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I am a 44 year old carpenter living in Phila., PA. My interest in I/P began with msm news coverage of Sharon's provocative visit to the Al Aqsa Mosque. His grinning face told the whole story: He was there humiliate the Palestinians and to exert exclusive control over a Muslim holy site with lethal force. My interest grew through I/P related books and some activism in the Phla. area. I met Adam Horowitz during that time and I'm so pleased to see that he is dedicated and determined to continue to do this vital work.

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  • Tax-deductible US group pushes Israeli control of Temple Mount
  • Obama and Kerry are spurred by 'vainglory' in pursuing talks -- Finkelstein
    • Educating Americans about I/P is beneficial only to the extent that some of those who learn about it will take action. Since the second Intifada the number of Americans learning about I/P and mobilizing to take action has grown a lot. The "American people" are mostly bystanders and that's not going to change but those of us who are mobilized and taking action are gaining traction every year. It'll be a small number of Americans that turn the tide.

      "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

      Margeret Mead

  • The Book of Exodus and the Book of Palestine
    • Our American Constitution dispenses with biblical claims, religious nationalisms, tribalisms and debates about angels and pin heads. Thank God!

  • Roger Ailes demands NY village official take down 'Facebook' post. She says no
  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
  • Why are two Republican congressmen doing a walkabout on the Temple Mount?
    • "I mention this, because during my tenure at Mondoweiss, when I tried to point out just how important the evangelical demographic is, some element of the counterargument seemed to contain a weird element of Jewish egotism. Jews had to be the pivotal element."

      If AIPAC and the Jewish Zionist billionaires and and millionaires who expect reciprocity for their campaign contributions were to stop giving, US support for Israel would collapse in a hurry. Christian Evangelicals don't have the clout. They've spent 40 years trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, put the nativity scene back in our elementary
      schoolsl, etc.. and they've failed. Evangelicals are powerful but they're a distant second to the Jewish institutional power behind US support for Israel. When was the last time an American President, half of congress and most Presidential hopefuls attended The National Prayer Breakfast for Israel? Have we ever seen an Evangelical leader convene a "primary" like the one we just saw in Las Vegas?

  • To reach the 'moveable middle' in Jewish life, you must be inside the tent
    • LeaNder-

      "Or was the the report he had won by 900 votes before, and the judgment only served to confirm it. Which would make more sense."

      It would make more sense. But no, the recount was completed, for the record, only after the 5 judges had suspended the counting of votes and announced that Bush was the winner. Putting an end to the recount, however, didn't start with the US Superme Court. Florida's republican Secretay of State, Katherine Harris, decided to end the recount and even though the Florida Supreme Court overturned her decision, the US Supreme Court upheld it, saying that time had run out for counting votes. Conservative US Supreme Court justice Sandra Day-O'Connor, who provided the decisive vote in Bush's favor, later said she regretted that decision. As it turned out, however, Bush did end up winning Florida and hence the election.

      By the way, Katherine Harris and Florida Governor Jeb Bush had pushed through policies that made a significant number of Florida citizens ineligible to vote in the 2000 election, many of them African Americans. There were enough "ineligible" voters to swing the election in favor of Gore - something for Mr. Fleshler to consider while he's looking around for liberals to blame for the Bush disaster.

    • LeanDer

      The recount was completed after the SC called it off. It was reported that Bush won by some 900 votes.

  • Israel's brand rides high on NPR
    • C&D

      Here are the panelist participants. You'll find their bios at the link below.

      Stuart Schoffman - Israeli journalist

      Richard Jones - US ambassador/diplomat

      Suhad Babaa - director Justvision

      link to

      There are dedicated activists in the Denver/Boulder area working towards justice in I/P. The activists in Boulder don't include CU students which is a real departure from days of yore when CU was a hotbed of agitation against the Viet Nam war and SA apartheid. CU is behind the curve in that respect. However, there's an active group at DU (Denver University). The "general public" around Boulder/Denver isn't concerned with I/P - just like everywhere else in the country. However, our small minority of activists, from any and all parts of the country, have the righteous might of justice on our side, while our opposition has only the rickety crutch of institutional power and money propping them up. We're winning and we will win. That was clear at the World Affairs Conference panel on I/P where not one person from the audience stood up to defend Israel. Not one.

      "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has."

      -Margaret Mead

    • "Do you ever feel that you’re having no effect whatsoever on the issue?"

      Behind NPR's happy-face facade, the structure of public support for Israel is crumbling quickly. On Thursday I sat in on a panel discussion called Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians: What Progress Looks Like at the annual CU Conference on World Affairs. Two of the panelists, Richard Jones and Stuart Schoffman, were Israel supporters and they were calcified, old, stiff, pessimistic defenders of the status quo. Both of them were stuck in the mud of the Oslo years and had nothing to recommend in the way of progress other than to keep talking about talking with the hope that someday things would change for the better. The third panelist was a young Palestinian woman named Suhad Babaa. She was bright, energetic, confident and composed. She was easily the most likeable of the group and she actually had constuctive opinions about "what progress looks like" - supporting BDS, for example.

      Following their talks, audience members were invited to ask questions. All of them challenged Israeli policy with their questions which only highlighted the ridgid defensiveness of Jones and Schoffman. Not one audience member stood up to defend Israel.

      NPR is still lives in the "dream castle." Out here in the regions things are changing quickly and NPR will have to adapt sooner rather than later.

  • 'No decision has been made on Jonathan Pollard,' says State Dep't
    • @Walid

      "Marwan Barghouti, a reincarnated Arafat."

      What do you mean? What's your impression of Barghouti? I understood him to be very popular before his thunder was stolen by the triumphant return of the "Tunisians."

  • 'Not a single person in this room would accept living as Palestinians do, generation after generation'
    • Chu,

      A week or so ago PBS did a story on the '79 Camp David Accords as it's depicted in a current play on the subject. Margaret Warner was presented as an expert on the history and she provided background analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict. At one point she contrasts two competing points of view: The Palestinian view that the world stood by while they were dispossessed and Manachim Begin's view that the world stood by while the horrors of the Holocaust were bing committed. Warner offered these perspectives as if they both had equal merit.

      It's obvious that the world stood by and continues to stand by as Palestinians are/were expelled from their homes. But the notion that the world "stood by" during the Holocaust, an opinion that went unchallenged by Warner, is absurd. Some 60 million people died in WWII, the biggest war in human history, and many of them were soldiers who paid the ultimate price to defeat Nazi Germany. To memorialize the lives of 6 million Jews who lost their lives to Nazi Germany while characterizing tens of millions of others as merely bystanders is insulting.

  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • What's the basis for Hirsi Ali's Harvard fellowship and how, in the first place, did Brandeis U arrive at the decision to give her an honarary degree before deciding against it? I'd love to know how it was decided that she was worthy of this honorific booty.

  • Courageous conductor, democratic society -- the NYT's Mehta meme
    • Good article Ira. The comments section of Times articles on I/P has to give the Times management something to worry about. If their paper is more widely understood as a Zionist propaganda machine people will stop buying it. Bill Keller offered a mea culpa of sorts following the Times' failures in the run-up to the Iraq war. No such apologies or justifications have been seen wrt the Times devotion to Zionism. It just goes on and on and its readers are starting to notice.

  • Why the 'Forward's' support for SodaStream is antithetical to progressive values
    • Krauss

      Are you talking to me? If so, you misunderstood my point. The editorial cited claims that Americans are safe and secure - far removed from the the high stakes of I/P. That's clearly not the case and the long history of terrorism against the US shows that. Shortly after 9/11 Sharon warned Bush not to "appease the Arabs at Israel's expense." Sharon knew what time it was. He certainly got his way and we're still paying the price for appeasing Israel.

    • "...from the safety and security of America" - ask an American victim of 9/11.

  • US is 'absolutely adamant' that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process -- Power
    • With Power's threat to walk away from the UN and the ICC we sink further into the septic muck of appeasement to small desert country with no strategic value to the US. Historians will find a gold mine of intrigue in the Special Relationship and how the world's only super power sacrificed a good measure of its influence and respectability at the alter of ethnic supremecy in Israel. A national disgrace that points out how little we've learned and how weak our committment is towards racial equality and equity under the law.

  • 'NYT' readers who objected to calling Abbas 'defiant' have a point, public editor rules
    • The NYT reputation is money in the bank. People all over the country see their devotion to the Times as a symbol of their sophistication, intelligence and good taste. However, the NYT long standing devotion to Zionism is now starting to damage that reputation. If the comments sections of the Times' I/P articles are any indication, the "newspaper of record" is at risk of becoming known for promoting shameless propaganda.

      Brand and culture mean everything to the Times and if customers start to believe that carrying a NYT under their arm doesn't in some way enhance their respectability the Times will suffer. If the bean counters and PR people at the Times aren't worried they should be.

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • Being cowed into silence will be viewed as an admission of guilt and shame. SJP and other groups need to turn up the volume to show that they have nothing to be ashamed of and that they're not afraid - come what may. Palestinian rights speak for themselves and more and more Americans are coming around to the point of view that Israel is in the wrong. Z Zidan and others like him may be surprised to learn that he has allies among those who are in a position to offer him employment or a spot at grad school and who can see through the smear campaign against him. The Zionists are resorting to these desperate measures because they understand that sympathies in the wider world of educated people are on the side of Palestinians.

  • An open letter to J Street: Let's talk
    • "It is of relevance not only to post-PA Palestinians who must now provide us with leadership, but of anyone concerned with securing a place for Israeli Jews in what will be a common country."

      I like this bit.

  • MJ Rosenberg’s conundrum
    • "Zionism, like apartheid before it, has to go – for the sake of the Palestinians and also for a more promising future for the Jews."

      Beautifully stated.

  • It's the borders, stupid
    • Abbas' pledge to join UN agencies carries with it the US congressional threat of defunding those agencies as well as defunding the Palestinian Authority. This isolates the US with Israel to an extent not seen before. To what extent will the withdrawal of US dollars from UN agencies amount to withdrawal from the UN as a whole? Defunding the PA gives us less leverage with Palestinians, no? A rough road ahead for Obama and Kerry.

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • Pity for Pollard - a "pathetic guy" - and whether or not he's done enough time isn't the issue. Israel stole reams of top secret documents, possibly selling the info to USSR, smiled in our face and handed over a shoe box of paperwork and continued to collect American tax payers money. Where's the bottom? How low will we go? If Pollard is released we will sink further still. That's the issue.

    • Israel doesn't care about Pollard the man - a "pathetic guy" as you put it. Pollard's release is a just another means of demonstrating Israel's authority over American policy makers. It's their way of showing DC who wears the pants. "We can steal your national security secrets, sell them to the USSR, not return them to you and get our spy sprung for your jail. We can do all of this and more without jepardiziing the $3bil gravy train." The fact that releasing Pollard at Israel'e request is being discussed at all is a telling sign of how pathetic the special relationship is from the US point of view.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • Rudoren's NYT piece on this now has 700 comments. lots of outrage against Israel.
      True to form, Rudoren refers to Israel's actions as being against international law "according to Palestinians". Well done Jodi! you've done your duty to the state.

  • 'NYT' editorial writer savages Republicans for 'pro-Israel, philo-Semitic' curtseys to Adelson
  • Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!
    • Christie's Governorship, not to mention his Presidential aspirations, are in serious jeopardy. He's hip deep in the bog and "I don't remember" isn't going to get him out.

  • A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion
    • To Anonymous Brittish Jew

      If you are not already doing so I recommend that you get involved with a local I/P advocacy group. It beats sitting at home and wringing your hands. You may be surprised at how encouraging it can be to meet local advocates who are fellow travelers, with whom you can make new friendships and work towards a common goal of justice. I can think of no better way to address the anxiety and isolation you feel about I/P.

    • Phil has said more than once that American Jews will decide the fate of American support for Israel. The way things look right now I agree with him. One of the best places to find Americans who are interested in and passionate about Israel is among Jews. Many of Israel's most stout critics were once committed Zionists and when they crossed the street they brought their passion with them. I contrast the commitment and determination of these former Zionist Jews to the ambivalent non Jews I've talked to about I/P. It's not difficult to convince non Jews of the injustice of Israel's crimes - and watch them stare back with a nod and a look of "yea, it's a shame, but its not my problem".

      The most moving and passionate advocates for justice in Palestine are Arab Americans. I get misty when I see Arab students on American college campuses leading the charge for I/P. They're the most important members of the I/P cause. But the necessary cash for maintaining the status quo is in the Jewish American communitinty. That's where this battle will be won.

  • 'The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead
    • "Huntington, argued that something they called “Islam” was a monolithic force, which was hostile to the West due to wounded pride and deep feelings of inadequacy."

      The Clash of Civilizations argument boils down to "they hate us because we're free." Such bullshit. Huntington apparently didn't take seriously the words of Sirhan Sirhan, Imad Mugniah, Ramzi Yousef, Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, Aiman Al Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden etc... when they repeated over and over that they were motivated to kill Americans because if our support for Israel's colonial enterprise. Huntington's whole argument about Islamic hostilities towards the West is based on the actions of these men, among a handful of others, over the last 46 years. Yet he didn't take into account what they've said about their motives. It's not just that he painted the 1billion Muslims of the world as backwards and angry, he also hides from view the very small number of Arab Muslim terrorists who have killed Americans - the very people upon whom his whole argument is based.

  • Liberal Zionists are the new front line against BDS
    • Liberal Zionists "polish their hot red blades with...forgiveness" as Mourid Barghouti put it.

  • UN Human Rights Council resolution warning companies to 'terminate business interests in the settlements' or face possible criminal liability gets watered down
  • Wash Post story on Adelson as Republican kingmaker leaves out his nuke-Iran agenda
  • Democrats have no problem with Israeli envoy addressing GOP group opposed to Obama
    • "I don’t think it is a bad thing to warn any and all countries that attempting to use nuclear weapons would engender a fierce and swift blowback..."

      This is already understood as "deterrence". The point is what Hilary's obliteration pledge reveals about her hair trigger, warrior queen disposition. Don't forget her enthusiasm for the Iraq disaster and her subsequent excuses. I won't vote for her even if it means "throwing away" my vote on a third party candidate.

  • Bloodbath in Jenin
  • 'Nobody knew where I was, nobody… I was simply disappeared': An Italian tourist's Ben Gurion nightmare
    • Mr. Pesce's story has reached an international audience, a story of abuse he'll repeat many times to people who otherwise may not have had an opinion about the Jewish State much less a bad opinion. All for the sneering satisfaction of detaining and deporting a "liar". Israeli officials seem not to understand the damage done to the state by these policies of harrassment and abuse. Pure hubris.

  • Ululating at Vassar: the Israel/Palestine conflict comes to America
    • Great reporting Phil. Zionist college students and professors are feeling ashamed, intimidated - as they should. The good news is that they're welcome at anytime to flip and join the good fight for equity and justice.

  • Israel wages war on universities because it's lost control of the narrative -- Hedges
    • Thanks for this, Annie

      " part of the wider campaign by right-wing operatives like Lynne Cheney and billionaires such as the Koch brothers to stamp out all programs and academic disciplines that give voice to the marginalized, especially those who are not privileged and white. Latinos, African-Americans, feminists, those in queer and gender studies also feel this pressure."

      This contempt for anyone who's not part of the priviledged white power structure is plain to see on Fox News, the white man's narcissistic mirror. I'm talking about priveledged whites who don't want to share their money or their power and who thought the sky was falling when Obama was elected President. It's despicable and I agree with Hedges that these same priviledged whites, who see the rest of America as their footstool, also promote the bigotry against Palestinians in the American consciousness.

    • @Krauss

      "And it speaks volumes about where we are, that Israel’s lobbies are now using raw money and nothing else to try to destroy the opposition."

      I agree. I doubt if "Jewish voters", frequently used as a euphemism for Zionist money, are as keen on Israel as the pundits make them out to be. Zionist millionaires and billionaires are running the Zionism show almost single handedly.

  • Lockerbie: 25 years of geopolitics over truth
    • Great reporting, David. If Americans better understood the costs of supporting Israel, including the 40+ yr. history of terrorism against American citizens and the follow-on wars of revenge, Israel's appeal in the US would collapse in a hurry.

  • Northeastern University Israel advocates applaud suspension of SJP chapter
    • I hope there's a big turn out on the NEU campus to support SJP members and that SJP ignores the ban on their activities so that this ends up in court. Just the threat of losing a First Amendment lawsuit may be enough for NEU administrators to back down.

  • PBS and CBS air Netanyahu 'documentary' footage sponsored by Robert Kraft
    • "Imagine a leading US sports figure backing a rightwing leader of any other country, one who insists on the ethnocratic character of his state– what the response would be."

      Dennis Rodman gave us a more accurate picture of Kim Jong Un and North Korea than Kraft and Greenberg do of Netanyahu and Israel. Rodman was mocked and pilloried, as was fitting, while Greenberg is celebrated. Sad. We've got a long way to go.

  • A War on Campus: 'Democracy Now' covers the Northeastern SJP suspension (Updated)
    • Just got off the phone with President Aoun's office. I encourage everyone here to call and make some noise. It takes less than 5 minus. Call today!

  • Fruits of a right-wing takeover: Knesset barrage limits Arab parties, conscripts the ultra-Orthodox, and puts the peace process to a vote
    • " lieu of a formal constitution."

      66 years on and Israel still has no constitution by which its western backers can understand explicitly what democracy is supposed to mean in a Jewish state - an ingenious Zionist ploy.

  • Conservatives for Palestine
    • Phil's comments from the podium were right on the money when he talked about how much intrigue there is in Zionist history, which was expressed so well from disparite viewpoints and by different personalities throughout the conference, and how appealing this gold mine of stories should be to journalists looking for a scoop. The topic of Zionism and its effects are bareley understood in the US and it's a topic just begging to be covered in a thorough way in the US media. The C-Span broadcast of this excellent conference proves his point.

  • On John Judis's 'Genesis,' and its critics
    • Every settler who moves into the West Bank (record numbers in the first 3 monthes of 2014) adds another nail to the coffin of the 2ss. No small number of settlers and soldiers have said they'll vacate "Judea and Samaria" only in a hail of bullets. The day is fast approaching when Zionists will have to pick their poison - a civil war or one person one vote.

  • 'Daily Beast' labels Abbas 'stubborn' for refusing to recognize Israel as Jewish state
    • It's as if Obama and his wealthy Zionist pals have learned nothing from what it took to abolish slavery and segregation. An appalling disgrace. Does Obama lay awake at night, chewing his fingernails, wondering if history will remember the first black President as a stout defender of Israeli racism and ethnic cleansing? He should.

  • Caught in an honest moment, Kerry casts doubt on the 'peace process'
  • Notes from the cells
    • I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that the US Embassy in Cairo helped arrange the deportation of these inspired, inspiring women.

  • University of Hawai'i faculty responds to administration’s condemnation of ASA boycott resolution
    • I hope ASA members everywhere are saving the hate mail. It would be instructive to post it all in an exhibit and not just on line. A travelling college and university show?

  • Sheldon Adelson to honor Sean Penn at neocon ball
  • Political Zionism is destroying a culture and a people, and intentionally so
  • Meet the Jewish students who are taking on the Jewish establishment

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