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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • Gaza 2 years on: These children are now gone forever and an empty space remains
    • maybe the vastly-by 1000s- greater numbers of children being killed daily in the greater middle east has made it more difficult to feel specifically concerned excpt for only those who are singularly devoted to the palestinian cause rather then the absence left by all children killed by conflict. i could be wrong but i'm not the only one: just saying...

      but we've heard it before: end the i/p conflict, destroy the zionist entity and the greater middle east will become a paradise for children, women and minorities as well.

  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
    • @a

      solve the controversy:
      simply have Abbas use a tiny fraction of his billions to fund a trip of US law enforcement to tour the palestinian areas of the west bank (with an afternoon tour of the palestinian mansions and palazzo's on the hills) and coordinate with hamas to take an 'optional' day trip to the beaches of gaza where they can learn from expert Hamas militants how to keep any recalcitrant citizens in line along with a final visit to the PA controlled prison in Ramallah then a tour of christian holy sites in Bethlehem. I am certain 'black lives matter' would take no offense at this.

  • Scottish football fans raise over 100,000 pounds for Palestine following flag controversy
    • Not all zionists have strong opinions against these Scots football fans raising monies to help palestinian youths. And if these organizations are accountable to their donors by giving over 80% of the donations to the actual kids programs all the better. Some zionists have learned a long time ago that getting worked up about ever slight, every political statement and more accomplishes nothing productive to help the conflict except meaningless scoring of pr 'points'

      Good for these Scots taking meaningless controversy and turning into concrete results.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • @x
      the loud universal booing from the crowd in the stands at the egyptian spoke volumes about what the world, in general, thinks about such obnoxious and infantile behavior.

    • @g
      You can lol and try and slap any coat of paint on either of the Arab athletes who refused contact but when you take your special glasses off and look at the videos, read the universal contempt and listen to the booing you'll remember where you stand I the world

    • disgusting, immature, sour, pathetic and almost universally disparaged behavior by a:
      lebanese and saudi athletes who brought shame upon their nations no matter how much this author and her [...] on mw try and sugar coat their actions. if the ioc were even half as corrupt and debased as it already is it would have taken much more firm action then the rather light rebukes it took. but rebukes they were.

      if the nations that despise israel had any real guts they would boycott the entire olympics since israel will always be there to compete.

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • "that is if we don’t want to find ourselves in the fringes of our groups or completely out in the cold. "

      understatement of the year .

      while @pblmnt often -at least in my view-takes a more pragmatic view on this board-most of the commenters here are so far gone and lost in the "cold" that there is little chance of 'finding' them at all. of course the same can be said for extreme right-wing israeli zionists but then the authors 'quest' to find a more simplified language thats 'easier' for these(anti-zionist/israel) extremists to understand (read: score points) has the smell of stalin or kim jong . no purpose except propaganda can be served in changing the words which have evolved over the past 70yrs of conflict. as many words as the far-left and israel haters think have been 'created' by hasbara have been utilized by palestinians to delegitimize the existence of a jewish state. so-in others words, whats the point? more circular arguments, probably

  • Druze Arabs in the occupied Golan Heights discuss borders, identity, colonialism and war
    • @ib
      if i had a nickel for every anti-israel zionist hating true-believing mediocre minded dreamer who 'warned' about the impending "halt" israel will be coming to i'd be employing sheldon adelson as my gardner.

    • @tb

      hypocrisy is bitch ain't it, tb .

    • @inb

      Assad and his father have had more then 40yrs to 'take back the golan' but have done absolutely nothing. what they do use is jacked up speeches to his people about 'death to israel' and how he'll fight till his last breath' and how the zionist entity iOS the cause of all the troubles of syria, that ideal is part of what syria was promised in 'greater syria' and more and more nationalistic crap made to mollify syrians that were dumb enough to believe either of the king-pins of the assad tyranny.

      and those "majority" of people that brought pictures of assad and shoved them in the face of the druze that opposed assad sound like a bunch of idiots anyway. i'd rather be with the poets and artists. who would admire any group of people that considers assad their 'god'?

    • @z
      not a very racist or bigoted comment , is it. talk about ignorance. how many druze do you actually know? "secretive". "heretic" "biggest enemy of arabs" "least educated" "opportunist" you basically did everything but call the druze the 'n' word.

      ironic since the purpose of this little 'interview' was to link black lives matter to foreign nationalistic movements like the palestinians and now-it would seem-the druze.

      and why is it the author-like many other latinos from mexico-are always jumping to balme the US for its colonialism while ignoring the far stronger influence of the brutal spanish conquest and colonization a few centuries earlier?

  • Defying Scottish law, football fans fly Palestinian flags during match with Israeli team
    • thats rich consider this blog site is filled to the brim with commenters who don't "really have a clue" about what Israel is about. (by your reasoning anyway)

      do you have any idea how much a fool you look to assume nobody but a glaswegian can know anything about its workings? if you believe that then 80% of the commenters here are fools as well.

    • @og

      guess you were too old to understand the article. the flag waving is a little fan-war to being fought with opposing flags instead of team banners. protestants try to taunt with the israeli flag. wether either or both mirror the political or national symbolism of the flags is not entirely clear. but obviously-as usual-football fans in GB are pretty insane bunch.

      unless your intention is to link the rivalry of the glascow protestant and catholics to the i/p conflict.

  • 'It's like we're born with guns in our hands': Young Israelis face prison as they resist military conscription
    • There have always been small numbers of conscientious objectors in nations where there is a system of laws and justice, regardless of what ones opinion of the nation I particular.

      Now, in nations like Iran, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Syria, or Chad, when your conscripted, your conscripted. No cushy 6m stay in a clean jail. No recourse. No jury or impartial judge. So, while these kids may be the hope of anti-zionists everywhere, I would assume they knew very well that their lives would be in no danger and only, possibly, their job prospects might suffer.

      But then why shouldn't Israeli druze, Muslim, Jews or Christians who serve have access to certain national privileges over objectors. The US has veteran benefits as do dozens of other nations. Even the PA pays stipends to those who serve their cause- or are martyred by engaging inactive violent resistance

  • Boycott, from within and without
    • @a
      Proper use of the semicolon. Punctuation 101. This is one of the reasons I enjoy posting here. Insistence on proper grammar usage from a mod is a sign of diligence and self respect. Tnx

  • Google blames bug for removing 'West Bank' and 'Gaza' from Israel/Palestine map
    • oh.. Idea: ..get a little old special match box and take the tiny violin out. now twist the teeny strip of bamboo with a hair plucked off you kitten.

      Now play. Play a sad and lamenting tune. Have somebody write lyrics that instill equal amounts of militaristic or perhaps a resistant or even violent feelings to avengeance

      When done--place tiny violin back in box and loosen kitten hair on toothpick bow and carefully place back in perfectly stud vintage match box form, oh, what a coincidence, the

  • Canadian Greens back BDS
    • have the rights of indigenous canadian peoples that have been displaced from their native lands over centuries (like many jews were displaced and scattered through northern africa, persia and the caucauses after the arab/muslim conquest) taken a back seat to palestinians who descend mostly from the arab colonizers of the levant circa 600-900 ce.

  • A losing battle in Israel's High Court of Justice
    • @ k @m

      " oxymoron" and ..."kkk" . pretty humourous that the worlds so-called 'liberal;' democracies look to the israeli supreme court for examples. guess they must be completely stupid or bamboozled by their own stupidity while you progressives are completely clued in, intelligent and not so easily fooled. if they had any credibility at all they would rule themselves out of existence and replace themselves with a mixture of hamas , pa, plo and other assorted individuals.

  • Black Lives Matter will defeat the Israel lobby (because the lobby can't debate reality)
    • if in the very odd chance that your average american even reads the blm platform -which is very unlikely- they would probably bring in even bigger numbers to the megalomaniac trumpf. while blm admits their platform comes from "dreamers"-- i don't think they understand how not ready the majority of the US population is for even a 10th of their radically ao-called "progressive' platform to be adapted and when it strays into israel only as the only foreign 'enemy' (oh right-it mentions egypt in passing) their going to lose even more of their potential supporters until their numbers look exactly like numbers for groups like The New Black Panther Movement, MOVE, or the Green Party and Communist party. you peeps don't like to acknowledge how far left you actually are, affairs

  • Israeli racism unmasks Netanyahu goodwill video
    • @m

      don't know what your babbling about with "hits" but i assume its something along the lines of your threatening me with the infamous mw archives. lol.

    • @a

      look up 'virtue signaling' or just 'signaling'. its what people in tight groups -- especially far left wing-- do to let the members of their group know that they are righteous, humane and 'in with the program'.
      perfect example is the almost universal opinion on mw that c.a.m.e.r.a. is somehow a tainted, disgusting and unreliable news source or fact-checking blog Or- making sure people know to what degree one hates netanyahu, Shakid , Yaalon, dersh, and loves chomsky salieda , iran, and definitely the Tamini family(hard to not like), is de riguere . finklestein has some flexibility. ,

      . Use of other 'trigger' words that let your group know your.....i don't want to say brainwashed but making sure the 'group' here is totally shut off from legitimate , intelligent (and naturally, like mw, wrong sometimes) defense of zionism or the state of israel

  • Bill Clinton attacked all Muslim Americans during his speech to the DNC
    • i didn't here bill give that speech but while i count see the tone he used if i go by this article it sure sounds like it was a back-handed compliment, or an outright insult to american muslims.
      "stay here"? are muslims in the us wanting to leave in large numbers? i doubt it.

      anyway-it sounds like this part of the speech was not directed at muslims , american muslims at all. they were just the brunt of the point clinton was trying to push about how the dnc loves 'everybody'

      a nice counterpoint to this, at least imo, was the pakistani american-muslim father who whipped out his worn out , trusty old copy of the constitution to rightly claim his undeniable sacrifice and complete right as a citizen to smack trumpf over the head with a constitution he most likely paid some lucky to read for him-if he even did that. i'm not a muslim but if i were-i imagine that seeing the father and mother in such a proud and dignified light was startling -if only because the mood in the muslim community in the us must be pretty glum. i have to think that was a high point.

  • The magic rubber bullet theory
    • @ec

      i don't claim to be a ballistics expert but an x-ray-wether it is 100% legitimate or not tells very little. there is no explanation for why a live-fire round could smash through a skull and remain in its unscathed shape out of the casing. doesn't even look like the sharp tip has deformed. now-could this be possible? maybe. but it isn't a high probability and needs more evidence then the x-ray. but it makes for a typically hyper mw article.

      and-btw-if your going to accuse another zionist here of having low comprehension skills for not accepting outright that an x-ray is definitive in this incident in our long running conflict then you can check your own-and most of your other fellow zionist haters-comprehension at the door. you are part of the same bunch of people who claim almost every act of murder, mayhem and deception committed by arabs against jew is a legitimate form of protest or a 'false flag' op committed by zionists.

    • @gz

      i have never in the entire time i have read anything in mw that would point to anyone of the regular zionist-israel-hating posters ever thought zionists had any credibility so don't give me your lame sht that i "blew" any credibility to discuss anything. nobody here thinks zionist have any credibility . you don't even think we are jews for fcks sake. you really think i care what you think is 'credible' or not from my posts? get over yourself. you really think i come here to convince any israel haters to change their minds? that is a big laugh. much funnier then anything spewed from the "potty" fixated mind of the clown prince of MW-PW's alter-ego: mooser

    • @m

      yeah-i don't get the "sour grapes" reference either. if there is more conclusive proof-as in proof that would hold up in a court of law-a US court of law for exp.-i have no problem with the major facing an indictment. a simple x-ray with no context may be proof on mw but that isn't my problem. its yours. you'd be a great jurist. you have the major tried and convicted. i would pity the people under a govt. run by the likes of you.

    • pw is so filled with outrage that his so-called 'intelligence' was insulted. anybody who knows much about a sniper rifle would most likely explain that a live fire bullet shot from 70m would likely have pierced the young mans skull let alone not shattering it.

      also-where is the chest x-ray of the other young man shot and killed? was there an autopsy provided for him?

      there is a bullet in the skull shown in the x-ray-that much is clear. had the bullet been recovered it might have provided much more conclusive evidence. but then most mw readers already have an anti-israeli belief system in place so it doesn't take much in the way of 'proof' to cause outrage and an insult to ones level of intelligence-whatever intelligence that may be for insulting

  • The agonizing afterlife of Mahmoud Darwish
  • On Jewishness and criticism of Israel
    • so, An-sky was a gifted, ideological , idealistic workers leaning fool who thought jews would blend in (and what? disappear?) as if that is the ultimate goal

  • Jerusalem municipality 'taking advantage' of US elections to expand settlements
    • i didn't think the 600 units in the overall existing settlement expansion plan that are exclusively for arab housing would make it in an 'incisive' mw 'report' . of course it is unclear wether housing planned for palestinians would be as 'illegal' as homes for jews.

  • Hatim, King of the Natufians
    • and p.s.s.

      I was not trying to be a first poster. it just happened. i don't care if the post is moved downstream at all.

    • The tester mint is I case they have bad breath while studying the New testament

    • Okay. He's a satirist. But people-especially the kind of people that jump all over certain Jewish pharmacists and accuse them of rabid islamaphobia- should stop repeating the bullshit story about the rabbi and his rape 'fatwa' as he never said anything of the sort and was referencing a portion of the bible.
      . So, unless you so very moral leftists have no problems with people referring to Mohammed(pboh) as an abuser of children and other things that. In 600 A.D. Might have made sense but don't anymore you should shut it. The rabbi is orthodox. He's not a reform, reconstructionalist, other bs rabbi. he reads scripture and interprets. Just like 1000s of imams do with their quran or priests do with the new tester mint.

  • What the economic boycott of Israel can achieve
    • @sz

      and there is SO much evidence to support your brilliant opinion.

    • @o

      if jews, as you say, are a hodgepodge then the palestinians are every bit as much as a hodgepodge then the jews. another stupid argument made by an israel-hater that is so ridiculous no serious person who wants peace would bother. now-if what you want is all out war, your barking up the right tree.

      btw-you do know that 95% of the people on earth are a "hodgepodge" of dna. but i guess you have a selective reading list.

    • @x
      righto dude. never a kingdom. check. never any kings. check. no archeological evidence from within israel or from its surrounding dynasties like assyria, babylon, cyrus, etc. check. man, how did you get so smart? and "silberman and finklestein"? again, wow. they sound like jewish names so they must be legitimate voices and everybody should read their seminal tome on the non-existence of the kingdom of israel or any of its kings. i'm rushing out to Steimatsky later today to get my copy now. thanks good buddy.

    • @tk

      I don't know Tk. I really don't know and never claimed to know the solution to two people-equally tenacious who want the same thing and will settle for no less then the extreme red-lines of the others minimum requirements. If Israel wanted to try and end the conflict in the style that other more brutal and tyrannical nations have chosen we might have used mass slaughter on the level of say-H.Assad in 70s Syria, or Hussein of Jordan....all 15k to 20k dead within weeks respectively. We might have blown up the mosques on our sacred mount in 67 but the waqf rules over the mosques now.
      in the same light the palestinians-even in their supposed weakness(i don't consider them a weak people at all) and supposed 'humiliation' (as a people-i think we understand humiliation and how humiliation can be amplified by cultural means to encompass suffering that is more perceived then actual... but thats another argument) -could have committed much more murder, mayhem sabotage and general destruction destruction then they have or may have wanted to commit.

      the reasons are as numerous emotional and strategic as the reasons israel could have but did not destroy mosques, plow cemeteries , conquer damascus, or commit mass killings (though i understand that mass to one person may mean 1000s killed while others think 100 is massive and some say 10-15 is still mass murder. you know you aren't in kansas when your people have to wonder what 'mass' means to murder and how plunging a knife into a neck is any better or worse then shooting, clubbing or running a human over.

      So -whats the matter how one cuts it-the i/p conflict has simply not progressed past the level of slow burning intractable conflict. dozens of much higher intensity and various wars and conflicts have come and gone with some long forgotten. and -again-since nobody is forgetting the i/p conflict and nobody is changing their positions significantly (and you can cite statistics all you like as your simply preaching to your own constituency. any stats too difficult to refute are considered irritations-i imagine among both sides.

      so-i don't know what a realistic answer is. you would prefer israel disappear into a single palestinian entity with equal rights for all. or-i think this is what you prefer. i can only state that if one studies the history of conflicts since ancient times until now-the point hasn't been reached where either side is suffering desperation of the kind that drives people to make the kind of desperate decisions that have only to do with immediate survival. not desperate acts for martyrdom or nationalistic pride. not the desperate acts of crazy people. or acts committed in the name of bravery and pride. if the world was my puppet theater (oh right-im a zionist. it is) i could solve the problem to my liking in less then 5years and 10 until there is a true turning point.

      but that is fantasy. so i don't know. i leave that fools game to off-the-rails ideologues on the far right and left. they always know the answers to snafu's.

    • notes:

      1-the new apple auto-correct is absurd and i'm to impatient to check all

      2-Henri Memri Matisse: as in -the founder of Memri. ;)

      3-not saying Palestinians are inherently anything that other humans are not. they feel they have been abused and provoked to where violence is legitimate in many of their eyes and martyrs are just what the culture does to embrace those it feels sacrifice. Its a tactic they embrace and I can't see how it could be denied.

      4-I dod not go into every rotten thing Israeli and its IDF have committed against Palestinian during 50yr occupation, I know this ground is covered well buy contributors here. I am not implicitly denying Israeli wrongdoing by not elaborating.

      5. if it makes the funny man feel better he can assume I was on narcotics while writing all this. his choice will do. i like them all

    • Had Israel not armed itself and prepared for attacks from neighboring Arab states(with who many Palestinians sided) they would have been destroyed militarily and as a nation shortly after Israel's rebirth. If not then, then the 50s, or even 67. The occupier vs. Occupied had arisen from ,50 yrs of Palestinian rejectionism, tenacity, refusal to submit or whatever one wants to call it. After years of Israel's neighbors(who had occupational control over Palestinians up until the 67 war) then after a decade of stalemate, Oslo was hatched and the prevailing narrative was starting to show cracks. But before long it was not just about exposing cracks I the imperfect Israeli project, the tactic had become attempting to change the entire narrative from the one that history recorded in depth add it unfolded to one that paints ever single Israeli action as sinister, conniving, murderous, evil and worse.
      . Is it a good tactic? Damn straight. But this is not a clear battle between good and bad. This is about an epic battle between two people who both want to have sovereignty over the same land. Until either side gives up extremely painful concessions,(giving up ror and giving back parts of olde city, simultaneously, not as preconditions) this war will smolder on with each side vying for the worlds attention to. Their version of the truth, their narrative. And much will depend on which side remains relevant. While it may be considered a definite never, I would predict the minute Palestinian excepted their much despised condition for exciting Israel as a Jewish state and giving up physical ror -the pressure on Israel would be too immense for them not to seal a deal. Even a five year verification deal. I just don't see it happening.
      Palestinians have definitely taught their children to hate and despise Israeli soldiers(which is basically all Israelis) martyrdom is encouraged and celebrated and now the far right wing I here is becoming more tolerant of violence to achieve goals. *
      * And if I'm going to be asked to link to clips that show Palestinian indoctrination of children you can all simply watch memri videos. Henri, despite its Zionist agenda is sadly not making these fill films up, or altering them. They are out there all over the Muslim world.

  • How much should we push to change US policy towards Israel? Your contribution will decide.
    • While I think I understand the premise behind your drive to raise monies and continue to peruse "aggressive coverage," of stories not normally covered by what you term the mainstream Zionist media but which others would say, mostly ignored by the larger mainstream outlets as too far left or to kooky to cover (unless they see an opportunity to rule up their base consumer.

      I understand why an outlet such as MW would be peeved at the lack of what they consider everyday issues facing Palestinians within Israel and without over the green lines in areas with politically charged names and no actual law, neither international or otherwise had fully determined what the borders of an Israel nation with blocks I area A,b and c with swaps that will compensate for losses or money of land, is not enough

      After all, afaik... You are maybe the first blog who had used the recipe of Palestinian anger coupled with white far left wing progressive gilt and responsibility to raise your calls to bring in more like-minded troops to ad bodies and numbers to their events all while showing that the msm numbers were lies and more .

      Even if all th his is happening as Adam, and Phil, Annie, others feel is how it should go are they so certain that the average run-of-the-mill. Middle road pro hilary constituency going to embrace this negative charge and get down serious enough to see through the conspiratorial! Angles which ARE numerous and flat and forgetting them, the vast bulk of the party that seems to me were actually SHOCKED (LOL) THAT there was ANY DRAMA whatsoever before we got" with the Liz Warren Ann's then Mr. Cuckoo Sanders LLBean speech---probably the best speech of the convention.

      I also heard the statement by convicted police murderer [and yes, I have read dozens upon dozens of court transcripts to understand where there where weaknesses in the states case an nd where there were none. I understand that with the racist syStem prevalent at that time the Mumia Abu Jamal is probably the single worst case put forth to prove extenuating circumstances during shooting, confusion and police corruption as one can easily find when one gets deeper into the testimony laid out.

      Personally, I am grateful and glad the death penalty was dropped as there was never a legal option. I think enough of the evidence held that there was no Premeditated attempt to shoot the officer. There was much evidence that saud police tried to end his live but failed with overt,6 slugs I his body. An nd please, I've read the whole thing, cover to cover, as nauseam.

      I could name overt 10 cases involving young black or hispanic men were circumstances were clearly similar and Murky and yet-i a similar twist- these men got the same type of experience the most agents cases got.

      So, while I'm all for Bernie on his close-to-his-heart social equality issues and breaking down how the rich guarantee the middle is cut out I'm FORx4. But,. For the life of me I can't figure out what so many young progressives following the Bern are doing the hysterical claiming that things like the Israel lobby ( known as apaic) exerts extraordinary control of not only our executive but our
      R senators and Congress, judges, our banks, loan orgs, the mass media and police In a massive humongous conspiracy that this relatively small but effective group (aipac) has set up Israel (a state not much smaller then New Jersey as the leviathon capable of running such an absurdly large expansive threat

      Somebody here once answered me that the bigPharma big banks , big tobacco bigHealthcare,big Agro and big oil 'only advocated for US policy and aipac Advocated for foreign policy changes. LOL. I wasn't sure wether to bother telling her the absurdity as she was tightly focused 99 the 'plight'of the Palestinians. I could have told her the the pro-israel Palestinian advocacy groups are unabashedly trying to tie any human or social rights issue in the US (somehow) go there palestinian cause no matter how tenuous.
      That a few police districts around the nation chose to train with the Israeli Shin Bet in their universally admired riot controll was enough to blame Michael Brown on Israel to a few. The signs read from Palestine to Fergesun as if most neighbors 'got it. Right.

      That the same program existed with Dallas(where police were killed) and Atlanta and the training with the ShinBet was brought up again----as an insane lessons causes American deaths. From Dallas to Atlanta to Palestine were the. Comments. Too bad both sheriffs completely repudiated their program with the Israelis as some odd the best life saving trading they received.

  • In new book, Ilan Pappé says settler colonialism and apartheid best explain Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    • @i

      whoa down cowboy. first of all i am not going to argue israeli water policy in regards to the palestinian population in the territories east of the green line. its too convoluted and so many things persons such as yourself call "well known facts" are about as factual as the last speech by don trumpf.

      however-we can stop completely short of all that by me correcting you that under international law there is no ownership of the disputed land of judea and samaria or the west bank. (whichever you prefer) and after the 22 year occupation by jordan where there was mostly destruction with christians and jews denied access to everything from water to the simple act of praying in their houses of worship.

      Since 1967 the israelis have poured billions into water management and infrastructure. I'm not going to lie and tell you water is distributed equally between the wealthier inhabitants of the developed areas -which-I will wager you did not know--contain 1000s of Palestinian-Israeli families living in nice modern houses in what you consider 'illegal' settlements. Oh wait. They are only illegal if they are occupied by Jews. Got it. Anyway- these israeli arabs enjoy the same access to water as their jewish neighbors.
      As for the territories-of course there is not completely equal investment in water infrastructure -especially since oslo when the PA was given access to billions with which they were supposed to develop things their peoples water supply. Was Israel going to allow wells and aquifers to be dig in places where major water supplies to israeli towns and settlements would be threatened? No. of course not. And-when you get into the more isolated developments and arab villages the isralei water authority provides more then it is legally required to supply yet mismanagement-lack of cooperation with israeli water authority, major corruption by the well connected and the explicit and continued use by Abbas and his PA cronies of the myth of water war waged by Israel -which is a bogus propaganda ploy disproven time after time .

      Sure there are problems in distributing water to some arab villages and sectors of palestinian suburbs in hebron other cities. and there are also problems during dry times like right now to jewish areas as well.

      and then we get into the whole argument of what the palestinian leadership has NOT been doing with the billions of dollars they have been getting for years by ngo's europe, the UN, US and Israel and why almost NOTHING has been spent by the PA on developing it peoples water infrastructure and supply. Are you honestly going to tell me that Israel-who consistently turns over billions in tax revenue as well as maintaining roads and other infrastructure is going to completely forbid Palestinian development of sound and modern water management? righto.

      Oh yeah-there are the ubiquitous plastic water tanks on roofs of the mostly well connected for use in times of greater drought. But its bullsht that the 'occupation' forbids well drilling. What it forbids is ILLEGAL well drilling which is improperly managed, bypasses the existing system, risks contamination and depletion of the supply for all surrounding people-- bedouin jew, but mostly Palestinians . And many of these Palestinian farmers think they have every right (as legitimate resistance) to drill wherever the fk they want because-its their land and they don't have to consider anything but that. Not their neighbor up the hill or the villagers down stream. As if you far left wingers suddenly don't understand how important good water management policies are in this age of climate warming.

      I wish you people would attack israel on things other then your fantasy image of what doesn't actually go on. (oh yes. I know...the jews in the settlements all have swimming pools while the poor poor palestinians have barely enough to drink. its total BS. There are 100s of pools in the palestinian areas and the settlement jews don't all have their own pools but they have community pools. But oh what a fantastic anti-zionist propaganda image that conjures. Cripes-even Gaza has dozens of public swimming pools and miles of beaches for their peoples. At least more then one would imagine for the 'worlds largest prison'. And are you going to tell us that the Palestinians in gas aren't going to benefit from israeli desalinization projects? Well-if the pipes are bombed maybe not. Just like the electric lines were downed by Hamas and then the world press listen to them scream how Israel was depriving them of power. ok. have a good night. I want to cue up big bill clintons speech and see how bernie is trying to deal with the movement he started but can't control any more.
      anyway-when there are negotiations between the parties and the conflict is terminated you can start talking about what is actually illegal versus what is considered illegal by the EU, the UN, Arab league , etc etc.

    • (whomsoever )

      respected by who? as in, who respects him...

      anyway-don't take my post too seriously (as if) tonight as my auto-correct is out of control. i have references to a well known islamaphobic/anti-sharia activist coming out as "pharmacist". others just a bad. just wait till the inane clown prince of MW comes along and surely has a conniption fit about references to narcotics use which i mostly approve of.

    • @m
      Well, your opinion is strong and I won't try and change it, not that I could. But there is a Jewish man who owns a house north northwest of Jerusalem where his family owned the 4 hectare plot for as long as anybody could remember. He was not allowed to build a garage with two bedrooms above and he is not allowed by law. My my.

    • @r

      Well obviously it is not obviously wrong to quite a lot of people worldwide. So what is it? , your definition of obvious is superior to all the others in the same world who have possibly grown up with another dictionary, obviously.

    • Some ridiculous and purely imaginative statements from these so-called 'highly respected' (as in, highly respected by who?)

      1) that pappe is so highly esteemed by his supporters is a far cry from universal respect. It's like saying David duke is a highly respected former politician and author. Uh huh.

      2) cook just pops off his premise that the main goal of South African Apartheid regime was to restrict assets of black and colored folks - not separation per se . Excuse us, wtf is he prattling on about? The most ridiculous and bogus analysis off SA apartheid put forward yet. Would love to put cooks premise to the black leaders forcibly separated let alone the millions of non-insurgents. And all to promote and entity bogus connection to Israel. Sweet.

      3.) Lol. I'd like to see the law referenced whereby water is owned by the state and to be legally used by Jews only. What garbage. And if their talking about Judea and Samaria the statec water apparatus provides more, not less then the allotted amount because literally tonnes and to tonnes of Palestinian water is wasted through bad lines, infrastructure and all out corruption. The Palestinian citizens of West bank already know this but don't care of some crazy Jew from Israel wants to tout their cause.


  • The sensitive Zionist -- a review of Natalie Portman's new film
    • @jh

      wow. how unusual and startling. an israeli born girl raised in the us gains into harvard and assists on a project: the case for israel.

      and btw- that you seem to think the actress is of some low moral character for debuting in a "creepy pedophilic film" (which i think any film critic and/or local pedophile would explain to you that there was no sexual context or nature to the man and girl's relationship. it was about love, loneliness , devotion and need. get your mind out of the gutter. poor leon died for little natalie so she could live a halfway normal child's life.

    • @e

      so, just to be clear, who is it that is eventually 'kicking us out'? I'm just wondering. and are we talking years, decades or centuries?

    • @e

      power to the people. nobody is sovereign over any land under your plan. arabs not sovereign over the levant. europeans enjoy no sovereignty in north america, spanish out of south america and who knows who has to leave the middle east. well thought out position


      while you may say its "hatred" it is simply the fact that the ownership and legality of the land and the borders after 7wars and 70 years as never been settled legally. so even if your partly correct about the majority of nations considering the occupied areas 'illegal' it still remains to be decided by mutual negotiations between parties. Unless the issue is forced through a war which establishes new realities -just as the arab rejection and attack caused realities that still exist today.

    • @am

      just because you and a bunch of kooks that drew up a bogus treaty at the outraggeous Durban conference and belive in the absurd legality of the kangaroo court called the russel tribunal think jons or anyone else in judea, israel, galilee , palestine samarianis living illegally on 'stolen' land does not by any stretch of the imagination make it illegal.
      and while the zionist-haters may also claim-as do many in the MSM - that the jews living in the so-called occupied territories are "considered" illegal while the truth is "considered" is not the same as "IS" and the status of the land are yet to be decided until direct negotiations between the parties settle the issue.

      illegal=strictly opinion. considered=not actually.

    • The answer to this article is simple. No commentary required. Just BDS.

  • Israeli flag is wielded as weapon against Berlin protesters of apartheid
    • @k

      Yet you can surely explain the exploding assimilation / intermarriage rate of these Jews and Gentiles who Are happily contributing the next generation of voters!

  • In yet another sign of fascism, Lieberman likens Mahmoud Darwish to . . . Hitler
    • @r

      So invalid its pathetic.

      1. R.Wagner was nothing like Adoph Hitler
      2. Google Ryan Bellerose or Chloe Valdary. (it matters not what you think of them, they are still non-jews)

      4. is the only statement thats valid- facetiousness aside.

      try harder. we know where your headed. you could surely do better proving that zionist and/or israeli jews are paranoid, , melodramatic victim vampires and suspect everybody of being anti-semetic

  • Coexistence in the land of 'Hatikvah'
    • This story was about as enlightening and "expected" as the birthright meeting author attended. Of that is the epitome of israeli propaganda or hasbara then this author is the epitome of the most cliched and propaganda laden anti Israeli( oh... It's a colonial project, oh, they stole hummus , oh they instilled a character trait I the druze of self loathing and how on earth could the poor colonized druze think for themselves. And wah wah wah. Can't mw ever come up with a more nuanced article by these bush league , wet behind the ears, recently indoctrinated against anything and everything Zionist new graduates then the same anti Israeli drivel. It's as bad as the crap y'all call hasbara 101.

  • BDS and Normalization: A Palestinian perspective
    • @kma

      It sure doesn't seem like the world is done with anything you claim its done with. In fact, it's just the opposite. A small bunch of radical lefties and some Arabs in the middle east who have been anti Israel since day one (and not including the Sunni regimes along with many Sunnis as well who have tacitly changed their antipathy towards us while still too cowardly to admit it publicly) does not make for "the world being done" except in your highly imaginative fantasy world. Now please cue up the resident clown to make a super funny smart ass quip.

  • Money talks as Trump does u-turn on Israel
    • @t
      . No contradiction. I was referring to people like you who constantly carp about aipac . Not the American voters. And if you need statistics to get it thru your thick skull that Americans, wether they know little, some or a lot don't give a sht about aipac the way you here on MW fret, skulk about, complain, fear and, despise, everything aipac.

      As for bigpharma, big tobacco and big oil? Are you joking? You don't think these lobbies advocate for laws that favour them in international markets? You have complete and total aipac blinders on. Too bad

    • All the money I the world can't buy enough votes of the American electorate doesn't like the candidate. So many commenters" mw were crowing about the loss of kantor to an upstart.

      It is pretty wondrous how zionist-israel- haters can't imagine that American voters not only have no problem with a pro israel platform but in fact like a pro israel platform. That all the huffing and puffing about aipac this and aipac that is meaningless to most. That there is nothing more to aipac then there is to any other advocacy lobby is lost on jew-haters, Israel-hates and the like. You can scream chicken little about aipac till the cows come home but how many years of barking up the wrong tree will it take to understand that even 'dumb' american voters understand what bds is, what ror means, what hamas stands for, what Hezbollah is and isn't (not a resistance organization but is an Iranian paramilitary proxy and de facto enemy of the usa ) but yeah, it's Zionist who are the crazy evil ones.

      P's. Saying trump did a u-turn is so completely off the wall. As if trump has any solid policy plans about anything. He has no concept of u-turns. He has only one big concept of everything including his hair, and it's Donald Trump. Period.

  • 'Monuments to Racism': Anti-Trump activists and RNC attendees debate separation walls in the US and Israel
    • it would seem that in the US attempts to link the black lives matter campaign with palestinian solidarity causes has been at worst, an unmitigated disaster and at best, an exercise in absurdity for even 'every day' americans, black, or otherwise. it seems to be seen almost universally by those not under its sway of trivial inconsequential shenanigans.

  • Israel’s opposition parties plan to filibuster bill to expel Hanin Zoabi
    • @vs

      So, you can't comprehend how the evil Zionist regime would oust somebody like Meir Kahani?
      And as for all these responses suggesting I am acting as a victim....a victim of what? Internalizing what? I'm am very clear about the difference between the law that allowed for kahanes ouster versus this new amendment which I see as nothing more then closing a glaring loophole.

      zoabi is free and welcome to continue her career as public speaker for or activist for Palestinian people who agree with her position and tactics.( If you read anything other then haaretz you might learn that many Arab Israeli citizens do not support zoabi and think she does not represent their views) But she will no longer be permitted to do so while enjoying the salary, benefits, vacations and other perks she enjoys as a member of knesset. She is welcome to launch her career as a public speaker , author, activist any time she likes

    • of course to the true believers here at MW [most of whom wish zionist posters would be banned or just "go away", not that irony has ever had any effect on them] that this ouster power of the knesset has only been previously used to oust jewish mk's is of no consequence.

  • Explaining Israel's separate and unequal education system
    • not a bad article. nice use of the tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek. i could argue with a few points but the article stands as a legitimate oppositional stance from a well known prominent israeli who has something to say that some israelis need to listen to.

  • Democrats and GOP are in a race to the bottom on Israel
  • An Unlikely AMEXIT: Pivoting away from the Middle East
    • Guess you forgot about ol Ike and Viet Nam. Mr. Inand in the flesh

    • @m

      again proving your inanity about history, education and anything but the throwaway 'quip' -usually excruciating but unsurprisingly adored by the true beilevers here.
      funny how accepting of the man, how knowing all these mw commenters became and how clearly he thought and they claimed he came to understand the evil of zionism when the book on truman came out last year.
      and guess what? just like eisenhower- truman would have smacked falk right upside his head too. maybe yours as well.

    • Another leftist trots out the tired old Eisenhower speech on the industrial military industry. If Eisenhower were alive today he would have smacked somebody like a Falk silly. Even if the speech was preciant in many ways(which it was) Eisenhower would have been the last person to disengage unless maybe Falk forgets who first sent American 'advisors' to Vietnam

  • Your support today determines: How much truth?
    • @pre

      You mean like, one or the other.....?

    • @tK

      As per the truth having versions I could point to one of the seminal films of the 20th century, Rashoman but perhaps you missed out on that. I could point out the three major Judaic religions : jewish, christian and muslim all claim to preach the truth in some capacity or another. So much so that there have been countless wars waged and millions of bodies scattered for a version of the truth either side thought they possessed
      . But since you seem to be clueless and obtuse I'll simply point to yourself. You think you possess the truth and that you can prove it as if that means anything. I can't help it if your mind is designed like a steel trap, letting in all the 'truth' you can swallow but giving up nothing as you become clogged from your bile and lose the ability to engage and substitute 'proof,' as a determinant of something not provable. I am truly sorry for your limitation.

    • @mrn

      so you like to play in your own sandbox. enough with that whole "war of ideas" crap that PW and AH puts beside the nameplate? we that disagree should just go. got it. it would make it such a pleasant place here. so calm and copacetic. like taking a few xanax. and believe me, its not like i have not considered it. ;)

    • jw

      i believe that the history of the land and its connection to the bible-a fairly important book- as far as western , asian , north african and middle eastern history has unfolded-has much to do with why the jewish nation, israel, is sovereign here on the particular land it is currently sovereign on(until direct negotiations determine any land swaps) but no more then the fact that jews have been living on and in the land of Israel (palestine, judea, samaria, galilee ) continuously since well before the arab/muslim conquest and colonialization of the levant in the 6- 700's a.d.

    • @tk

      the "truth doesn't have versions" you say? much better minds then I possess would argue otherwise. perhaps even you leader-PW might have an inkling about the supposed truth. but then he may be a mediocre minded true believing tool himself.

      p.s. while I don't deny I am a zionist i did not "try" to justify anything. your a little paranoid.

      "each time" ? sorry to tell you I do not think in the same way. there is never a time i do not support the Nation State of Israel

    • MW prints only a version of the truth. Claiming anything else is like any other religious movement. The primary commenters here are mostly a crowd of mediocre minded true believers anyway following their belief in the pied piper of anti-Israeli Zionist hating 'truth-speak'. Real zionists are nowhere close to being as closed minded as MW. But then how much could one expect from an evil zio-nazi supremacist.

  • Israeli police initiate 'friction activity' on quiet streets in East Jerusalem
    • Was he really speaking in English ms Annie,?

    • even if the reporters account is truthful (i mention because haartz has been caught at least 2 and possibly 3x over past year for publishing bogus anti-israeli reporting.) but-if report is truthful, the term "friction activity" makes little sense in military terms and is likely to be an english translation for an activity that takes into account 'friction' where it has yet to be proven wether this command was to make friction where none existed or to tamp down friction where it was heating up remains to be seen-or proven.

  • Poetry Is Not a Crime: Nine Pulitzer-winners among 150+ literary figures calling for Israel to release Palestinian poet
  • BDS is a war Israel can't win
    • Maybe it's a "war Israel can not win " but bds is also a movement which can not defeat Israel, not economically, politically, militarily or democratically. Not for lack of trying. But for lack of curiosity, the fear of asking questions that don't hew close to what the group think leadership has put out as the acceptable, the mediocre process through which the true believers come to their impassioned conclusion that all zionists are evil supremacists because that's what they are expected to chant at their organized rallies

  • US media fail to report video of soldiers shooting desperate Palestinian girl holding knife overhead
    • @poor e & k

      Better idea: you should try to have me banned from the site. Also, I never denied that I find most of the commenters here entertaining nor did I ever deny the site has some addictive qualities to it. I'm sure that far left so-called human rights activists take themselves and their opinions very very seriously but I can not help what I find entertaining.

      Anyway, according to the clown pinch of. MW it has already been established that I am a high ranking highly paid hasbarist who happens to be on meth which, according to the 'funniest one on mw' is one of the most reasonable explanations for my political views. how not to be entertained here?

      P's. @k
      . Just like your moderator insists that Israel meets the so-called "definition" of apartheid and/or genocide mw meets the definition of hate site.

    • Pw
      not bothering to report that the woman is not dead. She is alive and recovering. maybe having something to do with why overseas media might not report as significant. Imagine how many shootings took place in the world that day with american arms or russian arms. In pw mind the nyt is obligated to report every shooting in Israel to prove its non-biased. Or maybe he's just whining again on his widely considered hate site : MW

      p.s. The llittle militant "girl" looks like she's taller then both boy soldiers

  • Ozick says Obama needs 6-volume history of Jews on his bedside table
    • @lr

      You are still the dufus because you keep ventilating about an academics hypothetical opinion. She isn't really demanding anything for anyone despite your earnest use of a dictionary to prove otherwise. but then you have always been powerfully afraid of jewish zionist domination

    • @j

      I would be very interested in reading a six volume history of blacks in North America. It would precede the demand to read a six volume history of the US civil war.

      She was asked her opinion by a reporter, not running around "demanding" people read anything they don't want to read. I guess that would make you the "dufus" not she.

  • How Israel accidentally validated my activism
    • @Dn

      but Dan Dan Dan, it wasn't civil society getting involved anymore then it was foreign goats getting involved. The problem-according to the professors who did the research and study was that it involved the trans-national corporations and huge conglomerates that Apartheid South Africa owned or traded with. If there was a downturn brought on by factors involving resistance and worldwide scorn there would ALWAYS be somebody willing to sell the devalued shares and someone willing to buy at a bargain before they shot up again. In other words-the markets do not play by yje same political or social rules that so-called human rights org's. do.

      It too vast a subject to go into what forces other then 'boycott' where in play at a single time in history that brought de Klerk to the decision it was time to leave. And in fact-the nation deKlerk stepped do2n from was in financially good shape. It would be the next ten years that have proven so difficult to grasp ways in which corruption can be tackled and services restored to those who expected them in the first place

    • Listen and learn something smartass

    • @m

      According to the study in the podcast I referred to the only effect that boycott had that was significant was I the publicity department. So boycotts may very well work to bring negative publicity to the cause but do not succeed in bringing down the economy of the power they are directed at. If you want to play games and cite articles completely blind to the study you can happily remain the mediocre minded true believers I always said you were

    • As I said, listen to the podcast from NPR or on boycotts and you might learn exactly why they didn't work for SA. I didn't make up the EU funded academic study which was not focused on the I/p conflict and seemed to have no political position. But your so certain, so don't listen and remain a true believer

    • Why don't you listen before you comment. It's not my idea and not the idea of anybody who was pro-israel or pro apartheid. Or don't listen and stay in your far left tyrannical dream world

    • Just listened to an NPR podcast ( about boycotts, in general, and South Africa specifically. Major study by EU academic group not affiliated with pro I. or pro P. Worldwide coordinated effort to divest from SA had absolutely no effect on the apartheid economy. They didn't believe it and went through it again. No effect other then publicity.
      Conclusion: boycotts have no economic ability to bring a strong nation or its government, regime, dictator , etc to their knees. Nada. Nothing.

      Sometimes boycotts of specific companies can work if targeted and publicized properly. E.g. Monsanto. Montgomery Bus boycott, Chik-filet.But mostly drawing attention and not economic.
      So why do the two American billionaires think it necessary to hold aa big conference on how to deal with bds.? Why would it take an academic study to inform two people who should have know exactly how little the international boycott of SA apartheid regime had on stock prices then and on Israeli stocks now? Even with my 'zio-supremacist, lol' view i would ask Saban to explain. All smoke, no fire? (which ironically applies to bds aas well)
      Listen to podcast for more detailed explanation for how little boycotts change things as well as some opinions and studies that show some of the very few ways an organized boycott can have an effect.

      Don't have source to 'link' to but the show was cast as:

      i would say a anybody intetested in boycotts would find the show pertinent whatevet political views one holds. Wasnt looking for anti-bds material. Just heard show by chance so no accusations. just putting out info on wether boycotts work, ever.

  • Marching to Cuomo's house (Updated)
    • Boycotts never work in bringing any strong government to there ‘knees’. Not in SA apartheid regime and it will not bring change to Israel and will definitely hurt Palestinians more then Israelis. Listen podcast from NPR on extensive non-political study by academic EU professors

      NPR. : boycotts.

  • Philadelphia expands date boycott during Ramadan 2016
    • Boycotts never work in bringing any strong government to there 'knees'. Not in SA apartheid regime and it will not bring change to Israel and will definitely hurt Palestinians more then Israelis. Listen podcast from NPR on extensive non-political study by academic EU professors

      NPR. : boycotts.

  • Remembering Elie Wiesel, who inspired me to write about Palestine
    • The writing is eloquent. Moreso them most mw guests. There have always been and always will be those who desire to take on those who have attained the status as humanitarian giants. There were many who despised Abraham Lincoln and wrote about it after his death. Kennedy haters abound as do so many others who wait until death to explain their objections about the deceased. (Though I have never read a thorough discrediting of Nobel prize winner Yassir Arafat, hero to Palestinians the world over by a Palestinian the way so many Jews have pointed out Weisels flaws)

      But,. I don't think the author has any hatred I her ideas. I don't think she hates Weisel. I don't think she hates anybody for that matter, including those she views as perpetrators.
      But, as she expounds on Elie Weisels hypocrisy she succeeds equally I exposing her own. Ann's maybe that is the best point to be taken from the article. Everybody had the capacity to be a hypocrite.

  • Mainstream obits for Wiesel offer barely an asterisk for his intolerant views of Palestinians
    • Even if "all" the world did agree with the so-called deal with Iran , all the world has been dominated by stupid idiots before and likely will be again if mw is any indication of things to come

  • Netanyahu's bloody incitement
    • @j

      . Like a North Korean citizen that sings the praises of his beloved leader and espouses vitriol for his beloved leaders enemies. You can really bank on a report like that .

      Btw, of the 20,000 Jews left I Iran from a previous 1000s of 1000s it is curious that so many of them have relatives living in the 'zionist entity' who they keep close ties with and keep up trade relations and keep their foot in the door should they have to suddenly flee Iran. The Jews in Iran are under much stricter control then average Iranians. But for the most part, if they toe the regime's lines, they are not harassed and live their lives. But they are not under any illusions that they are loved or wanted, except as political pawns, by the mullah tyranny

    • @an

      I heard two old Israeli Jewish women arguing about the placement of their garbage containers and one called the other "garbage Hitler" . So I really agree the whole 'using the Hitler as analogy' is as cheap as a tin foil penny. But then the comment section of mw thrives on stupid analogies and cheap shots

    • Don't worry, the family will receive a generous stipend from the PA. Probably more then the salaries they have been temporarily cut off from in Israel.

  • Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence 'in the public narrative'
  • Unlawful and brutal attack on Turkish boat improves with age in the New York Times
    • @gz.
      I have a hang up? Lol. Just simply lol

      What are you.... Some kind of skeevy narc? Myob.


      Tenacity. Something you share with many Palestinians, old girl.

    • @an

      What you want me to admit to seems to be that I'm wrong about the source and not the actuality that Israel is not in violation of international maritime law. Just like I can state with absolute certainty that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel , you could ask me for a definitive source and parse It as a ridiculous joke it wouldn't change a thing.

      You too could 'just' admit you are stretching the point so thin it's nearly invisible. Your hung up on the source (and the interesting anti-zionist leanings you learned there in) and I'm talking about the here and now. Badgering me into admitting I am wrong on a peripheral point does not maketh israel any less innocent, at this point in time, then it already is. But until you admit to stretching the point to win the argument I will Hold off on any admissions

      And seriously, if there was any chance in hell that Israel could be charged with violating the law of high seas your friends in the million dollar pro Palestinian PR machine would find the funds to launch an international campaign. I think that the whole point of this ridiculous repprochment between us and Turkey is specifically to put the kabosh on any international court action for the foreseeable future(especially not with mashaal kissing erdogans ass for essentially getting nothing but slightly schtupped up the end) money talks, bs walks. Sad fact since pre biblical times

      And listening to the portrait gallery whine about my so-called hypocrisy in citing. The Palmer report when I am on record as having complete disdain for the UN is the real joke.

      The majority of resolutions from sc and hrc are against Israel and the complainers here are livid that the real world pretty much ignores this constant barrage as Muslim block venting. But the one time out of dozens upon dozens that aUN commission finds something in Israel's favor and its immediately labeled a.'joke'. That is the point of my disdain and not evidence of hypocrisy. But I don't expect the resident zio-haters here to understand the nuance of what hypocrisy is since it is hardwired into their cortex.

      As for the little trick the msm uses when referring to 'illegal' Israeli activity or occupation- the insertion of the modifier "considered" before the word "illegal" has become sop. There is a very big difference between things 'considered' and things that have been proven in court of law. Our enemies know very well we have mapped out legal strategy just the establishment of what is occupied territory vs. What is not in the first place let alone wether the jews that live on said territory are in any way ,',illegal'. Nothing has been decided. Nothing will be decided until direct negotiations start.

      In other words "considered illegal" is not an actual thing.

    • @an

      Yes. Exactly. Commenting while half asleep. I require extensive hours awake and when I relax and sit down with MW I am sometimes falling asleep but want to continue posting. Kind of a trade off in clarity vs. Fluidity. Not that uncommon actually.

      Now, as per the sourcing and hysterical over-response on the blackade...your still parsing the legality of Israel's blockade while the world, including Israel's enemies has moved along. There is no court of any type that is contemplating charges related to the maritime legality of the blockade that I am aware of. I'm sure you will enlighten me if there is.


      Your brain is failing you. It wasn't "pep pills". It was crystal meth. I remember you got quite excited about the reality of said. Hah. Thanks for caring funny guy.

    • @an

      and again, you've illustrated perfectly why i don't bother to provide links here as ultimately your counters always lead back to your own blog or some similar zionist-hating/israel hating blogsite devoted primarily and foremost to delegitimizing israel. you want to discount the palmer report but have the world take seriously the endless number of bogus, biased and bastardized unwra reports from gaza. or reports about us smashing dams in the south. i am truly sorry miss annie that you don't seem to have a very good perception of the absurdity of this (and in fairness, some uber-pro zionist sites as well) place and its regular commentators. that i could come here with g-d himself in hand a lay the secret of the universe at your feet and you would immediately link and source it to somebody that claims they have knowledge that its all an aipac conspiracy.

      At least be honest and admit that you have never ever agreed (at least on mw) with any UN report that came out favourably towards israel. either the vote was 'fixed', the arab/muslim block voted in unison or the puny little scurge got big 'ol america to vote no -as the last two have been the 2 ways condemnations of israel pan out. with the cowardly chickens pretending they are circumspect and wise old lions sit on the sidelines and abstain.

      and here is another example from a report on the faceless report to the World Health Assmb. co-pro-palestinianist at JVP:

      On May 25, 2016, the delegates of the 69th World Health Assembly (held under the auspices of the World Health Organization) in Geneva adopted a decision condemning Israel. Out of 24 items on the meeting’s agenda, only Item 19 focused on political issues – specifically on “Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan”.
      Representatives of one-hundred and seven countries voted in favor of the resolution, with eight voting against, while others either abstained or did not take part in the vote. Commenting on this activity, Hillel Neuer, of Geneva-based UN Watch declared, “Shame on Britain, France and Germany for encouraging this hijacking of the annual world health assembly, and diverting precious time, money, and resources from global health priorities, in order to wage a political prosecution of Israel, especially when, in reality, anyone who has ever walked into an Israeli hospital or clinic knows that they are providing world-class health care to thousands of Palestinian Arabs, as well as to Syrians fleeing Assad.”
      The documents accompanying the resolution include blatant propaganda from the Syrian and Palestinian health ministries. (The Syrian “report” is absurdly entitled Health Conditions of Syrian Citizens in the Occupied Syrian Golan.) The report of the Palestinian Ministry of Health to the World Health Organization, dated May 20, 2016, is based on numerous wild accusations with minimal citations. For example, the text (p. 29) asserts that “In April 2013 the Russian newspaper Pravda accused Israel of injecting a number of Palestinian prisoners who were approaching their release date with cancer-causing viruses. Despite Israel’s rejection of the accusations made by the newspaper, the question remains: is it true that Israel is injecting prisoners with viruses?”
      Many similar allegations have no citations or sources – instead, the text includes “references” to political bodies and NGOs with no medical credentials. For example, Euro- Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor is a strictly political group whose Chairman of the Board of Trustees, former UN Rapporteur Richard Falk, has been widely denounced for his extreme anti-Israel and antisemitic agenda.
      In addition, the Palestinian document includes a number of graphic images, designed to reinforce the narrative of Palestinian victimization and Israeli responsibility. A detailed analysis by the CAMERA media watchdog demonstrated that the imaged claiming to show Israelis “attacking a Palestinian child while being observed by Israeli occupation forces” in fact was a conflict between Israelis and included no Palestinians. Similarly, a “photograph taken during the Israeli war on Gaza, 2014” was shown to be an artificial image that was created digitally.

      so, in summary, my providing you- oh clever debater you are - totally boring and detailed UN reports exonerating Israel gives you -at least what you treat as-a low slow pitch that you can then blast out of the park using primarily 'links" derived from your site or those who have contributed to your site with archived articles or commentary.

      so your point about the Palmer report is something along the lines of: 'its a joke' or 'insults your intellect. ' And pray tell I suppose you would recommend we all ignore the palmer report and read other U[seless]N[othing] reports that do not exonerate israel but rather indict israel for crimes not proven by any military/international court from breaking'. But isn't that your main job description,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oy, its late, haven't slept. days. on reserves, sleep setting in, must end b4 i self regenerate as moosers parasitic twin

    • Oh the UN Palmer report. I'm sure its all there in black and white

    • The blockade does not violate international maritime law. The incident on the mm does not meet the criteria for the court to proceed

      * I would give you the 'source' if I could remember. I read the decision quite a few years ago but what I remember is that the blockade, though widely criticised and despised by Israel's enemies met the criteria for a legal maritime blockade including the distance further then the 12mile inter. zone. The incident on the mm is a different case then the blockade itself

    • @pw

      The U(useless) N(nothing) has absolutely zero credibility when it comes to israel and next to zero credibility when it comes to determine international law. just because the un "said" he attack was unlawful doesn't mean it was unlawful. in fact the body that determines international law on the high seas determined the attack was not in breach of maritime law and it's doubtful wether it would stand up to actual evidence,,( it gossip and hearsay, in most other international courts.

      But then we know it's part of the pro-Palestinian hasbara project to claim everything that Israel does is against so-called 'international law' wether true or false simply to cause maximum zionist /israel narrative reversal.

  • New Jersey becomes 11th state to pass anti-BDS measure
    • the poor poor pro-palestinian coalition can still boycott israel till the cows come home. they can boycott as a group or boycott as individuals. while i wouldn't say that new jersey is full of "idiots" any more then the 49 other US states I doubt wether they care about the details of BDS as they are smart enough to recognize that it is anti-israel on its surface and some may even conclude that many of the bds proponents who cry the loudest have overtones of what they think is jew-hating. wrong or right-they are smart enough to understand that something like bds goes against their core values and their nations long standing policy of support for the jewish nation. that is america at its center core of christian or some say judea-christian values. i would add islam in there as well but it may take a while as well as more muslim americans for your average citizen to recognize islam as a core judea-christian religion

  • Dershowitz approves Clinton's 'muscular foreign policy,' and Sen. Warren is a 'surprising Israel hawk'
    • i am pretty certain i remember an elizabeth warren press conference from a couple years ago where she brushed off criticism of the hyper-hysteria surrounding the zionist and israel hating left in dumping as much criticism on israel during the 2014 campaign in gaza-especially in the case of the if targeting a hospital where missiles where stored (with the knowledge of surge, ken roth) and children were shielded by the hamas. warren simply stated the rules of war on the bombing of hospitals which is almost absolute -except when a belligerent party uses the hospital to store and launch weapons. warren understood why there aren't absolute rules on this whereas pro-palestinian groups went ballistic and scoured rules and regs for the tiniest of infinitesimal clauses to make a case against the if and as usual, in the end no case was made but a lot of press noise generated and new israel-haters found. mission accomplished?

      to be accepted by the hard left zionist-haters warren would have to ignore the actual regulations and rules for warfare and go along with the zionist-hating fantasy version that MW supports.

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