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  • The Jewish revolution
    • Jeff,

      Shabbtai Zvi was trivial in comparison to Israel. If Israel fails there won’t be a Jewish community or meaningful size. We’ll join Odin worshippers, the cult of ISIS or Cybele cults as dead religions

      Sabetai Zevi is not part of your culture, so forget it.
      As for joining the abovementioned, any of them would be a vast improvement over being a Zionist criminal. As long as it's about the cult of Isis, Osiris and Horus, of course.

  • 'Jerusalem' on Gaza TV set is as close as many Palestinians will get to real thing
    • PS: "Eretz Yisrael" my a$$. It's Palestine, period.

    • When writing in English, translate whatever is not a set borrowing already in standard use in English. Avoids fetishism

    • RoHa, why do you think the French phrase got in?

    • While "Catalan", unlike others, imagines, not unconsciously, that he is fooling everybody.

    • Maghlawatan,

      Most posters are not Biblical or Modern Hebrew or Arabic speakers. Peppering your posts with abundant Arabic and Hebrew is nice for couleur locale but a lot gets lost in the reading.

  • J Street attends rightwing anti-BDS summit-- and gets called 'anti-Semitic'
    • Hughes,

      The Americanization of the UK is not just an empty phrase --confirmed yet again.

    • Hughes,

      I simply love the way you have treated "anti-semitism" in its anti-religious manifestation, i.e. when it is the equivalent of opposition (to use a neutral term) to the specific religion.

      If "antisemitism" were that, it would exclude all the non-religious.

      It would also be directed at some individuals for their adherence to a given religious belief or to rituals.

      I simply cannot see anything objectionable in that. Belief systems (to again use a neutral term) are open to criticism. Of which we need more of, in my humble opinion that you obviously don't share. Let's not confuse that with some kind of racism.

  • Palestinian-American teacher brutally attacked by Jewish Defense League outside AIPAC conference
    • Annie,

      "Old scabs"? There is an ongoing or completed takeover by Dims and establishment Pukes and the whole police state alphabet soup to force a war on Russia and a lot of other places. Even if it were not so, allying oneself with any Dim or Puke warmongers completely cancels any point one's trying to make. Of course the Donald never meant to do anything serious in the way of moderating the war push and of course some of the racists under the Democrat dictatorship are piping down now because otherly politicized racists are feeling triumphant and talking more. So what --where's the difference?

      Besides, Kay is a notorious Dim propagandist, so saying "ignoring someone’s point/argument" does not apply in the least.

    • Annie,

      "...all this can be acknowledged without a sentimental alignment with the democratic party’s “color-revolution” propaganda"...
      is both specious and wishful thinking. Joining warmongers and racists of the exact same caliber as those one is attacking (at worst), only much more powerful and dangerous, and holding the racist and warmonger faction that one joined immune to attack is not likely to inspire confidence.

    • Kay and Marnie,

      The post very definitely starts with "This is what Trump has unleashed. Deplorables and terrorists who have taken his racism as a green light, to openly terrorize and resort to violence." Then enters JDL action, with nary a word about the creators, accessories and direct actors of Zionist violence for all these years. Do a better job of writing and reading: not all people wear your color-revolution glasses.

    • RoHa,

      A little update on these here States is in order.
      Evidence is out of fashion, replaced by the word of the Democrat party. The same one that has been waging war against the Palestinian people all these years.

  • The rabbi's daughter isn't buying AIPAC's defense of Israel on apartheid charge
    • Stupid? Hard to think of anything more stupid than what you just wrote.

      Half of the people under the authority of the interloper state calling itself "Israel" cannot vote at national elections. Among those who can vote, the overwhelming majority are illegal intruders with no right to be there. A lot of them horrible Americans like yourself.

  • The martyr’s daughter: a review of 'Where Can I Find Someone Like You, Ali?'
    • Theo,

      What is "piss-poor", to use your words, is your attempt at pretending that this is about English. Not. It's obviously about the fact that it is up to the occupied and invaded populations to determine what to do to resist. It's not up to you, me, or one of the Zionist weasels.
      I won't insult your intelligence by believing that you mean that nonsense about a language lesson.

    • Theo,

      "Any" in English, means just any.
      It's not up to anybody, any, to second-guess what or who invaded and occupied Palestinians should target.

  • 'Negation of the diaspora' as Zionist antisemitism: The JCC bomb threats came from an Israeli Jew
  • 'US is overwhelmingly partial to Israel,' Pelosi admits at AIPAC
    • Hughes,

      This is not about natural affinities but about ownership of all Palestine. Natural affinities in that ex-colonial area exist, of course, among the common people. They are not limited, though, to Arabic-language peoples and they definitely exclude their ridiculous despots, in power by the grace of the British-American Crown. Saudi and UAE have been founded as such puppets, not "turned against" Palestinians recently.

    • "Their own", Kay? Since when are the Saudi and UAE Palestinian?

  • Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community
    • Hophmi,

      If we want to throw the Jews into the sea and establish a theocratic dictatorship like Iran or Saudi Arabia, that’s our business.

      Of course what any people does on its own territory is its own business. Thank you for finally understanding that. Expelling invaders is any colonized people's basic right. Might seem a bit radical to some, but fully within the rights of the owners of the place. No one ever proposed ejecting the descendants of Jewish Palestinians. Also, why "into the sea"? Never heard about planes?

    • Who decides what is acceptable? You.

      You may decide to follow those Palestinian traitors who are collaborating with the invader and policing the population on behalf of the US and the Zionist entity.

      You may decide to follow Palestinians who, like for example the official BDS outfit, operate openly under the control of the Zionists and their collaborationists, subject to all kinds of restrictions to their program and their freedom --see the Barghouti arrest. Or then, you may decide to throw in your lot with any of the remaining organizations, clandestine or exiled, that are operating outside Zionist and US control. A wide range of choice.

      Essentially, though, it all boils down to one question common to all:

      Given that invader presence in Palestine has not been authorized by the Palestinian people according to its right to self-determination, who is to authorize it,
      or is that a quaint and Donquichottesque question irrelevant to Western "supporters", given that we here have decided for the Palestinians that the invaders have somehow earned the right to remain?

    • It's a 3-word explanation: Invaded by aliens.

    • Seventy.

    • Lyn,

      How about "Palestine"?

      Why would people who recognize a legitimacy to colonialist conquest and its fancy nationalist renaming support the resistance?

  • Reading Maimonides in Gaza
    • Well, Iznogoud, you sure present religion in a new, logical and engaging light.

    • And the cherry for the most absurd, illogical and wannabe clever nonsense goes to:

      "So it is not accurate, to say the least, to deny an ethnic component to being Jewish. But it is not a racial or metaphysical component."

      So it is "ethnic" but not tied to birth? No, it ain't. It's tied to birth and non-racial at the same time which opens a new category suddenly labelled "ethnic", whatever ethnos means for the empty-word factory. Oh, and of course it is not religious: no metaphysics allowed here either. It's not racial and it's not religious so it's Jewish. Just gotta love that.

      All the rest seems to be of course the idle counting of angels dancing on the tip of the usual needle problem with that kind of empty stuff but please don't try to assume all your readers are stupid.

  • Regarding the anti-Semitic, anti-Black, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim posters on UIC’s campus
    • Define "antisemitism". It's meaningless. If it is not plain racism, i.e. discrimination against people as a group because of some perceived or real "Jewish" origin by birth, then it is kosher and there is no problem with it.

  • The explosion hidden inside the UN Apartheid report
    • Well, the United Nations has done many a stupid and murderous thing --including the illegal partitioning of Palestine.

      In this case, too, we see an elephantesque dose of bullshit. Calling "religious bigotry" the exercise of the most basic right to criticize superstition is the worst tyranny.

      Racism, once more, only refers to characteristics acquired by birth. Superstition and obscurantism are not an accident of birth. They require a conscious decision to believe or pretend to believe. There is no civilization without the right to criticize any acquired traits.

      Also, calling "religious bigotry" the Zionist abomination, which is pure racism and racial supremacism, is the height of absurdity.

  • UNC SJP responds to ongoing debate over cancellation of Rania Khalek event
    • Jones,

      "Left" is totally meaningless nowadays. It may include, say, the Zionist genocidaires, Franco-British colonials and US Imperialists. Self-appointed Leftists seem to be doing a much better job of salvaging monopoly capitalism than the self-dubbed Right.

    • Jones,

      Not interested in what characterization they agree with, or their internal dissensions. I'd just be happy with at least one of them clearly and consistently opposing the US imperialist line and international aggression. Instead, we get what we used to get all those years back: a lot of intricate and inconsistent argument and, when it comes to the yes/no answer, a final result that is in line with Uncle Sam's. No need to continue haggling here anyway, it's not so relevant to the Palestinian resistance.

    • 2003 invasion and Vietnam? Seriously? Why then did they appear on the other side? All in the eyes of the beholder?

    • Louis,

      Why is it that every ooh-so-Marxist position and reasoning by you guys, after having made a big fuss about values and principles and what not, always ends up supporting precisely the US + Zionist aggression? I have been trying to find one single exception in my limited lifetime, of Trotskyists effectively opposing the imperials and colonials. Couldn't recall a single instance. Help me find one.

  • Feel-good co-existence story on NPR fails to point out that one side lives under occupation
    • RoHa,

      Wrong. By a strange heavenly retribution, their weather reports have become very reliable these last years.

  • Head of UN agency resigns after refusing to retract report calling Israel an 'apartheid regime'
    • Talknic,

      “Israel” as of November 1947 is already a totally illegal … etc “
      Indeed. It never the less, now exists as you have apparently acknowledged

      For the umpteenth time, the existence of any number of illegitimate, murderous abominations must be acknowledged --how does that mean recognizing any legitimacy to it, like your ridiculous respect and defense of the colonialist-created "Israel" violating the UN Charter itself? Looks like you are selectively and repeatedly deaf to this question. The destruction of certain interloper states is perfectly acceptable, as is the destruction of any number of other horrible things.

      “Stop promoting this glaring violation of the UN Charter”
      Quote, verbatim my promotion thx. Otherwise, I believe the expression is STFU

      “Stop cheering for the illegal refusal of Palestinian self-determination”
      Quote, verbatim my cheering thx. Otherwise …. … …. .. !

      The majority of your entire production, which essentially consists in attacking only Zionist expansion over and outside the self-proclaimed, illegally UN colonialist-sanctioned initial 1948 "Israel" --never approved by a full and free Palestinian plebiscite. It may be hard to find a post of yours that does not defend the imagined legitimacy of this colonial conquest. My denouncing this as propaganda to justify Zionist invasion, however partial, is irritating you but it's accurate.

      The Palestinians have long ago expressed a willingness to forgo the right to all their territories for peace with Israel.

      For the umpteenth time, stop calling "The Palestinians" some of them, in this case some of them who are either working for/collaborating with the US/Zionist invader, or perhaps some well-meaning people. No one can know if they are more representative than the authors of the initial Resistance charter. The only way one can call "The Palestinians" in-the-abstract the authors of such a decision is a valid plebiscite of all Palestinians worldwide, including the Jewish Palestinians at the time Zionists declared hostile intent but excluding the interlopers. You're welcome to discuss who would be voting and how are totally free and fair conditions to be created, but you cannot feed us that BS on "The Palestinians" when speaking of Quislings.

      ... sense of compassion for all the innocent folk caught up in the Zionist Colonization

      That may have a place at religious functions or ecumenical meetings --not when discussing irrenounceable rights.

    • Talknic,

      Please stop your Zionist-lite propaganda already. "Israel" as of November 1947 is already a totally illegal, invaded and militarily cleansed (by colonial powers) part of Palestine. Stop promoting this glaring violation of the UN Charter --no matter if supported by no matter how many goverrnments. Stop cheering for the illegal refusal of Palestinian self-determination. "Proclaiming borders" is worth zilch when it happens on conquered/invaded territory and the owners have every right to cancel any invader presence.

    • Fact is, the Zionists are citizens of an interloper state and have no right to be in Palestine in the first place. Even the locally born Zionists without Palestinian ancestry cannot claim any rights as long as the basis for Palestinian citizenship has not been defined by the freely deciding Palestinian people. The only natural citizens of Palestine would be entirely justified, if they so wish, in establishing a citizenship excluding the invading pirates.

    • Good. That's free advertisement against US support to Zionism.

  • Victim's daughter responds to anti-Arab attack in Oregon: 'I don’t want this to be considered a hate crime'
    • Not to mention the little detail of the bitterly-fought-for circumcision honoraria, duly medicalized and made routine for most Goys in our post-war hospitals. I don't know how much they are billed today but every little bit and sliver helps.

    • Having read his output, I can say that the only way he would do minds --or any other nonsurgical illness is the Zionist way: entirely surgical!

  • Clinton says two-state-solution would have entailed 'a lot of blood, gore, turmoil in Israel'
    • Maghlawatan,

      The only way the Zionists, of any shade or hue, can "secure Israel" is the annihilation of the Palestinians on a par with the American Indians. Period. Occupied peoples don't easily accept injustice, and the injustice here consists in an alien invasion for the purposes of racial supremacy. No consultation with the owners.

      A lot of liberals here are under the illusion that a nice-sounding implementation of high-flying moral principles, like equality of invader and invaded, one-man-one-vote, liberty, fraternity and so on is automatically enough to eradicate the basic sense of justice.

      "Everything" has been " in danger" from Day 1. True, things are moving slower than usual given the array of forces but there doesn't seem to be any "deal" with the Zionists, no matter the pressure.

    • Rabin was one of the folks who gave us the Nakba, the major wars of aggression, the apartheid, etc., not to mention the Big Cover-up. Much more dangerous than the plain cavemen. The "human face" of the Labor genocidaires is the only thing that can be used as a pretext by the governments of Europe to continue aiding and abetting Zionism.
      Also look up personal butchery history by said Rabin --"so much better", eh?

  • 'We may no longer be permitted—nor permit ourselves—to enter Israel,' 172 scholars write
    • Well said. Add to that the "UN Mandate" is rather the violated and anyway illegal GA partition proposal area, and it is the Most Occupied Palestine.

  • Michael Walzer wonders if Israel 'will let me in'
    • Walzer told Krupkin the new law strengthens the BDS movement in two ways, by eliminating the distinction between those who support boycotts aimed at the settlements and supporters of boycotts aimed at Israel

      There you have it, from the horse's mouth. He should have added that the former is nothing but the sabotage of the latter.

      It would have added some precision to also observe that it's not the boycott movement but its Zionist enemy that is in fact being strengthened by such a confusion between these two operations, maintained by using the term BDS for both.

  • Steve Bannon's Judeo-Christian 'Camp of the Saints'
    • Instead of any "antisemitism", it sounds more like vaguely Germanic-language-speaking White racial supremacists who express admiration, and envy, for the ruthless selectivity of Germanic-language-speaking White Ashkenazi-Jewish racial supremacists. The latter are just a subset of the preferred race of the former. It seems to be definitely different from the pre-war Anglo racism that used to be directed at all others, including all Europeans and any Jews.

  • Some Jews support BDS 'from a place of love' for Israel, says AJC official
    • Just a quick note, Chocopie: the Censor here seems to object when the Zionist education that produces such idiotic minds is called in question, so we won't be able to discuss it. Heshe might of course indicate what exactly is objectionable in that so that one might correct the message to hisher taste but it doesn't seem probable.

    • Seffi Kogen says that some Jews he knows support BDS out of love for Israel

      He's absolutely right, and that is the only explanation for some official BDS groups to have interfered with their bylaws, limiting the scope to post-67 occupation only, the reason for boycott campaigns to start castrated, limited to post-67 occupation area only, the reason for the Zionist presence and influence in the leadership of a movement supposedly in solidarity with Palestinian resistance.

    • Bingo, Mr Fredman. The penny dropped again. Stop using inappropriate descriptions so we may understand though: the Palestinians, as owners of the whole territory, have every right (and more) to order the Zionist interlopers out of their illegal presence in Palestine.
      That's the essential fact that smarter Zionists are so dead set on hiding.

  • See 'The Settlers,' an important documentary about the destruction of the two-state solution
    • Talknic, your daily repeated mantra that there are clearly delimited areas within Palestine, viz a pre-48 (and/or a pre-67) "legitimate Israel" state and a post-67-occupied non-Israel" area is still a figment of collective imagination created by gallons of ink and speakers'-years of empty talk.

      The only reality is that of one Palestine, entirely under the military control of the Zionist entity, unconditionally supported by the US and Europe with unlimited money, diplomatic commitment, armaments and hundreds of thousands of troops.

    • Ros Ross,

      You already said that but offered no evidence or reasoning to support your assertion.
      Germany in 1941 or Turkey in 1915 were settled with little or no geographical/physical boundaries --the Meistervolk and the designated victims were much more intimately enmeshed with each other, much less differentiated or marked than in today's Palestine. There were no "fanatical settlers" there (as if the "fanatical settlers" were the only problem in Palestine instead of the general Zionist population.) Look what happened anyway.

      As for Gaza, even asking your question is absurd. As if you had no idea of the periodic demonstrations by the Zionists of how exactly they do it under our very eyes. And they got away with it without any major problem. Heck, we are even paying them more for it.

  • Israeli lawmakers advance bill to ban Muslim call to prayer
    • What does the US medical establishment not know that all their foreign peer establishments do know?

      That medical care is not a commodity offered for sale to the richest patients, the most corrupt corporations, or the most criminal religious/political lobbies.

  • FIFA slammed by human rights defenders for failure to expel Israeli football clubs based in illegal settlements
    • Bingo, Harry Law. Norman Finkelstein has said it best.
      That's why I always try not to use the phrase "The Palestinians" when speaking of any non-clandestine organization operating in Palestine, all collaborationists --the PA (willy) or others including sports bodies (nilly.)
      They and the Zionist must perforce evoke an image of conflict among themselves and exchange harsh words, under penalty of totally losing the audience. But expecting any of these organizations to seriously perform an act of "helping oneself" qua Palestinians would be absurd.

    • Harry,

      You can't be serious: the Palestinian association, as any Palestinian organization in occupied Palestine, is operating under military occupation. I suppose it is just as free to act as, say, a French or Dutch or etc. football association who would have requested the expulsion of the German football authority around 1943.

  • Hate crimes in America: either a trap or an opportunity for Palestine advocates
    • I'll believe these are bona fide "hate crimes" when I see a pig flying by my window.

      Also, one still has to see any evidence at all that the " forces that have ascended to the White House" are "anti-Semitic"*. There is a White supremacist fraction among their supporters and voters, for whom Jewish (=Zionist, as there are no other examples visible) means a part of their favored master race, who are admired for their audacity to enforce their racial theories in all impunity.

      * Defined as racism, i.e. prejudice against a group based on real or supposed characteristics by birth.

  • Mr Friedman, where do you stand on demolition of Palestinian village and school alongside Israeli settlement?
    • "Where do you stand on...?"
      Is that a question, really? Everybody knows where he stands on. No need to ask.

      The exact same spot as any and all US governments, all its ambassadors, the thousands of murderer troops we provide in the form of Americans allowed and encouraged to "aliyah"... Not to mention the millions of voters for either of our government parties (no need to renew protests of well-meaning but totally worthless subjective intent.)

  • If Israel is unwilling to differentiate itself from the settlements, then boycotters shouldn't either
    • Never mind Glutts or Galubbs. Everyone but the Zionists, their accomplices and the happy-go-lucky boobies saw it clearly and denounced it as a huge sale down the river of Palestinian resistance --to top the endless massacre of the 80s. Enforced by a gun to the head of a complacent PLO and by the ruthless elimination of other leaders.

    • There's no need to do as if a boycott limited to the post-1967 occupation area were the default!
      This is in fact the "boycott" version proposed by the "liberal" Zionists themselves. No matter if the "BDS" organization itself (not the popular movement to boycott Zionists) changed its bylaws and agreed with this nonsense.

      Unlike the Palestinians of the "official" BDS organization, who live under the military occupation by the enemy and its PA henchmen, we outside Palestine have absolutely no reason to pull any punches. Zionist products and Zionist activities, cultural and non, have always been legitimate targets, not limited to Palestine either.

      I remember perfectly when boycotting anything related to Zionists was the natural rule among sympathizers of the Resistance, already way before the 1967 wave of occupation. The surprising thing is perhaps that there should be any need to discuss this for anyone but the Zionists.

  • 'We are losing the next generation' -- rabbis describe crisis over Israel in their congregations
  • 'Fake news' isn't news or new: Remembering the 2003 US invasion of Iraq
  • Israel’s welcome now reserved only for Jews who back Netanyahu
    • Except for his total deafness when he hears "get the hell out of where you don't belong!" Absolute, incurable and malignantly deliberate.

      That's the most murderous kind of Zionist.

  • Open Letter: Against the blacklisting of activists and writers
    • Parvulescu,

      Khalek was censored by, and/or under duress exerted by, a variety of the human species like yourself, in a stark exhibition of raw, forcible disruption of free speech. Khalek did not compel the organization to invite her at the point of a gun.

      No use pretending to be more stupid yet than your true self. It's not convincing at all.

    • Of course, Parvulescu, like any self-respecting propaganda interventionists you guys are immune to the first law of all action that governs us lowly mortals, viz. that supporting US warmongering and international supreme crime does support US warmongering and international aggression, no matter the pretext invoked.

      For you exalted humanitarian spirits, crime of aggression and war crimes are kosher as long as you make a nice-sounding sentence. I'm sure shysters will be found to justify it based on your subjective and expressed intentions, instead of the measure for common mortals, i.e. that only results count.

    • What exactly has academic or media boycott with free speech? Not only is Zionist speech free, as opposed to the fierce repression of any antizionist expression, it is the only type of expression sponsored by the Zionist entity government.
      Free speech doesn't mean that you can force people to buy your stuff.

    • Parvulescu,

      There are any number of outlets available for US war propaganda --why do it here? You can do it anywhere from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times to the World Series games. You'd make more money writing there, too. Why pick on a Palestine-oriented marginal site, when you know for a fact that the same US imperialism you support is the most mortal enemy of Palestinian resistance?

    • Arihalli,

      Thanks. That is the only important point here. Maybe we can gauge from the comments how much or how little the principle is recognized by the readers --or maybe not. Depressing.

    • OK, Heller, now we know that you're an unconditional supporter of war of aggression by US imperialists against (at least) Syria. That nice and good but it does not take us very far, as your opinion is not a valid criterion for screwing the absolute right to free speech. If you are so hot about it, get the JVPs or SJPs to organize a talk by yourself. You know it won't be controversial --only the opposition gets problems.

    • Any goddam nonsense of "begging .... to defend the rebels and refugees" at the cost of international law and on behalf of US intervention is unacceptable.

    • The last occurrence of censorship by an SJP, that time invoking "antisemitism", should have been enough to write them off as a reliable resistance support organization. This time they are playing the same despicable trick by invoking the overarching principle of compulsory support to Zionist-instigated US imperialist "regime change" hysteria.

      That was to be expected. Support to Palestinian resistance (or any other goal) is not gaining much by including shady organizations that value support to its very enemy more than the declared objective.

      Also, it's not clear that anything is to be gained by working with an organization that is obviously not in any way committed to free speech.

  • A Palestinian state has always been a fiction for Zionists
    • Oooh, the big, bad grilling! Once the meat is done, said police will indict him for crimes against peace and war crimes (in addition to smoking cigars) and deliver him, shackled, to the Nuremberg Court for hanging.

      Exactly as our law-abiding FBICIANSADIAetc. did for our main criminals against humanity, Obama and the Harpy.

  • Video: 'Apartheid has been here for ages. It doesn't really bother us' -- Israeli comedian says in closing act
    • Sure, Sibiriak. It's the language of those who did the invasion, the partition, the Nakba, the wars of 47, 56, 67 and 82 not to mention minor ones --all the while talking correctly and "with a human face" and perpetuating talks about talks.
      Liberal Zionism is much more dangerous than the authoritarian variety: it can perform endless negotiation while performing genocide unopposed.

  • Israel's neverending occupation is bringing 'infamy' to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life 'precarious' -- Tony Klug
    • Teddy,

      Thanks for the occasional shot of reason in a ceaseless flow of Zionist sympathizer articles.

  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • It is precisely to deny the existence of a Jewish ethnic reality.

      Very good, Mr. Ferdman! Finally the penny dropped! Of course there is no such ethny or reality as "Jewish". Ashkenazi it is, and should be called that --has nothing to do with "Jewish".
      Keep your own little village culture for yourself and don't try to confuse clear minds, now.

      Learn to say "Ashkenaze" or "Ostjiddisch" or whatever defines your own particular clan and don't mix with general words. Thank you.

    • Very funny, aren't you? Of course you don't even realize it.

    • Boris,

      So then produce your personal papers, i.e. at least one, identified, first-degree relative with regular, legitimate citizenship, or grounds for acceptation to citizenship, and apply to a legitimate representation of the Palestinian people (not existent yet.)

      No personal papers? Then stay in the US or move to the Ukraine. Or Poland or Russia or Bielorussia, depending on exactly where you were supposed to be from.

    • Hughes,

      Looks like you missed the fun about Turkey. The Turkish nationalist dictatorships are still as ludicrously nationalist as any Zionists. Not only the Trojans: they annexed the Sumerians, the Hittites and the whole bunch. All Turks of the first water.

    • Yoni,

      Your commenter is mighty confused. Not only is there no reason at all to suppose that Khazars passed at any time through wider Asia Minor, heshe also invents a necessity to have traces of a Turkic language in a later language of a population (=no such requirement ever established.) In fact, Khazars most probably came to the Caspian shore following the northern route of the early barbarian invasions. Way earlier than any Turkic arrivals to Asia Minor (as noted.) Most Turkic arrivals to the West skipped Asia Minor. No matter the discussion of Slavic-area German dialect vs relexified German (as you suggest), using as an argument the absence of traces of a Turkic substratum several centuries after a radical change of language of the population is totally ridiculous. That commenter forgot to explain on the absence of ancient Oghuz Turkish in modern Bulgarian...

    • Hughes,

      I like the way you worded it. I'd propose that there is one situation "so bad that there can be no compromise": that in which the axe-wielding marauders and heirs are so totally uncompromising (and suicidal when cornered), due to their ideology, that they represent the only specimen on earth of the Unmoving Object.

  • 'We will not go back' in struggle against racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia -- Bernie Sanders
    • It's certainly the folks who brought you the invasion, the partition, the Nakba, and the major wars of aggression of 47, 56, 67, 73, 82... with not a peep from the West. They are so obviously the more dangerous part of the same lobby that denying it is suspect in the extreme.

  • Breaking the cycle of violence and inequality: an end to individualism and the hope in collaboration
    • Global warming is a threat, because it will cause flooding and droughts, but capitalism and individualism is lifting more boats...

      ... by directly causing global warming, which will cause flooding and so lift boats...

      No wonder Zionists insist on full-fledged Zionist education. It creates the kind of "logic" that allows Zionist belief.

  • How to love Israel: 'Sometimes it'll hurt-- bad, but I will not walk away! I will not let you go!'
    • Kaisa,

      That's impossible in Finland, even to the insane. Nothing is impossible to a Zionist.

    • Now, now, Mizz Almog, no need to get your lace panties in a bunch.

      It's so simple: if a majority rule (which you call "democracy") applies and the majority must be that of the invader aliens,
      well you just do as your own baa-lamb "socialist" granpa David Grün taught and did:
      you just kill them and enslave the rest.
      No need to calculate the cost, the stoopid Merkins are paying.
      Then you cry. That makes it all kosher.

      Where's the big problem, drama queen?

  • The trial continues: Dareen Tatour and the crime of posting while Arab
    • So your family not only commits the heinous war crime of settling in militarily conquered territories; they compound this by performing ritual mutilation on newborns in the name of some Stone-age monstrous superstition (as is in fact expected from invading barbarians.)

      Your taunting technique is very close, in fact identical to, that of the Brown Shirts.

    • It is criminal, in fact murderous, to settle colonial populations in invaded areas.

    • Jack, ehm, daw,

      Wrong worm. Being such a total ignorant in biology is not a crime but neglecting to inform yourself as arrogantly as you do about Palestine is typical Zionist.

      Meanwhile, any and all judiciary activity in Palestine, being under the authority of the illegal alien invaders, remains illegal, illegitimate and worthless.

    • Any and all trials under the authority of illegal alien invasion of Palestine are a farce.

  • The 50th anniversary of the occupation will rock the Jewish establishment
    • Still no coverage at all of a first in the last 24 years, of the possible start of a Palestinian resistance organization outside Zionist control. The new articles on inbreeding discussions and soul-searching in and around the Zionist lobby surely interest some people, but news of significant things would be nice.

    • One more thing, Eljay.

      Who but Zionists confuse justice with "accountability and equality for all", "all" meaning "citizens of, immigrants to and expats and refugees from Israel"? Justice means a decision by the invaded owners of the whole of Palestine, i.e. the Palestinians, excluding the invaders.

      You are clearly advocating one more forcible imposition --just that it consists in forcing "equality, fraternity", and all the rest of your Western liberal cutesy-talk on a wronged people without its being consulted. I can't see this as qualitatively different than GW Bush or Obama exporting "democracy" by war.

    • Maghlawatan,

      "become"? Strange verb. When exactly was it anything else?

    • See what I mean? Mondoweiss hasn't reported it yet --perhaps not a significant event touching Palestinian resistance? What's gone up is a discussion of love letters to the Zionist entity by AIPAC-lite. Wonder if any of the "PA"-leaning sites are going to discuss it.

    • Your ceaseless clowning and evading are useless. The Zionists remain invaders even with your pill-pulling, with no right to sovereignty in Palestine in the eyes of the owners of the whole country, period, and calling the victims of invasion "Israeli" is no different than our old custom of branding slaves with their owners' seal. Of course they have a third-rate citizenship of a pirate state. That's not the same as defaming them as "Israeli". As long as the owners don't approve it, none of your ridiculous liberal-Western equality-fraternity stuff is to be called justice.

    • Of course not. I was thinking more about the liberal sites and of course those specialized in covering solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. It will be interesting to see their behavior.

    • The anniversary will change the American Jewish relationship to Israel for a long time, as the Six Day War did 50 years go. Young Jews will take charge, young anti-Zionists will be welcomed into some synagogues, and some will speak up for BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel.

      That is my not-very-sober conclusion from the last three days at the J Street conference in Washington.

      You're right: counting the number and frequency of your short-term triumphalist predictions, it's hard to call any of that "sober". On the other hand, this might be the right policy: knowing the general way reality behaves, why not have a quick smoke and a pleasant dream after all? It helps keep depression away.

    • Eljay,

      You still didn't ask the sole owners of the land before showering them with all the goodies of liberty, equality fraternity and forced cohabitation with their illegal murderers. I don't have a say and I'm not saying they won't accept it --they just might prefer using their absolute right to sovereignty otherwise than what some goddam Western liberal has determined is best for them.

      And, yeah, it makes it so much friendlier to call them "Israeli", what I'm sure you never heard may be the most detested insult. It's not enough to get invaded, in your own place, robbed and enslaved and treated like beasts by invaders you hate the guts of --you have to be given the name of your invading torturer. And some Jewish lawyer from the US or Canada or other Anglo land, in sincere solidarity with the victims, has to solemnly remind you that you are wholly owned by the Zionist invaders.

      Finally, of course "You don’t have to ask Jews. They don’t count." Duh. Their religion is totally irrelevant and they are f*&'%@ invaders, still illegitimate and still with not a word to say.

    • Meanwhile, an effort that theoretically might represent a significant point in the history of Palestinian resistance has happened.

      MW may want to look at that:

      Istanbul, Turkey - After two days of meetings here, the organisers of the Palestinians Abroad Conference have established a new political entity to represent Palestinian diaspora communities and strive for greater Palestinian rights.

      Conference leaders said on Sunday that they aspired to play a bigger role in the struggle against Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories, alongside the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO).

      They insisted that their new organisation does not aim to replace the PLO - the organisation that has been representing the Palestinian people since 1964.
      the new organisation called for the end of the Oslo agreement signed between Israel and the PLO in 1993, the restructuring of the PLO on a more representative basis for all Palestinians, and the formation of a democratically elected Palestinian National Council, which is the PLO's legislative body in exile.

      The conference leaders said that the Oslo agreement has destroyed the PLO and created a new class of Palestinian leaders in the occupied territories beholden only to Israeli military will.

      The final statement ... blamed PLO leaders for squandering Palestinian historic rights in agreements with Israel that it said prolonged Israeli occupation and worsened Palestinian suffering.

      They also asserted the right of Palestinians to resist Israeli occupation, called for the return of refugees to their homes and towns in historic Palestine and said they would strive for Palestinian statehood.

      Mounir Shafiq, a Palestinian scholar, said that while Palestinians have the right to all of historic Palestine as a matter of principle, it is not obligatory for individual diaspora communities to adhere to this vision.

      "Palestinian diaspora communities are free to work within the norms of their adopted countries," said Shafiq, who will head the newly established General Secretariat of the Conference.

      Fatah, the main Palestinian faction, issued a statement Sunday attacking the conference accusing it of being an "attempt to divide the Palestinian people." Other small factions based in Ramallah also criticised the conference calling it "an attack on the PLO."

      Would be interesting to have more detailed coverage.

    • OK, Eljay, continue following and recommending adhesion to the colonial terminology and legislation --you don't have to ask the Palestinian people. They don't count.

    • must have meant to say "Jewish Israelis" because it's unlikely that a Zionist like him gives a flying f*ck about non-Jewish Israelis.

      You don't seem to care much about people's feelings or rights either, Eljay. No one would willingly carry, or boast of, an "Israel" so-called citizenship unless a Zionist, i.e. with almost 100% certainty Jewish.

      Any other persons holding that citizenship do so because forced to it by an act of international piracy and aggression --that has been illegally recognized by colonial powers.

      By calling captive Palestinians, who overwhelmingly want their own sovereignty over the whole of Palestine, "Israeli", you are adding insult to injury.

  • Commemorating 75 years of advancing prophetic Judaism, free of nationalism and politicization
    • Johnson,

      Thanks for the interesting comment. To a total outsider with not a spiritual bone in the body, reading the Old Testament with an eye on language exclusively gives another, related angle:
      of course there is a lot of chauvinism (&xenophobia that is by def. part of the chauvinism) in that particular religion, but it is a direct result of its being primarily racial. It definitely looks like a religion explicitly and exclusively based on a small cluster of blood-related tribes who, in the ancient polytheistic world, forbid under penalty of death the worship of any gods but their tribal Jehovah. Who is supposed to lead them to victory in their endless wars against neighboring tribes --because he is stronger than the latter's gods. The narrator's tongue even trips often, when he calls his now ostensibly single tribal god "Our Lords", plural.

      That's why the Zionists (not only they) must perforce insist on denying historically documented mass conversions to Judaism at any time: they need an uninterrupted racial blood line for remaining in the religion --a tribe embattled against all others (and the gods thereof.)

      So the contradiction is not really within Judaism, which already is a nationalism additionally to, or before, being a religion. The real internal contradiction is in Christianity, definitely universalist, but keeping the tribal Ancient Testament.

    • Behind the mask of Jewish sentiment, one can see the specter of the foul thing which moves Germany and Italy. Behind the camouflage of its unquestioned appeal to Jewish feeling, one can hear a chorus of ‘Heil.’

      Never a truer word.
      One has to deplore the fact that they are now less than a shadow of their old self, and reduced to quoting "liberal" Zionists in a pretense of avoiding politics. You cannot avoid politics when fighting against Zionism.

  • Straddling the intellectual colonization fence: A review of Noga Kadman’s 'Erased from Space and Consciousness'
    • Think of it, the several academic works by intellectuals of the Zionist invaders, appearing to acknowledge facts that have been suppressed from wider awareness while they perform Zionist propaganda for invasion and genocide, are more reason to call for full, undiscounted academic boycott of the Zionist entity.

      These Zionist propaganda pieces won't be missed. They can be re-done properly, without the propaganda, by others outside the Zionist system.

  • Campus wars
  • History shows that anti-Semitism and pro-Zionism have never been mutually exclusive
    • Bah, they've already unleashed potentially mass-murdering hysteria with even less evidence and linking: see The Яuccianc Я Koming because some American blew the whistle on the bastards' own, perfectly documented and very American corruption.

      History teaches that there are no witches in witchhunts.

    • We cannot allow the charge of anti-Semitism to muzzle critics of Israel

      but 'we' happily use it in the same article to muzzle critics of the US War Party or any political opponent of "Democrat"-cum-McCainian Zionists. Just beautiful!

      The liberaloids seem to have discovered that the use of the Undefined Antisemitism Boogaboo packs a punch against their own cultural opponents; much better than the kitchen sink. One wonders about the difference from the use of the same by the Zionists.

      Interestingly, they still don't seem to come off their ridiculous habit of calling their opponents "right wing", as if themselves were not part of the managing War Party of US imperialism, currently warriors of an ongoing "color revolution" led by the CIA. The author isn't even disturbed by the fact that she must accuse Bannon of "antisemitism" with no evidence (and no definition) because hitting him for his warmongering would backfire on her own crowd.

      Discriminating against members of a group defined by the sole fact of their circumstances of birth is racism, period. It sure must be opposed by all means. No need for your nonsense words like "antisemitism." And if your "antisemitism" is not something directed at an accident of birth, beyond remedy by the individual, well then it is perfectly kosher.

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