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i try and see all invlolved POV. Have no tolerance for people/groups that say one thing in one language or tsxt and then say the complete opposite in another language or text. I expect ALL parties to say what they mean and mean what they say.

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  • What evidence is there that teens were abducted?
    • @mdm below.

      Read up on history of the larger clans of the Hebron area. There is very little that goes on without their knowledge. You over-estimate the powers of the IDF if you think they have ultimate power over those who have been living in the area for that long. I made a comment on another thread a week back about a girl who 'apologized' for her 'Jewishness' that was misunderstood to be about a 'Jewish' family. I was referring to these family clans that have been operating as power brokers in their territory for many many years. And I wouldn;t say they are 'amateurs' either. They certainly would know that 3 Israeli teens would be a huge bounty and that they-the family, or clan would be the only group able to keep them hidden from the IDF onslaught. This is why I don;t think the Hamas was directly responsible but is negotiating right now for information on their whereabouts. Its speculation but I'll stand by it. If this turns out to be some kind of hoax-there will be hell to pay.

    • shalit was not kidnapped by the Hamas per se but an independent group who either turned him over or had Hamas take over immediately. If you know the area around Hebron you would know that it is the family clans that hold much of the power. the fate of the three may come down to what the clan gets in return for turning them over to Hamas

  • Make 'hasbara' a household word
    • well, I could start with Clarence Thomas but I figure the banner is: war of ides in the ME, not Washington DC.

    • you really must stop relying on Haaretz for you view of Israeli lives and culture. You do understand how small, radical and unpopular it is with Israeli masses? Sites like MW quote it as if it were the NYT of Israel-which its not, hardly. More like the New York Post in reverse.

    • of course you wouldn't see the connection. you have 'truth' on your side.

    • you are no better then a Jewish person trying to lecture an Arab about their culture, what they think and do, etc. Thanks for you '972' linked expert opinion on the whats, hows and whys that Israelis engage in telling their version of their own narrative. I think Israelis know very well what 'hasbara' is, means and uses for without some psuedo-intellectual explanation. an Arab view on this I can at least respect as much as I may disagree for they have been carrying out the same since before partition.

    • they are making up for lost time now

    • when did you stop beating up your mother? (and other loaded questions 101)

    • add Mackey to that group.

      and I am all for making 'hasbara' a universal term. the Palestinians are expert at it, as are the Iranians. Turkish, North Korean, Egyptian, English, French, US, Mexican...all are expert 'Hasbarists' which actually has it roots in "version" more then it does "explain".

      Go watch the masterpiece Rashomon for a take on the so-called 'truth' which is how I see things more then the black and white that predominates here

  • I’m a Lutheran member of a Jewish organization, and I support Presbyterian divestment
    • your right. Its all one guy named Myron operating out of his Greenpoint efficiency.

    • oh boy. y'all really told me , didn't you. you called me a "liar" and said my whole nation is based on a 'lie'. I am so flabbergasted. I have never debated with such a clueless bunch of mediocre-minded true-believers. and you think all Israelis are brainwashed? hah. No. You've read it "all". All the things you have read on Israel expose the lie. No truth in anything a Zionist would ever promote as truth. And whats even funnier? It all happened before, more then once. You are evidently as much a part of the plan as your awful Zionists.


      Better not read Chloe Valdary's newest piece 'native son' lest you go apoplectic. Guess not all young educated people are buying into the 'stuff' your selling.

    • isn't "truncated cherry-picking" the name of the game here? I could list dozens of instances just off the top of my head and that doesn't even include reports that turn out to be completely false that are never 'corrected' because some element can be construed as 'true'. As for not understanding the level of "disservice" I do "my cause" ? please. I am not a child. I understand where I am on the internet, on MW and what the views of anti-Zionist are. I even understand there is a basic assumption that your trying to do 'right' by the world and you believe Israelis are trying to do wrong. I have a much more farsighted pov then I expect you could ever imagine-except for the 'racist' and 'bigoted' diatribes hurled against me.

    • well, the same can be said of the USA but it doesn't mean its not a great nation.

    • Fk Moshe Sharett. Sorry that one nitwits opinion isn't going to bring a nation to its knees in abject guilt. Also sorry you see things so crystal clear that you have no room for any movement. It reminds me that the old canard about 'behind every hand-wringing leftist liberal is a tyrant in sheeps clothing. I know for certain that many Palestinians laugh at your viewpoint while they may appreciate the sentiment. When one speaks of equating democracy with the destruction of Zionism I feel just as strongly in the willing denial of the consensus here as you feel the Jewish nation is in denial as a whole.

    • I think we know that she is not for a Jewish and/or Zionist state but she can't deny the democratic process that put her in the position of MK is what she wants to exploit to undermine what she sees as the deficiency of israels 'democracy'. It certainly is an ironic statement and pov-probably the only place in the ME where an MK can state as much

    • Tell it to MK Zoabi, not me.

    • so I take it your opinion of Israeli Druze people is as low as your opinion of Jewish Israelis... my my

    • oh right-like South Africa gave its multi-coloured peoples the vote, the right to be members of parliament, become judges, doctors that, omg, treat 'Jews'. (how could we 'racist' Israeli Jews stand to have Muslim doctors treat us?
      Your pyramid of lies is toppling. Israel has much to rectify before it becomes the 'perfect' nation but its far from the 'jim crow' hell you imagine

    • that study has got to be one of the most fatuous in recent history. A) it focuses on the southern US where there is like, less then .5% Jews. The premise of the study os absurd because employers have no right to ask what religion one adheres to in the 1st place.

    • why don't you point out any "lie" in the above post for starters then work your way down. I do not lie and have no reason to lie as much as you may like to hurl accusations around. opinions are not considered lying unless you want to claim to be as big a lier here as all you accuse.

      * and as for lying: what bus is separate based on religion? and what you claim are laws based on religion are laws based on exceptions in other countries. I allow that your singular focus is on Israel and Israel has laws that end up being discriminatory and certainly can use updating especially pending a peace treaty but don't act like religious exemption laws aren't common throughout the region. Their are nations I could never set foot in due to my ethnic status that are less scrutinized then Israel ever is.

      ** and if this site ever 'banned' me it would be your loss not mine. I come here out of respect that my opponents deserve to have an honest airing of the pov of a huge chunk of my populace. If you simply want to play in your own sandbox you will be the ones deprived of a target to aim your screeds at.

    • and as if I need to affirm the state of Israeli democracy here is a recent quote by MK Zoabi where she explicitly applauds exploiting:

      “the power inherent in democracy to undermine the moral and political legitimacy of Israel.”


    • hardly jim crow. look up who just made head general of golani brigrade. jim crow my ass. (but then you'll have some shtty excuse about collaborating no less. uh-hm) this is no 'token' placement like exists in US. this is the real deal showing Israel is by no means racist at heart like so many here try to convince themselves with singular context 'proofs'. Zionism fails? again, my ass

    • or-if you grow up in Israel you get to experience as neighbors all races and all religions living their lives with full access to all the rights of a thriving multi-cultural nation. is it perfect? nobody said it was perfect. but its good
      and the nations enemies know it. but , consumed with self-righteous indignation, they go to extremes to discount every single issue in the nations history as some type of lie, as if it is the biggest conspiracy on the planet earth when the truth is right here on the ground. flaws and all, for anyone to examine and see. including megan

  • Media postings twist 3-fingered sign of support for Mohammed Assaf into celebration of reported teen kidnapping (Updated)
    • But I thought it was 'zionists' that control hollywood and everything that comes out of there? how does that work?

    • have no idea if you screen name is indicative of your ethnic origins but MacArthur was certainly, as you say, a "horse's ass" from an American perspective which in many ways, I suppose is what counts. But looking at him through the eyes of the Japanese circa post WW2 and how he dealt with this 'conquered' nation makes him extraordinary in the view of many historians. In other words-he was more of a failure as a soldier but as an 'imperial regent' taking a nation from defeat into modernization, he was the right choice. His own vanity did him in, and yes, he certainly did "tick" off Truman.

  • After ADL says opera is 'biased' toward Palestinians, Met cancels broadcast, citing rising anti-Semitism
    • none of the aforementioned operas have an actual human being in their titles and refer to the murder of said human. I think that makes a big difference and had Klinghoffer not been referred to specifically-there would never have been a case.

  • The Disneyfication of the Old City
    • "barbaric" light. got hysteria?

    • as soon as I read the word 'khazars' I assume I am dealing with an idiot. sorry. your 'pet' theory has been discredited so many times its just boring.

      in other words, like everyone else, 'ownership' is whatever you want it to mean when you want it to mean what you want.

    • So you think all the current light show displays that are popular throughout much of the world are "atrocious". And therefore you agree with the author on this. Non disputatum gustabus. However-the 'light' does no physical damage, never touches precious historic buildings and is transient and non permanent so it hardly reaches the level of anything more serious then one either likes it or not. Afaict, the whole light show phenom relates to raves and the world of electronica and maybe the members here are too stuffy to appreciate anything like this-especially since they are so focused on negative attribute to Israel. Its not like their beaming naked dancing ladies up on a religious structure in defilement. oh well, i guess everything is a problem even when it isn't

    • define "ownership" in historical sense.

    • @"City of David where a massive, highly-politicized archaeological excavation and park development is underway, designed to prove that the Jews were here first and thus can toss out the several thousand years of subsequent ownership and history"
      Read history.

      @ "always surprised at intensity of ethnic profiling" .
      Of course it is 'intense'. It is not done for the sheer joy of doing it.

      @appalling light display
      Have you been to ANY european capital lately? These light shows have appeared everywhere from Venice, Paris, London Rome, Germany , Russia and through much f the world I would guess. On many 'sacred' sites like pyramids in Mexico to the Acropolis. Sorry your delicate sensibilities have been so trampled upon but these new 'light shows' are part of the new popular culture and don't seem to be on the way out just yet.

  • 'The explosion of Jewish dissent is a struggle against the assimilation of Jews to power' -- Ellis
    • Maybe when in the midst of your own support base, otherwise, "explosion" seems more then exaggerated. There have been voices of dissent from within and without the Jewish community from long before the rebirth of modern Israel. The emphasis now may be a bit different then it was back in say, the US circa 30s but still-the same tone ala ezekial, chicken little and what not. In the end all the prophesies of doom don't really amount to much since any reasoned reading of Jewish history through the eons would reveal that no matter what warnings or prophets there were to inform the Jews they would not likely have saved them from any of their trials and persecutions.
      Also-the divide between those that see modern Israel as the strongest position the Jews have been in since biblical times and those that see Zionism as the Jews downfall is so pronounced and bitter that the minority of the latter is very likely going to remain a vocal but weak minority for the foreseeable future.

  • Growing Jewish support for boycott and the changing landscape of the BDS debate
    • News item:

      Associated Students of Western Washington University (ASWWU) became the first North American university student government to pass a proactive resolution against the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

      and so it goes.....

  • Wisconsin Jewish leaders open the door to-- shhh -- anti-Zionists
    • presuming that anyone with this opinion must be an old person which doesn't fit the mold that younger Jews are 'not connected to Israel'. uh-huh

  • 'Netanyahu won't act without a cane to his ass' -- Erekat says, urging ICC on Abbas
    • Actually, the reason I don't engage in linking is it just leads to ad nauseam complaining that the 'links' are t more often then not to biased sources whereas on the one hand, links from MW often include sources like: Pappe, Atzmon, Levy, Haas, and very LARGE assumptions on what is considered 'international law' versus international opinion.
      It seems to me the credibility of such writers is lost on those they need to 'convince' and they reduce themselves to writing for their audience.
      And the same could be said, I suppose, for links you consider pro-Zionist. I could list examples (Commentary e.g.) but on this site if you don't tow a certain line-your posts get nixed. I'm not often nixed so I am not crying censorship-I just think there are red-lines on this site that are biased towards MW's natural take on this issue. As 'annie' says: if one wants to read pro-Zionist 'hasbara' this is not the place to come to read it.

    • Offering "everything" is a stretch. The arab peace intitiative is not so unlike the bds movement. It claims to offer a 'just' solution but the fine print makes clear the only just solution is the eradication of the Zionist state.

    • Just wordplay. wordplay isn't going to get the Palestinians anything more then they are already being offered.

    • Its not my problem if you want to pretend your living in reality with all you 100s of links and 100s of 'factoids'. There is a reason I don't play the 'link' game because the subject can be linked-t0-death by both sides and it basically leads nowhere. But I suppose you can't help yourself since you believe you have justice, righteousness and all that on your 'side'. I have never seen a world as black and white.

    • i would say both peoples have to be driven as well as the surrounding nations still in effective war with Israel. And I agree with you the problem can not be solved militarily. While it isn't the Palestinians who are directly threatening Israel the fact that their allies (and I say "allies" with a grain of salt) have been using the 'state of war' card for many years to keep Israel not only on its toes-but to constantly remind it that there is a threat from without as well as within. The Saudi initiative was a start. As 'shocking' as the saud effort may have been to many-if there were elements of flexibility built into their initiative that allowed for some issues to be spread over a longer time frame it will gain more support from center-right Israelis. If you want to read an example of where I believe Palestinian thinking needs to meet Israeli thinking you can read the following, though it already seems the 'thinker' will be punished for his open minded stance( btw-anything agreed to in interim can be revisted after a period of, whatever one wants to call it, hudnah, trial period,etc) :

      Palestinian diplomat summoned to Ramallah over Jewish state recognition

      and before anybody here yells 'pie-in-the-sky' or that the Palestinians would be 'giving up everything' keep in mind that an interim end to the conflict would be a much bigger milestone then any failed oslo and should theoretically open a channel to Gaza and end the blockade so the economy of both can continue to grow.

    • right. your understanding of exactly what the ICC can accomplish -especially in light of what they have accomplished so far- is fascinating.

    • The ICC is a "sword" that swings both ways.

  • The world was right about Iraq-- though Israel got its 'Clean Break'
    • you really must learn to differentiate between what you think of as 'neo-cons', ala Richard Perle (who I believe has recanted his 'neo' support. And got his thesis originally from Jean Kirkpatrick..since I don;t like when a woman is slighted for her original idea) and Zionists. The two may overlap but they are not one and the same. Most Israelis I know are too cynical to be a 'neocon' anyway.

    • yes dear feathers-that was my point. behind the scenes many high placed Israeli military planners warned that weakening Iraq was the wrong move and would only serve to strengthen Iran. Ironically-the same group of Israelis that explained back in the 80s that arming Saddam against Iran was a mistake. Iran -up until that point was not a belligerent to Israel.
      So-against its own best interests Israel backed W in his quest to take out an "evil" dictator and install a "friendly" regime. Once Israel backed Bush it couldn't very well back-stab his admin. Not only was Israel required to stay out of the conflict but also required to shut up about it too. (maybe some would say with a degree of truth that the same money obsessed arms merchants both in the US and Israel-and everywhere else- stood to gain but where in the world don't arms merchants feed off of war?)
      So-when folks on MW wonder why some Israelis feel that they have been loyal allies of the US-even when it has been wrong-you should understand that the appreciation of the US has very little limitations among Israelis. Though-with the Obama administration I can see for the first time a real desire-not just a threat-to shift alliances and spread its technological necessities further then the sphere of US influence. And-I am not against the US using its pocketbook as a cudgel against Israel as I think it would be in our best interest

    • Does talnikc know how many current members in 'good standing' of the U[seless]N[othing] have acquired territory through war? I have to wonder.

    • you support support the elimination of the Zionist state. Please tell me how this is not true and a "deflection" as I am sure you have read the bds mandate statement by barghouti. or are you a 'chinese menu' bds'r? a little bit from column A and a little bit from column B. Or, even more ludicrous -do you think that Israelis and other assorted Zionist don't know what the BDS mandate calls for? Save your 'zio-troll' whatever that is-for somebody who cares. I have family on the line and I assume 'troll' is someone who has nothing better to do.

    • so stop complaining about the 'settlements' and just concentrate on eliminating the 'zionist entity' as your main goal.

    • Typical garbage:
      A) as if the settlements are the cause of the violent conflict which existed long before there were any so-called 'settlements' and predates the WB and east Jerusalem as well.
      B) presenting Israel as if it's the only 'winner' of the Iraq invasion. And whats even worse? The irony of the whiners here who complain about Israel not going blithely along with Obama policy as the epitome of umbrage while back then-despite many in top echelon of Israeli military told the US that Iraq was the lesser danger to the the region as compared to Iran but still went along and backed US with loyalty in its build up and invasion of Iraq-to its own detriment.

      'clean break' my A.

  • Autopsy reveals Nakba Day protester killed by live ammunition
    • I never put much stock in this being a Palestinian 'conspiracy'. It doesn't add up. There are a few mysterious elements to the case but that in itself doesnt point to this being orchestrated. If these kids were shot by IDF then they should be brought to trial.
      And to those that think this is another 'Dura' incident I would say if the goal was to incite violence or a larger protest-it certainly did not accomplish this and reports from MW and others are that these two deaths were met more by despondency then outrage. I would think if Fatah were involved there would have been a more organized response which I see no evidence of. -And if the 3 Israeli kids are linked somehow-it is more of the same tit-for-tat not evidence of a conspiracy. So far-the only conspiracy I can see is that nobody has determined where the bullet came from.
      (also-one odd thing is the whole and unscathed bullet produced by the father from the backpack can not be the same bullet from which a fragment was pulled from the exhumed body. Not sure what that was about but still. hopefully-forensics will determine something more definitive.)

  • Enter Ken Pollack and Tom Friedman-- the Iraq experts!
  • 'Numb, speechless, sad', Israel supporters grieve Cantor's loss
    • its not just that, Cantor was the sole Jewish republican in congress so some Jews and Zionists will naturally take this hard. There is not much indication that Brat holds anything other then fairly typical republican-right views on Israel though his views on funding I am unfamiliar with. He was educated in an evangelical college and claims to be religious-but he has to beat his opponent for it to matter much

  • 'Will FIFA free our sons?': International football associations discuss the Israeli occupation ahead of the World Cup
    • because you believe any slander told against Israel without question.

    • Israel did not "request" and or "use" the idea of Russian expulsion from FIFA to gain entry to this years world cup. Obviously meant as an intentional slander, it was not Israel who wanted to sanction Russia. It was the US and a few republican senators who wanted to sanction Russia for invading crimea. Israel stayed officially neutral on the issue and only "ironically" would have been bumped up through the ranks if the sanctions had even succeeded which there was never an indication they would even be submitted. Just lie and make Israel seem to be insidious because naturally, the members here won't question it.

      Other then that-there is little chance of FIFA banning Israel as the uproar would make the organization appear even more screwed up then it is now. Too many big time national teams/leaders would oppose the attempt on so many different (and even opposing) political and moral grounds that it probably won't be given serious consideration.

      Israel does not have a problem with players 'mobility'. It has a problem with 'players' that either side-line as or act as militant activists. Its the same old-same old issue-this time wrapped up with a soccer ball and team colours.

  • Soldiers' violent confessions from 'Breaking the Silence' make the 'Guardian'
  • The most interesting journalist in the world
    • well, I was less interested in what reporter said about himself then what was written about Castro. His battle with a still undisclosed gastro-illness and his supposed desire to become an elder statesman on the international circuit. I try not to get too worked up about the articular reporters personal ambitions-. I don't have to like reporter either to accept that Castro called him and not somebody else. We don't know for sure who is using who more in this case.

    • the article he wrote is interesting. hard to deny that. Castro is rarely 'not' interesting.

  • Video: 'CBS This Morning' runs hard hitting spot on boycott of Israel
    • "it might never have happened if...."

      It also might never have happened if a pink-nosed fairy came down from outerspace in a light-tube and whispered in Keith Richards ear that he should conk Mick Jagger on the head with a coconut. But that didn't happen either, did it.......

  • No Jews allowed
    • @Rather hard to sew a foreskin back on….

      they could have been muslims

    • 'ethno-centric'. that is a much better word then supremacist. I would say most of the peoples in this region are ethno-centric. And as for "family" I was writing about typical Arab families-not Jews who have a very strong tradition of indeed-'standing by their families'. Its hardly a unique concept however as the 'mafioso' slurs I read convey.

      Not sure what Finklesteins premise on holocaust exploitation has to do with anything. I always thought there was an element of truth to his argument but that he just went over the top with it. I only mentioned past crimes to shed light on how absurd your scholars 'interpretation' of Jewishness is. Maybe taken out of context, it appears even more idiotic but nonetheless, if you see incoherency in my interpretation of your 'scholar' then so be it.

    • well, I can't find any fault in that statement except for the comment about 'trolling'.

      I never knew exactly what the term meant but suspect it means something about wanting to make trouble. however-much as you may think, i spend what little time I have engaging here because I firmly believe that the enemies of my nation that sit in judgement from their places in europe and america need to be constantly apprised of the positions that center left Zionists who don't fit the mold of your 'crazy ranting zio-supreme racist bigot Jew' template.
      So-while I do occasionally engage on strictly pro-zionist blogs (where of course nobody disagrees with me) I notice two things: very few of you venture over there either out of apathy, disgust or pre-conceived notions but I, on the other hand, come here to engage, not denigrate. Your welcome to search my history here and I think you'll find I am generally civil and maybe sarcastic. I might denigrate an individual for stupidity but never a people-be they Arabs or Hysterical Anti-Zionists. In fact-I have a very healthy respect for my true enemies such as militant Palestinians and the Hezbollah. They have the distinction of being honest in their native tongue about the goals for the future in regards to Israel. I do not begrudge them their propaganda campaign to win territory they failed to gain through battle.
      The area that concerns me the most is the willingness to overlook that there there is an endgame that the Arabs have never deviated from since 1948 and that is the complete eradication of the 'zionist entity' so you'll forgive me for my lack of appreciation for the lack of an Arab 'ben-gurion' to make the same 'infamous' quote in reverse: "were I an israeli Jew, I would fight too". I'd actually like to hear that some day but won't hold my breath.
      In the mean time- I accept that you think I am a bigoted racial supremacist (who doesn't even believe in the concept of race). You can't also continue to accuse me of drinking kool-aid but you can't accuse me of not engaging. I do that -what you call 'hasbara central' out of some basic respect for those that my 'crazy right-wing racist bigot brethren' would say are a 'waste of time' .
      Nobody who would be your enemy is a waste of time. And you should start to consider that the Palestinians have equaled and may even be ready to best the Jews in the mantle of most victimized people on earth. They certainly are getting good at projecting this perspective. Yes, I know who is who in this conflict and know the Palestinians have been displaced. But forgive me for not devoting the rest of my life to correcting every wrong thats occurred in the world circa 1914-1967.

    • i'm old enough to refer to her as girl wether you approve or not.

    • A)As to the DNA sequence-no sht sherlock. You seem to be implying that jews think they are special. I don't think so and I don't think the Talmud said so either. We all know that there is no biological difference between Jews and others.

      B) Secondly-the statement that a Jew is a Jew....becuase he chose is the biggest bunch of BS I ever read here. And your telling me to read up on linguistics before I comment about modern hebrew being more Germanic then Hebrew. (Of course we know it was a resurrected language. So what.)

      If what the stupid scholar said made ANY sense at all-don;t you think some Jews taken to Persia 1000s of years ago, or chased from Spain, raped and murdered in Russia,or marched to ovens in ww2 would have chosen to opt out a little earlier*. Such crass ignorance is really unbecoming.

      *"hey yo! Mr adolph, I'm choosing to not be a Jew now!" . Or "Hey young cossack, I have chosen to not be Jewish. So, you can hold off on the plundering and then killing my family today, thanks."

    • ok;
      she acts surprised that the two soldiers are speaking in hebrew as if they owe her some explanation in english-which we presume she does have an understanding of. and not like being in the only Jewsih nation on the planet would explain a visitors brash acknowledgement of her ignorance.
      And how I arrive at my "logical pathway"? I read the rest of her article.

      This girl knows exactly what was going on and her mentors in the ISM have taught her exactly how they want her to act. If she wasn't waiting for an opportunity to call attention to her cause she certainly didn't shy away from anything either. If you want to play dumb and act as ignorant as she pretending you don't know what the ISM is all about and this poor poor little girl was just steamrolled by some pompous IDF boys speaking in , OMG, their native tongue, (Oh right, according to you all-its not native. Its a made up language based on German. Uh-huh). And you guys are always calling Zionist bigoted racists. Very funny.

      At the very least the author got to cut her teeth on her first post as a genuine anti-Zionist activist which is probably exactly what she wanted before she goes home to her real life. Kind of like 'activist-tourism'. We see it all the time. I'm sure she hit the bars in TA as well.

    • as usual-your hatred obscures any latent sense of humour that could possibly lurk in the far reaches of your zionist-hating brain. and so-its obvious you didn't understand the 'yiddish' link to your beloved and oh-so-important rock band of the same name. and just in case you don't understand that all languages evolve and turn into versions that differ from their past-hebrew speakers of today can still understand hebrew as it was translated and re-translated from greek, latin, aramaic olde-english and back into hebrew again. As much as you'd like to imagine it a 'germanic' version of its nothing like german. Yiddish is more like romansche and amish then german is like hebrew. So give it a rest

    • i didn;t say she denigrated hebrew-a said she denigrated the soldiers for speaking in hebrew. unless she feels entitled to english in return for her governments 'investment'

    • well. the question about religion you make is definitely true, on both counts. 1) that its strange for people outside this region and 2)why should she make the comment at all if it were not a point of contention? it is generally considered courteous to make a minor attempt to learn a few words of the language(s) of a nation one intends to visit. not requisite but still, why should the girl be surprised that the 2 soldiers spoke in hebrew as if that too was abnormal. But I get that Americans are uptight because they don't learn a second language by 4th grade as a requirement.

    • "hebrew....a language I have very little understanding of" the girl writes as if its such a point of pride. That she is only there in solidarity with the Palestinian people is telling though she self-identifies (in the most lackluster of admissions) as Jew and seems disinterested in this "neither proud nor ashamed" aspect of her heritage. If she were a Palestinian with such an attitude towards her 'people' she would be considered a complete 'shondie'. Palestinians may be frindly and appreciate her but like many cultures -they are nothing w/o family. And you don't take sides against your family in the ME unless you want trouble

  • Modern Language Association members condemn Israeli border policies, but vote is not ratified
    • another 'victory' snatched out of the jaws of 'defeat' by the standards of BDS. good job. must be doing something right to keep gaining such support.*

      *oh, and to the 'scholarly english prof., D.Lloyd', I'd really like to know how he arrived at his conclusion that the 27,000+ members that did not vote were apathetic ? How does he know that they didn't want to take part in the vote for entirely different reasons? Polling data please? I wouldn't really belabor the point but if he wants to imply that had members been convinced to vote it would have gone differently he should back this up with some semblance of proof. Otherwise, folks like me will just say he's a sour grape because he lost. And thats not fair is it?

  • BDS lays the basis for a true peace process
    • LOL. If only the author and his cohorts had the same problem with the notion that wether by decree, law or by decades of tradition there are many nations where Islam reigns 'superior' over Judaism, Christianity , Bahai, and other eligions. I don't need to name them. The BDS movement and leadership knows quite well the world in which we live and I assume they know exactly why Israel is set up with laws that protect its Jewish culture and character. The fact is, they simply do not care, do not like Zionism and they do not like Israel in the present position of sovereignty that it has over one of the largest and last populations of Jews in the world. So, good luck with your 'really great solution' to the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews. (which is essentially what it has always boiled down to despite BDS types excruciating push to change the semantics and flip the situation on its head in any and every way possible.)

      And yes, I believe that movements like BDS make it harder to come to a treaty as it A) continues giving false and overblown expectations to the Palestinians and B) it further isolates Israel which-while it may be the goal of BDS-only hardens Israeli and their allies positions and most studies have proven long ago that BDS did not essentially do any harm to the bds'rs 'beloved' false-analogy: South Africa. BDS of SA only achieved visibility in the world of PR and Israel's conflict with the Arabs has always been a completely different ball-game compared to the Apartheid regime in SA. You can say it all you want-but it doesn't make it so except for a tiny fringe community that we keep hearing threats about how its "about to take off like a rocket". It seems to me it merely ebbs and flows. You think its waxing in the US now while many see it as waning after its peak several months back. Whatever-its certainly not a serious plan except in th minds of those that conceived it.

  • Check out the new Rolling Stones logo
    • @talknc

      Although its not his fault how he looks-S.Adelson is NEVER funny.

      And the star was to be on Bibis' ass. Not an ass of a pig.

      So-while you may be creative- its not nearly as funny as a big Stones logo licking the star on Bibis butt. Now come on. Get it together.

    • IDK. Its an American pac. And it doesn't have much to do with the Stones or BDS, or does it? Why don't you tell us your theory? And hopefully it will be better then your theory about the killer in Belgium was. I am definitely listening.

    • oof. SodaStream is definitely down. But why? Who knows? Some people think its 'bubble' was artificial in the first place as consumers in the US are being tugged away from 'soda' based products for healthier alternatives. Is that happening? Probablt not. But who was really buying SS? Probably richer folks. How sustainable is a product that pushes ONLY soda? And with two big appliance makers aiming to cut in-it doesn't look like SS has a bright future. At least I can't understand why a product like this is so popular except for a certain 'status'
      Anyway-if you believe the owner-he never expected success and was ready to sell. If he was honest-I am guessing he will sell sooner then expected. And then everyone can argue about whose fault it is that the Palestinians who like working there are suffering again. Or-if owner is truly as dedicated-he will figure out an alternative business that can operate in the same plant with most of the same workers. Like how about selling water treatment units for developing nations that don't have access to clean water? I only know one Israeli with a SS and she is pretty 'left'. The real die-hard Zionist I know don't have SS as far as I know-unless they are hiding them.

    • "forged tickets" "way to stick it to..." woah.

      You realize how ridiculous and juvenile that sounds? Forgetting for a moment that Jagger is probably worth upwards of near a billion. And thats just Jagger.

    • Why doesn't some political cartoonist plant a Magen David on the ass of Netanyahu and have the Stones logo licking that? At least THAT would be funny. You lefties have always got to work on your humour skills.

    • I guess you fans here don;'t like the concept in the byline: "the War of Ideas in....". You like to play in your own sandbox. No room for the frikkin war ey?

    • you have what an old rabbi once said of a non-observant Jew, a "chinese menu" method of boycott. Its all nice and fine for you to say Paul McCartneys too important for you to give up but you'll boycott all those other insignificant acts that play. This is exactly why most people could care less about who the Shondies are and where they will and won't or can and can't play. You can't pick and choose. In order to be effective BDS has to be absolute. Including the Beatles and Michael Jackson music. Wow, here I am a lowly zio-nazi scum giving advice to a bds suporter

    • No. But they are still squatting on over a million hectors of stolen land and until they give it back and allow the first nations to resettle where they originally were they should shut up with the double standards. And please don't tell me about the billions in loans to Israel. Your American arms conglomerates make many more billions off Israeli 'aide' loans and contracts then Israel ever has made. I believe the US would suffer more if the loan guarantees were witheld. And as far as I'm concerned I would prefer Israel not be taking any monies if the price is too high. There are many Iraelis that would support a big reduction in US aid

    • Hamas would gladly have the Rolling Stones lined up and shot for perfidy, sodomy, and a whole slew of other crimes they have readily admitted to so using Gaza as a point of argument s kind of absurd. Sort of like discussing the merits of a Stones concert in Tehren.

      Doesn't ANYBODY here see the humour in members bemoaning the fact that they will now have to boycott their favorite rock band? Along with Dylan, N.Young, Beatles music w Pauls name on it, and on and on. What pray tell are you going to do when your in the grocery store/mall and the muzak version of "I Can't get no.." is playing? Don't tell me, your going to carry around an ipod and earbuds with nothing but Roger Waters , Elvis Costello and the Shondies on it. BDS sucks sometimes.

  • Wake up, Ruth Westheimer
    • wow. you really are convinced this site is "good" as opposed to what? sites that you disagree with are "bad". You do know the subtext to the Mondoweiss headline is "The War of Ideas..." Isn't war always 'bad' and peace always 'good'? Or do we now have an argument for 'just wars'? *

      *careful, slippery slopes ahead....

    • whatever you thought of Kahane lady-and believe me-there are 1000s of Arab 'kahane doppelgangers ' in Palestine and the larger Arab crescent. They preach every day to urge their fellow coereligionists and/or citizens to take back all of pre-mandate israel. BDS screams on American campus's "From the river to the sea..." So you can save your pious lecture and indictment of the dotty old Dr. Ruth. As far as I rememebr Kahane never promoted harming or killing anybody but he did want to annex all the land and he did want to 'move' or fairly put: ethnically cleanse' certain areas of this there is no denying. he wasn't widely loved during his time but in light of the reality, as he saw it, he appealed to a certain religious sector along with a few hard right nationalist Jews.
      But he wasn't blind and he sought political office to effect change and what is it that happened to him Ms? The Arabs (or Palestinians specifically) murdered him. So, he did not commit murder yet he paid with his life for the crime of being an extremist. It just annoys the sh out of me to hear people use Kahane as some kind of example. Maybe if he wasn't murdered people who thought he was such a 'visionary' would have come around to seeing his flawed concepts. But now-just like the bomb-murderers of baby, old and adult jews and muslims are honored as martyrs in Palestinian squares-now this guy Kahane will forever be a touchstone for a certain type of religious Israeli extremist.
      Kahane reminded me of the old and dead US professional candidate Lyndon LaRouche -who always sounded so logical when he talked but you knew there was a screw loose somewhere and it was a matter of time before it shook itself loose. But the Arabs saw to it that never happened.

  • I am Palestinian, and I am human, and I am here
    • if they were so drunk and out of line (which I can accept at face value knowing the UP campus very well myself-assuming it was a friday/saturday night) But if author didn't know identity of 'frat-boys' how could they have discerned her identity unless she was wearing some article of clothing they assumed was 'arabic'. There are so many 100s of foreign students walking around UP campus at any given time its hard to imagimne this wasn't some odd drunken encounter that is on no way typical. UP is SO rich and endowed they have a police force that rival philly cops and their are call boxes and UP cops all over the place. Author doesn't look any more Arab then she does Sephardic, Asian/Latin mix. The myth of drunken bullying Jew-boy/Gentile-boy harrassment at UP is overblown. There have been some incidents but by far the student body is too consumed with attaining the gpa average they need to go on to make the bazillions in their corporate , medical, legal jibs they are surely almost guaranteed. There is more harrassment by Haredi of 'immodest' Jewish women in Jerusalem then any pattern of Arab-abuse at UP. Maybe this guy was just a drunk jacoff.

      Most of the students I know of (and remember from my other time spent there years back) were more likely to bend over backward to welcome a student from Palestine, Arab countries, or other interesting places. Even Zionist radicals were welcoming up until the time it came for them to counter events/protests they considered anti-Israel. Then, of course they brought out their counter signs and got the big guns of the Zionist orgs to support them. But still-there si no pattern or any regularity to the event she describes. I could probably tell worse stories from my own ostracizing experiences as a younger person. You get over them, or should. Didn;'t anyone tell her people are idiots? Especially when drunk?

  • Discrimination is legal, there are no Israelis: Reading the Supreme Court’s decisions on Israeli nationality
    • can't believe you Americans are more concerned with this boring court proceding then fighting your own governments FCC and yor own presidents appointment of a former cable giants CEO to guard to henhouse, so-to-speak. You guys have the slowest internet of most developed nations and MANY not as developed or emerging economies. AND you pay far more for access. You best make sure the few cable giants don't ram their legislation through congress as from what I read they have much more power , money and influence over congree then the paltry aipac. All you Zionist-hating BDS'rs may not be able to afford access to your favorite MW Israel-bashing site while your paying so much attention to the intricate workings of Israeli Supreme Court

  • Jeff Goldberg gets hit from right and left for suggesting Jews should leave Europe
    • even I agree that bibi looked like an idiot on this and should have known (and should have said he was 'sorry' for the slip). He was dealing with an unpretentious but scholarly man who now happens to be pope (and still much to everybody's shock and disbelief, as if they are waiting to discover what the trick is. I don;t think this pope has any tricks which is his charm . Hope he's pope for a long time. If I were a catholic-I would finally be breathing easier about those of my creed that want to be involved with the church and be proud of its leadership.

      p.s. There is no shame in the fact that aramaic mixed with hebrew was spoken in the land. Jesus was a devout jew who eveidently had a big problem with the corruption he saw. Is it so surprising that the big church at the time before christianity and Islam existed that there were corrupt officials on the mount and around the temple?
      What is surprising is that the PA and the waqf can actually state that the temple mount has "no historical connection to the Jews" and get away with it. Had Bibi told the pope there was no real christian connection to Jerusalem he would have been pilloried. While I have always known there is very little if any actual physical proof that Jesus was alive the story-told down through the past 2000 years is compelling and utterly believable so there is little reason to doubt. Even Josephus mentioned a crazy guy calling himself the 'messiah' who cold have been Jesus. But for any person-be they Arab, muslim or whatever to claim the city as having no real historical connection-just shows the utter disdain there is for the people who made the city the religious center of at least half of the earth if not more.

    • "the inevitable question: what is the contribution of Israel’s actions to fostering anti-Semitism?"

      basic Nietzsche 101. ho-hum. The Jews are hated because they stand apart from christian white[caucasions]. Because they stand apart from christian whites they bring on hatred. Because they bring on hatred for sticking together and standing apart, they are forced to stand apart which brings Jews even closer together and and causes them to be more hated by the christian whites. (who have structured their society based on the body of christ with no place in this 'corpus' for Jews anyway except on the outskirts as money, rag and sundry merchants(all the unchristian-like professions).

      So europe is different now but then again, it really isnt different but it is. Its all a circle and now that the Jews have gotten out of it-their going to be harassed because once again- because those crazy jews are sticking together in Israel its causing us all kinds of grief from immigration problems to oil . So back to hating the Jews for basically getting the f out know what? Europe doesnt know wtf to do with itself in regards to jews. never did and never will. They better pray that Israel stays exactly where it is. After just 66yrs of self sufficiency nobody in europe really wants to deal with another 'jewish problem'. They already have their hands full with other 'problems'

      The Islamic history of jew-hatred is a different nutshell and much more tribal imo then religious but that has changed since the birth of Israel, also imo.

    • EXACTLY. Sorry I didn't scroll down and read this before I posted much of the same.
      A little like the arsonist reporting on the shocking damages the fire caused after he couldn't collect on the insurance policy. I mean, at least a mention if no admission of any wild speculation. But to just gloss over and ignore it? I guess slandering Netanyahu is fine since the belief seems to be he is guilty of something anyway.
      Israel has little history of wild speculation on matters like this. It , (and I will go so far as to say that its primary enemy now, Hezbollah, is equally circumspect in this respect) either admits to some degree to operations gone awry or remains silent and of course there is a military censor but aims to disclose as much as possible w/o giving up details. If this was a botched Mossad operation I seriosly doubt wether Netanyahu or any Israeli official would have said much of anything. period.

    • OMG! Do you even know how old that argument is? Its at least as old as when the Jews were living on their land called Israel (or Judea, Samaria, whatever) and the surrounding empires were intermingling with and trying to deal/conquer the Jews. Sheesh!

    • Yes. But that means so little when you consider how many Jewish Officers and soldiers were decorated as German veterans of WW1. It meant absolutely squat after the putsch and the burning of the reichstag. Then, all of a was almost too late. So, what are people going to say? it could never happen again?

    • quoting Dick Silverstein on Jewish/Zionist polling data is akin to polling David Duke on inter-racial marriages in the deep south. Try another unbiased source.

    • not "like' in the US at all. Get your facts straight. Of course Jew-hatred exists in the US but its almost entirely covert except for blogs. It rears its head once in a while when a kook comes out like the guy who shot up the JC in Kansas. In Europe the attacks are a lot more focused and with a distinct purpose and often if always linked to politics between Jews and Arabs/Muslims. Also-the US does not have the same history going back to the middle ages of jew-hatred so it naturally follows that the types of jew-hatred in the US are very different from EU. BTW-people all over the world have their own particular forms of hatred towards the 'other'. nobody is getting a prize in this dept.

    • Who exactly in the authors mind is fretting about the safety of Jews in Israel? We know there is the constant threat of an attack should we let our guard and defensive systems down but the climate in Israel is totally different and I would say placid compared with anything going on in urban areas of certain EU countries. People feel safe walking around Israel and while there are occasional racist and/or ethnic attacks (going both ways) there has always been a general sense of security and peace for Arab and Jew alike within Israel. One can argue its because we have a 'security state' but I couldn't say for certain that applies to neighborhoods in the Galilee and Northern coastal towns) whatever. Does anybody really take the likes of the J.Goldbergs, T.Friedmans, Nicolas Christofs, Rosenbergs, R.Cohen,Gideon Levy and others seriously any longer? (I add GLevy only because he is a shondie(lol). But certain left leaning Israeli extremists like to lick his boots and do take him seriously-even when he writes up stories that turn out to be based on lies such as his Israeli apartheid poll which was a total sham and 'disgrace'. At the NYC? He would have been sacked years ago.)

    • "this was days before the arrest....."

      Yes, your site was too busy ridiculing Netanyahu for supposedy 'jumping the gun' and 'assuming' the murders were directed at Jews by a Jew-hater. In fact-didn't a read a whole section on drumming up a conspiracy theory by one of MW's editors (or a theory the editor embraced) about how the murdered Jews were 'agents' and it was an 'inside' job ordered by 'mossad'? Hoo-boy. When you guys step into it-you really plod deep. But a retraction, or at least a small statement acknowledging the incorrectness of the assumptions is sop for most reputable news/commentary blogs and sites. Too much to ask for I suppose.

  • Blacklisted by the 'Jewish community' over Israel, the Shondes take their stand
    • oh, and another thing you bds'rs can ponder and chew apart, here is part of a scholarly study on the impact of bds on harming South African corporation either on an owner or investor level and effected virtually zero change except in the PR dept which is why:
      In other words, the only real effect of BDS is in the area of public relations. And that’s why BDS activists push one divestment measure against Israel after another, even after a string of failures. Every campaign is another chance to promote their anti-Israel narrative and infect more people with their poisonous message.

    • you guys can have the shondes and israel will take the stones, dylan, and all the other important acts coming to Tel Aviv. I have no problem with the Shondes making a living and touching people with their heart felt (or so their fans say) songs. Nobody should be forced to either boycott them or not boycott them. the lead singer seems perfectly capable of comprehending the polictics behind their dis-invitation. Wether it makes sense to them or not-if she doesn't 'understand' then she is not as smart as she sounds.

  • For wearing veil, woman is ordered off Jerusalem light rail and frisked
    • you just basically spelled out for us that Arabs came from Arabia and conquered the land where Israel now is 100s of years ago. Also-it doesn't explain the even more strict burka (with no eye-slits ) that women have to wear in parts of Afghan and Pakistan. Not the harsh desert climate there that exists in Arabia.
      I do not see the hijab/niqab/burka and so on as a problem for Israelis. In fact Israelis probably see more women in this dress then most countries where the population is not majority muslim. What I can not belive is there is so much social 'handwringing' on this site that supports a garment that no matter how many ways you cut it-basically reduces the human underneath to a potato sack or a garbage bag. And before any of you (tanaka) start spouting off about a rascist zionist scourge you should look up all of the political cartoons in the middle eastern /Turkish/Euro press. Even the most avowed anti-Zionist like AbuAsadKhalil has poked horrific fun and criticism of the full head-to-toe cover. So any reference to this subject and 'racist zionist' can be discussed with the angry-arab as well.

    • the answer is so simple I can not believe you need an explanation but here goes:
      When a person wears a full length article of opaque cloth covering their entire body, head and face except for eye slits they can easily conceal their identity as either, A) a wanted person, B) a suspected criminal, or C) a person suspected of wanting to infiltrate a certain area to commit mayhem. The policy is not personal though individual soldiers may or may not be more or less polite. It is a job they have to do regardless of the fact that 99.9% of the people searched are exactly what they are supposed to be: extreme and/or orthodox muslim women minding their own business. When the climate changes and there is a treaty in place the policy will change. But I doubt the author will be happy when she contemplates the fact that the world beyond Israel and Palestine is becoming more and more security conscious and oppressive and she is just as likely to witness the same event in many other countries where she will have no excuse to 'apologize' for her so-called 'Jewishness'.

    • "i'm Jewish and I'm sorry". This, in a nutshell is what is wrong with the bleeding heart left-wing Jewish elitists who feel that its Zionism that is the core problem of the Jewish people. They feel SO f'n superior as if they hold the perfection of humanity in their souls that an apology for the existence of 'Jewish' people doing what all other peoples do is what she feels is necessary for the State to conduct its national security policy. Far be it from the government to offend the fragile sensibilities of some ignorant young American Jew who decided that she was just going to have to 'witness' what was 'going on'. What was going on is a woman was searched. It is unpleasant and then it was over. Nobody knows what was coming over the wires from hq. In dozens of countries all over the ME , Asia and elsewhere people are screened through security checks based on certain criteria and after the search they go on their way. But this women in her mind has to turn it into a soap opera of the most humiliating and unjustifiable proportions. I'll get out my 1" violin and playa tune for the coming of the treaty that the Palestinians will eventually sign with us so security checks can eventually be loosened. Until then-I would tell this girl to take a reality pill for g-ds sake

  • Yes the Palestinians got 'screwed' -- John Judis defends vernacular at Museum of Jewish Heritage
    • The quoted article above is probably the most honest-or at least unbiased- accounting of this subject at least as far as 'brief summaries' go. The details are even more twisted and convoluted (including the covert relationships between Israeli actors with actors in its enemies regimes) but the basic premise is sound.

  • Historic football victory provides another global stage for Palestine
    • congratulations for a match well played. I only saw part of the last game with the Philippines and it was pretty exciting near the end.

  • A Papal confession to the Palestinian people
  • Democracy and divestment -- DePaul and UCLA students try to thwart Israel lobby
    • no one is "forced" but you won't mind if it works like some kind of scarlet letter. I am against all such 'pledges' wether they be for pro-BDS or pro-Israel. Its extreme and very likely to get out of control. Like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But if it must be suffered then the BDS should have to pledge equally to accept no funding, training or other support from international/national bds groups. Dumb, but fair.

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