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  • In memoriam: Hanan Porat, an extremist by any other name
    • Any useful comments here?

    • I condemn Goldstein murders and it has absolutely nothing to do with Ratner's lashing out on Porat. National aspirations are coming from both sides and I as Israeli support my country, rather than considering the Palestinian aspirations first. Seems strange does it?

    • You are more than welcome to try.... Next time when you visit Israel.

    • Wow! So much load on poor Ms. Ratner soul.
      It seems that narrow mind cannot comprehend Porat being settler and having a large family, or having beliefs that contradict Ratner's, or living at the same place where kibbutzes were standing and Jews were executed by Arab legion and cheerful supporters. Yes his ideology is a complete opposite to the national Palestinian aspirations, but that what makes him one of key figures in Israel national building and creation of multifaceted society.
      Also a couple of quotes from the beloved Haaretz (just for Lizzy educational purposes):
      Porat came under criticism in 1994 after American-Israeli doctor Baruch Goldstein shot dead 29 Muslims and wounded more than 100 others at a mosque in Hebron. Porat replied with "Happy Purim!" to a reporter's question about what he thought of the massacre. He later claimed his comments had been taken out of context.

      Porat strongly opposed Israel's unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005, but seemed to have softened his stance in later years.
      In 2010, he said that it was time for Israel "to present a political alternative, one without hatred toward Arabs and with no attempts to deport or hurt them." Yet he added that all sides must understand that "this is our home, between the Jordan River and the [Mediterranean] Sea, and in this home there will be no other national entity."
      link to

      Go and spit on someone else grave, Ms. Ratner.

  • The view from the West Bank: Statehood bid? What statehood bid?
    • Patronizing aren't we? Well we shall live and see what comes of this round of UN show. Meanwhile-nobody cares, neither Israelis nor Palestinians, only here people "can't sleep", "being sick" and so on.
      Once you and the rest of the marry bunch realize that funneling your ideals into Middle East realities is not worth even the time you spend thinking about it.
      Wishing for Israel disappearance and the return of old days is the same silly game played around the world, when it comes to old conflicts and national disputes. What really bugs people here that actually Jews had managed to pull this off after 2000 years of exile.
      Which is kind of ironic for me, for people hating Israel so much here and using same arguments.
      Get a grip with reality otherwise it blow (literally) in your faces. Or maybe the bitterness and frustrations may have their toll on you.
      Anyway there is always something to learn.

      P.S. She was coming from Ramallah to Beit Sahour by taxi and, according to the stories here, should have been "beaten", "abused", "breast-fondled", and denied access. But she went through-those soldiers must have been Mondoweiss readers.
      God bless.

    • Ugh-those Zionist thugs, digging a 2 $ mil. tunnel.....
      So many words, so much hype and romanticism, mixed with hatred towards Israel and unconditional love towards poor Arabs, who suffer and the ONLY cause of their suffering is the same cursed Israel.
      Do tell was that the PA who signed the Oslo agreements, creating the partitions to area A, B and C (including E1 in Hebron)? What is the deal with all Palestinian supporters- if you don't like the deal , then screw it and it becomes "dreaded Area C"? Deals are made to be fulfilled and lived upon, without daily cries of unfairness and injustice.
      The separation wall is the result of these cries and cruelty towards civilians inside Israel. Now you will have to live with it. You couldn't without, since it was that easy to get to Israeli towns and kill-deal with it now.
      Tell me why is your taxi wasn't stopped at the checkpoint? It had Palestinian passengers inside and according to posts here "everyone" is checked and harassed.
      Now, I do agree with one point of your post-UN bid was done purely for domestic politics and EVERYONE know that, just it sometimes hard to admit in public. Unless people on the ground could live together nothing will change the realities in Israel and Palestine.

  • Buttu, Erakat, Dajani, Rabbani and Abunimah respond to UN speeches
    • Compromise. Live and improve your livelihoods, instead of blaming the "other" for everything.

    • So much words and no concreteness. While these "experts" keep on ranting about Abbas, Israel, actual people on both sides keep on with their lives. The arguments here are pointing to the opposite directions- one state, Oslo is bad or wait, Oslo is good...
      The lack of clear cut messages and fear of facing the reality, will keep Palestinians away from any form of statehood. Their economics are on the life support from international donors and Israel, Hamas-ruled Gaza is beyond PA reach and yet they make claims and dream of returning to 1948 situation.
      Wake up, and look upon your years of hate and prejudice towards the Israelis, stop waving some fictional ideas and start building your society.
      Reject the violence and say those words: "Israel is our neighbor and it has a Jewish majority, hence it is a Jewish state".

  • Why Israelis are feeling isolated
    • I'm glad that you've brought his quote here. Particularly the passage:" Listen, again, we have nothing against Jews. This is a political conflict,” he explained."
      Hence, there is the understanding about the nature of the conflict, similar to my argumentation here.
      It is a struggle between two national aspirations and not some religious or racist war.

    • As long as the Palestinians in Israel will go under the Palestinian governance- they are welcomed to try so. But wait, when I say it it is the Israeli apartheid.....? And when PLO ambassador says it- it makes perfect sense to you?

    • Thank you and thank you.

    • Oh no, someone spoiled your narrative here!

      "For too long Israel has been blaming criticism on some unreasonable anti-Semitism or rejection of the Jewish presence in the Holy Land. Of course, there are some extremists that reject Israel as a state and base their proclamations and actions completely on anti-Semitic influences."

      And who that would be-
      PLO ambassador says Palestinian state should be free of Jews!

      link to

      Life is a bitch, especially when you live in dream castle of your own making.

  • Emily Henochowicz posts sardonic 'love poem' to a country that 'stole' her eye and is gripped by fear
    • I actually shot quite a bit of these-and YES they are inaccurate. Shooting in "Cops"-that is great example. Thanks POA!

    • Gas canister is not loaded with explosives. That's all that simple and nothing else.

    • Oh, I apologize for the late response-but what makes my coward exactly?

    • That wouldn't be bravery but a treason in line of duty. Simple court marshal will sort this thing out, or anyone may refuse to serve in first place, which I maintain is their personal right. However as a state I will not accept these acts, as long as the service is required from my citizens.

    • what link, this one link to
      Are you reading the same words as I am: A riot gun or non-lethal launcher is a type of firearm that is used to fire non-lethal ammunition for the purpose of suppressing riots.?
      Maybe I'm missing something?

    • Perhaps less patronizing would be a nice start for you Haytham as well?
      Opposing the occupation or any other "injustices" you seem to suffer by shooting rockets at civilian targets is a war crime. Opposing that by regular military force is the way ANY government is required to do.
      link to

    • Oh the great game of words! It seems that is the only action people here are capable of. Also the refrigerators, cars, and other heavy objects if you STAND on their way to fall or on their paths. Both cases of Emily and Rachel are sad, since I view these girls as victims of false narrative perpetrated here. If you want to protest, you may, however you should be aware that you can be injured or killed, depending on the severity of the clashes, local situation and type of forces you are facing.

    • So the "brave" way would be what-charge with batons and shield, face to to face? There would be far more injuries and perhaps deaths.
      Semantics as "IDF terror" vs peaceful demonstrations are hollow, since these people will be stopped and they know that, but still marsh directly towards the soldiers. There are no naive bystanders and victims there.

    • Yes she did lost her eye.Period. The end (very sad as it is). As many other good people from BOTH sides. To make a personal statement with some kind of erotic subtext out of it-that's something....
      Any military and police forces use same weapons for delivering gas canisters, these weapons:link to are not designed for killing. Period. The end.
      Nothing more, but some sort of conspiracy and accusation hype as usual here.
      The search for "Jeanne D'Arc" symbolism here is not appropriate, neither the Holocaust or apartheid comparisons.
      She is an injured person and shouldn't be judged harshly, but those who use her suffering are pitiful.

    • How about that:
      She got hit by ricochet and lost her eye. Very sad but still the accident, which are quite often happen during the demonstrations.
      What she does now-it is some kind of political statement mixed with sexual content.
      What is exactly her message here?
      link to
      You can't aim tear gas canister-it's is a highly inaccurate weapon.

  • Where Israel is headed
    • Oh I did read the article and graphs-so what part of my comment you did not get? That where Israel initiates killing of militants BEFORE they can act or the part where I state that is what army suppose to do?

    • Since this article and it's argumentation has been brought up again and again- I shall respond to it.
      Well statistics are so interesting subject, and yes Israel has killed far more Palestinians and yes it has more proactive stand, when it comes to use of military force.
      However, it attacks and kills not only during the ACTIVE stage of combat initiated by the Palestinians, but also during the preemptive actions against those individuals who planning, preparing and support militant attacks against Israeli targets.
      And conclusion of the article is exactly what every other military force is trained for-to kill the enemy first BEFORE you are attacked.
      How it seems strange, that is the question of perspective and political agenda.
      If the things where the opposite Israel will be loosing its wars.

    • Arab women join IDF rescue units
      link to
      First Female Arab Combat Soldier in IDF is Proud to Serve Israel
      link to

      They are still few, but their numbers will increase eventually.

      First female Arab soldier joins elite unit 669
      link to

    • Patronizing are we, once again? These kids and teenagers absorb the reality as it happens and not through some books or the teachers.
      Eilat killings, rocket on Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beer-Sheva, Tel-Aviv stabbings-all happened within the span of 2 weeks. This is the live school and not some mind-control fantasy you are trying to push here. The amount of violence that average school boy or girl are exposed during their school and even preschool years is huge, bearing its toll and leaving deep scars on their souls.
      This life is not suburbia, with some news brakes on your big-screen TV, these events happen near their schools, homes , daycare centers, while you sit somewhere in US, pushing your agenda without any moral or actual base underneath.

    • Women are paid killers? Have you read to much thriller books or something?
      These girls can choose where to enlist and which units they want to serve in. They are paid roughly about 200 USD/ month as their allowance. There are Jewish girls and some Arab girls as well, who once again CHOSE to go to IDF.

  • What I've witnessed on the West Bank
    • You know I'd like to ask you once and for all to stop using Holocaust/pogrom rhetoric here, since you have NO idea what it is, and probably only have read about it, while living somewhere in Midwest USA(e.g. Wisconsin). Please stop.
      You've said :
      "I’m a fifth generation German-Polish American of Roman Catholic upbringing....."
      link to

    • Look at their faces and see my brothers in arms-do you have any?
      link to

    • You may assume anything you want- I am the only person in this debate, who openly stands his ground and is not ashamed to tell my OWN story, regardless of whether the majority of the people here will like it or not.

    • Danaa,
      The use of the word 'dear" does not imply ANY personal relationship.
      link to
      link to
      You know, so you may learn something....

    • By not diverting the discussion to the personal attacks-we serve Israel cause much better than our opponents here.
      For instance I don't have any doubt that you, Danaa, are Israeli since only the Israeli can reduce the argument to the personal insults and charges of being fake-Israeli or oleh hadash.
      My dear Danaa- being polite and argumentative doesn't prohibit from me or eee, or Jonah or anybody else to be an proud Israeli, regardless of your insinuations.

    • There is none and that is the whole point of this thread.

    • Am I a representative to the IDF judicial system? I can only speak for myself and what I've saw.

    • I served full 3 years at Erez checkpoint and I do reservist duty at Qualkilia? Good enough Danaa? Or should I provide with photos and my rank as well?

    • Should I provide you with my ID and years of service? Or perhaps some photos?

    • The instance of power abuse are the same as everywhere, when one individual rights are subjected to the restrictions imposed by the authority and people implementing it anywhere and any time. However what I have noticed during my service that the restrictions which are enforced by the IDF soldiers are always taken by the Palestinians at personal levels, prompting their outcries towards that particular soldier and their tries to "reason" with him to let them in/out or anything else.
      However the major difference is that these restrictions are not imposed by that individual soldier who is a subject for the chain of command and most of the Palestinians fail to grasp it.
      Partial blame is on IDF as well since it has a long standing policy of "personalized" permits and one-time waivers in order to encourage one particular individual. These policies are followed due to the local mentality of "give and take", providing the glimpse of "hope" to the general population.
      When that particular soldier is implementing GENERAL rules he is insulted/confronted on the personal level, and believe me we can understand sufficient Arabic to get when we are cursed upon.
      I did not see a need for humiliating anyone since I knew if I, as a platoon sergeant, will stand my ground eventually I shall gain their respect for my word, which I did.

    • Whereas all the proponents here are of highest moral standards and most liberal views, without the slightest hint of hate or bigotry?
      It sounds that you post here not to get confronted but rather to get some sort of reassurance of your believes, get a positive tap on a shoulder for being a superior human vs. those vile, hateful and racist Zionist , and go back to your comfortable and rather uneventful life.
      There are no superiority of morals, most of posters here respond with emotions, almost immediately sliding into passive-aggressive mode of argumentation.
      Deal with the realities as I try to, and you may find more uneasy questions than the obvious answers.

    • As the matter of fact I did-
      Zero results from the Yesh Din website for "Pissing" or "Breast", however 3 links when searched for "Shooting".
      How I suppose to verify Author's accounts?

    • Once again is there anything that verifies these "specific' and "graphic" statements by honorable author of the post?

    • Is there any evidence of pissing, breast grabbing or shooting in point blank?

    • Where do you see a contradiction:
      I have NEVER seen someone being pissed on, breast groping or being shot for trying to swing on the soldier. If I would kill everyone who cursed, pushed, tried to hit me or avoid being checked I would run out of bullets on my first watch.
      However there are numerous violent clashes between soldiers and Palestinians at the same checkpoints and IF the soldier is the active initiator of these acts he will get court marshal and get a time in military prison.

    • Thank you for your comment.

    • Separating facts from fiction is the key for the understanding of the whole conflict. That is why I stand by my claim that these depictions are hardly accurate without ANY evidence provided. I spent 3 years in checkpoints both during my active and reservist duties and NEVER seen that kind of behavior. Abusive soldiers are often questioned by their commanders, summon to the military police and criminal charges are pressed against them. Do you think that IDF is some sort of militia?

    • Well I served at numerous checkpoints and had never seen such accounts, particulary one of " fonding women breast". Have you asked the soldiers what is going on? Were these a female soldiers?

    • Thank you.

  • Independent: How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones
  • Israeli Supreme Court agrees to expand Separation Wall: 'the fence's damage to [Al Walajeh] is in fair proportion to the security advantages produced by the fence'
    • Targeting the organizers of the attack is the collective punishment? Or maybe those who coordinated the Eilat killings are considered to be civilians? Have you thought for a moment, how coincidentally all of them where at the same location when they were "fried" by Israel? I thought these people have to go separate ways to avoid being hit altogether?

    • Ah, the reading comprehension 101:
      Let's see what you have missed in high school:
      There are 3 (three) Egyptians and the total is 12, so it leaves us with 9, Martians I presume?
      I quote "The Egyptian terrorists joined Palestinian operatives from the Popular Resistance Committees and together they perpetrated the coordinated attacks. Israel also has further proof that joint Palestinian-Egyptian terror cells were in Sinai for weeks and were assisted by Bedouins in the region. "
      Now let go back to reading, shall we?

    • Eilat killings report:
      link to
      link to
      link to

      Oh where, where they have gone-all those conspiracy wizards and coach analysts? What no one to respond, suddenly everybody is quiet?
      Sure Glen Beck is more important and what will Romney say?

  • Israel's latest global weapon to hold occupied territories is SodaStream seltzer-maker
    • Make a donation to Mondoweiss site and say "Mea Culpa" three times before sleep. Don't mix between the two-otherwise it make cause an opposite effect

  • 104 young Americans reported to go join Israeli army
  • Evidence undermines Israeli gov’t claim that Eilat attackers were Gazans
    • Who the hell is Yossi Gurvitz???!!
      Some self-appointed military expert from Tel-Aviv suburb (Petah Tikva), age 42, single, with Masters degree in medieval history.
      Have you lost your common sense or anything goes from the "experts" like him, or Max Ajl or Silverstein?
      War on terror is done quietly and not blabbing about it all over the blogs of the loons and conspiracy addicts.
      Those who are responsible for the killings now that and that is why they rushed to Egypt, asking for the ceasefire.

  • Israeli 'retaliation'
    • Possible civilians you say?
      link to
      Your narrow mind is dictating the words you put in your writing.
      Shameful post and despicable argumentation.
      Censorship? Get a grip and drink some cold water maybe-it seems you are to excited from watching those "graphic" images.
      What do you expect to see when the man is hit by the missile, some clean shot wound concealed by the makeup? You've watching to much action movies, I presume.
      How the Israelis look when the get killed by the missile or suicide bomb, or butchered with knife-do they look differently? Their dignity and theirs families are spared from "pimping out" their remains for the sake of photo-op or some eager reporting.
      Shame on you.

  • Congressman says, I'm going to Israel, and his site is flooded with ragefilled comments about 'sucking teat of AIPAC' to serve ethnocratic, apartheid state
    • I do agree on one thing-it is a shame on me as an Israeli citizen that Israel is yet to recognize Armenian genocide.
      Some progress may come soon, as our relations with Ankara deteriorate.
      link to

    • Oh the rage of righteous!
      Have I said anything mocking the deaths of others?
      My exceptionalism lays within the understanding that should someone seek to harm me or my family just for being Jewish- no one will raise a finger in order to prevent it.
      Have any Arab countries have recognized Armenian genocide? Do you know any Armenians at all, because I do and their sympathy towards Israel is greater than you could imagine.
      Same is for Georgians who had suffered for being minority.
      Most of you here do not have a slightest clue what is persecution or hatred and yet spit out unbelievable things, which are the same as hundreds years ago, only the "cause" had changed.
      You call me a "whining" Jew, patronizing of high morals, putting murders of Israelis to mockery and still have the audacity to call yourself "moral" people?

    • And yet were are the ONLY group being victimized for the last 2000 (two thousand!) years. So I beg your pardon, but I have my concerns when it comes to the fate of Jewish state.

    • These hateful Antisemitic or should I say anti-Jewish comments are the simpliest reason for Israel existence. Phil and rest could not see it if it punch them at the nose. Wonderful post Phil- thank you very much. Keep living in the Wonderland of yours and you shall see that the history is as cruel as it can be, particulary when it comes to Jews.

  • Roger Cohen says Jewish identity must be founded on opposition to Israeli treatment of Palestinians
    • Neither is correct- I do not live there. And socialist dreams of your relatives are shattered in pieces (unfortunately) when reality struck them. Which kibbutz they live in may I ask?

    • Where do you live my I ask- wait don't tell me, I know it is the land of knights and princes, where battles are fought in open and enemies are calling before on each other. You call me stupid, and yet I drink from the same well as your dear Phil and I know far more than you should think.
      Fighting it is a dirty thing, for hardened, and you perhaps should stay with fairies and noble lords.
      Murderers who blow up children and slaughter them asleep do not fall from the sky- they live and eat somewhere, get orders and training.
      Those who know that shall do everything in their powers to stop them before they could act.
      These are the monsters and we are trying to stop them.

    • Should I take your words as "those Jews have to be taught self control"?
      If so, you are patronizing and maybe need to get some humbleness check. When those who set to kill us are killed before they are able to act- I see that as a success. When those who set to kill us are killed, while hiding among civilians, I regret the lost lives but it is still a success. Now you are appalled, aren't you? Let me be clear- these people who intent on killing will die. It is their choice to hide and it the cruelty of guerilla warfare. They are not regular army nor they are not bound by any agreements or conventions.

      And one more thing- you must be delighted to see a "good" Jew, who is being nice and obedient to it's master. Well it might strike you but that is just as Antisemitic as it gets. I love stubborn Jews who do not bow to no one, we Israelis are now our own masters, and it must be driving your senses mad.
      Don't patronize.

    • You are chopped liver without your history. You are delusional to believe in your ability to disconnect between Jewishness and Israel. Every aspect of Jewish life will scream back to you- "remember the history of your people and their land!". Denying all that will make you not a progressive Jew but rather a "world citizen" with liberal views, who's moral imperative is a flexible as his opinions on what is considered to be "right" and politically correct.

  • Eilat deaths count
    • I don't understand why there is always a Holocaust connection when it comes to the last line of defense, explaining the killings of Israelis by the Palestinian gunmen. Especially bringing in the "heavy guns"- Finkelstein's mother and Heidi Epstein as the voices of Holocaust survivors. Yes they both are, but there is a wast majority of the same Holocaust victims who actively support Israel approach when it comes to fighting the terrorism. My family had lost 15 members in Europe, my grandfather had fought till June 1945. Does it mean that my arguments are more valid than the others? Should I argue for the "yes"- I shall be dishonoring their memory for the sake of my inadequate argumentation.
      Playing the Holocaust arguments while trying to explain some uncomfortable reality, such the support of Israel and condemnation of the killings, is similar to the conspiracy theories flying around here or notions of "no one had accepted the responsibility for the attacks", therefore it is not Gaza-made or Palestinian. It is very convenient for the lads here to blaim the Israel for the killings, but when it goes to Palestinian murderes, no one is responsible, but Israel once again.
      Those who seek our destruction will be killed in due time and nobody could avoid this fate of his own making. It sounds archaic and so "medieval" but it is Middle East and not Sonoma Valley.

  • Another Congressman uses attacks to say US must block Palestinian statehood
    • I'll have what both of you having-it must be a wild trip so far!!! Wow how imaginative, of course Mossad did it!! Also I admit that I am a Hasbara agent, orbiting Earth and intercepting every anti-Zionist remarks.
      The conspiracy theories and proclamation of the Palestinian resistance as "freedom battle' are similar for their baseless statements and hot air balloons. Whenever it serves the cause -it is a Mossad job, or if they got their tails behind their legs, or when there is an innocent people killed-it is the occupation resistance.
      Come on -make up your minds and decide once and for all, what is it?
      Meanwhile, I'll be looking from the sky and trying to target your mindwaves through the lighting bulbs.

    • Which street you are sitting in Gaza? Remember the Lesbian Arab Girl from Damascus?

  • Attacks lead Israel to condemn the Arab Spring
    • Oh yeah!
      We are wear many disguises but you are clever enough to spot them!
      Any messages left for you on the bread toasts? Perhaps microwave has transmitted some for me as well?

  • JVP: As long as US supports occupation, Israelis and Palestinians will not know peace
  • From London to Jenin: Paying for the sins of their sons
    • I think the author of the post has redefined the term "useful idiot" and has brought it to the new levels. Congrats!
      To compare London looters with Jenin fighters is quite a stretch, however anything goes to get published...
      Have you heard anything from Jenin area recently-any attacks on Israelis, suicide bombers coming out, or perhaps looting of the posh shops and robbing local residents? No, I didn't either, because it is all quite now there and the matter of fact there is a cooperation between the IDF and local authorities to maintain that situation.
      link to

  • Benny Morris says he was pursued by 'bearded, caftaned Muslims' in London-- like Brownshirts in Berlin
    • Judah he-Hasid
      link to

      The Perushim (Hebrew: פרושים‎) were disciples of the Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman, who left Lithuania at the beginning of the 19th century to settle in the Land of Israel, then under Ottoman rule
      link to

      Nahmanides, also known as Rabbi Moses ben Naḥman Girondi, Bonastruc ça Porta and by his acronym Ramban, (Girona, 1194 – Land of Israel, 1270), was a leading medieval Jewish scholar, Catalan rabbi, philosopher, physician, kabbalist, and biblical commentator
      link to

      Here Annie, some reading for you.
      As for Taxi-his anger and hatred blind him.

    • In 1700, a group of about 1,500 Polish Jews, following the call of Rabbi Yehuda He-Hasid, immigrated to Israel, though many died on the perilous journey. In the 1760s and 1770s, groups of Hasidic Jews settled in Israel, and Mitnadgim (Ashkenazi Jews who opposed Hasidism) arrived in the 1780s. Around 1800, the Perushim, followers of the Vilna Gaon, were the first substantial Ashkenazi group to immigrate to Israel, and they formed the basis for Israeli Ashkenazi communities. Most of the new arrivals lived in the north, in Safed and Tiberias, though a small Ashkenazic community was established in Jerusalem; following a devastating earthquake in Safed in 1836, Jerusalem began to gain prominence as the center of the Yishuv Hayashan.
      And I do not distinguish between the two groups-you are, and the question is who's racist now? Mind you there are plenty of dark skin colored Jews from all over the world, including Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Caucasus.
      Read something-it helps. Also making militant remarks was always a sign of weak argumentation.

    • First, thank you both for the diagnosis of my mental state and possible pathologies, with regards of time perception and moral principles. For what it worth I haven't diminished myself to such observations, perhaps I should next time.
      As for the subject of this thread-there are 2 national aspirations on the same piece of land, one is based on the principle "we live here for a very long time-it is ours" and another-"our national identity, cultural traditions and religious beliefs are connected to the same specific part of the land".
      Now it is the question of who's will stronger and who will give up his ambitions. It is very nice to claim that Palestinians have a "moral" ground better of the Zionist but it does not help to resolve the issue. Morality and politics sometimes are the questions of survival or disappearance of the people, and are not some ideas you throw over the afternoon cup of tea. The history of Jews spans over the same thousands of years, where Palestinian were living in the land of Jews. And anyone who denies this fact is committing a fraud, and I would add the most hurtful are those of Jews who deny their historical legacy, sacrificing it towards international acceptance and embrace.
      We are here to stay and you may chose to live with us as a neighbors or you'll have to leave. I think 1.2 million of Israeli Arabs have learned that, now it is time for the Palestinians to go through the same process.

    • So to follow your logic-national aspirations of Jews are the menace? Perhaps Arabs are the colonizers of the land, whereas Jews are implementing their right of self-identification and create their national state?
      The only good thing from your comment, is that you've spelled clearly what others are ashamed to say here.

    • Wonderful sources-thank you very much!
      Here is an example:
      "No outward violation of Egyptian frontiers by "Jewish Forces" or precisely by terrorist Zionist bands has been made, nor have they penetrated into Egyptian territory.

      Nevertheless, the declaration - which was accompanied by violence a terrorism - of a Zionist State next door to Egypt and situated in the midst of Arab Nations where feeling was already running high, undoubted constitutes a menace to the security of Egypt and other Arab states neighbouring to Palestine. "

      A menace? The declaration is the casus belli? But that is exactly what Morris and others say.
      Another quote: "The reply of my Government to this question is: The League of Arab States is not now negotiating with the Jews on a political settlement in Palestine and will not enter into such negotiations so long as the Jews persist in their intention and their efforts to establish a Jewish state in Palestine."
      And another : "The proclamation of a Jewish separate State in a part of Palestine and the atrocious acts committed by their forces to materialize their outstanding aspirations blocked the way to any negotiation to that end"
      Great sources-thank you once again.
      And by the way, do you really believe in everything what is said from one side (Arab here) and deny another (Israel), or your still able to maintain the your own judgement?

    • Confront the facts not the views.

    • Let's dance, shall we?
      The Palestine Jewish Colonization Association, commonly known by its Hebrew acronym PICA (Hebrew: פיק"א‎), was established in 1924 and played a major role in supporting the Yishuv in Palestine until its disbandment in 1957 (link to
      ICA was founded at 1891.
      First Jewish settlers were from First Aliyah and started to arrive starting from 1881 from Russia and Eastern Europe, following pogroms there.
      Do you have any sources that contradict his account of the conflict?
      He clearly states that there was a struggle between two national movements and, fortunately for us, Jews have won. Is that a fact or not? Or perhaps you have another opinion on the nature of the battle?

    • Here is the full video of his lecture at LSE:
      link to

      Now my dear 'peace-lovers' and "truth-seekers" -where he made ANY untruthful remarks or has lied about historical facts?
      Please watch it fully and take a shot. I would like to hear your response.

  • Savage murder of musician Ibrahim Qattush shows Syria's dictatorship is brutish, uncouth, macabre
    • Shame, everlasting shame on each and everyone of the commentators here,who will do everything in order to use Syrian murders for taking cheap shots at Israel.

      Suddenly human rights groups reports are doubtful, Al Jazeera unreliable , Asad is not the one who gives the orders, the information has to taken with the grain of salt......

      How dare you?! When you bow to every single report from Pallywood or Manar, or anything that implicates Israel as solid facts/responsible journalism, suddenly now you have the urgency to pass judgement on the reports?

      Some of you "don't understand why.." or it "makes no sense", how low you have fallen o mighty freedom fighters! Where are your liberal senses or profound need for freedom and human rights?
      Ego sum.

  • Video shows undercover Israeli police abducting a Palestinian minor while playing soccer
    • Have I ever said something about myself? I don't think so-you know 101 of deceptive tactics they teach us in Hasbara school. But POA and the rest of marry bunch can sleep well, since their activism only behind a keyboard and nothing more. Please come visit us in Israel, perhaps you may see different perspective.

    • I have a quite broad sense of humor and I always enjoy pushing the limits, you know dark humor and Jews go long way, but here it is beyond the borders. However it still comparable to the insults I heard during my IDF service and before that from the same Antisemitic speakers. You see- every time they call me names or make jokes about people in Israel, it makes me happy. And you know why- because my country is still there, my friends are there, life goes on. It's when the barking stops- then I start being worried. Otherwise be my guest and bring all semantics that you have picked.

    • What a pile of filth, verbal insults and self-righteous evil I have discovered here! I should send it to my friends - so they can see the "civilized" faces here.

    • Why then US forces come to train with us? Perhaps we know more than you see- you know actual fighting and urban warfare. Tank battles and air combat. Come visit us someday you'll see.

    • Would you care to visit Israel someday? Perhaps we could meet ....

    • Imagine the every day conflict which goes in minds of the soldiers.
      I brought this example to underline my previous posts about IDF soldiers (and myself) as not a blood-thirsty thugs, but as a soldiers with moral dilemmas and highly complicated environment of operation. Same goes for their commanders.

    • By the way this is the same brigade who killed two men two days ago in Calandia, during the night raid. Kinda ironic isn't it? It brings my point of the embedded ambiguity of the whole situation.

    • Here some video for ya'll:
      link to

  • Hidden video shows treatment of 'flytilla' detainees in Israeli prison
    • I wouldn't called it egoistic-it is rather egocentric, since my concern is about well-being of my fellow countrymen, my family and my country Israel. I consider self-destructive to think about general public before your own, particularly when this type of public comes to confront you and seeks your elimination. Sounds stupid or practical? Actually it is the answer for the dilemmas facing American Jewry, and everyone makes his own choice. Phil and his kind has made the choice-which is egoistic, not egocentric, since the care about their views more than about their families or their history.

    • Are you actually read what you writing? Who would taken the camera-the inmate? Also great line of defense-no consequences, no shame. Isn't ego-trip a beautiful thing. Perhaps they should organize one more fly-in, to do the sequel.

    • Isn't it fun, though? I just keep the public here on thinking and analyzing the reports, and not reaching the conclusions immediately and responding in accord.

    • No-knowing the system most probably that no one cared, and this the Achilles heal of Israel system.

    • I would like to hear from you Kathleen-why Al Qaeda hates the US?

    • From the legal perspective whether they cared or not is meaningless-every inmate has the right to refuse a filming of him. So these "freedom flyers" are in breach of that person rights.

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