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  • Rachel Maddow's lineup of crazy U.N. speeches spotlights Arafat-- and leaves out Netanyahu!
    • J Walters,

      The puzzling thing is how someone as THOROUGHLY progressive on all other issues could be so blindly oblivious and regressive on Palestine and Israel. And not just Maddow, ... Elizabeth Warren ... Bernie Sanders, Judy Woodruff, and others

      Yeah, how come people so goddam "progressive" they never stopped cheering and egging on the Bushes and Obamas and Goerings of this world to do more and bloodier wars, so thoroughly "progressive" they never found any war that they would oppose, so progressively trying their best right now to also start WWIII or something just like it, are just exactly as "progressive" when it comes to Zionist invasion and war? What a thick mystery...

  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • Talkback,

      I claim that the right to self determination is not a blood and soil matter, but a civic right. Citizens or habitual residents of a country have the right to self determination not only people who were born there.

      Agreed. "Citizens or habitual residents" are people immigrating with the assent of the owners of the country, obeying the same laws and conforming to their customs. Not a horde of armed, hostile invaders forcing their way in with the declared intent of subverting sovereignty and replacing the population. Or the offspring thereof, still under the protection of colonial powers, who intend to perpetuate the invaders' sovereignty over the owners.

      The US "solved" the problem the way the Zionists intend to --by successful genocide. The Algerians offered Algerian citizenship to the invader offspring. They correctly refused to recognize an equal voice to colonizers --as in South Africa, they didn't have to enforce this separately from independence, given the colonizers' small numbers.

    • the (cough) Zionist day-school and Yeshiva Law school mind. Where they teach you everything but how to count

      I am perplexed. If you go to Zionist schools you're somebody who counts, by definition.

    • Mooser,

      As the other guy said, everything can be good or useful --in moderation.

    • Hughes,

      The Jeffbot doesn't really care what he writes as long as he can, and he effectively did! almost totally monopolize any discourse on this site. If I were the guy managing the propaganda stipends, I would only pay Jeff and dispense with the rest of the insects.

      I also start to surmise that the site owners are cool with that the Zlogorrhea --it avoids discussion of things that count, i.e. uncomfortable topics. Unnecessary responses to Zionist hecklers cannot upset anyone.

    • The Jeff bot, again shooting himself fully in the foot, explains once and for all why expecting peaceful compliance with international law by the Zionist crazies is pointless:

      Jews know far to well what statelessness means to ever under any circumstances regardless of the cost to others or ourselves go back to that. And yes I meant that to sound as chilling as it does

      OK, they want their Masada at any cost. Any invaders still staying in Palestine only have themselves to blame for the inevitable, extreme violence that will follow.

    • Talkback,

      his is no racist Nazi blood and soil matter

      Oh, it's not? B-b-but that's all it has been, nothing else ever, from the start to now.

      By the way, the start is the hostile takeover statement of the 1897 Congress. Not 1948.

    • "Plenty of atheists who call themselves 'Jews' "
      Yes. They are either emotional cripples unable to use reason except for their atheism, or deliberate criminal racists, period.

      You're right that Eljay is all wet,, following the Zionist entity system for assigning religion.

  • Released from PA jail, Issa Amro warns online censorship law threatens last line of defense against Israel
    • the P.A. should focus on upholding the ideals of justice, accountability and equality.

      The PA only exists to enforce the Zionist occupation and genocidal practice. It has no other purpose, and you want it to uphold your fine ideals?

    • my main enemy is the occupation and my main advocacy is against Israel not the PA, even though I disagree a lot with the PA policy, I will not attack the PA when Israel is here occupying my land and pressuring the PA to do what they are doing. I want to target the main cause, not the side-effect.”

      Unfortunately the puppets are not a side effect but the most effective of the Zionist occupation forces.

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • Mooser,

      So you figure the Zionists...

      Am I repeating myself? In the old Soviet joke, the pessimist kept saying that things couldn't get worse and the optimist assured him that they can, and how.

    • Mooser,

      More than likely the articles will remain the site’s main mission.

      Of course they will, that's not the question.

    • The Propagandathan shows his training.
      It's the modern constructed language that's become a mother tongue for Zionists. Obviously.
      And no, my personal field of interest is far away from this. I defer to formal analyses of the constructed language by even Zionist linguists who conclude to a Hebrew lexical apparatus on the Germano-Slavic structure of Yiddish. Even the most rabid Zionists acknowledge this (but choose words like "revival" instead of engineering and conlang, "Semito-European hybrid" instead of Germano-Slavic structure with Hebrew vocabulary. "Google is your friend", so look up conlang and the latest discussions around Ghil'ad Zuckermann's thesis Hybridity versus Revivability and follow the discussion.

      The point that Propagandathon is trying to drown is still unrelated to his sniping: no one among the Zionist pirates, not even himself, contests that the current Zionist language was constructed artificially on Yiddish and Slavic structures as a social engineering operation, to inflame fake nationalism and kill mother tongues.

    • Mooser,

      Isn’t it great that “Mondo” facilitates informative Zionist-Zionist communications?

      Keep your fingers crossed and hope it doesn't soon become the site's main mission.

    • A “nation” I supposedly belong to, but it can’t tax me, can’t draft me, can’t prosecute me for breaking its laws, and can’t order me to move to Israel. Not much of a “nation”.

      I see nobody told Mooser what the Z can do in the US.

    • Like a bratty child, who has always had his way because his parents didn’t care enough about him or the rest of the world to bother to teach him to share, to respect others, to have empathy, to be charitable, to listen to reason and to respect other’s boundaries. These are lessons that start in the home

      Not in the Zionist home. They teach theft and murder.

    • The Nathan doubles down:

      First, Hebrew was no one's mother tongue until the Zionist pirates cobbled together a mainly Slavic-based conlang with words from the dead language Hebrew, launched with the purpose of killing Yiddisch.

      Second, no one is interested in the Zionist pirates' and murderers' new nation, as it is on other people's land and must be evacuated ASAP.

      Third, there is no such thing as a Jewish "nation" in any case. There may be a Zionist nation --as already said, of thieves and murderers.

    • Falic,
      Both statements absolutely correct, thanks.
      Add that the status of most was that of personnel/dependents of the owner ( e.g. Rotshschild, Montefiore, etc.) whose name was on the shingle as employer in the Framework of Ottoman "Capitulations" and other special privileges to citizens of Western powers.

    • Talkback,

      Considering the initial Zionist immigration (also 1897-1914) as an authorized collective Zionist immigration would be seriously misinterpreting the Turks.
      Acquiescence to immigration was never given to moving with the intention of a hostile takeover. The Sultan's direct sovereignty could not be challenged and a plan to create "a national home" was not accepted by the Turks at any time, no matter the huge bribes offered. The Sublime Gate always pretended to be unaware of the hostile takeover plan (even if it had been publicized to death), as they could not countenance anything except individual immigration by "normal" immigrants, ie law-abiding new subjects. Additionally, considering Ottoman law, the Head Chacham's authority over the nominal Jewish "nationality" of the Empire was also being challenged by such a scheme. That's why the Herzl gang stopped its efforts in Constantinople and put all its weight into securing British support.

    • That Israeli Jews form a nation there is no good faith reason for dismissing.

      Who said anything about "dismissing"? There is an excellent reason, called justice, for sending the "nation" of thieves and murderers (no matter what religion they are) back wherever it came from. It has no business in Palestine. As an added reward to banditism, the US already guaranteed to take up those who don't like their home countries (which unfortunately will make the air in the US unbreathable.)

    • RoHa,

      Continuing the offroads --amen to the "foundation" trivium anyway. Still, when change is operated by the natural history of speech, i.e. slowly, solid compensatory mechanisms are in place, keeping equivocation to a minimum by flagging the reefs of amphiboly. We keep some means to communicate and think effectively (if one wishes to, that is.) Not so with intentional subversion of terminology.

    • Thanks for that link, Gamal. Enjoying it a lot. It's obviously the same culture as that of fiddling on Lithuanian roofs, eh?

    • The "Nathan" now to the help of his alter ego --also publishing his asinine comeback where it might escape notice so it wouldn't get slammed.

      Of course there is that huge criminal enterprise called Zionism, of course there's that assemblage of bloodthirsty invaders intent on continuing to steal and continuing a genocide.
      That they are there is not a reason to let them continue their crime.

      We're counting from 1897, when the Zionists openly announced their intent to invade Palestine and start a racial supremacist genocidal regime on other people's land. They also announced that there was no such thing as a "Jewish" people and that they were inventing it so the Ostjuden would get a lot of gullible cannon fodder.

      Starting 1897, every single Zionist-imported alien in Palestine is illegally there and participating in a crime against humanity. That they claim being a new nation is irrelevant. They are on other people's land.

      You Zionists must really experience serious head damage during infancy, growing inside that Z-only cocoon. In the regular world, the fact that a crime is profitable is not an argument for continuing. This one must be stopped.

    • RoHa,

      Zionists? I refuse to believe she would have sung for Zionists even if she did. So there.

    • The Jeff, shooting himself in the foot yet again:

      Nation — a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

      We'll take that, thanks!

      1. There is zilch common descent among "Jews", a totally disparate collection of converts from Slavo-Hunnic, Turkic, Berber, Celtiberian, Arab, etc. descent, plus probably some minimal groups originating in Palestine (pre-Titus.)

      2. There is zilch common culture, except for part of the liturgical and religious concepts among the religious, strictly limited to religion.
      Otherwise not a single non-religious element in the different cultures, from food to language to the way they wear their hat or sip their tea --nothing at all can be shown to be in common. Nada.

      3. There is and there has been no common language; Hebrew being a liturgical language, no one's mother tongue, and the Zionists killed the mother tongues developed by a few communities that had lived in some degree of isolation. The only Hebrew in these mother tongues is simple non-structural borrowings, all of them liturgical or adopted through the liturgy.

      4. Zilch particular country or territory at all. "Jews" have been all over the place, from Kamchatka to Mars. There was a little group in Palestine, too, but they were part of the Palestinian people as a minority.

      Jeff's checklist definitely establishes that there can be no such thing as a "Jewish people".

    • RoHa,

      The qualifier "intentional" was intentionally there because the mechanism is not exactly the same with the unintentional introduction of deviations. We could expand that to a discussion of considerable length and that would be wildly off-topic here.

      [For an almost-caricature of a simile, compare to the obstruction of an artery: if it happens at once and centrally, it causes a very major disruption downstream, an infarction. If it happens timidly, like distortions by private persons due to ignorance or misunderstanding, it may progress but will do so gradually, allowing all kinds of compensatory mechanisms to create collateral blood channels, thus avoiding brutal, major injury.]

    • Kaisa

      It still is only a religion and at least for me, does not define me the same way as being Finnish does.

      You know, we should listen when some of the hard-nosed Zionists writing here tell us that the definitions current in the Zionist Theocracy in the Levant (and the other Stone Age kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State in the same Levant) are not the same as in today's civilized nations.

    • Annie

      i will leave that up to them as it has no meaning for me... who am i to tell them they are not. but that doesn’t mean i don’t have an opinion regarding the issue

      Well formulated, as almost always. But. This is chiefly about language, and language being the most basic social phenomenon, always affects everyone without exception. Intentional bastardizing of language kills logic and distorts public thinking. Especially in the extremely sensitive case of "nation", which is the poor li'l word that has probably claimed more victims to date than "freedom" or "money".

      This is not, in the general consensus (outside Zionists, Turanic Pan-Turkists, and a smattering of others) , a matter of whim but of definable criteria, none of which checks in this case. Yes, we are getting used to, better said we even have been trained to accept as a basic fact of life that Zionists are more heinous falsifiers of language than even journalists --that is not reason enough to let them get away with it.

    • Deporting illegal settlers is not “ethnic cleansing”

      Let's PS that. ANY Zionist-imported settler anywhere on the territory of Palestine, all of Palestine, is an illegal settler.

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • The Mussolini picture is a bit off up there.
      Zionism is clearly from the same source as the Nazi branch of Nazifascism than "classical" Italian fascism; its extreme nationalist, racial supremacist and genocidal character is definitely the one with the most weight; the ideological precedence is on racial purity before monopoly capitalist, corporate domination.

      As for its total contempt of all international norms, proud promotion of aggression and war, police state in contravention of all democratic rules, all those characteristics, all those characteristics are shared by a large number of states and "democratic" parties, including our very own Democrat Party. They are far from being a distinctive feature. In fact, the speech Mussolini was making when this picture here was made, from the balcony of the building in Piazza Venezia, was not substantially different from what we routinely hear from Obama, Queen Hillary etc. Shaked et al.'s words, on the other hand, are often Hitlerian in essence.

  • 'Voice of boycott' was heard in Montgomery and South Africa, why not Israel? Roger Waters writes in 'NYT'
    • Orright, Hopfmi.

      Or, better said, zum Befehl!
      Did you Zionist riffraff just militarily occupy Mondoweiss, too?

  • Rightwing campaign against Jewish exec who called for exposing Nakba seems likely to fail
    • The usual suspect:

      Israel has come into existence, and it has happened already a long time ago.

      A "long time" as the life of ants go. Comes into existence, next you know is put out of existence.

    • RoHa,

      This is a bit of a surprise. I am not a Christian.

      For the Zionists, the late Ottomans and the equally late Tsar, you are: religion is acquired by accident of birth. No amount of dissociating or abjuring will change that unless you formally join another official religious denomination. A most central principle of the Zionist construct. No call for surprise here.

    • Jeff

      People get excommunicated for all sorts of things.

      We knew that yesterday, too. It is obviously not the point at all. The parallel you drew (on one side, insult-to-divinity arguments and on the other insult to the tribe) were called as obvious clues to your Zio mind.

    • Jeff,

      Jews make no spiritual claim on gentiles...

      Who said "spiritual"? The only itsy-bitsy claim they make is that of denying any rights to Gentiles, at least that of staying alive if they ever happened to be on Jewish-coveted land. Then and now.

    • Jeff,

      There is no room in Islam for people who wish to continue to worship the traditional Arabic deities like al-‘Uzza along with Allah. There is no room in Buddhism for one who believes in spiritual annihilation at death. And there is no room in Judaism for people who work to destroy the Jewish people..

      And that absurd parallelism you draw between "deity" and "the Jewish people" doesn't disturb you, eh? Talk about deep, stinking, murderous tribal obscurantism. The tribe is the absolute divinity and anyone born outside it is just a negligible insect --that has of course been obvious to whoever has eyes to read. Thank you for being frank enough to acknowledge that.

      Judaism is not a universalistic religion

      Correct, and that is what makes it an enemy more than the other religions; more than the other monotheistic religions. The others are stultifying, too, but at least they acknowledge as humans those born outside of the tribe.

      Leftist universalism contradicts Judaism

      Correct again. You are the enemy. Perhaps reading you will wake up Eljay, who imagines that "religion-supremacism" is not racist.

    • Jeff says:

      Israel is a young country. A century or two from now Israel will be Israeli.

      That's precisely why everyone must help the Palestinian people kick that monster out of there.

    • Ejay, yet again.

      France is French so Israel should be Israeli – that’s not controversial.

      Not controversial, eh?
      Palestine, illegally occupied by a bunch of armed colonials from Russia and America and Mars, should be "Israeli".
      Says the Zio propaganda guy. The effective one.

    • "Catalan"

      So, genius, instead of totally irrelevant nonsense give us a clear answer. Do you know why anyone with average or better intelligence clings to Judaism or to Jewish identity despite all facts and logic? If you don't, why did you start the ruckus?

    • Catalan,

      “I don’t understand why anyone with IQ > 50 clings to Judaism or to Jewish identity. ”

      Just repeating perfectly legitimate questions with a scandalized air does not solve them. Take the one above: no one has offered a cogent explanation for normally and supranormally intelligent, otherwise logical people, clinging to either a religion or to a "Jewish" identity. The cause must of course be sought totally outside the realm of facts and logic but still, we haven't heard a satisfactory explanation. If you have one, please provide it.

    • Annie,

      Sure, there is something in what you are reviewing here, but.
      Of course I read the articles here, by the way, and that is part of the problem: I'm discounting most of the wildly overoptimistic "liberal"Z stuff, which in fact is the majority (count them.) The objective of many of these is to ensure a continued invader presence in Palestine by thundering against the excesses of Zionism. I am also not counting (on the other side of the barricade) those who have quit the stupid identity games and call themselves plain human.

      Again, I have seen the 1967 Nazionist wave. I also remember the hopeful, happy assimilation talk before that. About such a lot of people finally abandoning the barbarian custom of defining themselves with respect to a long-dead obscurantist religion, as if it were some racial stamp --but look where we are now. Now I'm old and decrepit, I won't listen to Sirens.

      So, solid data is still more necessary than unwarranted optimism. The news you mention are not impressive, and as far as I know the sympathies of a majority of those who call themselves "Jewish" don't seem to have changed much.

      A good question was "what kind of investment do you have... ?" There is no investment but there should be, and how, in creating awareness in the general American public about the Nazis in Palestine. It means a general campaign based on property rights and the basic American values re slavery, conquest etc. This also means stopping all that ridiculous kowtowing to the special needs of an insignificant, and relatively refractory, percentage of the population.

    • Annie,

      No doubt you know a lot of people and your subjective evaluation of the tribals' stand was heard and understood the first time around.
      That is woefully inadequate to estimate the support to Zionism among the people who describe themselves as "Jewish", whatever that is supposed to mean.

      What there is in the way of existing, inadequate polls, numbers of "real communities" (ie known congregations, prayolas, clubs, etc.) and the (almost?) absence of any anti-Zionist units of that sort does not seem to confirm your personal guess.

      In fact, outside Neturei Karta and what with the dying off of the Bundists, there isn't much around. There are a number of people agitating in schools, etc., and even then one hears a lot of "non-Z" tribal loyalty.

      So there is more than a little justification in questioning the single swallow to know if it's spring. No matter anyone's subjective evaluation, there is a need for solid data. I still remember the tribals suddenly coming out in the open in 1967 and the ridiculously optimistic estimates offered before that.

    • Annie,

      1. Once again, you don't have the exclusive, private property of all permissible takes on discussing what you have written, no matter what you exactly intended at the start (and yes, we all get what you intended, thank you.) Others can pull the discussion to what they consider more interesting instead if they want to, and you don't have to make a federal case out of it.

      2. As to your attempt to absolve the "Jewish communities" from mostly supporting their organized representatives, as I already said you still need ironclad data no matter how many words you can put together. Meaning you still need credible, well-grounded studies with polls, etc.
      A bit surprising to see you so lightly dismiss any call for proof.

    • Annie,


      But then,

      organized jewry is constantly pretending to speak for the jewish community even tho they don’t

      That's something you could only prove with ironclad data. Personally my sense of whatever you call "community" is that it is behind Zionists and other organized fake-nationalist crazies --by a solid percentage. Repeating: the general-population ratio of support and indifference to Zionism is already hair-rising, and people who knowingly identify themselves with the tribe are way worse.

      if we had enslaved jews for hundreds of years you better believe we’d be paying reparations till the cows come home

      "We" haven't enslaved any Jews, "we" have, to the contrary, helped them more than any country, ever, and yet we are being made to pay through the nose and the ears --we are the ones enslaved. No if.

  • 'Nazi stuff': The Israeli government takes on African refugees
    • Kaisa,

      ...would have had to negotiate about the peace ... a long time ago

      Negotiate? The Zionist entity couldn't last a full week without Sugardaddy. Even Saudi wouldn't dare save them.

  • No free speech in Palestine: PA arrests journalist, internationally-renowned peace activist for Facebook posts
    • At least the local administration in Gaza is not an integral part of the Zionist entity.
      Before "agreeing" with the Green snake, think of it as if you had a Republican faction in Gaza and Orangemen in the rest.

  • US Ambassador blames Obama for 'absolute betrayal' of Israel, and Palestinians for killing the peace process
    • Nil? How so?
      I'll give you that the chances of the Zionists obeying international law in part or fully is nil. But the elimination of the Zionist entity, practically certain after a loss of clout by the US, would certainly allow a Palestinian state.

  • Gideon Levy calls out Israel's fundamental, racist religion: Zionism
    • "Stogumber" (John de...?)

      Palestinians will not want to sacrifice their ethnicity, nor will they want to admit unlimited numbers of Africans into their state.

      You really cannot see any difference between a whole camel and a gnat, can you?

    • Kroell,

      What, exactly, is illogical and/or nonsensical about not disposing of any territory in Palestine without the full approval of a majority of entitled Palestinians?

      That is what international law commands. All the rest is total BS, no matter the inflamed statements on human rights and your thundering against Zionist excesses, and talk of equal rights and democracy and all those oh-so-beautiful things; it all boils down again to Zionist invaders remaining without express permission, and getting approval for it, too.

      One-state or two-state, as long as Palestinian sovereignty over all of Palestine is not clearly recognized and addressed, it all means stabilizing the invader presence and giving a new lease on life to Zionism. It may be a valuable compromise (which will only ever happen in your dreams, by the way) but there is no call to bullshit people about what it is.

    • Kroell,

      There is no misrepresentation. You aren't being criticized for being "soft", as you say, but being or pretending to be excessively gullible, plus for ignoring Palestinian rights (which are not "equal".)

    • They are the invaded colonial people.
      And you don't even have standing to ask. Go back to the steppe.

    • Kroell,

      Another thing is the incredible distortion here:

      I also grant you that Israelis and Palestinians are the peoples who should ideally choose between some kind of a one-state or two-state solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

      This is where impudence becomes almost criminal: who asked you to "grant" the Zionist goal of "Israelis", illegal interlopers and invaders, having any say in anything? The owners of the entire territory are the Palestinian people and no one else decides. And what is a "Palestinian/Israeli conflict"? All we've had until now is a turkey shoot of a totally defenceless population by armed colonial invaders. That cannot qualify as "conflict".

    • ..that Theodor Herzl was a believer in European colonialism, and apparently did not believe in either racial equality, democracy or universal human rights, does not mean that Zionism should be consigned to the archives of some national history museum.

      Museum? It must be consigned to the trashcan and the bottom of the landfill, presto.

      I would suggest that many Zionists who emigrated to Palestine advocated working with the native population to establish a modern, social democratic state in which the indigenous peoples would have equal rights with the Jewish immigrants

      Your suggestion is a mixture of intolerable arrogance, racism and colonial patronizing, so typical of Zionists. Who invited you to even be there, let alone have the right to anything --to "generously" give some "equal rights" to an unasked-for "modern, social democratic state"? Zionists are invaders and that is it, #&^% your cheek.

      [Also, the censors at MW are invited to either come into the open and explain which "community standards" they are defending.]

    • Levy is particularly hated by lot of Israelis that are not on the far left and just center left, center right and right

      So who gives a rat's a$$ what "Israelis" like? All polls confirm that more than at least 94%* of these illegal immigrants approve the ongoing genocide.

      *(censors, once again check the goddam polls)

  • Are you an auto-anti-Semite? Take this simple test
    • John S yet again...

      Bah, Polish or Bohemian, the difference is sooo relevant to the point under discussion, isn't it! The day you'll say anything relevant will be the day, I suppose.

    • "Nathan"

      So even the "ancestral Jewish symbol" chosen by the Zionists is not that, but Polish. Figures. I thought you guys had orders to hide that.

  • Changing the narrative, from BDS to antifa
    • Nathan (or one of them anyway) again

      People running away from anti-Semitism (and in need of self-defence) would not have chosen a corner of the Ottoman Empire as their destination

      Oh yeah? Well, the Ottoman Empire to its last day has been the only corner of the world where anyone Jewish (by religion or by heritage) was extra protected. More than all Christians, more than the Moslem peasants. Guess who took up the Spanish and gave them first class accommodation? Guess where the Ostjiddisch fled before there was America? What a stupid &%%.

      Before you say anything again, anytime, consider that you are totally unable not to utter something both totally ignorant and totally moronic at the same time, by the fact of having been raised in a Zionist test tube.

    • Yes, Mooser, goon was intended to be typed. And you may even get the medal pinned on French-style --look up accolade.

    • Misterioso,

      Unfortunately, Hughes' point remains valid --worldwide the spirit is back to, and way worse than, 1936. Fascism is on a roll and this time also actively promoted by the great traditional democracies.

    • Absolutely, Mooser. Continue and you may get a medal from the very hands of some CIA gook.

    • And if Mooser believes fairy tales that would be strange. You want to tell me that the state machine in charge and the press are for equal rights and non-discrimination and inclusion and the last 7 wars and the ongoing wars including the Zionist occupation. Fine. Continue wasting liberaloid fake antifascism on a ragtag band of destitute clowns, so that we can safely ignore the spies and Democrats and McCains and generals and such starting more war.

  • Netanyahu declares West Bank is Israel 'forever,' as liberal Zionists cry out for 'make-believe peace process'
    • "Barack and Olmert both were interested in negotiating."

      Sure, they were interested in negotiating only while massacring and stealing. That's why they only talked about negotiating while continuing the genocidal action. As Weiss clearly and succinctly expressed in his title. You Zio *&^%s really think everybody here is a retard, don't you?

  • 'Auto-anti-Semitism!' Naftali Bennett declares war on Jewish self-hatred in Israel
    • John S yet again.

      intentional - non-intentional nonsense.
      - How do I know the intention? Have you the record of what went in the perp's head?
      - No, I know because the perp told me so.

      Way to go. We know the intention because war criminals, criminals against peace, mass murderers, thieves and pirates told us so. Oh yeah.

    • The priceless John S, yet again:
      A powerful bomb against the hull of a choke-full passenger ship cannot intend to kill anyone. Not only that, "no one" would believe it.
      That's what the US system of fully Zionist cradle-to-grave education produces.

  • The US Jewish debate over white Jewish privilege in Israel
    • No need for any theories. Any one confirmed Zionist misdeed is enough to explain it.
      Otherwise, discussing such nonsense with Zionist varmint only lends it legitimacy.

  • The United State of Israel and Palestine
    • Kaisa,

      Many of the immigrants come, because they want to have “their share” of that success. That is why they also need to give their fair share to the common good = to support and adopt those aspects of Australian culture.

      And many others want no part of any success but needed to save their ass. In exchange for being safe, the least one must do is avoid disturbing one's hosts.

    • So-called Jeff,

      When was it that I expressed a desire to claim a Yiddish ethnicity?

      You didn't, because with your Z brain power you didn't claim the only ethnicity that you could have claimed --you went for a totally non-existent "Jewish" that includes "ethnicities" wildy unconnected to yours!

      Had you claimed a "Yiddish" ethnicity, something well-known and respected as a particular culture, one could even have closed an eye on your absence of any cultural particularities including language and let you have that consolation. But not with claiming a religion as ethnicity, duh!

      Sephardim and Mizrahim are as fully Jewish as I am.

      Only those of them who are religious and only if you are religious.
      Ethnicity-wise, as the trendy word goes, they have nothing in common with you but then so nothing that there is not a shred of a shadow of anything common as culture or language.

      They aren’t 2nd tier in any way

      In your illegal hellhole created by illegal colonial invasion, of course they are, and 3rd and 4th tier, too. Duh. Ask anyone.

      But that is totally irrelevant, and it is not at all what I was addressing, genius. Because there is no invader "ethnicity", and their presence, illegally established by conquest, cannot be allowed to go on. Face it, you Zionists are the ultimate pariahs of this earth.

    • JeffZ,

      Thank you for exposing your rabid albeit fake nationalism. So you killed Yiddish and you want to claim a Yiddish "ethnicity", eh? No other "Jewish" anybody than the Ashkenaze can be in your "ethnicity" anyway.

      And self-hater my @$$: I like myself fine --just hate murderous Zionist nuts.

    • Kaisa,

      Your English is miles above my Finnish, for one, and the purpose of this site is not English literature (which I don't do anyway.) The essential message was that you are doing a superb job of baring the rotten corpse living within the Zionists.

    • Or what was it, he was thinking??

      The answer to that minus the comma is, he doesn't. And you described very aptly the excremental worldview they get fed from the start in the Ziobubble.

    • That being said, homeland is an ethnic term. Migration doesn’t change your ethnic status

      If that is so, well then ethnically speaking I have absolutely nothing to do with your kind, by birth of otherwise. If you're a Lehli / Eskenazi, keep to whatever you have for ethnicity but do not mix "Jewish". I am of French parents and ethnically Mideastern Sefardí Spanish, and I have nothing to do with you, not even at birth, nor have any generation in my past had anything cultural, linguistic or of any type with your kind. Keep away. So if your homeland is the Russian Empire or something of the sort, continue cultivating that silly nostalgia of the steppe.

      Funny that you should blab about ethnicity when I'll bet you a rotten lemon that your Yiddish is nonexistent, or stinks.

    • We have to hope that with pressure from outside, and pressure from inside, the structure of Zionism will start to show some cracks.

      Either you present believable grounds (I don't even mention evidence) for that "hope", or you'll be doing the same thing as Obama and all other politicians and mountebanks: keeping people patient while they are being screwed when there is absolutely no reasonable basis for hope.

      If your hope is in the shape of your peace plan, by the way, it is in fact notable as a hope for continuing the occupation under another form.

    • Kasia,

      Fairies have tails, too. Or so I heard.

    • Thanks for the first injection of sanity into the discussion.

      The only reality is the United States Under "Israel" and no concession at all is coming with the invaders' agreement, ever, as long as the US empire is not seriously wounded. When and if the US drops Israel enough to exert enough pressure to force it to provide its first concession, the almost immediate violent fall of the colonial state is practically guaranteed. It would be crazy in any case to imagine some peaceful arrangement with the Zionist crazies.

      Most liberaloids are trying to square the circle of getting some peaceful solution in a situation where only raw, violent power counts. Like this fairy tales proposal here. I suspect that such exercises are not entirely innocent. They put people to sleep while theft and genocide continues.

    • What’s not to like?

      The presence of genocidal, conquest-crazy and also extremely powerful invaders on one's own land, that's what's not to like.

      How many cases are there in history of the invaded peoples swallowing that and stopping to seek justice, just because some stuffed shirts signed some papers --short of a successful genocide? The Zionists are not that stupid: they are implementing the "iron wall" while pursuing the American model of genocide.

    • I'll be danged. Eastlake making sense for an entire post, no false note.

    • Fincham,

      There is nothing to apologize for. You can't in any case say that you are defending justice, which is undoubtedly on the side of kicking the invaders out of Palestine. Attempts to mitigate the shock for the invaders at the expense of the invadees are just that, no matter the coating and no matter the excellent intentions, subjectively, of some of their proponents: this is not a personal slur.

      I won't comment on your "If Algeria has disappeared, you had better inform...", because that comment would necessarily have been offensive.

      Finally, "How can Israel be made to disappear?" is of course an excellent question, and there is no precise response. We know that a lot of other states and colonial regimes and empires have been made disappear, and in every case there was a surviving invaded population, and the international balance of forces never rests. Study Algeria, that's an excellent start.

    • Fincham,

      Despite its criminal behavior Israel is a recognized state and a member of the United Nations. There is no way to make it disappear.

      Nonsense. Any number of "recognized" states, members of different clubs, have disappeared down the drain. If you just had said "I want to protect the invaders and pirates and help create an aura of inevitability about the shitty colonial settlement so that people just avoid questioning it", it would have been more honest. Your "no way" has been heard a number of times. About Algeria, say.

    • Coz we're paying them incomparably more to stay.

  • As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
    • Irish Moses,

      Apart from the fact that genocidal action is routinely upstaged in the "West" by tits* (and has never been unsuccessful because of the usual indignation comedy in that same West), the very essence of Zionism, its definition as a "Jewish state" in a time where the entire Earth is inhabited, necessarily means genocide. "Killing Palestinians" is what Zionism is. No way out of that.
      Also, why the insistence on so-called non violence? It may be a good tactic at times but assisting the Zionists by committing systematic mass suicide is not such a good idea.
      When you are under attack, the way to go is to inflict maximum damage on the aggressor.
      * as was shrewdly observed by the Master, RoHa. I can confirm it --as a veteran tit-watcher.

  • On boycotts, Palestine, and resistance: a review of 'Assuming Boycott'
    • I'm at a loss for the exact words to describe your supposed cluelessness, Kroell. I don't see a good American idiom for that --if you'll pardon my French, though, there is a very apt one in that language: "pretending to be a donkey in order to get straw".

    • OK, one by one:

      What is so obscure in:

      Pro-BDS” doesn’t mean a thing. There are any number of Zionists supporting “BDS”, ie the current practice of the official organization –limitedly to post-67 occupation. In the interests of continuing the Zionist invasion and occupation of Palestine.

      If a drawing could be done, I'd have provided one.
      Same for:

      Also, a number of economically and socially “Right-wing” people do vigorously work in the antiwar movement and do their best to support Palestinian resistance.

      Kindly point out what is so hard to understand; when that's done we can continue.

    • Kroell,

      "Pro-BDS" doesn't mean a thing. There are any number of Zionists supporting "BDS", ie the current practice of the official organization --limitedly to post-67 occupation. In the interests of continuing the Zionist invasion and occupation of Palestine.

      Also, a number of economically and socially "Right-wing" people do vigorously work in the antiwar movement and do their best to support Palestinian resistance.

      Also, even if it were all bona fide, real boycott support it's still hard to understand by what you mean by "Leftist 'Jews'". Are they fighting for the collective ownership of means of production? Not many such in the US.
      Is that Aristotle BS another way of pulling our eyes away from the ball, perhaps?

  • White Jews: deal with your privilege and call out Jewish support for white supremacy
    • Paranam.

      And that is precisely why anyone who uses the word "antisemitism" instead of general words for racism is necessarily suspect of skulduggery. Or worse.

    • Paranam,

      And talking about antisemitism: why is it that this term is used next to the term racism, which is used for all non-antisemitism racism. In other words, there is antisemitism and there is racism

      Simply because "antisemitism" in the mouth of these witch-hunters, and I don't care if these people are of the Zionist or the "non-Zionist" varieties of tribal cavemen, does **not** mean racism, ie an inborn trait like having "Jewish" ancestry. They use the despicable, socially stigmatizing bullshit word for opposition to religion, for opposition to tribal culture, identity politics, in fact for any perfectly legitimate questioning of voluntarily acquired characteristics.

  • Jews are safer in Israel than U.S. because our kids drop their M-16s on the sofa -- NYT op-ed
    • JosephA,

      Should the modern state of Israel evolve into a democracy where all people have equal rights, at that time I believe Jews will be safer there vs here.

      At which, seeing that uninvited invaders (now on a so-called equal basis with the invaded) are safe, one cannot keep wondering what is happening for such an abnormal situation to develop.

      Invaders cannot have "equal" rights --they have taken the additional right of invading, stealing and getting away with it.

      And of course we are not talking about "Jews" in the current general sense but about Zionist invaders.

  • New network leads the fight against fascism on campus
    • Mooser,

      All about use. I suppose that's why we have the verb "to torch", and why there is a limit to how long one can hold a lit Vyacheslav before getting burnt.
      And the difference is huge.

    • Yishai again.

      A lot of blah and casuistry in defence of plain ole censorship, period. Same goes for Ms Elia, too.
      I don't agree with some of what Annie says (especially the lawyers' invented, added nonsense about "fighting words", as if words were sticks and stones --they aint) but she is damn right that requests for censorship will come back to bite you right where it hurts.

      And you sure as hell deserve to get bitten until you learn about freedom of speech.

    • "yishai"

      Actually the high-minded ideal of applying free speech equally to all is profoundly liberal and dangerous

      OK, so you lose your right to even protest when it's you who are selectively silenced.

      Doesn't take a genius to understand that where what speech is to be allowed can be selected, the selection is done by those who own the big guns (on behalf of whom you may be spreading such nonsense.)

      While others continue to fight for the rights of even the most clueless like your good self.

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
    • Kaisa,

      Oll Korrekt. Lapp (English etc.) = saamelainen, not "probably".

    • Kaisa,

      De Vries has Finnr (Finn or Lapp, or also dwarf, troll; origin disputed) in his Old Norse Etymologic Dictionary, p. 120. Tacitus (Fenni) and Ptolemy (φίννοι) were already using the word. So yes, it's definitely a Scandinavian conspiracy against Nordic solidarity.

  • The Israeli right can't condemn Charlottesville because its whispered policy is, Nakba
    • Yaa Ayni,

      Jews like me were robbed and forced to flee from the Arab countries after living in these countries since over 2,000 years.

      Get out of here... you are, like seriously, over 2,000 years-old and still alive? I heard about miracles but this one is tall.

      Also, you didn't have to invent and/or support Zionism. That'll larn you. If you guys had opposed it seriously, you'd still be living in milk and honey.

  • On Charlottesville and Jewish memory
    • "Nathan",

      Keep your dirty nose in your own doo-doo, i.e. the invasion, theft and genocide of Palestine. Discussing US history ain't gonna clean that.

  • Why I am leaving Israel
    • Brewer,

      From the moment one realizes the purpose of that label, it is impossible to see it written without a jolt of revulsion

      The reason for it is not in an imagined or real meaning of the word Arab, though. It is in the intentional intellectual dishonesty of switching the part for the whole:
      Arabs are all mother-tongue speakers of the Arabic language, from Mauretania to the Indian Ocean, from Mayotte to Aintab in Turkey.
      Palestinians of course are Arabs, too, but that is just as irrelevant to their status as their having two kidneys.

      Unlike any other people, including unlike any other Arabs, Palestinians by definition carry the title deed to all the land and all the houses that the invaders inhabit.

      The intent in banning the use of this ownership term is clearly genocidal. More murderous than the use of the so-called N-word by white racists.

    • Strange? I don't know. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the article but it did look like written by a Zionist. Yet again.
      Compassionate and Apartheid-intolerant, though, and thanks for the little blessings.

    • Even in this day and age, one still comes across kids, you know (and even grownups) who have enough sense to reject religious nonsense. More: some of them even define themselves as plain humans.

      Besides, who told you that even if said kids are stupid enough to be religious, they will necessarily belong to some parent's (half-)religion?

  • The 'vertical apartheid' of the Israeli occupation
    • Hughes,

      the discovery of remains from chalcolithuc Jerusalem – the 5000s BC

      Impossible. We are only in the year 5777 from the creation of the world.

  • Racial supremacy and the Zionist exception
    • RoHa,

      You don't know us. We've always been like that --climb-the-walls madness is, in fact, the only thing that defines our identity and we'll stick to it to the death.

  • Video: Under protection from Israeli forces, settlers take over Palestinian home in Hebron's Old City

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