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  • Norr responds to Ash: Who is trying to get the solidarity movement back on track and who is merely fanning the flames of division?
    • Lol “only Jews" are invited to the Liberation of Palestine party. Is that like you broke it you own it policy? The narcissicism is something to behold, it really is.

    • This coming from the one man Auto de Fe. Unbelievable.

  • No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom
    • Colin are you trying to atone for all your good commentary? What I see is a peice of street art that depicts some stereotypically greedy old banker sorts. If you or others see Jew in that that is your problem. My mom is a Jew and I have the neurosis to prove it, and I thank Jupiter that I dont go through life looking for things to be sanctimoniously offended about. And why on earth does Ha Aaretz now have The Welsh Dragon on its masthead?

    • He seems very satisfied that a brave and effective advocate has been laid low. How odd?

    • Ok. see this is how rumors get started. She never said any such thing. She supposedly linked to a Eustace Mullins video in which HE said it among many other things. This is how pernicious this is.

    • Really despicable how a group of very comfortable people that haven't known a day of deprivation in their lives are giving the third degree to an obviously altrustic woman who has put her body behind her beliefs. What a bunch of disgusting scoundrels.

    • well done!

  • Free Gaza Movement Twitter controversy leads Jewish Voice for Peace to distance itself from group
    • What he was thinking was the same thing he was thinking when he went after Israel Shamir and Gilad Atzmon. You may draw your own conclusions.

    • So you say we purge her than? OK is there any one else you would like to judge and sentence today? Maybe someone else who has actually put their body on the line. You realize 8 people were killed aboard the Mavi Marmara?

    • I AM SPARTACUS! No seriously I do as well this whole thing is despicable. This women has risked her life on several occasions trying to break this iniquitous siege. And because she links to some obscure dead dude who talks about the Federal Reserve she is castigated and purged by pissant neophytes and scoundrels. And the very nature of these type of things has me refuting the argument that "she said antisemitic stuff". The followers will just nod along, never bother to actually view the source material, do some research before joining the mob. When even the linked material in question doesn't say anything antisemitic. He may have been clumsy but it is well documented that Zionism and Nazism were complicit. Kapos ran day to day operations in the camps, Jewish police patrolled the ghettos, were they Jews? Zionists? The Judenrat? So what, this is counterproductive and designed to be so. "Abunimah has made EI. very successful" so what? He gets invites to liberal wishy washy conferences and keeps it all very PC. And the Gazans starve, and the pogroms continue in the OT, on Al Aqsa. Jerusalem is ethnically cleansed, more airstrikes, settler lynchings, desecration of holy sites, torture, and we are doing a Sherlock Holmes to find hints of antisemitism. This is why I am personally disgusted with the left, it is a narcissistic and moribund lifestylism masquerading as a polity.

  • NY state senator puts on Israeli uniform to play soldier on Syrian border
  • 127 new US immigrants to Israel join the army
  • Jon Stewart on Romney's painfully oblivious racism against Palestinians
    • lol some of the commentators here are in a perpetual timewarp. They year after year say how wonderful the cryto-zionist and unfunny boring hack Jon Stewart is, how he's really coming around and finally seeing the light. And yes the Dems are horrible but oh my the Rethugs are truly evil incarnate. Even the ones who seem to get it, then nullify everything they've said by lionizing Glenn Greenwald. Who I assure you will eventually reluctantly endorse Obama. He is another slick and sneaky little gatekeeper, never goes quite far enough, still thinks the elites are bound by "laws" other than the law of the jungle. I shake my head. It truly baffles me. Its like expecting to reform NPR or The NY Times. It is delusional.

    • If you include New York its four, separate Brooklyn and its five.

    • DING DING DING you are today's winner. These people like Stewart are partisan hack cryto-zionists, maybe not so crypto. They have zero political consistancy; an act they criticize will be praised or ignored depending on the party affiliation of the actor. They a bourgeoisie liberals. Maddow is a good example, how any of you intelligent folks still involve yourselves in electoral politics is beyond me, we are well passed thay stage.

  • Canadian band attacked by Israel lobby group after playing song titled 'Apartheid'
  • Yes, what about Syria?
    • I want to write a counter article for Mondoweiss the title will be "Dear Eleanor Rigby My Syrian Friends say your Syrian Friends are full of s**t" Phil? Max??

    • Indeed @Annie its a virtual Derry in The East just how they like it; divided and conquered. There is also a campaign to destabilize the Maliki government in play. Now elements of the Sunni insurgency that was part of nominal resistance to US occupation is being utilized as an Anti-Shia destabiliztion force in Iraq and as mercenaries in Syria.

    • Quite the little pair you too. #gag you align yourself with John McCain and Joe Lieberman these are your allies, what does that tell you? You are so brilliant, yet you can't see an imperialist campaign right before your eyes. Yay Saddam is gone only millions dead and ethnic cleansing now the cleansed Christians from Iraq who escaped to Syria can get massacred in Syria whopper purple thumbs, elections...

    • Except foreign NGO'S were and are trying to influence Russian domestic politics. It's just more aggressive shall we say in Syria with mercenaries, special forces, spies and various other scum carrying out a destabilize and terrorized template. But let's not tell our benevolent liberal interventionist here. The non western controlled elements of SNC have been subsumed by FSA scoundrels.

    • Yeah "move on" to the balkanized warring rump state that Libya now is. So Israel can have another go at Lebanon and have unrestricted regional hegemony. Your touching concern is duly noted.

  • Syria: No to intervention, no to illusions
    • Dammit hit enter. Not to mention Syria seems to be the bulwark against total regional Israeli hegemony. This is to weaken or detach Hizbollah, prepare for and carry out more aggression in Lebanon, isolate and soften up Iran. Of course NATO and the Western axis see this all as a greater strategy in a proxy conflict with The Russo-Chinese power configuration.

    • To say that Israel is happy with the Assad government is either disingenuous or naive. The very reason he is being targeted is because he is non compliant with Western/Zionist aims. The idea is to surround Israel with mono confessional Sunni enclaves or Balkanized warring ethnic micro states: Plan Oded Yinon.

    • I love the Syria isn't Libya line, where Q'addaffi was opposed by a great majority. Who says so? The country is now a balkanized lawless he'll hole of warring racist and Salifist militias. Had to throw in just a touch of the crypto-Zio propaganda, but that's not surprising coming from this one.

  • Sam Harris, uncovered
  • Israeli navy attacks international observers off the coast of Gaza
    • "Intervention to stop internecine slaughter or genocide is not a miscarriage of justice no matter who is doing it. Comparing the ICC to tme role of NATO in the former Yugoslavia is completely whackey.."
      lol you're a liberal interventionist. You probably think "Q'addaffi was giving Viagra to black mercenaries" its all on who defines 'internecine slaughter' its a cudgel welded against the weak by the strong I reckon.

    • "I don’t have to. He started publicly complaining about the dangers of universal jurisdiction a decade ago. See Henry Kissinger, The Pitfalls of Universal Jurisdiction: Risking Judicial Tyranny, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2001; Christopher Hitchins, The Fugitive, Nation magazine, June 25, 20012001"
      so basically four inches of text telling me the impact has been that he complained? SCATHING!

    • Interoperability should be interopers.

    • "That the rest of the world adopted the prohibitions contained in the UN Charter, the 1949 Geneva Conventions, and established the ICJ, and ICC as a response to atrocities committed by all sides in WWII and subsequent conflicts."
      And these strictures are ignored at will by the powerful states; we wage aggressive war, and torture, extrajudicially assassinate, kidnap etc. In fact we maintain a 'Gulag Archipalgo' internally and externally. So you're making my point for me. I don't advocate removing any remedy to obtain justice for Palestine, and I just think it's asinine to believe the same institutional constructs that gave an entire state to interoperability and maintains the iniquity is going to deliver anything but endless process. Besides is HAMAS legally able to petition for Statehood, and are these avenues available to them, the representatives of the people of Gaza or just FATAH, the nominal leadership of a divided rump state? I They can't even halt the internationally recognized illegal encroachment in the WB. Jerusalem is being ethnically cleansed, and every institution regards this as an illegality and yet nothing happens. Do you expect the corrupt leadership to be anything other than compradores? You must remember even recently Abbas' despicable behavior re the UN.regarding Israelis aggression in Gaza would you expect him to do anything remotely beneficial for his people?

    • Oh dont forget Micronesia, Micronesia..

    • I'm afraid I'm not understanding your point re The Nuremberg Tribunals? As for the UNSC. what makes you think that would change, this is the law of the jungle. You see currently Russia and China have vetoed aggression against Syria so now Killary Et-Al may go "unilateral" and bypass The UN. altogether ala Yugoslavia aka do what they want anyway because that's what gangsters do. What do I need to research? I'm not interested in the details of these institutions, they are not going to do anything to help. Why this isn't abundantly clear to you people at this juncture? Is past performance not indicative of anything at all?

    • I dont think I care for your tone lol. Your a smarmy little know it all aren't you. Nuremberg, Ha! victors justice, What about Dresden, Nagasaki, Hiroshima? You seem to think these institutions are somehow going to deliver justice to Palestine? You are deluding yourself, but you're probably an attorney oor something so I forgive you for being simultaneously arrogant and naive as a babe. Oh golly gee willikers, Intervention Amy Goodman is reporting that Bush cant travel to,blah,blah,blah. Ask Kissinger how his life has been impacted by being an international war crimminal while he shuttles from one conference to another planing new ways to cause misery. Dude you need to wake up and smell the coffee these institutions are populated by the same agents and careerist bureaucrats that caused the problems in the first place. You simply cannot correct a system using the same system that sustains it. But you keep on auditioning for the CFR with your posts.

    • "type of state position " should be two state position.

    • You're missing my point dear sir; that relying on Elite quasi-state institutions for justice for Palestine is a fools errand. This is the dogmatism of Finklestein and Chomsky, and it's an anachronism like the type of state position. This is from the ICC's own Site :"To date, the Court has opened investigations into seven situations in Africa: the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Uganda; the Central African Republic; Darfur, Sudan; the Republic of Kenya; the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire. [24] Of these seven, three were referred to the Court by the states parties (Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic), two were referred by the United Nations Security Council (Darfur and Libya) and two were begun proprio motu by the Prosecutor (Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire" what does this tell you? I I'm not seeing any genocideres in the order of millions say in Iraq?

    • You're the second one to be a pedant and criticize what @ahadhaadam said, and its ridiculous. He wrongly stated some legal arcania? Big friggen deal, hes absolutely correct in spirit, The ICC is an imperialist cats paw and will do NOTHING unless its some African or Yugoslavian enemy du jour, Im sure there already measuring the dock for Assad. Go file a tort. Everybody that comments like this acts like they're auditioning for a job writing for the WSJ. get over yourselves.

  • Video: Israeli officer throws stones and shoots live ammo at Palestinian protesters
  • 80 refugees are rounded up as Israel's Interior Minister declares, 'this country belongs to the white man'
  • Alterman says BDS shares Ahmadinejad's agenda, and Hezbollah's too

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