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  • Neoconservatives may finally get their war with Iran, from Donald Trump
    • Very nice, Kaisa, and no, the news hadn't reached us in this other world.
      I mean the big news that the Lapinkulta (among others) alcohol content has been approved to go up! And that you have an MP called Sinuhe --that's also news.

  • Times super-Zionist Bret Stephens commits fallacy and falsehood, on Jerusalem
    • Old Geezer,

      Not exactly: the "language families" concept applies to mother tongues, evolving naturally in communities of native speakers. That's what allows one to trace language similarities and language evolution.

      Again, not exactly: Modern Hebrew is not a natural language. It has its own native speakers, (starting 1882 only) belonging to many different language communities, but that does place its few-generation native speakers in a special group.

      At any rate, "Semites" is a linguistic concept, not a racial / genetic one. No matter the strange reaction to this obvious fact.

    • Emory,

      Wrong verb. You can't know "Semites" by how they "look": they are speakers of given languages.
      And neither German(o-Slavic) Yiddish speakers nor the Spanish-speaking Sefardí are Semites, obviously.

      Time to stop that moronic blood and gene discussion and signal the Zio propaganda squad to flick off. They are having the time of their life thanks to the incompetence of the discussants here.

  • Only grassroots activism and global solidarity can bring justice to Palestine
    • I follow the lead of Plato

      says Catalan.

      Does this mean that Plato recommends to take a totally unconfirmed utterance attributed to a given figure by a well-known collaborator in the absence of any document, corroborating witness or even likelihood, and publish it in a way suggesting 100% that it is an excerpt of said figure's writings, without mentioning any source?

      Then, continues Plato, when found out and denounced, just ignore the spit on your face, think it must be raining and pretend nothing is happening.

  • 'NYT' columnist says struggle for equal rights in one state is upon us
    • Max Fisher, a columnist for the paper, concluded realistically that Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has in all likelihood ended the peace process. And that means that Israel must decide whether it wants to be a democracy

      The above is not a quote from Fischer but from Weiss --compounding the gross deception practiced by the NYT whores.

      How is it "Trump's recognition"?

      How fast we forget that the US dictatorship of the Two Parties in its Congress did very officially do just that, already in 1995, by voting 93-5 + 374-37 the Jerusalem Embassy Act under a Democrat administration!

      Not to forget the Democrat convention of 2012, Obama reigning, at which the same recognition was officially registered also by the party of worldwide imperialism --still voted by many here.

      Not to forget the 90-0 unanimous Senate vote in June 2017 --so far away nobody remembers it, I suppose.

      Trump is the usual Trump, the con artist.
      Without doing anything at all that hadn't already been perpetrated by the Dim and Puke criminals, without even skipping the ritual Presidential waiver, he presents this old crime as if it were new and his own. And all the Dims, all of them without a single exception accessories to the crime of US participation in Zionism, try to use this nonsense to make us believe it's new and it's by Trump.

      And that means that Israel must decide whether it wants to be a democracy

      Still pretending you believe it was not decided long ago?
      Not pretending?

  • Oh wrestler, Jerusalem is not a chess piece-- Gazans tell Trump
    • Mooser,

      What were we discussing? Ah, now I see: The US officially recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the Bastard State since 1995, by near-unanimous vote of representatives from your "party". So does said party since 2012.

      At which point, back to your diversionary topic: one has to wonder if liberal chickens with their heads on can think any straighter than those who lost it.

    • More nonsense, this time from Maghlawatan.

      What is different is that Israel is now saying that if the Palestinians want a deal they must recognise Jerusalem as Israeli.

      I see.

      So what is **new** is that the Zionist entity is moving goalposts and insisting on crazily irrrealistic conditions for some pie-in-the-sky deal that it won't ever make anyway (short of the Fall of the House of US.) (And stop calling that sh|t "Israel".)

      My, isn't that impressive in the way of Something New!

      What is even newer is the continued presence of people who continue to talk about "a deal" by the Zionists. Continue believing in Santa Claus. That will come handy in about 2 weeks.

      I just love the way we are avoiding the central point, namely that while scam artist Trump hasn't done anything new at all but just reminded everybody of the treason by the Demolicanorepucrats, all our "liberals" are running around like headless chickens trying to camouflage that fact.

    • Kay,

      What has the absurdity called Trump done that your Obama and Clintons hadn't already done, now?

      Absolutely nothing more than Clinton and Bush and Bama!
      A Clinton law was continued. The current POS didn't even move the Embassy, continuing the exact same hypocrisy; he didn't even get a Party decision on Eternal Capital railroaded in, with your support, like Bama did. He just repeated what is the law of the US.

      "US Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital in 2017" is a lie.
      The US does so since 1995 per Demopublican US Law.
      The Democrat Party does so since 2012 per DNC decision.
      So please stop the nonsense and the propaganda.

  • 'Will the protesters turn violent?' Deconstructing the media's view of Palestine
    • Count on "Catalan" to present totally unsourced an at least highly doubtful "personal recollection" by a rather shady character like Mihail Sebastian --a Nazi collaborator and extreme Romanian nationalist himself, notwithstanding his having been born Hechter.
      It is not an Eliade quote and unlikely to have been an Eliade quote.
      Reading Catalan's BS, you'd sure be under the impression he is quoting from Eliade's own writings... what a charming character!

      That's the extent of "Catalan"s intellectual honesty: google up, pick a damaging quote without even checking the source or the context or the ability to evaluate the context. Zionist propaganda.

    • Cigar God,

      A reasonable remark --provided the subject were of a species capable of evolution.

    • I wish those who protest and try to attack the US embassies, would turn their attention to Trump properties, wherever they are, and show their anger over there instead.

      Oh, so... So YOUR Obamas and Harpy Clintons and Democrats were not part of the Zionist invaders and their only official lifeline, eh? It all started only with Trump is your contention.
      Incredible, how low the "liberals" will sink.
      Showing one's anger --your terms-- against your Mafia would be way more productive.

  • Dionne and Shields ignore the Adelson in the room
    • Citizen,

      If a journalist has a secure job in the US, the odds that he was hired to not do his job are 999 to 1.

    • RoHa,

      It doesn't count, as you obviously do not belong to the politically aware population most ready and eager to punish a Zionist Godfather by boycotting him, i.e. the population of addicted penny-ante gamblers, professional cardsharps and pimps.

  • Trump's thug-power, or does anybody still like Woody Allen?
  • Trump's Jerusalem speech will foster the liberal Jewish awakening
    • Hear, hear.

      Just like Trump was too handicapped to think for a moment before unmasking the murderous hypocrisy of the Demolicanorepublican party mafia, the "Nathan" here seems unthinking enough to unmask the hypocrisy of all the people out here who are giving away Palestinian rights (not theirs to give anyway) of territorial sovereignty and property. In exchange for... "equal rights" with their invaders and oppressors.

      You are absolutely right, Nathan. Zionist invaders (not "Jews") have no right to be anywhere in Palestine, they should be kicked back not only to Poland but wherever they came for (the US before everything else.) You got the "driving into the sea" thing completely wrong: that would only work for Zinvaders who insist in suicidal aggression.

      For the ID card story, we'll see if and when the Palestinian people decides to offer Palestinian citizenship to some of the invader offspring.

      Meanwhile, all the nonsense talk about future Zionist concessions is worse than a belief in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Flat Earth, combined. At least anytime before the fall of the US.

  • Palestinian officials say, Trump 'destroyed' the two-state solution
    • Talkback,

      Mayhem: "Furthermore Israelis have the right to decide where their capital shall be."

      Not in illegally annexed territory like Jerusalem or the Golan Hights

      Just so. Nor anywhere in Palestine mandate area --all of it being illegally annexed by the illegitimate new crusader state. As is the abusively English-given Palestinian citizenship of any early Zionist invaders past 1897.

    • See, I'm not part of a traitor puppet administration --no appetite for the gallows. I'm not even Palestinian. Alcoholics have nothing to do in this story qua alcoholics (as usual with Watan.)

      So they're wailing after a lost two-state nonsense --meaning they really really want to give away their children's land and sovereignty --all these years, all these lives wasted.

    • The Green thingy again

      Today’s Palestinians are immigrants from many nations

      Of course they are, duh. Like any peoples anywhere.

      Unlike the followers of the Zionist cult, though, they are one people, not a hodgepodge of criminal political adventurers from all possible nations.

    • That's all they have to say? Their Bantustan dream is "destroyed"!
      What is any statement by a traitor "administration" worth, anyway?

  • Trump just 'pushed the two-state solution over the cliff'
    • "Catalan", the guy who presented unsourced an unsubstantiated, undocumented quote from Mihail Sebastian with the obvious suggestion that it was an Eliade quote, still has the crust to write here and ask "For clarity, what is..."

      Where does Mondo "moderation" keep tar and feathers?

    • No apologies needed, Mooser: whether you pretend to miss the point or really do, you're still the only one to know.

    • Count on Mooser to pretend to completely miss the point

    • Now is the time for Quisling, Pétain, Tsolakoglou, Pavelic and Co. to take up arms against the Reich; their past policy failed big time, eh?

    • MSNBC provided a much wider perspective than they generally do...

      Oh yeah, some very wide perspective. From the imperial looters, and the handpicked collaborators of the so Democratic imperial looters and the equally Democratic opponents who'll never say a word in opposition.

      Such a wide spectrum of opinion, where the only subject is... "the two state solution" to keep Zionism squatting, because it was "stabbed in the back" by the other, clowning wing of the Imperial party, "in the back" because of course no one expected the US to be what it is. Very wide spectrum. Nary a word about hanging offences against international law and even less about return of Palestine to its owners.

  • 'Violence on both sides' -- 'New York Times' erases the Nakba
    • Good for them! That's enough to blow out of the water the myth of the happy-go-lucky Palestinian that sat on his hands while his country was being stolen and he was being screwed by pirates and robbers.
      Of course invaders are met with resistance, you d##[email protected]%! The English and their guns saved your thieving skin, meanwhile, and all you had as a thank you was murdering them, too.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers harass Palestinian elementary school teachers and students in Hebron
    • Emmet,

      Obviously the "rapist" is the Zionist entity. See how many millions, even billions of people, of many different religions and languages, you yourself acknowledge at being upset at the Zionists' rape activity? But then there are many billions more. Enjoy.
      Get out while you can do so cheaply --this is a friendly suggestion.

  • Trump intends to move US embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian president says
    • Citizen,

      One thing for which Trump still remains miles above the rest of the other cockroaches, especially the Democrats, is that he calls his shots. First requirement of democracy.

  • Netanyahu ditches US Jews for alliance with Christian evangelicals and the alt-right
    • Well no, that would be the poet in question. The rabbit is called Mutzafi, a well-known Baghdad family. Arab Jews, not Sefardí. And let's stop following the Zionist habit of calling Arab Jews Spanish instead of Arab, which they should be happy about if not proud of.

    • Annie,

      It so happens what the *uppers* are up to is the most legitimate concern of the readership.
      Let's hear more and more specific --if not from you, then from said uppers.
      That's not something that should be allowed to sink to the bottom unseen.

    • Tchernikhovsky Sefardí? Now that's a major, major Zionist innovation.
      Verry Spanish.

    • RoHa,

      Welcome to the club. Just don't forget your goddam pills and all will be hunky-dory with velvet statistical odds. But your own snake charmer already told you that.

  • The Holocaust in the service of Israel
    • Sedley characterised the purpose of the IHRA as being to ‘permit perceptions of Jews which fall short of expressions of racial hostility to be stigmatised as anti-Semitic.’

      That Sedley knows his stuff way better than our tribal "antisemitism" hunters, be they Zionist or "non-Zionist". Time for sending our JVPs to learn from him.

  • Flynn's plea on Russian influence reveals... Israel's influence!
    • Keith

      right now the Democratic Party warmongers are getting a free pass from their “liberal” followers.

      "Right now"? I'd be happy with just one example, a single occurrence when it hasn't been so anytime in the last 70 years!

  • The education of Kamala Harris
    • JWalters

      Deeply disappointed in Kamala Harris

      One way to avoid deep disappointments is to understand, already, that the branch of the single party that calls itself the Democratic Party is the administrative organ of imperialist monopoly, war of aggression and war against the people. The peons are not allowed to direct it at any time, they are only there to attract more sheep.

  • In age of forest fires, Israel's law against Palestinian goats proves self-inflicted wound for Zionism
    • JackZzz

      Your claim to be a Palestinian is highly questionable, considering the statistical impossibility of its use by a high ratio of the invader riffraff --but then, nothing is impossible. At any rate, it still applies to all the rest of you pirates.
      As for the old bones they're still irrelevant.

    • JackZz

      You don't have the right to plant trees, or even a blade of grass, in Palestine, or even to discuss it.
      Go back home.

    • How could I not know more about Israel than he does?

      First off, Cook is with the owners of the territory. Second, you aren't even aware of being a willing participant in a major war crime, JackZz.

    • Yabbut he is obviously an authentic 2,500-year-old revenant, as he repeatedly and emphatically claimed. One only has to see how unspoilt he has kept the deep Semitic accent of the goatherding old Hebrew nomads in their remote hills when he says "Eretz Yisroel"!

  • Why a children's book has Zionists losing their minds
    • No, but there are a couple symbols that represent Zionism. Why use barrels?

    • Our resident Ziomeathead is a hoot.

      all about indoctrinating young impressionable children into a view sympathetic to the Palestinian cause before they are old enough to understand the political realities and judge for themselves

      Because isolating kids from the world at birth and keeping them in a Zincubator for all their life, producing morphologically-human brains just like "Mayhem"s, hellbent on the single purpose of committing invasion, theft and genocide in Palestine, has nothing to do with indoctrinating.

    • Eva

      Yep, that is what nations Do to shake off the foreign occupations.

      Try to say to Poles that their uprisings against Russian occupation of Poland in 1931 and 1963 was wrong, or their uprisings against Prussian occupation of Poland in 1948 was wrong.


      try to say to Jews in Warsaw ghetto thew were wrong to resist Germans


      So these Zionists obviously think, Finns should just have raised their hands and said: “Wel[l]come, take what you want..”

      Thank you both for the very pertinent observation.

      Problem is, it should be directed not at the resident Ziomeathead, but many among the "support to Palestinian resistance" side, right here in these pages, whose main argument against justice for Palestinians is that it's going to be very hard and very costly.

  • Israel will get 'more understanding' from Trump's negotiators because they're all observant Jews, Sharansky says
    • Mooser,

      I'm not trying to say but am saying in plain English that the "Jewish religion" has always been entirely racial by being restricted to a kinship group from the start (whose gods were, and later was, imagined to beat others' gods) and by defining its members certainly not by belief or ethics but by distaff-side racial descent; that the realities and biologics of race or ethnicity etc. are completely irrelevant to that thoroughly documented fact; that the newer religion of Zionism has taken these characteristics to build a Nazi-like cult where belonging is also by birth only but the god is a racial "nation" with subclasses, more fake than anything ever.

      What the "Jews" do is of no major interest in itself, insofar as any people who are calling themselves so have not rejected all of the three elements wombline, worship and Zionism, and the ovewhelming majority are adhering to the Zionist religion (no need for such ultra-racists to "racialise" themselves.)

      PS to Weiss: you could tell your censors about the right of response.

    • Mooser,

      Again you're "playing the donkey to get more straw", if you'll excuse my French.
      Of course there is no one real race (or several) here except in what the practitioners of the Zionist religion, and those of the Jewish religion before them, pretend to believe. Membership in the religion was not at any time conditioned upon belief but ancestry, and the most racial thing on earth is definition of people by the womb they are out of. So we have a "religion" that's an exclusive club for ancestry from mythical shepherds who invaded 12 or 14 back country hills, and now we have a "land claim" entirely based on invented mythical ancestry from the same.

      So it is two racist religions, the older one with a god it won't share, and the newer one with a fake "nation" replacing that. You can't get out of that by invoking the reality of ancestry or "ethnicity" or anything like that. Or by wisecracking.

    • Classical, shmassical. History is nice to read but with Zionism we sure had a system based entirely on rac(ism) instead of religion; also it may be relevant right now to go after the recent, official change in the basis for Z. And to use it against them to the full.

      Besides, it was never religion, classical or not. It always was based on race, as the religion has always been (then even more than now) racially based and definitely non-universal. The religion itself does not impose belief but requires birth.

    • Keith,

      Kinship is no longer alive and well, officially.

      In fact, it's the opposite now.

      Tribal unity was never based upon religion. That's a basic defect in most readings of Zionism.
      The Zionist **religion** was of course the compulsory state religion of Zionism, an atheistic Nazi-like cult, but it was officially commanding (mythical, not-even-perceived) **racial** inclusivity. The few exceptions, such as those of Chomsky, Finkelstein, etc. were just that, exceptions, officially justified by invoking the defense of the state (interestingly, in its quality of Goddess Roma) but never excluding as a group those racial "Jews" who did not explicitly practice the Zionist state religion.

      With the most recent practices, the end of "tribal solidarity" (rather: racist exceptionalism) as a basis for the Zionist entity has been officially declared.

      The "liberal" genocidaires, patiently waiting in the aisles to replace the so-called religious totalitarians in power today, are not more likely to go back to the racial basis; in fact they are the "secular branch" of Zionism, already on the record as the main proponents of the exclusion of non-Zionists.

  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
    • "The concept of Jewishness is getting more and more narrowly circumscribed around this very hostile, belligerent, ultra-nationalist Israeli state.”

      I can't agree with that reading. The Ziovomit is not questioning or redefining the concept of Jewishness. It is excluding individuals from what, by its own law, applies to all the subset of persons that it defines as "Jews" (by approximately the same genetic criteria as the Nazis.)

      This is proof definitive and incontrovertible that the State of the Zionist invaders is explicitly not a "Jewish State" and that it forgoes its candidacy to being a "Jewish State", whatever that chimera may be. I am surprised by the fact that no one commenter has observed this, expect Mooser.

      We should give a big thanks to the BDS movement for bringing this about, although one can be almost sure that none of the tribals in it will use this argument with the larger public.

  • Forget pinkwashing, it's brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus
    • Reb Fredman,

      Yes, in its early days Israel encouraged discrimination

      That's a beaut. 70 years and we are still in the early days.
      There are more than 50 laws and regulation officially establishing discrimination, and counting.
      Especially against anyone not born of a "Jewish" womb.

      People don't really sympathize with your "victim" Zionist race subgroups, you know. In fact, that's the amusing part of your story...

  • Dispatch from Gaza on reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority
    • RoHa,

      But we have a general consensus on the definition of genocide. The harm that might happen to a political group as a result of not being lawful in their action and not heeding clear warnings is not among the criteria.

  • BDS movement holds its first regional anti-normalization conference in Kuwait
    • How is Kuwait the Palestinians' home, JackZzz?
      That is Palestine.
      All of it.

    • So it should be explained (or emphasized) that BDS is an activity that is (or could be) limited in time — to expire when Israel has become non-discriminatory and inclusive of all the people who should by rights live on the territory it controls (Golan, Gaza, and West Bank cum East Jerusalem).

      Speak for yourself, please. As an activity rather than a structured organization, it has been practiced way before there was a 67 and it will be continued by many as long as the invaders are in Palestine, even if the liberal genocidaires do some make-believe gestures, all the while continuing their colonial domination.

      That is to say, BDS happens because of what Israel does; Israel calls it down on itself and can end it.

      The abomination is what "Israel" is, not just what it does. It is robbing and stunting Palestine.

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • Johnson,

      Alternatively,, we could adopt the Echino platform and proclaim our desire to do something involving the forcible expulsion of Israeli Jews from the country where they were born, something that would require a massive war that might end up going nuclear. Good luck selling that position.

      Again, Johnson, these people are there in the quality of invading murderers*, not "Israeli Jews" (just as Palestinians are not there in their quality of "Arabs" but owners of the whole shooting match.)

      So you aren't buying. I'm not surprised. You also have an extraordinary belief in individual agency: insurrections don't happen just because you announce them. I am just announcing it; it's damn obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

      It's just as obvious as the hard fact that the Zionists won't make any compromise, anytime, because they are not just racists like the South African Whites. They are ideologically brainwashed. Most sane persons are probably out of the shitty place.

      *"innocent" my foot, by the way.

    • Johnson,

      I'm not shifting any goalposts, I am discussing different nauseating aspects of your Zionist propaganda. It's a nice example of what many people mean when they say, correctly, that "liberal" Zionists and a lot of "non-Zionists" and some "anti-Zionists" are working their ass off to ensure an arrangement that will guarantee that the invaders remain in Palestine.

      As for your sob story with the nuclear winter, let the Palestinian people decide. If history is any guide, chances are they don't have anything to lose. What do you imagine, in your skull? That peoples who rise up and fight invaders are individually engineering things and making fine calculations before they pop their top and get gun or a pitchfork? One has trouble imagining that people like you were alive during most of the big liberation movements.

      Anyway, no need talking to me before you show me your permit, freely given by the entire Palestinian people, to decide "for their own good."

    • I had mentioned during the last Gaza slaughter that Hamas rocket attacks were war crimes.

      What part of "by all means available" is unclear?

    • "Couple paragraphs" my eye and foot. All treaties are of course provided with the small print that allows their shysters to deny or delay. But that is in front of their own instances.
      For peoples, especially aggressed and occupied peoples, it don't work that way. The takeaway message of the the Treaty of Westphalia is still remembered as aggression verboten. The LoN mandate conditions are simplified as "no giving away to invaders", and so on. Show me a people's meeting where lawyers (are you one?) drag it out qualifying acts against the occupier instead of the clear message: "no self-determination without free plebiscite!" There you have your moral stand, and how!

      I wish you a lot of fun trying to justify Ziocolons continuing their occupation in more "creative" ways.

    • They {Zionist invaders] also practice apartheid. They need to stop practicing apartheid, allow the Palestinians back, pay reparations and accept the principle of equal rights. Alternatively, they can read about the history of the French presence in Algeria.

      I just love that "they need to"! Sure, who's gonna make them do what they need to, with Unc'Sam paying for everything and sending them soldiers, too, and keeping the rest of the world paralyzed? You? Go ahead, show us how you make them do what they need to!

      As for reading, many of the elderly Zioinvaders were in Algeria in the colonial ranks. They don't need to read to understand that Algeria was a cakewalk for the occupied --all other things being equal, that is..

    • As for Israelis being invaders, yes, as are most people of European descent living outside Europe. For that matter, the same is true of many Europeans living in Europe. Nobody is morally pure if we have to go back in time...

      Make me cry, will you? Now that is such a good reason for compounding the iniquity by adding one more on top! Talk about "whataboutism".

    • I would guess millions of Israeli Jews were born in Israel. It is their home.

      BS, if you'll excuse my French. Place of birth is not determining citizenship in many countries. It did not in old Palestine and we haven't heard from a free Palestinian people what their citizenship basis will be.

      A lot of the eastern Germans in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland etc. were born there but had to go to their place of citizenship.

    • Johnson,

      I don’t agree with your notion that the Israeli Jews should be expelled

      We know you don't agree but I still can't see any argument from you that anything else can be called justice (by the way, they are not colonizing in their quality of "Israeli Jews" but Zionist invaders.) I also see no formal authorization from the Palestinian people to you (or to their Ziopuppets) to give up its rights.

      If they keep heading in the direction they are headed then an Algerian style conflict becomes increasingly likely and all bets are off, but there is no telling who comes out on top. This is the nightmare scenario, not something to aim for, but if it happens it will be Israel’s fault.

      Well, time to wake up! We've been doing Algeria for a long time already. If you are old enough to remember, that one was a more lenient occupation, with a sizable minority, perhaps a majority of the French opposing their colonial presence. All bets have been off, as you say, at least since the Oslo comedy.

      "All bets are off" is no argument, either. This enslaved, stunted people that is being subjected to variable-speed genocide has no bookmaker.

    • Annie,

      The same has been said for Germany. And then, they moved out of the eastern lands AND paid to get out. You never know.

    • Johnson

      the solution to past injustice begins with acknowledging it, admitting it was wrong, and granting the principle of equal rights for everyone.

      We still haven't heard what right to "equal rights" the invader riffraff has.
      It's not as if you guys hadn't been repeatedly challenged on that point.
      And don't you come again with the South African compromise. That was a compromise (look up the word) with the White leadership asking for it to save their necks. Do I have to remind you how much that does not in any way or wise apply to Palestine?

      Continue ignoring, Johnson.

    • Nikles

      Nobody is questioning the legitimacy of Israel as a state in a legal sense.

      Talk for yourself, please, and make clear that you are talking for yourself (and perhaps the defense of invaders so they can go on staying in Palestine.)

      A lot of people are not only questioning but absolutely rejecting the legitimacy of the Zionist entity "as a state in a legal sense". Not only people, but the Treaty of Westphalia, the Covenant of the League of Nations, the Charter of the United Nations and countless international treaties are also absolutely rejecting the legitimacy of such a monstrous birth by the force of imperial British-American arms and the cowardice of their clients. More importantly, the Palestinian people --their various organizations have been crystal clear about the total rejection of any justification to this genocidal colonial enterprise --until the US blackmail and the decapitation of all resistance at Oslo.

      Once again: you can bring all the "facts on the ground" like recognition by all governments on earth, it remains illegitimate and must be uprooted period. In the absence that is, of a proper Palestinian plebiscite, in the absence of duress or occupation anywhere in Palestine and the diaspora, excluding the Zionist invaders as of the start of the declared intent to invade, that authorizes it.

  • Draft-dodger Tzipi Hotovely comes out as an anti-Semite
    • Those who want to make sure they are accepted as Australians might sign an act of irrevocable renunciation of Zio citizenship.

      So the people will know who did not sign.

    • I always avoided criticism of Israel’s right-wing as nazis or fascists as it creates the illusion that they are an aberration, a deviation from “the good old Israel”.

      That is only if you are warm and fuzzy with some of the Zios.
      When you make clear that Zionism is, from the start, a proto-Nazi ideology (which got a facelift in 1945 and is no longer "proto," things become exceedingly clear.

      And why only the Zionist "right wing"? Are you ready to present Zionism's genocidaire human face?

    • Mooser,

      And I thought "Semetic" was a putative 'proto-language-group' or something,the presence of which was postulated in the 17th or 18th Century to make linguistic history correlate with the Bible.

      The naming, Mooser, not the language family that is very real.

    • Mooser, count on any Zionist to hate logic --and on the average American to dismiss it as irrelevant.

    • We don’t share a culture. We don’t share a language. We don’t share borders.

      Says the Russian broad, appropriately called The Bear, who wanted to see the world.
      She's right. Russians like her back to Russia, and Americans back to Westchester.

    • Ersatz,

      Etymologic thinking is not helpful. In fact, it is a futile attempt at diversion. More than 75% of the words you use had a totally different denotation and all had different connotations thousands, hundreds and, for some, only few years ago.

    • Hughes,

      Thanks. These word games on "antisemitism" by Zioracists when they lash out against "Jewish" subsets are downright idiotic.

      Thinking logically, one must absolutely start by establishing a valid definition for "antisemitism" (no need for a general consensus) before getting into this
      discussion. A valid definition, as opposed to the nonsense gargled by Zionists and related tribals, must necessarily be that of a hostility to the existence of "Jews" (which by the way currently lacks a valid definition, too) by the fact of their essence, i.e. it must be directed against all so-called "Jews", not any subgroups.

      Any nonsense like "self-hating Jew" or "antisemitic Jew" is logically unacceptable as a result. The speaker (usually a Zionist or somesuch tribal) must first un-Jew that person by bringing
      evidence that will exclude the target from one's definition of "Jewish". Practically no Jews have ever defined a necessary condition, for being admitted to "Jewishness" (whatever that means) of abstaining from attacks against "Jews" (meaning, of course, Zionism or religion.) Miscegenation or conversion do the trick but not criticism of any "Jews". This means that
      such a category of "self-hating Jews" is a logical impossibility.

      Nazi "antisemitism" of the past century was logically consistent in that it was pure racism (and it did not call itself by the Jewish-invented nonsense word of "antisemitism") in that it entirely
      reposed on accident of birth. The Nazi-like movement of any Zionists, on the other hand, while maintaining the same kind of racism against Gentiles, especially some sets of Gentiles, attacks subsets of "Jews" on entirely political, non-essential grounds.

      However much the idea of "antisemitism" (as an undefined fuzzy feeling) is vital for the Zionst absurdity, there can be no logically acceptable grounds for calling "antisemitism" the NaZionist attacks against subsets of "their (admitted) people". Using this kind of nonsense
      cannot be helpful to any of us.

  • Shutting PLO office in DC could shut down Kushner-Greenblatt peace effort, Palestinian official warns
    • Canning:

      Closing PLO office in Washington would be exceptionally stupid.

      So it would be, no doubt, on the part of the Palestinian puppet "administration". If the US Gov did it, though, it would make no difference at all: the US is not allowed by the Zionists to communicate directly with any Palestinians.

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • The Arabs had been attacking the Zionists long before 1948, 1967 and 1973.

      Which "Arabs"? Mauretanians?
      Palestinians, owners of Palestine, have had a perfectly legitimate justification to fight colonial invasion from its very first day, by any means available.

      If they had woken up in time and put up strong resistance before the arrival of he English, we wouldn't have this cancer on the world's asscheek today.

    • I don’t excuse oppressing and violent actions.

      Says the Green One.
      No, he merely participates in invasion, theft, war of aggression, ethnic cleansing and genocide as, at the very least, an accessory. Look up Streicher, you propaganda thingie.

    • Maghlaetc.

      American Jews don’t kill to order...

      except the very many thousands who are in the killing business in the Zionist entity, add those very many who are gainfully employed at it in the States (look up the States and killing, btw.)

      Really, Watan, what planet do you live on?

  • No way to treat a child
    • You don't want to be scared by some fireworks, Buster? Nobody forced you to go to Palestine. You didn't have to go there. "Psychological trauma" and "scarred psyche" is the least that should happen to you invaders and thieves.

  • Israel to deport 40,000 African asylum seekers 'without their consent,' many to Rwanda
  • 'Struggle for basic rights within binational state has begun and we will win' --Shulman in 'NYRB'
    • Mooser,

      Of course the Zionists will end up imposing a "binational state", whatever that is, by the force of arms. If they can't manage to complete their genocide, that is. Enter the "Liberal" invaders and the Shulmans and such: if Palestinians are allowed to remain physically alive, out go the Libermans and Yahoos and the liberals take care of anchoring the invasion by making it, uh, ehm, consensual.

      It's their only chance of remaining in Palestine long term, just like a tick. I remember having a skin abscess fully two years after I thought I had pulled out a tick in the forest: the head was still inside my skin, at the center of the abscess.

    • Oh yeah? And who the hell gave you the right to insert your fake "nation" into other people's place to make it 'binational"? Go find some uninhabited land for your imagined "nation". See if the nation of penguins on the South Pole will agree to go "binational" with you guys, will you?

      "Shulman is an honest scholar" says Weiss. Where is honesty when you can't start by questioning the right of violent invaders to create nations on other people's land?

      Continues with "who participates in Israeli-Palestinian nonviolent actions in the West Bank"... well the invasion by his own team, which he is campaigning to keep invading in a "binational" form, is not nonviolent.

  • Top Israeli official admits that boycotting just the settlements is meaningless
    • And yet another dimension is that the Germans under Nazism lived under the intolerable weight of open military dictatorship. I have trouble finding any such expressions of spontaneous, popular hatred on the part of the German population at any time.
      The Zionist monsters have no excuse apart from their growing up in a Zio bubble. And that is pretty irreversible.

  • The Clinton scandals entailed violent threats against people who knew about his sex life
    • It's more than a little ridiculous to be joining

      the revolution that is taking place in our mores, and in the structure of the patriarchy itself, due to the sexual harassment scandals that are felling powerful men

      for people who continue to remain within the War Party, flirting with war of aggression --as in the case of Libya. And, more importantly, feeding and exasperating the Puritan fascination of our US retards who don't mind war and imperialism but get scandalized about what politicians do with their wee-wee.

  • Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967
    • Misterioso,

      Arguing with Zionists about compromises made at the point of a gun doesn't really make sense. When one points out that this or that Palestinian politician "recognized" the Zionist entity or declared readiness to coexist with it, the zombies get arrogant and want more **as if there was any obligation for Palestinians to let any invader sit on their land** Look at the Nathan's bitter recriminations: the propagandist for goddam squatters and thieves has the crust to make it an accusation that "Israel" is not fully recognized, etc. as if they had any right to anything other than a kick in the backside!

      Possibly one should every time preface such discussions with the obvious fact that any such "recognition" is nothing but a compromise extracted under armed threat and that there never was any obligation to tolerate a single invader's presence anywhere in Palestine.

      This is also the big drawback of "binational state" or "two-state"-type discussions: any such wishes totally disregard Palestinian rights, putting thieves and invaders on an equal footing with legitimate owners. They may be fine for compromises --provided that it is clear on all sides that this would be a compromise under the gun and that it violates basic rights.

      It should also to be stated every time that believing in any possibility of reciprocal compromise from the invader side, at even the most elementary level, is more retarded than believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

  • How Avi Shlaim moved from two-state solution to one-state solution
    • Johnson,

      I'm always amazed by the pretty unanimous tendency of people here to insist on the "obvious counter that Israelis don’t want to share one state with Palestinians", as you put it. A counter to the absurd use, as if it were a fault the fact that Palestinians may not want to live with invaders.
      Of course no invaded people has any obligation to put up with invaders!
      Of course invaded peoples have every right to reject an invasion by all means available!

      While it is of official that the Zionist invaders refuse coexistence with the owners of the territory to the point of exterminating them, no justification is ever needed to totally reject any invasion. Zionists have no right to "co"exist in Palestine.

  • Seven members of Jewish Voice for Peace arrested in demonstration at ADL
    • “Only a small percentage of Palestinians would choose to return…” long as Palestine is under the boot of the invader. Duh.

      But Nora Karmi, of Sabeel (an organization of Christian Palestinians) said, “We want our right acknowledged.”

      Foremost of these rights is the right to all of Palestine.

  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
  • The Russiagate farce, or how the Russians corrupted our pristine democracy
    • Mooser,

      Are you saying that a decaf version of the Harpy Empress would avoid being Nuremberg gallows bait?

    • Kay,

      "the interference. and manipulation" is coming exclusively from your Demopublicanorepucrat party and its allied generals, murderers and spies. In that sense, you may well be right that "We have only seen the tip of the iceberg": not a consoling thought. Are you really such a true believer that irony is so totally lost on you?

  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • The Green Jack hasn't gotten the memo that the world he is living in has no relationship to the normal one.

    • Hughes,

      creating problems (to use a mild word) that continue to this day... then how shall we proceed?

      By following logic: eliminating the creator of the problem solves the problem.
      The Palestinian people seem to be the only ones who understand how uncomplicated, albeit difficult, the whole thing is.

    • "Nathan" has a spurt of logic.

      The veracity of Biblical literature and/or the esoterics of DNA are really not relevant.

      Congratulations (a little detail: it's esoteric to you, not all, but you are absolutely right.) It's a Zionist smokescreen.

      The State of Israel exists, period.

      Which is why it must and will be made to unexist, as many others have already been.

  • Thousands march to UK parliament calling for justice on Balfour centenary
    • The Nathan and his inept questions again.
      Of course the Zionist invaders must pay reparations for the 100+ years of invasion damage, duh. Just like the Nazi. To the last cent.

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
    • David,

      Matthew and Donald are wrong here for a variety of reasons, but they have a good general point. Critics of Israel shouldn’t go near the boundaries of anti-Semitism lest they gift the hasbara crowd with ammunition to shoot down their arguments and generally smear the Palestinian rights movement as bigoted.

      Good general point? That would only start making some kind of sense if the main target were the puny and refractory tribal population instead of the general public.
      This is precisely the direction that the Zionist propaganda and its "non-Zionist" tribal organizations have been insistently pushing on, and that canard is their main weapon.
      Look at the result.

      That's total bunkum. First, we still don't know what "antisemitism" means, if it is anything over and above plain vanilla racism. Second, the Zionists and the "non-Zionist" tribals won't need any solid definition and solid proof to call you antisemite, whatever that is, and perform character assassination the moment you are effective and are about to break out of that suffocating inner tribal audience that guarantees failure. Third, antisemitism accusations are irrelevant with the general population: in fact there doesn't seem to be any great revulsion against even open racism.

      Fifth, and a bit different than the preceding: our objective is the destruction of Zionism, not anything else (as long as we are talking as part of some Palestinian solidarity movement): while we are free to fight racism in forms other than Zionism on any other platform, on this one we are not. Every gun counts, i.e. in the US and European context every pen, every mouth, every wallet counts. I don't give a rat's ass what the person next to me helping fight Zionists thinks about Jews, Greens or Martians.

      Finally, the active openly racist groups (including both the pro-Zionists and the traditional antisemites) are a minuscule fringe, smaller in number than even the nominally Jewish in the States --proof that the canard under discussion is fabricated with hostile intent by Zionists and their open or covert supporters.

  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • Count on Napoleon to defend international law against invaders!
      Are you sure you are feeling well? No strange ideas about being Nappy's ghost or something like that?

    • The Jews perceive themselves as an exiled nation...

      ...while I perceive myself as Nathan's creditor. He owes me a million bucks. Pay up.

  • Reflections on White Zionism
    • Spencer considers it axiomatic that survival of the Jewish people as a people relies on the (conveniently anti-Semitic) premise that we will only ever be safe if we are alone, separate, and isolated from our fellow human beings. Yet, such an argument can only be posited if Jewish identity is conflated with, or mistaken for, the political ideology of Zionism as it has manifested in the Israeli state and its ongoing expansion.

      Something in the above doesn't check with facts.
      Such an argument can be posited not only in that case but also in two others:

      - for Zionism in forms other than manifested in the "Israeli" state, too;

      - for a "Jewish identity" in the absence of religious belief and if it's at the same time characterized as "Jewish" instead of calling it what it is, i.e. one of the few particular, religiously marked cultures such as Ashkenazi, Sefardí, etc.
      In the last case, it is an obvious manifestation of a not-necessarily-Zionist form of mythological nationalism.

  • Nick Cave urged to cancel Tel Aviv shows by Roger Waters, Angela Davis, Thurston Moore
    • Well, John S, I sure don't see a problem with eliminating terrorist colonials who defend and support the Zionist genocide. Unlike your criminal operation, that is sanctioned by international law.

  • R.I.P., Shiksa
    • Absolutely correct, Hughes. As a child of my times, I am confusing the sexes. Karaites seem to be ahead of their times, too, but they don't make the rules.

    • Abu Bakr shows his crass ignorance about "Jewishness" as defined by his own side:

      Most of them were Jewish. A lot of them had fathers that were Jewish which was overlooked. Some came with very little connection (if any) to Jewish relatives.

      He hasn't even heard that no amount of relatives can make one "Jewish" if the father isn't biologically Jewish.
      The transition is strictly per via vaginalis, period.

      Either he thinks that we don't know the rock-bottom principles of his obscurantist dictatorship, or he doesn't know them himself.

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