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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • Trump pick for ambassador to Israel supports Israeli annexation of West Bank and calls liberal Jews 'kapos' (Updated)
    • @s

      I think you forgot to emphasize your sarcasm as your comment comes across as totally honest and reasonable.

      I'm sure Phil's alter-ego funny man will come along shortly to try and clear matters up with an appropriately somber chuckle

  • Trump has a 'magic moment' in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue
    • nobody that I am aware of in israel or the US is discussing any plans to build or move an embassy to any part of jerusalem on the east side of the green line. it would be in 'west' jerusalem . typical israeli/jew/zionist hating hysteria.

  • Facing pressure from the right, Netanyahu supports 'racist' muezzin bill to appease settler base
    • i guess it is "racist" because like jews are not a specific race, muslims are a 'race'. and only the western leftist msm and other israel-hating arab/muslim hasbarists are crying and making hay about this law. if mw was honest enough to survey the typical israeli arab about turning off the loudspeaker systems between early a.m and morning they would find the israeli arabs are almost as enthusiastic about it as the christians and jews.
      now-if they would just pass a law to shut up the loud-mouthed garbagemen.

  • New York Times' Peter Baker is already done in Israel/Palestine
    • @((((()))))

      "netanyahu is old news" yet is featured prominently in todays MW by none other then its founder pw. more fantasizing . there was also the story that KaConway told the media moving the embassy is still a big priority for pres-elect-trump. its a great story but the money is still on only a symbolic 'move' rather then an actual move. most israelis are realists and i know few who would claim its going to happen until they saw the last stone set and the flag raised.

  • Unsettle Zionism, champion humanity
    • @ej

      your MW doppelganger am has posted a more reasonable response that runs along the same lines as yours without jumbling the grammtical conflicts.

      your use of the adverb 'vitriol' is very different then the authors use of the preposition 'without' vitriol and the verb 'exposes' toxic.

      try and imagine a simpler example:

      Without any evil intent the author exposes evil intent of ________. It would be typical for you to accept such an uncritical and presumptuous statement of what constitutes judging what is evil intent by exposing what the same writer believes is 'evil intent'.
      At best, its simply another worthless opinion. That I would concede.

    • @am

      "one of the best". but not the only, of course. i agree that the 2 you mentioned can be as well. and, individual zionists are included in some of the biggest hypocrites i have known, read or met. and i am certain your idea of what makes for a hypocrite is a lot different then mine. but then who knows...

    • @ann

      excuse me. i suppose I was going by the archaic meaning of vitriol is sulphuric acid and or compositions of acid and other chemicals while "toxic" means a mixture of poisonous chemicals. p[robably oxymoron isn't the best word for the sentence. But 'vitriol' and 'toxic' are essentially the same things and she claims there was an absence of one in exposing of the other. I guess its perfectly clear to you how the sentence is not a contradiction. And really annie, its not as if I expect you to have any problems with authors premise. it also probably wouldn't strike you as 'funny' that while not expressing any 'poisonous chemicals' towards zionism it exposed a brew of 'toxic chemicals' while expressing what it found out about zionism. crazy me.

      just an old zio-nazi's take on the sentence.

    • The fourth paragraph has a rather humorous but telling oxymoron. "Absent vitriol........exposes toxic alchemy..." Lol.

      So, it's not really a hateful book against Zionism, it just spells out how hateful Zionism is. Check.
      MW is one of the best sources for Israeli focused hypocrisy on the web and statements such as the above are neither unsettling nor surprising.

  • Jewish brawl on CNN signals breakup of the pro-Israel monolith in the Trump era
    • @jd

      oh, but PW bears "no malice" whatsoever to kushner. he just mentions that kushner shit-canned him every single chance he gets . soon we crazy 'zio-nazis' are going after kushner as an 'anti-semite' for firing pw and allowing him to launch his israeli hate-site with AH.

  • 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' -- Really?
    • @rh

      You certainly did cover Lot. I was always a little suspicious of this guy and his supposed drunken ability to perform while blissfully ignorant. Right.

    • @m
      I would say that you are the one who is "wishing". And if it were even true, as you imply, that I supposedly wish for an Israel that will last forever, why would it be problematic from my pov if Israel were to last "foreva" ? Israel is already a multicutural , multireligious, sexually tolerant society with a booming economy with projected steady groth and which elects its leaders..

      As for the milennials? Milennials with soon enough be middle aged and more center left then they might be now. And US milennials probably rate the I/,p conflict so far down their list of priorities that I'm not sure why anyone would think of matters except to the fanatical far left fringe groups like JVP and others.

    • @o
      I think it's more likely you are suffering from propaganda overload. So much hatred for Israel and Zionism [..] has closed your ability to judge any other situation in the world except through the lens that mw has taught you: the asinine made up 'whataboutery' . I could name over four major racial and/or cultural nations the US is still struggling to come to terms with. Almost any time as American tv is turn need on to a news/infotainment show, racism is likely to be a major theme. So go ahead and stuff your head with visions of YH and his 'hasbara culture'. LOL. Be sure to buy his book when it inevitably will come out touted by the likes of PW, AliAbu. And MxB.

    • @rh

      . Hah. that was a very funny take down. you should do some more like it. Moses, a spoiled stuttering elitist . Jacob, a charlatan. I'm sure there must be so many others. Like sure Lot was too traumatized and sleepy to know his daughters were mounting him.

      write as many as possible. They are funny and irreverent. And the best part? none of these crazy, evil, 'zio-nazi' extremists are going to come out with machine guns and bombs to blow you up or slit your throat for blasphemy. Neither will any Christian extremists, Catholic or otherwise, execute detailed plans to murder, run down, slash and shoot any who speak, write or draw insulting depictions of biblical characters and then post glorious videos bragging about it.

      I remember how holier-then-thou MW , PW and many commenters were about the drawing of cartoons depicting mohammed. How rude, foolish, incited and taunting they were. ( people here practically advocated for the imprisonment or death of pamela geller)

      And yet here you are, insulting Judaism, Jewish characters, Jesus, and more and there isn't a peep of indignation or horror. No wringing of one's hands in deep concerted remorse for offending the sensitivities of the specifically insulted members of a religious group which is exactly how it should be. But MW has always been a bastion of double standards and hypocrisy when it comes to jews, Israel and zionists.

      All you have here is freedom of expression(with moderation) and a sycophantic funnyman who cracks term marks that are usually scatological or otherwise fixated on any human excretions.

      p's. Regardless of what anyone has read on the blundernet about chabad and how they supposedly characterize human beings -it is almost always the case that they are the most joyful, friendly and extroverted members of judaism . If one has never engaged with any chabadnics personally, tongues should be held until such time
      . Maybe their orthodoxy , physical and spiritual is not everybody's cup of tea but their generally joyous and optimistic outlook on life may explain why they are growing so quickly.

      I've heard no expressions of hatred from them towards any people's and from my experience they will generally not debate controversial aspects of zionism and anti-zionism. e.g.: while not necessarily agreeing with them they have greater understanding of neturei karta position on religious ground's then any other of the approx 80-90% of Jews worldwide who identify as zionist. to the lady who read the cruel 'interpretation' on the web :. i wouldn't take it too seriously. wait until you meet a few b4 you close your mind

    • @m

      oh yeah. such dumb decisions. we have already "pulled it off" even if your too blind or unwilling to see. and as for 'cruel'....we have always been able to look around us and see how arab muslims have treated their breathren (let alone arab christians and the no longer existent jewish population ) for examples of extreme cruelty. hashemite, baathist, lebanese, etc. of course we know the claim that all of them make is israel and the jews are the 'root' cause of all of it. after only 50-60 years the jewish nation has already begun to examine its own creation including its myths and its reality. the US took another 2 decades before ir even began to solve its own crisis of slavery in the southern states. Israel has nowhere near the type of racial problems nor human rights issues the states have and still have so the idea that the jewish state is an idea that was a "bad bet", or can't be pulled off makes little practical sense.
      as for the lutz survey on american response after the 'flotilla' event? you have got to be kidding. americans just elected a president who probably has no clue about the incident ans was elected by millons of people who, even if they do know of the incident could care less. Unless your taking about a survey taken on the upper west i seriously doubt anything like thgis could be replicated if its even true as surveys are always suspect untill one knows who paid and for what purpose it was taken.
      again-you are blind if you can not see it already has succeeded and dreaming about the day of so-called 'retribution' is nothing but a pipe dream and a war fantasy for those who dream of a battle to the death in the realm of eventualities.

  • Why a Texas rabbi keeps losing a debate over Israel with a white nationalist leader
    • @hp
      . Exactly. Especially #3.

      Spencer is an idiot. He has soon some marketing and social skills. big deal. I know fourth graders who could out-debate him on so-called 'white nationalism' . of course mw commenters are eating up their imagined parallel between Israel and Spencer's ideology. It is totally expected of the mediocre mindset of all true believers. wether they are obsessed with so-called white people's decline and need for a racially pure nation which is so asinine in the first place- or- obsessed with their need to prove the illigitimacy of the state of israel as well as their need to discredit any jewish connection to the land and comparing zionism to the one movement in modern history that was almost exclusively (from one crazed megalomaniacs paranoia) devoted to exterminating these 'jews' (oh, lol, who are actually khazers) . Their further obsession being the singular focus on this one modern and very successful nation that is Jewish but extends rights to all colours, religions,etc, as hpm stated without any desire, plan, or intention to destroy the arabs who came to identify as Palestinian or any of the other many people's living I the land of Israel.
      This rabbi in the article may indeed be a boob but that has nothing to do with Spencer believing he admires what the jews (who he thinks are mud people btw. figure that into his 'debating' skills)

      The only thing this article proves is how gullible and predictable the commenters here are I the subject of the jewish nation.

  • 'NYT' bias amazes: long article about online incitement in Israel/Palestine only blames Palestinians
  • From affordable housing in Los Angeles to illegal settlements in Palestine, Airbnb needs to put people over profits
  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • @an

      I not sure what you are even implying. The outcome of future war is far too unpredictable to jump top conclusions like you have

    • It's not a ridiculous idea by any means. However, it is an idea that will not see fruition of any real one state union for at least twenty and more like forty more years. I would like to think otherwise but wars with Iranian proxy on the north and with Turkey and Iranian supported Hamas" the South there will be more wars within this 2-4 decade period that will have a heavy impact on the outcome of a1ss. Israel no longer lives in a bubble of Arab Muslim hostility. Too many other variables that supersede the Palestinian cause. It will remain relevant but as HRC said in her emails, a potemkin peace is better then no peace.

  • Video: Israelis look forward to the Trump presidency
  • Finally, a US tribunal on the Iraq War!
    • Like having atheists kick off a tribunal on all the harm organized religion has caused. Code pink will be seen for what it is: a far left agiprop group who is every bit as clueless and dangerous as their far right wing counterparts.

  • The link between Israel's forest fires and the 'muezzin bill'
  • A conversation with Miko Peled
  • Thanksgiving in Palestine
    • @b

      your absolutely incorrect. just because there are other harvest festivals dating back in time celebrated by other peoples does not mean the wampanoag peoples did not share a harvest with the mayflower pilgrims which was then subsequently recorded by more then a few chroniclers .

  • Rally marks the rebirth of the New York Jewish left
    • the author is too stupid to see that the shit he is complaining about breitbart and bannon publishing on the right is the exact same crap from the opposing view of the far left. the same screaming hysterical headlines. the same ignorance of the way the articles exaggerate the numbers of supporters. in fact-mondoweiss and breitbart deserve each other and bannon and weiss could easily discuss editorial policy

  • Keith Ellison seeks to placate Israel lobby, by saying he is against BDS
    • PW can't decide if his feared lobby, aipac, is the elephant in the room or the shrinking violet he has been beaming about in the past post election week. His head must hurt with all the spinning around

  • Global outcry appears to stop Israeli demolition of Palestinian village to make way for Jewish settlers
    • according to mw israel, the jewish lobby and powerful american jewish voices are all succumbing to external and internal pressure and they are all collapsing under the weight of left wing jewish and anti-zionist protesters.
      Bannon didn't show up because of jewish pressure, not becuase he did not want the focus to be on him.
      The zoa is collapsing. aipac is collapsing. israel cant relocate a village of bedouins that refused to accept an offer the majority of their tribe accepted years ago.

      chicken little comes to mind but who knows?

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
    • nikki haley= UN ambassador. but cheer up. at least is isn't palin.

      he has also made it clear he will not only seek to vilify some of the US traditional rivals and/or enemies but he damn sure isn't going to vilify, ostracize and harangue the US's traditional , long standing and loyal allies.

      while not disconting the assumption that mr. trumpo has been a bit of a ding dong there is really no way to do anything else other then 'wait and see'. he has no track record with which to judge him by. as a reality star? a brand enitity? a (former) party boy. (can't wait to see the attitude he takes towards blacks incarcerated for 20-life for dealing small amounts of crack when he was snuffing it up his nose by the bucket. )
      he is already putting out press releases from his top staff that support israeli positions on the i/p conflict and what the proper response should be when rockets are launched from either the south or the north.

      so-he is still for the most part an unknown quantity but lefties like ms. rothman completely fail to see that her opponents on the right consider her as much of a danger to a strong, peaceful and america with abundance for all. she has no concept of how the majority of americans have changed their views on race and integration. no, as is the typical knee-jerk response of extremists of both stripes its to spead fear, moral outrage and lies to whip the ignorant and gullible masses into protesting things they have very little understanding about. it was reported by numerous media outlets that the protesters at the NPI 'conference' in D.C. outnumbered the attendees. why? because the MSM (that is more in line with PW's views then he would ever admit) is focusing maximum coverage on a group of some 270 nazi/white nationalists trying to milk their pathetically tiny meeting for all it can from the hysterical left. Do these nazis have any political power as a result of trump? hardly. big deal-they have an occasional platform on the basically mainstream conservative breitbart. no different themn the occasional off-the-wall op-eds printed by the NYT.

      the old cliche about putting all the religious extremists together in a compound and let them kill each other off applies to the richard spencers AND alice rothchilds of the world. the far left must disabuse itself of the notion that they have any more moral clarity or weight then conservative citizens of her own nation. which is mostly why so many zionists believe she should focus on her own moral failings rather then directing her scorn at israel. she will never been seen as anything but a hypocrite by center-left, center or center right zionist and that is the bulk of who she needs to convince she has any legitimacy in her pov.

  • Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise
    • So... Because Muslims are safe in Turkey and Egypt their is no reason for Muslims in Asia Europe or now possibly America to fear mistreatment. great reasoning skills.

    • @mg


    • its also no surprise that by the middle of the first paragraph the 'jewish anti-zionist network' proves exactly why they are looked upon in such a negative light by those who support israel, zionism and the existence of the only nation for jews in a neighborhood of some 20 other nations for muslims where jews are tolerated and christians are often only recognized as dhimmis as well.

      the so-called 'jewish anti-zionist network' reminds me of those persistent yet widely ridiculed members of the neo-nazi movement in the US who are usually met with 3-4x as many counter-protesters who drown out their calls with louder calls of their own. I think this actually happened in the NYC diamond district a year or so back. but-its a free country and jewish ant-zionists are free to ponder why pro-israel people and zionists don't condemn bannon as an anti-semite while they may or may not support some of the other views expressed on breitbart.
      i read an interesting opinion today (i think it was hrrtz) about liberals traditionally believing that they alone are more open and tolerant while conservative people are closed and less tolerant. that in itself is an presumptive and arrogant joke.

      this election has exposed that cliche for the sham it always has been. liberal anti-zionists are most definitely intolerant as much as members of right wing fringe groups. and this is why latuffs cartoon completely fails in communicating either humour or irony except to the very small group it is targeted at.

      as for bannon and breitbart...rember the time the NYT published an op-ed questioning wether israel even had a right to exist and MW people whole heartedly cheered it. that was absolutely no different then any article by horowitz or geller.

  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • @s

      A great example of why the guardian is laying in the gutter rotting.

    • @px
      So, these evangelicals, they are too stupid to know that there are all different shades of jews in Israel, from light to dark.

    • @y

      Sophism much?

    • @m

      Accusing rich American Jews of being lax in philanthropy is even more ignorant then your previous commentary. Not sure how stupid stupid can get. Sorry, but you really asked for this.
      Rich American Jewish philanthropy lacking.? Lol. Which generation? 1st,2nd 3rd?.....

    • @an

      Yes. Am familiar with what is all thrown together in one basket and called the alt right. It bothers me as much as hard lefties.

      Otherwise,i tend to lean towards what k opined about lumping the extreme in with the center and making up terrible scare stories. But, saying that it still bars mentioning that with one end keeping tabs on the other and both sides screaming about the evil of the other at least serves the purpose of allowing people to read the views of both extremes and draw their own conclusion.

      I know mostly Americans who voted for HRC. But I know some who voted gop and they are far from crazy stupid lunatics who have no brains compassion or heart. I may not understand them but have no right to judge them.


      Pw is less hard left and more rose coloured lenses(& not in the innocent optimistic stance)

    • @k

      The adl is on the down slide while the zoa (who was just attending an honorary dinner for trump including bannon. jstreet may shrink some too with Obama out of the white house. Any Jew that is truly and honestly feeling fear at a trump presidency is only overblowing things because they live I a bubble of left-far left isolation from most other Jews. They are clueless about their own nation. Check out the story about some 600+ female Harvard business school alumni are signing something that'disavows's bannon from their what...? Alumni? The world? Are they going to hold their noses and where blinders until trump is voted out?
      . Just keep I mind that most comments about jews here are filtered through the hard left and often pseudo-naive mind of creator pw.

    • Also.

      Chemi Shaliv has written at least four off-the-wall hysterical and completely wrong articles in the past weeks where he is claiming to have his finger on the pulse of American Jews. It's amazing how tribal within the tribe Jews on theb left can be. He really thinks his dying news rag with the dwindling subscribers and tiny % readership can accurately cite the far left fringe in nyc and East and West coast as representative of American Jews. Not only absurd, but delusional as well. There are a whole lot of Jews between the upper West side and LA. that are not left Wing let alone fringe left. Pw quoting shaliv is like trump spouting off breitbart

    • @a

      I think he's implying that US jews are more in danger because trump will come after them for voting 75% HTC. I'm not sure that's at all true but otherwise I can't make sense of yf post either.

    • Of course pw isn't "worried" about anti-Semitism. He and his web site have been accused by mainstream publications , prominent non-jew and Jews alike as a hate-site for anti Semites to rage, be given a soapbox and spout off. Pretty much the mirror reflection of Bannon at brietbart except far left "progressive"
      At the very least pw isn't threatened by the words because they have no meaning to him. He obviously doesn't believe he is an anti-Semitic and rejects a majority of Jewish opinion of what and who does define the term. His been accused of being it so many times his mind has twisted it's meaning into only the form he can understand. He will forever be patting himself on the back because he married a wasp and somehow presents this as some kind of pass for his blind spot to actual Jew hatred disguised as Israel-hatred .

      Also, by pw reasoning, because American blacks have achieved success in so many realms from President of the USA, supreme court, heads of universities, medical schools etc., Black Americans should have no fear of a trump and/ or right wing ascendancy and, like he claimed of Jews, brought some of the racism on themselves for politicizing their views and not voting. Nothing like a forked tongue.

  • Why was the Clinton campaign obsessed with fighting BDS?
    • @mg
      I almost never resort to simplistic explanations for the behavior of true-believing anti-zionists but while you can hate the people(oh, except the 'few 1000' that you approve of) and the nation the claim that the well of culture is a puddle, well, it's just plain juvenile jealousy. (Unless your also going to claim the even more ignorant statement that european Jews have no cultural connection to the land. If your that stupid then I guess anything you state is is in the realm of your perceptions )

      Btw... How many orthodox Jews I Israel have you met? And as for orthodox Jews being indoctrinated, I wouldn't talk as it seems like you were just as indoctrinated by a different set of obnoxious beliefs. Sorry for that.

    • Israel has a puddle.....

      If it wasn't such a gigantic admission of ignorance it might be funny. Lol.

  • When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.
    • @yh

      not softening . just tiring. there is only so much to say to someone who is so convinced his people have a special preponderance to being bullshitted. now, if you came up with a concept explaining what your obverse theory is to why palestinians are the way they are in context of israeli so-called 'hasbara culture' it might be a little more interesting. but blaming arrogant, clueless, macho, rude israelis as now being totally gullible is so old-hat and not very creative coming from a long tradition of israel-hating israelis who i will fail to name.

      you could also talk about how much disdain the majority of MW commenters (along with big cat pw) have for 'tribalism' and how this disdain only applies to israeli and certain american jews while it doesn't apply to palestinians who would never deny their society is tribal. hasbara -or-tribal culture. again-i repeat, its just a catchy phrase that may honestly help you get a publishing deal like MxB or atzmon.

      p.s. no personal problem with gamblers pers se and have trained border collies for decades.

    • @bs

      maybe he is just pissed at christie for locking his father up. nobody said anything about him being a victim. that is your own conflation from what you read and not based on any reality. if you think revenge is a zionist/jewish concept you are much more ignorant then you seem to be.

    • sorry. its just so friggin stupid. 'hasbara culture' is just another word for israelis, jews, zionists etc. its the same thing that david duke and the spencer national policy institute do when they use pseudo-intellectualism to re-explain a term that has already attained either a socially negative status or draws more criticism from skeptics due to the ubiquity of the term. 'Hasbara culture is only a stunning and new idea to the already obsessed minds here who are constantly looking for a way to describe and evaluate the supposed banality of israeli 'evil', how they belive it draws comparisons to ww2 and how then can try and elevate themselves from the bigoted, angry and hateful views they probably feel deep down already.

      hasbara culture is another meaningless rhetorical term invented by israel haters to intellectualize their bigotry or self-hatred depending on what their personal deal is. i would wager that the palestinians (who are the only legitimate complainant in this issue) would laugh at this whole concept of israeli navel gazing just as they rightly reject any blatent attempts to categorize their own behavior relative to their struggle with israel.

      what a bunch of whoo-ha. as bad as 'whataboutery'.

    • All the people that have been inculcated with so-called 'hasbarist culture', an as so far, made up name.

      So, YH is a special one. Chosen to enlighten the world to what they are too blind to recognize themselves. Sounds like a great career move. A step up from gambler. Just think of the possibilities if you collaborate with MxB, the enfant terrible of the Jewish fringe left. And now that HRC can resume her friendship with his daddy his possibilities are as wide open as ever.

  • After years of careless accusation, Dershowitz says anti-Semitism charges must be 'very careful'
    • @,((((((.)))))))

      He didn't have to be "careful" with his other accusations as the accused already met dershawitz basic definition of jew-hating in the first place. He never accused just any old vulgar American who said something nasty, humorous and nasty or just plain insensitive but not untrue about jaws of being anti semitic. LBJ, Jessie Jackson Hymietown, George Bush, even Obama made comments considered offensive/humorous about jews. It's pretty humorous to watch hard left progressive israel-haters squirm around trying to squeeze the most hated dersh into practising hypocrisy. The closest they came was his epstein incident and even that didn't stick.

  • We are in an era of conservative counter-revolution
    • Zhirinofsky. Good call.

    • @k
      . Shocking how agreement works. I can agree with most everything you have written yet doubt there is anything to agree on in regards the'war of ideas on the i/p. But there is agreement" pw and how he views his heroic'liberalism' with pink coloured lenses

  • Trump may kill Netanyahu with kindness
    • either way however, most mw commentators will be pleased and content to think of B.N. in any state of turmoil, discomfort or anxiousness.

      in other points:
      israels credit rating raised to a+ by fitch-and in line with other 2 credit giants SP and moodys. no economic stats pointing to bds having any effect other then the ones the bds'rs feel in their emotional core. [evidently].

      of course bn has to be circumspect...he , along with many past israeli pm's have had to deal with the 'devil-they-know' strategy vs. 'the devil-they-don't'. he held his nose and dealt with morsi , has good to mediocre dealings with putin&co. and tolerates erdogan for the time being. many more israelis then just the far right parties favored trump if only because they believed-despite her hawkish come-on to israel and its security-would only be a continuation of long standing obama/g.w.bush/clinton/g.bush policy.

      this piece strikes as nothing more then hoping that netanyahu is portrayed as miserable-despite being elected more then any other isreali pm. for those that lament netanyahus reactionary politics sometimes the status quo is exactly what is required to hold the general peace with occasional flair-ups together. when the time is right for israel to make big moves- perhaps another leader will take over from bn. or, perhaps trump will present bn with alternatives other then trading strategic , historic and legal settlements for absolutely nothing concrete. actuallly give up the most holy of holy places for jews to mollify muslims who already retain control of their 2 most holy places as well as their 4th, 5th, 6th 7th and 8th holy places as well. Thta is the defininition of absurd. just 'promises' of peace with absolutely NO mechanism to assure that israels neighbors are not infiltrated or overthrown by terrortistic forces like Daesh , Hezbollah, Hamas who are dedicated to tearing down the zionist nation, completely and replacing it with a muslim/arab majority with jews as a 'protected' minority. If there was ever a more ridiculous and absurd idea-that a strong and thriving nation would stand down and turn its full assets over to a corrupt org supported by people who may want to 'live a normal life w/o israeli occupation' but with no way to guarantee they will not collaborate with (or be toppled by) outside forces in neighboring states looking to expand 'caliphates', dynasties, theocracies and which are decidedly hostile to the presence of a jewish nation in 'their' midst.

  • A most mournful gathering
    • @am

      New York's mayor just said his city will remain a sanctuary city for immigrants. So much for your first viewpoint.

      Not only never spent much time in nyc but haven't a clue about what the training the very few officers who do go to Israel get and how little it has to do with community policing. The kind of policing where Eric garner was choked out for selling single cigarettes in the boroughs

      Or, where a peaceful teacher gets shot in front of his girlfriend and daughter for following orders.

      Please provide evidence where ANY of the cops who killed black guys without seeming provocation were trained in Israel.

    • @y

      People protested in US streets circa 1960 that the "papist president elect is not our president"

      I remember when democrats, especially 70s-80s style progressives were scared to death of Reagan. He was'just an actor" , a fascist who teargassed students. An idiot. And maybe he was all of those but the US did not crumble to the ground and reagan is style idolized by many to this day.

      I make VERY little of the hysteria of the hard left now type that 'angry white men' got him elected with the help of 75% of millennials, blacks and I think Hispanic voters who couldn't get off their asses to vote but can get up their hackles to protest or even riot in streets. What's wrong with this picture?

      Even Obama chided black Americans b4 the election that he would take it as a"personal" insult to his legacy of blacks didn't vote in numbers for Democrat hrc.

    • @j

      Just conflate at least 80-85% of Jews worldwide with Zionism. No different then conflating Muslims who believe that Medina and Mecca are wholly Arab and Muslim holy cities with daesh-or- conflating the evil repression the Catholic church supports with Catholic support for the pope. Keep convincing yourself. American Jews don't need your encouragement to relate to or support minority and underdog rights in US as they have been at it for over two centuries and probably longer then your people

  • Epic battle looms over accused anti-Semite entering White House, and 'NYT' graywashes the moment
    • Edit: the southern poverty law center being a hard left organization not that or matters in terms of intolerance and crying "fascists, racists, islamaphobia, etc." The fact that the adl is harping on bannons supposed jew-hating shows how knee-jerk politically correct they have become as well.

      P's. Because many mw commenters have problems recognizing true jew hating versus vulgar language they should understand that david duke admires zionists very much but thinks jews are mud people who should go back to Israel. Angry Arab khalil laughs at accusations of jew hating yet he believes that Jews have absolutely no right to any piece of land in Israel except as a protected minority of the majority population of muslims. Not sure what that makes him but it is certain that no support for a nation for Jews will not endear him to approx 90% of the world's Jews. MxB and pw are probably guilty neurotic self hating Jews who use progressive ideology and in mx's case, bogus reporting to pretend they are concerned for the state of modern jewry and that Israel is the enemy of that.
      Bannon, he made some alleged comments (said by an ex wife I contentious divorce) about 'rich Jews raising their kids to be spoiled or whiny brats' . He is also close friend's with some of the most right wing pro zionist jews who write for brietbart regularly. He supports views that a majority of Jews support from hard right to center-left. The left to hard left are pushing the anti semitic mantra harder then anyone. Picked up by the blasé NYT? of course. Did they'whitewash' bannon ? Hardly. He probably pulls a he'll of a lot of readers away from the times. Why would they support him?

    • Of course (((((north)))))) bases a lot of his premises integrity on chemi shaliv article in hrrtz. forget the fact he is an hysterical idiot for thinking he understands the what's and why's of American Jews and what dangers they supposedly face. does he understand the kind of Jews who support mw and jvp or sjp and bds? of course he does, this is his core audience except for the few 1000 left-wing israelis who still read this dying rag. Other then the far left ny /la elitist Jews I don't think shaliv knows squat about the 'pulse' of us Jewry. Wait a couple months after the hysteria dies down and usa will be left with the same bloodthirsty hard left 'peace and love and justice for all' activists who basically cry for the head of anybody not toting their left wing politically correct line, from so-called liberal a Zionists to center right republicans. not many groups are as intolerant of opposing views then the hard left except for possibly the aryan nations, SPLC, David duke and other fringe right operations.

      If bannon is a jew hater then so is beinart. In fact I would say that beinart is more'dangerous' for Jews then the head of brietbart.

  • The power of hasbara culture
    • @yh

      well you could check out the profits that your anti-zionist betters such as MxB scored and find out if your tome: The Hasbara Culture: Explanation of the I/P War or War of Explanation? has a decent chance of getting you back to the tables. If the time is right-and you skip the fact checking-you might be back in the black quicker then mark regev can explain why ayelets attempt to limit the courts rejection of judges is going to make israel more democratic and not less.

    • @tk

      it tempts me into paraphrasing spiro agnews infamous 'nattering nabobs of negativity' . thats what i think about when i read the kind of gobbledy-gook as spewed by the author cum gambling man. that mw regulars eat it up and parrot his views makes me wonder wether the piece was written to cater to the audience or if the audience just accepts the premise in knee-jerk reaction without any thought whatsoever. i can just imagine the invective that would be spewed out here were anybody to invent some special negative psychological/cultural trait that is uniquely palestinian and contributes to the continuing of the conflict.

    • notice how the mediocre minded true-believers immediately assume the roll of compliant choir to emphasize the ridiculous psuedo-psychological analysis in the first place. in fact-to be honest-anything a pro-israeli zionist would possibly have to say on a designated hate-site like mw would immdiately fall into the category of one of the following:
      a) hasbara central

      b)zio- supremacist

      and now you can add

      c) hasbara culture.

      it makes SO much logical sense to label any pro-israel or pro-zionist statement as falling completely within this gamblers opinion on israeli culture. kind of a catch-22 but expected from the level of discourse here. in fact-you should know best as your constantly complaining that anybody who is anti-zionist is accused of being a jew-hater. its exactly the same thing bozo

    • @msr

      more then 2500 yrs . of course it is unlikely that you have looked at or understood a hebrew calander lately as you obviously pay feasance to the roman one. but, fyi, your about halfway.

      as for the term anti-semitic, you can devote all the time you like to changing the recognized definition. as i said, i personally hope you change it. or-conversely -you can spend the rest of your natural born life arguing that jews from eastern europe have no semitic dna or other connection to israel, jerusalem and the tribe and that its all an "absurd term" (as per your brilliant companion ech.) and most likely part of a large conspiracy cooked up to replace the true-UN sanctioned eternal- victims of the world.

      you should visit israel (wear clean undies for the search) and go to judea and visit almost any palestinian village and and then-start denigrating tribes or the idea of tribes. tell them that tribes are a backwards unenlightened form of existence. then tell everybody here what you came away with.

      it is the far left - wishing to dictate to the rest of the world the 'proper way to live' - who came up with the supposition that 'tribalism' is some kind of dirty word. There will always be tribes and always be members within who seek out the other. some to enjoy the taboo [ ring a bell?] and others to denigrate or disown themselves from the group. your not particularly special funny man. without the 'tribe' you would have absolutely zero identity(here especially) and your chinese-menu style yiddish would have even less relevance then it already does.

    • @rr

      can't believe annie is going to allow your most idiotic and fact free diatribe go with the lame correction about %. and as for the term 'anti-semite genius? like it or not-the term doesn';t refer to other semetic tribes. it refers to jews. personally? i think the term should be changed officially to 'jew-haters' but i suppose its too indelicate and morons such as yourself can still play semantic games and pretend that you don't understand the difference between arab tribes from the 'land of the sun' and jewish tribes that dispersed through-out iraq, iran, nprth africa and beyond.
      and-fyi- there were apprx 800,000 jews from arab lands that were kicked out, moved or otherwise left their arab land, property and monies to move to israel between '48 and '75 and their offspring. whatever you think you 'know' about ashkenezi and sephardim you obviously don't. maybe you should read a little before becoming all "non-plussed" about j.goldberg and his supposed ignorance.
      at least annie got the % apprx correct w/o commentary as to your assumptions. its not her job though

    • so, you invent your own term to support your own theory and propose this 'theory' of yours to an audience with a preponderance of people who are most likely to embrace your theory with utmost enthusiasm. very brave and controversial. 'hasbara culture' is an idea that belongs right up there with some of the 'biggest' trends in modern philosophy like: twitter culture and snap-chat nation. your articles (which i have read, at least) ooze a general disgust with the people and government of the nation you formerly claimed citizenship to. so, at least you are consistent. but as for putting forth social 'explanations' for why israelis (unlike other peoples) may or may not act a certain way, well...

      maybe you should stick to gambling

  • Media reports that Russians are behind email leaks are official stenography -- Carden
    • laugable that carden believes the regimes of ksa and qtr are more sinister then russia. 'closed'? surely but secretive , evil and sinister? lol. and how about a wrist slap for crimea? sure, why not. another spank for the passenger airliner and ukraine. oh poor russia. its all because they were 'shafted' at malta. and stalin is the only person the west demonized more then.... saddam hussein. saddam, "demonized"? he was just a teddy bear compared to adolph joe and mao. it was so cute how he had his 2 monster baby sons running around raping any and every woman they saw on the street at a govt function or wherever because they could. and the estimated 100,000 a year his regime killed or disappeared? carden is no ordinary apologist for russia and the gangster putin. his level of contempt for the us and the so-called 'west' is beyond garden variety.

      there have been press jokers on the far-left around for decades and they have almost all been proven absolute fools when it comes to turning their eyes from gangster/tyrant far left atrocities-from russia to venezuela and glenn greenwld to john reed-and pw should absolutely get a mention. at least the us doesnt pretend that its client states are all heroes of the underclasses.

      if the US had a nickle for every time the far left used "understanding the russian pov" as an excuse for murderous totalitarian behavior it could pay off its deficit

  • David Horowitz threatens to sue student for op-ed condemning 'hate' posters
    • @an
      surprised at your oversight annie as I am sure you know:

      your not supposed to be able to "figure" it out.

      the ways of the wise and wooly elders of zyion remain mysterious and cloaked in subterfuge until the time is ripe to strike at the heart of democracy which has been so destructive to the ancient protocols being enacted as prophetized by the dark lord on high.

  • The frozen Chosen: In Chabon's 'Yiddish Policemen's Union' a Jewish state in Alaska (still) results in the burning of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
    • dragging up and old book to make a hysterical point about the actual State of Israel. see the other mw thread where other world powers, both major and minor are having issues keeping the palestinian cause near the top of the leftwing agendas list of horrors. no too many folks are listening any more.

      I do remember when the book was new there were quite a few jew-haters, anti-zionist and israel-haters who longed to read of the ironies and hardshipt besetting a new land managed by holocaust -or-survivors in a geography not not nonr to weel as a local environmaint

  • Miserable night, bleak forecast
    • according to zionist/israel haters, israels 'image' has been tarnishing in the american publics eye for over 50yrs. and before '67 they are only too happy to point out how 'tarnished' israels reputation was then. in fact-they will gladly describe how tarnished the entire history of israel and zionism is/was and will be from 1917 until 2117 when balfour will be 200yrs old and jerusalem will obviously still be (barring an apocolyptic catastrophe) the capital of israel and the jewish nation. hopefully there will be a few generations of palestinians , israelis, jews, juslims and christians sharing the city (as they do now) with equal protections and the idea of jewish sovereignty being no more a 'hotbed' issue then first nation peoples have living in a sharing manhattan .

      maybe it seems arrogant to mw members here but it is how i see it and i have no desire to persecute arabs, palestinians or my neighbors no matter what they may identify as. if i am thought to have a 'diseased' mindset by some here-so be it.

  • 'Atlantic' editor says that Israel's 1948 expulsion of Palestinians was not 'a tragedy'
  • The dark side of Jewish consciousness: manufactured anti-Semitism
    • @lr

      it has everything do do with everything. indigenous first nations people. thoughts on the nation of jews throughout the last 2000yrs of history. sour grapes. mediocre mindsets. israel-haters. hypocrites and so many other things it would be impossible to list.


      people don't choose to be 'jewish' except in the hysterical world of zionist-hating far left cranky-pants who like to over-intellectualize the most basic and simple of concepts and knowledge. the recent unesco rez is not surprising but perfectly illustrates the 'point'

    • i was curious to see mw commenters take down john adams while they pat themselves on the back for supporting a group of first nations people protesting a pipeline while at the same time enjoying the benefits of citizenship of a nation founded on the premise of removing and/or colonizing the ancient indigenous people of the land. it all just sounds so...familiar .
      but israel haters have already come up with the rationalized response to anyone who points this out:
      a) they made up a ridiculous word like: whatabout[ism] -and-

      b) they thought up a clever slogan: 'if not now, when?' which pretty much means.....absolutely nothing.

    • the vile agenda of the 'evil' zionists was supported by one the the three most brilliant founders of the USA and a primary author of its constitution. some of what he had to say (and there are other articles linking the deists of the revolution to similar views of jews and muslims as both rejecting any 'trinity' over one g-d. but then i suppose that would make him anti-catholic and pro-islam/pro-jew):


      Adams, who was born on October 30, 1735, in Braintree, Massachusetts, grew up in a household based on Puritan values. The Puritans believed themselves to be like the Israelite's fleeing Egypt, wandering into the vast and unknown wilderness and reaching the promised land of the New World.
      As their guide, they used the Bible, adopting biblical customs, established biblical codes, such as observance of the Sabbath, and gave their children Hebrew names.
      In 1808, in a letter to Dutch Patriot leader and American immigrant François Adriaan van der Kemp, Adams wrote:

      I will insist the Hebrews have [contributed] more to civilize men than any other nation. If I was an atheist and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations ...

      They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth. The Romans and their empire were but a bubble in comparison to the Jews. They have given religion to three-quarters of the globe and have influenced the affairs of mankind more and more happily than any other nation, ancient or modern.
      Note that Adams, like most people throughout history, naturally thought of Jews as a nation, not merely a religion.

      And he made that even more clear in this 1819 letter to Mordecai M. Noah:

      M. M. Noah Esq.
      March 15th. 1819
      Dear Sir,
      I have to thank you for another valuable publication your travels in “Europe
      Africa” which though I cannot see well enough to read. I can hear as well
      ever & accordingly have heard read two thirds of it & shall in course hear all
      the rest. It is a magazine of ancient & modern learning of judicious observa-
      tions & ingenious reflections. I have been so pleased with it that I wish you
      had continued your travels-into Syria. Judea & Jerusalem. I should attend
      more to your remarks upon those interesting countries than to those of any
      traveller I have yet read. If I were to let my imagination loose I should wish
      you had been a member of Napoleons Institute at Cairo nay farther I
      could find it in my heart to wish that you had been at the head of a hundred
      thousand Israelites indeed as well disciplined as a French Army-& marching
      with them into Judea & making a conquest of that country & restoring your
      nation to the dominion of it. For I really wish the Jews again in Judea an
      independent nation. For I believe the most enlightened men of it have
      participated in the ameliorations of the philosophy of the age, once restored
      to an independent government & no longer persecuted they would soon wear
      away some of the asperities & peculiarities of their character & possibly in
      time become liberal Unitarian Christians for your Jehovah is our Jehovah
      your God of Abraham Isaac & Jacob is our God. I am Sir with respect
      esteem your obliged humble servant.
      John Adams

  • Israel paints fighter jet pink to raise breast cancer awareness while preventing cancer patients in Gaza from receiving treatment
    • @an

      even if you strike the comment on meshaal and you still have israeli -jewish, palestinian , druze and bedouin doctors treating literally dozens of serious health traumas of citizens admitted from gaza as well as the territories. this is no more hasbara then stating that netanyahu is friendly with dozens of palestinians who do not agree with his policies on jewish settlement of judea.

      MW and EI like to pick up and amplify the few examples where permission is denied and pretend it is the norm. most nations do not allow members of groups considered terrorist by many who are definitely sworn to commit acts of violent 'resistence' against your govt to have access to their health system as if they were just an ordinary peaceful guest citizen. anybody that naive would not be 'round for very long.

    • @a

      other then a mondoweiss/electric int./etc. 'first person or other unsubstantiated accounts' I would like to see you produce evidence that israel doesn't ship live saving medicines and medical equipment into gaza on a weekly if not daily basis. provided the medical equipment is not able to be re-assembled into weapon production by the hamas(such as laser tech, switiching panels, etc). there is ample evidence and proof that dozens of lories loaded with tonnes of supplies roll thru the border every day.
      Also-again-other then unsubstantiated 1st person accounts-please provide proof that medical emergencies from gaza-wether they be children, elderly, pregnant or-ironically-relatives of hamas leaders are only allowed if the patient is forced to become an informant, spy, or 'collaborator'. If, on the other hand, "collaborator" means anyone who normalizes relations with the zionist entity which would include the people of gaza as well as members of the hamas who utilize israeli medical technology then the definition of collaborator has surely sunk to an almost meaningless level.
      I can't swear to this but I think I even read where a relative-maybe even the daugther-of meshaal was granted treatment in israel for a serious illness. The real truth is-other then the hyperbolic articles that gush out of sites like MW and EI single out the rarer cases and ignore how intricately the palestinian population of israel, judea, samaria and gaza are woven into the fabric of israeli society. palestinians in either gaza or the territories could no more survive without extensive normalization with israel the could israel survibe without its palestinian citizenry. (despite what some on the hard extremist right might spew)

  • Israel's bogus history lesson
    • @wh

      You mean terroristic means, Im sure. Call it what it was.

    • @rp
      . Or they could have shown them slaughtering the amalkites . and I've always wanted to see a film depiction of the great judge samsom killing over 10,000 with an animals jawbone.

    • @e
      What does that mean? I'm a Greek nationalist? Out seems like your too blinded by tank hatred you don't understand what the response was about. Maybe you could give all a lecture on Helios, Zeus, the Sun, and it's relation to the Hellenistic culture that dominated the region during Alexanders empire.

      Although it's likely you just want to screech about how there is no connection between the land and the Jews (including Sephardic and Ashkenazc who dispersed through northern Africa, Persia and Europe) *

      *cue up the khazzer bullsht

      **btw- the video was mildly amusing but not very funny. At least no funnier then the Palestinian video for school children about Jesus being the first Palestinian freedom fighter.

      Ok, maybe that was pretty funny.

    • @a

      Nobody is embarrassing any body. In fact there is still no concrete explanation for why synagogues throughout the land of Judea and further had both images of the sun, Helios, the sun God and his four horses.
      There are numerous plausible explanations but it must be considered that not only are these synagogues covered with Jewish symbols galore in addition to any Hellenistic image the same image of Helios appears underneath st Peter's in Rome with Jesus portrayed as Helios as well.

  • US aid deal gives green light to Israel's erasure of Palestine
    • @a

      Yeah. I don't actually get the drift of that. " non-christian Jews" are what? And Arabs? What, Muslim or Christian Arabs? Just not sure why any of these particulates would contribute to his glumness

    • A) author sounds totally glum at the prospects of the US maintaining its military edge along with Israel maintaining its roll as staunch ally.

      B) it was not Ariel Sharon who quipped" on the nation of Israel being the US aircraft carrier in the region. You'll have to go back years to an infamous Republican senator

  • Two women's boats set sail for Gaza in effort to break blockade
    • @os

      While I sure your post was intended as simple support for the women in their two boats you come off sounding like a complete fool and surely add someone who has never been in battle.
      That the IDF treats Hezbollah as the serious and well trained force that it has become(thanks to billions of military aid dollars from Iran and Russia) is no different then the views of Iran or hezbollah commanders and fighters who use the IDF as the gold standard in terms of command and control as well as weapons deployment. Bragging like a child about who's scared of who is a ignorant child's game.

      Also, getting a small sailboat into Gaza is not particularly hard or that unusual. Accept when you whining for as much media attention as one can get in the exact hopes of stirring up some type of storm..... As that you be a far more preferable outcome then some boring old meet the press at the dock carp.

  • Why I single out Israel
    • Another rich Jewish kid raised as progressive consumed with guilt. Congratulations. You may have answered the question for the very small community of like-minded Jews but you haven't answered sht as for why the rest of the euro/muslim/arab blocks in the UN and the world have the same obsession you have

  • Jeffrey Goldberg will be silent till he finds a way to spin all the bad-for-the-Jews news from Israel
    • So many non-sequiters it could make anybody but Zionist haters head spin.

      Too many stupid redundant things to point out so I'll pick one.

      . Most of Halevy's views are no different then Ben Gurions. Get a grip. Goldberg is just another in a long line of liberal pro Zionist journalists. No more no less. And Netanyahu is not a dictator like all of our neighbor states have. (Oh right, Lebanon has the Hezbollah)He will eventually be voted out of power after serving longer then most(, or any) Israeli. The dictators will still be in place. Ho hum.

  • Netanyahu's ghost on 'ethnic cleansing' video is rightwing pollster Luntz
    • Another bunch of hypocritical bullshit from pw and the professional gambler. They talk about luntz putting together a language proposal that presents a pro Zionist perspective. Like the million dollar Palestinian/bds hasbara industry hasn't dumped millions into pressing their own language program. Apartheid, zio-nazi, supremacist, colonial project, and so many more. And so man hypocrisy commenters here say zionists whine. I've never heard such pathetic whining in my life. You people are having a coniption fit over a simple short hasbara video that was completely legitimate, no matter who was angered by it. Palestinians and bds people say horrible and untrue things about Israel all the time as a matter of policy. Big deal. Again, have to say get over it.

  • Banned from leaving Gaza, Palestinian group rocks out at border
    • zionist (or 'zionazi') says: let them through. no big deal. though they could have just as easily applied to leave through the other arab muslim nation that borders gaza. or maybe they did and the story is only focused on bds israel. not bds egypt

  • New call for US investigation into killing of Palestinian-American teen in West Bank
    • @k

      right k, like there was really a large outcry for an investigation of the 13yrs old american girl who had her throat cut from a 'lone wolf' incited by his elders and so-called leaders.

  • 'NY Times' rigs a purported news article to push U.S. escalation in Syria
    • "You can get away with writing a slanted opinion piece disguised as a news story, and the Times ...."

      you can get away with writing slanted opinion pieces disguised as a news stories almost every month on mondoweiss so the whining is a bit disingenuous.

  • Even liberal Zionists wanted to send Palestinians to the moon
    • It appears that humans are destroying the earth so quickly that the moon may be where the most fortunenate humans will be selected to go. Won't that be fun... The deciding.

  • Marc Lynch warns against the U.S. escalation in Syria
    • I suppose the massive outflow of war refugees of all stripes, alawite,. Sunnis, shi'a, Christian druze in all directions desperate for refuge is a fantasy of a cuckolded world press?

      . And, that the "mild mannered eye-doctor"(who very well may have had daddy buy his degree as we have now learned that qadaffi bought for his kids, Saudis bought, etc.) Did not enter his position of leadership guided by. The Assad clan, his father's cronies, the corrupt military leaders all there to assure his transition to power. 100s of 1000 s Syrian dead through father and son ba'ath regime of terror.

      The Assad clan had the whole world bamboozled before the 'spring' where even tony US fashion mag vogue or vanity fair did soft, loving, sexy,rehabilitative trash piece of journo" the public. The small peaceful protests that were put down with assads violence tour the skin off the tension holding Syrian society together under assad

      . Anderson is as off the wall as any typical radical. Nothing new. No nuance

    • @mssr,
      along with your curious sense of humour comes your curious obsession with the mw archive of comments. why so worried about them disappearing?.

      As with most other inanities-or- 'thought bubbles' (so they've been called) spread out across the www, they are likely to exist forever even if just as the flotsam and jetsam of intra spacial matter . your comments will continue to exist too though it is doubtful the attempts at humour or possibly wit will translate well.

      most of your reference points well taken. But, the report citing the support Assad dynasty retained versus the 'abandonment' of 'lybia' , Egypt, etc.

      1)- I would say "abandonment" is a bad choice of words. Mubarak may have been dumped by Obama but he was not abandoned by many power players I the region.

      2) the 50yr+ dynasty of Assads has always had the extremely committed interests of Russia (cccp) as a land bridge to the Mediterranean. Ditto for Iran though that stretch of territory forming an arc from middle Asia to the Mediterranean had been more fraught since we but the birth of first AMAL and then Hezbollah has kept Iran deeply engaged in Syria since the mami I'd 1970s
      . The point being the alliances had more to do 27th cold war policy then actual 'empire,' though anyone btw could argue the US and cccp were both seeking empire.

      As per your debate [email protected] As soon as you showed your cards as containing a bit of pragmatism you lost Kth. His reliance on obscure and radical authors, policies, conspiracies, etc will keep him in the radical camp for a good while. Most radicals I know personally or of, have never faught in war. Where every concept, objective or feeling one holds as sacred or solid can easily turn to dust.

      As4 author....there is nothing really objectional in his piece. In many areas he is correct (but not uniquely so). And being correct and doing something about it in the sphere of the MI are two completely different concepts. There are things to quibble with as well but totally expected.
      (And I would bet some big bitcoin that many here are miffed more space and time wasn't devoted to how Israel is the 'root cause of ________(insert country/people) troubles

  • New York Times is on the scent of another Russian agent... Julian Assange
    • irrational? i would imagine somebodies intelligence service-be it CIA, MI-5/6 or others would have had ample opportunity to infiltrate the security of the ecudoran embassy in london. that assange ( a self-serving narcissist whose is often at odds with the most senior members of wikileaks by making the claim that he "is" wikileaks) has not been harmed anymore then his confinement and continues to refuse to appear for legitimate charges of sexual assault in sweden makes the authors conspiracy seem a little weak.

      As for the US press portraying Snowden as 'highly critical' of russia and putin? that depends on what press outlet one reads. i for one am not convinced that snowdon has not had to make a faustian deal with putin in order to avoid a much worse fate. one look at how RT tv is produced and presented and its no surprise that snowden is given some leeway to present critical views of russia as long as the us and the west ar his primary focus.

  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
    • while entitled to his opinion he ought to have been focusing on the soul of his fellow catholics at the time and up until the present who were (and may still be) engaged in one of the largest pedophilia cover-up in history. that, in addition to all the soul searching catholic subjects he could have focused on from the 14th century thru the 20th. while he missed these areas and obsessed over the israeli effect on the 'jewish soul' it turns out the jewish soul is doing just fine while the same fringe collectives of far-left ideologues are still obsessing over israel and their worries about the so-called coming battle between far-left jews and jews identifying as zionist.
      berrigan, may he rest in peace. he was certainly willing to suffer deprivation and consequences for his beliefs.

  • PA opens fire on funeral of Fatah leader beaten to death by Palestinian security officers
    • @e

      oct. 8th- with israel looking like it has no intention to interfere(cancel) palesitinian elections (which is what abbas is praying we'll do so he can blame israel) the hamas is slated to take control of many municipalities in judea and samaria. palestinians have essentially given up on abbas and his billionaire sons and cronies. but the tribal elders of the biggest palrestinian tribes are re-establishing their contacts within jordan and seem to be planning for the passing of the pa into oblivion.
      but don't hold your breath that abbas will face any form of accountability for the billions he stole from his people. he will undoubtedly live out his life in one of the half dozen palaces he built for himself in either ramallah or france or..? after all-the hero the palestinians worship most stole at least as much money if not more with NO attempts to legally have it returned to the people to whom it belongs.

  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • News flash to kth:

      The middle East was broken up long before the return of Jews to Israel. The European empire's along with the ottoman saw to that.

    • Hamas used human shields and "allegedly" ... "stored weapons, dug tunnels or whatever" .. its not 'whatever'. its been conformed by dozens of reports , th UN and even ngo's not particularly friendly to israel.

      The idf uses tactics that have nothing in common with the tyrannical iron-fisted assad dynasty. when you can provide credible reports that assad warned civilians before he proceeded to slaughter them then you can get away with writing that israel did the 'same thing'.

      some of the authors points are well taken but is unsurprisingly tainted by the necessary comparisons to israel/palestinianconflict (which btw-has been going on for over 70yrs and the 'body count' total for all of those years doesn't even touch the 5yr syrian war or the iraqi death toll -and-if i am not mistaken-the actual death toll from the US military war crime committed on the retreating iraqi army along with civilians (the infamous 'highway of hell' for is classified and may never be known for decades. but its huge. unless you are a rank propagandist-you can't put palestinian deaths caused by israel into the same category-wether proportional or time-wise as the deaths caused by the assads , the jordanian husseinis , the iraqi saddam hussein or the iranian mullahs/irg/basij , al- bashir and now you can add the body count in yemen by the sauds if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Huma Abedin dumps Anthony Weiner, occupation denier
    • weiner. how frikkin dumb can one be to get caught showing his weiner by text not once, not twice but thrice in the past few years knowing the press was just laying in wait? guess he couldn't handle the stress of bearing such a last name and should have done what so many american jews did and anglicize it. though what that might be I have no clue. anthony hotdog? anthony brat? maybe just tony dog(no insult to the 4 legged animal)

      p.s. what i read via wire was the wife was "separating" from her husband and has not yet filed for divorce which your 2nd paragraph states.

  • 'Everything that we have done since 9/11 is wrong' -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (Retired)
    • @in

      While I won't dispute what you stated as the military rules of good conduct I can say that during wartime there was a name. soldiers had for sex police

    • as a zionist i did not think the opinions of the ret. major amounted to an anti-israel screed. some of the things he sited are just known while he made it clear he has read some controversial books about the i/p conflict and accepts at least some of the premises put forth.

      what i took away from the interview pt. 1 was:

      a) he's a very very very cynical guy.

      b) he thinks that adultery and its macro and micro consequences are the downfall of the US military.

      c) he's cynical.

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