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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • BDS' big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down
    • now your going on about "if history teaches us anything" ? you have got to be kidding. good luck with that line of reasoning. history teaches only that if you want to stay alive and in control of your existence you better not rely on 'history' to have taught anyone anything. nobody learns from history and if you actually read ANY real history you would know that the greatest historians have been saying as much for eons.

      you will do much better with your fantasies of vengeance and your own concept of so-called 'justice' then you will depending on history for anything except eventual death.

    • exactly my point. loyola is the "harbinger' and not UMich. Of course.

    • Palestinian Hasbara 101: always declare victory no matter how significant the defeat. Say the 'defeat' was actually the 'goal' and the goal was not really the point.

      as per Loyola.....big surprise.

  • U.S. intel analysts doubt Israeli claim that captured weapons were headed to Gaza
    • Israel had over 2 months to prepare for this mission and plan for if it was accomplished or not. And since boats don't move too fast somebody in charge had to pick the exact day for stoppage and boarding. Of course they would make a big deal out of it becuase it is hardly a secret that iran smuggles arms to the 2 H's. There is no reason for them to have wasted money on the ridiculous theory-always ascribed to Israel or the CIA-of 'false flag' operations. The point Israel made which people here and other places are tone-deaf to, could care less about or whatever, is that there could be (or already were) other ships at any given time loaded up and bound for Gaza that will succeed. Depending on what your view is-this would be either good or bad news. But calling it a false flag only shows how absurd your thought process's are as if there havn't been enough missile launches of this type from EITHER Gaza or Sinai to confirm that missiles make their way somehow to the region. How many times does one have to bring up Occams Razor before it sinks in that there was nothing complictaed about this display and it is doubtful the display was meant primarily for anyone but a domestic audience as the US congress would have known about it w/o public PR.
      (as for all the display of nationalism and flag waving I would merely point you to any recent march in Gaza with gigantic flags displayed and HUGE missile sculpture built as 'art' in downtown Gaza City or any other massive display of what usually amounts to Islamic/Arab Extremism aimed at destroying Israel

      (and since the 2 'chicks' here are so concerned with what flag display symbolizes about its nationals I would direct you to count how many Arab/Islamic flags have guns, swords and other murderous weapons on them with no hand-wringing by yourselves. Can't imagine how ballistic you 2 would go if Israel had an Uzi emblazoned over magen david like Hezbollah does as the effective government of South Lebanon.)

    • oh right...."destined for Sinai.." according the "some US experts..." As if:

      1) going to Sinai does not constitute the same exact threat level as Gaza

      2) as if 'going to Gaza' means precisely that the missles were going to somehow magically appear in Gaza without having first gone through Northern Africa and then the Sinai and eventually through tunnels to Gaza

      3) Reuters isn't in the least bit an anti-Zionist pov news org.

      4)people are really this stupid as to believe 'going to Sinai is very different then 'going to Gaza' or 'eventually bond for Gaza or even, eventually bound to target Israel from EITHER Gaza or Hamas/IJ/controlled areas of Sinai

      Next reuters will be telling you that Iranian nuke program is not being designed with Israel in mind. That Hezbollah is not trying to transfer/transfering Syrian wmd's into Lebanon [oh...'according to US experts]

      if the past few years of Obamas administration has taught anybody anything it is that the supposed 'expertise' of US intell, despite what the NSA is busy taping, is sorely lacking in the 'expertise' part and that countless times has the US been dead wrong. Maybe massive dumps of intell gathering will prove to be much less effective then training real experts to analyze more data then just what tracks through cell technology. And just because Israel announces its capture of ship in time to spark 'conspiracy theory' about the yearly aipac meeting MW'ers should remember well that Israeli officials don't generally consider their timing and US/Isr public relations as an important factor when releasing intell or commentary. I can think of half a dozen recent incidents where military or gov't officials made poorly timed remarks or criticisms of US and Obama policy. Yet the thing that really stands out is how little the world seems to care about such a build up of missiles and what the next conflagration will look like the next time missiles fly. As is typical here on mw though-the blame will be placed entirely on Israel and Zionism with Hamas and other cells in the region-be they Egyptian or Palestinian-being cast as eternal victims.

  • Israel pays journalist $61,800 for good press during Pope's visit
    • why bother paying anybody? this pope is like one big happy press junket-in-a-can for almost ALL concerned. he seems to know what to say and how to say it to appease both sides in a long running conflict while sticking to the basic tenets of his church. he is not controversial by nature and he is the first pope in my lifetime that I can truly say would make me much more proud to be part of the catholic church. so whats your beef? MW takes money from Zionist hating supporters to keep bringing you all the articles and Palestinian hasbara that you all want to hear. whats is the difference? its not like there won't be independent press around in Israel-the country in the ME with the highest concentration of reporters from all over the globe

  • US desperate to keep futile peace process going a little longer
    • Your opinion might make a bit more sense if you had bothered to consider what a world with the US trying to play police while other (growing) power-players like Russia, China with junior partners NK, Iran, Central Asian& ME, continue to violate what you call 'international law' with complete impudence (sanctions on a couple Russian officials? what a joke.) Putin will still jet around triumphant, hang with his buds like Berlusconi, Depardieu, and nobody will get too worked up. ...oh, unless they find out Putin is really gay. then people will look up!)
      But you and your BDS cult members here live in a world where the primary (actually, the ONLY) violator of so-called 'international law' you think worthy of harping on is Israel, of course. And Israel being extremely small with a small population and being the ONLY Jewish nation on earth has absolutely nothing to do with anything because after all-you BDS'rs go after EVERY violator of 'international law' be they Arab, Muslim, Christian, etc. (oh...maybe I got that wrong. you here pretty much stick to Israel, Zionism exclusively.)
      One day you may realize that the vast majority of the worlds power players could give 2 sheits about what some former european colonialist masters have to say about the 'court' or enforcing 'international law'-especially since those europeans had the benefit of building their dynasties before there was a concept that one block of nations could impose rule over another block.
      I understand that in your MW minds-Israel is by far the best 'exception' to this rule but when the issues truly come down to one team of lawyers arguing against the others Israel almost always comes out on top. Just try starting with the fact that despite the constant droning on of those (here, in media, in gov't, everywhere) who keep saying "in violation of international law" there actually is no 'international law' that can find the WB as truly 'occupied' territory. This is well known and the pro-Palestinian groups simply rely on lip service and endless links to many points of 'international law' that seem to apply but ignore the fundamental issue of what is actually 'occupied' land versus 'disputed' boundaries and disputed land.
      If I were a bds'r I would not be licking my chops or salivating at the idea of Israel arguing before the limp and racist court that mainly goes after African warlords becuase why? Because Africa is the only block of nations that doesnt have a strong voice in the U[seless]N[othing]. They threw their lot in with the Arab block which gained to ZERO.
      The Chinese won't allow NK to be hauled up. Russia wouldn't allow its friendly satellite dictators to be charged. And an Arab or Muslim war criminal -like Assad, or one of the Saud princes - before a court of 'infidels'? You must be joking. Which leaves only Israel for the fading leftwing Zionist[and or possiblyJew]hating ideologues to dream their smarmy revenge fantasy dreams of Israel sweating something out at the even lese respected icc

    • well, I finally agree with something on mw. Obama is definitely desperate. Though I can npt understand why. He seemed like he understood and learned from ex-potus bush,clinton,bush. Of course when he is through-and still a young-ish man with many books to write and many advances to bank on-I will wager that he will have a very large chip on his shoulder towards Netanyahu and Israel as one of the reasons for his reputation as a weak foreign policy prez. (forget about how Putin has manhandled him and out played him like a master from day one. I'm sure it will be much easier to blame that 'shitty little nation..' or that shitty Netan.. and so on and so forth. I still have a lot of respect for Mr. Obama so I will remain open to any possibility and will continue to try and ,make sense out of his foreign policy goals for the US though he is definitely pursuing an unusual path the US strength

  • Ariel Sharon and Juan Gelman: Two responses to the legacy of the ghetto
    • what next? another brilliant comparison between Jewish giants?

      How about Finklestein vs. Horowitz?

      Or if their too alive, Teitlebaun vs. Sassoon

      Einstein vs Oppenheimer

      Meir v. Lazurus

      Neruda v. Lorca

      Marquez vs. Dayan bds culties could just go on and on and on making up stuff that justifies your false righteousness, hypocrisy and overt bigotry. It reminds me of the 'scholarly' psuedo-masters Abbas obtained from Russia on how the holocaust did not really occur during ww2. great work.

  • Israeli embassy pressured Amnesty to cancel launch of 'apartheid' book -- Ben White
    • you obviously are ignorant of what the word 'genocide' means unlkess you-like all good mediocre minded true-believers prefer your own definition of terms.

      and btw-it isn't that the Palestinians do not suffer in many ways without a peace treaty and w/o a state-but lying about them by saying there is a 'genocide' or a 'holocaust' simply begs one to dispute the ridiculous confabulation of hysterical commentary. I am of the opinion that too many fellow Israelis ignore or could not care less that many euro-white liberal elites are still spewing hate filed lies against the only Jewish Nation on earth at some peril. But the awareness of the Jews in the diaspora-despite the exaggerated claims of how BDS is "REALLY taking off now" and "the tide is turning against Zionism and support of Israel declining amongst US Jews.."-is the balance to Israeli indifference. The diaspora is there to keep telling Israel it is "happening all over again" and that this time the term "zionism' and the success of the Jewish State is being turned on its head and pointed out as the 'reason' for the 'new' Jew-hatred which the haters claim oh-so-innocently has "NOTHING to do with Jews but ONLY with evil Zionists and Zionism which they gleefully equate with nazism, racism, facism etc' just like in the 'good-ol-days'. Israelis of the left wing elite may not like being 'annoyed' and harassed by fellow Jews in the US and EU (that disturbs their privileged life of upper class urban/sub consumerism) but it often serves as a cold slap in their faces as to the realities that those like White and co. present to the future of our nation. Up until now the balance has worked out well. The internet has helped those who hate Israel and Jews as much as it has helped spur reasonable ideas from reasonable peoples. All it will take for the balance to continue is for Israelis of the left leaning parties to pay attention to whats going on. And they are now starting-in greater numbers to combat this 'enemy' disguised as good citizens who solely focus on Israel claiming it has nothing whatsoever to do with jews and that anyone who promotes the cause of Israel is surely drawing a salary from some mysterious gov't. 'hasbara' fund while completely ignoring that sites like MW and elec.Intfda are funded by large 'gifts' from EU ngos and asst UN organizations that are dedicated to the destruction of Zionism and the jewish State. other words; Ben White is nothing more then a paid Arab Hasbarist specializing in the Palestinian lobby

    • I count about 50 people give or take. hardly a mob scene. and ben white should hardly be surprised-given his tone and subject matter- that he receives flak from pro-Israel lobby and supporters, unless he wants to pretend like he's an ignoramus

  • Israel approves 186 new settlement homes, and moves forward with plans for 2,269 more
    • Yes-in 99% of the earth upon which we live it makes perfect sense that the militarily victorious party (and not just recently victorious but victorious in '48, 50s, 60s, 70s, and so on) sets terms for a peace treaty and the defeated (and wether a particular group is humiliated, disgraced, feels injustice or failure is irrelevant) usually sign the best treaty they can negotiate. The impetus for signing is usually the threat of immanent and total defeat.
      But Israel-despite the constant hurling of epithets and criticism has never threatened to utterly destroy its enemy as surely it could have done at certain times during its military conflicts. But-being the "horrible" ally to the US that its claimed Israel is-Israel always backed down at US requests (demands) that it not pursue any further military destruction of its implacable foes. So now it finds itself in the unique position of being the military victor with little ability to impose terms. Most people would pray that another military conflict does not erupt which might determine in some 'final' and horrible way the outcome of this long running conflict.
      Many historians of war have commented that in order for one side to come to terms it is often necessary to inflict enough pain for one side or the other to finally call for 'enough', or 'surrender'. (e.g. Sri Lanka)

      I am not saying the Palestinians are near this point or consider this a reasonable outcome. But it must be considered a possibility when one considers that a LARGE % of Palestinian people (along with the surrounding Arab populations) are fully supportive of-and in some cases, clamouring for another war with Israel in which -"this time"-they believe-they will 'really' defeat the 'zionist entity'.
      And if they do not? Will it make sense for them to sign a treaty? From the cultist/BDS pov I would assume the answer is "never".

      "never" is what makes sense to the small group of fanatics and supposedly 85% of Palestinians. But if they seriously looked at what is happening to their brethren and kin in Syria are they really so sure they want to go down the 'inevitable' military re-taking of the 'zionist entity'?
      After all-as much as Palestinians claim they 'suffer' it seems that the suffering of the Syrian war refugees (almost completely ignored by MW and played down by much of the mainstream left leaning media) is of a magnitude several 10's of times higher then the suffering and 'humiliation' the Palestinians of WB endure under partial Israeli rule.

      But none of this makes ANY sense at all, yes?

    • "Additionally, the dig has damaged relics that date back to the Jebusite Canaanite era in the second millenium BC, the Al-Aqsa foundation alleged. "

      anyone who believes this has got to meet this guy with a bridge in brooklyn he wants to sell.

      And this snippet from the society that took dozens of dumptrucks FILLED with ancient rubble from the temple mount to Palestinian landfills never to be scrutinized for any possible historic rubble that ties the temple mount to the Jews. Why do you think the Israeli antiquities dept took over most digs? At least they don't deny the Arab/Muslim presence in Jerusalem

  • 'Nobody knew where I was, nobody… I was simply disappeared': An Italian tourist's Ben Gurion nightmare
    • says the person who logically has twisted the facts into the cart coming before the horse. i suppose it would be something to celebrate if security was completely lax and something horrific happened [again] only to start a new round of what you call 'paranoia' (funny how many nations -both friend and foe-come knocking on Israel's door when it comes to airline security yet you choose to see only what your blinders allow) we are all very certain that for every story like this poor soul has told there are 100s of others who enter Israel with decidedly hostile intentions and yet somehow travel through to wherever they please-totally unmolested. and don't tell me that blumethal only gets by because he's a Jew as if the Israelis are too dumb to know exactly who and what blumethal does. and for every mb there are dozens more who do not happen to be Jewish. In fact-this story would be a wet dream for someone like max who woulf milk it too the extreme

    • whats wrong with Jordan or Egypt for those who want to visit Gaza? 100s of European travelers fly to Jordan and can apply for a visa to visit Palestinian towns. And your wildly imaginative statement that "Israel doesn't have borders..." is curious at best and completely ignorant at worst. As a supposed 'journalist' I could just as easily say Annie Robbins has no standards of honesty or integrity when it comes to Israel and to many people, it would be just like a true remark.

      I would be interested to know in what parallel universe you live where Israel does not "have borders" and does not have "sovereignty" over thoise traveling into its airport to traverse its land and cross into territory that has yet to be determined in negotiations. in this universe I suppose Israel just 'does the right thing' and throws up it arms and says, "here, you Palestinians take sovereignty over all this disputed land. we no longer care if you sign a peace treaty and put an end to this conflict for once and for all. we just want to cede geographical and political sovereignty because a few europeans are upset with our security system. Not like we ever had any reason for such severe security measures, no, we just enjoy harassing anyone and everyone we can.

      Oh-I forgot to get out my one inch violin for the poor author who arrogantly claims (like a white person in the bronx stopped by nypd) to now understand racism! holy cow. all it took was an Israeli security team who determined author lied and therefore might be lying about more for him, a european white [presumably christian] male to understand racism! I wonder how many of the Israeli officials were of northern African descent and appearance?

    • "there is no security reason behind this question....."

      Says the author who has absolutely NO idea what criteria and what methods Israeli security firms working with El-Al employ to screen 'tourists' coming from nations genealy considered friendly and with passengers that do not fit any general mold of 'political operative'. Until such time as El-Al is victim once again to random acts of terror or El-Al is used as a conduit for communications between seemingly innocent european 'tourists' and terror cells in the ME she should either stfu, take another airline, go Allenby/Jordan and or avoid traveling to Israel.

      If we have to hear yet another sob story about the 'poor poor' innocent _______(reporter/tourist/high school student-18yrs of course) and other traveler to Israle who feels harassed by the intricate and invasive Israeli security system in place to prevent attacks which yes-actually and really did occur before such tactics were put in place- its like listening to the KKK complaining about the rotten tomatoes thrown their way during another Skokie march. Sorry poor Ms. Italian but countless Jewish Americans, Europeans and others Jew and non-Jew alike have been subject to inc=vasive screening questions and sometimes physical searches in the quest to keep Israel terror free. Sorry for your inconvenience. Most people who support our Nation understand these unpleasant screenings are put in place and a necessary trouble for our own good. Believe me-if we had the 'secret vision' and the mysterious 'Zionist omnipotence' we would only harass those customers who actually ARE bringing contraband, meeting with terror cells and otherwise planning mayhem. But until such day-El-Al will continue to screen those it sees fit to screen that often meet a criteria that is generated more by computer matching then any personal animosity you may believe you can discern.
      And remember-it was not Israel that started out to be the top security expert in the world of aviation. It was the other way around. It (my family personally) was the victim looking for a way to insure safe passage because who in their right mind would fly an aircraft where they knew there would be a good chance of a bomb getting through. So either enjoy the price of security or enjoy your right to boycott. Your choice.
      p.s. I have been vigorously screened myself and could have taken umbrage due to my station but what would be the point. Do you know the computer can detect on your facial muscles the difference between actual hatred for a subject versus irritation at the screener for the particular intrusion? Israel haters are always so quick to assume its personal animosity from the screeners pov when in reality-it is the travelers animosity that piques the interest if the screener. And they know very well some folks fully intend to try and start up a 'bru-ha' strictly for the attention they can throw on Israel-so they think. But then who does the world in general turn to when facing security risk in the aviation industry? As kids say, DUH.
      And what do you think? Israel is going to go backwards to the 'good old days' of one-on-one 'military style' screening instead of moving forward with the most advanced technology available? And don't you know that Arab and Muslim [plus other] nations are scrambling to either copy or purchase such technology from its innovators (i'll let you guess who that may be)

      so sorry for your troubles but when protecting family, tribe, and even my Arab-Israeli brethren who live and work with me every day in peace-I pull no punches and while you and MW/BDS cultists may relish the chance to criticize Israel-this is where we gain our reputation for being obnoxious, determined and tough. We don't care.

  • Veolia, Mekorot and the struggle for Palestinian water rights
    • great humanism. crying about Palestinian water rights when the PA has absolute authority to drill as many new wells as it needs on Palestinian land to the east over the jordan valley but instead relies on older Israeli drilled wells that split water supplies and then cry 'foul'. And so it goes.... Like there are not millions of Africans literally dying of drought conditions in many parts of the ignored continent. Can only imagine had Jews been dumb enough to start a new nation in one of the failed ideas-Uganda. So many problems to blame on the Jews and Zionism. Luckily-Israel is right where it belongs and there is plenty of resources for all parties concerned.

  • AIPAC's 2-state lip-service: conference featured university in settlement
    • The job of the lobby is to promote relations between the State of Israel and the USA. It is not to make judgements as to wether there is a right, right/center, center/left or left wing party in control of the K. AIPAC would be doing its job in similar fashion if ANY of the prominent Israeli political parties were in power with or without coalition.

      Imagine if any of the powerful pro-Arab lobbies took political positions against their client states? It always make me chuckle to see how hysterical people get when a lobby is actually doing the job it is mandated to do.

  • Ululating at Vassar: the Israel/Palestine conflict comes to America
    • So-then I guess 'Sauds' is also racist. And Isr/Arab conflict is definitely a bigoted jibe at Jews in Israel. You MW'ers want to win your war by the art of nit-picking.

    • doesn't a bridge or connection between Gaza and WB bifurcate the Israeli nation just as the palestinians claim their future state will be bi-furcated? I am not saying the geography is the same but bi-furcated is bifurcated. When the Palestinians prove by actions (meaning: whatever gov't is in power-be it the corrupt PA or the corrupt Hamas that they are able and willing to halt all military attacks against the Israeli state. Certainly Israel can promise that and why should Israel settle for less? At least a long term interim is called for based on just the recent 10yrs past. If Hamas and whoever is ruling WB can conntrol militant factions for the 5-10 yrs it will take for both Pals and Isri's to finally stop warring then security apparatus can come down in increments. That the Palestinians refuse this stipulation shows the majority of israelis that nobody on ther other side is really a partner for peace.

      And you people here want Israel to pretend it doesn't hold a military advantage-something no nation has ever been required nor expected to do while many believe the Palestinians deserve FULL sovereignty without any interim periods of verification as if they have truly ;fought' israel to a standstill. This is NOT what is happening. israel is constantly holding back and responding with carefully gauged (not always carfeully executed) response to terror cells that 'claim' to have no connection to their leaders. A dubious claim at best.

      Oh-then there is the other 'minor' issue Israel faces that there is no guarantee that any Palestinian 'gov't' wont be overthrown in violent coup and CHUCK any treaty signed with Isr. Something that while possible-has proven HIGHLY unlikely in Israel due to over 60yrs of political stability through war and peace.

    • funny how these groups also like to call themselves 'grassroots' and completely ignore the massive financial input from not only vocal anti-Zionist individuals but also funds garnered thru ngo's that are clearly funded by EU money as well as UN money as if these BDS groups are not intricately organized and funded campaigns against Israel meant to fool the ignorant into assuming its all the young students suddenly becoming aware of this one myopic international conflict despite the harrowing lives of millions of starving, dying and war-ravaged people in Africa, Asia and more recently, Syria. All designated '2nd tier' causes because they do not demonize Israel and Zionism

    • fine. you use 'heeb' to your hearts content. and good luck convincing the rest of the world that shortening a Palestinian to Pal as if that was the real explanation for why the Polish called Jews 'heebs' and 'sheenies'. There are plenty of vulgar and racist euphemisms for Arabs and Palestinians (but none specific to Palestinians) but I don't think all the false indignation in the world can make PalArab into a bigoted slur anymore then the Isr/Pal conflict is an abbrev. of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Besides-you cultist BDS'rs have all kinds of little tricks to exclaim your racist and bigoted views of Israeli Jews. Take only one example: the liberal use of Germanic words usually associated with the German Reichs attempt to rid europe of ALL Jews. You could pick any language since you all write in english but don't worry-Israelis and most Jews get it. I doubt seriously that a Palestinian referred to as Pal would get very worked up. The term has no history nor associationg with bigotry and is mostly a lazy persons way to write Palestinian quickly. But then nit-picking has always been part of the BDS/MW instruction manual hasn't it?

      Oh-and I guess you think i am collecting a big paycheck as some professional spokesman for Israel, yes? Thats the common belief here no?

    • deciding that PalArab (a shorthand no more, no less) is so racist while the liberal use of 'zionazi' scum' is considered appropriate euphemism for Jews who support Israel.
      As usual...hypocritical to the core with blinders the size of a barnside.

  • Netanyahu's map of 'Israel' annexes West Bank, leaves out Gaza
    • love how 'propaganda annie' lays the entire emergence of right wing latin american regimes at the feet of Israel and its highly skilled undercover and/or special forces.

      forget the propensity for these SA nations to take in 100s of nazi criminals after ww2. forget the LONG history of strong-man politics in the continent. (oh right-when the strong-man is idolized-like chavez-he's not a 'strong-man' but a 'Democratic Giant'.

      It woud not be difficult to find other nations whose special forces were hired to train forces both 'friendly' and unfriendly to western interests. Cuba comes to mind and so does Russia and former Soviet blok states as well. No mention of China infiltration of all regions of Africa either? MW is such a narrow-minded cult blog. no room for anything other then demonization of Israel-at all costs. Including the truth.

      I always thought the main commenters here would really benefit from a thorough reading of Eric Hoffers True Believers. It not only gels nicely with Sartre's post ww2 essays on anti-semitism but also covers the nature of the narrow focus, one act activists such as anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-tax and anti-Israel activists. Definitely an interesting explanation.

    • keep sticking your head deeper and deeper in the sand like a good little ostrich. keep convincing yourself from whatever little stat sheet that Israel ranks near the bottom in education, human rights, scientific agricultural and medical innovations. keep telling yourself that all those nobel prize awards were probably bought by the all-powerful 'zionist conspiracy'. and keep telling everyone how the Israeli military is not only the least integrated (racially and sexually) but is the least effective in not only the ME region but anywhere in the world. and by all means keep telling everybody how much Israel is 'hated' and the Israeli tourism industry is not booming woth tourists from all over the world but especially from the country which supposedly 'hates' Israel the most-GB. You keep up your pep rally against Israel and I will continue to invest actual and tangible value in Israels continuation of its good governance and good economic policy. try and guess where Israel will be in 5 years when its selling its leviathan gas to its neighbors including Turkey[despite the efforts of the real 'little nazi' erdogan] as well as to China (along with the billions of other tech, pharma, agro and military product) and due to Obama's projection of American weakness quietly shifts a good portion of its dealings away from the US and towards the east and Russia as well. All of this while Israeli Arab citizens continue to succeed as Israeli supreme court judges, beauty queens, generals in the IDF, head medical directors of prestigous Israeli hospitals, politicians, artists and etc.
      (as compared to say.....the success of Lebanese/Egyptian/Syrian/Iraqi/Tunisian Jews in there respective homes.....Oh wait! There are no jews in these countries to speak of. There gone or have legal limitations placed upon them. And in Persia? Those 25,000 Jews had better be awfully loyal to the current regime, or else. Such 'good' governance these nations engage in. Its a wonder that Israel could even survive as such an incompetent in such a 'tough neighborhood')

      And Israel even manages to help govern the infernal West Bank and despite Palestinian exaggerations to the contrary has provided enough water, infrastructure, roads and communications to make way for as much Palestinian growth as the corrupt PA sees fit to spend on. After all- the UN, EU, Arab staes and the US can give Billions to the PA but they can not force the PA to spend these billions on there own citizens can they? I would even go so far as to say oif the Israelis were given full shrift to develop the WB since '67 in the same capacity as they developed the Olde City and original Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem the WB would be a shining example of Arab pride throughout the 22 Arab/Muslim nations. In fact-in some ways it already does stand out in terms of living standards for average Arab citizens far above what exists elsewhere in the Arab crescent.

      If that isn't a case for 'good governance' then I guess Israel should be taking lessons from the military in Egypt or maybe that other bastion of good governance and Islamic/Democratic freedom--Turkey

    • right, and thats because Russia slowly reclaiming its former satellites bordering the EU is as strategically important as Israeli settlement of the disputed west bank over the past 40yrs which many would argue was NEVER part of any Palestinian state nor part of Jordan which occupied it until it was beaten in 1967. such analytical wisdom....

    • wonderful how y'all are always finding ways to sneak in little germanic definitions pertaining to Israel. talk about subtle....hoy! i think its great. now you should start referring to any Palestinian intifada or other political goals in yiddish. also hizbollah should be referred to in yiddish terminology.

  • Presbyterians on Israel lobby junket visit SodaStream but fail to see life under occupation
    • "The owners and managers of Sodastream could literally do everything right and yet they would still be absolutely wrong because it does not matter what they do, it matters who they are:"

      That would mean essentially (a popular word here on MW): Jews. Zionist-Jews, or just Zionists. Along with a significant number of Israeli Arab Druze, Bedouin and Christian Israeli citizens who also support, engage with, make a living from, enjoy reasonably satisfied and fulling lives in Israel as well. Nobody ever writes about those people here.

  • Lockerbie: 25 years of geopolitics over truth
    • I think qadaffi only 'excepted' responsibility but to not admit (or confess) outright to committing the crime. this lockerbie case has been odd and convoluted from the very beginning. i can remember thinking at the time -with no proof as of yet-that it seemed MORE then obvious it was the Iranians exacting revenge for their 250+ civilians shot down by the US war ship. I remember a lot a security experts at the time assuming that Iran was obviously the prime suspect based on there vocal statements pre-lockerbie, the fact that it had tit-for-tat elements to it (suggesting revenge) and the lack of a convincing US argument that the shot they fired taking out the Iranian airbus was truly accidental (it probably was- but its hard to blame the Iranians at that time it was)

      Anyway-there was A:WAYS a Palestinian militant group mixed in with the case-be it throigh Libya or Iran-I recall that PLFP were always considered the 'mercenaries' or 'soldiers' who carried out the actual dirty work. No court ever went after then which is ashame.

      And the 2nd to last paragraph by author, "And what about Israel..." is nothing but a red herring thrown in to appease the gluttonous group-thinking true-believers of MW. Israel , perhaps in one of the only few dozen incidents over decades, had absolutely ZERO to do with Lockerbie. Bringing up a little juvenile 'slap' at Netanyahu is, well, just that, immature and juvenile. The geo-politics that existed back then vis-a-vis Israel/Iran were completely different. Iran had not started down its Jew-baiting Israel threatening path and was still considered less of a danger to Israel and the West then was Saddam Hussien. Israel made this clear before Bush senior jumped in to help Kuwait. In fact-all the Jew-haters and anti-Zionist that still think Israel wanted the war with Iraq which obviously was going to strengthen Iran have always been sorely mistaken. And now-Iran was handed Iraq and guess who is spreading their military wings in the region? Obama-even if it became crystal clear that Iran sponsered the Lockerbie downing-has NO stomach to pursue aggressive policies tha would deter Iran from pursuing its much vaunted 'bomb'. Obama doesn't even have the moxy to stand up to the gangster Putin (who has masterfully out maneuvered by Putin at almost EVERY turn in first the olympics and now with Crimea. Obama is outclassed, it would appear. I heard Putins speech to Russian house today using analogies to Kosovo, NATO, and bombing Belgrade as ways to but the crush on pathetic US 'sanctions' (which he pretty much laughed at anyway.) I believe that Obama may be closer then ever to handing your US another right-leaning president rather then a Hillary or Biden come 3yrs. I can not remember the last time the US was perceived as this weak -even if its a myth-nations like Iran-who look at nations like North Korea for inspiration[it's absolutely true. they do] will be paying attention closely to how Obama has allowed things to pan out. The terrorist groups acting within national borders are surely taking notice as well. Let's just wait and see what happenes with the Iranian/Iraqi, Iranian/Bahraini land disputes as well as how China and NK act in the face of the Crimea.

      It will also have some bearing on how much the world will continue to take the Isr/Pal conflict as front and foremost as it has based on EU US and ME media outlets.

      I am still left wondering what might have happened had the US aplologized profusely for the downing of the Iranian airline-or-if Iran contributed to the accidental shooting? Either way-the tit-for-tat helped nobody

  • Detained, Deported, but not Deterred: Report from CodePink's Int'l Women's Day delegation to Gaza
    • while having much sympathy for the ordinary woman living under the absolute rle of the Hamas-i think the promotion of Gaza as an "open air prison" is part of the BDS Hasbara campaign to gain the words sympathy where women in places like Africa, Asia and other places in the ME are suffering FAR worse from conditions of war , conflict and statelessness that has nothing to do with Israel. For such a tiny enclave there is an abundance of luxury restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, auto dealers and shopping that, as far as we all know, is not prohibited to all Palestinians with the means to patronize these places. While not doubting there is poverty i Gaza-there is poverty in Cairo and a dozen other Arab cities this woman could have visited in solidarity.

  • BDS supporting rock star Roger Waters hits back against vicious smears
    • finally starting to understand the notion of 'cult' ascribed by some to the supporters of bds. they attack like a cult. they ascribe everything that is lodged against them right back at their critics (sort of like Pee-wee Herman did when he would cry "your glue and I'm rubber.....yeah, that is the emotional level of discourse) so what else to do but post yet another intellectuals observation about what the bds movement is all about but rarely discussed on American campus:
      from the LARB (LA Review of Books):
      The goal of the boycott movement is not peace: it is the elimination of the State of Israel. This is the logical implication of all its arguments. Its supporters refrain from spelling out this endgame in order to avoid scaring off moderates who would reject the eliminationist agenda, but the end of Israeli sovereignty altogether is the clear purpose of the movement. It will fail in this pursuit, and Israel will survive, but the radicalism of the boycott movement is succeeding in poisoning debate on the Middle East.

  • Johansson sees greater wrong in Oxfam than Israeli settlement
    • nobody is going to point out the bigoted and racist assumption made by the interviewer in typical back-handed complimentary sleaze:
      "Half of me admires Johansson for sticking to her guns-her mother is Jewish and has strong opinions on Israel and its policies"

      As if it would be impossible for SJ to have any opinions of her own and surely is under the influence of her Jewish genes more so then her non-Jewish genes from her father.
      How does the presumptuous reporter know that the father is not a supporter of Zionism and was a greater influence on his daughter then the mom?

  • Northeastern president is urged to restore SJP's First Amendment rights
    • ironic.....jvp complaining about sjp's supposed loss of freedom of expression and 1st amed. rghts. not as if sjp really cares about providing intellectual freedom o expression to all points of view in academic settings.

  • Lebanon 'affirms right' of citizens to resist Israel
    • the fact that anybody here finds the images of youths weeping over the loss of their comardes killed in action FUNNY or otherwise an entertaining sideshow pretty much sums up the number one and main reason why the conflict is intractable and will not be settled in the way any other conflict in the world has been settled.

      Also-it pretty much paints this MW site as aggressively warmongering in favour of taunting, humiliating (isn't this the 'great' Arab weak spot?) and killing Jewish, Druze and Christian Israeli youths which kind of goes against all the PHONY ngo's that have the word 'peace' in their acronyms. Peace, my ass. you people want blood as much as any group I have read commentary from-you just refuse to admit it.

    • hah. So.....THIS is your link to the "decisive battle" defeating and chasing the 'Zionist' out of Lebanon? There were no IDF in this skirmish. As soon as IDF pulled back support for Christian militia most crumpled and gave up immediately throwing themselves on mercy of victors. Others (brave or cowardly-depending on your pov) fled to Israel or abroad.
      You can wish it. You can lie, You can cheat and fudge as well. But you can not make up a "decisive battle" in Lebanon that defeated the Israelis. It was pretty much a 'business' decision as ongoing occupation was never the goal and it was too costly in terms of lives and equipment. It was definitely no victory for Israel so in fairness, I suppose it can be considered a defeat. Certainly a victory for Hizbollah but why lie and say there was a 'decisive' battle?

    • you remind me of a schoolyard instigator chucking out insults trying to provoke a reaction. i don't recall ANY Israeli (here or otherwise) making claims about hizbollah being anything other then a force to be taken seriously. as for your "eating.." comment. this is why the Arabs have such a problem with humiliation. i have to tell you though, real hizbollis do not engage in the kind of taunting you seem to enjoy. read the rare interview with a real ranking soldier and you will know there is deep mutual respect and animosity on both sides for each other. unfortunately-it is always going to be the Lebanese citizens who bear the brunt of the conflict w/o EVER having a say as to when and why fighting should ever begin. the fact that Israelis will suffer too is clearly a positive occurrence for you though surely not as important as the loss of non-Jewish lives will be.

    • "in essence" is not the same as literally being chased out as much as you squeeze your eyes and wish it so. i could just as well say that Israel as a whole was looking for an excuse to get out of leb. and in essence, created the situation which allowed them to withdraw with no further political debate.

    • again...such willful ignorance and blinders. don't you recall the speech nasrallah made admitting that had he known israel would react so hysterically that he may not have launched the 'resistance' mission in the first place? i think you can extrapolate through that that the Lebanese not allied with hizbollah considered them responsible for opening the conflict. perhaps they also think Israel is to blame but your not suggesting that Lebanese are that clueless and stupid that they don't know whats up or down? hizbollah could care less if Lebanons sunnis know they started the conflict. all they care about is portraying the incident as a 'victory' for Islam against the zionist entity. there is also only SOME truth to the statements here that "hizbollah = lebanon". there are big limitations on how much love sunni Lebanese have for 'the resistence'

    • "sole rightful owners" pretty rich stuff. like to know which parcel of land your living on. until the quaker ideal of 'no borders' comes to pass we will continue to live in a world where the concept of "sole rightful owners" makes about as much sense as telling people that only YOU have 'the truth'.

    • hizbollah is the only military organization whose soldiers have any integrity as an integrated force afaict. that said- i don't think it is a stretch to claim that 90% of Arabs support Hizbollahs goals in regards to Israel yet regard Hizbollah itself as a parasite and so-called 'cancer' in the region. and this is despite all that hizbollah does in the public policy arena for shi'a in the south. And just because most Arabs coudn't "identify a Zionists(sic)..." does not stop them from hating all zionist and many/most Jews with reckless abandon. it is not a matter of "self-importance" to read things like- The Protocols of the Elders of Zion along with Hitlers Mein Kampf are perpetually on the top 10 lists of best selling books in Arab lands. Or, that Jews are forbidden from entering some Islamic nations. Or, that Arabs and/or Muslims see no issue with claiming proudly that their nations are Islamic yet have no tolerance for a small Jewish Nation.
      In fact-I think the Muslim/Arab mindset in the region has always been-in a nutshell:
      'who the hell do these Jews/Zionists think they are....etc . etc. we allowed them to live in relative peace UNDER muslim authority for centuries after we invaded and conquered the region so where do they get off thinking they can ever have any 'Jewish' authority especially over a Muslim? Never. Period'. Every other issue is just.....commentary.

      I could go on...but its pretty disingenuous to claim its 'self importance' when one compares the number of Jews worldwide who support Zionism and Israel vs. the Jews that do not and check that against Arab pov. If Arabs really had no problems with Zionism the Palestinian Arabs would probably have their 'bi-national' state by now since they would have integrated into Israeli society in much greater numbers then had the few hundred thousand fled and the other half been chased out because of the increasing violence

    • I'm sure you are excited and I can imagine the mess your drool over the keyboard has caused. If you want to continue believing that the withdraw from southern Leb. was a massive military defeat it is perfectly fine with me. Egypt and Syria still describe the '73 war as a victory and its not uncommon in arab culture to portray EVERY battle-be it a humiliation, loss, inconclusive or draw-as a supposed 'victory'. Israelis understood that the withdraw from Gaza as well would be turned on its head into Israel being 'chased' out in a humiliating defeat. As a matter of policy though -Israel does not pretend to be all omnipotent and overly confident and takes Hizbollah quite seriously but will not engage in bragging and embarrassing displays of pre-outcome giddyness and gushing about events which havn't even taken place yet and which-undoubtedly- will end many lives on both sides of the border. At least your unhinged display of glee and lip-smacking joy at the thought of Israel being destroyed is an honest portrayal of what too often passes as 'genuine concern' for the jewish nation.

    • So must have a lot more respect and admiration for the Haganah then I ever could have imagined. Good for you. Israelis have a very healthy respect for Hizbollah as well. It is perhaps the first and only fighting force we have developed specific methods for fighting against. Nobody that I know of thinks the coming war with Hizbollah will be easy in any way.

    • "nobody in the region trusts or believes Israel"

      And so what the hell is any different then 1948? The Arabs have hated, mistrusted and have sought to destroy Israel since its inception. You acting like 'oh, its too late now for israel...nobody trusts them anymore.." As if Israel has ever had an Arab partner for peace that did NOT mistrust and hate them. Israel only has Arab 'friends' becasue they offer something these Arabs need. Either protection, security, information, etc. Only the most ignorant or deluded Israelis believes otherwise.

    • you people here are pretty hysterical. with all your talk and commentary on the power of the Israeli lobby and the power of the purse they hold you then throw out words like "drivel" and "nonsense" when it is suggested that Irans influence over Hizbollah derives from it being a 'paymeaster' or holding strings. Also curious is but not surprising is how easily folks here GUSH about a state acter in the region basically telling its citizens to 'go ahead, go commit whatever acts of violence you see fit to commit'. I can imagine if Israel enacted such a specific law. And of course nobody is mentioning the fact that the UN gave its stamp of approval to Israeli withdraw from southern Lebanon years ago when the blue-line was established and borders were checked. the shebaa farms was always an Arab device to keep Lebanon and therefore Hizbollahs war against the Jews alive and funds flowing in freely. Such hypocrisy takes real dedication and a solid set of blinders.

      As for 'ivri' pointing out that Hizbollah has shifted its military attentions towards Syria? Why so thickheaded about acknowledging the obvious? So easy to ascribe plots to Israel but when the same is said about Israels enemies....its all "" typical.

      and walid- as to the "cancer" comment and "most Lebanese"....90% of Arabs in general support Hizbollahs desire to destroy the 'zionist entity' even if most Arabs in general hate Hizbollah so its not surprising or shocking that 'most Lebanese' support this 'goal' of its own 'cancer' thats festering in the countries south.

  • Conservatives for Palestine
    • believe me-you can't can't get much more 'marginal' then mw. if you really think you represent more then the margins of political thought in the US- then congratulations. and I do not think it is beyond the scope of mw to interview buchanon, mckinney, or even davd duke for that matter as all of these names, i gather, would support the basic tenet of mw

  • Robert Caro, Nakba-denier
    • "jack..claiming jews in palestine were the the “oppressed … underdog” is not an omission, it’s a denial, which is now clear in hindsight. and not what kennedy said anyway."

      actually, its an opinion, not necessarily a denial. the zionist position on the nakba is that Palestinians are trying to equate it with the holocaust which it can not. the Palestinians are otherwise one of 100s of ethnic/cultural groups displaced in the 20th century. there was never a premeditated campaign to destroy them through murder and obliteration.

    • Why don't you actually read what RFK wrote about his experiences with both arabs and jews in pre-Israel Palestine. you would know that rfk viewed the arabs as inherently hostile to not just the jews of haganah but to all jews in general. and he also notes that Jerusalem in '48 had a majority of jews with the surrounding lands mostly arab. He descirbes the arabs desire to poison the jews water supply (ironic since mw makes SO much about Israeli control of water to Palestinians.he also describes bombings by both sides against the other and rfk certainly did write about the "undying" spirit, the underdog status and the odds facing the jews in Palestine.

  • A model factory for a colonialism in trouble: the SodaStream saga revisited
    • citzn:"Heh. Scarjo is the ultimate shiksa, although she has a Jewish mom. As she says, she’s a “NY jew,” although it’s obvious her goy daddy had a hand in her looks. Relevance?"

      and this, in a nutshell sums up the deep seated and pathological attitude the bds movement represents when things don't go exactly as they hoped. and as for the consideration of the anti-sodastream campaign being even 'somewhat' successful? Maybe when they take off the tin foil hats they will see that the 'awareness' created more support then it did any real gain for bds.

  • Reflections of an Iraqi in Palestine
    • as another with some roots in Iraq I also can 'relate' in some ways to the essay. But I also would say that if the author wanted to reflect- she could have reflected on why her nations (she seems to consider iraq her 'home' and not where she lives-just like many american Jews, hmmm) leaders butt their military noses into a land that did not even border on them and i would say CAUSED much of the Palestinian peoples problems in the first place. I don't think anybody here is that ignorant as to kid themselves on how little iraq, jordan, egypt, sa, syria, etc cared about the lives of the Palestinians. in fact, had they not been hellbent on destroying the Jewish Nation from day one the Palestinians would have long since had their own state as Israel was very willing to give back most of the territory just post '67. then it would have been a matter of border disputes between Palestine, Israel, Syria and Jordan that could have been negotiated by the UN. iraq was called in (or dove in) as the arab 'saviour' with the only formidable army at the time after egypt.

      i think the authors youth or rosey glasses prevents her from looking at the harder story of how her and her arab brethren have treated the Palestinians as pawns for over 60 years. ironically-i believe it WAS only syria who extended some rights of citizenship to its refugees.

      my roots in iraq go back far. while financially allowed to exist those relatives were treated with derision and sometimes utter disgust and no amount of tzadaka ameliorated the general disdain of the local muslims. of course some were deeply close and loving friends. not many from what i have heard. and when Israel was born? that was the end of that. all monies went for so-called 'exit' fees. there was no covert Jewish ops to scare them into leaving. they got the msg. loud and clear-it was time to go.
      and so if Israel-as it almost ALWAYS is here-accused of making its own problems and own enemies worse and more arch-then so it goes that the arab feifdoms surrounding the new Israel and up until the 80s have continuously acted against ANY compromise with Israel that would have allowed for Palestinians to have a real home. That would have freed Jerusalem from hashemite occupation. Gaza from egypt, etc. until the author can relate to that aspect of history she will be sorely lost as to why the 'evil zionist entity' has put up such a fight to hold onto its original mandate, include Jerusalem, its captial, and buffer itself geographically from further attack from overtly hostile forces allied against them.

      the Japanese did not surrender until (and despite wether the US used the bombs or threatened to firebomb tokyo) their eminent demise was at hand. the palestinians have the luxury of knowing there is no massacre coming their way. in fact-i believe the entire number of Palestinian deaths in the conflict from '67 is far less then singular slaughters of Palestinians or other neighboring Arab/Muslim leaders by Jordan, Syrian, Turkish, Iranian, Lybian dictatorships.
      So-yes, the Palestinians are an amazingly tenacious and strong willed people. The ultimately deserve their own state for no other reason then the have clawed their way to the top of the 'victim' heap just as the Jews were unceremoniously dumped there post ww2. they have taken cues from holocaust educators and Israeli advocates on how to use the idea of 'victimhood' to their benefit. It has been the most successful strategy employed to date against their enemy-Israel. and it is in part thanks to the way neighbors like iraq and others sang the Palestinian songs of praise and nationalism but did nothing to actually help (except to pay for PLO salaries, maybe, and pay and support violent acts against Jews worldwide which is a good part of the reason for the quagmire now)

      It behooves nobody to insulate themselves from the 'others' story. the 'others' side of events. no matter how biased or how one-sided you choose to be-ignorance only serves the aims of the corrupt and evil. the author does not have to agree with Israel or Zionism to understand it has a very firm foundation upon which it stands. And now the Palestinians are trying to gain an equally firm foundation. I will say-often pro-Israelis like myself like to make historical analogies whereby no other nation in history has given up strategic land while holding the upper hand militarily-and for VERY good reason. But it seems like this conflict os lining up (for many reasons-Israeli chauvanism AND anti-Jewish sentiment included) to be a unique conflict in the worlds history. hopefully the constraints on massive violence that have been imposed through no so-called 'world' court, no actual reading of international law, and not because 1 side is massively more powerful then the other. the so-called 'weaker' side has found with Jews and and a Jewish Nation-the rules of the world are not the same. no slaughter could ever take place. (s & s was not Israels doing and while horrendous can not compare to slaughters in places like Syria '13, Jordan Syria 70s, etc)
      just pressure. just PR. 2 distinct sets of propaganda containing exclusionary elements of the truth. and just 2 people who are getting tired of killing each other.

      to this young (?) author i would say-good for you-your going out in the world to see how things are. but do not fool yourself. just across this 'horrible' fence or wall you mention (with no context of course) there is another iraqi who is visiting with her peers and hearing her own stories of the bagdadi market place, the gossip about the monarchy. the fine line between being allowed to thrive but not allowed to assimilate. and as a great grandfather of mine would say, "everybody has a story" [he also said in some version of hebrew/arabic-"don't shit where you eat ". and i always thought he made that up until i was in my 20s and he was long gone. not sure that applies here...but then it almost always does, eventually]

  • Anti-anti-semitism: How did a movement against bigotry lend itself to another form of bigotry?
    • the US displaced millions of first Nations peoples and those, such as presumably you, enjoy the benefits thereof.

      The US also displace over 100,000 Japanese-Americans based on "ethno-.." grounds so maybe its not such a "dopey" statement.

      Also-if peoples that lost out bigtime in the 'ethno-displacement' genocidal movements of the last half of the 20thC like the Kurds, Tibetans, Hmong, Hutus, Bosnian Muslims, Greek Cyrpriots and so on and so forth-people that have no connection to the Jewish people, Zionism and its history in both Muslim and Christian lands were discussed as passionately militantly as was the Israeli-Arab conflict there might be less room to haul in the Jew-hating anti-semitism problem. But then that is a discussion that is always deflected as a deflection itself. Anti-Zionists come up with all manner of excuses why it is appropriate to focus entirely and singularly on Israel as an aggressor in a world filled with hypocritical aggressors far worse then the 'Zionist entity". But that doesn't matter. All the arguments against not singling out Israel are circular and tightly woven with no room for any light to escape or get in.

      Lets just leave it with former US justice Potter Stewarts famous quip about "knowing ...when he sees it". The same can be said for many Jews, Blacks, Gays and so on when the bigotry clause is cleverly being shoved up our asses. (like AZ 'business' law was not anti-gay. BDS is not anti Jew yet it targets primarily....guess who? )

  • National summit to re-assess the special relationship -- Friday in D.C.
    • Cynthia McKinney....oh what a "thinker" she is. not a dyed-in-the-wool politician and now anti-Israel lobbiest/consultant...and 'statesperson' as well. you lie down with dogs and you get fleas. you also loose credibility among those you hope to persuade...big time. not the fence-sitters who are suckers for the big billion dollar Palestinian PR campaign that MW, EI, and other BDS proponents are part of. the people you really need to convince are going to be assured that their opposition to your views are continued and with vigorous support. at least thats how i see things.

  • 'Politico' leaves Israel off list of 25 'awkward allies' of U.S.
    • glasses. so-sorry, continue to complain with reckless abandon...

      *i could have just as well said Kuwait which discriminates against Palestinians overtly.

    • oh calm down. saudi arabia isn't on the list so there is so-called 'balance' for all those whining. the USAs two 'best' friends .

      p.s. anyone here who still thinks haaretz is the only Israeli media to get "untarnished facts" is so biased as to be beyond hope for any interest in what other viewpoints on this issue might be. while many Jews may be too quick to pull out the 'anti-Jew' card it by no means indicates haaretz has much credibility as a Jewish Israeli publication beyond the interests of a small % of very left-wing socialist and elitist Israelis who have plenty of money to insulate themselves with as well.

      for g-d's sakes-the angry arab guy quotes haaretz all the time as his 'go to' source for negative portrayals of Israel. And i can't think of anybody in a position of media prominence who calls more overtly for the complete destruction of Israel as a nation, a homeland for Jews and anything other then a nation for Palestinians were MAYBE some jews can continue to live as long as most go back to europe. this is how appealing the views of haaretz are to your average Israeli....

  • Tax-deductible apartheid: JNF raises $60 million a year for racially-discriminatory housing
    • the ICC claim is nothing more then negative PR for Israel. There is about as much chance of having an Israeli case enforced or even tried then there is of hauling a Saudi prince, or North Korean dictator before that court. It may fuel your own personal wet-dreams but even the ICC knows its walking on a razors edge of its significance if it considers a case against Israel BEFORE the 100s of other so-called 'war-criminals' from the US, ME, EU, Russia, China, Asia, SA, etc.

      However-I won't deny the publicity that talking about it generates is taken seriously by the gov't simply based on their constant campaign of damage control. Personally? I say F the damage control as it is meaningless. The people who care are already too polarized to be swayed to one side or the other. The other 90% don't really give a shit.

    • are you really that blind that you don't know how corrupt the PA is? You actually need me to provide you with links to how much money has been given to the PA supposedly to benefit the Palestinian people? And how little of that money has actually gone to the betterment of average Palestinian lives?

      I don't care how much you hate Israel and Zionism. It it totally ignorant for someone who claims to 'support' wholeheartedly a people and know so little about that peoples leadership.

      and -Giles: how could you politically blame Israel for dealing with the officials that crawled, connived and possibly murdered their way to the top of the PLO hierarchy? Zionist may protect and coddle but didn't have to 'install' Abbas. He has been very glad to fill his office without any prodding from Zionists.{with the exception of his 'threats' to leave and allow a less 'compliant' ruler unless Israel cough up more 'incentives' (translate: $) for poor poor Abbas to stay on board}
      And while it would be magnanimous for Israel to open negotiations with groups like Hamas I don't think that is a political possibility for many more reasons then just the Israeli complaint that Hamas openly seeks the complete destruction of the Israeli state.

    • giving $200 million to the PA is like giving out free trust funds for the families of the selected few PA elites to continue living the wildly lavish and corrupt lifestyles of the 'fabulously rich' that they are already living on the 100s of millions the UN, EU, US, Suads and others already give to the PA.

      can you stomach that?

  • AIPAC is losing influence in US politics because it is too tied to Israeli government -- Judis
    • well, if that is truly the case-the internal splits you link to will either cause the lobby to 'self-correct' or to whirl out of its former sphere of influence. Obviously-if one happens to be an anti-Zionist it is probably obvious which outcome is preferable.

      However, I still think that the actual % of American Jews that don't support AIPAC to a fairly strong degree is minimal. And I don't know of ANY organization that could ever claim to speak for "all" of anybody, least of all, Jews since cultural groups, nationalities and ethnicities are never truly monolithic. {its not like this same exact conflagration amongst Jewish 'intellectuals' on both sides of Zionism hasn't happened in the past at least two distinct periods in the 20thC.

    • Saying AIPAC is "too tied to the Israeli gov't." is like saying Vogue is 'too tied to the fashion industry'. One exists to support the other-regardless of wether the trend is towards high hems, low hems, liberal or conservative. Its another 'tempest in a teapot'.

  • AIPAC denies us credentials for its policy conference
    • And yet--the NYU president of ASA advertised a conference that promotes the 'unseemly influence aipac has with the US' and at the end urges that members not spread news of this conference around because they 'wnat to avoid press, attention and so-on...'. Not saying aipac=ASA but try and put on your 'reality' caps and stop acting like your 'perplexed' as to why aipac would deny you press credentials. its juvenile and petty and shows you have a high tolerance for hypocrisy and double standards.

      Lets talk again when Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran , etc. allows Israeli reporters to have access to ask questions to their political leaders. Or even just a regular US Jewish reporters-like Daniel Pearl-who wont have to risk having their heads sawed off on camera for the crime of being a Jew.

  • University of Hawai'i faculty responds to administration’s condemnation of ASA boycott resolution
    • the chris christie analogy was the first analogy the "answered" the charge of ASA critics and is so lame as to taint the entire debate about 'answering' the critics as ridiculous. If the US press focused as exclusively on Chris Christies GWB scandal to the almost complete exclusion of any other of the 49 states governors scandals-just as the UN, ASA, and all the BDS organizations focus exclusively on Israel -he certainly would have grounds to claim 'why focus on only me?' But the US press is treating Christie the way it treats every other news 'scandal' it can milk for ratings and absolutely DOES focus on OTHER state scandals, other governors and other state legislators involve in various and assorted scandals -usually of dubious merit.

      And just for some added variety? The US mass media-yes-the one constantly accused of being a 'zionist shill' or 'tool of aipac' is currently reporting on Uganda, Utah, Brewer inAZ, Perry, North/South Korea, Japan , Ukraine , Turkey and Venezuela and more in terms of 'other' scandals. And BDS? Israel. And. Jews. Period. That is whats called....fixation.

      At least if BDS and its legions of supporters came out and honestly admitted it is fixated-for reasons having to do with either obsession with Palestinians/Arabs or obsession with Jews I would have more respect for them. Any argument that they are not singling out Israel-which just by coincidence happens to be the only nation on earth where Jewish people can call a homeland seems disingenuous at best and borderline psychotic at worst.

      If you research the press and writings facing Zionists in the period btween 1900-up to the 3rd Reich you will see a repitition of the same patterns that are going on now. The same accusations by rabid anti-Zionists that the Jews are "destroying" themselves.'ll find the same accusations by Anti-Zionists that the 'crazy' Zionist are 'paranoid' crazy, or worse, bringing doom upon themselves.
      There are many stories about the failure of the Arab and allied 'boycott' of Jewish owned business in Palestine circa 1920s-1930s. The same urging by Jews for Jews to assimilate into their respective national populations as the best course for the survival of the Jewish people. Back then the Jew-hating non-Jews in Europe were "jews out here and to Palestine" and now the same bunch is screaming for Jews to be 'out of Israel and back to Europe where you belong.' The fact remains that when Jews have had no political power in their own affairs and own security they have faired badly. There is no indication that were Israelis to give up their political edge to Arabs that have in vast % (by many reputable polsters) claimed they "hate" Jews and "hate" Israelis that they would do any better then they did in former Arab, Persian, Ottoman and European regimes. As an Israeli I respectfully say F BDS as I know I am not calling for the destruction of Palestinian political power in saying this but the BDS'rs absolutely are seeking my dis-empowerment wether they be Jew or non-Jew.

  • Jewish community commits intellectual suicide before our eyes
    • the analogy to shabbatai zevi is what to me seems hysterical and embarrassing. there is very little to compare the Jewish diaspora of today with that which existed in europe, ottoman, and muslim empires circa 17th century. sheesh. sabbatai tzvi? give it a rest. i take it you see modern Israel as the 'replacement' for tzvi? and all its supporters as the Jews that eventually were ridiculed and tortured after tzvis forced conversion to islam? great analogy.

  • 'Can you tell who is an Arab?' appeal is tax-deductible
    • @shm:
      wrong conclusion. If you find the three men to be sexy and appealing the point is, you can not tell wether they are Arab Muslims. Arab Jews, or even worse, Arab-Israeli Muslims or Arab-Israeli Christians or Israeli-Jews. What is a wide-eyed dumb looking girl like the one in the photo supposed to do when faced with such lascivious comely young men?

      (I think you'll find it would be Israeli women who would find this to be the most absurd, ridiculous and unworthy then any other demographic)

    • if the Nazis EVER portrayed Jews as this good-looking I don't think their infamous PR campaigns (with rats and roaches, etc) would ahve made as much of an impact)

      This is NOT your typical anti-Jewish 'shit' as you say. This is DEFINITELY some dumass 'shit' that is SO stupid it reads as a joke to almost anyone with a modicum of humour in their brain. The '3 handsome men' are set up like their in a one-armed bandit ready for the dumb-shit girl to pull the arm and what-land on the one trick Arab? I don't know anybody who wouldnt either chuckle at this or brush it off as total trash. You want to waste time taking this seriously, go ahead. Its the kind of thing that is ubiquitous in orthodox Arab/Muslim communities as well as all cross-cultural segments where conflicts still harbor fear and anger. This one is just extra silly and not very ominous.

    • Those three guys are sure a good looking bunch. How could the poor girl help herself?

  • A Jew's dead dog has more rights than a Bedouin in the Negev
    • @ bl chc: I think the woman knew who her 'visitors' were and what they were trying to supposedly 'uncover'. To me she just sounds like a typical country -gal who is dedicate to animals wether they be in the here or hereafter. She already she any arab guy could bry his beloved pet there so the whole point od what is 'Jewish' seems absurd and moot.

      Also-while I understand that bedouins , especially in Israel, have modernized more then most other populations of Bedouin in Arab lands-is not the definition of Bedouin still not somewhat synonymous with not havinf one particular piece of ground, villiage or 'spot' but to have numerous places set out along a seasonal grazing route?

  • NYT obit of rabbi left out his urging Sharon: 'Very simply, wipe them out'
    • well, Since you say that what I wrote seems to be the accepted norm on both the left and right of the pro-Israeli position and Cliff says that there are both "honest truths" and "dishonest truths" and that everything I cited was a case of "dishonest truth" while Shingo and Hostage claim that it is the absolute 'truth' that orgs like Camera and EoZ are total BS while making no mention of the lack of journalistic standards at orgs like Ma'an and even the outrageous subversions of truth that Haaretz has had to apologize or admit to in the past year. I am a little confused about what y'all consider to be important about 'truth' I think what your saying is to y'all-truth is only the truth when it supports an anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist and sometimes ant-Jewish position. While truth to me is merely an illusion and its only a "dishonest truth" (George Orwell has NOTHING over you folks here at MW) And Shingo tells me that I should 'get over' the fact that my point of view is not respected here and I should go to a place like EoZ to spout off because its obvious that the regulars here want to play in their own sandbox without anybody to bother them with 'dishonest truth'. I am leaving here with a totally newfound appreciation for clarity and the new anti-Zionist definition of 'truth'. Welcome to a preview of the world post-Zionism.

      (p.s. please don't insult your own mediocre mindsets by telling me I should find another 'hasbara' gig. I had to look the whole hasbara thing up a few weeks back even though I know exactly what hasbara means in hebrew. If you really belive the IDF pays people who have some free time to read political blogs-i have a bunch of unhappy Palestinian sodastream workers (NOT PA officials pretending to be SS employees) who want to tell you how bad it is working at SS.

    • "camera is BS" What is Ma'an? What is UNHRC? What is Haaretz? PressTV RTtv, The Guardian...all garbage pos rags. BDS is a paid for by EU contributions in the 100s of millions of euros with orginization that has feeder groups like Jewish Voices for Peace and other seemingly 'credible' (laughably credible) becasue of their inclusion of the word 'Jewish' to spread their hasbara on as many US and Euro college campuses as they can. They have been quite sucessful in some ways and yet their constant complaint is that AIPAC-euphemistically referred to as the 'Jewish' lobby does exactly the same thing for its constituents as does BDS and MWeiss. It advocates. It solicites money. Grow up. Of course it is ingrained into the American congress. Americans generally love Israel and israelis love Americans. But no more influence then the REALLY big lobbies-Lawyers pac, the gun pac, Arms pac or the insurance pacs and the big Pharma and Agro pacs.
      The conflict in Israel is never going to be solved by shrill shreiking voices. If anything you help the cause of keeping Israel firmly in control of the territories. In the real world, and regardless of how Israel has accomplished the feat of arming and defending itself from attack-it will not bend to pressure to cede territory without a guarantee that any treaty it signs will be upheld thru political changes in the WB/Gaza, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. Its really as simple as that. What once was a regional conflict between Arab and Israeli is NOT going to be solved by honing in on the victims of both Arab and israeli oppression as the main point that will bring peace. This is why BDS will ulimately fail. You simply can not push or force a people who are barely unified (but who come together immediately in times of crisis) to give up geographic territory that theoretically would be a peaceful border but in light of the ci=urrent ME political scene offers no guarantee that ANYONE-not the US, NATO, the UN (lol) or some combination thereof could control the forces of change that are stirring as we speak.
      Some complaint that israel waited too long to make a deal. I can see how some would see things this way although again-as an implacable foe-the Palestinian leadership is just as guilty. Be that as it is-I don't see anything except interim agreements for the foreseeable future until the region-including Iran who picked its fight with israel-not the other way around-settles down and into a more predictable routine. Even if that routine includes a nuclear Iran. BDS, to me, is like curing one chiken pox from itching while dozens of others remain inflamed. It might feel morally superior to some that bds addresses some wrongs but it makes no political sense. Machiavelli was not an inherently evil man. Thise ehat have read his work in Italian know there was a tone of irony throughout his Prince. He believed in the Republic as a superior form of governance. His main theme being the distinction between real politics and the ideal in implementation. I don't know a nation in the ME that is close to being ideal and therfore a solution will almost surely be a combination of reality and some idealism.

      I think the biggest problem I detect with commentary on this MW site is the belief that the solution to the conflict is one that MUST be ideal for the Palestinians and so-frikkin-what about those ' frkkn -zionist-nazi-scum'. Isn't that the gist of the commentary here, sweet as it may sometimes sound? At least thats the overall tone I pick up on when I read comments and threads here. As if the irony of BDS'rs turning the ubiquitous phrase 'nazi' on its head to connect it with 'zionist'. A brilliant idea but utterly stupid tactic.

    • Right. Specifics like....The NYT is pro-Zionist compared to what? PressTV? Mana? AlAhkbar? Okay. I'll give you that. I will even give you there are radically pro-Zionist rags that are totally anti-Palestinian but they are not the NYT.
      And as far as "the honest truth"? That statement in itself (besides the oxymoron) is ridiculous as nobody that I know of (with any sense of proportion or humour)has the absolute 'honest' truth. Its fine if you want to believe that the NYT is "more" pro-Zionist then pro-Palestinian but you wont win any debates with logic like that. You will find plenty of average middlebrow Jews who will tell you that the NYT is 'more' pro-Palestinian. So Im not going to go over camera's extensive report since you believe they are are bunch of "lunatics" anyway. Suffice to say, the feeling from them may be mutual. And THAT (yes, capitals, m.b.) was my point to begin with.

      And MB-you want to quibble with the colloquialism that when two radically opposed pov's both agree on mutually exclusive pov's, I will cede to you that with out any sense of humour about things yes- you could technically be right. Its just a fact that both sides hate the times. End of discussion. Sheesh. What a small point to address anyway.

    • So...when YOU or MW criticize the NYT as being a pro-Israeli mouthpiece its because it is. Its the 'truth'. But when pro-Israeli/Zionist organizations like CAMERA*, EofZ or others criticize the NYT as being totally biased in favour of the Palestinians or BDS the claim is part of a Zionist conspiracy ? Great reasoning.

      I don't particularly like the NYT but I certainly can not accuse it of never giving space to either the pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian sides. I am not that obtuse.

      *camera has a long expose and list of many articles they have monitered over the pst year or more where they claim the reporter either editorialized or the op-ed pieces did not give any space for a rebuttal. You can read for yourself if so inclined. I make no judgement wether the NYT is slanted one way or the other but I will make a judgement that BOTH sides in this conflict feel the NYT is entirely slanted towards their opponents. That in itself says a lot.

    • "NYT is the Israeli Pravda"

      Hysterical. Except if you ever bothered to read what pro-Israel pro-Zionists have to say about the times. The NYT is UNIVERSALLY condemned by both pro-Palestinian, pro-BDS and pro-Zionist, pro-Israeli groups and individuals as being HIGHLY biased in favour of the 'opposition'. Just two of many examples? Mondoweiss and CAMERA are both equally critical of 'biased' NYT coverage.
      While I personally have lost most of the respect I had for the NYT of the past I have to smile when I think-if both sides hate the times so much and are sure its coverage is biased then they must be doing SOMETHING right. Think about that

  • Liberal Zionists and rightwingers shed differences in effort to save the Jewish state
    • I don't think much of this letter either. In my view the whole point hinges on the statement about the corrupt PA leader Abbas and 'hoping' he makes compromises....and so on. He either can not or won't. He is hated by most Palestinians who are not bought and paid for by the PA. The letter is a meaningless exercise and may have more to do with Zionists trying to salvage their access to the Obama admin for the final years of his reign. In other words....if Hilary is coming, we better maintain our position. (in fact, this letter may even be a by-product of the fiasco Christie got himself involved with and knocking himself out of the running for next republican messiah hopeful)

  • 'Jews For Palestinian Right of Return' endorse American Studies Association boycott of Israeli academic institutions
    • your long winded ramble is basically stating the obvious: Before ww2 the Zionist movement had a lot of dissent within the Jewsih community and was a predominantly Jewish issue. After the wreckage of ww2 the need for a place for displaced Jewish refugees who did NOT want to return to the mostly complicit countries that helped round them up for slaughter suddenly meshed completely with the need for a Jewish Nation as the Zionists had envisioned. (and yes, I have read all of the disgusting attempts top try and paint Zionists as complicit in Hitlers master plan for Jews in order to realize a Jewish Nation. Its what I expect to read on AlJaz but not MW as I have at least enough respect to assume there are no complete imbeciles here)

      Anyway-Bringing up the early pre-ww2 opposition to Zionism is like discussing the merits of the Wampanoags deciding wether to make peace with the Pilgrims. Or-discussing the fact that Arabs in Palestine did not identify as Palestinians before Israel came to exist again. (and I'm not saying palestinians didnt exist-just that they chose to identify as Palestinian Arabs AFTER '47) There is no point going back in time. The Palestinians want to go back to 1947-even if they say they will accept a treaty based on 67. But a treaty will only be realized on the basis of the present-which is why dickering around for what both sides consider strategic reasons will only create new realities on the ground. Maybe they will make things worse, or maybe they wont. One thing is very clear-neither side will respond to intimidation or threats. When I see evidence of the Palestinians pushing there own for a MASSIVE attitude adjustment towards Jews, Israel and what they can expect in a treaty -much like MW claims to be advocating for the Jews-I will start to reassess my cynical thinking. (and this does not cover PA figures that are almost universally despised as "collaborators" by the public and so-called 'arab-street' at large. Palestinians don';t seem to be plagued by the cultural hand-wringing that many left-wing American and Israeli jews are plagued with. Any Jew who isn;t plagued by culturally hard-wired hand-wringing is dubbed a 'zio-nazi' by most of the commenters on blogs like MW.
      The ironic problem with this protracted conflict is the Jews have finally met there match for undisputed victimhood in the Palestinians. Great. What a wonderful cultural aspiration.

    • if you were a professor-of anything-i would hate to know how you would explain how the Jewish provence of Israel/Judea/ Samaria was named in conquest by the Romans for an old and bygone enemy of the Israelites came to be "part of 'historic' Palestine along with Lebanon, Jordan and Syria (Syria Palestina, if you will). I would also like to know at which point you consider 'historic' as operative? Cannanite? Israelite? Anglo conquest? Muslim conquest, Ottoman conquest? European conquest. British colonial mandate? Israel 48. Israel 67, and so on. So, professor....

  • 'Washington Post' runs article denouncing gross censorship by JCC
    • BDS does more then oppose the occupation. It advocates for an end to Zionism and an end to Israel as a Jewish Nation. Stop playing games. At least admit, like the cancelled author/mensch, that "elements" of bds advocate for the destruction of israel.

    • " not aware of the bds... giving mainstream Israelis a platform...."
      I think he honestly does realize.

      also-that DH-G realizes there are "elements" of the BDS movement that are out for the destruction of the Jewish Nation makes his so-called 'love' for Israel suspect to many in the . It is NOT an element of BDS. It is in there primary manifest. Why shouldnt JCC look upon him (as interesting as his story might be) as hostile to its primary principles. Nobody is stopping him from getting another gig. NPR had him.

  • At Sochi Olympics, Israel is in... Europe!
    • Pretty cynical to gripe about Israel not being in between "Iran and..." When Iran wont even field a Judo fighter to compete with his Israeli counterpart. When many of these nations that are supposed to separate sports from politics (just as Israel competes with and engages with Palestinians in the olympics as they will any competitor . When an Egyptian female wrestler is so filled with hatred for Jews that she resorted to a 'Mike Tyson' and BIT her Israeli rival (and the Israeli woman went on to win the match and did not file a complaint) . When ALL of these things are no longer status quo for Israel's regional sports competitions THEN I will listen politely to griping about where exactly Israel is listed in the Olympics. In fact-I wouldnt be surprised if the COWARDLY Olympic committee bowed to pressure from certain Muslim nations that they would boycott the Olympics if Israel were listed with them. Its MUCH more likely then any other reason, including the racist ideology that Jews that wound up in eastern Europe are eother noty real jews or have no connection to Jerusalem.

  • Israeli government implosion over peace process opens door to international isolation
    • Everyone seems to focus on Netanyahu but what happens when he's voted out? What if he is replaced by a more right PM? Or a left wing PM that faces the wraith of our crazy religious fanatics? The problem with Israel negotiating is everybody knows that Israel has free and fair elections-for better or worse. But Israelis? They have to live with the shaky Hasemite monarchy (propped up by IDF in the first place), the shaky Egyptian treaty where a large majority of Egyptians want to chuck out the Camp David accords., The hudnah with Hezbollah? Only good as long as Hezbollah doesnt go too crazy in its provocations. And Syria? Who the heck knows what will end up with Syria. We stay out of this because we know we can't win on pokitical stage no matter what. Support Assad? Evil, Support his ouster at hands of those even more committed to Israeli destruction? Absurd. Sit on the fence and offer aide that is turned down by the refugees so-called 'leaders'? What else to do.

      So don't go telling Israelis that their "facing isolation". It is an empty threat. We know isolation. We know ostracism. We know that the large ecomonic giants like Russia, US and China will continue to depend on Israeli technology in tech/bio/pharma/agro/etc so that we really don't worry about the threats that come from the unelected EU-despite are multi-billion euro contracts there

  • New York Times assault on the BDS movement reinforces Israeli fears
    • Motley Fool-not your average 'zionist' source is just one of a few dozen stock analysis sites claiming SS is a "winning pick" as a buy in for 2014-15. They are not even anticipating any moves by Pepsico and acknowledge the Coke has bought a home soda company subsidiary. They base their analysis on SS current position in the market and their new focus on expansion after a bad year. It looks like a definite risk but a good risk with a high potential pay out. I seriously doubt this wont be generally accepted in the market at large. Motley Fool is hardly 'cutting edge' any more. But SS is still up above $40. At least the 'poor suffering soda-less BDS'rs' will finally have an alternative to SS when Keurig starts to put out its own machine with Coke backing. Now-if only there were alternatives to intell, HP, Apple, MS, Generic pills, etc etc.

    • Or-if you go by the biblical tradition-you could say that Israel is the perfect place for g-d to reign down some nasty apocalyptic horror on the region wiping out millions of ALL faiths destroying all holy places. And then-humans would have to actually understand this as a msg from g-d in the first place. Its a great notion but not one grounded in human nature. Many people coming to Israel for the first time are overcome with this feeling that something like you suggest will happen here. My grandfather always said, "everything and anything"

    • that is such a typical and mediocre reply. I see it all the time and yet-it fails to make sense to anyone but the 'magically clued in', I guess. If this is 'Hasbara' as you say then so is 90% of what I read here. Just not Israeli Hasbara.

      I'll be gone in a day and you'll still be quacking about 'hasbara central'. Learn how to dispute something if you don't agree with it. Anything else just insults your own self.

    • I didn't say they werent different "at all". I said they were not PARTICULARLY different. [And why should I care about an article in the JP? Its still a rag as much as Haaretz. Unless you thought I would respect the jp for some reason?] and I meant mostly in how they view Jews, Israel, Zionism the Zionist Entity and the conflict. If you want to be a wise guy and let me in on all the secret histories of Palestinians I would agree, all people have unique histories. If only their so-called differences translated to something truly DIFFERENT -politically speaking-in this neighborhood. And I am not referring to the destruction of Zionism either.

      And omg! Are you really going to cite US statute law? Well then. Why don't we have a mock trial on the green line and wether it ACTUALLY, not theoretically, morally, or by opinion of the unelected EU, but if it actually meets the criteria for an "occupied land" considering it was occupied by Jordan and annexed and then captured by Israel and an armistice line was negotiated. Doesnt quite fit the legal definition of what the laws on transferring populations in occupied territory refer to. And all of this still doesnt mean Israel will not willing make painful comprimises in both land and population to achieve a FINAL peace. Not an interim peace that flies out the window with the next radical islamist group voted in or when the propped up monarchies fall and treaties along with them. In light of this-try and explain to Israelis why they shouldnt bide their time. Are Islamist groups that hate Zionist Entity and may very well hate Jews too going away from the so-called 'Arab Spring'?

    • considering the NYT is so hated by both pro Zionists and anti-Zionists it should be easy to conclude that they must be doing something right. What that is, I couldnt say though. But I can say that the hatred for the nyt coverage of Israel is almost universal.

    • I hate to tell you that Palestinian Arabs are not particularly different-as you claim-then typical Arabs in Egypt, Jordan, or Israel. They share many cultural similarities and descend from the same Arab conquerors in the 7century. Of course every group of people in one situation differ slightly from people in another situation. But there is a reason Nasser is still idolized by vast majorities of Arab Muslims. And what would you say distinguishes the majority population of Palestinians living under the Hashemite monarchy in Jordan from the Palestinians living across the river? Were you surprised when Palestinians voted Hamas into office (or do you rationalize it by using Israeli-PA coöperation and/or coruption as the driving motivator?)? Are you surprised that more then 80% of Palestinians polled say making an interim 'peace' with Israel is totally acceptable as a means to reclaiming the entire mandate? Are you surprised that while Arab and Muslim nationalism is proudly acknowledged by vast % of Arabs that they consider Zionism as a 'racist' and 'nazi-like' form of nationalism? (thanks in part to EU/US based Palestinian PR ngo's)

      And in case you hadn;'t heard-the UN wiped its slate clean of the smear that zionism=racism. Or then a guess you also advocate for ignoring the UN decisions that violate your basic sense of decency? Just like Zionists, ey?.

      I wish that all those who advocate for the end of Zionism would go and stay for a spell in Mugabes Zimbabwe where there was NO Mandela to smooth out any transitions and white farmers have left in droves-even to neighbors who welcome their farming skills like Mozambique- due to policies of 'righting ancient wrongs'. Go there and live for a while then come back and lecture Zionist Israelis who built a democratic and dynamic Nation where ALL people have the vote and access to healthcare and freedom.

    • Your use of the terms "large" and "small" in reference to Israel are ludicrous. You may feel the conflict in volves ONLY the Palestinians but I think history will bear out that the conflict involves the ENTIRE Arab block (plus some) in either a state of war or a hostile 'peace' with Israel. MANY if not MOST Arabs self identify as Muslim nations and these nations all happen to surround Israel in a vast tract of land that renders the concept of small and large within the borders of Israel post-48 and pre-67 indistinguishable from a defensive military standpoint. WHile I am not saying the Israelis could live, if forced, on a smaller piece of land and the Palestinians would theoretically live on even a smaller piece of land I also think any political student would have to seriously consider the fact that Jordan (another european idea) is a majority Palestinian with an increasingly unpopular monarchy. When Palestinians continue to voice their approval of making a 'treaty' with Israel as a two-step plan to reclaim the entire mandate from Amman to the sea-it only makes sense that a majority of our population have no NEW reason to fear a Palestinian state on the 67 armistice line. Of course the RofR id a non-starter and any military arms would be allowed only after a good long interim of peace. If Japan could flourish then surely the Palestinains can give it a shot.

      As for where things could go if the Palestinians keep giving lip service to a "final status deal" that they never intend to adhere to which in turn gives Israelis fuel to keep going in the face of 'supposed' ridicule from the rest of the world? I would only say that despite the impression that the US-Israeli alliance instill in those that hate Zionism the basic principles of geo-political stratagems still exist. The Palestinians can continue to milk their 'victimhood' as much as many claim the Jews milk their own victimhood. But when push comes to shove-there is the IDF that has always operated under the directive (yes-of course there have been some egregious abuses)
      that "quiet will be met with quiet". And THAT is how it has basically gone on for almost 40 years now. (because of course before 1967 NOBODY was claiming the WB/GAZA was occupied and in dire need of liberation were they?)

    • nobody here is GLOATING about the sudden rise in Sodastream stock of almost 23% opening at $44 like they were gloating about Sodastreams demise after the Superbowl. Whats the analysis on this trend? Evil Zionists artificially pumping up Sodastream in a grand conspiracy? Or just backlash?

  • 'NYT' says Israel doesn't 'split' Palestinian families, 'Haaretz' says it does. Who is right?
    • Don't bother to tell the readers here that in Israel-Haaretz is in dire straights with readership collapsing. Also-that it is the the preeminent leftist mainstream paper in Israel and is NOT by any means a paper that is read by a majority of Israelis. It supports reporters and op-eds that are HIGHLY divisive in Israeli society and to suggest that Haaretz has more of a 'handle' on the Palestinian conflict then other middle-road or right leaning Israeli papers is like saying that the New York Post represents a much more 'honest' take on what 'regular' New Yorkers think about politics-both foreign and domestic. Get real. When you start citing papers other then Haaretz-you may gain the attention of folks other then the MW peanut gallery who seem to sop up every bit of critical AND NON-critical analysis.

  • After all that buildup-- SodaStream ad was flat
    • Sorry. The CEO of SodaStream could not have POSSIBLY bought enough promotional material, publicity and attention to match that which has come form this (in the 'real' world) tempest in a teapot. Most Palestinians have no clue who SJ is. The add was 'half-baked' from the get go. It was never a very splashy add and with the edit of the punch-line-advertisers were relying on the 'old' trick of the 'in crowd' being those in on the 'secret' to understand the ad and the rest of the viewers who don't care about SS just ignored it like everyone ignores ads. The real 'coup' for SS was in the weeks of publicity that ran up to the naturally flat (n.p.i.) ad-vert. S0, basically, everybody that already knew about the controversy watched the ad while those that didn't? I don't think that ad was ever designed to be as punchy as even their last year promo with the exploding coke and pepsi. (after all-as popular as SS may be its still nothing but a fly in the Coke and Pepsi corporate empires)
      But don't kid yourselves into believing that the CEO isn't pleased with the 'free' 3 week run of Soda Stream info. I doubt very seriously many minds were changed in a net+ way. Surely some folks became aware of the connection to Palestinians that were not before and I would assume their numbers would split into the same % that Americans currently hold for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as a whole.

      But one thing I think would be foolish to deny-wether one is for or against SodaStream-they have a far larger public profile then they did before this SuperBowl dust-up.

  • Fallows: A free society must reckon with Blumenthal's book, as it did with 'Grapes of Wrath' and 'Gentleman's Agreement'
    • here is what I read into Fallows piece on 'Goliath':

      to paraphrase, 'i'm good friends with max blumethals parents (and probably knew the kid since he was a little pischer). what he wrote in 'Goliath' is no different then the type of broadside 'expose' that our society has come to accept in other works like Michael Moore's assorted diatribes post 'Roger'. Or even the opposing right wing one-sided tomes put our by the likes of Ann Coulter or Bill Riley. He admits that Blumenthals 'Goliath' makes no attempt at journalistic approach and that he has picked a side and in Goliaths case has no intention of presenting an opposing view -or- a balanced approach. ' Fallows even says that this was not Blumethals intent and that these type of literary polemics have come to be excepted in our society as bombastic exposé and the expected negative publicity all part of the plan to push paper.

      It is of note that he did not say that he thought Blumethal was wrong or that he lied. He did not and while I expected his supporters would jump on the comparisons to 'Grapes of Wraith' and 'Asphalt Jungle" but those were written in a time when sensationalistic exposes on Israel (or anywhere else) were not the norm. But still, while not an all out endorsement-the fact that Fallows accepts Goliath as a book worthy of discussion is a victory for Blumenthal.

  • George Orwell would hate Israel
    • Goerge Orwell would "hate" Israel you say.

      What would Orwell say about the Hamas saying on the one hand-with an interpreter-to an international audience the Hamas would "accept" a state of Israel within the '67 border and the complete return of the '48 refugees and then in numerous Arabic only TV speeches he boasts about how "we'll get back some through negotiations and the rest of Palestine form the river to the sea will be ours very soon after"

      Does that count as double-speak -or just plain old fashioned lying?

      Is referring to Israel as the "zionist entity" an Orwellian turn of phrase? When the Palestinians refer to 'Palestine' and half the stupid europeans who actually believe they mean the other half of a 2ss when in reality they mean the entire western half of the original mandate?

      Its not that I don't think Israel has screwy policies for immigration its that I think if the charge that George Orwell would have "hated" Israel on any grounds other then anti-jewish that he would just have likely 'hated' Israels adversaries in the conflict.

  • Weiner's Park Ave apartment belongs to man whose 'only agenda' is Israel
  • Kerry faults Israelis for complacency -- peace isn't 'on the tip of everybody's tongue'
    • Kerry was hired to try and bring back the feather to place in Obama's cap which he is too 'clever' to attempt on his own because the odds are still 90% against anything coming of the current push- . It wold appear that Kerrys lust to be in the upper echelons of power have overcome any good sense he possessed as he will walk away empty handed just as would anybody else. In fact-I can't think of a single name that would be trusted enough by both sides as an'honest' broker regardless of wether they really are or or not.

  • Glenn Greenwald on the Woolwich attack and blowback from the 'war on terror'
    • its a horrible crime that the old man was stabbed to death in London. But to those that want to pretend that there is little difference between the murder of the 75yr old man and the ramming with a car and then meat cleavoring the young soldiers head off in front of a crowd of mothers and children leaving school to supposedly 'avenge' killing of non-specific muslims in other lands. I thought I had read that the cleaver yielder was raised in a "good christian" family and converted to Islam more recently. I also read that a known radical imam that advocates violent jihad has come forward and admitted that he "tutored" the suspect(s)

      I'm not sure what value it is to deny that there is always going to be some kind of 'blowback' from FP goals of a dominant global [super]power. Of course there are going to be acts of 'blowback' form all different groups and causes. The question is how much we should be separating the primary reasons for Muslim anger into wars involving the control and flow of oil and those that involve US support for the State of Israel. Some would say the two issues are inextricably linked. However-I would imagine that EVERY muslim who cheers every time a 'blow' is struck against the so-called 'west' such as this latest beheading-are the same muslims who would be cheering the minute they heard that the 'Zionist Entity' was no longer and being replaced with a Islamic based one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  • There's been a sea change in US opinion on the conflict
    • you must travel in very limited circles. Support for the Palestinian narrative has definitely grown but your sorely mistaken if you think your list of "3" are "the only" people who express (and possess) strong support for Israel.

  • As Israel's occupation drags on, boycotts are one way forward
    • I will only agree that the conflict -or war- (both are correct) is now being fought in the arena of public opinion , ideas in the press, (ALL of which are accused of having a bias in one way or the other) and even more cynically, manipulation of facts and figures which bolster each sides narrative. As far as I can see, BOTH sides engage in the heavy use of distortion, embellishments, revisionism and sometimes outright lies. Whatever it takes, is what it looks like from here, is the strategy of certainly the Palestinians and their supporters. And its just as apparent the Israeli government engages in much the same. The only thing I would comment on is Israel has quite a few home-grown groups that are dedicated to exposing Israeli corruption and lies as pertains to the settlement policies as well as Israeli human rights groups that are devoted to exposing Israeli violations. It would be shocking if the palestinians had more vocal local groups that were as self-critical as Be'tzlm. (unless of course one believes the conflict is ENTIRELY one sided)

  • Both Massad, and 'Open Zion', ignore the experience of Middle Eastern Jews
    • If you want a REALLY screwy opinion of this subject-Go over to PressTV and read what the well known holocaust denying Ahmadi-nejads 'right-hand' scholar says about this whole 'affair' of the posting of, the pulling down, and then the immediate re-publishing by AJ of Massads article on Zionism and Anti-Semitism.

      He somehow attacks Massad while at the same time agreeing with his premise but only on the grounds that he hasn't gone 'far enough'. I can barely make sense of it but whats funny id the author is trying to claim that neither does Massad make any sense because he is 'beholden' to the US left-wing intellectual elite. Go figure

  • Widely denounced as 'propaganda,' Israel's report on al-Dura calls attention to 950 other child killings
    • In context-the al-Dura incident of course is just one of MANY deaths of children in the long running conflict. Both Palestinian children and israeli children have died (been murdered) by Palestinian militants and IDF forces.

      Still-IF, and I do say "if" it can be proved that the al-dera case was set-up or just reported with bias- it will be a VERY small 'feather' in the cap of the Israeli propaganda unit. I seriously doubt even generally sympathetic Americans who are NOT particularly pro-Israel will consider the al-Dura revelation anything more then the continuous tit-for-tat that the US press seems to enjoy playing up.

      However-if it IS true and there is ANY merit to what the Israeli report has come up with then it should be published and given the chance to stand up against any scrutiny fairly leveled or challenged.

  • Mohammed Assaf, singing sensation out of Gaza refugee camp, torches Arab Idol competition
    • Other then this kid being an amazing talent with a great voice is the 'Arab Idol' show set up with the intention of countering so-called 'western' shows that it is clearly imitating? Or-is it trying to produce an 'Arab' version of an idol that fits in with 'Arab' sensibilities (whatever they are) with a tinge of political activism?

      I mean-really, I apologize to those here who are RAVING about the kid (who's really good) but I get the sense that a LOT of the adulation being thrown his way is for him representing a symbol of resistance to Israel. Did Israel do ANYTHING (other then the restrictive border crossing rules) to specifically get in the way of this young man?
      If he wins, what does it prove other then he has an amazing voice which will hopefully get him out of his poverty (if he is, in fact, poor). Doesn't pretty much EVERY nation or region have its own version of this insipid show? Did not a Palestinian or other Arab-Israeli citizen win Israels version of one of these shows?
      I guess I am just curious if the adulation is for Mohammed's career, his voice, or the fact that he represents some type of 'poke-in-the-eye' to Israel? If that is the case-I don't understand HOW he represents anything but a potential Palestinian 'super-star' idol. Thats a great thing of course but not sure what it means beyond that?

  • EU upgrades Israel because 'nobody wants fuss' with Jewish community or Washington
    • considering the facist mullah-regime in Iran considers the US its biggest enemy perhaps one (with any perspective other then 'anti-zionist', that is) might consider that what Obama did with sanctions and Iran was not only at Israels behest. There are others in the region who are equally disturbed at the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran.

    • Good and good. The U[seless]N[othing] is nothing but a shill for the waning tinpot dictators and brutal regimes. Don't forget: Israel is the only developed nation that never sat on the UNHRC but Syria just had its stint a short while ago (as did Lybia, Cuba and worse)

    • so whats the implication? That somehow 'zionists' ,to further Israels position , broke the Lewisnsky story? Nothing could be further from the truth. How that story was brought to the press is well documented and has nothing to do with Israel.

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