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  • Start 'Birthright' earlier and hire conservative professors-- to stem 'national security issue' of Jewish kids abandoning Israel
    • gamal,

      the Zionist are now colonizing the diaspora, they want your babies

      Nothing new there. The tribe the Zionists pretend to represent has always got them right at birth. It has always been a racial thing.

  • Israel's P.R. campaign is failing: the more Americans know, the less favorable they are
    • Hunter,

      What I didn’t predict was just how skewed the coverage could be even when one of the most powerful militaries in the world were bombing

      Not "one of". The most powerful military in the world, or supposed so, was bombing: the US of A. There is not the slightest doubt about that. It may even be that the number of US citizens among the soldiers was as high as in the US army proper (in the Zionist entity, they don't have the many Latin Americans obliged to enlist to acquire citizenship.)

  • From lamentation to triumphalism: the story behind 'Jerusalem of Gold,' Israel's second national anthem
    • Only a vicious liar can ever write something like "Jews were not allowed to worship in their holy places under Turkish and Jordanian rule".

      Except if he is a total retard who takes propagandists' words without checking.

    • Actual Israeli accomplishments, like other human accomplishments, should be celebrated.

      They should be boycotted.
      Celebrating gets in the way of the boycott and helps the Zionists.

  • In order to change Israel activists must disrupt Zionist space
    • We on the ground ourselves don’t know how to be useful.

      Good. Forget all the rest of your babble. If you want to be useful, you get the hell out of that "ground". That will make one invader fewer; every little bit helps. If you're so inclined, you can be useful --much more!-- from abroad.

  • Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes
    • Eljay,

      That's all you ever answer --remarks about style. Never to the meat.
      I quoted you, that's all. It's obvious: for you, ownership of the land does not count at all, but just some idea, your own, of "democracy". If the invaders by miracle become "democratic" according to your specs, they get a full pardon and the right to remain. All they have to do to get other people's land is to conquer and "annex" it. Enjoy.

    • Eastlake,

      Yeah, sure (but as Annie already commented) the colonialists and colonials don't really have more than a popular or religious mandate either.

      Besides, that objection is a meaningless diversion anyway: the problem that you identified is a position that defends the absolute primacy of some "democracy/equality" concept --according to rather subjective criteria.

      That "democracy" is supposed to trump international law, old-established fairness rules of self-determination, ownership of territory, and non-intervention in the absence of aggression, as encapsulated in this recent post, expressing agreement to outright annexation by the invader as long as so-called religious supremacism is not practiced:

      Had Israel annexed the West Bank, Israelis - not "the Jews" - would then have been entitled to settle in the West Bank...
      I agree that democracy is a moral value.
      However, supremacism - including religion-based "Jewish State" supremacism - is not a moral value.

      - See more at:

      In other words, the source of legitimacy is some Americanized definition of democracy and equality. Explicitly not the rights of peoples.

      Of course such allies can still be useful, but that's coming mighty close to other "liberals" who bomb the sh|t out of Afghans and Ghazans, ostensibly because they are theocratic and veil their women.

    • Eastlake,

      To be more precise, one could observe (as Annie did re Saudi), that some Islamic states do in fact "help Israel preserve its apartheid status and continue violate human rights", alongside countries like Canada or Australia. That doesn't detract anything from your argument.

  • Palestinian Authority blocks access to news sites linked to Abbas rivals
    • Shenfield,

      "puppet" is perhaps a trifle too strong

      How so and why exactly? Couple supposedly popular gestures were made also by the Nazi occupation puppets and our American executioners. Where is the evidence that Abbas has "tried to wiggle" instead of going through the gestures required from any puppet?

    • Nothing to say? Why, he will hang together with his Zionist owners. Not even worth mentioning. Looks like you're so dim you don't even know who is on your side. Enjoy.

  • The deep bonds of Palestinian-Puerto Rican solidarity were on display at this year's NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade
    • I don't mind your asking, Mooser, but your questions are a little, let's say, irrelevant. First, regardless if you like it or not, it is a solid fact. Regardless if I "push the line" or not, the fact persists, it's not "my war". Second, mentioning it here is a reminder for behavior appropriate to that fact. Recruitment is entirely the Palestinians' problem.

    • Continue trying to deviate. This is a war of aggression by the Zionists and various colonialist powers they control, a boom-boom war, not "of ideas", and the point is that that it requires behavior corresponding to that fact. Continue trying to minimize the fact that there is an enemy, and how.
      Who are you to insist on stupid, unrelated questions, anyway?

    • Sibiriak,

      Generally you're able to present your diversion more intelligently.

      How many wars do you reckon “we” are in at the moment? Please list. Thanks.

      Just as relevant (and just as arrogant) to the question in hand as "How many pimples on your nose? You owe me a report."

      The fact remains that this is a real war where the aggressor is hell bent on utterly destroying the attacked side. Trying a diversion on "dehumanizing" won't switch the attention away from the fact that the enemy is really a mortal enemy.
      No need to scare-quote that "we": it doesn't necessarily include you.

    • "Not human" is a compliment, Sibiriak. There is no other warring and genocidal species.
      No other animal species could have produced anything as horrible as the Zionists.
      The fact that they are human, though, does not take away the fact that we are in a war and must learn to behave appropriately.

  • Nationwide 'rally against Sharia law' reflects violent surge of Islamophobia since Trump election
    • Walters

      an Israeli operation at root

      A Zionist operation certainly --"Israeli" dunno, as it is hard to believe that the place called Israel leads anything. I don't think there is any doubt that the real owners and rulers of Zionism are in the US.

  • Packed room on Capitol Hill hears Palestinian student say he thought three IDs and a separation wall was normal for children everywhere
    • Mooser,

      I have repeatedly described it as descendants of all Palestinians established in Palestine as of 1897, including all the Palestinians diaspora since then, and definitely excluding all invading Zionists since 1897, date of the 1st Zionist congress; others may propose the Balfour declaration as a starting point given that the main culprit in the hostile invasion and takeover is the British Empire.

      As for A.Bastard and me both seeing the ceasefire line as not a permanent border, of course it is not a permanent border, was not anything but an illegal occupation border. That's just a fact, and the Zionist side, being illegitimate, has to be kicked out.

      Does A.Bastard agree that Zionists have nowhere in Palestine where they have the right to settle --not a single square inch?

    • Good definition, Mooser. I am the least qualified to define it, but the eligible population sure as hall shouldn't include any of the Zionist invaders after their declaration of intent to colonize and take over the state. 1897? 1917? It sure as hell includes all descendants of Palestinian diaspora, too, since at least 1947. So, complicated. Very.

      Realistic? Feasible? No idea (even crazier things have very occasionally happened) but at any rate an impossibility to do it cannot be used as a get-away-with-murder pass by the invaders. They should have thought of that at the start.

    • Talknic,

      Hard to know if you are asking in good faith or pretending not to understand.

      1. The Zionist entity is of course, since 1948, a self-declared state under the name of "Israel". Heir of all actions of the precedent shape (=invaders and terrorist bands) of the Zionist entity.

      2. When you say "They [the Zionist invaders in Palestine] are in their millions. Are you gonna sue ’em individually?" you reveal an exclusively gown-and-wig approach to resistance. Who is talking of suing, except as an insignificant sideshow? Didn't you get the news that this is a war? Would you imagine relying exclusively on some Nazi-occupied courts during WWII, to ask for a judgment expelling the Germans from the occupied lands?

      No, the idea is not to sue them but expel them if that is the general wish of the Palestinians, as indicated by very many signs, whenever the balance of forces allows it. If a proper, valid plebiscite can be conducted, so much the better. Continuing to defend the absurd idea of a legitimate Zionist presence in Palestine can only work against this.

    • Mooser,

      So I see Uncle Remus is working for making the Zionist foothold in Palestine a durable and all-round recognized, respected fixture.

      Are you guys for real? Who or what is holding the (US)Zionist entity to any armistice lines anyway? Are you also so far gone that you believe in any peaceful arrangements with the Zionists short of the whole pie, so that perhaps giving them '48 would make them pliable?
      Anyway, patient attempts at holding the Z at the armistice line are good and beautiful... but passé: 1/2 million of the herd are already there.

      Zionists still have no right to be on either side of any armistice lines anyway. Those stories are all proposals for compromises under duress (while Zionists have already proved that no compromises are to be considered.) Justice requires a valid Palestinian plebiscite and restitution of all Palestinde to its owners. No baby talk or children's good-night stories, please.

    • Talknic,

      Now you're in a discussing mood, I'd like you to answer two questions I never got a response to.

      1. Who ever said not to hold the Zionist entity to its obligations even under its illicit person? Supposing that you can force it to comply, in the sense of either a 2-state formula or integrating the enslaved population into the existing entity with a better status, who or what is preventing you? Who or what is saying that acceding to a forced compromise means you have to give up your claim to full justice?

      2. All Zionist squatters in Palestine are there without the express authorization of the owners. They are all answerable, no need to find a living Adam-and-Eve. If the invaders want to avoid complications, they can get out today. What has that got to do with your imagined need of a state actor with live first-person executives? What is keeping you, provided you have the necessary power (and an inclination to courtrooms, lawyers' robes, wigs and such), from exacting full reparation from the current colonial criminals?

    • Sorry, Talknic.

      Sure, the majority here are on the side of the Palestinians, but slice it any which way, legitimizing the imposed partition does support the Zionist claim on Palestine and justifies "the Zionists’ crime of invasion, ethnic cleansing, theft or apartheid", as you so well say --limitedly to the first invasion at least, to the day it declared itself a state in violation of all law.

    • Eljay,

      Stop BSing us, please.

      Israel’s borders are the Partition borders:
      – it accepted;

      The owners of the country never accepted

      – within which it asked to be recognized as a country;
      – within which it was recognized as a country

      Not by the owners of the country but by hostile colonialist, imperialist powers.

      – outside of which it has been engaging in colonialism and (war) crimes for almost 70 years.

      Oh, not Inside the initial occupation zone, too? That was at least as criminal in the way of colonialism and war crimes --not to you "liberal" Zionists. The 70 years start with the initial Zionist occupation, which is not "outside of which".

      By repeating relentlessly this despicable propaganda, you are trying to legitimize the Zionists' crime of invasion, ethnic cleansing, theft and Apartheid in the mind of the readers. No matter if limited to the first occupation or the successive waves of aggression. Your denouncing the criminal enterprise is useless as a fig leaf when you make yourself an accessory to helping the invaders enjoy the fruits of the Nakba.

  • The Israelis
    • Eljay,

      Israelis originated in Israel.

      Bullshit again. Those Zionists immigrating there are illegal immigrants, invaders. Those born there did not "originate" there (you may want to consult English usage for the word) but originate in illegal invasion from other, unrelated places.

      People who choose to hold the religion-based identity of Jewish have been originating in homelands all over the world by: – undergoing a religious conversion to Judaism; or – being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

      BS. The "identity of Jewish" for Zionist purposes is strictly racist. It has nothing to do with the individuals' effective religion. It has of course nothing to do with effective "race" either, but with its view by a racist, that's why it may be more exact to call it racist than racial.

    • North Cascadian,

      American Indigenous people were proselytized, educated and assimilated, then given rights and then arguably given special rights.

      Now, now. You are wronging the English and the Spaniards and the French. They, most Catholically or in most Puritan fashion, wherever applicable, sent the overwhelming majority of Injun souls to Paradise, ensuring their timely salvation.
      After which, when there weren't any Injuns left to fight back, then they did all the nice things you mentioned. Well, almost.

      The Zionists are jealous and they are currently trying to achieve the same. When only a Weitz quota (15%) remains alive, they will reevaluate. They hope to get to an American (or Australian, etc.) situation soon enough.

    • That is a perfectly valid way of looking at it, Mooser. Thanks.

      But then, it's they, the American Jews, who are the Zionist HQ, not the cannon-fodder suckers that are squatting in Palestine. All they had to do was to just turn a spigot, up in Westchester County, and that would have been it. Instead, the way they are "saving Israel from itself" is by sending the more unbalanced kids to become Zionist troops and settlers. The "lot of time and resources" goes like that, then: the reasonable human minority may devote a lot of time, but in terms of resources it's one dollar, one vote and the billions have spoken. The only field where $ counts a little less is in gathering people, and the American Jews are not exactly a majority.

    • Right, Grover again.

      Israeli’s have arms. Yet virtually no gun violence

      Yet a daily news bulletin never fails to bring up several murders by firearms every day. Putting all kinds of firearms together, there have been days with dead counts reaching 600. More, it's the country with the most gun violence in the world.

      Count on Grover for the foot-and-mouth disease.
      Also, he can't be Mooser's sock puppet. I believe that Mooser wouldn't write with greengrocer's apostrophes, not even to impersonate a cretin.

    • Eljay,

      – Palestinians from Israel must be allowed to return to Israel; and, – Palestinians from not Israel must be allowed to return to not Israel.

      And if you not-discontinue your "not-X" exercises you'll not-start not-down not-unlike a pretzel.

      Palestinians are the sole owners of all Palestine. They are the only ones with the right to go anywhere in all of Palestine as they wish, period; the Zionist invaders still have no right to be there. Your "Israel" is Palestinian territory just as much as your "not-Israel". It's not up to some American or Canadian do-gooder to enforce the continuation of ethnic cleansing and exiling of the Palestinians under the gentle name of "right of return".

      Also, if you are trying that "measured" colonialist, Zionist-lite approach in the hope that some Zionist government will listen to you and apply your plan of Apartheid-approved two-tier right of return, then you're not-on your rocker.

    • American Jews are all that can save Israel from the ideology that envelops it. That change won’t come from Israelis

      What a comedown it is to read this, Weiss. Who the hell wants to "save" the shitty, genocidal, bastard Zionist entity? From itself, no less.

      The ones that need being saved, and really need it because they are being genocided, are the Palestinian people, not the invader bunch (who is only waiting for the right opportunity to apply the American-style final solution: as you so well observe, the oceanic Nazi crowd "seem to want the Palestinians to assume the position of the American Indian".)

      In the absence of some worldwide war, the only way to do that is by turning around the US, and it's not your insignificant "American Jews" but only the general population, the masses of Americans, the people who just voted Trump because they've had it, who can do that. Every cent we can spare should go to informing them.

    • Eljay,

      referring not to the geographic region of / formerly known as Palestine), but to the countries of Israel and Palestine, which are separate places (even if the latter continues to be under military occupation and colonization by the former)

      The entire country and region of Palestine is illegally occupied by the Zionist entity, and that country "of Israel" is an illegal colonial imposition against the UN Charter and all international law. The so-called country "of Palestine" is non-existent, a bitter joke of a Zionist-US puppet collaborationist administration imposed by the same imperial powers that imposed the so-called "partition".

      By recognizing the 1947 military conquest and occupation under color of forced "partition", you simply underwrite the military occupation, the theft of Palestine, "the ethnic cleansing" and all other policies of the Zionist entity.

      Even the blind, deaf and dumb can see that the entirety of Palestine is under military occupation. Judging by your posts, your life's work seems to be that of repeating daily the ridiculous colonialist fiction, to create the impression that the illegal colonialist partition and the genocide a is a done deal and shouldn't be remedied.

  • Israel and P.A. go forward with plan to cut electricity to Gaza by 40 percent
    • "Humanitarian"? No need for 0'bAma-style war of aggression. The Zionist entity has vastly earned armed intervention for its wars of aggression --at least 6 of them. There wouldn't even be a need to discuss it without the US.

  • Israeli soldiers shoot from towers across fence into Gaza protest, killing Palestinian
    • I suppose the difference is that Zionists' meat would be treyf.

    • Plutarch, Life of Lycurgus of Sparta:
      "The magistrates from time to time sent out into the country at large the most discreet of the young warriors, equipped only with daggers and such supplies as were necessary. In the day time they scattered into obscure and out of the way places, where they hid themselves and lay quiet; but in the night they came down into the highways and killed every Helot whom they caught. Oftentimes, too, they actually traversed the fields where Helots were working and slew the sturdiest and best of them. So, too, Thucydides, in his history of the Peloponnesian war, tells us that the Helots who had been judged by the Spartans to be superior in bravery, set wreaths upon their heads in token of their emancipation, and visited the temples of the gods in procession, but a little afterwards all disappeared, more than two thousand of them, in such a way that no man was able to say, either then or afterwards, how they came by their deaths. And Aristotle in particular says also that the ephors, as soon as they came into office, made formal declaration of war upon the Helots, in order that there might be no impiety in slaying them.
      And in other ways also they were harsh and cruel to the Helots. For instance, they would force them to drink too much strong wine, and then introduce them into their public messes, to show the young men what a thing drunkenness was."

      The Spartan colonial fascists at least went lightly armed and naked to terrorize and massacre the enslaved local population, as you see.

      Compare to the Zionist cowards.

  • Dispatch from 'the most ****ed up place on Earth,' Hebron's H2 quarter
    • RoHa,

      Why, you never give up. You must be a furriner. In American linguistics or rather language as practiced in the US of A, playing dead and rolling over at the first use of an enormity is a positive value.

      You no longer have to wait until the use of a given solecism is firmly established and only a few fossils continue the old usage. It's either give up immediately and follow whatever ignorant fad is on, or then be branded "elitist" --and that doesn't mean belonging to the best and brightest, either.

    • Page: 38
    • Hughes,

      the fact that you ascribe religious significance to something does not make it yours and the idea that God has given something to you has no claim on the minds of any who do not accept your religion

      We all know you are generous but now I'd say generous to a fault.
      Since when have Zionists acquired religion?

    • Hirsch,

      May I call you Bambi? That would be the right term of endearment for a cutesy deer that can make factual some Patriarchs who, I suppose, lived before Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, when the Archaeopteryx used to darken the sky.

      Yessiree, it's factual. It's written right there in the Bible!

    • Who gives a flying flick about any of that, Hemet? Do you have personal papers proving that you are a direct descendant, within a couple generations, of the supposed dinosaurs who supposedly squatted in those hills? Let's see personal papers or be so good as to hold it.

      This is Palestine and you are not entitled to live in it. Period.

  • Intersectional feminism: Wonder Woman, Palestinians, Wakanda and Zionism
    • IntersectionEtc. is the diametrical contrary of the strategical thinking constantly exposed by Stalin, and Lenin before him. They always recommended allying yourself single-mindedly with anyone who would agree on even a single common goal, and avoiding any rupture of such alliances until that single goal was reached. How else do you explain the brilliant success of both?

      Popular fronts had no time for nonsense requiring them to narrow their goals by multiplying them. I think you should make time to read both authors, by far your betters, and study their work.

      Also, you are the enemy and this kind of tasteless interventions are in bad form.

    • Quite so, Sibiriak. But that is no argument against a boycott. I won't buy a turnip if sold by a Zionist, and I won't buy a movie in which one is playing.
      That's the only way to deny them their livelihood.

      You still didn't get the memo that there is a war? A real one.

  • Westchester legislature prepares bill saying BDS 'maligns the Jewish people,' and opponents organize
    • Supporters of BDS are rational actors who recognize that the destruction of Israel would hardly serve their own long-run interests

      Speak for yourself, Hank. Everyone is free to boycott (or try to call for divestment and sanction) as long as heshe feels like it.

      Some Zionists are calling for boycott of post-1967 settlements only in the hope of salvaging some of their colonial conquest.

      BDS organizations based under the thumb of the Zionist military occupation are in principle for a boycott of the Zionist entity but not in practice calling for more than a boycott of post-1967 occupation. Others are boycotting all Zionist entity products. Others yet are boycotting all Zionist entity products, all known Zionist products worldwide and all cultural exchange with Zionist entity citizens (except known deserters.)

      This supporter of BDS is not going to stop before justice is done, ie until either the utter destruction of the Zionist entity or a formal authorization, by a proper Palestinian plebiscite, to some Zionist invaders to remain. Whichever the earlier. That's at least as rational as the nonsense single-aim propaganda. We may be few today, but you never know.

  • No anti-Zionists allowed on Hadassah panel exploring 'tension' between feminism and Zionism
    • Fredman,

      Not only Americans, the overwhelming majority of humans have no idea of the etymology of most words they use. "Yehudi" is Hebrew and its exact and close translation is "Jew", and the language of this site is English.

      No problem with you insanely ranting on in your little corner, nobody has to read the nonsense, but you should be thankful and avoid making yourself more obnoxious than you already are and bite people when there is absolutely no reason for it. (In my humble opinion of course, for the hyperventilatory reader that will again interject that I am impersonating an officer of the law or of the site.)

    • Who owes to justify oneself to the clinically insane? The more you try to explain, the more he'll ramble on with his paranoia.

  • Orientalism, intersectionality, and the 'New York Times'
    • Annie,

      there’s a long history of Black-Palestinian solidarity

      Thanks, I hadn't noticed until you told me today. In my 70+ years, I always knew them as alliances among different movements of the downtrodden and oppressed. Or, as some long-forgotten unhip fossils said "Workers of the world, unite!" Or just plain participation in more than one thing, but severally, one at a time.

      Until the liberaloids started infesting the earth and brought their sections, or interwatchamacallits.

      The difference is, if you want effective alliances you keep each of them to just only the point it is made for. As in, you don't start Demolican vs Repucrat or Qa'ida vs Asad catfights on a site for solidarity with Palestinian resistance, or chase away those who don't like pussy-hats from a BLM meeting, or start an "antisemitism" witchhunt against enemies of Zionism, etc. Short, you don't bring your cat to a dog lovers' meeting even if you like both species.

      What sotosay defines new fad words is their usage, and a survey of general usage for "intersectionality" indicates that it generally applies to making a big, fuzzy mess of all trendy "social justice" issues, good or bad or plain ludicrous, without paying attention to selecting the primary priority, and to avoid shooing away all the allies that may help you reach the general population.

      While we're at it, let's make the new, sesquipedalian words longer and clunkier. They'll get to be even more successful.

    • RoHa,

      There are things in our unfortunate country even more diabetogenic than Sandler and more stultifying than corn syrup. Now I think of it, it was our Zionist Mafia that started the big intersection hoopla, lathering itself up as the prime defender of "gay" rights and women's rights, iconic in drafting homosexuals and women as military assassins and torturers, practicing sexual emancipation by the abortion and Provera injections (forced, but you can't have it all) of/to dark-skinned women, practicing socialism-in-action by redistributing my tax money to the Zionist entity, and third-worldism by mobilizing about Darfur.

      If all that isn't intersectional, what is?

    • Mooser,

      Have fun playing with your own little club of "intersectionals" and throwing around nonsense words like "right" and "left". What "left", fercryinoutloud? You forgot you're in the US of A? There is only the right. Only. Period. I'll take an abortion-banning, bible-thumping guy who wants to cut all aid to Zionists any day rather than any warmongering Democrat who is "left" because he wants more gays and women in the commandos and speaks correct.

    • In fact, the only thing that "intersectionality" can accomplish (besides fouling language with one more monster) is to make impossible any effective alliances to address particular problems. It limits the range of such alliances to the usual crowd of powerless but noisy liberaloids.

      Like our managers and fellow contributors here who, instead of only focusing on Palestine when they are writing here, draw the line at "antisemitism", Holocaust(TM) denial, criticism of religion, dislike of homosexuals, neglect of social do-gooding, etc etc. That's just the way to get the general US population to understand what's going on in Palestine and make the US turn around its Palestine policy, isn't it? "totally ineffectual pseudo-left" sounds like the right name.

  • How 1967 changed American Jews
    • Yet the Grand Choam let himself get entangled in the endless deceit, without showing honest effort. Thanks to Phil Weiss for confirming that.

      One cannot avoid admiring Elmer Berger for his clear eyesight. Perhaps his being religious helped him understand, in contrast to the whole lot of gullible fools, that his coreligionists are just that, coreligionists. If they have any religion. Not "his people".

  • The issue isn't the 'occupation', it's Zionism
    • Absolutely, Hughes. One thing I would appreciate your informed opinion about is the part played in this "Official Sympathy" by Zionist intrigue and money versus that of English & British religiosity, especially that of the various strands of Protestantism. If, that is, you have time for that.

    • Walters,

      Palestine could have been a non-sectarian democracy setting an example for the rest of the Mideast.

      Palestinians had always been the most secular and most open society in that area of the world. Its resistance organizations before the Oslo treason were the best expression of it. It took a lot of oppression, despair, conscious work and US Money on the part of the Zionists to transform it into a cesspit of religious fanaticism, with Moslem Brothers the only real resistance in town, and the secular faction Zionist puppets. This may have been the worst Zionist crime; at any rate it was one of the most effective.

    • Hughes,

      Thank you for making that clear. Next we should also have a look at Her, formerly His, Majesty's bizarre concept of fiduciary duties under a Mandate.

    • Old Geezer,

      There is a hierarchy of international crimes, though. Aggression and internal intervention against sovereign states and invasion of other people's territory stand separate from the rest. Tyranny, etc. are not a consideration at that level.

  • Why has the Israeli occupation lasted so long? It's good for business.
    • Larick,

      I agree with almost everything you say about Halper's analysis, his remarkable analytic and expressive skills, etc. His representation of the Palestinian Helot/Guinea pigs as a stimulating force for the security industry, and the role of the vicious circle of the security industry as a sponsor of endless occupation is convincing.

      Problem is, my criticism was not an "ad hominem attack" but directed at all the tribals who, like Halper, illegally immigrated to Palestine without the owners' permission and are still squatting there.
      Let's not forget that this is a war. In war time, enemy citizens are suspect except if they are deserters --and saboteurs remain unknown by definition. We won't start on those whose nearest and dearest are with the enemy. This is only natural, independently from the proclaimed positions of the individual.

      Even if you were among the rare persons remaining, who can see any value in overt opposition within the Zionist Master-race population, IMO that is more likely to be effective if performed abroad.

    • No matter what good works Halper is into, basically he illegally immigrated to Palestine against the wishes of the owners of the land, as an invader. He is still squatting on conquered land.

      It may sometimes be in the interest of Palestinian resistance to support some faction of their invaders, of course; I don't know exactly how things stand in that respect but one thing I know is that an intruder who continues squatting has other things in mind than the liberation of Palestine from the Zionist invaders, being one himself.

      Fighting against house demolitions while participating in the invasion and theft of the country strikes one as schizophrenic, at least. What used to be called "swallowing a camel and straining at a gnat".

      At worst, this kind of things could represent another example of Zionists straining to control and take charge of both sides of the fighting. Time will show.

  • Making the crossover from Elie Wiesel to Marc Ellis
    • Steinschneider's usage is more interesting: he uses it about Renan, i.e. about the top semitist and top religion historian of the 19th C. So "antisemite" was appropriately used to describe the most erudite and informed critic of the three Semitic superstitions.
      Thank you for the tidbit.

    • John S,

      Thanks for responding.

      I'm not an invader, I live in my people's historic homeland. No Jew is an invader in the Jewish homeland.

      Of course you are an invader. You illegally immigrated into Palestine, against the will of its owners, the Palestinian people.

      Those Palestinian Jews who lived in Palestine before 1897, the year the Zionist beasts announced their intention to colonize the place, of course were Palestinians and their direct descendence should have a right to Palestinian citizenship. No other.

      I'm not a war criminal

      Of course you are. You are part of the foreign civilian population settled on conquered land in flagrant violation of the Geneva Conventions (and other international law instruments before the GC.) Of course, it would be impractical to try and sentence all participants in such a mass crime, just the way only a few leaders among the Nazis were convicted and punished. You are far from being any kind of leader. But then, if you ever were under uniform or in the reserve for the Zionist entity you sure are a war criminal and possibly indictable.

      I also support freedom of speech. “Veterans Today” can say whatever they want on their website.

      Strange. What the VT articles you cited are about is a request for freedom of speech, so that the Holocaust (TM) Industry propaganda used for the age's biggest extortion scheme may be discussed and criticized. You falsely characterized them as "Holocaust(TM) denial". What can your goal be, other than banning any discussion?

      The Webster defines Anti-Semitism as : “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”

      The Webster is full of sh|t. Return it. This definition

      -does not differentiate between opposition to "Jews" (undefined) due to their religion, which is an acquired characteristic, not something that is there from birth, and as such perfectly legitimate,

      - pushes obvious Zionist propaganda by positing that "Jews" (undefined) are an "ethnic group", which they definitely are not, under any circumstances: the religious ones belong to a religion but the irreligious have nothing in common among the different groups. You as an Eskenazi are totally foreign in every aspect of "ethnicity" to my family. Opposition to the Eskenazi for the single fact of being born so would of course be a despicable thing, Anti-Ashkenazism. I'd agree with that.

      - of course there is no such "racial group" except in Zionist myth, but that doesn't keep both Nazis and Zionists from murderous racial discrimination. That last element is of course fully valid and I do condemn any discrimination based on the sole fact of being born "biologically Jewish".

      So we are left with one element only: racism. Well, there is no need to separate "antisemitism" from common-or-garden racism. The racism that you and your fellow Zionists are practicing against all persons born Palestinian does not give you much of a standing to protest this (real) antisemitism, you know?

    • So, invader and unindicted war criminal John S, now shows that in defining "Holocaust(TM) Denial" he predictably follows the Holocaust(TM) Industry line: he classifies under this inflammatory name the request for freedom of speech, including freedom to question any and all Zionist propaganda around one genocide. Even though I do not share Faurisson and Co.'s views, I sure will defend their right to discuss it anything they want. Same by Veterans Today. The same position is that of the Zionist but honest Noam Chomsky, by the way.

      Saying that the Holocaust (TM) Industry managers and peons are vile liars and extortion artists, to the tune of tens of billions, in the service of the Zionists does not mean that a genocide of people the Nazis considered Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, etc. did not happen. Of course it did, but the Zionist lies must be pitilessly hunted and rejected.

      He also indicates as "antisemitism" the observation that the US is not a Jewish-majority country, by far, and logically when one wishes one's neighbor a good Easter or happy Xmas or whatnot, normal people wouldn't ask one's baptism certificate. Except in a Zionist-powered "Jewish" dictatorship.

      So when are we getting the exact definition of "antisemitism" from any of youse? One gets tired of asking.

    • OK, John S, get us the exact text and context of what you want to call "antisemitism" and "Holocaust(TM) denial" on Veterans Today.

      And you damn better define the damn thing. Still no definition from you guys. Mind you, any opposition or criticism directed at acquired characteristics is perfectly kosher.

  • The Israeli army enters the inquisition business
    • Mooser,

      I'm sure you intended to write "with or without anesthesia and sterilization?"

  • The '67 War called Tony Judt to Israel -- where he found an 'anachronism' he 'intensely disliked'
    • Well, Mooser, if you didn't know now you do.

      That's the official Zionist version of WWII.
      That's also the official US version for all kids who went to school after 1970 or so.


  • New website sets Zionist myths vs. the historical record
    • I don't mind the rudeness or the foul mouth. In fact, being "dogmatic, rude, intellectually dubious and pig headed" are substantial advantages if your propaganda is directed at Zionists or Zionist sympathizers. The way these people have been raised in the last 50 years, these are appealing macho conquistador features.

      Let's just remember to try and afford our own security personnel and, in its absence, stop being silent spectators. I watched: intervening as a group (not one by one) and berating "security" would probably have cut the thing short.

    • Mr. Saboteur (who is well known here in London) is so adept at his craft that when Security arrived to ask him to desist or leave, he instead cowered Security into leaving.

      Name, picture and address would be welcome. Also, considering that he was successful not because he is adept at his craft, but for the fact that security personnel is hired and instructed by his accomplices, it might be a good idea to contemplate having out own security personnel at these venues. It's becoming a matter of physical safety now, not just freedom of speech.

  • 'The greatest sustained exercise of utterly arbitrary authority world has ever seen' -- Chabon on occupation
    • The trick is in focusing everybody's attention on 50 years of occupation, hoping that the theft itself, preceding it by 20 years, will be forgotten.

  • Campaign to stop Linda Sarsour from speaking at CUNY was an epic flop
  • 'To live or to perish' -- Norman Finkelstein on the Six-Day-War and its mythology
    • Mooser,

      At the price she sells her "academic" books, Prime Ministers can hardly afford to buy them; of course she'll have to donate them.

    • I was blown away by your precise, yet patient and polite, way of disposing with the nonsense.

    • Arithmetics are not, or in any case should not be, part of IQ testing. 900 / 1.5 million = 0.06%

  • Oren sees 'radical implosion' of US Jewish support for Israel -- then calls Palestinian polygamy 'existential threat'
    • Quite so, Keith, but lip service, even if coming from the worst enemy of a specific advancement, is extremely important. I think that most may agree that the colonialist criminals came to denounce colonialism as if it were their enemy, too, in 1960 --and consolidated the imperialist enslavement of their ex-colonies. The important thing for us is that the use of anticolonialist, humanitarian rhetoric even by the very colonialists was current since the war; the creation of the Zionist entity by these same powers, just while India was gaining its independence, was a total violation of the UN Charter and had to be presented to the world using anticolonialist gobbledygook to justify the creation of yet one more colony.

    • Sibiriak,

      Putin is a horrifically evil authoritarian ruler who is out to destroy Western civilization.

      Sounds just like our rulers, with the difference that ours don't care which compass point of civilization they destroy --as long as it is civilization they're destroying. As long as Mr Putin enforces a minimum of respect of international law, he remains by far the lesser "evil" anyway.

      Thanks for the laugh.

      At any rate, thanks for the laugh

    • Sibiriak,

      You are correct as to your approximate date of the about-turn by the main colonial powers. Effectively, the powerful end-of-war and postwar anticolonial rebellion did force its very enemies to pay lip service to decolonization, what with the success of the Indian independence, the already sealed future of Japanese-occupied colonies, the already certain success in Algeria, etc. etc.

      One thing that should not be overlooked is that before the colonialist powers subscribed to decolonization, the foundation of the UN and the charter it was based on were already anticolonialist in essence, and the General Assembly membership was already mostly anticolonial. In fact, in all general histories the turning point is indicated as being around 1945.
      The one exception, again, was the Zionist entity.

    • What "handwriting"? Let's not get swiped by the Zionist leadership propaganda wave intended specifically for their boobies. Demographic threat my bottom. There is no threat at all. So the Palestinians are a majority in Palestine. So what? They were the overwhelming majority even after 50 years of Zionist invasion; that was taken care of by "ethnic cleansing", with the help of their colonialist daddy the GB.

      Now it will not even be felt as much as a bump on the road, thanks to the US, the Zionists' new sugardaddy and pimp. South Africa always had the "demographic threat", so what --they prospered as long as they had the colonialist powers' full support.

      I'm not saying it's the same situation, it's not. For one thing, Zionism expressly excludes goys except as a marginal minority of slaves (the margin as last defined was 15%) and anything less than the entire territory. So while they push the "demographic threat" propaganda out of one side of their mouth to inflame their stupid popular basis, they prepare to accelerate the genocide as needed.

      Any out there who expect some magic intervention from heaven to stop the Zionists, who currently own the US, to refrain from an Apartheid regime assorted with varying-speed genocide need a hairwash.

    • Why is legitimacy still an issue

      That isn't the kind of question you ask a NaZionist, especially a caveman like self-styled Oren né plain Bornstein.

      The only answer, ever, is that colonial invasion was outlawed before the Zionist abomination started and cannot ever be legitimized, duh. If the uniformed ZZ Oren-Schmoren addressed the issue, the first act of addressing it would be harakiri.

  • Israel provoked the Six-Day War in 1967, and it was not fighting for survival
    • Israel provoked the war in the same way a bullied victim provokes a beating by finally hitting the bully

      That's very original, Hophme. I wonder why nobody has yet hit upon this brilliant idea of selling a brutal colonial invader as being bullied by the locals. I bet it will work like a charm.

  • Palestinian Authority to hold questionable 'supplementary' elections in Gaza
    • Hughes,

      Interesting that you should reference the Brother Daniel case. You say:

      ...which does say something, even if something no one can quite understand, about the religious element in the claims of Zionism

      The first thing is to observe that the "pure" Zionist here is Brother Daniel. Grown up non-religious in Zionist organizations, he considers Judaism as strictly racial. Even though a fervent Catholic, he sees no contradiction at all between his racial "Jewish" identity and his Catholicism. His pleading for Israel citizenship is interesting: the only things according to him that should be considered for his Jewish
      identity are ancestry and Ashkenazi cultural character (!)

      As for the Supreme Court response, I cannot for the life of me see it as somehow religious in character: outspoken atheists are no problem, so why conversion? The only answer I can see is visceral hatred of the Goy.

    • Hughes,

      The way the Zionist entity enforces that token law is the good old American "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". It takes a formal denunciation with proof, you almost have to be a public figure and you can always say you repented.

      In other times, I suppose the apostate would have been lynched or stoned, the way they taught the Muslims.

    • Exactly, Hughes: "Very ingenious, though all wrong"!

      Although I don't know that the following is enforced in any way by the Zionists: "Being Jewish has been interpreted as cancelled by accepting the authority of another sacred book." I know many practicing Buddhists, Christians, Satanists, whatwillyou --Jewish nationalists all, who got the Zionist citizenship, some of them emigrated there, all by dint of being born to and of a Jewish mama. Only (pseudo-) race counts. Just as with the Nazis.

      Where I can't agree is this: "I haven't checked what eljay means by 'religion-supremacist' but it seems reasonable enough to apply that term to the Z conception of Jewish status and Jewish rights."
      You would be agreeing to the false pretense of the Zionists. Approving their fake presentation of what is purely racist as if it had any relationship to religion. As you said, very wrong.

    • Eastlake,

      That is not the whole story, of course. Were I a citizen of any country where religious observance is being enforced by the state, I would certainly be working with all my means against it, overtly where possible and in an insulting and aggressive way where possible.

      The problem here is that there is no Palestine and no Palestinian administration. There is no other administration than the Zionist occupation. Making a federal case of (local) religious oppression when there is a major problem with the brutal, racist military occupation makes no sense.

    • Eljay,

      Instead of exposing your paranoiac flights of unreason, what about addressing any of the objections you were confronted with?

      I observe that you never do that but you either repeat your challenged statements or fly off the handle with absurd conspiracy theories. When more persons agree on some facts and common logic (or even more often, propaganda lies and delirium), it is nor necessarily a conspiracy.

    • Eljay,

      Jewish is fundamentally a religion-based identity

      Fundamentally? If it were a universalist religion, you might say it was
      *originally* religion-based. However, it’s not even that: no matter all the proselytizing and converting that occurred, the religion in question still is, in its sacred texts and its priestly and communal practice, racially restricted to a few tribes (some of them “lost” –excommunicated?) floating between myth and memory.

      The “identity” used by the Zionists is obviously non-religious in the extreme.
      First, it is founded and still largely manned by atheists and non-religious nationalists and it is aggressively racist (rather than “racial”), as it is entirely organized around a myth of biologic origins that has been abundantly exposed as myth, nothing more.
      Second, it uses the conveniently inherited Ottoman juridical concept of “nation” (or “millet” –le’um), defined as the population subjected to the respective dioceses of the top leaders officially appointed to head each of the religious congregations. Extremely convenient, as it doesn’t take into account the person’s religious, cultural or ethnic identification and allows camouflaging stark racism as religion-based. It also simplifies the three-card trick of defining a religion as a nation.

      The fact that you subscribe to this obscurantist definition, while you
      personally reject collective religious identification and every kind of
      religion-based dictatorship in the strongest terms, is a major contradiction. “Religion-supremacist” used for the Zionist entity only helps hide its purely racist nature.

    • Not only Muslims who don't fast. Irreligious people, people of any possible other religion who live in the same country with the fasting ones, and even tourists with an absolute minimum of human decency avoid torturing their fellow humans who are fasting. No need to even have lived abroad, a minimum of traveling will prove it.

      Of course being religious is stupid, but then often these habits are a social necessity, and anyway the way to fight that stupidity, if that is the case, is not that of provoking.

    • Eljay,

      I have said that no state has a right to exist as a supremacist state of any kind.

      According to which law, with what consensus? That is certainly not a dictate of international law, as a large number of states are thriving with some ethnic basis or some official religion still on the books.

      International law forbids intervention and aggression. That is absolutely certain.

      I have not said that Israel and Japan should not exist as states.

      But if you had any rudiment of logic, the statement above would necessarily follow your statement quoted before that. No way out of that. "Israel" is a racial supremacist state, and Japan gives precedence to its established population. The illicit Zionist entity has no right to exist because it is on other people's territory without their permission.

      You are a troll and a liar. Is this how you score cred among your fellow Zionists?

      I wonder where you get the immortal crust to accuse of Zionism anyone, let alone an obvious opponent of it, when you yourself have been declaming here, day in, day out, that you are all for keeping the Zionist invaders in Palestine without the owners' permission --provided it is in a big, beautiful, liberaloid, ideal state of equal rights and fraternity for all --and screw the owners! Have you really no sense of ridicule?

  • Trump's not moving the embassy, and AIPAC and Netanyahu are disappointed
    • A little precision, please, Canning. Not "the Palestinians". The US/Zionist puppet administration.

  • The responsibility of non-Zionist Jews during the 'year of Zionist anniversaries'
    • Citizen,

      "Israelis" are but a part, and a relatively low-ranking part at that, of the Zionists. Also, most of them are broke. It's all the Zionists, collectively, who are responsible for the disaster and the genocide. And guess what, they have ample means and can afford to pay the full price.

  • Through 'severe pressure,' U.S. can impose a two-state solution on Israel -- Nathan Thrall
    • What is the purpose of this distinction: do you think any pressure, be it so "light" is easier to apply to the Zionists than "severe" pressure? Or is stopping the protection "light pressure"?

      Let's not kid ourselves, the US is not in a position to ever be able to even lift an eyebrow to the Zionists --except if the general American population is addressed and mobilized. And reaching out to the general American population is now taboo among the marginal and tribal crowd.

    • Jesse etc.,

      What a stupid thing to say.
      Of course a one-state solution that includes the Zionists won’t draw any popular support in Palestine (including all Palestine.) It is unjust.
      I don’t remember off the top of my head any case of popular support anywhere in invaded/colonized lands for continuing injustice, even in the face of overwhelming force.

      Any “one-state” that allows Zionists to remain anywhere in Palestine and even inhabit the same state territory as the Palestinian owners of the land is a compromise solution as long as the balance of forces continue as today. It is also a ridiculous pipe dream of people who expect the Zionists to start making concessions as long as the US remains strong. It is also a pet of (liberal) Zionist propagandists, who are stupid enough to believe it is an attractive carrot to dangle before the eyes of a conquered population who have almost nothing to lose anymore.

      It will only be supported by some intellectuals, some otherwise marginal types, Zio-collaborating traitors, surrounding US client regimes, and Western liberaloids.

      Your concern for the Palestinians while you help with their genocide is touching

    • Hophmi,

      You are right: Zionist invaders of Palestine are fully human beings. No one should be allowed to see them otherwise than as human beings of the mass-murdering, robbing, genocidal kind. At least 92% of them.

      It's all things that only humans do. No other species.

    • Jesse the Just,

      He is rising above the illusion of a one-state solution, for which there is no diplomatic initiative anywhere in the world.

      There can be no diplomatic solution because one of the parties is the rabid Zionist entity, which has never and will never agree to anything else than overwhelming force. The likelihood of the US exerting that force is nil.

      "Diplomatic solution" is thus the preferred instrument of the Zionist criminals for stalling indefinitely while continuing their genocide undisturbed With the complicity of the US clients, the Arab states, and their Palestinian puppets. Perhaps some starry-eyed American liberal Z's are sincere but they never counted, while your own use of this phantasm looks like a deliberate exercise in vicious propaganda.

      Of course continuing to propose peaceful solutions is a must --that's how people end up seeing what's going on. Otherwise, though, the Zionists will not agree to any diplomacy, necessarily forcing an Algeria-like solution when US power starts slipping --provided the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians is not complete,

  • Diaspora Jews go to Palestine to fight the occupation
    • Anyway, who in his right mind believes that Zionism, including its cancerous entity in Palestine, is led from anywhere other than New York, LA and London?
      The leaders and owners are not crazy enough to live in a failed, uncomfortable prison.

    • Maglawatan,

      Jewish kids in the US share very little in common with Israeli kids

      But much more than they do with any "Jewish" kids anywhere else in the world who don't happen to be Ashkenazi. In fact, a lot of the "Israeli Jewish" kids military or settlers, are Americans.

      And of course the Zionists all over the place share a whole new, shared, invented pirate-murderer Kultur. Why else did they kill their own mother tongues? It's not as if the giant brain-laundry was not there. Wouldn't compare to normal colonies.

  • If Trump is serious we may be seeing the most significant step in 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations
    • Mooser,

      Yeah, and all I got out of it was your thank-you. The "about" page correctly limits itself to discussing Palestine.

    • Mooser,

      Thanks. I followed your wise advice and read the "About" page. Nice page. Doesn't say a word about anything other than Palestine. Just as it should be.

    • Kaisa,

      Let's be serious please, of course you don't drink --can anyone in Finland ever afford to drink? I used to pay like one month's salary for a tiny bottle of low-proof Lapin Kulta.

    • Eastlake,

      How about when they invaded and destroyed Libya, then Syria, then Venezuela, then staged a putsh and started a civil war in the Ukraine, then started a war against the civilian population of Yemen, then... you get the idea, I hope. Meanwhile, back at the ranch they committed billion-time repeated severe violations of the Constitution, canceled the First and Fourth and so on, tortured, continue to torture, and before I forget it was your darling Emperor Obama who suddenly decided to definitely cancel the rule of law by declaring that he had assumed the powers to murder -I mean plain and simple murder One-- on his sole say-so. We'll skip totally insignificant BS like passing the entire cost of health (non-)insurance to the working class with Romneycare, the new face of the cop's open war against the civilian population, and so on.

      Mooser is suggesting that these pages are a good place to attack each other on things other than Palestine, as per some "About" page, but let's get back to Palestine and note that your Democrats and Republicans are not just accessories to Zionism's crimes against humanity in Palestine --they are principals. First-person stakeholders and combatants.

      Legislative, schmegislative.

    • Eastlake

      Let’s focus on real world policies and actions being pursued by these two parties

      That's precisely what I am doing. Their real world policies and actions are conspiracies and crimes against peace and war crimes, the same ones for which the Nazi government was hanged, for which obeying orders was also defined a crime against humanity, for which the US committed itself, through Justice Jackson's statement, to hanging future criminals against peace even if they happen to be Americans.

      ... instead of these sensationalised ramblings?

      A typically Democrat-or-Republican rejection of all human decency.

    • Kaisa,

      It's just that we love our stereotypes over here, and no matter how many generations of Hansens or Hashimotos have been American, still you'll find somebody who's offended by the use of his name as being an "ethnic slur" and making a big deal of it. That's what I was trying to express.

      (And of course your granpa's cousins would have come to the lake region, järvialueelle... what were we just saying about American stereotypes?)

    • ...and was it not the Democrats who have been the worst criminals against peace and war criminals so far in our history, supporting, then pardoning and doubling down on the Republicans' wars of aggression? It's absolutely revolting to see a shameless, outspoken eulogy of these mass-murderers, war criminals and administrators of worldwide monopoly capitalism here. It's not as if this site was lacking in either Zionists or Democrats, but at least the latter usually are ashamed of belonging to their Mafia.

      There may be after all a small difference between Democrats and Republicans: the latter, being incompetent, may well represent the lesser evil (for people who believe there is such a thing.) This being said, better not start this kind of polemic on this site, as we are supposed to leave our hats at the door and only try to work out how to support Palestinian resistance. Or something like that.

    • You know what, Moose?

      There is no need for a "hidden pro-Zionist agenda" to absorb and parrot the thousands of Zionist propaganda points. They are in our air and water. Every once in a while, I am shocked listening to myself, mindlessly repeating some post-Zionist nonsense that has become established wisdom (other kinds of nonsense are not a problem yet.)

    • Kaisa,

      Hansen may well have been American but it still is an ethnic slur to whomever wants to see it that way.

    • Maghlawatan,

      Totally agreed with what you write now. The most dangerous ones are never the morons but the smart ones who may even look and behave like regular people.
      Also, exclusive attacks on religious fanatics, without consideration of their Zionism as the first and only important characteristic, may well create problems with anti-Zionist fanatics like Neturei Karta or Moslem resistance movements.

    • Maghlawatan,

      Your ceaseless harping on the religious morons only might suggest that you are fine with the "normal" secular invaders and genocidaires.

      Keep the religious cavemen and may they multiply, more power to them, making life harder for all Zionists.

    • "If Trump is serious"

      That's one of the best so far.

  • In groundbreaking resolution, California Democratic Party decries US support for Israeli occupation
    • Hughes,

      Your last statement is 100% correct: Zionism admits Palestinians as grateful survivors, at a ratio capped at 15%. This is the Weitz quota, from the name of a once boss of the Jewish Agency before 47, and still the objective. I don't know who figured out that 15% is low enough to avoid their own Jabotinsky's warning, viz that no people has ever offered definitive subjection in the absence of justice. I follow the Zioplanners in assuming that 15% either represents a level of sufficient genocide in their eyes, corresponding to our success with the Native Americans, or a maximum allowed for the unbreakable efficacy of the Iron Wall policy.

      I fully agree with you as to the necessity of continually pressing the Zios for a peace offer. My point was: 1. only if consistent with their behavior over the last 70 years is any "offer" believable, 2. the Liberal Zionists have consistently offered further talks ad infinitum about peace offers --and more about demands than offers, while at the same time performing the subversion of the Mandate, the Nakba and 4 major wars of aggression.

      I don't doubt that the rank and file are sincere in a way in promoting the New Partition proposals. Good salesmen are those gullible enough to believe in what they are selling.

    • Mooser,

      What's your beef with Catalan? After all, he's just repeating the official Zionist position.

    • Hughes,

      Ain't that the truth. Nothing is more important than avoiding or delaying massacres.

      As Mr Clinton might say, it all depends on what you mean by "say".
      The Zionists, liberal and not, have never confirmed any statement by a corresponding act, except their unerring will to eat all Palestine.

      As for "what agreement it would now think fit to make", we have a consistent answer from both wings when we bother to analyze everything they "say" that checks with their action: the cavemen faction currently in power is not settling for anything less than total possession of Palestine and the disappearance of the Palestinian people, on its own schedule. The liberal faction requests negotiations to continue as a camouflage until see above.

      If you have been able to see any other message in what they've been "saying" since 1947, please share it with us.

    • Catalan,

      Why do you think so? I am an excellent listener and fun to hang with.

      In your own eyes, of course you are. As for my --personal-- opinion, it's just been provided above.

    • Misterioso,

      Inevitably, in pursuit of its own best geopolitical and economic interests, the United States will set Israel adrift.

      The exhaustion of the sun and the end of all life on earth is inevitable, too. That should happen at about the same time the US will pursue "its own" interest, which in turn will be much earlier than the day the US can shake off Zionist control.

      If we only rely on inevitability, that is, instead of getting to work PDQ to on informing every American in hisher own terms, not just liberaloids and committed tribals.

    • Catalan:

      I like the company of dead philosophers best.

      No doubt your company is deadly --not only for philosophers.

    • Take it from a Californian: California is somewhere we don't want you to go.

    • Talknic,

      Congratulations for formulating so well the problem with the Zionist entity. It's worth repeating over and over again::

      While one side refuses to adhere to International Law and the UN Charter, there will be no peace.
      ...A thinking person would realize that theft of territory will bring war. ... that any government who encourages its citizens to illegally settle in territories outside of the state they govern, is criminal.

      That fully applies not only to the present-day Zionist entity but also to the Partition itself and to the very existence of the Zionist entity.

      Best start lobbying for Israel to adhere to its legal obligations

      Sure, that's so likely to work. No one thought about doing that in the last 70 years.
      Your own undefeatable logic as quoted above necessarily indicates that the first/main legal obligation of what you call "Israel" is to undo itself. Its birth certificate is fake.

      There is no human logic by which one can justify any existence of the Zionist entity while at the same time denying the legality of its further conquests.

  • Triumphalist light show in Jerusalem weaponizes the city walls to celebrate 50th anniversary of Jewish conquest
    • Maghlawatan,

      Makes sense. After all, the deadly thing called whitefish is the only life-form likely to thrive in the Dead Sea.

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