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  • Israel bars Human Rights Watch director from entering country, calls org 'Palestinian propaganda'
  • Trump has reminded Palestinians that it was always about one state
    • "Meanwhile, Palestinians, particularly the youth, will understand that their struggle is not for illusory borders but for liberation from the Jewish supremacism inherent in mainstream Zionism."

      This hits the nail on the head, imo. The youth have a higher rate of support for the one state solution, especially in the West Bank, where it reached over 42%. This is without any sort of public discussion on the matter, without any politician calling for it, and despite the PA warning about it and preaching against it.

      If a popular leader, such as Marwan were to adopt this stance, Palestinian youth, and imo the rest of society would shift their paradigm.

      From my research, a large part of Palestinians refusing one state are not well informed on its meaning or its implications. This is naturally not the only reason, or the biggest one, but it is still there. There is almost no open debate on this. Hopefully this will create some.

  • Palestinian who filmed shooting says Azaria sentence ‘is a joke, not justice’
    • @Bumblybye

      I'd love to hear more about that, I don't have any materials on that. If you have anything please send it our way.

    • @DaBakr

      Yes, it's easier to imagine that the whole world, every human rights NGO, the UN, the ICJ are all just nitpicking and taking things out of context to frame poor ol' Israel.

      As if Israel hasn't literally tried to colonize 4 different countries in its short existence. I'll tell you, as a Palestinian living my entire life under occupation, and as someone who currently works at a local human rights NGO, what gets reported is absolutely minuscule compared to the amount of daily breeches the IDF commit.

  • Trump is putting the crunch on liberal Zionism
    • @Jons

      "Really? Nobody? How about Hamas, for example?"

      We're talking about a secular one state solution. This is what we discuss here. Nobody brought up Hamas or the Likud and what their version of one state looks like. We're discussing democratic egalitarian ones.

      It seems realistic to you, Jon, because you already have the vast majority of the pie. Of course this partition is good for you. It will not end the conflict. Only justice will, and that can never happen without addressing colonialism and the way Israel was established: Over our corpses.

      Refugees have a right to return to where they were cleansed from. There is absolutely zero moral or rational point to arguing that half the population should live in 22% while the other half live in the rest.

    • @Jon s

      "Giving up on the two state solution is like saying to Netanyahu, Bennet and the settlers: “I give up, you win”

      I disagree. There is nothing morally sound about the two state solution. The two state solution is like saying to Israel, "I give up, you win". It legitimizes Israel on almost all of historical Palestine and the Palestinians have to agree to 22%, even though we are not that far off, population wise. It also means the refugees will never receive justice. I don't count the two state solution as a win.

      "However, out in the real world, the Palestinians strive for a state in which Arab Palestinian culture and the Muslim religion are predominant"

      In the real world, Israel is a state where Jewish culture is also predominant. We are talking about future solutions, i.e. the one state solution. Nobody suggesting a one state solution is saying it will be Arab. In my opinion, an egalitarian secular state for both peoples is the only form of restorative justice that will bring peace. This can be in many configurations, discussions can be had, but partition won't end the conflict. Especially not with today's parameters.

    • @hophmi

      Colonists are always afraid they will receive the same treatment they inflicted on the natives. You will find that history is full of examples of the opposite of this, the colonized peoples have been remarkably forgiving, from Algeria to South Africa.

      I have never seen anyone here advocating for an Arab or Muslim supremacist state. What people have been calling for is an egalitarian secular one state where everyone is equal. I realize those having all the power becoming equal with those whom they had power over can seem like a step down, but it's the right thing to do.

      Equality to the privileged seems like persecution. But it's not.

    • @Atlanta

      There is no strategy here, Atlanta, it's just commentary on developing events. But I believe that once this image of Israel is broken, there is no going back. We've survived everything Israel has thrown at us for the last 70 years or so, we can outlive Trump as well.

      Not even Reagan and Thatcher could hold up Apartheid South Africa against the world.

    • A silver lining of the whole Trump situation is that Israel is rushing to suck up to him, simultaneously allying itself with all the dark forces that support Trump, including literal white supremacists and Nazis.

      Israel is increasingly being correlated with reactionary forces. In the last couple of decades Israel has worked overtime to destroy the progressive image that liberal Zionists have worked so hard to maintain. Even though Israel has always been reactionary, its image in the mainstream US media was always of a progressive democracy.

      I don't think this charade can be maintained indefinitely. The contradictions of supporting Israel while opposing Trump are becoming much clearer.

  • 'NYT' runs Israeli's op-ed recommending that Palestinians 'emigrate voluntarily'
    • If the birth rates of some of your citizens worry you, but not others, then you're not living in a democracy. You're living in an ethnocracy.

      Giving a platform for this kind of disgusting rhetoric normalizes it. The NYT should be ashamed.

  • Banned from Jerusalem (for trying to pay respects to my grandmother)
    • @aloeste

      Your "enemies" seem to be increasing by the day, Aloeste. Even Jewish American fundraisers are treated with contempt for their nerve to support 2 states.

      It's okay, the South Africans also had a similar position before their whole regime toppled on their heads.

  • After exciting disruptions, David Friedman hearing is a walk in the park
    • @captADKer

      I have no problem with living in an egalitarian state from the river to the sea.

      How are you going to maintain it Jewish when almost half the population isn't Jewish? How would the law not be discriminatory? Anthem? Everything?

      Genuine questions.

  • Poll: Canada's politicians drastically out of touch with public on Israel
    • @bikingdoc

      It's becoming comical at this point, seeing literally the same exact talking points being rehashed over and over, and on pieces that have nothing to do with them too.

      So while it's entertaining seeing all the vitriol and defamation, can you actually dispute the results of this poll or provide evidence to their contrary?

  • Liberal supporters of Israel slam Trump's 'terrifying' comments-- some saying Jews need to keep a majority
    • @hophmi

      You're projecting. Why are you so afraid of equality?

    • How does one oppose Trump in the US but support Zionism as the ruling ideology of Israel? How does this make sense?

      Everything that people fear Trump will turn the US to, is already reality in Israel. The short lived Muslim ban that caused so much uproar in the US has been Israeli state policy since its inception.

      With regards to fear of violence: Every single colonizer has said the same about the colonized. The French in Algeria, the Boers in South Africa. They all said if they gave everyone equality they would be massacred before dawn. None of this came to pass.

      Colonizers fear that what they have been doing to the colonized will one day be done to them. However, history shows that colonized peoples have been very forgiving in this regard.

  • The day the two greatest salesmen in the world met at the White House
  • Trump says he's 'happy' with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era
    • Exactly eljay,

      A tiny meaningless Palestinian state could have secured Israel's existence for the long term. Their expansionist greed will bring the entire Zionist regime crumbling down eventually, if Palestinians choose to pursue the equal rights route, which seems increasingly likely.

  • 'We cannot divide the land': Israeli academic Yehouda Shenhav on bridging the gap between Israelis and Palestinians through Arabic literature
    • @DaBakr

      I'm not sure how your comment is relevant to what I wrote?

      Never did I say the Jewish people don't belong in Palestine or don't have history in Palestine. The point is nothing justifies ethnic cleansing and colonialism. Judaism and Zionism are not interchangeable, and Palestinian and Jewish are not mutually exclusive.

      As far as I'm concerned, the Zionists can be from Mars. If we all live in a secular egalitarian one state I will embrace them as co-citizens. The issue isn't with where a group comes from, it's the practices that they took to marginalize me and dispossess me. There is no doubt about Zionism's colonial beginnings, just read Herzl or Nordau and you will see how much it was influenced by it.

      Again, I'm not sure what this has to do with my comment. Ethnic nationalism needs to go the way of the dodo.

    • " [Beinart answered] ‘A Jewish state.’"

      Beinart is the very best liberal Zionism has to offer. And he still thinks of states based on ethnic lines and outmoded ideas of ethnic nationalism that has caused immense damage all over the world. Not even beginning to mention Israel's colonial genesis.

      I understand Shehnav's position, Academia is not some neutral science produced in a vacuum, it's shaped and affected by a person's ideology, context and goals. We see this through Israeli professors who scream about freedom of academia when it comes to BDS but are completely silent as Palestinian universities are bombed or closed down by the occupation.

      I liked that he brought attention to the "holy" status the green line has assumed, as if everything built behind it isn't colonial and is completely legal, even though a large part of it was acquired in a war and ethnic cleansing.

      I believe he is leaning towards the idea of one state for all, with the return of refugees. If this is the case then I have no problem with settlements staying where they are, if they become demilitarized and are open for anyone to live in them. They would become just other villages. With the white house dropping the two state solution officially, I honestly don't see what other solution we have left to pursue. The battle for equal rights will be unwinnable for Israel.

  • Solidarity is not selective: Michael Bennett brings the struggle for Palestinian freedom to the NFL
    • The solution to combating Israel's isolation and boycott is to ban more people!

      I'm curious, do you ever sit back and critically examine why these people are boycotting Israel?

      Is it possible that literally every human rights organization in existence, every boycotting celebrity, the Untied Nations, the ICC, the ICU... is it really possible that all of these are in on some massive antisemitic conspiracy?

      Is that truly easier to believe than Israel is messing up, breaking international law and has held an immoral occupation for decades?

  • Israeli govt and its supporters admit the fight to defeat BDS has failed
    • Thank you for the article Mr. Barghouti,

      It's good to see BDS still being a thorn in Israel's side. I imagine this will only multiply due to current Israeli policy being even more arrogant and expansionist. I am confident that BDS still has not peaked and will continue to snowball.

      I feel like when discussing BDS most of the discussion centers around economic losses and trying to calculate how much BDS has cost Israel exactly. I don't believe this is the right approach. BDS can't put a meaningful dent in the Israeli economy, at least not yet. But the losses of Israel are not merely monetary.

      We also speak of an academic and cultural boycott. This means professors representing Israel get less invites, the Israeli Orchestra finding it harder to book a place etc. The disappointment of an Israeli fan being told that their favorite artist is not coming to Israel because of its policies has a much larger effect than the potential economic loss from the situation. It could even drive them to investigate. BDS agitates, it provokes, it raises awareness and attention. These cannot be measured in dollars or shekels.

      These aspects continue to be underappreciated, imho.

  • 'The way they arrested him was savage': Israeli forces violently detain 14-year-old disabled Palestinian boy
    • Waiting for the usual suspects to come and say:

      "We don't know the full story." or "I'm sure before the video began he did something to deserve it."

  • 'We go to heaven, you go to hell': Israeli settlers caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron
  • Israel's efforts to erase Palestinian history reflect 'incremental genocide,' Ehrenreich says
    • @asherpat

      Please do yourself a favor and learn to differentiate between a group of people existing and their national identity. Even if they identified as melons, they still existed there and lived there before Israel saw the light of day. Nations change how they identify, Prussians became Germans, does this mean "German" is a fake nationality that never existed? Please.

      You're the only person bringing up Muslims in this context. Like I said, we're diverse and include every religion and ethnicity. It's a civic identity.

      "the only ‘nation’ in the world that can’t pronounce its own historic name properly"

      Not sure if you're being serious with this right now, but if you are, I sincerely apologize for wasting the 30 seconds it took to write up this response. No wonder you are losing the PR battle and Israel is becoming more of a pariah state every day.

    • @asherpat

      What does the number of Muslims have to do with anything?

      We're Palestinians, we come in all shapes and forms and religions. Perhaps if you'd like to look at the ever increasing number of home demolitions in areas C, Jerusalem and the south, you'd realize that there is a clear policy of demographic gerrymandering. Hell, the Gafni commission of Jerusalem outright decided that Jerusalem should have no more than a 25--30% population of Palestinians, after it was in the 90s.

      It's no accident that the criteria of your objection was overall number between the river and the sea, with absolutely 0 mention of how certain areas are literally being slowly ethnically cleansed of Palestinians. Um Al Hiran is a prime, fresh example.

      It's quite simple: Literally every corner of what is today called Israel has a destroyed Palestinian village underneath it. They have been utterly obliterated and removed from memory by your national parks and forests. There is a clear disappearance of the indigenous population from this area, just ask the surrounding countries about the millions of refugees that fled from there.

      Are you being obtuse on purpose?

    • @echinococcus

      Zionists in general excel at whataboutery and diversion from the point, I realize this. it is one of their main tactics. But the term genocide remains a very loaded term for everyone, and while I agree with you it must become more normalized, I'm afraid we sometimes have to read the room a bit.

      This is my experience at least.

    • Thanks for the report. It sounds like it was quite an interesting session.

      I also lean towards the idea of incremental genocide. Ethnic cleansing, after all, is a subset of genocide. The logic that makes Israelis plant thousands of trees to hide emptied and destroyed Palestinian villages, to wipe every trace of our existence, is the same logic that Israelis utilize today when they selectively apply their laws.

      I feel like people see this "huge" word and get tense about it, given its history. Jean Bricmont speaks about this, but in relation to American imperialism:

      "The expression may seem shocking, but what ought to be much more shocking is the relative indifference in the face of those crimes and that they are seldom perceived as the result of systemic policy. The impact of the Rwandan tragedy or of Hiroshima on public consciousness is no doubt due to the fact that each of these slaughters took place within a short period of time. But if a system of domination regularly produces so much death and suffering, is the horror any less just because it stretches over a longer period of time? "

      If we look at the big picture, we are seeing a whole people being erased. Is it less of a genocide because it happens over 100 years?

      However, I tend to find that using this term often diverts attention from what is being discussed. Israel should 100% be called out for it. But, sometimes we need to think more strategically.

      I have witnessed many debates which were going very strongly in the favor of Palestinians, this was then completely derailed because of the use of this word. The whole debate turned into a discussion of the term, its origins, and if it really applies.

  • To oppose Trump, Jews must join the fight against fascism and Zionism
    • @Mayhem

      Oh, so the inhabitants identified the wrong way for Mayhem so it's okay now to ethnically cleanse them.

      What does this even mean? So what? So what if Palestinian identity was relatively late to form? Does that mean that the inhabitants didn't exist? Does it mean that it became suddenly okay to colonize them?

      Stop conflating Judaism and Zionism. Jewish and Palestinian are not mutually exclusive identities. Everything that happened since the dawn of time in Palestine is my history and heritage. Including every single empire or people there. Some of us have outgrown outmoded ethnic nationalism.

    • @Mayhem

      "denying Jews who want to express their national identity the right as other people worldwide possess to do so."

      There is nothing more disingenuous and purposefully misleading than describing Israel as such.

      Nobody cares if you have a state and express your national identity. We care that it's at the cost of another people, at the cost of their national identity, their rights, their bodies, their lives.

      How do you not see this?

      Israel was not created in a vacuum, you destroyed an entire people's way of life to establish it. You don't have the right to rob me of a home so you can have a home. That's not how it works. And pretending the issue is about you having a home at all is intellectually dishonest.

  • Israeli supermarket chain glorifies army killer on grocery bag
    • This mentality has been endemic in Israeli society for the longest time. Anyone who thinks change in Israel will come from the inside without any meaningful outside pressure is, in my opinion, mistaken.

  • Israel has had a 'Muslim ban' from the start
    • @Al2Sultan

      There is one little detail you conveniently left out of this: Israel was not created in a vacuum, the ethnic cleansing and dispossession of an entire people was needed to create it, and to sustain it today.

      There can be 6786876 Arab countries for all it matters, Palestinian and Arab are not interchangeable. Arabs are not a monolith. My house is my house even if my cousins own 70 houses each.

      Your attempt to conflate Zionism, Israel and Judaism is incredibly transparent. Nobody is denying "Jews their own rights". Nobody has a right to dispossess others. If Zionists want a state of their own, I don't care, go establish it as long as it's not at my expense or any other innocents.

      By the way, two wrongs don't make a right. I also condemn Arab states for their discriminatory actions against Jewish people (notice, not Israelis).

      I hope that the ethnocentric bubble you live in pops one day, and we can all share a state with the same rights not based on outmoded concepts of ethnic purity.

  • Dennis Ross's advice to Trump is 'bullshit, delusional or lying,' to gut two-state concept -- Peace Now
    • You ever notice how in all these plans to ending the conflict, Palestinians are asked to compromise on a million things, including refugees, land and rights, but the only thing Israel is asked to "compromise" on is not break international law?

      Most don't even ask it to roll back the wall and treat it as the new border!

      What a joke.

  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • It's really quite astonishing how liberal Zionists wax poetic about the right to life and how refugees must be welcomed in one context, then turn around and call them a demographic threat in another.

      Not only do they show hardheartedness, as the title of the piece suggests, they adopt extreme ethnic nationalist tropes about identity and purity which they would never ever consider using in defense of any other state but Israel.

      It's quite ridiculous when you think about it, the cognitive dissonance and double standards applied. What for? So they can have a back up country in the Middle East?

      They will talk to you about self determination of the Jewish people as if it is occurring in a vacuum, conveniently skipping over the part where they are denying Palestinians theirs in the process.

      How can you talk about the suffering of the diaspora, then turn around and start my diaspora so you can end yours, yet somehow still believe you are progressive and on the right side of history?

  • 'We have nowhere else to go': Bedouins say they will continue to rebuild as Israel carries out home demolitions at a record pace
  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
    • @amigo

      I know you mean well, and I have seen this statistic posted all over twitter, but I don't think this is the right way to go around criticizing the ban. So please don't take this as criticism aimed at you specifically, but rather at this argument in general and the issues I see with it.

      I get the implied point, but I feel like it's a moot point. The idea of a ban should be rejected as a whole (which I know you do!) without delving deeper into the details in it.

      Meaning, that discussing why certain countries are on the list and why certain countries were left out derails the issue from total rejection to discussing the details. Even if it is within the framework of a total rejection. I have seen some people saying that "Why ban Sudan and not Saudi Arabia?" Again, I understand the logic behind this, but this sort of argument throws innocent Saudis under the bus. The people are the one that always suffer, not the regime.

      So discussing the specific details and countries being banned and arguing against it by saying there are countries that deserve banning more than the chosen ones, could be seen as a tacit or implied acceptance of the ban with a disagreement about the details. As if if the countries more "deserving" of the ban were the ones to be banned then it would be okay. Such discussions open the door for this line of thought.

      I know that this is not your intention or argument, and I highly respect you and your posts here. This is why, imho, there shouldn't be any discussion about the content of the ban but rather an outright refusal to entertain it in any form, real or hypothetical. Nothing could justify it in any form, even if some terrorists from said country attacked the US in the past.

  • Signs you may be a 'normalizer'
    • @DaBakr

      Well not in those exact words, but that was the implied message in your reply.

      Did you not yourself state that “the entire history of the earth is comprised of one group ‘colonizing’ another and the Arabs did their own fair share of colonizing, slave trading and subjugation”?

      If not to point out the evils committed by others, then why bring this up?

      I'm genuinely asking. The implication here is that since the history of the world is about colonization, then we shouldn't be that hard on Israel, correct?

      I look forward to your answer, please correct me if I misjudged what you meant, because I don't seem to be the only one to understand it this way.

    • @DaBakr

      It's actually fairly refreshing to see Zionists jumping from insisting that they do no evil, to saying "everyone does evil".

      It's implicit in this retort that you recognize the evils Israel has wrought, and continues to practice. How times change!

  • Muslims in the US brace for Trump immigration ban
    • @Just

      If one can talk about a slight silver lining, it is that Israel is exposing itself majorly by aligning openly with Trump, white supremacists and literal Nazis.

      The seed won't bear fruit in the short term, as it would actually empower Israel to do as it pleases, but in the medium-long term this will contribute to its isolation.

      The "progressive, free, secular" Israel illusion that liberal Zionists have worked for decades to maintain is crashing around them, as Israel is increasingly being lumped in with various reactionary movements and ultra conservative and nationalist politics.

    • @Atlanta

      "Why is it so racist to protect the demographic balance in a nation?"

      Are you seriously asking this question?

      Pray tell, what is the "correct" demographic balance of the USA? A country built on genocide and slavery, quite literally?

      Having been an avid reader here for a while, haven't you seen firsthand the evils of ethnic nationalism? How it excludes everyone not the "right ethnicity"? What do you think powers most of Israel's decisions? Who decides what the right culture is? How utterly totalitarian.

      "Why are only White nations supposed to relinquish their majority status?"

      This is starting to sound a lot like the nonsense "white genocide" hashtag on twitter.

  • Please keep your American flags off my hijab
    • Bravo.

      So many people are willing to throw millions of oppressed people under the bus to "prove" their "American-ness" and appease people.

  • More and more people see 'one state only' but Remnick fears it will be like Bosnia
    • An interesting exchange. Though I'm interested in knowing what the new blood think of this. It's no surprise that the old guard think this way, this is their vested interest. As Upton Sinclair once said:

      "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

      The youth, especially in Palestine, are very frustrated with the leadership. As a matter of fact, over 40% say that they do not identify with any political party at all. I don't see the Two State Solution happening any time soon, I honestly don't think it had a chance past the early 2000s. With all due Respect to Dr. Shikaki, I think we're suffering a bit from path dependency when it comes to the Two State Solution. Everything is geared towards this, locally and internationally that it is more expedient to stick to your guns rather than seek radical changes.

      At the same time, I don't believe that there will be a negotiated One State Solution either. If one state would happen, I believe it would be through changes in facts on the ground slowly inching themselves forward, little areas being annexed until it becomes so apparent that no other solution is possible, both to Israelis and Palestinians as well as the world community. The right wing in Israel already wants to annex the West Bank, and not just areas C.

      If you read Caroline Glick's book "The Israeli Solution" she underlines this quite frequently, the right in Israel believe only taking in the West Bank would not endanger the Jewish majority as there would still be more Jewish people in Israel, especially since, she argues, that Orthodox birthrates are skyrocketing. This view has become much more popular in Israel, with a majority of Jewish Israelis now believing there is no occupation in the West Bank. Call it contested, whatever, it's not an occupation to them.

      How could anyone reverse this buildup? This buildup of facts on the ground going on for 100 years? What two states could possibly emerge? From my perspective, even a full Two State Solution envisioned in Oslo would still not achieve our rights, but that's a different discussion.

  • Palestinian teen in Gaza dies after refusing to serve as a collaborator for Israel in exchange for medical care
    • "Deep down every Israeli knows that whatever Israel does to the Palestinians may be done in time to Jews."

      This remains a very real and very serious issue. The same issue was faced by the colonists in South Africa, as well as the colonists in Algeria. In both cases their fear turned out to be unfounded for the most part, they were not put through the same suffering that they inflicted.

      If we truly believe in one state, Israeli Jews must be able to feel safe, and that they as well have a stake in this new society, that they will be protected and able to live normally. Naturally, this cannot come at the expense of Palestinians, as equality to the privileged often feels like persecution. A delicate balance will be needed, with constitutional protection of everyone.

      I imagine there will be some difficult choices ahead, once we start moving in that direction.

  • Despite international pressure, Finkelstein gives talk on Gaza's 'martyrdom' at German institute
    • @Mooser @Annie

      Hello friends!

      Sorry I have been away for so long, but I was drowning in my thesis and was also preparing to relocate back to Palestine. I have been a bit more active on Twitter though!

      I hope you have all been well.

    • Talking frankly about Israeli colonialism in Germany is quite a tough thing, in my experience. I finished my Masters there a few months ago, and established, non-controversial statements such as "Israel needed to pursue ethnic cleansing to achieve a Jewish majority" would yield shocked expressions among the students.

      I found that the Israeli narrative is very well established as "The "history of the "conflict". Although it has become much more acceptable to criticize Israel, especially after Gaza and its rampant expansionism in the West Bank, talking about the origins of Israel is something professors seek to avoid.

      I hope that more of these debates are encouraged in Germany. They are probably not that groundbreaking in content, but at the very least they normalize talking about Israel critically which is desperately needed in German society.

  • Britain wants to be Israel's mother, again
    • Excellent article, it brings up a point that many prefer to tip toe around rather than confront directly.

      I would just like to reinforce your point here, in stating that in the beginning and in the first Zionist conferences the establishment of a state in Palestine was openly referred to as colonization. Indeed, the bank they established to fund their whole enterprise was named the Jewish Colonial Trust, known today as Bank Leumi.

      Herzl's right hand man, Max Nordau, was famous for his writings on race. These writings being in tune with the reigning attitude towards nonwhites at the time, even describing all non European "races" as existing only to benefit the superior European race. It is with this attitude and ideology, that Nordau legitimized settling in Palestine. It wasn't anything to be ashamed of, it was their birthright, according to their thinking.

  • I have been looking for a home since I came to this world
    • @aloeste

      I'm not sure if you're being serious with that post, because if you are that is quite hilarious.

      "Yeah you and millions of others would never get justice or benefit if you get a Bantustan state, but at least some people would be 3rd degree citizens somewhere, am I right?"

      As for the [nor ever will be], I wouldn't hold my breath. If we've learned anything from history it is that change is rapid and unexpected. Ask the Soviets and Mubarak. The way Israel is actively working on ending all hope for the two state solution will, imo, backfire massively and contribute to shifting the Palestinian cause from one of a sovereign state to equal rights, which would ultimately end with the implosion of Zionism as a ruling power.

  • BDS is a war Israel can't win
  • A brief history of the 'Nakba' in Israel
    • Thank you very much.

      Exactly what I wanted to post. Much ethnic cleansing happened before 1948, and on a smaller scale years before that through economic means.

      I believe any view of the Nakba that doesn't take into account the very first beginnings of Zionist settlement in Palestine is incomplete.

  • Wide-ranging interfaith coalition backs 'Freedom of Religion' bill to stop Trump ban on Muslims
    • @Blaine

      Yeah, BDS is so dead that Israel went and travel banned its co-founder. If it were dead and over then Barghouti wouldn't be seen as a threat. He is. And it isn't.

  • Israel imposes travel ban on BDS movement co-founder Omar Barghouti
    • Nothing the Palestinians will ever do will be alright in the eyes of Israel. Israelis screamed asking where the Palestinian Gandhi is, where are all the peaceful protestors, and when they emerged they were demonized and punished.

      At least it shows that BDS is getting under their skin. That it's the right thing to do. Israel is only becoming more extreme, according to the latest peace index survey over 70% of Israeli Jews said there is no occupation in the West Bank.

      Anyone saying that such a society can be changed by anything other than outside pressure is delusional.

  • Miko Peled's viral video
  • A new proposal for confederated states (without any idea of how to get Israel to comply)
    • @Just

      As usual, you are way too kind to me :)

    • I have some thoughts on this proposal. It is a bit long, so please bear with me.

      I, too, believe that the authors had good intentions with this plan, but it remains still very slanted towards Israel and what Israel would accept.

      For example, we still have the obsession with the 1967 borders. The 1967 borders have acted as blinders for the last 20+ years. When discussing these borders, the root causes of the conflict get obfuscated. This could be partially alleviated by the suggestion of borders not mattering physically anymore, and allowing for the free passage of people and goods between them.

      However, what the 1967 borders determine is much more than who, what and if things can pass through an imaginary line. It also defines territory, it defines economy, it defines future prospects. The world bank has already expressed doubts a Palestinian economy could sustain a state even with the full control of Area C, which according to this plan would remain partly in the hands of Israelis anyway. The settlements utilizing the richest parts of the territories would remain, would this become what they termed a “shared” resource? There are no “shared” resources inside Israel that Palestinians are currently utilizing, only in the West Bank does such a situation exist. Of course when we say “utilizing” we mean illegally being exploited by settlers. What's yours is mine and what's mine is also mine?

      So what does this mean for the prospective Palestinian state? It means that, as today, the Palestinian economy will be completely subordinate and dependent on the Israeli one. What will we become other than a cheap source of labor and an even larger market for Israeli goods? I'm sure the expansion of Rami Levi into Ramallah and Nablus will be very profitable for Israel. Palestinians simply do not have a similar capability to penetrate Israeli markets with their products. This again highlights the dangers of any approach that treats Palestinians and Israelis as equals in this conflict, it's simply not true. Ignoring the power dynamics and hierarchies that exist on the ground has been disastrous to informed discussion of Palestine.

      What usually follows or accompanies economic subordination? Political subordination. Israel simply would have all the leverage to do as it pleased. So we have an economically dependent and politically weak state. What about the refugees?

      The idea has its heart in the right place, but I do not think it would work as intended for the following reasons:

      Even if only half the refugees decide to return, we are still talking about millions of people. You cannot convince me that Israel would allow additional millions of Palestinians to reside in Israel. Even as residents. The logic and ideology of the state, and of the people would not permit it. We are talking about a society where the majority do not want to live in the same building as an Arab. Yet this plan suggests to add millions of Arabs, or at the very least one million to live amongst them? For such an idea to be credible, Zionism as the ideology of the state and people needs to be considerably weakened. If this prerequisite is met, then this could be possible. But at the same time, if this prerequisite is met, then there are better alternatives out there than this half solution.

      What would resident rights even look like? This is another unknown factor. I'm certain they would not be identical to citizen rights. How many would Israel even allow to return and reside there? This would be resolved through negotiations, but when one group holds all the power, aren't the Palestinians set up for failure from the beginning? Can the Palestinians say we only want to accept 100,000 residents? Of course not, the facts on the ground say there are almost 600,000 and there is nothing you can do about it. It's an empty gesture, made to sell the illusion that Palestinians have any say in this cross residency program.

      The idea of a united Jerusalem is very feasible, and it has a good deal of support among Palestinians according to the survey I conducted last month.

      So at the end of this, let's ask one simple question:

      Who benefits the most from such a solution?

      The clear and resounding answer is: Israel.

      What this solution would mean is that Israel would not need to compromise on a single thing. It's a clear signal to Israel that it got away with everything, and others have to pick up the bill.

      Israel would have to take zero responsibility for its rampant settlement expansion. It would get to maintain all its occupied territory in the guise of shared resources. It would gain instant access to a fresh massive market that is too weak to resist complete Israeli economical domination. Who knows how many refugees Israel would accept to return, and not even as citizens. It would be rewarded for intransigence. This solution is not very different than the economic peace Israelis drool about. It has a more formal set up, it gives the Palestinians the illusion of sovereignty, but from any realistic angle we'd be completely dependent.

      I have seen such solutions a million time. They have good intentions, but they are all centered around Israel's demographic interests. By being centered thus, they cannot bring justice to a people who are seen as a threat just for being born. Ethnic nationalism is an outdated ideology that needs to be scrubbed. Until a solution comes by that offers complete equality for everyone involved, without catering to outmoded ideas of ethnic purity, then any other proposed solution will always be an attempt to sell domination as cooperation.

  • Beinart's Jewish double-bind: Support oppression or you're out of the family
    • Excellent article that cuts through a lot of the BS. Beinart is considered a liberal champion of Israel, and I view him as one of the effective "liberal" fig leafs for Israel in US media. But no matter how much he tries to couch his positions and the position of Israel in liberal terminology and language, at the end of the day he still supports preferential treatment for Jewish citizens of Israel over non Jewish citizens.

      Like Abunimah once said, the problem isn't in marketing Israel, the problem is in the product itself. Yet all efforts are put into enhancing the marketing while refusing to acknowledge that there is even a problem in the product.

      I imagine with time Beinart will be forced to abandon his position when Israel becomes more and more of a pariah state, as we are slowly witnessing. I never imagined someone like Bradley Burston to call Israel Apartheid a few years ago, but there is a point where you can't handle the dissonance anymore. The increasing popularity of JVP and other Jewish groups is living evidence of this.

  • It is time to stop celebrating Jewish dissent in the Palestine solidarity movement
    • @JustJessetr

      Did you even read the article? If so, your reading comprehension needs some work.

    • This topic is deep and has historical precedence. Not only when it comes to Palestine, but I believe it also ties back to Orientalism and how the West treats Arabs and the production of scientific knowledge in general.

      How long did we scream to the world about the ethnic cleansing and war crimes committed during the Nakba, the witness accounts, the analysis, the long did we yell about them with nobody believing a word? It wasn't until Jewish Israeli new Historians popped up and confirmed our narrative through their research that people started believing parts of our story.

      Because we're never seen as trustworthy or objective, whereas Israelis and specifically, Israeli Jews are seen as so. We are hot headed and brainwashed, they are rational and scientific etc.

      This is a different context, and a different power structure, but we can still see visages of a similar system where we are simply not seen as credible in trying to sell our case to the world. This is further exasperated by general anti Muslim and anti MENA prejudices that exist in the Western world and the idea that Arabs are inherently antisemitic.

      I understand why people tend to put pro Palestine Jews on a pedestal, because for our whole modern history someone had to speak for us if we wanted to be believed. Because those speaking for us are seen as equals, and as believable, while we are not. I can also see why some see it as useful when it comes to combating the idea that you must hate Jews if you support Palestine.

      But I also understand the authors position completely, and we risk turning the pro Palestinian movement into a group of Gatekeepers who dictate how things go over the voices of actual Palestinians. I fear our over-reliance on Jewish solidarity (read: putting them on pedestals) can even seem like a necessary step for the time being for our story to gain some traction in certain places.

      What should be done is that pro Palestinian Jews who speak from a privileged position in this conflict, should work to amplify Palestinian voices. This is basic in all ideas of an "ally" I've seen in social justice circles. Empower those whose voices are ignored or are squelched. At the end of the day, this conflict may affect them in some way, but it's not about them, and they are not the ones bearing the brunt of oppression and history in this conflict. To suggest that they are, is to play into Israel's hands as their representative.

      Again, this goes beyond Palestine, and into the colonization of areas of knowledge and who possesses a credible voice, and who does not. As we have been for history, and as we remain now, for most, we are simply not seen as credible to tell our story and be believed.

      There is a piece by Grada Kilomba which has the following section that is appropriate here:

      "When they speak, it is scientific; when we speak, it is unscientific;
      universal / specific;
      objective / subjective;
      neutral / personal;
      rational / emotional;
      impartial / partial;
      they have facts, we have opinions;
      they have knowledge, we have experiences.

      These are not simple semantic categorizations; they possess a dimension of power that maintains hierarchical positions. We are not dealing here with simple semantic, but rather with a violent hierarchy, which defines who can speak."

  • Hamas wins major student elections in the West Bank for second year running
    • “But I don’t see the PA doing anything good for the people, and everything that goes to Fatah goes to the PA government.”

      I think this is the main point.

      Numerically, Fatah has more supporters among Palestinian university students than any other. But overall, the largest single bloc (34%) of Palestinian university students are those who feel that no political party represents them or their interests.

      Similarly to the parliamentary elections, many people cast their vote in support of Hamas as a protest against the PA and Fatah. That's not to say that Hamas doesn't have its supporters, they clearly do, but the "unaffiliated" vote is imo the most crucial factor in determining elections in Palestine.

      A similar thing was witnessed when Mustafa Barghouti won almost 20% of the popular vote in the presidential election against Mahmoud Abbas. In this election, Barghouti was the protest vote, since Hamas did not nominate anyone for the presidency.

      But what if Barghouti really was that popular, were people supporting him sincerely and not as a protest?

      A fair question, but the parliamentary elections after which featured Barghouti as well as Hamas and Fatah candidates netted Barghouti a mere 2.7% of the vote, and the surge of Hamas. The rest is history.

      These things need to be taken into account when discussing Hamas' victories and the ever growing percentage of the population that feels abandoned by both parties.

      That being said, I have heard that the Hamas student council at Birzeit is actually very professional and inclusive in how they operate. In any case, congratulations to all. Very high participation rate.

  • Norman Finkelstein on Sanders, the first intifada, BDS, and ten years of unemployment
  • Clinton propagates false understanding of Camp David
    • Shlomo ben Ami, who personally participated in these talks said that: "Camp David was not the missed opportunity for the Palestinians, and if I were a Palestinian I would have rejected Camp David, as well."

      In their haste to defend Israel, US administrations go beyond what Israelis themselves say. These talking points don't hold up under any serious scrutiny, like many Zionist talking points/myths.

  • Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel
    • Actually no. You just used a racist argument. With this logic you could have defended South African white exclusive towns.

    • @jon s

      In theory. Practice is a whole other Matter. In theory in Israel citizens are equal mostly, that doesn't stop Arab communities from receiving only 6 percent of ministry of culture budget. Or non Jewish jerusalemites receiving a fraction of Jewish ones from the state when it comes to budget. Etc.

      Actually even in theory not all Israelis are equal so I guess I take that last statement back.

    • Yep, the mantra of any criticism must be a conspiracy by Arabs and or crazy leftists.

  • Sanders slams Clinton for ignoring Palestinian needs and thinking Netanyahu is 'right all the time'
    • The fact that merely saying that Palestinians are human and deserve human rights and have their own needs is being represented by many in the media as a radical position is a testament to how terrible the situation in the US is for those who criticize Israel.

  • Israel demands correction from Sanders: it killed only 532 Palestinian children in summer 2014
  • The Jewish-Israeli navel-gazers
    • @Hophmi

      Wonder if you'll engage what he said rather than misdirect and make it about something else.

  • 'We don’t want to find ourselves in a position like apartheid South Africa': A report from Israel's first national conference against BDS
    • That image with the BDS "director" and Palestinians trying to make Israelis look bad.

      Do these people have 0 self reflection? A soldier literally executed a neutralized Palestinian the other day. The IDF has been convicted of war crimes by multiple international human rights organizations. Israel leads the world in UNSC resolution violations.

      At some point you need to ask yourself if the whole world is conspiring against Israel or maybe, just MAYBE, Israel is doing something wrong.

    • You're such a drama illama. Nobody is going to start dying if Israel starts adhering to international law, which is literally the only goal of bds.

  • Israelis don't exist
    • Good piece.

      People abroad often don't understand that Citizen and National aren't the same thing in Israel. They are used pretty interchangeably worldwide.

      You also see that even they think it's indefensible when abroad, so they alter the English translations to make it more acceptable to western audiences.

      Is this not a microcosm for all of Israel's existence?

  • Israeli soldier filmed executing wounded Palestinian man
    • I sometimes wonder if you believe the bs you post or if you're just so blindingly corrupted that you'd believe hasbara over your very own eyes.

      There was no such threat. The situation was obviously deescalated. There was no urgency in any body's movement. This was pure revenge.

      As for being exonerated, I'm sure the idf will do that. But that has nothing to do with reality or accountability.

  • Why is AIPAC legitimating Donald Trump's bigotry?
    • @Niass2

      Actually this is interesting to me. Do you have anything reliable I could read on her?

      Her positions seem admirable but I have never talked to her so it could all be an act. I know a lot of Palestinian leaders who talk the talk but are morally corrupt here so it might be the same for Jill.

    • Honestly? Trump wouldn't get away with half the crap Netanyahu says/does.

    • @Jackdaw

      Pretty sure it's still Trump.

  • El Al captain indoctrinates the passengers, but only in Hebrew
    • @Rashers2

      I agree for the most part. I wanted to learn Spanish. But I personally believe that we are headed for a one state solution sooner or later. Being able to build bridges between traumatized populations will be crucial. I want to be able to engage and talk with Israelis, because anti-Zionist Israelis will also be a major ally in any transition.

      As Mandela once said, and it stuck with me: "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

    • I have been wanting to learn Hebrew for a while now. Nothing that gets translated to English from the Israeli media comes close to the original uncensored versions that they publish westward.

      Not that I'd ever get to use my Hebrew at an El AL flight, since I can't even visit Jerusalem, let alone Ben Gurion Airport, but I think it would come in handy. There is so much juicy nuggets in Israeli media that would never get translated, but it's much more honest than whatever reaches us.

  • Palestinians grapple with knife attacks as violence enters fifth month
    • @MHughes976

      It's alright. Incitement is the new buzzword Hasbara central issued. Remember when it was delegitimization? We hear that so much less today than incitement.

      I wish they realize how transparent their whole enterprise is when defenders of Israel all at once change arguments together and start using specific words together.

    • @Mayhem

      Nobody needs incitement to hate the people making their lives hell. Understand this. It's so simple.

      Nobody needs to be brainwashed to hate the troops crushing your life. Get real.

  • IDF propaganda ignores occupation when explaining Palestinian violence (Updated)
  • Palestinian citizens of Israel respond to poll showing Jewish support for expelling Arabs from country
    • Maybe this will serve as a wake up call to some "liberal" Zionists who still think that the problem of Israeli racism is the product of "a few bad apples", and that Israel has "normal" racism problems like any other country in the world.

      Your whole nation is based on ethnic nationalism/superiority. The only people who are surprised by the results of this poll are not paying any attention at all.

  • Most Jews want to expel Palestinians -- Pew's ugly portrait of Israel
    • @NickJOCW

      What settlers exactly are you talking about? Are we talking about settlers in the Golan and West Bank, or are you referring to all Israelis as settlers?

      If the first, then they can go back to Israel.

      If the second, I don't think Palestinians at this point think that they can push every single Jewish Israeli out of historical Palestine. I don't think that's desirable either. Even the old agenda of the PFLP and similar groups called for the abolition of Zionism and for one state where everyone is equal.

  • 'We wasted 40 years talking about nothing, doing nothing' -- Pappe demolishes peace process
    • @hophmi

      "Will return entail the ethnic cleansing of the people now living there?"

      Pay attention, they aren't Zionists.

  • Why I support a one state solution and still consider myself a Zionist
    • @Roha

      "It means that, no matter how diverse a society is, or how many or how few different cultures live in that society, there is no moral obligation to make that society more diverse, or to add more cultures."

      But when does this ever happen?

      It's usually cultures that already exist within a society asking for more representation/visibility.

      It's not like saying Palestinians should add Chinese holidays to their calendar when there is no Chinese community living in Palestine. Usually the people are already there. It makes 0 sense otherwise. Since they are already there, they are already part of society.

      So society isn't just trying to appease random cultures, it's just the people already there wanting more visibility.

      This also brings up the idea that people of different (out) cultures are guests and that a dominant culture exists and should be maintained, rather than the dominant culture of a society reflecting all shades of the people making up that society.

    • @HRK

      "So, if that’s the case, no society is more diverse than any other society. Japan is just as diverse as American, right? Most people don’t think this is the case. A society can become more or less diverse. Policies can move it in one direction or the other."

      I don't understand this leap of logic. I said societies for the most part are diverse, I didn't say every society on earth is exactly as diverse as the other.

      What you are overlooking is that culture is not attached to ethnicity. Aside from that, when you say a society has no obligation to make itself more diverse I don't understand what this actually means.

      If you have different cultures living in a society, isn't it already diverse? Isn't it already multicultural?

      Or do you mean the dominant culture and narrative has no obligation?

      It almost sounds like the others are merely guests to the society and not part of it. If the multiple cultures that make up part of the US all want to leave imprints on society, is this a society making itself more diverse? Or is it that groups that wants to have more representation in a society they already live in, therefore being part of it?

    • @HRK

      "Minorities should be treated well but a society is under no compunction to make itself more diverse to prove some sort of point or to strike a supposedly morally heroic pose"

      Societies don't make themselves more diverse. Societies, for the most part, are already diverse.

    • I am still having trouble understanding your definition/idea of Zionism. Words have meanings, and today there is only one manifestation of Zionism on the ground, and it is the oppressive kind that has been since its inception.

      Your brand of Zionism -from what I gathered- seems to challenge the very notion of Zionism as it exists, so I must ask, why hold onto it? Why name your belief a kind of Zionism when it has nothing to do with it? Why taint it with this bloody legacy?

      Why is naming your belief a kind of Zionism so important to you?

      Forgive me, but it sounds like you are a bit torn.

  • The Tantura massacre of 1948 and the academic character assassination of Teddy Katz
    • @Jackdaw

      Your humanity is truly touching.

    • @Jackdaw

      So let's say for arguments sake that Benny Morris is correct (others disagree with this statement), he still said that war crimes were committed.

      Does that deserve a yawn from you? How desensitized have you become to human suffering for your ideology?

    • @Brewer

      I agree completely.

      It's really a shame though that we've been saying this for over 60 years and nobody believed us, and only when Israeli new historians confirmed our narrative did it receive any traction.

      Because to the west the Arab is biased and unable to present history without slanting it, but Israelis are seen as more "civilized" like them. So when they say it, they have more credibility. The colonial mindset is still intact today.

  • Divestment opponents attack University of Minnesota SJP with swastika graphic
  • Emerging from a 'reign of terror': Palestinians in Israel hold first BDS conference
  • PA continues crackdown on West Bank teachers strike as anger with anti-democratic Palestinian leadership spreads
  • Palestinian killed by Israeli army during rescue mission to retrieve soldiers lost after using mobile directions app 'Waze'
  • Can we take 'Avi does the Holy Land’ seriously?
    • I honestly don't know how to take her videos.

      They might be satire, and if it works, hey, I'm all for it. But actually living through this crap day by day I struggle to find the humor in it. But this is me personally. Not my cup of tea.

      Others might find it a good way to be introduced to the realities of Israel.

  • US writer Kristian Davis Bailey is racially profiled, arrested, strip-searched, detained, silenced, traumatized on trip to Palestine
    • Birds of a feather flock together. Movements for liberation, as well as Apartheid regimes.

      You know what I'm talking about ;)

    • @Herchel

      Really? Are you seriously going to argue that all your links and sources wouldn't be let through moderation?

      Can you give us examples, since this appears to happen so often that you don't bother anymore?

    • @Herchel

      It's not like you care about evidence anyway. Remember that post where you demanded proof that rape threats and sexual abuse was routine in Israeli jails, and once provided you disappeared? As usual?

      Furthermore, you constantly put forward allegations and accusations and never back anything up, and when asked for sources you disappear as usual.

    • @Rightcoaster

      Actually, Israel fits the Rome statue definition of Apartheid to a T:

      Inhumane acts "committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime."

      I don't know what your definition of Utopia is, but it sure isn't that a state give full equality to all those it rules. Yes, that includes /all/ the people it rules, even those it doesn't want to admit it rules in the West Bank and Gaza. Even the Palestinians inside Israel have literally dozens of laws designed to keep them under.

      What kind of "proper" state is so obsessed with demographics that it needs to mark out what percentages of what ethnicity they want in Jerusalem?

      Now, your snide remarks aside, Israel is an excellent example of settler colonialism. I have no clue how you could argue otherwise. That it is successful or proper country does not factor into its definition. The US is a super power, but also a product of settler colonialism. How is this not obvious?

      But it sounds like you almost believe yourself. I know exactly what I'm talking about, thank you very much, do you?

    • What does that have to do with this incident, which is not at all unique?

    • @rightcoaster

      What's an "unbiased" way to cover Apartheid and Colonialism?

      Is there a neutral way to cover crimes against humanity? Racial profiling? Murder?

      Keep on coasting.

    • @Rugal_b

      Might want to re-tune your sarcasm detectors there.

    • But miss Israel was Black that one time, so I'm sure that makes up for this.

  • Palestine and the anxiety of existence
  • Israel's ethnic cleansing of its parliament
    • @Headlamp

      Except you haven't done your homework.

      Israel was accepted into the United Nations on condition that it accept the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees. Admission of Israel to membership in the United Nations (General Assembly Resolution 273 of May 11, 1949 ) requires Israel to comply with General Assembly Resolution 194 of December 11, 1948 and Israel stated it agreed to comply with this resolution.

      So Israel already agreed to carry out the resolution, so it's not anachronistic or non-binding. It's already been signed on.

  • Georgia is the latest state to consider anti-BDS legislation (Updated)
    • @Juan

      I disagree with all of what you say, it's ahistorical and false, but let's for a second assume it's true.

      Give me citizenship and equality. Give all Palestinians citizenship and equality. You're a democracy right? So it shouldn't worry you what government is elected.

      Otherwise you're an Apartheid regime.

      These are your only two options.

  • J Street is in denial of one-state 'consensus'
    • @Ritzl, Boomer

      This is exactly my research right now. A nation wide survey on solutions if the 2 state solution is dead.

      What would a one state solution even be? What system? How would it even come to be?

      I'm very excited to see the results in a few months.

    • @Sibiriak

      "Yes, clearly, life there is strangled by an external military force. But how is it functioning as a single state?"

      That is a gross oversimplification, every single facet of life is governed and controlled by Israel. Can you show me any semblance of sovereignty on the side of the Palestinian "state"? It literally controls nothing. This is not an exaggeration. It administers territories at the behest of Israel.

      You put so much faith in international law, but as I said, it's all on paper. Nothing of that international law is having any manifestation on the ground. Functionally, when it comes to Israel's control of the territories, it is not a factor. Like you said, it's not enforced. A law that is not enforced may as well not exist.

      Yes, we are officially different entities. But officially so many things are not how they are on the ground. On the ground is what I'm saying. Israel controls me in every single manner, but I cannot vote there. That is Apartheid.

      I don't think anyone is arguing seriously that we are literally in one state, but functionally we are. So I don't understand why you bring up the West Bank and Gaza as being recognized as occupied, as we know this already.

      "Israeli Zionists will never willingly agree to the total destruction of Zionism, which is what a single democratic state means."

      Did the Boers ever agree to one South Africa? It took them over 100 years and it was still bitter and embattled. Facts on the ground made that a reality that they couldn't hide and dance around anymore.

      There is, in my opinion, no feasible separation between Israel and Palestine at this point, without creating a swiss cheese bantustan. Israel insists that there will be no military for the Palestinians, and joint border control among many other things. Israel will never give us a state.

      Facts on the ground will develop to the point where the whole world community sees that separation is impossible for the creation of a new state. Israel is already helping with that by deciding to build in E1, the last piece of land that would make a Palestinian state contiguous.

      I'm not under the impression that it's going to be doves and sunshine. Israel will annex us at some point, and we will be without rights. But Israel cannot win the struggle for equal rights.

      A Palestinian state on the 1967 borders will not solve the conflict. I promise you that. This is a direction Palestinian society also increasingly agrees with. The one state solution is so taboo to talk about, yet year after year it is now gaining more and more traction, with about a whole third now agreeing that it is the only way forward. With literally nobody calling for it.

      So, tl;dr. I disagree with both of you. I think the two state solution was never realistic, and would have never solved the conflict.

    • @David

      Mr. Fincham,

      Could you please explain to us how functionally we are not living a one state reality?

      Does Israel not control every single aspect and dictate what the PA can do? Is this not similar to how it was in Bophuthatswana for instance? Where legally it was not part of South Africa, it had its own territory, border and government, but in practice it was a bantustan controlled by the Apartheid government?

      There is nothing that is voluntary in anything that the Palestinians do. When Israel controls the civilian registry of the so called Palestinian "state", builds within its borders, arrests any Palestinian anywhere, how is this anything but a one state reality?

      The Palestinian "state" only exists on paper.

  • Viral video says BDS supporters want to shoot the bible and Dannon yogurt
    • Arab/Middle Eastern Christians are only important if they can be used to show how terrible Muslims are. "Bethlehem is losing its Christian population!" Of course, they never mention it's due to Israeli blockade and occupation, they just want you to assume that it's living under a "Muslim" regime that made them flee.

      Like how some people only care about Women's rights if it can be used to bash Muslims as well.

      Never do these people think to actually talk to the people they are "defending."

    • His pro-Israel friend should take a stroll down to Bethlehem and speak to the Palestinian Christians living there and who support the boycott. Would blow his mind.

  • Most US Jewish students don't see Israel as 'civilized' or a 'democracy,' Luntz tells secret anti-BDS conference
    • @DB

      Aww, I'm in a cult now? Quite interesting.

      No. It's whataboutery and has nothing to do with what was being talked about. As usual, when any criticism is levied against Israel people try and change the subject to other nations that have nothing to do with the article/question at hand.

      You're losing your power base in the US, are they all a part of cultish thinking as well? Seems the whole world will soon be in a cult and Israel is the only non cult nation. Keep sticking your head in the sand. It has helped immensely.

    • @aloeste

      What does that have to do with anything?

      Israel is losing a critical part of its support base in the US public. That's what this article about. The state that claims to represent all Jews is losing the support of those Jews it claims to represent.

      How do you not understand this? Year after year, support dwindling from every area? How do you keep so stubborn and uncritical? You're on the wrong side of history, it's just a shame you can't see that today. But you will with time.

    • So are the usual suspects going to come out of the woodworks and say that all of this is nothing?

      Israel is even alienating the US Jewish population. That takes skill. The dominoes are going to start dropping on Israel within the next decade. I don't believe there is anything Israel can do to stop it at this point.

      Make your transition to an egalitarian democracy for all now before it's too late. Transition from a position of strength before transition is forced upon you and more blood is shed.

  • Israeli interrogators threatened to rape al-Qiq and his family-- so he launched hunger strike, lawyer says
    • This is not an isolated case. Threats of rape and sexual assault are commonly used tactics by Israel.

      "He himself claims that the threat of rape is a standard procedure in the IDF’s prisoners interrogation unit (Unit 504) where he was serving.

      There are several good reasons to believe him: A few weeks back “Uvda,” a Channel 2 investigative journalism program, showed a clip in which George’s commander was threatening Dirani with rape; Many Palestinian detainees reported a similar threat; And in at least one case – that of the murdered IDF soldier, Amnon Pomrantz, in 1990 – the reporter Gabi Nitzan wrote that the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency, or ISA) took several children as hostages, in order to convince their brothers, who were suspected of setting the unconscious Pomrantz on fire, to turn themselves in (I had the misfortune of looking after one of these children for a short while). The ISA agents told the children’s families that if the suspects wouldn’t turn themselves in, the children would be sent to a detainee camp, where they would be raped."

      But keep sticking your head deeper into the sand.

  • Without international pressure, and now, Al-Qiq will die, says former hunger striker
  • After Israeli soldier knocks Palestinian man out of wheelchair, hasbara team says his crutch was a gun
    • A firearm?

      I thought it was a nuclear bomb!

      Actually, an ANTISEMITIC nuclear bomb. You see, it only targets Jews (not Israelis) because of our irrational hatred that has no reason towards our peace loving neighbors who want nothing but our safety.

  • British schoolboy questioned for pro-Palestine badge and pro-BDS pamphlet
    • I read this report. it's sad how terrified they are of us.

      Like Mahmoud Darwish said in one of his poems: "The invader fears our memories". They want to wipe out our memories, our presence, because deep down they know they are impostors, even if they will not admit it.

  • Law firm pulls $250,000 gift to Harvard over Palestine event (demonstrating Zionism's pervasiveness)
    • @Bettyberenson

      I love when people keep talking about how "complicated" the "conflict" is in the Middle East, but they almost never explain how it is complicated.

      How is it complicated, Betty, that a foreign group took over land from the indigenous population and ethnically cleansed them?

      The arcanization of the "conflict" is something Zionists love to do. It's all so complicated and one of a kind that you can't pass judgement. There is also my favorite: If you don't live here you can't pass judgement, because you don't know.

      There is a reason why Israel is the leading country when it comes to states targeted by UNSC and UNGA resolutions, why it is one of the leading countries in human rights violations according to HRW and other international organizations.

      If you truly think that dozens of organizations with billions in funding, all these supranational organizations spanning the whole globe and every ideology and race are only targeting Israel because of anti-semitism, then I'm afraid to say, Betty, that you are the brainwashed one that should wake up.

  • Tunnels remain Hamas' most strategic asset in the Gaza Strip
    • @Mayhem

      What you're witnessing is called a disagreement.

      I know the concept might be foreign to you, as any dissenting people in Israel are called self haters or crazy leftists, and are defamed to hell and back, but I assure you that's not how most people do it.

    • @Jon66

      "Did you read the article? Theses tunnels are not for defense. They serve as a means to capture Israeli soldiers to exchange them for prisoners."

      Gazans capturing soldiers that are occupying Gaza is not self defense?

      Israel justified its PREEMPTIVE attack on Egypt in 1967 as self defense, why can't anybody else do the same? Israel maintains bases and military personnel outside Israel and operates outside Israel daily with the justification that it is all for defense, why can't anybody else do the same?

  • Video: Scenes from a bloody Sunday in Palestine
    • Yeah I'm sure that dirty wheelchaired man talking to the soldier did something to deserve his abuse. Totally.

      It's not like the idf has ever committed massacres and dozens of human rights violations.

      Also, are you going to back up your accusations or are you going to disappear like most zionists do when they need to put in more effort than just smearing?

    • Waiting to see how someone could justify this. Flipping wheelchaired people over, truly the most moral army in the world.


  • Barriers to love in Israel and Palestine
    • @Scott

      I would just like to correct you here, Scott. Israel attempts to weaken and cut off Gaza from the rest of Palestine but there is no lack of solidarity among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Quite the opposite.

      The vast majority of the population blame the political movements leadership for the split, not the people.

  • As Tel Aviv prepares to welcome Beyoncé, here's a review of Israel's atrocious record towards black people
    • @Jackdaw

      Even if it were over 1000, it doesn't negate the facts highlighted in this article, that you have yet attempted to disprove.

      By the way, a personal anecdote can be a true fact, it doesn't mean it's made up.

    • @Jack

      Personal anecdotes in response to widespread documented violations and institutional racism?

      That's the "stick in my craw"?

    • @JD


      The very fact that THESE are the two examples that keep coming up every time anyone brings up Black rights in Israel shows indeed that these are the exceptions to the rule.

      As to the Miss Israel thing, finding someone attractive doesn't mean you view them as equal.

      The hundreds of thousands of pregnant slaves in the US by their masters should attest to this.

    • If we're talking about the city itself you are right, but there are many suburbs and towns that belong to East Jerusalem that are behind the wall, on the West Bank side, such as Kufr Aqab.

      As for the permit, Palestinians in East Jerusalem are "residents" only, and can and do have their residency revoked fairly easily and frequently.

  • Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
    • Max, is it not enough that you stole a country, your icon is a stolen food, and now you're even stealing Zio-supremecist for your own use?

      Do you have ANYTHING that belongs to you?

    • @Just

      The right to boycott and call others to boycott is protected under freedom of speech.

      If the government punishes you for a certain kind of free speech, then they are punishing you for your political position. It is an attack on free speech.

      The rest of your comment is nonsense, the US does not need/support Israel for oil, it already has bases in the gulf.

    • I hope you're joking right now, but to support this small area of land do you even know how much land is confiscated?

      Settlements don't operate in a vacuum, they need infrastructure. They need special roads that cuts the West Bank, they need army bases which dot the West Bank, they need pipes that draw water from Palestinian sources etc. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested read the OCHA report of 2007 to know in detail how they work.

      It's even worse now than it was in 2007, and it was unbearable then. Just look at this map to see what these "small areas of land" need:

      I have a feeling you're being sarcastic in your comments, but just in case you're not I made this reply. I have seen weirder things said by Israelis.

    • @Annie

      IMO, the faster the world realizes its death and it dies officially for the international community the faster we can actually start to tackle the root cause of the problem, and not the band-aid that is the 1967 borders.

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