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  • IfNotNow ups pressure on Schumer to end silence on Israeli killings of unarmed protesters
    • Good luck to IfNotNow, and other peace groups, who are working hard for justice

      Kay, most of these groups are working for some version of a compromise that will keep the Zionist invaders squatting on Palestinian land while providing (somehow) for some indefinite "equal rights", "right of return" (limited in various ways), etc.
      That may be the only thing achievable, it may be admirable, it may be beneficial, it may be what the doctor ordered, etc. But "justice" it is not.

      Justice is the full and unencumbered restitution of all Palestine to its Palestinian owners, to decide in full sovereignty on every aspect of Palestine. Including matters of residence and citizenship. Justice also means full reparations for all the damage due directly or indirectly to the Zionist invasion at least since 1897. Nothing less.

  • The 'Jewish nation' is the central myth of Zionism. It needs to be dismantled.
    • Shenfield,

      I defy you to indicate one single element common to all the different streams and varieties of "Jewish" that is not strictly religious/liturgical.
      In the absence of that, " a vague sort of cultural tie (not sure if cultural is the right word, but I can’t think of a better one) with those having a similar religious background and upbringing" is not only vague, it doesn't make sense. One is believing and practicing a given religion or one is not. Don't make it sound like being vaguely, a little bit pregnant. We get it, your identity markers stand up when you hear an Ashkenazi name but that's a definitely Ashkenazi name. Not Ethiopian. As for the upbringing, what is there in common in the upbringing --except, again, for religious Sunday-school stuff, and that in only for the religious.

      Also, if anything goes "deeper than ideas" chances are it's some illogical, emotional thing that invariably works against rational behavior.

    • Mooser,

      You can do better than pretending to be confused about the difference between a finger pointing up in the air and a methane fire in a closed environment.

    • Page: 48
    • You aren't really thinking, Shenfield.
      First: sure it can be helped. All one has to do is to reject the very idea that a religious "identity" limited to the religiously observant means anything at all to you if you have no religion. Your kin becomes the collective of human beings --with subdivisions on a geographic or cultural basis.
      Second: see above --the cultural or somesuch groupings you are talking about are (if I assume Shein is the correct example) Ashkenazi or perhaps German (not the same thing at all.) NOT in any way or wise "Jewish", the very use of which defines one as assuming there is anything like a superordinate ethnos.

      As for the protestations like " This feeling of kinship should not lead to any political solidarity or be conceptualized in ‘national’ terms", of course by definition they indicate some solidarity with the enemy and have a "national" core at some level, because otherwise you wouldn't ever have used the term "Jewish" instead of "Ashkenazi" or "German" because "Jewish" implies that you see that as some unprovable, nationalist kinship with Ethiopians, Bukharis, Spaniards and so on.

    • Instead of attacking a perfectly normal gesture that anyone could make at any age, why not attack the criminal Zionist ruin on the grounds of his racist and genocidal support to the Zionist abomination?

      Attacking a middle finger because you don't find it "appropriate" encroaches on the free speech right of everyone, let alone us old farts. The finger sign is not restricted to Zionist criminals and we'll give the finger to anyone we want.

    • Ofir,

      So you see, this notion of an extra-territorial, Jewish ‘nation’ has been subscribed to by very many Jews around the world

      Exactly. And that's one of the absolutely basic things about the Zionist abomination.

      This "has been subscribed" by a lot of "non"-Zionists, too, and some anti-Zionists, who continue to call themselves "Jewish" while not practicing a religion. One has enormous difficulties accepting these as sincere in their opposition to Zionism as long as they don't subscribe in full to what Montagu so well said.
      If nothing, it means at the very least that they feel kinship with the Zionist criminals.

  • Jewish leader refuses to debate BDS with young Jew, at J Street conference
    • Hunter,

      The straw that broke the camel's back was the last in a long line, or tall pile, of real-world, physical straws. What we have here is a long line of imagined changes in the mentality of Zionist criminals of all possible varieties, change that does not exist but is thought to have been spotted by a wishful thinking band. Even if there were anything in such "change", it would only interest 2% of the population, not the general US population. That's not a threshold worth writing home about, at least for non-tribals who can't see the point of keeping everything in the family. Finally, if any of the announced changes were reality, why are they being announced again and again at a distance of years --with a 'first-time' label?
      Summary: the physical camel's back is still straw-free.

    • So, Catalan is enjoying Crunch. I remember the good old times when Nestlé, still with the accent, used to limit itself to horrible Swiss milk chocolate and baby formula, relegating the more unspeakably horrible stuff like Crunch to the US market.
      Anyway, seems like the health-minded part of the US public, too, has turned away and Crunch may be for sale. Now this is some easy-to-boycott business; thanks for bringing it to our general atention.

    • So where are the news in this?
      Zionist leader refuses to debate boycott with a Zionist (who may or may not be of the "liberal" or "cultural" variety), who may support the official BDS to further the ends of Zionism (i.e. solidifying their pre-67 conquest and colonialism.) And the well-known old war horse and mountebank Sanders gives an empty speech, again, to much applause from the "liberal" wing of the genocidaires.

      We know that scenario. It gets repeated every once in a while and remains without any real interest because it doesn't contribute to any progress, even at the already meaningless 2% level. No doubt Weiss, who has been seeing the red dawn breaking every morning or so for these, what, 10 years?, will be optimistic based on age differences or some such. Yet again. No reason to get excited.

  • As Israel becomes a political liability it is time to challenge its enablers
    • Jack&&&,

      None of your flutin' business. Occupied peoples have every right to resist by all means available, and invaded peoples have every right to eject any colonials. Read international law, not Zio, and shut up.

    • Let the Zionists just pay for it. They can't be trusted with building anything for civilized people --by the look of their new townships and "settlements".

  • Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a mitzvah
    • Rev. Shapiro,

      I never heard of such a thing. I would challenge you to point to a source

      Does that mean that the Old Testament, viewed by a lot of irreligious people as the source for Orthodox Jewish thought par excellence, is in reality not Orthodox neither a source? I suppose there is no need to quote the several injunctions and encouragements in that book to commit genocide on various peoples inhabiting Palestine, and the ongoing identification of any current inhabitants with the seed of Amalek.

    • Writing and discussing the Zionists' principle of genocide as if it were some aberration, or limited to some factions.

      Instead, reading all Zionist history and a lot of their official programs shows that the genocide of the owners of Palestine, including erasing their culture and their very memory, is one of the few basic, unrenounceable common tenets of Zionism.

      That a few cloudheads may sincerely believe in a non-genocidal Zionism doesn't make it possible, it only shows how gullible they are.

  • Neocons and liberal interventionists are back in the saddle again -- though 'nobody wants a big war'!
    • Trump promised to take the US out of Syria last week. Now he has flip flopped

      Not flip-flopped. His master whistled.

      ... First, there was the order given from Above:

      Israeli officials: the “U.S. must strike in Syria” because “Assad is the angel of death, and the world would be better without him”

      Then there was the summoned servant’s immediate reply:

      Trump: “Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. [...] President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price” .

      The most amazing thing is not that the subservient slave reacted like the subservient slave that he is. The most amazing thing is that the pretext used in this announced false flag was announced by Nikki Haley at the UNSC on March 12th, almost one month ago! That, and the fact that Trump probably did not realize that he was told to threaten only Syria and not Russia and Iran. Although, who knows, maybe the rabidly psychopathic Neocons who now run the White House actually did tell him to bark up Russia and Iran too, I would not put that past them.

  • How Gaza came to be trapped 'from fence to fence'
    • RoHa,

      Either you are dim or you are are deliberately equivocating. It might please you to know that I suspect the latter.

      Really? That suspicion seems to fly in the face of available evidence. Anyway, it's not an either/or proposition, as you know.

  • 1948 and the Anglo–Saxim: on Western involvement in expulsion of the Palestinians
    • Not a surprise, being that Zionism has always been the poodle of Western colonialism. And it's going on with the massive participation of the US providing all the money, weaponry and thousands of soldiers and colonists, not to mention other support.
      We are not just "accomplices" --the US is a first-person participant in all the occupation and genocide.

  • Jews must ditch Zionism, now
    • Mooser,

      He still is trying to pass "cultural" Zionists as acceptable.

    • Kroell,

      Right, you were answering some unrelated question about some mythical portion of a 2% fraction of population over here --not something ever discussed in that context.

      Yes, the question was one of simple logic and remains totally independent from the current occupation status --it refers to the situation before the Zionist invasion. As to the decision on citizenship and residency to be made exclusively by the rightful owners of a territory, it is a logically binding condition. All the rest is blah.

    • Kroell,

      You again totally avoid to respond --perhaps you intended to send a message to someone else (someone trendy, by the sound of it), somewhere else. At any rate, it has jackspit to do with whatever was in discussion.

      Anyway, you still aren't exonerated from the onus of having invited a discussion on the so-called cultural variety of Zionist criminals.

    • Kroell,

      True. That was the intended type of question. Now, did your rhetotheatrical answer get you out of having to discuss the illegitimacy of the so-called "cultural" cultivar of Zionist invader colonists?

    • Kroell,

      But for some students and scholars, Zionism (as a term) may (possibly) be salvageable through the recognition of universal human rights, the right of self-determination and the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

      Could anyone explain seriously how the right of self-determination may be respected when any people undesirable to the Palestinians reside in Palestine?

      Sounds like the squaring of the circle.

  • The 'New York Times' stops being a stenographer for the Israeli army (today anyway)
    • No one is seriously talking about ‘throwing all the Jews into the sea!

      It will be the exact opposite, in fact. The Zionist invaders will be trampling each other to jump into it asap. I remember the last days of French Algeria, when the colonist riffraff got offered Algerian citizenship. It was like devils getting offered Holy Water.

    • If only that were the only example of NYT's lack of discrimination...

  • Jews and trauma
    • now I note that “modern genocides” are “different” and not carried out in the open

      Says our ZioNS and "notes" wrong again.

      The ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people by the invading ZioMericans, ZioPoles, etc. is being performed in plain daylight, under the eyes of the approving European colonials and the cheering American criminals. Way more in the open than the WWI and WWII genocides. It will be accelerated to high speed as soon as the opportunity of a general war can be concocted.

    • Hunter,

      Note that they manage the trick, strictly impossible to any Gentiles, to remain all part of Phil's "my people" without having the slightest wisp of the smoke of a shadow of any common cultural element between any two of their branches. And it's "a people".

    • Here's to show the unbelievable level of crass ignorance required by Zionism from its "history teacher" American settler-invaders (bolding and square brackets from me):

      I pointed out a unique feature of the Holocaust[TM], that there was no conflict, Jews were murdered without being in a conflict, except the one in the Nazi hallucination

    • Jethro

      I’m sorry, but isn’t that at the core of Judaism?

      Deplorably, that seems to be the case.

    • John S is all surprised to learn that he does "support the Nazi massacre". Unable to understand that supporting the Nazi massacre of one helpless population by the overwhelming force of an occupier is support to the Nazi massacre of other such. There you see the brilliant result of Zionist "education".

      Besides, he uses the same post to reaffirm his support to the stone-age barbarity and unspeakably abject crime of genital mutilation of newborn babies!

    • Danaa,

      Thank you. That the Zionists are not only waiting but also trying their utmost to create an opportunity for an accelerated genocide of the owners of sovereignty over Palestine should be obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

      The following is a summary by Vahakn Dadrian*, one of the top genocide scholars:

      […] Genocide is nowadays characterized by four essential elements.
      1. The presence, between the perpetrator and the victim, of a longstanding problem whose solution has been resisted for a long time,
      2. A situation of inequality between the perpetrator and the victim that creates an overwhelming advantage for the former,
      3. The opportunity factor: even the most able of perpetrators must know to watch out until a convenient opportunity arises. This is the principal condition for final success; it is in fact a precondition. The formula that will lead action to success may be expressed as obtaining maximum gain with minimal risk. Wars, especially world wars, offer this kind of success opportunity, as shown by the Armenian and Jewish genocides experienced in the 20th Century.
      4. A desire to find a radical solution to seemingly endless conflicts: this desire culminates in the complete elimination by genocide of the designated target group.

      Point 3 in the above is probably the most relevant to your post.

      Also, Dadrian here summarizes past genocides of our time and geography but not exactly the ongoing genocide of Palestinians by the Zionists. In all cases he describes, a longstanding problem between perp and victim leads to the action, while in the case of the Palestinian genocide the necessity of it has been an obvious consequence of Zionism from the start and clearly formulated at least since the 1920es. Well in advance of any "Jewish trauma".

    • Only a universal recognition of the oneness of us all (the you are I, I am you, we are one) along with solidarity between all peoples can make ours the just and peaceful world that our very survival depends upon

      Bingo. And the "universal recognition of the oneness of us all (the you are I, I am you, we are one)" is the diametrical opposite of calling X or Y "my people". No matter how nice one's intentions.

  • Israeli snipers shoot 6 Palestinian journalists, killing one--making international headlines
    • John Douglas,

      Ditto for the mainstream Democratic Party

      Ditto for the Democratic Party period.
      There's only one. The only stream is the stream that determine its actions because each action cannot be itself and its opposite at the same time, a basic fact of logic.

      Meaning that what the peons participating, paying dues, helping, sympathizing, trying to change, etc. are totally insignificant because when it comes to the organization's actions, they are all determined by its being the main official organization of its owners, the US monopoly capital dominated the Zionists of all so-called hues. Like its twin.
      And, as the late George Carlin used to say, you ain't it.
      Even if one is young and still starry-eyed, there is no excuse for not having learned this lesson from the stark facts. Even in only during these last few years.

      The irrational belief that there is anything outside the "mainstream" in the Democrat Party, by the way, is the central problem with organizing the solidarity with Palestinian resistance in the US (and dominions.) If the millions of magical thinkers who sympathize with the resistance to Zionist invaders shoved it into their heads that there can only be one Democratorepublican Party we'd have no problem acting effectively and stopping US participation in the Zionist invasion.

      And the old mountebank Sanders is one of the most despicable persons around, being that he is the latest avatar of the successful propaganda agents periodically trotted out to spread the belief that there can be a "progressive" or "amenable to change" Democrat Party.

  • Thousands demand the right to return as smoke envelops Gaza on a new 'bloody Friday'
    • The Nut

      Do you also not believe that Israel is a sovereign state? Really?

      Really, the ignorance and illogic of these Zionists is becoming too much.

      Of course sovereignty over all of Palestine belongs exclusively to the Palestinian population as of before the Zionist colonial invasion, and heirs and assigns. Period.

      What a stupid question. Any barbarians squatting on the territory can of course enforce criminal action the way I could invade Monde Nut's home with a gun and command him --that is not sovereignty.

  • Young Jews protest Reform leadership's silence over Passover massacre
    • Their solution is, as they stated but in other words, to let the Zionist+US butchers self-regulate but admonish them to pay more attention to decorum.

  • Philadelphians to Philly Orchestra: Cancel your trip to Israel
    • Amigo,

      if you are unhappy with the way BDS is run , why not join (Jews are allowed ) and have a voice

      Yarright. Don't mind about "Jews" being allowed if enemies of Zionists, but the fact is that Zionists are allowed, too. Not only that, there are a lot of people inviting the enemy inside. To "have a voice", no less.
      That's the boycott that will give you beautiful results, if it continues like this. Mostly designed and directed by the Zionists, is that the idea?

    • John S seems to be in a panic. After a long bout of advocacy for massacring people deemed non-innocent, he now realizes he is a colonial invader from the US criminally squatting on land stolen from people who were massacred by colonial invaders just like himself.

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
    • Gee, can’t understand why that is not stipulated on the about page or in the comment policy.

      How right you are, comrade Moose. The Party line as laid down in the "About" page and the "Comment Policy" has defined all possible correct interpretations. Personal thoughts not written in said pages are dangerous. Use of logic is nothing but proof of individualist deviation.

      Hereby I offer my abject autocriticism and request to be sent to the closest reeducation camp.

    • Eljay,

      Speak for yourself. You cannot control each person's boycott objectives.
      Boycott and shunning applies to each and every Zionist anywhere.

    • Kathleen,

      Please don't think that I'm not taking this seriously. "As pathetic as it is in so many ways this is as good as it gets at this point" cannot be seen as a correct evaluation because there are a number of people who are not direct collaborators or first-person actors of Zionist banditism. Mr Sanders is such a collaborator and he is not the only person in the US of A. There are millions of people out there who are not committed snakes and can be made to listen to fact and logic.

      Also, the "Democrat" wing of the single dictatorship party is the main administrative organ of US imperialism. To even imagine that the owners of the country will allow anyone in or around that "party" to ever do anything that runs contrary to their plans (in our case that of full participation in the Zionist crimes) shows magical thinking at its worst. "This is as good as it gets" is absurd here, too: there are hundreds of millions of people out there who are not monopoly capitalists and warmakers; among them many millions are amenable to fact and logic and a good number of them are already fighting outside and against US imperialism and its Zionist action. Saying "this is as good as it gets" for the main administrative organ of US imperialism is no different than saying that a wild tiger is as good as it gets for saving a lamb from the tiger. Summary: the world is not composed of only your "party" and politics is not the same as the Demolican voting comedy.

      If the direct demonstration and confession by Sanders that his whole operation was the usual shepherd-dog trick did not open your eyes, the past several such operations during your lifetime should have. I am saying this limitedly to the old mountebank's performance re Palestine (leaving you to figure out what damage he has done to the working class and other people, too.)

      This said, some expression of interest like "even that old warmonger Sanders feels obliged to somehow show distaste with Zionist tactics; let's try to push him to do more" is of course OK --while imho ineffective.

      My objection, now, was about using this common discussion board, where the only common factor is supposed to be our solidarity with Palestinian resistance, as a pretext for disconnected posts that only contain party propaganda --and for the War Party, at that. Yours aren't the only such ones, far from it, but you sound like the most reasonable person in the bunch.

    • What for, Mooser?
      Oh, you mean... for a drink?

    • Catalan,

      there are so many people who believe that I am an enemy of the human race for simply existing

      How frequently are you having recurrent thoughts like these?
      I can recommend an excellent shrink in Albuquerque. Don't neglect to visit her, this may become very serious for yourself and your family.

      (or, alternately, that whatever I have is ill begotten)

      Now that is something you should really know. If that's factual or not, I mean.

      But visit the shrink anyway.

    • Kathleen,

      I have no recommendations outside the scope of this discussion group that certainly does include a good number of hangers-on of US imperialist parties/governments/politicians (including warmonger Sanders and his party) in addition to all possible other political tendencies, parties and countries (i.e. I may be a mortal enemy of all "Vets" after 1945, I could be a Wall Street monster myself for all you know --anything outside the scope of support to Palestinian resistance is irrelevant here; as for "Reps" the universe is not limited to your "parties".) So I cannot recommend anything as I don't share anything with you except a will to help the Palestinian resistance.

      It should be obvious to anyone (even to Mooser) that it's really bad form to use your presence on this shared platform for posts that consist only of US domestic propaganda for parties/persons that are fully committed to helping the US-Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people. Like the Dem Party and Sanders, say.

    • So you support a warmongering mountebank who already sold you down the river once (at least once.) How is that Demolicanorepucrat propaganda item relevant to Palestine? Do you think we forgot his support to the state of "Israel", to the last Gaza massacre, to say nothing of the other US wars of aggression?

      As for the absurd contention that asking for more crumbs from the imperialist masters while supporting their wars can be called "left", please observe that the most dangerous of the Zionist genocidaires who call themselves "left" also call themselves "Zionist Bloc" and that they are fully of the same ilk as your Sanders.

      Why can't you "Democrat" imperialists leave your pitiable propaganda at the door of this discussion group when it is utterly irrelevant to the fight against Zionism?

  • Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss can't wait to call you an anti-Semite in 'The New York Times'
    • Some of those who offer sharp criticism of Israel, actually are acting in Israel’s own best interests.

      Correct. These are the most dangerous Zionists because they see clearly where the interest of Zionism lies and they should be targeted first.
      Luckily, the knuckle-dragging cavemen are commanding worldwide Zionism and they manage to sabotage their own interests better than the resistance can.
      Keep the current stupid administration. Don't help the "more civilized" bastards!

  • A brief, unhappy history of Israeli massacres
    • Johnny S again, who is on the "Left" and a Socialist by dint of being a practicing National-Socialist.

      Nice trick, Johnny:
      First declare "terrorist" whoever resists invasion by all means available, as sanctioned by Nuremberg and the UN Charter,
      Then declare legit the murderous goons who have absolutely no right to even begin being anywhere on the territory,

      Voilà! We are in the clear, massacring whoever we want in their own land, while keeping our sanctimoniousness intact.

      One should also consider that this "history teacher" is too bereft of history to be aware of the fact that he is reproducing, almost word for word, German statements about the benevolent protection of civilian populations --right after some of their massacres in France, Greece. etc

  • 'We will not wait 70 years more': scenes from Gaza's March of Return
    • The "Mayhem" thing seems to be still asleep in the 1600s. The news that the only reward of conquest is, officially, a hanging in Nuremberg hasn't reached inside the Z bubble yet. That's why the US Gov is so careful never to formally annex any new conquests.

  • Videos of Palestinians shot walking, running and praying appear on social media, but US cables keep mum
    • James,

      John O was quoting a notorious "Christian Zionist" called Hagee --not with any kind of approval, either.

    • Citizen,

      Incomplete summary.

      the zionist organization that differs from the other zionist organization, AIPAC, because J-Street recognizes the occupation is wrong

      ... but dedicates itself to opposing any action against said occupation.

  • Passover is a reminder the battle between Moses and the Pharaoh is still raging
    • Old geezer,

      The "Israel" government is only included by people who recognize it.

    • Jack^&$,

      No country ever designated the Irgun and LEHI as terrorist groups

      Wrong again --a perfect record of always-misses.
      The British Empire did, of course, and very loudly. Not to mention sundry other states.

  • 'NY Times' covers up Israel's killing of nonviolent protesters along the Gaza border
    • Misterioso,

      What a slimy bullshitter that Chalev is...

      Friday’s day of bloodshed may be quickly forgotten if it remains a solitary event, but if the bloodshed recurs over and over...

      It's been recurring over and over for 70 years, and it's been recurring over and over every Land Day. He figures that we'll pretend to ignore that just because of his BS.

  • Despite Israel's threats of violence, Gaza protesters have peaceful dream
    • And no, Israel makes no claim to Gaza.

      You mean it has its largest concentration camp, extermination camp, turkey shoot amusement park and arms testing area outside its borders? Hard to believe.

  • Jeremy Corbyn and ’anti-Semitism’ - making sense of the hysteria
    • Shenfield,

      Socialism has a long tradition of caricature. The class enemy is shown as a bunch of repulsive beings and that is absolutely what is needed, No matter if you agree or not, no matter that it doesn't measure up to your refined artistic standards,"removing the mural was the right decision" is something only an an enemy of free speech would write.

    • I'm not so sure that Mr Weiss, or anyone publishing articles in Mondoweiss needs a nanny to protect them from the big bad wolves out in the commentosphere, in addition to the MW cerberus-moderators, that is.
      We all here are just names on an electronic message and each post stands or falls strictly on its contents, not the unknown other actions of a poster (that is not necessarily a person, either.)
      If you must correct an idea this poster has about Mr. Ofir, why don't you do just that? [From one user of unlimited free speech to another].

    • Hughes ,

      Those who say that accusations in this style have lost their power must urgently think again

      Most especially when even the almost-single web site that's publishing the discussion is itself participating in the censorship campaign.

    • Paranam,

      Those bigoted jerks who are doing their utmost to smear Corbyn & to have him sacked, are working against themselves & are doing the greatest damage to Judaism

      How so? Antisemitism --whatever that may be-- is the stuff of life for Zionism. No "antisemitism", no Zionists.

  • Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews' views of Israel
    • Hughes,

      This means that the next-next generation, those who are now chikdren I suppose, will be more exposed to the truth – that the obvious will be less successfully concealed – and the chance of reversing the trend may arise

      Time to acknowledge a Law of Nature:

      1. 80% of people will never follow their curiosity to discover fact or use reason, even if the information is readily available, whenever these facts are likely to be negative for their wallet or self-image.

      2. When such facts and/or reasoning are shoved in their face so that they cannot pretend not to have been notified, 80% of subjects will develop or borrow a rationalization to justify their criminality.

      So I wouldn't expect that being more exposed to "truth" is likely to change our grandchildren, all other things being equal. Fortunately or not (we'll know later) all other things are never equal.

      I don't know if to thank you for the thoughts or keep away from their depressive effect.

    • Citizen,

      Irrelevant. There is no such thing as "Israeli military by themselves". That is the US Army.

    • Mooser,

      "Israel" can afford to lose more Americans than the US can afford.

    • RoHa,

      I just love the immortal nonsense about "ethnicity" for populations that are so diverse as Central-Asia-to-Alabama with not a single element in common that is not liturgical, not a one that they can point to.

      The definition is "born to a Jewish woman" period. The only qualification for this in plain English is "racist". No other word works. The fact that a common race here is totally non-existent doesn't make it anything else, it only makes the racism worse.

      So the brand new trend of unjewing beyond-the-pale persons who are born to the race as defined by the unjewing person himself is absurd beyond any words. They used to be a tad more logical, contenting themselves with casting anathemas if you were born from a Kosher lady.

    • Misterioso,

      How so, "Helen is wrong"? We have been hearing Hallelujah for Zionism's major loss of support for I don't know how many years now. MW in particular specializes in that kind of triumphalism.

      If you look at it in detail, poll numbers are not really moving. Support for the continued existence of the genocidal Zionist entity is always at the same level. It's just shifting from one faction to the other and back.

      Besides, the only numbers that count are the percentage of support within the invader mob in Palestine, always over 90% and, for the US where only dollars vote, it's only Zionist dollars. According to MW though, a radical upset is always imminent.

    • Kathleen,

      Internationally recognized borders is an established place to start while recognizing the bloody conquest

      Sure it is a good start. But it's used as a last stop when one only blabs about the "place to start" without mentioning its criminal and illegitimate character. We're not hearing "I don’t agree with the deadly conquest" but "get somewhat out of post-67 conquest and keep the rest" when you do that!

      Recognition of that conquest and economic compensation for stolen land, homes , injury to mind and body critical

      What exactly does "critical" mean? Does it mean, in particular, formally and reliably approved by the clear majority of the Palestinian people? No. Is the Palestinian people still around to clearly express its will, unlike the exterminated Americans? Yes. Then that "critical" is worth zilch.

      ... the only lane open is one state with equal rights for all.

      "Only"? How so? It's Palestinian land and it's the Palestinians' to decide. What if they say they want the intruders out?

    • Helen4Yemen,

      Nonono, what you write can't be true, noway. Unless my memory is playing a mean trick on me, I distinctly remember that for each poll and each date you cite Mr. Weiss wrote enthusiastically about a major anti-Israel turn in "Jewish" opinion that would be arriving any minute.
      Which should I believe? The True Believer or the lying polls?

    • Moral Jew,

      it will be a race between Jews and Mormons, to Baptize and Convert

      No fair. The Mormons have the supreme advantage of being able to baptize retrospectively any number of the dead.

    • Dx,

      I think the coming issue will be less about young American Jews than just young people (and people of all ages in general) learning about the inequality/human rights issues in Israel–all made possible by the US govt and financed by US tax payers

      The coming issue of what? Don't waste muscles holding your breath. Events happen in the Tribe and/or the liberal tribe. With run-of-the-mill, general Americans, it will be a non-event.

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