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  • In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza's misery to Palestinian infighting
    • Expelled or left voluntarily?

    • Well, Israel is a sovereign country that gets to decide what happens within its own borders, including who gets in and what goods are going out.
      Egypt does the same.
      Import of cement is permitted:
      Electricity: despite not paying their bills, it is still provided.
      Internet: who prevents them from having one? Israel? Again, it is free to decide whatever it wants to do with its own(!) resources- we do not own a thing to Gaza residents, except humanitarian cases (see the link above)
      You see the pattern here, Eva?

      Rockets for help doesn't go far.

    • Is Israel attacking BDS supporters in their home countries?

    • That's situation on 2005 report.
      Now is 2018, Gaza-Egypt border is no longer being controlled by Israel. Rafah crossing is in control of Egypt.

    • Gazan borders are within the partition. Next question, please.

    • Thanks. Gaza is free to do whatever they like to. Israel is free to decide whether we like it or not.

    • @Ossinev.
      They can solicit investments from Arab and Muslim world, including Zakat organizations and Murabah banks.
      Let me know when it happens, please.

    • Well, John, here are few snippets for you.
      First, I have no problem with smuggling tunnels- they can build as much as they want, it's not Israel's problem, it is an Egyptian one. Which they have efficiently solved by flattening 500-meter radius of housing from each side of the Rafah border and by pouring water in it.
      Second, I do have an issue when tunnels go into Israel territory- my apologies for that, it is a bit insensitive of myself.
      Electricity- do you have a free one yourself or maybe you are connected to a power grid that gives it to your house for free. If not, then make sure to pay your bills, otherwise, you'll be cut off. Gazan's do not pay their bills, while still getting one.
      None of my current or previous comments had attempted to de-humanize Palestinians as people or as ethnic groups. You may check my records here.

    • I don't even have to try - it becomes easier every day.

    • What prevents Gaza rulers from soliciting investments?

    • Feeling a bit jittery today, Mooser?

    • Gazan Hamas rulers should use 130,000 trucks of concrete mix been sent there to re-build houses and sewage system. Instead, they build attack tunnels that go into the sovereign territory of Israel. And while getting free electricity for that from Israel, shooting rockets and mortar grenades. End of story.

  • No, hurting Palestinian refugees doesn't help peace
    • Dear Omar- can you clarify to me and readers here one issue , why is being a descendant of a refugee makes you refugee as well? And why it this designation is only applied to Palestinian Arabs and their families?
      Thank you.

  • Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to 'Israel's might'-- Roger Cohen
    • Nazis were before Israel, Dreifus centennial jubilee was just a couple of weeks ago, blood libels, crusades.....
      Nothing will prevent the next thing happening to Jews, except state support, statehood and national home.

    • I don't care about Trump and Nice People- I care that antisemitism is alive and well. Here, with US Nazis, there, with Muslim immigrants to Germany, or in the UK with Labor Party.

    • Indeed, I hit the nail. But the placement is different here- because of history, bigotry, antisemitic views of Nazis or anyone else, Israel as the national home is justified to be viewed as the safe haven for any Jewish person. Regardless of his opinion, even Mr. Weiss will be welcomed there.

    • Interview with the US neo-Nazi:,7340,L-5069827,00.html
      Headline: " No Jews, no 9/11, says leading US neo-Nazi"
      Message: Jews need to go home, to Israel.


  • Israel passes 'anti-infiltration law' to speed up the deportation of African refugees
    • @oldgeezer.
      Please send your remarks to CNN editorial board that has misstated the letter of the article in discussion.

    • @Talkback.
      You are full of it my friend.
      Show me one Arab country where there are a functioning and living Jewish communities and we can talk about apartheid.
      Meanwhile, 20% of citizens of Israel are non-Jews and enjoy full rights.
      BTW, Jerusalem residents can apply for citizenship also, which they are doing more and more.

    • @ Maghlawatan
      I have a small issue with your ad hominem towards Israelis having little culture, but hey, its Hanukkah, so I'll leave it on moderator's responsibility.
      I can speak for myself- I have about 200 years of documented history of Jewish heritage and culture, including the history of modern Israel. So I have some baggage, you may say.
      It includes pogroms, revolutions, fight for independence, state antisemitism, street hate of Jews etc.
      It gives me a long perspective on what Israel is about and why it serves as national home for Jews.
      Maybe if you learn more about it, you'll come to a similar conclusion.
      All the best.

    • @John O.
      Off course bedouin too, thank you for asking.
      As one who served with them in IDF, ate, slept and fought with ones, I am particularly proud that Israel gave and continues giving Bedouin citizens their rights, contrary to any Arab state where Bedouin live, except Jordan.

      Quote: "Noticeably absent from the list: the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates"
      "The treaty defines what refugees are -- those who are seeking refuge from persecution. It also gives them a very important right -- the right to not be sent back home into harm's way, except under extreme circumstances."
      Israel does not send them back to their home country, so the law statue is maintained.

    • I would re-phrase: Israel interests are focused on self-preservation as independent, sovereign state for all of its citizens, enabling Jewish national self-determination, cultural preservation of all inhabitants and protection of Jewish history and education. This is state mandate for Israel. It does not include protection of human rights of refugees or illegal migrants, as any state in the world doesn't include this in its sovereign declaration.
      If Israel chooses to do so and accept refugees, it will be at the will of its governing body, which they should get the mandate from Israel citizens for that action.
      @Eljay- get over it...

    • Good point for discussion- where is the line that each sovereign state draws, when it comes to illegal refugees/work immigrants/ legal refugees/legal immigrants.
      From the author assumption here, Israel has some moral obligations to accept every single refugee. If it does, should the amount be limited? Of course, if it is limited, then there will be an outcry for Israel sinister attempt to hurt refugees, mainly men between ages of 20 to 40, who are fleeing whatever problems they may have at their home country.
      Unfortunately, it is never enough when it comes to Israel and that is precisely why Israel should and does consider its own interests and its own citizen as the priority, contrary to some selective implementation of the international law.
      If Israel law is illegal, human rights advocates can take it to the court.
      If denied, then it is settled until the next update of the policy.
      Best and happy Hanukah.

  • Trump's Hanukkah gift
  • Against self-determination
    • What a soup of mixed identities, misconceptions, demonization and rejectionist approach to the "other"- a perfect example of a non-starter and dead-ended path of "liberal" anti-whatsoever. But I should really spare my words here and let the example to do the talking:
      " As a liberal, I think this really is a better way to be, tolerating others, worshiping whoever you want" and there goes this gem: " Jewish democracy and the Jewish people’s right to self-determination are out of step with the culture that Jews and others have fashioned in my country over the last 30 or 40 years".
      Who gives a .... about your idea of a Jewish culture, if you don't have a first clue about it? Who you are trying to influence or change, while simultaneously denying their choices and believes? You are entitled to your own opinion, but it certainly doesn't make it the only right one, especially in Jewish and Israeli historical perspective. What value your views hold if on one hand you're OK and approve Palestinian/Arabic national aspirations, while saying that Jews should assume your, a very fringed and low-carb, version of Jewish-flavored life.
      There is a multitude ways of being Jewish, and Israel is a living, constantly changing and vibrant example to it. Yours is a narrow and pointless as of ultra-orthodox sects in Brookline, NY.
      The have only a Torah word for it and you have a collections of liberalistic catchphrases.
      I'll be curious to see , what would last longer.

  • Invest in thorough, accurate news to build a fair future for Israel/Palestine
  • A Knesset without Arab parties?
    • But, but whatabout apartheid ?!! Whatabout 20& of Arab population of Israel- you are saying that they do not vote completely and fully for the Arab parties? But why, if , according to the gospel here, "evil Zionists" exclude and humiliate Arab population of Israel. It doesn't make any sense- are you spreading a whitewashing hasbara, Alison?

  • Palestinian flag is an 'enemy' flag-- Netanyahu's latest crackdown
    • From the same article:
      "Despite their plight, many of the Palestinians -- Muslim fundamentalists from the Hamas and Islamic Holy War groups -- seemed far from unhappy because they saw a chance to muster international sympathy that their declared armed struggle against Israel might not ordinarily bring.

      News reports from southern Lebanon quoted the men as urging the Lebanese Government to keep them out, thereby forcing them to stay in a desolate buffer strip that lies between the nearest Lebanese and Israeli army checkpoints."
      Cry me a river.

  • 'Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children'
  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • Wonderful reply to a whole MW ideology.
      "This isn’t the place, either, to explain all the ways I find your views about historic Zionism misinformed, even crude, and your political analysis one-sided".

  • Why Israel's legal justifications for 'Operation Protective Edge' are wrong
    • "The Gaza Strip is entirely surrounded by a concrete wall"- baloney...
      Now, back to the subject- please provide the international law guidelines for urban combat, when one party is hiding behind civilian population. There is none and the reason is quite simple-all these laws were written in the context of standard warfare.
      Therefore, any military operation against mixed combatant and civilian populations is ILLEGAl by the definition of law. By mixed population I mean the lack of regular armed forces and a "revolving door" for militants to go in and out from the hostilities.
      Ratios of military vs. civilian losses in Gaza are unparalleled to any armed conflict in urban areas, especially as densely populated as this one.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • @talknic
      I'm sorry but your use of words "b*tching" and "whining" prevents me from fully responding to your comment.

    • @Aaron.
      You may certainly try to demilitarize one state (e.g. Israel) but it would require to announce war on it- are you going to fight it, Aaron?

    • @Ron Edwards.
      There is no obligation to provide a free trade access and employment (as one of the Hamas demands). The rest are as unreasonable as this one.

    • @WeAre....
      If I would be the losing site (as author mentions) - I'll perhaps consider your offer for what it worth. Same as Germany and Japan did, but Israel is not a losing side. There is no obligation to provide Gazans with free access to Israel (sic!) territory, there is no obligation to provide the access for their goods to be exported via Israel ports, there is no obligation to not shoot anyone who tries to enter Israel's borders, and certainly there is no obligation not to defend itself and citizens from the indiscriminate bombardment by rockets from Gaza,

    • @JeffB.
      Spot on.

    • "Without any pressure by the international community, Israel, the party who has the upper hand in this conflict, will feel legitimized to keep refusing negotiations for a real truce with Hamas"- so if Israel has the upper hand, why is Hamas the one who makes the demands? Why not Israel?
      For example, here is a simple and , in author's words, " a very reasonable one"- give up your arms/rockets, proclaim Gaza demilitarized zone under UN/OSCE/LGA control, subject to the international monitoring of goods and people coming in/out of Gaza and denounce the goal of eliminating Israel. Does any of them require loss of lives or any harm to Palestinians- I don't think so.
      What it does absolutely requires is the fundamental change in mentality and giving up the supposed "Palestinian people's honor"- therefore I have no doubt that it will never happen.

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • Don't you think that the American public cares about pictures of dead children?
      Iraq/Afganistan/Syria had completely desensitized their perception. That's why Israel stands alone, since if those were Israeli children the reaction in general would be the same.

    • Page: 6
    • The problem with this, another optimistic/things-are-changing/Israel-is loosing assay is quite simple, although is buried under the pile of quasi-intellectual nonsense.
      If the things are changing, as all things are, to which direction:
      To support Hamas? Muslim Brotherhood? ISIS or Asad? Wahabi or Shia? Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad? Or maybe PA and Egypt?
      You see, there is no gray areas in the Middle East and you cannot go there, and not to get involved and choose sides.
      Kerry and Obama are frustrated, but they know better.
      Europe is frustrated, but it knows better as well.
      China, India, Egypt, Jordan, even (god forbid) Russia- all know their choice.
      Damn, even Saudis and Qataris , play their games, keeping in mind Iran's ambitions, and their umbrella from US and (yes) Israel.
      I'm quite confident in Israel future and the consequences of its actions.
      Just a small remark- 40 million dollars had cost those home-made rockets alone. Millions were spend building bunkers- don't you think they could've been spent better?

  • Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder says Israel is using our taxes to 'drop bombs on children' and take land
    • @Kris
      I didn't bring any of these arguments before and certainly will not use them here. It is a survival war by Israel and a suicidal war by Hamas. Hamas cannot win, it can only prolong its demise. Civilians are suffering and the duty of any state, including Israel, is to alliviate it by any means. Meanwhile Hamas means are not working. Ours do.

    • Very cute and in tone with times...
      It would bear more validity if he had made this statement completely naked- without any clothes made in China, without the electronics made in China and saying that he won't be able to make shows in Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, UK, Germany, Spain, Mauritania, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, India, Belarussia, Serbia, Brasil, Colombia, USA, Turkey, France etc.
      Then I'd really believe it.

  • Khalidi: It's time for Palestinians 'to get off their knees' and turn to Europe and ICC
    • If I may interfere here- Khalidi has nothing to loose, neither of the commenters here. Whereas Palestinians will loose everything they have, including being counter-sued for killings since the beginning of the conflict. Just my thoughts about the plausibility of ICC actions.

  • US is 'absolutely adamant' that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process -- Power
    • @Hostage. I read just fine, thank you very much. The comment was about Ms. Power being the voice of "Jewish money". N'est pa?
      Your knee-jerking again looks rather silly.

    • @seafoid
      I think you meant "Zionist" money- because "Jewish money" would be antisemitic trope, right?

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • This is probably the most hilarious and quite funny post I've ever read on this site. Kudos to authors. The obvious silliness of the statements such as "Let us have the answers"- us who? "American public", "Progressives" or "Anti-Zionist Jews"- no one will provide you with the answers for doing what ALL the intelligence services do, meaning intelligence gathering, recruiting and (OMG!) even killing people.
      But wait, there is more- "Have any Israelis paid the price for helping to put this man in prison for thirty years?". I wonder, have any of the authors have even a slightest cue how these thing work? Perhaps I, as the "concerned citizen" of Israel, would like to see who were those CIA/NSA operatives who'd installed a full apartment of surveillance just across the street from Israel Prime Minister/ Minister of Defense/ IDF Chief of Staff Mr. Ehud Barak? That is an idiotic request and should be treated as such.
      And for the desert- "Has anyone in the Israeli security apparatus been punished for taking advantage of an insecure young man with drug issues?". Have anyone at any secret agency have been? The answer is zero, nada, because there are doing there jobs, exploiting human weaknesses and sins. The probable second oldest occupation in human history.
      One thing I do agree, Pollard has nothing to do with Palestinians or peace talks, and he is an old man, who stood proudly and will be released soon. Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama had made a terrible choice of carrot, and do not have the stick.

  • Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?
    • Stupid article- these are work migrants and are illegal refugees, sending money to their families at home, having businesses in Israel and claiming a refugee status. Go and take care of 12 million illegals in US, go protest ICE methods and Obama deporting 2 (4?) million illegals already. My guess that what bothers Americans every day, same as Europeans - have you heard about recent Swiss poll banning immigration? You are bigots and righteous fools here.

  • New York Senate passes bill punishing ASA over Israel boycott
    • @ritzl. Wrong answer again. Israel does not enforce Arab conscripts, however if anyone wishes to join IDF, it is permitted and welcomed.
      Technion acceptance rules does not prohibit Palestinians, or Arab citizens of Israel from getting in.
      And please send my regards to Hostage, for making a fool of himself again.
      Keep digging.

    • @ritzl. That a stupid assertion- the bill of reservists does not discriminate against anyone, same as the Veterans Bill in US. Keep digging.

  • 'NYT' publishes Holocaust trivia on front page
    • @Talknic
      Thanks for confirming that there was no Palestinian state throughout the 2000 years of modern history. Their nationalistic struggle goes against our, and we are winning. That what is called civil war and national conflicts.
      Keep digging.

    • @Bumblebye.
      Haven't you heard- this is the year of solidarity with Palestinian people and their struggle. You should be more informed.

    • @Annie- because this is my way to remember, shoving the Holocaust down the throats of all haters. Your lack on knowledge about this date is only a symptom of a bigger problem, Annie.

    • @Bumblebye- I am upset about the whole year of solidarity with my sworn enemies, do you see me complaining about, except here?

    • @Talknic- I am certainly not your pal.
      Aren't you supposed to be "an old Jewish guy from Oz"? Then maybe you can remember those days when Jesus was not some Palestinian but a Jewish rabi going against the establishment. And yes, I'll stuff the Holocaust down every single anti-semitic throat here and anywhere else.
      I am young enough to do it for a very long time- long after most of folks here will be gone and forgotten.

    • Today is the Holocaust remembrance day, January 27th of each year, recognized by UN. Only one day, and I say here in the name of my 15 relatives burned and killed by Nazis and their European collaborators- damn you Mr. Weiss and your followers. Every life is as important as the whole world, and who you to tell us how to remember and how to make others feel more comfortable about the atrocities done against us? There is the remembrance for all people killed during WWII, but you are particular about Jews and their annoying ways?
      Morons here, like German Lefty, ask innocently: "is it antisemitic to tell a Jew to go live in Israel, for there is his place?". After that Holocaust remembrance is needed more than ever.

  • BDS leaders say Palestinian human rights are compatible with Israeli Jewish future
    • "Whether the resolution is in one state or two states is not a position the movement has a clear answer for."
      Here is the root of a problem- an assumed "agnostic" view of final peace agreement. Two states- one purely Palestinians with no Jews allowed and another bi-national one state with an immediate majority of Arabs, supported by the flood of "refugees".
      Seems a bit to much for us to swallow, and will certainly no sane mind in Israel will agree to.
      Keep on BDS, there is a long list of Palestinian failures to achieve anything meaningful and it keeps on growing.

  • Kerry's Saudi recipe for Palestinian homelessness
    • I usually not replying to nonsense, but I have to ask - how's giving the citizenship rights contributes to genocides?
      And yes, you may call me typical zio.

    • Sounds about right how is it going to happen- one way or another. Here, I've said it- Mark Ellis is right.
      Except one thing- this whole process of giving Palestinians citizenship and rights in their current countries should've been done 65 years ago. Israel, despite the common perceptions, couldn't force any of them to do so. You should've focused on that as well, instead of supporting "acts of resistance" and other verbal coverup of terror.

  • What Irish hero Michael Davitt tells us about Jewish history
    • @Citizen- I get absolutely nothing, except that I do not wish to assimilate and I do wish to live in my nation state. Simple as that.

    • @irishmoses- you still don't get it do you? It's the whole notion of Jews being protected by their non-Jewish countries and governments that is offensive. There is no need to seek protection once Israel has been established, there is no need for favors or taking up our chances within the Western democracies. Lesson is well learned and one of the reason that Jews are protected, being a much scrutinized minority everywhere is the Israel existence. Other minorities rely on common religion of their new states, but rarely disconnect from their old countries. With Jewish community it is a reverse process but it is happening.

    • @eljay. if you delve into the history Jews were actually very proactive in social liberation movements in their homelands in Europe. Too bad that they went up in smoke during the Holocaust, happily assisted by their neighbors who they sought to liberate. Lesson learned well enough. Same goes for Russian revolution.

    • @Talkback. Which part of European or Arab history you would like me to start with? Maybe from the Arab conquest of Jerusalem, or maybe from the formation of State of Palestine ( I can do sci-fi also you know).

    • @Donald.
      For a person who first heard of Kishinev from Chomsky diatribes you seem to have a very profound analytical skills about me.
      Sabra and Shatila happened on Israel watch, but never was done by IDF. So perhaps you could argue for other atrocities committed during civil war, upon the negligence of foreign powers ( Yugoslavia anyone?). No- I guess it is Israel again.

    • What a nonsense!!! Why stop short on Kishinev pogroms, comparing them to Sabra and Shatila, why not compare all the atrocities against Jews to actions by Israel in it's wars?
      That's a stupid and insensitive equivalence- typical of self-appointed righteous anti-Zionist. Another thing, that I'm actually glad that this event came up here- it takes out the whole argument of post-Holocaust "Zionist invaders" and gives a more historical context for Zionist immigrants and creation of Israel.

  • While you were neutral about Yarmouk
  • Poor showing among heads of state for the lonely funeral of Ariel Sharon
    • Where were the heads of US,UK and other Western countries when Arafat was buried?
      Foreign ministers were enough for that.
      Here man on statue, laying in coma for the last 8 years, still draws ire. What a man, what a small people here!

  • Ariel Sharon, whose political career was unhindered by civilian massacres, dies at 85
    • A warrior, defender of a state, statesman and a larger than life person. May his name keeps enemies of Israel forever scared. Keep on gloating here- thanks to him and others, Israel is here to stay.

  • Incitement against Palestine: Israel not ready to give up ‘villa in the jungle’
    • Except that 20% of Israel population are Arabs, hundreds of thousand of Palestinians work and visit Israel cities, are married to Israeli Arabs and meet Israelis on Jerusalem streets.
      What a nonsense of an article!!!

  • Dutch pension giant ditches Israeli banks over involvement with settlements
  • El Al airlines promotes tourism in occupied territories
  • 'WSJ' piece argues that Israeli Christians and Jews are aligned, but not Muslims
    • @Hostage. Sure these price tag vandals, had scared some people- but it's a far cry from Hamas, MB or anything else actively spreading worldwide Jihad.
      You are intellectually dishonest here, and stretching the facts as hard as you can.

    • Maybe it comes with the fact ,that there is a prevalent majority of Muslim Arab terrorists in all year of conflict? Maybe also can be attributed to fears and persecution Christians were and are facing from every single Muslim country? Or maybe to a lowest number of Christians in history around the Middle East?

    • Nothing Islamophobic- honest reporting, uncomfortable truth and a some knee-jerking from Mr. Weiss.

  • Video: Nabi Saleh activist shot at point blank range by Israeli border police (Updated)
    • @Hostage. So then both PA and Israel are in violation of ICJ ADVISORY opinion, by conforming to Oslo accords and the whole framework established by them?
      Brilliant argumentation Hostage-I am eager to see how this will fly at any future ICJ challenges of PA-Israel agreements brokered by US and others!
      Just for a record, I have no judicial education at all, and it seems that you had skipped some introductory courses in logics, while taking yours.

    • @Hostage.
      These and other UN resolutions are a worthless pieces of paper, serving political needs of Israel hate, bashing and diversion from problems at any given country that had supported them. Unless you claim that Oslo accords are invalid and null, you have no argument here. UN bias had gone beyond being ridiculous, and became an insult to a common sense. As you argument as well.

  • Israeli rap warns vulnerable Jewish women about seductive, dangerous Arab men
    • @citizen. Criticism of Israel is very welcomed, on a fair and equal terms, otherwise it becomes a platform for bigotry, a veiled anti-Semitism and hate speech. This fringe video is a drop compared to a flood of hate and incitement addressed towards Jews and Israel on daily basis.
      What seems to me as the most contradictory aspect of all, is that Jews in Israel are held to a much higher standard that every single societal and racial groups EVERYWHERE in the world. That's a breeding ground for antisemitism. That is my point, with no regard to hasbara. BTW, a person seeking a hasbara point of view wouldn't wander here.

    • @Weiss.
      What I don't understand is if you want to point out racist speech and problematize it- why not starting with US or any other Western, America-like country first instead of going after those "nasty Zionists (Jews) in Israel"? There are plenty of racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and xenophobia around in US. Hate speech is as abundant as always, yet you seek day after day anything bad to stick to Israel Jews.
      Is it your and others claim is that USA is first and the rest is secondary?
      Why you are obsessed with Israel- it does not represent you, does not affect your personal life, does not have any effect on your freedoms or anything else?
      My guess- because it represents everything you are not. A free pluralistic society with a largest spectra of opinions and cultural layers, allowing Jews to assume self-identification as a nation among others, live and die for their ideals. To honestly believe that your destiny is of your own making and no one to tell me, a Jew, how to live, where to live and how to die.
      Upstate New York is a light years away from it.

  • Storm-ravaged Gaza finally able to start power plant after donation from Qatar
    • You are liars. There are no flood gates and no dams around Gaza. Such as there is no blockade of fuel, otherwise Qatari oil wouldn't reach Gaza as well.
      Same as the whole thing is artificial crisis for more money pittying.

  • After attending Mandela's memorial, Knesset member's blood rejected in gov't drive because she is African
    • Nothing racist-
      Rather more strict guidelines as usual.
      Travel Outside the U.S., Immigration

      Wait 12 months after travel in an area where malaria is found. Wait 3 years after living in a country or countries where malaria is found. Learn more about malaria and blood donation.

      Wait 12 months after travel to Iraq. This requirement is related to concerns about Leishmanaisis. Those who have had Leishmanaisis are not eligible to donate. See In-Depth Discussion of Leishmanaisis and Blood Donation.

      Persons who have spent long periods of time in countries where "mad cow disease" is found are not eligible to donate. This requirement is related to concerns about variant Creutzfeld Jacob Disease (vCJD). Learn more about vCJD and blood donation.

  • Man of zeal?
    • But, but I thought that the suppose target of BDS should be Israeli institutions or officials within?
      Or just because she's Israeli Jewish woman it gets you attention?

  • Defying Hillel rules, Swarthmore chapter invites anti-Zionists to come on in
  • What Comes Next: Towards a bi-national end-game in Palestine/Israel
    • We, Israeli Zionists, should be really thankful for people like Mr. Halper- his diatribal futuristic projections make the whole idea of a future Middle East paradise, with mutual hugs and love, even more distant. Hard and cold reality will surely stay long after Mr. Halper idea's.

  • Medical heroes arrive in Gaza, no fanfare, no NBC
    • @Walid. IDF is not run by individuals, it's a military organization. There are orders and procedures. Therefore, if follow your logic, any act of good will and humanitarian actions should be assumed to the IDF as a whole. Therefore IDF does pretty good job in humanitarian missions as well and you should give it credit it deserves.

    • @Walid.
      Do you just assume the no one from 2500 of these fantastic people had or does serve in active/reservist duty in IDF?
      The world is not black or white my friend.

    • @Just.
      And I thought that no one will ask.
      There you go: Patients and Accompanying Persons
      November 3rd to November 9th , 2013- 235
      October 27th to November 2nd , 2013 -358

      And the list goes on.

    • Would y'all calm down a bit, would you? Every day dozens of Gaza residents go to Israel for medical treatments. Philippines is another extraordinary story. Either way Israel helping both near and far. You all get so agitated about the IDF mission in Philippines and keep looking sillier with every passing moment.
      Many people from Syria, Gaza and everywhere else in the world are grateful for IDF and Israel for their help. And you all may have another spasm of hate if you will.
      Good day.

  • 'Quietly, with no fanfare,' Israeli army delivers Philippine baby alongside NBC's Dr. Snyderman
  • JDate's mission of making 'JBabies' might provoke outrage, 'Atlantic' writer allows
  • 'Forward' columnist says 'divided' loyalty is as American as cherry pie
    • What is really amusing for me, as an Israeli Jew, from former Soviet Union , is that Mr. Weiss has absolutely no clue about history of Jews either from the perspective of "his" people or any other Jews coming from elsewhere. Arrogant, self -proclaimed notion of what is a right way to be a Jew without a single attribute of Jewish traditions or cultural history, is a staple of the MW authors of Jewish origins. Interestingly enough authors here want to be heard and embraced by the general Jewish and Israeli public in order to change the world they live in. It contradicts there denial of general lessons of Jewish history.
      The same "people" of Mr. Weiss went and built the State of Israel by their sweat, blood and tears. The same people keep building while he is keen on destroying. That's the difference and no intellectual spins and salon talk can hide it.

  • What Comes Next: A secular democratic state in historic Palestine - a promising land
    • @talknic.
      Mr. Barghouti presumes to speak from the position of power and moral superiority, which I find equally amusing and troubling in the same time.
      My amusement comes from the understanding that Palestinians have lost all the support or their political allies, either Qataris, Saudis or Iranians, they have reduced their educated and liberal society to corrupt and donations-dependent assembly of religious, secular and impoverished groups and clans and they still dictate their "generous" offers and conditions to Israel.
      Who gives, may I ask? And I'll tell who- only the majority of Israelis that still believe in peace and co-existence and are not some "murderous thugs" as often described here. That's why Mr. Barghouti was able to be educated in Israel and spread his fantasies across the world.
      Secondly, Law of Return and others, assuming some sort of Jewish preference are the core and the essence of Israel after the Holocaust and the expulsion of Arab Jews. Mr. Barghouti may not like them but who honestly cares about that? Is there a law denying citizenship from the non-Jewish Israel who's born in state of Israel? Are there any privileges for the IDF soldiers based on their national identity? Was Mr. Barghouti discriminated when he applied to Tel Aviv University and while studying there? I don't think so.
      Therefore, let him has his personal career and promotion on the waves of BDS and other nonsense. But please do not insult the common sense.

    • @ tokyobk from DIMADOK.
      Indeed Hertzl and others were worried about the safety of Jews. However that did not imply that they were thinking for any moment that in the independent state of Jews everything would be roses and unicorns. Importantly, the main argument for the lack of safety and continuous persecution of Jews was their inability to form a state and self-govern, creating vital and equal state and society on par with other nation states. I can understand your inability to identify with this view, since as an American Jew you are lacking that haunting experience of societal Antisemitism that I, for example, have. Other national groups and ethnic minorities can attest to my view such as, Roma people, Basque, Uigurs, Kurds, Alawites, Hashemite, Iranian Azeris and Turks and many others understand the same- without a vital state with all powers that state has no one in the world would care a bit about them. See the last 50 years of modern history.

    • @Mike. Are you asking me? I've called Barghouti liar.

    • @tokyobk.
      Zionist ideals and dreams were not about "safe" state for Jews. No one was that naive and plain stupid, given all the past atrocities committed against Jews in Europe or Muslim world. The core of Zionist idea was and in fact remains that we, Jews, are equal in our rights for self-determination, self-governing and national aspirations. For each of these freedoms we, Jews, are willing to pay the price. However we also strive towards peace and coexistence with our neighbors and non-Jewish citizens of the Jewish state. That's in a nutshell the essence of Zionism.
      By claiming that Jews were building a safe place you are reversing the history of modern Israel before WWII. It only became such after the Holocaust and Muslim expulsions of Jewish communities across the Middle East, Iraq and Iran.
      Therefore, Barghouti arguments should been seen in that particular context of Jewish self- determination and it's extinction the moment that non-Jewish governing majority resides in this one-state utopia.
      Liberal views are fantastic theme for salon talk but there is a cold and harsh reality, that you as an intelligent person shouldn't be denying.

    • "Unlike Europe, the history of Arab and Islamic civilizations does not include massacres or pogroms targeting the indigenous Jewish populations. "

  • Yair Lapid is much more charming than Netanyahu, but message is the same
  • 'Where Do You Stand?': A 1943 Yom Kippur sermon challenged the American Jewish community on Zionism
    • Speaking on behalf of dying Jews in Europe and Russia, making claims for their non-Zionist affections presents a clear example of Jewish American ignorance and arrogance during WWII, explaining the shock and awe of the post-war revelations. Mr. Weiss should learn that lesson in present righteousness and arrogance of this site and his followers.
      ! בברכת גמר חתימה טובה

  • Holland's largest engineering firm pulls out of East Jerusalem project over international law concerns
    • @ Just. Mrs. Ashrawi is a political mouthpiece for any anti-Israel bashing in English. I'm ok with that- that's how she makes her living. I'm not sure when she was appointed for a spokesperson for the Dutch company, but it is also non-important.
      What is important that even in case of imaginary East Jerusalem capital of Palestine, both sewage networks will be connected. Where the Palestinians will get their water from- Mondoweiss wells or Jordan? From Israel of course.
      And whether their sewage will be treated primarily or secondarily on that faculty is not important.
      Meanwhile their sewage will discharged in the streams of Judean mountains.
      But I guess that is a "huge win" still.
      As I said before- morons.

    • Yeih victory!! No sewage treatment for East Jerusalem Palestinians- glorious victory indeed.
      Morons (sighs)

  • Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron for Rosh Hashanah
  • Egyptian massacre exposes US hypocrisy in Israel and Palestine
    • @Hostage.
      A few thoughts about your comments here and the general line, you've been promoting here.
      First, when the Palestinians will be defined as the racial group of people- please make sure to start talking about the apartheid. This the exact wording present in all the legal documents, defining the crime of apartheid. But don't forget that it will backfire again, as always, since Jews in Israel will present the same claim and argue against apartheid cleansing of ALL Jewish communities around Arab world.
      Second, human rights violations are indeed a bad thing, but only when are presented by the unbiased sources to the court ( see the recent case of Syria, where your crowd has been scratching his head over the alleged crimes or non- crimes of both parties ). Citing the special rapporteur, I presume Mr. Falk and his kind, including the statements by the Lebanon (sic) is just beyond contempt and insults the intelligence of the general public.
      There were and still are lots of national conflicts around the globes, same as in Israel, but none of them was defined as the apartheid. By babbling " apartheid" every time the national rights of Palestinians are violated or not, makes a mockery of the real pain and suffering of the black people in South Africa.

    • @NormanF and Phil.
      The statement is only not genocidal, but is clear and correct to the last point of it. Muslim Brotherhood denies the rights of minorities and seeks to obliterate its opponents. That is precisely why they under such scrutiny in Egypt and are hated non less than those "evil Zionists". Throwing the big words as "Genocide" and "Apartheid" has become a fashion here and at other "progressive" crowds- it looks as ridiculous as every criticism of Israel to be branded "Antisemitic" and "Blood Libel".

  • 'US had as much a hand in Egypt as in Chile' -- leftwing perspectives on the massacre
    • @Just...
      West doesn't fight Syria to make Israel happy, we are making ourselves "happy" for 65 years, thank you very much. West is going nuts, facing the choice between Syrian dictatorship or the Al-Qaeda fanatics. They are trying to go between the drops, which will backfire onto them either way.

    • @Annie:
      HOw else you'd understand your phrase :" but god forbid anyone so much as suggest, as the president of lebanon did last thursday after an explosion ripped thru a beirut neighborhood killing 29 people, that US/israel would take any action to destabilize lebanon."
      Straw man or none, your intent is clear, also based on your record of "analyzing" previous events at Middle East.

    • @Annie.
      While I do agree with you that US/Israel/Saudis/Jordan/Egypt/Bahrein/Qatar and EU do whatever they can to stop the Iranians/Hizbollah from gaining more power at the Middle East, I reject completely your assumption that the explosions were directed by Israel or US for that purpose. Drone strikes and targeted bombings are one thing, blowing up the car is another. Haven't you heard that they've arrested some people, including Palestinians, with the connection to the car bomb?
      And another thing-the president of Lebanon is a moron, spewing words of no meaning to anyone. Real powers are always quite there.
      It is as funny and sad as those idiots in Egypt blaming Jews for organizing MB and Army-perpetrated killing in the same time!

    • @Annie. Here we go at it again. It's Israel covert actions that allowed Hizballah to go and fight in Syria, killing numerous Sunnies and calling them infidels. It's Israel fault that both Shia and Sunni hostages were killed and towns were cleansed. And of course don't forget Israel involvement in Burgas bombing, and other plots in Africa, Asia and Europe. Aren't you tired of parroting ?

  • In Egypt, fascist incitement
    • The incitement is rather nationalistic than fascist - Muslim Brotherhood is a purposely fascist organization, same as Erdogan party in Turkey. Both parties in Egypt are devoted Muslims, but the army takes the needs of Egypt first, while the brothers see it as another stepping stone to the pan-Islamic union of nations.
      Mr. Ellis should go back to the history of nations.

  • EU stance on settlements threatens Israeli participation in bonanza called 'Horizon 2020'
    • @piotr
      So you would like to see EU to continue getting full cooperation with Israel government, simultaneously denying its capital city and citizens of the same cooperative schemes?
      You can't have it both- you know, since we are those "evooooiilll" occupants and we need to be appeased. Same as in Syria... Or no?

    • @Annie.
      Who's "their access', who are they? Aliens or plotting Israelis?
      So you are speaking in general terms then? Not just about those Israeli scientist-spies, that ALL should be banned from the EU institutions?
      How about banning ALL Chinese or Russian scientists as well?
      Tin-foil hats are always provide an easier solution to paranoia and hate.

    • @Annie.
      "iow, their access to insert their “electronic espionage division” into research facilities will also be curtailed"- you are so filled with paranoia and hatred towards Israel, that you're missing the point that ANY scientific cooperation may be viewed as an effective espionage. Like your beloved Iranian chemists, Lebanese engineering and Syrian biologists, but no one in sane mind is accusing them of any of that nonsense you are perpetrating here.

  • The Israel/Palestine issue seeps into American culture
  • 'African Americans for Justice in the Middle East & North Africa' condemn rising tide of racism in Israeli society
    • I'm eager to see your statement with regard to Western Sahara/ Mauritania black population slavery; extortion, murders and rapes of black Ethiopian migrants in Yemen, racial profiling in US and other Western countries, and recent comparison of first black Italian minister to orangutan. Otherwise, mind your own business and don't teach us Hebrew linguistics use of the word 'cushi" which means only 'black person" and nothing else.
      There is a Biblical land of Cush where people have black skin, and there is no African-American or African-Israeli term. You're also very welcome to suggest new Hebrew words for the person with dark skin and African descent.

  • Netanyahu's coalition partner says 'I have killed lots of Arabs... and there is no problem'
    • Aren't we sensitive here?
      Mr. Bennet was one of the commander at the elite commando unit, actively participating in numerous battles, yes -with Arabs. Who else has a military conflict with Israel- Russians, Germans or Chinese?
      Your president had ordered a numerous Arabs and others killed by the soldiers paid by your taxes- it's a nature of military combat to kill your enemies, otherwise it would be all unicorns and rainbows around us.

  • Dispatch from the Negev: Bedouins brace for doom, under Prawer Plan
    • @yishai
      As one who actually served alongside Bedouins in IDF, I do agree that they are as every other humans on Earth- good and bad, right and wrong and just human.
      You should know this as an anthropologist that you claim to be. As an anthropologist you should also refrain from mixing science and ideology, what leads me to question your approach as one of the Anti-Zionist Jews publishing the research about Israel and Bedouin relations.
      Also, when you make a statement, please make sure that you do not include self-excluding remarks, such as your reference to nomads and their non-existence. The term "nomads" or "nomadic people" is widely used to describe precisely the way of life such as Bedouins, Mongols and others around the globe, so please refrain from patronizing me on that subject.
      The notion of Bedouins having deeds of land is also very controversial, since those deeds originate from the Ottoman registry, and Bedouins were the least cooperative and violently objective to any registration, rightfully believing that it would lead to the increased taxation.
      Their animus against any role of central government is one of the reasons that we have Cherkess communities in Israel, invited by Ottomans to protect their borders against Bedouin raids.
      The Prawler initiative is the riding horse for all kinds of political and ideological groups trying to gain some points and attention. Having you and Ms. Deger exersing their urges to defend the weak and right the wrongs should start back in home, say USA?

    • Whenever there is a conflict between the nomadic and urban societies, there will be tensions and counter claims. While the hysterical crowd here salivates again, exposing the evil plots of Zionists( Jews), Prawler plan is a first serious attempt to bridge between the views of Bedouins, considering every plot of land as theirs to squat at, and the state of Israel, having one of the most complicated and strict laws with regard to land ownership.
      Bedouins are nomads indeed, but there are laws in Israel and they either change them via Knesset or by High Court or get on with it. I'm sure Allison will get some money together to pay for the appeal.

  • Obama confidante says Iran would not use nuke against Israel, but 'I still think he will pull the trigger'
    • @Annie. I'm open to your suggestions, Annie. Please provide some arguments against. Also, would you like to add your "in depth" analysis of the Hizbollah situation, its connection with Iran and it's nuclear ambitions?

    • I would to suggest a different perspective here:
      Mr. Obama will pull the trigger not because of the threat to Israel- Israel can and will certainly defend itself.
      He will do it due to the immense pressure and hysteria coming from all the Iran's neighbours, lead by the Gulf states. They are freaking out about the mere possibility of nuclear Iran. Imagine Syria v. 2.0 with nuclear armed Shia state and its proxies.
      So the scapegoating Israel and pushing your anti-Zionist agenda seems as an overstretch here.

  • In Photos: Crossing Qalandia on the second Friday of Ramadan
    • @Allison.
      There are hundreds and thousands of Palestinian visitors at Tel Aviv beaches, Haifa and Akko. They could go wherever they wish to, provided that they return upon the expiration of their entry permits.

  • The situation in a nutshell, part 2
    • Half-truths are worse than lies:
      These people , quite few of them, are the descendants of the Moroccan Jews who came to Peru in 19th century. Yes they are intermarried and mixed with time between among the locals population. But they are Jewish by their roots and religion, and after a long battle in courts, were allowed to make aliyah to Israel. Same as one of your descendants. Mr. Weiss, would be allowed.

  • Israeli docs to consult US govt on force feeding Gitmo hunger strikers
    • I don't get it-is good or bad?
      "The policy determines that hunger strikers will not be force-fed with liquids or food against their will" - I suppose that's good, right? So why it would be bad for Israeli doctors to teach their colleagues how to persuade hunger strikers no to harm themselves?
      BTW, the tube insertion itself is not that bad, it's the person state of mind and resistance that makes it much worse.
      This is a short clip from Michael Mosley documentary (BBC Horizon- Inside a Stomach ).

  • Symbols of occupation in Hebron: evicted settlers are allowed to return, stones taken from Ibrahimi Mosque
    • @Walid. Funny you bring it up- because Manhattan was sold. The price was ridiculous and the tribe had now idea what would happen in 300 years, but it was sold. The rest of US is stolen and cleansed but Manhattan was sold. Same goes to Alaska, sold by Russia to US-was the price right, and would you like to negotiate again? No sane person would do.

    • @Annie.
      There is also no proof that Muhammad flew on the winged horse but it doesn't bother you at all. You can't eat the hate-cake and leave it whole. Someone will always follow the crumbs you left.

    • @Ramzi.
      Great and revealing comment indeed.
      Just two quotes: "Palestinians never had an issue with Jews or Judaism, a noble and Semitic religion just as Christianity and Islam are"- I'd say it's a wishful thinking, considering the 1929 Hebron massacre of the indigenous Jewish families, with no relation to the secular Zionist movement. I'd love to hear your stories how you ancestors were the one who actually saved the Jews from killings. However the question will arise-killings by whom, aliens?
      Another quote:"Our conflict is a conflict about land theft and not about religion."- I'll re-phrase a bit, it's a conflict about land and not about the religion.
      And how, pray tell us, you would resolve it within the one-state solution? The holy places are not just pieces of the real estate, the have history and emotional attachment about them. The reason that Patriarch Cave and the mosques are there is not because of some Ottoman deed, it's because religious people BELIEVE that it is the place where Abraham is buried. The only deed is written in Torah, and unless you'd like to claim that it is all false, which is possible, it clearly states that the place was bought and paid for by Abraham himself.
      There is the whole argument why it is so important to state the exact price , size and the location of the lot in Torah, but this is not the place for this discussion.

  • Kerry's 'Pax Israeliana' has failed. What next?
    • @Hostage and Annie. While I'm presenting here arguments both of you had resolved to personal attacks and insults. Now I'm sure that I'm getting the point right.

    • @Hostage.Congratulations- you've managed to ignore/miss every single point of mine.
      I have no problem with the "original" Palestinian refugees returning ar accepting some compensation, as generous as it can be. I have a complete problem with their decedents, relatives and others who will jump the bandwagon of the return to the most modern state of the whole Middle East. Additionally, I and Israeli public have given their Arab Jews refugees , including their non-Jewish relatives, full citizenship and rights. Palestinians are still at the limbo.
      Amount of money paid to Israel by Germany and other countries, is a fraction of the actual property values that was lost and is combined with the reparations for the human suffering.
      However, if the international community, yourself included, should feel generous-which is constantly failed, Arab states leading the list, I would welcome it. But please do not insult my intelligence, when all the costs and burden will be carried by Israel alone.

    • Demanding honesty requires from the speaker to be honest himself. And here Mr. Halper fails- no one in Israel will agree to the return of professional refugees, growing in numbers every year, enjoying the unprecedented amount of money from UN, while being denied every common rights from their countries of residence and birth! You want honesty-talk to the Arab world and ask to give Palestinians full citizenship, before you make demands from Israels.

  • Hannah Arendt and the Hungarian Jews
  • Why Palestine is different
    • For once I'm glad to say that Israel exists so we, Jews, would never have even a slightest possibility of Jewish persecution that existed in the millennia before that. Saying that there was no anti-Jewish sentiment prior to 19th emancipation and Zionist movement, is a blatant lie.

    • @Danaa.
      Once you've started comparing Gaza and the Holocaust- you've lost your moral ground.
      Once you complained that Yad VaShem commemorates mostly Jewish victims of the Holocaust- you've started to look morally bankrupt.
      Once you've implied that Obama's speech there supported sub-human status of Palestinians-you've just looked pathetic.

  • SF officials describe 'apartheid' label as 'intolerance alienating the Jewish community'
  • 'NY Times' relays Israeli threat to attack Syria
    • @justice.
      Smirking does not get you more credit- there is NO peace treaty and therefore there is ONLY a cease fire agreements, same as between North and South Koreas, Russia and Japan, Argentine and UK....
      Hence de jure state of war still persist, and de facto Syrian transfer of arms and support of Hizbollah, Hamas and others makes it de facto act of war.

    • @Taxi.
      Indeed they are legal and valid treats- and Israel takes them very seriously. The organization itself is the terrorist militia, bur their treats are just as legal as any other. Moreover, Hizbollah as the part of Lebanese coalition puts whole country within the retaliation response from Israel.

    • "Israeli attack, never mind the overthrow of a foreign government, is an act which violates international law"
      I am really curious how the treat of action against the head of state which is in, de-facto and de-jure, state of war is considered to be against the international law.
      More nonsense from the "retired college librarian".

  • Infographic: An Ongoing Displacement - The forced exile of the Palestinians
  • Jerusalem Day response - 'the only statement we make on Jerusalem Day is our thanks for the freedom to live and pray in our holiest city'
  • 'Strategic Partner Act of 2013' would give US seal of approval to Israeli discrimination against Arab-Americans
    • @W.Jones:
      The first Zionist immigrants had arrived in late 19th century and not the 40's after the war. After the initial First, Second and Third Aliyas a core socialist-communist society has been established already, and that has formed the initial political and societal fabric of the early Israel ruling establishment. The refugees from the Holocaust and Arab countries were not more tolerant towards Arabs, and quite to the contrary, but their influence has been only established at late 70s and has been on the rise ever since. As for the Russian, I'd prefer former Soviet, Jews- their despise of the Arabs was based on their experience of Soviet support for the pan-arabic countries, PLO and Hamas, and Russian societal antisemitism. Simple and very powerful recipe for generating long and lasting hate. The younger generations, arriving at 90th, myself included was already disillusioned by the fall of anything communist-liberal related in their home countries, and were stricken by the terror waves of the suicide bombings and second intifada. Given all these factors it would be hard to imagine any mutual love appearing between both societies.

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