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  • Will Graham's gaffe about 'all-Jewish cabinet' get the MSM to talk about pro-Israel money?
    • Can't we once and for all cut this stupid angels-on-a-needletip ballet and call it Zionist money, Zionist bribes, Zionist undue influence etc.? Let the bandits sort out the Jewishness.
      Wherever we know one of the persons to be a double national, "Israeli money" is perfectly appropriate.
      All this major media terminology with "pro-Israel" etc. is misleading.

  • Jews of France: should they stay or should they go?
    • Mooser,

      Most of them do NOT say they're Jewish; they don't care. No statistics seem to be available but I'll eat my straw hat if those that make all that noise about being Jewish are not a small minority. Until very recently, there was no hyphenated-French.

  • Three asylum-seekers who left Israel were killed by ISIS in Libya
    • And who said anything about "Jews"?
      If you call "Jewish" the pack of man-eating monsters quoted above, whose comments are identical to yours, I am checking out.

  • The moral hypocrisy of American Muslims for Palestine on the Armenian Genocide
    • This indicates a takeover of the UCSMO by the nationalist faction among the Turks. They must have gotten religion suddenly at the last moment as a result of having lost the Zionist lobby. The latter was the force that took care of killing the resolutions about the Armenian genocide, year in year out, on behalf of the former Turkish military dictatorship, Israel's best ally . Now that the Israeli government, following the murder of Turkish nationals on the Mavi Marmara and various incidents, is calling for Erdogan's head and getting mixed by proxy in recent coup attempts in Turkey, I imagine that the Turkish nationalists had to find some organism to infiltrate and use for their propaganda. Not so much the sympathizers of the government party; these are the officially Nazi grey wolves, their ally the military sympathizers in the People's Party, and some extreme racists going under the fake name of Workers' Party (whose chief was sentenced in Switzerland for genocide denial.) A particularly non-Islamic, nay Islamophobic bunch, by the way.

  • Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: An argument
    • Fail for your whataboutery. It is not a military occupation if the place is officially a province of China, which it is, with, as Sycamore says, full citizenship rights (no matter if resented; there are a lot of other words to use for this than occupation.) And 1950 is later than 1947.

  • The grave danger of derailing the Iran deal -- an interview with Chas Freeman
  • Graham and Rubio are dependent on pro-Israel money in bid for White House
    • yonah fredman again:

      When Lillian Hellman referred to Jews who were lower class than her as kikes, does that not amount to self hate.

      Logic, please. If they are lower class than her, they are not herself. Look up "self".

      In fact much self hate is merely hatred of those from your group that you don’t like.

      Logic please: "your group" and self ain't the same thing.
      The self, at least in our societies in one indivisible unit, i.e. an individual.
      And what is "your group"? My bowling buddies?
      I like myself fine, and so did Lilian Hellman.
      That Ms Rich (seems to be a Gentile anyway by the very definition of her mother) who is not content with being someone and wishes she had a racial/tribal group must be a seriously sick person.

  • Dead End
    • Agree as to Odeh's statement as reported. What you say about everyone else in the word may be valid, but the Palestinians are unfortunately not everyone else in the world; it's much more urgent for them to understand genocide as they are victims of an ongoing one.
      As for the ridiculous statement made by a guy in the invader's uniform guarding a war criminals' outpost, I suppose it tells me exactly what kind of peace he wants "now". That's not a dead end, it's part of the program.

  • Israeli racism takes center stage at Manhattan JCC
    • Boo,

      Stands to reason. So they can say: "Militarist, who, us? Not on your life. Our objectors only get a couple days, not even a slap on the wrist."

  • Understanding the Jewish National Home
    • David,

      Without losing ourselves in narrow or literal interpretations (stuff for lawyers, let's say), of course one can say that there is someone ("legal body" or not) with the authority to approve or reject the creation of a state. The inhabitants of the land it is to be on. More specifically, its habitual (as opposed to invading) inhabitants. This is implicit in almost all agreements and declarations relative to colonialism, sovereignty and self-determination, especially from 1945 on. It is the basis of the entire decolonization movement.

    • Donald, re

      I would guess the early Zionists were a mixed bag... Some genuinely respected the natives, others had a condescending attitude, and some saw them solely as obstacles.

      Sure, personal attitudes must have been pretty variable but let's not forget that all that immigration was very extensively organized and directed. And the program, which was uncertain in the 1880s, was crystal clear at the turn of the century for the leaders. The same program as now, i.e. to make a land without people, for people (not "a") for whom living in an inbreeding cage may be even more important than the land they covet.

    • Yonah Fredman, how do you invariably manage to pretend to miss the point so conspicuously that not even your pet hamster would believe you?
      The question is not if Wilson's decision was motivated by Brandeis' lobbying, but if Brandeis tried to influence him at all.

    • Mr Fincham, that talk of "reconciliation" and "mutual respect" up front is really a very serious turn-off. I had the same reaction as Ms Abrabanel but read it because I am somewhat masochist. In fact, it is the only reaction to be expected, for the reason expressed by Ms Abrabanel.

    • Obviously this person is supporting the efforts to try and salvage Zionism and the main objective of those who do so is generally not to allow, or negotiate away any restitution, return or discussion of the illegal Zionist immigration. To judge by the personal opinion of the author at the bottom mentioning the series of "missed opportunities" the continuous pushing of goalposts may be discounted as "already accepted" or "facts on the ground", even though there is no clear position. The historical framework is still valuable, though, as a reminder of the constant duplicity and unreliability of the Zionists; given the relatively restricted space it's hard to know if important things were skipped for the sake of brevity or for other reasons. It does a relatively good job of (indirectly) exposing their aims, too.

  • Love letter to a Zionist: NYU project seeks to bridge Israel divide within Jewish families
    • Mooser,

      It's when it obtains obedience without even having to compel it that a tribe is at its tribest, if you see what I mean. Once you can jail or fine people instead of the old emotional blackmail routine, you aren't a tribe, just a common-or-garden government.

      excuse me for asking, but is that a Jewish name?

      Et tu, Brute?
      All right, all right, I give up!
      I'm changing it to Goldberg. Or Goldstein. Or Goldfinger.
      Can you recommend a Lithuanian rabbi to rebaptize me? Mine has an Arabic name like me.

    • Shmuel,
      An organization for a political cause that requires strict discipline and dedication of one's very life might be called a "tribe" in that sense, like a communist party of yore. That's obviously not the case with Palestine solidarity, a totally loose association for a single, punctual purpose with people with whom we may have absolutely nothing else to share. The individual principle of European thinking, its recent social disruption and our multiracial/multicultural character also produced a large number of people without national or ethnic "roots" and loyalties, which are not comparable to the intersecting personal networks and friends by personal choice. Jettisoning loyalty to family and wider circles one cannot live peaceably with has become easy.

    • Shmuel,
      As you said, that applies more to Israel and any ghettoized environment. People with no religious belief who don't subscribe to a nationhood nonsense will develop a diverse network (unless others classify them so as in WWII Germany); if they forcefully oppose Zionism that often will cool down family ties. So I suppose tribe solidarity in that sense belongs to the times of the woolly mammoth.

    • Mooser, that "believers" was a misunderstandable shortcut for kids who from the start don't fall for the nationalist/zionist indoctrination

    • Shmuel, re supportive families I'll enthusiastically co-sign what Mooser writes (much simpler than trying to write stuff of much poorer quality) but that is not necessarily a result of talking and persuading or any of these things. It's much more probably due to the fact that parents and offspring will have some affinities in their way of thinking, and one cannot easily stay married many years with someone who doesn't share one's values.
      That's why, in fact, I wrote I would like to see percentages of believers and non-believers in opposition to their dominant environment.

    • Has there been some kind of study about why some fall for the bullshit peddled by their parents and others just don't? I never believed the stuff about God or the other bs about us being a different nation. The latter was harder to believe, in fact. Would be interesting to see at least some analysis with the proportion of kids who just don't fall for it.

    • That's exactly as it's supposed to be. Nothing to be sorry about.
      The only somewhat effective way to go about it is to shun Zionists. Ex-friends and family may have emotional ties but the reason we support, say, the Palestinians is that we have managed to transcend loyalties and prefer justice to tribe.
      That's why these letters are strange, to say the least. And their chance of getting to anything positive is nil except if sent to someone who already was almost convinced to oppose Zionism.

  • Just like the Nazis, Iran 'plans to exterminate six million Jews' -- Netanyahu
    • Jon S,

      It's not an accusation.

    • Asherpat,

      It's perhaps time to stop your relentless repetition of the absurdity that you personally live in fear because of the "Death to Israel/ Death to America" slogans.

      At the end of the day, those are slogans most reasonable people can subscribe to. We're talking, after all, of the major imperialist power and the last abominable racial supremacist, genocidal, scofflaw invader state. Both must be stopped in their tracks.

      The point being that the destruction of a state is not that of persons called "USA" or "Israel". Persons are offered a choice. The South African state, the other one of the evil twins, went down with no bloodletting but that of the Blacks (and a lot of White criminals avoided retribution), so it is not a necessary connection. Pretending that taking down a state is the same thing as harming its inhabitants is just one of the propaganda tactics developed by Dr Goebbels and artistically perfected by the Zionists.

    • Collateral damage, eh? Let me see you when someone bombs, say, Tel-Aviv and says the same words.

    • [why can't we have a reply button under each post, like all other sites? too expensive?]

      Let's stop deluding ourselves. This "reality" argument is total nonsense. First, a peaceful transition like, say, South Africa or the USSR has less chance than a snowball in hell. Not gonna happen. Same for the chances of the Resistance to force any change by itself. What will probably reshape it all is a regional conflagration provoked by Israel and the US. Borders change and --as I see argued by MDM, national states do die and change. As for Israel being a "legitimate" state, the question remains: Palestine was not the UN's to give away. This legitimacy you guys are talking about is no different than a resutured virginity.
      If enough of us had made it into a habit to repeat relentlessly, at every evocation of Israel, that it is illegitimate, the UN had no right to split it and the Palestinians no obligation to accept the invaders, I suppose that "UN legitimacy" nonsense would not be the Zionist ownership within non-Zionist brains that it has become today.
      As for the citizenship of the local born, there too one should leave it to the Palestinians: there is more than one doctrine of citizenship and they are not all automatically based on the country of birth. Jus solis and jus sanguis are both equally valid candidates, no matter our own preferences, and considering what the Zionist have done to the owners of the land with regard to citizenship, too. Also given the fact that an overwhelming majority of the Herrenrasse citizens have or can claim other citizenships, not to forget the extreme facilitation by the US and our obligations. But anyway. let's again forget the absurd delusions of a peaceful transition. An Algerian solution would be surprisingly mild, all things considered. That is the price of all extreme nationalist and racist indoctrination: once the smart ones flee, the remainder are suicidal.

    • Shingo,

      You say: "I don't know why you hacks continue to equate holding on to stolen land with Israel’s right to exist. Israel’s right to exist remains entirely within the 1967 borders."
      This is Zionist propaganda, conscious or unconscious, nothing else.

      First off, these so-called 1967 borders are not the partition proposal line. They were reached by war of aggression, military conquest, robbery, forced displacement of populations and genocidal action (euphemized today as "ethnic cleansing".)

      Then, there are no 1948 borders, really: the partition proposal is just a proposal that was rejected by the owners of the land. The owners of the land, as opposed to the totally fictional "equal neighbors" who were nothing but illegally immigrating armed invaders who refused to behave as immigrants. If the refusal by the owners of the land were not enough, the violation of the indissociable conditions set by the partition proposal also canceled it. Not only that, but there is no obligation at all to ever accept for a partition proposal, as the British Empire was in charge of an administrative mandate, some kind of an escrow. The land of Palestine wasn't under Lord Balfour's personal sovereignty and it wasn't the Empire's or the UN's to partition.

      Whenever anti-Zionists mindlessly repeat the nonsense of a "legitimate" Israel within any borders, they reinforce the colossal sales job done by Zionist propaganda on the collective mind of humanity.

    • Nazism (and Zionism) have some characteristics that distinguish them from common-or-garden fascism, or common nationalism. First off, the total, open, contempt of justice and fairness where others will still pretend to at least pay lip service to international law (even Mussolini and Bush did!); the worship of general war and worship of the right of conquest, elevated to basic tenet of the national religion; the unashamedly racial supremacist basic ideology; the unashamed genocidal practices, where others are careful to evoke some "mistake" excuse. In some of these characteristics there are of course differences in scale and scope between Zionists and Nazis but no essential divergences. Of course correspondences cannot be all one to one; for one the Nazis were starting on land of their own, and they were not inventing a "nation" out of whole cloth, etc. I believe that some measure of electoral freedom and quasi-free speech limited to only the Herrenrasse is irrelevant to the basic character of the regime.
      The advantage of calling Zionism Nazi is that it is a very succinct and essentially correct way of summarizing its main characteristics.
      Would be interesting to continue this in some more detail but the most urgent thing is to stop this typically American habit of equating Nazism with the oppression of Jews, forgetting that it is a lot more than that.

    • Some logic. Those who invade other people's land to chase them out, take all their belongings, enslave them as a racially dominated Helot class, and are still waging their war of aggression started 68 years ago, not counting many other wars of aggression, of course "have something to fear." Duh!
      Only not from Iran from the time being, provided they comply with both the letter and the spirit of international law and the NPT.

    • Once more we see how wrong-headed is the attitude of most opponents of Zionism to play the goddamn censors every time one compares Zionism, with excellent historical and fact-based argument, to its twin brother Nazism. In the absence of relentless opposition by this fully justidied comparison, the Netanyahoos win by spreading further and consolidating the idiocy that the real problem with Nazism was its opposition to the Jews...

  • Pro-Israel group concedes that Tel Aviv bikinis can't match 'justice' as sirensong to brightest young Jews
    • pabelmont, think a little longer. When were they unable to rationalize racism and genocide as justice? All you got to do is distort a couple facts and kink a little your logic. All of the things you mention have been rationalized as justice already.

  • Baptism of Kardashian/West daughter moves celebrity press to place Jerusalem to Israel
    • As an aside, with a name like Kardashian, the overwhelmingly most probable "ancestral home" is not today's Armenia, but Central or Eastern Asia Minor, today's Turkey. Where the genocide of Armenians took place, the once whose recognition has been fiercely opposed year after year by the Zionist lobby as long as the military dictatorship in Turkey, Israel's best ally, was maintained.

  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • Tony Riley, the current residents of Najd, razed after the conquest, massacre and expulsion of its owners, are not in a position to talk of "revenge", even if despicable propaganda agents are tying to camouflage the fact by renaming it "Sederot".
      Revenge would be, for us, to do the right thing and give the Palestinian resistance weapons and preparation exactly equivalent to what the Israelis have.

    • BlahChick, when you say "The anti-Palestinian commenters at 972mag are pretty vile too, unfortunately they reflect mainstream Jewish attitudes in Israel", you seem to imply that the mainstream Jewish attitudes in the States are any different. It's probably worse here than in Israel.

  • My personal journey of transformation
    • DoubleStandard: "The entire of idea of Israel was a Jewish-majority country.... a tiny country that’s fought 3 wars for its existence.... That’s why the concept of Israel came into being in the first place.

      Very, very good! You explained very clearly and succinctly exactly why this state must be destroyed.

  • Does Schumer have any idea how angry his constituents will be if he torpedoes his president on Iran?
    • Oh, the "Democratic" constituents are furious, are they?
      Is that why their party only has only been doing all things that infuriate them for the last 30 years?
      What BS. No amount of "Democratic" sheep opposition is likely to have any influence on their leaders, pardon, shepherds.

  • Israel could reduce anti-Semitic violence by not calling itself the Jewish state, Finkelstein says
    • Mooser, like you I don't know if this Jewishness specialist is talking about puritanical chastity or porn-movie Birthright orgies with Tsahalistas. In both cases, though, I'm telling you I started to doubt my Jewishness, the more so as the same specialist (or some other) established a general requirement of dressing Askenazi-style.

    • Speak for yourself. Mine wore gallabiahs, spoke oriental languages and none other, and ate shellfish.
      What were we saying about the Zionists being racist?

    • Mooser, trying to confuse me, eh? Does he mean the hole in the bedsheet and the special long prayer before and after, or the Tel Aviv restroom orgies and the Zionist porn moviemakers? "All of the above" won't be accepted as an answer by this still naive guy.

    • Hophmi says: "And here, we have the Christ-killing accusation."

      A little logic, please: we don't have any historical documents. All the Christ story is based on Gospels, official and apocryphal, and all are agreed that the person in question was executed by the will of the Jews of Jerusalem, the Central Committee making sure first to obtain an overwhelmingly favorable vote in an open General Assembly, after the Roman governor, who had shown an intention of exercising some clemency, had left the person's fate in their hands.

      So either bring some different and more valid historical documentation, or stop bellyaching about people who only repeat what the available fictional documentation says. Nothing you can do about that. Anyway, it's not about you, it's about people who lived ages ago. No relation to any of us.

    • Mr Weiss, you are trying to avoid the question.
      As for the side question of the correlation between the Zionist occupation and any terrorist acts against nominally Jewish targets, it is obvious. The mobilizing value of terrorist acts against Jews is all in the Zionist occupation: after all, European fundamentalist Moslems are neither more sophisticated nor more intelligent than the average Robertson follower or the average Republican US anti-Islamist. The ones who have been waging war and massacring Palestinians, not to mention the Lebanese, Syrians and Egyptians are the Yahud; their own leaders have been saying so for longer than a century, what is there do doubt for a simple mind? And an overwhelming majority do support Zionism anyway.
      We'll have to be way more precise in characterizing "anti-Semitism".

    • The statement by Finkelstein, self-evident and beautifully simple, comes at a time when there are practically no incidents of antisemitism, and an increasing frequency of "antisemitism" directly related to Zionism, or directed against persons defining themselves Jewish for their effective support of Zionism.
      Which brings us to the urgent necessity to define "Antisemitism", urgent because of some campus shenanigans but most of all because it cancels free speech in Europe. What shall it be, discrimination against Jews because of:
      - their religion (common sense definition, but not necessarily racist)
      - their imagined racial-tribal descent (Zionists' and WWII-Germany definition)
      - something else? What?

    • Viewing "the two-state solution as neither democratic nor viable in the face of international law, material conditions and “facts on the ground" does not exclude supporting it. A lot of people do, both those who are trying to salvage Zionism and the opponents of the latter. Add those who just defer to some faction among Palestinians.

  • Stanford Hillel defied Hillel guidelines by hosting Gottlieb -- 'and no one burst into flames'
    • Their right, of course. Only it hits me as the exact equivalent of White people insisting to hear about the Civil Rights movement from Whites exclusively, Negroes needn't apply. That was their right too, wasn't it?
      I guess some good may come of it; not because of any latter-day stirrings within the tribe but because Stanford students are to become movers and shakers within the US plutocracy.

  • White House 'trolls' Netanyahu by co-opting infamous UN cartoon to sell Iran deal
    • Satirizing the Yahoo would have been commendable if Obama's despicable, warmongering cartoon weren't choke-full of all the Zionist lies. What's there to laugh at? In fact, it's so bad that this isn't lampooning but acceptance of Yahoo's big bad Iran theory together with its symbols.

  • Fingerhut boycotted J Street because 'millions of dollars' were on the line
    • IB, what if the only acceptable "closure" were the return of house, land and sovereignty? You had to drag in the Sharia too, didn't you? What if they said an eye for an eye?

    • I think the power the Jewish community grants these donors is something we must overcome if the Jewish community is going to regain its sanity.

      Wrong. Seriously wrong. First, there are way more important things to recover before coming down the list to Jewish sanity. Second, Jewish sanity is not that much different than general sanity except it will take longer to recover. Third, recovering sanity needs more exposure of the naked, beastly, fascistic nastiness of Zionist power in our country, not less. Exposure will be accelerated by its own transgressions.
      Only Zionists themselves wish for their "left" or "moderate" variety to prevail. And they are right. As demonstrated again by the Yahoo Congress speech incident.

    • “the day will come when, with gun in hand, I’ll take it back”
      Is certainly no bullshit position. In fact, it seems to be the only logical, appropriate solution.
      What was used to take it from its owner, who wasn't selling? Sweet words?
      Where is Jerusalem? In international territory. Meisterrasse-Israelis there are illegal, except those who were legally there before the Zionist invasion.
      So please be so good as to give me one good reason why, given the illegal occupier's refusal to obey the law, one shouldn't take back one's home by force. One.

  • When occupation becomes apartheid
    • Sloppy wording, you're right. Anyway, I seem to remember that it was a GA proposal, predicated on acceptance by the parties and coming with some conditions from the start, including that of non-aggression. Not to mention that how the UN members come by the right to sell or give the sovereignty over that land is also something that can be questioned.

    • My learnéd zoologist and parasitologist friend, the idea is that when you negotiate you gotta negotiate. Crazy as it may seem, and believe me I'm saying this with the due humility of a worm and a parasite, things might one day get so that even Zionists have to negotiate for dear life, you gotta be hard-nosed as hell cause those babies are used to negotiating your underwear from under your ass even when they don't hold a single card, so no concessions before starting. The rights that the Zionists may claim as rights, to start with, are zilch, nada, nought, not in nineteenhundred-anything. Just whatever individual real estate deeds were held before day D. The colonial powers had no right to gift any land or transfer any sovereignty; the Partition proposal was rejected by the natural owners (and anyway violated and so voided by the Zionist aggression but that's irrelevant.) One can even give a hard time to all the immigrant offspring since the start of, say, the British mandate, because it's unclear if we should really go by jus solis... see what I mean?

    • Very good. A date problem, though. Not since 1967, but since 1948. We should take the unilateral statehood declaration on other people's land as the start of the Apartheid state (not the 11/1947 attack that preempted the partition proposal) even though most of the Apartheid legislation that followed was not official yet. Statehood was immediately paired with de facto Apartheid and martial law for the owners of the land and national sovereignty.

  • Bibi talk: 'New York Review of Books' trivializes Israeli fascism
  • How Obama won on Iran
    • Where do you find even the faintest evidence that Iran will ever even want to develop a nuke, let alone get a nuke? What a wild idea. Totally unsupported except by wild rants by repeatedly certified liars and warmongers.

    • "It’s not for nothing that reporters likened the talks to Versailles, which ended World War I"
      Agree that there is good reason to compare it, but the good reason is that this accord, like Versailles, means another public humiliation and forced disarmament of a fiercely independent nation. Let's not forget that Versailles was a direct cause of World War II, perhaps the most important.

  • Netanyahu says US is part of new 'axis'!
    • No need to call him "Bibi" either.

    • Certainly. I have known quite a few veterans. From they were telling me, the large majority was made of either Zionists (as logical in Palestine, not elsewhere) or Bundists who had managed to escape. The fact that Zionists were essentially practicing terrorism against the local population and the British did not cancel the fact that as Jews they risked to lose most in the case a German victory.

  • Philosophy prof who likened Palestinians to 'rabid pit bull' ignites protest on CT campus
    • What's the use of all the apologizing? Even if you force the guy to "admit it was wrong" he clearly isn't thinking it. Let's cut the comedy. Of course he shouldn't be fired, but no apology should be accepted either and he should be boycotted to the max. He can have all the Zionists and Nazis he want attending his lectures.

    • He just said in so many words what Zionists think.
      Whatever their degree of il/liberalism, all Zionists have to confront their essential problem: what to do with the owners of the land.

  • Emails show Missouri museum canceled 'Ferguson to Palestine' event under pressure from Jewish group
    • Hophmi, what exactly is "antisemitic"in that quote? I'll be waiting for a precise answer.
      Of course Zionists are murderous and shouldn't ever be left without surveillance.

    • Mooser, in the big scheme of things it doesn't really make a difference if some, isolated members of the tribe oppose Zionism or not.

  • Joint List to lead mass march on Jerusalem, as Netanyahu forms a gov't
    • Walid; of course there's no difference between Herzog and the Yahoo --or rather, the former is much more dangerous. The problem is, there is no other way of intensifying the contradictions among Zionists; staying entirely outside the brawl won't achieve much. I like the way the JL is already performing.
      The blocking of the JL by the Zionists, with or without new laws, will be a major positive step, a victory of sorts.

    • Walid, I hate to disagree with you but the Joint List situation is not comparable to that of the PA. The latter is nothing but a puppet directly installed by the Americano-Zionists and under their direct orders, in charge of hunting and repressing all resistance. The Joint List has the obligation to lead the parliamentary fight for the resistance, using all the advantages conferred by citizenship, like the fiction of equal rights and democracy. This can only be done right by prying open the contradictions and incompatibilities inside the Zionist camp, and by exposing the sham of the equal rights as Haneen Zwabi has so courageously done. I think it was Hostage who correctly said that the success of the Joint List will be to get arrested, or words to that effect.

  • American Jews are taking back their power from Israel
    • Precisely. He's the archetypal Yahoo --I'm repeating myself, as likable in aspect as Mussolini and in speech as Hitler. Imagine a totally impossible scenario, in which the US would like to lord it over the world. Who would you rather have to represent it, mission-accomplished Bush or silent executioner Obama?

    • Undue optimism again. This is all against Netanyahu, not Zionism. The aim of this vague movement is to gain back sympathies towards the Zionists.

  • I want my country back
    • You are shocked by seeing that the NYT is an official Zionist propaganda rag? Too late. It was exactly this since before 1950.
      You want your country back? Too late. Blame yourself. You have been voting Democrat. Or perhaps Republican.

  • Why did Herzog run scared? He fears the Israeli people
    • MDM: Where Phil is way too generous to Zionists in general is also in his perpetuating the fiction of an "antifascist"(!!) or let's say unfascist faction. I interpret this as a reference to the obvious cultural difference between Herzog the refined Zionist Prince and Goliath the Yahoo King of Judah, he of the scary Mussolinian appearance and Hitlerian speech. As you so nicely indicate, the business end of the tool they use is the same. Should we be interested in making these within-Herrenrasse cultural nuances into different policies? Such Zionist-lite frivolous small talk is very confusing for most readers.

  • Meet the Knesset members from the Joint List
    • "Left"? What left? It's all Zionist with the single exception of the Joint List.
      The only strategy that it can ever develop is that of competing with the most extreme Zionists in driving even harder for land theft and genocidal measures (after all, they are competing for the same voters), while being seemingly more conciliating towards the Weitz quota Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. This loss was the best news in these last years, as a government of the "Left" murderers could have put to sleep international pressure, intensifying the genocidal measures more easily than the Yahoo.

  • An American translation of Netanyahu's racist get out the vote speech
  • A response to Michael Douglas
    • "...shouted insults at him because he was wearing a Star of David"

      "Where real anti-Semitism is present, as in the despicable incident involving Michael’s young son..."

      From the data provided, there is no "antisemitism" and nothing "despicable" here. The star of David is very plainly a symbol of the State of Apartheid. Tough titties for those who want to use it exclusively as a religious symbol. That's how it works for all trademarks when you neglect protecting them.

  • Netanyahu's honesty towards Palestinians casts unwelcome light on American Jewish leadership
    • Jeff B says it best:
      "Jewish and democratic" belongs with Rome, with its state gods and oligarchic dictatorship, with Athens and its exclusion of all metics and inhuman exploitation of slaves, and with its direct model, slavery-era US with its genocide of the owners of the place and the enslavement of the rest of the non-Herrenrasse inhabitants.
      Thank you.

    • The Right Rev'd Ellis may be confusing two distinct concepts, namely honesty and frankness.
      Many people do that but the Rev'd shouldn't.

  • Netanyahu's victory marks the end of the two-state solution
    • Bandolero (no reply button...)

      You're right that it's a great stick to beat the Zionists with, a good tool to keep building pressure. On the other hand, when so used it also becomes a tool to beat Palestinians into "recognizing" the green line or "1967 borders", when in fact there is no need to recognize even any 1948 borders, 1947 line, or even any partition. Things change: if the time comes when some real negotiating will be possible, the best position to negotiate from is the total illegitimacy of Israel.

    • The two-state thing is by definition nothing but a make-believe solution for Zionism when it feels weak, and for Palestinians when they are unable to obtain their rights. If and when Zionists can be pressured enough as you describe it, it would only mean that they are too weak to do anything. These guys do not negotiate before losing it all. In such a situation, it's not equal rights or two states that should be negotiated, but the Algerian ultimatum: one Palestinian state or a plane ticket.

  • The historic night for the Arab List
    • "I still want to hope that, in a year or so, Prime Minister Herzog will join hands with Minister of Civil Rights Odeh and President Obama at the front of a million man march for freedom and justice across Israel."
      Is this the right forum for celebrating (even in dreams) the triumph of Zionism? What you mention would mean a huge step forward for apartheid and spoliation.

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • The conclusions were irritatingly into Jewish navel gazing: in fact, if one doesn't buy the theory that US support for Zionism is the desire of an overwhelming majority of US Jews (which I don't), these results are not likely to change the US government stance. They will, however, help a lot to legitimize armed resistance in the eyes of a good part of European public opinion. They will certainly accelerate sanctions, in an expected move to shore up PA collaborationists and pre-empt resistance. Finally some grounds for guarded optimism, thanks to Likud!

  • Netanyahu won. Now what?
    • I read the replies and cannot for the life of me see much to be enthusiastic about. Anyone who does not fully support the right of invaded and occupied people to resist by all means they (not some Jewish kid from the Bronx) judge appropriate may --should-- be suspected of being the last line of defense of the Zionists. Also, one of the responses admits that Zionists have joined.
      Anyway, this is probably of secondary importance, as not much is going to change in the US, with or without Jewish protest. The critical field now as far as regards outside pressure on Israel is Europe, and Asia.

  • Fans of Barcelona basketball team show support for Palestine despite attacks on free speech
    • jon s,
      Want to be admitted in international associations? Start by making a case for legitimacy. In your particular case, it's more than controversial.

    • Just,
      Through my dog.

    • Anyway, what the heck is an Oriental despot-state doing in a European competition? Somehow the logic evades me. Apart from the fact that the Zionists cannot show a single square foot legally under their sovereignty anywhere in the world, whatever they are effectively controlling is not in any way or shape in Europe. That should be enough to expel them even if they were not international bandits.

  • 'We aim to shape the democratic and moral alternative in this country' -- an interview with Ayman Odeh
    • "My hope is that he will be part of the governing coalition, which excludes Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, and Jewish Home. "
      This barely camouflaged propaganda barrage is becoming tiresome to read, to say the least.
      One may want to think for half a second what direct complicity with genocide (leave aside all other not directly related actions) would mean for the Joint List. Your prospective "ally" is even calling itself "Zionist Coalition" or something like that. One may hope that people as reliable as the Communists and Balad (I know little about the others) are not as completely out of their mind as some collaborationist commenters here

  • Herzog and Netanyahu are likely to share power -- because Herzog won't share it with Arab List
    • «A big Herzog win will say, “it is time.”»
      Big, fat, hairy deal. He'll say it, as the past mass murderers have said it for the last 68 years or so, and continue invasion and genocidal action just as his predecessors from the mass-murdering "left" have done for all these years. What kind of stupid do we have to be to fall for this?
      For Palestinian liberation, the best election result right now is a Likud win, certainly not that of a PR operation that would reconcile Zionists with the European public without any change on the ground.

  • On 'Birthright,' a checkpoint is called a tollbooth, and Jews have E-ZPass
    • And even less ideological is the fact that this "Discovery" shows a land with no traces of the Zionist invasion and rape, checkpoints are tollbooths, Ayrabs are target practice... What do these kids get to discover apart from the hot bodies of soldiers? Not ideological at all, nossiree.

  • Palestinian leaders vote to end security coordination with Israel, a cornerstone of Oslo and the occupation
  • 'NYT' reports 'surge of hostile sentiment against Jews' nationwide -- on what basis?
    • Hophmi, how can you brag of the fact that an overwhelming majority of Jewish people do support Zionism and at the same time deplore the fact that people believe your claim and act on it? This almost sounds like an advanced mental condition.

  • In praise of Mr. Netanyahu’s political theater
    • You're welcome. Which of the six subspecies is, no offense intended, none of your business, as we, including the sixty-six later convert species, are one big tribe descended from one ancestor at the start of time. You better not be on the dog we'll recolonize, holding the original deed!

    • That picture! I now pay attention for the first time to the lictorial fascii on each side, framing a guy looking and sounding uncannily like Benito Mussolini (and way more of a dangerous fascist...)

  • Over one quarter of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress consisted of applause and standing ovations
    • Pretend? He doesn't need to pretend.
      "those applauding him wildly, so many times, are" effectively "all controlled by him, moved easily, and eager to do his bidding. "
      As for being president of the US, it seems that most of the people who decide the president, and I sure don't mean the voting public, have decided for the Yahoo. So Madam Sarah is probably right, too.

  • Bipartisanship is dead, as Netanyahu, AIPAC, and GOP square off against Obama over Iran
    • In fact, that "bipartizanship is dead" risks sounding like pure Demolican propaganda (even if Weiss didn't intend it that way --I have no way of knowing for sure.) Bipartizanship is very much undead and kicking, what with war of aggression on behalf of the Zionist entity (subsuming Palestine, too), torture, NSA spying and the million-time repeated violation of the constitution, government-sanctioned bankster highway robbery, citizen massacre by militarized police, and many other essential things. There is a lovers' or ex-lovers' spat in DC and I'm all for using this as a lever to pry open new cracks in the façade. Some exaggerations, however, are a little too optimistic to convince anyone.

  • Rightwing rabbi seeks to pit Power against Rice on Iran ahead of AIPAC speeches
    • I think you are counting them before they are hatched. These splits don't amount to much: no matter how totally, certifiably insane the leadership, those who make a career of it as well as the emotionally involved foot soldiers continue to obey in lockstep. Study the history of the Nazi dictatorship.

  • Netanyahu's speech and the American Jewish condition
    • Weiss' diagnosis is incorrect; in fact it is the disease of a group that recently has acquired hegemony and power over the big superpower, and logically it is the pre-traumatic stress syndrome (as brilliantly named by Atzmon.) Will get worse as the trauma approaches.

  • Netanyahu speech is 'destructive' of 'bipartisan, immutable relationship' between US and Israel, Rice says
    • This exceptionally candid confession by Rice should be an invaluable tool to beat the Democratic voter base with, along with similar statements by Hillary. Properly used, they may well help a very decent showing by any anti-Zionist third party.

  • Roger Waters urged Alan Parsons to get 'insight' at the apartheid wall (and drew ad hominem attack)
    • But surely even you must find it so strange that such an extreme nasty organization that commits mass murder allegedly for the purity of religion should be working together with Zionist infidels every step of the way.

  • How the children looked being shot by sponge bullets
    • The Jews have coalitions to assemble, the Arabs have stray (or non-stray) bullets in the head

      Considering that you study linguistics, it would be a good thing, semantically speaking, to call things by the name that most applies to the specific purpose of the utterance.
      "Arabs" are all over 2+ continents. Palestinians may be a subset of the Arabs, but that is not relevant to their status as owners of the land and sovereignty over all of Palestine.
      As for "Jews", they want to self-define independently from objective criteria --they say. So let them be called that, I have no objection.

  • US elites are vulnerable to donor pressure on Israel question
    • Moral Jews,

      We Moral Jews are actually the largest group of world Jews

      Largest group? That sounds like bullshit unless backed by very solid documentation. Or then, "moral" means something completely different than what many imagine.

      Come back when all and sundry polls don't show overwhelming support for Zionist crimes among those who call themselves "Jewish" in most countries; when at least one or two congregations or such declare themselves against Zionism; when the boycott movement stops to be "almost wholly founded by, funded by, and supported by Moral, non-Zionist Jews" and finally gets rid of the goddam tribal, collaborationist embrace to leave the cesspool of identity politics and become ANTI-Zionist.

      We fought to remove the Enemy Invaders from our European Nations

      That's correct and it's very commendable. Today, though, are you helping remove the Enemy Invader from the Palestinian Nation? That is not the official goal of BDS, very expressly not.

  • White House says US can't stop 'tsunami' of boycott and isolation if Israel won't end 'occupations'
    • What is "not that important", instead, is religion. The colonial, genocidal nationalist ideology of Zionism came about and did its major damage as a godless 19th Century monster; the current religious nonsense is only a result of the mobilization, propaganda and revival to recruit cannon fodder. It does not change the character of the freak state; more importantly, even if the younger Herrenvolk generation had less of religious fanatics, which I'd need proof for, religion is not why the Herrenvolk citizens are Zionists (and declare themselves openly murderous in proportions over 90%.)

      Anyone who spends time in Israel and Occupied Palestine or time even with Jewish Israelis knows that Israel is a Middle Eastern culture and society and that Israelis have more in common with Palestinians than anyone else.

      To a Martian they both look human. Otherwise there must be a very severe problem with the eyes of whoever reported to you about "culture and society".

      The new state, whatever it might be called, will become I am sure, a thriving democracy and that is something everyone deserves, Israelis and Palestinians alike.

      Once you seem to value democracy, how about leaving to the Palestinian people, all of it, the decision not only about the name but also the nature, composition, thriving, etc. of Palestine, over which it has the exclusive right of sovereignty? It is not "Israelis and Palestinians alike", and including the invaders by default, without proper plebiscite, is called colonialism.

      This occupation, colonisation and apartheid debases and destroys Israeli culture...

      No need to speak of Zionist occupation as if it had such good results.

  • John Judis's Truman book is a landmark in anti-Zionism
  • 'Elder of Ziyon' fails ICRC reading comprehension test (Updated)
    • Jeff Davis,

      I may have given you more credit than you deserve for your acute observation.

      Ignoring, as it deserves, the "Angel" nonsense: Talknic is effectively the one who agrees in discussion that the very existence of the Zionist entity is illegitimate, but then in almost every post insists that their Partition proposal-preempting, self-defined "borders" within Palestine are legal and to be respected. Creating a discussion environment in which the existence by colonial right of conquest of the Zionist entity is stipulated by all parties.

      I don't want to speculate about what provides such ability to simultaneously hold two ideas that cancel each other. Your post seemed to offer a possible explanation and that's why I had congratulated you.

    • Jeff Davis,

      Your post was one of the best worded until now. It also is directed at exactly the right person.
      Unfortunately, posts to very old pages are soon lost out of sight in the absence of discussion.

      The aim of this response is to call for more posts so that a discussion may at good last take place, with particular reference to those who, like Talknic, seem to oppose the very presence of Zionism while recognizing the legitimacy of its initial foothold based only on the law of the jungle --the right of conquest.

  • 'NYT' sees end of 2SS in Levy report, Munayyer sees Israel's growing int'l isolation
    • JStreet the sleeping beauty pretends to be stirring:

      "This nightmare scenario would force Israel either to cede its Jewish character to an Arab majority or to invite the world’s unprecedented condemnation and isolation as a profoundly undemocratic state."

      Thank you so much for waiting until years after your oh-so-dreaded invitation has been issued.

    • "Compensation"? Yeah, last time anyone checked with the owners it was still called "give us our land back and go back to where you came from!" The compensation talk was offered by non-representative bodies with no valid title.

  • Avigdor Lieberman's UN speech shows the true face of Israel
    • Sure, not coordinated with the head of government. Like he was invited to speak as a private person?

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