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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • Why I'm keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day
    • @kof
      Glad to hear your confused about what a jew is. but here is a news flash:

      we don't give a sht if your still confused. just like we imagine american black peoples don't give a sht wether white people are sometimes confused about what a black person is. we know what we are and don't care what your mediocre mind is confused about. most peoples in this world-from Alaska to zimbabwe know what a jew is so maybe your over thinking and straining your head.

    • Ok dumkoph mr funny. There are at least a dozen separate first nations people's from apache to cherokee to may other native tribes moved 100s to sometimes 1000s of miles from their ancient homelands along many different 'trails of tears' . Some from high plains desert to swamps in deep Florida. Sometimes from forrest hills lakes and rivers to dry chaparral. and that's just a few examples. Look to. russia pakastan, tibet, china and then there are examples in the arab and berber africa to south and north america. have fun googling all the names of people's displaced from their ancient homelands. that you focus compulsively on israel is your problem.

    • Well @kof, I was specifically responding to @mg mock question about what is a nation (meaning a peoples ) point in existing and to a question like that I obviously have nothing but contempt, embarrassing and some sympathy for a mind anchored in rage and to whom the idea of how much they hate jews (despite a 1000 protestations about the difference between hating zionism and jews-in this case absolutely none) and how warped and mediocre their reasoning is. how diseased and polluted their heart is with blackness. and if, by chance the responder is from a displaced palestinian family then I would say, the question is rhetorical and again, obvious. that they know exactly what "the point" is as it is no different then the point to his own existence, if there is one.
      . But to your question do I personally not see anything "shady" happening in the "area of Palestine"?.
      a) there is no area of Palestine because there has never been a negotiated peace with a complete cessation of claims and an end to conflict.
      B) and as for "shady"? Maybe it's a language issue but shady implies underhanded and scheming so no, I do not think anything shady is going on. we are and always have been upfront with are reasoning (and we do not take idiotic theories about how early zionists, our founding fathers and mothers all had secret alternative plans ,a,b,c or d to expand Israel from before our founding.) Our upfront attitude has always been,'quiet will be met with quiet'. That is crystal clear.
      C) is something "unfair" going on in both israel and the territories Judea, samaria and Gaza I would say yes. Of course there is unfairness. in the 40s and 50s the displacements of both Arabs living in pre state Palestine and post 48 Israel as well as the approximately equal number of Jewish Arabs kicked out of nations from Egypt to Iraq with all their money and land confiscated . it was all very unfair. I fact, lots of things are unfair but Israel has offered over 96% of Judea and Samaria as well as 100% of Gaza to the Palestinians was thrown back in our faces. Not once or twice but 3 times. This is not a fiction as rabid Israel haters like to twist every fact upside down to make those 3 offers as bad shady deals. That too is unfair. It's unfair that Palestinians value hatred of israel above cleaning up their leader ship from crooks and terrorists. It's unfair that the post Oslo Palestinians have been raised on a steady diet of how the heroes of their cause are the ones who kill the most me Jews. They are not prepared for anything resembling peace or an end to the conflict. They have been completely honest and upfront that any deal with zionists for whatever amount of territory would simply be a step towards liberating the entire'palestine' which would be 100% of israel as well as Gaza, and West bank. They think that is fair. I think it's delusional. Is it just a misreading of what peace means or is it a challenge that means one form of war or another, until death or submission. And that, unfair as it may be, is how the world works wether it is Christian, Arabic or simply Israel against the Arab/muslim bloc.
      D) do I have a heart? as big a heart as the famous welcoming in Israel and the fewer Arabs I know from West bank. People who haven't lived or spent much time existing (not referring to US or EU ngo activists) with people who have some legitimate and some illegitimate claims to your nation is, not fraught with the hatred and violence Hamas, Fatah and other terror dedicated groups is. we both show kindness to each other in many forms. our hospitals and clinics are filled with a mixture of jew muslim and Christian doctors and nurses that all dedicate to treat everybody equal. I could go on but prior here have a complete set of down pat answers that counter any single minor or major thing that is fair and highlight the aspects of the conflict. this is their job. they either volunteer or are professional propagandists who want the entire western worlds to hate Israel and force it to capitulate to the most maximal of Palestinian demands. Demands which have grown from workable to so unreasonable the idea of negotiations is ridiculous. The goal is to destroy Zionism which they have been brainwashed into thinking is some form off evil ideology akin to Nazism. It's so absurd that many can't process and simply understand the conflict as jew vs. Arab till death. and maybe it will come down to that. But yes,i have a heart for all who's lives will be destroyed by all out war. the idea that israel would give up all of East Jerusalem, all settlements, provide for physical ror not for those displaced but for generations into eternity, and, to boot provide a corridor between. Gaza splitting Israel in 2. And in return Israel gets what? a promise of peace? Worthless. We have been told 100s of times that whatever we give up is only a step towards the unification of ALL israel with jordan as a unified Palestinian state. Right. As if that will happen( though Obama, meshall and others would be satisfied with that. But now you get into an area where 'fairness' is too difficult to interpret. It becomes another meaningless phrase. The world has always been unfair. It will obviously continue to be unfair and many will continue to choose violence to try to achieve an unachievable goal. they can believe as much as their 'big heart's' desire but it didn't work in 48-9, 50s, 67, 73, 06, intafada 1 & 2 and now the 'knife/car ram ' campaign and it's not likely to work in the future which to me is unfair in my case but even more unfair to the majority of Palestinian who are afraid to confront leadership but might like a final settlement that is less then the 'maximal' demand strategy which if even remotely possible is not happening for many decades or much more wasted time.
      . And p's. : while there is suffering in the West bank camps and the cowed people of gaza there is also huge pockets of wealth. Bustling cities, large pallazzo and big new housing. Gaza is worse because Hamas is almost heartless except for members. But there is plenty luxury there too. Not exactly the big open air prison bullsht being pushed by anti-israel activists. And West bank is nearly autonomous. Yes, Palestinian,bds are rightly bitter they have to be subject to Israel checkpoints but while irritating (not always humiliating) they have normal lives and normal functions. The neighboring Syrians are just the most egregious example of rank suffering of humans. Other spots around the globe are as bad. So is it fair that the Palestinians claim to be the original and most legitimate suffering refugees in the world, the u.n.? I hardly think so.
      . And another fyi: it's hard to live I the midst of this conflict and not develop a tough heart. Equally true of Arabs and Jews. Some say that nations like Finland, Sweden, Norway etc. are living in a bubble with the seething problems just boiling under the surface while you and your govt. Leaders look to blame Israel for almost all the problems they imagine are somehow linked to Jews or zionists. Think about that instead of posting idiotic hypothetic questions like @mg who asks'what the point of israel is'. What is the point of his brain continuing to function? Any or none whatsoever?

    • Think about it dumbass. Pretend for 10 seconds it's another people fighting to return to their ancient homeland. It makes perfect sense. Don't understand your difficulty on this topic except it's an outlet forv your unhinged rage.

    • Please don't tell us hophmi that you just discovered that mondoweiss commentary section is comprised of about a dozen ( ok, maybe a few dozen) hardcore zionist haters, jew haters and possibly just Israel haters who are here M Jħltech savvy nation which had laws which protect citizens of all religions and race from discrimination as well as Including all in the democratic process of voting.? Some of the=v(chgc fgravity=g regulars here try an act of outward "moderation,' you know, givin)a sg=upposedly unbiased historical account which naturally comes to conclude that zionists must have logically plotted the whole thing. The others are more or less honest with outright contempt or no recognition of Israeli'legitimacy in the first place. So, acting surprised at ANYTHING shocking said about Israel and the holocaust is just so redundant. After all, how many put downs of israel can anybody stand but these few mw devotees.J
      Hop: learn to pick your battles here and allow the dingy dozen to let their tended cicc

    • Please don't tell us hophmi that you just discovered that mondoweiss commentary section is comprised of about a dozen ( ok, maybe a few dozen) hardcore zionist haters, jew haters and possibly just Israel haters who are here M Jħltech savvy nation which had laws which protect citizens of all religions and race from discrimination as well as Including all in the democratic process of voting.? Some of the=v(chgc fgravity=g regulars here try an act of outward "moderation,' you know, givin)a sg=upposedly unbiased historical account which naturally comes to conclude that zionists must have logically plotted the whole thing. The others are more or less honest with outright contempt or no recognition of Israeli'legitimacy in the first place. So, acting surprised at ANYTHING shocking said about Israel and the holocaust is just so redundant. After all, how many put downs of israel can anybody stand but these few mw devotees.J
      Hop: learn to pick your battles here and allow the dingy dozen to let their tended cicc

  • How grassroots activists defeated anti-BDS legislation in Maryland
    • Jeff
      . Recognize you have succeeded. Your adversaries are grasping at such splintered and rooted straws they can barely keep their true believing snouts out pic the bull Shang . You won. Give it a rest. There are literally Dozens upon dozens of anti bds bills dealing with federally funded institutions.bds it's losing most of them. Relax

  • 'This miracle, this gift, this jewel' -- Obama's ambassador to Israel declares he's a Zionist
    • " Jewish folk need......" You may very well believe this is what they need to be educated about but the fact remains that the vast majority of Jews, wether, Brit, German, North African, Persian or American don't either need nor do they desire too be 'educated,' about your list of the negative attributes of Israel and your false narrative of the evils of Zionism.

      Im sure we are quite comfortable In building the lands thatbelong to the Jews while providing liberty and full civil rights to any minority groups they live among us.

    • Page: 18
    • A)
      . No PW, Hezbollah (or its precursor group Amal , both funded and guided by Iran) made plans specifically to attack, bomb and kill American marines (over 220 you have so glibly forgotten,) stationed in Lebanon to keep the fragile peace between waring factions.

      B) In general, Americans DO need to defer to Israeli expertise" the kind of combat, warfare and Intel gathering. Of course experience counts for much and were have some American partners who are as crucial to some plans as the regular IDF.
      Do they have to defer" everything, every international incident, obviously not. But quite a few seemingly innocuous plans have direct impact on Israel a will be discussed as needed

      C) in general, the Palestinian people have not been good partners for a treaty. While I can not speak for the everday working stiff Palestinian family who may likely earn most of not all their income working inside Israel I can easily interpolate that the members of Fatah, all those on the payroll of the corrupt PA as well as Hamas. Also, twice now th he PLO had turned down two very good but limiting offers of land, With generous land swaps but their leaders said, " No" to at least two legitimate offers

      D) so poor pw feels "snookered" because he didn't get to open Shapiro s brain and examine it for latent signs of dedicated Zionism.

      Put into MS. Ashwari 's words the entire exercise of hiring not only Shapiro but ambassadors from the past and possibly future as one big conspiracy of Zionist elders making sure the conspiracy continues unabated with, as she said, either making policy or carrying it out.
      The Palestinians never got a say. The narrative was controlled, the history was distorted and the entire world was lied to in order for us administrations to keep money pouring in and Israel to have political cover to avoid ever having to deal with the growing Palis. Movements as if they don't even exist. It's all one HUGE conspiracy zionists stated with prewar mandate and culminated in their unbelievably cynical yet brilliant use of their status as displaced persons nearly murdered and I camps all over Europe..

      Just a conspiracy. All she, along with pw and a few sympathetic professors with their legions of sycophants needed was some time, some disaffected far left liberal elitists, and hoards of confused, guilt ridden, hand ringing kids ready to rebel against mom and pop. Of course it was SO simple it was in front of our noses the whole time. Those crafty Zionist(not Jews mind you as the conspiracy spouting Zionist haters have told us that zionists have absolutely nothing in common with Jews) just sat down after ww2 along with or in front of the 1000s of other writers at the time trying to make sense of the whole epic catastrophes or just specific ones that stood out as so egregious as to seem beyond explanation. But they nailed it!. The Zionist jews simple made up their own narrative which poor poor hanan had been praying years to finally be able to tell us with certainty that the whole Zionist project was one massive lie (or false narrative? Alternate set of facts?) And if can finally be replaced with the oh so relieving stress of the honest to goodness truth.

    • Question: when has Hanan Ashwari EVER spoken without disgust and disdain? This is her trademark. She has no interest in a peace treaty with Israel and does not believe be Israel has any right to exist as a Jewish sovereign state. She may believe that Jews can live as some type of protected minority in a sovereign Palestinian state but she'll be long dead and buried before that becomes even a remote particle of a possibility. She will die choking on bitter tears of she refuses to change anything as she never has I the past. Best of luck to her and her paper thin veneer of civility when it comes to Jews in Israel having sovereignty.

  • Israel’s ‘right to exist’ and the Palestinian right to resist
    • Oh yeah. That is a real possibility. I can see this happening.......... When Falk gets his way and the UN transfers all of its governmental business and campus to Turkey ,After the US kicks its, sorry corrupt ass of the island

    • Actually, Israel "bit" off far less then it could have chewed on back in '67 and even more so in '73. I see where you like to start twisting your narratives very early in your stories so by the time who fkkn knows who'll be reading it you been certain to start with a ridiculous supposition in the first part. clever. But then you must know what Sartre said about clever folks?

    • Imo, Palestinians have absolutely zero right to demand the Jews give up sovereignty in their land. They can protest, cry, whine or sue but there is really no legitimate way that Jewish sovereignty will be given up without a catastrophic battle which seems more and more likely add the Palestinians and their bds cohorts pursue maximalist demands with preconditions to even negotiate. The icc has about as much backbone or less then the unhrc or even the unsc.

      There is a deal to be made. It's been presented before. It's not likely to change very much and it seems that neither are the leadership of the Palestinians. It seems obvious that this can lead to only one or two possibilities, neither of which is either peaceful or productive. But sometimes certain issues can not be worked out. Kashmir, Tibet, Falklands, Gibraltar, etc.

      One person's idea of greed is another person's idea of survival. Nobody can say with any Certainty wether the growing liberation of Jews in the US has any connection to the state of Israel or not. (Of course, as a Zionist,i would say absolutely,) The worlds true outlaw gangster regimes are hardly worried about the US any more but they sure as shit are worried about fckn zionists in Israel. Why change such a great dynamic?

  • The liberal double standard on boycotting North Carolina and boycotting Israel
    • double standards concern PW? what a crock of sht.

      Take any transgender palestinian in Gaza-or west bank- and demand they have a right to choose a bathroom let alone keep their lives. He is so so concerned with that. what a hypocrite

  • The real free speech threat
    • The authors very first sentence says everything you need to know. these are the 'new' intolerant bullies. as predicted when things turn 180degrees-there is very little difference in human nature.
      I think todays liberal elite academia is now referred to as the new puritanism-same as the old puritinism-but worse.

  • The Jewish revolution
    • "Hilariously funny watching someone play stupid"

      As in: pretending that, even in your wildest dreams, israel is a "failure".

      And even funnier when someone is already too stupid to realize how absurd, asinine and blind they are to recognize that despite their anger, despite their jealous rage, their indignity of it all, the justice of an ancient people reunited with their land coupled with the injustice that another people, perhaps 70, maybe 100 or even 50yrs old must work and strive to come to grips with how unfair life can be.

      Too dumb to know that some people's wait 1000s of years to gain back what they believe lost in conquest. Too ignorant to understand that the world we all live in is comprised of one conquest (or, as these hysterically funny fools like to charge: colonial project, lol) upon another and another. So certain they are of the just nature of their cause. That palestinians, born from mostly Syrian and Jordanian arabs after Israel was re-established might have to wait, acquiece or even worse,negotiate face to face with their 'enemy' who after all, has only been around for what?... 5000 give or take. They it might very well take another 100 yrs before one side understands that their maximalist demands are a total failure and you can't reset the clock back to may'67 or '47 or 1916. Those times and the opportunities that cane with them are gone. There is no example from the history of earth where a powerful nation willingly gives up strategic, spiritually and archeologically central and developed land to a people sworn to hating then and allied with every single one of the enemies the nation has.

      So yes, your right. Pretty hilarious to be that stupid and blind to not see or understand that not only is Israel successful but wildly sucessful by any measure of the word. That your hated translates this success into a 'failure' ...well, if it's not just plain old stupidity, it must be something much deeper and more insidious. But for now LOL on Israel being a failure. That's the best line one heard all week

  • JDL member arrested for attacking Palestinian-American teacher ran anti-Muslim website
    • All 10 of the NE US JDL members have difficult inoperable growths in their brains which effect their behavior. Mossad got together with aipac and basically chained them to outposts like cannibal zombies who sense danger and attack.

      Meanwhile Nayfeh just got another installment for his retirement fund from the PLO. The crescent shaped cut will probably become the most important and exciting moment in his life among The assortment of Israel hating groups.

      I wish I could say I understand the pro-palestinian strategy of always shooting themselves in the foot but I suppose they believe that slow and steady will win for them what they have already been offered and turned down. Afaics, Abbas and his cronies have one strategy:
      . Push the Palestinian maximalist demands as simply the opening discussion. Then, in addition demand that the vote in what is now Israel and the West bank be changed into a system of 1vote for 1 person.
      . The smartly strategized little caveat to those who push this crap, that the (now what is it, 5,6 or 7 million Palestinian U.N. createdthat are refugees as well as residents of over 20 Arab nation's. They would slowly be allowed to trickle back into pre-'48 armistice lines causing the populating to shift from Jewish Majority to non-jewish minority. That this is the unspoken goal of all bdf to eliminate Jewish sovereignty in Israel is the long term goal which is really the main point of groups like jstreet, MW., VIP, and even J street. They are hand wringing and guilt riddled so-called pro-israel liberal groups bamboozled into thinking Israelis will be safe of only they agreed to become a'protected minority'. As if that every worked in the 50 other nations that had protected Jewish minorities. As H.Neuer questioned at the UN.... Where are all the Algerian, Libyan, Jordanian, Iranian, Iraqi Jews now? What level of political and civic freedom do the handful of Jews in the Arab world enjoy? Of course you all like to deny the existence of the dhimmi system and believe everything the the tryant owner of Iran is the gospel proof.

    • @ms

      right. you just happen to have extraordinarily exceptional hearing.

      But I appreciate your insight and "imprecations" . As always, good for an eyeroll and a quick snuff.

    • @O


      If you have to "question" why those "miniscule" 5 million jews have so much power then you probably wouldn't understand the answer anyhow. but your worried about it and that's understandable and.... isn't that what it's all been about all along? you want to question and make sure there is no funny business going on. I mean really, the answer shouldn't be so obvious. You deserve to know the extent of exactly how much wool is being pulled over your eyes. occam's razor certainly will not apply here. and should the questioning provide surprising answers it is "good news" indeed that so many Americans will be "educated" and better able to handle and emotionally process this new,(actually very very old) information so as not to have any sudden and unnecessary trauma to mind or body.

    • "(As a spy)".

      You rock girl!

    • Wait... The US is being taken over by Jews? The entire nation of Jews or just the Pamela Geller Jews? I guess Trump and his big oil men are part of this religion taking over the US. Obama. Hillary. Sessions. Nikki Haley. Paul Ryan, Bill Gates, Buffet, All Jews taking over the USA. Funnier then a barrel of monkeys. Oh, wait a minute. The religion isn't Jewish at all is it? It's Zionism! Their all a bunch of freakin zionists taking over the USA. Running the whole shebang. Calling in bombs, turning over graves. What next? Keeping Obamacare?

    • So, an arrest was made. This is a good thing. A court of law can determine wether the assault was felonious and what punishment should be meted out.

      How large is the JDL?. They were deemed "violent" but not a terrorist group though we all know that the definition of terror is subjective.

      The man that was attacked without cause did decide he wanted to participate or watch the protest. It wasn't like the thugs had to hunt him down. But yes, he is absolutely correct that nobody should have to worry that they will be violently attacked just for walking around legally looking at what was happening at a legal protest. It looks like the victim will be okay. His daughter is obviously irate and traumatized.

      Again, nobody should be walking down the street minding their own business and have to worry that a terrorist thug will suddenly plunge a knife, I mean pole, into their face. Or their neck. Or their heart.

      And while the dude with Pamela Gellar seems like he was looking for trouble(and got it) it can not be said that Geller advocates violence. She held a contest for drawings of Mohammed to prove that America is a land where free speech includes drawing images of religion that many find offensive. That violent terrorists came to shoot her poor anybody else that would dare violate free speech is as despicable as the man who rammed a pole into the eye of an innocent man of kuwati and Palestinian descent.

      And as for MW constantly citing the southern poverty law center for unbiased view is like MW relying on freedom house for your liberal ideology.

  • 'Negation of the diaspora' as Zionist antisemitism: The JCC bomb threats came from an Israeli Jew
    • @msr

      i'll make it simple for you funny man. the folks over here at mw like you are equally as thrilled that it was a jew who made the bulk of the anti-jewish threats. (the reporter guy that was bizarrely trying to impress/hurt an old girfriend is too odd to get into). and in case you need to be reminded:
      this site and the bulk of its commenters are comfortably ensconced in the far left, left wing or whatever you consider is the opposite of the so-called 'alt-right'. because -you are the opposite of that group and you understand while at polar opposites on some issues you are more similar then different. and you both think your correct, smarter and superior to each other.

      ultra-nationalist religious israelis also have similarities to groups they consider as arch rivals. surprising that one who delivers a constant dribble of quips and quaaps should be so lax in interpreting what you consider drivel .

    • "The announcement of the arrest caused immediate panic in American Jewish circles and, not unexpectedly, the American Alt-Right Nazis were thrilled to hear that the suspect is a Jew."

      seems like the 'alt-left'/far left or at least the israel-haters over here are just as 'thrilled' . but is it really such a surprising reaction when it appears as if the same or similar reactions have been reported in past that apply to all sort of attacks committed by and against many minority groups subject to attacks of hatred or bigotry on a regular basis.

  • AIPAC speakers say the enemy is BDS, while 'biggest Jewish-led protest' surges outside
  • Hamas shuts down Gaza crossing, blaming Israel for assassinating leader
    • @ms

      feeble propaganda photo. just another-of 1000s- israeli flag burning.

    • is that guy with what looks like a S&W .357/44 specifically trying to look like arafat or do hamas members now consider it chic doing up their keffiyahs in arafat 'style' ? not to be too critical as that guy is bad-ass and better looking then YA ever was.

      the guy with the backwards baseball cap? well.... And neither should be huffing the fumes from that burning plastic flag

  • Bearing witness: a review of Alice Rothchild's book 'Condition Critical'
    • Aren't Americans taught about Haim Solomon any more?

      At least MHgs gets the rhode island connection

  • Actor Richard Gere in Hebron: 'it's exactly like what the what the Old South was in America'
    • @gz

      " no right" and yet here we are. Over 50yrs of offering land for peace and an end to the conflict some of which were accepted and three offers which were rejected by Arafat(who had Palestinian interests at heart while stealing billions from them as do the men he mentored)

      Funny how so many far lefty mw commenters think zionists are blind and lost causes,(among so many other things). Maybe your just pissed it's not your cause. There are about 23% Arabs Bedouin, Druze, etc., living here whose necks are completely free to pursue lives or careers they want

      And I understand that the entity known as YF is on a mission to parse the definition of nationalism until she distills Jewish nationalism down to something evil and fake while Palestinian nationalism Is heroic. To say this is expected is more then an understatement

    • As if this privileged white man knew what it was like to be black in the 'deep south' .

      There are no comparisons to the situation in the I/p because the conflict is not racial, religious or cultural. Is it nationalistic? Yes. But only Jewish nationalism Is condemned. Palestinian nationalism Is championed. Is it tribal? Oh yes. It's tribal. And is it a war of ideas or a war to the death? Ask yourselves that. It seems like the Palestinians (or maybe both Israeli and Palestinian have opted for the latter)
      So many on the far left (and here) have such pseudo intellectual disdain for tribalism and nationalism but only condemn it when it's Jewish. They act as if the movement for ethnic identity and cultural prominence in the US is anything different then a way of preserving the institutions of one's tribe. Tribalism is akin to Neanderthal. Ok. Come live in the ME anywhere but Israel and start preaching that line. And if I read that argument that all off the above is ok except that it is all taking place on 'stolen' land I'll just be reminded that MW changed their tagline' war of ideas ' because it's really a war to the death that the far left advocates for. In a twisted and roundabout way, but absolutely to the death of Israel and Zionism. All of us from the center left to the far right understand this. However, I am not saying that incremental changes at a snail's pace (irritating as this may be) won't edge the conflict more towards a resolution, temporary or based on milestones. I would say at this point it's still 50-50

      Palestinian supporters of the far left love to make analogies to support their delusions. Palestinians have suffered like:

      American first nations people.
      Worse then Jews under Nazis (that may have been also said by both erdogan and Abbas)
      The Jews of Europe during ww2
      Syrians during their present state of constant war.

      And etc.

      Gere and Roger should hook up if they already havn't

  • Reading Maimonides in Gaza
    • Quiet will be met with quiet.

      Author seems to have some form of ptsd as do, it's certain, 1000s of gazan's. If one believes reports that blame only israel and not both israel and hamas for why u.n. Shelters were hit then there is little to learn and gazans will continue to suffer under hamas.

      a seaport and an airport on on the table for negotiations from, surprisingly, Lieberman. apparently, The hamas thinks tunnels , planning attacks and covert ops to (hopefully)kidnap israelis pays better in numbers of prisoners released then opening any port, or bringing any kind of humanitarian relief to gazans not affiliated with Hamas, is, pflp, etc.

  • A US veteran reflects on protesting alongside Palestinian human rights activists in Hebron
    • Great Palestinian hasbara piece. All the right elements including and up to the description of the Israeli soldiers as "terrified and confused" children. Right. "Former tough guy" U.S. marine whines on and on about how he and his comrades 'could have' been injured. Could have been hit with rubber bullets. (Don't remember too many rubber bullets being used in iraq). And anyway, the whole protest is a coordinated and choreographed protest. The marchers always know approximately what will happen when they approach the soldiers. And if the goal of Israel was to 'kill' protesters I don't think 'benevolent' winds would have made much of a difference.

      *p.s. those'scared and terrified idf soldiers probably were taught by their 'zionazi'fascist' masters how to compensate for wind with tear gas. Perhaps they just chose not to unless hoh wants to change his description of the idf as not only terrified and confused but also really stupid in which case he can keep dreaming about how 'lucky' he was.


  • Zionism and feminism are incompatible, leftwing voices say
    • A "whole chapter" on the relationship between African Americans and Palestinians and their distinct histories in relation to their status now(2015). Wow. That must be some chapter. I wonder if it delves into the Arab involvemrnt in the slave trade that brought the Africans by force to the Americas and elsewhere. And from that point on I am sure the similarities keep pouring in by the dozens until it gets to ww2 and the rebirth of modern Israel.

    • @og

      . Too stupid to understand that the group of people's you are so concerned about are more tribalist then anything you even imagine or dream Israelis engage in. In fact the type of leftists engaged I the so called 'feminist' March are just like you, too stupid, thinking their education makes their cause more credible and also ignoring exactly how tribal are most Arab societies while focusing on Jewish tribalism as some kind of threat to the world.
      . Also, your quasi-affectionate appreciation of the commenter, yf is dripping with conceit. You obviously have no respect or tolerance for anybody that doesn't adhere to your tribal leftist leanings and bylaws for what you believe to be universal rights. But listen, it's ok if you want to sit in your little chair and decide who you would allow in your 'tolerant' world and under what circumstances you would impose I have a couple of million first nations people to introduce you to as well as at least a couple hundred assorted tribes around the world who would be wildly entertained by your disdain for tribes in the first place and why you feel superior for rejecting tribalism as what,? Primitive? Get a mirror dude and take a long hard look at a tribalist of the first order.

      Oh, btw, thank you so much for stating that you do not believe my nation can be compared to Nazis but is equally as "vile". Such nuanced views as I have never heard before in my life. there is a term to describe the true believer mindset you seem to possess. You can read all about it on your internet-computer thingy and have a good laugh at the same time.

  • Israeli lawmakers advance bill to ban Muslim call to prayer
    • Keyword: ' ban or curtail amplified loudspeaker calls' . Please get as bent out of shape and hysterical as possible but even NYC has ordinance against loud car alarms. Most Jewish Israelis have no issue and in fact enjoy the constant muezzin call as part of the fabric of Jerusalem and many other towns. But wall to wall speakers at 5am on Sunday.....forgedaboudit. That's life.

  • FIFA slammed by human rights defenders for failure to expel Israeli football clubs based in illegal settlements
  • More than a feeling: Jews and whiteness in Trump’s America
  • Wave of bomb threats renews charge that anti-Semitism is fueled by BDS
    • @km

      . If it's true the man arrested was in the employ of a news org. Associated with Glen Greenwald
      And was at least a very left leaning outlet I wonder what the comments calling trump everything from a fool to the most evil fascist. It's the left going to say the whole thing was a double false flag initiated by zionists?

  • The 50th anniversary of the occupation will rock the Jewish establishment
    • @r

      Oh yes. The 9 billion Muslims are much more threatened in this world then those prolific Jews. Your perceptive comment is most enlightening and remarkable. Have you met moose? He has the most current stats on the Jewish/zionist population. Muslims should definitely be worried and by all means focus their attention on how to eradicate this Jewish/zionist problem before they really get into a tight spot.

    • [Ah, dear funny alter ego person. While it's still apparent that you rarely comment on substance I think you might want to check on your use of the meaning of 'resentful'. While I completely understand why you yourself might be resentful of my comments even if you are wildly opposed to them - if you actually read them instead of reaching into your thimble of cliched insults ("resentful". "muttering", etc.) without any thought you might find they are the exact opposite of what you describe.

      Far be it for me to help you express your own resentment and critique of pro-israel Zionist commentary without resorting to actually responding the ideas you might want to find a couple of new insults for accusations because I can assure you that I reserve resent for those who have an actual opinion worth resenting.
      . As for tonality, what I may be doing is "ranting" which you might be surprised to know is rather the opposite of 'muttering' (which is difficult to discern in writing) However, the concept of ideation in your case most likely starts with your own feelings of anger and impotence which you may be trying to relieve by attempting as much humour as you can muster. As we all know.... along with trash Yiddish is your trademark.]

    • P's. Whatever anybody says I think Melanie comes off as the most serene in the whole crowd. Terrified? Absolutely. But if she keeps her nose out of Washington and stays in NY/Fla she'll be a very popular first lady. Ivanka looks like a deer in the headlights who has dealt with daddy forever and kushner looked all speedballed up and still in a drugged out daze he was handed the keys to a kingdom he knows almost nothing about except making contributions to some Israeli center-right funds. I can't wait to see the car crash of kushner being walked through whatever the fck they think he can accomplish holding onto bibis hand in awe while trying to remember some Arabic phrases.

      But an anti-zionist Jewish war I the US? Hah. At least most of the commenters here are honest enough to admit they just absolutely hate every frikkin molecule of Zionism and Israel without discussing stupid pipe dreams about possibly tiny flare-ups with lefty elitist Jews and some of the kids(formerly brainwashed to love Israel unconditionally) who now are brainwashed at leftist university to hate Israel unconditionally. (Eventually there will be a balance)
      . And those hazy college years? They wear off quickly in a capitalistic Democratic republic.

    • Lol. Did I not read that the savior of American Jews, potential beater of trump claim that America must strengthen its relationship with Israel and embrace Zionism? He may not like the occupation but he damn sure has no clue what can be done about it under current circumstances, Israeli, Palestinian and regional actors all in agreement with Hamas ready to launch another barrage And attack hoping it will bring more sympathy.

      And besides that, trump proved he can read from a teleprompter last night and basically kicked the democrats asses. As in, what could they rebut except to say he promised a lot? I mean really, for the first time he proved he doesn't necessarily have to sound like a buffoon. And while most dems stayed seated, didn't applaud much they knew their constituants (other then the far left wingers like PW) were going to eat it up and say, "woah. He didn't sound that bad. He acted like a 'president' . Reaganesque even. Maybe he's not really a fascist dictator tyrant like our msm keeps implying".

      This stunning and "not-so-sober" (damn straight not sober) piece by PW will keep me on the edge of my seat waiting for the American Jewish public to implode in three months. I'm trying not to laugh about it because surely in maybe, 3 or 4 super left regional synagogues There will be issues here and there but outside of the upper West, East and left coast elites, I don't see anything going down jstreet style. In fact, without Obama, who may not be a jew hater but has no natural affinity for intra Jewish issues, the Frankenstein jstreet he and Rhodes built is going to die a fairy quick death. If not a death, certainly it's money will dry up considerably. The democrats lost miserably and still haven't come to terms. And even with a more sserious sounding trumpette they have very little to gain afaics by pushing jstreet, JVP, bds, etc etc. Of course, just my humble opinion. After all, what do I know about the situation,?

      * As for how trump promise to make allies pay for assistance I know damn well that most here already understand that Israel does indeed "buy American" supports American jobs and pretty much cooperates on almost all requests by commander in cheap. Egypt? They'll need a pretty good pr firm but they won't lose any aid either. Sweden????

  • Video: Due to power shortages in Gaza, Palestinian barber styles hair with fire
    • Omg. What dumb clucks. While the dudes I the pic may very well be Palestinian the use of fire to style guys hair had been around forever. It's been on the internet from assorted nations and had little to do with power outages (which, btw, are completely under the control of the Hamas, so they should bitch to them if they get a scalp burn)

      I'll bet you could walk down any street in Jerusalem where Arabs go to get haircuts and find at least one Arab who wants his hair cut and flamed.

  • Israel bars Human Rights Watch director from entering country, calls org 'Palestinian propaganda'
    • @m

      Two gazan so-called " journalists " that were given funerals as soldiers by the military wing of Hamas. It's those little details that always seem to slip through the maze of holes in Israel-haters brains that is not just curious but so predictable.

      So, they may well have been providing some information to media outlets but enjoyed absolutely no protection under any military or rules of combat. If they were simply gazan citizen journalists the Hamas would have made a much bigger deal out of it rather then simply holding military funerals....AFTER.... the reports that ' idf killed journalists' were covered by the gullible or complicit msm.

    • The next question would then be why doesn't most of the developed and shone of the emerging members of the UN take these 30+ resolutions seriously and after passing them with much or little fanfare then ignore them and continue to do business and conduct relations with Israel and its closest allies? ;)

    • @og

      Lol. Of course you would dismiss Kemp as "not credible". Hardly a surprise.

      As for open vs. Closed societies the reason comparing hrw reports on Israel to other countries like Egypt or KSA or North Korea, China, Russia, and dozens of others is that up until very recently hrw as well as many other ngo's have had almost unrestricted access to Israel. Now that Knesset has passed a few provisions,which have all been divisive, restricting certain actors involved with certain ngo's all of a sudden the hysterical Israel obsessed far left is appalled and immediately ranks Israel as 'lower then the lowest' abusers of rights on the planet, practically.

      Egypt doesn't allow hrw unfettered access to sites. Nor does Putin or the Sauds or Khameini or Kim Jong etc, etc., but sure thing, Israel is really scraping the bottom. At least in the minds at mw.

    • Make as much may as they possibly can from this. HRW in relation to its work in Israel and especially on behalf of the Hamas in Gaza has been totally fleshed out by both supporters of hrw and detractors. There is nothing surprising about the reasoning behind this rejection. Feel free to compare Israel to Egypt all you like. Many of you compare the US to a fascist regime too. It's become a badge of honour to be accused by the intolerant far left. Funny how it's doubtful many here would criticize their beloved Iranian mullah tyranny for far worse. There are still 1000s of workers living in Israel, enjoying its benefits while working to destroy its Jewish sovereignty . They work for any number of mostly EU ngo's. So don't cry too many years and the poor poor hrw

  • The curious red line for Milo Yiannapoulos
    • I actually agree with KM. A curious fellow for certain. As for red-lines? Maybe more rude, bigoted, nasty but no less disgusting then Obamas problem with his own red line and the killing of 1000s of innocent war refugees.

  • Linda Sarsour raises over $100,000 to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery in Missouri
    • @th
      I have never in the past sever felt sorry for a commenter so sorely absent from his primary discourse, Replaced by an extreme case of intrenched mediocre logic and true believing characteristics that the assumption that the hamas takes most offers from

  • Palestinian who filmed shooting says Azaria sentence ‘is a joke, not justice’
    • 1- "thank g-d for my camera......" . As if 90% of Palestinians don't have smart phones with extremely proficient cameras with the ability to film anything they encounter during any day of the week. The point being Shamsya was hired by an ngo to specifically go around shooting footage of incidents that would either expose illegal behavior of IDF, catch them acting in ways which don't conform to military law and/ or code and especially to capture an explosive event that would capture the attention of the circus-like msm bringing international attention and scrutiny on the IDF and the nation.
      . As for approval of Shamsiyas actions? ,i see nothing he did which could be interpreted as illegal. The no he worked for, less so. And..

      2) Palestinians have access to a very advanced network for Wi-Fi and cellular. Probably 90% of Palestinians between 15 and 65 have smart phones with cameras. If incidents like this were more common there are enough cameras around to capture daily life.

      I saw a video posted the other day (it was a pro-israel Zionist journalist/blogger but there was no reason to assume it was illegitimate any more then on-the-spot Palestinian videos. Was it hasbara? Not really. But even if it was so what)

      Anyway, the point was.....he was interviewing Palestinians in the street at ramallah checkpoint asking how long it took,[10 mins average, more on holidays] and whether the soldiers "humiliated" them or abused then in anyway.(again, "no." . And one man said, "i'm old enough to be their father, of course they will treat me with respect" Polite, business like, etc etc. And there is no denying that this can quickly change depending on what pops up on computer or if there is any unusual disagreements)

      Then... (American) blogger split screen with cars and people crossing at ramallah and cars/people crossing from tijuana into USA. The times were the same, 17:00 Thursday. It took the Americans almost 15, sometimes 20mins to pass thru with spot checks, ID inspection, dogs etc.

      And those humiliators and oppressors at ramallah into Israel ?. 3 minutes average per person or car. A little move on holidays.
      But, as long as there are paid agents of specific NGOs furnished with 'camera's (as if everybody doesn't already have phone cams) they can wait for days or weeks until there is trouble, film it and present it like it's every day. That's Palestinian hasbara, btw

  • Jews in Iran: a travelogue
    • Interesting article. Questions...

      Did the author have minders at any point during his travels?

      Persians don't have any modern history of antipathy for jews other then what was typical for a Muslim society in terms of social, legal and employment issues embodied in the custom of dhimmitude .

      Wether those here believe it or not the 20-25,000 Jews left in Iran enjoy lives free of constant fear but with a large% of Iranian Jews living in Israel there have been times the remaining Jewish population is held as a dangling bargaining chip should any escalation arise.

      4 kosher restaurants in a major city?

      With a tyrannical mullah regime it's hard, maybe not impossible, but hard to believe statements about Jewish life I Iran as told by Jews are all that reliable unless there is complete anonymity as Iran is not know for permissive for those critical to foreign press.

      While It cant be determined how many of the Iranian Jews are truly anti-zionist, just prefer living in Iran or can't be open is a question. It's certain that many Jews prefer to remain in Iran while there are often family members living in Israel.

      Bottom line: while many nefarious plans are being cooked up by Khameini and his IRG for the region and it's expansionist goals it's doubtful that any harm to Iranian Jews are part of those plans except as a possible contingency in the event hostilities ensure between Iran and Israel.(at

      Otherwise, this piece comes off as no different then an Israeli article on e.g. : how the leaders of some neighboring Palestinian tribes came to share the Succah in a Jewish town in Judea. Or how far a poor Arab girl rose through Israeli system to become a superior court judge. Touchy feely

  • Albert Einstein's advice to Jared Kushner
    • @i saw no evidence trump is pushing either a single or two state solution where Palestinians would have sovereignty over Jews in Israel. I would say that as rare as it might bevi agree with ec. Where is this 'irony' your gloating about?

  • The day the two greatest salesmen in the world met at the White House
  • Trump says he's 'happy' with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era
    • Read the bibi-don press conference . There is evidently a plan that conceivably would include a multi national security agreement where Israel retains full security control over land west of Jordan. Also the same requisite the Palestinians accept Israel as the Jewish Nation. Bib mentions that both theses conditions are not acceptable to Palestinian leadership now and basically didn't say much more.
      It may sound ridiculous to some and refreshing to others but trump just said, ', 2 state, whichever the Israelis and Palestinians like better is ok with me'. Trump gets points vi or originality. The left leaning msm is naturally cherry picking tidbits that support their own take on trump but that tactic will wear out soon enough.

  • Trump and Netanyahu's 'deal' for separate peace between Israel and Arab countries is a fantasy
    • Kerry had his time in the spotlight. His credibility as a negotiator and important SOS is about as low as an old Turkish toilet and he will be remembered as the sos who negotiated Obama's puzzling and anti American foreign policy. ( at least Obama never took time to explain too American public exactly how his weakening of US power in me, strengthening the mullahs with bullion bds and turning over power to the rising Putin is in the US interest (even long term as obama says he strategically thinks)

  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it's never a scandal
    • PW believes the conspiracy because ' a lot of smart liberals say so' *Smart liberals? Like the smart liberals who detested the so-called deal with Iranian tyrant mullahs and IRG? Like the smart liberals who turned off their brains to Stalins evil post ww2?

      As for Kerry talking about how much aid Israel gets from the US check out the begin-sadat center(BESA) for research on which countries Actually, not just in technical loan guarantees but the actual cost dollars to the US and citizens in dollars and cents. Certainly a different b4 perspective on 'aid' and US blood.

      * Reminds me of what a rabbi told me in my youth to no real avail. In answer to questions about why the specific laws of Judaism must be followed rigorously he said, "all you have to do is recognize that just one person you consider smarter then yourself believes in the torah and Talmud and you can then more easily accept it as an necessary practice that you yourself have not learned the full knowledge of yet" pw listens to smart liberals but probably only the one he already preappoves of in the first place. What an open minded editor.

  • 'We cannot divide the land': Israeli academic Yehouda Shenhav on bridging the gap between Israelis and Palestinians through Arabic literature
    • Uh-oh. must have taken a super dose of Zio-meth to come up with such a simple concept so easily ridiculed on these here in-tel-ek-chew-al Israel/zionist hating sites. I'll bet in response to the 4 word sentence of where Jews come from could illicit over 2billion pages of argument from some of the funnier people here.
      There is no more 'get out' for either Jews or Palestinians in Israel or Judea and Samaria. We are here. They are here. The 5billion hereditary Palestine refugees are not coming back. Some will return but most will either except compensation and be given citizenship in the yellow Arab nation's where they have lived for generations. Or, if they refuse, then ??.
      . When they get over their falsely inspired dream of eventually gaining sovereignty from'river to sea' and start negotiating with Israel rather then continue to try to win back 48 through asst means of international sympathy, lawfare, incitement, terror they can begin to put together a realistic concept of their own sovereign land.

      . And as Netanyahu stated clearly today there is no way in the world-unless It's an all out Armageddon killing Israeli Jew and Palestinian, Arabs and Persians alike- that Israel would cede any security control west of Jordan and the reasons are too obvious to explain. That could change in coming decades, maybe, but first things first. Believing that some type of decree by an already diminished'world court' would force our hand is as foolish as the idea that Israel can keep Iran from building a bomb eventually. Wether the mullahs would ever use one depends on how much of the tyrants are really "rational" actors. Now Iran had killed more Arabs and fellow Muslims in Syria and Iraq then Israel has ever killed I its entire existence. So much for the Iranian apologists crying about Iran never attacking anybody in many years or decades. Right.

    • If Jews came from Judea, even after being banished by titus and chased across Africa through Spain and up and into eastern Europe they still come from Judea which must absolutely cause caustic ulcers among the anti-zionist/israel crowds so intent on proving Jews from eastern Europe are not from Judea and are really from someplace else. Of course this theory is not only recent and totally bogus but pathetic in its denial of what is so obvious only the most mediocre minded true believers would even entertain the idea in the first place.

      It would be as absurd and bigoted as claiming a totally assimilated first nations souix who works in a high rise in NYC, dresses like every other million dollar banker and lives on long island in a mansion is not really a Souix or first nation person. And now I can just imagine all the cries of 'hasbara , stupid meaningless term, whataboutism and how anything preWW2 is irrelevant.

      Sure it is. So by that logic, Balfour is far too old to even reconsider at all. Lol

    • So compelling is the simplicity of US senator Cotton

      "Go back to":

      Japan where Japanese came from

      China, where Chinese came from

      Iran were Iranians came from

      Judea, where Jews came from

  • 'We go to heaven, you go to hell': Israeli settlers caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron
    • @ec

      . Don't feel too bad. While I assume you don't like my opinions and probably do like the funny man's general body of commentary I will throw you a bone:

      . Msr is an idiot who rarely comments on substance and almost always resorts to inane quips or puns which almost nobody but the most dedicated of anti-israel commenters even follow let alone 'get'

      As for the'hilarious' ongoing reference to billions it would have've something to do with the idea that the clown Prince of MW is referring to the relatively small number of Jews and zionists and how he thinks they act as if they number I the billions. It is a subtle wish for and unconscious desire for all out war. He would never accept that he's a warmonger but that's how zionists see him. Anyway, you have your explanation and your free to appreciate it's attempt at lame humor. He probably thinks he means well anyway.

  • Rights group: Israeli online incitement towards Arabs doubled in 2016
    • And yet, ms. Zoabi travels freely around the nation she espouses as illegitimate unmolested. In fact, poor Zoabi was so victimized that she was convicted of assaulting a police officer (who did nothing to harm her) .

      I was just about ready to see if this group had any credibility and then popped out Zoabi as the biggest victim. Oh wow, what a surprise. As surprising as itb would be to report that trump generates more 'impassioned' (read: violent, angry, hysterical, racist, etc) tweets then any President b4 him. Zoabi is a totally self- made lightning rod and would be a total nothing were she not generating highly controversial opinions and discussion including comments from racist bigoted Israelis and hate filled self righteous Arabs.

  • The centrist US political system will defeat Trump
    • @j

      you read too much mondowss and too much "elsewhere" . try reading an alternative point of view and you might actually come to understand how very very small not only the readership of anti-israeli hate blogs are but how much even smaller are the regular commenters on such sites. it almost feels like being stuck at a boring (read:red and yellow paperback hagada) seder with your shtty family. they all say the same old thing and especially the chronic a-hole 'rebellious' children who have to spoil everything with their vicious lies in support of that damn zionist entity surviving all these damn years starting with the obnoxious and eons old story (oops, i mean lie) of exodus

    • @K

      your second responsive paragraph is, unfortunately, comically tragic but with a definite ring of truth to it. trump has been rendered almost immediately impotent giving the illusion that somehow these 'crowds' of non-voting, non-registered 'caring' young folks really got things moving. i don't remember a press this hungry , wild-eyed and energized since nixon-and thats without noting how far the press corps has fallen since the 60s in the first place.
      it is still quite a curious thing whatever the hell compelled trump to want the job in the 1st place? he;'s already be fleeing down to his palace in florida after a big 3 weeks. wait until he realizes he can call up air force 1 to scope out more golf courses.

      the person, it turns out, with the most integrity is melania who never wanted the spotlight, to be 1st lady, or to be bothered in her bubble at all. She is smart enough to stay as far away from her husband for as long as possible.
      and-i am definitely not alone in thinking he will be-probably not impeached-but otherwise forced to step down and then you have the pefect "centrist" republican mushroom- red lobster pence ready to convert all the gays back to the mid-western state of 'normal' and get on with 'america's centrist interests' (at least until after he figures out how to close down hamilton for code violations or something like that.)

    • @ct

      i don't see that much difference between the US system of 'leadership' you are complaining about (somewhat rightly) and any number of powerful nation states, empires etc throughout history. Leadership is always in somebodies pocket and except for short brief intervals (e.g. -the colonial congressional power circa 1770s thru washingtons stepping down after 2 terms) The best of these societies work to achieve checks on how much access to pockets there is and also how to check that leadership cannot run with one pack and not the other. i think trump just had his first lesson with that "so-called" judge the other day.

      as for netanyahu and his "war drums" for act as if israel is the only enemy of the tyrannical mullah regime. at 800+ miles israel and iran had no natural beef whatsoever until the mullahs decided they wanted to spread their 'revolution' through the lebanon(hezbollah) and then iraq(thanks GWB) , and syria to the med. sea. the mullahs and irg are hardly a benevolent regime. there is no love lost between russia and iran and iran has plenty of natural enemies in their own geographical region not including the very large % of educated and working class iranians that would love to dump the tyrants MUCH more then they feel the need to 'liberate' the already liberated jerusalem. i would bet your average iranian could care less about jerusalem and anything that involves entangling themselves in the affairs or conflicts of arab regimes.

    • @j

      so what? your saying netanyahu is an authoritarian ruler who has no countenance for liberal politics, lifestyles or policy?

      and while i will admit that certain expressions of facial movements and foolish countenance are similar between mussolini and trump i have yet to see any indication the US is in any danger of having a fascist and totalitarian leader take charge. if anything-it appears more like trump might have trouble controlling simply the cabinet members he himself [or whomever] has chosen let alone having a voting body of citizens , courts and judges go along with anything even close to fascistic. either you goofing around or you have lost your grip on reality.
      (and no, sorry, i did not click on the link if for some reason that explains the comment reasonably)

    • @Kth

      I know about 'naked shorts'. who doesn't? but "financialization "? that is a new one. not particularly grosse in terms of grammar nor deductions or contributions withheld but in terms of
      expounding the theme it isn't clear your turning the noun into an adjective or explaining a new action.
      anyway, as often occurs, when your responses are not focused on the i/p i agree with much of your suppositions. This capitalizing on the numbers is not as new as all that however. One can reference the strategy of numbers manipulation in MLBaseball, pop music, and even the much earlier , complex but rather brilliant concept of using the electoral college to offset sheer majority. I am only thinking that the more things change the more they seem to stay the same, just worse. i guess an optimist would tend to believe there may actually be a game changer some day and not just a turnover

  • 'Israel receives more US military aid than every other country in the world combined' -- New York Times reveals
    • the information regarding US military loan guarantees to Israel needs to be exposed?

      what a joke. how long have israel-haters, anti-zionists jew-haters and critics of israel alike been shouting from the rooftops about how much aid israel gets? for at least 20yrs and probably much longer. this line has been one of the most standard positions uttered by the anti-israel crowd forever. the only people not satisfied with the coverage of israeli loan guarantees are those completely and totally obsessed with israel, jews and how israel can be weakened so as to capitulate to arab aggression and arab desire to gain back sovereignty over all the land-from the river to the of the most popular chants from anti-israel pro=palestinian crowds.

  • Netanyahu scandals reflect corruption at the heart of Israeli society
    • @b

      hellhole: no answer, no clue.

    • @b

      You have obviously never been to Israel or you wouldn't use the idiotic reference to a "hell hole"

      Not only do Israeli Arabs prefer to live in Israel rather then ANY entity run by Palestinians but now,. new surveys have popped up claiming that large majorities of gulf Arab citizens would prefer to live in the 'hell hole' that is Israel rather then any of the paradise nations in the Arab world or in the ME.

      Nobody wants to move to Iran though one might think from reading the asinine comments here supporting the Iranian regime that it was some type of peace loving heaven rather then the supporter of assad, murderous IRG and its proxy Hezbollah who rules southern lebanon. Unless forced... Who would move to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Lebanon Libya oman, Sudan, and most other regional me majority Muslim nations.
      . But then the "hellhole" not only has supported large influx of African immigrants who are Jewish Christian and Muslim but also had to deal with an equally large influx of refugees that were raised, educated and believe that Israel is an enemy nation and are only trying to take advantage of the economic advantages of refugees in Israel as opposed to say.... Egypt where they are sold, killed or worse.
      . So, if Israel is a hellhole in your mediocre minded opinion then where would be the great paradise in the ME where you believe life is worth more then a pittance, where all religions can pray freely at their own holy sites and where Arabs, Druze, Bedouin, Christian and Jew coexist as doctors, police, soldiers, judges, athletes teachers and even fishmongers. A figment of a warped and uneducated imagination.

      But you know the old fascist saying,.' A far left wingers shithole is probably everybody elses paradise'. And don't forget how many decades Israel's decline has been anticipated by so many Zionist-haters when making predictions about the demise of Netanyahu. People have been counting him out for decades too. It's like anticipating the demise of FDR in the 40s. Big whup. It's not like his successor will be all that much different, wether right or left. And Israel will continue to be the sole regional praise for years to come. At least until there are direct 2party negotiations and a settlement of hostilities. I don't know ANYBODY on the left who wants that.

  • The Palestine Philharmonie -- an orchestra is born in Bethlehem
    • what a wonderful counterpoint to the article the other day on the small protest in brooklyn of the israeli dance company accused of complicity in israeli policy

  • Signs you may be a 'normalizer'
    • @d

      It's not particularly refreshing to see that commenters here continue to put words in other people's mouths but I guess that's just how you moral beaconeers roll. Fyi, I never said or wrote "everyone does evil" . You said that.

    • @oG.

      What admirable crocodile tears you shed for people you think trivialize or normalize the holocaust. All of your 'moral beacons' are so pure. The fact still remains that the world has been, and will continue to be shaped by one form of colonizing or another. But first you admirable folks have to tear down Israel before you can focus on anything else. I think you all should be called the 'israel firsters'

    • IDK. What about them. Where were they during the Arab conquest. In sure you and your pals here will come up with an elongated answer both semantically twisted and stamped with the approval of the far left and UN post ww2 revisionist narrative which has determined that most if not all of the Jewish narrative from Israel is a lie and everything the UN resolves against Israel is truth. I can't wait to be persuaded buy the convincing and profound argumentation here.

    • Your view of history and it's importance and relevance to the world at large is small minded and narrowly focused on the century(that still hasn't passed yet) since the end of WW2. In light of this I can understand your support for the author of this op-ed piece.

    • This author is the other side of the mirror from a don trump. The same but obverse. Just a different set of tyrannical , spiteful and ridiculously broad as well as ignorant opinions that can easily rile a crowd of stupid people. the entire history of the earth is comprised of one group 'colonizing' another and the Arabs did their own fair share of colonizing, slave trading and subjugation that it's difficult to read an article like his without the normalizing laughter it so merits.

  • Trump 'promise' to move US embassy to Jerusalem stirs international furor
    • most palestinians -except activists and the commenters here don't give a rats ass if the embassy is moved to a lot in western jerusalem. either they don't care because it will have zero impact on their lives or-if they believe that east jerusalem will be their capital one day an w.j. is meaningless.. palestinians are not so stupid as to not understand that the US 'promise' to move embassy has always meant the same thing politically and moving it or 'promising' to move it to w.j. doesn't change anything. (except to far left wingers and obsessed anti-israel zionist hating activists.

      A) if they continue to be denied a state of their own-the embassy doesn't matter as the struggle is not to build an embassy but establish a state.

      B) If there was ever a 1ss and palestinians gained political majority(as many dream)-their embassy would still be in jerusalem

      C) if there is a 2ss they will build their embassy in the parts of east jerusalem that become theirs.

      even the quran alludes to jerusalem being the city of the book people. only the irritated , hate filled , bilious zionist haters here thrive on making bogus intellectual arguments on why jerusalem is not or should not be the israeli capital. its almost as pathetic as the 'quipster princes' inane spurts.

      If anybody in the west started to count the number of times politicians hyperventilated about the "explosion" that will surely come if the west does A, B or C they would probably feel like sheep. Muslims are understanding a lot better how political leaders that do not have their interests in mind at all are perfectly happy to rile up parts of the muslim world into violent protests which kill who? Muslims.

      And IS is not bombing Germany, Syria, Turkey and Russia because of Jerusalem as much as some would like to bel;I've

  • It's happening
    • @CL

      one of your trump cartoons showed up on a random blog of 'best political cartoons of 2016 about Trumps swearing in' on the facebokk. not this one though. have no clue what site or who judged but the cartoon was more to do with trump, gop and the world then israel or the me.

  • Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago
    • i knew PW was dying to tell this 'story'. its not much of one at that. he got in his silly attacks. he's a harvard guy but ' book dumb' . beady eyed. icey , limited intellectually , or so PW and his mentor liked to think while whispering to each other. oh, and how greatful he was to travel on kushner's dime and still write a piece he knew would cross jk's political views. what a jerk that jk was.

      but it is true that pw can thank JK for helping him decide wether to go all in on his blog-which he did. pw has a widely read blogsite [..] as are breitbart, EI, and other sites promoting politically extreme views and depending on who is doing the labeling .

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • @a

      your mind is that indoctrinated that you really see israel as ally of isis AND al-quaeda. if your thinking was even remotely sane there could easily be a peace deal made with israel having such favourable circumstances. and of course it would never occur to you that anything the idf might be doing could be construed as a both a warning and a guarantee? and naturally you would oppose any attacks on the syrian regime because why? because its israels fault that the assad clan has been brutalizing it own people for 50yrs of tyrannical iron-fisted murderous rule? oh yes, of course the assads have used the evil israel as an excuse for why the assads need 90% of all state money to defend the glorious syrian people from the evil zionist entity just next door.

    • @an

      so you are saying that you can be supportive of a bds movement that you believe is legitimately non-violent as a tactic to achieve 'liberation' from occupation while at the same time you can be supportive of palestinians using violent means to fight against an occupation that uses violent means itself wether in 'defense' or 'offense'? And imo, that is fine. I feel the same way about both parties tactics in the i/p conflict.

      i just don't believe there is any sense to be made from terms like 'proportionate' responses like say, limited bds and don't kill too many soldiers/fighters (as if there is a magic number of deaths that is acceptable and one more then that number and holy hell breaks out?) proportionate implies a certain sense of fair play which itself implies there is certain element that wants to extend the given conflict until the situation on the ground may be much more conducive to their own position. interesting. isn't that just sooooo surprising that such strategies exist? none of that going on in the i/p however. now way.

  • 'Progressive' Defenders of the Racial State: Reflections on the Modern Language Association BDS vote
  • Netanyahu has isolated Israel and is driving the US 'off a cliff into chaos' -- Lloyd Doggett
  • After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident
    • oh wow. YH must be a psychic. Such a hard prediction to imagine a split reaction to the killing of somebody who was more then just "alleged" to have carried out an attempted murder of another israeli soldier MW, pw, and (((()))) can downplay that all they want to their peanut gallery but the facts are that had the palestinian not tried to knife an israeli he wouldn't have been lying on the ground.
      Personally, I don't see this verdict setting any precedents and as with most trials surrounded by the hysterical and rabid foreign press-it will be blown up until its over engorged and then burst into shreds of nothing. I think he may absolutely be guilty of conduct (manslaughter)unbefitting an idf soldier. And YH-it has nothing to do with your grand theory of Israeli culture. Take the same incident in the US and have a local policeman shooting a terror suspect (e.g. -somebody who just shot up a marine recruiting station) dead you will definitely have a large portion of americans supporting law enforcement.

      And of course it is no surprise that in phils mind this incident is foolishly comparable to a pre-70s era lynching of an american black a la 'strange fruit' style. This case is so far from a typical southern US lynching its ridiculous. He is always stretching credulity to try and make a point.

      As a counterpoint-were the four palestinians who killed, chopped up, sexually mutilated and/or eviscerated an israeli soldier they captured and then threw his remains out a second story window punished? Were palestinians by and large supportive or were they split on the 'heroic' nature of that act where they displayed their blood soaked palms to the world to see. did they name a plaza . playground or park after him? get real. is there bad blood? there is bad blood and YH-the rules of poker don't really apply . predicting the israeli public will be split is about as skilled as predicting the democrats in the Us will try and stymie trump in his first year in office

      and @k
      i agree-the man who filmed this incident-while not capturing what led up to it was right in filming it and turning it over at risk to his own personal well being. it matters not wether he is arab or jew. this is one video that has proven to not be susceptible to manipulation, editing and or alternative explanations. it is what it is. it proves only that some israelis treat (or approve of) those who kill their incapacitated enemies as 'heroes' while others do not. Not very different then palestinians who treat the murderers of sleeping 13yr old girls or make jokes about 2 parents shot in their car with their baby children watching in the back seat as 'martyrs' while others thought it horrendous.

  • John Kerry picked the wrong timeline for the Jewish state
    • omg! Ho-Hum. So ho-hum in fact, i had to do the evelyn woods thing lest risk falling asleep. who on earth is this directed at other then the specific bunch of lefties that comment on mw?

      the point?..

      1-palestinians have started to use balfour as a point of attack to resolve their dispute with israel in their overall campaign of lawfare utilizing the ICC, UN, so-called human rights orgs and other venues.

      2. kerry is out-of-touch and living in the post vietnam political scene. his obama appt. as SOS was probably his last best chance at achieving any office higher then senator.

      3. if balfour is declared illegitimate then israel can be declared illegitimate .

  • Hamas celebrates 29th anniversary amid local and international challenges
    • Oh poor poor Hamas and all their 'charities' they run for the poor. Of course that doesn't include stealing most the the money meant for these people so they can build tunnels, buy weapons and pay for training operations against Israel and pay the millions (if not billions) it takes to support their leaders like Mashaal and others (just like their counterparts in the PA, Abbas's family and select Fatah members) in fine dictatorial style. No oversight , no bullshit control. Break out the 1inch violin for the wretched Hamas.

      No need for polls or polling. One could just step up ask any ordinary citizen in the streets of Khan Yunis or Gaza their honest opinion about the Hamas as long as they are guaranteed anonymity. Not that they have any love for Israel, but still, what balderdash.

  • Waqf: 14,806 Israeli settler incursions on Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in 2016
    • @can't wait til the funny man chimes in about the coming '2 billion' "incursions" , "attacks" or "storming" the waqf anticiaptes next year.

  • UN resolution on settlements is a step back for Palestinians
    • @gz

      ..I would feel safer if the mad mullahs had nukes and israel did not no matter how offensive i find thead (sic) mullahs to be."

      a) there is just one mullah who runs the whole show and

      b) your statement provides the exact rationale for why the far left is ignorant, careless, tyrannical and as dangerous to freedom as anybody on the far extreme right.

      c) your admission that israel will not fall in your lifetime but certainty it will fall is right up there with, "one day the sun will implode".

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • @ai
      Yes. Further away. Nobody getting the Message. Circular thinking. Etc. Etc

    • obama has much bigger things on his horizon then the low down politics of illinois. you vastly underestimate the mans ego, haughtyness and his intelligence. more likely he'll follow in clintons footsteps with a bit more emphasis on his 'hope' issue.
      The fact remains that while many on the far right and fringe left are certain of the longterm results of obama foreign policy but short of educated opinions-nobody can really tell this early wether it will be the disaster I believe it will be or that his penchant for long-term strategic thinking will pay off with partners such as iran, hezbollah, assad, putin, and so on. there is just as much uncertainty and insecurity involving what obama has already done then there is about what trump may do.

    • the man/family who built comcast did it from scratch, the hard way from working. roberts can do whatever they want with a company their father built from dust without being associated with a racist bigoted conspiracy obsession the owner of this blog promotes. that you consider them part of your fantastical conspiracy is just one more proof of why PW will always be considered a jew-hater who happens to be jewish and owns a blog which has consistently been labeled a "hate site"

      p.s. the "reason" that obama and kerry didn't push their 'true and heartfelt' views on the UNSC or the american public is simple. thye were total cowards. there would have been a shtload LESS shenanigans with netanyahu had obama spelled out his position in january '13 (i'll even give the wanker the first 4 where he would be 'too scared' of losing the 75% jewish vote in '12). There would have been the usual dustup but the policy position would be out there for the US congress to deal with. I still think he gives great speeches with an amazing speaking voice but he has proven himself haughty, under-handed and immature worried more about a questionable legacy then america's standing in the world. and kerry? he may truly be heartfelt which doesn't make him right. but he served at the pleasure of the president. so- that puts it on BO and his puppet master-BR. Cowardly backstabbing and rhodes admitted he created lies to cover themselves.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • @cz

      new zealand is the epitome of a cononial settler project. they sailed into maori land, killed many off and stole it to and set up their "4th most peaceful country" while handing out bones and culturally meaningless bullshit recognition for the defeated peoples island nation. they are the height of hypocrisy and bullshit.

  • Hear O Israel these parting truths -- John Kerry
    • @rh
      which includes jordan

    • @mh
      i seriously doubt an american president with the integrity of say, a lincoln or a truman would have sheepishly avoided, lied about and kept secret foreign policy goals they considered essential to americas place in the world just to make sure he gets re-elected or that his distrusted and widely disliked sos could succeed him in office. or that he was 'so afraid' of so-called 'jewish backlash' (what? the 75% jews that voted with him?) this is the action of a cowardly and shrewd politician concerned above all with his own place in history and not somebody concerned with decisions in th US best interest.

  • Abstention at the UN, or the Owl of Minerva of American Diplomacy
    • @mg

      if i had a nickel for every time i had to remind people that if i had i nickel for every time it was predicted that israel would soon be a "pariah" state and and the terrible things that will soon be happening to it i would be as rich as trump

  • Making David Friedman ambassador to Israel is a boon for ISIS
    • so-the left and far-left are having a coniption fit over freidman. and the msg. they are putting out is: if he doesn't do things our way it won't only be trouble for the u.s. but trouble for israel as well. check.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • pw and the assistant professor- (and i am so thrilled tns is upholding their far-left fixation with boehm as i paid for daughter2 (for some reason i suppose) to attend TNS. it took me more then a few years to understand how pathetically indoctrinated, biased and inflexible some of the assistant hires were. however-nikita khrushchevs grand-daughter was thought provoking and i think there was even a russian spy she exposed taking her class of all the crazy things.)
      but pw and boehm keep harping on the rabbi who didn't know how to respond to the nazi and they never considered he didnt know what to say because he was an absolute idiot who was overwhelmed by his own cowardly fears and preconceptions about himself that-if he wasn't an idiot-all his sense flew out of his brain for that time and must have recollected after the spector passed. PW-never one to under-react to stupid antics and asinine presumptions. (e.g. -hell froze over at the nyt. maybe the funny-guy archivist can look up the vaunted MW files and count how many times pw yelled 'hell froze over in the past.)

  • David Friedman is out of step with American Jews and dangerous for Palestinian human rights
    • @r

      so then you probably heard the joke that the way to solve the crisis in the middle east is make the 22 arab nations along with israel and the west bank into the united states of israel.

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • @k

      i'd like to know how the hell you know who these "backward and ignorant jews" are? maybe one name some might say is typically jewish but thats it. so it must be assumed you are a bigot from the outset and besides that-how do you know these responders are even 'liberal'?

      Also-always had respect for ralph nader for his exposure of the US auto industry but he is so obviously out of his element on the topic of the middle east. he may idolize jimmy carter but there are so many factual errors in his letter it should be shocking but then if one thinks about it-ralph nader was over with years ago. he earned his hero status but is more successful now at raising money then exposing anything

  • Historical evidence does not support Zionist claims re the Western Wall
    • @m

      more then you do as PW's court jester

    • @mh

      of course others have long standing links to jerusalem. even if one wants to count the three abrahamic faiths as complete myths they still recognize the unique jewish connection to the city and its temple.
      And while the very early christians were simply either an orthodox-or-radical off-shoot of judaism(depending on which gospel) and the temple remained a central point in jesus's story the arab conquest and with it the coming of islam tacitly accepted the importance of the mount by buiding their own temple upon the ruined 2nd temple but there is no connection to the city in the holy islamic quran.
      while that does not erase the centuries old connection of muslims and colonial arabs to jerusalem it definitely puts the perspective of religious and spiritual significance into a certain light.
      I have heard explanations by fiery muslim commenters that 'jerusalem' is mentioned in the quran but just by other names. this seems a bit specious. but-as you stated-links to this city are bound up in much more then just pure spiritual/religious connections. they are political, colonial, religious, historical and so on.

    • considering the type of modern weaponry available to nations what exactly is 'funny' about your commentary. i suppose it is just playing to your own peanut gallery's [..] fantasies that 'evil zionist' people couldnt possibly understand.

    • @mh

      a reasonable response. your article is interesting but by no means conclusive. but then there is very little written on the subject(by experts or amateurs) that is absolutely conclusive. modern archeology is rife with disputes going all the way back to leaky and his 'lucy' methodology and further back still to the opening of tut's tomb.
      so-again-nice article and as usual-the byline is whats questionable

  • Israel's free ride on the F-35
    • @l,j

      You want to have a discussion about communism vs. capitalism, fine. I'm commenting on the author's failure to mention these planes are not "free". And just as any country is eager to sell its wares to another available market, ,(the US own Obama allowed his European buddies open access to the new 'open' Iranian regime by signing his 'best bad deal)

      And do us all a favour by not trotting out the tired old Eisenhower quote warning against an industrial/military complex ........ Not that it wasn't prescient, it's just so f-ing old!

    • I guess the author mm doesn't understand that the US makes money from Israel paying back its military loan guarantees.

  • Challenging an ideology means rupturing with community and family
    • whenever i hear the word "uncompromising" coming from a left wing outlet like MW it gives me pause.. to wonder about what is so different from their pov and anybody else in the spectrum of opinion who believes in "unflinching, uncompromising" plans for change.

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