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  • From 'Avalon' to Madoff: What 'The Wizard of Lies' reveals about contemporary American Jewish identity
    • By intervening "as a Jew" where no Sefardí was involved at all, without having a shred of a wisp of a shadow of common culture or background with the group Madoff belongs to, by trying this back door to again peddle the myth of a "Jewish peoplehood", all he does is instead reinforce "the Zionist presumption that all Jews form one body, and hence all belong to the Jewish mafia"

      It's exactly as if someone is convicted as belonging to the Sicilian mafia, and an Irishman jumps to the defense, denying the existence of the mafia because they are both Catholic.

    • What one may wonder about is what on earth has the humble immigration story of Ashkenazi Jewish people got to do with a modern-day American embezzler of and in the ruling class (of course using his Eskenazi contacts within that ruling class, among many others of all possible persuasions and origins), and why a Sefardí center leader should feel the need to declare that all that is "Jewish" and involve himself and a lot of unrelated people in this story. This is another textbook example of the huge damage done by Zionism.

      Ethnic origin or nominal religion are connected to this monopoly capitalist class speculation scandal by way of the tribal Mafia among the ruling class, among many others. Connecting it, collectively!, to people who culturally, biologically or in any other respect, have absolutely nothing to do either with the Lehlí (there's a new term for the outsiders, meaning the Eskenazi) or to the ruling class is absurd.

  • Liberal Jews stage sit-in to block annual 'Jerusalem Day' march into Muslim Quarter
    • JD,

      For a more detailed look at INN, pleas look at this discussion on Mondoweiss:

      There you'll find links to better characterized positions of INN (including about the support for a "Jewish State", the presence of a strong contingent of avowed "Liberal Zionists", the refusal to say boo about anything but the post-1967 occupation, etc.) Several contributions indicate that it is a mix of avowed "Liberal" Zionists and other, mostly unspecified positions. The narrow objective is part of the demands by the resistance, while it is a vital target for the "Liberal" Zionists: limit the potential losses of the Zionist occupier by extracting a guarantee that they can stay in the frame of a two-state solution and continue to reign over Palestine.

      My subjective characterization of the intent of such groups is based on the impossibility to accept even the idea of a legitimate resistance solidarity organization that is founded on the tribal basis of the invader. Instead of participating as individuals out of the general public and working under the direction or at least according to the needs and requests of some resistance organization, they act for their own objectives, as a tribally exclusive organization (that has multiple family bonds with the occupiers.)

      This indicates to me that their primary objective is in any case about themselves, not Palestinian liberation from the occupier Example: "antisemitism" hunt and reaffirmation of "Jewish" as an ethnonym for JVP, that has caused a certain amount of disruption. Not that some of their achievements are not positive for the resistance, they are but it all depends on the final balance of negative and positive.

      This should of course require more detailed discussion, but as you indicate that you are interested in evidence rather than discussion, so we'll discuss it if you ever feel like it.

    • You seriously did not expect them to write on their shingle something like: "We're liberal-Zionists, working to control and deviate solidarity with Palestinian resistance and extend our illegal presence in Palestine", for example? Would you even expect many among their rank and file to be conscious of that?

  • Leonard Cohen song is anthem of Jewish exclusivists
    • Mooser,

      I'm perplexed and I need a guide: the religious Jews, the Zionists, and the non-religious tribals all call "Jewish" anyone biologically Jewish, ie with a Jewish mother. This is at the very basis of the Jewish peoplehood nonsense, which is at the basis of Zionism. So far so good, I mean we've known this for ages. With the result that declaring you have nothing to do with them is no use: they continue to claim control over your person, say that you hate yourself, etc.

      But now we have this same tribal and Zionist bunch un-Jewing biologically very Jewish people with a flick of the pen... is there a way to have some logic somewhere, please?

      Somehow I remember the Mafia myth in Hollywood movies: you can't quit --we'll get you out six feet under.

    • "Cohen’s version is particularly cringe-making."

      Even worse than that! A militaryish march to a jolly Mexican mariachí band. Anyone personally interested by the repression of the Lower Canada insurrection or by the murderous ethnic cleansing of the Acadians should feel like bashing this singer with something heavy.

      It's supposed to be a dirge, fercrissakes. Compare to Jeannette Arsenault:

      The ethnic cleansing of the Acadians was a particularly nasty, Zionist-in-Palestine style ejection from their homes of about 15,000 people, 2/3 of whom seem to have perished on the roads.

    • Meanwhile, one keeps discovering new rules of MW moderation.
      The last one seems to be: no negativity about crooners or their doggerels, especially if made into some kind of political anthem.
      Except, of course, if there is a new message-eating glitch.

    • Why so surprised? We already knew at the time that the guy was a committed Zionist. His 1973 military stint was well publicized. Even though I never had any use for his kind of music, by the mid-seventies his militant Zionism was well-known well outside the circle of people who listen to this type of songs.

  • 'Unexpectable' Trump makes Netanyahu, and Adelson, very happy
    • Not so fast, Buster. The Trumps and Netan-Yahoos sure deserve each other, and you sure deserve both, you pirate squatter --in heaps, and some more.

      Incidentally, no, you don't "deserve" Melania no matter how much you clumsily suck up to her.

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  • Trump's Jerusalem
  • Trump may want a deal, but Israeli Jews are not interested
    • Even if that wouldn’t be as much fun as driving Jews out of geographic Palestine and setting up an Islamic State in it

      Even if it is hard to imagine, it seems possible that you are not pretending.
      So I'll just specify, for others who may happen to read this, that it obviously has nothing to do with "Jews" but with a political colonialist movement called Zionism, nothing to do with Islam, but all Palestinians, atheist, Moslem, Christian or Wiccan, including bona fide Jewish Palestinians. Who are the only ones authorized to decide the fate of the invaders --as opposed to some American libruls, whose primary objective seems to be to keep a foothold for the invaders.

    • Eljay,

      So you still do not explain what is different in the immigration status of the invaders (i.e. those of officially "Jewish" nationality illegally imported after the start of the Zionist invasion.) What difference does it make in that respect if they are Zionist or not? The anti-Zionist can wake up earlier to the burnt coffee and get the hell out, that's the only possible difference.

      [Also, if I were a Palestinian, I'd very strongly object to being called "Israeli" by supposedly friendly persons. It can't be helped in the relations with the occupier as long as one is not stronger, but being reminded insistently of one's Helot status by being continuously called "Israeli", (and, to make it worse, "non-Jewish Israeli" as if it were some religious question), would be a bit too much, don't you think?]

    • No, Eljay. Any opposition to Zionism by a Master-race inhabitant remains totally irrelevant to his or her immigration status. It is thus of no practical importance --although it is always a nice gesture to differentiate Zionists (>90%) from the insignificant non-Zios when speaking. It's just a gesture with no practical consequences.

    • Thanks, Falic.
      Herrenvolk is absolutely correct. "Meistervolk" is meaningless and with no recognized usage. Wonder how it got stuck in some dark corner of my skull. Apologies to all who were puzzled by it.

    • Eljay,

      You don't get it, I see. Zionist or not makes no difference about the invader status. Any persons, either religious Jewish or supposedly of Jewish ancestry, who are direct descendants of Palestinian Jews as of the time of the statement of hostile Zionist intent, of course are Palestinian.

      What the rest of the Meistervolk are doing there and their immigration status, undecided yet by the Palestinian people, does not depend on personal convictions. Perhaps there would be a request for a formal Palestinian citizenship request, as in Algeria, or perhaps there would be exceptions for those who helped the resistance, etc. Who knows?

    • Kaisa,

      These people - specially the 2nd generation, do not have any another language or a passport to use

      Then you probably were sold a lie, or then your informants had no idea of their citizenship rights. Even the countries most victimized by the Zionists and inflexible in the matter of recognizing/acknowledging the Zionist entity do keep a right to citizenship for direct or 2nd-removed descendants of their citizens.

      Now, I am not a specialist and don't know the exact situation, country by country. There must be someone around here knowledgeable about the exact status of citizenship rights in most countries. I had vaguely heard something like one of the Middle Eastern countries strupping the emigrants of their citizenship, but those things are never permanent.

      Also count the other parent's citizenship: I imagine that a large number of people are from mixed origin, citizenship-wise.

      Finally, we shouldn't forget that the US has already guaranteed to take up all Zionist entity citizens in case of a need. As if it could ever refuse. In this case, it is a good thing (not for us in the US, but certainly for the Palestinians.)

    • You're not too good at feigning lack of understanding and incapacity to communicate, and yet it seems to be your main device.

      I agreed in principle that Zionists and non-Zionists should be separated even when talking about the invader Meistervolk in Palestine. I did not agree that the distinction has any significance, considering that it ends up being the same thing for all practical purposes. You didn't offer any fact or argument to refute that.

      Any non-Zionist Meistervolk better grab their other passport(s) and get out PDQ --if they don't figure on deserting and sabotaging, that is.

    • Eljay,

      So you're talking without having even once looked at any election or polling numbers. Non-Zionist Meistervolk inhabitants are less than 10% certainly. Close to "one and the same". Look it up.

    • You have rather crazy standards.

    • Mayhem, the well-named, seems to be as typical a Zionist as you can produce.

      "Democracy"? Well, affirming that the Zionist entity has "democracy" only makes it worse by a multiple.

      The people in Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy had an excuse: they couldn't vote as in a so-called democracy and could always invoke duress. Some of them even managed to sound thoroughly believable in their plea not to confuse the German/Italian people and their criminal-against-humanity governments.

      The Meistervolk invaders have a large measure of democracy among themselves, that of illegal invaders that excludes entirely all the conquered people under their boot to whom they are Sparta rather than democracy.

      So the Meistervolk population in Palestine have absolutely no excuse, as opposed to the populations of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, etc. The Meistervolk occupiers are collectively fully guilty of every single crime against humanity committed by their "Jewish State" government. The vote proves without any discussion that they are criminals against humanity and war criminals themselves, to the tune of some 92% or even higher. Each single one of them. Some of them, the few that vote but managed to avoid military service and direct participation in any high crimes, might perhaps be characterized as accessories only --not much of a consolation. In the US, accessories usually count as just as guilty as the principals.

      So this is what the "Israel" abomination's democracy means.

    • Eljay,

      What's the proportion of non-Zionist, officially Jewish inhabitants of what you call Israel? Even though I agree in principle, we're talking totally negligible numbers; does it justify making a stink about it?

    • Maghlawatan,

      If NaZionists look like "normal people" to you just because they are secular, you should worry about yourself.

    • And if they had that "right"? What then?

      The eternal cheek of asking Palestinians, living on their own land, to have to ask a pirate invader from Bielorussia or Bessarabia in order to be able to stay in their own fathers' home, in a city where the very presence of the Bessarabian invader is a war crime, where that presence is not even recognized by the invaders' own colonial sponsors and allies.

      No citizen of the fake state of "Israel" has any right to even be present in Jerusalem. Why even debate a Hophmi on such "citizenship" requests?

    • Fredman:

      Oh? Left by whom?
      Or do you mean "to the Left of"... lemme see, Attila? Cecil Rhodes? The French Socialist butchers of Algeria?

      But I guess you are right. The place to look for Israeli Left is among deserters in jail or, preferably, ex-Israeli and in exile.

    • Trump may want a deal, but Israeli Jews are not interested

      You don't say. What is he, Trump, to threaten them, Zionist b@$trds, with?

      After all, he only is the President, trussed and castrated and ready for impeachment, thanks mainly to the Hillary-and-Burnie-Democrat-led, CIA-allied color "revolution" enthusiastically manned by the Democrat liberals and even many non-Democrat liberals.

      Even if there were any value in any US election (see above), to suppose he would say boo to get a so-called concession is naive beyond words: after all, he is only the in-married father-in-law of a Zionist Mafia Royal Family, officially and personally supervised by the current reigning Capo.

  • Israeli settler passes out candy to celebrate killing of Palestinian
    • Asherpat,

      What a crazy invention, again. A Palestinian gets murdered in plain daylight by a Zionist paramilitary goon who is fanatically Jewish, with the help of the Zionist army, and you talk about killing "a Jewish person"? Also, who's invented that story about the ambulance except the perps themselves? Also, why do you insist in not reading the Geneva Convention?

  • Memo to Trump: US won't escape Mideast wars till Israel ends oppression of Palestinians
    • Jesse the Just,

      I'm sure that reading your gloating strengthens the determination to destroy the Zionist abomination every time we read you. Keep it up.

    • Congratulations, Weiss. Excellent article, superlative title.
      One small observation: even though I will defend Trump against any of the Democrat-and-Republican-and-spy pack, you are way too optimistic and trusting of his spontaneous goodness. It produces a totally unrealistic passage about his inadvertently blurting out something against his own family. Fuggedaboutit.

  • Internet 'redresses' Miri Regev's 'capture of Jerusalem' themed gown at Cannes
    • "Scary thought", Mooser? If you think it's just a thought, think again.

    • OK Annie, we're definitely and obviously not the product of the same school.

    • Maghla,

      Zionism "doesn't have a popular base in the US"?
      I think you live on another planet. Count the Zionist schools starting at the cradle, dedicated families, day camps, summer boot camps, "community centers", temples, Saturday schools, Sunday schools, infiltrated school boards and town halls and radio stations and TV networks and the thousands and thousands deadly brainwashed military personnel the USA is providing to the Zionist entity. And it doesn't have "dual" loyalty. That's more BS. Their only loyalty is to Zionism.
      No base, eh?

      Besides, religious or not, educated or not, the Zionist entity itself doesn't count. This is an ideological matter for the owners of the US, so they'll feed, support and carry the bastard state dead or alive. It already depends entirely on the US and our European poodles to survive at all.

    • Why so touchy all of a sudden, Annie?

      When you berate people on an open forum for speaking out of turn, you should fully expect being called "teacher".

      Incidentally, calling "hard of hearing" someone because he gets the diametrical contrary out of a clear, plain English sentence is not "tone deafness" but charitable understatement.

      To the substance: when all Zionists agree on a vital point, well, no, there are no contradictory politics in the US. With the exception of marginal squeaks in isolation cells, by infinitesimal minorities. Even then, most of said infinitesimal minorities are not even independent from the Democrat Zionist mountebanks and/or the organized tribal Ziosympathizers. If the Zionist entity implodes or not, if it's alive or a corpse, profitable or not, makes no difference to its still being carried by the US as long as the owners of the country want to. By the way, even if a very substantial part of the American population were informed and protesting, you can remember that even winning a presidential election makes no difference at all in the US.

    • Excellent observations, Annie.
      On every point on which all Zionists are not agreed, sure, there will be contradictory politics.

      On the "implode" (word that you used), or destruction of the Zionist entity, or at least of leaving it to its own devices without any support from the superpower, it sure looks as if there is a total consensus of all Zionist factions. Not only that: as with other vital interests of imperialist monopoly capital, the comedy of a supposed democratic process in the US will be subverted and a coup d'État organized when the Zionist order is threatened. Just as the one that just happened after the last presidential election over the war against Russia.

      As with my holding court or not and waiting until you are talking to me, nuts. Just censor everybody who speaks without being called by the teacher...

    • Annie,

      Give me a common-sense explanation as to how the group that is holding the US superpower firmly by the balls can "implode on its own" before the US gets very deeply wounded and changed. Just make it plausible and logical, please.

    • Maghlawatan,

      I am not into Pollyanna stuff. You may have heard about that book over there, too. Take care.

    • Maglawatan,

      OK, another one hard of hearing. Who is expecting "the US to do the decent thing"?
      My sentence was: "As for “the dynamics that will probably sink Israel” there’s only one: the sinking of America."

    • Maghlawatan,

      If you think that sympathizing with the secular Nazism of the earlier generation of colonizers against the bumbling mental retardation of the new-age religious fanatical fake-Orthodox is any kind of "analysis", think again.

      In fact, your opposing the secular Eskenazi national-and-even-socialist delirium to today's supposedly "Orthodox" supposedly Mizrahi dominance (you wish! they're generally Russian and Russian-Polish-American!) is mind-blowing. You still don't get it that anyone calling himself "Jewish" when non-religious is way more dangerous than the holy rollers.

      As for "the dynamics that will probably sink Israel" there's only one: the sinking of America.

    • Maghlawatan,

      The yishuv leaders were sociopaths but the people were mostly not.

      The "people" were murderous, thieving colonial invaders committing a huge crime. Consciously. They weren't sociopaths, so what? Who says they weren't? Also, please use English, my modern constructed Hebrew is rusty. In plain English, we call that "colonial settlement".

      50 years of indoctrination have dejudaized most Israeli Jews to the point where people like Shaked get elected.

      It's been 120 years since 1897, not 50. If the new ones are shaked, the old ones were definitely stirred.
      As for "dejudaizing", that could only be a wonderful event, reducing the number of religious fanatics. I agree that reducing that number does not help with the non-religious racists. Also, considering the huge increase in the number of religious racist murderers, I doubt there was any "de-judaization". Au contraire.

    • Bullshit, Maghlawatan. "50 years" is pure nonsense.

      The worst, genocidal, colonialist improvers upon German Romantic Nationalism, direct inspirers of Nazism, educators of Cecil Rhodes, Jan Smuts and Rosenberg were the old-timer Zionists. Herzl, Jabotinsky, Weizmann, Ben Gurion, Meir were one and all bloodsucking beasts.

      Only, they had some education, enough to keep a make-believe façade, just like the Nazi leaders. Today's Zionists are all grown inside the Zionist bubble, so they have no means of getting any education.

  • US diplomats say Western Wall is in West Bank, and Nikki Haley backpedals
    • Mooser,

      Pagans started us on the road to logic

      and the religious banned it under pain of drawing and quartering.

  • DC and Jerusalem reel over Trump disclosure of ISIS plan to-- hush!-- put laptop bombs on planes
    • Keith,

      A celebration of the total victory by the (now official) alliance Democrats, Republicans, the Alphabet Soup and the war profiteers can only make the dictatorship more unopposed. Especially so if it easily defeats, as it is bound to, the nominally most powerful person in America. Look at it any which way there's no sign of anything disruptive to the Empire in that.
      It won't be any favor to the Palestinian people either, as the Dim allies are definitely the most dangerous.

    • Keith,

      Talking through your hat. Tell me how a resounding victory of the Democrat-Republican-CIA "revolution" helps in any way.

  • Collective post-traumatic stress disorder – Jews, apartheid and oppression
    • Hughes,

      Here goes an unrequested Part II; I am sure you are bitterly regretting having asked anything but yours were very good questions that invite thinking (even by the thinking-impaired like me.)

      Is he saying more than that people who were Jewish were once treated so unjustly that it is easily possible for self-interested and powerseeking persons to induce by certain techniques an unreasonable degree of fear, to which an effective antidote would be an integrated education system?

      Yo're dam' tootin' he is saying more. One thing he's not saying but should have said at the start is that his posited "Jewish" people is the exceptional people. That long history of suffering and bullying is a story of religious persecutions, according to place and regime, and for the life of me I can't see what is so invariably worse or unusual about the Jews than about the Nestorians and the Arians and the Paulicians and the Bogumils and the Shi'a and the Baha'i and the Hashisheen and the Anabaptists and the Cathares and the... wait, wait, if there is one exceptionally, ubiquitously persecuted "people" in that strange acception, it is my "people", that of the Atheists. Period.

      And yes, of course the memory of any persecution is carefully preserved, constantly pulled out and polished, and lathered up and used for propaganda purposes by each and every surviving community's elders or otherwise politicians. Duh. Big discovery there. Not. That's something everybody, including even the Zionist, agrees upon. The only reason it was worth an article seems to be the opportunity to insert one more unquestioned mentions of a religion as "a people", with an unquestioned reaffirmation of exceptionality as the eternal victims.

      Now, this is not related at all to the WWII genocide, which was obviously racial and racist in order to answer the needs of the Reich. If the discussion were about the WWII genocide, it would not even start being usable to explain Zionism, started a hundred years earlier, in the 19th century, within the same nasty egg as German Romantic nationalism, only without Blut or Boden to hatch it.

      In fact, when we are done simplifying this equation of all its absurdity and redundancy, it all boils down to a statement that the Meistervolk invaders in occupied Palestine are manipulated, held hostage and incited to crime by irrational fears of a genocide, one that they would not be committing as they now are, but undergoing. Nothing about the ages of Jewish persecutions but just 1942-45. Well, that is somewhat correct of course, but being the target of propaganda does not absolve thinking individuals any better than the treaty of Versailles would have excused NSDAP supporters of yore. Understanding and helping the poor, suffering, propagandized, put-upon invader pirates and murderers and war criminals is definitely not a priority over getting rid of the beast (right now still peacefully doable with plane and ship tickets.)

    • Hughes,

      Thanks. Excellent question, masterfully worded: helps thinking.

      The objection is partly one of group rights as you say, but mainly an objection due to the fact that it totally subverts the basis of the definition of a people, countable noun (and of group rights as a consequence.) It transfers the stone-or-bronze age idea of religious congregation (totally non-ethnic and universalist "umma" or narrowly tribal and racist "am") to the nation-state age to create a "people" for state power. The only other comparable feat to date has been the "Islamic State in the Levant". Then, it simply assumes a single-source ethnic commonality between the Italians, the Mexicans, the Irish, the Armen... pardon, Russians and Poles and Bessarabians and Spaniards and urban French and Germans and Bukharan and Persians and Ethiopians etc. where there is strictly nothing in common but some shaky commonality of religious belief and ritual.

      This is the monster that is created by letting indoctrinated crowds decide and define their own so-called ethnicity. This is the only basis that allows the German-Romantic nationalism of the Zionists to develop, rival the Nazi one and become a cancerous pimple on the world's butt. Otherwise, an Ashkenaze-nationalist nonsense political movement would barely have been more disturbing than, say, Basque separatists.

      Certainly this is relevant to Dr. Litvin's argument, which I read, admittedly with my primed mind, as yet another presentation of the aggressor as eternal victim. It is in any case some call to help a collective of criminals against humanity get rid of its guilt by making unspecified amends (which I imagine will be, in the best liberal Zionist style, a larger bone thrown at the sole owners of sovereignty over Palestine, while continuing to stay uninvited.) This, when the distress of the invaded is at its direst, would strike many people as obscene. I'll observe that my idea of the responsibility of people in criminal collectives may be different from that of many people here.

      Then comes the objection to the ridiculous "scientizing" of this contraband by tying it to one rodent study in which the results were interpreted (without any specific proof as to the mechanism or investigation of possible confounding factors or, more importantly, any work to see if anything like it can be replicated in the highly multifactorial human environment) as being an epigenetically acquired hereditary trait. Totally unrelated to the price of milk.

    • Lookee, "Ell", now that we're suddenly on a first-letter basis, can you read at all?
      You're still pulling all that Herr-Professor nonsense again with requests for "critique" and citations and whatwillyou but you just skipped it that the post you're non-answering was there to call you on just that: it says "As for peer-reviewed pedantry, there is no peer-reviewing political opinion, or opinion on the consensus meaning of peoplehood, or the conditions for self-determination etc. That has fuck-all to do with scientific anything, so come off that ridiculous perch."

      You didn't refute that, and you can't. Also, don't play the scientific heavy here: too many of us are peer reviewers and scientists themselves and they know the narrow scope of scientific subspecialty. If there was any scientific anything addressed here, you'd have it accepted in some medical journal.

      And you know what? You forgot to address, at all, the substance of my objection (the "political or other argument", the one you couldn't read, that says there's no "Jewish people" but only a religion.)

      Not surprising, given that all you were doing was smuggling a new version of the Aggressor as Eternal Victim Litany, this time under cover of your having participated to some (not really related) animal research. On things decidedly non scientific.

      Credibility with this kind of fantasy papers requires not arrogant rank-pulling but instead painstaking attention to detail. As Talknic so well observed, your post-1942-45 genocide memory (epigenetic, on the basis of some vague rodent observation?) is already taking revenge on unrelated populations in 1897.

    • Litvin,

      Thanks for... well, again you did not address at all the substance.
      As agent provocateur calling for full identification and no pseudonyms, I suppose you are certainly not at risk. I'll remember to keep you in the same basket as Zuckerberg et al.

      As for peer-reviewed pedantry, there is no peer-reviewing political opinion, or opinion on the consensus meaning of peoplehood, or the conditions for self-determination etc. That has fuck-all to do with scientific anything, so come off that ridiculous perch. You are not the first and only person with scientific training, by the way, and you have no flicking idea of clinics, either, so don't make me laugh too hard. It's already a riot to try to imagine where you get the crust to market your very personal political opinion as "scientific fact".

      I'm just noting that you are as free with the usual tribal accusations of "hatred of Jews", undefined, on people you know jackshit about except their writing, and wonder if that is also peer-reviewed scientific research. Unlike you, I have a searchable archive, so you are welcome to look there for "hatred of Jews" and "racism".

      I must also say that I prefer confronting those you call "hard core right-wing Zionists" than the sneakier liberaloid "non"-or-almost-Zionists. At least they don't attempt to establish tribal control over the solidarity with the resistance.

    • Litvin,

      As to “Jewish people”, that is as ridiculous to object to as it is to claim there is no “Palestinian people”. You, Yoni the “Former Israeli”, do not determine whether a people call themselves as such. The people themselves do.

      "The people themselves" have no say when they have not a shadow of a shred of anything in the way of origin or culture or language or anything, except religious gobbledygook and some rituals, and that is for the religious only. Don't you dare compare to the Palestinian people, who has its place, its culture, its language, and so on. You can keep and polish the fake language and culture of Zionist piracy --your only "Jewish people" independently of religion are the Zionist pirates and murderers and that would be the only thing in existence to posit a people, alongside the different other islands of Eskenazi, Sefardí, Mizrahi, Ethiopian, Bukharan, what will you. In case any of that survives the disaster of Zionism.

      No use pulling self-ponderous Herr-Professor-Doktor pedantry on this, too. What is considered a distinct people is not a fact of science but of human language and its consensus. Neither is pre-traumatic stress disorder, a wonderfully apt description of collective folly --nothing for the DSM (it won't sell any psychotropic drugs.) Come to that, is perhaps pre-TSD the only common cultural element among all those diverse, otherwise totally unrelated groups?

      Whether the Jewish people have changed from a state of being defined by religion alone to something broader is interesting but immaterial.

      It's "immaterial" because it's the only material fact that can be checked, eh? I suppose it's yet another way for the tribal ID politicians to control the emancipated.

    • Maghlawatan,

      Being born on forbidden soil to invader, pirate parents who knowingly drag children into a war zone, and being marked from birth as subject to compulsive "duty" to criminals against humanity to serve as a uniformed war criminal can hardly be described as "normal".

      In fact, even though entire populations cannot be charged and tried for crimes against peace and war crimes, parents can and should be prosecuted for reckless endangering for bringing minors to war zones or begetting them there.

  • Palestinian hunger strike spreads outside prison walls, but JVP says NYT hasn't kept pace
    • Not only for this --it does look as if there must be a large measure of tribal Jewish control over the solidarity with Palestine, doesn't it, as with almost every other significant field in this country and of course the Lobby. One could almost joke that Zionist and antizionist activities in the US are both owned by the Jews.

      No objection from me to the individuals if they were participating as the general public, just that it almost always happens in the form of a tribally dominated, identity-conscious group. You get the impression that their "Jewishness", total nonsense for all the non-religious among them, is way more important to them than Palestine and its entire people.

      Far more significant seems the personal participation to the hunger strike of the Melkite patriarch and the Greek archbishop. This may make enough waves in some other key countries, enough at least to stir Greece enough to pull that @$$licker Tsipras out of the black hole of his sponsors.

  • 'Look, I didn't write that letter' -- Sanders on defensive for signing letter slamming UN on Israel
    • And always was a Zionist and a warmongering baboon anyway. Next he'll say that he intended that the Zionist entity shouldn't be let get away with murder every single time as it has always been since 1947... yeah sure.

  • Israel's proof that Marwan Barghouti is a terrorist – a cookie
    • Talknic,

      I'll join you in your reply to the usual Catalan but there's one thing you don't seem to get:

      If for instance during WW2 a Jewish resistance fighter in France was taken to Nazi Germany to be tried, you’d think that was OK, valid, fair? Right?

      Not right: the Resistance, not only in France but anywhere in Nazi-occupied Europe --correctly-- did not recognize the legality of the German occupation or any official German presence and it rejected any legality of Nazi German or local collaborator puppet government courts. There was no need for transportation to Germany proper to reject any authority of the Nazi and collaborationist organs (this as a general/overall statement that of course had many exceptions, considering the diversity of Resistance organizations.)

      Anyway, the correct parallel situation for Palestine would be a rejection not only of a resistant being tried in Tel Aviv, but of the validity of Zionist presence anywhere in the post-1967 and pre-1967 occupation area, also of the collaborationist PA courts and police. Just as the occupier German courts in the occupied countries and their collaborationist governments were denied any legitimacy and the Vichy zone, to now be specific about France, was in all significant points what the post-1967 area is, administratively speaking, to Palestine.

    • Jackwhatever,

      Tel Aviv is already a major violation of the most basic laws of humanity. See, there is no room anywhere in Palestine for Zionist invaders. They can go back comfortably to wherever they belong and occupied peoples have every right to resist by all means available.
      So screw Judge Chen and the jackass he rode in on. If you're young you may live to see that.

    • The "foreign doctors" would be our very own American torturers, boasting of the experience of Guantánamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Some of them not so foreign, as they also have, or are elibigle for, "Israel" citizenship.

    • Sure a lot of people are disputing it, Jacksomething. "Convicted" by a fake court set up by an illegal invader, manned by criminals against humanity illegally residing on other people's land. For exercising his inalienable right to resist the occupier by all available means, as clearly stated in international law (with, by the way, an absence of facts established to the civilized standard of proof, but that is irrelevant.)
      What is so surprising is that anyone would recognize the fake courts and the armed terrorists exercising local authority there.

  • New charter, old politics
    • Eljay,

      No worries, I'll remind you every time your colonial propaganda gets too oppressive.

    • Eljay,

      We're agreed then. You want all these nice things (which I fully agree are nice things) for both the owners of the sovereignty on all of Palestine and for the unauthorized intruders, without bothering to even ask permission from the owners. Once forced into whatever mold you imagine is right for them (ditto for the intruders), then you'll grant them democracy. OK.

      You may properly be characterized as a propagandist for colonialist authoritarianism of the "liberal" variety. Just insisted until I get it in exceedingly clear language, you see.

    • Eljay,

      If those words were what you really understood from a clear advocacy of asking the Palestinian people before disposing of their assets, you'd be a total idiot, which you are not: you are exposing yourself as a propagandist.
      Hamas, mainly a creation of the Zionists, never was "secular and democratic". It still is the only game in town as resistance.
      Your disregard of the Palestinian people's effective support isn't so very "democratic", either.

    • Eljay,

      Too Moslem to your taste, eh? That is what you get when you murder the secular opposition and impose a puppet police of collaborators.

      Thanks to the Zionists' efforts, the religious, obscurantist faction is the only game in town. But seeing that it is found wanting on the matter of antisemitism, secularism and respect toward the principle of fraternity with the occupiers (and the fact that they are inexplicably reluctant to just giving the deed to the place to the Zionist invader like the PLO did), perhaps it would be a good idea to scrape altogether any remaining Palestinian resistance and let Western liberaloids, tribal or otherwise, manage all opposition together with the Quislings?

    • Diaspora,

      So while they don't see it as legitimate or just, they are willing to follow the national consensus, which is the 1967 borders. How they justify that ideologically is up to them. This is an effort to save face. This is why it sounds so contradictory.

      No ideological justification is needed, as this compromise is being extorted by brute force.

      Allowing squatters to stay for a while in exchange for some nominal rent is done sometimes in matters of housing. Even if the squatters apply violence, you don't just give them the deed but you may want to let them stay if they pay some rent, etc. It is also often done when trying to manage occupiers.

      What is harder to justify is that there is no sign and there has been no serious evidence that Zionists of any flavor would ever accept a compromise in any shape or form. All these compromise proposals are being extended unilaterally, with no interlocutor on the Zionist side for 70 years now.

    • Fincham,

      You're correct in that there are times when effective action is impossible. If, however, you imagine for a second that the gains in South Africa and Ireland (and India, in fact...) were achieved without the application of an enormous amount of violence and suffering, you would be a total idiot living on some remote planet. "Mighty military machines" have been defeated. Things do change, and the US is becoming shaky. It is fully possible that the Zionist entity will end up like the Nazi, or the French in Algeria.

      See, a lot of people don't seem to be too impressed by the threat of death (or maiming, or jail, or dispossession etc.) when they get collectively fixated on some idea of dignity and justice. You can try appeasement all you want --after 70 years they are still demanding justice as they did at the start. After all, any moron has already figured out that putting your life at risk is putting your life at risk, without you having to tell them that. There is a reason why resistance is legitimate.

    • Eljay,

      No one likes the idea of theocratic states; in this case perhaps the worst result of the Zionist invasion. Palestine was known as probably the most secular and most open of the countries in its area. Oppression, theft, misery, emigration of the more privileged and direct encouragement by the US and the Zionist entity have made it to a religious wreck. The secular resistance has been decimated and no one knows if and when it is to revive.

      You say you object. Object away, Palestinians are the owners of the place and it is up to them to decide about that. Not you or me. Meanwhile, Hamas is the only movement of any relevant size that is not entirely controlled by the Zionists.

    • Eljay,

      You can agree all you want, it does accept a compromise in the form of two states trying to coexist along the 1967 invasion line, while it correctly considers that its people's right to sovereignty over Palestine is inalienable. Doesn't take rocket science to understand that.

      In fact, it is so elementary that one would be justified to suspect that those who say they don't get it have some interest in not understanding.

  • Jake Sullivan seeks to rebrand 'American exceptionalism'
    • Kaisa,

      Your English is plenty good enough for expressing whatever you want to say. I wouldn't worry about getting single words or phrases right (that's where you get confused, leaning towards the "mother-tongue-conditions-thinking" Whorfian nonsense, when instead the only fault lies with using the word or phrase as a single unit, but here is not the place to discuss it.)

      And ":(!" indeed, or whatever else you use: knowing the language well and having used it for a longish lifetime are no guarantee that even big mistakes won't be made, as I just did, repeatedly. So forget hiring a proofreader; if the reader doesn't get it he should ask.

    • Kaisa,

      That one is typically a mistake of English mother-tongue speakers more than any foreigners. So much so that, just to drive up the wall prescriptivists like RoHa, trendy perfessors have recently started to consider it correct because ubiquitous. So you made (not "did", though) a mistake that puts you in the English speakers' club. All you need to do now is learn to write "it's " for genitive "its" like almost anyone over here.

    • RoHa,

      Thanks for the story. Goes to show that El Qa'ida was not invented yesterday. That Bar-Yahoo, reported favorably by the Talmud, sounds just like Zawahiri. Wonder why Rabino José kept schtum.

    • Mooser,

      Improbable as it is, expecting "left-wing results from right-wing candidates" is still the only logical place to expect them if we are to use your confused terminology. They are well to the "left" of the warmongering imperialist monopoly capital. In words only, so far, and predictably so, but at least they do have this vague yearning for isolationism and respect of the old rules. After all, it's by expressing this that they get their votes.

      I was saying it's still more logical than other proposals because there is nothing to the "left" of it in the US, and precious little remains in Europe. Democrats (and Republicans), to use the fake "left-right" words, are definitely to the right of sweet cuddly Attila the Hun.

  • 100 senators throw their bodies down to end UN 'bias' against Israel
    • But, John-O, that's nuffink! They already demoted and killed the mother tongue of all the illegal immigrants they invited to Palestine, i.e. Yiddih and Spanish and German and Russian and what-will-you, before they started on Arabic. In fact, they even invented a goddam gibberish of their own so as to kill people's mother tongues!
      I suppose that this attack on Arabic has as much rage against one of the invaders' own native languages as it reflects mean, stupid, zionist spite against the owners of the country.

    • Not only that. He's been a fanatic Zionist from the start, only not of the Likud flavor. So there's a sincere genocidal conviction there, alongside the populist opportunism of promising income redistribution financed by war of aggression, in the best "Democrat" tradition. The way you do it is you loudly hawk the former while playing deaf-and-dumb about the latter, and hope that whenever you're forced to break the silence it will soon be forgotten. Some special savior of the people, our "Labour" Bernie.

    • For discussion in another thread --that about understanding the enemy:

      Betty Berenson is a perfect illustration of the huge damage done by one's own propaganda: it makes total blabbering idiots out of your own people if you expose them to your own propaganda. Within a couple generations, you get from the extremely sharp Zionist international criminals to the lolling and drooling total blobs who really believe the flat-earther nonsense they've been fed from birth, those who now are manning the internet Zio-propaganda stations here.

      Never mind cutesy old-time names like ha-Sebara, Zio propaganda may become the worst own goal of the Zionists. It should be encouraged to produce more Betty Berensons.

  • True independence on Nakba Day: accountability and healing as an Israeli aggressor
    • Sibiriak,

      Don't again pretend that you can't understand the difference between what is right, what is possible and what is possible at the moment.

      With the devastating attack by the US, the Zionist entity and their collaborators culminating at Oslo in 1993, what is left of Palestinian resistance organizations is precious little. As you know.

      Of course we don't know yet if, in the course of time, the Zionists/US will manage the successful genocide of the Palestinians before the latter can get organized and profit from major international upheavals. We know such dire moments from the history of different occupied peoples. Sometimes genocide wins.

      What's unclear to me is 1) why you pretend to accept US Empire as something immovable and eternal; 2) why you act as if a majority of the Palestinians would not support justice --never mind which organizations are left alive.

    • Mooser, Mooser,

      Just as metaphorical as those they are using against the occupied populations. No more and no less.

    • Annie,
      No contest: I, too, find the inner problems of invaders and aggressors fascinating. I also find them useful sometimes in trying to bring them to destroy each other.

      What I object to is 1) the mixing of issues of justice and resistance with this "understanding", 2) the hammering of a sympathetic "understanding" that is an obvious invitation to (perhaps unconsciously) establish definitively as an unquestioned right, he continued presence of the invaders on Palestinian soil, as if it were something already authorized by the invaded people; 3) the presentation of this "understanding" as no different than sympathizing with the enemy in times of war, and it is war --not a "war of ideas".

      About the rest of your message, I certainly don't see the author here as enemy; on the contrary he is clearly in sympathy with the invaded. I have no beef with is published studies either, with which I am somewhat familiar (except perhaps some serious doubts on the clinical significance of the big soup of different phenomena mingled together as "epigenetics", but that's totally outside what we're discussing.) What I cannot agree to is his statements about the significance or necessity of understanding the enemy, and his presenting the Zionist presence as if it were a done deal. There is still a lot of war to be done. In fact, resistance has barely started.

    • Annie,

      If so, we are agreed. Formulas are used to simplify expression. Just expand it to every level, but still the only reason to sympathize with a Zionist is if he is no longer one and actively works to defeat his side.

      The essential thing is, this is a war, a real boom-boom war, and there are more important things than kissing and shmoozing with a hugely overwhelming enemy. Deserters among the dominant side are sorely needed but many who try to present themselves as "sympathetic" to the weaker side are the enemy.

    • Mooser,

      Thank you for having enough patience to explain metaphors, part-for-the wholes and the rest of the boring task of text criticism. Looks like I'll need you more often than I thought.

    • Litvin,

      Playing tough-guy with the law (though I agree with it) or with a gun as “echinococcus” suggests has gotten us nowhere- in fact, its made things worse for Palestinians, which I assume you advocate for

      "Law"? What law? That of obeying the invader and genocidaire? That of kneeling in front of goddam colonial murderers because they self-declared their "borders"?
      The law, in fact, says you don't invade and occupy, period. That it's the supreme international crime. The law also says the crime must be undone and all available means can be used to implement it.

      Regardless of whether you like it or not, Israelis must be understood in order for Palestinians to achieve justice.

      No need to insult logic. The necessary condition (not sufficient, though) "for Palestinians to achieve justice" is to re-establish Palestine and the sovereignty of the Palestinian people over it. Understanding the invaders is not among necessary conditions, even though it may come handy, tactically speaking, in defeating them.

      Right now of course responding directly to US-Zionist violence may be sometimes counterproductive, I'll give you that. Because of a configuration of forces that we all have been complicit in creating. If, however, you think that the Zionists can be gotten rid of peacefully, I would have suggested you get your head examined --preferably by a clinician. I don't believe you'd be that clueless.

      As for the words you are objecting to, logic again: the only deserter who is of any appreciable use, the world over, is the one who turns his gun on his bosses.

    • I can suggest one reason, and only one: if he turns his gun on his bosses.

    • I must add that what we are asking is: when do the Zionist invaders get out and make restitution? What is going to break them and how do we achieve it before they achieve success with their genocide of the Palestinians.

      This gentleman's main concern is formulated as:

      In order for Israeli aggressors to heal, en route to re-humanization and reconciliation with our Palestinian victims, we must...

      Who gives a rodent's ass, even if it is one of his lab rats, about the state of the invaders' soul? Get out. Shoo. Get lost, and if you want to talk about your several moods and feelings, please spare us the talk. It's not the Zionists' "healing" that will help destroy the Zionist entity.

      In fact, whoever supports the Resistance (except for those who care more about the invaders' well-being) is interested not in healing, but in destroying the Zionist invaders.

      I hope this is not interpreted as an attack on the author, who must be encouraged in finally trying to wake up and oppose Zionism. I hope he can walk further until joining the deserters, then the resistance. "Healing" the goddam invaders is not part of this --incapacitating some is an urgent task, so that fewer Palestinians get killed, maimed or robbed.

  • 'I'd rather die than live as a servile slave,' Omar Barghouti told his daughter
    • German Leftie,

      Beautiful song, yes. Uplifting. Until suddenly you remember that unausgesprochene Gedanken sind gar nich frei --it never applies to unexpressed thought. And darkness closes in again, perhaps more heavily. Apologies for being such a grinch.

    • Thank you, Gamal, for the priceless precision of that "colonize the liberation movement".

    • Catalan,

      what are these privileges that you feel I have (and you seem to both agree that such privileges exist both in the States and in Europe)...
      But please, can we not go into the whole empire, Rothschilds, Judeo Masons, etc.

      The only answer is... Empire, stupid.

  • Map map on the wall, who's most existing of them all?
    • Falic,

      Using the word "Jew" to translate any form of Ιουδαίος found in the New Testament is completely wrong

      You should provide a little more detail to convince the theologically clueless. Linguistically it may mean, depending on context, Jew, Judean, or, as you just observed, also "subject of the Judean dynasties".

      One possible clue for not interpreting ιουδαίοι as "Jews" would be passages where non-Palestinian Jews are called something else in contrast to the Palestinian ones, or if there is a consistent use of, say, `εβραίοι for the tribe or religion vs. ιουδαίοι for geography, etc. Is there something like that, or any other clues?

      If the only reason you say the only interpretation is geographical because non-Jewish populations were part of the kingdom of Judea, it may well be that the meaning was left to context of use. That is often the way language works.

    • Mooser,

      Thanks for the chuckle. Essentially no, but if we don't go into the detail for the umpteenth time, there is that, too --of course.

      The parallel did occur to me, of course, but it is extremely irritating. I've always held Cato for a 1st-class asshole, the worst of all, from the day I heard/ read about the bastard.

    • Jeff seems to have found his matching word-weaseler in Talknic. Call it "civil war", and all of a sudden the colonial shock troops that England amassed and armed for 30 years for just such an operation, that of keeping control when the time would come to relinquish the so-called fake mandate, become 'rebels'. Abracadabra! All responsibilities disappear. The colonial overlord is now a disinterested observer, the Zionist genocidal riffraff is magically cleansed of all crimes of their pre-47 life (by having been baptized, full-immersion born-again in the stolen water of the Jordan, no less) because, you see, they were no state actors before becoming state actors, and their new state, the English-American bastard, is suddenly held immune...

      End result: you aren't supposed to destroy that abomination because all that wordplay has made it untouchable. It's still a genocidal vipers' nest of illegal intruders but they have been hallowed and anointed, so continue being slaves.

      The best part is to observe the extent of the disagreement: one wants to keep all of it, the other one "only" 56%. No Palestinians anywhere except if US-approved.

    • Vikram,

      However, the genie is out of the bottle and there is no putting him back in.

      That's a passing strange statement.
      Especially given that you must have heard that so many Asian and African countries did put the genie back in the bottle. Among very many others, India kicked out the English in 1946 or thereabouts. Algeria got rid of most its French colonists in 1962. That's just yesterday!

    • Talknic,

      A) They already have Israeli citizenship.

      Thereby sealing the total success of the genocidal Zioperation, with Talknic and others recommending that such success be respected and not allowed to be undone.
      The only significant citizenship they have, or at least the automatic right to one, is that of their countries of origin, so they can be sent out of Palestine. Or to the US, which has already guaranteed taking up those who don't like their own countries of origin --provided they are "Jewish".
      Palestine meaning Palestine, as of before the British invasion.

      B) What about their Israeli parents? Boot them out, but allow their children to stay? Or for the sake of the children allow parents and children equal citizenship.

      Why should the children stay, forget the parents? I haven't seen any of you guys asking the only ones entitled to decide, i.e. Palestinian people, in the absence of any duress or occupation.

      Or, yeah, add the bloody Brownshirt parents, too, under some family reunification scheme, to ensure the definitive success of Zionism! Very good.

      Furthermore if they already have Israeli citizenship, should they forgo one for the other or might they become dual citizens if Palestine were to allow dual citizenship?

      My my, now all of a sudden we respect some Palestinian decision as to citizenship, do we? But just making sure it is some occupied, enslaved, US-bought non-existing "Palestine" led by "Israel" occupation policemen. Not the Palestinian people consulted freely.
      Because the latter may require getting rid of the "Israel" monster in the first place, I imagine.

      Would Israel agree to reciprocate with dual citizenship for Palestinians? 'equal citizenship' might be a whole lot easier said than done

      If you really believe that "Israel" will agree to anything at all anytime, including the very existence of an unoccupied Palestinian non-Bantustan --I mean if you really consider it possible willingly coming from a Zionist entity undefeated by major violence or pie-in-the-sky US pressure, you must be a very trusting person.

    • Hello again Suarez,

      Of course kids are blameless. How is that conceivably relevant? Since when does being blameless give all possible rights? I am totally blameless vis-à-vis the Costa-Rican government and people, but I just don't get the Costa-Rican citizenship by just asking!

      Kids are blameless, but as I already wrote and you no doubt have sometimes heard, several civilized countries do not recognize an automatic right to citizenship based on the place of birth. Moreover, in this case Zionist entity invaders all have a homeland and at least a right to a passport, thanks to a pretty universal rule of direct descendence.

      "They should be equal citizens" -Why?
      Did the Palestinian people, owners of the sovereignty, authorize it?

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