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  • The centrist US political system will defeat Trump
    • Color isn't so relevant, perhaps the shape should be the major worry now, after the last big march? The shape should be easy to guess from the latter.

  • Israeli supermarket chain glorifies army killer on grocery bag
    • You read approximately right, only that they do that with the full cooperation of the US Pharma eye-gougers and their smooth-talking abject slave the FDA. Evil tongues have even tried to suggest that the US Gov is even more lenient with Zionist pharma than the US-headquartered multinationals. The EMA, new oversuperbureaucracy in Europe, is about as independent from the US as the Ramstein base.

  • Israel has had a 'Muslim ban' from the start
    • There is a need...

      Yeah, the usual language barrier. Don't you just love how their personal needs and urges become everyone's problem? Betcha he used to say "there is a need to go to the bathroom".

  • Jewless Holocaust. Israel first.
    • I love that thing about acquiring hooks for selective tribal attachment. Seriously now, it's one more case of attribution by theologians of improbable intentions to the 70 translators, on the strength of nothing: in choosing terms, a good translator does often rely on alliteration and association in the target language --not in the source language. Θυσία is, as you well know, a general term for sacrifice, while the Levitic text seems to prescribe specifically instructions for a burnt offering, so καυστόν / 'ολόκαυστον is the perfectly appropriate word anyway, olah or no olah. It will remind the reader of the burnt offering that lured Poseidon away all the way to Ethiopia in Odyssey I, a much more appropriate/probable association for the Greek-speaking reader who was the target of the translation.

      Be that as it may, we have one more absurdity in "Wiesel’s dark theology", which is similarly inverted: suggesting that "God’s mighty favour to the people after the sacrifice" would go to the sacrificed. The point in organizing a sacrifice is that the gods are supposed to favor the sacrificer in a holocaust, not the sacrificed meat, the other way 'round. "Dark" I wouldn't know, but twisted and inverted for sure.

    • Antidote,

      Thanks for the excellent reminder on the merging of Stone-age theocracy with Romantic nationalism. That's of course what makes the cocktail more murderous than its single parts. None more officially murderous than Zionism, of course.

    • Ossinev,

      I see that some Zio-infection has turned Greek into Zummus:

      Greek word holokauston, itself a translation of the Hebrew olah,

      Translation my eye and foot. όλος/holos= whole and καυστόν/kauston =burnt, both 1000% Indo-european and Greek. Wonder what kind of sewer that nonsense came out.

      Now, the problem with the (rather inappropriate anyway) term is that it has been trademarked Z in practice.

    • How about finally ending the brainless use of an absurd, ill-fitting term like "Holocaust", invented expressly for exclusive use by the marketers of ethnic particularisms? Genocide is unfortunately a phenomenon that has made its appearance in practically all parts of the world, more frequently in recent times. Precisely why an internal convention to counter the practice and a detailed definition were set up.

      Whu should we be using a term like "Holocaust" chosen on purpose from a lot of other, invented and improperly applied terms, to set the genocide of one particular people totally apart from other catastrophes and crimes against humanity?

      Just calling one set of events "Holocaust" makes it easy for the ones who are commercializing it to deny the genocide of the Armenians or Palestinians.

    • Zionists seem horribly offended by the notion that the "identity" of Jewish does not make a human being any more special or entitled than any other human being.

      Not only Zionists (and Ellis is not a particularly Zionistic character.) This is nationalism, a logical result of the tribal, i.e. supposedly biologic nature of the religion, as opposed to the universalist later monotheisms. In smaller words, accepting the idea of an irreligious Jew will allow that supremacist nonsense.

  • Dennis Ross's advice to Trump is 'bullshit, delusional or lying,' to gut two-state concept -- Peace Now
    • Walters,

      Sure, we're all affected and justifiably concerned but only the Palestinians and directly aggressed people are on the front lines and have a say in how to conduct their affairs. Shortcut idioms always end up being inadequate.

    • Ramzi,

      The facts you list look all correct.
      Conclusions and tactics your business, as I have no skin in this game. The main conclusions seem to be supported by good old-fashioned logic, something not geographically restricted.
      They avoid nonsense, i.e.:
      Resistance under the full equivalent of a Nazi occupation, while collaborating with a Zionist police posing as local "authority"? Without a center outside the reach of the Zionists/US?
      A people (no matter where in the world) satisfied that they received justice and accounts are settled without at least a plausible appearance of full restitution of land and sovereignty? An interim compromise Oslo-style, where the US+Zionists again "concede" --to officialize the Zio-dominated single state?

    • Bumblebye,

      argument was that there had been the spate of “terror” not because the Palestinians had lost hope, but because they *did* have hope of their own state – and that hope must be “wiped out”.

      That is exactly the official doctrine of all Zionism, as formulated in so many words by the officially fascist Vladimir Jabotinsky, accepted by the World Zionist Congress under the (definitely national) Socialist David Green, aka Ben-Gurion, preached by Jabotinsky protégé Mr Mileikovski Sr, then Jr (both aka Netan-Yahoo), the current "Labor" aka Zionist Bloc and confirmed by every single action of all Zionist life on earth.

      Sometimes contradicted by the words of some faction of the Zionists --never by their actions.

  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • Annie is quite right. I should have avoided an indefinite subject re pushing this reader.

      Now Talknic, when you say "not even the Palestinians make such a demand", you seem to forget the Palestinian protest since the early 20th C., the charters and declarations of the armed resistance movements of the late 20th C., and I suggest that you are consulting diplomatic and other stuff by divers Arab kingdoms and Palestinian collaborators, not "The Palestinians". Where is the plebiscite?

    • Talknic,

      Slowly but surely you are pushing your reader to conclude that you might be a robot or parrot: not once have you answered or acknowledged the basic question(s):

      Why in the name of all things would it not be possible to
      hold Zionism "accountable" as seen by the majority of the UN
      deny any legitimacy to any Zionist presence at all anywhere in Palestine?

      My argument s with Israeli propagandists, who by their own litany of lies incriminate the whole Zionist project, delegitimize the Jewish State, break the basic common sense tenets of the Jewish religion, twisting and contaminating everything as they go.

      For the umpteenth time, we get that; not everyone is stupid. The question is why you stop at that and never ever touch the total illegality of settlement and partition.

      I'm almost sure you are a not computer program that always provides the same answer because it lacks the response to the question arising from your first answer. So where is it?

    • Talknic,

      Sure. Let me quote your entire post, now.

      Meanwhile, I have never expressed any reverence for Israel or any other state. Fact is, Israel exists, legal/legitimate or not, whether you or I like it or not. It is also a UN Member State and thus should be held accountable for its illegal actions as seen by the majority of that body

      Nobody ever suggested not holding the illegitimate state accountable also by the colonialists' rules. Even the creators of the partition agree with that. But stopping at the colonialist powers' imposition ("majority" or not) and not questioning that "legal/legitimate or not" existence, limiting one's interventions at the same border as the colonial powers, is precisely reverence for the colonial crime called "Israel". There's nothing you disagree with in fact, you just don't like my terminology.

    • People make all kinds of mistakes for all kinds of reasons.

      In this case, it's not a mistake, it's a hanging offense.

    • "Catalan", you aren't getting any better at reading comprehension.
      In the case of Zionists immigrating to any place in Palestine (including the initial colonial conquest revered by Talknic) it is not a civil offense but invasion, complicity in piracy and in genocide, i.e. the crime of aggression.

    • Amigo,

      I don't see any need to differentiate between the successive waves of Zionist invasion. It is all totally illegal, and all of Palestine is occupied.

    • Catalan,

      All Zionists immigrated to Palestine without the express authorization of the Palestinian people as properly represented in the overdue plebiscite since the declaration of hostile intent in 1897 at the latest are pirates, i.e. immigrating with the intent of violently subverting sovereignty, against the express will of the owners.

      Genuine refugees admitted during the war, and whose behavior has not corresponded to that of the Zionists, may probably be exempted. One may well ask why they stayed after the fall of Nazism, though.

      Looks like you add a feigned reading disability to your already impressive list of graces and accomplishments.

    • Count on "Catalan" to just forget that refugees and legitimate immigrants submit to the rules established by the owners of the place. They don't invade as armed bands with the full armed force of the colonial powers to establish their own pirate state. So nice to see you are as much a fan of Genghis Khan and Attila as your Zionist brown shirts.

      Which human beings rewrite the laws of which other human beings is the question you think you avoided. What I like most is that you are so convinced of being smart.

      Anyway, it is to be celebrated that you landed in NM --instead of Italy or Greece, which did nothing to deserve it.

    • Keith,

      Well said about party policy and imperial policy. But then, the two mafias are the parties of the world's most heinous monopolist imperialism, and the Democrat one is the dominant administrator of it. They are not distinct from the so-called deep state.

      Their policy never ever diverges from that of its owners, no matter the alleged subjective good intentions of the starry-eyed naive "liberal" members. Never. Ever. Peóns are not owners and will never be in control. Each party represent a specific class, not a combo; the "two" mafias are no exception.

      Anyway, the invariable shpiel has repeated itself more than enough times to force one inevitable conclusion (on oversimplifying people like me): as with religion, to explain those who continue sticking with this mafia it's impossible to propose a third possibility beside weakness in the head and criminal intent.

    • Ain't that the truth, Keith. At any rate, even though it's just a band aid, a bandaid in the form of blocking/ returning Zionist invaders while still allowing capital circulation would still have done very nicely.

    • Not a record, Kay. Your Obama had already murdered several hundred people by day 12.
      Please provide the comparison every time, otherwise you risk losing any credibility that may still linger on.

    • Further illegitimacy of said state about immigration: all Zionist immigrants since 1897, with the possible exception of those admitted as bona fide refugees during the war, are illegally immigrated: during both the intentional mis-administration of the Great Britain mandate (in the face of declared intent to colonize) and the following illegal partition state.

  • Inside the 'secret' public-private partnership Israel is using to fight BDS
    • But Dick and Jane don't know Luntz; everything is done to keep him unknown to them. Of course. That's the only condition for Luntz to be as effective as Goebbels.

  • What would Anne Frank do?
    • Friedman,

      i can smell a judeophobe

      but still can't define hesheit, eh?

    • Grover,

      And you're particularly happy to have stolen untold billions from the survivors and heirs by blackmailing half the world in the name of a "state" that didn't even exist at the time, leaving said survivors and heirs in misery, while also using them as merchandise in a huge Holocaust(TM) Disneyland to extort even more billions and browbeat whole countries.

      What you're doing staying so close to Skokie when the Paradise on Earth of the Reconstituted Dream Theme Park is at your disposal for free is the real mistery.

    • RoHa,

      So then perhaps English-writing white males are off English lit, while Yiddish-writing Euro whites are in. As I dimly remember from samples, the French version was OK as a translation while the English was def bad (it seems that the wife was the translator) but it still makes English lit? In Australia, too? It's getting to be atrociously complicated; should be happy I'm not an artist.

      At any rate, a Yiddish original belongs by rights in German literature (and Yiddish lit of course, if the Zionist hadn't killed that, too.) Except that the original lacks, they say, the late-added affabulation.

    • Maghlawatan,

      I'm sure it's because of some innate baseness of the Netherlandse soul --not for nothing do they call it nether lands (incidentally the only Western lands that had accepted all Reconquista refugees, and as citizens.) Nothing to do with the Nazi machine or the proximity of the German border, or a lot of other conditions, of course.

      And certainly the fact that only <10% were left alive in Greece had nothing to do with the moron Head Chacham who delivered everybody hands and feet tied to the Nazis --no no, it must be that all Greeks are secret Nazis, no?

      Good idea to discontinue getting your WWII history from the trademarked Holocaust Industry or to check it against more independent sources, it might unkink thinking.

      Note, by the way, that the same story befell most all psychiatric institutions under Nazism and Nazi occupation. It hit the German nuthouses with genuine Aryan patients just exactly as bad as the occupied ones, Jewish or not, as German psychiatry developed the castrating and eugenizing American psychiatry one step further when if delivered all serious mental cases to extermination. Also read a current article on that:
      The Appeldoorn case isn't necessarily motivated by the patients' nominal religion --more that they were mental. A category to be totally exterminated as varmint, just like Gypsies, Jews, etc. Of course, being classified as Jewish was no help.

    • Sure, Reb Friedman. Skip.

      Skip "the"(?) Anne Frank. Don't mention the poor kid whose murdered shadow was appropriated as commercial capital by the trademarked Holocaust Industry, Inc. Might impair sales.

    • Marc B.,

      How on earth can "Night", a tale written in Yiddish (and later published in translated French, then English rewrites, see be part of an *English* syllabus?

      The mind boggles. I always thought that the English class was for English-language authors, not to showcase translators. Some of the latter are very valuable (not the amateurs in this specific case, though) but still no original creators.

    • Oh, sure, Maghlawatan. The Dutch (collectively and unisono) produced German nationalism, the Nazi party and the fascist rule. They installed the NSDAP dictatorship in the Netherlands, and then only exported it to Germany and the rest of Europe! Their thousands of resistants and allied fighters were just a fake.
      Same for all of occupied Europe, I guess. All Nazis, eh?
      Where you get your logic is a total mystery.

    • That's because she wasn't made a government minister in Palestine under alien military occupation.

    • - Because good literature, English, Patagonese, Martian or other, even though it sells books and teaching positions, is not the basis of a hugely lucrative, trademarked zillion-dollar commercial operation.

      - It wouldn't be so bad if only children were targeted --compared to adults, who seem to be the main suckers, children are a little more logical and refractory to indoctrination.

      - Dismal, dunno. Not better or worse than a diary by a child that age after all kinds of propaganda agents have been through it.

  • 'We have nowhere else to go': Bedouins say they will continue to rebuild as Israel carries out home demolitions at a record pace
    • Where's the story, Jack***?

      First of all, your family was illegally on occupied and invaded territory. How irresponsible if you think what well may happen to them as unprotected persons --cannot be worth a holiday.

      Then, how much Arabic does your wife understand, what with today's definition of "understand" as used by patronizing Anglos like yourself on Cinco de Gringo?

      Then, even if she did understand, where is the proof? Was any evidence produced and checked? No? It could well be fertility propaganda by a single child, aimed at seducing some Zionist productivity-stressed chicks --and you present this on say-so?

      Finally, you Zionists are a real curse. Your family goes to the sea and right away it turns up dead. Can't even trust you with water.

    • Jack...

      That would have been relevant if the habits of the people you are still robbing and systematically exterminating had ever been any of your dirty business.

      Be that as it may, it should match the sheet with a hole in the middle, used for screwing in good Orthodox families --and the cleansing prayers before and after, in real Hebrew.
      No wonder: some ladies under Zatriotic-demographic overachievement pressure might take, hmm, fertility trips to the Najaf... productivity numbers like 38 sound impressive.

    • Nice. Go there together, you Jewisher-than-thou. Just don't forget that once anywhere in Palestine you shouldn't be a protected person.

    • Jacketc.,

      A people under alien occupation and subjected to genocidal practices counts as disappearing, period.

      Besides, what was your wife doing with her illegal presence in the illegally occupied Najaf?

  • The Quebec mosque shooting and the Zionist connection
    • John 66,

      As I said, you open it even though you don't understand. Even if you understood epidemiology, which you don't, this is not medical. I'll define terrorism as any act of international aggression and all intended and unintended consequences thereof, while counting all acts of resistance to invaders and occupiers ("by any means available") which in the consequences column. So terrorism includes, for example, all observed excess events over expected directly or indirectly following the Zionist invasion and wars of aggression, including all US wars obviously corresponding to the Zionist Yinon plan. Get a pencil and start reckoning.

    • I am not familiar enough with the culture/context to offer anything more.

      That was, like, obvious. Why then do you open it at all, in the first place, to quote stuff you don't even understand?

  • Protesters join immigrant protectors at LAX
  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
    • Keith,

      In Mooser's defense on a single point, I have to underline that you, not Mooser, are spelling the Clinton Harpy's first name wrong, just as she does herself. She is not that into reading, obviously. Hilaritas and hilarius are spelled with a single L and that's it. After all, this is presumably not a one-of-its-kind name like, say, Latrina or Obdulia.

  • Trump's anti-interventionism helped him win, says Obama's former Middle East adviser
    • tho there are quite a lot of rightwingers who could give a damn about liberty for palestinians

      Not easy to understand that message, Annie. Are you suggesting that no one on the "Right" supports Palestinian resistance and/or opposes Zionism? That would be horribly wrong, as quite a number do, and you cannot have missed it. They are definitely "right-wingers", as you say, being self-defined conservatives and libertarians with definitely capitalism-and-classical-democracy politics and respect for international law. Dr Ron Paul comes immediately to mind, or Buchanan, etc.

      So their classification would be quite independent of the intentional wicked confusion in the US that pretends to present goddam liberals, Democrats, interventionist warmongers, color revolutionists and other cogs of the reigning monopoly capital imperialism as some kind of "Left".

    • Just as O'bama's (as one example among several) 60-day total ban on any persons from Iraq (because 2 ex-Baathists were found to be refugees), as another instance of damming the flow of refugees created by our own hands.
      With less fanfare and plenty flowery words, which to date is the only difference. The target buyer doesn't correspond to the same profile.

    • Annie,

      You guys from the young set cannot imagine it, but us old detritus used to have read our Tom Paine, Danton, Rights of Man and the UN Rights before there was any Google to google it.

  • Maryland legislature, which supported boycotts of grapes and South Africa, targets BDS
    • A country's policies are judged by the end results of its action. The US is the most important part of the main perpetrator-state duet of Zionism: US and the Zionist entity. An in-person participant, not just an accessory. The number of Zionists in the US is irrelevant as long as the overall policy results are clear.

  • Palestinian teen in Gaza dies after refusing to serve as a collaborator for Israel in exchange for medical care
    • Correct, Sibiriak. Excellent description of the likely outcome. It doesn't rule out a single state, though. If there is any way of obtaining other solutions or of opposing what has been building up, I don't think we have heard about it yet.

  • Saturday's marches are going to make America great again
    • Kay,

      I know what you are trying to deviate everybody's attention to: racketeering and other private crime that does not directly direct politics. It's a call to look at a selective list of thieves, while forgetting that one's own party is by its very nature the party of worldwide war and the main perp destroying Palestine and the US both. It's crimes against peace and war crimes they should hang for and that includes both parties, no exceptions.

      The "ethics group" doesn't seem to look at crimes against humanity as if they were a breach of ethics.

      I don't give a damn for that kind of ethics. If Al Capone can stop war and provide full justice for the invaded, let him steal all he can and more! That'll be way cheaper than our War Ministry and the "Israel" thing.

    • Kay,

      "Being investigated" means what, exactly? One is a criminal against humanity and war criminal that should hang no matter his private shenanigans, the other one hasn't started yet. As for being liars, that isn't a hanging offense.

  • The Israeli police’s extrajudicial execution of Israeli citizen Yaqoub Abu Al-Qia’an
    • Old Geezer,

      "Extrajudicial execution" is exactly that: what we call Murder One in American, "premeditated murder" in other places.

      As usual, even journalists with their heart in the right place seem to always adopt all the propaganda euphemisms, no questions asked.

  • By their bulldozers you will know them
    • Old Geezer,

      a legitimate state of Israel instead of outlaw rogue state

      Would you be so good as to tell me where to find this animal? It sure is rarer than the unicorn, being born as an outlaw rogue state from minute 00:00.

  • Obama 'betrayed' American Jews and Trump is a 'swineherd' -- Bernard-Henri Levy
    • Amigo,

      What are the signs if any, that suggest that a "New Bi National State of , “???????? ”" will be any different than the current partition-cum-Zionist-entity disaster? It seems that the colonial powers are still firmly in the saddle, and the US and their its puppets are fully committed to the Zionists. So what kind of bi-national state do you get under these auspices? UN resolutions may be positive only when registering accomplished events.

      As long as the Zionist entity is not totally dismantled, instead of "a world without Zionism", any uni-, bi-, tri-national or multistate will mean the creation of yet another machine to occupy, rob and exterminate the owners of the country.

  • Letter to Fordham: 'Have you ever seen an instance where a university gains in the long run from speech suppression?'
    • When is the ACLU going to take this issue to SCOTUS?

      Per the latest ACLU e-mail I just got, their main business now is participating in the disruption of today's Prez inauguration and asking for a Trump impeachment on personal conflict of interest --obviously a way more pressing civil liberties issue than free speech and 1st Amendment rights!

  • Obama's failure, and achievement, in Palestine
    • "Fondness"? The Obama admin, a bragging criminal against peace and a war criminal on behalf of the Zionists outside Palestine, has also for Palestine been much more than an accessory: in fact it has been a first-person actor as a sponsor providing money, arms, diplomatic coverage and a huge number of American-citizen troops directly to the Zionist entity for its wars and direct genocide. Just like its predecessors.

      His last-minute trick with UNSC 2334 was a new lease on life for the most murderous comedy of a pretend "peace process", a total absence of progress on any "negotiations" is used for decades as a pretext for continuing military occupation and genocide. Do some possible fringe benefits for BDS compensate for that?

  • Palestinians demand Israeli authorities release the remains of slain loved ones
    • John S,

      Are you still beating that dead donkey? Worse than John 66.
      There is no equality of the sides. Period. One is illegal, illegitimate, and a major criminal against humanity. There is no "all sides".

  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • Come on, it's not "Palestinians" but the Zionist puppets Abbas and Erekat. If they want the US to consider their plea not to move the embassy to the illegally occupied International zone, all they have to do is to ask their boss in the Zionist entity government to transmit their request: the Yahoo (or any Z politician) has a lot more pull with the US than Mr Putin can have.

  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
    • RoHa,

      Thanks for your note. The deplorables among us of abominable Frog origin remember the nail-on-blackboard effect in '68. Can we now go back to good old "misogyny"?

    • Hophmi,

      I wonder if anyone has already asked you to define what the hell you're talking about? Like, what exactly do you mean by "antisemitism"?

      I'm sure the question arises for the first time.

    • RoHa,

      As it comes from the horse's own mouth, it's the language of that eminently colonialist, then imperialist, warmongering Social Democracy. Identity-politics-pandering social-democrat talk from the mouth of a national socialist. Same old.

      Playing his words over and over should be an excellent information piece.

      At any rate, this note was to wonder about not when people started to use misogyny but the counter-question: When and by what miracle did the by-Jingo French nationalism of Private Chauvin suddenly become a term of sexual identity politics?

  • The immaculate conception of Louis Brandeis
    • Dude,

      To those who quote Weir’s description of his “secret Parushim society,” I urge you to read the sources of information about it that she herself cites. They paint a very different picture about the society’s nature, more social than political, and its influence, which was clearly quite marginal.

      Now one can really wonder if you ever bothered to read the referenced sources.
      I did and came with an extremely strong impression of a tribal/racist secret society that controlled the most strategic nodes of US policy making, executive and judiciary power at an extremely critical moment in our history.

      Keep minimizing.

      PS: Why you expect everyone to fall to their knees in front of "progressivism" is beyond comprehension. On this site, the only thing that would be common is an interest in justice for Palestinians, by no means a uniformly "progressist" thing. Nothing in it to justify giving a pass to a very major Zionist criminal because he was good for this or that domestic policy.

    • Weiss contributes a detail to the opening sentence of Alison Weir's authoritative book, "In 1912 prominent Jewish American attorney Louis Brandeis, who was to go on to become a Supreme Court Justice, became a Zionist." The footnote to that sentence mentions the role of De Haan and refers to the Grose article in "Moment", also mentioning the origins of that publication.

      I suppose a mention of Weir's work and the general importance of "Against our Better Judgment" would have been relevant --after all, the huge damage inflicted worldwide by the US Zionist cabal is the main point, while the sincerity or not of fake tribal belonging feelings among the conspirators remains rather academical.

  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • Eva,

      Thanks for this nice reminder on a propaganda classic --

      But "Catalan" is really too impaired to do that right.

      Ash underlines why:

      The case for Israel is made of four propositions that should always be presented in the correct escalating order.


      Meaning that you can't just jump directly to Point 4 without observing the progression from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. Otherwise one risks coming across as being exactly what one appears to be, i.e. a babbling fool.

    • Reb Feldman,

      I am speechless: such an amount of shiny polish that is even more howlingly racist than the racist turd at its core that the polish was supposed to cover.

      That's a feat, especially coming from a sunday-school thinker deep enough to afford calling Marx a POS. I hope you won't forget to grace posterity with the collected edition of your thoughts.

    • Catalan,

      Your stuff has been catching the eyes of readers here for something like a year or so.
      My question: what is your point? If there is one and you won't tell yet, when can we expect to read about it?

    • Interesting contradictions? No contradiction, as the rabidly racist theory of "Jewish" predictably falls into place here, too, with not only godless Einstein but officially x-generations-removed, opium-of-the-people Marx. Can any political movement be more ludicrously, not to mention unconsciously, racist than this non-political affiliation?

  • On eve of Paris talks PA support for two-state solution not shared among Palestinians
  • To be successful the French Peace Initiative must be based on international law and human rights
    • Ossinev,

      there has effectively been an Apartheid system in Israel and Palestine since 1948. It has however been wrapped up/disguised/figleafed from the outside world through Zionist Hasbara and the ongoing Israeli charade of seeking peace and two states

      Correct. That's why the single most urgent objective should be making clear the one-state reality and destroying all the fictions, including both that of a "justified" partition and that of a separate Palestinian state (the latter was useful when represented by an exiled resistance --no longer so.) Instead of supporting them.

      As for the ongoing genocide, stable census figures are not an argument; the material hurdles are being met by adapting the pace and methods of the extermination to the conditions on the terrain --the Ottoman forced marches were just as effective as the camps and ovens, and Zionist creativity is getting rave reviews in the US.

    • Inbound,

      "The least the Conference could have done" doesn't seem to have been among its preset objectives. In fact, look at both the recent UNSC resolution and this conference: the main objective is to give a new lease on life to the 50-year-old myth of a bilateral "Process" of discussing among unequals about what the protocol of future hypothetical talks may possibly consist of. Both UNSC res and Conference are strictly about "bilateral talks", nothing else.

      After the Oslo disaster that placed all resistance under direct Zionist control, the only thing that the West must do now is to renew the illusion of bilateral talks every once in a while, to keep its public opinion going. Some comedy to convince the boobies that the non-existent talks must be wrested off an inflexible Zionist government helps establish it as a bona fide measure.

    • Ossinev,

      Excellent description of the "Process" of the ongoing annihilation of the owners of Palestine.
      What I just don't see is why the Zionists should not have the "final solution" option. It is already being implemented and I never came across a compelling argument in this regard.

      Also, re your future tense for Apartheid and "One state solution here we come": Excuse me? It is and it has been a single Apartheid state, at any rate a full-fledged one since 1967 -- no need to get into the nitty-gritty of the earlier situation. The laughable virtual Palestinian statehood is pure fiction anyway.

      So I suppose that what I am discussing is the statement about the Apartheid single state being "a matter of time". We are at a more advanced stage and the ongoing genocide leaves no time.

  • Why Israel wants us to say 'terror'
    • Not "always", Citizen. It seems that the wholesale tarring of one's any and all opponents with the "terrorist" brush really took off with the Nazi occupation propaganda and was continued almost seamlessly by their ideological twins the Zionist bandits --the latter mindlessly parroted by the West.

    • What were they doing on other people's land?
      Your profile says: "fierce supporter of Palestinians rights since 1967" --does that include the most basic right of resisting any occupier by any means available, including armed struggle?

    • Mooser,

      It takes two to expel.
      Especially when the party of the other part is convinced he's holding an ass' jawbone or the temple columns.

  • Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago
  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • John 66,

      So what is still unclear in the right of invaded and occupied peoples to use all available means to resist occupation?

  • Israel-Palestine conflict could 'explode' under Donald Trump, Israel supporter warns
    • Yes, Mooser. When a guy gets a very lofty Nobel prize instead of being hanged in Nuremberg as promised by Justice Jackson, it means he's squeaky clean, in conformity with international law and a role model for all. After all, as you say, if you aren't caught how can you get convicted?

  • There is no such thing as 'Progressive Except Palestine'
    • Sibiriak,

      Logic commands to first check the definitions you are using.

    • Oh sure, you can control and censor the thinking and categories of other people who wouldn't dream to follow you.

    • Eljay, if one uses definitions made up by reactionaries and counterrevolutionaries, of course the result will be meaningless mush.

      As Nevel so aptly observed, PEP necessarily means full-fledged support to US Imperialism. Nuff said.

  • Remembering Revolutionary Yiddishland
    • CitizenC,

      Ajl does recognise that “socialist Zionism” was a racist/racialist chimera, to his credit. The same must be said for secular “Jewish identity”, beyond the obvious fact of Yiddish language and culture. They were destroyed by Nazism, but also did not survive integration and assimilation in liberal societies, which was a positive development.

      Key remark, thanks.

      But then, there was no such thing as "secular Jewish" identity outside the formal framework of the medieval theocratic state, as later represented by the Ottoman "millet" system, which was in turn taken over by the British mandate, then revived and fully enforced by the illegal Zionist entity. The Zionist entity is probably the last, and most, fully theocratic state re nominal religious identities, along with stone age relicts like Saudi, Pakistan, etc.

      Elsewhere it seems that secularization/integration/assimilation of individuals did not have to wait for "liberal societies".

    • Damasco,

      Sophistry. Are you suggesting that these sharp people were too stupid, even as internationalist socialists (key element!), even in times preceding the Zionist mass folly, to see that they had nothing in common with any non-Yiddish-speaking populations? Just because the word used happens to be the same?

      The piece you quote (Glatstein?) can only be (and explicitly is) from a religious person trying to blackmail tribal nationalists. In fact, it is specifically from a poem on the... Spanish (=Sefardí) Marranos, totally unconnected culturally to anything Jiddisch/Eskenazi. An explicit exercise in spurious Jewish nationalism, the diametrical contrary of the socialist internationalism of the Bundists we were discussing.

      Can you commit a worse anachronism?

    • Thank you for the excellent review, Ajl. Isn't it an anachronism, though, to call irreligious, revolutionary Bundists, openly connected by their Yiddish language and peculiar culture, "Jewish" instead of what they called themselves --Yiddish? They never saw themselves as anything but culturally Ashkenaze people, with a marked ethnic characteristics that had not much to do with a given religion and nothing to do with any cloud-cuckoo "Jewishness".

  • MLA votes against BDS, tables resolution blaming PA and Hamas for restrictions on Palestinian academic freedom (Updated)
    • Nada,
      Thank you for the reminder about MLA's past attitude.

      One remark, though:

      this JPost article says the sponsors of the anti-BDS resolution were assisted by “Jewish organizations.” Certainly not any Jewish organizations, but Zionist ones.

      The overwhelming majority of Jewish organizations are Zionist. Stark statistical fact.

  • Getting away with murder: the Elor Azarya 'manslaughter' case
  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • Read the definition on the International Convention on Genocide.
      Written by Raphael Lemkin himself.
      Also, show me what chance of escape there is.

    • Ms Rosengarten,

      How can you leave Trump, Obama, the Clintons or any US politician at all out of this?
      The US is not separate from this "degenerate society with fascists at the helm". The US directly provides money, arms, diplomatic support and thousands of soldiers. It is not an accomplice but a principal. Also, fascists here are not a minority at the helm.

      since 1948 the Zionist dream of a Jewish State died in a twisted ideology of perverse racism and hate

      The Zionist dream of a Jewish State is a twisted ideology of perverse racism and hate, from way before 1948.

  • Booker slams UN resolution as 'anti-Israel,' while Saban says it's anti-American
    • Misterioso,

      So all US admins until now were flea-free? Are you sure you have correctly identified which side is the varmint carrier?
      In fact, the Yahoo had no choice as to the dog: that bed was vacated by the Anointed Harpy, pending some Act of God.

  • New poll shows sharp partisan divide on UN settlements resolution, and between Jews and African-Americans
    • RoHa,

      Of course that tosh about Russian hacking is now the official state doctrine of the US of A, including all its elected, selected and unelected organs. Just came back from my compulsory Two-Minute Hate to find most of my favorite Web sites adorned by tasteful little posts about Emmanuel Goldberg, including this page.

  • Will the Azaria verdict shield Israel from the International Criminal Court?
    • "Inaction"? If direct participation by gifting unlimited arms, ammunition, support equipment, bottomless monetary help, full diplomatic coverage and export of thousands of military and settlement personnel, not to mention a series of wars of aggression waged according to a specific public request, is "inaction" or in any way "indirect". Non-stop since the 1960s.
      They don't look about the same, they are the same.

  • After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident
    • Mooser,

      Not only the invasion and occupation of Palestine, but also the dispossession and genocide of its owners are definitely above any inner-Zionist dispute. A Weimar comparison never applied to the Zionist entity.

    • Weimar? It sounds past that by years. Already the bunker in Berchtesgaden.

    • Rob,

      there is no hope whatsoever for Israelis to understand their crimes

      If that ain't the first truth to write under the gate, to be read by anyone dreaming of any concessions by Zionists. Not "Israelis", all Zionists everywhere. They have stopped raising their poor kids in the normal world, for the last 2-3 generations now.

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • I know what our War Party and regime change artists are trying to call it, Mooser.

      The rest of the world calls it putsch, military takeover, coup d'État, banana republic Pronunciamento, Color Revolution, Maidan, "We Came, We Saw, He Died", etc. Especially when conducted by the chief criminals against humanity of the century and before the accused in the show trial had any opportunity to commit any high crime and/or misdemeanor.

    • RoHa,

      All the signs say it's not going to be a Lone Crazed Assassin.
      What is to be expected is a People's Tribunal, already empanelled with Everybody That Counts and His Brother, which will read the official sentence for Conduct Unbecoming prior to forming a square to the roll of drums. We have already reached the peak, ever, of bipartisan unanimity and national unity since these here Colonies rebelled. The triumph of order, decorum and war over the Rabble.

    • Just,

      “Why should we care about the birthplace of major criminal against peace, war criminal, and Butcher of Gaza Obama?”

      Last time I looked, President Obama is not PM nor King of Israel. Check your outrage at the door, please~ it is not helping the Palestinian people.

      Never said he is PM or King of the Zionist entity. Doesn't have to. The US Gpvernment is infinitely more powerful in deciding whatever happens in Palestine than any organization in Palestine.

      As for what helps the Palestinian people, there is precious little empirical evidence one way or the other. Plain logic suggests that supporting its mortal enemies is not likely to help, either.

      Speak and write to your representatives in Congress, the Senate, and your city council.

      That may be a good recommendation for the naive who still believe fairy tales about American Democracy and similar nonsense. Anyway, it mostly doesn't hurt, so I occasionally waste a good stamp.

      Good luck with Trump, though. I’m not entirely sure that he can or will be able to read anything other than twitter.

      Good luck for what? No one expects him to be any different than Obama and Co. or Bush with regard to Palestine, specifically.
      He has not committed --yet-- any of the multiple, heinous crimes against peace and war crimes of the Obama-Clinton administration --the ones for which the Nazi government was hanged in Nuremberg. He may start doing so in a few days. Until then, the sitting criminals against humanity are the main danger and the main enemy of the Palestinian resistance, and they are pushing for more war and mayhem with all the combined energy of the Demolicans, Repucrats and the (real) government.

    • Kay,

      Why should we care about the birthplace of major criminal against peace, war criminal, and Butcher of Gaza Obama?

    • Keith,

      Thanks for observing the "pinning" by Trump. If calculated as more than a single gesture, hugely promising.

    • Thank you, Mr Weiss. NF changed my perspective --the theory of a childish, spiteful, thin-skinned Obama taking a last-minute revenge without thinking too much is not implausible and the Kerry speechifying seem to document that the act was voluntary but its consequences uncalculated --especially re the the new GCC mafia under Zionist deputy leadership.

  • John Kerry picked the wrong timeline for the Jewish state
    • Mooser,

      I have to apologize for the careless use of US colloquial "you" as an undefined pronoun --instead of the clearer "one". Of course you, Mooser, weren't meant.

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