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I am a 44 year old carpenter living in Phila., PA. My interest in I/P began with msm news coverage of Sharon's provocative visit to the Al Aqsa Mosque. His grinning face told the whole story: He was there humiliate the Palestinians and to exert exclusive control over a Muslim holy site with lethal force. My interest grew through I/P related books and some activism in the Phla. area. I met Adam Horowitz during that time and I'm so pleased to see that he is dedicated and determined to continue to do this vital work.

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  • Trump's anti-interventionism helped him win, says Obama's former Middle East adviser
    • 1974 W F Buckley interview of Stephen Isaacs and John Cuddihy on Jews in American Politics. Included in the Q & A is a young and now very discredited Judith Miller asking Mr. Isaacs if he thinks there's a bias in American media wrt coverage of Israeli's and Palestinians.

  • Obama's failure, and achievement, in Palestine
    • I'll give Obama credit for his impressive speeches, improving the economy and the Iran deal.

      But he lacked the talent and/or the will to take on other important issues. He didn't challenge the dark side of the Patriot Act - Presidential power to arrrest, imprison and kill American citizens without charges under the catch-all - 'national security'. Obama didn't challenge this policy despite the very clear record of tyranny that's resulted from governments with this kind of power.

      Wall Street sent tens of millions of people to the poor house in the biggest bank robbery in American history. Obama, at least, owed American tax payers, morgtgage holders and investors the satisfaction of knowing that the bankers and their partners in crime at the SEC would be held accountable if they were guilty of fraud. But he did nothing.

      Netanyahu mopped the floor with Obama. However, Netanyahu had overwhelming support in our feckless congress (29 standing ovations) and the DNC, no doubt, reminded Obama that the viablility of the party depended on contributions from Israel's supporters. The only thing Obama could lean on was the moral strength of his argument against settlements and support from the American public which is still not strong enough to sway congress. He backed down from Netanyahu in a humiliating way but he was in a very weak position. If he had sanctioned Isreal over settlements he would have been thrown over by congress.

  • MLA votes against BDS, tables resolution blaming PA and Hamas for restrictions on Palestinian academic freedom (Updated)
    • I agree, eljay, but in a speech about tolerance and diversity it's an odd comparison since there are inalienable rights attached to Obama's birth certificate and a system of separate and unequal rights attached to Portman's. Another case of selective moralizing and indignation on the part of a tone deaf PEP.

    • Sorry for being off topic but I just watched this video of Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes giving a speech critical of Trump. She introduces her critique by emphasizing the diversity of the Hollywood acting community. She references a short list of American and international actors who were present in the audience. She calls them by name and tells us where they were born and raised. She says, "...and Natalie Portman who was born in Jerusalem where they do have birth cirtificates" I understood this to be an oblique reference to the birthers and Obama's birth certificate but the meaning of her joke (if that's what it was) wasn't clear. It got a couple cheers but her big audience was otherwise silent. I think a lot of her audience understood that it was, at least, a comment loaded with political baggage regardless of her intent.

      Her 'joke' was certainly naive In the context of a speech challenging intolerance in the age of Trump. It could also be interpreted as a crassly hypocritical piece of hasbara. Her Jerusalem birth certificate comment is in the first few minutes.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • Instead of qualifying the vote and emphasizing Israel's BFF status, I wish Obama would thwack the hornets nest for real by clarifying a few things for Americans who may not understand what all the fuss is about:

      - that settlements are not a personal issue between POTUS and Netanyahu.

      - that every POTUS since LBJ has opposed settlements at the UN

      - that POTUS just approved an American tax-payer financed, multi billion dollar increase in foreign aid to Israel which already receives more than half of all American foreign aid in spite of being a wealthy nation

      A speech like this would put Israel and her supporters on the defensive and help Americans recognize the outrageous arrogance on display here. Americans may not understand a lot about the history of I/P but if they're presented with just these facts they'll know ingratitude when they see it.

  • Where do we go from here? Our thoughts & yours on the US election
    • EI and MW provide unique and extensive coverage of I/P news from inside Israel and the OT's as well as the politics of Zionism in the US and Europe. As such, EI and MW are the best and most reliable sources for news on the topic which is still the third rail of American politics. Even 10 years after MW was founded and even longer for EI there aren't any comparable critiques of Israel and Zionism to be found anywhere in the media. MW has an extensive network of sources and journalists who are essential to the success of your unique coverage.

      Especially compelling and encouraging is your coverage of the contemporary controversy that Zionism has spurred among American Jews. I'm also impressed with your criticisms of the NYT coverage of I/P. Where else can we learn that the NYT employed a Jerusalem Bureau Chief who has/had a son serving in the IDF? Is there another website that scrutinizes NYT coverage of I/P and points out their blatant bias' so thoroughly or so regularly? You've exposed the Times' Zionist propaganda like no other news outlet and because of their blatant bias towards Israel, which you've so effectively exposed, I won't subscirbe to their paper. The NYT has a reputation to think about in tough times for news papers and your coverage of their coverage is bad for business.

      I just really value your I/P focus and in my opinion this is where you should keep your focus. Giving space to Donald Trump's wreckage will be redundant. There'll be no shortage of criticism, opposition and hostility towards his administration and the Republican congress. If you add MW voice to this critique you'll just be another face in the crowd. There are news outlets other than MW that are better positioned to scoop stories and to criticize Trump and perhaps put an early end to his Pesidency (think wikileaks).

      One more thought. American support for Zionism goes beyond ideology and the Israel Lobby. I think Israel's appeal is also rooted in it's fascist impulses such that when some American's look at Israel they see a flattering mirror of themselves and their ideas of racial superiority and law and order in an America restored to it's rightful owners. Your coverage of I/P and Zionism in America already contains a powerful critique of this kind of dangerous prejudice even if you don't always say so explicitly. Giving more space to Trump's plans for America won't add anything significant to the valuable critique of American Imperialism you're already providing.

  • Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead
    • "“In her presentation, Goldstein acknowledged that efforts to promote Israel as a democracy with “great beaches” had failed to stem the support for Palestinian rights, so “we have to focus on the offense, on Islamists and how they violate the basic civil rights that liberals hold very, very dear.”

      Goldstien has an ally in Bernie Sanders. I watched an interview of Sanders on CSPAN last night and, after an emphatic and compelling defense of his domestic agenda, he stepped right into the dog pile with his summary of Islam and Muslims. When he was asked why there's so much anti American sentiment in the Muslim world, he answered with his own version of "they hate us cuz we're free" He explained that Muslim's don't like us because we believe in equity and that Muslims are especially agitated by our gender equity ideals. He further explained that this has something to do with the strange sexual proclivities that are practiced by Muslims. It was a bizarre and disapointing dispaly of ignorance and prejudice. Gee, I wonder if some of our dysfunctional American politics can be explained by the strange sexual proclivities of the American people? Maybe Sanders has an opinion on this.

      Below is the link to the interview. Sanders' commentary on Muslims and Islam is at the end.

  • The last colony
    • The Zionist goal is a thoroughly purified Jewish state and a thoroughly subjugated and destroyed Palestinian nation. I think Levin essentially makes this point when she says Israeli colonization more closely resembles the colonization of Australia than it does SA apartheid. Zionists want the Palestinian people to disappear, mostly, and for those who remain to become ghostly symbols of a defeated and forgotten people, like their ruined villages, like the native peoples of Australia or North America for that matter.

  • Hatred of Israel was reported motive for CA attack, but US press politely ignores the story
    • Phil wrote

      "All these killers are unhinged, but they are focused on a real issue"

      "Bear in mind that Robert Kennedy was killed in Los Angeles 47 years ago while campaigning for the Democratic nomination for the presidency also in some measure because a crazed killer did not like American support for Israel."

      "all these people" are crazed and unhinged? Was Nat Turner crazed and unhinged? George W Bush?

  • Kristof's conditional empathy
    • Governor Chris Christie made his name and his career prosecuting mayors and other NJ state politicos on pay to play bribery charges. The pay to play scandal involved a popular Rabbi's son in NJ, real estate ponzi schemes, tax fraud and international money laundering that was tied to human kidney trafficking through Israel by way of a synogogue in Brooklyn. Christie launched his political career prosecuting this case in front of the cameras. He made it clear that what was imortant about the case were the elected officials taking bribes. All the other stuff was incidental and not really important to the bigger crime of corruption in politics.

  • Golem and Big Brother
    • Great article. Wealthy elites are girding themselves against a resitive world population that the UN predicts will exceed 11 billion by 2100. The police states that are emerging today will become stronger, more abusive and lethal, especially when the destabilizing effects of climate change become more and more of a factor.

  • To the next 'NYT' Jerusalem chief -- Here is your job description
    • I'm not optimistic that Baker will be different from Rudoren, Bronner, Kirchner... His job was politicized long ago and it comes with specific expectations. If he wasn't already inclined to favor Israel, he was made to understand that that will be his job as JBC. The Sulzberger family doesn't want an independent set of eyes and ears in Jerusalem. They want a thoroughly vetted journalist who will paint a filtered and plausibly sympathitic portrait of the Jewish State.

      Exclusive Jewish colonies will appear in Baker's writing as Jewish neighborhoods. The occupation army in the West Bank becomes the Israeli Defense Forces. Exchanges of violence will be treated as distinct episodes, featuring the emotional responses and trauma of individuals, with no discussion of Israel's systemic racism or its history of ethnic cleansing. IDF statements won't be investigated and will go unchallenged. Jewish Israelis will be quoted extensively, Palestinians - not so much. On location coverage of the Palestinian perspective from the West Bank and Gaza will be rare. The presumption that Zionism is the result, rather than the cause, of the I/P conflict will remain a constant and unquestioned theme in Baker's coverage. Baker doesn't get this job without understanding that his roll is to sell the agenda of a fascist cult to NYT readers.

  • Obama and the Zionists
    • I'd love to see Obama take this behind closed doors meeting and turn it into a press conference in front of the Viet Nam Memorial. He could invite these Zionist billionaires to explain on national TV why American soldiers should be sent to fight and kill and die in defense of their fascist cult.

  • Gideon Levy's argument for Netanyahu
  • 'Palestine is an anxiety' for Americans-- Salaita in New York
    • Correction: Dee Brown was a he not a she. Brown ruffled a lot of feathers with the publication of his classic best seller Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee but Illinois U at Urbana- Champaigne didn't fire him for it. Shame on that university for dismissing Salaita!

    • Dee Brown was a librarian at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for many years. If she were still alive I'm sure she would be nodding in agreement with Salaita's commentary about colonialism and would also have been appalled by UI's standards of "civility."

  • Homegrown jihadis and the limits of the Israel lobby
    • The US took a big hit for Israel in the Arab oil embargo. There were serious plans for invading SA to put an end to to it but withdrawing support for Israel was never on the table. SA has been quiet and compliant ever since. There's a good indication of how the pecking order works wrt US ME foreign policy.

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • Right on, Phil! I hope you're right. However, I think Hilary won't be nominated for a much more basic reason - nobody likes her outside of her tight knit fan club. The book she rolled out for campaign season, the one with a cover picture of her with a possessed look in her eye, tanked. Is it in the dollar stores yet?

  • Hillary Clinton's 11th-hour diplomacy
    • The would be Queen Hillary was just months away from her coronation in 2008 when she was knocked off. I think she had a better chance then than she will in 2016.

  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
  • Knight in shining armor?
    • "Israel will assist the PA in rebuilding infrastructure destroyed in Gaza, and will assist in providing basic necessities for those Gaza residents who were forced to flee their homes due to the fighting. Israel will provide medical aid to the wounded, and will expedite the transfer of humanitarian aid and food through the crossings."

      Israel turns Gaza masscre into profit taking venture. American tax payers financed the ordinance delivered in Gaza and the salaries of IDF soldiers. The wider world will provide monies and supplies for Gaza relief/rebuilding (except where Israeli manufacturers and service providers can expect to cash in on the wreckage). It's a neat and tidy arrangement that's been in place for years. Israelis not only nuzzle in the loving bosom of American largesse but they also manage to convince the rest of the world to finance the needs of Palestinians who should be the sole responsibility of the occupying power. I'm reminded of the UNRWA relief cargo that has for many years been routinely detained in Israeli docks, sometimes for weeks, so that Israeli shipping companies can take their cut in storage fees before it's delivered to needy Palestinians.

  • Israel got tank shell that killed 20 at UN school from US without Obama's approval -- WSJ bombshell
    • "...which were already kept stored at a pre-positioned weapons stockpile in Israel." a plywood shack with a padlock on it?

      The special relationship is out of US control - at least Obama's control. He has an easy case to make to the American people. He can corner Israel's supporters and put their loyalties on display in a very public way. He can name names. He can fire individuals "elsewhere in the administration" and bring them up on charges if crimes were committed. This is a tee ball ripe and ready for him to hit out of the park if he had the scrote to do it. But he doesn't.

  • The Greenhouse propaganda—How Gazan history is being rewritten to dehumanize Palestinians
  • Hollywood's latest blacklist shadows Bardem, Cruz, Almodovar
  • On being accused of anti-semitism by well meaning liberals
    • In addition to the $3b/yr Israel receives from American tax-payers, the indirect cost of supporting Israel has been astronomical. The attacks on 9/11 and the response to those attacks have cost how many trillion dollars? Afghanistan and Iraq now have a price tag of $6 trillion. The infrastructure of a police state has been built at what cost? The President has the self proclaimed authority to assassinate whomever he pleases. Homeland Security is a bloated bureaucracy employing thousands of people whose jobs depend on targeting, arresting, indicting "suspects" - They have offices in every state. The NSA has a mandate to spy on anyone and everyone. We're told that this police state apparatus is meant to keep us safe from foreign terrorists but if one of "us" rubs political power elites the wrong way we become targets too - ask the Holy Land 5.

      9/11 was just a dramatic spike in a decades long history of terrorism against American citizens because of our support for Israel. The follow on response to 9/11 should have included a referendum on what supporting the Zionist disaster has cost us and how much more we're willing to pay for it. Instead we got Iraq and Afghanistan, TSA, Homeland Security, NSA spying, and three massacres in Gaza.

      Khalid Sheik Muhammed's trial is being delayed, hushed up and kept under the
      auspices of secret military courts for "national security" reasons and because he was tortured. I suspect that a public trial in civilian court is also being disallowed because of what would be revealed about about his motives. Muhammed's nephew was Ramzy Yousef, convicted of the first Trade Center bombing, who famously said, "We'll be back." Yousef cited US support for the ongoing destruction of Palestine as his motive for the '92 Trade Center bombing.

      I'm sure there are more than a few Americans who are motivated by an intense desire to see an end to Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign not least because of what supporting Israel has cost us. The US government playing step and fetch it for Israel is too rediculous to be funny. And lots of us are mad as hell about it.

  • What Jim Fallows and I saw
  • Who broke the ceasefire? Obama blames Hamas against the evidence
    • The peace prize winner is an evil racist and fascist and that's how he'll be remembered. He's no captive and there are no better angels of his nature. What he's said and what he's done reflect his truest thoughts and feelings.

  • Israel calls Obama's tune
    • Second guessing what Obama would do if he only had a spine is ridiculous. The peace prize winner's truest feelings are reflected in what he does. In the end he has no concern for people outside his class of imperial elites.

  • Blitzer and Rudoren pump Israeli tunnel fears (and AIPAC cashes in)
    • OMG! Has Rudoren has pushed back from the donut cart and done a story on location? I thought Jerusalem bureau chiefs only took dictation from IDF bulletins in the comfort of their ethnically cleansed NYT compound.

  • 'Israel today, Israel tomorrow, Israel forever,' Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says at NY rally
    • The appalling commentary from Jeffries is nonetheless an appropriate mantra for Zionists everywhere. He borrows an infamous phrase from an infamous racist as a justification for an exclusive Jewish State. It's a perfect fit. I hope this isn't lost on the equity minded people who were there to hear it or who read about it afterwords. It's also worth pointing out that segregation was on its last legs when Wallace spoke those desperate words.

  • Over a hundred people join Norman Finkelstein for civil disobedience outside the Israeli consulate in midtown Manhattan
  • Take the right position on Israel and you can raise 1/4 million, Senate candidate is advised
    • Will the colossal disaster of an exclusive Jewish State lead to campaign finance reform or will it be the other way round? At this point I think it's a toss up.

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
  • Fox's Hannity abuses Yousef Munayyer, says he has a 'thick head'
    • Not just Hannity the whole line up. Murdoch and Ailes have deliberately created a white supremist network.

  • PLO official Hanan Ashrawi: Israel's assault on Gaza is 'state terrorism' and should be referred to the International Criminal Court
  • Israel's actions 'unjustified' in eyes of women, non-whites, Dems, indy's, and those under 50 -- Gallup
    • @ yonah fredman
      No. It'll be forgotten. It might have risen to the level of a wedge issue if Obama had the spine to make the perfectly reasonable and safe decision to say that, in the interest of American safety, all flights will be suspended untill hostilities have ceased.

      With Planes flying again Israel has an ouside chance of scoring its biggest PR coup since 9/11 if a plane full of Americans is hit by a Hamas missile.

    • @PW

      "But that’s why there was floor demonstration against Jerusalem as Israeli capital..."

      Exactly right. Will the Democratic nominee have the gall to call in another thumbs up vote if delegates are clearly saying no - even more than last time? Not sure that's gonna fly next time around.

  • NY Times reports source of UNRWA school attack is unclear even though Israel said they did it
  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • "Hamas has not consolidated an occupation regime of its own, plunging Gaza into a parochial horror in which almost ninety per cent of adults live in poverty."

      Hamas is to blame for poverty in Gaza? That's rich, Bernie.

      "...Hamas’s Big Lie countered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s half-truths."

      You've neglected to mention the Biggest Lie in all of this: Zionism. Curious that you would have left this out after writing a book on the subject (The Tragedy of Zionism).

      The "two sides" argument is limited to a shrinking crowd of liberal Zionists like Avishai and history will lump them in with those who sided with the slave power, segregation, apartheid, etc...

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
  • The swan song of the Israeli left
    • Is this critique supposed to pass for a commitment to justice?

      "...I hoped that he would use his talents to inspire the remainder of the left with a new flame — to transform the fragments of despair into sparks of life."

      Uh huh. Care to tell us what this means?

      "The problem is that among us Israelis, nobody dreams of peace anymore, and nobody dreams of justice."

      And what will justice entail in I/P? Aloni doesn't say.

      "It’s time for the left, no matter how broken or fragmented, to pick ourselves up and invent ourselves anew."

      What will your new selves stand for, Mr. Aloni? You've neglected to tell us.

      " We should stand in solidarity with the oppressed and propose an alternative in which the love of Israel and the love of Palestine can merge into one."

      Are you asking Palestinians to merge into loving a Jewish State where "we will expell the Arabs and take their places." How is that going to work out, Udi? Again, he neglects to define an Israel that Palestinians can love.

      "Our job is to help create a radical space where the oppressed don’t need to resort to violence."

      LOL! Isn't that what area C was meant to do?

      With this liberal Zionist pablum Udi Aloni doesn't differentiate himself from Keret or Illouz at all. Say it loud and say it proud, Mr. Aloni: ZIONISM MUST BE ABOLISHED! PALESTINIANS MUST BE EMANCIPATED!

  • Palestinians build tunnel to attack Israeli kindergarten, Netanyahu says
    • A minimially sized, one mile long tunnel would entail the removal of thousands of cubic yards of dirt/rock. Where is it? I don't see it on Beebs graphic.

  • 'Heartbreaking' is U.S. government's talking point for Gaza massacre
    • Obama could announce an indefinite suspension of flights to Israel until hostilities are ended out of concern for American citizens. He would be safe in doing so and we could all watch the spectacle of Israel's supporters telling us that Israel's economy is more important than the safety of American passengers. Announcing an indefinite suspension of flights might also put an earlier end to the massacre in Gaza. But the peace prize winner is too weak to take even this meek, safe measure.

  • Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis
    • @Sumud

      "That’s what happens in the real world: actions have consequences. Steal 78% of a country – antagonise the locals, steal the final 22% and really antagonise the locals."

      ...all while becoming a minority population

    • @Walid

      "There’s another party in the area that can hit anything in TA with accuracy."

      Is there any word on whether or not HB intends to get involved?

  • 'Telegenically Dead': Israel’s crumbling media war
    • Palestinian journalist Rula Jibreal reading Chris Hays the riot act about media bias toward Israel. Wow! She's a little frantic but that's understandable. Hays can't get a word in but he seems sympathetic.

  • CNN headline: "100 people killed today in Israel, Gaza fighting"
    • @Rational Zionist

      Slave owners had a rationale for slavery. Southern states had a rationale for segregation. Afrikaners had a rationale for apartheid. What's your rationale for Zionism?

  • Palestinians celebrate report that Hamas captured Israeli soldier
    • God bless Hamas. They're fighting as best they can against American tax payer financed F-16s, Apache gunships, armed drones, tanks and professional soldiers. They're fighting not because they want to but because common decency demands it. Living year after year under the racist Zionist yoke is unbearable. Let the voices of those of us who are protesing all over the world ring in the ears of brave Hamas fighters, who are little more than a citizen soldier malitia and who are risking their lives and paying the ultimate price for the cause of freedom. Hamas may not win the battle but Palestinians will win the war for liberation.

  • Video: Resistance activists down power line in West Bank
    • @John O

      Angle grinder with 9 1/2" carborundum cut off wheel. A 2" long cut through 1/4" steel would take 60-90 seconds. This is an obvious vulnerability in the US too. Taking out one of the 765,000 volt power line towers in the wilds of Oregon would put California in the dark with no quick fix.

  • Kristof says Stephen Hawking and American Studies Association support Hamas
    • Abolitionists like Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison didn't condition the imperative of abolishing slavery on determining whether or not slave owners kept the leg irons too tight. Abolish Zionism! Emancipate Palestinians!

    • Every bullet, every bomb in this conflict has Zionism as its starting point. Arguments about proportionality, two sides, terrorism, painful compromises, the Holocaust, etc. should start with demanding a defense of Jewish supremacy on its "merits". Enough with the boundaries of polite society wrt Zionism. Instead of asking Sen. Chris Murphy how he feels about Palestinian children killed in Gaza, ask him why American tax payers should pay for a purified, exclusive, racist Jewish State.

  • Arrests without charge of American beating victim's relatives in Jerusalem leave State Dep't 'deeply concerned'
    • The UN defines Genocide this way:

      (a) Killing members of the group;
      (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
      — Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2

      It's curious that Ms. Psaki would say with confidence that Erdogan's genocide claims are "offensive and wrong" and then admit to being confused herself about the meaning of genocide i.e. "there's a range of definitions". Finally, she claims to know nothing about the subject: "I’m sure we can connect you with an expert on this particular issue, Said."

  • Video: Outraged constituents confront CT Senator Chris Murphy over support for Gaza attack
    • @American

      French police using tear gas and stun grenades to defend Israeli fascists against French citizens and their right to protest for justice in Palestine. Incredible.

  • Israel is in a pickle
    • One way or another Zionism has to be abolished. The Jewish State has to go. Equal rights under the law for Palestinians and Jews alike. Let this be the pickle Israel finds itself in after their killing festival in Gaza.

  • Activists occupy UK govt office demanding end to arms trade with Israel
  • Mohyeldin's boss at NBC rallied 'Jewish passion' for Israel when 'it is physically threatened'
    • On Fox News this morning I saw two commercials. One was pleading for contributions for needy Jewish victims of the war complete with footage of concerned volunteers handing out charity sacks to elderly women; the other was pure boilerplate propaganda featuring pictures and quotes of Iranian leaders, chanting jihadists, a defiant B. Netanyahu...

      Zionism must be abolished for the good of all concerned parties.

  • Bowing to AIPAC, Senate unanimously passes resolution supporting Israel
    • When Zionism is swept from the pages of history Senators will say, "Hey, fellating the donkey wasn't my idea. I just did it for the money."

  • Legitimacy crisis: Netanyahu acknowledges Israeli assault lacked legitimacy
    • Arguements about who did what to whom and how it felt go nowhere in the I/P context. Zionism has to go. It has to be abolished. The sooner the discussion about I/P moves to this conclusion the sooner we'll see progress towards ending this horror show of abuse and neglect of Palestinians simply because they're not Jewish.

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
    • Abolishing Zionism should be the central focus of the I/P debate. Without understanding the inherent injustice of Zionism the "cycle of violence" makes no sense, especially for Americans who are still in the dark about what Zionism means and how contrary its aims are to our professed beliefs.

  • The trojan horse of liberal Zionism
    • Abolishing Zionism should become the center of the I/P debate. The much talked about "cycle of violence" is still misunderstood and makes no sense outside the oppressive requirements of Zionism. Most Americans are still in the dark about what Zionism is, what it means and how it contradicts our professed values.

  • Israeli onslaught shatters western belief that Arabs are source of violence
    • @Citizen

      Not sure what you mean by "all about". What I see are priviledged white reps in congress and their white pals on Fox News showing a brazen contempt for people who aren't like them including brown people but also the poor, people who believe in science, Muslims, etc... For many decades now Republicans have shaped this constituency of mostly whites who see threats to "traditional America" behind every lamp post and under every stone.

    • "Traditional America" - where priviledged whites have all the money and make all the laws is under threat and those whites are living in mortal terror of seeing a brown man in the White House, brown aliens at our borders and brown jihadists chanting "Death to America!" White supremacy is dying with whimpers and bangs. Fox News privides us with streaming video of the desperate, pathetic and scary mess.

  • Christie slams Obama for creating daylight between US and Israel
    • "’s becoming more and more plain to Americans that Israel has just one answer to its foundational issues… slaughter the brown people."

      Yes, and the hasbarists always deliver this message with white-looking-sounding defenders of Israel so that older white Americans won't get confused about who the enemy is. They have no answer for the day when this shrinking demographic becomes too small to protect Israel from the growing contempt of the rest of American society.

  • Relentless bombing on Gaza continues: Israel kills media worker, 9 people watching World Cup on beach
    • Excellent points, Donald. I Just finished reading a book about the Civil War battle of Shiloh, 1862. It was the biggest battle up to that point in the war with much bigger ones to come. The conflict lasted just two days and the combined casualties amounted to 23,741 dead or wounded, more casualties at Shiloh than the combined number in all of Americas previous wars - American Revolution, War of 1812 and Mexican American war.

      Maybe Majority Viewer doesn't think ending slavery or slavery in general was that big a deal.

  • Chomsky and BDS
    • A consistant theme in Chomsky's critique of Israel is his belief that behind Israel's crimes is the Great Satan and its "levers of power". His is a classic "they're just taking orders" argument that doesn't hold water. The craven stooping and bowing to Zionist power from Truman on down tells a different story.

  • 'Survival and well-being of the Jewish state' is a national security interest of U.S., Indyk says
    • Indyk: Yes. Because we have a deep and abiding commitment to the survival and well being of the Jewish state...

      And who are "we"? Not the great majority of the American people.

  • Please, pray for Palestine
  • Glib, simplistic, and extreme -- the world according to Richard Landes
    • What was the Iraq war if not an honor killing festival on a grand scale. America's honor had been attacked on 9/11 therefore Iraqi Arabs had to pay with their lives. Questions of guilt were never seriously considered by the "deciders" or most Americans who supported the war.

  • What's your politically-correct World Cup bracket?
  • 'Washington Post' suggests Presbyterians voted against Jews and peace
    • Betsy,

      As I understand it, Presbyterian Church leadership is exclusively responsible for deciding whether or not to stay with PCUSA. Presbyterian bylaws prohibit a congregation wide vote. That makes the decisions about leaving or staying, over issues like gay marriage, etc... much more opaque and subject to the influence of groups like The Layman.

  • The world was right about Iraq-- though Israel got its 'Clean Break'
    • The authors of the 'Clean Break' nonsense didn't count on a grass roots movement that is now undermining the legitimacy of Zionism to a greater extent than Saddam ever could. They figured they had the peoples of the West in their hip pocket. However, far from mobilizing "every possible energy on rebuilding Zionism” the attacks on 9/11 and the follow on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have gone a long way towards losing Western support for Zionism.

  • The most interesting journalist in the world
  • Discrimination is legal, there are no Israelis: Reading the Supreme Court’s decisions on Israeli nationality
  • Palestinian unity deal pits Netanyahu & Congress against White House
    • AIPAC has made sure that American hostilities towards Israel's enemies are baked into US law. No doubt they also pushed hard for their American lackeys to convince Japan that Hamas represents a mortal danger to the Japanese people. Zionists get it in writing as the law of the land in foreign countries then claim that the world is on their side. Enjoy it while it lasts, Zionists. Tick tock...

  • 'NYT' calls Shimon Peres 'outspoken advocate of peace'
    • Thanks for sharing your recent exchange with Rudoren. Bronner, Kirshner and Rudoren all share a deep hostility and bigotry against Palestinians - a prerequisite for the NYT job in Jerusalem. They will be remembered for supporting racist and discriminatory laws, checkpoints, colonial settlement construction, home demolitions, collective punishment, price tag attacks, unlawful arrest and imprisonment, torture, murder, war - and of course Israel's ultimate goal of snuffing out the Palestinian Nation. Rudoren supports these crimes and disguises them in her writing as part of her duty to the state.

  • Movement to divest from Israeli occupation grows at UW-Seattle
    • Those who are celebrating the "resounding defeat" at UW are missing the larger point: 20 years ago there was no campus divestment/BDS movement. Now there are dozens in the US that are just part of a worldwide BDS movement that is gaining momentum every year. So put on your party hats, Zionists, break out the pepsi and marshmallows and celebrate your hollow victory but don't fail to notice that no one outside of your bigoted clique came to the party.

  • NBC’s ‘Dig’ gets $6.5 million from Israel to film in E. Jerusalem while Palestinian residents lack drinking water
    • OT Anderson Cooper interviewing Donald Sterling on CNN. Sterling says Jews take care of each other while Magic Johnson has done nothing for black people, suggesting that black people don't help each other generally. He seems unhinged.

  • 'NYT' correction privileges Israeli military investigation over firsthand Palestinian accounts
    • Jodi Rudoren is a bigot who supports the subjugation and destruction of the Palestinian people.

  • When the going gets tough, Roger Cohen gets going
    • Great piece, Phil. The suddenness of the Civil War came as a surprise to most Americans who never believed it could happen. Cohen will be surprised to see the sudden collapse of Zionism. His apologies for Zionism's racist crimes, and the convulsive hubris we're seeing from many other defenders of Israel, are proof that the collapse is already underway.

  • Racism in service of a pro-Israel agenda-- two 'NYT' editors reveal a bias
    • This is a racist statement, even in the modified form, endorsed by your Public Editor, 'Margaret Sullivan, and your Book Review Editor, Pamela Paul, as reported Sunday, April 20 in Sullivan’s column. Schimmerling’s statement and the ones endorsed by the New York Times editors are patently false and have no place in your newspaper, even as opinion. The test for The New York Times Book Review editors is to ask themselves whether they would have allowed another letter writer to tell similar sweeping lies about any other group of people, anywhere. Would the editors, to take just one example, permit a letter from India to state that “Pakistanis have avowed as their goal the killing of all Indians?”'

      Great stuff, Ira!


      The first sentence of this paragraph is confusing and it doesn't explain Sullivan's suggested use of modifiers beyond refering readers to the April 20 NYT.

  • Tax-deductible US group pushes Israeli control of Temple Mount
  • Obama and Kerry are spurred by 'vainglory' in pursuing talks -- Finkelstein
    • Educating Americans about I/P is beneficial only to the extent that some of those who learn about it will take action. Since the second Intifada the number of Americans learning about I/P and mobilizing to take action has grown a lot. The "American people" are mostly bystanders and that's not going to change but those of us who are mobilized and taking action are gaining traction every year. It'll be a small number of Americans that turn the tide.

      "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

      Margeret Mead

  • The Book of Exodus and the Book of Palestine
    • Our American Constitution dispenses with biblical claims, religious nationalisms, tribalisms and debates about angels and pin heads. Thank God!

  • Roger Ailes demands NY village official take down 'Facebook' post. She says no
  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
  • Why are two Republican congressmen doing a walkabout on the Temple Mount?
    • "I mention this, because during my tenure at Mondoweiss, when I tried to point out just how important the evangelical demographic is, some element of the counterargument seemed to contain a weird element of Jewish egotism. Jews had to be the pivotal element."

      If AIPAC and the Jewish Zionist billionaires and and millionaires who expect reciprocity for their campaign contributions were to stop giving, US support for Israel would collapse in a hurry. Christian Evangelicals don't have the clout. They've spent 40 years trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, put the nativity scene back in our elementary
      schoolsl, etc.. and they've failed. Evangelicals are powerful but they're a distant second to the Jewish institutional power behind US support for Israel. When was the last time an American President, half of congress and most Presidential hopefuls attended The National Prayer Breakfast for Israel? Have we ever seen an Evangelical leader convene a "primary" like the one we just saw in Las Vegas?

  • To reach the 'moveable middle' in Jewish life, you must be inside the tent
    • LeaNder-

      "Or was the the report he had won by 900 votes before, and the judgment only served to confirm it. Which would make more sense."

      It would make more sense. But no, the recount was completed, for the record, only after the 5 judges had suspended the counting of votes and announced that Bush was the winner. Putting an end to the recount, however, didn't start with the US Superme Court. Florida's republican Secretay of State, Katherine Harris, decided to end the recount and even though the Florida Supreme Court overturned her decision, the US Supreme Court upheld it, saying that time had run out for counting votes. Conservative US Supreme Court justice Sandra Day-O'Connor, who provided the decisive vote in Bush's favor, later said she regretted that decision. As it turned out, however, Bush did end up winning Florida and hence the election.

      By the way, Katherine Harris and Florida Governor Jeb Bush had pushed through policies that made a significant number of Florida citizens ineligible to vote in the 2000 election, many of them African Americans. There were enough "ineligible" voters to swing the election in favor of Gore - something for Mr. Fleshler to consider while he's looking around for liberals to blame for the Bush disaster.

    • LeanDer

      The recount was completed after the SC called it off. It was reported that Bush won by some 900 votes.

  • Israel's brand rides high on NPR
    • C&D

      Here are the panelist participants. You'll find their bios at the link below.

      Stuart Schoffman - Israeli journalist

      Richard Jones - US ambassador/diplomat

      Suhad Babaa - director Justvision

      There are dedicated activists in the Denver/Boulder area working towards justice in I/P. The activists in Boulder don't include CU students which is a real departure from days of yore when CU was a hotbed of agitation against the Viet Nam war and SA apartheid. CU is behind the curve in that respect. However, there's an active group at DU (Denver University). The "general public" around Boulder/Denver isn't concerned with I/P - just like everywhere else in the country. However, our small minority of activists, from any and all parts of the country, have the righteous might of justice on our side, while our opposition has only the rickety crutch of institutional power and money propping them up. We're winning and we will win. That was clear at the World Affairs Conference panel on I/P where not one person from the audience stood up to defend Israel. Not one.

      "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has."

      -Margaret Mead

    • "Do you ever feel that you’re having no effect whatsoever on the issue?"

      Behind NPR's happy-face facade, the structure of public support for Israel is crumbling quickly. On Thursday I sat in on a panel discussion called Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians: What Progress Looks Like at the annual CU Conference on World Affairs. Two of the panelists, Richard Jones and Stuart Schoffman, were Israel supporters and they were calcified, old, stiff, pessimistic defenders of the status quo. Both of them were stuck in the mud of the Oslo years and had nothing to recommend in the way of progress other than to keep talking about talking with the hope that someday things would change for the better. The third panelist was a young Palestinian woman named Suhad Babaa. She was bright, energetic, confident and composed. She was easily the most likeable of the group and she actually had constuctive opinions about "what progress looks like" - supporting BDS, for example.

      Following their talks, audience members were invited to ask questions. All of them challenged Israeli policy with their questions which only highlighted the ridgid defensiveness of Jones and Schoffman. Not one audience member stood up to defend Israel.

      NPR is still lives in the "dream castle." Out here in the regions things are changing quickly and NPR will have to adapt sooner rather than later.

  • 'No decision has been made on Jonathan Pollard,' says State Dep't
    • @Walid

      "Marwan Barghouti, a reincarnated Arafat."

      What do you mean? What's your impression of Barghouti? I understood him to be very popular before his thunder was stolen by the triumphant return of the "Tunisians."

  • 'Not a single person in this room would accept living as Palestinians do, generation after generation'
    • Chu,

      A week or so ago PBS did a story on the '79 Camp David Accords as it's depicted in a current play on the subject. Margaret Warner was presented as an expert on the history and she provided background analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict. At one point she contrasts two competing points of view: The Palestinian view that the world stood by while they were dispossessed and Manachim Begin's view that the world stood by while the horrors of the Holocaust were bing committed. Warner offered these perspectives as if they both had equal merit.

      It's obvious that the world stood by and continues to stand by as Palestinians are/were expelled from their homes. But the notion that the world "stood by" during the Holocaust, an opinion that went unchallenged by Warner, is absurd. Some 60 million people died in WWII, the biggest war in human history, and many of them were soldiers who paid the ultimate price to defeat Nazi Germany. To memorialize the lives of 6 million Jews who lost their lives to Nazi Germany while characterizing tens of millions of others as merely bystanders is insulting.

  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • What's the basis for Hirsi Ali's Harvard fellowship and how, in the first place, did Brandeis U arrive at the decision to give her an honarary degree before deciding against it? I'd love to know how it was decided that she was worthy of this honorific booty.

  • Courageous conductor, democratic society -- the NYT's Mehta meme
    • Good article Ira. The comments section of Times articles on I/P has to give the Times management something to worry about. If their paper is more widely understood as a Zionist propaganda machine people will stop buying it. Bill Keller offered a mea culpa of sorts following the Times' failures in the run-up to the Iraq war. No such apologies or justifications have been seen wrt the Times devotion to Zionism. It just goes on and on and its readers are starting to notice.

  • Why the 'Forward's' support for SodaStream is antithetical to progressive values
    • Krauss

      Are you talking to me? If so, you misunderstood my point. The editorial cited claims that Americans are safe and secure - far removed from the the high stakes of I/P. That's clearly not the case and the long history of terrorism against the US shows that. Shortly after 9/11 Sharon warned Bush not to "appease the Arabs at Israel's expense." Sharon knew what time it was. He certainly got his way and we're still paying the price for appeasing Israel.

    • "...from the safety and security of America" - ask an American victim of 9/11.

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