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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • The Insult: Six points toward clarification
    • "a common tactic of hasbara tactic". is this a common tactical tactic in the hasbara tactical handbook of tactics?

      also taking note of how easily one people's experience of a massacre is outright dismissed by zionist/israel hating bds supporters as long as it's not a "so-called" massacre of palestinians which are accepted without question as true believing mindsets tend to do.

  • Pallywood
    • A very good read (& good poem) on the conflict and the many facades it has taken that both complicate and further define the issues at the same time. 'absurd' is,of course, the natural 'go to' term especially when the subject concerns jews in general and the I/p in particular. but there is enough pathos, black humour, guilt and shame expressed that this poem cannot be easily dismissed as just palestinian pr. (& i just read elsewhere on this site a contributor explain pallywood as meaning palestinian propaganda. no mention of its equal and opposing force: hasbara, which is the root cause for, not the idea of propaganda, but the idea to give specific propaganda a catchy name.

      When the core group of die-hard anti-israeli zionist hating bloggers understood that we have no real word in hebrew for 'propaganda' and that hasbara literally means something like 'version' they took on a much more ominous translation incorporating everything from travel brochures to presidential press releases as all being under the one umbrella. and so, the term hasbara took on a sinister meaning (to them)which was then expanded into derogatory pronouns like 'hasbarist' or 'hasbrat'. because the subject was jews and zionism nobody got very upset and so hasbara is now generally embraced by all sides. that ddoes not mean that anybody agrees about just exactly what is hasbara in the first place? when i say israel is where the city of david is it is not hasbara in any sense to me. but on this site? strictly hasbara. and on sites like MW the minute hasbara is attached to ANY statement of fact it is immediately dismissed as a sinister zionist ploy. and is the author really saying that palestinian propaganda doesn't exist?

      So, is it really so surprising that after decades of conflict somebody would assign a word for pro palestinian hasbara that was catchy enough for the lurid msm? I would think not. pallywood did not just emerge from the mist. bollywood was around for years and there are other totally innocuous 'woods' like pollywood, trollywood, etc.
      . but pallywood is probably the only nick name take on hollywood with such political Overtones and dimensions. and it's also no question that while the inventor of the phrase may not have intended there was a bipartisan but surely pro israeli pro-zionist who first started to push the term as a new take or nick name for the so-called'palestinian narrative industry (And "narrative" deserves its own special artical to explain how this has also taken on profound and confusing meaning when applied to the i/p).

      . the most simple solution afaic would be to just stick to the source, "hasbara" and call any 'version' that promotes the palestinian pov as simply: palestinian hasbara and dismiss it the same way MW folks dismiss hasbara. however i suspect that along with everything else israeli, the arabs are far too proud to use jew terminology and would prefer their own unique nick name. there must be some creative palestinian that could apply a name to palestinian narrative. Wait. oh, you say that simply "the truth" will suffice? take a number jack. we have been saying for years that hasbara is used to disparage israel when it simply means that this is our truth, our story, our history. and again,"truth" and who owns it is an entire blog site on its own. anybody still believing at this point that they are simply stating the "truth" should be sent immediately to the nearest left wing university film department to watch 'Rashamon'* as mandatory for any conflict resolution.

      *( one of the greatest films of all time and i say this knowing that most people on this site would have no problem agreeing and if they say they have no appreciation for the art of film. there are even quite a few 'hasbara' remakes of kurosawas master work. some worse then others. some american and others in assorted nations. if someone cannot understand how this film applies to protracted conflict like the i/p then there is very little to discuss except the ultimate 'winners-write-the-history's end game. and even for those that do may come down to this anyway.
      let's hope that absurdist humor, humility, hard choices and harsh reality prevails and that some deal, obviously interim, will be struck that avoids the disaster that waits right behind the next beautiful cloud.

      the only reason that 'pal' or 'pali' is considered offensive is because the hysterical hard left reads all kinds of sinister right wing conspiracies into everything they think of. Afaic, the only offensive thing about not being able to write "pal" as short for palestinian. (not that unlike
      'jew') is the chore of having to spell palestinian out however many times needed to make it past overly sensitive moderators' . there is nothing inherently offensive about 'pal' and it means nothing derogatory at all and simply refers to the first three letters in the name. but then, the left has set the terms of what's socially acceptable and we all, basically, comply like sheep. I have no excuse for not writing pal but I don't unless palestinians come forward to say they aren't offended. and just because 'pakis' in GB was derogatory doesn't make it so here. no comparison.

  • There are two narratives, but one reality: Palestinian dispossession
    • @js

      You wrote all that just to complain about the author'veering' off to accuse Abbas of rank bigotry and jew-hatred? news flash: it's been a well established fact that since his days at the soviet university (at least) that gave him a graduate degree in rank holocaust denial he has been a rank jew-hating bigot who consistently claims zionists are not real jews and quite a few other little ditties that most commenters here on ol MW agree with.
      david aaron miller would probably have had a nice chuckle had you sent your earnest letter to his "manor house"*
      * how do you even know the guy has a manor house? did you spy on him or does he list that in his credits?

  • Examining 'Ten Myths about Israel', by Ilan Pappe
    • If pappe is a "scholar " then so is Pamela Geller. They are equally respected by their base.

      Zionist-haters hating cranks love pappe.

      I've read pappe. He is a master manipulator, not a scholar. He's an extreme ideologue, like many here on MW which is why he's so well liked here but taken seriously by very few serious scholars of history, including scholars with no real stake in the I/p conflict. One doesn't have too be a "scholar" to write down questionable accounts. Ahs besides that.... don't you believe that the majority of israel scholars are pro Zionist racists?

    • That's how the majority of Americans feel about Israel. Pappe, considered a crank by many, has had decades to spread his version of israel. it isn't working. by the time the vaunted "youths" that pw is counting on get into their 30s they will have read enough material that counters the palestinian propaganda that's crammed down their throats at american university that many will swing the left wing pendulum back where it was in previous decades

  • Open Letter to Ben Jealous: Please take a progressive stand on Palestine
    • @j

      "Why oh why...". This may seem redundant to you but have you ever even thought about the possibility you are wrong? I mean, you judge zionists harshly and have hopes, i assume, that enough 'ordinary' zionist will examine their thinking and come to a different conclusion. Is it impossible that you might examine yours and determine your wrong? or partially wrong?

  • Abbas's crime was saying that Zionism is a colonial project
    • @o

      Refer to paragraph #2. You want somebody to answer your own bigoted rhetorical question tailor made to fit your own conceptions. fat chance

    • @o

      I'm going to go with brother Nathan on this and call you out for cognitive egocentrism.

      . You ask me a question and then decide to'remind' me before I answer what your specific rules are for answering. If you want answers that conform to your peculiar definition for the Jewish Nation then ask somebody who believes that what you've determined to be correct is indeed, correct.

      . You speak about logic on a comment board that is so bloated with emotional discord, overly long tracts of the 'palestinian narrative' including links, jealousy, antagonism and lots of just plain old bigotry, racism and hatred. Other then your supposed love of logic what is your motive to have an answer? Or is it simply to not be supplied with an answer to congratulate yourself on how clever your sset-up was.

      Now here is a question of my own, with no reminders, that you can answer or not as you please:

      . If you were born from mother x and raised by mother y would you still be the son of mother x, the son of mother y or the son of both?

      P's. How does a computer generated pro-israel commenting algorithm ascertain wether they are real?

    • Abbas committed no crime with his recent speech. he just finally got honest in front of the western press. why would anybody other then the NYT spoon fed Americans and guardian fed brits think he said anything surprising...

  • Israel as a perversion of Judaism and the modern nation-state
  • UNRWA 'aid' is aid only in the lexicon of Orwellian newspeak
    • If mw got a dime for every time some outraged an indignant pundit on either the far left or far right claims the title of, "Orwellian" to describe the behavior of the side they are disgusted with they wouldn't have to put on any more fund raisers.
      George Orwell is chewing out of his coffin.

  • What's wrong with colonialism?
    • @a
      So, your a disgruntled former Israeli. Why should any Zionist express sympathy for the commenters opinions on this site when the vast majority of them are slavering for either revenge, the destruction of the Zionist nation, the recognition that Zionism is equal to Nazism, apartheid and other heinous ideologies? You have no sense at all that Israel is a nation among more then twenty, many of which were created in the same way. you write as if these other arab nations, some far more false then anybody can conjure up against Israel have nothing to do with the endless 'suffering of the palestinian peoples.
      . If I'm a "Hasbarist agent" then you are a shill for the billion dollar Palestinian PR industry pretending to be a hand wringing, guilt ridden ex-zionist who has come to her senses. What a hilaria

    • @annie
      Turn it off. Now I know.

      It is still amusing to read again that I'm perceived as more of a professional 'hasbarist' with possible multiple identities. But where I come from, it's not a bad word. As a former Israeli the author should know that at least as many amusing epithets apply to her, wherever it is she chooses to live.

      As per the "90%"... take the percentage of pro-zionist commenters here on old MW and apply that in the inverse. I know that's a tricky one for commenters to grasp here but think about it. Shouldn't be too hard for all the logical ones.

    • @annie

      If I had to apologize for every time the auto correct on the pad misspelled, mis-corrected, misidentified and otherwise screwed up a perfectly good comment I would have no time to contribute to mw esteemed comment board. so, like it or not, I'll probably use the wrong tense unintentionally in the future. if you prefer, you can moderate me out. But at least I should list some of the incidents more absurd then your, you are, you're, etc.

      A few days ago, responding to a comment about threats traded between Hezbollah and IDF, instead of nasrallah, it corrected as. mahogany. Therefore, I wrote, "when mahogany launched the operation..." .
      In another, it replaced 'loose ends' as 'square blogs' . Obviously, nobody understood the comment
      So, yours and you're (which also often auto corrects as, 'hooters' for some reason. don't take my word for it, it's an actual thing) are just part of technology, which we all know Israel is ENTIRELY responsible for ;) outpacing age.

      . yours truly

      p's. you're a very good debater. if this comment board was comprised mostly of logic you would be mw's least expendable asset. logic, ironically, is fungible here.

    • Wow. What a deep discussion is going on here on old MW. I guess the events of recent weeks have really driven the Zionist/israel haters to the brink. Now your all going as bat shit crazy as the 90% (which Annie likes to dispute with links to whatever research supports it. I could just say most but it wouldn't be as dramatic) of Jews worldwide that identify as Zionist. Unrwa's jig is up. Abbas finally lost it and got honest. The Tamimis pr stunt kind of-sort of worked but didn't. And Modi? Soon to be followed by Xi. And you folks are talking about Jews having to leave Israel? That's not crazy? Time to pull back, reassess tactics. Nobody is going anywhere except In certain MW commenters revenge fantasies.

      btw, loved how all the blame and shame was being heeped on the white man and suddenly someone brings up....China! Why stop there? Japan. Moguls , Arabs,(but they're white and don't try and tell an Arab otherwise unless it's to criticize Israel or you'll be assaulted) And if one really wants to get their colonial guilt trip on-do some real history and read about the African kingdoms predating Egyptian history. Oh, and the aztec and maya but who's counting the red men over the pond anyway? Palestinian peoples have more cultural identity then they ever had before. Nobody is trying to destroy their identity, just their demands.

      Funny too that author uses the colonialist construct of 'psychotherapy' to boil all of these poor colonized people's down to their being "raped" .(Wouldn't be surprised if most of these colonized people thought it was more psychobabble then helpful. that's a white persons brain, neurotic and fearful) Victimhood 101. How can anybody beat the Jews when the deck is so stacked? And besides, many Palestinians have made it very clear that they are willing to die if it would bring the Jews closer to being ousted from all the land from river to sea. Bravery, they don't lack.*

      *now mssr can chime in how I'm "muttering" again. It's reassuring to know he cares.

  • Ahed Tamimi should stay in prison because she might slap again -- Israeli ethicist
    • You folks are just never going to get over the fact that MLK was an ardent supporter of israel. You can't scrub his letters and speeches. You can't guess wether he would have changed his stance 40+ years after he was killed. You can try and manipulate his messages into pseudo anti-zionist babble. But you can't change the historical record. He was a man and prophet. He suffered and sacrificed and the he was murdered by an assassin. Wether he would have changed his stance on Israel or wether had he survived he would have changed the stance of the rotten corrupt PLO is not to be known by any of us

    • Your so paranoid you don't even know it. You think the IDF set up the photo of tamimi to include an Israeli African guard to bait the palestinian photographer to snap images that they can approve.? With Isreal clogged with 100s of foreign reporters eager to to tear any bit of garbage off and spew against IDF it would hardly remain a secret if Israeli officers (who may well be African, mizrahi, Asian themselves) were picking guards based on racial profiles.

      It's just the kind of bullshit that would get mentioned by folks on MW and then suddenly picked up as 'fact' in every other Israel hating blog in existence that would then be incessantly 'linked' to by other MW people's as 'back up' for their initial fallacy. Major reason to not engage in futile and meaningless link dumps.

      And then...All of that plus, forgetting that the Tamimi clan is devoted to( read ANY Arab newspaper report or watch any Arab media interview where father Bassmm makes it abundantly clear he is very proud of his wife, daughter etc for creating "incidents" that sting the
      'occupying entity, and how Ahed will never take a plea deal because a prison sentence will work against Israel and his daughter will never"submit" etc etc..' ) having daughter Ahed commit acts of resistance that are specifically committed to create scenes making the IDF look as badly as they possibly can. It's not like it's a big secret in Palestinian society. Arabs will gladly tell you to your face exactly what they know the Tamimis are famous for. They'll tell you that many of their acts worked in the international press to the Palestinians (Immediate, not long term) interests.
      The whole thing, Ahed, the soldiers and the IDF command can tell you what an absurd and cynical cycle tis is but if you want to believe your own hackneyed analysis making Ahed into an angel /israel devil then your obviously, intellectually gone. Or your a paid Palestinian hasbara agent, (which is very likely)

    • @cl

      Why don't you try reading the photographer credit before spouting your theory. Not that it's far-fetched but if your going to accuse you should have the facts straight

  • New Orleans adopts divestment measure proposed by BDS campaigners
    • dabakr entity# 2.0:
      And as usual, thinking small and about themselves above all others,(something Zionist jews are hatred for here on MW by PW and crowds of his cronies like MxB) the bds central will snatch defeat from the arms of victory.
      . If the bds campaign had been more universal from the start it may have been widely more successful in achieving their ultimate goal. The most horrendously racist bigoted and hateful members plead and cry they have "no specific goal to destroy one state but, if one can't gain what rights we want under circumstances we demand then so be it, if a nation must go out must go at their own complaint' )

      the way they want to achieve this goal is by staying as close as possible to their specific scheme and embrace universal campaigns only as a "first step towards their goals" rather then a step up and away from their goals by judging all countries, nations and entities on an even playing field where sanctions would not be directed at one specific state while many others receiving US and EU benefits are harming humans rights to extreme violent and murderous levels.
      . Bds will want it's carefully crafted platform to stay specifically focused on the Palestinian and see any embracing of other people's "watering down" as neutral if not detrimental. There are many more who would logically conclude the exact opposite even if they knew only snippets or factoids about the individual conflicts. Americans have seen billions of their dollars wasted by aiding single focus causes that ooze into international scare operations with millions going towards salaries, funding, luxury and anything but grass roots. "Grass roots," being one of bds big "code words" for "we don't talk about the billion dollar international funding from nations that spit on women's rights, hang homosexuals and legally torture journalists and political critics.
      But when they get a point score-or stick a thumb tack in, they celebrate like the fourth of July. (And maybe the main Israeli press does a little of the same, just in a different style)

      As for taunting about bds being so unsuccessful then why is Israel "so scared"? -or- it's opposite, "how dare Israel fight bds like they are, especially since they don't think it's doing any harm.?. That's called propaganda 101. We're right when we're right and were right when we're wrong.

  • New Israel Fund's Daniel Sokatch exposes the bankruptcy of liberal Zionism
    • "Marquardt-Bigman is an easy target. Her bias is so obvious that attacking the premises and motivations of her article was as easy as paddling downstream. "

      And the same thing can be said about 95% of the pieces published here on MW. As are 95% of the commenters here are. As PW is. As Annie is(no matter how skilled a debater she is) . The whole conflict has long since become anything but an unbiased affair. The foolish ones involved convince themselves their bias is well researched righteous fact. Cynical folks know it's about which side'owns' the truth and not about truth itself (eg: the tamimi family is a family devoted to resistance to Israel by any means necessary, propaganda, peaceful, violent otherwise. The haartz piece didn't provide any so-called "balance' because she was answering the international uproar the stupid "slap" incident caused. It proved how stupid people are Ann's how easily they are manipulated that they either don't care or don't realize that the Tamimis lives are always 'cameras on' whenever the IDF is involved because they never want to miss an opportunity to blacken israels eye, which is their goal, and right many believe. And they are effective. That's why they are famous.
      . There area so many areas in this conflict where Israelis, Jews and Muslims have a wink wink attitude about the simmering conflict. Palestinians would never deny to your face, if you weren't a reporter, that what they do, they do. And Israel has its own winks. It's not really a conflict, is a war.

  • From Spinoza to Vilkomerson, Jewish voices for peace have long been banned-- by Jews
    • @lh

      you suspect "more bark then bite"? Really? Based on the past 70 yrs I suppose. But you are partly correct. Large numbers of the Israeli left are living in a bubble from the past. It might well be true that is their bark that's worse then their bite. And I hope so too

    • @m
      We're your statement applied to any other ethnicity, nation or religion you would have been hounded to hell (by your co-collaboraters in your human rights project for some, not all)until your opinion was just a bubble in the tides. Islamaphobe? Racist, bigot, prejudiced and intolerant. But it's ok because your safe. Your none of those things . But we hear you.

    • Because they kept themselves together as a nation as much as they could once ousted from their state by keeping their rites and traditions-which were alien to the nation's they had course to flee to(or through) hardly makes them a nation. That is the gist of your presentation afaict. That is some bodaciously clever thinking going on down at the jew-hate factory massa roha

  • Israel issues BDS blacklist against 20 organizations-- 'badge of honor,' Munayyer says
    • @cg
      Thanks for the compliment, I guess. Three? You mean like Sybil kind of 3?

      Oh right. Like I'm really going to take an EI piece (the website that spreads half of the lies told about Israel and shares them far and wide so it appears like the stories are being put out by credible sources other then EI linked entities. And besides, if bds was nothing, there would be nothing to talk about. Of course bds has succeeded in some areas. But every time there is another bds success the effort to dispel the lies is strengthened and the process goes on. People who want to believe Israel's "image" is being destroyed are want to believe Israel is being destroyed in general. Every opportunity taken to rattle Israel's reputation is almost always countered by some new deal, never heard of foreign commercial exchange or technical aid. Israelis have been living for years and years with efforts to discredit us. It's just another ongoing challenge we deal with. The most left, most angry, fearful, ashamed and weak work with our enemies out of either conviction or foolishness.
      . Maybe you cut and paste some of your dumbest kitschy and painful 'puns' from some moronic research site on how to annoy zionists to death but I don't cut, paste or write anything that isn't 100% mine. Your the big'archive' guy. Go tootle and dig up some potatoes! I may have linked to other articles a few times at most. I've explained before that the "link game" is a fools journey. Links to mass media outlets implying gravitas end up trickling back to a tiny sewage drain spit out buy some crackpot writing for either EI, MW, Maan, Silverman, 971 or other Arab propaganda outfit in the first place.(and yeah, I'm sure some of the same goes on the other way too)
      And come on! "Three distinct" personalities? Is mw still the anti-zionist crowds 'crackpots on display'?

    • @g
      Both Lebanon and Syria and Hamas and Hezbollah call and consider Israel their, "Sworn enemy". Maybe they refuse to call it Israel but they definitely call Israel their enemy

    • @m
      So, you should at least understand what I mean even if you disagree. I also can only imagine what your dream for a realistic solution other then the "everybody is free, democratic....b.s.". Do you want Israel Jews to have any sovereignty as Jews. Do you want the majority population to be Arab and the Jews become a minority?
      Also, lots of people live in israel. People who are guests of the Israeli govt live here while they plot the destruction of the Zionist state. So, I suppose, there are different types of'living here' that have to be considered.

    • @m
      Certainly titled to an opinion but it's doubtful you've ever been to Israel or if you have didn't meet very many people. Israel is small, tiny in fact many would say. We know what bds is and the fact you believe more Israelis will somehow be convinced by a bunch of so-called progressive far left white folks cheering on low rent flash in the pans like lordes or touting another left wing US or (more likely British) university who bullies then cheers their success in preventing an Israeli speaker from speaking makes us feel something entirely different then "fear" . Maybe some might be afraid for you but not likely. We smile wryly and sometimes sadly while you dream the dream of fools fooled by their: own leadership, own avowed allies, both intra Arab and international and fooled by supposedly well meaning white progressives who utilize the Palestinian cause to assuage the fear and guilt they have been taught that their own tribal civilisation has been everything evil and the cause of almost every evil in the world, and I'm sure they include Israel as one of those evils they feel such guilt about.
      . So m. You can hope and pray but besides the very few dedicated hard core Zionist hating insane leftist Jews here that may support a blanket BDS of israel I wouldn't stand around very long waiting for the numbers to rise.
      . And what's your good, wholesome and reasonable answer to why every time a (usually) young artist- semi famous and at least well known in some groups is badgered, hounded threatened and pressured to cancel any act in israel there is almost immediately another act, an act with ten times the money making ability, the status,. ten times the long term fame and relevance to both young and old and still ten times the popularity with their core group of fans plus newer generations as well seem to purposely add themselves to the list of acts that absolutist want to play Israel and their large arenas so add many Israel stang and jew can enjoy the music

    • Big news? The bds (a theoretically non violent blacklist movement) is going crazy because they have been boycotted or blacklisted by the national govt they seek to blacklist. They say is a badge of honour yet don't explain why the opposite shouldn't be considered just as much as badge of honor.

      Meanwhile, in the real world: powerful religious voices in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia plus additional comments from assorted Emirate officials have expressed an openness, not to give up on the holy nature of al quds to Islam but to the idea that itty is NOT NECESSARY for the Palestinian capital to be I east Jerusalem and that Ramallah would do just as well.

      It can be funny when two vocal and extreme voices are at complete odds but one side has its former arch enemies preaching a sensible incremental peace process knowing that demands by groups like Hamas, BDS, Fatah PLO the mullahs and more will go no where at all except to all out war- which the region has seen before and yet the fools somehow extort a different outcome next time.

  • Stop talking about Ahed Tamimi's hair
    • @m
      photogenically "dead"? Now who is hysterical? Ahed has been around and working the 'peaceful' protest circuits since she has been about five years old. There are so many setups and staged photographs that made the front pages with Ahed in them. What was never shown, except to truth-out, CAMERA, and occasional mainstream press outlets were the dozens of cropped out background shots showing everything from,:
      A) dozens of so-called photojournalists lined up angling to get the best composed shot to sell in the increasingly cut throat market for I/P photos.

      B) the in-between shots, such as the infamous "attack and pulling off the lone IDF". He didn't break aheds cousins arm. Twas already broken. But that stretching that guys already big nose was pretty hysterical. We know how badly he was teased later. Ahed is seen/heard( ja, people do speak Arabic) screeching directions to her cousin to pose this way or fall that way. Then, in the full scroll of shots were Ahed is biting the guys arm (unprovoked and actually kind of pathetically hungry) her aunt suddenly jumps like a demon director just screamed in her ear to start jumping and screaming or else!
      C) . Now, you talk a lot about propaganda/hasbara here and I'm not here to claim Israel does not engage in it. But to act like every photogenic act Ahed has been filmed in (oh yeah, the totally 100% FAKE Israeli jeep running over her uncle was totally 3 stooges) was some completely spontaneous , non staged, non planned protest event that just happened to have dozens of cameras poised BEHIND the action is, far fetched to say the least. I do get that Ahed is a heroic figure to pro Palestinians and she can't be corrupted as of yet, if ever.
      . D) Does it matter at this point wether the Tamimis utilize expertly crafted PR ? I doubt it. The shooting film/forensics of the child in the intifada had been gone over ad infinitum by interested and non interested parties and nobody meaningful is budging. An Israeli teen girl is stabbed and it gains about as much US media attention as super well composed Pulitzer grade photos of Palestinian Gaza victims(even when in the past, three or four of these photos turned out to be Syrian, or Kurdish. ) it matters to some but not to folks like you, not to me, not PW, maybe not even to Annie. . It's the long haul that counts. Quick slick points count for very little. In a few years Ahed will be grown, married, or not, but most likely a tamimi first and foremost because despite all the total bullshit Phil spews about the Jews in theUS, EU or in Israel, all the shit he cries about the outdated and lowbrowed nature of tribalism, the I/p conflict and the larger ME conflict surrounding it is all about tribalism. Phil can live in his assimilated to the mayflower Mrs of his dreams but nobody in the middle East, Persia, Africa, even Europe are giving up on basic tribal identity. Even when they intermix. Jesus, isn't this whole US progressive movement about identity politics about identifying one's small tribe with other tribes to give the sense it's all connected? Well guess what? It's always been connected. Tribes come together and break apart. Phil is living in so many bubbles (and I suppose, to his credit, he admits) but the one he fixate on is the bubble of post ww2 US Judaism and how somehow, destroying his Jewish tribe had the behest of the relative safety of the Christian majority mandates this. That it also mandates he subjugate himself and his family as well as his tribe within NYC. ( which he knows so much less about then he believes) to another tribal Arab people still pissed off about what they alone lost in the ruins of ww2. Not that they care much for others who suffered but now, with political correctness, Palestinian hasbara and pr there are certain peoples worth embracing-even if their history is more similar to the Jewish people then their own.
      Palestine is big business to some and nobody is giving up billions without a fight. I still say though, it will always be a catastrophe that the people , not the leadership, the people will continue to tolerate being ripped off, stolen from, bargained with, despised, hated, and worse by the people who have been claiming to have their backs for 70 yrs. Right. Now there are new tyrants rising. Erdogan, the mullahs and their proxy paramilitary Hezbollah. (American Israel haters that love Hezbollah because they would supposedly'defend' Lebanon remind me of American'patriots' that love the isolationist in Idaho and Montana and the minute men militias on the borders because they would "protect" America. What a joke.

      Go ahead @mssr. I didn't mean to direct this whole screed at you but I never said happy New Year so here you go....

    • @m

      Pretty hard to not notice the tamimi girl was surrounded by Arab Israeli, black(north African) Israeli eastern euro and other prison guards. Kind of like the United Nations of prison guards in this damn apartheid racist state. And so ironic that the "whitest" looking of them all is the victim. Or at least in this month's chapter of "As The Wall Turns"

    • I think her blonde hair is a fantastic accoutrement. Be it fashion, culture, self esteem. It goes to the heart of the matter that Ashkenazi, Sephardim, Mizrahi, Syrian, Kurdish and others all have mutations and can not be pinned to one look. Of course The Tamimis use her mane of blonde hair to shock. Unfortunately, far too many Jews, Arabs and others are unaware of the wide variation amongst us as small tribes and larger categories of humanity. In a100 yrs from now in the USA nobody will be able to make any determinations about anybody's genetic roots and thank fucking g-d

    • @m @[email protected]@tb
      A) some say tomato others tomato
      B) the difference? There is only a "difference" in your mind and to what you think. There is no difference.
      C) how much? IDK. How brave does one have to be to sneak into a young Jewish teens bed and nearly cut her head off? How brave to stab children? Drop a20 kilo boulder on a young boys head and run away like a coward? How brave is a young women for kicking and slapping an IDF knowing full well that from the time she was known as little Shirley Temper and taught to kick scream and bite the IDF that they would never dare react with violence, especially with cameras and witness present?
      . I've seen foolishness and bravery on both Arab and Jewish sides. Tamimi is strictly a propaganda sideshow that succeeds every once in a few years. There are already rumors she will shave her head in prison and say the prison warden ordered it. Oh well, the show must go on.

    • @ann
      . Not that you'll be thrilled but your comments on when or how a propaganda tool becomes'sexualized when there is nothing overtly sexual about the woman's protests is definitely in the mind of the watcher then in anything the subject or her parents or handlers have pushed upon her in getting her through her adolescence, which is obviously unique among the average adolescent.
      . She certainly is growing up in front of the camera but I see no evidence her family/handlers are using her adolescence or sexuality to change the message of defiance she has been groomed to spread publicly.

      The problem? Israel has 100s of passionate, good looking photogenic women/men of ALL colours and backgrounds to do similar pro israel pr work.

    • Perhaps all of those things to some but psychotically delusional to others. And brainwashed by her parents to boot. Maybe she is proud but we'll never know- just as so many MWs believe but do not know wether young Israelis are devoted and brave or brainwashed.

  • Haaretz smears the Tamimi family to counter worldwide solidarity with 16-year-old Ahed
  • If you genuinely back the Palestinian cause, you must support the right of return
    • Right of return is doomed unless there is some equal action that compensates the approximately equal amount of Jews kicked, forced or coerced out of Arab/muslim lands between the 1920s and 1950s. It doesn't matter how may particular arguments one has to'prove' that one explosion was not the same as the other. They will be considered equal in any treaty worked out. Irritating to manyvi sure.

  • I'm proud to stand with Cindy Corrie in this fight
    • You conveniently overlook, misrepresent or intentionally leave out the millions of Arabs who live with us as neighbors, friends, equal citizens with suffrage, rights to any job from trash collector, teacher, police, celebrity, doctor, supreme court justice , general in the IDF, etc. Our Arab, Muslim, Christian, Druze and other citizen nationalities from all over the world are treated with respect and dignity. Those who abuse any of these citizen's rights are prosecuted by the law.

      Our children (meaning Arab, Asian, African, Muslim, Christian Ba'hai, etc)are not only taught to respect ALL human rights but many say we go TOO far in presenting other views of our nation's history that denigrates it and presents the Palestinian narrative as a complete negation of our right to exist -&- as if it were an equal and opposing view.

      . In the Arab world, especially in the system controlled by the PLO, PA and HAMAS this would be(and is) an absurdity. It's well known and reported that Jews are often and routinely referred to in the most despicable ways and that young children are encouraged on supposedly educational TV to stab teddy bears, kill Jews and other pathetic child agree.(if admit, this is not broadcast in israel, just in the territories.)

      . As in many small packed tightly interwoven communities there are sometimes incidents. Not violent boulders dropped, gunfire or stabbing, line in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, But incidents involving bigotry, racism, rudeness and ignorance that occur in our country just as one would find in dozens of Muslim, Christian and other secular nations.

      . And, conveniently, there are more international reporters here by sq. ft. then any other nation on earth... And with outlets like MW,, Ha'retz, 971, al Jazeera, AP, etc., there are dozens of reporters on the scene to report anything and everything from Israeli spy buzzards to the GOI flooding all of those non-existent 'dams' in southern Israel. Or, the daily updates on Bedouins(roaming people) who contribute to defy the law and rebuild illegal homes and villages knowing full well their,'friendly' reporters areNOT going to report much on the hundreds of millions Israel has spent building modern Bedouin towns with proper schools wiring, plumbing and social services where 1000s of Bedouins have already moved and been compensated. (Why would mw, EI, AP etc. report details on that? After all.... The highly evolved liberal left EU would surely let a clan of Bedouins pitch tents, build shacks and dig wells wherever the fck they wanted in Europe... Even if they had a gleaming city all built one clic away.)

      So, @mg, while I'm sure many palestinians and many Israelis thought this conflict would have been over and well into it's 10-15th year of implementation with most benchmarks of disputed lands completed you are certainly not going to get away without acknowledging the Palestinians (leadership) had a very large part in making sure these deals were quashed. (And I'm being generous. I understand most Arabs believe it was all the US and Israel, and ultra hard line Zionists believing it 90% Arafat so to say it was equal is fair and to say it was less then 50% PLO is, what I said, generous)

      At this point, despite the Herculean efforts of the juvenile Obama admin in cahoots with the Israeli hard left, Erdogan , KSA, etc, Netanyahu remains one, if not the, most popularPMs in Israeli history. Maybe he is just a caretaker PM because he has either a) no real partner to negotiate or b) he has no backbone and refuses to negotiate and c, d, e) there are tons of other strategic and practical reasons for stalling based on the geo-strategic politics going on in region(and yes, I will give you that many believe Israel purposely created these conditions. I personally think that's absurd but I've read well constructed cases made.)

      When I do hear cases presented like yours blaming the "israeli system" I always wonder what part of this blame is put on the Arab leaders who allowed the creation of the Palestinian leaders and all the jockeying back and forth exchanging billions in aid?
      . Is it not excepted as fact that Arafat, despite his'charm' and leadership skills, was a kleptomaniac who stole billions from his people from the UN, EU, UNRWA, UNHRC, countless ngo's, payouts from Quadafi, KSA, Tunisia, Lebanon, the USA, Germany and dozens of other sources? Is it not fact that many of the infighting among PLO leadership led to murder and huge payouts? Is it not fact that Abbas , his son and his cronies have stolen billions from the Palestinian people? They live in huge pallazzo's in Judea and in Gaza? Isn't it a fact that some shady deal was made with Arafat's wife that allowed her to keep 100s of millions of Palestinian money in return for some mysterious bargain-most likely her life-with the current PA giving/returning billions to them without any oversight that the money went to the people?

      (Imight mention the details but who knows what the real story is? All anybody knows is LOTS of big money went from Arafat they Sufa and to the PA and that millions were usually spent trying to prove that Israel had something to do with his death when the real reasons are barely what one would call a secret)

      When a people with long running and legitimate grievances is fooled by one leader after another and keeps buying the same old bullsht about how the "zionists did this and zionists did that." "These Jews are ethically cleansing you and committing genocide". And the worst and most stupid:'anyone who kills a jew is a martyr whose blood waters our nation and bladda bladda blah' . I mean really.... How can what seems like an entire people support such a horribly evil, corrupt and deceitful leadership? How can they believe that encouraging children to stab knives into whatever jew they can find is serving the cause of their people? I understand that Israel has, to work with some form of organization and not just a clan or village leader but area their not clan leaders that are sick and tired of this insanity? Are there no m known secret organizations that could possibly attempt a coup? Or is Hamas too strong and will swoop in to fill the void?

      I am not saying I know the solution. I have very strong opinions and I also respect that my enemies have strong opinions. I know that my enemy has endured many unreasonable wrongs that need to be addressed. I know that it is a very bitter reality that Palestinians face after 70 years of empty promises from various Arab thugs, tyrants, kings, etc. I don't understand if getting back even a portion of the money their own leaders stole from them is a goal that makes their blood boil as much as having a nation of Jews with sovereignty over millions of their people.

      All I can really write that won't be ridiculed- and even that is tenuous(, and will surely be ridiculed-just for the sheer fun of it!)..... There is a rather small but tenacious community (growing too) of anti-zionist, anti-israel and some plain outright jew haters on sites like MW, EI, JVP, SJP, and others that seems to honestly believe their cause to'bring Israel to its knees'. thru BDS, college protest, EU pressure(ngo, others) public de-legitimization and a few dozen other unhinged supporters like tyrannical Erdogan, tyrannical Mullahs inIran, their little buddy the murderous Assad and their big buddy, the murderous and kleptocratic gangster,Putin..... Is, well, it's going to happen. They discount every single sight or failure Israel has and sweep its unbelievably booming economic expansion into all parts of the world without a Singh's trace of this idiotic claim that Israel is the ' most dangerous expansionist nation in the ME". Other then the lands conquered in wars started buy their arch Arab enemies, Jerusalem is united and free, the Golan is peaceful, and Gaza has been returned with full internationally accrued disengagement. 100s of tonnes of supplies are trucked in by Israel every week. Concrete, medicine, food, etc. There would have been an airport were Iran not caught red handed smuggling advanced missiles to Gaza. And there will not be an airport until this idea is abandoned .

      I guess like many of the anti Zionist Israel haters here....... It often feels line talking to a rock.

      Happy New 🎉Year

    • Phil said he feels like he is "lucky". Others feel'blessed by some entity. I'm not sure if there is a big difference. Funny how two peoples, both feeling very lucky or very blessed buy conflicts with painful outcomes can feel similar but have opposite goals for reaching the settlement they feel so lucky about in the first place. Good faith is one thing but luck,?, People and people's make their own luck. It might seem sad to some, chaotic to others, unjust, deserved and bliss but until it seems the same to all, the MW s and Algemeiners are here to stay

  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • A) Wohl did not use the term "kappa" but the author here did." There is a lot more to early 40s despicable Jews in history then kapos.

      B) Author is basically answering a critical rant by Wohl and Hotoveley with a similar rant of his own. Basically tit for tat.

      C) maybe author feels like (or has) he has been attacked and accused of being like a 'kapo' . He is not. Kapo's did what they felt was necessary to protect either their own small family or their village tribe or even more. Author simple hates the zionist nation of israel and won't stop hating it until zionism which absolutely means israel is destroyed as a nation where jews have sovereignty over their own affairs and a 23rd state with an islamic majority would be able to-ths time supposedly 'democratically'-their will over the remaining jews. thats what author is.

  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
    • @n
      Why Nathan, I believe you have done something nearly impossible on MW. you have rendered Annie silent. Silent but for the white flag of not engaging in "sadistic games". As if your question was a complex rhetorical trick. It couldn't have been more straightforward and blunt. It cuts through ALL the BS on both sides of the I/P conflict yet the vast bulk of contributors here have the audacity to accuse you of 'groupthink'! Lol... What a joke. At least it shows the BDS, JVP, and other supposedly compassionate groups like MW for what they really are devoted to. And on their territory, with their rules that is an accomplishment. Bravo.

  • Israeli court sentences 68-year-old Bedouin citizen to 10 months in prison – for trespassing his own land
    • According to author Israel has yet again reached another Kafkaesque level of "madness". Ok. Let's say he's onto something. By my unofficial count this would make about the 985th time israel has reached new 'heights of madness' according to MW pundits, commenters and true believers.

      . just wondering how high a nation like Israel can keep getting to on a unique scale like this without an equal an opposite reaction. Haven't you all(well, for sure moosr has) read Yertle the Turtle? Is there not a point where it should just burst from such enormous and infinite levels of pure unadulterated evil and the stress and horrors it reigns down on its poor victims-the most suffering group of refugees in the world.

      . By now we've far surpassed hitler, Assad, the Roman Empire, the Aztec, ww1, the mullahs in Tehran, the North Koreans, Dutch Guyana , red Chinese, Russia, then and now, the Spanish inquisition. there has to be some kind of karmic reward for achieving levels of evil, sickness, demented, psychopathic, demonic, blood sucking, murderous and all encompassing insanity the likes the world has never seen.

      . Then I was thinking about the wonderful bleeding hearts that left wingers are notorious for being here on MW and especially for the victims of israeli evil perpetrated on the'most suffering group of humans known to mankind presently' poor 20 year old children who have been twisted by Israeli evil into their own coven of uncontrollable bloodlust, pain and psychic torture io for plunging large chef knifes into the necks of as many Israeli Jews as they can. If it accidentally turns out to be a Muslim...?.. So they tried. They are still called a shahid.

      So due to this never ending growth spurt in Israeli evil and insanity I wondered if many thought that Israel had better watch out because a comeuppance is long overdue? And by comeuppance I mean the mullahs use their new found billions and clout -courtesy of Obama-to continue and dominate northern Iraq, support, with murderous kleptocrat Putin, their great and heartfelt friend junior Assad(who has surpassed his father's puny accomplishments of murdering over 17,000 palestinians in a very short span of time and then calmly going back to telling his people it was all Israel's fault.)No, the optician has over 400,000 civilians, rebels and unknown deaths under his belt and more happening every day. & Finally, the IRG with Khameini s delight will continue to supply the Iranian proxy paramilitary that controls Lebasnon and which the Lebanese govt and army are helpless against : Hezbollah with advance missiles, anti aircraft and other weapons that most likely can reach anywhere within Israel including Judea and Samaria and Gaza.

      So then I naturally wondered if the true believing anti-zionist anti-jews/israel regulars here would mind very much if suddenly Hezbollah backed by Iran, Hamas and whatever Syrian troops are left alongside IRG would launch a sudden blitz of northern eastern and shorten Israel taking it by surprise and killing 1000s of 1000s of Israel's before the IDF could counter am effective blitz of its own. And then I thought that for certain I get the vibe strongly here that there would be a sullen but large groundswell of support for an all-out attack on Israel. Electric pulse, 1000 missiles, scuds , poison gases , tank attacks, terror tunnels, the whole shebang. And I thought that there might be quite a few members here who could easily justify such a reaction based on past experience. They may feel bad but vindicated in that they've been warning Israel for years.

      Of course there is a good chance it would. Backfire and Israel might recoup is losses and go on to destroy the attacking Arab armies and declare its defensible borders for and for all but let's just say that's a long shot. That the Arab/persian Alliance is able to break the Zionist state grip on power. The US didn't come through and Zionism is destroyed causing a massive outpouring of millions of israeli civilians. Islamic law would now dominate and treat the two abrahamic faiths under it with kindness as long as the proper taxes are paid. I think the thought of this would bring smiles and tears of joy to so many happy faces. That they triumphed over evil. That the destruction of the most evil ideology the world ever produced: Zionism-. How happy, triumphant and justified they would feel and that any minor guilt about leftist anti zionists might feel to the new Jewish refugees would Be mitigated by their joy. That a massive war killing 1000s could bring them such joy Is simply the price one must pay to eradicate evil from the face of the earth. For surely the other evil nations like Assad, Putin, the future idi amins and the former dictators living lush lives in Arab lands will be the next target the anti-zionist, pro bds liberal heartfelt activists will turn their causes over to. A brave and compassionate new world

  • Gandhi said a woman who slaps an attacker is not committing violence
    • In this day and age to imply that women are so physically wreak that a slap or scratch didn't constitute violence constitutes the kind of rank sexism that the far left is always slinging at the right. Let's go back to the "little lady times" you might as well say.
      . I'm also thinking of the highly trained women of the IDF and by implementing Gandhi's own sexist outdated rules for women the IDF soldiers could absolutely slap the shit out of any teenage to 20 something youth who may try and attack, stab, hurt or assault her in any way. Look out! Lol.

  • A Christmas letter to Nikki Haley
  • 'We should exact a price' from Ahed Tamimi 'in the dark,' Israeli journalist says
    • Look @ Marnie

      I am just saying that of all the cases where Israel and the Palestinians have done rotten things to one another and even if you accept that the IDF is doing more of these things to Palestinians that are innocent of engaging in anything put peaceful resistance then Palestinians have done in return, to innocent israelis--to use the Tamimi family and especial Ahed as a rallying cry for world 'outrage' and'stomach turning' is disingenuous. She has been primed and groomed by her parents since early childhood to commit these acts of militancy against large and older Israeli soldiers-on camera- ;'primarily to gain either a) front page press coverage by the dozens of photographers waiting for the staged photo-ops b) and if the soldiers don't react she is prepared to make as good a show of it physically to "humiliate" the IDF that would not react violently to her or, at the very least, have the more right wing lawmakers demand her 'arrest' on charges of defying law.
      . In other words, once again, Ahed Tamimi has successfully gained status and fame among her people for doing nothing more then the cheap propaganda stunts she has been doing since she was 5-7 years old and gaining the same type of cheap but immediately effective press which lasts for a few days to a week.
      . To those that are ignorant, maybe their stomach "turned" . But I doubt anybody who knows the tamimi family is bound to be surprised or concerned. Ahed is seasoned. She knows she'll be treated well in detention but will emerge and claim whatever she needs to in order to further her people's cause. And in turn, so will the IDF.

    • "There is no stomach that doesn't turn......... When seeing.....Ahed Tamimi..."

      No stomach? Would you happen to mean no human stomach period? Or, Like the stomachs of starving Syrians bombed repeatedly by their one and, apparently future dictator, the most murderous manic in the ME Assad? The radom Yeminis? Or, do you mean anyone who has political views similar to yours? You could or might mean, anybody who is against the Zionist entity, Israel until it capitulates (there is like a less then.000% chance however, and destroys its Zionist nation for some fantasy version where Arabs ( like the 'peaceful Tamimis )enjoy political majority and sovereignty over Jews (after, as they have stated, they force the Jews immigrated from Europe, the US and other nations while allowing for the few thousand Jews that have lived in their cities of Nablus and Jerusalem for eons to remain -, but only under Islamic dominance where Jews Ann's Christians pay for protection from death Or humiliation from 'superior' Islam. (despite how the paid Palestinian propagandists-hasbarist- revisionist organizations is spreading the lie that Jews, in general, were treated much better then Christians treated Jews in Europe) . Of course it's a bullshit Palestinian hasbara lie to give the impression Jews were respected rather then persecuted during their Arab colonialist conquest once the 1000 yrs where Jews weren't 'forced' to convert but if they didn't?. " Duh-uh.... Well if you just pay the blackmail they can't kill toy or enslave you without our ok. So, you really should pay us but if yah don't, umm, oh well"

      Or maybe you just mean people of,'good conscience? . That works pretty much to cover, as transgressores , the 90% of Jews worldwide who identify as Zionists, the Israeli Nation itself .

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • Unify deal collapsing? So so surprising. The Palestinians had better hurry up and find a way to negotiate for their state. Sunni nations are starting to prepare their minions for the already covert alliances with israel. The jew haters and anti zionists on MW keep pushing the 70yr. old bull crap about Israel becoming more and more isolated while even an idiot could glance at news from around the globe and determine that Israel, while publicly excoriated, are making alliances and economics deals with more nations then ever before.
      . If palestinians want any chance of their nation with part of East Jerusalem as its capital they had best lower their demands make a deal and hope they can negotiate a contingency clauses where certain land is not turned over until enough time has passed to prove peace. It's a tough world out there and things don't happen by magic, voodoo or the UN

    • Yes, Einstein had vocal and written criticisms of the reborn state of Israel. But, any cursory reading of Einstein's biography would have informed the reader that he was an avid supporter of the Israeli state. Only the most desperate would grasp at straws to try and use luminaries like Einstein, Morganthau, Brandeis, and many others to discredit the overwhelming support for the creation of Israel.

    • @mist

      "History will record the year 2017 (when Netanyahu and Trump jumped in bed together) as the beginning of Israel’s rapid slide into isolation and disrepute"

      Who exactly is the fool? Do have even a child's grasp of how many times this statement/prediction had been made about Israel and its survival? By pundits and amateurs like you, racist bigoted idiots like so many here, the supposed well-meaning but uninformed, arab leaders, other world leaders, and even jews like Phil and max B. would not want to be by any of their deathbeds in the near or far future while they try to figure out why they were so wrong.

  • Cuba welcomes 50th anniversary of the PFLP leftist movement
  • Times super-Zionist Bret Stephens commits fallacy and falsehood, on Jerusalem
    • @n

      now your catching on. it's big time entertainment but nonetheless stimulating to see where some things stand with fringe groups and sites.

    • Well, that is a nice concise bunch of distortions and non scientific lies to keep you going for a while. 500b.c.e.? Let's guess, your going to site a Greek historian? And the many thousands of Jews who fled out of judea by Roman, Greek, Arab colonialists north or west across Africa or through Iran to east Europe,? They just disappeared? All you need to add to your brew is the asinine 'khazzer' theory and you'll have the concise jew haters history of Israel including ignoring what the quran itself has to say about the land of Israel.

      But hey, we've already established that people generally believe what they want to believe , so your covered.

  • Genocide and American liberals
    • @yt

      “Maybe the press is this way because it reflects the values of its readers.”

      While this might be a reasonable statement as applied to the masses of news consumers don't think it doesn't apply to as many commenters here (and pro israeli websites too). Just one of those things. everybody thinks they're smart enough. too smart to understand they're not smart enough and that nobody owns the truth , (well, except annie maybe, she owns the mw debate team)

  • Trump's Hanukkah gift
    • Israel, an "empire"? Ellis must have a problematic superiority -inadequacy complex. i might guess he sees israel as one giant magic blue pill from the river to the sea, golan to eilat. or maybe he just ascribes to the old notion:. ' it's not the meat it's the motion'

  • Trump's Jerusalem speech will foster the liberal Jewish awakening
    • Phil: another " jewish awakening"? How many is that now? How many more 'events' is it going to take +'m.? for this awakening to become a thing.? Or maybe this is going the a different type' of awakening. The 're-awakening' to Zionism in the context of the 21st century. Jews and non-jews alike have grown accustomed to the comfort with which Israel now moves in the echelons of first world nations while expanding its outreach to emerging ones. Disaster relief, clean water technologY are just two of Israels expertise shipped out around the globe that certainly seems to be prone to more and more disasters.
      . Maybe a majority of people on earth will awaken to the idea of naming the capital of Israel,ksa Jerusalem is so redundant and with the world already exhausting itself in far more complex and dangerous situations people are just shrugging like....."what?". The sky didn't fall like all the typical sources cried it would. And, people understand they are tired of this conflict that is now mostly kept alive by the constant drone of negative hate sites like MW and EI (all negative news about Israel 24/7, mondo miserable, mendacious and malicious stories 24/7)

  • Letter to a drone
    • Yes my Palestinian brother. I am certain the sound of these annoying drones is as horrendous as you claim. It matters little that your leadership, the Hama's along with Hezbollah with Iran's billions are trying desperately to do some press worthy damage to zionists I return. I understand That you hate these drones as terror from the sky. But I have to ask you honestly, if you had the ability to send drones that the Zionist entity did notposesss, would you not use them against your arch enemy, the Zionist entity?

  • Forget pinkwashing, it's brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus
    • Pink. Green. Brown. Black. Keep it up. Whatever colour the enemies of Israel come up with they can continue to try and fall at making their ludicrous and asinine attacks against the Israeli govt. But really, although I give some credit where it is due I must say that code pink is the only group that has a very modicum of talent

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • @c

      i would wager I know a hell of a lot more US vets , including family, army, navy and air force serving in five different theaters of combat , ww2-afghanistan then you mr. "just asking"

    • I don't know if anybody took a poll but anecdotally, I know very few American Jews, including a few with children enlisted in the IDF, who weren't and aren't insulted by this comment in the least. In fact many think it makes perfect sense. Perhaps it's the far left wing fringe who are already anti Zionist or leaning anti-israel finally have something to whine about that got the attention of Israeli leaders.,(though why she was admonished, I have no clue)

  • Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967
    • @e

      -Genocide that isn't really genocide
      -Apartheid that isn't really apartheid(unless one puts credence in the kangaroo Durban debacle
      -torture that most often turns out to be a gross exaggeration
      -ethnic cleansing that is not regarded as reciprocal as an equal amount of refugees from all me lands were displaced, had their wealth and land confiscated

      So yes, pretty piss poor results by such conniving zionists

  • Netanyahu uses Iranian earthquake to praise Israeli 'humanity' and denounce Iranian 'hatred'
    • Just pw making excuses for the small minded nature of Israel's arch enemy: the mullah regime and its irg, who keep an iron grip on any meaningful freedom's on the nation's citizens who don't want to live under strict sharia law. Besides, if the mullahs wanted to cut off any positive propaganda bibi may have scored all he had to do was say, "thank you, we will take the aid through the Red cross, not directly through Israel". Either the Iranians and pw are inane fools or really are small minded and hard hearted tyrants.

  • Video: Brisbane musicians rework Nick Cave classic to demand he cancel Israel show
  • Target Hezbollah
    • As usual, the commentators on MW act no differently then Iranian puppets, spewing out gushing support for the arch enemy of the USA as well as Israel. Typical hypocrisy from the far left fringe. Calling supporters of Israel traitors while supporting the terrorist militia controlling Lebanon and its puppet master dictator, ayatollah Khameini. Who is the traitor... Let's see the immigration figures of ANY westerners let alone other refugees trying to get into Iran or Hezbollah controlled Lebanon.

  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • @jd

      Clueless on so many levels is impossible to keep up. The two news sources, al Jazeera and the Guardian are known to be two of the most biased against reporting anything but negative takes on Israeli action.
      . And the rank speculating written as if by Hedda Hopper with a salacious sex scandal. The number of ,"what ifs..." , "just suppose...." And other pure speculation indicates cook is" yet another fishing expedition where he barely caught a guppy. I guess this is the bottom bilge stuff that deluded Israel, Zionist and jew haters survive on while waiting on the bloodier dishes that justify their self righteous mindset

  • The U.S. media dwells on corrupt African leaders -- but whitewashes the Western billionaires and oil giants that pay them
    • I didn't even read this yet but I am betting there is little to no mention of the double, maybe triple billions unscrupulous Chinese conglomerates are pouring into African countries primarily to rape them of their natural resources. China is not known for its sensitivity toward their darker skinned brethren in Africa. But of course north focuses on the US Israel and all that's evil about the west. He's never going to climb out of the biased obsessive anti Zionist hack category if he doesn't branch out from bigoted blogs.

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • Yes, I noticed there was no mention of weitzmans 'gift' to the British war effort. Like to know how Weitzman s invention was a direct result of Zionist power.

      And yes, Alfred Barnes also didn't discover silver nitrate, he just discovered how to prevent all US infants from getting syphilis through the birth canal. That's how inventing things works. Take a raw material and do something useful with it and help all man/women kind.

  • UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians 'back to the dark ages'
    • AC
      the Nuremberg trials left many legal questions unanswered and while they made a seminal mark on the legal view of warfare post 1945, it's unknown how different the world would be had they taken Churchill and Stalin's (naturally stalin) view to round up every senior nazi and shoot them all dead. and how can the left wingers complain about that approach when they knew(back then) all along that Stalin was murdering millions of 'anti soviet commies' quietly and efficiently.

    • @m

      pretty much, yes. though, some don't always know it. it isn't in them. at least in this realm. otherwise, why are any of us here, as in here, "right"?

    • @er

      "we" you(as in the collective bubble of anti-israel, anti-zionist commenters) already do. Is your referring to the world as a whole (minus the Muslim/arab block and far left European fringe, good luck and fat chance

  • Nick Cave urged to cancel Tel Aviv shows by Roger Waters, Angela Davis, Thurston Moore
    • @bb

      Were it the IDF special forces that had snuck into Gaza to accomplish an operation and who were caught by v Hamas and the operation was liquidated before any harm could be done, why, you would most surely be jumping for joy along with many peers here on MW. Unless you really do not comprehend what Israelis actually go through and think it's some kind of baby's game.

    • Israel was made aware (through ground sensors or Intel-take your pick) that a new tunnel was approaching from Gaza under the border fence. Israel opted to wait until more was known and a more opportune time to destroy the tunnel. Wether the high command could determine how many Palestinian soldiers were in the tunnel it was determined that the tunnel made it under the border and into Israeli territory.
      . Waiting to cause maximum damage is a reasonable military strategy that makes perfect military sense considering. The militants were said to be led by Islamic Jihad. We hold the Hamas responsible but understand that neither Hamas nor the pa are eager for something to flare up out of their absolute control

  • Anti-BDS crusader Kenneth Marcus named to top civil rights post in Trump administration
    • There is a limitation on free speech,(one of the most over relied on phrase of the far left) when that speech is aimed to shut down the free speech of others. There is no such thing as unfettered free speech in the USA. Perhaps Marcus is using the JVP et al. That shut down pro israel groups as an example which is well within his right and prospect to accomplish. Instead of whining find a way to beat him.

  • R.I.P., Shiksa
    • If pw future wife was talking about tribalism on the first date it certainly explains a lot as to the origins of MW.

    • @m

      "Most of them were not Jewish" is a gross exaggeration. Most of them were Jewish. A lot of them had fathers that were Jewish which was overlooked. Some came with very little connection (if any) to Jewish relatives.

      I agree with your line in your previous post. pw, always preoccupied with counting jews missed that there were a lot more,'jewesses' then just the one he mentioned. It doesn't seem like hw cared much about types except for young and beautiful. such a jewish trait as is ejaculating in potted plants. that's been taught by generations of jewish men to the young as an excellent fertilizer and a mitzvah so as not to waste the chosen seed

  • Leon Wieseltier on the Jewish people sounds a lot like Richard Spencer on white people
    • @e

      I was referring to wether the neo nazis in the US would consider white Muslims as part of their people. My point being that to a Nazi a Muslim can say they are a Christian and be assorted but a jew is a Jew no matter what they say. I believe this is the logic the neo nazis adhere to

    • Other then thinking up a dozen reasons why authors acceptance that Spencer's analogy to white Europeans as a nation "sounds" exactly like Jews as a nation is specious I kept thinking of an image. What about all the white European Muslims that live in the US? are they in or out? Seems to me, since they all obviously converted at some past point retain their so-called 'peoplehood' and therefore are 'in'. Jews are still non humanoid mud people

  • Jewish news agency edits out editor's role as settler advocate
    • @m

      No. American German Jews are a thing. Not going anywhere. It's like Harvey: everybody knows

    • It isn't just "settlers" that believe jews have a right to pray at the site of the temple. As far as international law is concerned Israel is the legal occupier of the land. There is widespread agreement between pro Palestinian supporters that settlements are + illegal' (their point being aided by former US President Obama)
      PW continues to assume the right to define what American Jews are or are not as well as assume how a jew living in Israel should define themselves. If he did this using black or brown people as an example he would be hounded off this blog into an even tinier corner of the internets . pw always struck me in his writing as the most like the selected judenrat in the ghettos.
      . And not to be too politically correct but let's face it, German Jews in America either pre 1880s or from German middle classes have always had a superiority complex within American Jewry. An intrinsic paternalism towards other Jews who they feel distaste for. They know better. But did they ever? It's no different today then it was back in the 19th century

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