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  • The Clinton scandals entailed violent threats against people who knew about his sex life
    • It's more than a little ridiculous to be joining

      the revolution that is taking place in our mores, and in the structure of the patriarchy itself, due to the sexual harassment scandals that are felling powerful men

      for people who continue to remain within the War Party, flirting with war of aggression --as in the case of Libya. And, more importantly, feeding and exasperating the Puritan fascination of our US retards who don't mind war and imperialism but get scandalized about what politicians do with their wee-wee.

  • How Avi Shlaim moved from two-state solution to one-state solution
    • Johnson,

      I'm always amazed by the pretty unanimous tendency of people here to insist on the "obvious counter that Israelis don’t want to share one state with Palestinians", as you put it. A counter to the absurd use, as if it were a fault the fact that Palestinians may not want to live with invaders.
      Of course no invaded people has any obligation to put up with invaders!
      Of course invaded peoples have every right to reject an invasion by all means available!

      While it is of official that the Zionist invaders refuse coexistence with the owners of the territory to the point of exterminating them, no justification is ever needed to totally reject any invasion. Zionists have no right to "co"exist in Palestine.

  • Seven members of Jewish Voice for Peace arrested in demonstration at ADL
    • “Only a small percentage of Palestinians would choose to return…” long as Palestine is under the boot of the invader. Duh.

      But Nora Karmi, of Sabeel (an organization of Christian Palestinians) said, “We want our right acknowledged.”

      Foremost of these rights is the right to all of Palestine.

  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
  • The Russiagate farce, or how the Russians corrupted our pristine democracy
    • Mooser,

      Are you saying that a decaf version of the Harpy Empress would avoid being Nuremberg gallows bait?

    • Kay,

      "the interference. and manipulation" is coming exclusively from your Demopublicanorepucrat party and its allied generals, murderers and spies. In that sense, you may well be right that "We have only seen the tip of the iceberg": not a consoling thought. Are you really such a true believer that irony is so totally lost on you?

  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • The Green Jack hasn't gotten the memo that the world he is living in has no relationship to the normal one.

    • Hughes,

      creating problems (to use a mild word) that continue to this day... then how shall we proceed?

      By following logic: eliminating the creator of the problem solves the problem.
      The Palestinian people seem to be the only ones who understand how uncomplicated, albeit difficult, the whole thing is.

    • "Nathan" has a spurt of logic.

      The veracity of Biblical literature and/or the esoterics of DNA are really not relevant.

      Congratulations (a little detail: it's esoteric to you, not all, but you are absolutely right.) It's a Zionist smokescreen.

      The State of Israel exists, period.

      Which is why it must and will be made to unexist, as many others have already been.

  • Thousands march to UK parliament calling for justice on Balfour centenary
    • The Nathan and his inept questions again.
      Of course the Zionist invaders must pay reparations for the 100+ years of invasion damage, duh. Just like the Nazi. To the last cent.

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
    • David,

      Matthew and Donald are wrong here for a variety of reasons, but they have a good general point. Critics of Israel shouldn’t go near the boundaries of anti-Semitism lest they gift the hasbara crowd with ammunition to shoot down their arguments and generally smear the Palestinian rights movement as bigoted.

      Good general point? That would only start making some kind of sense if the main target were the puny and refractory tribal population instead of the general public.
      This is precisely the direction that the Zionist propaganda and its "non-Zionist" tribal organizations have been insistently pushing on, and that canard is their main weapon.
      Look at the result.

      That's total bunkum. First, we still don't know what "antisemitism" means, if it is anything over and above plain vanilla racism. Second, the Zionists and the "non-Zionist" tribals won't need any solid definition and solid proof to call you antisemite, whatever that is, and perform character assassination the moment you are effective and are about to break out of that suffocating inner tribal audience that guarantees failure. Third, antisemitism accusations are irrelevant with the general population: in fact there doesn't seem to be any great revulsion against even open racism.

      Fifth, and a bit different than the preceding: our objective is the destruction of Zionism, not anything else (as long as we are talking as part of some Palestinian solidarity movement): while we are free to fight racism in forms other than Zionism on any other platform, on this one we are not. Every gun counts, i.e. in the US and European context every pen, every mouth, every wallet counts. I don't give a rat's ass what the person next to me helping fight Zionists thinks about Jews, Greens or Martians.

      Finally, the active openly racist groups (including both the pro-Zionists and the traditional antisemites) are a minuscule fringe, smaller in number than even the nominally Jewish in the States --proof that the canard under discussion is fabricated with hostile intent by Zionists and their open or covert supporters.

  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • Count on Napoleon to defend international law against invaders!
      Are you sure you are feeling well? No strange ideas about being Nappy's ghost or something like that?

    • The Jews perceive themselves as an exiled nation...

      ...while I perceive myself as Nathan's creditor. He owes me a million bucks. Pay up.

  • Reflections on White Zionism
    • Spencer considers it axiomatic that survival of the Jewish people as a people relies on the (conveniently anti-Semitic) premise that we will only ever be safe if we are alone, separate, and isolated from our fellow human beings. Yet, such an argument can only be posited if Jewish identity is conflated with, or mistaken for, the political ideology of Zionism as it has manifested in the Israeli state and its ongoing expansion.

      Something in the above doesn't check with facts.
      Such an argument can be posited not only in that case but also in two others:

      - for Zionism in forms other than manifested in the "Israeli" state, too;

      - for a "Jewish identity" in the absence of religious belief and if it's at the same time characterized as "Jewish" instead of calling it what it is, i.e. one of the few particular, religiously marked cultures such as Ashkenazi, Sefardí, etc.
      In the last case, it is an obvious manifestation of a not-necessarily-Zionist form of mythological nationalism.

  • Nick Cave urged to cancel Tel Aviv shows by Roger Waters, Angela Davis, Thurston Moore
    • Well, John S, I sure don't see a problem with eliminating terrorist colonials who defend and support the Zionist genocide. Unlike your criminal operation, that is sanctioned by international law.

  • R.I.P., Shiksa
    • Absolutely correct, Hughes. As a child of my times, I am confusing the sexes. Karaites seem to be ahead of their times, too, but they don't make the rules.

    • Abu Bakr shows his crass ignorance about "Jewishness" as defined by his own side:

      Most of them were Jewish. A lot of them had fathers that were Jewish which was overlooked. Some came with very little connection (if any) to Jewish relatives.

      He hasn't even heard that no amount of relatives can make one "Jewish" if the father isn't biologically Jewish.
      The transition is strictly per via vaginalis, period.

      Either he thinks that we don't know the rock-bottom principles of his obscurantist dictatorship, or he doesn't know them himself.

    • Rico,

      This is "strength to strength" ?
      European anti-Zionism driven by the appalling behaviour of Israel, a rogue racist state which only knows how to bully, murder, torture and destroy ?

      Of course it is strength to strength. The increase in opposition to the terrorist Zionist entity, in Ziospeak "antisemitism" is a victory. It is the mainstay of Zio recruitment. A lot of the Zionist action is intentionally and exclusively dedicated to creating that "antisemitism".
      Think of it, the amount of work it takes to uproot a French family from its home to make it emigrate and become cannon fodder. Each retard who lets himself be talked into doing that counts as a victory.

  • American Jewry and Israel, unbound
    • Hirsch,

      Even Finkelstein agrees that Israel has the legal right to exist under International law.

      Well then, Finkelstein is totally wrong there.
      The existence of the Zionist entity is the most blatant violation of international law in the 20th Century. It is a rape of all international or arrangements, especially the very Charter of the UN by the colonial powers.
      There was never any right to invade, occuupy, "partition" Palestine. So stop bullshitting. With all the affection and respect I have for Finkelstein, he should stop bullshitting too.

      As for BDS, there is no need for a BDS official organization based in Palestine under the rule of the Zionist military and its puppet administration and managed by zympathisers if you intend to boycott and organize support actions. I've been boycotting since before 1960 and others since 1948, without any need for a separate boycott organization. Of course an organization dedicated to boycott within the movement to support Palestinian resistance comes handy but it's not an absolute necessity, the major point being that it should be used by everyone.

      All that talk about clear goals for a boycott is plain bunkum.
      Every supporter of Palestinian resistance has hisher own goals for boycotting. Even enemies of the Palestinian people do boycott. End goals are meaningless here, important is that you boycott and by that action educate the wider public.

      What is important to note is that some Zionist bandits themselves, mortal of the Palestinian people, also participate in "BDS" with the goal of securing a foothold for the Zionist invaders, of spreading the nonsense that there is an initial "legitimate" invasion and occupation. That's what the BDS participation by "liberal" Zionists for post-1967 occupation only tells you.

      I will stop boycotting when the Zionist colonial invaders evacuate Palestine, you may stop whenever you feel you are satisfied, Zionists will use it to legitimize pre-1967 invasion and genocide, etc.

      The only important thing here is to keep Zionists and their zympathizers far away from the direction of a movement that is so useful in educating the Western public about Zionism and convincing them to try withdrawing their Govt's support to the Zionist entity.

  • A party for Jewry's phantom limb
    • Piling bullshit on top of propaganda.
      If things were as you say, and there is a lot to be answered to that collective "antisemitism" accusation anyway, then what one does is fight against it, not go to some far-away country to become a thief, a colonial murderer and cannon fodder. Duh.

    • Thank you, Solomon, for this notice and the factual reminder.
      Both Zionists and "Non-Zionist" tribals have been working so hard to make the very memory of the Bund disappear --they almost have succeeded except for the rare reminder like yours.

      Thanks to Phil Weiss and Co., too, for publishing.

  • Balfour anniversary drives a wedge into British consensus on Israel
    • Off with their heads, who in his right mind wouldn't agree?
      As to their being at the top of the payback list for treasonous activity on behalf of a foreign Gov., I wouldn't take that to the Bank of E. You see, guv'nor, they are Zombies. Real, honest-to-Jehovah Zombies. They'll buy a way out if not enough people keep shrilly demanding their heads on a platter.

  • Trump plays to the neocons and Netanyahu to get some establishment support
    • He's all of the above. Exactly as O'bama and the Clintons and the Bushes, etc etc
      A pity the Nuremberg executorship was discontinued nefore the Zionists Got a stranglehold on the US

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • Kaisa,

      Excellent translation, by the way.

    • and, Hopp, "by lineage" means racist, period, no matter how much you repeat "it's not a race". You are using the same criteria as Messrs. Rosenberg and Hitler, so get used to it.

    • Kaisa,

      No worries, I try never to offer unsolicited advice re spelling --it doesn't pay.

    • Totally OT for Kaisa.
      My first welcome in Joensuu was by -50 °C. I loved it.
      Even Oulu was warmer.

    • The Jeff busybee insists in not-getting what's plainly written, and one would now tend to believe it's a cognitive problem rather than a propaganda feint.
      Of course the essential point is the Jews vs Nonjews criminal Apartheid. Repeat criminal.

      Besides, this is, while not independent, not directly connected to another blinding truth, that the Zionist entity practices strict color racism, by skin color, throughout its whole social structure. So of course we all would be widely surprised if any darkie "Jews" make it through security, let alone interviews. Notwithstanding the Jeff's inane denials, the Zionist entity is the last place where in-your-face color racism is so normal that government can excuse the lynching of Herrenvolk but Yemeni inhabitants by the fact that their skin color was too African.

    • Could the Jeff genius be as slow, in reality, as he pretends to be?

      This here has nothing to do with white racism in itself. The subject is open, in-your-face criminal Apartheid just exactly as it is the law of the land in the Zionist entity; the words "White" and "Black" refer to the prototype of Apartheid, from the Zionist colony's twin the Boer colony of Weizmann's bosom friend Jan Smuts; in the context of the Zionist colony they mean Jewish and Non-jewish. So here, Jewish is the new White.
      My 4-year-old granddaughter gets it at the first pass.

      Besides, and not independently but separately from the JA shenanigans, the Zionist entity is obviously the last country on earth where anti-black racism is allowed to be blatant, public and unrestricted. And murderous. Just ask John S about the Ethiopian recently lynched by his buddies in his township.

  • In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott
  • Contest! Design a logo to celebrate the IDF's 70th birthday
    • Cartoons for this reality are not funny: you murderers are exactly what you said, in both cases. And don't pretend you don't know it and don't engage knowingly in propaganda for just that.

  • Who can save Israel now? Labor leader emulates Netanyahu
    • and the shallot!

    • He has one already, where he belongs among the current owners, and it's called Ashkelon --that, incidentally, gave its name to the scallion. Not Mobile.

    • between 15 to 25% of Israeli Jews would choose painful concessions for a hudna

      How painful?

    • One cannot help being enthusiastic about this "liberal", a registered criminal against peace and war criminal:

      Tzipi Livni, Gabbay’s partner in the Zionist Union, sent out an SMS message stressing that Gabbay’s stance does not reflect her “Hatnua” party’s position...

      When Zionists, laboliberal and non, disagree about what should be talked about within "the framework of a peace deal" they are talking about ***talk*** only. Meaning what they will talk about during "negotiations" designed to delay any conclusion by another 10, 20, 40 years --as long as it takes to complete the ongoing genocide.

      If the last 70 years haven't already made that crystal-clear to all, the next 70 years will be no different.

  • Eli Valley lost work at Jewish paper for savage cartoons of Foxman and Dershowitz (but only the Israeli press cares)
    • OK for the distinction. It does work in the case of the late Bund and of today's Neturei Karta.

      But then, those tribals who, as I said, try to ensure the continued implantation of goddam intruders in Palestine with "liberal" talk, as an objective taking precedence over the destruction of the Zionists, don't have to necesssarily be for a "Jewish state" but a "Jewish" presence (as non-Palestinian.) They may technically not be Zionists but they sure are part and parcel of the colonial invasion. Besides, this one is a Beinart prefacee! After all, there are hundred of thousands of fanatical obscurantist religious invaders who declare that they are not Zionist.

    • Rye bread should be bona fide Polish-Russian, too, but tuna instead of whitefish comes mighty close to treyf.

    • OK, Master. Let me correct my statement: I am not unenjoying the comedy.

    • Let him. I, for one, am not disenjoying the comedy.

    • the book (Diaspora Boy from O/R) has gotten a ton of publicity in Israel and the American Jewish press too, but virtually no attention in the mainstream press.

      Where is the surprise? Of course it does not deserve any attention outside the tribal bubble!
      You explain why yourself, in the very same article:

      "satirizes Zionist leaders as the worm-eaten undead. But he always does so from inside the tent."

      So much so that "Peter Beinart wrote the introduction to his book", in fact all his work is patently "liberal" Zionist.

      Surprised that the world at large doesn't care as much about inside-Zionist incestuous spats as the insiders? After all, the only thing they all are discussing is how to perpetuate intruder presence on Palestinian soil, period. A different look-and-feel, an improved corporate image.

  • Balfour at 100: A legacy of racism and propaganda
    • Even among Palestinians there is no political movement of any significance for a one-state solution .

      There is no major organization thanks to you thieves and murderers, but the political movement for it is an overwhelming majority in Palestine.

      It's not the feelgood one-state solution. It's the one that wants justice, which in turn only means Palestine back and whole. Looks like you're too young to have lived Algeria.

      Listen to Amina Elashkar, she knows:
      "(... I was told that I should not say that “Israel” has no right to exist (which is not part of our presentation, but which is a view held by millions of Palestinians)."

    • Diplomatic traction? Who ever mentioned diplomatic traction?
      Entire peoples are not diplomatic. They just keep remembering. They end up arming themselves.
      I'll go back some 75 years instead of 70 and remember the words of a Dr. Goebbels about the lack of traction of the Resistance.
      You surely recognize your teacher. Hope you don't end the same way.

    • The Jesse imagines that "50 years is enough time".

      So you really think we are all morons, eh? What 50 years? The open war was started by your criminals against humanity 70 years ago and has only intensified since. That "50 years" nonsense is just for the gullible boobies, to make them think that invasion and aggression by the colonial racists was somewhat legitimate. It isn't.

      Also, "strategy or tactic" my eye and left foot. If anyone thinks this is going to be amicable (yes, I know some do) heshe is living on another planet. South Africa got somewhere after 90+ years of untold bloodshed. As you well know.

      And peoples don't just give up because "equal rights" are mentioned. In the case of Palestine, I'd be hugely surprised if the Palestinians don't continue to fight generation after generation, with stops and jerks of course, until they get their land back. Or until you murderers are successful in your genocide, whichever the earlier.

    • Jesse "the Just",

      We have been hearing immortally stinking crap just like yours during every fight against colonizers. Possibly though, you might be excused if you are too young and unable to read much.

      In my lifetime only, we have India, several African colonies including Algeria, to say nothing of South Africa. My parents heard it every day during the Spanish War and the Nazi occupations.

      The same exact stinking crap. What do you think people are, all morons?

    • Page: 43
  • Danish pension fund blacklists four Israeli companies linked to settlements
  • Susan Rice calls 'BS' on AIPAC -- but she pandered to the lobby when she was in power
    • Being disgusted doesn't help much.
      Destroying the imperialist party(ies) they belong to, instead of belonging to them and helping these sh|ts to power, is infinitely more useful to the Palestinian people --among others.

  • The pedagogy of apartheid
    • Elizabeth Block,

      According to the peculiar logic of the Jewish tribal "Palestine solidarity" organizations, your grandfather did the supremely forbidden thing.

      Just as JVP etc. forbid any Goys to attack the ZIonists, your grandfather should have waited for a devout Christian to issue the edict forbidding the compulsory singing of Christmas carols.

    • I still can't get over this. Really way too crazy.

      Student, you have an hour to write an essay about a fiercely controversial topic. Like Apartheid or genocide by your own government.

      Mind you, if your position on the controversial topic is controversial, and you answer just what the government wants you to think, you'll fail.

      Somebody please square that Zircle for me.

    • I really have trouble with the following:

      Students are asked to give their opinion on a “controversial public issue”, including for example “allowing different population groups to live in separate neighborhoods”. In the circulation to teachers, it was stated that since teachers “sometimes encounter inflammatory or racist statements against groups or individuals” on the exam, “It’s important to make clear to the students that racist or inflammatory statements in any part of the question will disqualify the entire answer” (which is worth 11 points out of a total of 100).

      In other words, the student is not invited but required to answer to a controversial question;
      he/she is warned, at the same time, that answering sincerely (for over 90% of students) will disqualify the answer.

      If this is not provocation of the highest order, what is?

      - the guy who drafted this is a mole trying to destabilize/sabotage the Zionist entity (in which case more power to herhim!)
      - the only "groups or individuals" that are contemplated in "inflammatory or racist statements against groups or individuals" are Zionist Jews. In which case the requirement was implementing "the state's" self-evident "values and laws".

    • Joseph,

      No need to feel stupid. From the Frenchie side, let me assure you that it's not only a duck, it's also the "quack" that destroys the melody when a clarinettist misses the proper dosing of his breath. It's also a pejorative word for newspaper.
      Hence, or so it has been theorized, the English word. Quite appropriate.

      In summary, if it quacks like a duck, it may be a decoy instead of a duck --but it sure is a canard.

  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
  • Miko Peled on free speech and Zionism
    • Hughes

      John Stuart Mill gave the example of the right to say that corn merchants starve the poor, which he says may be restricted when there is a crowd of poor people outside a corn merchant’s house.

      Give my regards to Mr Mill and tell him that it's not good form to take people for total morons deprived of any agency.

      A crowd is composed of persons, every single one of them with personal responsibility, endowed with reason (or somesuch) and under a permanent obligation not to act on murderous "incitation".

      [That said, in this particular example the corn merchants clearly deserve a riot...]

    • Antidote

      You are assuming, incorrectly, that I am on speaking terms with the US Gov, its Nuremberg bait administrations, or its Demolican and Repucrat pigs.

      I am not. It's true that the (overwhelmingly Zionist-dominated) commanding managers of the US Gov are forcing me, under threat of armed intervention, to comply with their commands and to pay taxes. They cannot force me to absorb their propaganda.

      As for the Zionist entity, it cannot force me, or any association I might control, to give it a public tribune, to give them the time of the day, or to have any kind of non-hostile communication. They started the war and do not call it off.

      As I said, I am still against any legal limitations to any speech by anyone (including those who breach the BS "incitement" or the fascist "calling fire" nonsense.) That, I suppose, includes anyone with a humanoid anatomy, including even Zionists.

    • Looks as if you're trying to generate both heat and light --using heretics at the stake as fuel. In the name of antisemitism-and-denial-hunting. Again.

    • [Just to make sure the usual suspects don't seize on it, it is clear that I am certainly not responding for Mr Peled but offering a passersby's remarks]

      Zionists are criminals against humanity and they have wrought enough damage. Why should we listen to them, ever? Current law cannot oblige anyone to hear the sh|ts out. "Holocaust"(TM) deniers, trivializers, shorteners etc., on the other hand, are just people talking and they are far from enjoying government support with murderous armies. What is "genuine" for you? Some pitiable, others erudite. Others yet are branded "deniers" for exposing the multibillion-dollar scam making money out of the memory of genocide victims (and the intentional dumbing down of the American public.)

  • Speakers censored by Jewish Historical Society vow to stage events elsewhere
    • Bah, it's not only "rightwing Zionists" who "keep shutting down moderate and logical voices..."

      Not at all. It's also left wing Zionists (whatever that oxymoron is supposed to mean), almost-Zionists, "non-Zionists", "almost anti-Zionists", too. Cannot see any smaller effort on the part of these, officially non-"rightwing" ones in banning, character assassination and the like. Look at JVP and what they are doing to Weir, Berlin, Peled...

      Or perhaps you have a particular affection for "moderate voices" but then you surely must be aware that logic is very seldom moderate.

  • The problem with Miko Peled's 'Holocaust: yes or no'
    • He has a point. Except that he falls in the same error as Ofir/Sibiriak etc. but from the opposing side:

      “I really do not understand how anyone can claim to believe in free speech yet claim that ‘holocaust deniers’ are criminals.” Peled wrote in his Mondoweiss reply to Ofir. This sounds promising and principled but then Peled continues, “if someone is ill informed or ignorant or racist or stupid or all of the above – that is not a crime or a reason to vilify.” Peled’s argument here is that questioning the Jewish past, or even the past in general, is not a ‘crime,’ but it does show ‘stupidity’, ‘ignorance’, ‘racist’ inclinations or all the above. Is this the universal freedom offered to us by Peled?

      Even though Atzmon is not confusing (while Ofir does) the interjecting of a personal opinion about an argument with the banning of it, he does fall in the same trap of denying Peled free speech rights with regard to arguments Peled disagrees with. Surely we can oppose what we don't agree with, while participating in a discussion.

      While we're at it, an unfortunate choice of words by Peled may have helped the confusion:
      “if someone is ill informed or ignorant or racist or stupid or all of the above – that is not a crime or a reason to vilify.”
      He's right that it isn't a reason to ban but he himself did vilify, and how, the ignorant stupid racist etc. in the first part of his sentence. It isn't a crime, check, but it is a perfect reason to *vilify.

    • Now let's proceed past Humpty Dumpty and see who's to be Master here, who defines the words.

      Today Amena Elashkar, "a third generation Palestinian refugee living in a camp in Lebanon", touring the US as an interpreter for Nakba survivor octogenarians, tells us who the Master is who defines words. Like "antisemitism".

      In CounterPunch, she asks: "If You Work for Justice in Palestine, Why Won’t You Let Palestinians Speak?"

      Hear what is happening during these tours:

      What surprised us, however, was that some of the groups calling themselves “Students for Justice in Palestine” would also challenge us. The first was at Stanford University last year, where they expressed a concern that Alison Weir had come with us to hear our talk, and where I was told that I should not say that “Israel” has no right to exist (which is not part of our presentation, but which is a view held by millions of Palestinians).

      This earned us a reputation as “anti-Semites” in some circles, despite the fact that no one has shown anything anti-Semitic in any of our presentations. Some groups also object to statements made by some of the people in our organizing committee, composed of Al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition, the International Solidarity Movement – Northern California and the Free Palestine Movement. But no one has produced any anti-Semitic statements from any of these groups, either. Most recently, we were informed by the SJP group at George Washington University in Washington, DC that our Oct. 19 talk would be cancelled because we were “anti-Semitic”.

      Of course, we expect such talk from our Zionist enemies, and we give it little importance. But to hear it from a group that claims to be standing for justice in Palestine? Do these groups really expect to have any credibility among Palestinians when they do this?

      So yes, we are supposed to run any definition of words by the tribal Antisemitism-Hunter master and get the Kosher stamp.

      Nobody is getting at the "official" Zionists before getting out of the way their spies and agents at the helm of these tribally segregated organizations, founded with the sole aim of ensuring a good name for the tribe (and incidentally keeping an uninvited grip on Palestine.)

      Has anyone a good investigation of how come these Antisemitism-hunter fake solidarity orgs are always the best-funded, best-organized?

    • Ersatz Yisroel:

      Run it by your brain

      That was already done and you're Oll Korrekt by me.
      What a word is to mean, though, is determined by the Master.

      'But "glory" doesn't mean "a nice knock-down argument",' Alice objected.
      'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.'
      'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you can make words mean so many different things.'
      'The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'which is to be master — that's all.'

    • Ersatz Yisrael,

      I would first run it by Humpty Dumpty, just to make sure that meaning is kosher.

    • Yes, Rosross. Everybody should have a right to speak.
      Not necessarily in my house, though.
      Also, one can at the same time oppose any censorship of one's enemy and do one's best to eliminate said enemy.

    • Except, Mooser, that your question is not about fact but subjective interpretation.

    • Unfortunately his comment did prove an immense distraction to the fabulous and powerful conference and was wholly unnecessary.

      Not "unfortunately". It's by design, because

      1) the Zionist media are there to pounce on your every said and unsaid word and create a three-ring circus everyday to distract from their heinous crimes and perform character assassination of serious anti-Zionists;

      2) non-Zionist tribal groups, like the commanding bodies of some Palestine support associations, are equally ready to pounce on every possible word that could be construed as "antisemitism"(if necessary by convoluted analysis of intent) , because antisemitism-hunting seems to be their primary objective instead of support to Palestinian resistance.

      Looks like Peled has been consistent enough to be designated for the "If Americans Knew" treatment. I'd be delighted to be wrong.

    • Sibiriak,

      "Falsification of reality" is totally OK. It is a presentation (or pretends to be) of someone else's "reality". The way to oppose it s to compete in presenting your interpretation of so-called reality, not to shut him up by "anti-this-and-that!" cries.

      Of course most so-called anti-Islamism is very thinly veiled racism against people from a given part of the world, no matter if they are atheists or Christians. You attack that because it is plain racist, not by taking it at its own self-description.

      The ridiculous "antisemitism" accusation is mostly directed against people who criticize or oppose tribalist practices and Zionism. Even if this opposition did "falsify reality" it is not racist and should be opposed by weighing facts.

    • Rosross,

      I don't understand what it is that gives hope. The sabras, i.e. prickly pears, are in their overwhelming majority brainwashed genocidaires. Just think that they are most of the Zionist entity army. Hope?

    • Ofir,

      I'll skip a couple points where I don't agree re reading Peled's words, but to the meat now:

      “we don’t invite the Nazis and give them an hour to explain why they are right”, and that “in the same way we do not invite Zionists – it’s a very similar kind of thing”.
      In other words, the Holocaust deniers should get an opportunity to “explain why they are right” – but not the Nazis, or the Zionists.
      So Peled is not really advocating free speech here as a universal notion. He is precisely defining where he thinks it should border.

      How so? Not inviting, or not listening when someone explains something, has zilch to do with opposing free speech.
      Peled is just one martial arts guy, not an armed, entire fascist government with the powers to silence anyone --let alone the Zionists.

      Also, the statements are absolutely correct. It is absolutely despicable and ridiculous to invite Zionists or listen to them at all. There is as little to debate with them as there was with the Nazis in 1944. They are in power and they are murderous, nay genocidal.

      "Holocaust(TM) deniers" are one side in a historical discussion (a kooky side mostly, manned by ridiculous nostalgics, but still a side in a discussion.) They are not nearly as off line as the moneymakers off the Holocaust(TM) industry and certainly cannot be compared to the Zionists.

    • BS overbidding here, Sibiriak.

      "Antisemitism" is not at all like anti-Arab/Muslim/ Communist. You're playing dumb.
      The operative part is to know if the term is used a) to designate opposition based on a characteristic of birth (=ancestry) in which case it is racism, or b) anything acquired (like religion or anything else in the acquired department, which would make it entirely kosher.)

      So one still cannot know what it means in practical terms before the above is made clear.

      My personal, additional contention is that if it supposed to designate plain racism as in a) above, then using a separate fancy word for just that separate, particular kind of racism is a sly propaganda operation by Zionists and other "Jewish" fake-nationalists (even if they are not entirely Zionist) designed to justify their "non-antisemitic" racist and tribal attitude.

    • Annie,

      as an aside, i would appreciate a comment section w/no zionists. can’t they just talk elsewhere?

      Entirely agreed with the aside ("god forbid" as Annie says) --without the crudely overt Zionists polluting the air, there might be a chance to discuss things worth discussing. They can go yak at the Tablet or somesuch.

    • There is no word about "denying a public platform" to anyone there.
      Tolerance is one thing, inviting/sponsoring another.
      If you are arguing for or against something, you're not necessarily a denier but a person discussing.

      While you are there, let's have a good reason for not discussing with Holocaust(TM) deniers. After all, the record of the facts is relatively widely available.

      Speaking of discussing --what's totally pointless is trying to discuss anything with liberaloids. Are they tolerable? Not any more than reactionaries. Would I invite or sponsor them? Not really. But I'd oppose denying them freedom of speech anyway.

    • Nobody knows what that means --if it is not plain racism, it must be something against acquired characteristics and is perfectly acceptable wherever there is free expression. If it is plain racism, it doesn't need or deserve a separate name.

    • BS. Did Peled say he would invite "Holocaust(TM) deniers"? No. He is not one himself. He did not either say that Afrikaners or Zionists should be silenced by denial of speech. So yes, he opposes there three things and he opposes all bans on speech. Is that so hard to understand?
      In fact, it really looks like one of the things "liberals" have a very hard time understanding.

  • From Greta Gerwig to NYU, Israel has deep reservoir of cultural support in U.S.
  • Leading journalists call 2nd Amendment an anachronism -- but spare Zionism
  • Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor
    • Religion is usually passed from parent to child...

      ...per via vaginalis

    • "what mass slaughters?" asks the Green Monster!

    • An even Greener Jack:

      Religion is used as a marker for descendant of a citizen of ...

      Right. So as we were saying, religion is inborn, not acquired and cannot be acquired, eh?
      Thanks for confirming officially that Zionist racism is way worse than that of the Nazis.

      Meanwhile, we still have seen no papers to prove descendence. Even if there were any papers, that would of course be totally irrelevant for residence claims --these have long expired. Also, there is the small problem: the Palestinians are still the most likely, much more likely than you, heirs of a shepherd "kingdom" in the back-country hills that perhaps existed for a few years.


      Third Reich? Where are the gas chambers & crematoria?

      There were none, yet, in the 3rd Reich as late as 1941.
      Also, you seem to have missed the mass slaughters you have been committing up to now: not too slouchy, even if they are not entirely up to gas chamber standards. Yet.

    • The Green Jack, now:

      The non-Israeli Jews are the descendants of citizens of the Kingdom of Israel & the Kingdom of Judah.

      Proof? Personal papers? Everybody is still waiting.

      If Israel were a religion-supremacist state, it would not accept atheists.

      Ain't that god's very own truth, now!
      I don't know who invented the absurd nonsense of "religion-supremacist" state.
      Of course you are right. It's a plain racist state.
      It is no different than the Third Reich in that respect, just rabidly racial supremacist.

    • Whining Fredman worse than the bloodthirsty Jeffs and Co:

      Once one labels “Fiddler on the Roof” as not just myth history, but Zionist myth history, then one has taken the step of calling everything one finds objectionable about Judaism or Jewishness as Zionism.
      Zionism, particularly as referred to here at mw, meaning objectionable Zionism, is about the attachment of the Jews to a particularly land and that attachment superceding all other attachments. To use it as a phrase in order to condemn Fiddler on the Roof, which had zero to do with the land, is to say, I hate this piece of myth history and call it Zionism, so that everyone else will hate it too.

      Of course there is a land and a language and a culture to be attached to --if you are from there. It is called Yiddish areas of the Russian Empire and Poland, the language is Yiddish, the people and their culture are Ashkenazi. Nothing objectionable there if not dolts and/or criminals who call that "Jewish" as if it had anything to do with any other people with Jewish religion (or even without it) anywhere else.

      In the case of Fredman, one might be justified in starting to think that the more charitable interpretation of the two, above, is correct.

  • Watch the cathartic Vietnam documentary
  • Liberal Zionist hero Barak brags that Israeli left 'liberated' the occupied territories for Jews
    • Fredman and "Nathan" showing off and racing to who is the emptiest ignoramus of the two.

      The alphabet is Phoenician (in fact Proto-Canaanic), Kaf means and represents a hand (an empty hand, or paw, or shovel.) It's not Hebraic, even if there is some language family connection, so no monkey and no needle. In fact, it is one of the twelve Phoenician letters whose meaning is totally uncontested --no snake oil can be sold for kaf (kappu.) Do your own research. And nobody borrowed any writing system from Hebrew --it's Phoenician.

      As for the letter shapes they insist in using for "Modern Hebrew", instead of a Latin -based easy alphabet just to ensure their xenophobic isolation, these aren't even Hebraic, they are Aramaic, as everybody knows.

  • An Atheist in the Yeshiva: The education of Yossi Zvi Gurvitz
    • "Jeff" reminded me of something that was familiar in the years before the Internet: the loudspeakers in public places. They would drone on and on, carrying inept official propaganda, especially anywhere with military dictatorships --Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey... This was continuing the loudspeakers in public places under German occupation, which had been continually giving off Nazifascist propaganda until 1945.

      Already before 1945, these public loudspeakers conditioned rents --the further from loudspeakers, the higher the rent. People had gotten used to chatting in their drawing rooms under the continuous noise from the propaganda loudspeaker. Just as we are trying to discuss among us while the Jeffs and Nathans and other critters are continually blaring in, courtesy of Philip Weiss.

      One difference, though: the loudspeaker could not hear you talking to your family in your living room and butt in on every conversation.

  • A Jewish atonement for Zionism
    • One might get the idea (heaven help us) that the “Jews” are responsible for Zionism

      What a strange idea! Everybody knows, of course, that it is the work of Seventh Day Adventists.

    • I’m very careful with my words

      That's more than obvious.

    • Litvin,

      Yes, it's a conclusion from the text. I had read the book, as a youngish guy in 1968 but haven't reread it since and I have to thank you for announcing its reprint.

      But no thanks for this: after underlining, in the introductory paragraphs, that Menuhin was an anti-Zionist, you suggest anyway that he was part of the Zionist mafia, with

      Menuhin represents a number of prominent Jews, such as Ahad Ha’am and Judah L. Magnes, who favored spiritual as opposed to nationalistic Zionism and were outspoken critics of Zionism’s exclusivist and oppressive practices

      So not only you lump this antizionist with Zionists, no matter if they sport a lighter shade, you declare him to be their representative. Sure those Zionists were "critics of Zionism’s exclusivist and oppressive practices"; a universalist like Menuhin, however, opposed way more than Zionism's "practices": the Zionist abomination itself and its adherents like the ones you are mentioning. Add to this the totally irrelevant martyrology of said "cultural" Zionists and we have left both Menuhin and the destruction of Zionism far behind.

      As to

      indicts it [Zionism] as an un-Jewish aberration that should be wholly opposed. As such, Menuhin cleverly attacks the Zionist project from within.

      "Within" Zionism? "Within" what? Menuhin is not a Zionist and does not, as far as I know, recognize a "Nation" outside a religious community. So I really can't see anything out of line in suspecting propaganda.

    • And now the usual Jeff yet again. Why would anyone in his right mind have any interest in a propagandabot's logorrhea?

      But no, a glance was very instructive.


      let’s assume ... The “Palestinians” in this alternative world decided their economy is more important than their anti-colonial rebellion


    • In fact, this propaganda piece using Menuhin's book to whitewash his very enemies looks like a pre-emptive intervention to reduce the impact of the reprint.

      The glorification of "cultural" Zionists by Litvin and the likes of him is increasing in these last days, as part of the desperate attempt by so-called liberal Zionists to justify the invaders keeping a toehold on Palestine and the recognition of some "legitimacy" to at least the initial statehood, or remaining implanted "on equal terms", etc.

    • There is no good reason to lump Menuhin with the "cultural Zionist" nationalist crazies like Magnes & Co. , other than Litvin's quote, "Menuhin represents a number of prominent Jews, such as Ahad Ha’am and Judah L. Magnes, who favored spiritual as opposed to nationalistic Zionism and were outspoken critics of Zionism’s exclusivist and oppressive practices".

      These so-called spirituals were partisans of filling Palestine with uninvited foreign interlopers, forcing themselves on the unhappy local population as a nationalist Ashkenazi community under the aegis of the Ottoman, then the British Empire. And expecting to be adopted as brothers by the inhabitants.

      Menuhin's description of the Zionist crime "...cleverly managed to captivate the unsophisticated West European and American Jews, who were on the road to becoming fully integrated nationals of their adopted or native countries… behind a cloak of simulated philanthropy and innocuous-sounding “togetherness”." describes not only the "political" invaders but the Magnes-Ginsberg nationalist invasion, too.

      It looks as this review of Menuhin's book is an opportunity by Litvin to forget Menuhin and defend one variety of Zionists against another. as if the persecution of "spiritual" Zionists by the "political" Zionist murderers did excuse any of Zionism.

  • A plea to Israel: Don't start the third Lebanon War
    • Marnie,

      I'm looking for cases in history of invaded, occupied peoples who gave up the request for their land just because the invaders were nice enough to recognize them some "equal" rights. Except, of course, for those who were successfully made disappear, like the indigenous Americans.
      Can't find many of them. Not even a few.

    • You started the war in November 1947 and never stopped it. You made your bed, now lie in it until you get what's coming.

    • I know plenty of Israelis who understand our conflict as very complex nuanced and difficult

      Soooo complicated, eh?
      Colonial invaders occupy other people's land, steal all and perform a genocide to make disappear the owners.
      Verrrry complex, nuanced and difficult!

    • Brewer,

      “Except that Rabbis do oppose the bombing of civilians. ”
      I have not seen evidence of this. Can you link me please.

      Very many documents in which they oppose anything done to Zionist-Jewish civilians. Not just bombing but even saying boo, looking askance or having a negative thought about them..

    • Marnie,

      If the borderless state of israel had chosen years ago to give all palestinians citizenship with equal protection under the law and equal rights, and had never commited itself so stupidly to keeping a population of millions in an open air prison, perpetrate atrocities from the innumerable war crimes to the daily horrors inflicted upon the native population, there would be peace.

      That's a well-meaning wish. Occupied populations do not forget they are occupied. Even with so-called equal rights.

    • Derfner,

      The war started in November 1947 by the Zionist aggression is still on, remember? The Zionist horde is the invader. It also is an invader that started a war of aggression against Lebanon --still ongoing, too, and there was no Hizbullah when they started and the Zionist entity is still occupying Lebanon. "Second War" is Zionist aggressor terminology, and it is particularly stupid.

      No use counting 2 or 10, either, especially if they are uniformed invader soldiers. Any resistance, no matter if by "monsters" or not, is legitimate. In fact, there is no need here to even invoke any excuse: any attacks against the Zionist entity are perfectly kosher as long as it remains in war.

  • Zohra Drif's memoir of Algeria's fight for freedom is stunning
    • Hughes,

      That is called war. Once it's on, there are no rules but to utterly destroy the occupier. Any aggressor or occupier who tries to resist will necessarily put its own population (and collaborators) in harm's way.

      How fast we forget our own occupation and resistance, and even the more recent anticolonial struggles.

      That's why the UN Charter carries the Nuremberg principles; invaded populations have the imprescriptible right to fight by all means necessary, period. This is not a fell-good statement; it is fairly ominous. Anyone with many relatives and friends in the Resistance, the Mau-Mau, the ANC or any other liberation movement can tell you what ends up being "necessary" if the aggressor doesn't quit soon.

      None of that applies to the aggressor party, by the way, who doesn't even have the right to **be** there.

      Algeria offered what is required: become loyal Algerian citizens, or else choose between a suitcase and a coffin. That's highly appropriate.

  • Balfour Declaration, now 100, was 'gun pointed at heads' of Palestinians -- Khalidi
    • Thank you, Just.

      “These companies just can’t make the distinction between Israel and the settlements and are ending their operations all together,” the senior Israeli official said.

      The Senior Official has yet to learn that no one can make that distinction. His government doesn't make it either. No one sees any difference except the "liberal" Zionists (and the JVP, to the extent that it is different), and the hypocrite clowns of the EU.

    • Congratulations, Reb Fredman.
      Your comment has been selected as the absolute most cretinous of the year, hands down.

    • That would be a hard sell until they stop bombing Yemen, and stop conspiring with Israel, to cause mischief around the world. They should also stop trying to radicalize Muslims in other nations, and stop waging proxy wars. I mentioned it was a hard sell.

      If that "would be hard", it is totally impossible anyway as long as the single party Demolicanorepucrat dictatorship is in power in the US. It's nice to talk, but who are you supporting in fact?

  • Between our life and our mother Algeria, we chose our mother: Excerpt from 'Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter'
    • Maghlawatan,

      Meet Jeff. He'll understand your concerns with what you call economy. And your ideal.

    • Maghlaetc.,

      Don't try to drown the topic. Nobody is discussing "romance" or "sclerosis". Irrelevant as usual. The FLN did kick out the occupier and get independence, and how. Perhaps you weren't around. Also, it did offer Algerian citizenship to all. And not only were the pieds-noirs exactly as suicidally pigheaded as any Zioinvaders; the Jews among them always were the most rabid, proportionally speaking, and there is not a smidgen of a doubt about that.

      [I don't get you; yesterday you were blaming the Dutch people for the Nazi occupation of their country and today you turn around and now absolve a pack of genocidal parasites]

    • Thank you, Helena Cobban, for bringing this highly significant book to the English-reading public.

      It is much more relevant to the Palestinian struggle than most (or any?) books published on Palestine itself in the last decades.

  • For Americans who can't imagine the occupation -- Waldman and Chabon's collection might do the trick
    • Thank you, Helena Cobban, for pointing out that Palestinians do not need last-minute supposed supporters with essentially Zionist sympathies. This cannot be repeated enough.

  • How Israel is silently transferring Palestinians from East Jerusalem
    • How do you know that it’s Palestinian land?

      Because it's far easier to know that than that the earth is not flat.
      Judging by you guys, Zionism for a couple generation seems to have totally murdered the human brain.

    • Another "Green":

      It’s the Palestinians who demand “from the River to the Sea.”

      Well, duh! They (*&%^$ own it!

  • Ten days of awe: standing with whom?
    • Mooser,

      The dough would be just as edible. More attractive to those who like bright red.

    • John S outdoes some major Zionists in unconscious cheek.

      Martin Buber and Judah Magnes were indeed among those who advocated a bi-national state

      So frowning what? Bi or straight, it's all on other people's land.

  • High holidays? Meh
  • Why the split inside the Democratic Party over BDS needs to happen
    • Stand by your man...

      Nah... men pass, the Party remains.

    • John S yet again:

      As you should know by now, I support the Palestinian right to self determination.

      No shoot. If you did, you would never even set foot in Palestine against the will of its owners --to say nothing of your conscious complicity in crimes against humanity. Out.

    • Is that "Jeff" earning his propaganda stipend by being so thick?

      "You missed..." No I didn't. This is as of the colonization declaration at the Basle Congress, 1897. Confirmed by a promise by the major colonial power of its time, 1917.

      Any immigration after that is illegal.

    • John S and his obscene cluelessness once more:

      Do you oppose the Kurdish people’s right to self-determination?
      Why shouldn’t they have the right to a Kurdish state, if they so wish?

      Do you oppose the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination?
      Why shouldn’t they have the right to a Palestine free of Zionist interlopers, if they so wish?

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