figured you see things this way. But, the argument can easily be turned on it's head. The English/Scot colonizers came hundreds of years ago to displace the Irish like the Arab conquerors came to replace Judaism and Christian with Islam. They both stayed hundreds of years and by virtue of this claim that they have as much right to the land as you. Irish naturally want to fight to keep the South Irish and retain or reclaim as much of the North as possible Zionist=IRA imho. It's all about perspective my'friend'.

    • @jo

      I know exactly what I wrote. You can have a small inkling of what most Israelis hear or read about themselves every day(oh, that is if they support their right to self determination and sovereignty in their land which you don't believe is ours anyway.) Didn't like the British trying to define who and what you were I take it? Been there. And don't like Irish stereotypes? Done that. So surprising. You never read racist hateful stereotypes on MW-the most moral commentary regulars in the world.

      And jo... Norman French? Are you trying to say the Nordic tribes have little or nothing to do with the island of Ireland and its people?

      Also, don't know if it's funny, outrageous neither or both but to hear the (probably) Irish commenters here scold about ignorance of Irish history while asst the same time trying to cram some cockeyed version of my people's history down our throats as if YOU know our history better then we do. So maybe next time you might want to think about why I write what I do. Or,. Just keep assuming I'm an evil Zionist idiot with no notion of Irish people or Ireland if that floats your boat. And you can continue to try and define my own people's history and land as much as you like but stop whining about "racist" comments you baby. If you think what I said about the Irish is horrible I guess you've never been to an Irish pub and heard what the Irish say about themselves!

    • @mlo

      I have no specific issue with yourvcaliph Omar other then overly generous emphasis on how kindly he was. He was not brutal, was wise and knew how to compromise(sometimes) I can live with that history for the most part. Kind of like zionists claiming we were always kind and respectful as possible. The most moral army......A little too much there and w Omar I would say.

      Also aware of Kurd Saladin and his neutral attitude towards Jews.. Sometimes bordering on benevolent. We can still see evidence of this history by the closeness felt between Kurds and Jews.

    • @m

      Fortunately for you, I do that often as well

    • Ireland. Ok. Occupied by the ancient Celts who were eventually pushed out or father out by Anglo Saxons who colonized much of the land. A thousand years later there is a large revolutionary awareness born that indigenous Irish have every right to reclaim the land they were pushed off of over the past 1000yrs. (Note: the native Irish tribes did not abandon their connection to the land and accommodated their Scottish and Anglo colonizers as best they could through war, defeat, mass murder, expulsion,.etc.

      The Irish can relate much to the disposed Jews of Judea, brutalized and chased by Romans and later forced to convert or flee from colonialist Arab Muslims who took over the Jewish native of Judea and Samaria.

      Strange how many Irish have chosen to relate to the group of refugees that originally descend from colonialist Muslim Arabs forcing victims to convert or to flee. Others came as recently as the late 19th/early 20th for economic opportunities not available to them in Egypt, Lebanon, Syriac Libya and more. Whatever the explanation, the Jews of Judea share more in common with the oppressed Irish then the northern Irish do with Arabs self identifying as Palestinian Arabs. But nobody said the Irish ever made sense. They are lovable, hardy, stubborn but not always realistic or perceptive. Knee jerk reactions.

  • US quits UNESCO over 'anti-Israel bias' and Israel follows suit
    • @e

      As of now we have not decided wether to follow the US by withdrawing from UNESCO. We support the US decision but have not exercised our own.

  • Anti-blackness and the core logic of Zionism
    • Such bullsht. Who does the author think we're the first American progressive thinking white people's who integrated willingly and unapologetically with black mates of both sexes. All the children of these sixties progressive pioneers are coming of age as politically connected social activists. Their own bi- racial children have forged ahead to continue and blur the lines between what constitutes 'blackness' , race, whiteness, privilege versus adversity. To deny that Jews were a large part of these first out and public integrated pairings would be a lie. There were Christian progressive groups too as well as other open minded people of all stripes.

  • From Greta Gerwig to NYU, Israel has deep reservoir of cultural support in U.S.
    • @jo

      You've seen the evidence of lists and the facts that back them up. You simply choose to go with the ' facts' that back up your own preferred version of the narrative you support. MW is already chock full of comments with thirty pages of notations (most which link back to mondoweiss or EI interpretations in the first place and in the second- discredited accounts that were either complete fabrications, distortions or taken out of context.
      . That said, I am not saying I do not believe much of the information that has been published that's countered a completely pro-israeli Zionist perspective. But then, in Israel, we allow our professors and press shills(g.levy) to print what they want.

      I accept there were atrocities committed by both sides but in general, MW commenters only seem to accept everything ever written, said or done by Israel is a complete fabrication, covert plan , or brainwashing.

    • @k

      I thought it was the gun lobby? ( and Americans like goofing around with military weapons a hell of a lot more then Israelis do. I guess mandatory service helps quelch that societal issue. Same with Swiss, they all have guns stashed deep in their closets but rarely obsess about them)

      Or, the oil lobby? The big pharma lobby? Insurance lobby? Lawyers lobby? Military/industrial arms lobby (almost ALL of which are not controlled by Jews, btw)

      So nice you can simplify things so easily in your true believing mind.

    • @Msr

      . Are you trying to sound like the character on that old American comedy Laugh In? He wrote a Helmut if I remember correctly? Your humour, as always is quite elusive unless it's in secret de-coder anti-zionist dialect.!

    • @annie
      . Tell me a time you can remember or in the past when zionists in America did NOT PARTNER with Israelis and spent relatively big money on pushing the Israeli narrative of our history. I also can not remember a time in the past fifty years when even the most vocal conservative zionists outright denied that Palestinians were: forced out, pressured out, coaxed out and 'tricked' out by both arab neighbors as well as the fledgling Israel government

      The only major difference I can see is that Palestinians have mastered the art of their own hasbara with expensive (sometimes Jewish) PR firms in Europe and the US . There is no denying they have become very efficient at pushing their own line and pretending it's all done tiny little grass roots organizing even of the Palestinians (or their leaders) are the single most wealthy and well funded refugees on earth

    • @k

      For a smart guy you can really be a dope sometimes. Not only will you find most very wealthy Jews in the US are zionist but get this.... You will also find that upper middle class, middle class and working class Jews are vast majority pro Zionist. You will find the vast majority of these Jews kids will also be vastly pro Zionist (although in the past few years out had not been as fashionable to be an 'out' Zionist on college campuses and the anti Zionist far left has had some success in this demographic but overall, not much, or not much that isn't fleeting.
      You will also find the vast majority of poor Jews (mostly orthodox Jews who live in tight communities where personal wealth takes less precedent over communal wealth and religious practice) are also pro Zionist. That only a few scattered sects of orthodox hold views that 'g-d' has not truly brought'his' peeps back to Zion and therefore it's an abomination exist is just a testament to judaisms diversity as tolerance(there have been no violent attacks on netura kartei, e.g. just lots of yelling)

      . So, you should lighten up. Besides the Jewish support for Israel, the Christian support, the support of other assorted groups Phil might as well say that support for the combustion engine attached to a drive train and four wheels is built into American culture. And it probably is. Along with mom and Apple pie. As a trusted lawyer always says to calm hot heads down: "it is what it is"

  • Leading journalists call 2nd Amendment an anachronism -- but spare Zionism
    • There is absolutely nothing in the second amendment requires that citizens be able to own weapons used for war or mass murder. When I was young and my older neighbor came home from the war he told've stories about hand grenades and how he used a bazooka. I said, like many seven year olds would that I'd like to shoot a bazooka. My neighbor Freddie told me then that nobody except soldiers in the military were allowed these things. Evidently, I accepted that as reasonable and while I enjoy skeet and hunting only when required, I also admit that I like my very small collection of two vintage handguns and one modern pistol. They are all registered and I have no desire whatsoever to aquire an assault rifle-with or without a bump stock, expanded magazine, laser scopes or any addition that makes a gun more leather as a mass murdering tool rather then a tool of hunting and self protection.

      If bazooka and,50mm gaitling guns or mortars or uzi's or guns that fire around 90° corners were outlawed I see no slippery slope towards taking the basic right to bare arms for self defense away. There is something not right about the radical nra members who have been so easily duped

  • In decertifying Iran deal, Trump caves to Israel. But who will say so?
    • Theoretically, if Israel were to subvert all foreign intelligence and launch its own attack on Iranian bomb sites the p5 would be required to either warn, stop or prevent such attacks from occurring.
      . I read through that pile of appeasment once, which was enough. It's I the literature put out explaining the deal top the public. Mainly it's theoretical and not very likely but it is also possible

    • Nobody is caving to Israel. Even Obama said outright the deal wasn't a'good' deal but only that it was'the best' deal he could manage. That Europeans are squawking about its merits to me, is a great reason to go the opposite direction. Russia,(or should I say Putin?) ... Of course he wants his buffer of Iranian influence exactly the way the Soviet wanted a eastern Balkan/euro buffer.

      . I think only a fool believes the Iran will not retain the ability to produce bombs before or, the day after the deal expires and they attained a clause where the US would be compelled to attack Israel were it to attack any strategic sites in Iran.

      . So, we have a lot of posturing. It is a little unbelievable to hear die-hard Zionist haters and far left progressives lend credibility to trumps hand picked military leaders to spout off what's in the best interest to the world and/or the US. I never knew either of these factions had such respect for US military brass.

      Trump has a habit of blowing in hard but not carrying through for all sorts of reasons over the end, from the ominous to the ridiculous.

  • Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor
    • Is the letter writer definitely identified as Jewish? There are plenty of non Jews who don't have a great opinion of the Hamas.

      I also don't find the situation to be that unique for NYC . I'm sure in Greenpoint if you pinned up pro Russian/Putin flags the local Polish would kick their asses. They are that tough. And I wouldn't be surprised if some cluck put up a big Trump portrait and got severely hassled by neighbors.
      PW is overreacting based on his own obsessions. In America I have seen dozens of bumper stickers and door stickers in bodegas with Palestinian flags, symbols, sayings. I doubt NYC Jews are that paranoid of anybody. Maybe in Phil's knows a lot of nebishes

  • What Killed Mohanned?
    • @g

      Like, the Children of Men coming true scenario? I know plenty of people from Europe, Israel and the US who don't think it's so far fetched. I remain optimistic but if the actual.1% of the world's wealthiest , ( not the so called Zionist control the world conspiracy because the 1% is Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Mexican Japanese and most of these wealthiest, including Americans are not at all Jewish)

      If the actual 1% does not start to act as if they care about the masses of people who support their personal wealth at their expense the world may well continue to slide into chaos. And while gaza may represent the part of the nightmare where nobody gets in or out ( which is bad enough) there are regions, nations and parts of the world where the suffering of masses is infinitely more excruciating then even life in Gaza. ) or so I believe.

      It has been written about in both idyllic terms and brutal exposés how the industrial revolution changed the way wealth was held and distributed. But even the likes of a Henry Ford in the early 20th made sure his workers made a living wage that a family could survive on without depriving them of basic rights to educating, health and social services. And this is just the US. Most of the world is still living in the 10th century except now they all have smartphones to do shit like this on.

      Louis CK did a brilliant bit (seen on clip from Saturday night alive) on a man laying on his couch imagining how important his opinions meant to the world. His opinions on who makes the best burger to what he thinks of a politician. We're all self important cogs and I seriously doubt ANYBODY in the actual .1% is wasting any time on opinion sites unless it's an assistant reporting because afaict, they don't give a shit. They live in fantasy worlds of unbelievable expanses of land, own islands, fly over everything. Sure there are exceptions but exceptions won't work as the rule.

      . Your poem was a thoughtful piece . Yet.... another dozen (of many more) young kids will likely kill themselves by tonight

    • Not trying intentionally to be the first to respond but it's a sad story and while there is no doubt the unique situation Gaza is in played a part in this suicide it also reminds me of other society's where suicide is popular among young adults who feel helpless and hopeless. Japan. Upper middle class kids from sterile big box house communities. Swedish kids(who knows what's up with that statistic?)
      . But I do know of some things that mohanned knew. I understand what the lack of a father figure, a mentor or just another adult male that gives a shit. Why on earth this poor kid wasn't advised to stay away from his obviously vicious and cold father. Facing that kind of rejection once it's enough for most but Mohanned kept returning, ever hopeful in the face of stone.
      (And of course, here on MW I can see that there will be many who will make a parallel to the'cold stone hearted Israelis. I can both see the ease of making this comparison and how universal this boy's story is. Every person has unique variables they face in life. That on top of the Gaza situation he had this other rejection was difficult and unique to gazans even if suicide of young adults is not)

      His photo? It must be extra heartbreaking for those who cared for and loved him. You could say he easily fits the style of a young palestinian James Dean. At least by his physical expression.

      . I was reading recently how suicide and violence rates go down, contrary to what many social scientists thought(or think) . Evidently this was true for Syrians, Rwandans, Serbs, as others. That the chaos of surviving brought people together exactly the opposite of what rich sterile communities do to their kids. I can't speak for gazans as I haven't been(or allowed) there in over 12yrs. I know that only parts of the strip are destroyed while others are intact and , I'll say bustling. But I know that for 1000s life is an extreme burden. One which we are a large part of but which is also not in any way one where we are in control. You can't speak of Gaza without soaking of Hamas.
      . But I would let this sad story rest on the hope that gazans like Mohanned will be free in the near future to travel where their dreams take them as there is no possible benefit to Israel or Zionism to have hundreds of thousands of hopeless youths to our south. in 2005 we may have been foolishly hopeful but nobody I knew in Israel thought the Hamas would roll in within the year. I know there are conspiracy theorists who think sharon had it all planned. Seriously.
      . I hope this boy found peace and his mother can find solace and his father can rot in hell.

      This site is about the I/p conflict and I expect criticism to fall on zionist Israel's but I would stand by this story as one of universal sadness and tragedy.

  • Vietnam documentary leaves out context, America's global war on communism
    • I have always tended central in most political issues and agree with the authors take on burns documentary. . ( I also wrote earlier I could relate to shone aspects of PW take)... That it could been seen by either side as uncovering their perception, both ARVN and NVA. And it would have been great if burns was able to devote more time to civilian survivors both north and south. I believe burns was able to skirt the issue for both time constraints and by using the large number of civilians that comprised the Viet cong versus civilians that had either southern or neutral proclivities. Obviously only burns can answer that but it's not necessary to dismiss his accomplishment based on a centrist (some say biased others say broad) position. The main point is there was no obvious intention to mislead the viewing public.

  • Watch the cathartic Vietnam documentary
    • @rh

      Yes, it does mention the Koreans, Australians and others who joined as allies in fighting the nva.
      It also doesn't touch much on the fairly well known NVA atrocities committed, especially when the NVA tribunal shoved the older ho chi min and his allies to side. It's very simplistic and juvenile to judge to VN war based on: US-bad, NVA-good. In the mix with all the political maneuvers were millions of people who did not, by any means, want to live in a state controlled by nva, VC, and the Chinese and Russian puppet masters.
      But US power, blindness and South Vietnamese inability to deal with the rampant corruption of the southern yyyiiyï7uiyyuug5

    • Astounded I agree with PW? Not really. My brother-in-,law served from 67-68 in intelligence (thank goodness he passed the iq tests to bypass basic service. he was the guy we all saw the young unknown Harrison Ford playing in apocalypse now.
      He's a nice Christian surfer boy who converted to Judaism I suspect mostly for love of my sister. But he is as anti-war as they come. He was in Van Tuong, keh san, and in Saigon during tet.

      I haven't seen all 10 yet but I thought to call him and ask him what he thought. He thought it was amazing and horrifying. It brought him right back to tet and his buddies killed but he appreciated hearing front the many Viet cong and NVA and their opinions. John Musgrave seems to be a universal hero if only for his honesty as was Bao Ninh.

      So, I don't know what the American far right thinks in general of this and I'm not really a big fan of Burns (I met him on a job and thought he was full of himself. And maybe he should be but a bit of a prick) But this film was not the typical burns vehicle. As Phil said, the visuals alone carried more weight then almost any of the interviews. Seeing Not just the photo but the film of the head of South Vietnamese police shoot the Viet Cong (who was guilty of participating in the Tet attack brought it right back to why this was a turning point in the war for the US and the NVA.
      . Anyway, my in law is left but not fringe left like mondoweiss people. He knows the war was a debacle from Eisenhower through Nixon but he, who witnessed the worst and was privy to the lies being told by Westmoreland and others, thought it was as amazing as Phil and showed the war as he had never seen it portrayed before.

  • A plea to Israel: Don't start the third Lebanon War
    • While Israel retains the nuclear option we are trying to forestall the tipping point where without nukes any war with Hezbollah will be a MAD war. That point is extremely close and Iran knows it. But the tyrannical shi'ia mullahs are not the same as the politiburo . Many put their money on the mullahs being'rational' but that's up in the air. The IRG maybe less so. MAD has proven successful in the past so I wouldn't bet on anybody'starting' a war.

      . The most likely scenario is an unpredictable accident, calamity, botched routine exercise or an unhinged plot by any number of radical religious extremists on either side. Too many variables to predict. Nasrallah said himself he never would have executed the kidnap plan had he understood the response. Of course that didn't stop him from pulling victory out of the agony of defeat. And I mean that in both ways.

    • @ et al

      Yes. Complicated. If zionists truly controlled all that you believe and are as evil as you believe wht the hell wouldn't we have made things really simple in '67. Why give the mount to the waqf?
      Why not just push out or kill thousands of Arabs from all of Judea and Samaria? Why supply Gaza with 1000s of tons of material each week after we completly evacuated,? There were so many 'simpler' ways to run a genocide. But no, we zionists have run the most back-asswards genocide the world has ever witnessed. if takes a lot of opinions to screw up something so simple as say, occupying Cyprus, western Sahara, Crimea
      . And by the way, I'll quote Hilel Neuer (one of your favs, naturally) on the subject of ethnic cleansing. "Where are your Jews?. Egypt? Iraq? Lebanon? Iran? Syria? Where are your Jews"?
      Nothing apartheid about the Arab world is there?
      . Right. It's ethno supremacist. Evil, illegal and the whole problem would go away for ever if all Jews who weren't in Israel b4 partition would simply......leave! So simple why didn't we think of that?

    • @m

      . I just got an amazing Gucci blazer in Milan airport (less vat and 20%. I know, I'm a selfish goddamn clothes horse while the world burns. I'm sure I'll pay in the end) and while I used to have a dual US /Israel lapel pin its long since gone out of style and I've taken to wearing an emerald with a tiny dangling enamel four leaf clover. that or nothing.

      Do I really want to Google this pangloss Dr. guy? Rather remain ignorant for now.

    • @ an
      You seem pretty easily manipulated yourself. You accept the most discredited revisionist history of the I/p conflict most of which is written by less then the most astute historians. I'm not saying all historical revision is incorrect but you seem to accept all negative narrative about Israel as true and any pro israel narrative add false. Black and white. True believer. Call it what you like but it lacks nuance. I know plenty of Israelis who understand our conflict as very complex nuanced and difficult. But as long as your accusing Israelis of being so easily manipulated

      And let's not even get into how easy the Palestinian people have been manipulated by PA and willingly (vote) by Hamas

    • @m

      ... never hasn't been."
      I agree.(if you really want to play the spelling game)

    • Derfner is a strategic idiot. Allowing Iran to have its band of control from Iraq to the med sea will not pacify its urge to destroy Israel. Hezbollah and Iran have been threatening such for decades. And they, unlike the clown in North Korea, Hezbollah is not known for lying or playing foolish strategic games. Israel is not"starting" the next Lebanon war by making sure Iran does not install highly accurate Russian missiles near the shared border (which the UN declared Israel withdrew from years ago.

      . There is no appeasement that has ever shown it would work on the fanatical tyrant mullahs nor on the tyrant nasrallah. Israel is being honest that the next time it is attacked by Hezbollah and it's Lebanese proxies (meaning the feckless Lebanese army and government) along with the full support of Iran Israel will no longer accede to EU or is pleas to'hold back' and will exercise its right to destroy its enemy until it surrenders unconditionally just like in ww2 and other wars settled by one belligerent being defeated by the other. There may be many Israelis that will be killed by Iran and Lebanon, Hamas and Fatah but it will never be like it was in the past. This was and remains the singular reason that the Zionist state was first imagined and it's the primary reason it continues to project military strength.
      . But you die hard mono weissers can keep on fantasizing about the destruction of Israel and Zionism in your lifetime. If it floats your boat keep at it. Reality takes its own path.

  • UN takes first concrete step to hold Israel accountable for violating Palestinian human rights
    • I saw it on various news outlets, but yes, not above the continuing trump/nfl, trump/healthcare trump/korea plus hurricane damage

  • Seeing 'tranquillity' on West Bank, 'New York Times' whitewashes the occupation
    • Absolute American far left fringe bullshit that palestinians in both the territories and Israel don't lead long periods of tranquility while other Palestinians in areas where resistance is more active and or violent do not. And some Israeli settlements where both arab and Jews live experience periods of relative tranquility while Israeli settlements where ultra right wing nationalists and orthodox may not, or, may experience calm only by the presence of either IDF troops or pa security to maintain a forced tranquility.

      As usual, MW exaggerates in a more egregious way then the crappy nyt, which he constantly whines about. (Except for the dozen or more very pro-palestian pieces they've printed recently) covers. If pw would be honest about the nyt and report that pro israel groups often have equally legitimate complaints about the anti-israel bias of some coverage

  • Is Yiddish the language of the Jewish soul?
  • Writers and artists declare solidarity with persecuted Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour
    • Ironic that the discussion on hate speech laws never brings up the fact it was always conservatives, here and in the US that opposed hate speech inclusions for the exact reason stated above by the round table members.... That it would eventually be manipulated to include things it was never intended to include. But this is a prime example of the dangers of far left politics in action. Punish to correct. It always works fine in theory.
      And of course there are far right laws that have been abused as well but that's not the topic here.

      The guilty hand wringing and confused so-called Israeli woman helped along by the audience was a chaplinesque depiction of indoctrination by ostracism

  • Netanyahu, say hi from me to the penguins in Antarctica
    • Not one of his best but certainly a great speech. The people to whom it was aimed got the message loud and clear. Obviously, bds supporters would try to make a mockery of any Netanyahu speech but this one hit is mark anyway.

  • New York TV stations smear Roger Waters-- who praises BDS as 'one of most admirable pieces of resistance world has seen'
    • @er

      And you a perfect example of denial, guilt and so many inversions it would take days to illustrate.

      Suffice to say you have an opinion about Israel, Zionism and the I/p conflict. It is not the most popular of opinions among Jews and many Christians all over the world. but it is a legitimate opinion.

      You can try and convince other equally as informed (though you may dispute this) people who care about the I/p conflict and it's resolution as much as you believe you do. There is evidence that the numbers of anti-zionist jews is growing and no doubt this is basically true. But before there is even a hint that these numbers will remain anything but mildly significant -- our earth will be entering the phase of onslaught where we will all be dependant upon each other-regardless of religion, nationalism and indigenousness -- simply to try and survive the coming onslaught of the beginning stages of climate warming.

      I believe Gaza will be getting an offshore port which Hamas will work with while denying they accept its lack of sovereignty publicly. Then Israel, Hamas and the PA will work on large desalination plants(or completing unfinished ones) as water will continue to be one of the main battles. Carbon reduction and more hi tech forest management to prevent increased natural fires and help fight intentionality set fires more quickly.

      And then, by the time 2100 is approaching the real fun will begin.*

      You might like or not like Sebastian Junger but his latest book is about tribalism and how humans were built to feel more meaning and generosity, less depression and suicide when surviving a war that has no allegiance to religion, race or nationality. While it does not exclusively focus on I/p it certainly bears relevance

    • @mr

      The far left is notorious for having skin as thin as tissue paper. jvp or bds, sip, etc could have been their screaming their heads off and MW would have been pleased with ANY coverage that would have mustered. just look at those photos of violent extreme jdl members. why weren't they arrested? one of the typical ridiculous commenters here actually asked.

      Roger waters does not lack for publicity and I am fairly certain he is either backed by and possibly compensated by the billion dollar palestinian pr movement though I'm sure it's as secretive and clandestine as any aipac venture could be.

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • There are prominent South Africans who, after visiting Israel, find the comparison not only untrue but insulting to their own struggle to break the bonds of apartheid

    • @tb

      Non Jews can vote in Israel. claiming otherwise is simply a lie or, in your case, more likely a twisted lying pretzel of logic you honed to spout Palestinian. hasbara to explain your position. I do get it tbck

    • There may be some instances of but there is no "de facto" segregation in Israel maternity wards. there may very well be pregnant mothers, both arab or Jews who have hostility towards each other and possibly vocalize this but there would be no different response from the staff wether the hostile complainer was a jew or an arab. in fact, there are Israel hospitals where arab israelis are chief of staff, or directors, nurses and obstetricians. They might as well just have home births if that's the attitude. No(or very very few hospitals) would put up with that crap. They are far too busy and cranky from under pay. And, is there any evidence that intolerant pregnant jews refuse to be treated at hospitals where Israeli Arab doctors are in charge,?

      What hotovely said is no different then a 100 other politicians might say in any given speech. would any American official giving a speech not say that the usa is "ours" and that there would be no apologies for the millions of acres taken, appropriated or won in wars. so hotolevy and shaked are as 'fascist' as the next state, not exceptional in any way, just hard core nationalists. It's mondoweissers fantasy that they are dangerous facists.

      There are some good points I agree with the author" but I'm not paid to agree. I won't get paid my weekly shekles otherwise and might even get docked so....

      . the Golan? While originally part of the Jewish partition it was given to Syria. And why is it Israel took and annexed the Golan? because of some nefarious plan existing before 48? It's so patently absurd to not acknowledge the dire strategic advantage that Syria was exploiting from the heights weekly. Had the heights been quiet they would have been met with quiet. And THAT, as the author well knows has been the consistent and pragmatic policy of Israel since at least 67 and probably 48. annexing Golan it was a complete necessity (even if it was also an economic boon) and no other military scholars have seriously claimed otherwise. As in: any nation able to defend itself would have done the exact same as Israel in the Golan. The proof is in the fifty years of relative quiet. ( Oh, daddy Assad murdered between 10-20,000 palestinians but nobody really cares about that)

      As far as Israel "wanting" Jerusalem? . I wouldn't expect the author to even mention that the armistice line gave Jordan sovereignty over the old city. The hashemite king occupied ever inch of East Jerusalem and kicked the Jews living there since b.c.e. And then obnoxiously renaming (in a brilliant and to this day effective propaganda win) this old Jewish quarter "Arab East" Jerusalem. He also kicked out thousands of Palestinian Christians also there for centuries. He destroyed dozens of synagogues and churches and forbade the Jews and Christians entrance to pray at what temples were left. It's an old story. Why the hell wouldn't Israel want to gain control of the old Jewish quarter, the western wall, the churches and synagogues which they promptly opened to all(or most) to pray freely. Muslim, Christian and Jew(unless of course author is so brainwashed as to not believe the on site reporters from around the world reporting on these events first hand. Unless author, along with the hard core fringe left thinks it was all a big covert 'plan' and nobody but the super intelligent mondowrissers figured out.

      Oy gevalt. But yes, in the end smotrichs 'plan' may make some pragmatic sense to th he hard right nuts but any of us with a brain know the Palestinian people better then any body else in the world(including the bleeding heart mondoweissers). I would predict that the vast majority of Palestinians would pick his 'option3' which translates to "we haven't given up for 50 years what makes you think we would give up now? What makes you think the threat of increased enforcement would scare us into option 1 or 2?

      . In other words, it's a ridiculous plan even if the author spouts off his equally ridiculous slanders he's right to point this out as absurd.

    • One can dicker around all day when it comes to jews defining themselves as a nation.

      Is there a nation of Lakota? Yes

      Is there a nation of Americans? Yes (while this is still an ambiguous statement)

      Is there a nation of Hawaiians? Depends who you ask. Hawaiians will say yes

      Is there an arab nation? The term is used all the time. Yes there is but is there also

      An Egyptian nation?

      A Jordanian nation?

      A hashemite nation, or is it tribe?

      KSA-. tribes or nation?

      Lebanon, tribes and factions

      Syria, at one time and for eons before Assad.

      Are Iranians nationals or Persian?


      what's china? Not even sure.

      are North Koreans a separate nation from South Koreans? their passports say they are.

      Jews- a nation, a people, a religion, a race(according to many of israeli jews enemies) or as one persistent member here states over and over: a choice.

      It's not a black and white question wether any particular group is a nation. the argument about jews predates modern Israel by millennia.

    • @ja

      correct. Netanyahu could have been voted out numerous times over the past decade as were countless other pm's and knesset members. if anybody cites Lebanon as an example of democratic vote I will have to drop dread from laughter. Lebanon is a factional/tribal nation that is controlled by hezbollag who used to take direction from assad and the tyrant ayatollah but may now have amassed enough power to give direction to the Lebanese, Syrians and the IRG, and it's mullahs.
      . you may not like the nation, maybe you don't like our laws or maybe you just don't like us period. it does not negate that we absolutely are the nation here that has suffrage for ALL Israeli citizens, jews, arabs Christians, druze, Bedouin, Muslim, ba'hai and completely blind to any notion of skin colour. one would have to walk a great distance top get to the next Democratic state. I don't even think turkey counts any longer considering erdogans actions.

    • Yf
      It's hard to believe you (let alone anyone except the far fringe hysterical attention craving left) take rogel alphel seriously. Not only has he been consistently hysterical but he's been wrong so much that only chemi s. @hrttz makes h him sound a little like a journalist.

      . I understand why harettz is the almost solitary Israeli news outlet referenced here for confirmation of Israeli evil but it doesn't seem to bother anybody here. it's similar to another singularly quoted source on hatred in the USA. (I'm not inferring that this fat has anything to do with mw. only that mw ascribes to the singular source Louie every body else in the US and EU msm) how has the SPLC become the only source the msm quotes when referencing statistics" hatred and hate groups in the US? It's no secret their politics are far to the left but so be it. it's splc and hrttz all the way.

      exactly how should Israel have sued for peace in light of khartoum and the general state of hostile belligerency on every one of Israel's borders? shoulda, woulda, coulda.

  • 'Nazi stuff': The Israeli government takes on African refugees
    • @r

      I might have said chutzpah but didn't want to give moosr a heart attack

    • @ej

      I lost count of the number of times you use "jewish supremacism " and'jewish is a choice' like a lifestyle choice I imagine since so many jews are secular, buddist, atheist etc.

      China, which is no longer considered a pariah nation by you mondoweissers does not consider the rights of the individual compared to the state but I know, nobody or no thing can compare to the evil of zionism except for german nazis. 2 peas in a pod. nobody is going to convince you otherwise. and china didn't steal land either. well, maybe just little tiny tibet but whos counting tibet when zionism is on the rampage? all of us are so so hateful. so immoral. it's killing us to hear us described such.ouch.

      Individual rights get in the way of a lot of things and your fooling yourself if you think your living in a state where your individual rights are not compromised for the state in some ways. you are just twisted up in knots obsessing over israel

    • The portion of 5% tel aviv arabs living in south are just as disgusted with municipal services and want "their" city "back" as well from illegal economic immigrants.

      ofir can make as much hay as he likes about shakids statement but there is no implicit directive to treat individual rights the same way they are treated in declining european nations or even the United States (which, btw, the far left progressive would very much like to limit individual rights as they see fit. so it's takes a lot of gaul to hear such hysterics from the progressive fringe

  • Gideon Levy calls out Israel's fundamental, racist religion: Zionism
    • It's hard to compare how levy is taken by the vast majority of Israelis from right to center left. Or to compare a figure in the US that is similar.

      Levy is about as popular as Glenn Greenwald, Noah Chomsky, Juan Cole... in other words, few Americans are aware of their work. And on top of that Levy is particularly hated by lot of Israelis that are not on the far left and just center left, center right and right.

      And Haaretz .... The ONLY Israeli newspaper MW ever quotes from is hardly a mass media production or mms. (Except that the msm it's usually far left) it's got a very small and dying base in Israel and the English version is popular with fringe leftists who are obsessed over the Israel Palestinian conflict. [It's not like one day the public is going to slap their farheads and go, "dang! That Gideon guy is a genius. A hero! He's the greatest.] not happening. We tolerate him of course. He is hated baby many but won't be prevented from writing or saying what he wants. Israel has always had its cranks just as the US has its own. Alex Jones. Sarsour,. Bannon, BLM etc

      But he definitely riles up the mw base. that is a given.

  • One little sentence, so many lies
    • @j

      Fat chance of that happening before the next ice age comes.

      Wether you are a staunch tzyionist or supporter of fatah, plo, pa, hamas you can't much argue with this

  • Shooting and crying, in 'The New Yorker'
    • Just like Homeland, In Treatment, Hostages and other Israeli tv shows Fauda will probably be made into an American version that is popular with millions of Americans. Talk about shooting off mouths and crying about it.

      Oh, and that bds thing...Wonder Woman just hit something like forth or fifth biggest grossing film with that'filthy zio-nazi' starring. Cry cry cry

  • 'Auto-anti-Semitism!' Naftali Bennett declares war on Jewish self-hatred in Israel
    • @ms

      "Shinto.....". Have no problem with this (benign) association

    • I've heard comments from BLM that people of colour (whatever that means) cannot possibly be racist. And the comments I named are probably the mildest of what comes from the mouths of the fringe left. Just because the fringe right spouts their own made up rhetoric doesn't excuse the indoctrinated here.

    • 'whataboutism': asinine rhetorical technique

      'micro-agression' euphemism for.' I am a pussy'

      'verbal violence' oxymoronic

      'zionism= racism' (to which the left explains, " oh, not that kind of racism"

      Just a few worth mentioning. And I said the far right does much off the same

    • The far left makes up terms just as absurd as anything on the right. Two peas in a pod.

  • The United State of Israel and Palestine
    • @kof

      You are living in a bubble created by the far left in EU that is crumbling more every day. You are too blinded by you one sided thinking to see what is going on in the world as a whole.
      Does Israel face a lot of public hostility in the Nordic nations? Of course it does and it isn't as if we are not aware. this is the exact reason we have been expanding our ties with nations that are not hard wired to the Muslim/christian concept of jews and a Jewish Nation.
      But,i will admit, the issue you raise is definitely part of what will determine how long this unsolved conflict will last. when Islam becomes your state religion we can address what you think the coming'young' generation will do about their stake in this conflict.

    • @z

      I assure you that while you hold to your conviction that nothing will end until palestinians say it is ended the same holds true for my people. when it's over, we will know and until that time we continue to build.

      this is one of the reasons the author is having such a difficult time grasping why his imagined 'fair's solution is a fantasy in his mind. the concept of "fair" when discussing this conflict is at polar opposites. never have the sides been so far apart.

    • @tb

      what a bunch of horsesht. there are still palestinian arabs that have close relationship with israeli jews and vice versa. but suggesting that was the norm is completely absurd. only privileged jews I the US and UK engaged I lively arguments about wether zionism was bad or good for diaspora jews. the vast majority of worlds jews have always supported a return to the homeland ahs therefore loved (ahs still do)the zionist cause.

      zionists simply built a structure through which otherwise, the ultra orthodox would never have been able to organize because, as we know today, the ultra orthodox can't stand the rest of the jews that don't practise in the orthodox(which of course, they say, is the only true way to be a jew) we love them and tolerate them because they will always be our people too.

      And why would Israel agree to anything so self mutilating as what the author proposed without anything of value in return is the exact right angle to be approaching peace negotiations. It may well occur, in the near or most likely very far distant future that Israel will not be able to negotiate from a position of victory or power but until that time starts to come near, again, why would Israel consent to any of the terms when there is no guarantee that after this truce that Hamas, or any other radical and or martyr based entity will take control of the Judean hills.
      It's just not going to happen except in the fantasies and dreams of the righteous zionist haters here. keep dreaming while we keep on keeping on. you keep on hating us? we know. we're always knew.

    • "Hello David. The UK is falling apart and the NCP......"


      "The only way forward,imho...." is never going to work which means your dreaming, hoping, crossing your fingers, analyzing the facts you find important, putting pieces together the way they make sense to you (and the many others who agree with you). you may see zionists as monsters which is your right to free thought but you probably know inside that zionists think the exact same scenario except it applies to them. it will solve itself when the time and people are willing to back up what they preach, one way or the other.

      the only people I know who understand the cynicism that we have are are our palestinian neighbors

    • @dgf

      you truly don't understand what ridiculous things you write that make absolutely no sense. these are most definitely two sides of an epic struggle and whenever two sides refuse to back down from their maximalist demands being met , just to start negotiating not even the end, mind you, but just the beginning of the end of the epic struggle (where neither side will back down from maximal demands) and no force, especially the discredited and useless UN, can force either side to give up core principles.)

      US can'lean on' either side if it chooses but won't force the issue for assorted reasons. that both sides think us pressure is key just emphasizes the point.
      . This, wether you like it or not is one of those things that will just have to work it's way out when the time is right, or up, and somebody has to jump. that's really it in a nutshell. as they say,'everything else is just commentary'.

      Being a dreamer is not always a bad thing but there is dreaming and dreaming. one of them you are overloaded on.

      * When the in-house star comedian here starts to get on your definitely pie-in-the-sky case you better believe there is something desperately wrong with your reasoning.

  • On boycotts, Palestine, and resistance: a review of 'Assuming Boycott'
    • Take the'neo-nazi' out of the equation of you like. They have been around for decades with only small ebbs and flows to their numbers which have never been large.
      . Just take the polarization of conservative far right and so called progressive far left. It's an easy argument to make that both are equally as regressive as the other. but true, you have the 'right' to claim your view is superior but only your own supporters will agree.

    • @mS

      "Stream of con.....mutters."

      Your pretty close so I won't nit pick

      @ an

      The sentence on Orwell is so atrocious I can't even remember what it said specifically.* The main point was obvious: the left is engaging in activities that Orwell predicted and associated with his dystopian 1984. the left wouldn't be the first group to be accused of orwellianism but they fit the bill now. The secession of the southern states was not righteous. I have never been convinced that Lincoln fought the war to end slavery. He stated many times that he would have allowed slavery to exist in the south of they rejoined the union. His grand plan for the Africans torn from Africa was to buy enough land in Africa and central America to 'repatriate' all African Americans. So when the Lincoln statues are pulled down, the Columbus, Washington Jefferson and other monuments are torn down the left should turn its attention to renaming NYC, named for one of the ceo of the world's largest slave trading company, (the duke of York)
      * If I had to pay attention to every change the Swype keyboard.'corrected' on its own it would not be worth the effort. not serious enough.

    • @ an

      I use an iPad. it has a spell check correction program from hell. I bet that other Apple users have the same problem and know how combative our is.

      So what does the ability for far left radical to claim Orwell applies to the polar political opponents?

      I'm sure if you google Orwell and tearing down monuments you'll get there. I don't carry passages I remember around in links.

      I don't know harjo very= and don't care what she did either way. sorry I brought out up. there are also plenty of celebrities that don't have to worry about losing backing, income, or fans that play Israel regularly.

    • @ an

      As for this harjo...i don't know that much about her so if you tell me her acceptance was a mistake on her part I'll. accept it on face value. why is she drawing out viscous commentaries and attacks here? I do know that in general, most famous or just well known celebs artists or academics who choose to ignore bds do so with thought out reasoning. If harjo didn't, so be it.

    • @ an

      Yes. And yes. The first sentence you pointed out was rushed and not well constructed. But I'm certain that a woman with a mind as sharp as yours knew what I meant. They can think anything they like and of course that's their right. My opinion is they have no grounds to claim any moral superiority(at least the ones that do assuming that there must be some radical far left progressives don't feel superior to anybody. Even I have met a few)

      Oh my, your are definitely like the Bolsheviks in the way I described. Also in the way George Orwell described more precisely then I almost 100 yrs ago. If I can remember where I have the paragraph I would quote it bff because if a few key words were substituted for the past few weeks of statuegate -including blasio

    • so, bds peoples have a right to bds harjo. No problem. what they have no right to do is claim to hold any opinion or view more moral then harjo or anybody else who opposes boycotting Israel on well thought out grounds. It's simply your own mental prerogative and distaste for her opinion. do any of you think the neo nazis that marched in the USA don't believe their cause is justified and moral from their own pov. you can argue they are ignorant, racist evil and more but they can argue equally derogatory insults about the far left (which they erroneously believe is synonymous with jew.) they are equally as confused as the far left by both hating jews while some also claim they admire zionism and believe their goals are similar. They far left believes that zionist equates to evil and has nothing to do with true judaism. equally preposterous. And as bad as the Nazi right is, the left's new little game comes right off the pages of the Soviet and their attempts to eradicate any trace of the czars. Orwell even rights a paragraph on how the language is changed, the monuments pulled down and every trace of history is erased except that the state is the only power that ever existed. The left has a habit of taking righteous causes and. shredding them into bloody and twisted, sterile, politically and culturally intolerant tampons
      It just proves that radical elements of both right and left are polarizing so much that they are closer to forming a circle with themselves wether the rational center becomes the glue that holds things together....or not.

  • 'We came to school and found the school destroyed': Israeli forces demolish West Bank school hours before children's first day
    • @v

      According to @ej and others here jewish is a choice. what do you have to feel ashamed of. Israel is not your fault

    • @mg

      Jewish and a ####? why not,? Are we special?

    • It may make you feel better to fantasize about Israel's impending doom. zionists have to constantly remind the haters that we've been hearing this for much longer then 75yrs. much longer. it doesn't phase most of us and hasn't for years. but it's useful to remind people how badly anti zionist pray for our demise. maybe Israel needs an advocacy organization.

    • just based on the hypocrisy of the eu towards Israel is reason enough for the illegal(that's right. illegal as any settlement the left calls illegal ) school to be torn. palestinians should be receiving billions for education from their government but everybody (really. who in the world doesn't know) knows abbas steals most to be divided up among family and cronies and his private security. does anybody also believe the PA wants their citizens to be educated? if they were Abbas would be dead or deep in Russia or KSA.
      as if anybody needed proof, Israeli Arabs can access and receive the best primary educations in the me. Now, the Hamas and the PA are more concerned that their people keep up the hatred from birth until martyrdom or escape. Israelis sacrifice more then you mw Zionist haters ever have spouting off bds mantras. we fight but we know we're locked together. only radical extremists push for unacceptable terms with a fake love for equality as if any of you live in nations with actual equality. phonies on the right and left.

    • what's mad? saying the temple mount is an exclusive muslim land. that the Jews have nothing to do with Abrahams tomb. that askinazi jews (many who trace their ancestors move across Africa into spain then up through france into poland and russia) are really khazzers.

      you know I read something very interesting the other day. it was either a formal or possibly informal (it doesn't matter. it's still opinion) survey of the owners of radical websites. both right wing and left wing. apparently there are many owners of sites that try to remain serious that absolutely LOATH their commentary sections with other owners rarely reading or engaging them. wonder which owners they might be. they didn't say.

  • AUB Limited
    • @yfc

      So, when I apologized for making a play on your name it was really a play on your fake name? Hmm. Ok. Maybe yf is more like your alter ego more then an assumed name. I even remember you discussing your first name once.
      Anyway, your bringing up eisenmenger shows mainly how far out on the fringe you are. it takes a lot of work to dig up the most obscure jew haters from the four corners of the continent.
      And, it still does nothing to prop up saliata's paranoid case of jews I the woodwork. even the angry Arab-who skewers his home county, I don't think, proposes the aub is controlled by zionists. If the zionists do control the Arab world, America, Europe, Africa,etc., Isn't it game up?

  • Netanyahu's diplomatic charm offensive in Africa is bound to fail
    • @e

      There is nothing incorrect about your statement. if you prefer the iranian system of government(which you obviously do) you would only be in conflict with the general western (and specifically US) policy of containing Iranian influence since it benefits the ayatollah and its brutal basij, the irg and the butcher of a million fellow Syrians more then and before any benefit to Iranian people.

      let's see how far you have to dig to find Syrian war refugees, North African and others rushing to get into iran for their social benefits. but you far left fringe have a history of supporting the most brutal empires the earth has hosted in the past 500yrs. Russia killed over 20 million and mao did the same. your sense of outrage for tzyionism is questionable if it's anything more then an obsession. And strictly by the numbers Israel wars has resulted in death tolls that pale in comparison with 1000s of other international conflicts. but then you say it's not about numbers. it's about evil. another total joke.

    • mr. ((())) doesn't seem to understand what the word diplomacy means. another big surprise. israel has been helping africans for decades without much notice.

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
    • @p

      your statement is pretty funny considering it was most likely mondoweiss and cohorts that cabs up with the term ', liberal zionist' to differentiate between zionists they consider 'hopeless causes' in terms of the fringe left being able to convince them of anything from the stupid gullible jewish folk who are zionist but desire a peaceful outcome to the I/p conflict where both israel and the palestinians make painful decisions and get on with a two state solution. these 'liberal zionists' represent a small chance of letting sites like MW change their opinions and so they deem to 'speak' to them. bye bye jSt?

    • The fact that PW doesn't know the difference between Israel supporting american jews criticizing the neo-nazis in america and jews in america who cheer the existence of israel is why he will remain a representative of the fringe radical left with limited base of support.

  • Trump support for racists forces Israeli leaders to take sides, but which side will they choose?
  • The Israeli right can't condemn Charlottesville because its whispered policy is, Nakba
    • @m
      So, your saying anybody who "grew up" in Israel has a much better handle on the I/p conflict and what the definition of Jewish is. thank you. I've been saying much of the same for many years. who is going to stop the small minority of radical israeli wing nuts running amuck around the world espousing their own personal theories about origins of eastern euro jews? yfalic has blessings to claim anything he wants. He just can't claim that his views are believed by any but a small fringe.

      And that fringe would be:

      . " Jewish is a choice" ok. If you (and all your dozens of links that your going to provide as proof) want to believe in that and the tooth fairy it's ok by me. I now understand where your coming from. pro-choice all the way.

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