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  • Saying ‘I Am Muslim, Too’ is not standing in solidarity with Muslims
    • Certainly a rarity, a real gentleman among kings. He may even have solidarized with religious people, of course. Wonder how he would have responded to the particularly vicious Bush-Obama-Trump era racism that defines all Mid-Easterners as "Muslims".

    • Agreed*, Shenfield. Absolutely.
      Only in this case, there is one element that makes it hard to identify with the victim. It is formulated in terms of religion while the whole campaign has nothing to do with religion or specifically Islam. The targeted population is identified by being of vaguely Mid-eastern origin, no matter if atheist, Muslim, Christian, Yezidi or Zoroastrian.

      For people with an anti-religious bend (I doubt that the correct but antiquated word "anticlerical" would be generally understood), who are Islamophobe + Christianophobe +Judaiphobe etc., it does become a problem.

      More importantly, it must be a major difficulty for anyone who particularly opposes Islam, singling it out. I personally see no ground for that but a lot of people do, and they have every right to it: religion is not an inborn trait.

      Our huge mistake is that of repeating the religion-besotten Americans' general "Muslim" characterization. Our government's hostility and warmongering is against Mid-Easterners, or Arabs and Persians (with the sole exception of Saudis and Jews, who magically become a distinct nationality --but not Christians and Co.)

      I'll proudly wear an "I am Arab and Persian" button --don't ask me to identify with religious obscurantism.

      *Except for the historical accuracy of the King od Denmark's statement, which is irrelevant.

  • Trump has reminded Palestinians that it was always about one state
    • Don't be ridiculous, Maghlawatan. There isn't a decent Zionist anywhere on or under the earth, period. By the very definition of the word.

  • The challenges of being Palestinian in East Jerusalem
    • Maghlawatan,
      Just wait the few seconds it takes for the usual suspects to start shouting that it's an admission of guilt.

  • Trump is putting the crunch on liberal Zionism
    • Talknic,

      Exactly, There's no such box on the tax form; disagreeing or protesting are worthless as long as your country of citizenship owns you. You remain an accomplice, period. A protester is also an accessory to the crime heshe's protesting until and unless that protest is successful and turns the situation around.
      Summary: shouting and kicking is nice, but your dollars already went into those bombs. Live with it.

    • Talknic,

      "Catalan" is right here. No proof needed; Mooser and me and any other US person do support US war by just being in the taxation system no matter the subjective intentions.

    • Mooser,
      Sure as death and taxes, every time one points to the fact that not once in 140 years there was a single instance of Zionist readiness to compromise, somebody will tell you it's around the corner.

    • John S, can't you go BS some other site where they are more gullible?

      Two states is still the only solution, which is both politically possible (just barely…)

      Everything is politically possible: politics includes resistance and wars.
      If for the purposes of your twisted pill-pulling "politically" means with application of violence by the invader only, the victims remaining disarmed, the only situation in which it is "barely possible" is the US enforcing international law (in your dre... pardon --certainly not *your Zio dreams...)

      and morally sound

      You can't be serious. The only morally sound solution is restoring Palestine. Palestine where all decisions on borders and citizenship on the whole area of Palestine are made by the whole Palestinian people only, excluding illegal invaders since 1897, in the total absence of occupation or other duress. All others may be compromises, but there is no compromise in Zionism, none, nada, zilch, nitchevo.

  • Engineers in Gaza convert the rubble of war into concrete for rebuilding
    • Nah, the Uebermenschen are not afraid, Xanadou. The usual procedure will apply as soon as the thing seems to have any success. Either the method will be invented by Goldstein and commercialized by Levy financed by Bloch, or then killed and erased.

      In any case, even if any future buildings in Gaza are erected using this method, they will be flattened into flesh-containing rubble at the next future genocide raid by the Inhuman Destruction Forces.

  • Jews in Iran: a travelogue
    • Old Geezer,

      Here's one more tribute to good old Nightingale --from an old guy whom she directed to a fulfilling occupation.

    • Old Geezer,

      Time to switch off your automated spell-checker or word-inserter. Mangled poor Florence, now.

    • Mooser, the imbroglio arose as you say but the Rabbies, I see, have been howling death then and all the way to now.

      Interesting to note that in the last 50 years or so, Muslims, hitherto content with avoiding pork and drunkenness, have increasingly been looking like the (mainly Ashkenaze) pious Chosen and the (mainly American) Puritans to complicate to death the allowed food and drink choices. Get religion, give up life.

    • Mooser, what a crazy idea. If there is one person who would never need Mulliner's Buck-me-Uppo to start baying for the blood of religious crazies, that's your eternal admirer Echinococcus, the tapeworm! What can be religiouser and crazier than to start a food fight based on what people can eat?

    • Yeah, the banquet that proved that Eastern European obscurantist, superstitious bigots were already as ridiculous and dangerous as the Iranian mollahs would become ...almost a hundred years later.

    • John 66,

      Arrogance and pushiness over and above anything usual is the telltale sign of a Zionist. If Israelian or not is irrelevant --they all can have that passport anyway.

      And yes, the quote marks around arrogance are unnecessary. As a Zionist you'd be hard put to judge.

  • 'NYT' runs Israeli's op-ed recommending that Palestinians 'emigrate voluntarily'
    • Just,

      Was that comparison to a declaredly ultra-reactionary "settler" from el Khalil really appropriate?
      The NYT mostly works for the so-called "Liberal Zionists", i.e. the folks that gave us the invasion, the colonization, the Nakba, the 4 or more first wars of aggression, the theft and the genocide.
      The so-called "left" and secular Zionists are the genocidaires par excellence. It would be a good idea to expose them more, instead of shifting the blame onto the less dangerous, cavemen factions.

  • The emergence of the Just Jew
    • OK, I get it finally. Thank you, Litvin, for making it clearer: the Just Jew is just as tribal as the Zionist Jew, just as obsessed with some religious identity nonsense even if he is totally nonreligious or atheist, just as ignorant of the total absence of any common element among culturally unrelated groups, and just as disruptive of Palestinian solidarity movements with his "identity politics".

    • Just happened to see a glittering spot amid the mass of Reb Feldman's logorrhea:

      Keith’s comment dismisses antisemitism asserting that since Rothschilds are rich antisemitism cannot exist

      Funny thing, a search of the internet and MW archives shows that this is a theory authored by Feldman.

      That stands to logic: it is exactly the same as the Feldman and Co. argument that since the Palestinian population is increasing, the genocide of Palestinians is not happening.

      By the way, when is Reb Feldman to release his long-awaited definition of "antisemitism" and/or "Jew-hatred"? Thank you.

  • Banned from Jerusalem (for trying to pay respects to my grandmother)
    • Old Geezer,

      The Don never wins --by Cervantes' very definition.

    • JD,

      It looks as if MW won't allow any reasoned (if not thoughtful) answer to your post. Pity, it looked worth discussing to me. All I can offer without offending the owners of the site is greetings.

    • Old Geezer,

      Of course. We have a basic incompatibility (quoting you "I wish the the state of Israel well"); more specifically, you are ready to consider all accounts closed once and if there is equality, democracy and those nice things.

    • You're way too Oriental, Al oeste.

      First you say that Zionism is the national thing of all Jews, that "Israel" is the country of all Jews and that it's democratic among all Jews, then you arrogate yourself the judgeship and declare a commitedly Jewish person an enemy of "Israel"?

      Smells of deep psychopathology.

    • Old Geezer,

      You're absolutely right. I have no idea about winning friends and influencing people. On the other hand, it is factually right that each entry into Palestine (all of it) is in theory illegal as occurring against the express will of the owners of the country.

      It is also a fact that the intestine US fight for starting WWIII is being supported by all Democrats, whose uniform this person is wearing, and that it is spilling over to the Zionist occupier population in Palestine.

      It's only natural for people who are more considerate of people in general to avoid being associated with the likes of me. No problem with that.

    • What is an American doing in the International zone of Jerusalem? Invited by Palestinians? No. Paying respects to some Zionist invader.

      What is a celebration in occupied Palestine of the imperialist warmongers' US color revolution, if not US-internal, Zionist-internal nonsense? Does it justify the serious violation of Palestinian sovereignty that is every tourist entry to Palestine? Is that how you support a worldwide boycott --by increasing Zio-tourism?

  • Open Letter to Progressive Jews: The ADL and AJC are not our allies
    • Isn't anybody fed up with the endless navel gazing?

      At the end of the day, "Progressive Jews" are totally worthless. What the world needs is people ready to support full justice for the Palestinian people, which necessarily means the destruction of Zionism. All kinds of humanity are welcome to help --including the exceptional Jews who aren't joining to help the Zionists.

  • Albert Einstein's advice to Jared Kushner
    • Rosross,

      Quite why he would be a Jewish hero when he was not a member of the religion is the question

      A question easily answered: because the tribal, Jewish definition of "Jewish" is exactly the same one adopted by the Nazi: the racist one. It is also very close to the theocratic definition of ethnies in the Dark Ages, when no one was allowed to be without a religion.

      No third explanation about it.

      Any other

    • I mean any evidence to support the crazy idea (and no, nobody is calling you crazy so far) that there is "progress to... equal rights and full freedom of speech and religion for all ". It's so against every fact and against any logic, you know.

    • I asked you first.
      You're free to provide a minimum of evidence. Good luck.

    • Sorry, but were you compos mentis when you wrote that message? Where on earth or hell did you see "progress to one-state – with equal rights and full freedom of speech and religion for all", when all is going exactly the other way?

      People have been asking about any sightings of said thing since at least 1897. A long time. So a first report would be a bombshell. We'd like to know.

  • Trump says he's 'happy' with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era
    • Bandolero,

      First off, while you correctly observe that the so-called "right-wing" Zionist entity leadership is doing everything to mobilize European[1] public opinion against the Zionist's own occupation, you forget that

      - the US is not a separate actor:
      We're not only paying all expenses of the Zionist operation, arming it, sending tens of thousands of brainwashed US-born soldiers to man their colony, wielding the Zionist veto at the UN[2]. We are waging all the wars of aggression officially ordered by the Zionist entity to the tune of so many wasted countries and million(s) murdered WITHOUT any reaction significant enough to even be a bump in the road! Some Europeans believed they were independent, that was 15 years ago, and look at them now and what happened to the pitiful doormats! None of this is disconnected from Palestine.

      -this cat has nine lives:
      When, and big if (see above), there are negative effects of the Zionist shamelessness strong enough to warrant change, the demagogic tide will turn and the "left" good cops, ie the barehead, bikini-wearing, secular, clean-cut, Western, civilized, Democrat etc. genocidal beasts will take over to "continue the negotiations" and speed up the genocide[3].

      Summary 1: given that we are against some form of Nazifascism, how many divisions has the Pope got?

      Then, if cleverness of ways is judged by the result, in my humble opinion the "clever ways" up to now have only been the exact contrary of what you are calling clever. The only reaction and concession so far has been to classical popular resistance to Zionism, hitting it as hard as only possible, not to lawyers yakking or street demonstrations in London. Without the intifadas (and, as usual, their horrendous price) there would be no change at all, no two-state fiction, no "talks", nothing but just the naked grinder. Which is not to say that Oslo and total enslavement is any better than that, but that's a whole nother discussion.

      Nobody is forbidding peaceful action. On the contrary, it is needed and not proceeding is criminal neglect[4], but don't expect any results at all from only peaceful litigation and BDS etc. in the absence of a real, physical hurt to the Zionists and the US. They (and we) are extremely sensitive and totally unable to take any blows, don't forget. The Zionists have an additional disadvantage, as they have the draft; significant damage to the draftees and to the "settlers" hurts them a lot more than blows to the US

      [1] but not US opinion: we the people are still as useless as we know we are, as demonstrated by the current wide spectrum member rooster of the successful Great Glorious American Color Revolution

      [2] we'll talk about the apparent exception later

      [3] and genocide it is, no maybe or let's-see about it

      [4] who is (intentionally) blocking peaceful action? The PA-PLO, that's who --the Zionist aboriginal police. Nobody else.

    • Bandolero,

      The real and most criminal blunder was Oslo and bringing any kind of Palestinian administration under the control and dominance of the Zionists and the US. I suppose that the Judges of the Underworld gave double the highest penalty ever inflicted to the Palestinian leadership who signed that accord.

      One cannot be a second too soon in trashing the current Quislings and getting either out or underground or whatever a real resistance leadership decides to do.

      The only pressure that may ever make the Zionists and their full accomplice the US feel a need to compromise, ever, is effective, physical pressure from outside that control. Why do you think Oslo happened? Because of physical resistance.

      Where the hell did you ever see "immense international pressure ... including from the EU states and from liberal US zionists"? That last phrase borders on insanity. Throw in the US Gov, while you're at it! Belongs to the Santa Claus category. No such thing.

      I'm not saying don't try all legal means --there is no need for a puppet administration to do that. Anyway, even if there were no totally fictitious "State of Palestine", there was already some degree of representation and some sponsors for that.

      Now that the Quislings have the Grand Seal of the State of Palestine, given to them by the Zionist entity, do they use it for what you suggested? The answer is not very uplifting.

  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it's never a scandal
    • Stan,

      Welcome to the US, and to the greater of its two religions --the Democrat one. That's how we here adjudicate questions --by the belief of moronic juries or the unquestioned authority of discredited US Pravdas and Izvestias, not by the rules of scientific evidence.

      But then, over here nobody really gets irked by that kind of an intro, which is just formal, propitiating the Democrat faithful --a token of belonging to the same church, without which you don't get published. As long as the ritual Russophobia is used as an intro for calling attention to the infinitely more significant Zionist dominance, one hopes that much of the author's orthodoxy will be pardoned, considering his intrepid heresy.

    • The Яussians Я Coming! Liberals said so and we must believe it!

  • Jewish groups battle over Trump's choice for Israel ambassador
  • Netanyahu comes to Trump meeting under pressure to kill Palestinian state
    • Kaisa,

      English and Finnish being practically the same language, you just call them on the pattern partitiivi > partitive, akkusatiivi > accusative... That said, when you try to teach someone by using words like illative-allative-ablative to explain what they are, good luck. And yes, the rules are quite nicely regular, so they are very easy to learn... except what to use them for. OK, I suppose we did stray away from Palestine quite a bit.

    • Kaisa,

      By all means, call (some of) these postpositions "cases" if needed to appease a certain type of linguist. Problem is, you'll have to learn what to call each type of case, genitive, allative, illative, ablative etc., and that's no joke. Anyway, thanks for a moment of relief.

    • RoHa,

      You're welcome to say that in my watering hole --provided you buy a couple extra rounds for your absolution.

      As for using postpositions or whatever you call it, vowel harmony only starts to explore the modulation. Then comes consonant adaptation (seems to be of two kinds, really) --this just for beginners.

    • Kaisa,

      Thanks for the pleasant reminder. I only worked a couple months in Joensuu, some 45 years ago, but I now read and got your text without kibitzing once. Only good memories; the girls full of song and humor, and the remaining people so friendly.

      Strictly speaking, the endings / postpositions of Finno-Ugric and Altaic languages are not counted as cases, even though many have the same function as declined cases.

  • 'We cannot divide the land': Israeli academic Yehouda Shenhav on bridging the gap between Israelis and Palestinians through Arabic literature
    • Talknic,

      Rid the world of Zionism and Israel will still exist unless removed by other means, willing or not.

      The other means don't include asserting the legitimacy of the Zionist partition. Logic says they start with rejecting it and working to destroy, not enforce it.

    • Hughes,

      Even more important, it is of the essence of Zionism to claim, as of absolute moral validity, special rights for people who are Jewish in the entirety, not just in part, of Palestine. People don’t compromise on sacred things until they really have to, and that hour has not come.

      I would edit that for my profane self as: brainless indoctrinated people don't give up their pet absurdity, period --even to save their lives. The hour may come in the form of US impotence and the consequent rise of Palestinian resistance and its possible allies but I would be extremely surprised if the Zionist sicarii didn't reenact Massada v2, ad majorem Dei gloriam.

    • Talknic

      Israel, the state exists whether we agree with its existence, how or why it came about.

      So what? Empty words. The same can be said of a rattlesnake. Has to made unexist by those who agree to that --once they gather force past a critical mass.

    • The Reich said the same thing in the 40s. The main thing is to keep trying and avoid listening to vicious, defeatist nonsense like yours. It's essential to remind all of the necessary goals, even at the start.

      How else do you think resistance is organized? By thanking your murderer as benefactor and pulling down your pants?

      Next time don't get out of the house if you don't have it all guaranteed.

    • Sure it can: never heard of fairy tales?

    • Inhumane? Come on, make me cry.

      They are totally illegally there. They have two three citizenships each, or the right thereto. The rare ones who don't (wonder if any) have automatically guaranteed acceptance to the US. They are rich, or they have guaranteed US and Jewish subsidies. They are genocidal for up to 90% or so.

      Also, if they agree to let the Palestinians (not the Zionist puppets) decide in a real plebiscite, those could well decide to give citizenship to some of the ex-Meistervolk; you never know.

      Compare to the owners of the country.

    • Translation of literature is needed, said Shenhav, because the number of Jewish-Israelis who speak Arabic, outside of the security services, is approximately “zero.”

      If this is true, it looks like even in nationalism we in the US are more moderate than the naZionists. We have occasional speakers of tortured Spanish, beside the torturers of course.

      But it's not entirely true, of course. With a sizable proportion of their population being Jewish Arabs, the Zionists are bound to understand and speak Arabic at a much higher level.

    • This is the paradox, that the Meretz voters denied that this was an Arab village, and Baruch Marzel acknowledged [it]. So you know that something is crooked here. You know that something is upside down here. You know that something is not right here.

      All right, to say it yet another way again, you know that Meretz voters aka liberal Zios are a little more genocidal than you guys are. They want to have their genocide complete: destroy any trace of the owners of the country. And keep talking all the while about talks on the subject of talks.

      Proud murderers of the Genghis Khan school are too stupid to care about public opinion, while the Meretzes and Beinarts want to appear like normal humans and keep their ovens smokeless. They are concerned with the loss of traction of your daddy, American imperialism.

    • edit: the UN Charter, not US Charter

    • Israel’s borders were proclaimed

      by the invading pirates and murderers themselves. Big, fat, hairy deal.

      So who cares? It's totally worthless.

      and subsequently recognized

      by states who had signed the US Charter and had no right at all to "recognize" such theft.

      Big deal again. It's totally worthless.
      We know you personally "recognize" it, too. Looks like some of Palestine is yours, too, to give away to pirates.

    • We cannot divide the land

      No need to divide: get the hell out, back to wherever you came from. No need for any literature or even talks to do that. Occasional Zionists without a second passport have been guaranteed US residency.

      No need to invoke any bullshit about partition, 48 borders or anything you got from colonials, who don't have any right to give away any part of Palestine.

  • Israeli govt and its supporters admit the fight to defeat BDS has failed
  • 'The way they arrested him was savage': Israeli forces violently detain 14-year-old disabled Palestinian boy
  • 'We go to heaven, you go to hell': Israeli settlers caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron
    • Abu Bakr,

      Just in case your cryptic signs intend to indicate me and Mooser: if you had any sense you'd know perfectly well :

      - that the Zionist billions are already there and at the orders of, nay directly a part of the Zionist entity; they aren't billions of "Jews" though and neither billions of humans but moocho billions of greenbacks. The billions provided by the international banditism of the US of A;

      - that your murder-and-theft operation doesn't need any "Jews" anyway but enough American boobies voting and swallowing and paying: it already has 300 million of them;

      - that the al Qa'ida-like riffraff going from here to have orgasms while shooting and torturing Palestinians may number in the high thousands but they don't count: they would be the same if you sent Xians or Buddhists with uncut weenies or any other mercenaries;

      - that it's not about any wish for war on Mooser's part: if you stoopid invaders weren't so eager for war you wouldn't be out in tinpot crusader kingdoms. You'd be out of there already and back in the Bronx or Vladivostok or wherever.

    • and Google shows a lot of instances of the same by the same Mooser in the same MW. OK.

    • Was that it, Mooser?

      The correct figure is currently 300 million (Goys) or whatever the head count of the chief Zioguided superpower. The exact head count is, as you well know, irrelevant except as a source of the correct dollar count.

      No need for any additional Jews there. For a very long time now, the tribe has had a policy of using foreign manpower except for select jobs.

    • Mooser,

      I feel terribly ashamed to have to come out and confess that I don't get your "billions" joke. I'm not used to totally missing the point, especially if the same thing is on a continuous loop, but the penny hasn't dropped yet in all these months. I thought that it could be a reference to the fact that Zionism is, to all practical purposes, the 300 M-strong US but then the numbers don't check.

      So I have to offer my abject apologies and ask for an explanation for slow learners. Thank you.

  • Welcome to the resistance
    • We have always resisted. Resisted the lies of the two-party electoral game. Resisted police beatings and murders. Resisted environmental degradation and the evils of corporate polluters. Resisted male violence and transphobia...

      and so on and so forth.

      Only, we haven't seen these people, at least their overwhelming majority, resisting in any way or wise the warmaking, the crimes against humanity, the theft of public assets, the outright common, extrajudicial murder one, to only list a couple of the most egregious acts in the last 16 years. Instead of resisting "the lies of the two-party electoral game", we've seen them vote for the party directly managing American imperialism and war of aggression worldwide. More to the point here, we haven't even seen them resisting the full American support to the Zionist invasion and wars.

      All one can see is, with individual exceptions, people mobilized by the Democratic party and their new Neocon recruits for a "color revolution" to overthrow an outsider who won by making noises against war, so the owners of the country can continue their war of aggression.

      The few exceptions who genuinely resisted until now are only discrediting themselves, perhaps forever, by allying themselves with warmongers.

  • New Israel Fund response to Ben Gurion harassment reinforces very system it claims to oppose
    • John 66,

      No one said circumcision is not "a recognized and valid procedure in the US, Canada, etc." as long as it is performed on fully informed, consenting patients legally able to consent for themselves (as with any mutilation subject to preference) because the stone-age procedure provides no immediate and clearly major health advantage to the subject. The subject is not his daddy, as Mooser was able to tell without being an MD like you say yo do.

      The "major medical associations" of North America that you quote have just as much respect for international medical ethics consensus as the US government has for international law, i.e. they screw it openly and criminally for the financial interest of some of their members like your good self and for dirty imperialist politics, period. We're talking about a country where the Psychiatric Association condones and helps torture, for f**'s sake --so a little Zionist pandering is not a problem and keeps the fees coming.

      Please spare me more Zionist pleading on Zionist murder, mayhem and mutilation "ethics".
      Beyond ludicrous.

    • John 66,

      Thank you for a (this time) relatively passable (albeit still very biased) summary of the overwhelming Zionist political influence in medical decisions, bypassing all serious international laws and conventions.

      I'll trouble you with a reminder that parental consent is ethically admissible without an additional informed consent by the child subject only when the benefit to health, quality of life and/or survival is clear and substantial. Cherry-picking three strongly biased and rather inadequately controlled studies (that don't even deserve the title of trials) that apply only to adults or, on the outside, to adolescents (and ignoring contradicting results), even if this was done by politically constituted professional associations, will not fly.

      "Families' decisions" in any medical recommendation is pure bunkum. That openly says it is a political question: in international medical ethics consensus, parents and guardians only can decide if a clear, unopposed and substantial health advantage is accrued.

      Also, a post to you questioning your personal political and material interest in this matter was censored. We may get back to that in due time.

    • Of course, John S. It is fully criminal to damage the bodily integrity of any human being without fully and reliably informed consent, which children are not supposed to be able to give.
      It is a particularly heinous crime to practice any mutilation on infants but surely applies to all humans of any sex, age or nationality.

      All laws, international conventions and regulations are crystal clear on this point. The only reason our cowardly, murderous politicians continue to ignore the law is blackmail and threats by the religious bigots, both Jewish and Moslem, who want the freedom to maim and mutilate children.

      Now, I don't see you guys, ie Zionists and religious Jews, trying to even be logical. Where is the "antisemitism", again? This applies to all humans, male or female, young or old, Jewish or Eskimo or Siberian.

      Of course, you being a major criminal, in fact an active participant in divers war crimes, just a little matter of mutilation would not seem so serious to you. Especially considering that for Zionists, maiming, torturing or killing Ayrabs (and probably any other non-tribal) is not a crime, as just shown again by a Zionist tribunal.

    • John S,

      What you call “barbaric mutilation” is regarded by most Jews as an important ritual, a traditional sign of Jewish identity and a joyous occasion.

      Of course, John S. Of course the barbarians themselves see what they do as something meaningful, useful, etc. No one ever contested that. Barbarian and criminal the act remains.

      Doesn't the Zionist entity test the prospective brain-washers of its youth for elementary logic? Think of it, no Zionist would pass.

    • Maghla,

      The tribal religion is anything but guilt-free in the rise of Zionism, though.

    • Maghlawatan,

      That might be possible if you counted all the entirely secular people with only biologic connection, who don't consider themselves part the tribe, like me -even then, it may be a stretch. When we talk of "Jewish" we shouldn't use Nazi/Zionist principles to force, non-tribal, non-Zionist, normal people into the group.

      That said, you are free to build your castles in thin air and see positive developments here and there. It all doesn't amount to a hill of beans anyway: the total head count cannot in any case exceed 3% of the population --not worth wasting time when it's the general population one must do everything to recruit into stopping support for Zionism.

    • Maghlawatan,

      Is that why we are manning the Zionist entity with about half of the "settler" riffraff and something like more than 20,000 of its goddam soldiers?

      Do you really believe the bullshit of the pirate armed forces being totally distinct from US Jewry? Of course the US produces a very considerable number of eager murderers.

      Zionist is Zionist. In fact, their owners and real managers are over here.

    • Maghla,

      We seem to be moving in different circles. I meet a lot of tribals, including often in circles close to the so-called "left".

    • Maghlawatan,

      As already said, you're misinformed on America. Especially on its Zionists.

    • Maghlawatan,

      You really have no idea about the US. The most obscurantist, murderous, all-pervasive Zionist indoctrination right from the cradle is given here in the US, in the tribal reservations. Graduates in the delta-epsilon classes go to man the Zionist occupation as cannon fodder, the intermediate tiers stay here in the 5th column and the smart ones just cut themselves off.

    • Sibiriak,

      No, I don't support any of that being fed by Zionist money! That's the main mechanism by which organizations supposed to help against Zionist invasion and occupation are controlled by the enemy, the other one being their operating without clandestinity under the occupation.

      We even know the huge damage inflicted by Zionist money and tribalist infiltration in the support organizations abroad.

      This is a Zionist organization, a "liberal" one, i.e. intending to put enough lipstick on the sam stinking pig --enough to give a good pretext to Western governments for continuing to support invasion and theft.

      As for "delegitimation", that means asserting the stark fact that Zionist invaders have no right to be anywhere in Palestine. Not trying to justify Zionist presence in Palestine, which is what these groups do. They are often very valuable to people caught in the daily struggle, but humanitarian organizations can just as well be financed by the Pope or the Communist Internationale or the Martian Confederation. Financing by the enemy means something precise.

    • Sibiriak,

      In summary, the Zionists currently in power, ie the "bad cops" who talk a lot about what they will do, don't like the NIF.

      The Zionists who have been in charge of the invasion, the Nakba, the first 4 wars of aggression, etc. and continue to make plans to keep all Palestine by pretending to continue talking do like the NIF.

      Where the hell is the difference, please?

    • I wish people would finally stop using nonsense words like "religion-supremacist" about Zionism and the Zionist entity.

      At no time since the start of Zionism has there ever been a religious condition or test; the founders and leaders themselves were not religious until recently. Zionism and its system are very clearly non-religious, as their definition of "Jewish" is exclusively tied to accident of birth.

      Religion is not a characteristic at birth; it is a belief system, hence acquired. The supremacist system of Zionism is entirely based on being born "Jewish", no matter one's effective religion, so it is entirely racial according to the categories used among the laypeople: race, here, does not have to correspond to an objective concept (which would be impossible to establish scientifically.) The Zionist entity is a strictly racial supremacist dictatorship.

      Some minor theocratic features, like the absence of civil marriage, are there only to be able to use the old Ottoman "millet"-based legislation to more effectively exclude and disempower the Goys. The occasional accepted conversions that add up to a negligible number are useful for propaganda. The ban on persons racially defined "Jewish" converting *officially* is also to maintain the Millet system. There is no religious supremacy.

      Continuing the stubborn use of the adjective "religious-supremacist" is no help to the enemies of Zionism.

    • Nah, John S is so nice he's honest. He writes God's own truth as he sees it and expects all to see it, too. Our cynical refusal to acknowledge the Ziofacts makes him sick.
      Conclusion: continue making him sick.

    • This raises another question: what passport was this person using for her illegal entry to Palestine?

      If even some of the committed Zionists who professionally work to solidify and perfect the invasion and occupation of Palestine, like Gorovitz, don't take up Israelian citizenship, this would mean that, deep down, they don't really believe that the Zionist entity is the best thing that happened to mankind since sliced bread. They know that belonging to the Zionist entity is fraught with major problems.

      If she was traveling as an Israelian citizen, though, all this is non-news; it falls under internal affairs.

    • Exactly. Typical Zionist-on-Zionist bellyaching. They can't just shut the hell up and stay out of other people's land.

    • Wow, so now we are surprised that Zionists are goddam Zionists?

      These NIF people are Zionists, as their shingle indicates. They dedicate their life (at least, for official cadre like Ms Gorovitz, their working hours) to ensuring that Palestine remains, in part or in whole, firmly in the hands of the invaders --no matter if according to the current government or to another faction. How else is the Zionist pirate entity to "remain Jewish" --"and", don't laugh, "democratic".

      They are traveling to occupied Palestine as part of an effort that includes preventing the Goys and especially the owners of the whole damn place from entering! And we expect them to condemn the treatment inflicted on non-Zionists?

      Some logic.

  • Israel's efforts to erase Palestinian history reflect 'incremental genocide,' Ehrenreich says
    • Asher Pat

      the faux-nation that can’t even properly pronounce the original name of their land

      Yeah, like the "nation" of completely disparate "nationals" of a religion they don't even believe, who had to invent an unnecessary language because not one of them could twist their Slavic, Turkic, Arab or Martian mouths to reproduce dead language Hebrew?

      Are you, like, typical of Zionist education products? Fact is, your thinking ability is practically the same as that of Narr, Hoppmi, Mayhem, Catalan, Fredman, etc. Shooting at own stinky foot.

    • Diaspora,

      It's not the term genocide that diverts attention away from the problem but Zionist propaganda and its effects on most participants to discussions. If not this term, any other pretext will be used to throw any discussion off its rails.

      There is no difference due how fast an entire people is exterminated and all traces of its culture and presence buried and forgotten. Speed is very variable as we all know and it can all be done very quickly --in an unfavorable international conjuncture.

      It seems way more important to acquaint the listeners with the significance of all the activity that constitutes a genocide alongside wholesale murder, like erasing the culture and all signs of the presence of the owners of the land by the force of arms and of propaganda; to make clear to all that there is a major international convention that defines genocide, not some romantic Hollywood concept; finally to prove that the US, nobody else, is the major obstacle to applying the convention. A little insistence may solidify the term in public opinion.

    • Elizabeth,

      The genocide operation was prepared with the British-sponsored Zionist pirate invasion. It became a serious operation before and during the crime of partition, it's gathered speed since the 1967 aggression and it's continuing uninterrupted, with episodic turkey shoots and substantial mass murders --mass expulsion being almost impossible now that the NaZionists have all the land.

      It may be like, past time to wake up and realize what is going on for that House Demolition volunteer. Otherwise we'll be saying "too bad" after the ovens have turned cold --or whatever their local equivalent turns out to be. She should read the Convention.

    • Well, the term is better than trademarked or copyrighted; at any rate its history of use has made it so without registration. I wouldn't be surprised a bit if it was also registered with the patent office but that would be entirely unnecessary. Just as Aspirin has become aspirin by dint of massive use and replaced its generic name, "holocaust" has become "Holocaust(TM)", guaranteeing a direct connection to the Holocaust Industry (look it up.)

      As you well know, language being a social consrtuct dependent on consensus, the only solution that avoids a definitely established connotation is to avoid the discredited term. We have perfectly functional terms in English to describe the phenomenon even better. Like "genocide".

    • Chuckman,

      All you have to do is to read the definition in the International Convention against genocide
      ( before you embarrass yourself. It was written by Lemkin himself (look him up), the guy who coined the word.

      The purpose was, theoretically, not to wait until the last victim is burned or otherwise disappeared and then say "ooh, too bad!" The convention was drafted for the purpose of intervening in time.

      Of course, no state party is intervening except as a good pretext to commit aggression. Somebody must have forgotten to send the memo saying that the veto-power-wielding powers will only do so to justify their wars of aggression, and that victims who happen to inhabit land wanted by our allies (like, say, Palestinians or Armenians or younameit) don't count as human.

      In fact, the colonial powers and the perps themselves use the same exact argument as you do to discredit news of genocide being committed.

  • To oppose Trump, Jews must join the fight against fascism and Zionism
    • Of course Palestine is in greater Syria, and you guys don't belong in it. Nohow. Personal papers please, as of 1897, or get lost.

    • A necessary edit:

      "Let's see now, according to the above statement, the primary objective, or supreme good, is "opposing Trump". Joining "the fight against fascism and Zionism" is seen as just a way to achieve opposition to Trump, not something desirable by itself

      Sorry for the omission.

    • Sorry, turn it in my head as much as I can it still doesn't make sense:

      To oppose Trump, Jews must join the fight against fascism and Zionism

      Let's see now, according to the above statement, the primary objective, or supreme good, is "opposing Trump". Joining "the fight against fascism and Zionism".

      Oooh right!

      And this is specifically for "Jews"; if it is the same for any other grouping is left unanswered, while the way it comes up in a title for an article specifically dedicated to "Jews" suggests that the problem is not universal but peculiarly "Jewish", too.

      That much for the logic. As for the facts, reading the article just shows that it all was an assemblage of words to push the rise of "antisemitism" where there is no such thing.

      Seeing the number of similarly drifted articles, at times I have to ask myself if Mondoweiss' "war of ideas in the Middle East" is now more a war of Dems and "Liberals" against Trump & Deplorables, in the US of A? I mean, no matter the opinions and acts regarding Palestinian resistance to Zionism?

  • Celebrating Tu B’shvat, the 'new year for trees,' as ethnic cleansing continues
    • Who gives a toss about your obscurantist Zio nonsense?

      In the old civilized world, cutting an olive tree was among the very, very few crimes punishable by death. Count the millions of olive trees killed by your barbarian invader horde and tell me who among the pirates should be executed.

  • Rand Paul warns neocons will 'scurry in' with Abrams, and Kristol says that's anti-Semitic
    • RoHa,

      Wonder what Reich and Co. would have done of the hysterical color revolution Liberal crowd in their millions, in wool caps or not, baying for the blood of the outsider and the reinstatement of the anointed Dynasty. Also, do the millions of bucks spent for putsch propaganda count as a (psycho)pathogenetic mechanism?

    • Keith,

      The news I linked to were not offered as the Gospel truth. It is a reactionary site, as described. Of course to them "democracy" means invasion and mass murder and enslavement. It was quoted as an item to substantiate the rumor that Democrats are supporting Abrams (and it stands to reason.)

    • Traintosiberia,

      The reason for the differential policy is obvious. The Zionist entity is a Sparta trying to pass itself off as Athens: the policy is in fact the same so-called "citizen democracy" that of course excludes slaves; slavery (to say nothing of periodic massacres of the downtrodden) remains unquestioned by all. We in the US need some more decorum, so we need a pretext to pretend that a press blackout makes us unable to use our ears and eyes.

      That difference between the Zionist entity and the US in the limits of allowed speech is just one more piece of evidence that Zionism is not directed from occupied Palestine but from New York and its dependencies. This blanket policy of different speech limits is enforced with almost no exceptions, so there is no ground for any explanations but that of a centralized, hugely powerful administration by the common owners of both the US and the Zionist entity.

      Probably we won't have to wait any longer for the US being blamed for all the ills of Zionism: that has already been around for a while.

  • British uproar at Trump policies doesn’t extend to Netanyahu, yet
    • Interesting how the barking media totally disregard giving credit where credit is due: Wise Leader Deporter-in-Chief Obama's wall is now called Trump's wall after its continuator. Legal or illegal, moronic or brilliant according to who has been starting or continuing it.

  • Why Trump is even thinking about naming pro-Israel apparatchik who opposed him to high position
    • "They" have to stand apart to create grounds to claim antisemitism so that somebody can bellyache endlessly about being a Nation.

    • Tell you the truth, RoHa, I was even more puzzled by the "except in Israel".
      So in "Israel" they don't stand apart from the 20% or so unclean Goys? Not at all?
      Curiouser and curiouser.

  • Legalizing the theft of Palestinian land has been Israeli policy since Day 1
    • Maghlawatan,

      Who but Zionists care about opposition to "settlers" only?

      The Mesitervolk anywhere in Palestine all are settlers and illegal invaders, no matter the ridiculous mental gymnastics of various factions, including deluded "sympathizers" of an amputated Palestinian resistance. Only Zionists and various supporters believe there is a difference between Zionists that support post-1967 invasion versus pre-1967.

      Time to stop that starry-eyed triumphalism. Those who, even though they are not practicing the religion, continue to call themselves "Jewish" in the US are Zionists in their overwhelming majority (and many among the remainder are non-Zionist Jewish nationalists.) Repeated, triumphalist announcements of "dissidence" in Jewish ranks in the US is mainly based on the Democrat-Republican spat: no news there.

    • Ossinev,

      these Ziofreaks simply don`t realise that they are re-making themselves in the image of the Nazis.

      "Are re-making"? They were there before the Nazis, developed the twin ideology to it way before Nazism was ready, and they sure are potentially nastier because they have neither Blut not Boden. Why so many people still consider Zionism substantially different than the Nazis beats me.

  • Land Grab: Israeli Knesset passes law legalizing expropriation of privately-owned Palestinian land
  • The centrist US political system will defeat Trump
    • Color isn't so relevant, perhaps the shape should be the major worry now, after the last big march? The shape should be easy to guess from the latter.

  • Israeli supermarket chain glorifies army killer on grocery bag
    • You read approximately right, only that they do that with the full cooperation of the US Pharma eye-gougers and their smooth-talking abject slave the FDA. Evil tongues have even tried to suggest that the US Gov is even more lenient with Zionist pharma than the US-headquartered multinationals. The EMA, new oversuperbureaucracy in Europe, is about as independent from the US as the Ramstein base.

  • Israel has had a 'Muslim ban' from the start
    • There is a need...

      Yeah, the usual language barrier. Don't you just love how their personal needs and urges become everyone's problem? Betcha he used to say "there is a need to go to the bathroom".

  • Jewless Holocaust. Israel first.
    • I love that thing about acquiring hooks for selective tribal attachment. Seriously now, it's one more case of attribution by theologians of improbable intentions to the 70 translators, on the strength of nothing: in choosing terms, a good translator does often rely on alliteration and association in the target language --not in the source language. Θυσία is, as you well know, a general term for sacrifice, while the Levitic text seems to prescribe specifically instructions for a burnt offering, so καυστόν / 'ολόκαυστον is the perfectly appropriate word anyway, olah or no olah. It will remind the reader of the burnt offering that lured Poseidon away all the way to Ethiopia in Odyssey I, a much more appropriate/probable association for the Greek-speaking reader who was the target of the translation.

      Be that as it may, we have one more absurdity in "Wiesel’s dark theology", which is similarly inverted: suggesting that "God’s mighty favour to the people after the sacrifice" would go to the sacrificed. The point in organizing a sacrifice is that the gods are supposed to favor the sacrificer in a holocaust, not the sacrificed meat, the other way 'round. "Dark" I wouldn't know, but twisted and inverted for sure.

    • Antidote,

      Thanks for the excellent reminder on the merging of Stone-age theocracy with Romantic nationalism. That's of course what makes the cocktail more murderous than its single parts. None more officially murderous than Zionism, of course.

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