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  • Congress and state legislatures are on the warpath against BDS
    • Hostage,

      Establishing the duties of the occupier, as done by 181, is of course valid. What doesn't look established at all is the fiction of a partition proposal supposed to have been somehow accepted by both parties, or with some mysterious obligation to accept, or counting as also accepted by the aggressor when in the act of violating its terms.

    • ckg - Don't even try. Do you have an idea how many years the Pope has been collecting the devotees' dimes --and dollars? Some 1,900 years, out of which a total not inferior to 1,300 years on a compulsory basis. Mucho dinero. Just don't provoke the guy into campaigning...

    • Why, double standard, don't tell me you have one standard for the Zionists and one for all the rest! In the regular world, having armed forces battling outside your territory and unauthorized by the inhabitants, who moreover never accepted that ridiculous GA proposal, is an act of war committed by the Zionists.
      As for "rights", forget for a moment all the UN gobbledygook in 181 that is trying to camouflage the fact that this partition proposal was totally null, being a rejected proposal by a GA, a body without executive powers whose decisions have been ignored by the hundreds by the Zionists. You still have to assume that 181 "legitimized" the partition proposal. Even assuming the proposal had any value at all, Zionists started a war against the Palestinians, which war they did not end until now. Which means that the Zionists are knowingly placing their entire civilian population in harm's way, that they don't have any right to "defend themselves" and that the Palestinian population, being under military occupation, has every right to defend itself by any means it sees fit.

  • Netanyahu: Jerusalem was always the capital 'of the Jewish people alone'
    • JeffB,

      Really, you are invaluable! I'm so happy I didn't skip this comment of yours as I of course do all other interminable regurgitations.
      So you are complaining of "lies" and something being "offensive"?
      You, the.. I can't say the inventor, of course, but surely the most conspicuous practitioner of both.
      There should be some limit, no?

  • Israeli military attacks Nakba Day protests with live fire
    • Blah Chick,

      Here they will ban soccer (not a big advertising budget in the US,) jail whoever plays it under the Patriot Act and rename suburban parents "Freedom Moms". It's not as if the Palestinians had a great baseball or football team.

  • Siege on Gaza prevents children from receiving needed medical formula
    • Siege on Gaza prevents children from receiving needed medical formula

      No. The siege is not an active subject. Zionist murderers are preventing children from surviving, within the framework of their planned genocide.

  • On Nakba day, Palestinian civil society in besieged Gaza decries collective failure to ensure accountability for Israeli massacre 
    • Since none of our hasbarists has addressed this

      Be thankful for the little mercies of life.

  • What if the Times had sent Rudoren to Selma in 1965?
    • Donald,
      It’s not silly at all: a lot of the outcome will depend on public opinion across the world about who has the exclusive right to decide the future of Palestine, and on US public opinion.
      This is not like the US or Canada, and the South African miracle being a miracle won't be repeated. We are looking at either successful genocide of the Palestinians, with international complicity, or more of the horrendous war. What you or I think is the nice thing to do in nice, peaceful conditions remains pointless, as the Palestinian people will have to insist on the exclusive right to decide. Are you too young to remember Algeria?

    • Very few Zionists in relatively good working order are left to man the propaganda keyboards. Time was when you'd get someone still able to pretend to be a civilized human being, when the new generation strains even at pretending to be human beings.
      Now calculate that this is Mondo Weiss, i.e. where they are supposed to send the best: after all, this is where the part of the Jewish youth still perplexed after 70 years of official abomination is supposed to come read and get some info.

      And look what we get, even on such an upscale site: a guy who can look you in the eye and say, as if we were some Modern Hebrew Zionist kindergarten,

      there is no such state of :”jewish supremacism” except in your own wild and bigoted interpretation of Israel

      I mean, is this Sleeping Beauty or the magician who could unmake your pissing in the bed?

      And comparing Shaket

      --no, Shaked, like Shaked not Stirred--

      to the US conditions in Selma circa 60s is absurd

      Oooh, now let's hear why this one.
      No why:

      but then anything is possible in the mid-level mindset of the anti-Zionist true believers.

      I imagine that the "absurd" judgment refers to the fact that in the US, Jim Crow was a piece of cake compared to Zionism with their Fundamental Law.

    • Donald,

      Of course you don't agree; I knew that already. The question is, are you empowered by the Palestinians (as their official "representatives" obviously are not) to decide in their name what citizenship rules to adopt? I personally do agree with those who think that one's citizenship should be decided by one's place of birth but then I don't represent anyone.
      As for "if we claim to support a 1ss with equal rights for all", I personally do support it as the only satisfactory way out but again, in the unlikely possibility of this happening "peacefully" (for the oppressors) as in the South Africa miracle the Palestinian people will probably agree to admitting all illegal immigrants. Again, not that we know for sure or are authorized to accept.

    • Donald,

      There is one more short passage in your post worth discussing further:

      As for Israelis, I agree that Israelis born in Israel have the right to be there. It’s the only home they’ve got.

      Even though "What their parents or grandparents might have done isn’t their fault", as you so well say, the question is not one of fault: do we know the basis for citizenship to be adopted in a future Palestinian state --underline: independent and sovereign Palestinian state? Citizenship by place of birth is not a universal principle, however much admired it may be. It's not the fault of thousands of little Germans who only have Turkish passports but couldn't live a single day in Turkey if they were born to Turkish emigrants, but that's how the basis for citizenship was established by the law there. Same in other places.
      There is no Palestinian state except for a collabo-traitor administration set up by the invader; whatever they say on any subject has as much legitimacy as any statement by Pétain or Quisling in 1942. We cannot foresee what happens in the equivalent of 1945, and it would be a good thing not to, given that the precedents, Ottoman law and the related customary local law, based on the millet system, do not exactly favor jus solis as a general principle.
      Then the statement that "It’s the only home they’ve got". Let's be serious, please. If you said that for Nepalese or Pakistanis you'd be mostly right. But "Israelis"? I'd be interested in knowing the percentage that cannot get another passport. Seriously. Add to it the percentage of those who cannot get easy admission as a resident to the US, and accessorily to any Western European country. I suspect that the number of Israelis who cannot legally emigrate will be infinitesimal.
      Besides, why so much pessimism? Who says they will all want to leave?

  • 'So wait, the Nakba is…?': Listening to Israelis discuss the Nakba
    • Mooser, wait! Unsayable? How so? I always believed it to be official Zionist doctrine.
      At any rate, if this were unsayable it'd be worse than swallowing camels whole and straining at an itty-bitty gnat.

    • The fact is that in the US the main lobbying effort to block any mention of genocide by the US government has always been borne by the Zionist lobby, year after year, and a major lobbying effort it is, in the face of very active protests by millions of Armenians, Greeks, and other people in the US. In the few years following the public expression of Palestine solidarity by Erdogan, then the Mavi Marmara piracy and murder, Zionists have been playing blackmail in plain daylight, with discreet expressions of sympathy with the Armenians while continuing to lobby to bar recognition of the Armenian genocide. Two reasons: the opposition factions allied to the Zionists in Turkey, who are working for the overthrow of Erdogan and a return to military dictatorship, are infinitely more nationalist and murderous than the Erdogan government; also the Zionists intend to keep the genocide of the Jews, trademarked "Holocaust", as the single one worth remembering and mentioning.

    • hear the opinion of the Israelis living in the settlements, living in Hebron, and not in Tel Aviv.

      What for? You heard what they have to say in the most optimistic situation:
      "support the right of return as long as no Israelis have to be uprooted. "
      Do you expect "settlers" to be somewhat more human than that nonsense?
      As if Zionist opinion had any weight --it's being heard too much as it is.

  • 'For Palestinians, history is never behind us': Family memories on Nakba Day
    • Jackdaw,

      That Turks and Arabs lived in Jerusalem doesn't cut it; you give away that you're inventing by ignoring their respective roles. That's why I am suggesting that you should learn Ottoman Turkish and try to find a record to copy that would make your invention sound plausible, with names and dates, too, given the dearth of material such as you suggest. I am sure that the Propaganda Ministry would oblige with such material without having you go to any trouble but the most elementary one of having to learn anything. Don't forget to change your handle next time before pretending to be of Ethiopian or Ukrainian origin.

    • "The Arabs and the Turks", eh? Mistake No. 1.
      As for the place, circumstances and persons involved, you better have people hear it. I recommend copying from the police archives. Why you have to to invariably choose the most unlikely bullshit is beyond me.

    • Talknic,

      No use prolonging a dialogue of the deaf. I heard you the first time. You are repeating that no matter what, its very existence legitimates the Zionist entity as a state. I'll repeat again, unheard by you, that whatever you wrote there is fine and dandy but I don't care about the fact of its existence as it remains totally illegitimate, even according to the colonialists' own rules; an illegitimate existence only a general agreement by a Palestinian people, reached independently and without blackmail can ever legitimize. As for whatever you write about ridiculous compromises made by Zionists' puppets in the name of the Palestinian people, they are worthless until then.
      Why is this somehow important? Because what exists can be made to disappear. As you write yourself, the Zionists are not interested in anything but genocide and unencumbered land, so offering x% etc. is pointless.

    • talknic,

      It took a couple of readings to see that where we disagree is in your opinion that, no matter the illegitimacy even by colonialist-accepted formal rules, once an outlaw band calls itself a state and gets saluted by fellow bandits it's entitled to international recognition and protection. Let's pass the word to the Caliph al-Baghdadi, who seemed to consider it in the same spirit, when he called his outfit a State.
      A couple minor details, like the worthless statement by the Zionist entity to have accepted a GA proposal when they had not, or the absurdity of citizenship approvals by Great Britain, etc. can be cleared later.

    • "Jackdaw" is of the opinion that poverty and living under a feudal system justifies the genocide of the people living under it.
      Not an original thought. The Nazis had the same.

    • Marnie,

      Some day you’ll regret the words...

      You know them. When do they ever feel shame, guilt, or regret? Only when they lose, when they are made to pay.

    • Mr Jackdaw,

      A "negotiated two-state solution" is nothing but a "Greater-Israel solution". Negotiating is the name for endless delay, and two-state means one state and an impotent, non-sovereign puppet municipal government.

    • May I take the liberty to pick a couple nits, talknic, or offer interpretations that are at least equally plausible according to the documentation we all have?

      A) It was a war between Jewish Palestinians and non-Jewish Palestinians.

      Between Zionist colonizers and invaders authorized by the British colonial overlord (or illegally on the land even according to the British colonial overlord) against Palestinians. Palestinian Jews of long date cannot be counted on the aggressor side and, in their majority, opposed the Zionist project so that most of them had already been run out of the country: persecuted by the terrorist Zionist thugs, especially the Jabotinsky fascists, they settled in Cairo, Istanbul, Smyrna, Paris, New York etc. Those of them who converted to Zionism are still spoken of with contempt.

      C) There were Jewish forces in non-Israeli territories the day Israel's borders were proclaimed. The neighbouring Arab states, as UN Members (except for TransJordan) and regional powers, had right to attempt to expel foreign forces from what remained of Palestine after Israel was proclaimed independent of Palestine.

      There were no Israeli territories, not at least for anyone not recognizing the unilateral proclamation. The GA partition plan was just a failed proposal, accepted by neither the Zionist entity or the local population (and not made executive to this day by the formally required UNSC act.)
      The terrorists' "proclaiming themselves independent of Palestine" had no legitimacy at all behind it. So the status of any Zionist terrorists anywhere in Palestine, not only outside that proposed without result for partition but also in that proposed for some hypothetical Jewish fraction, was not that of "foreign forces" but terrorist bands, even for those times; their not being supressed by the outgoing mandate holder Great Britain obliged the other UN members present to try to keep order it in its stead.

      ...Israel's independence came into effect within the "frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947"

      Worthless, as that GA resolution not only had no legal teeth, it had not been implemented by any of the parties.

      "One third of all citizens of 1940’s Mandatory Palestine, 600,000 souls, were Jews"
      Is that counting the illegal Jewish immigrants too?

      Is immigration approved/authorized by the colonial authority Great Britain as mandate holder legal according to you? As opposed, I mean, to an Ottoman subject. Makes quite a difference.

  • Putting Israel's cynical humanitarian work in Nepal in the proper context
    • Are you saying that perceiving the Jews as a nation makes one an Anti-Semite?

      It certainly does. And "perceive" may be the exact word.
      Someone who cannot immediately perceive the monstruosity of labeling a religious group (OK, adding those with ancestry in that religious group) as a "nation" is not just antisemitic but also deranged.

    • So no answer. Why coat it in a lot of small talk?
      Anyway, swallow back that "reclaim their lands" bullshit. You guys just cannot keep from propaganda at anytime.

    • Da Bakr,

      I observed that more than most of your co-bots you're not paying attention to what your own words entail. As in

      Our actions speak louder then then what people may think

      X0,000 murdered in cold blood
      X00,000 maimed and tortured and jailed in violation of international law
      X,000,000 robbed of country, land, future and life in violation of international law
      X0,000,000 blasted, burned, beheaded, maimed, displaced and robbed of a future in "neocon"-driven American wars on explicit orders from Zionists
      427 Martians or Marshallese or whatever, given a band-aid to stick on their wounded parts while being photographed
      144 Nepalese surrogate mothers carrying holy Jewish fetuses allowed shelter in "Israel" until delivery --then out.
      X00 Ethiopian (and at the same time Jewish, duh) women forcedly subjected to temporary sterilization (investigation on worse pending) so they could NOT carry off-color Jewish fetuses
      X00 Islamic Caliphate State and X00 Al Qa'eda fighters sent back to cutting heads on Zionist pay after getting fixed in state-of-the-art facilities
      X,000 mothers and babies and sick and victims of Zionist attacks dead at checkpoints or on the roads for being refused access to hospitals
      Feel free to add actions that speak louder than words...

  • 'Forward' reports what 'NYT' covers up: Jews for BDS
    • To identify as Jewish is one thing, to be religious and/or nationalist and raise your kids as such a whole nother thing. Especially as there won't be a request to do so from the kids' other parent. What ar ewe talking about here?

  • In Israel, racism is standard procedure
    • Jethro

      It's not as if she were the only one. Unfortunately, she isn't the most logorrheic either.

    • Walid,
      Of course no approval by the quoter was implied. I was just trying to point at the extent of propaganda, to allow a statement so monstrous being embedded in a scholarly-looking paper as if it were some basic truth.

    • Alicia,
      Don't try to deviate the subject. The only situation in Europe comparable in this sense to the invasion of Palestine may have resulted from the settlement of thousands of German families in Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc., if Nazi Germany had won the war and had implemented its early plans: these countries may have turned out somewhat like today's Israel, with an invaded and ethnically cleansed or genocided local population. There also were plans for a Polish genocide to free the land from some of its inhabitants, Israeli-style (the genocide of the Jews, Gypsies, etc. were seemingly not carried out to free an entire country from its inhabitants.) After V-day, however, the German colonists were sent back, while ethnic Germans settled centuries earlier were not touched, so that European situation that would have paralleled the invasion of Palestine was not realized.

    • Walid,

      The guy you quote says

      Israel’s “new millet” is more a practice of separate-but-equal in which all members of the state are equal but subject to different legal systems according to religion and ethnicity. While the claim may be made that Israel’s system lacks modernity, it is perhaps a step too far drawing a comparison between it and a medieval theocratic structure of government

      Of all the horse manure. If 50+ laws establishing all other "millets" as inferior in law to the Jewish one don't make it worse than the medieval theocratic structure of government, I don't know what will.

    • Alicia,

      The Zionists Herrenvolk in Palestine were BORN anywhere but in Palestine: Bessarabia, Poland, Russia, Brooklyn, China, Mars... and they and their illegally local-born offspring carry abusive passports with local "Israeli" citizenship. Let's not start on the offspring now: as you say yourself (but wrongly attribute it to Italy only), some countries do not confer automatic citizenship by birth place, so we'll have to see about that, too.

      Essentially, to compare with European countries, as you say, none of them have been invaded, occupied, exiled, stripped of land and sovereignty and full citizenship or citizenship period, and being genocided by their invaders. So a comparable situation is impossible to imagine in Europe.

    • eGuard, it's been 70 years. Even the Martians on Mars and even, unbelievably, the Brooklyn Fromme have by now heard of Israel, what it does and the fact that a boycott movement is requested. Let's not exaggerate.

    • Kris,

      It would better to hear it directly from the interested party, of course, but one reason is always the most probable: $. We don't have public education anymore.

    • Why "next time"? He plays in "Israel", he gets boycotted or booed or whatever when he gets back to Europe. What's wrong with you people?

  • Ilan Pappe on the western awakening and what it means for Israel/Palestine
    • Abbas was the spokesperson for Palestine at the UN.

      Precisely. The Israeli traitor-collaborator. In 1941, the German newspapers were also saying "France gave us 50% of its territory"

      Looks like the Palestinian people have way too many friends.

    • Palestine long ago offered to forgo 78% of its rightful territories for peace with Israel

      Who is "Palestine" here, talknic? I see historically some offers, mainly by Saudis, other sheiks and other USIsrael allies, and collabo-traitors, like Abbas and predecessors who may have been thinking they were acting for the best, whatever... all of them racing to make more and more concessions --no matter what concessions achieve with Zionists, as even babes in arms know by now.
      Remind me when we have seen an entirely representative Palestinian organism?
      The Oslo traitors?
      It sure isn't up to anyone on an American web site to give away the farm, don't you think?
      Just repeat it enough times until everyone is convinced that it's a done deal, eh? When not even an inch of Israel has been legitimated yet.
      I am not questioning your subjective feeling on why you are doing this. Not that of what looks like a majority on this site, either. I'm sure it's honorable. The results are horrible, though. The effect is propaganda that the Zionists, even the Zionists, could hardly pay for: even school children asking you "why, wasn't 'Israel' approved by the Palestinians on the land?"

    • Sounding off course, Schipper. I took a figure in the upper range, from a 4-8% estimate based on Ottoman records. Now, that being said, this 4-8% and offspring are at home (those who haven't been beaten by the Zionists and run out of the country, that is.) All other illegal immigrants and their offspring have a major problem waiting to know on what principles the owners of the land are going to recognize citizenship. As for your remarks, not so very smart: the Zionist invaders never gave any concession to anything, ever, no matter how many times and how deep one genuflects or pulls down the pants for them, no matter how abject the collabo-traitors are, no matter how many people even here try to pacify them with 'generous offers'. Because it's in the Zionists' program: the only thing that will satisfy them is that the non-Jews die or go, leaving Greater Israel to them. Period.
      Given this, making more concessions is absurd. The world is round and war is something we haven't been able to get rid of. Things will change, remember the grandstanding about Algeria. The Zionists will be made to pay more and more for every day of delay.

      P.S. It's not "Arabs", you racialomanic so-and-so. They are Palestinians, owners of Palestine and the sovereignty over it.

    • My, Heer Schipper, that would have been exactly the right answer to the Zionist invasion!
      That's how peoples throughout the ages responded to the invasions. Not all were successful, of course, but there seem to be very few cases of inaction.

      I always knew you were good and honest deep down, and that you would see the light. Yes! The only right idea is, of course, to send the invaders back to their own countries.

      Now, after so many years and untold suffering inflicted by the invaders (upon a population comprising 7% of Arab Jews, by the way) it may be a good thing if the owners of the land and of the right to sovereignty concede citizenship to those born locally (considering that they may well legally decide otherwise, too) in exchange for abandoning Zionism. Once the illegal hostile immigrants leave, that shouldn't leave any Zionist to eliminate.

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • Good story, Mooser.

    • Mooser,

      That's the hardest one to interpret.

    • Nah. They don't give a rat's ass about non-Jewish tourism. They figure that with more than 90% Zionism supporters they won't really need the others, and it shows in the way tourists are treated. Those masochist babies will keep going there to spend their dollars in the Ziobubble until it comes out of their eyes.
      Until such time, that is, when a serious risk of bodily harm reminds them of the folly of their ways --leaving the suicidal morons and the rest scampering back home.

      The consequences of warmaking were well-known all right to the genocidal Zionists of 1947 and they used it very successfully. Putting their civilian population in harm's way is one of the Zionists' essential methods for exacting obedience and solidarity from the new immigrants. By keeping the civilians constantly under physical threat they get full approval for their jingoism and racism, no matter the political differences.

    • Correct, Coleman. Try sounding like you mean it. Finally some reason. What it takes is the readiness to cut all ties but not all look ready. In the two years I've been following this web site, I couldn't make up my mind about its attitude to Zionism.

  • Netanyahu deputy charged with administering Palestinians says they are 'beasts, not human'
    • Excuse me? That is a common basis for all Zionists. Why only Ben Dahan and Shaked? When have you seen a sign of its being different in the acts of any of them? Ben Gurion? Rabin? Whoever.
      That some of them say it openly doesn't make any difference.

    • Question to the New York Times: Why isn’t this a story?

      Because "dog bites man" ain't a story; "man bites dog" is. The latest blood-sucking bastard isn't worse than any of his predecessors since 1948, even if he isn't likely to be better. Come back when Marwan Barghouti gets the appointment, that is news and we'll publish it.

      Question to American Zionists. Do you believe in the separation of church and state in the United States? Then why not in Israel and Palestine too?

      Not only we believe in it for the States, we'll fight to the last drop to keep it that way: we're a small minority. Not in Israel; why else have we massacred and chased away the people and packed the place with imports from Brooklyn and elsewhere? Can't one have a little theocracy of one's own in one's own little patch that one cleansed with one's own hands for so many years? Whassamatter with you, you an Anti-semite or what?

      Question to American liberal Zionists. At what point do Israeli actions cross a threshhold for you, and you say, I’m going to join the boycott movement because we need to put real pressure on that place to change?

      See Mooser's answer. If we join a boycott, it's precisely to keep that place from changing. We're Zionists, for chrissakes, when are you gonna understand that?

  • No Palestinians need apply to new Israeli government-- and American liberals don't notice
    • Kris,

      Apart from giving away a psychopathic murderer, that genius statement of the Holocaust(TM) that justifies the Nakba would be a problem for any other Zionist with half a brain cell. There was no trademarked Holocaust in the early-mid 1920s when the genocide was announced, there was no Holocaust yet in 1937 when the Greater Israel area to be emptied from its owners (and the tolerated maximum percentage of local people) was announced. Not only the "justification" is pure insanity, it is also a postdated check.

    • 1) Remind me, what valid instrument is there that ends the war of aggression started by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian population in November 1947, like for example a general uncoerced vote to accept the invasion and partition?
      2) Traitors are not necessarily dumb. Ethnocentric parties, even if some get accepted in the List as minority partners, are not necessarily the good choice. The leading partners are communist and anti-Zionist resistance, not ethnic in the least.
      3) There is no legitimate government and no legitimate action of such government in the absence of a general vote in all of Palestine (possibly all illegal immigrants on a racial basis should be excluded anyway.)

    • This is like requesting a participation of Jewish people from Poland or France or Netherlands in the Reichstag in 1941. The request has some unmasking value, directed at cave-dwellers and slowpokes; I am sure the author of this piece never intended to impress Zionist propaganda agents.

  • Rudoren covers up Shaked's genocidal statements in 'NYT'
    • That Shaked monster is refreshingly right in one thing: the Zionists are officially at war with the Palestinian people, as we keep saying since 1947 and any "peace talks" were nothing but lies and deception. That is good to know.

  • Elizabeth Warren attends AIPAC event where Lindsey Graham smears Arabs
    • What "spokesperson"? Not at all, I am even mostly disagreeing with the site's featured articles. This site, however, officially presents itself as a solidarity site with the occupied Palestinian population. People would logically conclude that interest in the condition of said people, or "war of ideas in the Middle East" (I wouldn't agree that it is a war of "ideas" only, btw) is the only common denominator, except of course for counter-propaganda. Be that as it may, US politics are theoretically relevant, but with regard to its consequences for Palestine only --as you seem to agree anyway.

    • As a senator, Warren has no obligation to attend any events of a private lobby which, by the very fact of being a lobby, is living proof of our being one of the most corrupt places on earth. If she had any integrity she would be acting in accordance with her professed beliefs and boycott all lobbies. Then, this is a person who did not speak any different from the turd Graham during the last genocidal action in Gaza. If she had wanted to use this opportunity to dispel the impression she made then, she could have. She didn't. Conclusion: electing this person to any office is definitely against the interests of the invaded Palestinians. The latter, by the way, is the only thing we all theoretically agree on this forum. All other considerations, domestic politics, etc. should go somewhere else.

    • Yeah, that's the Warren that Phil Weiss is calling 'balanced'. Jesus, if I am allowed that expletive here.

  • Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked—who called for genocide of Palestinians—as Justice Minister in new government
    • The initial intention, the delayed fingers on the keyboard and the slowly liquefying immediate memory remain out of synch with each other. Thank you for that twist of the knife in the wound.

    • It doesn't conjure or evoke, having lost that connotation after having been a cliché for a long time; if it would have evoked an animal infected with rabies, that image is certainly more benign than that of a propagandist for war of aggression and genocidal invasion. Anyway, pride of Iberian origin and rabid romantic Biblical nationalism don't coexist well.

    • Reminds me a lot of the angelic-looking uniformed blonde pictured holding a bloody knife in the cover picture on a postwar pulp novel titled: "Ilse, the wild beast of the Stalag".

    • catalan,

      Neither Danes nor Swedes settled anyone else's land, grabbing the sovereignty while genociding its inhabitants, at least not in the era of decolonization and afterwards.
      Now tell me you didn't know that, will you?
      As for the Semitic trait, you are the guy who defends that there is a "Semitic trait" unifying all the Jewish people from Ethiopia to the North Pole in a single Volk that needs its Vaterlandm pardon Lebensraum. Not the people who see Judaism as a religion, period.
      Which reminds me that "Catalan" is a strange name for a rabid "Israel"-firster.

  • 'The Israelis never stopped shooting': Gaza endures under Israel’s one-way ceasefire
    • The people of Gaza have the right to be anywhere in Palestine, while the Zionist invaders don't. Additionally, an occupying army has no right to intervene anywhere to curtail the natural right, as sanctioned by international law, of the occupied people to defend itself by any means judged necessary. Basically, Zionist troops or other occupation personnel have no right to defend themselves, while the invaded Palestinian population has. I realize this is a bit of a problem for an occupation army because there is no way to make its status "legal", no matter the wordy paperwork.
      Decent human beings would at least avoid trying to openly defend war crimes.

    • Talknic, given that none of the territory claimed by the illegal Zionist entity "was legally acquired by Israel" anywhere at any time in history, I suggest forgoing that type of question, as if any territory were at any time under legitimate Israelian sovereignty. One should think of the consequences of even suggesting this.

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
    • Marnie,

      It's not the magnetic field; it's the fact that it offers one more soapbox for genocidal propaganda, but this time to be listened to from inside a Palestinian-supporting site. The target is exclusively the clueless reader and browser who happens to drop by because heshe is troubled about the wide media support to Zionism, not the regular reader. This free soapbox must be extremely valuable to the Zionists.

    • Yes, thank you, in your own post I read that she ripped the mask and exposed the Apartheid state where she is not allowed to play to the Slaves and Helots. Can you read what you quote?

    • Just a little nitpicking: that a decent human being would refuse performing in Israel is the proper and expected thing; anything but "incredible".

  • MSM's platform for Pamela Geller is equivalent to normalizing David Duke and Nazis
    • ”it’s about the principal”

      In all fairness, Ms or Mr Hjmetro didn't commit that "principal", you did. This would be character assassination by misquoting.
      Besides, Streicher was not executed simply for publishing hooknosed caricatures of Jews but "persecution on political and racial grounds in connection with war crimes, as defined by the Charter, and constitutes a crime against humanity.” While Geller and Co. are replicating some of Streicher's actions, they are not (yet) formulating the official doctrine of our aggression of people of Middle Eastern "extraction". I doubt that with an official disapproval by the government they could be charged for participation in our war crimes.

  • 'NY Review of Books' says Tony Judt didn't really mean it when he called for the end of a Jewish state
    • Freedland is writing his book review and he’s entitled to his anectote [so] like the next man

      No, he's not. He is a known Zionist propaganda agent. Nothing coming out of him can be seen as reliable given the 100% likelihood that it is propaganda material calculated to distort, dissemble and harm his enemies, to which this site belongs. And no, it's not "just trivia" the moment a propaganda agent gets into it.

  • Gaza rules: Kill 2 Palestinian women on cellphones in an orchard so Israeli soldiers face zero risk
    • Thank you for the link, Marnie. That clip is enough to prove that our constitution and the usual propaganda about the US are lies only.

    • So it’s verboten to be Palestinian in any way, shape or form

      Exactly. So why is everybody stuttering when the only possible word to describe this is genocide?

  • Sanders is leftwing on economic issues, but sees Israel as up against ISIS
    • The devil wil be buying central heating for Hell before Sanders (or any Democrat, or any Republican) will reduce support to Zionism. Period.
      Besides, none of the other points are supposed to be common to us all on this web site. Just Palestine solidarity and incidentally US war spending. Our only interest is curbing Zionist influence. So let's concentrate on that and avoid all other generators of discord.
      (Besides, if you haven't got your lesson about "implicit promises" until now, youd be hopeless, but I don't believe it.)

    • What was so likable in that tired bullshit? Oh my, so difficult and complicated: on your left, the invadee; on your right, the invader. 600 years aren't enough to understand what's the right thing, eh?

    • Jones, I don't get it either; where I was mentioning a pass that was about the preposterous pretext for excusing a vote for Sanders and his Zionism: that he's an old Jewish guy. At that rate it would just as well justify voting for any of the bastards on offer, why only Sanders?

    • With enough petitions all you can achieve is a first-class hole in the water.

    • Money, i.e. corruption. Duh.

    • Immaterial. The kibbutzes are not any different, in principle and in substance, from settlements and "labor" Zionists from outspoken genocidal Zionists. Mr. Weiss would excuse him and bring him to reign over us with the excuse that he's an old Jewish guy. Preposterous. I'm an old Jewish guy and nobody gives me a pass when I make mistakes that may cost other people's lives.

  • 'BirthWrong' in the Cradle of Jewish Culture: Jews gather in southern Spain for tour that aims to repudiate Zionism
    • "Hebrew needs to be depoliticised".... Now that's a good one. A politically custom-made invented language, constructed with the exclusive goal of killing people's mother tongues so that they will get rid of their ancestral culture and become cannon fodder for some crazy racialist fake-national scheme. You want to "depoliticize" the very self of politics, what?

  • Israeli army can't stop patting itself on the back for helping Nepal victims
    • jon s,

      There’s a difference between quoting Hamas documents and statements- which I’ve done myself- and inviting a Hamas spokesperson to use this blog as a platform

      You, an official propaganda agent and apologist for invasion, mass murder, genocidal practices and international terrorism, are being given unlimited use of this blog as a propaganda platform even though you don't contribute to its purpose, to say the least. Now you have the crust to ask that a blog whose purpose is to support Palestinian resistance be closed to the resistance itself.
      Typically Zionist shamelessness and pushiness to a degree not experienced anywhere else, called chutzpah --only notable cultural contribution of the Zionist invasion.

  • 'Baltimore Is Here': Ethiopian Israelis protest police brutality in Jerusalem
    • Dickerson: Re the Avi Tasher story, I suppose it proves that paid killers with an Israeli name are a normal presence in a US police department.

    • Shenfield, I suppose we on Mondoweiss only have one thing in common, and that is to help Palestinians win against their Zionist aggressors.
      So, political questions internal to the US are highly misplaced here (even if they help the Zionists by trying to deviate the discussions.) So please cease and desist . I'd expect the web site owners to intervene, too. As for the "Israeli Black Panthers", they were a totally irrelevant inside-Herrenvolk movement, a little like the current Ethiopian movement that could not realize its common objectives with the Palestinian resistance, a movement not related to the invasion, spoliation and genocide.

  • Two videos to challenge my liberal Zionist friends
    • Congratulations and thank you for producing one of the clearest summaries of the famous legitimacy discussions, in a minimum of words. It should be mandatory reading.

    • They won't really hear all your "how can you"s and "how could you"s because these "liberal Zionist" and "socialist Zionist" vipers have been around for much longer than the 1948 state. Zionism itself has started as a bad cop-good cop act and we have had proof in the course of many decades that the "liberals" "and "socialists" are only the National-hyphenated version of these things.
      Calling them "my friends" and sucking up to their so-called sensitivities doesn't help you. Your aim is, I take it, to end Zionism, theirs is to salvage it, and that's all there is to it.

  • Haneen Zoabi's power and vision (and answers to Theodore)
    • Of course the comedy "constitution" of the "state" (yarright) of the Israeli puppet administration will have a state religion, too! These clowns are, let's repeat it because not many seem to get it, no different than a Pétain or Quisling or a Ngo Dinh Diem government. As for Gaza, it so happens that the religious zealots are the only ones left standing by the continuous genocide and collaboration who are serious about resisting.
      The call to a secular, democratic state for citizens to be decided by the Palestinian people will necessarily require getting rid of the collaborator administration, along with their Israeli masters.

  • Obama's role model to journalists -- Dorothy Thompson -- turned against Zionism and was silenced
    • About reconstruction aid to Germany, 1945-46:

      She was pretty much alone on this....

      she just said that that we’re just talking about nations, we’re talking about world affairs, we’re talking about the welfare of huge, huge numbers of people, and the best thing to do with Germany after the war is to help it rebuild itself in the liberal tradition. So she was off center compared with other people. It was very unpopular.

      Yeah, so horribly unpopular that it was the official policy of the US government from the get-go / before V-day. Never heard about Marshall Plan etc.? So obviously the entire US government was practicing "favoritism for German Nazis", wasn't it?

  • Is there room for liberal Zionists in an anti-Zionist movement?
    • Is there room for albino wolves in a sheep pen? Perhaps --as long as Palestinians are physically in control. There can be no comparing to Odeh and bunch. Their battlefront is electoral politics within the enemy camp and they cannot be held to the same principles as others ("engaging in dialogue" is far from being their main job --at least we hope so.)

  • One rocket from Gaza outweighs 6 Israeli incursions and 67 attacks
    • Tony Riley,
      Your "Israel", as an invader and occupier, has no right to defend itself. The occupied and invaded peoples have the right to fight the occupation by all means they see appropriate. This much is basic international law, i.e. the 101, the plain English text in front.
      Any armed action, inside or outside the 67 armistice line, is perfectly justified unilaterally for the occupied people: they have never been part of any armistice.

  • Reconstructionist Jewish site censors rabbi's essay because he supports BDS and one state
    • With a Zionist outlook, i.e. seeing himself as part of a Zombie "nation " of people returning from the grave, I can't imagine that "If his idealistic vision had prevailed among early Zionists, there never would have been a nakba".
      How would that be possible? Even non-Zionists among us are all behaving as if the owners of the country never have anything to say; as if group immigration forced upon the locals by the colonial overlords had an automatic right to be accepted!
      What if they resent it? And you know what, they did. Plenty. What do you do if they resent it? You either pack and scram, or you remain by the force of arms. I can't imagine any Zionists, be they so well-intentioned, choosing the former.

  • Non-Jewish Israelis remain faceless, nameless, voiceless in 'New York Times' coverage
    • Mayest thou know, quoth he, that in the times of the Ottoman Empire in all Arabic-speaking lands every community was organized according to their nominal religion under their own religious leader appointed by the government. The Grand Chacham of every land was chosen by the Sultan's Governor from among the most obedient and wheeling-dealing members of the clergy. Not an easy thing, for he was also responsible for any missteps of his "subjects".
      So Zionist Palestine seems to have kept the habit of an enforcer Grand Chacham, along with Ottoman martial law and torture habits.

    • This takes the cherry as most decerebrated comment of the year. The large majority of Herrenrasse inhabitants of Israel are still godless (after many decades of having been the overwhelming majority, from the good old times when Zionism was pure nasty fake nationalism totally disconnected from Judaism.) So where can you see the need for a Schabbes goy?
      What is exactly the excuse for stopping the buses except a need to create endless difficulties for all sorts of people? All bus drivers are so fromm that you can't function? That would be good news btw, Israel being totally vulnerable on Saturdays.
      Or are you trying to say that Israel is even more of a theocratic dictatorship than Saudi Arabia?

  • Mark Shields blasts Adelson for 'making foreign policy for the United States'
  • AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress
    • Kris has already answered enough (as have thousands of people already, only they had not been informed that your ears need washing) to this question that you dutifully have repeated for so many years.
      I don't want to argue. Just kindly bring one individual original title for a named ancestor for each person along with ironclad certification of the entire ancestry line. Also make sure to make clear how and by what legal acrobatics such a title, if there were one, could be valid (hint: it can't, I asked my brother-in-law and he's a successful real estate attorney.) Then we have the rest of the story: authorization to immigrate personally, signed by the owners of the local sovereignty, or first-degree local relation admitted to Palestinian citizenship before the Zionist onslaught (sure there were some 7-8% Palestinian Arab Jews, you know, those who the Zionists kicked out first because they opposed the invasion.) Then we'll discuss how come a real estate deed (if only it could be valid) and a refugee/immigrant/acquired citizenship status (if acquired according to Palestinian law) authorizes a minority of 2,000-year-old zombies to usurp sovereignty.
      When all that is clear, I'm sure your rights will be recognized.

    • Oldgeezer,
      Obviously I didn't manage to make clear to you what the central point is for me. I do agree with what you say about historical states etc. ; what we have here is a situation directly within human memory where no redress was offered at all and the central point is that the directly interested, i.e. the Palestinians still haven't had any opportunity to decide, not under duress, how much they may want to put up with.
      None of the conditions are for anyone else to decide. Certainly not me (my personal preferences are no different than yours but no one is interested in that.) Palestinians have been handed down too many compromises on their behalf by everybody and his brother --that can't work. All I can say is that, while there is one known case of a miracle in South Africa, thanks to an unimaginable degree of maturity on both sides, things are known to have developed very differently too, as in Algeria. The way the cookie is crumbling in Palestine is not encouraging at all, as an extreme degree of war and violence looks more and more probable (in part because of the success of the Zionists in decapitating the resistance.)

    • Are any of you guys respecting the most heinous handling under the sun, i.e. establishment of an invader state by the force of colonialist bayonets, somehow representative of the will of a majority, not under blackmail or duress, of the owners of the land, i.e. the Palestinian people, including the exiled? In that case, one might look at your proposal. Otherwise the whole thing remains totally illegitimate. As for offering nationality to the illegally immigrated or even the local born, again it is exclusively the Palestinians' to decide.

    • Legitimacy my axe, if you'll pardon my French. Speaking of French, remember Algeria. French colonial presence was much more "legitimate" by the very same measures. It was, however, crystal clear from the get go that there was not an ounce of legitimacy to that presence, and the request by the winning Resistance, to evacuate all French who would not accept full Algerian citizenship, was saluted by most people, except the usual suspects. Not only is there absolutely no peg to hang that legitimacy on, there is also absolutely no reason why the Resistance should make any concessions on that given that there have been absolutely no concessions from the conquerors in 70 years.
      Otherwise said, if existence is enough to establish legitimacy and no concessions are forthcoming, then destruction is the solution.

    • I support the state of Israel living within it’s original borders

      Why on earth?

  • Palestinian teenager is shot dead at a checkpoint outside Jerusalem
    • The people of Baltimore and that of Gaza have the same, mortal, enemy. That is generally enough to override any other differences.
      As for "being of the same species", you're right that it's the only thing someone like you would have in common with anyone of the oppressed side in either place.

  • Combatants for Peace responds to Memorial Day report
    • It seems like bringing Amerindians to a holiday occasion memorializing US soldiers fallen in the battle against Indian tribes, war parties, raiders, etc.

      More than "like" it. The same.

  • Using the dead: the 'NYT' works with Israel to justify military service
    • My Rabbi introduced our shul to Mondoweiss in her Shabbos sermon about preparing your college bound children to stand up against Israel hatred on campus. I was with her yesterday at the Israel Independence day celebration at Daley Center in Chicago

      Damn right! Enough of these scaredee meek old world rabbis who would serve an obsolete religion and pretend to be spiritual guides. What would the new, tough warrior superman need a spiritual guide for anyway? Replace them by propaganda chicks.
      At any rate, a fitting present for your rabbi would a belt buckle inscribed: "Gott mit uns!"

    • Moser,

      I really did a long and thoughful reading of it, also in the light of past literature by the same author and no, not much chance of irony there. What I don't get is "what is attempted here". As long as the Sphinx doesn't explain, we have an enigma.

    • Krauss,
      What exactly might justify *not being bitter and angry?
      It's time to stop being sympathetic to Zionists. Most Israelis who don't want to be objectors can emigrate without a problem. Whoever remains deserves it.

  • Marking Memorial Day in Tel Aviv with Kahanists and Combatants for Peace
    • when former Palestinian prisoners decide...

      Aren't we like forgetting that this is a war? Not a "war of ideas", a war. Like 39-45. Collaborators, even if broken and turned in prison, don't get given a voice. Neither do the Quisling governments or other feelgood-PR operations under the occupier.

  • In defense of Cornel West's prophetic voice
    • Who cares about the past in the senate? He illegally pardoned the previous administration and started at least 4 wars of aggression and undue intervention on his own, to say nothing of other mayhem. As for what that guys says... I watch his hands.

    • "Criticized" ain't good enough --to his credit. he woke up, better late than never. Your saying "the choice was between warmongering McCain and Obama. What else were people supposed to do?" makes me wish you'd wake up too: supporting one of the two imperialist parties is not very consistent with Palestinian solidarity.

  • Will Graham's gaffe about 'all-Jewish cabinet' get the MSM to talk about pro-Israel money?
    • Nah, no court Jews.
      Just read the text. This time, JTA is practically quoting the Protocols of the Elders... looks like the Okhrana should have waited just a little bit to produce an original instead of an indigestible copy.
      The only word that can be substituted for "His Jew" in this text is "His Sugardaddy".

    • Yeah, the extent of help I'd be ready to extend to him is I'll gladly help him drown.
      And how likely would he be to speak up if he's being shut up by the Zionist Vaterland?

    • Yeah. That Rosenberg (MJ) absurdity stinks real bad. Should be investigated by those who can investigate. His "knowing the lobby" is no use to us but I wouldn't be surprised by Zionists silencing one of their own, even if he used to make a living by writing and publishing, by dire threats.

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