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  • Love in the age of Trump
    • Mooser,

      Th sitting government had, of course, a media line-up that fully justified the phrase "free press"... and wasn't vindictive, either.

    • Kay,

      You seem to forget that your favorites against the orange lunatic are confessed and bragging criminals against humanity, the same crimes for which the Nazi government was hanged in Nuremberg. I don't know how that compares with insulting one's family (even provided such a thing were still possible.)

      A continuous flow of open propaganda for our "two-party" system, more especially for the wing of it that is currently the main culprit, in fact a main first-person actor, in the continued conquest and genocide by Zionism, can understandably get on the nerves of a lot of people.

      You're welcome to point to solid evidence favoring significantly less warmongering or significantly less support to Zionist crimes by your favorite wing as opposed to the one you pretend to dislike, of course, should you happen to have any such evidence,

  • Democratic politicians want no part of Obama's courage at the U.N.
    • "Liberals" in its street sense means exactly that, at least since 1998 or so, i.e. warmongers who do some minimal amount of handwringing before falling in line with the dominant nonsense (which right now is Neocon.) Those who do try to resist the dominant nonsense are the most illuded and most aligned, as they subscribe to the "2-party" dictatorship.

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • Hey Jack,

      Who invited the armed invaders to make themselves comfortable in El-Khaleel? The local Palestinian population?

      No sense in asking any other question.

    • Dr. Paul Nathan ..was adament [sic] that the Zionists speak German, not Hebrew

      He is to be highly commended: at last one Zionist with a little common sense.

    • Jack,

      No minute necessary. Nazis and Zionists, belonging to twin ideologies, unleashed and glorified war of aggression for racial supremacy. Both carry the entire, undiscounted responsibility of any and all consequences of their aggression. Learn to live with it --you'll pay.

    • What with the speedy nosedive in Catholicism in Luxemburg, Atheism must already have reached majority status there. You wouldn't want to self-determine in your fellow Atheist's home, now, would you? Why not choose Saudi or the US of A?

    • Bar Kochbar was a Jewish Leader in 132CE – he revolted against the Romans trying to liberate Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple…

      Hey, Bar-Cochabamba, I fail to see what justifies adding letters to historic names.
      Be that as may be, the character you mention was not a "Jewish leader" from the facts we have, but a mortal enemy of the majority of the restricted Jewish population of Palestine at the time, who happened to be mainly relatively civilized and Hellenized. In fact, whatever history we have --especially that provided by his own, show that this was a deeply obscurantist leader of murderous religious fanatics. The Abubakr al Baghdadi of the super-Da'esh of his own times, hell-bent on massacring his "own" Jews for failing to be as stupidly superstitious as his own hateful self.
      Read more history and read it from creditable historians, not Zionist lowbrows.

  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
    • Dershovits has always impressed me as the archetypal representative of the "liberal" Democrats (as opposed to the "owner" Democrats like Chaim Saban, or the "managing" Democrats like Emperor Clinton I, Obama, etc.) Their exact shade of Zionism is irrelevant. What is significant is their opposition to puppet figures that function as swallow-traps to keep up the recruitment of cannon fodder, such as Sanders, Ellison, etc.

    • Why, Bandolero, the party you just described has been invented quite a while ago.

      “The party of the 1% – 100% pro Israel Lobby, 100% pro Neocon and 100% pro Wall Street” is its official description; it is wholly owned by the imperialist monopoly and speculative capital (even though it was founded as the slaveholders' official party, hence its nasty Zionist streak.)

      Never mind the lowly peons in it, who carry water for their owners and feel a sense of ownership of this sh|tpie. As if any political party could ever belong to two warring social classes at the same time.

      It is called the Democratic Party.

    • This outpouring of Dershovitz hate seems to be somewhat belated.

      Democrats who seem to be still around are invited to answer why a powerful statement such as: *I'm outtahere if Dershovits/Schumer/Feinstein/Obama/Saban/Clinton_II/Fill-in-your-favorite-Zionist-enemy remain in the "party"* was not heard before the electoral comedy.

    • Kay,

      I have trouble understanding you. Do you mean a "Labor" or "Zionist block" genocidal murderer would be more acceptable than a Likud genocidal murderer?

      Or do you mean that the self-invented "official" label stuck on any Zionist, i.e. a genocidal racist invader by the very definition of the word, creates any difference in fact among different label-wearers? Is your remark perhaps intended as a tribute to the much higher effectiveness of invasion and genocide as practiced by "Labor"/"Zionist Bloc"/Democrats compared to the less trendy Likud/Caveman/Republican version of the same Zionist practices?

      A word of explanation would be welcome.

  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • Sibiriak,

      Your list is trying to smuggle a number of established, abundantly documented and undiscussable transgressions along with a couple of "exactly the same kind of rhetoric neocons and liberal interventionists use". I hope you don't now need references to ethnic cleansing, to the Convention against Genocide, the consensus on the crime of Apartheid, the Geneva Conventions, the UN Charter, etc.
      Besides, your post supposes a legitimacy that you have yourself characterized as fictitious.

    • McCohen,

      I just love your latest twist-or-turn: because Palestinians had been occupied by imperial overlords, they now must be pushed out and murdered wholesale to annihilation, by Martians (and Scots like your good self, no doubt) in the name of anticolonial liberation.

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • Gingershot,

      Anyone with a working knowledge of Zionists would do anything to keep the crazies you call "Kahanists" in power. The other, more "liberal" factions are no different at all in conquest and genocide. In fact they started and managed it to the mid-80s. The only difference is that they will almost certainly be much more successful than their brethren in prolonging the "peace process" (essential instrument to continue doing nothing while intensifying the genocide) and in making their conquest and genocide look more presentable to Western colonialist governments and their gullible liberaloid Zionist sympathizers.

      What helps feed the very little there is of a movement against the Zionists and in support of Palestinian resistance is the presence of plumb crazy, openly racist and openly murderous fanatics at the helm. Do you really wish to have the much more efficient and successful version back?

    • Mooser,

      Just barely enough to ensure the consequence is "not absent"; as an example the hem, haw, un-brothers Tay & Sachs occasionally answering "present!" I hope it won't be sacrilegious to mention that us Mediterraneans have our cross to bear, too.

    • Mooser,

      I love the way you refer to the dearly to be wished rational actions by reasonable actors.

    • Hughes,

      You're right: "‘that bit’ may not be that much and those in the know may not be that many".

      Corruption crusaders always minimize or camouflage the essential, political problems; they always end up working for the shoring up of the system of domination and repression: your Luther analogy was so right! To one who needed the destruction of the Church qua Church, a reformer out to fight corruption and insufflate new life in the Church is the main enemy.
      Similarly, to anyone out fighting US imperialism and warmongering, the anti-corruption Dims making a big stink about tax evasion are nothing but the warmongering enemy itself.

      Also, there is another reason why "that bit" can never be significant with the Zionists: they all, be they dirty or squeaky clean, very well know that they all are wanted for hanging for crimes against peace and genocide. Not embezzlement or racketeering or robbing the US Treasury. They will all hang together if they hang apart.

    • The Ashkenaze are not the only population that proved that the dangers of inbreeding, while not absent, had been greatly exaggerated.

    • Mooser,

      Your recipe falls short of Jeeves' pick-me-upper, or even my own brain-molotov. More later.

    • Sibiriak,

      Of course the other genocidal wing, "Labor" or "Zionist Bloc", will make hay of it.
      Do you guys prefer it?
      It will be more successful in normalizing occupation and genocide.

    • This diversionary nonsense about corruption and the Zionist entity is nothing but propaganda aiming at normalizing the illegitimate bastard of a racial supremacist, genocidal colonial crusader state on other people's territory.
      The zionist entity has no right to exist in the first place. Who gives a scoot about its corruption?

    • Citizen,

      No matter the excited, diversionary chatter, corruption is not part of any serious discussion.
      We are talking about the crimes of aggression, war, conquest, racial supremacism and genocide.

      No one gives a sh|t about petty theft and corruption here... except those who would like to divert the ire of the stupid crowd.

    • Atlanta,


      Why else would the founder of "If Americans Knew" be broken on the wheel, drawn and quartered without judge or jury by something calling itself "Jewish Voice for Peace"?

  • UN resolution on settlements is a step back for Palestinians
    • Nsaway,

      Thank you for seeing what should be blindingly obvious to all: this latest trick is the usual Obama Neocon three-card monte, intended to establish as "facts on the ground" illegal Zionist conquest even in violation of the UN's own colonial illegality. It is a "go and sin no more", probably intended to limit the range of maneuver of the next administration, should this ever feel its oats and try to force even minimal compromise onto the Zionists. The whole covered by the excellent pretext that a Chapter VI resolution can't be vetoed by the US.

      I'm surprised that even Sibiriak, as someone who recognizes facts but conditions his approvals to those of colonial powers, can't recognize the Neocon new fait-accompli ground broken by this resolution: is it that the obvious need for major violence has already rendered all past resolutions moot for him?

    • Who gives a rat's ass about all those castles built entirely in thin air --by pirates and colonials and collaborators? The longer some of us take this kind of nonsense seriously, the more of a fig leaf we provide for the ongoing genocide and annexation --that's the only purpose of the tongue-wagging.

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • Annie,

      Not a well-thought-out or well-worded article, agreed. But then, who believes a last-minute "rebuke" to the Zionists by Obama, their slave? The most plausible explanation --to some, at least-- was this attempt to produce a text that does not explicitly condemn any occupation and expropriation until today, while pretending to wag a finger in a vague future, pre-empting somewhat more effective Ch. VII texts that were understood to be in preparation.

      my understanding is it was a palestinian initiative. why not blame palestine?

      While we are into geography, these Oslo collaborationists are exactly as Palestinian as Quisling was Norwegian. Anything coming from them is directly prepared wherever the owners of the US and Zionism sit. And this one has the give-away smell: do you want to sign or do you prefer a strange man-made leukemia?

      Anyway, right now they are the football between Dims and Pukes, with the former hellbent on WWIII.

    • The question, Joe Mowrey, is what exactly is being done now.
      The most probable explanation is not sudden grandstanding re Zionist settlements but a clumsy and ill-thought-through attempt at framing the Trump admin for years to come --which as usual exploded in the face of the Obama admin.
      Very plausible reading here:

    • Watan,

      Hoppy was preceded onto human rights territory by gravitas-laden worthies, such as the Yahoo, the Rose of Sharon, Rabin, Shamir, Stern, Goebbels, Goering, the Innominate, Talat Pasha, Genghis Khan, Attila, etc.

      Not his fault, poor thing.

    • Keith,

      Thank you for the remark.
      Even though I think that we should pay attention to only discuss here aspects of the US system directly relevant to Palestine, I have to call your attention to your characterization of Abominobamacare/Romneycare:

      the ACA was an industry developed proposal meant to divert the voters from the much preferred single payer alternative which Hillary buried.

      I think it's much more, and much more blatantly than that. True to its Connecticut prototype, I believe it's a system fully intended to switch the entire parasitic cost of what's called private insurance to the shoulders of mainly the working class and the destitute, in exchange for practically no prestations. So it is not really a diversionary maneuver but a frontal attack against the poor and the workers.

    • Well, Mooser, I'm a little older (and way more decrepit) than you suppose me to be. There has been no difference in the little old Punch-n-Judy show in my ehm-haw-grrmppf-ty years. Let's not malign this particular election.

    • Now the liberals and the left are in the same camp.

      In one segment, Chris Hayes has Noura Erakat talking about apartheid and liberal California Rep. Brad Sherman saying that the Palestinian right of return means that Palestinians want to expel all Jews from the Middle East. These views are irreconcilable. Sherman is expressing bigotry. The Democratic Party will support justice in the Middle East only if it takes on the forces of intolerance in its own ranks. That means the Israel lobby. You can’t defeat an enemy if you can’t name it. - See more at:<blockquote

    • Mooser,

      Of course that's what you intended to type --in fact, if Trump had even an ounce of consistency in, ehm, let's call it destroying all things useful to the working people, that's what he would be doing, too. Anyway, when you come across anything that the Dims are not already doing that the Pukes announced they would do, gimme a ring.

    • Well, "sensitive" words necessarily get fed to the propaganda chopper.

      "Conspiracy to commit aggression" was the charge under which the Nuremberg Court hanged the Nazi government, and Justice Jackson for the US promised to hang all future such conspirators to commit aggression --even if they were American.

      One would suppose that, under the circumstances, "conspiracy" couldn't get a fair shake in a world run by the remaining Nazis and similar conspirators.

    • Mooser,

      When you have a clear and relevant difference, please ring.

    • He would be a great focal point for opposition to Trump.

      How right you are, Mooser. Being continually opposed by an Abominobama would confer sainthood even on a buffoon like Trump.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • no matter what harm it does and/or will do to the peaceful, humanist Jews in Israel and in the diaspora.

      Which, I am sure, is the most significant, vocal, powerful, billion-strong portion of world public opinion.

      The Yahoo must strongly rue the day he decided to disregard it.

    • Cazador,

      Don't overestimate the English-speaking Puritan countries' claims to being independent from USrael. The Yahoo can get NZ excommunicated by the other "5I" with a simple stare-and-scowl. Like when their passport was used for murder and they had to like it, too.

    • The annexation will be declared illegal and condemned by the international community. The impetus for punitive action will increase dramatically.

      As dramatically as it was increased by any of the hundreds of acts of invasion, piracy, genocide, war and embezzlement over a hundred plus years?

      1) The Palestinians will not accept it; they will not accept the denial of their right to self-determination; they will not accept the division between WB and Gaza; they will not accept citizenship under those terms; they will revolt.

      They did, remember? "They" accepted all that and had dessert on it, too. A couple Norwegian puppets and a couple dollars can be found again as long as a major example isn't made of the Zionist puppets.

    • “Yonah” is willing to conceive of, consider, or regard as possible any one-state or two-state solution which doesn’t change anything, and doesn’t involve inconvenience to a single illegal settlement. And leaves Zionist Israel in charge. Oh, and no accounting, only amnesty. Any solution which meets those conditions, “Yonah” will consider.

      What? For free? Consider without an appropriate consideration? What about compensating the Zionist visionaries for their selfless investment?

    • In the one State solution all Palestinians will be citizens, including the prisoners in Gaza.

      As well as their jailers and other genocidaires, who won't be inconvenienced, and the lion will lie with the lamb, whose chops will be delighted to jump ready-cooked in your mouth, and there will be a very memorable Kumbaya singing by Kantor Tucker.

    • This is war. It is Israel against the rest of the world…

      The rest of the world doesn't exactly leave the bastards alone in attacking us. What with all the colonial and imperialist powers, or all the "non-Zionist" liberals who continue to pretend it's not a war but a US-style high-school debate in an exclusive club.

      Real sanctions cannot start before the utter destruction of the Oslo puppetry.

  • Hear O Israel these parting truths -- John Kerry
    • Hughes,

      the current wrecked state of the Party, needing to be rebuilt on foundations that...

      What need is there to rebuild an abomination?

  • John Kerry gives the 'separate but not equal' speech to Israel
    • Reb Fredman,

      If you are a native speaker of the German dialect Yiddish you certainly do know German as a competent native --no schooling or standard language necessary. You sure sound competent here. It's so much more a pity to see you going along with the Zionist language destruction bulldozer.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • RoHa,

      US vs Commonwealth spelling gets diluted when using Cyrillic characters.

    • Marnie,

      please Phil, you can't keep turning the other cheek on these folks. Tough love Phil, at a distance and only after major changes.

      Even with the huge progress he's made these last years, Phil Weiss is still a tribal who views the enemy in a shooting war as family. He sees them as honest humans and continues to accept the enemy's "sincerity".

      "Tough love" my backside, anyway --this is a war. Who wants to redeem anything from that excrement of a Crusader state? How much you wanna bet that there is no "major change" anywhere that will make the Palestinian people whole?

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • Sure, Watan. Which makes even more significant the symbolic gesture of hanging one head propagandist as part of the conspiracy to commit aggression: all deliberate propaganda has been on notice since then.

    • Annie,

      They think of simple survival.


      Totally irrelevant even if they were a lie. Survival of the Zionist entity is a major crime against humanity.

    • "Catalan",

      I do know that you and I and my neighbors the Garcias are not responsible.

      Strange, I was under the impression that both you and the Garcias live in the US, subject to US lwas and taxation, and even may have the right to vote. Of course you are responsible.

    • "Catalan"

      Thus, individual Israelis need not suffer from things that their government does,

      Who else? There is something called accountability. Accountants wouldn't know.
      If your nonsense boast of "democracy" is accepted, all Meistervolk Zionists all over the world are in the dock and they better pay through the nose.

      just like I, as an American, am not held accountable for the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam or the fact that America is taking an unfair share of the world’s resources.

      You're not held accountable? Sancta simplicitas...

    • This guy must also be an accountant. All the graces.

    • "Catalan"

      Obviously commenting here does not cause any harm to anyone.

      Not so obvious.
      The Nuremberg Court forcefully expressed an opinion diametrically contrary to yours --by hanging Streicher.

    • Fortunately Zionists are by definition unable to recognize any well-meaning help and they will necessarily continue to destruction. So this resolution cannot help them, it will provide a bitterly-needed nail in their coffin.

      Same for other "tough love" nonsense like Zionist-supported limited boycott and sanctions: the Zionists are so ideologically predetermined that they cannot at any time recognize help and they necessarily react as to an attack, thereby also hastening their own demise.

      Here's to its generally unregrettable death!

    • Sibiriak,

      a more politically shrewd appeal to conservatives might involve an attack on Israeli expansionism

      Not a realistic evaluation of this group's values.
      Expansionism they have no objection to.
      "Not a US ally", on the other hand, is real hard. "Moocher" is worse. "Trying to tell us what to do" is a death sentence.
      "Stop paying and get our money back", "American interest first" are the two keys. Were you paying any attention to the last election?

  • Israel's political left also condemns the UN's anti-settlement resolution
    • Ossinev,

      Perhaps go to the non occupied territories...

      Would be so nice if there were any such territories now, wouldn't it?

    • Maghlawatan,

      How about a small, explanatory parenthesis when using any initialisms that don't belong to the daily international standard usage? Like your recurrent "Yesha", etc.?

    • RoHa,

      I'm impressed. First time I see you unmoved by a German-style comma preceding the relative adverb.

    • Not a UN resolution but better: the Geneva Conventions (here No. IV) prohibiting occcupiers the presence of their own civilians in occupied territories. Look it up.

      Even if said civilian is the rare bird who's really and genuinely civilian, it still is a war crime. That wall is not within any definition of the Zionist entity, period.

  • Israel Arrests Tycoon for Alleged Huge Corruption in Africa
    • I suppose so. But we make trains stick to schedule.

    • So what if it weren't corrupt?

    • Well, hot dog! The genocidal Zionist entity has nabbed one tax evader or otherwise illegal petty-private criminal. Wow, the sensational news!
      So what are we supposed to do, Multiple-Parenthesis Chief? Jubilate because the pirate squatters enforce apartheid and conquest legality on one of their illegal immigrant members?

      Ooh, but perhaps they aren't a rogue, Nazi state any longer if they make the trains arrive on time and build big, wide Autobahns for their Meistervolk?

  • Trump appoints ex-Israeli settler to oversee peace process
    • Mooser,

      Whitefish cannot be the Spencer home. Whitefish gets gefillt!

    • Hey, Faipac,

      Their own daddy called it Zionists. Why do you want to call them anything else?
      And you're damn tootin' anyone even acknowledging justice is necessarily "anti-Israel".
      The Zionist entity is an illegal colonial racial-supremacist genocidal monster.
      The Zionist entity must go.

  • Netanyahu ignored US warnings and brought Israel's 'international isolation' on itself -- Ben Rhodes
    • Sibiriak,

      No quarrel with any of that. But it has no relationship at all with the two obviously undeniable points that I listed.

    • Hughes,

      Thanks for your summary description of self-determination right as a concept. You may have underestimated its messiness and contradictions. Like "terrorism", it depends who is invoking it.

      But then, as in the case of the judge who knew pornography when he saw it, there are totally undeniable negatives:

      - SD cannot be admissible for an alien, invader population on territory they are alien to, no matter how fervently held their superstitions;
      - SD cannot admit asking --as if they were equals-- an invader population that came with the public, declared intent of taking over sovereignty and extromitting (or worse) the local population.

      It would be interesting to see who would oppose those two points when stated in general terms.

      Thank you for the Christmas wishes and a belated return to you and everybody, no matter of any religion, or absence-of. Wonder how many Saint Nicholases were again beaten in Bethlehem.

    • Absolutely as you say, Sibiriak.

      With two observations:

      I can't find a good example of a similarly wronged people that has given up its claims following an unjust imposed settlement, especially one so horrible. The Gauls were shown as the textbook example 2,000 years ago and even there Ms Le Pen successfully organizes asking for the reversal of Alesia. The Kurds were officially bought in 1923. Algeria happened just yesterday as a reminder.

      The Palestinians are among the toughest babies as yet. Zionists are not stupid, they're just only retarded, and what is sold as a least-unjust-compromise will reveal itself to be in fact the instrument for completing a Palestinian genocide.

      Two, in part connected to the preceding thought: anyone who knows the Zionists knows that among two "impossibles", achieving a permanent Zionist concession is more-impossible than an expulsion of the colonists. The former has never been (and won't) be tried.

    • Sibiriak,

      Excellent analysis of the current situation, the relative roles of the 2-state idea and the "2-state process" and the obvious impossibility, in a US-dominated world, of seeing any government support a kumbaya-miracle one-state "solution".
      What I think you are missing is that Zionist survival depends on the general tacit fiction of the "process", without which they cannot continue the invasion and genocide. Ergo, the US and puppets will defend to the death the "process", with or without the "idea". Only that "process" provides a fig leaf for XX more years of the same.
      The longer the so-called Right is in power in the Zionist entity, the faster the erosion.

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
  • Desperate Netanyahu lectures Obama about US responsibility to veto UN resolution
    • Nothing will change till the American people decide Israel is not our friend.

      Exactly. Which, as everyone knows, is done by keeping among tribals and liberals and ignoring people of other sensitivities in the American public.

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
    • Sibiriak,

      We hear that pointless Palestine is not South Africa slogan too many times. Irrelevant here.

      Besides, the main difficulty is not the fact that there is a lot of informing to be done --of course we all know that. The main hurdle is the body of useless, outwardly sympathetic liberals that stand in the way of talking to the American public, sometimes with devastatingly hostile action.

    • Mooser, stop looking at this as if it were some within-tribe matter. What counts is how it looks for 98% of Americans --we should also discount the useless liberals, too.
      Exposing the partition is key.

      The Z of course want more conquest but they only can do that with US complicity. Which depends on Joe Blow swallowing an initial "legitimacy".

    • Mooser,

      You keep talking about some "briar patch" but that's totally irrelevant.
      The illegitimate partition is the birth of a totally illegitimate bastard state that doesn't deserve to live according to any justice.
      Not a briar patch --a fake birth certificate that must be canceled pdq.

    • Hop...

      In Syria, it's not a genocide but a war of aggression, in which the Zionist stooges wanted to start a genocide of Syrian Christians. Luckily the Syrian government, the Russians and the Hizb-ullah managed to stop your buddies.
      Also, what the f%$#@ but a genocide has been going on in Palestine for all of 70 years? I can't hear you!

  • Israel lobby group threatens lawsuit if MLA endorses academic boycott
    • Mooser,

      Not so hard if, say, you're an Oriental dishpot or the US Senator from the Swamp state. You calculate the minimum amount per pop and tax the cattle.

  • Forced existence
    • It is noted that at least 100 Jews, downed Allied airmen, Resistance fighters and escaped prisoners of war, were also spirited to safety.

      becomes, in the title: "A Story of How Muslims Saved Jews During the Holocaust".
      And concludes with: "Jewish literature inspires, enriches, and educates the community."
      No Zionist site without propaganda.

    • He uses one Hebrew word, as an incantation, but not in this poem --I don't have my library with me but will find it later. Not in square Aramaic script, though.

      First it was the oranges. Then it was fallafel. Looks like they're coming for the Greek language now.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • RoHa,

      Just one quick question that asks for consideration of an entire group of people similarly handicapped: how come we have managed to stay alive, some of us for longish periods, without even once considering "intent" --most of us having from the start seen intent as unknowable by definition?

    • RoHa,

      If we have a right to hold an opinion of a religion, why not a right to hold an opinion of any religion, not just one's own?

      You in the relatively blessed dark corners of the world, spare a kind thought for your brothers smarting under the Puritan whip in Saudi Arabia and the United States.
      It's not all roses without thorns. It may even be debated if we have any right to hold an opinion on our own or if we exist as individuals.

    • John S,

      A couple traitors, sold to the Zionist varmint, who as puppet non-government are in charge of spying and torturing their own compatriots are not "The Palestinians".

      Perhaps the greatest crime of the Zionist rejects of humanity has been that of making a majority-religious society out of the so recently so free and secular Palestinians. You'll have to pay for that, too!

    • Eljay,

      However vile the Zionist-pushed islamization of Palestine, there can be no comparison.
      The Zionist entity is clearly tribal/ racial supremacist. Not religiously so in any possible sense of it: the theocratic features are an addition only to the Zionist entity's secular basis.
      Then there cannot be any official religion in Palestine because the only state there is the Zionist entity, and all the rest is pure, fictional bullshit spread by the traitor Zionist puppets.

    • Wow, now you suddenly become able to judge who is and who isn't a "college professor", Reb Feldman. Lemme see: he offended YOU so he can't be a perfessor, eh?
      Besides, all religion is fake, not only rabbinic or otherwise Judaism.
      "Antisemitic slur"? There is no racial animus --only contempt for the religious (ie people who believe without proof.)

    • Are you saying that the racist alt-right are somehow better than the racist Zionists? Do you expect to win that in an audience of people who condemn both?

      We are supposed, formally, to have here an audience that cares not about any "both" but support to Palestinian Resistance and the utter destruction of Zionism. Carrying over here other interests makes us one more "liberal" site that is totally unable to inform the Americans about the Zionist monster. Who cares about alt-right or ctrl-right as long as we can pull at the same string?

    • Rosross,

      Justice simply demands equal rights for the indigenous Palestinians. Jewish Israelis do not need to leave the new State.

      Justice demands the expulsion of illegal invaders.
      What you mention may be a political arrangement or misplaced humanitarianism or anything else, but not justice.

    • Jews leaving the new state was the idea of YoniFalic, not mine

      Wow, who'd have thunk? Not your idea.
      Where was there mention of "Jews", Mr. Propaganda?
      He says explicitly "settler colonist invaders", i.e. Zionist varmint. Not "Jews". Is that too hard to transcribe?

      curious that Jon gets so much hatred here even though he is in the Israeli left

      Left? Since when can any Zionist be conceivably on the "Left"? Genghis Khan will be a socialist before that happens.

    • Boehm never comes out and uses the term “racist,” but he might as well.

      Well, he doesn't! If I had a penny for each time hell is supposed to freeze over here at Mondoweiss for some cynical acknowledgement by this or the other Zionist who never puts in doubt the "legitimate" invasion...

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • Elizabeth,

      Just dandy. An entire country is totally illegally overrun, its people "ethnically cleansed" by the British then by US-fed goddam pirates, their towns and villages razed and disappeared under Ukrainian pines and the people being disappeared by an ongoing genocide --and you take offense at some "machismo"?

      Wrong discussion group. This here is about Palestine and supporting resistance to Zionism. People here are not supposed to share any other values. What if I don't share any of yours? Did you have a good look at the latest generation of resistance, the Islamists? Take your indignation to

  • Jewish brawl on CNN signals breakup of the pro-Israel monolith in the Trump era
    • I note you keep using that appellation, “zio-nazi”, to describe yourself,”Dabakr”.

      I'm sure he doesn't enjoy it at all, Mooser.
      It's just that he seems to have a strong liking for always using the mot juste. All to his eternal credit.

    • Look, it is in large part our fault, too.

      If we are talking about discriminatio/hostility against any persons for the sole fact of having been born "Jewish", whatever that is, it is despicable. More importantly, in common civilized parlance it is plain racism, period. It does not deserve a special category of its own if directed against People of "J." Origin any more than racism against Blacks, Serbs or Scots.

      Anything directed against perceived or real or imagined characteristics acquired later in life or that can be consciously shed is perfectly legitimate --repressing it, be it ever so ill-advised as a criticism in anyone's judgment, is still a fascist attempt against free speech.

      Everytime we are complicit to the use of "antisemitism, not otherwise specified" or admit the existence of such a beast, we are complicit, period. "Racism" is plenty good enough as a term.

  • 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' -- Really?
    • RoHa,

      Tsk and tsk again. You'll have to do better if you want your Scripture Knowledge prize. The Moabites seem to have been righteously targeted for extermination on orders from on high --like the Canaanites, the Jebusites, the Megabytes, et al. I don't remember if they were those ordered to be killed without any exception, including their farm animals, or those whose little ones were to be brained against stones, but it was definitely something of that order*.
      And you come and sing of anti-Moabite "racism", you anachronist.

      *no, I'm too squeamish to look it up.

    • Johnson,
      Doesnt make much sense to me: after all, even the most rabid Zio will agree that it is (or also is) a religion, dammit.

    • Maghlawatan,

      The Sefardí are Spanish-speaking Mediterraneans. Zionists most often intentionally confuse them with Arab Jews or even Central Asians.

  • Why a Texas rabbi keeps losing a debate over Israel with a white nationalist leader
    • Renouncer,

      No harm in being "quite restrained and thoughtful in criticizing others" but hit-and-run smearups are not the done thing.
      What exactly was not supported by fact in my characterization of the Zionist rabbi?
      Been waiting for a longish time.

    • What's this fury against Spencer?

      I want to know where I can send money to support him under the express condition that he limit his speech to the warm commendation of Zionism that he gave that Rabbi Rosenberg.

      It will save a lot of effort in telling the Americans about the Zionist menace.

      At any rate, whatever there is of it must be reproduced and repeated all over the media, relentlessly. The guy must be a genius.

    • Renouncer,

      You are unfairly attacking Smithson!

      The paragraph below is from me:

      The pitiful figure [of the] of a liberal White-Jewish nationalist cutting short his bleating upon receiving a glowing tribute from a conscious White nationalist –that was so predictable

      So let's hear it: what, exactly, is not supported by fact there? Precision, please. Or, alternatively, you may try to explain why it is "problematic" and why I should care.

      As long as the facts fit, I don't give a rodent's nether parts about "the style through which it is conveyed". If you took offense, I can guarantee that the intent was not to specifically and personally offend Misterormissus Renouncer about anything private: I don't know you at all.

      You can have the post deleted by appealing to the site owners.

    • +10, hands down.
      Just don't forget: we are always specialer!

    • WH,

      Anybody knows that, duh.
      It's no fun if you can't make fun of it, though. Especially pointing at the ways in which well-meaning phrases get misused in later centuries. Invoking that principle in its Hebrew version when it's been reduced to a rag by the Zionists, as rightly observed by Maghlawatan, is nonsense.

    • For the uninitiated, Tikkun Olam is a J-Streetoid, lib-Zionist organization in the San Francisco area. Doesn't look like a bomb, least of it a love bomb. More like PC lamentation of "excesses".

    • Hophmi made me laugh harder than any time this month.

      Israel is one of the most diverse societies on the planet, from every possible point of view. It’s home to people who are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Bahai.

      So true, Hophmi! As long as they are born to a Jewish mother, no one cares about their religion. The others can be murdered inside their homes, or outdoors, too.

    • Stogumber,

      When you have time, would you care to define the difference?

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