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  • The world the settlers made
    • The lady from Efrat says of the Palestinians: “They missed their chance.” They didn’t miss it; they sold it – at least those in the WB did.

      Phil says it over and over, he shows more than one photo of Palestinian workers to drive home the point: It’s the Palestinians who are building those settlements. And they have been for 50 years. This is not slave labor; it’s paid. IOW, here’s a shekel, go slit your throat and the throats of your children. And they do.

      The Palestinians built those settlements for a price, what right have they to complain now about settlements? If they claim the land is theirs, then why would they build houses for Jews on it?

      I know, I know. The Palestinians are poor. They need the money. That’s the ole’ prostitutes’ rationalization. Give me a shekel and I’ll do whatever you want – maybe after a while my life will improve and I can move on to banking or politics. Americans often try to analogize from Palestinians to AmerIndians. Yeah, I don’t think so. How many AmerIndians debased themselves to the point of building towns for the white pricks who were running them off the land?

      The Palestinians missed their chance alright, when they began abetting the theft of their own land. Sometimes the victim really is the architect of his own misery. As long as the Palestinians voluntarily participate in the Judiazation of the WB, I have a hard time finding sympathy for them. Instead of stabbing a bunch of iJews and getting blown away themselves, why don’t the Palestinians just quit building the Jews’ houses and laying their infrastructure?

      Gaza . . . now that’s a different matter altogether.

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • Thanks so much for this series, David. Having just discovered your website, I am in awe of the amount of effort you have expended on what many of us perceive to be the most frightening political threat to the species, and I’m talkin’ about the Samson Option and 400 surreptitious nukes controlled by the likes of Bibi, and the violent fundamental Wahhabis/Salafis running out of control all through the region. It is not an “optimistic” mix for the future of the world as a whole.

      A couple of questions:

      1) Your first article left off (just before the 400!! comments) with the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine – 1922. Your second article begins with the 1947 British summary on the cock-up referred to as the British Mandate. There’s 25 very interesting years in between that include a world war. We don’t get much info on what was going on in Palestine during WWII.

      You allude in this article to both Jews and Arabs supporting the British effort. But I thought the Nazis were supported by the Arabs -- that whole Desert Fox thing, which might have influenced the viewpoint of Truman in 1948 deciding whether to go with the Jews or the Arabs in the Palestine deal. Did WWII play no role in the debacle that took place in Palestine in 1948?

      2) Another historical point that is never discussed is the intra-Semitic demographics of those 1.3M Jews in Palestine at the time the Mandate ended. My impression is that they were virtually all Ashkenazi from Eastern Europe/Russia, who were never all that well integrated into their communities, as rumor has it. Why would one expect them to become integrated with Arabs? I mean, my understanding is that Irgun, Stern Gang, and the other Semitic terrorist groups in Palestine were comprised of Ashkenazi. I wouldn’t want them in my back yard either, and I get along with everybody.

      What fraction of the Jews in Palestine at the end of the Mandate were Sephardi? And my reason for asking it is that it seems the Sephardi did pretty well living next to and among Muslims after the fall of the Second Temple, and I’m thinking of their generally peaceful and mutually beneficial co-existence with the Arabs in N. Africa and the Moors in Andalusia in the Middle Ages (up until the Catholics started butchering them all in 1492). Did Sephardi Jews play a significant role in the Nakba? Were there Sephardi Stern Gangs? Is the analysis of this situation helped by considering differences in the histories and psychologies of Sephardi vs Ashkenazi?

      I guess another way to ask the question I’m asking is this: If I had a Helen Thomas magic wand and could make all the Jews in Palestine go back to “wherever the Hell they came from,” wouldn’t most of them end up in the Ukraine, Poland, Russia, etc.?

      3) When you study that map of the UN partition plan, it really is an attractive proposition from today’s viewpoint. Those two tiny points of continuity between both sides, are beautiful. Ports for both sides, access to the Jordan R. for both sides. The Jews got 55%, but most of the excess was sand. I can totally see the Arabs' point of view, but maybe it could have been another Granada . . . dreamin’ again.

  • StandWithUs invests nearly half a million dollars in ongoing anti-BDS lawsuit against Olympia Food Co-Op
    • Phan, you've done a great job in following this very important issue, particularly the back-story of StandWithUs aka Captain Israel. Looks like your work may be just beginning.

      The best case scenario that I see is that the Olympia Food Coop folks will now file for a summary judgment and the judge will throw the case out again -- but the standard is different for SJ than under the anti-SLAPP law, which is what the WA Supreme Court was concerned about.

      And the judge could still apply sanctions against these Zionists if he finds the suit was frivolous or has no reasonable basis.

      But this is likely to be a long haul for the OFC folks, and if the case gets into discovery, it will be expensive. The Captain Israel folks have all that money behind them that the US taxpayer sends to Israel then coming back to the Washington lawyers by way of Captain Israel.

      This is a very important case for the BDS movement. If readers here have some spare cash, I'm sure the Center for Constitutional Rights people could use some help. I'm not affiliated with them and don't know any of them, I would just hope they can stand up financially to the Zionists.

      Here's where you can find a copy of the WA Supreme Court's opinion:

      link to

  • Now Obama needs to 'compensate' Netanyahu -- NYT pipes Israeli propaganda (Update)
    • Agree completely -- this one stands out as a MW Top 40. The only down side is that now I have to wade through Rudoren's zio-shtick to get the full effect of annie's take-down.

      "...the operative word here ... is after." Great line. I gotta' stop laughing before dinner or I'll choke on my pizza.

      But what concerns me is that neither Rudoren nor Obama are the fat lady, and this thing ain't over 'til she sings. We have a long way to go before this preliminary agreement to agree in principle pending further talks and new deadlines can be considered a win for anybody. A long way to go. Deadlines come, deadlines go, IRI keeps digging deeper into the mountain. . .as any sane country would do having been threatened by the likes of GoI.

  • Israelis go to the polls today--and nobody knows who will win (Updated)
    • I'm having some heartburn over the headline. " -- and nobody knows who will win" implies that somebody should know who will win.

      Implying that somebody should know who will win further implies a rigged election.

      This is not Florida.

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
    • CaD I tried to put up the link to the Palm Beach PD arrest affidavit last night, but it looks like Phil spiked it.

      He might think this police account of what Epstein did to those girls is just too sickening for a "family website."

    • Thanks, CaD

      I've been a guardian ad litem for kids, and this stuff just makes by blood boil. If you've read the May01.2006 affidavit of Detective Recarey for the arrest warrant for Epstein, you'll know what I mean.

      Let 'em grow up, fer chriz sake -- a sentiment I'm sure we can all agree on.

    • Thanks, CaD -- state court documents are not that easy to come by.

      Daily Mail keeps saying that Dersh filed defamation suits against Edwards/Cassell in "London and the US." They don't say what court. Those DM hacks get confused awfully easily.

      As noted above Dersh claims to be happy to be sued b/c it gives him the chance to depose Edwards/Cassell. But if Dersh had filed his own suit, he would already have the chance to depose them.

      As for his 11- paragraph declaration in the Jane Does case filed yesterday, here's a line by line take down -- the declaration is pathetic; e.g., he never denies being an eye-witness to Epstein's pediatric perversions.

      Dissecting Dirty Dersh's Declaration
      link to

      As predicted in the article, now that his sworn statement has gone public and he has his denials out there, Dersh will probably withdraw the motion to intervene in order to prevent Edwards/Cassell from deposing him in that case.

      It's the depositions that will rip this whole thing wide open. That and getting the US attorney's correspondence related to the non-prosecution agreement.

  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • Annie -- "plus video". That's funny, very subtle of you. Epstein is probably as famous for that YT as for his kiddie-sex. Asked in the very first question of a deposition if his penis is egg-shaped, he stormed out. And fair 'nuf.

      I've been deposed more times than I can count, but I've never asked or been asked anything so outrageous. I mean the question is so vague any judge would throw it out in the blink of an eye. I would have made them re-state the question w/ more specificity: Are you referring to an ostrich egg, or hummingbird?

    • You're right W.Jones, it's weird. And it's weirder if you dig down deeper than the MSM and BS have done so far.

      Court documents show that Bruce Reinhart was an atty in the US Attorney's Office in the South FL district when Epstein was being investigated by the FBI. The US attorneys offered Epstein a "non-prosecution agreement" (NPA), which is rare. USAO agreed to drop the investigation of Epstein and "co-conspirators" if Epstein pled to minor state charges.

      IOW, this was not a "plea bargain" because there were never even any federal charges. And that is what has everyone scratching their heads -- the FBI had good stuff on this pedophile and his "friends" for up to 40 charges of kiddie-sex and producing kiddie porn, why did they give Epstein an NPA and let them all go????

      IMO when a DA does something procedurally crazy that benefits the perp and the perp is filthy rich, check the DA's bank account.

      Funny thing about that: Reinhart was a US attorney involved in the Epstein case until he quit in 2008. Epstein's NPA deal went down in June, 2008.

      According to Exhibit "C" in one of these cases (Epstein v. Rothstein et al) Reinhart left the USOA's office and was hired by Epstein to represent Epstein's people. For instance, Reinhart represented Epstein's young "assistant" Sarah Kellen in a deposition.

      Reinhart also tried to intervene in the current Crime Victims' Rights Act case to set aside the sickening NPA deal given to Epstein. It is amazing to me that Reinhart is permitted to touch this case in any capacity.

      The other interesting but unspoken thing in this case is the "lop-sided demographics". The case has been, basically, the Jane Does' lawyer Brad Edwards pitted against Epstein, Dershowitz, Reinhart, Rothstein, Weinberg. Etc. Foxman undoubtedly sees Edwards as antisemitic. I don't think so. Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew are swimming in this mess somewhere, and they ain't Jewish.

      Jane Doe #3, Virginia Roberts, who is pushing this thing is now married w/ 3 kids and living in Australia. She's a brave, and now undoubtedly wealthy, lady. But I don't see a further payout for her in this action. The suit is against the USG to reopen the criminal charges, not against Epstein.

      The worrying thing to me is that JD#3 claims she was provided to a famous prime minister while she was a minor. Hmmm .... Barak (and I ain't talkin' Obama) was PM during this time, and he was a good friend of Epstein. Probably just a coincidence, eh? Tony Blair was on Epstein's buddy-list, too. Who knows? But one way or the other this thing is going to be huge unless these people can be shut up.

      Here's a link to Exhibit "C" -- it includes the original Dershowitz claims and a lot more.

      link to

  • Dempsey bucks Obama line by praising Israelis for Gaza tactics
    • @seafroid: The bots pay a lot for political influence and Dempsey had to throw them a biscuit. But the bigger picture is very disturbing for them. They lost a lot of friends in August.

      You gave a link to the DM, but just as apropos would be this link to the Independent: "Labour funding crisis: Jewish donors drop 'toxic' Ed Miliband"

      link to

      For those not following UK politics, Ed Miliband is a Jew and the current leader of the Labour Party, trying to boot David Cameron out in next year's elections.

      Talk about losing a lot of friends in August. After Operation Protective Dredge killed 2200 Gazans and the entire infrastructure of Gaza, Miliband was very critical of Israel and Labour was standing with Palestine, which, of course, carried an extra punch b/c Miliband is an alpha-dog Jewish politician.

      Every since then the UK press have absolutely ripped him apart over the dumbest things, and he is now barely hanging on as Labour leader. Long-time Jewish Labour donors are fleeing, including actress Maureen Lipman.

      Under UK elections law English politicians are only permitted to spend 19M GBP per party and large individual donors are very important. And so this is a small-scale version of what happens to US politicians who turn against GoI.

      Dempsey, no doubt aware of the power of the Israeli-controlled press, is just keeping his cards in play should he ever decide to become America's next Eisenhower.

    • the terrorist enemy “from Gaza” which curses, defames and abuses the God of Israel’s battles.

      Sounds like a load of Salafists' crap. Or, more particularly, the Salafists being Semites, too, it sounds like a load of generalized My-Guy-In-the-Sky crap.

      Here is the GoI battle plan, straight from Moses:

      When you draw near to a city to fight against it, offer terms of peace to it. And if its answer to you is peace and it opens to you, then all the people who are found in it shall do forced labor for and shall serve you.

      But if it makes no peace with you, but makes war against you, then you shall besiege it; and when the Lord your God gives it into your hand, you shall put all of its males to the sword, but the women and the little ones, the cattle, and everything else in the city, all its spoil, you shall take as booty; and you shall enjoy the spoil of your booty which the Lord your God has given you." Deuteronomy 20:10-14

      With all due respect, Colonel, in response to your theological position, your My-Guy-In-the-Sky of Israel's battles can suck my a**.

  • In and out of love with Israel: Tzvia Thier's story
    • These points on some Jews claiming exclusivity to the word "holocaust" are so well taken. I am especially annoyed when it is capitalized, as if the Jewish holocaust was "The" only one, and the mass deaths and suffering of other peoples don't really count. It's about as arrogant as it gets.

      Sure it's proper to refer to the Jewish holocaust, just as it's proper to refer to the AmerIndian holocaust, the Cambodian holocaust, the Lebanese holocaust, the Assyrian holocaust, the Armenian holocaust (even if Obama is too "chickenshit" to do so) . . . & etc. But there is no "The Holocaust."

      But many Jews -- and not just Zionists -- claim some sort of trademark right in "holocaust," whether capitalized or not. It's a brand. It's a way to control the message, just like defining "antisemitism" as any comment or thought that is not philosemitic. He who controls the lexicon controls the dialog.

      This Tsiva is one tough lady. Bless her. (I, personally, would have momentarily suspended all that John Lennon give peace a chance yada, pushed the sucker down the well, and put the lid back on it. At least my inner Walter Mitty would have.)

  • The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine (Updated)
    • @talknic: Well, from at least the Roman era, without the help of the Zionist Federation, Jewish folk could and did hold Palestinian citizenship

      Beg pardon?? What, exactly, did "Palestinian citizenship" look like under the Crusader's occupation in the 12th c. AD, or under the Mongols in the 13th C., or under the Ottomans -- to name but a few.

    • These historical posts and comments are, IMO, the most valuable contributions to MW. This sort of research takes a lot of effort and is appreciated, and I include talknic’s contributions when I say that.

      GoI has survived largely by promoting a two-part emotional meme of 1) the miracle of Israel, which is a 2) tiny democratic country surrounded by enemies and terrorist groups. That tactic has to be countered by promoting a two-part historical reality that 1) the i-Jews stole (and are stealing) the Palestinians’ lands 2) by terrorism, duplicity, and illegal military assaults.

      Most Americans automatically side with GoI because Americans have a problem getting over a very high emotional barrier created by Munich, Achille Lauro, decades of Palestinian bus and market bombings, & etc. In the past there has been no way for Americans to understand that the excesses of violence by the Palestinians in the aggregate do not come close to the terrorism inflicted by i-Jews on Palestinians right back to the early 1940's. The Palestinian side of the historical story has been kept sub rosa by the MSM. Like, when was the last History Channel program on Irgun.

      Perhaps high-volume websites like MW promoting the historical perspective of scholars like David and talknic can overcome the massive failure, if not collusion, of the MSM to get out the Palestinians’ side of the story.

      A couple of comments on the post:

      “And please, everyone, stop calling it the pre-1967 border: it is not a recognized border, and it did not move an inch in 1967.”

      Thank you, David. I have been trying to drive that point home for years. “Green-line” or “1967 borders” – hasbara that everybody buys into and constantly re-tweets. The proper boundary recognized by the UN, the US, and every other country is the 1948 partition line and that’s what we should all be referring to. It’s also the minimum of what the Palestinians should be demanding, IMO.

      “Palestine has said that, in the interests of peace, Israel can keep the land stolen in 1948-49. This is a wise decision. The stolen land is fully integrated with the rest of Israel, and this situation is irreversible. ”

      I can’t agree with your soft position. Nothing that is man-made is irreversible. The fact that GoI has “fully integrated” Palestinian land means nothing about who has a moral and legal claim on it.

      If your neighbor builds his garage on your backyard and “fully integrates” that part of your backyard into his property, that doesn’t constitute or justify a transfer of ownership. Now, if you ignore the problem for 20 years or so, then the doctrine of adverse possession can be used by the neighbor to acquire legal title. This is why Hamas’ hardline makes sense.

      Also the “Palestine has said” clause causes me slight heartburn. Perhaps you could give us a citation of “Palestine” saying such a thing.

      As for your discussion of a wider view of border negotiations -- bingo! Maybe that map you base the post on ought to be completely discarded and the entire borders issue thrown wide open.

      I favor the well-known last-brownie approach to settling the dispute. When kids fight over the last brownie, many moms will make one of them cut it in two, and the other one then gets first choice.

      The world's powers should force both sides of this dispute to sit down at a table with a map of the former Palestinian Mandate. One side is given a pen and a straight edge and instructed to draw a straight-line border across the map anywhere they please. The other side then chooses the part that is theirs. Such a line would almost have to run generally E-W and north of Jerusalem but south of Tel Aviv. My guess is that most i-Jews would prefer Tel Aviv and Golan to Jerusalem, the Negev, and access to the Gulf of Aqaba, and most Palestinians the opposite.

      Just dreamin’ . . . The world’s powers are too stupid to take such a simple approach to the world’s most dangerous problem. Eventually, it’ll be solved by WWIII, in which case Dimona will glow for a thousand years and nobody will want the Negev -- or any of it.

  • SodaStream says it plans to leave West Bank for the Negev, but boycotters promise to not let up
    • annie, thanks so much for that extensive response. Sorry to waste your time.

      I disagree with your journalistic philosophy. Your reader should not have to "do some research" in order to be able to understand what you are saying. Some of your "facts" seem a bit dodgy, which is why I suggested sourcing them. That's why God gave us hyperlinks.

      Bedouins are not nomadic? OK. News to me. I'll pass that on to the UN and Haaretz, they haven't got the word yet:

      Since the 1970s, the State of Israel has been in active conflict with its Bedouin citizens. The Bedouin, who see themselves as nomads and the original inhabitants of the desert, live more or less where they see fit. The government, though, wants to place them in organized communities, which it says it the only way it can provide them with public services like education and healthcare.
      link to

      My point was that it would be lovely if you had provided some sort of sourcing for your assertion that Bedouins had title to the land that GoI took from them. The point is interesting both in that 1) you're asserting Bedouins gained title to the land and 2) you're asserting the land was then confiscated. Your readers should not have to go digging to confirm that information or to figure out where you it.

      Kelo is relevant in that it points out that even if the Bedouins did have title, they wouldn't be the first people in modern times to be removed from their homes by economic interests -- even our great, liberal Jewish mind on the USSCt supports that concept. Sorry if you didn't see my point.

      I don't think you're being disingenuous, but your answer about ScarJo is not making sense. The question was how could the attacks on ScarJo last January (2014) have been responsible for the SS move to Negev when construction on the new site began long before ScarJo ever came up? Your own timeline says that the SS decision to move/build was made at least as far back as 2012 -- two years before the ScarJo flap.

      IOW, SodaStream's ScarJo disaster may have busted the stocks but had nothing to do with the move. All you do in response to my confusion at your assertions is say the ScarJo attack launched BDS of SS into the media's attention. I agree. But that was AFTER the move had been decided and construction began. Google "non sequitur."

      You are justifiably proud of the effect BDS is having -- I'm with you 100% and admire you for being in this thing, sleeves-up. Wish I had your courage. All I'm saying is the SS decision to move was made years before ScarJo was ever mentioned, and before BDS ever had any effect on SS's stock price or income stream. I seriously doubt that SS stock started to tank in 2009 b/c of Code Pink's efforts -- SS didn't even go public until Nov.2010, and went up and up. A little research on the company's history would have told you that.

    • @annie: This is the same news we’ve heard repeatedly over the last couple years.

      We have??? The two links in your sentence both go to the same ToI page -- Feb13.2014. I don’t see any support there for the “last couple years” and I don't recall hearing this news or reading about SS long-term plans to move.

      So, SS has had the new factory under construction for 2 years??? Well, that means it must have been in the planning stage for a year or two before that. I’m lost. If moving from WB to Negev has been the SS plan for years, then how does BDS or the attacks on ScarJo get credit? I can see the effect on stock prices, but the stock crashed years after the decision to move must have been finalized and at least a year after construction began.

      But the BDS "victory" that is being promoted is that BDS put pressure on SS to get out of WB, and everybody called ScarJo a SuperBowl-soda-whore, and those tactics drove the stock price down, and that’s why SS is leaving WB. But apparently not. Looks like the move was part of a long-term plan.

      annie: So why are we hearing this now? Perhaps it’s because SodaStream stock is still floundering down in the low 20’s and has hardly budged all month.

      Or . . . perhaps it’s because SS made the announcement 5 days ago.

      Besides, when is "now." I note that as of today (Nov04) the date on this post is Nov 2, but many of the comments are dated Oct30. Prof. Peabody???

      @annie: the land this industrial park is built on was confiscated from bedouins [sic], many of them still holding title

      This is the real story here -- land confiscation -- if it could be properly sourced. Bedouins “holding title” to land? Doesn’t sound like desert nomads to me.

      And for the record, confiscating private land for commercial purposes is not a tactic limited to i-Jews stealing Arab land. Recall that in Kelo v. New London (2005) the USSCt upheld the constitutionality of private corporations' confiscation of residential homes for economic development under “eminent domain”.

      That was a great “liberal” victory – Ginsberg, Stevens, Souter, Breyer on the rare "left" side of a 5-4 decision. Unfortunately, they virtually gutted the 5th amendment and destroyed any remaining defense individuals might have against eminent domain fascists confiscating private property -- while Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist, and O’Connor stood up for the property rights of individuals.

      And Ginsberg has the chutzpah say Citizens United was the USCCt's worst decision.

      link to

  • Update: Why did Netanyahu respond to chickenshit with 'grassy knoll' remark?
    • That's looking at it 180 backwards, just. The point is what Hebrew term did Bibi use and how is that term translated to English.

      Look at the context. The phrase "ceremonies on grassy knolls" makes no sense either within the context of the statement or as a threat. Whereas, "ceremonies on lawns" is a clear reference to being feted on the WH lawn when you're on the good side of USG, which is what Bibi was barking about.

      I mean, c'mon folks, if a reference to "grassy knoll" is to be taken as a threat against a president, the Secret Service would be knocking on every third door in the country.

      What's next? "Theater box?"

  • Malala and the Nobel Peace Prize: Why Rachel Corrie would never win
    • Bumblebye: I would have pointed out that Israel’s murder of Rachel ruled her out of the Nobel running.

      Yes, that's a better way to state it. Certainly. And for that reason Abu Mazen should be very careful should he ever be nominated.

      I note I misspelled "Corrie's". With the new MW website, once you hit the "Post Comment" button, there's no editing allowed. If your fingers are faster than your brain, beware. If they are both seriously sub-sonic, like mine, triple check.

    • I'm 100% behind any discussion that promotes what these young women have done and that keeps the public limelight focused on their bravery, but I'm not sure pitting one against the other is the best or fairest way to do that.

      Besides, the Nobel Peace Prize is not awarded posthumously. So no matter how admirable Correy's bravery and commitment to peace, she became ineligible the moment she was martyred.

      From 1974, the Statutes of the Nobel Foundation stipulate that a Prize cannot be awarded posthumously, unless death has occurred after the announcement of the Nobel Prize.

      link to

  • Under pretext of restoring calm, Netanyahu government is escalating Israel’s war on Palestinians in Jerusalem
    • The video is Exhibit "A" for the case that the boy was killed while in prison.

      I can see no mortal wounds. No blood at all. He is conscious and moving. Unarmed.

      The idiot's .45 is cocked, but with the cameras right it his face, he probably deemed it better to wait until they had the kid inside the prison. This is the way democracy works in Israel, and, of course, the family home will be blown up, probably pursuant to a court order. Just a freaking wonderful place. Americans must be so proud to support it.

      Speaking of proud Zionist Americans, here is Goldberg's latest in The Atlantic. Bibi is a "chickenshit" according to JG, in what looks like an opinion piece of why GoI needs to attack Iran ASAP:

      link to

      JG is insidiously toxic. The piece is interesting in that it indicates how bad the Obama-Bibi relations are, but it has Goldberg's pro-GoI zingers wafting through it like a kosher-fart on a crowded bus.

      But the fear inside the White House of a preemptive attack (or preventative attack, to put it more accurately) was real and palpable . . .

      It is true that Jews have a moral right to live anywhere they want in Jerusalem, their holiest city.

      Unlike the U.S. secretary of state, John Kerry, I don’t have any hope for the immediate creation of a Palestinian state (it could be dangerous, at this chaotic moment in Middle East history, when the Arab-state system is in partial collapse, to create an Arab state on the West Bank that could easily succumb to extremism) . . .

      What JG fails to discuss is what it may mean in terms of Obama's personal safety when he gets in the way of GoI. Would love to get Avner Cohen's take on that one.

  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
    • Boomer you, and Cole, are absolutely right to raise the point that more MP's did not vote for the resolution than voted for it. The numbers give context.

      But part of that numerical context is that those 364 MP's abstaining could not be bribed or badgered by GoI to vote against the resolution -- only 12 out of 650 (2%) voted against it. To me that is the most stunning numerical aspect of this vote. Had the resolution been brought before Congress, only 2% would have voted FOR it.

      The non-numerical aspect is more important. For those who followed the speeches leading up to the vote, it is clear that Parliament is having a deep, honest dialog on this issue. As one of them said, they have a responsibility to do the right thing because the UK screwing up the British Mandate is where the whole travesty started.

      If only Congress could have such honest debates on the issue, rather than the AIPAC-sponsored, shekel-driven drivel that has been the norm for 40 years.

  • The Titanic of the occupation -- SodaStream (Update)
    • I adore the graphic and whoever put it together. Brilliant.

      Also, annie, just noticed your twitter handle: anniefofani

      Is that as in "Banana fana fofannie, fee fi fo mannie?"

      "If the last two letters are ever the same, just drop them both and say the name . . . "

      As I recall, it was Alice and Bart who had an especially hard time with that song.

  • Malta sinking killed hundreds fleeing Gaza
    • Let's see if I've got you right, ivri. . . the Gazans occupy land that is theirs historically and is theirs in the eyes of the UN and all of the world, except GoI and USG. And your point is that if the Gazans want to remain on their land without being repeatedly attacked by GoI all they have to do is "just change orientation and leadership" -- presumably in a way that is acceptable to Israelis, who exist as Israelis only because they stole the land they occupy from the Palestinians.

      Those who believe might makes right, will likely agree with you. Those of us who believe that right will eventually prevail and the Israelis will pay the price of their brutal and bloody subjugation of the Palestinians will likely disagree with you.

      The history of Palestine will be determined by whether the Israelis can eradicate of the Palestinians before Americans wake up to what is happening.

    • This is exactly GoI's intended consequence of Cast Lead, Pillar of SomethingOrOther, Protective Edge, and whatever new one will come in mid-2015: produce so much killing and misery that rational Gazans are driven to consider drowning at sea as a valid alternative to staying in Gaza. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any single bomb or attack during PE killed that many Palestinians.

      The article doesn't tell us how many Gazans have fled since the attack began. But one senses that this operation is up and running big time. There were 300 in one boat? How many boats have already left?

      Those tunnels under Rafah will stay open as long as it takes to empty Gaza. GoI will put up neon "Exit" signs over the tunnel entrances next.

      Once Gaza is cleared, which won't take long, the IDF will begin pounding the West Bank. Picking off unarmed Palestinians one at a time is not that effective; besides, individual killings produce more blow-back than killing 1000-2000 at a pop.

  • Israel's tunnels aim to Judaize Jerusalem and are approved by Supreme Court
    • Holy wee-wee, Mondoweissians, am I reading this right??? Is Oren now attacking the settlements program?

      Speaking at the fourteenth International Conference of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya he is quoted as saying . . .

      Oren also sharply criticized the Israel's government's failure to handle the global BDS movement, in his words, naming it "a failure and a very real abandonment" of its own people.

      The solution to all of the above, he claimed, is for the political right to present its own "peace plan."

      "The time has come for the ideological Right to mature, and lay on the table its own diplomatic initiative," Oren said, "an initiative to end Israel's control over the Palestinian population [in Judea and Samaria]."

      "It is upon us to set borders which would include the maximum number of Israelis and holy places, as well as to maximize security arrangements," he continued. "Israel's leadership must make this courageous decision."

      Well, not so breath-taking after all -- GoI sets the borders and the Palestinians have no say. Oh, . . . the UN has already set the borders??? Screw them.

      link to

  • The proportion of Gaza's children who were killed should shock conscience of weapons-suppliers
    • Nazmi,

      This would be a very useful article and I would like to cite it in my own blog, but you give no source or authority for your numbers that I can see. This would be a far, far more powerful piece if we could see the source of your data.

      You purport to give accurate figures, but they are not consistent with other sources. For instance, you claim 2140 total deaths -- certainly an appalling figure. But Kate's figure in her Sep06 MW article says 2154.

      My point is not to dispute the numbers but to kevetch about unsourced "facts" -- particularly facts tabularized to make them look official and easier to sell.

      Where do these numbers come from? is a question any skeptical reader should ask.

      BTW, I caught the subtle joke in the headline, and I love it: "conscience of weapons-suppliers." LOL

      If weapons suppliers had a conscience, the serial genocide in Palestine would not be happening and the body counts in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Nigeria, . . . (name it) . . . would be near to nil. There are millions of Americans whose paychecks come from the blood of innocent people killed by American-made weapons.

      The BDS folks should be going rabid over McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, Raytheon, Colt, . . . A lot of the millions of American $$ per day to GoI you allude to comes right back into the pockets of union members (and politicians, of course) all across America.

  • Gaza goyim jailbreak
    • Phil and annie, thank you both for addressing this semantic point. I find these racial/cultural epithets fascinating.

      On one level "goy" is a bit of a spoofer -- like who really cares? And in an article about a mixed Jewish/gentile family, the word seems perfect. (BTW, I look forward to these reports from the annual family mash-up. I'm trying to figure out how I can marry into one side or the other so I can see the whole dynamic unfold in person. Great reality TV idea here.)

      But I, personally, don't know a single person who would be offended by "goyim"; although annie has said that she is. That tells me that maybe my friends and family and I are too provincial to get the (sharp) point of it.

      But there are interesting and more general issues at play in this subject. Like: is it more alright for the subjects of a derogatory term to use the term to refer to themselves? One of the reasons I loved Richard Pryor was the way he drove the word "nigger" into the ground. But he could do that and get away with it b/c he was; a) black, and b) very funny. Wouldn't have worked for Johnny Carson. By making it funny Pryor threw the word back into the face of people who use it malevolently.

      And I think that's the point with these types of dicey words -- what is the intent of the person using it? Often the intent -- Pryor's intent -- is to emphasize that there really are differences in races and cultures and those differences are always interesting and sometimes funny.

      But when the intent is obviously malicious, most often today it's the person using the dicey word that gets tarred. The repugnance with "nigger" is so strong and so universal today, I don't think even Pryor could get away with using it. I feel squeamish even putting it in quotes.

      My guess is most gentiles are as clueless as I am -- couldn't care less if someone called me a "goy" b/c I am oblivious to the fact that Jews may considered it a slur. I always saw it as a "soft slur," like "cracker," which is a pretty funny epithet when you think about it.

      And when I use the anagram "GoI" for Government of Israel, I mean absolutely no offense to Bibi . . . LOL. At least I don't derive the anagram from Government of Yisrael. That would be too obvious.

      NB: I would point out, for whatever it's worth, that the spell-checker for this blog doesn't recognize "goy" or "goyim."

    • annie, you've roundly criticized me for using "goyim" and yet you don't seem to have any problem with Phil's headline.

      Hypocrisy, double-standard, or myopia?

  • Tough Hillary Clinton says 'dreadful' pictures of dead women and children make it hard to get at truth-- Hamas is to blame
    • The Beinart take-down of HRC was excellent, particularly for those of us who can't keep up with the details of all of the failed "peace negotiations." Not sure why Axlerod's middle-finger tweet got all the attention.

      After digesting Beinart's piece it really becomes evident how tightly choreographed the Clinton/Goldberg "interview" was. They must have sat down together beforehand, possibly with Oren and Frank Luntz, to get all the talking points organized. John Oliver just did a piece ripping into The Atlantic, NYT et al. for their "native advertising" approach to "news." That's all the Goldberg piece was -- native advertising paid for by GoI.

      HRC has obviously made the calculation that mom 'n pop America has not yet rejected Israeli apartheid, either that or that GoI shekels coupled to a feminist flood of support will be enough to overcome the rising revulsion Main St. Americans feel w/ GoI's atrocities. Heaven help the Palestinians if she ever gets elected.

    • (On the other hand, the sum of the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666, as Sheldon Adelson must surely know.)

      I that with one "0" or two?

  • Librarians give New York subway riders a taste of Palestinian literature to protest Gaza assault
  • Israel shells another UN school-- and even the US is 'appalled'
    • But, but . . . hold on. Surely GoI has an explanation. They always do. (And it's always the same.)

      Perhaps you have seen Adam Johannes of Stop the War Coalition "quick guide to Israel's PR methods."

      1. We haven’t heard reports of deaths, will check into it.
      2. The people were killed, but by a faulty Palestinian rocket/bomb.
      3. Ok we killed them, but they were terrorists.
      4. Ok they were civilians, but they were being used as human shields.
      5. Ok there were no fighters in the area, so it was our mistake. But we kill civilians by accident, they do it on purpose.
      6. Ok we kill far more civilians than they do, but look at how terrible other countries are.
      7. Why are you still talking about Israel? Are you some kind of anti-Semite?

  • Tariq Abu Khdeir goes to Washington -- and finds surprising support
    • Ha, ha, ha . . . "navel threat." That would be very fuzzy.

    • Interesting . . . early this morning (Aug04) The Guardian ran a strikingly large headline to the effect that UK was reevaluating defense contracts w/ GoI. Now, a few hours later, the story is still there but buried in the small-print headlines -- ya' really gotta' dig for it and anyone who didn't see the original headline probably wouldn't do that. Here it is:

      link to

      Like the UK, the US also has statutory and treaty provisions limiting how arms sold to GoI can and can't be used. The primary statute is the Arms Export Control Act. I've reviewed these provisions and I can certify that bombing UN schools and refugee centers is not among the permissible uses.

      Given that these are provisions of treaty and federal law one would think they could be enforced by the courts, but it would take a lawyer who is a lot more clever and knowledgeable than I am to figure out how to do that and who has standing. Hostage, you there?

      When it comes to beating up on defenseless populations they have subjugated for decades, GoI comes across as a military powerhouse. It isn't. The image is 90% facade. IDF's fearsome tanks, for instance, cannot be built or operated without parts from the UK, US, and other nations. In fact, with no raw materials, Israel has virtually zero manufacturing capability. I doubt that it can even produce a single rifle without importing parts and/or materials. Its only navel threat is its Dolphin class subs, which are supplied by Germany, meaning they supply the parts, too. And so its navy stays forever at the teat of an arms-exporting mother-source. That is doubly true for its air force. As we have seen in the last week, even GoI's very local genocidal campaigns cannot be sustained without re-supplies from USG. And so it is the arms exporters who are the Palestinians' real problem.

      But because so many billions of shekels flow back to these mother-sources, unless they are directly and adversely affected by GoI's insanity, they will never cut off the flow of military milk. There are no principles in this world and no conscience. Every analysis of why governments tolerate GoI's war crimes must begin and end with: Cui bono?

    • That a meeting like this would be packed by Congressional staffers is one of the most hopeful news details I have heard in a long time. But how the hell can their elected bosses keep supporting this butchery 100%?

      This kid's mom, Shua, is so peaceful and calm. She is wonderful. She loves that boy. My blood pressure drops 10 points just looking at her picture. And then it rebounds when I think about what the West Bank Kheiders are going through. Don't forget the IDF/IOF ransacked their house soon after the American cousins left Israel.

      I would like to raise a mixed political/semantic question: When a psychopath Zionist advocates genocide of the Palestinians, and when that position is published by a leading Zionist news outlet, are they including American-Palestinians like these folks?

      I mean, when you think about it, when the NY Haredi nut-case, Yochanan Gordon, and the toxic Knesset racist, Ayrley Shaked, and the pestilential Israeli academic, Mordechai Kedar, and the Times of Israel all call for genocide of Palestinians -- aren't they also calling for this Tampa family's extermination?

  • The member of Knesset who called for genocide -- against the mothers of the 'snakes'
    • Shaked and Mordechai Kedar were both able to play the genocide card without using the "G"-word.

      Yochanan Gordon showed the world he is just as hateful as those two, but not as smart. Going viral with the "G"-word has gotten him absolutely disemboweled online.

      link to

      Even his own father dumped his piece, probably because it was such a grammatical travesty as to be an embarrassment to the entire tribe, who are rumored to be quite articulate.

  • The threat of sanctions worked against Israel in 1956 -- and it can work again
    • Under 22 USC 2754 -- the Arms Export Control Act -- the president can cut off supply of arms and munitions to a friendly state if the president finds -- and reports to Congress -- that the state is using US arms for other than "internal security" or "legitimate self-defense". There is also a 1952 defense treaty w/ GoI that limits what GoI can do with US arms/munitions, and it ain't killing kids.

      There was an interesting report to Congress in 2005 that summarizes the few times these provisions have been used against Israel. In 1982 Reagan cut off sales of cluster bombs after the egregious GoI attacks on Lebanon. Of course, that didn't stop GoI from dropping over a million of the things, some of which have still not gone off.

      Reagan also very briefly suspended delivery of F-16's to GoI after Begin attacked Iraq's Osirak reactor.

      Report here: link to

      Yeah, so what's Obomber done? After more phony, ineffectual whining about the Gaza travesty, he agrees to top up Bibi's munitions. Wouldn't want GoI to run out of mortar rounds, would we?? There are UN refuge centers waiting to be dusted. CNN:

      While there were calls on Israel to do more to protect civilians, the United States also agreed to Israel's request to resupply it with several types of ammunition, a U.S. defense official told CNN on condition of anonymity. It's not an emergency sale, the official said.

      Among the items being bought are 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers, the official said. Those will come from a stockpile the United States keeps in Israel, which is worth more than $1 billion.

      Obama was a disingenuous, inept, flim-flam artist when he duped the country in 2008. Nothing has changed except that fewer (even on the left) are being duped. He will be seen as one of the worst, most spin-happy, spineless President's in the country's history.

      Here's his next flam: Once he talks Kiki Ginsburg into resigning from the USSCt, he'll resign from the WH and Biden will immediately nominate him to her seat. Obomber has the Senate set up so only a majority is needed to confirm judicial appointments, so he's golden. But only until Jan04; after that the Republicans will control the Senate. Remember where you heard it. . .

  • 9 things the American media isn't telling you about Israel/Palestine
    • "How many Israelis died for the US?"


      And however many it was, subtract the 34 Americans killed by IAF attack on the USS Liberty to get the net Israeli sacrifice for America. My calculator says -34.

  • How many would be alive today if Obama had not quashed Goldstone Report?
    • Obama certainly deserves his share of the spotlight in that Goldstone travesty, but don't forget that the House passed a resolution 344-36 opposing any endorsement of the Report by Obama. I cannot recall a single US politician who stood with Goldstone. Maybe if they had, Goldstone would not have buckled. He was a hero, now he's a tragic not-so-hero. But the solid front of American politicians against him and his report is one of the most explicit single messages I've seen making clear who calls the tune in the US.

      As I opined in a thread to Alex's Jul24 piece on the Gaza inquiry, the lesson learned from Goldstone is that a Jew cannot be given the task/honor of leading investigations of Israel. Not even fair-minded, objective Jews can resist the Zionist pressure, particularly when the pressure is directed at your children. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that there were threats of violence from Shin Bet that we will never hear about. No doubt GoI learned how much damage such UN reports can do and they won't wait until the new report is written to create havoc with it.

      I suggested Roger Waters would be a good one to lead the new inquiry. Bansky would be a good candidate too, but he'd have to be incognito. Helen Thomas would have been the best of all. I miss that old girl.

  • Joan Rivers slams CNN and BBC coverage of Gaza -- 'you're all insane'
    • She's 81. Say whatever you want about what's between her ears and what comes out her mouth, she looks and moves and is as quick mentally as a 45 yo. As the lady in Katz's Diner said, I'll have what she's having.

      Note how she uses first person plural throughout in reference not only to being a New Yorker but also a . . . well, what?

      Rivers (agitated): "We say get out . . . of course we're gonna' do it." [W/ respect to responding to Palestinians w/ weapons in their homes.]

      What is this "we" sh*t? Does her "we" mean we Jews or we Israelis or we geriatrics, or what? I think the Dude referred to it as the "editorial we, man."

      It's a good question: when an American Jew says "We had no option but to attack Gaza." what does that pronoun mean? Do American Catholics or Buddhists use "we" when talking about Israel? Is GoI the 51st state? Don't think so.

      That tiny pronoun is an outer glimmer of one's inner apartheid.

  • U.S. casts lonely vote against establishing war crimes inquiry in Gaza
    • Syc: looking at what happen to Goldstone . . .

      Indeed. Let's look at what happened to Goldstone.

      When Goldstone excoriated GoI for Cast Lead and raised the specter of prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity, the Israeli politicians went off like anti-personnel mines on hot pavement. Peres called the report a “mockery of history.” Barak, who was responsible for the entire genocidal event, called the report “unconscionable.” Bibi called the Goldstone Mission a “kangaroo court.” Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz denounced Goldstone as an “anti-Semite.” A huge amount of pressure was put on the US administration to quarantine the report. Congress, funded and directed by America's Zionist Jews, tried to sink the report. In Nov. 2009 the House passed a resolution 344-36 to oppose any endorsement of the report by Obama. That's 10-freaking-to-one. The Israeli press and politicians were all over the resolution, like flies on the bodies the IDF left behind.

      And then the Zionists went after Goldstone's daughter, Nicole. Foxman called on Goldstone to repudiate his own report, saying: “I know you to be a proud Jew who serves on the Board of Trustees of Hebrew University and who has a daughter living in Israel," which was seen by many as a not-so-subtle threat against her.

      Eventually Goldstone scummed to the hateful invective of Zionist Jews -- who knows what sorts of threats he and Nicole received from Shin Bet. She was vilified publicly and I believe she ended up leaving Israel. In what at first looked like an April Fool’s joke, on Apr01.2001 Goldstone published an op-ed in the Washington Post. Taking an “if-I’d-only-known-then-what-I-know-now” approach, Goldstone walked-back his own personal conclusions in the GR that IDF had purposefully targeted civilians in Cast Lead.

      Well, what did he learn after the report was published that changed his mind? Recall that GoI resolutely refused to participate in the UN’s investigation. What GoI did instead was to have the IDF investigate themselves. And they did this behind closed doors. And they concluded – surprise! – that there were no problems. IDF did everything according to the book and the problem was that the Palestinians kept getting in the way of the IDF cluster bombs and WP shells. Like that pesky Halima family of 5 who were killed when the IDF dropped white phosphorus bombs on the family home. Or that al-Simouni family of 29 who were all killed in their beds late at night when the IDF dropped a bomb on their house.

      After reviewing the IDF’s investigation of itself, Goldstone was, apparently, alright with the IDF murders. For instance, that nasty bombing of the al-Simouni family was just a regrettable human error, said Goldestone in his WaPo piece, “apparently the consequence of an Israeli commander’s erroneous interpretation of a drone image.” And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut would say.

      No doubt that after Goldstone retracted his “anti-Semetic” criticisms of Israel, Nicole found fewer cold shoulders in Tel Aviv or Brooklyn, or wherever she was, and Goldstone proved himself to be the “proud Jew” deserving of Foxman’s assessment.

      But the Goldstone Report was not the product of just one man. It was the product of an intensive investigation and writing effort of an entire team – the Mission. Goldstone does not own the report he is named for any more than Amerigo Vespucci owned America, and Goldstone’s after-opinion of the Report is of no greater import than the opinion of any other member of the Mission or any member of the Human Rights Council, which accepted the Report. Nobody else backed off.

      Hopefully, the Human Rights Council has learned a lesson and will choose someone to lead the investigation of the present GoI war crimes who is beyond peer pressure of Zionist Jews. Maybe a Mormon. Or Roger Waters would be perfect.

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
  • Rachel Maddow ignores the story in Israel/Palestine
    • xanadou: hyping her irrelevant sexual identity which is often and inexplicably conflated with having a radical/progressive personality

      That is so well put. It brings to mind the 2011 incident where she accused PolitiFact for calling her out for total BS. She claimed the criticism was because "if you squint, I look like a man."

      See: "Maddow plays the butch card"

      link to

    • Well, don't be too hard on her. Show her a little patience. As soon as one side or the other takes out a LGBT, she'll really, really be all over it. Really.

      She sickens me almost as much as O'Reilly and his crowd of wing-nuts.

      But your timing was perfect, Michael. FAIR has just come out with some research that places Maddow at the absolute bottom of the barrel as far as diversity goes.

      The other disturbing, but hardly surprising, finding of the study that the most common category of guests for the cable pundits is other pundits. I think that's called a "circle jerk." It's one of the many reasons so many Americans do not have cable, do not have a TV, and smoke way too much dope. You can get more and better information gazing at your belly-button than wasting your time with Maddow and her ilk.

      link to

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