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  • 'NY Times' coverage of Gaza turns biased again, partly in response to pressure from Hasbara Central
    • Hurray!
      But wait, free from whom? Israel oppression, Lebanese oppression, Jordanian oppression, Egypt oppression?
      Please specify the oppression here.

    • Arguments and logic.
      No soldiers were hurt- no aggression from Palestinians. Not that soldiers were trained, prepared and adhering to rules of engagement.
      Human rights organizations were not quoted- indeed a miss from NYT. Please include their opinions on the closing of Hungarian border upon the surge of infiltrators and refugees from the Middle East and Asia.
      Not a single rocket was fired this time- too bad, that means that other 9,000 rockets were just meaningless and have hurt nobody in Israel. Hamas is a peaceful organization and should be treated as such.
      UNSC resolution was blocked by USA to investigate Israel "crimes" for the umpteenth time- nothing new, just politics and "look over there" message from Arab countries.

  • Jews and trauma
    • You hear of no Russians remembering the WWII and their losses ?
      Where do you live ?

    • Facts Keith , only facts.
      Yad Vashem was established in 1953, before the 1967 war with Egypt.

    • Good call Yonah

    • First comment about hard data is purely infantile , since I haven’t hear or read about non- Jewish pogroms in Tzarist Russia , with state support and encouragement, and vocal opposition of liberal and progressive forces.
      Second comment about elimination of non- Zionist Jews is also very speculative , since Eastern Europe Jews were evenly split between Zionist and integration cause - both wiped by Nazis and their collaborators. US Jewish community remained the largest one and supports Zionist cause , especially after the shift and shock caused by the Holocaust.
      Keith - please read something about Russian Jews, perhaps you’ll learn more.

    • Universal application of justice doesn’t work when one party tries to exterminate another.
      That’s the main lesson of the Holocaust. As such I don’t see Israel policies as geared towards Palestinian extermination - it is focused on containment and threat elimination.

    • Yesterday was 115 anniversary of Kishinev pogroms. Anyone knows about them , here ?
      This is one of the roots of Zionism and Jewidh self-determination.
      Not the Holocaust- it just sealed the verdict

  • Pelosi and 9 Dems had 'excellent meeting' with Netanyahu even as Israel sent 'dozens of snipers' to Gaza
    • The borders of each state are set via state claims and mutual agreements with the neighboring states.
      That's 101 of international law.
      Hence, I don't see complaints from Egypt (Gaza occupying power from 1948 till 1967) or Jordan (Judea and Samaria occupying power from 1948 till 1967). Neither has presented their claims to international courts, while Palestinians by excising their right for self-determination same as Jews in historical Palestine present their claims for the same land. Too bad though that Palestinians have lost in wars and intifadas, weakening their negotiation stand with Israel.

    • @Shingo
      Who were the ministers of the Palestine government? Who was the prime minister, who was the foreign minister? What was the flag, the anthem, the currency? Who was Chief of Staff, police chief?
      Learn history, before lashing out.

    • The "interpretations" as you've mentioned go both ways.
      However there is no dispute about the border lines, it is about the control over them and whether Gaza is still occupied.
      Whether UN or someone else "considers" Gaza being still occupied it is a whole different question..


    • Except that wasn't their sovereign country- it was British Palestinian Protectorate with Star of David on its flag and currency.
      The rule of law was British, the police were British and the army was British- all enforcing the ban on Jewish immigration via all incarceration, camps, and jail time.

    • And that made Palestinian residents of Gaza very upset and they have decided to march into Israel while demanding new housing and rebuilding of the infrastructure?
      I'm confused now what were the demands of the Friday's marches and riots.

    • Just did.
      Gaza borderline and the barrier are within the internationally recognized borders of Israel.
      Hence the rights of Israel to protect its borders with all means necessary.

    • @amigo
      Ibrahim Gambari, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, told the Security Council on August 24, 2005:[78]

      Israel has demonstrated that it has the requisite maturity to do what would be required to achieve lasting peace, and the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has demonstrated their ability to discharge their mission with carefully calibrated restraint. Prime Minister Sharon should be commended for his determination and courage to carry out the disengagement in the face of forceful and strident internal opposition.

      Borders of Israel
      The current borders of the State of Israel are the result both of war and of diplomatic agreements among Israel, her neighbors, and colonial powers. Some borders are internationally recognized while others are disputed.

      According to interpretations of the Green Line of the 1949 Armistice Agreements, Israel borders Lebanon in the north, the Golan Heights and Syria in the northeast, the West Bank and Jordan in the east, the Gaza Strip and Egypt in the southwest. The border with Egypt is the international border demarcated in 1906 between United Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire.

    • Because it is hard to condemn the action that defends international border of the country from being breached by the rioting mob, with a direct support of a terrorist group.

  • In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza's misery to Palestinian infighting
    • Expelled or left voluntarily?

    • Well, Israel is a sovereign country that gets to decide what happens within its own borders, including who gets in and what goods are going out.
      Egypt does the same.
      Import of cement is permitted:
      Electricity: despite not paying their bills, it is still provided.
      Internet: who prevents them from having one? Israel? Again, it is free to decide whatever it wants to do with its own(!) resources- we do not own a thing to Gaza residents, except humanitarian cases (see the link above)
      You see the pattern here, Eva?

      Rockets for help doesn't go far.

    • Is Israel attacking BDS supporters in their home countries?

    • That's situation on 2005 report.
      Now is 2018, Gaza-Egypt border is no longer being controlled by Israel. Rafah crossing is in control of Egypt.

    • Gazan borders are within the partition. Next question, please.

    • Thanks. Gaza is free to do whatever they like to. Israel is free to decide whether we like it or not.

    • @Ossinev.
      They can solicit investments from Arab and Muslim world, including Zakat organizations and Murabah banks.
      Let me know when it happens, please.

    • Well, John, here are few snippets for you.
      First, I have no problem with smuggling tunnels- they can build as much as they want, it's not Israel's problem, it is an Egyptian one. Which they have efficiently solved by flattening 500-meter radius of housing from each side of the Rafah border and by pouring water in it.
      Second, I do have an issue when tunnels go into Israel territory- my apologies for that, it is a bit insensitive of myself.
      Electricity- do you have a free one yourself or maybe you are connected to a power grid that gives it to your house for free. If not, then make sure to pay your bills, otherwise, you'll be cut off. Gazan's do not pay their bills, while still getting one.
      None of my current or previous comments had attempted to de-humanize Palestinians as people or as ethnic groups. You may check my records here.

    • I don't even have to try - it becomes easier every day.

    • What prevents Gaza rulers from soliciting investments?

    • Feeling a bit jittery today, Mooser?

    • Gazan Hamas rulers should use 130,000 trucks of concrete mix been sent there to re-build houses and sewage system. Instead, they build attack tunnels that go into the sovereign territory of Israel. And while getting free electricity for that from Israel, shooting rockets and mortar grenades. End of story.

  • No, hurting Palestinian refugees doesn't help peace
    • Dear Omar- can you clarify to me and readers here one issue , why is being a descendant of a refugee makes you refugee as well? And why it this designation is only applied to Palestinian Arabs and their families?
      Thank you.

  • Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to 'Israel's might'-- Roger Cohen
    • Nazis were before Israel, Dreifus centennial jubilee was just a couple of weeks ago, blood libels, crusades.....
      Nothing will prevent the next thing happening to Jews, except state support, statehood and national home.

    • I don't care about Trump and Nice People- I care that antisemitism is alive and well. Here, with US Nazis, there, with Muslim immigrants to Germany, or in the UK with Labor Party.

    • Indeed, I hit the nail. But the placement is different here- because of history, bigotry, antisemitic views of Nazis or anyone else, Israel as the national home is justified to be viewed as the safe haven for any Jewish person. Regardless of his opinion, even Mr. Weiss will be welcomed there.

    • Interview with the US neo-Nazi:,7340,L-5069827,00.html
      Headline: " No Jews, no 9/11, says leading US neo-Nazi"
      Message: Jews need to go home, to Israel.


  • Israel passes 'anti-infiltration law' to speed up the deportation of African refugees
    • @oldgeezer.
      Please send your remarks to CNN editorial board that has misstated the letter of the article in discussion.

    • @Talkback.
      You are full of it my friend.
      Show me one Arab country where there are a functioning and living Jewish communities and we can talk about apartheid.
      Meanwhile, 20% of citizens of Israel are non-Jews and enjoy full rights.
      BTW, Jerusalem residents can apply for citizenship also, which they are doing more and more.

    • @ Maghlawatan
      I have a small issue with your ad hominem towards Israelis having little culture, but hey, its Hanukkah, so I'll leave it on moderator's responsibility.
      I can speak for myself- I have about 200 years of documented history of Jewish heritage and culture, including the history of modern Israel. So I have some baggage, you may say.
      It includes pogroms, revolutions, fight for independence, state antisemitism, street hate of Jews etc.
      It gives me a long perspective on what Israel is about and why it serves as national home for Jews.
      Maybe if you learn more about it, you'll come to a similar conclusion.
      All the best.

    • @John O.
      Off course bedouin too, thank you for asking.
      As one who served with them in IDF, ate, slept and fought with ones, I am particularly proud that Israel gave and continues giving Bedouin citizens their rights, contrary to any Arab state where Bedouin live, except Jordan.

      Quote: "Noticeably absent from the list: the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates"
      "The treaty defines what refugees are -- those who are seeking refuge from persecution. It also gives them a very important right -- the right to not be sent back home into harm's way, except under extreme circumstances."
      Israel does not send them back to their home country, so the law statue is maintained.

    • I would re-phrase: Israel interests are focused on self-preservation as independent, sovereign state for all of its citizens, enabling Jewish national self-determination, cultural preservation of all inhabitants and protection of Jewish history and education. This is state mandate for Israel. It does not include protection of human rights of refugees or illegal migrants, as any state in the world doesn't include this in its sovereign declaration.
      If Israel chooses to do so and accept refugees, it will be at the will of its governing body, which they should get the mandate from Israel citizens for that action.
      @Eljay- get over it...

    • Good point for discussion- where is the line that each sovereign state draws, when it comes to illegal refugees/work immigrants/ legal refugees/legal immigrants.
      From the author assumption here, Israel has some moral obligations to accept every single refugee. If it does, should the amount be limited? Of course, if it is limited, then there will be an outcry for Israel sinister attempt to hurt refugees, mainly men between ages of 20 to 40, who are fleeing whatever problems they may have at their home country.
      Unfortunately, it is never enough when it comes to Israel and that is precisely why Israel should and does consider its own interests and its own citizen as the priority, contrary to some selective implementation of the international law.
      If Israel law is illegal, human rights advocates can take it to the court.
      If denied, then it is settled until the next update of the policy.
      Best and happy Hanukah.

  • Trump's Hanukkah gift
  • Against self-determination
    • What a soup of mixed identities, misconceptions, demonization and rejectionist approach to the "other"- a perfect example of a non-starter and dead-ended path of "liberal" anti-whatsoever. But I should really spare my words here and let the example to do the talking:
      " As a liberal, I think this really is a better way to be, tolerating others, worshiping whoever you want" and there goes this gem: " Jewish democracy and the Jewish people’s right to self-determination are out of step with the culture that Jews and others have fashioned in my country over the last 30 or 40 years".
      Who gives a .... about your idea of a Jewish culture, if you don't have a first clue about it? Who you are trying to influence or change, while simultaneously denying their choices and believes? You are entitled to your own opinion, but it certainly doesn't make it the only right one, especially in Jewish and Israeli historical perspective. What value your views hold if on one hand you're OK and approve Palestinian/Arabic national aspirations, while saying that Jews should assume your, a very fringed and low-carb, version of Jewish-flavored life.
      There is a multitude ways of being Jewish, and Israel is a living, constantly changing and vibrant example to it. Yours is a narrow and pointless as of ultra-orthodox sects in Brookline, NY.
      The have only a Torah word for it and you have a collections of liberalistic catchphrases.
      I'll be curious to see , what would last longer.

  • Invest in thorough, accurate news to build a fair future for Israel/Palestine
  • A Knesset without Arab parties?
    • But, but whatabout apartheid ?!! Whatabout 20& of Arab population of Israel- you are saying that they do not vote completely and fully for the Arab parties? But why, if , according to the gospel here, "evil Zionists" exclude and humiliate Arab population of Israel. It doesn't make any sense- are you spreading a whitewashing hasbara, Alison?

  • Palestinian flag is an 'enemy' flag-- Netanyahu's latest crackdown
    • From the same article:
      "Despite their plight, many of the Palestinians -- Muslim fundamentalists from the Hamas and Islamic Holy War groups -- seemed far from unhappy because they saw a chance to muster international sympathy that their declared armed struggle against Israel might not ordinarily bring.

      News reports from southern Lebanon quoted the men as urging the Lebanese Government to keep them out, thereby forcing them to stay in a desolate buffer strip that lies between the nearest Lebanese and Israeli army checkpoints."
      Cry me a river.

  • 'Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children'
  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • Wonderful reply to a whole MW ideology.
      "This isn’t the place, either, to explain all the ways I find your views about historic Zionism misinformed, even crude, and your political analysis one-sided".

  • Why Israel's legal justifications for 'Operation Protective Edge' are wrong
    • "The Gaza Strip is entirely surrounded by a concrete wall"- baloney...
      Now, back to the subject- please provide the international law guidelines for urban combat, when one party is hiding behind civilian population. There is none and the reason is quite simple-all these laws were written in the context of standard warfare.
      Therefore, any military operation against mixed combatant and civilian populations is ILLEGAl by the definition of law. By mixed population I mean the lack of regular armed forces and a "revolving door" for militants to go in and out from the hostilities.
      Ratios of military vs. civilian losses in Gaza are unparalleled to any armed conflict in urban areas, especially as densely populated as this one.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • @talknic
      I'm sorry but your use of words "b*tching" and "whining" prevents me from fully responding to your comment.

    • @Aaron.
      You may certainly try to demilitarize one state (e.g. Israel) but it would require to announce war on it- are you going to fight it, Aaron?

    • @Ron Edwards.
      There is no obligation to provide a free trade access and employment (as one of the Hamas demands). The rest are as unreasonable as this one.

    • @WeAre....
      If I would be the losing site (as author mentions) - I'll perhaps consider your offer for what it worth. Same as Germany and Japan did, but Israel is not a losing side. There is no obligation to provide Gazans with free access to Israel (sic!) territory, there is no obligation to provide the access for their goods to be exported via Israel ports, there is no obligation to not shoot anyone who tries to enter Israel's borders, and certainly there is no obligation not to defend itself and citizens from the indiscriminate bombardment by rockets from Gaza,

    • @JeffB.
      Spot on.

    • "Without any pressure by the international community, Israel, the party who has the upper hand in this conflict, will feel legitimized to keep refusing negotiations for a real truce with Hamas"- so if Israel has the upper hand, why is Hamas the one who makes the demands? Why not Israel?
      For example, here is a simple and , in author's words, " a very reasonable one"- give up your arms/rockets, proclaim Gaza demilitarized zone under UN/OSCE/LGA control, subject to the international monitoring of goods and people coming in/out of Gaza and denounce the goal of eliminating Israel. Does any of them require loss of lives or any harm to Palestinians- I don't think so.
      What it does absolutely requires is the fundamental change in mentality and giving up the supposed "Palestinian people's honor"- therefore I have no doubt that it will never happen.

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • Don't you think that the American public cares about pictures of dead children?
      Iraq/Afganistan/Syria had completely desensitized their perception. That's why Israel stands alone, since if those were Israeli children the reaction in general would be the same.

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