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  • Munayyer and Beinart's historic debate on the solution to the conflict
    • In Germany it would be attempted secession on religious grounds. Not something that's likely to go unopposed by the whole world (except perhaps the more Zionism-addicted of the politicians.) As for a floating island, I have a feeling experts on international and maritime law may have a different take on that.

    • Kris,

      Very nicely written. As for land ownership, I appreciate the intent, but whoa. Land ownership and sovereignty are two very different beasts. Owning land in other peoples' country does not give a group the sovereignty. Many times it does not even give individual citizenship.

    • talknic,

      I must admit that Catalan was absolutely right. He wrote the answer that I wanted to write to you, word for word.
      Even if your answer was offered entirely in irony, which is doubtful, it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

  • A banner day for BDS -- though you'd have to read the Jewish press to know it
    • No need --even a plain Webster monolingual is enough.
      Bevet Breizh.

    • Thank you. We should add that, essentially, boycott limited to post-1967 occupation serves to create the false impression that the pre-1967 invasion is in any way legitimate (a mythical belief shared by some on this site, too.) That is the main advantage of unleaded BDS for Zionists. If I were one, I'd be screaming for more post-1967 boycott.
      Taking out the Basic Invasion out of BDS makes it BS.

    • Why the surprise? The Butcher of Baghdad was the junior part of the advanced guard of Zionism with his elder brother George Bush, destroying Iraq perhaps forever and murdering up to a million people, then working at it in different capacities in Libya, Syria, etc., and as a (paid) Israeli ambassador to the Quartet. By the way, what pretext did the UK invoke not to try him or turn him in, to the ICC?

    • Shmuel,

      That goes to support the impression that Zionism has unmasked itself so far that smart and decent people have already stopped defending it.

    • how do you prove that a company pulling out of Israel is NOT business?

      You can't. That is why the US and Zionists, basing themselves on the venerable legal principle of "guilty until proved innocent" will set huge penalties for every pullout no matter what, as they prove the antisemitism of whoever is doing it.

    • As long as BDS is presented to the world with the boycott limited to post-1967 occupied territories, it a boycott mainly in the interests of Israel. If Beinart were a little smarter (actually he is smart, make it obnubilated by his emotions) he would be at the forefront of today's unleaded BDS.

      There is no other way for the 'liberal" Zionists to continue advancing their interests while anesthetizing Europe and to clinch a window-dressing agreement for a 1.01-state solution, i.e. a state with huge military power that will continue conquest and genocide against the Palestinian people in the 0.1 Zionist-directed puppet "state" with no sovereignty, no border security, no right to set its agenda, no RoR, no this, no that.

  • Gaza’s al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades prepares for next Israeli war
    • With all due respect, you can boil an egg.

    • In that case, John S, I'll have to scrape the charitable theory about the reason for your kooky delusions.
      Considering that fact that no matter how many times you have been informed in so many words about the rules in the world at large concerning "homeland", invasion, sovereignty and land ownership, you have not deigned once to discuss this according to the rules of the regular (=non-Zionist) world, just repeating your insanity.
      So the conclusion must necessarily be that you are doing it not out of stupidity or emotional paralysis but knowingly, as a criminal against humanity.

    • John S, weren't you supposed to be some kind of teacher --of history, no less, or was it Jewish history, in occupied Palestine?

      You want to know when the Zionist invasion of Palestine started. No kidding.
      Like, you can go on the Internet. Lots of sources. Also on the applicable laws on inheritance laws for either property or citizenship.
      Just pay attention to going on the World Wide Web, not the Zionist Delirium intranet.

      I suppose the Zionist schools hire you teachers without teaching them reading riting'n reckoning. Also shown by your quote marks around the word invasion.

    • John S,

      Cognitive trouble, or Ziococcoon brain damage?

      So who exactly are the Jews who are descendants of Palestinians, and thus qualify as Palestinians?

      Stop intentional misquoting. It says, "direct descendant of a Palestinian, even if Jewish". Meaning any Palestinian Jews, i.e. settled as an inhabitant of Palestine prior to the Zionist invasion; not part of the invasion.

      And what do you mean by “there is no historic homeland…”? Are you denying the history?

      No "homeland" (if you like that kind of nationalist statement") of anyone, historic or currrent, except today's pre-Zionism Palestinians'. Is that more precise? There can be no "historic homeland" in that strip open to all possible invasions (only the recorded ones total some fifty or so), including the rather short-lived one of the Hebrews (which seem to have scattered already before invading the Canaanites), except that of the people still living on that land --excluding fresh colonial invasions. All the rest is myth. And even if there were any "historic homeland status" of people living wide afar, an old Jewish proverb says that and a token will take you all the way to the Bronx.

    • John S, you really are the archetypal Zionist, totally unaware of how things work outside the Ziococcoon:

      Most people (maybe you’re the exception…) tend to identify themselves as part of a group --a tribe , nation, ethnic group, religion, class, political party, fan club, etc. and it’s perfectly natural to be proud of the group you belong to. Of course you can belong to multiple groups, so, in answer to your question ,all the groups you mention can be considered “my people” in some way.

      Fact is, outside your Ziococcoon, decent people sure do identify with different groups, some are even ridiculous in their "pride", that is correct. I confess to frivolously taking pride in my belonging to an elite of checker players . Decent people have, however, an overriding identification with the human race: when confronted with injustice they try their best to be impartial, evaluate hard facts against myth, identify howling injustice and crime, and be more severe with their own. Not exactly what you are doing (hint: that's what makes the likes of you into tribal yahoos.)

    • I like that "Egypt's list of terror [sic] organizations".
      So the murderous military dictatorship, a major terrorist organization itself, albeit less murderous than the Zionist terrorism machine, issues a list of "terror[ist] organizations". Fine. As meaningful in itself as the Israeli or the WWII German state calling Resistants "terrorists".

      Anyway, executing the collaborationist spies is an imperative for any Resistance organizations. We have seen that under German occupation in WWII, in Norway and Holland and France and Belgium and Italy and Greece and Albania and Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union and Poland and Czechoslovakia and... i.e. more than well-documented enough: any Resistance organization that neglected taking care of the collaborators was pitilessly eliminated by the Nazis.
      No doubt Hamas and other Resistance organizations (except the Zionist puppet PA, whose police has the job of fighting against the Resistance) must observe all niceties as afar as possible in identifying and judging and convicting and executing the collaborators when doing so is possible without incurring mortal risks, but that is often not feasible considering the degree of information and efficiency of the Zionist murder machine.

    • Well of course. Given that Daesh/ISIS is a good Israeli ally, indebted to Israel for air cover, other military help, equipment and medical assistance, etc. of course it wouldn't refuse an order to shoot rockets from Gaza.
      By the way, isn't it passing strange that with all the fanfare around mass executions of heretics and infidels, not a peep has yet been heard from or a finger lifted by Daesh against the Satan of Satans Israel? Miracle?

    • Who is that Jon S criminal, living as an illegal invader on other people's stolen land at the price of wars of aggression, ethnic cleansing and genocidal action, calling "terrorists"? Terrorism is the technique perfected by the Zionists; "terrorist" is the nonsense word used by the Nazis and the Zionists alike against the Resistance. It's what was written on the labels of the hanged fighters of the Warsaw ghetto.

    • John S,
      Bullshit as usual. What you purchased may well not have been sold when the owner was chased away or massacred, or the purchase may have been forced. You didn't check. You have no title to participate in the land's sovereignty, except if you are the direct descendant of a Palestinian, even if Jewish. There is no historic homeland of anyone living today in that country, except Palestinians.
      None of the illegal Herrenrasse invaders of Palestine have the right to live in peace: they'll have to buy that peace or clear out in a hurry. What's the problem anyway? You can always come back here to exploit and exasperate us.
      So you teach? History? Zionist history, of course, and that's why your products are such priceless morons.
      Anyway, don't imagine that it will last forever --you acknowledge the first signs. The first of which is that there isn't anyone smarter than you left on board to make propaganda for Zionism... Ah, only to think of the exquisitely equipped, smart, smartly indoctrinated, believable Zionist propagandists of yore... of course they were criminal shits to be put to the wall, but at least they were worth the discussion. They all left Zionism, now, to more or less paid, sad drudges.

    • I hate to disillusion you, Mooser, but it looks like you may have been out of the rat race for too long.

      What you're saying there is about 2-3 centuries old:

      In America, due to the endemic anti-semitism, you would be just another person. You would receive no protection at all for being Jewish.

      Those were the no-good old times of my childhood and youth, and I am old. Now, the US would never risk incurring the wrath of THE God by not treating Jews as fast-track, first-class citizens. Just look at how visas are given for one.

    • Mister Fredman,

      The Zionist entity *officially started all-out, genocidal war against all Palestinian people in 11/1947 by having armed bands massacring in a country that they had invaded with no legitimate claim, on the strength of a consultative GA proposal predicated on acceptance by both parties. Not only Palestinians and their allies had absolutely no obligation to agree to that absurd aggression proposal; the Zionist entity also rejected and nullified it by having armed personnel outside even the proposed area. There may have been armistices and even peace treaties with different states onetime allied with the Palestinian people; there has not been any agreement with the Palestinians and maintaining a puppet so-called Palestinian so-called administration is another war crime on top of the other war crimes.
      I say as long as Palestinian civilians are abused and subjected to war crimes all the civilian population of Israel should be at risk, as intended by the Zionists (an intention acknowledged in writing by Zionist leaders such as Ben Gurion, Weitz, etc., to the purpose of ensuring a national cohesion of the illegal immigrant invaders against the owners of the land and sovereignty.)
      Go cook an egg now. Or rather please continue writing , you are so inept that your posts are in fact helping against Zionist propaganda.

    • When the Zionist entity officially started the war against the Palestinian population in November 1947 it knew that it was thereby putting its entire civilian population at risk. By refusing to end this war and continually massacring wholesale civilian populations in Palestine and different other countries it continues to knowingly increase the risk to its own civilian population.
      This is of course desired by the Zionist government: it allows it to force cohesion and blunt critical thinking among its own Herrenvolk and have its little dogs yapping ceaselessly about "crimes" like you do. Considering that this is war, there is no way on earth to expect a measured and targeted response to the carpet bombing, targeted destruction of hospitals and annihilation of entire neighborhoods by the Zionists. The US should adequately arm the Resistance.

  • Obama says peace talks are pointless because Netanyahu won't see the 'best' in others
    • Chomsky may say that with good reason, others, with more reason, say it should be called BS as long as it limits itself to post-67 occupation instead of applying to everything from the rogue state "Israel" --it won't convince either friend or foe.

    • I’m old enough to remember when the USA stepped up and broke the blockade of West Berlin and that is exactly what needs to be done now with a Western nation that has a real Air Force and Navy going to Gaza and the West Bank to deliver supplies and show Israel that they have just gone too far.

      Escorting a Gaza flotilla with Turkish Navy and Air Force units had been somewhat seriously considered by the Turkish government three years ago.
      There are rumors that the plan is not entirely forgotten (depending on the day's mood and the balance between rhetoric and the need for a show of action.)

  • What I Was Told: Arabs hate Jews
    • Mooser,

      Now don't tell me that the need for provocative ostentation of piety among the New-Fromm has reached *that* point!

    • tokyobk,

      The gentleman has already explained, in the very post you are answering (by avoiding to answer), that you guys have turned religious symbols into symbols of political aggression and oppression (especially the star of David), so your repeating the "religious symbols" description for those things is, how shall I say, strange.

  • Goldberg predicts 'civil war' between American and Israeli Jews as Israel is 'defined as an apartheid state'
  • ‘They said we drink the blood of children’—Netanyahu goes off the deep end after FIFA campaign
    • Froggy,

      Why, would you have a Mossad officer (officially) who is against Zionism?

    • Netanyahoo did say it. So yes, it should be about time.

    • MEMRI, eh? Oh, not a propaganda site at all, Simply an organization headed by a highish Mossad officer, that posts texts that it selected and translated itself from the publications of peoples that are to be vilified. Translations and selections, of which a good number have already been discredited for their bias. Besides, any translator knows that there is no such thing as a really neutral translation. So MEMRI is out. Give us the entire article in its original Arabic, if necessary, and we'll judge.

      By the way, you still didn't provide a single link to any text. Strange.

    • Yes, JVP, already a shaky member of Palestinian solidarity, with sometimes better ties to Zionists than to some of the most serious, business-meaning opponents of it, continues to sling mud at every "antisemite" windmill. It thinks the Palestinians' suffering is there for a tribally segregated group to use it as a pretext for their "antisemitism" hunt. Its leadership looks like intending to control all of Palestinian solidarity.

    • How will they cope when there is no more anti semitism

      They'll invent it, obviously. Hold on... they already did!

  • New Israeli bill aims to put Palestinian stone-throwers in jail for 10-20 years
    • It is against army regulations to bring non-kosher food onto IDF bases, which are all kosher

      "We are not a theocracy!"

    • If I were a Palestinian my first reaction would be "if this is what it's going to cost me I might as well throw a grenade".
      Which is exactly what the Zionists want.

  • Israeli propaganda dominates front page of 'New York Times' today
    • Mister Fredman now has resurrected another moronic scarecrow:

      Why use the language of demonology when it has such an awful history in the language of hatred of Jews?

      Why indeed, especially when the Zionists are behaving in ways that would have been hard to imagine even for the inventors of Satan in the Dark Ages, let alone in our Nazi-sanguinary times?
      And more especially when no one has even mentioned "the Jews"? The post mentioned "Israel". Not "the Jews".

      Of course we understand that statistically a lot of people who call themselves Jewish do support that evil (word used just to remain in sync with the religious terminology) but that does apply to "the Jews" as much as being a supporter of the Red Sox.

      Your reaction, for the x,000th time, only shows you up:
      you are very obviously a rabid enemy of the Jews as a group, whatever your definition of "Jew", inasmuch as you are attributing to the entire group of "Jews" the crimes against humanity of a band of pirates and their genocidal state. The word "antisemite' is totally absurd, especially applied to someone claiming to be Jewish but in your case I would see it as a particularly appropriate use of a generally inappropriate term.

  • The totalitarian reign of Sheldon Adelson
    • Absolutely right, Eva!
      This has a very serious consequences in that it clearly shows a difference between the in-group believer and the hanger-on for lack of information. The true believer is indoctrinated from birth, and to change his mind facts are of absolutely no relevance, as opposed to the ill-informed:

      There are windows of opportunity to change limbic brain held believes, and they are at times of great emotional upheavals: when you fall in love, when you have children, when you see horrors brought upon some people close up, when you are shamed or rejected publicly, when you come face to face with death.

      So only the last two are things that a Palestine supporter can do with regard to Jewish Zionists, and the Zionists are definitely much better than us at shaming and rejecting or issuing plausible death threats.
      Result: all those who think it worth to invest most of their time and energy in "converting" the Zionist-raised Jews are just wasting their time (and ours.) Logic or human decency won't work. Concentrate on the population at large.

  • New West Bank settlement casts light on clandestine role of international support for settlers
    • There's a poster calling himself Catalan who doesn't seem to understand much. Can't even understand that betting on US incompetence is like money in the bank.
      It's like betting on Zionist nastiness.

    • David Gerald Fincham

      The developments in the US are real but they don't amount to a hill of beans as long as the 2-party system remains in place, for the purposes of forcing a solution in Palestine. The destruction of Syria and Iraq and the renewed puppet dictatorship in Egypt are long-term developments; the Zionist plan to restore the military dictatorship in Turkey ( as opposed to total devastation of independent-minded Arab countries) is also proceeding. As for Europe, it is almost entirely in the hands of US-led reactionary parties now, the French SP at the vanguard. So a peaceful or even violent but locally limited solution looks very much like a pipe dream for the moment.
      The only hope these days looks like US incompetence, as with Ukraine, or Zionist suicidal paranoia, as with Iran, and their unintended consequences.

    • David Gerald Fincham

      Who am I to suggest anything? I just see the accelerating pace of dismemberment and destruction of countries, war and mayhem --an instability absolutely unthinkable as long as the USSR was there as a balance. So a lot can happen and there is no way of predicting what. A regional conflagration in the ME may well lead to occupation and liquidation of the Zionist state and the establishment of an equal-rights Palestine, as also to the full-fledged Iron Wall, or to the Wild West solution, with total genocide of the Palestinians. It all will depend on how long the US can hold against all competing forces, of course, but also on the populations of the Near East and Europe, as major changes have been seen there and more are on their way. Expecting that either the European Community or the US will change policy significantly without force being applied is in fact the most utopian plan. Which means no two states but perhaps a Vichy Bantustan, not a solution in any case.

    • David Gerald Fincham

      The two states already exist as legal entities, recognized by other states. The only possible way that they could become a single state is by means of a voluntary union.

      Not the only way, especially in our times of increasingly violent upheavals.
      Also, the fiction of two existing states is too ridiculous even for lawyers' fictions, even though it may be useful in making red tape, nothing more.

      - See more at:

    • Talknic,

      ...your insertions of ‘illegal’ in the above sentence could also be interpreted as inferring that some settlement building and annexation of Palestinian land elsewhere is, in fact, legal?

      you answer:
      "Interesting theory … care to elaborate."

      No need to elaborate; as the other poster says when you call some settlements "illegal" you obviously infer that others are legal. That isn't a problem of interpretation either.

      So, even though it would be presumptuous to ask you to finally come out with it, can we finally know which ones you consider legitimate and which you don't?

  • US and Israeli pressure on Nigeria to sell out Palestine at U.N. amounted to 'national security threat'
    • Dabak

      i doubt very much i could write anything here-no matter how ‘hard’ it was applied-that would change the minds of people...

      How right you are, you poor misunderstood lofty thinker! I bet you're a victim of racist prejudice.
      But even though you know we are immune to conversion to the zionistische Kultur you selflessly soldier on, just to be an irritant...

    • Zirin was writing:

      as for Israel, my own concern is that in searching for conspiracies of coordination, activists will only find fatalism and fantasy: the idea that no matter what they do, it will be for naught. The PFA has not succumbed to this kind of fatal fantasy. We should not either.

      at the same time as the PFA (i.e. puppet "State of Palestine") was withdrawing the indictment. So much for Zirin's speculations and incorrigible optimism.

    • Spencer,

      Look, we are here to discuss how to try and help the Palestinians. A lot of us are pretty seriously invested in other questions, too, often on positions that are diametrally opposed to yours.
      I don't think the web site needs that kind of discord too, in addition to that being introduced daily by Zionists of various stripes. So please... cheese it with the attack on Russia.

    • Rajoub is of course a Zionist puppet, but that doesn't detract from the fact that the timing of the IRS intervention (trumpeted by the AG, no less) at the right moment was simply miraculous.

    • Fair is fair: the Zionists come in second in order of corruption, right after the US.
      Veru probablu because they call the shots here, too.

  • Despite differences, US showers Israel’s new right-wing government with arms and favors
    • I admire and respect the man and see him as an example, even though I don’t hold identical views. You think he is a criminal.

      I think you're an at least potential criminal, too, only in a more modest capacity. Given that most of his activity as a criminal against humanity is related more or less closely to action on behalf of Zionists, of course you will "admire and respect the man and see him as an example".

      No need to object to the label "propaganda agent", otherwise why would you be doing obvious propaganda on a site that has a mission to oppose Zionism and (at least as a side effect) support Palestinian liberation? I mean, do you really think everyone is retarded?

    • Catalan says , re Obama:

      I think he is one of the best, sanest, most humane, and intelligent presidents that the U.S. has had.

      This opinion by a Zionist propaganda agent is one more confirmation that Obama is one of the major criminals against humanity in US history, a war criminal, torturer; an accessory if not always a principal in the theft and genocide perpetrated by the Zionists.

  • 'Heart-wrenching, harrowing, transfixing' -- NYT needs to end blackout on Blumenthal
    • The most telling part of the Humpty-Dumpty theory of language is in fact the one used by Mr Fredman in almost all his posts, to wit:

      "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master-that's all."

    • Why else would the Federal Government mobilize all of its sledgehammer might right at the critical moment for a ball game convention? The one where the only real news would have been the request for suspension of Israel and Rajoub's documented pleading with the reasons for the request. The media wouldn't have been able to hide all of that.
      Now, of course, we already have a circus. So on to the election results...

    • Mooser,

      A master. He's pulling them where one couldn't even thread a camel through.

    • Your answer, Mr Fredman, is a refusal to answer on both counts. Considering that p. 18 of the Pew document has everybody and his brother-in-law, you just shot down your own nonsense on the group in Germany and Max B. For starters.

    • Mr Fredman,

      How come you so steadfastly refuse to define "Jewish" or "antisemitic" but continue to pontificate non-stop about it?

    • Mr Fredman,

      Of course he's not talking to you; you're a Zionist.

  • 'Oglethorpe stands with Palestine': BDS comes to the American south (Updated)
    • John S,
      Of course North will answer as he wishes, but I was the one who provided you the links showing that Hasbara Central does exist, as a government office directly reporting to the Prime Minister and also as a ministry for Diaspora and Propaganda. So not, as you mendaciously say, just "various organizations" but yes, a "well-organized, efficient, institution" with more means than it can use.
      The use of the word Hasbara Central is, by the way, very charitable and euphemistic; it is in fact the Zionists' own words (go to the first link.)
      The proper hostile naming should be Propaganda Ministry (which anyway is also the official title of one of the 2 centers) as the well-considered comparator in terms of activity is the Propaganda Ministry of a well-known European occupying power some 70-75 years ago.

    • There sure is.
      First from their own public organ:

      Then some news about the paid and unpaid contributors and organization, still from official documents:

      Then there is the Diaspora and Propaganda Ministry.

      So now it seems to have at least two centers officially. You have two addresses to apply to, in NY and Illegal Military Occupation Area Jerusalem. Of course, if as a devoted Zionist you still didn't know about these things, you may be too slow even for your own Propaganda Directorate.
      Don't worry though, all even halfway intelligent humans have jumped ship, so you may have a chance considering the existing level. That's why they have to pay some personnel, now.

    • to Jon S
      Well then learn to post responses, first (and that is not rocket science) and to clearly identify what you are supposed to address. Finally, the content is bullshit, as we all have met a good number of people who have been given passports and identify cards without filling out a formal application --just because their name was Rappaport or Goldstein. I was offered an ID and passport without asking but fortunately had time to refuse, when I went there for a funeral. It's the next step to the Mormon practice of enrolling the dead by conversion.

      Finally, did you think that any statement by a Zionist would be believed on this forum --with the credit rating you guys got? Make me laugh.

    • Why unintentionally? Having a dual citizenship is extremely relevant to a politician's position and failure to disclose it should have very serious consequences. In fact, failure to disclose it can only show sinister intent.

    • Expected response from Catalan. Of course the failure of the press, not private persons, to investigate and report a double citizenship in a politician is nothing short of scandalous for any civilized country. Failing to even get a statement from the politician in question is even a scandal by the ridiculous standards of American journalism.

      Especially if we are talking about a citizenship that is not naturally acquired but must be by choice, and ideologically motivated, immediately proving where the candidate's vested interests are!

      Of course, that's a scandal for civilized people but not for dyed-in-the-wool racist exceptionalists, such as Zionists. Of course they cannot see what the big deal is --as long as it's them doing it!

    • Sanders looks like probable, as he seems to have lived several months on a Kibbutz in a time where everybody going there asked and got the Israel citizenship.

      What I find scandalous is that no one seems to have asked him the question, on the record.

  • 'NYT' again acts as Netanyahu's mouthpiece -- wrongly suggesting he wants talks with Palestinians
    • For free? Not so sure.
      Their policies in those last years haven't been very smart; they may well be losing money and making up thanks to Zionism.

    • Yeah, the one on the article is the best she can do, no need to try more lipstick. What you don't get, Krauss, is that arguing on the merits is only one part of the battle. Attacking the person qua person should never stand on its own but it never hurts.
      So yes, she looks like what she does.

  • 'This land is ours. All of it is ours': Meet the Netanyahu cabinet members focused on fighting BDS & annexing the West Bank
    • Thank you, "Salubrius". Thank you.
      Just when you think it's impossible for any human being to be really as criminal and as little developed as the Zionists seem to be, some ha-sebara office guy jumps in with a splendid demo.

  • Corey Robin revisits Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem
    • Now is of course the turn of #107b, the myth of the poor, undefended armed colonial settler bands. Yeah. Bursting with French and Czech arms, all militarized and totally covered by the British even while murdering their personnel. Yee ha.
      Let's not forget #11, too:
      "Take the land allocated to the Jews"
      Allocated, eh? Who by? Mr Balfour and the rest of HMG? When was it theirs to give away?
      How is it anyone's but the Palestinians'?
      There is no allocation: the Palestinians rejected the partition proposal.

      I want to come into your house, allocate myself all the house (minus a Weitz quota in the septic tank) then shoot you dead for not accepting it. When do we start?

      "Beginning the war with attacks against civilian targets" is what had been the daily work of the cowardly Zionist invaders, covered by the British authority, since the start of the Zionist invasion. Does your Ziobubble Academy teach that it all starts in 47?

      If you initiate any war, now, you must accept, as the Zionist entity did, to put in harm's way your entire civilian population. In fact, the Zionist entity desires that and that is why they insist in not ending the war against the Palestinian people since 11/1947.

      You never explain what the Jews should have done in 1947 when their communities came under attack.

      Why, were the Jews directly involved? That is news! I know that the part of my family who lived in Palestine refused to accept Zionism and had to move out when it started to overfill with the barbarian Zionist riffraff. There was, however, no problem for the Palestinian Jews.

      "Communities under attack" oh oh. Poor little defenceless armed bandits, with all the armaments salvaged from all Europe and the money of all the big bankers and the US, confronted to the shoe-throwing big bad Ayrabs!

      For the Zionist invaders, though, your question (where I suppose you abusively call them "the Jews") is absurd. No need to even ask: what should they have done? Go back to their own countries, duh! The very moment they were told they were no longer welcome.

      Ever heard that one about rape, where it says "No means no"?
      In the country's language, it's "Laa!" Put it in your dictionary.

    • No joke, Mr Naggy.
      There was no obligation for anyone in Palestine to accept a partition proposed by others for the benefit of non-Palestinian invaders. With 20/20 hindsight we may now say that the most unfortunate thing for the post-1945 world has been the pity and tolerance of most Palestinians towards the Zionists (confusing them with Jews) and the British suppression of the subsequent revolt against the Zionist colonization. Had the colonization been circumscribed and brought under Palestinian control while relatively weak, the damage would have been very limited.
      But then, there is always something; no use speculating over what could have happened.
      At any rate, armed Zionists anywhere in Palestine were legitimate targets.

  • The crisis of the American Jewish community
    • Mooser! I hereby chide you severely for your lack of Judaic respect. It has turned itself to way, way more experienced hands to design not only its future but remodel and refurnish its entire past, too. It won't let itself be influenced by a mere Hophmi, believe me.

    • Hophmi's regurgitations are a gold mine. No comment needed in general but this one is sheer beauty. It's as if someone had peeled back the skin and taken away a piece of skull to expose the inside of what tribals call "mind". So screw the people, screw their welfare and dignity and right to life, all he is worried about is not to perpetuate human beings in good shape but "perpetuate Judaism". I mean, can you imagine sicker than that?

  • Like it or not, Obama is a liberal Zionist
    • Their own flag, anthem and administration, eh? No army, no control of their own airspace, no military agreements, no this no that...
      Fact is, these have been the Zionist requests since the beginning.
      Why don't the 2-state-agreement supporting people always preface every paragraph by that statement?

  • Israel will imprison soldier, 19, for publicly criticizing the occupation
  • Israel says boy is 'moderately injured' after his skull is fractured by rubber bullet in East Jerusalem
    • Kris,

      I suppose that's because they wouldn't want to intrude on a technical conversation, not being physicians.

    • "French" proposal, really? Zionist proposal, as much as anything the US does. They are really into taking over the world.

  • Losing public opinion on BDS, activists turn to 'lawfare'
    • RoHa,

      I'm sure you can cut us US provincials some slack. In American English we even have New York, New York so we don't get lost, as you know. Anyway, that as UN HQ is one of the best ideas of the last years.

    • Ritzl,

      1. Not even an insane person, I mean not even I would ever think that a request for a government-implemented boycott would be possible today or tomorrow --obvious. An insistent request may, however, allow for a wonderful opportunity to inform the public: asking for strangulation of Israel by the hand of the US until it fully lifts the siege of Gaza is a just, proportionate and easy-to grab request, it can be expressed in less than 140 signs including spaces and looks exaggerated enough to attract a lot of attention.

      That said,
      2. Forbidding a boycott is intolerable curtailment of free speech, in addition to being impossible to enforce at the individual level. The pension funds trick is going nowhere in any case.

      3. On the other hand, enforcing a boycott is what governments do. All governments do it (the US of A more than anybody else ever) and I don't hear much opposition to that.

    • Ritzl,

      An insistent request for precisely the measures in the so-called Arab Boycott against "Israel" should be timely now.
      Not that I have any delusions of its being accepted now: to call for strangling the Zionist entity until it lifts the siege of Gaza would be an excellent educational opportunity.
      BDS, especially in its watered-down "liberal Zionist" form, doesn't cut it.

  • Sam Harris and the dangers of false atheism
  • Israeli activists meet with FIFA head Sepp Blatter to tell him: Israeli Football Association deserves a 'red card'
    • Fact is, even if the PA were not that PA, they had not much choice once the only focus of attention at the convention became a big corruption scandal, courtesy of the US fed gov. The chance of a good vote was nil but the worldwide educational effect would have been tremendous --forget it now.

    • Amigo, I first wanted to write things like "super! fantastic!" etc., but no, it is only an exact and realistic description of the rules. Deserves being spread far and wide.

  • Pro-Israel wealthy Jews feature in 'Forward,' Christie roast, and U of Michigan censorship
    • I know this attitude is wrong

      What is wrong about it? The great majority are Zionists, i.e. racial supremacists. Anyway, the very word is a scam. Either you are racist or you aren't. No one discriminates against Jews only --racist is racist. Especially the Zionists, only that they discriminate against everyone but the Jews. Provided these Jews are not dark-skinned, of course.

    • Froggy,

      Before saying "fair enough", ask what they mean by "Jewish"!

    • Will Yonah finally give a precise answer?

    • Kris,
      If memory serves, Yonah consistently refuses to answer when asked for a precise definition of either "Jewish" or "antisemitic".

  • Besieged in Gaza from birth to death
    • MHughes976,

      Very well thought and formulated.
      That is precisely why Zionists, who figured out all of that already in the late 30s, planned and are committing genocide.
      They call it continuing negotiations.

  • Israel detains Palestinian National Football Team one day after Netanyahu promised FIFA to facilitate travel of Palestinian athletes
    • Very significant, as this is the latest "fuck you, World", coming on the heels of a few months of deliberate provocation internationally, and the latest government composition that reads like a Who's Who of the top Neo-Nazis in the world, all spiced with open expressions of contempt for all possible rules and fig leaves. If WWII history is any guide (possibly not --I hope not) that might signal the start of a now entirely outspoken doctrine ( to say nothing of accelerated practice) of genocide.

  • Sheesh: A conservative response to the special relationship
    • Could somebody please help Catalan with his misery; he's shooting mail after mail on the same shit, flailing in all directions --but carefully avoiding to answer the charges.

      I mean, if you are a propagandist for Zionism you don't come to the States! You go to "Israel" (and/or the post-1967 Wild West) and if there is any justice something will happen to you while fighting for the greater glory of the Herrenvolk (hint: chances of a snowball in hell of its happening peacefully thanks to you guys.)

      Otherwise it means you're trying to sell some shit so stinking foul that you can't even consume it yourself.

      Note: When the people in militarily occupied Europe tried to save their skin, the Zionists lobbied hard to cancel the quotas and force some able-bodied non-Zionists, Menschen, to go to Palestine and kill Ayrabs and Britishers, while we know where so many of the non-able-bodied and non-visa-obtaining landed: not the States, not England, to the slaughter, compliments of the Zionist organizations of the US and GB!
      And the proud scions of these monsters are papering all the walls of this web site with their excretions.

    • In fact, the citizenship and residency status of Zionist propaganda agents like Catalan and others is highly significant.
      In this example, one really wonders. This so dedicated warrior for Zionist conquest and genocide, with guaranteed access to citizenship of the place of his dreams and hopes, goes to the length of smuggling himself in the States, likes it and takes citizenship. Snubs the land of his dreams and invented connections and Blut und Boden for the one he never stops badmouthing, misinterpreting and misrepresenting (and New Mex, of all places!) From his writings, you'd never imagine he'd settle for anything less than a settler's gun, proudly using his Israeli citizenship in places illegal even for "Israel" to opress and rob the locals.

      How credible is the praise and unfailing defense of Israel by a person who can't be bothered to go and emigrate to it? Even the distance to travel was so much less. It cannot even be the fear of military service: Albuquerque is way riskier for life than any service among the Israeli murderers.
      Conclusion: either this guy is (as if it weren't obvious already) the most despicable hypocrite you can imagine, or he is a badly-programmed robot. Same for all like him who can't be bothered to go to what they praise.
      What's the point of even reading them?

    • Amigo,
      Be fair, "Catalan" may be some AI robot (the ZIQ version) or a bored grandma in a settlement moonlighting for the propaganda ministry, but he could also well be what he says, citizenship-wise. See, you get pardoned when acquiring legal residence, after a few years of which you may apply for citizenship --we're not picky in the US. Except, of course, for Palestinians and other Middle East people.

  • The final straw: The real reason why Palestine wants Israel out of FIFA
    • All aged between 9 and 11, the four boys were playing football on a beach when an Israeli naval ship mistook them for fleeing fighters and fired shells at the beach. The boys died instantly not knowing what hit them.

      The uninformed good intentions of the author are not to be doubted but lending any credence to the Zionist murderers' "mistake" assists their propaganda. And, of course, makes the reader feel like he's been treated like a drooling moron. Please inform the author.

  • Zionism is tired
    • Very interesting. Thank you for this lucid and well-written summary of the kind of shamefaced realism mixed with murderous myth so characteristic of what people were used to hear in pre-1945 Axis propaganda, as opposed to the later, Madison Avenue-style edulcorated fairy tales.

  • Netanyahu eulogizes settler movement founder convicted of manslaughter
    • That is Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    • So that event had nothing to do with the Zionist invasion, eh?
      You got some nerve to call yourself Shalom, you know?
      What's your beef with 1929? Armed invaders intending to dispossess the long-term inhabitants from land and sovereignty deserve nothing else if they refuse to leave. As for that Scottish cave, it's not the invaders' property either.
      All my sorrow at seeing some guy like this die in his bed. Hopefully his following lives to get judged and punished. In fact, judgment not strictly necessary.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • Don't be so hard on Jeff. Now he's found a site to carpet wall-to-wall with his endless excretion, being answered by nearly every discussant including Phil, he's less likely to use his time torturing someone else.

  • Congress and state legislatures are on the warpath against BDS
    • Thanks; I can see now that the way those government lawyers were horsetrading about the "communities", it was in fact no more than a hold-all, ill-defined concept to allow the Powers their own interpretations, while the Ottoman concept was relatively well-defined by long practice. No wonder it's hard to keep the eye on the pea in this shell game.
      Also a remark about 1908: the Young Turk revolution, as it is known in the West, had brought an entirely "Western", advanced and individualist constitution (the statement you cite was adopted as is in the constitution) which totally canceled the millet system. Strictly on paper, of course, and applied for some 3 1/2 months to be followed by nationalist dictatorship, but still much more advanced than whatever the Westerners were concocting.

      Note to Mr Weiss: I'd gladly contribute the extra expense towards programming for a reply button below (or above, if we want to be original) each post. Thank you.

    • Just,

      How about asking Phil how hard or how expensive it would be to tell his programmer to give each post a g******* hierarchized (or not) reply button of its own, as is normally done?

    • Hostage,

      I am thankful and flattered. That was a history book --as in What we Thought we Knew Seen by a Lawyer. It does look a lot more detailed and different. At any rate, I hope you consider consolidating all that into a ME/Palestine history book as seen through negotiations and treaties. I also hope you'll have patience with all the questions I'll have after digesting (sure to come from many other readers, too.)
      Right now, one question only. It seems that the "community" concept of the Treaty of Berlin (and later the LoN "concertation") reproduces exactly the Ottoman system. Were the "communities" also defined as being under the religious leaders of each "community" as secular administrators (say, the Orthodox Patriarch, the Armenian Catholicos, the Grand Chacham, etc.) or as just ethnic units?

    • Hostage,

      Thank you so much for your patience and the wealth of fascinating detail. As you may have gathered, I have no idea of law or lawyers or patience with their dissections, so opinion from people like you is extremely important. Also, I never said or implied it's unimportant to you --just that it was not the main topic of your post.

      That being roomed away, what is clear to this layman is that the Zionist entity has no legitimate right to any territory at all --as surmised. That's the only thing I wanted confirmed or infirmed. Thanks also to talknic.

    • Hostage,

      About what is possibly a side issue for your discussion but may be important for a lot of people.
      You say:
      Well the fact that Israel has declared the UN resolution null and void and never respected its obligations under the Plan for the Future Government of Palestine calls into question how it legally acquired title to anything beyond the 7 percent or so of the territory that was legally owned and inhabited by Jews or the Jewish national trust.

      Isn't that statement confusing real estate ownership and sovereignty? No matter the size of the lands, where do they get the right to lay down the law?
      I mean, even in Somoza's Nicaragua United Fruit was not officially sovereign, there theoretically was a local government to answer to.

    • I really don't know if you really are deaf or if you are making fun of the question.

      Of course "No one can make you buy anything from Israel", I was and am asking again why you, talknic so scrupulously stick to the ineffective "liberal" Zionist boycott of only post-1967 occupation? Who is forcing you to observe such limits,expressly designed not to harm but instead help prolong Zionist occupation and segregation, as demonstrated by the Zionists ho support a boycott of post-1967 occupied territories?

    • talknic,

      No one is obliged to limit one's action to the "Occupied Territories". That is obviously the goal of the so-called liberal Zionists, let them run their campaign like that as long as they think it will be good for Zionism (and they are damn right, as long as the campaign is limited to the post-1967 occupation boycott it is good for Zionism.) All of Palestine is an occupied territory and people seem to respond better, in those last years, to a discussion of Israel itself as an object of boycott.
      My question: is there a particular reason for limiting action to something so obviously dysfunctional and, let's say it, illogical?

    • Kris,
      I must say I have been impressed by the difference, over only two years or so, in the way people in the stores respond to discussions about the boycott. I have been engaging customers in every kind of store about boycotting everything marked Israel since 1970 or so, with generally poor results and often hostile reactions... until 2012-2013. People respond with sympathy in their large majority, about half put back the stuff on the shelves and, incredible but true, the obviously tribal-loyalist Jews now instead of raising Cain try to limit the boycott to the "official" post-1967 settlements. The hardcore Zionism sympathizers don't yell and have tempers anymore... they just turn their back and stay silent.
      Something sure is changing and we should sacrifice a sheep or something to keep the Likud and crazies in the Zionist entity government. A labor takeover may represent a setback for solidarity with the Palestinians.

    • You would fail in a Zio-indoctrination class.
      History 101: There are two races of people, the Jews and the Antisemites. And, of course, the purgatory with the antisemitic Jews.
      History 102: All the nations of the world declared WWII against the Jews (except the Bundists who fought so they are to be counted with the enemy, may Hachem make them suffer forever) and there is no difference among them. We won, so We take everything.

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