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  • 'I know you have another email address, give it to me' (Deported at Ben Gurion)
    • When will Israel face a TRUTH & RECONCILIATION Commission as implemented in South Africa to examine those police and military who perpetrated killings and torture during apartheid.

      Obviously, it is too late now to examine the perpetrators of the King David Hotel bombing that killed 91 or those massacred at Deir Yassin prior to 1948.
      The Igun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Gang terrorists are long since gone. But those responsible for the deaths of over 300 under sixteen year old children in Gaza, in 2008, as reported by the UN, are still living free and openly.

    • Shades of the South African police during the odious apartheid regime. Why would anyone want to visit a totalitarian state that makes such a mockery of its claims to democracy?

  • Israel supporters use Boston bombing to call for firing of UN Rapporteur
    • When is America going to re-embrace democracy and outlaw unelected, powerful, privately-financed, political lobbies that use their money to determine US foreign policy that should be the declared duty and domain of the elected government?

      Why does an elected American president have to check every foreign policy decision first with the American-Israel lobby ? Who elected that lobby to vet every legitimate representative of the American people and on behalf of which foreign state does this anti-democratic machination take place?

  • Israeli attorney general affirms policy of e-mail searches of foreign travelers
    • Jerusalem, situated in Israel, is an international city by resolution of the United Nations.

      This attempt to restrict access to the Holy City is a clear violation of international law and denies freedom of access to Christians, Muslims and even Jews who are considered undesirable by the right wing Likud government of Binyamin Netanyahu. It should be strenuously resisted by the free world.

  • Palestine and the Left
    • Let us call a spade, a spade, and the Israel Lobby a threat to democratic government
      in Washington, London and Brussels

      AIPAC stands for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pretentious sounding name that implies a quasi-government department. In fact, it is an unelected, privately financed, lobbying group that promotes and sponsors pro-Israel policies to successive United States governments. These policies include huge, regular shipments of arms, loans, grants, gifts and financial concessions funded by the American tax payer but without his specific consent.

      AIPAC was founded in 1951 as a lobbying division of the American Zionist Council. It has been described as ‘one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington, DC. Its critics have stated that it acts as an agent of the Israeli government with a "stranglehold" on the United States Congress with its power and influence.’ It is assumed that the Israel lobby in London and Brussels, as well as elsewhere around the globe, is affiliated to the US Israel lobby.

      The Lobby receives support from both the Republican and Democratic parties and in that sense is non-partisan. However, it is reported that AIPAC vets every candidate for election or re-election to both the House of Representatives and the Senate and that any candidate unwilling to openly support the AIPAC agenda, is most unlikely to gain or retain his/her seat. It is not easy to prove or disprove this allegation but the substantial sums that the Israel Lobby awards to secure the election of its favoured candidates, is a matter of public record.

      The threat to democracy rests primarily in the alleged power of this unelected pressure group to influence or control American foreign policy – and given that the US has a voice in virtually every country in the free world as well as in many other states - that threat appears to be substantial.

      Given that the Israel lobby exists solely for the furtherance of the political and military agenda of a foreign state and has enormous influence upon Congress and, therefore, the Presidency, it would appear safe to assume that the above allegation has validity.

      It is certainly true to say that any government that acts in the interests not of its electorate but in the interest of a foreign state is anti-democratic, i.e. it fails to represent the majority of the electorate.

      One might contend that it would aid transparency if AIPAC to be automatically allocated maybe twenty statutory seats in the House and a proportional number in the Senate, by any incoming administration.

      Then, the Israel Lobby, (i.e. Israel), would have the power to determine the quantity and type of aircraft and weaponry, if any, that could be either sold or gifted by the US government to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, the GCC including Saudi Arabia and, of course, to its own client state.

      Furthermore, the Likud party under Binyamin Netanyahu could then proceed with its official charter to annex the West Bank and East Jerusalem into a new state to be known as Greater Israel in which all Muslims and Arabs would be permanently excluded.

      Israel could also be given a seat on the UN Security Council in order to represent its 7 million citizens whilst the 1.2 billion in India, plus the entire populations in Africa and South America would still have no voice.

      If you think that the above scenario is patently ridiculous - it most certainly is. However, it now appears to be not that far from reality.

  • Preparing for Iran?: US on verge of $10 billion arms deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE
    • There are virtually no members of Congress that have not been vetted and approved by AIPAC as being signed-up to its agenda. As AIPAC is an unelected lobby group acting in the interests not of the US but for the state of Israel, it follows that any member of Congress who adopts the AIPAC agenda cannot be representing their constituents as they have no mandate to support the agent of a foreign state.

      Therefore, the activities of AIPAC must be considered to be unAmerican and the support of signed-up Congressmen, and women, to be anti democratic . Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people.

      Today we have a government of the people, by AIPAC and for Israel. This is a travesty of democratic government and the billions of tax dollars sent to Israel should be invested instead in improving the standard of living and he employment prospects of lower-income and unemployed US families in Michigan, Alabama, New York and throughout the Union.

    • Mr Netanyahu, in London this week for Mrs Thatcher's funeral, is quoted by the BBC as having 'reiterated his support for "a two-state solution", including a Palestinian state.'

      However, Mr Netanyahu is the leader of the right-wing Likud Party whose charter categorically rejects any Palestinian state in the West Bank for the 5 million Muslim Arabs who are the majority indigenous people of the region, having inhabited it for the last one thousand years during all of which time there was only ever a minority Jewish presence.

      So for whom is Netanyahu speaking? Certainly not for his Likud government coalition and just as certainly not for himself as prime minister. Perhaps he just made a small error when talking to the BBC - perhaps what he really meant to say was:
      'Regardless of the will of the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and the international community in general, there will never be a two-state solution, or a Palestinian state, whilst I am prime minister of Israel'.

      Then his agenda in building ever increasing numbers of illegal settlements on Arab land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, would be crystal clear. In which case, a catastrophic war in the region becomes inevitable.

      That being the likely scenario, is it in the interests of the free world, including Britain and the rest of the EU, for the US to continue supplying huge quantities of arms, bombs and strike aircraft to the, already nuclear-armed Israeli state at the demand of the American Israel lobby - or is this basically, a dangerous appeasement and a threat to the peace of the world?

  • 'J Street' and 'Peace Now' say it's now or never for Obama to bring Netanyahu to heel
    • This status quo is the prelude to war.

      There are those who want peace and work for it every day in the Middle East and in governments around the world, but not the majority and not the Israeli government whose strategic plan is and has always been for a ‘Greater Israel’. To achieve their goals, hard-right-wing ministers have been working for decades to ethnically cleanse the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These ideologues will stop at nothing to implement their plan and will continue to treat both the United Nations and the democratic nation states of the international community with contempt.
      Israel's leaders, settlers and religious fanatics want land, not peace.

      There is no longer any hope for a negotiated settlement. There is now too much hatred as a result of the killings, the bombs, the destruction of homes, schools and hospitals and the inhuman use of cluster bombs and white phosphorus against civilians and children. The certainty now is a brutal war that will make 9/11 look like a MTA and will see nuclear weapons being deployed for the first time and tens, or hundreds, of thousands being killed. The world is sleep-walking into a disaster, the like of which there is no precedent. Peace is not the agenda. Israel’s strategic plan is to change the face of the Middle East, which is the rationale that has driven the building of the world's only undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal that sits menacingly underground in the Negev desert and in dispersed silos around Israel.

      There will inevitably be a bloodbath and the United States will not be able to disclaim responsibility for its abdication of compliance with democratic principles and the rule of law, and its acceptance of extreme violence and illegal expropriation in its haste to create an American satellite state in the center of the Muslim Middle East in order to satisfy the demands of the Zionist lobby in Washington. This status quo is the prelude to war.

      It will be a tragedy of biblical proportions orchestrated by powerful agencies armed with nuclear bombs and delivered by the American-built, F16 strike aircraft and helicopter gunships of the Israeli state military command.

  • UN approves Palestinian status upgrade with 138-9 vote (and US Senators threaten to cut aid)
    • America’s catastrophic errors of judgment

      Yesterday's vote in the UN General Assembly clearly showed how the United States, supported by Canada and the Czech Republic, plus a few island dependencies, has placed itself squarely and mistakenly on the wrong side of history.

      The rest of the entire world, virtually the whole international community, has voted to recognize the Arab indigenous people of Palestine as a national entity and has properly accorded them a permanent status within the UN.

      Ignoring the extraordinarily naive threats by both the America and Canadian governments, and of course Israel, to withdraw aid and to make life for the 5 million Palestinians even more difficult, the world has given a categorical endorsement to the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank with East Jerusalem as its capital.

      The current political leaders of North America ignore this decision at their peril. Europe, China, Russia, Asia, Africa and South America have spoken. History is already recording that America is yesterday's superpower and that its concluding years were mired in catastrophic errors of political and military misjudgment.

  • Two days after ceasefire Israel kills Palestinian man in Khan Younis
    • Public domain information, Annie, for some years. Just check it out. Maybe start with official reports from the CST monitoring organization in London then go to similar in Paris, Berlin etc.

    • Anti-Israeli sentiment, unfortunately morphing into antiSemitism, has been steadily rising in France, Germany, Britain, Poland, Hungary and throughout Europe over the past years and measurably since the massacre of civilians by the IDF in Gaza over Christmas 2008.

    • How Israel’s policy drives anti-Semitism

      The ultra right wing Likud party of Israel controls the elected Netanyahu coalition government that formulates and implements policies against the indigenous Arab population in Gaza and the
      Occupied Territories.

      To most of us, Israel is seen as the most heavily-armed state in the world, on a per capita basis, the only undeclared nuclear weapons power on the planet, and an arrogant bully that strips the people of Palestine of land, of freedom, of dignity and of life.

      It is empowered and enabled to do so by the continuous supply of arms and funding from an American congress that is heavily influenced by the most powerful foreign lobby in the US whose purpose is to support and fund Israel from out of American tax monies.

      For now six long years, this nuclear armed state has conducted a blockade of 1.7 million people in Gaza to deny them essential supplies and restrict the amount of food to subsistence levels in order to try to effect an illegal regime change. This inhumane and illegitimate policy has, incredibly, been allowed by the rest of the world, a large section of which is beholden to the US either for bilateral trade or for aid.

      Gaza, of course, has no tanks, planes, helicopter gunships, cluster bombs or WMD with which to defend themselves from this blockade, but only hand-assembled, short- range rockets which they fire haphazardly in the direction of Israel but which are very largely ineffective.

      However, recently in Britain and the rest of Europe, we watched in horror as Israeli F16 US-supplied strike aircraft savagely attacked the besieged people of Gaza, bombed their houses, destroyed the infrastructure and killed many civilians including children and reporters in a ferocious strike against a largely defenseless population. They left a large part of the densely populated city a smoking ruin of bombed buildings and tangled metal among which the bereaved held the funerals of their loved ones.

      British people automatically identify with those under persecution or oppression, those being repressed, humiliated, or worse, tortured or killed and our laws, and those of the EU, reflect this national humanitarian attitude.

      It is not surprising, therefore, that the British Foreign Office condemns outright the continuing illegal settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory and demands that all illegal settlers be repatriated back to Israel. But these demands from the UK and from the EU, the UN and the US, are treated with contempt by an Israeli government that takes money from both the US and the EU and gives two fingers back, in return.

      That there is, and has been over the past years, an increasing hostility towards Israel and Israelis particularly throughout Europe, at the treatment of the largest indigenous people of the region, the Arabs of Palestine, is hardly surprising.

      The problem is, however, that although most Israelis are Jewish, the majority of Jews is not Israeli and has no wish to be so. However, that distinction is understandably lost on most people, which is tragic because it means that in the public consciousness, Jewish communities around the world are tarred with the same brush of being sympathetic to the bombing and killing of defenseless families in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

      That is the tragedy of Netanyahu's policies, i.e. an increasing anti-Semitism throughout Europe and the world that may not directly affect Israel but impacts dangerously on Jewish communities worldwide.

  • US engagement fostered rogue Israeli policies, but Tom Friedman can't say so
    • Without US funding, without US F16s, without US helicopter gunships, without US cluster bombs and billions of dollars in civil and military aid, there would be no rogue state of Israel with a gang of thuggish ministers who violate international law every day in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and of course, in Gaza.

      The killing of civilian families of 10 men, women and children is NOT collateral damage, it is a War Crime! That the US congress colludes in these criminal acts and terms it 'democracy' is one of the most shameful acts in American history.

      And as for President Obama, words fail me! Such hope, such integrity, such statesmanship, all thrown away in an abject surrender to the Israel lobby.

      How immeasurably sad, how pathetic, how obscene. How do you sleep at night?

  • Day Eight of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Ceasefire agreement reached; Palestinian death toll climbs to 145
    • War crime charges worry Israel

      The Palestinian Authority’s bid to be accorded Non-Member status of the United Nations, scheduled for November 29th., needs a minimum of 97 votes in the General Assembly, which it is likely to achieve without problem. And this is why Israel’s leaders are worried because they know that they could then be liable to face war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

      More than 1000 civilians were killed in Gaza by the Israeli Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009, a figure that included more than 300 children under the age of 16. A UN Fact Finding Mission report subsequently alleged that Israel had committed war crimes against the civilian population.

      In a desperate attempt to avoid the possibility of being indicted and brought before the Court to answer such charges, the Israeli government has threatened to withhold tax revenues for the PA, if it should proceed with the UN vote. (Such an illegitimate action would probably mean the EU having to meet the deficit).

      This last seven days, Israel has killed 162 Palestinians in Gaza and injured hundreds more, again mostly civilians, in a perceived attempt to bolster the current Israeli government’s re-election on January 22nd – assuming that individuals are not by then standing trial at the ICC, in The Hague, to answer war crimes charges.

      Israel is today reported by the BBC to have lost 6 civilians in the latest conflict i.e. 96.3% less than the total of those killed by the IAF in Gaza.

  • 4 myths about the Israeli attack on Gaza
    • The imminent massacre in Gaza - the protagonists:


      125,000 armed troops
      500,000 armed reservists
      11,000 armoured vehicles
      4000 battle tanks
      700 aircraft incl American F16 bombers
      60 ships + 3 nuclear submarines
      1000s of prohibited cluster bombs


      20,000 armed militants
      0 armoured vehicles
      0 tanks
      0 aircraft
      0 ships + 0 submarines
      0 cluster bombs
      1000s Qassam and Grad rockets

  • Israel targets (and defends attacking) journalists in Gaza
    • Israel’s current ‘war crime’

      To date, the Israeli governments has induced hundreds of thousands of its own citizens to illegally settle in the Occupied West Bank and in East Jerusalem where it has forced the eviction of many hundreds of Arab residents – in violation of international law and of the authority of the United Nations. These illegal settlements plus the six year blockade of Gaza are the reasons for the continuing conflict and the horrific massacre now being perpetrated among the 1.7 million in Gaza in an illegal attempt to effect a forced regime change by the assassination of its political leaders.

      The US, who has supplied Israel with its war planes and bombs that are now killing and wounding civilians, including children, and even journalists, must bear responsibility for allowing this atrocity, the escalating violence and the dire threat of mounting conflict that could soon become a regional firestorm. Palestinian and European lives are infinitely more important that Mr Netanyahu’s re-election prospects.

      1. The International Criminal Court (ICC) defines the transfer by an occupying power of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies, ‘as a War Crime’.

      2. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague has declared that: ‘The Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, [including East Jerusalem], have been established in violation of international law.’

      3. The International Court of Justice has judged the Israeli-erected West Bank Barrier to be illegal.

      4. The United Nations has condemned Israel’s annexation of the designated international city of Jerusalem as a ‘violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention’


  • Abbas: Israel instigating 'blood bath', aimed at sinking endeavors to reach the UN
    • Unfortunately, the root cause of the current conflict is the policy of the Israeli government in offering financial inducements for its citizens to leave their homes in Israel and to illegally settle in the occupied West Bank, thereby deliberately aborting the establishment of a Palestinian state in accordance with the wishes of the UN and the international community. That is absolutely the reason for the current damaging conflict which can now potentially affect millions if not successfully mediated.

      The only solution is for all 500,000 illegal settlers to start to be repatriated back to Israel at the earliest possible opportunity. The West Bank and East Jerusalem are Arab lands as certified by the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.

      Israel cannot continue to stand outside the law and still expect to trade with the democratic nations of the world.

    • Gaza Israeli violence resulting from illegal land grabs condemned by the UN, EU, Britain & the world

      Israeli settlements, intended to abort the establishment of a Palestinian state, have been condemned by the UN, the EU, Britain, Russia and the US as illegal and a deliberate obstruction to peace. As a direct result, the Palestinians in Gaza have been bombarding southern Israel with home-made rockets, for years, as their only method of resistance to the right-wing, occupying Likud government under Binyam Netanyahu whose policy is to ethnically cleanse the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem.

      This week, ahead of the coming Israeli elections, Netanyahu ordered the brutal assassination of a Palestinian leader in Gaza. It was carried out in the usual method of such state sponsored assassinations against a people with no aircraft and no tanks with which to defend itself.

      So far, Saturday November 17th has seen 38 Palestinians killed by Israeli air strikes, the vast majority being civilians including children. The Israelis have lost 3 civilians to rockets fired from Gaza.

      Israel is now massing tens of thousands of its troops and armour against the virtually defenceless 1.7 million people of Gaza in much the same way as in Operation Cast Lead in which they killed 310 children under the age of sixteen together with over 100 of their mothers. Another massacre is expected as the world looks on.

      Now, not only is Gaza at great risk but also Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Netanyahu in his quest for re-election has started a war that can have enormous and terrible consequences for the Middle East and for global peace.

  • Gaza, Now
    • Maybe the world doesn't yet appreciate the true import of the appalling situation now developing. If there are missiles that can reach Tel Aviv then they can also reach the secret nuclear weapons facility and reactor at Dimona in the Negev. If that happens then Israel could go up in smoke and deadly radiation could envelop the entire Gulf with horrific consequences for not only the region but the world.

      The US has been incredibly short-sighted and naive by allowing Israel to develop this secret nuclear facility over the past decades that has been concealed from the UN's IAEA inspectorate. Maybe criminally negligent might be a more appropriate description of American collusion in this respect as it endangers all of us wherever we live. The current conflict and the assassinations by Israel of leading politicians in Gaza is probably the greatest political error since 1948.

  • Gaza vs. Israel: The legitimate and illegitimate use of violence in the Western discourse
    • The strategy of Netanyahu's Likud government is sadly not generally understood. In accordance with its charter, Likud policy is to employ tactics that will abort the establishment of any Palestinian state by means of the illegal expropriation of Arab land in the occupied territories, which is in gross violation of international law.

      Violence and violation of the law are the twin tools of the Likud government. But it is adept at giving the impression that they are a partner for peace. In fact, it is the instigator of the illegal eviction of Arab families from their homes and their businesses and the theft of their land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

      However, Netanyahu has miscalculated and his latest assassinations in Gaza can turn into a full blown war in which Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem become targets for reprisal missile attacks resulting in the heavy loss of his own citizens. If and when that happens then, as forecast so many times recently, Israel will deploy her weapons of mass destruction and all hell will be let loose upon the Middle East and the world.

  • No safe haven: Civilians under attack in the Gaza Strip
    • President Obama should take the initiative and set aside 20,000 sq km of land

      As a Palestinian child is burned alive by Israeli aircraft bombers and Netanyahu endangers not only 1.7 million in Gaza but also 4 million of his own people, in an act of war designed to help his own re-election, it would appear that he has made a potentially catastrophic error of judgement.

      The time has now arrived for serious consideration to be given for the whole of the Israeli state to be moved, lock, stock and barrel, out of the ancient land of Palestine and completely away from the Muslim Middle East, in order to avoid a disastrous global, nuclear war.

      President Obama should take the initiative and set aside 20,000 sq km of land, (equal to the present area of Israel) in a low density state such as North or South Dakota. Compensation should be paid in full to all Israeli citizens in respect of their property assets and all removal expenses. Upon the land being vacated, all nuclear weapon installations to be dismantled and all stocks of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction to be neutralised.

      This is the only alternative now to an escalating conflict that could see Israel deploying her nuclear weapons in an attempt to regain its military superiority and which will soon engulf the whole region and then spread its lethal radiation over Europe.

      The UN, the EU and the US must now take decisive action against this latest warmongering. Time is of the essence if global markets are not to be seriously affected and million of lives put in danger. The situation is extremely serious, the danger is palpable and the time to act is now.

  • Israel rejects truce and escalates fighting in Gaza with assassination of Hamas leader; 10 killed, 90 wounded in Israeli attacks
    • Netanyahu's latest attempt at blatant regime change in Gaza has today escalated with yet another political assassination.

      How much longer will the international community stand by apparently impotent whilst Israel brings the Middle East to war and the probability of WMD being deployed against millions in Gaza and then in the West Bank and East Jerusalem?

      It is reminiscent of 1933 in Europe and the initial appeasement of the National Socialist Workers Party.

  • Couldn't make this up -- Official name of Israeli demolition plan for new East Jerusalem park is 'They Won’t Know and Won’t Understand 2012'
    • There can now be little doubt within the global community that Israel’s continuing violation of international law in its escalating land grab in the occupied territories of the West Bank and also in East Jerusalem is bringing the Middle East ever nearer to the brink of war.

      That war is likely to turn nuclear as the expected loss of civilian lives materializes in major conurbations and Israel deploys its undeclared nuclear weapons of mass destruction in a desperate attempt to maintain its military superiority.

      Currently, global stock markets have yet to reflect this very real potential danger, but that can well change overnight.

  • 7 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed and 52 injured as Israeli attack on Gaza continues
    • Is it not extraordinary how whenever the heavily-armed and US-funded Israeli army carries out a strike against a country that only possesses a poorly armed and poorly trained military, or often one that does not even even have any F16s, armored divisions or nuclear warheads, i.e. Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt or a small unarmed boat on the high seas – it immediately proclaims an amazing victory against ‘heavy odds’ or ‘a direct hit’ or another act of extreme bravery by the crack commandos …

      We never hear a similar message from the American, British or NATO armies in a real war zone.

  • What did the Sheldon and Miriam Adelson get for their money? (Not much)
    • Mr President, congratulations! Your first job should now be to declare AIPAC a foreign agent under the law and to be registered as such. Then it will be unable to influence US foreign policy, or anything else. That one action alone will be a significant signal that American government is democratic and no longer run by lobbyists.

  • 'There's now a visceral anti-Israel movement among rank-and-file Democrats' -- Adelson
    • Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul, and the current Israeli government make good bedfellows, as did Netanyahu and Mubarak. They are all cut from the same cloth but that cloth is now torn and full of holes.

      In the 21st century, we are no longer prepared to accept neo-colonialism or Zionist imperialism. There are 5 million Palestinians who are still under the heel of this military regime that still holds thousands of political prisoners without trial. Gaza with its 1.6 million Arabs is now under its 6th year of an illegitimate blockade that seeks to effect a regime change under the pretext of stopping the importation of weapons. This from a secret nuclear state that is estimated to have a nuclear arsenal of up to 400 nuclear warheads all hidden from the UN's IAEA inspectorate. This is the state that imports millions of dollars worth of weaponry every year. This is the state that offers financial inducements to its citizens to leave their homes in Israel and settle illegally on Arab land in order to frustrate the will of the UN in the establishment of a Palestinian state for the oldest and largest indigenous people of the region.

      This is the state that claims, tongue in cheek, to be the only democracy in the Middle East! I think that the Democratic Party is well rid of Mr Adelson.

  • Netanyahu on election eve: Approves 1,200 new settlement homes while promising Israel won't wait for US to attack Iran
    • For how much longer is the US and the international community going to appease this small, Zionist imperialist who is a politician of a small country but who sees himself as a world-class statesman?

      However, this is not an attack on Binyam Netanyahu but a withering attack on those spineless congressmen & women who prostrate themselves before the greenbacks of the Israel lobby in order to swim in its curdled favor and to retain their questionable power, authority and salaries.

      Whilst Netanyahu makes a complete mockery of any claims to democracy, justice, morality, human and civil rights and civilized decency, these minions in the House avert their faces and close their eyes to the flagrant injustice meted out daily, with the essential help of American supplied arms and money.

      At least Neville Chamberlain was sincere in his belief and his gesture of appeasement.
      But whilst Netanyahu runs rings around the United States government that funds him to the tune of $6 billion every 12 months in direct aid and loan guarantees, the House still looks the other way. That is being complicit in an overt, criminal land grab that will soon end in nuclear war. And still the House remains silent as it renews the aid, year after year and the monstrous blockade of 1.6 million in Gaza continues and the illegal settlements increase, and the world looks on impotently at these obscene activities that are supported and funded by America.

      I have not witnessed such acts of cowardice in all the time that I served in the military in many parts of the world. The status quo in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem is uniquely abhorrent to democratic societies in this the 21st century.

  • A Sunday morning chat about drones with counter-terrorism chief John Brennan
    • Here we have the 2012 American version of Hannah Arendt's 'banality of evil'.
      'A middle-aged, white-haired guy in a casual sweater and jeans' who who is irritated that someone should spoil his Sunday afternoon by raising the question of those many innocent victims of his horrific drone attacks. His wife is also perturbed, but then neither he nor she has seen the mutilated corpses, the mangled bodies and smelled the stench of death or heard the cries of screaming agony as men, women and children are blown apart, by his bombs. This is the respectable couple, to their neighbours, who are pillars of the community. But these are also a man and wife who counter the allegations of the killings of innocent families with the excuse that the accuser is being 'manipulated'. I can just hear Hermann Goering and his co-defendants utter similar words to the judge at Nuremberg before the sentences of death by hanging were handed down ...

  • BDS is a necessary, ethical response to a brutal occupation worsened by 20 years of Oslo
    • BDS is essential to draw international attention to a government that condones state- sponsored assassination of its enemies and dissidents, as in Gaza, Dubai and on the high seas.
      BDS is essential to shine a light in the dark corners of undue influence upon policy makers particularly in the field of bilateral trade, without the profits from which Israel would be unable to implement policies that violate international law, such as the continued illegal settlement in the West Bank and the forced evictions in East Jerusalem.
      BDS is essential to heighten the awareness of ordinary people, and consumers, to the injustices and illegalities inherent in Israeli government policy.

  • More divorce news: US Jews 'don't care enough about Israel's survival'
    • If Israel was an exemplar of democratic governance instead of a state that sponsors assassination of those who oppose it, then young Jews from America and elsewhere would wish to associate themselves with it. Unfortunately, this Israeli government is determined to breach international law, day after day, and to treat the UN with contempt. This is not a role model for democracy or for human or civil rights.

  • The Suez Canal and the British empire’s need for the Balfour Declaration
    • The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was written at the behest of Chaim Weizmann, a European chemist, who was influential in British government circles at that time. It was a piece of geo-political expediency that had no other merit other than its use as a justification for the expulsion of three quarters of a million Arab residents of Palestine in 1948 and the massacres at Deir Yassin and other villages by the LEHI and Irgun terrorists. As is well documented, Ben Gurion took what he wanted from the declaration and treated is conditions in regard to the indigenous people, with contempt.

  • Church denominations stand strong in the face of Jewish establishment uproar over letter to Congress
    • What these leaders of the various Christian churches in the US have omitted to say is that Israel by its policy of illegal settlement in the occupied territories, that is funded and supported by America, is leading the free world into a horrific nuclear war that will escalate from the Middle East into Europe. Unfortunately, the US now appears to have lost any control over the Israeli state which is estimated to possess up to 400 nuclear warheads and other WMD.

  • Secret Israel NIE warns of irreversibility of Israeli colonization
    • This well described political subterfuge together with the greatest military error of the 20th century - Israel's build-up of a massive nuclear arsenal under cover of a stratagem known as 'nuclear ambiguity' - have been supported by all US presidencies since the death of JFK in 1963, right up to the present day.

      The question is: how did the American Israel lobby manage to influence, if not actually control, the foreign policy of every Congress over the past 60 years? What incentives were individual legislators offered to ensure that they subscribed to the agenda of a lobby that exists to support not America, but Israel? And why did the majority in the House of Representatives, over all these years, feel obliged to accept whatever inducements, if any, were offered?

      Was it in order to safeguard their own individual positions as Congressmen and women? If so, what exactly were they safeguarding against? Was it re-election? If so, how did the lobby manage to control or influence what is ostensibly a free and open, democratic selection and election procedure which is intended to ensure genuine representation of the American people?

      These are the relevant questions that require urgent answers for, incredibly, this position still pertains in the US legislature, today, whereby legislators are elected apparently not to serve the interests of 300 million Americans, but the interests of 6 million Israelis in the Middle East, instead.

  • European NGOs to EU: Rhetoric is not enough, ban settlement products now
    • The state of Israel, ("the only democracy in the Middle East"!) has been in gross breach of its specific obligations under the provisions of the EU-Israel Association Agreement for some years, yet the EU Parliament/ Commission has been unwilling to abrogate the agreement notwithstanding the failure of the Israeli signatory to observe its legal commitments.

      When I queried this state of affairs with the EU Parliament, they replied that the EU has a greater influence upon Israel by keeping it within the Agreement rather than by abrogated it due to non-compliance. I found this to be a somewhat strange attitude for the EU to take, for otherwise what is the purpose of drawing up any trading, or other, agreement in which one party continuously violates its agreed undertakings?

      In this case, the violations concern human and civil rights within the occupied territories and it would now appear, from the ACAA vote last week, that the EU is determined to collude in these human rights violations by actually rewarding Israel in lifting all controls on the importation into Europe of cheap Israeli pharmaceuticals.

      Given the opposition by Britain and other EU governments to these illegal settlements, it must be assumed that there is an AIPAC-type Israel lobby within the EU, at the highest level, that has ensured that Israel does not have to abide by its legal obligations but, on the contrary, is actually rewarded for its illegal and anti-democratic actions in the occupied territories.

      Now is the time to for the EU to ignore the lobbyists and to stop all bilateral trade with Israel until it has fully observed its legal obligations in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

  • 'NYT' op-ed equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism relied on Nasrallah quote that is in all likelihood a fabrication
    • I cannot say it emphatically enough, THE MAJORITY OF JEWS ARE NOT ISRAELI AND HAVE NO WISH TO BE SO! Those like Netanyahu, or even the NYT, who attempt to evade this fact, are trying to distort not only the truth but also history.

      The plain fact is that many, many thousands of Jews all over the world in London, Paris, NY, LA and yes even in Israel itself, are sickened at the policies of this right-wing Likud government that denies human and civil rights to over 5 million Arabs.

      In the long term, no state survives for long when built on the oppression of another people and the state sponsored assassination of those who disagree with it.

      Arrogance and the killing of others in order to reinforce an illegitimate position, will inevitably bring their own retribution. Israel today under this government is laying down a poisonous heritage that will greatly affect its children in the years to come. It is the greatest tragedy that the victims have become the perpetrators and that the lessons of the 20th century were not learned.

      For Jews in the Diaspora, it is the saddest of stories.

  • Chris Matthews calls out neocons for endlessly pushing Middle East wars
    • Which is the threat, Iran, Pakistan or Israel?

      The right-wing Israeli government of Netanyahu is trying to coerce the US and the UK to attack Iran. The reason he offers is that non-nuclear Iran may soon have the technology and the materials to build a nuclear device. Meanwhile, the Israeli state has itself amassed a secret nuclear arsenal estimated at up to 400 weapons of mass destruction - enough to wipe out half the world, plus a second-strike capability via its nuclear-armed submarines.

      You might think that the above situation is somewhat surreal i.e. Israel, arguably the 4th most powerful nuclear weapons state in the world, endeavouring to coerce the rest of the international community to risk the lives of their young men and their economies for the benefit of his state whose deadly nuclear arsenal is undeclared to, and outside of, the IAEA inspectorate -unlike Iran who is a signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and subject to UN inspection.

      The above facts are disturbing because the actual threat to world peace is not from Iran. The potential threat to global peace, if there is one, is from nuclear Pakistan, yet strangely Israel makes no mention of attacking that state, neither does the US or Britain.

      Despite the invective from its current president, the Iranian state has no nuclear weapons and it would take it over 20 years for it to even match the nuclear arsenal already secretly held by Israel.

      President Obama knows this very well, which is why he refuses to be led by the nose by Netanyahu, despite Israeli threats to mount a unilateral attack. Not only would such an attack would be a violation of international law but it would probably set the Middle East alight from end to end within a very short time and which would inevitably escalate to involve Pakistan.

      From that time in, all our lives and livelihoods would be at risk, thanks to an Israeli state that will not be satisfied until it has instigated war and thousands have been killed. That is the real threat, not an impotent, non-nuclear Iran crippled by sanctions at the behest of the Israeli government and an emasculated, supine, AIPAC-controlled US Congress.

  • Eric Yoffie says Jewish leaders can criticize the settlements, but nobody else
    • The settlements are illegal. They violate the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights. They are in contravention of the resolution of the United Nations and are a criminal act in the judgement of the International Court of Justice.

      That being the case, those ministers responsible in the Knesset should stand trial before the ICJ.

      NB. This comment is not anti-Semitic, nor anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-White or anti-Black. It is pro-justice, pro-international law, pro-peace and pro-human rights.

  • A meeting with the spokesman of the Jewish settlers in Hebron
    • Netanyahu's statement of continued illegal settlement confirms his government to be the warmonger of the world, one that will inevitably soon lead us all in to nuclear war. It is in command of an estimated 400 nuclear weapons of mass destruction plus unknown quantities of biological and chemical weapons. All of these WMD are concealed from the IAEA and the international community.

      The Israeli government is in violation of the judgement of the International Court of Justice and its continued settlement policy in the occupied territories is a criminal act as determined by the ICJ.

      That means that Netanyahu must be brought before the Court to face international investigation. There is no other alternative.

  • Jane Harman admits Jewish state's future is 'dicey'
    • There can be no meaningful alliance for peace in the Palestine-Israel conflict and, therefore, in the Middle East.

      The charter of the Likud party of Israel, whose leader is the incumbent prime minister, Binyam Netanyahu, categorically states that its goal is a 'Greater Israel' with all Muslims, Arabs and Christians 'transferred' to neighboring states. 'Transfer' in this context is a pseudonym for ethnic cleansing. That has been the accepted right-wing agenda for many years. It has never been repudiated either by Netanyahu or anyone else.

      When the above is fully appreciated, the strategy of 'facts on the ground' makes sense as a deliberate policy to thwart the wishes of the United Nations and the international community. As Netanyahu's government continues its land grab on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem and as the so-called 'pricetag' terrorists continue to burn down Arab olive groves in the West Bank with impunity, it becomes clear that Israel under this government does not want peace. Apparently, they want war in order to secure their illegal expropriation of occupied Arab land in pursuance of their aims.

      They have the ability to do this for two reasons: 1. the US government under the influence of the AIPAC lobby supports them and 2. the EU unwittingly gives them the funds to implement their illegal policies by the proceeds of bilateral trade with Europe.

      This is the tragedy funded by America and the EU.

  • In caving on Jerusalem, Dems pulled back the curtain on the lobby


       The Israel lobby claims a membership of 100,000 out of a total population in the US of 310,000,000 = 0.3%!

      This 0.3% of the population apparently controls the foreign policy, and probably other national policies, of the US Congress - an elected assembly that is supposed to represent the people i.e. the MAJORITY of the people, not that tiny fraction of one percent withmoney and influence.

      What is happening in America today is the overt destruction of democracy but in such a way that the electorate as a whole apparently does not appreciate what is happening and why it is happening. They appear to be unaware that a high proportion of their tax dollars go towards ensuring that Israelis, and others, lead a safe, secure and profitable life - at the expense, it must be said, of the people who pay those taxes and who elected the House of Representatives to represent THEM, not to represent a foreign state.


       When unemployment is so high in virtually every state of the Union, this is an absolute disgrace and a dereliction of duty of every member of Congress who submits to the demands of the Israel lobby, and who consequently fail in their specific responsibilities to the constituencies of the American people that elected them. FACT.



  • 18-year-old Gazan sets self on fire, protesting conditions similar to those Mohammad Bouazizi took on

      If the two state solution is now dead and Israel has succeeded in its
      illegitimate policy of inducing its citizens to settle on Palestinian land,
      by offering them tax and financial incentives in order to prevent the
      establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and East Jerusalem - then it will also have succeeded in a perverse policy of self-destruction
      as an independent Jewish state.

      By 2020, the Arab majority in Palestine i.e. from Mount Hermon in the north to Eilat in the south will require the Israeli minority government to impose an apartheid regime whereby the majority indigenous people will be herded into bantustaans guarded by armed police on watchtowers. From time to time there will be show trials similar to that of Mandela at Rivonia.
      And the regime will last until such time as the international community will impose sanctions, as they did against South Africa, and before long a figure will ultimately emerge - a statesman similar to Nelson Mandela, who together with the United nations will shame the Likud party, as it did the South African Nationalists, into ceding power to the majority with universal enfranchisement.

      It appears that many refuse to learn the lessons of history, by deluding
      themselves that they are a superior nation that does not need to comply
      with internationally accepted agreements. It is indeed sad, that a country
      with so much unquestionable talent, has a government that has no viable
      long-term plan for political or economic survival.


  • Obama talks to Iran and washes hands of Israeli attack, Ynet reports
    • Looks as if the world has finally got the message: Israel's claims are bogus. Iran has no nuclear bomb or nuclear weapons BUT Israel has an estimated 400 Nuclear warheads making it possibly the 4th most powerful nuclear weapons state in the world. And that massive arsenal is undeclared and uninspected and secreted away from te IAEA inspectorate of the UN.

      Finally the US has decided that it will not risk the lives of American servicemen in order to satisfy the warmongers of the eastern Mediterranean or to collude in attacking another UN member state. If Netanyahu wants to attack Iran, then let him get in a plane himself and risk his own life and the lives of his servicemen.

      The military of truly democratic states are there for defense and national security not to start unprovoked and unjustified, illegal conflicts that can easily escalate into a nuclear war that could damage the world, causing untold deaths, bloodshed and contamination of huge swathes of land and crops.

      Without US funding and military aid and expertise, Israel is just another small, middle Eastern state with ideas of military and economic might far above its capacity.

  • 'Stop aid to Israeli military' ad goes up on SF buses
    • Mr Netanyahu, I will be as succinct as it is possible to be within the English language:

      DO NOT ATTACK IRAN! If you do so, it will NOT be in order to ensure peace in the Middle East. It will be an action designed to bolster your imagined self-image as the Zionist leader of the 21st century who saved the Jewish people from a second holocaust, when you know full well that that is a complete nonsense.

      The greatest threat to the Jewish people both in Israel and in the Diaspora is a Likud government that is so obsessed with its own perceived importance that it is blind to the animosity it engenders amongst ordinary people in democratic nation states around the world. You are a warmonger! You have not the wit nor sense to understand that what you are doing is damaging in the extreme to Jewish communities around the world, in Paris, London and yes, even ultimately in NY and LA.

      Intransigence, bullying, contempt for the UN, contempt for the president of the US - the country that funds your own economy and contempt for human rights and civil liberties, are all facets of a man who suffers from such an inferiority complex that he should be involved in therapy not government.

      You are endangeringh the very identity and future of the Jewish state for which so many suffered and died over the past hundred years. To survive, you must talk peace not war, and mean it. 

      DO NOT ATTACK IRAN! If you do so, it will NOT be in order to ensure peace in the Middle East. It will be an action designed to bolster your imagined self-image as the Zionist leader of the 21st century who saved the Jewish people from a second holocaust, when you know full well that that is a complete nonsense.

      The greatest threat to the Jewish people both in Israel and in the Diaspora is a Likud government that is so obsessed with its own perceived importance that it is blind to the animosity it engenders amongst ordinary people in democratic nation states around the world. You are a warmonger! You have not the wit nor sense to understand that what you are doing is damaging in the extreme to Jewish communities around the world, in Paris, London and yes, even ultimately in NY and LA.

      Intransigence, bullying, contempt for the UN, contempt for the president of the US - the country that funds your own economy and contempt for human rights and civil liberties, are all facets of a man who suffers from such an inferiority complex that he should be involved in therapy not government.

      You are endangeringh the very identity and future of the Jewish state for which so many suffered and died over the past hundred years. To survive, you must talk peace not war, and mean it.


  • Blaming Rachel Corrie
    • The latest judicial decision from this Likud-Zionist administration that authorised the killing at point blank range of nine unarmed political activist passengers on board the Mavi Marmara carrying humanitarian supplies to the 1.6 million denied essential supplies in Gaza for over five years, was not unexpected.

      Far from being the claimed 'only democracy in the Middle East' this government has become more reviled than even the most oppressive non-democratic regimes extant today. From holding thousands of political prisoners without trial, to the use of banned chemical weapons against schools and hospitals, Netanyahu and his sidekicks still maintain that they act in the interests of the worldwide Jewish Diaspora. The truth is that they speak only for the minority who choose to live in Israel and then for only maybe half of that minority, for there are more critics of his extremist policies within his own country than outside of it.

      At this time, when Israel threatens to manufacture a war against Iran and to put hundreds of thousands of lives in danger, including those of his own people and of American soldiers, we need to speak out against this warmongering. Time is of the essence. Once nuclear weapons of mass destruction are deployed by Netanyahu, the world will have changed irrevocably. Radiation and its effects can contaminate human and plant life for decades, decimating food crops and stores.

      Rachel Corrie was just 23 when the IDF killed her. An idealist, she tried to prevent violence and uphold human dignity. She failed in the former but succeeded beyond doubt in the latter. RIP

  • Judith Butler responds to attack: 'I affirm a Judaism that is not associated with state violence'
    • I stand with Judith Butler.  

      Funded and armed by an Israel-lobby-controlled US congress,  the Netanyahu government feel invincible - able to attack the 75 million Iranian people, to bomb and kill as they see fit whilst the UN and the international community must stay silent as the hours and days tick by towards the start of an Israeli manufactured nuclear war that could contaminate the ME region, including the Gulf, for years.

      It would almost certainly cut Gulf oil supplies to Europe for a period of weeks or months, the consequence of which would be a doubling or trebling of the price of petrol and all transport costs throughout the EU.
      Eventually, the US would reopen any blockage in the Strait of Hormuz caused by the war, but not before immense damage would have been caused to European economies.

      The answer must be for the European parliament to warn Messrs Netanyahu, Barak & Lieberman that if they instigate an unlawful attack against Iran, then all bilateral trade between the EU and Israel will be immediately discontinued.

      In these potentially dangerous circumstances, it is necessary to use extraordinary economic force to prevent a violent force that would affect all of us around the world, and in particular in the Jewish Diaspora.

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