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  • 'Tablet' describes American veterans of IDF experiencing 'dual loyalty' issues
    • Also here the link with the name of the officer-read video description

    • Oh,oh... I'm sorry I chocked for a moment here. You're saying the video is fake-cool, I see your argument and present mine: every video from the Palestinian side is edited and faked.
      See how easy it is to be dismissive instead of thinking.

    • Read that

      and tell me whether Jews do not enlist or die in US military?

    • That was is really happening there-both from the air and face-to-face.
      Watch and learn.

    • It's hard to see the logic-by joining other military, you're becoming a coward? Maybe some history lesson is in place here-Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, where Abraham Lincoln Brigade fought against Franco.
      Also here is the list:
      The Lafayette Escadrille in the French Air Force, World War I
      The 7th Air Escadrille in the Polish Air Force, Polish-Soviet War
      The Eagle Squadrons in the Royal Air Force, World War II
      The Flying Tigers in the Chinese Air Force, World War II
      The Lincoln Brigade in the side of the Spanish Republican, Spanish Civil War
      Before the US entered the war, many Americans joined the Canadian Forces, especially the RCAF, and served in ordinary Canadian units.
      You may be a very brave Marine, Dan, but the secret of being a good soldier is to be both brave and smart.

  • Gilad Shalit's father says, 'If I were Palestinian I'd kidnap soldiers'
    • Which word is more "appropriate" here, Marc? Please give you best try to clean this very simple comment.

    • There is no contest- just setting the record strait.

    • I do not wish to govern Palestinians, as long as it is not required in order to protect my fellow citizens from being harmed. Palestinian state seems now as a very distal possibility for me.

    • Borders are negotiable, but the right of self determination for Jews and upholding Jewish majority is not. That's in my personal opinion what is defined by the Jewish state.

    • Him requiring the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state as a precondition of talking to Hamas. Sounds very similar to me as Israel official position. Here, I've defused one bombshell for you.
      Next, is his understanding of the kidnapping of the IDF soldiers. Ehud Barak has blown that one maybe 3-4 years ago and you may find it very surprising, but everyone in Israel understand why Shalit was captured, it is a part of daily IDF briefings to soldiers-everybody know that.
      The public uproar was about denial of visit by the Red Cross and showing no signs of his condition. That's the second bomb neutralized for you.

    • Here we go again, from the same article in Guardian
      "I am in favour of speaking to anyone who wants to talk to us," he said. When asked whether he would negotiate with a Hamas government headed by his son's kidnapper, he maintained: "If they change their ways and are willing to recognise Israel as a Jewish state, yes, I would shake his hand."

      Do you read what I'm reading here, Annie? Recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
      It must've slipped by you.

  • Elite Israeli 'sniper squad' raids Palestinians in prison, injures 11
    • You are not dreaming but judicial misinformed- habeas corpus refers to the legality of the imprisonment and is not some universal UN or OECD principle, and is used in some countries including US. However, Israeli prison authorities handle all convicted and lawfully incarcerated people and therefore use of the riot police is justified and perfectly legal. The administrative detainees, held without trial, are under the authority of the military administration and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Israel prison authorities and are as a matter of fact, held separately from the convicted people. Therefore habeas corpus does not apply here as well.

    • It is a riot control and hostage rescue unit for heaven's sake! It is how the violent inmate populations are supposed to be handled- especially when they are prone to rioting. Do you think this is Netherlands or Sweden there?

  • Fighting from civilian areas? Perfectly understandable-- in Syria
  • Remnick ignores the Nakba's role in Israeli 'democracy'
    • When someone, e.g. Mr. Barghouti, speaks in the name of Palestinian people- he is doomed to fail and to be ridiculed, as was exemplified by the Finkelstein interview. Let Mr. Barghouti speak for himself first and then ask him- how much support he has on the street. Maybe Mr. Barghouti would like to improve some people's lives, starting from his neighborhood or perhaps initiate a dialog- but no, absolutely not, how could this "peaceful" man talk to the blood-lusting Zionists gangs! After all, he must know their true nature being a graduate from the Tel Aviv University. And maybe, just maybe, could someone give him a new statistics showing that 47% of Jewish Israelis are descendants from the refugees of Magreeb, Iran and Irag? If it is not too much trouble for such a busy person.

  • MJ Rosenberg: why he is trying to stop the next war
    • How about "liberal anarchist" like Mr. Chomsky - after all his primary concern is the welfare of the humans in general and not the welfare of the US as the country.

    • As usual here on the Mondoweiss, selective reading and filtered hearing are the critical virtues of the community. Mr. Rosenberg clearly says that his goal is to protect Israel from the distruction and save American Jewery from the backslash of the public "possible" fury. Sounds good to me, but all is heard here is- no more "Israeli Firster" use, let's find another term. Such a waist and pitiful effort.

  • MSM jailbreak: Chris Hayes devotes 2 hours to conflict with panel of 2 Zionists and 2 Palestinians
    • Well perhaps they should be grateful. After all water, electricity and food is coming from Israel. And yet they are firing Grad missiles. Resistance my a.. This just a power game for the jihadists to show who has more balls to attack. Hence to receive more money from the supporters of the resistance movement. Cast Lead 2.0 would mean devastation to the civilians in Gaza and everyone know that- that is why Hamas hasn't fired a single missile. Just it is a longer learning curve for Islamic Jihad- but I'm sure they'll get there.

  • Fact checker fact checker find me a fact
  • Netanyahu seeks Iran conflict, extremist reaction to knock out Obama
    • I think somebody had too much coffee and had a sudden urge to write- anything, just write, no matter what are the facts and is there any logic. Wasn't the president Obama who ordered more drone strikes than all of presidents before him? Wasn't him who surged the number of troops in Asia and Afganistan? As far as I am concern he is the perfect successor to GW and the rest. And also it is always nice to know how much power Israel has in US, it warms my heart really. All these simpletones voting and registering - it doesn't matter, since Israel and AIPAC already decided for them. Feel the power, feel it! And now let us all relax, take a deep breath and start thinking for a moment.

  • Fear and apartheid in the West Bank
  • Why young Palestinians chant the word 'thawra'
    • I suppose you personally would not shed a tear for the two reservist truck drivers. After all every IDF soldier is a murderer for you. Thankfully a vast majority of the civilized people were and stil are shocked and disgusted by that bare handed murder. It is about trust- and neither I nor anybody else I know do not trust Palestinians. In order to build one no revolution is required but something boring like economy, healthcare and education. All lacking in modern Palestine

    • It is very telling and symbolic that this report is filmed at the near spot where two IDF reservist soldiers, got lost in 2000, were detained by the PA police , brought into the custody and killed by the mob. Their names were Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami.
      And after that one-state solution seems plausible to you, Phil? How is the weather in the Wonderland you've been living?
      Two-states- that is the minimal requirement for some peace there, and not another bloodshed.

  • 'A level of racist violence I have never seen': UCLA professor Robin D. G. Kelley on Palestine and the BDS movement
    • We are alive as a nation.

    • Just read, please. Just read something about the Judaism.

    • Because both have nowhere to go.

    • @ pjdude. We are already native and legal population there as well. Deal with the reality and not some BDS-inspiring fantasy.

    • @ToivoS
      It was a bit difficult for me to plow through your comment but I shall try to make some sense of it- you are working or supporting anti-war movement and yet Israel is your enemy? I thought that anti-war movements suppose to promote dialog and not alienate the parties involved.
      Second-I am very proud of the achievements of Jews and Israel in particular but you are giving too much credit for us- sucked US into war with Iraq and swindled the whole world with the peace process, including the Palestinians themselves ? You have to pick one here, since I don't think hat we have that much of the manpower to pull both simultaneously, since both started in 1991.

    • I saw plenty for the whole life- I also saw people blown into pieces, children and babies murdered, crying grownup men, I saw boys getting gray hair over night, women widowed and girls and boys losing their parents. What's your point here?

    • @pabelmont My home is where laws and government of Israel are present. International community is a very big word for such a small country as Israel and 1967 borders are recognized as the basis for negotiations and not permanent borders. Israel can sustain its society however Palestinians are not. The BDS phase sounds cool and very unique but it is not. And it will pass, buried under another unrest in ME, terror and violence. Militants will continue their "fight for the right", but my country will persist- and the reason for that is very simple, that in my country people with all their problems and conflicts express themselves freely.

    • @Mndwss. I am home-get used to it. And maybe then we could talk.

    • @seafoid. One of the pillars of faith in Judaism is its connection with Eretz-Israel and Jerusalem. All major prayers and holidays revolve around that. We are very much alive after more that 2500 years and have every intent on continuing so. Zionism is a secular movement, but incorporates Judaism believes as the central part of Jewish identity.

    • @seafoid. Do you really want to start pissing contest between Israel and black Americans? It is so meaningless and absurd, that the only way to respond to your comment is to ROTFL..

    • One may the occupation while another sees the economy-yes, capitalist and cruel, but the only solution IMHO for the conflict. All people calling for the BDS and such are also using economical tools as the main leverage against the State of Israel. So I would like to suggest that instead of waging the economical warfare against my state, perhaps cooperation will be more productive. improving the lives of both people. No ROR and "Million Marching to Jerusalem" fanfares will not change the daily situation.

    • When I walk in the streets of New Orleans-I see the signs of occupation.
      When I go through the South Central LA-I see the signs of occupation.
      When I visit Harlem- I can feel the occupation in the air.
      When I drive through Dorchester in Boston- occupation burns my throat.
      Should I go on?
      What a pile of academic BS mixed with self-induced right to judge others and speak in the name of all the oppressed in Palestine. Go and fix your own home, dear professor, before you land in our house and start giving us the advise. However, it is still a very hip way to propel yourself into the media.

  • Norman Finkelstein slams the BDS movement calling it 'a cult'
  • Musings on Post-Apartheid Israel
    • A few basic misconceptions about the Israelis statistics:
      Ashkenazi vs Mizrahi-47.5% vs 50.2
      former Soviet Union Jews 20.9% of total Jewish population.
      "The growth rate of the Arab population in Israel is 2.6%, while the growth rate of the Jewish population in Israel is 1.7%. The growth rate of both the Jewish and Arab population has slowed from 3.8% in 1999 to 2.6% in 2008 for Arab and 2.7% to 1.7% for the Jewish population. The fastest growing segment of population are Arab Muslims with the latest growth rate of 2.8% for 2008"

      Your musings are very much stretched to provide some resemblance to the South Africa situation, which Israel is definitely not. Also the assumptions that Mizrahi Jews will unite with Palestinians against "white" Ashkenazi elite are so imaginative that I do not where to start from.
      Perhaps the good start would be from the stories the Mizrahi Jews descendants have heard from their grandparents and parents, about how they were expelled from their countries and stripped of everything.

  • The journey to the border
    • @Annie.It seems that your are confusing the realities and the signed agreements. Palestinians got a "state-like" features: passports, VIP-cards and some legal authority. What happened next-second intifada. Now if you are asking Israel to go back and implement all Oslo accords that would be just stupid from our historical perspective.You can hold a stick from a both ends-demand legal rights and promote violent struggle. Now nowadays PA is trying to establish so sort of stability there, to get some breathing space for the economy to grow and what is on the activists agenda- BDS.
      Now do you honestly expect that any Palestinian who commits a crime in Israel or against the Israelis will be surrendered to the authority? If so than Palestinians need to show that they can keep their criminals in place where they belong. No such thing has happened so far.

    • My 3-year old daughter was body searched and her plush toy X-rayed on the request of TSA on the flight from Madrid to USA. 4 uniformed men and 1 woman were present during the procedure. So DO NOT patronize me about "brutality" of the border control. I've served 3 years at various checkpoints doing also a screening of foreign visitors and others. The alleged "sadism" has nothing to do with it. I was cursed, screamed and pushe by the same people demanding our services. Did any of them got arrested, deported or even shot at? The answer is no and the reason for that is our training. However if you are coming with activist agenda against the State of Israel you shouldn't be surprised to get a " chilling" welcome there.

    • @Annie. Perhaps it is dead as an idea, but there are signed agreements to keep. Maybe then customs and taxes for the Palestinian goods should be kept in Israel. Or electricity cut from Gaza? How about goods exports and imports? All I'm trying to say that there is a complex web of interactions, where borders and immigration controls are parts of it.

    • These "brainwashed sadists" are doing their duties following the Oslo accords and the interim agreements between Israel and PA.
      You have some nerve to complain about that.
      How about the fact that every Israeli citizen has to obtain visas going in to different countries, for example USA? And lots of them are denied entry?
      How about the fact that there are countries where Israelis are banned for the entry?
      So what are the facts here- Sarah is a US-born Palestinian whose father was born in West Bank and has a birth record in PA archives, they found his name there, weren't they? She should've applied for the Palestinian passport and get entry to West Bank or Gaza. See the aforementioned Oslo accords. But she doesn't want to-she wants to use her US passport, which is fine but the accords state that these rules apply also to the foreign-born Palestinians. Now stamping the passport-it is voluntary and is applied for the sole discretion of the immigration officers, only three countries are excluded from it- Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, once again according to the bilateral agreements.
      Maybe Sarah could write to Omar Barghouti and ask him how in god's sake he had managed to get entry and study in Israel, being born in Qatar? I am genuinely curious about it.

  • Palestinian cars sprayed with unknown materials at Israeli checkpoints
  • Occupy Oakland's landslide BDS endorsement
  • Racism Report: Africans in Israel
    • @RealJew
      Please read carefully my post and post your comment once again, that it would make a coherent and factual response to my statement.

    • Several things Adam "forgets" to mention: ARDC is run and supported by the Israelis, predominately Jews, secular and middle to upper class. But half of the truth is always better for the narrative? Also he forgets to mention that the majority of the refugees are male, aged between 20-45, who are coming from the Egypt border, where they are abused, robbed and if it is a woman, often raped. The reasons for then being there is mostly economical and that is why it makes people angry. Same as the illegal immigration in US, UK or France for that purpose. Apropo France, when they've detained 5000 Tunisian men and sent them back, everyone where OK with that. Italy did the same with Libiyans and the list goes on.

  • Why we should be furious the Haditha massacre Marines got no jail time
    • My comment was direct towards Walid's remarks. For some reason you've chosen to take them as they were direct to you. Too bad.

    • @Annie:
      It is the perfect example of the conspiracy theories.
      Get this for example:"Belief in Conspiracies Can Lead to Contradictions"

    • ROTFL. Thank you very much-no facts, no proof, but I have to prove that there are no Israelis employed in Iraq?!
      Awesome stuff.

    • All righty then- I am repeating my question: is there any proof that Israelis are employed by the security companies in Iraq? I more than willingly acknowledge the Kurdistan connection since there is at least a lot of talk around it. Please provide the direct fact of single former IDF soldier who is employed there.

    • Once again you are responding too quickly, without proper groundwork. Israelis provide security advise in numerous countries and international events. However I have asked about the Iraq and did not get any factual response. Maybe Walid pulled this out of his imagination or wishful thinking?

    • You are assuming that without any evidence.
      Your quote :"Also that many of the rogue guards are ex-IDF soldiers and Mossad agents hired to protect foreign embassies and that the Iraqi armed forces were capable of doing that job"-where is the proof for that?

    • Any evidence (links etc.) that there are Israelis in those private security companies operating in Iraq?
      I am eager to see one.

  • In interview of Muslim Brotherhood leader, NPR repeatedly asks about Israel's security
    • @Patm
      I'll tell you when-when giving up the utopia dreams will be done with (for the both sides), when the right of return will be forfeited and Hamas will stop armed resistance. So far-none of it has happened.
      I would love to live in peace-just the concepts of justice are very different when it comes to the core issues. There is no and sadly, will not be any acceptance of the Jewish state and I do not want to live in another Lebanon, being torn apart by the sectarian violence, as being proposed by the proponents of the on-state solution.
      So what we are left with-Israelis are there to stay and prosper, and the Palestinians will either prosper locally, depending on the situation in given city or will keep losing hopes and declining.

    • @patm: when the cure for all 200 types of cancer will be found and world hunger be eliminated. Are you saying that Egypt will severe the peace treaty over the Palestinian issue? No way-they are too pragmatic for that.
      As an example:,7340,L-4183877,00.html
      Just Google Translate it .

    • The only country whom Egypt may have a military confrontation is Israel. Especially when the new force enters the ruling centers. Any suggestions for other urgent topics beyond that?

    • Egypt had fought 4 wars with Israel-how many questions is it OK to ask about Egypt-Israeli relationship, Phil, not to be called "Israel-firster"? You are very sensitive when you here the I-word or the Z-word that sometimes logic is just lost, replaced by the knee-jerk.

  • Food journalism has played insidious role in disappearing Palestine
    • @patm: That is all correct, except one thing-Jews were and still are living not only within the Muslim-predominant countries. And yet their cuisines all have similar rules and requirements, with slight variations. Also what is the point you were trying to make?

    • @ToivoS -Jewish cuisine has evolved in the geographical regions were Jews have lived.
      However the major difference that you've failed to grasp is the Kosher requirements of it, including the way it cook, its ingredients and servings. Therefore it makes it Jewish and not local food. The understanding of the cuisine is not limited to the produce present in it but also to the preparation of it and combination of flavors.

    • Maybe I'm slow but what is the connection between Mr. Marks and removing Palestine from the food books?

  • 'NYT' gives Israelis its magazine to make an attack on Iran 'normal'
    • @eGuard- Empty, you mean like with "ordinary" explosives instead of chemical or biological? Now that makes it so much better, right?

    • Kurdistan alleged involvement of Israel was a small payback for the '91 SCUDs fired on Tel Aviv.
      Georgia arms sales- what the hell it has to do with the topic here?

  • 'Former thug who found Judaism hopes to be first African-American in the Knesset'
    • I think on the time these texts were formulated people actually believed in them and still do. Should we keep the "modern" interpretation of them we will be discarding our cultural heritage. As for Jews-our history is forged by these texts and rituals. So far history has proven us right- we are still here.

    • @Walid: there is some truth in it. However what is the problem than- you should embrace people leaving Israel, making less Zionistic sort of saying.

    • I feel great without that, thank you very much. However it is surprising to get such a remark from you, being all supportive of the multicultural societies and religions.

    • Perhaps but it is also a foundation of the people's beliefs and culture. By dismissing that you are not coming very convincing here.

    • Fire away, please.

    • The term Aliyah is coming from the ascendancy to the Temple in Jerusaselm. Since then every Jew going to the land of Israel is making an Aliyah. It is the tradition long before the modern state of Israel.

    • Care to call Koran or New Testament a myth?

    • What is exactly the fraudulent here? Does it contradict the Law of Return or any other statements by the Israeli government. Have your heard of the Book of Ruth-"Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following you; For wherever you go, I will go; And wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried. The LORD do so to me, and more also, if anything but death parts you and me." (Ruth 1:16–17 NKJV)

    • Can someone explain me what is wrong here? The guy has converted to Judaism, made Aliyah to Israel and served in IDF. Maybe because he is black it does not "sit" well with you Phil? Or maybe because he used to be a "bad" person? Otherwise I would think there is a smell of racist bigotry here. People change.

  • Wait-- do you like Israel? (Jeffrey Goldberg's ultimate test)
  • In '67 it was the call to resist immoral authority (2012-- BDS)
  • 'Corporate Watch' publishes guide on targeting Israeli apartheid
    • It is indeed very thorough. One small point though-it seems that every aspect of Israel's economics is viewed in the context of occupation and therefore has to be boycotted. Simple solution proposed-let's cancel the state of Israel. Problem solved and peace on Earth is restored.
      Such a blatant effort to undermine my state and my economics, with smear campaign and overreaching generalization, will discredit the BDS as the same boycott attempted by the Arab League states.

  • Israel's nightmare: Jew against Jew
    • Thank you for you comment.

    • You are raising a valid points here. But the answer is within your comment as well. You know your history and identify with the people who share it with you. The color of your skin is relative to the society where you are living. Say, you would move to Sri- Lanka or Bangladesh would you still call yourself Indian? I am sure you would. In the case of Lilian her Jewishness was defined from the outside and she spends her life trying to escape from it. You are accepting who you are.

    • The Law of Return is not forced on any person of Jewish descent. When you apply for immigration under it , you therefore acknowledge Israel as the Jewish Zionist state. Nobody is forcing you to do so.

    • Thank you for the comment, Richard. However being born a Jew and having no active connections with either religious or Zionist aspects of Jewish life leaves your definition as Jew only in the eyes of the surrounding society. Should people know that your parents are Jewish or you acknowledge it , this would trigger your Jewish moment- examples are numerous to count. And this were the cognitive dissonance of the people like Lilian or Phil for that purpose lays- they do not want to be associated with Judaism or Zionist Israel, yet would like to call themselves as Jews. I am asking what is left then- the general ideals of liberty and equality, what is Jewish about them and not say Irish or Arabic. They are universal. Therefore to argue here as Jew vs. Jew is not appropriate. It would be American citizen vs Jews.

    • Once again you are distorting my post- I am asking again what makes a secular non-Zionist person a Jew? Simple question.

    • I did not said that these are inseparable- however my question is still here: if you are not a religious Jewish person nor a Zionist one, what makes you a Jew?
      Is it being born as one but having no cultural connections to the " tribal" beleifs still counts as being Jewish? Then what is the particular part that remains of you that is Jewish and not universal?

    • The main question that author avoids time and time again-who is a Jew and what makes you one? Being born as one? Practicing Judaism in it various forms?
      Why it is so important here to state the difference between those "Zionist Jews" and self-described "secular non-Zionist " ones?
      The same line of argumentation can be applied here from the perspective of say "liberal human being" or "peace-loving" atheist.
      Why it is so important to reiterate "Jew vs. Jew" nonsense here? If you not practicing Judaism and do not believe in Israel being Jewish Zionist State, what other connection to Jewish tradition and beliefs do you have?
      All other Jewish-born philosophers and liberals had publicly denounced their religious past, proudly proclaiming themselves as citizens of the world, free of tribalism and shackles of ethnocentric mentality.
      So what makes you a Jew, Lilian?

  • Egypt's history through British-colored glasses
    • Very interesting comparison and informative one. I like that. It seems that it was and will be Israel fault for anything bad that happens to Arab nation. It gets a bit boring these days, maybe we should form a secret government or shadow forces?

  • Beinart and the crisis of liberal Zionism
  • Palestinian drivers challenge Israeli-only roads in the West Bank
    • Calling names has become a wonderful tradition here, when the arguments are weak.
      Israeli Arabs use these roads quite freely, whenever and wherever they like. Period, the end, next patient please.

    • You were rightfully branded since the roads are for Israeli citizens (both Jews and Arabs alike).

  • Campaign within campaign was battle for Adelson's millions
  • Israel: Still not doing Gandhi very well
    • Thank you Irena for the sanest comment here.

    • If Jews would have done Gandhi in Germany, no one would be left to tell a story about that. Simple and horrific at the same time.
      Had Jews done Gandhi-Bolshevik revolution would never happened and US couch communists and liberals would never have small talk topics.
      Had Jews done Gandhi-Israel would cease to exists.
      Had Jews done Gandhi-Iron Curtain would still be there.
      Had Jews done Gandhi-there would be no war heroes fighting both in Red Army and Allies, including my grandfather.
      We are stubborn neck people and Gandhi is only another man with his ideas. Meanwhile India is building its navy and army.

  • US millionaire Kenneth Abramowitz funds settlers linked to attacks on IDF
    • Calling me names does not make your argument any better or you looking smarter. Please learn to respect the opponent first, then try to write something useful instead of ad hominem rambling.

    • Simplicity of the analysis presented here is a very good example of generalization and smearing of any opponents to the views of the authors. In narrow view of the author, "settlers" are all the same, hence whoever supports Likud and settlement movement supports the attacks-here, one post more and we can call it a productive day.
      News website which reports the police activity is therefore directly supported the attack on the Efraim compound....
      It is the same as someone supporting black rights movement in US would automatically labelled as the Malcom X supporter.
      Education and personal intelligence are precious -keep on learning.

  • Just wars-- and civilian casualties
    • That is so low that there is no point to go deeper. Well done Mooser, you smart and sharp man you!

    • Not he is not, neither me.We both served our country - proudly and still willing to serve. A will to serve a cause is always stronger and cannot be explained by some "indoctrination". Jews can not rely on anyone for their security except for themselves. And please do not bring the usual crap about US aid etc. The same aid goes to Saudis, Egyptians or anyone else who is within US interest. We have learned our history lessons- the question is will our opponents learn as well.

  • Captain Israel is back, and better than ever!
  • Happy New Year
  • Israeli university bids (w/ Cornell and $350 million) to set up on Roosevelt Island in NY
  • What would happen to Palestinians who attacked an Israeli military base in occupied territory?

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